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The Best TV Mounts for RV to Improve Your TV Viewing Experience

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Do you want to mount your TV, but having trouble finding the best TV mount for RVs? This article will point you in the right direction by discussing everything relevant about these products. It’ll walk through this entire process to ensure you come away with the perfect product.

This process will include talking about things like different types, how to pick the right size, top brands, etc. We’ll even provide you with 16 reviews of the top-rated RV TV mounts on today’s market.

best tv mount for rv

All of this information should make the entire process much easier and less stressful. We understand that the amount of options on today’s market is borderline insane. And this article will help mitigate that issue by narrowing everything down to a more manageable level.

Once we help you narrow it down, finding the right TV mount should be a piece of cake. All you have to do is keep reading, and all your worries will soon disappear. I promise you won’t regret it.

So, let’s start this process and get you back to the fun parts of your vacation as quickly as possible. After all, isn’t that what RVing is all about, having fun?


Best Overall Most Versatility Easy to Install
Preview Mounting Dream MD2210

VideoSecu ML531BE2

Mount-It! MI-429

Material Metal Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
TV Size 17-43 inches 26-60 inches 22-42 Inches
Max VESA 200 x 200mm 400 x 400mm 200 x 200mm
Max Load 44 lbs 88 lbs 33 lbs
Motion Swivel, Tilt, Level Swivel, Tilt, Extend Swivel, Tilt, Extend
Details Details Details

Best RV TV Mount Reviews

In this section, we’ll provide those 16 reviews mentioned above to ensure you have a good idea about what a top tier TV mount looks like and offers. It should give you a better sense of what to expect before we dive into the more complex topics.

1. Mounting Dream MD2210 Lockable RV TV Mount

Our first product on this list is the Mounting Dream MD2210 Lockable RV TV Mount. This model should be a godsend for anybody with a TV that’s less than 44lbsand between 17-39 inches. If your situation fits these requirements, this device should be near the top of your list.

You see, this model was made using robot welding technology, which makes sure the mount will stay durable and strong. This feature is a welcome sight given the precious cargo it’ll be holding on your rig.

It also helps that the entire device is constructed from heavy-duty steel as ’it’ll further ensure this model’s capable of supporting your TV. This product’s rather versatile as well given it can work with any TV that meets the weight/size requirements and has VESA spacing of 100x100mm, 200x100mm, and 200x200mm.

It might seem rather inclusive, but there’s a lot of TVs that fit these requirements. And if yours does, you can also benefit from its ability to tilt up or down, which will help reduce glare. This feature is something I value greatly as I tend to frequent sunny places such as Florida.

We should note that this model can swivel right or left as well. As a result, it shouldn’t be challenging to find the perfect viewing angle regardless of your seat. It’s quite clear that nobody should have an issue enjoying their favorite TV shows on the road with this mount onboard.

Plus, this mount has an easy install process, which is a benefit you shouldn’t overlook. I mean, the task seems so easy that even I feel confident in doing it. Trust me; my technical skills aren’t anything to write home about, which means it should be super easy for anyone with a tad of skill.

But there were some complaints about packaging issues with this product. It seems like a small portion of the customer received their product a bit damaged. This issue isn’t something you like reading or expect from a top tier brand like Mounting Dream.

2. VideoSecu ML531BE RV TV Wall Mount

If you have a larger TV, the VideoSecu ML531BE RV TV Wall Mount could be an option worth considering. It has many features that would lend itself useful to an RV owner who loves having a huge TV.

For instance, this model can support TVs that weigh up to 88lbsand range anywhere between 27-55 inches. It’s capable of supporting these larger TVs thanks to its heavy gauge steel design, which offers top tier durability and security.

It also helps that this mount can work with various VESA patterns: 400x400mm, 400x300mm, 400x200mm, 300x300mm, 300x200mm, 200x200mm, 200x100mm, and 100x100mm.

Given these three features, it’s evident this mount would be an ideal fit in many spots. And it offers elite execution as well, thanks to its top-notch adaptability; this model can tilt up 15 and down 5 degrees to avoid those awful glares without issue.

Its ability to swivel 180 degrees on each side doesn’t hurt either. The number of viewing angles this model provides should be more than enough to get the best TV viewing.

I also love that this model will retract to 2.2 inches from the wall. This feature will make it easy to move around the mounted TV and save you space when you’re not using it. It’s something any RV owner should value greatly given the lack of space onboard most rigs.

The addition of the 10-foot HDMI cable is another aspect you shouldn’t overlook. This cable will make plugging in devices into your TV much easier. It’ll also reduce the amount of cable clutter within your RV, which is never visually appealing.

But even with all these great features, there was one flaw I saw in the customer reviews. It seems its install’s a lot more difficult than the product description says as there were several criticisms about the process.

Due to this, I’d suggest buying the add on expert install when getting this product. Of course, it’ll cost a bit of extra money, but the only flaw would disappear.

3. Mount-It! RV TV Mount

The Mount-It! RV TV Mount comes from a brand that’s featured several times on our list. This model has a set of features, which will show why this company has various products highlighted in our article.

One of these features is its powder coated steel construction. This design will ensure your RV gets the support needed to ensure its safety. It’ll also provide this device with a level of durability that many other models can’t match.

This product features a high level of versatility as well. It’s capable of working with any TV between 22-42 inches, weighs less than 33Ibs, and has one of the following VESA patterns: 75×75 mm, 100×100, 200×100, and 200×200 patterns.

