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The Best TVs for RV of 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Are you having issues finding the best TV for RV? Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. This problem is a common one for many RV owners looking to access their favorite shows on the road. The issue comes from the number of options people have to choose from in this market.

Honestly, the overflooded RV TV market can make a person feel overwhelmed. It’s a feeling that results in stress and frustration, which nobody wants to experience during their RV trips. Due to this, we felt a buying guide help make this process easier and less burdensome.

Best TVs for RV

This article will guide you through the process to ensure that it ends with buying the perfect TV for your situation. I mean, we’ll discuss everything relevant about this topic to make sure the right choice becomes obvious.

These discussions will even include 14 product reviews of the RV TVs on the market. They’ll provide insight into what a top model looks like and offers. Plus, all of this new knowledge will make those stress feelings disappear rather quickly.

We also promise this article will be worth the time you take to read it! So, let’s get this process underway and get right into the reviews.


Best Overall Most Feature Rich Budget Friendly
Preview SuperSonic SC-2412

TCL TV – 43S325

Tyler ‎TTV705-14

Resolution 1366×768 1920×1080 1280×720
Screen Size 24 Inches 43 Inches 14,1 Inches
Refresh Rate 60 Hz 60Hz, 120Hz CMI 60 Hz
Voltage 120V AC/ 12V DC 120/230 V AC 120V AC/ 12V DC
Wattage 42W 8W 15W
Control Remote Control Remote Control/ Voice Control Remote Control
Connectivity Technology VGA, RF, USB, HDMI, CVBS, Audio L/R, PC Audio 3 HDMI, 1 USB, RF, 3.5mm HDMI, USB, SD, RCA, 3.5mm/ FM Radio/ VGA/ Antenna
Details Details Details

List of 16 Top-Rated TV for RV Reviews

This section will hold those 16 product reviews discussed above to ensure you get a better grasp of what’s on the market. It’ll give you a basic knowledge of these devices before we dive into the more complex issues in the later parts.

1. SuperSonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV

Our next product is the SuperSonic SC-2412 LED Widescreen HDTV, which is the second TV on the list from this brand. This device continues to show why this company gets such great respect among RV owners with its incredible set of features.

An excellent example would be its built-in DVD player, which will play your DVDs and CDs without issue. This model will also offer an amazing picture thanks to its HD abilities and HDMI input.

I also love the seven different sizes this model offers. This feature makes sure every customer will find an option that works perfectly for their situation. It’s a nice change of pace from most RV TVs on the market, which only offers one size.

We should mention its design is another trait you’ll end up loving as well. You see, it’s compact and lightweight, which makes moving it from place to place rather easy. Plus, it can fit into small space that other models can’t.

This model also features all the inputs and hookups anyone could imagine from USB to AV. As a result, you can expect to connect any device you want without issue: laptops, tablets, flash drives, video game consoles, etc.

It features an easy install process due to the clear directions provided with purchase. This feature was one that routinely saw praise in the customer reviews. And you never know when some company wants to get a little too cute with these devices. But thankfully, this issue isn’t a problem with this one.

This model also uses very little energy to work, which will save you some money on your energy bill. In the end, there isn’t much to complain about with this Supersonic TV, and that’s enough for me.

In fact, the only thing I could find that could present an issue was the sound quality. It was mentioned in a negative light a few times in the customer reviews. But again, this problem would be easily fixed by buying an extra speaker.

2. TCL 43S325 1080p Smart LED TV

RV owners looking for a smart TV should focus their search on the TCL 43S325 1080p Smart LED TV. This model features top tier smart functionality that delivers all your favorite media content with its beautiful 1080p HD picture.

The direct-lit further helps this picture quality LED and ensure you’ll have a viewing experience that meets expectations. It also helps that this model is a Roku TV, which means it provides everything a standalone Roku would offer.

For instance, if you want access to Netflix, this TV would offer this by simply hitting a button on the provided remote. In fact, this feature will give you access to over 500,000 films and TV episodes. I’m pretty sure that’ll be enough to pass the time when you get bored.

Aside from its smart capabilities, this model also offers three HDMI inputs, a headphone jack, and a USB input. With these features, it’s quite apparent you can connect whatever media needed to this TV without any issue.

