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The Best Wheel Bearing Greases for Travel Trailers of 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers

Picking out the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers isn’t an easy task like a person might assume. It actually has a lot of moving parts, which often causes many rig owners stress and frustration. We intend to alleviate those feelings by guiding you through the entire process.

Our article will accomplish this task by covering all the relevant topics about these grease products. These topics will include top brands, types, determining factors, and the best places to buy. In other words, any valuable piece of info about these products will be covered within this article.

We’ll even provide ten product reviews of the options that are often seen as unrivaled within this market. It might seem like a bit of an overload, but it’s necessary to ensure this process ends with you picking the perfect option.

This article will end up ensuring you become an expert on all things grease. As a result, picking the right option won’t be much of a challenge. You’ll instead have everything you’ve learned from here to fall back on during the search.

So without any further ado, let’s get the ball rolling and find the perfect grease for RV trailer bearings. It might even be on the ten we discuss in our next section.


Best Overall Easy to Use Most Feature Rich
Preview TRIAX HT-2

Plews & Edelmann 11390

Plews & Edelmann 11320

Drop Point 550°F (288°C) 510°F (265°C) 527°F (275°C)
Volume 14 fl oz 14 fl oz 14 fl oz
Viscosity NLGI-2 NLGI-2 NLGI-2
Waterproof Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details

12 Most Popular Wheel Bearing Grease for Travel Trailer Reviews

This section will contain ten product reviews of what we consider the best options on today’s market. These discussions should give you a better handle on what to expect during your search. It’ll also help you grasp the more complex topics talked about in later sections.

1. TRIAX SPHERON HT-2 Lithium Complex Wheel Bearing Grease

Our first product is the TRIAX SPHERON HT-2 Lithium Complex Wheel Bearing Grease, which will more than meet your needs. This virtually waterproof grease will ensure your wheel bearings stay lubricated and protected at all costs.

You should also love that this product offers exceptional anti-wear properties. Therefore, the grease will help keep your wheel bearing in good shape for a long time. It’s unlikely you’ll find an option better at ensuring longevity than this one.

This product has gained a reputation for providing excellent adhesion as well. As a result, there’s no reason that this grease shouldn’t perform well in a variety of different roles. You should find it useful for farming equipment, RVs, mining equipment, and much more.

Honestly, the versatility offered by this grease is second to none. There shouldn’t be much of an issue finding more than one use for this valuable product. I should also note that this grease has shown a great ability to deal with high-temperature situations.

This aspect is conveyed through its max temperature range of 550 celsius. There’s no reason to expect the heat inside your wheel bearing will ever reach that high. Due to this, you can safely assume this grease will have no issues staying in place.

It also helps that you can buy this product in three sizes. These different buying options easily satisfy the buying needs of either a bulk or regular buyer. In fact, I doubt anyone looking for some wheel bearing grease couldn’t find an option that suits their needs.

The prices on each of these options aren’t too shabby either. Each one should fall right into your respective budgets without many issues. Overall, it seems this option would be the perfect choice for almost anyone looking to buy some grease for trailer bearings. .

But I must warn you that some people did find the grease a little too slippery. This issue was mentioned a few times in the buyer reviews. It’s something to think about heavily before making a final decision about whether it’s the right choice for your situation.

2. Plews & Edelmann 11390 LMX Red High-Performance Grease

Plews & Edelmann’s 11390 LMX Red High-Performance Grease is a lithium formula perfectly suited for application in your rig’s wheel bearings. You see, this formula is ideal for dealing with high wear, extreme pressure, and high temperature situations.

These traits embodied what’s needed from a wheel bearing grease to a tee. It’s also worth noting that this product’s known for providing great adhesion. This aspect was mentioned several times in the buyer reviews.

Due to this, you shouldn’t expect anything less than long lasting performance and protection from this top tier product. It being highly water insoluble only further proves this belief and ensures it won’t have issues dealing with any situation.

You should find its versatility to be another enduring trait. It’s capable of working in industrial or agricultural settings without any issues. In other words, any farming equipment or heavy duty machinery needing some lubrication could benefit from its use.

This option also comes in a rather large size at 14oz within a single bottle, which should provide quite a few uses before you need to buy another one. It’s always nice when you don’t have to rebuy the same product over and over again constantly.

As for its overall performance, the buyer reviews are littered with people praising it for being exactly what they expected. You’d be surprised by how many products these days fail to do what their product description describes. Thankfully, this grease doesn’t seem to fall into this category.

The product instead provides almost everything a person could be looking for from a wheel bearing grease. But there was one thing that did give me a little pause when doing my product research. Some customers reported shipping issues in their reviews.

This type of problem isn’t something that you expect from a top tier brand like Plews & Edelmann. It was quite disappointing and something I didn’t enjoy reading. But there’s a bright side as these complaints were only in a few reviews rather than the majority. You could probably chalk them up to being isolated incidents rather than a reoccurring theme.