Given these requirements, it’s quite clear my 24-inch TV would mesh well with this mount. I could also benefit from its easy install process that has received universal praise in this product’s customer reviews.

This install process is further benefited by all the needed hardware and a detailed direction guide provided with purchase. As someone who needs every bit of help, you can bet I appreciate these inclusions immensely.

You should also love its full motion ability, which gives it great flexibility. This feature means this mount can swivel, tilt, and even can extend your TV 15.3 inches from the wall in every direction imaginable.

In other words, finding the best viewing angle shouldn’t be much of an issue. The adjustment knob for the tilt/pan movements will help in this regard as well. And when you aren’t using it, this model is a fold down TV mount for RV that’ll help save space inside your RV.

It also features a locking mechanism that will safely hold your TV in place and helps resist the vibration when your RV’s moving. In the end, this brand seems to have every base covered with this top tier product.

The only issue this product has is it’s one of the more costly models on the list. But given the impressive features, I think I might have to reevaluate my budget. It does check off every box I’m looking for in an RV TV mount.

4. Mounting Dream MD2209 Lockable RV TV Mount

Our second Mounting Dream product is the Mounting Dream MD2209 Lockable RV TV Mount, which should be a delightful choice for small TV owners. You see, this model works for 10-26 inch TVs and supports up to 22lbs.

It also meshes with TVs with VESA spacing of both 75x75mm and 100x100mm. It might not be more versatile than the previous Mounting Dream product, but it still will work wonders in a ton of different situations.

In fact, it’s been known to work perfectly in campers, marines, boats, RVs, and other motorhomes. I also love this model’s easy lock mechanism, which only requires one step. This feature will keep your TV from receiving any damage during travel and keep it safe.

This motorhome TV mount will offer a top tier viewing experience as well. It’s capable of tilting up 5 and down 15 degrees to provide you viewing angles other models can’t replicate. Its 90 degrees of swivel on each side also help create these angles.

The install process isn’t too difficult either, which was a surprise given all the things this product’s capable of doing. But it comes with a detailed direction guide and all required hardware to make the task much easier than expected.

And if you think the install will be a problem, Mounting Dream was kind enough to offer expert install add on for a reasonable extra fee. It’s something to really think about for people who aren’t fully confident in their technical abilities.

We should also note that this model comes with a 10-year warranty. This feature should give you some peace of mind and protection against an accident occurring. It’s always nice to have a little back up with a device such as this one.

As for this product’s flaws, I couldn’t find many things wrong with it during my research. The only complaints about it where regarding the arm not being long enough for some customers. But this isn’t really a flaw as the arm’s length is mentioned right in the product description.

5. PAW ‎832155001041 International RV TV Bracket

Exterior RV TV mount models don’t get much better than PAW’s ‎832155001041 International RV TV Bracket. After all, it was built from non-metallic material to ensure there isn’t any chance of rusting or corrosion. Users should expect to have this exterior RV wall mount for a long time.

Aside from its durability, I was also delighted by its product versatility. It works with any TV containing a 100 x 100mm mounting pattern. Due to this, it should work with most standard televisions without any issue.

It won’t be too difficult to mount this TV wall mount for RV, either. PAW made sure the process was straightforward with excellent included directions and mounting screws. I can’t imagine anyone having too much difficulty with the process.

If anyone does feel uncomfortable, there’s always the professional installation option. It does include a small additional fee for the work, but it never hurts to use an expert. I certainly would if I didn’t have a lot of experience setting up these products.

This PAW RV TV mount also won’t be an eyesore within or outside a camper. The two-piece allows for easy hiding to stop any decor issues from ever occurring. Sadly, ugly designs are often a problem with other choices.

I was pleased with this PAW international TV mount having two available protection plans. Each buyer can choose between a 2-year or 3-year plan for an additional fee. It’s a crucial addition for anyone like myself who tends to break most devices.

But I wish this was a locking TV wall mount for RV. It makes the product a bit of a tough sell for anyone looking for a bedroom or living room option. In these cases, the TV would be a little less secure than expected during travel.

6. Mount-It! MI-2829 Small Camper TV Wall Mount

The Mount-It! MI-2829 Small Camper TV Wall Mount is a godsend for anyone who needs a small TV or monitor wall mount. This product couldn’t be much more suitable in these situations.

One of my favorite aspects would have to be its durable construction. This RV TV mount can hold up to 44 pounds without breaking a sweat. Buyers usually don’t expect any small TV or monitor to approach this weight limit.

As for its versatility, I couldn’t have been more pleased. It can work on any TV or monitor between 19 and 25 inches. In addition, multiple customers made a point to praise how effective it was mounting various small TVs.

This versatility only increased when considering it can work with both 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100 mm VESA mounting patterns. Given this information, it shouldn’t have much trouble meshing with what most people want in their Forest River RV TV mounts.

I’m also very intrigued by its low-profile design. It won’t be challenging to install the mount without making it too apparent. Meanwhile, the brand constructed the product with the ability to tilt 12 degrees down and swivel 30 degrees left/right for even more convenience.

Mount-It! clearly did an excellent job cultivating a very convenient RV TV swivel mount. It seems like a perfect fit for most bedrooms or living rooms with smaller televisions. I didn’t even mention it comes with directions for a smooth installation.

But it was a bit concerning to read that a few customers noted issues with the included screws. It seems these screws are a bit subpar compared to what they usually use. Thankfully, people mentioned this complaint only in a couple of reviews.