It’s worth noting that this model comes in five different sizes as well. I’m confident this amount of choices should offer the perfect one for your situation. I’d probably go with the 32-inch model and maneuver things around inside my rig to make it fit.

But the best thing about this product is the price. You’d think a smart TV would be a bit more costly than this amount, but TCL seems to offer this model on sale. As a result, you should take advantage of this offer and get yourself a top tier RV TV for a fraction of its regular cost.

You might even want to pay for the expert install with your savings. But before you do, there’s one thing you need to know about this smart TV. It seems some people experienced shipping issues with this product as it arrived damaged or without some essential pieces.

3. Tyler TTV705-14 Portable LCD HD TV

The Tyler TTV705-14 Portable LCD HD TV is one of the more convenient options on this list. It features a built-in battery, which provides up to four hours of use. This quality makes the model one of the best when it comes to portability.

As a result, this product becomes very useful for anyone looking to tailgate or have a barbecue. It also features an AC adapter, which means you don’t have to rely on the battery for power. You can instead plug it when you need it inside your RV.

I love that this model comes with a 1-year warranty as well. This feature should give you a little protection against any defects during this period. Honestly, it never hurts to have a little protection against accidents and such with these devices.

Its lightweight design is another winning trait and further proves that this model might be one of the best RV TV options for tailgating on the market. Plus, this quality will make setting it up inside your rig a breeze as well.

This model also comes fully equipped with all the inputs you could ever want: HDMI, USB, SD, headphone jack, etc. In other words, there isn’t a single media device on earth that couldn’t connect into this small TV for campers.

And if you want to mount this device inside your RV, Tyler offers an expert install add on as well. The price being rather low, even with the add on, doesn’t hurt this product’s case either. There aren’t many other options that could match the amount of convenience this product offers an RV owner.

But its screen size would be an issue for me. This model is only has a 14-inch screen, which is much too small for what I’m looking for in my RV television. I could see this being invaluable for a person needing a tv for a campervan though.

4. SuperSonic SC-2411 LED Widescreen HDTV

Our first product on this list is the SuperSonic SC-2411 LED Widescreen HDTV Flat Screen, which will provide a TV viewing quality most of its rivals can’t match. This excellent comes from its fantastic set of features.

For instance, I love that this model comes with an HDMI input. This feature allows you to hook up laptops, tablets, and other devices into the TV. It also reduces the number of cables that this model uses, which is always a nice touch.

You should also love the included USB port as it allows you to play media through a flash drive. As a result, you can put pictures up on the TV or play music through it. It’s quite clear that this model is versatile with features such as these.

Its design is another feature worth mentioning as it’s modern and should easily mesh with any decor inside your RV. But the best part about this model is the picture quality it provides. This aspect was something the customers continued to rave about in their reviews.

This amazing picture quality comes from its ability to scan 1080p. The sound this model offers is top notch as well, which comes from its fantastic audio speakers. Combine these two qualities, and you have a TV viewing experience anyone would love.

And since it comes in eight different sizes, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a model that fits your situation perfectly. Plus, this product has built-in noise reduction to ensure there’s no issue with interference or outside noise.

The price of this device isn’t too shabby either. In fact, I’d call it a bargain given all these top tier features it offers. But there was one notable issue some customers had with this product. It seems that this model can produce some static at times, which isn’t ideal.

It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it was mentioned enough times that we needed to include it within this review.

5. Free Signal TV ‎FSTV-3219 LED Flat Screen HDTV

Watching TV for RV campers doesn’t get much better than with the Free Signal TV’s ‎FSTV-3219 LED Flat Screen HDTV. For instance, this 32” TV for RV use offers excellent HD picture quality with its 1366 x 768 resolution.

I was also pleased with its easy setup process. After all, it’s another 12V TV for RV and offers a lightweight design to ensure easy portability. I couldn’t ask for an easier install when placing it inside my rig.

Moreover, this TV comes equipped with three HDMI inputs. It would be more than enough to handle my Roku and DVD player. It’s certainly better than relying on a small TV for RV use with only one HDMI input.

This product’s versatility was another aspect to catch my eye. It has shown to be an effective TV for cars, trucks, trailers, and much more. It can adapt into almost any situation where a person would need a new TV.

Free Signal made sure to make the device convenient with its mounting options. Users can place it on a tabletop or mount it onto their walls.