3. Plews & Edelmann 11320 LMX Biobased Lithium Grease

The second product from this fantastic brand comes with an exciting wrinkle; it’s a biobased grease. What does this mean? Well, the product contains a biodegradable and non-toxic formula that won’t do any damage to our planet with its use.

This aspect happens to be perfect for me as an environmentally conscious person myself. It’s just a nice feeling to know that my use of this grease won’t have any side effects. It might seem like a small aspect, but it really is a deal-breaker for quite a few buyers out there.

Some people might worry about the results provided by the grease being subpar because of the different formula. This belief was shot down when reading through the buyer reviews, which only seem to love everything about this grease.

It also helps that this option has a higher viscosity index than most other options. This aspect ensures the grease is less likely to thin down at high temperatures, which results in less heat, wear, and friction.

You should find its ability to work on many applications intriguing, as well. These applications include car wheel bearings, truck chassis, auto chassis, trailer bearings, farming equipment, and several others. Given this info, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a couple of uses for this great product.

I found it being a USA-made product to be another comforting trait. This aspect ensures the grease went through the most rigorous testing possible before being sold. Products made outside the states could be subject to less strict manufacturing laws, and their safety might be compromised.

However, I don’t like that there’s no bulk buying option. This issue is more of a preference problem, but most greases will come with deals for people buying in mass amounts. Plews & Edelmann doesn’t provide this option and puts people like me in a tight spot.

If you’re buying in bulk, it would be wise to look elsewhere. Otherwise, I don’t see how this option wouldn’t be at the top of your list. It offers everything from a result standpoint that a person could be looking for from a grease product.

4. Green Grease 203 Synthetic Waterproof Grease

Green Grease’s 203 Synthetic Waterproof Grease has become a favorite option for many communities requiring grease products. It’s usable on cars, motorcycles, trailers, boats, farm equipment, and many other applications. As a result, it’s one of the more versatile options on our entire list.

This product’s design provides high-quality performance, as well. It has been tested and proven to work in conditions reaching 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Trailer owners can rest easy knowing this grease will function in any situation. With its excellent construction, it’ll have no trouble handling even the most heavy-duty conditions.

For instance, Green Grease uses specialized synthetic polymers to offer this excellent performance. It allows this wheel bearing grease for trailers to resist wash-outs, high-impact, and shock loads without breaking a sweat.

The grease’s waterproof technology is another worthwhile trait. After all, this aspect allows the product to help prevent rust and protect a trailer’s bearings. I couldn’t believe how well-maintained my rig’s wheel bearings have stayed since applying it.

Green Grease was kind enough to offer this product as a 3-pack. I’d call it a bargain, given how low its price remained, even with the additional tubes. Buyers would have a hard time finding another option that provides high-quality performance at this price tag.

Storing the extra tubes shouldn’t be much of an issue, either. These grease products have a compact construction that will easily fit into a rig’s storage area. I didn’t have a problem finding room for them, which is miraculous given my hoarding tendencies.

I was disappointed by this product’s cap being hard to open. Therefore, its using process becomes a little more frustrating than other models like a Timken wheel bearing grease. However, I’d still wager its overall performance and impressive versatility compensate for this slight inconvenience.

5. Tarantula Tools ‎TT-RLG Lithium Complex Tube Grease

It’d be challenging to find a more well-equipped grease for RV wheel bearings than Tarantula Tools’ ‎TT-RLG Lithium Complex Tube Grease. After all, it’s infused with an advanced additive technology to ensure it has a thinner and sticker film.

This quality is essential in extreme situations. It’ll remain effective when encountering high pressures, heavy impact, or marine applications. It even does well in lower temperatures, staying useful in conditions reaching -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Buyers won’t have to worry about reapplying this grease as much as other products. It’s known for having an outstanding viscosity index. In simpler terms, this grease will remain on a bearing for much longer than a standard grease and won’t change its texture.

Of course, this option isn’t only for travel trailer wheel bearings. It can also be usable for 5th wheel applications, industrial equipment, etc. I can’t imagine buyers will have much trouble finding various services for it.

It’s a significant reason why the available 10-pack option is intriguing. After all, I would never encounter a situation where I would need grease and wouldn’t have it. It also wouldn’t be too difficult to find enough space for the tubes and packaging.

Furthermore, I was impressed with how easy this grease was to use. I used it for Dexter axles without any type of frustration or stress occurring. It was a breath of fresh air compared to what I often experience with other available wheel-bearing greases.

As for its flaws, some customers did mention experiencing shipping problems. These buyers reported this grease for wheel bearings arrived missing the cap. But I wouldn’t put much thought into this issue as most customers were delighted with this option.

6. Valvoline VV985 SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease

One of the more popular options on today’s market is Valvoline’s VV985 SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease. It has gained its popularity thanks to the constant ability of outperforming other greases in areas such as resistance to heavy loads.