7. PERLESMITH RV Lockable TV Wall Mount

The PERLESMITH RV Lockable TV Wall Mount is a full motion option that’ll fulfill most RV owners needs with its quality features. This model isn’t one to take for granted by any stretch of the imagination.

I mean, it comes with a unique lockable design, which will ensure your TV doesn’t move during travel. It offers this aspect by locking the swivel arm and keeping it stable. This action also makes sure the vibration from moving doesn’t cause your TV any damage.

The locking process being rather simple is another appealing trait, as well. All you need to do is pull the strap, and your TV will either lock or release. It doesn’t get much simpler than this when it comes to these processes.

This model is also another great option for larger TV owners as it can support TVs weighing up to 77 pounds and screen sizes ranging between 23-43 inches. Plus, it’s highly compatible as it works with four different VESA patterns: 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200X100mm, and 200X200mm.

Its flexibility is off the charts as well as it can tilt down 15 degrees or up 5 degrees and swivel 90 degrees in both directions. It can also extend 15.7 inches and retract back to 2.4 inches when needed.

These features will create a lot of viewing angles that other models, even some on this list, have no chance at creating. This product comes with a lifetime warranty as well, which is another area where it excels past its competition.

And all the benefits that I just mentioned are available for an affordable price. What else could someone ask for in an RV TV mount? Well, it seems some customers had issues with the product not coming with all the parts necessary for the install.

This issue isn’t the best look for PERLESMITH as it states all required parts are included. But I must say this product’s positive reviews outnumber the negative by a large margin, which makes these incidents seem like isolated cases.

8. VideoSecu ML12B TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount

If you’re a bargain buyer, it’s time to pay close attention. The VideoSecu ML12B TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount offers great quality at one of the lowest prices on this entire list. Honestly, it might be the most cost-effective option mentioned in this article.

You see, this model consists of a high grade steel design. This construction lends itself useful as it offers a high level of both stability and longevity. These two aspects are among the top things you should be looking for in an RV TV mount.

This RV TV mount’s removable plate is another intriguing feature as it makes the install process much easier. In fact, many people have supported the ad’s claim that installing this device required only a single person.

It also comes with all the required parts, which was a bit surprising when you consider the low price. I’m certainly not complaining though as I despise having to buy separate hardware for a device I purchased. Plus, it makes the install process much simpler.

Aside from the simple install, this model happens to be a perfect model for RV owners with smaller TVs; it’s designed to support 44lbsand screen sizes between 19-32 inches. It also has a bit more versatility as it’ll work with two different VESA patterns, 75x75mm and 100x100mm.

I found its moveability to be quite impressive for such a low priced item as well. This model’s capable of tilting 5 degrees up or down and can swivel 180 degrees. If you ask me, these features aren’t too bad for a bargain buy.

But there are two flaws worth mentioning with this product. The first one is that some customers were awfully vocal about how bad the customer service was, which was a weird read given this company’s reputation.

And the second flaw is this model doesn’t come with a warranty. This issue isn’t as big of a deal as the first, but it still isn’t ideal. You should always look to get a TV mount with at least some protection.

9. Mount-It! LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket

The Mount-It! LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket is another full motion mount that will impress RV owners with its flexibility. I mean, this model can do everything you could ever imagine from one of these products.

For instance, this mount can extend out 18 inches when its in use. This amount of extension is among the best you’ll ever see in this market. And it’ll provide you with more viewing angles than the rival models as a result.

We should also note that this model is capable of rotating 360 degrees and tilt 15 degrees up or down. These features just give you more options regarding viewing angles and ensure the best TV viewing experience is in your grasp.

But its ability to create various viewing angles isn’t the only positive trait. I found its retracting back to 3.4 inches capability intriguing as well. This feature will provide you with more space when you aren’t using the TV.

As a result, your TV won’t be sticking out or taking up valuable room like it would when it’s not mounted. This feature becomes incredibly helpful when you have to do some cleaning around your RV: the TV will no longer be an obstacle you have to maneuver around when sweeping.

You should also know that this model is no slouch when it comes to VESA compatibility either. This mount is capable of working with four different VESA patterns without issue: 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm, and 200x200mm.

Its high grade steel construction makes it a durable and strong product as well. This design allows it to support a maximum of 44lbsand screen sizes between 13-42 inches. It’s also worth noting that people have often praised the install process for being easy.

But there were some complaints about the cables being annoying to disconnect and connect. It’s a mild nuisance that might cause you some frustration from time to time. It’s something to think about before making a final decision.

10. WALI RV TV Wall Mount Bracket

This next product, the WALI RV TV Wall Mount Bracket, is one of the most versatile options on our entire list. It’s a device that will work for both smaller and larger TVs as it can support most flat panel displays with screen sizes between 13-42 inches.

It also offers unreal VESA compatibility with being capable of working with four different VESA patterns: 75x75mm,100x100mm, 200x100mm, and 200x200mm. Plus, it features a heavy-duty design that can handle up to 44Ibs.

Honestly, the combination of these three aspects is hard to beat. I mean, there’s a lot of different situations that this mount could thrive in with these qualities. It doesn’t hurt that its other features are top tier as well.

For instance, this model is fully adjustable with its full motion wall mount abilities as it can tilt 8 degrees upward and 12 degrees downward. This device’s swivel capabilities aren’t too shabby either with its 180 degrees swiveling.