On a similar note, this TV’s construction was built specifically for RV usage. So it won’t have any trouble dealing with the wear and tear of road life. There’s no reason to believe this product won’t be usable for many years.

I can’t go much longer without mentioning this product’s 1-year warranty. As someone who’s constantly breaking products, this policy is a godsend for me. It saves me from ending up without a TV for my RV.

But it was disappointing to see this product was another option hampered by the questionable sound quality. Buyers will have to determine whether its other benefits are worth dealing with the subpar sound or purchasing an external speaker.

I can’t go much longer without mentioning this product’s 1-year warranty. As someone who’s constantly breaking products, this policy is a godsend for me. It saves me from ending up without a TV for my RV.

But it was disappointing to see this product was another option hampered by the questionable sound quality. Buyers will have to determine whether its other benefits are worth dealing with the subpar sound or purchasing an external speaker.

6. Sceptre E246BD-F 1080p LED HDTV

The Sceptre E246BD-F 1080p LED HDTV is a 24-inch marvel that’ll suit all your TV viewing needs. This model has an amazing combination of top tier picture quality and audio, which comes from its HDMI input.

But this quality isn’t the only one it has going for it. This device also comes with an MHL link, which allows you to connect your smartphones and tablets into the TV. It’s a handy feature that makes streaming music through your TV much easier.

The USB port helps in this regard as well. You can simply plug a flash drive into it, and all your stored music will be available for play through the TV. This feature is perfect for people like me that love doing barbecues and needs some tunes during the occasion.

I also love that this model comes with a DVD player built into the display. This aspect makes watching your movies a non-issue and play them in top tier picture quality. The DVD player will even remember where you left off on a certain film after ejection, which is pretty cool.

This model is VESA wall mount ready as well, which is another appealing feature it brings to the table. We should note that it doesn’t include a wall mount with purchase and you’ll have to buy the VESA wall mount separately.

The fact that it comes with a 1-year warranty isn’t something to overlook either. This feature will give you a bit of protection against any accidents or malfunctions happening with the device. It’s always a nice touch when a company offers a warranty as it shows they care about their customers.

But there was one concerning issue mentioned in some of the customer reviews. It seems a few people reported packaging issues with this device. In these cases, it arrived in less than ideal condition or inadequate packaging.

Of course, this issue wasn’t in most of the reviews, but it appeared a few times and seemed worth mentioning.

7. Free Signal TV Transit LED Flat Screen HDTV

If you’re looking for a model that doesn’t use a lot of power, the Free Signal TV Transit LED Flat Screen HDTV would be a good option. You see, this model is a 12-volt device, which is perfect for campers, RVs, and other mobile homes.

In fact, this RV flat screen TV is so effective at reducing power consumption; it uses less than 49 watts. This amount of power is much less than you’d get with other models and standard TVs. It also helps that this device has a lightweight design.

Its lightweight design will make it easier to move into your RV. As a result, the setup process becomes much simpler and makes mounting it a less burdensome task as well. You should also love the fact that this model provides excellent picture quality.

This feature was something many customers made a point to praise in their reviews. It was shocking when I didn’t find a review that mentioned the greatness of the picture quality. The three HDMI inputs was another aspect that people were over the moon about during these discussions.

The multiple HDMI inputs will allow you to hook up multiple devices at once. Due to this, you won’t have a setup process every time for each device. You instead just need to switch the TV onto the different input, which the device is using.

I also love that this model comes with a fully functioning remote and a table-top stand. These two perks are excellent additions and should make your experience with the product more rewarding. After all, it’s just another two things which you won’t have to buy separately.

Overall, it’s quite evident that this model is worth your consideration. I mean, it has everything one could want in an RV TV. The only concern I could find was that the sound quality was merely okay.

But this issue has a simple solution as you can buy an extra speaker to get better sound quality.

8. Jensen JTV19DC HD RV LED TV

The Jensen JTV19DC HD RV LED TV is one of the most advanced models on today’s market. Its design features multiple aspects that make it a perfect model for use during RV trips. For instance, it features a robust metal cabinet meant to withstand the effects of vibration.

This feature alone will ensure that the bumps and vibrations of the road will have no impact on your brand new TV. Its design is sleek and light as well, which conveys a sense that moving this product around won’t be an issue.

It’s also worth noting this product is a Jensen 12V TV, which means it operates off only 12 volts. This 12-volt capability is another aspect that shows you this model was intended for RV use. After all, this feature is standard among RV TVs.