You see, this grease has been moly-fortified, which increases the film’s strength. This aspect ensures it’ll offer a level of resistance that most other options can’t match. It’s why this product happens to be one of the best for people looking for wheel bearing grease.

The product also has a wide temperature range from minus 60F to 425F. This aspect will ensure it stays in place even in the coldest or hottest situations. There’s no reason this grease shouldn’t always perform to the best of its ability.

We should point out that this product was made specifically for vehicles manufactured in the US, Europe, or Japan. As you can imagine, this designation covers a lot of applications and should further prove how much this grease can benefit your life.

Its ability to inhibit both rust and corrosion was another selling point for me. These issues can cause huge problems in wheel bearings. Therefore, anything that helps prevent them should be seen as a win and seriously considered by rig owners.

This product does come with two buying options, as well. It’s always a nice touch when you have a choice regarding something like quantity. It provides customers with a little more control over the process and further ensures everyone will end up happy with their purchase.

But what really shocked me was how many buyer reviews took the time to praise Valvoline’s customer service. This aspect is rarely seen as a positive in these discussions. It seems like they’re willing to go above and beyond for their customers.

As for the product’s flaws, there were a few buyer reviews that mentioned the grease separating after being left unused over an extended period. This product might not be a solid choice for anyone planning on storing it rather than using it right away.

7. Lucas Oil 10301 Heavy Duty Grease

Lucas Oil’s 10301 Heavy Duty Grease happens to be the least costly option on our entire list. But don’t think its lower price affects the results offered by it. It’s actually quite the opposite, given the impressive features provided through this grease’s use.

For instance, this option is a heavy duty grease capable of being used on farm equipment, large trucks, and construction equipment. It’s able to work well in all these situations because it’s virtually waterproof and stable at any temperature.

These aspects mean there won’t be a situation or scenario where this product won’t function to its best possible level. You should also find the longevity offered by this grease appealing as it has proven to last four times longer than most grease products.

Its durability comes from it being designed to decrease maintenance and extend parts’ lifespans by a notable margin. In this area, it might be the best option out there as this feature was praised time and time again within people’s reviews.

You shouldn’t overlook this product being fortified with an extreme pressure additive package, either. This feature is another one that increases the grease’s durability and ensures its overall longevity.

As a result, there shouldn’t be any problems with it being stored in a garage or storage area for a long time. This issue tends to be a problem with some greases out there. It causes them to separate, leak, and create a huge mess.

But again, the price is what makes this a special option. You aren’t going to find a deal like this one very often and should be a delight to any bargain buyer reading our article. I mean, it certainly would top my list if I was looking for the best deal possible.

We do have to warn you that some people had packaging and shipping issues with this product. In a few cases, the grease’s packaging arrived damaged, and the contents leaked all over it. This issue wasn’t a common occurrence but showed up enough where mentioning it was necessary. It’s not an issue you’d expect from a well-known company like Lucas Oil.

8. Sta-Lube SL3121 Wheel Bearing Grease

Our next product is the Sta-Lube SL3121 Marine Boat Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease, which should have no problems meet a rig owner’s needs. This grease happens to be among the best in one crucial area: water resistance.

In fact, this product has been described as almost entirely waterproof on more than one occasion. This aspect makes the product a perfect fit for use on any terrain vehicles, off-road motorcycles, boat trailers, and other marine equipment.

It’s all made possible by the grease containing a special polymer, which provides both its adhesive qualities and waterproof abilities. Due to this, it should have no issues dealing with water based problems even in the worst conditions.

You should also find this grease’s durability appealing. This product has gained a reputation for providing excellent results for long periods. There were even several buyer reviews, which praise this area. It was actually shocking when I didn’t come across one that made mention of it.

The product has received praise for its ability to prevent rust and corrosion, as well. If you’re having trouble with rust, you aren’t going to find a better option at stopping the problem from getting worse than this grease.

It offers the largest buying option on this entire list, which is another appealing trait. Honestly, I doubt any RVer would benefit from buying this much grease. But a person who owns a boat could find value in120 pounds of marine boat trailer grease.

Overall, there isn’t much to complain about with this product. It’s an effective, versatile option ready to ensure your wheel bearings get the necessary lubrication and protection. However, it isn’t flawless as there was one slight issue I found during my product research.

I’m not too thrilled about the price tag as it’s a little higher than expected for a product like this one. Of course, grease will never be outlandishly expensive, but it’s still a little more than I’d like to spend. I’d have to weigh whether the slightly higher price is worth it based on the features listed out here.

9. Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease

If you’re looking for grease to help stop rust issues from getting worse, Timken GR224C Wheel Bearing Grease would be a good choice. This product has rust and corrosion inhibitors in its formula to ensure these problems don’t become more of a pest.

Rust and corrosion aren’t the only things that this grease helps deal with either. It also contains a lithium complex thickener to help resist softening, which provides stability. This aspect will help promote the longevity of your wheel bearings.