I also love that this model comes with a 10-year warranty, which should act as a safeguard against my clumsiness. Trust me; if there’s a way to break this thing, there’s no doubt in mind that my clumsy self will find it. Due to this, you can imagine how much I value a good warranty.

Another thing I value about this product is its affordable price. This model happens to be rather low priced when compared with other devices with the same features. It’s another product that should be very appealing to all the bargain buyers.

But customers have had some issues regarding the install process. It seems this product’s screws tend to snap during the setup. This issue isn’t something that you should take lightly as it could be dangerous.

This issue is entirely avoidable, though, because WALI does offer an expert install add on. It’s also worth noting that most people didn’t find the screws to be subpar. It was only a select few, which means it could’ve been a human error problem as well.

11. Master Mounts 2311L Locking RV TV Mount

Our next product’s the Master Mounts 2311L Locking RV TV Mount, and it’s perfectly suited for the RV lifestyle. You see, this RV TV mount’s locking and releasing mechanism is one of the best you’ll see on these products.

This feature doesn’t require you to use straps, ties, gears, or knobs. You instead use the pull chain that easily releases and locks up your TV during travel. From there, the mount will secure it and protect the TV from the vibrations and bumps caused by the road.

It also has a durable aluminum design, which can support weight up to 33Ibs. This design has shown a tendency to hold up extremely well under duress. Many customers made it a point to praise this mount’s ability in this regard.

We should note that this model can fit TVs with screens sizes up to 42 inches and can work with TVs with either a 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA pattern. It might not be as versatile as the other models on this list, but it’ll still work with a wide range of TVs.

It having an articulating arm that can extend 14.5 inches is another nice touch offered by this model. It can tilt 12 degrees down and 8 degrees up as well, which will give you a bit more wiggle room when it comes to finding the perfect viewing angle.

It also helps that this model features an easy install process as it mounts directly to the wall. It doesn’t even require extra RV TV mounting brackets to the job done. If you’re looking for something quick and simple, this mount might be the perfect option.

But this product isn’t the right one for people looking to get a bargain. In fact, this mount features one of the most costly price tags on the entire list. It’ll all depend on whether you feel the locking mechanism and easy install process are worth the extra money.

12. Suptek Aluminium Alloy Lockable RV TV Wall Mount

The Suptek Aluminium Alloy Lockable RV TV Wall Mount is a heavy-duty option that’ll suit most people looking for smaller TV mounts. In fact, this model was made to support TVs with screen sizes between 13 and 24 inches, which is perfect for my 24-inch TV.

You can also count on this device supporting TVs that weight up to 33lbs as long as they have the following VESA patterns: 75x75mm or 100x100mm. But its ability to mount smaller TVs isn’t the only thing this model has going for it.

It has a unique locking system that I found appealing as well. You see, this mount secures both the TV plate and swivel arms at the same time during the locking process. This action will ensure no damage comes from bumps or vibrations when your RV’s on the road.

I also love this device’s integrated cable management, which will make sure you don’t suffer from the cable cutter. As someone who hates bunched up wires, this feature is something that could sway my decision.

The easy install process is another aspect capable of making me buy this product. After all, you get everything needed to do the task with your purchase. And directions have received endless praise in the customer reviews.

This model also offers all the essential tilt, swivel, retract, and extend abilities that we’ve discussed in the previous reviews. In the end, this device provides almost everything a small TV owner could be looking for in a TV mount.

But it does fail in one area, which is hard to overlook. You see, this model is one of the most costly on this list. It’s actually quite high priced even when you compare it to other mounts meant for smaller TVs.

This aspect is a real bummer for me because I was enjoying all the great features it offered. But I’d go with another mount as there was no mention of a warranty either.

13. GOFORWILD Camper TV Mount

Unlike the product before it, the GOFORWILD Camper TV Mount does offer a warranty. In fact, it’s a 10-year warranty, which should provide you with enough protection for when an accident does occur or the device malfunctions.

Of course, this product’s warranty isn’t the only feature worth talking about as it has various others that make it a top tier mount. One of my favorites would have to be its adjustability. You see, this full motion mount can tilt 10 degrees upwards and 15 degrees downwards.

This feature should be enough to fight against those pesky glares when you’re sitting down watching your shows. But this model also offers 90 degrees of swivel on both sides to ensure you always get the best viewing experience.

We should mention that this model was made using robot welding technology as well. This aspect gives it top tier strength and durability, which should ensure it stays in your life well past when that 10-year warranty ends.

It also helps that this model is one of those RV locking TV wall mounts. In other words, it has precautions in place to keep your TV from moving during travel. This locking mechanism is easy to use as well, which is always a plus.

The price of this model isn’t too shabby either. I wouldn’t call it a bargain buy. But it’s a fair price and would be well inside my budget considering the features it offers. As for its compatibility, this model is designed to hold TVs with a size between 10-26 inches, weight below 22lbs, and VESA pattern of either 75x75mm or 100x100mm.

But there was one concern in the customer reviews that gave me a little pause. It seems some customers complained about the latch’s placement, which was described as annoying or a hassle to access.

It wouldn’t be a massive deal for me, but I could see how this issue could affect someone’s decision.

14. PERLESMITH Fixed TV Wall Mount Bracket

If you’re looking for a TV mount that saves space, the PERLESMITH Fixed TV Wall Mount Bracket would be your best bet. This model sits just 0.8 inches from the wall, which excels well past the other models on the market.