You should take comfort in Jensen RV TV’s easy to use front controls as well. This feature makes operating the device much easier when a person does end up losing their remote. And speaking of the remote, this model comes with a wireless full functional remote that’ll make everything more manageable.

But the best part about this device is its HD ready. This aspect means you can expect a fantastic picture quality that’ll make your TV viewing experience superb. It also doesn’t hurt that this comes with a mounting pattern, which makes the mounting process go smoother.

I do have two issues with this product, though, as it’s only available in a 19-inch size and has an expensive price tag. In an ideal scenario, I’d like something bigger than a 19-inch screen to watch my favorite movies.

However, if the price tag were a bit lower, I wouldn’t care as much. This model is well above what I’m willing to pay for a smaller screen model such as this one. Even with all these features, I’d still have a hard time justifying paying this much money for a 19-inch screen.

9. LG Electronics 22LJ4540 1080pLED TV

Our next product is the LG Electronics 22LJ4540 1080pLED TV, which could be the perfect option for a bargain buyer. In fact, this model is one of the least costly on the list and doesn’t lack top tier features either.

I love this model’s picture quality as it’s capable of providing a 1080p full HD resolution. In other words, this product makes everything seems almost lifelike, which is always a beautiful thing for a TV to offer.

The Direct-lit LED backlighting further helps this picture quality. You put these two features together, and you’ll have everything needed to provide a top tier viewing experience. And the customer reviews sure back this claim up given their amount of praise.

I also love the HDMI input this product has as I intend on using Roku during my travels. This input would ensure I would have no issue. I’ll instead have full access to all the wonderful things my Roku provides.

We should note that this model’s design is compact as well. This compact design will make putting the device into smaller spaces much easier than other models. It also means the TV will be lightweight, which means the setup process shouldn’t require much effort.

But if you do think the install process will be an issue, LG Electronics offers an expert install add-on for a fair fee. In the end, it seems this brand covered all the bases with this product as it’s one of the best TVs for RV use on the market.

However, there was one issue I did have with this product that was a bit concerning. It seems some customers had problems dealing with the customer service, which isn’t something you expect from a top tier company such as this one.

As a result, if you do get this one, I’d suggest getting the expert install as well. This action would remove the need for customer service during the install process.

10. Pyle 1080p LED TV

If you’re looking to mount your RV TV, the Pyle 1080p LED TV could be the best option for you. This product features an easy install process that even someone who’s lacking technical skills could do without issue.

The process becomes even easier when you realize that this product has a removable base stand. Due to this, there shouldn’t be any issue moving this device around or mounting it inside your rig.

I also love that this model comes with built-in full range stereo speakers. These speakers will provide a sound quality few other devices can match. It’ll ensure you get the best audio possible when watching your favorite shows and movies.

The picture quality won’t be too shabby either as this model features a full HD 1080p widescreen screen. It’ll make everything that appears on the TV look so realistic to the point it might frighten you a bit.

It also comes with a DVD/CD player built into the display, which is always a great feature to have in these devices. It has HDMI & RCA inputs as well to ensure further you get the best out of this device.

You can even take comfort in it coming with a full functioning remote as well. This remote removes the potential issue of trying to buy the correct one separately, which would end up being a total hassle.

The 21-inch screen is another vital aspect this product offers. This size is perfect for all RVs, campers, motorhomes, and other larger mobile homes. In other words, it’s big enough to see from a distance, but it doesn’t take up much of your limited space.

But there was one concern that the customer reviews brought to my attention. Some people have had issues with the customer service from Pyle, which is never something you want with devices such as TVs. It’s just something to think about before you make your final decision.

11. Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 720p TV

The Sceptre E246BD-SMQK 720p TV is another TV and DVD combo that’ll make sure this device meets all your needs. This product might be the top-rated TV for travel trailers thanks to its sleek and compact design.

This design makes sure you don’t need much space to fit this model inside your rig. And it features an elegant brushed metal finish that will mesh well within any RV’s, camper’s, travel trailer’s, or other mobile home’s interior.

The picture quality it provides is top-notch as well. You shouldn’t have any issues in this area with this product as there was almost universal praise for it within the customer reviews. It’s always a refreshing thing to see praise for picture quality as there tends to be a lot of low tier models that fail in this regard.