You should also love that this product has both anti-wear and water-resistant additives in its formula. These two ingredients should help ensure top tier results even in the most difficult situations. In other words, there’s no situation that this grease isn’t ready to take on with full force.

As a matter of fact, this product is capable of working with any disk and drum bearing purposes. These applications include cars, trailers, RVs, trucks, farming equipment, and much more. It’s a versatile and useful product ready to make a rig owner’s life much easier.

It seem like Timken did an amazing job ensuring it checked off all the vital traits when creating this product. This feeling is conveyed fully within the buyer reviews, which have nothing but positive things about how well it performs.

The 14.1oz size doesn’t hurt matters either. This size is a little bit bigger than you usually see on this market and could provide a few more uses than other options. It’s not a huge difference, but it could end up being a trait that offers a bit more value than you expect.

However, I’m not too happy about this product being made from a company outside the United States. This aspect means that the grease could’ve skipped some vital product testing, which isn’t required in every foreign country. It’s a problem that could end up being a safety issue.

The many positive buyer reviews seem to refute this, but it’s still something worth thinking about before making a final decision. It’s never a bad idea to ensure you’re entirely comfortable with an item.

10. Lucas Oil 10682 Marine Grease

Lucas Oil’s 10682 Marine Grease continues to showcase what makes this brand such a top one in this market. There’s nothing about this product from a performance standpoint that does anything but heighten their status.

For instance, this grease happens to offer great and long lasting water resistance. This aspect will ensure no issues from water damage will ever arise in your wheel bearings. The rust and corrosion protection is another appealing trait offered by this grease.

These protections will hold in either saltwater or fresh water settings. You can attribute these useful traits to the product’s unique additive system. This system was designed specially to ensure max lubrication even in the most challenging marine environments.

You can also expect this product to work in many situations: lubricating trailer wheel bearings, automotive wheel bearings, automotive outboards, and trailer chassis. I’d imagine finding a couple of uses for it won’t be tough with this versatility.

This product has a reputation for being extremely effective at reducing friction as well. It’s an aspect that’s a crucial part of any wheel bearing grease, but this option seems to go above and beyond. These claims happen to backed up in the buyer reviews many times.

Its 550F drop point is nothing to sneeze at either. This temperature range should ensure the grease always stays in place when being used on your wheel bearings. I highly doubt the heats will ever reach those heights.

The product coming as a three pack is rather intriguing as well. This aspect would appeal to both bulk and regular buyers. After all, the price doesn’t venture far from what’d you expect a single 14oz one would cost.

But there lies the problem as these three grease products put together only equals 9oz, which isn’t enough for my purposes. I’d have to buy at least one more set, and that would venture the price past my budget.

It’s a shame too because I believe this marine wheel bearing grease would perform perfectly for me. I might have to think about adjusting my budget slightly.

11. Star Brite Wheel Bearing Grease

The Star Brite Wheel Bearing Grease is another option fully capable of offering you the lubrication and protection needed to keep your wheel bearings in top shape. It can achieve this crucial aspect thanks to its advanced waterproof formula.

This formula shouldn’t have any issues even working in a marine setting where a rust issue might persist. Honestly, there are not many options better than this one when evaluating water resistance skills.

It can bring these abilities to many situations, too, including use on marine trailer wheel bearings, automotive wheel bearings, and RV wheel bearings. In each of these situations, this grease more than provides the results a person might want.

Aside from its waterproof skills, there’s not much that stands out about this grease. It just does everything well and will ensure your wheel bearings get the protection needed to remain in good shape. For instance, it’s more than capable of offering resistance against rust and corrosion.

Its ability to offer this resistance was a topic of much discussion in the buyer reviews. Many people felt that it outpaced its rivals in this area. If you have rust issues, buying this grease should be something that you seriously consider doing.

The product’s price would be the only other thing that separates it from rival wheel bearing greases. It’s a little lower than you might expect and could be considered a bargain for the right buyer. In fact, it’s easily one of the least costly options on our entire list.

Overall, it might not have some of the unique traits that rival options offer. But it excels in what it provides and should have no issues doing what it was made to do. You’d be surprised how rare this trait is in today’s consumer markets.

But some customers did mention having shipping issues with this product in the buyer reviews. It seems the product has a habit of arriving damaged. This issue isn’t a good look for a company and was rather frustrating to see in a product that I liked so much.

12. LubriMatic 11404 Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

Our last product is LubriMatic 11404 Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease, which is made from calcium sulfonate. This aspect provides the grease with a higher dropping point, 550F, than most lithium-based options.

As a result, you can feel safe using it in your wheel bearing and without the fear of it leaking out. This calcium sulfonate based formula actually makes the grease a lot more stable than your regular lithium complex ones.

This feature will allow the product to hold up better when encountering great pressure. It’ll also last a longer period to ensure your wheel bearings don’t need another grease reapply any time soon. In other words, it has a much longer lifespan and should ensure your life becomes much easier.