The space saving ability comes from its ultra-slim design, which is pleasing to the eye as well. It should mesh well with whatever your RV’s interior looks like without issue. Aside from its space-saving skills and appealing design, this model does have other noteworthy features.

I love its sturdy steel construction as an example. This construction will ensure the mount last a long time and performs at a high level. I also like that this device has an easy install process, which only takes a couple of minutes.

There’s nothing worse than wasting a whole day doing a maintenance task. And thankfully, this model ensures this won’t happen by make the job as simple as possible. You should also feel relieved about the 10-year warranty this brand offers with purchasing the device.

This model has a good level of compatibility, as well. You see, this device was made to hold TVs with screen sizes between 17-42 inches, weight below 66lbs, and VESA patterns of either 75x75mm or 200x200mm.

But the best thing about this mount is the price. It’s actually the least costly item on this entire list, which means it could represent a bargain buy given the right situation. This ideal scenario would include someone looking for a stationary mount.

And this scenario doesn’t fit what I’m looking for in these products. I want a mount that can tilt, swivel, rotate, and retract. This model doesn’t meet those needs due to it being a fixed mount even though the low price did make me second guess myself.

But if you’re looking for a stationary mount, you aren’t going to get a better option than this one. It has everything you could need or want.

15. VideoSecu Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

Our next product, the VideoSecu Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket, is one of the best tilt RV TV mounts on today’s market. It features a durable construction that could support up to 132 pounds, which is the most we’ve encountered within this article.

This durable construction will ensure the product’s longevity as well. If this product is still holding up your TV in 10 years, it won’t shock me given its quality. This model is something you can bet that you’ll get the most of it.

I also love this model’s ability to tilt 10 degrees forward without requiring much effort on your part. In other words, this product is rather easy to use, and those glares should go away quickly with this mount onboard your rig.

Its versatility is another standout aspect as ’it’ll work with TVs with screens ranging from 23 to 75 inches. All the TV needs is a VESA pattern from 200x100mm to 684x400mm, and it’s ready for the install process.

Speaking of the install process, there’s nothing difficult about it. It even comes with the required hardware included. But if you do anticipate having some issues, VideoSecu does offer an expert install add on for a fair fee.

This model also comes with a 10 ft HDMI cable that’ll help reduce any cable clutter inside your RV. It’s a nice touch and shows this brand cares about how happy their customers will end up being with their purchase.

And even with all these incredible features, VideoSecu managed to keep the price down. It’s quite clear that this brand wanted to make a simple, effective product, which they could sell at a fair price.

Given the praise for this product, it’s fair to say they succeeded. However, it won’t be a product I’d buy because it doesn’t offer any swivel, retracting or any other movements besides tilting. And honestly, I need a product that has those capabilities.

16. Mount-It! MI-4222 TV Ceiling Mount

The last product is the Mount-It! MI-4222 TV Ceiling Mount and it’s our first under cabinet RV TV mount on this list. These products are perfect for rooms such as the kitchen where you can hang them from under the cabinet and have some entertainment while you cook.

This particular model has a swiveling feature that I love. It’s capable of swiveling left or right 45 degrees which creates a ton of different orientations and positions for the placement of your TV. It allows you to operate a touch screen while you’re on the move around your kitchen area as well.

We should also note that this mount can hold 17 to 37-inch displays and are compatible with four different VESA patterns: 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm, and 200x200mm. Plus, it has been proven to be capable of supporting a 44lbs TV.

This model has an easy install process as well, thanks to all the hardware being included with your purchase and a great directions guide. There’s an option for an expert install add on, but I don’t think many of you will need it.

You don’t have to worry about it clashing with your decor either as it has a modern design. It should fit seamlessly into your RV’s interior and start enriching your life rather quickly. It’s also worth noting that the mount comes with a unique lip, which will secure the TV in a folded position during travel.

It’s ability to fold helps when you aren’t using it as well. This aspect will ensure it doesn’t take up much storage space, and you should have plenty of room for other items. Given all these features, you can see how useful this model could be in your RV.

But the price is a bit too much for my liking. I doubt I’d be using this mount all the time, which means I can’t justify paying this much for it. I’d rather go with a full motion RV TV mount instead.

RV TV Mount Buyer’s Guide


This section will discuss everything relevant about these products. It will give you a clear picture of the mount that fits your situation the best. Everything mentioned here could be a key piece in ensuring you end up with the perfect product.

Things to know before buying an RV TV mount

Since you now know all about the RV flat screen TV mounts, it’s time to discuss the other factors that end up impacting your final decision. This section will cover these topics with great detail to ensure you have a better understanding of what you want from a TV mount.

Room Shape

Before selecting an RV TV mount, you must also consider the room’s arrangements. This factor’s essential because some models aren’t very flexible. These devices would need mounting near the middle of the wall. Why is this an issue?

The lack of flexibility reduces your TV’s mobility by a large margin. It affects the viewing angle as well making it more difficult to get the best TV experience possible. We should also mention that depending on your RV furniture; it might turn out you need a mount that can swivel.

If this situation becomes a reality, it means you’re going to be spending a bit more than you might’ve imagined: the mounts that can swivel are models like a full motion or articulating travel trailer TV mounts.

VESA Compatibility

A mounted RV TV’s something that you’ll want to ensure is safely secure. After all, TVs aren’t cheap, and neither are the mounts. This security will come from everything between the TV and mount being compatible.

Their compatibility is a result of TVs fitting mounts and brackets through a system of screw patterns. These screw patterns reflect each mechanism’s exact shape and are standardized in what’s called a VESA system.

