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Garmin RV 1090 Vs 890: Which Navigator Should You Choose?

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

garmin rv 1090 vs 890

It is expected that when we shop for a good navigator device for our RV, there is a dilemma when choosing between the Garmin RV 1090 and 890.

Indeed, both devices guarantee significant improvement for our RVing adventure. Still, many want to find out which can provide a better value and benefit. In this Garmin RV 1090 vs 890, we’ll help you just that.

Between the Garmin 890 vs 1090, the obvious differences are their size and price. The Garmin RV 1090 provides a larger screen size than the RV 890. However, the RV 890 offers the same other features at a lower price.

Let’s elaborate more on these similarities and differences below.

Garmin RV 1090 Review


The Garmin RV 1090 offers a large 10-inch screen to see road warnings, RV park directory, and other important information in a high-definition display. The screen can be shown in portrait or landscape orientation.

Therefore, you can enjoy a safe road trip as the device will warn about upcoming sharp curves, steep levels, and weight limits along the route.

The RV 1090 considers the weight and size of your RV to help search for a recommended route with your preferred streets and cities. It makes your trip easy as it comes with a helpful directory of RV parks and services to help spend a good view or sleep.

Pair it with the Garmin Drive app, and you can share routes, get fuel price/traffic updates, and even view text messages from your smartphone.

Built-in Bluetooth technology allows hands-free calling, while WiFi connectivity makes it convenient to update maps and software without a computer.

The voice assistant feature can help you reach your destination with spoken commands when you need directions. Some useful navigation features include a speed limit indicator and GPS for directions.

Pair this device with a compatible digital switch box, and you can control your RV’s 12-volt electronics like fans. It can also be paired with a dashcam to record videos while on the trip. A backup camera, specifically the BC 35, is compatible to see what’s behind you while driving.

If there’s one that we don’t like, it’s the price. This particular model is more expensive than the 890 one.


  • Built with a large 10-inch HD screen that displays either in any orientation
  • Equipped with navigation features, like road warnings and an RV park directory
  • Customize routing with preferred cities and streets
  • Garmin Drive app offers live traffic and fuel price updates and other benefits
  • Bluetooth and WiFi compatible with voice assistant feature
  • Can be paired with a digital switch box, dashcam, and backup camera


  • A bit expensive

Garmin RV 890 Review


The Garmin RV 890 offers an 8-inch LCD display to show the same information as the RV 1090. It shows a preloaded directory of RV parks and services and campgrounds, national parks, and restaurants. Therefore, you will be notified of any upcoming sharp curves and potential steep grades with detailed elevation data.

The RV 890 can also be synced with the Garmin Drive app to see live traffic and weather updates, fuel prices, and view text messages.

Does Garmin 890 have lifetime maps updates?

Yes, it does. The device is enabled with Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling and WiFi connectivity for the latest map or software updates. Thanks to its voice-activated directions, this particular model is convenient to use to guide you to your destination.

Does the Garmin 890 have a dashcam?

The Garmin dashcam is for separate purchase. You can upgrade this GPS device with accessories, like a power switch, a dashcam, and a backup camera.

The RV 890 is smaller and lighter than the RV 1090, making it more portable to use. It also has a reasonable price.

However, one of the Garmin RV 890 problems is that the USB port requires a Garmin brand charger, although it looks pretty standard. This means extra cost.


  • Built with an 8-inch display to show road warnings, national parks, etc.
  • Pairable to the Garmin Drive app for smart notifications and live traffic updates
  • Bluetooth-enabled and WiFi compatible with voice navigation assistant
  • Smaller, lighter, and less expensive than the RV 1090
  • Can be installed with compatible power switch, dashcam, and backup camera


  • Requires a Garmin brand charger

Similarities and Differences of Garmin RV 890 Vs 1090


  • Both of these Garmin RV navigator models are equipped with a rechargeable battery that runs for up to two hours.
  • They have touch screen capability and a colorful display at HD quality (1280 x 800 pixels). The display can be viewed either in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Their internal memory is quite large, about 16 GB, with a chance to expand it with a microSD memory card up to 246GB.
  • These models can be placed in the windshield using the magnetic mount and a 1-inch ball adapter to any device.
  • They’re also compatible with BC 35 backup cameras and voice control commands.
  • The street maps are already preloaded on these devices, along with 3D terrains and 3D buildings.
  • Map updates and GPS sensors are also included.
  • Moreover, these models also share the same navigation features, advanced features, adventure features, and RV features.


  • However, they have different sizes. The Garmin RV 1090 has a 1o-inch display size, which seems to be bigger than the 890 model, which has an 8-inch size. The RV 1090 also has larger dimensions and is heavier than the RV 890 models.
  • And because you get all that extra size from Garmin RV 1090, it’s way more expensive than the 890.


Truly, only a few features set the Garmin RV 1090 apart from the RV 890. In this Garmin RV 1090 vs 890 comparison, the winner is the RV 1090 for a larger screen. However, you can choose the RV 890 if you don’t mind a smaller screen size because it has the same features as the RV 1090 at a lower price.

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