Its calcium sulfonate formula doesn’t suffer in other areas like you might expect, either. This grease still features top tier water resistance skills, protection against rust or corrosion, and can work in various applications.

The product even comes in a bigger can than you often see with other options, 16oz. It’s quite clear that there’s a whole lot to love about this grease product. I didn’t even get to mention its price, which is more than fair and should fit right into most people’s budgets.

All in all, finding a product more ready to ensure your wheel bearings stay in top shape would be a hard thing to do. LubriMatic did their absolute best and seemed to cover almost every base a person could want from a wheel bearing grease.

The only issue I could even find was some buyers felt its using process was a bit more challenging than expected. It seems the grease can be tricky to apply in some situations and could cause a buyer or two frustration.

It’s not an ideal situation, but one I could learn to live with considering the fair price and great features. I’m guessing most of the people reading this article would end up feeling the same way.

Wheel Bearing Grease for Travel Trailers Buyer’s Guide

Making the right decision will come down to having a large amount of background knowledge about these products. This section will help you gain the necessary info to ensure this process ends with a happy customer.


Things to know before buying a wheel bearing grease for travel trailers

Choosing the right wheel bearing grease will come down to many factors. This section will cover each of them to ensure you make a smart final decision. It’ll be a key part of picking out what option fits your situation the best.

Grease Viscosity

One of the first things to concern yourself with is the grease’s viscosity. As you know, there happen to be two main ingredients in these products: a lubricant and a thickener. These two ingredients will mix together for consistency and lead to a certain level of viscosity.

Viscosity is measured in levels from zero to six. Greases with a viscosity near zero tend to be runny, and ones rated as a six will be hard. In most cases, wheel bearing greases will need a rating of two, which has a consistency similar to peanut butter.

Grease Compatibility

Another crucial aspect of this process is grease compatibility. This factor is why replacing your old grease with the same grease happens to be a must. It’s an action that’ll ensure the thickener remains consistent.

In a perfect situation, you’d remove the older grease first even when planning on using the same kind of grease. An alternative method would be using enough new grease to push out the older grease out.

We should also mention that there are rather quick ways to determine what type of thickener is being used in each grease. Most brands will put the info right in the product description. But remember, sometimes these thickeners can go under different names: a common one is “base.”

Water Resistance

The right wheel bearing greases will provide water-resistant capabilities. These abilities will help shield your rig’s wheel bearings against issues such as moisture and water. We should inform you that this trait is often related to the oil content of the grease.

If you think potential water damage is a massive issue for your situation, taking a look at the marine wheel bearing greases would be smart. These products are often incredibly water-resistant as they’re protecting parts that come into contact with water frequently.

This trait allows these products to protect the metal parts from corroding quicker. As a result, the pieces will last a longer period. You can quickly examine each product’s effectiveness in this area by reading their respective buyer reviews.

These reviews should have a lot of insight into how well the grease holds up when dealing with water. From this info, you shouldn’t have any problems picking the product with the best water-resistant abilities.

Capable of Dealing with High Temperatures

In most cases, grease products come with a temperature range stated right on the container. You’ll also find this range in the product’s description on its ad page. If a grease reaches beyond this range, it’ll break down and lose its structure.

Due to this, it will no longer supply the required protection or lubrication. This issue becomes even more vital when discussing greases made for wheel bearings. You see, temperatures can get extremely high inside your RV’s wheels. You’re going to need a grease with a wide temperature range, or this process won’t end well.

Ability to Withstand High Pressures

Your RV’s wheels are under a lot of pressure during traveling. This issue means that you’re going to need a grease capable of withstanding high pressures. In some cases, the product will have a max pressure limit stated on the grease’s packaging or description.

People often find Moly EP greases to be the best when dealing with high pressures. This factor also happens to be another that you can quickly examine by reading buyer reviews. These resources will provide the proper insights when it comes to this potential issue.

Biobased Grease

If you’re an environmentally conscious person, I’d suggest looking into getting a biobased grease. These types of products will provide the same results as mineral greases, but they won’t cause any damage to our planet with their use.

Sadly, there’s only a small number of these products on today’s market. You’ll have to do some extra research and pay a little extra when buying them as well. But it’s worth it to make sure you don’t cause the environment any damage.

What are the different types of  wheel bearing greases for travel trailers?

Certain greases won’t be appropriate for use on RV wheel bearings. In fact, most greases won’t be a suitable choice for the simple fact that they aren’t made to deal with high-pressure use or high temperatures. Some products will instead be more capable and useful for general use around your home.

Due to this, we’ll go over each type of grease to ensure you know which one suits your needs the best. We’ll even discuss the grease products that wouldn’t be a wise choice for wheel bearings. This info will ensure you become a grease expert and make this entire process more manageable.

Multi-Purpose Grease

Our first type is called multi-purpose grease. This product tends to be the most affordable, but it’s not specialized for areas such as wheel bearings. However, these grease products will be useful in various other jobs and applications.