Mounts with this screw pattern are more likely to be capable of use on popular TV brands. In other words, it’s an easy way to figure out whether or not a mount will work with your TV and vice versa.

Ease of Installation

You’re going to want an RV TV mount with an easy install process. Of course, this factor might not be possible with the more complex types like an articulating or full motion mount. But even in these cases, it’s essential you make sure the install is something you can do.

An excellent way to assess the difficulty is by reading customer reviews. These discussions will make it clear whether the install process was easy. And if there was an issue, the people will let you know.

After all, there are very few things on earth angrier than a person who bought something that they couldn’t figure out how to use. It’s also essential you make sure the mount comes with all the fittings and fixtures necessary to complete the task.

I’d recommend avoiding mounts that require additional tools to install them when possible as well. This action will remove any potential hassles about trying to figure out whether you’re using the right tool or having to buy it separately.


Any RV TV mount worth considering will have designs, which take safety into account. The good news is that the reputable brands mentioned in our product review section meet all the safety standards with their products.

If you stick with these brands, there shouldn’t be any issues regarding safety. I’d also recommend sticking with mounts that come with an extended warranty. This action will ensure you have a bit of protection against an accident taking place.

It’s a good idea to stay away from refurbished devices as well. You never know when one might have a malfunction that could cause serious safety hazards inside your RV.

Mount’s Strength and TV’s Size

Making sure the mount can handle supporting your TV might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people fail to read the product’s description before buying. In other words, don’t assume a mount will work without checking the ad and your TV’s size/weight.

If you don’t and get the wrong one, it’s more than likely your TV will fall. This event will result in you having to buy a new mount and maybe a TV. So please, save yourself some future hassle by researching the mount’s strength and your TV’s size before making a final decision.


The price of these devices will vary from product to product. It’s why setting a budget becomes essential to any successful buying experience. This budget should account for all the features and type of mount that you want.

For instance, if you want a pull down motion mount, it’s going to be more expensive than a flat or tilt mount. It’s understanding differences like this one that’ll end up creating a comfortable budget range.

And once you got a budget range, this process will become much easier. It’ll lessen the number of choices to a more manageable amount, which will make any overwhelming feelings flutter away.

Why you need an RV TV mount

There are many reasons why buying an RV TV mount is a smart idea. This section will highlight some of the attributes that make these devices such a useful item to have when you take your rig on a trip.

Space Saving

Let’s be honest; there isn’t a whole lot of room onboard even the biggest RVs. It often feels like a small cramped space that can sometimes get on your nerves. A TV mount helps mitigate this issue by keeping your TV in a fixed place such as a wall or cabinet.

As a result, it’s a device that’ll save a bit of space onboard your rig. You can use this space for other things like storing items you picked up on your travels. I tend to hoard collectible from the areas I visited, which means this feature is something I value greatly.

It also helps that some models even allow you to easily adjust your TV by swiveling or tilting when you need it. This ability will stop you from having to move it yourself and limits the opportunity for an accident.

Security and Safety

During an RV trip, you’re always moving from place to place. This movement will result in things like vibrations, even when you’re driving as carefully as possible. It’s quite likely your TV will fall or become insecure without a durable, secure mount holding it.

Once you do get this top tier mount, you can relax and not have to worry about your TV receiving any potential damages. It’s just another way to bring a sense of calmness into your life, which is what we strive for during RV trips.

Looks Good

These devices also tend to come with stylish designs that will mesh well into your RV’s interior. In other words, it’ll bring a more luxurious feeling into your rig. It also might be a source of jealousy for guests who come and visit.

What are the different types of TV mounts?

Part of the confusion surrounding these products comes from all the different types. In other words, there are several TV mounts on the market. And deciding which one best fits your situation is a big step in this process.

As a result, we are going to discuss the six most common types at length: flat wall RV TV mount, under cabinet RV TV mount, tilt RV TV mount, articulating RV TV mount, full motion RV TV mount, and pull down motion RV TV mount.

Flat Wall RV TV Mount

If you’re looking for a stylish and straightforward setup, a flat wall RV TV mount might be the perfect option. These devices will mount your TV on your wall just like you would a mirror or picture. It’s an easy way to get the benefits a TV mount will provide.

It also helps that flat mounts save space by keeping the TV closely fitted to the cabinet or wall depending on your setup. And since we tend to have limited space onboard RVs, you can imagine how helpful this attribute could be on your rig.

It’s essential we note that these devices don’t have any range of motion like some offer types offer. This aspect means a flat mount won’t tilt or rotate and are intended to stay in position after they’re installed. If you want to move the product’s location, it’ll need a reinstall.

But given their easy install process, this potential issue shouldn’t be much of a nuisance. You must also understand that a flat mount will provide about 2 inches between the TV and the wall. This makes accessing wires on the TV’s backside a challenge as you’d have to remove the mount from the wall.

Under Cabinet RV TV Mount

RV owners with smaller TVs need to take a good look at getting an under cabinet RV TV mount. These products are fantastic at mounting 10 to 25 inch TVs in any room that may feature a cabinet such as a kitchen.

An under cabinet mount will ensure your flat panel TV stays tucked away under the cabinet where it’s mounted. These mounts will either come in one of two designs: stationary permanent or folded up design.

Both variations will give you enough versatility to enjoy your favorite shows within small rooms like your kitchen, and it won’t take up a lot of space. This benefit comes from the under cabinet mounts hiding your TV under the overhang, which still gives you room to navigate your counter.