I also love that you only need one remote control to use both the DVD player and TV. And this remote comes included, which means there’s no hassle of having to buy one separately. It saves you from doing more research on a different topic as well.

The HDMI input feature is another attractive trait this product offers. This feature will ensure you get top tier sound and picture quality when using the TV or DVD player. It also connects your TV via one cable, which removes any potential cable clutter issue.

This model comes in three different sizes as well. The multiple size options will make sure almost everyone can find a variation that fits their situation. In my case, I’d opt for the 24-inch as I feel the 32-inch would be too big and the 16-inch too small for my rig.

As for potential flaws, some customers had a couple of issues with the DVD part of this device. It would either stop working after a few months or wouldn’t read their DVDs. But this problem was refuted by a lot of positive reviews as well.

12. AXESS TVD1804-24 HDTV

If you need an AC/DC TV for your RV, the AXESS TVD1804-24 HDTV could be an option worth considering. This product is AC/DC powered and works well off either 12 volts or 120 volts. But this trait isn’t the only attractive quality it offers.

This model is a 12 volt RV TV DVD combo, which provides a crystal clear picture quality. It’ll offer you a perfect device to watch both your favorite shows and movies on when RV life gets a little boring.

I also love that this model comes with an external soundbar that provides excellent sound quality. There’s nothing worse than a TV with sound issues and this problem isn’t something you’ll have to worry about with this product.

Its soundbar has even been known to outperform speakers you’d find on a flat panel TV. It was also lovely to see that several customers were overjoyed by the sound quality this model provided. This quality is something I’m always on the lookout for when researching these products.

The product features all the vital hookups and inputs as well. It’s a fully functioning RV TV that will do everything you’d want one of these devices to do. But the best part is this model will do these tasks effectively and without issues.

This product’s price another positive trait it has going for it. In fact, both options are much cheaper than other models with the same sizes. I’d even think it’s fair to say the 24-inch choice is a downright bargain given everything it offers.

It also comes with a fully functioning remote that can control both the DVD player and TV. As a person who continually loses remotes in couch cushions, you can bet I value only having to keep track of one remote.

Some customers did report packaging issues, though, which is something you must be cautious about when buying these devices. There’s no reason the TV should arrive with a cracked screen that’s just lousy packing by the company.


Our next product on this is the ASA JTV24DC LED TV, which is another HD ready, TV and DVD combo. This particular model has a lightweight design that’ll make the entire setup and install processes much easier.

It also features a 24-inch screen to ensure you get a large enough viewing display. This size would fit perfectly in my rig as I’m looking for a 24-inch model to take on the road. It featuring steel-reinforced mounting points serve my needs as well.

You see, I plan on mounting my next TV to ensure further nothing happens during my travels. These mounting points would make this process much easier, and I need all the help I can get with my technical skills.

It also features the necessary inputs and hookups I’d need from any RV TV I would be considering: HDMI, USB, RCA, etc. I would have no problem connecting my laptop, tablets, or flash drives into this device given these qualities.

The fact it’s a DVD and TV combo is another aspect working discussing further. This would give you the chance to watch all those classic movies I have on DVD that I couldn’t otherwise. It’s another way I can try and muddle through those periods of boredom. The dual function remote helps make this feature more effective as well.

And the fact it offers an HD quality picture isn’t anything to sneeze at either. It’ll ensure I get the same TV viewing experience as I would with my home TV when I’m on the road. It’s another trait that’ll help make sure your RV feels like a second home.

But I’m not too crazy about the prices as it’s a bit outside my budget. I’d really have to think about it before I spent this much on a 24-inch TV. It also doesn’t help that I didn’t see a warranty mentioned anywhere, which is never ideal.

14. Proscan PLDV321300 720p LED TV

The Proscan PLDV321300 720p LED TV is one of the top rated TVs for RV travelers for various reasons. The first being its a TV and DVD combo and works effectively in both roles, which you can’t say about a lot of devices in this market.

I also love this device’s great LED backlight display that’ll ensure you get a high-quality picture. This claim was completely backed up by the customer reviews as many of them praised this product’s picture quality.

You should like that this flat screen TV is mountable as well. As an RV owner, you need to save space in any way you can, and having this TV mounted on the wall will accomplish this goal. But if you don’t want to mount it, it also comes with a durable stand.