Many people find multi-purpose useful on things like farming equipment or even door hinges that won’t stop squeaking. But their use on RV wheel bearings won’t be a wise move as they aren’t made for dealing with the high temperatures associated with this area.

Moly EP Grease

Moly EP greases were made for lubricating areas that have to deal with extremely high pressures. As a result, it’s perfect for metals holding up heavy loads and farming equipment. It’s capable of being effective in these tasks because it contains molybdenum disulfide.

This ingredient has shown a useful capability to operate well under sliding movements and heavy loads. Therefore, this grease shouldn’t have any issues working with ball joints, as well. It’s quite a versatile and effective grease option.

White Lithium Grease

The first thing to know about white lithium grease is that these products will contain Zinc. This inclusion will make these greases have a white color, hence the name. You might be asking yourself why someone would want white grease?

Well, white lithium grease comes in handy as an alternative to general multi-purpose options, which tend to get dirty. This type of grease also will turn yellow when it becomes time to change it. It’s a helpful trait and will ensure you don’t ever miss the ideal time to reapply.

We should note that these products have similar uses to a multi-purpose option, as well. Most people find them incredibly useful on farm equipment or industrial machinery. Plus, some parts of your rig’s chassis could reap the benefits of white lithium grease.

Disc/Drum Wheel Bearing Grease

This option happens to be our first type that’s made specifically for use on your rig’s wheel bearings, disc/drum wheel bearing grease. It’s useful in this capacity because the grease can easily deal with the high heat that comes from your RV’s wheel bearings.

This grease will also help deal with the transferable heat coming from the disc brakes. The transferable heat happens to be a direct result of temperatures rising when a person brakes. Therefore, disc/drum wheel bearing grease would be a perfect option to lubricate your rig’s wheel bearings.

It’s also worth mentioning that this grease has water-resistant abilities as well. But don’t think it’ll only have one purpose in your life either. Disc/Drum wheel bearing grease can effectively work as a multi-purpose option without issues.


If you’re looking for a premium solution, LMX red might be more your speed. This grease type will resist high pressure, water, and temperature changes. As a result, it becomes a versatile and useful option for use on all types of vehicles and machinery.

In fact, LMX red grease will offer top tier protection for trailer tires, RVs, trucks, cars, farming equipment, and much more. The only issue is that their price happens to be much higher than most other types mentioned in this section.

Marine Wheel Bearing Grease

Marine wheel bearing grease has the specific purpose of working on equipment that intends to come into contact with water. In other words, it will provide top tier water resistance and ensure your wheel bearings don’t suffer any water damage.

These greases will also do a great job of fighting against corrosion. Given these features, there’s no reason this type shouldn’t be a perfect fit for your rig’s wheel bearings. We didn’t mention that these products tend to be incredibly durable, as well.

The versatility offered by this grease type is another impressive trait. For instance, it should have no issues working on anchor chain reels, gimbal bearings, steering cables, and much more. Honestly, it could benefit any part that comes in contact with water and requires lubrication.

5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Plate Grease

People who are looking to buy grease for lubricating a 5th wheel hitch would make a smart move buying this type. 5th wheel trailer hitch plate grease will usually come packaged in pouches, which are placed at your hitch’s base.

These pouches will then burst when the 5th wheel trailer becomes attached. It’s also worth mentioning that these greases tend to be great for dealing with water resistance and high-pressure issues.

Why do you need an RV wheel bearing grease?

As you’ve probably picked up, RV wheel bearing grease is a useful and beneficial thing to have onboard your rig. But this section will further explain why getting some top tier grease would be a wise move for an RV owner.

We’re going to start by going over what wheel bearings offer from a job perspective. These parts will carry out two vital functions within your RV. The first is that these wheel bearings allow your wheels to rotate and without causing any friction. Their second job consists of having to support your rig’s weight.

These two jobs can get rather grueling over thousands and thousands of miles. Due to this, your wheel bearings will require being in good shape. This issue is where grease comes in and ensures these vital parts stay functioning at a high level.

Grease keeps them in good condition by lubricating and protecting them from dangerous issues. It’s capable of doing that by creating a seal around the wheel bearing, which will keep the grease in and make sure contamination such as water stays out.

If the grease isn’t there to protect your wheel bearings, friction will start happening between the bearings and the wheel. As a result, your wheel bearings will soon corrode and break down. This situation will eventually lead to the wheel not working or turning at all.

One of the first signs that there might be an issue would be encountering an unusual noise, which sounds like a rumbling or chirping sound. We should also mention that some wheel bearing designs will be completely sealed, which makes applying the grease impossible.

In this situation, the only thing you can do will be replacing the entire unit. But people with unsealed bearings can easily remove, clean, and pack them with fresh grease without any hassle.

It’s also essential to realize that trailer wheel bearings need to be serviced, and grease should be applied when required. This task isn’t something a person should put off and think isn’t a big deal. Honestly, a failed wheel bearing could cause all sorts of issues.