Plus, most of these mounts have rotating and tilting abilities, which will make it much easier to find the perfect viewing point. Sounds like a pretty great device, right? But it’s a shame that these mounts don’t support larger TVs well.

These devices aren’t ideal when it comes to accessing wires and cables either. In fact, many customers end up complaining about this aspect in the customer reviews of under cabinet RV TV mounts.

Tilt RV TV Mount

Tilt RV TV mounts are a lot like flat mounts, but offer one notable difference: these devices give you the ability to tilt your TV after it’s been mounted on the wall. This benefit might not seem like a big deal; however, it provides a bit more control of your viewing experience.

For instance, if the sun’s providing a huge glare on your TV, you can tilt it away to ensure a better picture. The tilt range’s often between 8 and 20 inches depending on the model. It might seem like a game-changing feature, but it’ll get your TV away from the sun’s glare when you need it.

It’s a nice little benefit that can make all the difference in the world when you want to relax and watch your favorite shows. But this benefit does make these devices more costly than the flat mounts.

As a result, some people tend to go with the flat mounts over this device because they’re looking for a bargain. This choice often ends up with them feeling a bit unsatisfied with their purchase.

We should also mention that tilt mounts allow your TV to tilt downwards. This ability offers you the choice of mounting TVs at higher than eye-level positions. It’s another feature, which gives an RV owner a bit more choice when it comes to what they want out of a mounted TV.

Articulating RV TV Mount

One of the more popular moveable mount types is the articulating RV TV mount. These devices give you an incredible range of motion, which includes shifting from side to side, sitting against the wall, and some models can even extend 30 inches outwards.

You can also tilt these mounts right or left depending on your needs. It’s quite clear these devices should give you the optimal TV experience that you’ve always imagined having during your RV trips.

Of course, this extra range of motion comes with a higher price tag than either a flat or tilt mount, but I think it’s fair to say that it’d be worth it. These devices also feature an arm that will fold back to place the TV near the wall when you aren’t using it.

People often find themselves choosing an articulating mount because you can set it up anywhere inside your RV. In fact, it needs only a bit of room to secure itself on a cabinet or wall. It also doesn’t hurt that it allows you to enjoy your TV from various viewing angles inside your RV.

But this type isn’t perfect as these devices do have some flaws. Articulating mounts won’t sit as close to the wall as flat or tilt RV TV mounts, and they have to be secured during travel. These mounts also don’t tilt downward, which could be an issue when mounting these devices higher than eye-line.

Full Motion RV TV Mount

If you’re looking for a flexible mount, a good choice would be buying a full motion RV TV mount or sometimes called an RV swivel TV mount. These products are easiest the most flexible mounts on the market today as they can move your TV left, right, tilt it, and some models can even move your TV 360 degrees in a circle.

This flexibility will offer the ability to watch your TV from various points inside your RV. It could even be watched from other rooms outside the living area. It’s also worth noting that these devices offer more flexibility than articulating mounts.

This status comes from their capabilities of moving side to side, tilt down/up, and retracting your TV. Full motion mounts also will not limit your options regarding where you want to mount your TV.

Due to these abilities, it’s rather apparent these models offer a range of motion the other types can’t match. But the price will be much higher than the previous types due to their complex creation process and advanced features.

You will also need to secure these mounts during travel, which can be quite a hassle. And like the articulating mounts, these products won’t sit as close to the wall as a flat or tilt model would. This feature means that they take up a bit more of your limited space.

Pull Down Motion RV TV Mount

Our last type is the pull down motion RV TV mounts, which are the most advanced mounts on today’s market. These products will mount your TV overhead and provides more options than ever before.

You see, a pull down motion RV TV mount can fix your TV above your eye-line or pull down 20 inches toward a more optimal viewing angle. And once you’re done with your TV, this device will return to its cubby without requiring much effort.

If you’re looking for the best TV viewing experience possible, these mounts would be the type to choose. I mean, it just provides the best chance at finding that perfect viewing angle. However, this aspect doesn’t mean there aren’t some drawbacks with these mounts.

As you might imagine, pull down motion mounts are the most expensive. This sad reality comes from the inclusion of the gas springs, which are required to make these mounts work. Plus, they also feature high-quality, durable materials to ensure it can hold a suspended TV.

You should be aware that these mounts need more space and have a larger footprint than the other types as well.

TV Mount For RV FAQs

What is the best TV mount for RV?

A TV mount for RV is basically the same as TV mounts you’d use inside your home. It’s a product that’s used to attach your TV onto a wall or cabinet. The one difference between these two products concerns there structural design.

You see, RV TV mounts have certain things about them that help deal with the unique environment your rig provides. For instance, these models will have built-in precautions against damage occurring during travel.

A regular household one wouldn’t have these protections and could damage your TV. It just wouldn’t be a smart move to try and use a regular household mount in an RV. Using one might save you money initially, but it’ll end up costing you a lot more in damages down the line.

Honestly, it could even become a safety hazard, depending on the situation. It’s details like these that make buying an RV TV mount essential.

What are the most trusted TV mount brands?

As we noted before, the top TV mounts brands are the ones discussed in our product review section. Each one of these companies prides themselves on their ability to meet their ’customers’ needs and providing great customer service.

But even among these top tier brands, three of them seem to stick out a bit more: Mounting Dream, VideoSecu, and Mount-It!. This status comes from the fact that their products always receive praise when you look at the customer reviews.