For instance, a failed wheel bearing could come away from the rig itself and cause some dangerous scenarios for everyone involved. Wheel bearings with not enough lubrication will also not allow your rig’s wheel to spin quickly or evenly because of the heightened amount of friction.

This situation will then cause a lot of uneven wear on your RV tires and may cause damage to other vital parts within the hub assembly. Given this info, it’s quite evident that buying wheel bearing grease would be a sound investment for an RV owner.

How to install and use?

As we mentioned earlier, some wheel bearing assemblies are entirely sealed. This issue means these parts will have to be replaced rather than repaired or greased. But other units can be serviced, and it’s a job that you can easily do yourself. Of course, there’s no harm in allowing a mechanic to do the task either.

If you intend on doing it, the first thing to know is that this job will be messy. It will also take a few hours as long as you have some knowledge about how wheels are design and function. We’ll help you through this process by outlining the necessary steps below:

  • Put your rig on jack stands and try to make the wheel rock by putting your hands at both 6 and 12 o’clock positions. You then do the same thing with your hands at the 9 and 3 o’clock positions. If there’s a noticeable amount of movement, there’s a high likelihood that the wheel bearings need replacing.
  • The next step is to clean the races and hub using a white spirit. But first, you’ll need to drive the races away from one another. This action might require a socket to act as a pusher. Make sure you lengthen your socket using an extension piece. You then carefully tap it with a heavy hammer. If done correctly, the race will come out quickly. It’s also essential to ensure you avoid scratch the hub’s inside.
  • You can now clean the wheel bearings using the white spirit. This process should be done without getting grease on your brakes. If this situation is just a routine lubrication, the outer races won’t have to be removed. They can instead stay right where they’re on the stub. Please make sure to look out for any indications or damage that points to the bearings needing a replacement during this process.
  • It’s time to pack the wheel bearings with grease. In some hubs, their middle area will need to be densely packed with grease. Other hubs will only need a light packing or coating. You should look in the manual or handbook to get the necessary info. Make sure to pack your bearings with as much grease product as possible. You should really try to get into them and force the grease between the races with your fingers.
  • From there, a person should insert the brand new grease seal. You must ensure that the seal fits correctly. It’s also important to make sure you tap it carefully into the right position. If it ends up recessed, using a socket would be the right move.
  • Put the hub and bearings back together. This process will require lightly greasing the stub axle. You should then push the hub onto the axle. It could end up sticking, which can be fixed with a simple tap of your hammer. From there, you’ll want to insert an outer roller bearing’s inner race, along with a new split-pin. The last step would be reassembling the brakes, and your wheel bearings should be ready.

Travel Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease FAQs

What is the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers?

The first thing to know about these products is that grease tends to have a lot of applications in various industries. If you’re a person who’s greasing for the first time, there’s a reason you can’t just use regular oil for lubrication.

Regular oil would do some severe damage to a metal on metal area, such as a wheel bearing. These areas will instead require grease that’ll stay in place and won’t leak. It’s an effective way to ensure your RV’s wheel bearings get the necessary lubrication.

We must also note that there are many synthetic and natural grease products to consider. But many of them happen to have an incredibly similar profile. For instance, most greases will make use of a lubricant to fight against metal damage and friction. These products will usually come with an added thickener to stop any leaking out, as well.

Most top tier brands will use other ingredients, which will take care of specific issues such as wheel temperatures. These products will have no problems maintaining for long periods when going on a long haul.

Overall, wheel bearing grease is a useful commodity to have onboard an RV. These products will ensure your rig’s wheel bearings will stay lubricated and move freely. If grease isn’t used, these parts can start grinding and causing severe damage to your well.

This info should make it clear that getting some top tier wheel bearing grease would be a logical move. But again, we must acknowledge picking the right one can be quite tricky. We’ll help ensure this process becomes an easy task by providing the needed info in our remaining sections.

How does it work?

The easiest way to explain how grease works is through acknowledging its main purpose. These products are used to lubricate moving parts. In most cases, their application will be in areas where metals tend to grind or rub together.

As for grease’s consistency, it’s made with a higher level of thickness. This trait will ensure it will stay put in places where a thinner oil might fail. If you do use a thinner oil, it’s possible it won’t stay next to the moving parts or leak out and create issues.

Wheel bearing grease also usually has two primary ingredients worth knowing about when deciding which one to buy. The first happens to be a lubricant, which will ensure friction doesn’t become an issue. As a result, the grease will help stop any metal on metal rubbing.

The second main ingredient will be a thickener that’ll provide the grease’s consistency. It’ll be crucial in ensuring the product’s capable of holding its place right next to your rig’s wheeling bearings.

Like we mentioned in the previous section, some options will have added ingredients to improve performance. These ingredients will ensure the grease is more useful during specific jobs and applications. Manufacturers will make it quite aware when there are additives for a specific purpose.