And I thought examining the reasons behind this praise could help you through this buying process. It’ll give you a better sense of what a top-notch brand looks likes and offers.

Mounting Dream

Over the last decade, this company has become a well-respected brand due to its terrific labor force and engineering team. This combination has led them to create some of the best TV mounts on today’s market.

It also helps that Mounting Dream is constantly looking for ways to improve their products. This dedication makes sure they’re always ahead of their rivals. These qualities make it easy to have a ton of faith in this brand’s products.


VideoSecu prides itself on creating top tier products and making them available for low prices. Due to this quality, the brand has gained a great reputation among RV owners. Their customer service being top-notch helps as well.

When you put those three aspects together, it’s hard not to see why this brand has become so popular. I mean, these aspects are the reason why I feel so comfortable endorsing them to you.


Our last company is a family business that started their company in 2006. Their constant dedication to being the best has made them one of the fastest growing companies in the world. And you don’t gain that status without providing great products to many customers.

It also doesn’t hurt that this brand’s constantly looking to save their customers’ money by offering top tier products at low prices. Honestly, you aren’t going to find many companies better than this one within the TV mount market.

How do you attach a TV mount to an RV wall?

Attaching a lockable TV mount for RV use isn’t any different than installing one inside your home. It’s a simple matter of finding a usable stud within the wall. From there, you drill a few holes and use some short bolts/anchors.

When it comes to RV TV mounting ideas, there are four types of wall brackets: flat, tilt, articulating, and full-motion. The full-motion bracket provides the highest degree of movement, while the flat type doesn’t allow users to adjust the TV angle. The tilt and articulating mounts are somewhere between the two.

No matter which type you pick, I’d still recommend looking closely at the directions of your product when attaching a TV mount for camper usage. These resources will ensure you don’t miss any model-specific steps. Sadly, some brands like to complicate things for their customers.

I’d also suggest looking at RV quick connect TV mount options for any inexperienced buyers. It makes things much more straightforward when mounting a television.

Can you use a regular TV mount in an RV?

Using a regular TV mount in a camper is completely possible. In other words, there’s no reason you can’t use one as an RV TV mount for 32 inch TV. But it’s recommended to avoid any option that isn’t a locking option.

After all, a locking TV mount for RV can protect against any damage occurring during travel. Options without this feature only heighten the chance of your TV becoming unsecured and broken. It’s something no one wants to experience.

How heavy of a TV can you mount in a camper?

It’s impossible to answer this question without knowing the chosen mount. Each one will have a specific weight limit that determines which TVs work with them. So please, look at this information before selecting a TV mount for RV bedroom or living room usage.

What size TV mount do I need?

Like I stated before, picking the right size mount will come down to more than your TV’s size. This aspect doesn’t matter as much as expected because most TVs and mounts conform to the VESA standard.

Their use of the VESA standard makes it easy to fit almost every TV into any mount. But the TV doesn’t only need to fit; it needs support as well. If the mount can’t properly support your TV, it will start to weaken and drop the TV.

As a result, don’t only take note of the screen size a mount can hold. You must also check out the weight it can support then compare the amount to your TV’s weight. The combination of these aspects should give you a better idea of what mount would suit your needs.

What is the warranty?

The warranty will be different from product to product. It’ll often depend on factors such as what brand made it, the price tag, expected use, etc. One thing you can be sure of this that brands will sell their most costly models with a lifetime warranty.

This aspect is supposed to lure customers into buying more costly products. It’s also not rare for the cheaper models to offer no warranty, which is less than ideal.

Overall, I’d suggest getting a mount with at least a warranty of five years. It’ll give yourself a solid amount of protection against an accident happening.

Where to buy?

Finding a place to buy an RV TV mount won’t be much of an issue. Plenty of websites and retail stores sell these devices to RV owners around the world. The trick is buying from a seller that will provide top tier products at a reasonable price.

In this market, the best place that offers both these aspects is Amazon. This website will provide the largest selection and best prices to any customer that uses their site. It’s a hard combination to beat when you’re looking for the perfect product.

But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look at other places as well. Camping World would be another place to check out with their rather large selection and affordable prices. Their prices even get lower than Amazon during sales.

Due to this, it would be a smart idea to always compare the prices on both sites before making a final decision. This action would ensure you never miss a sale and pay more than needed for your chosen RV TV mount.

If you’re a person who loathes online shopping, your local Best Buy and Home Depot should have a nice selection. But it’s essential you realize the prices at these stores will be much higher than what you’d find online.

These stores do offer one benefit over the online sites, which is customer service. You actually get to the choice of talking with a real-life person when making a purchase. It not might seem like a big deal, but an employee who knows what they’re talking about can make a massive difference.

As you can see, there’s an option for everybody when it concerns choosing the right place to buy an RV TV mount. The only thing left to do is figuring out which one meshes with your shopping preferences the best.


The information from this article should make finding the best TV mount for RV much easier. All you have to do now is apply it during your search, and the right choice will become clear. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, it is, and this mount will make your RV trips much better when you do find the perfect model. It’ll safely secure your TV and keep it from taking up too much space inside the rig. You’ll actually have some extra space to place the collectibles from your travels.

You’ll also have a great view of your TV at all times. Honestly, getting one of these mounts is a no brainer, and you’ll start seeing the benefits right away. So please, get the search started and find your perfect RV TV mount.

And if you do run into any more problems, feel free to leave your concerns in the comment section. We’d love to help in any way we can.

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