How much grease to put in a trailer wheel bearing?

Most camper wheel bearing grease will come with a detailed manual. These manuals provide a recommended amount of grease for your trailer’s wheel bearing. It’s best to stick with these suggestions, especially for those who don’t have previous experience.

But it’s also essential to note that any time grease starts leaking out is a sign of too much grease. So sticking with this guideline can help users save grease and money, especially if they have larger trailers.

How do you grease a travel trailer wheel bearing?

It isn’t easy to discuss the using process without knowing the trailer wheel bearing grease type. After all, there’s a bit of variation from product to product. So it becomes essential to read the instruction manual before attempting to use it.

But if you’re looking for a general guideline, please refer to our “How to install and use” section. It’ll help provide a better idea of what the process will require and its most fundamental steps.

Can I use marine grease on my travel trailer?

RV owners can use marine grease for utility trailer bearings or travel trailer bearings without consequences. However, it should be a last resort option as travel trailer bearing grease is much more effective.

Is synthetic grease better than regular grease?

Synthetic greases are better than regular greases in two crucial areas. First, these options will be much better at withstanding extreme high temp or low-temperature conditions.

Second, their overall lubrication effectiveness is more potent than a traditional grease product. So it would be logical to assume synthetic greases are superior to conventional options.

What are the most trusted RV wheel bearing grease brands?

Finding a trusted RV wheel bearing grease brand shouldn’t be difficult. We even gave you a long list of them already within our product review section. Each company featured there will more than make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

But if you’re looking for the absolute top brands in this market, you should look no further than Plews & Edelmann and Lucas Oil. Both these companies continue to prove year after year that this marketplace is their comfort zone.

We thought looking into both their backgrounds could provide crucial info on what makes them different. These insights will be vital in establishing what a top tier RV wheel bearing grease brand should look like and offer their customers.

Plews & Edelmann

Our first company has a history that dates back about 100 years. This type of longevity isn’t something to overlook and conveys a sense of them understanding what a customer wants. Honestly, you’d have a hard time finding a person with a bad thing to say about Plews & Edelmann.

You can attribute this great reputation to their constant search for improvements. Plews & Edelmann is always looking for ways to make their products better. This mindset is what makes their wheel bearing grease such a hot commodity among rig owners.

Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil might be a name you’re more familiar with than our previous brand. I mean, their name does sit on an American football stadium. But aside from popularity, there’s a reason behind them gaining this larger than life status.

It all comes down to their dedication to giving their all when creating their products. Their entire company’s built on the principle of hard work. It also doesn’t hurt that their customer service is always among the highest-rated within their respective markets.

How often to apply wheel bearing grease?

Most RV owners find that greasing the wheel bearings every few months as a regular procedure. However, this guideline tends to be for the people who use their rig frequently. A more general guideline would be greasing your wheel bearings every year or 12,000 miles.

If you use this guideline, keeping your wheel bearings lubricated and protected shouldn’t be much of an issue. We should also warn you that over-greasing can lead to problems, which means making sure you stick with the above intervals.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy wheel bearing grease would be using Amazon. Their large selection and low prices are such an attractive combo for any customer. I couldn’t see a reason why buying from them wouldn’t be your first option.

It also doesn’t hurt that their buyer review database is second to none. As you know, these resources will be vital in determining what option is perfect for you. But don’t let these outstanding benefits keep you from looking around a bit.

We’d also suggest taking a gander at what a website like Camping World has to offer. In most cases, both their selection and prices are more than decent. Sometimes, their prices even fall below Amazon’s when they’re having a sale happening.

This situation alone should convey the importance of browsing multiple sites. It’s the only way to ensure you end up paying the lowest possible price for your chosen option. Otherwise, you might feel like you missed a bargain, which is never a good feeling.

But online sites aren’t the only places that sell these grease products. People who are more comfortable doing shopping in the real world should check out their local AutoZone and Home Depot. Both these stores should have a wide selection of wheel bearing grease to buy.

We do have to warn that their prices will be a bit more costly than you’d find online. You’ll have to weigh whether adhering to your shopping preferences is worth the extra dollars. On the other hand, the face to face customer service is a nice touch offered by these stores that online sites can’t match.

In any case, finding the right seller of wheel bearing grease shouldn’t be tricky considering these options. It’s just a simple task of choosing the one that fits your shopping preferences to a tee.


Our article should make finding the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers a much more relaxed and painless task. It should ensure the right choice becomes evident and apparent for your particular situation.

Once you do pick the right grease, your wheel bearings should always have the right amount of protection and lubrication to ensure long term use. This action will also make sure you don’t have to spend a great deal of money on repairs. It sounds like a win-win to me.

The only thing left to do is actually starting your search. Apply the info learned here and get the process rolling. We promise it will be a lot less frustrating and annoying than you might have previously thought.

If you do run into any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in our comment section. We’ll answer them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. After all, helping you is the whole reason that we wrote this article.

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