This product provides the customer with choices regarding size, which is another appealing aspect. These sizes range from the smaller 19-inch to the massive 40-inch. Most RV owners shouldn’t have an issue finding the appropriate model with these four options.

The fact it has an elegant and compact design doesn’t hurt either. This quality even extends itself to the 40-inch version, which doesn’t take up as much space as you might imagine. It helps that the inputs and hookups are up to snuff as well.

Its one-year warranty is also worth mentioning. It seems Proscan honors this warranty too, which isn’t always the case. But there were customer reviews that stated they were more than helpful in this regard.

All in all, it’s quite clear this product is an acceptable TV for motorhomes given all these excellent qualities. The price on these models isn’t all that bad even with the larger screen sizes either.

But the sound quality on this device was often complained about in the customer reviews. Of course, this issue is solvable, but it’s still not something you like seeing during your research. And buying an external speaker isn’t exactly cheap.


If you’re looking for a top tier RV TV, the AXESS TVD1805-24 LED HDTV isn’t one overlook. This model has many features that would make it worth considering for any RV owner to buy.

For instance, this LED TV and DVD combo offers a top tier viewing experience thanks to the great picture quality. This aspect comes from it being capable of providing 1920X1080 full HD resolution.

This high-quality picture can extend to various functions as this model features multiple hookups and inputs for all types of devices: VGA, USB, HDMI, etc. It’s quite evident that people with this TV will never run out of ways to entertain themselves.

And if you aren’t most technically skilled person, AXESS offers an expert install add on for a fair price. These experts will do the entire process and make sure you can’t mess it up in a damaging way.

Honestly, I’d probably opt for this route given my lack of technical skills. Trust me; it’s a disaster waiting to happen. But we should mention most people found the directions easy enough to follow and stated it in their reviews of the product.

This model also comes in six different, and all of them have fair prices when compared to other TVs with the same screen size. It seems AXESS did a great job at creating an affordable top tier product.

But there was some concern about the placement of this TV’s inputs as a few customers found it inconvenient. You see, these are placed at the bottom rather than the side, which I must admit would be rather annoying.

It’s also worth noting that this was another model with sound quality issues. It’s a good thing the prices on this device are reasonable because it looks like you’ll need to buy an external speaker as well.

16. Naxa Electronics Class LED TV

Our last product is the Naxa Electronics Class LED TV, which can function in many entertaining roles for an RV owner. For example, you could use it to blast music during barbecues and tailgates or use its built-in DVD player to watch some classic movies.

And these two roles are only the surface of what this product can provide you. This versatility comes from it having all those essential inputs and hookups, which we have established should be a necessary aspect in any RV TV.

It also helps that this product is wall mountable to ensure the product doesn’t take up a lot of space. The mounting process has often been described as effortless within the customer reviews as well. As a result, you shouldn’t have much of an issue doing it yourself after you find a good RV flat screen TV mount.

But if you don’t want to mount it, this model also comes with a durable stand. This feature shows off its versatility, which is further proven with it being designed with multiple adapters. It’s quite clear Naxa want this product to function well in various situations.

The company was successful in this regard as this model can be set up in many different vehicles: trucks, campers, cars, RVs, etc. It’s a device that will be able to provide you with entertainment wherever needed.

Plus, the picture quality is great thanks to the LED display. This feature should ensure it excels in whatever situation you find yourself as well. Overall, our last product surely doesn’t seem to be least given its wide variety of features.

The only issue is it only has one screen size at 19 inches. As explained before, this size is a bit too small for my needs. But if you’re looking for a 19-inch TV, this model should be near the top of your list.

RV TV Buyer’s Guide


Everything referred to in this section will be a useful resource during your search. It’ll be the knowledge that you base your search around, and a vital tool in ensuring the right RV TV ends up inside your rig.

Things to know before buying an RV TV

Choosing the right RV TV will come down to various decisions. This section will discuss these choices at length to ensure you end up with the perfect TV. It’ll make this whole process much more comfortable and less time-consuming.


One thing people tend to overlook during this process is your RV’s voltage. In other words, you don’t want a TV that’s going to use too much electricity when it’s running. This issue could result in a devastating energy bill, which nobody wants to pay.

The good news is that RV TV manufacturers keep this in mind when creating their products. You see, most of these devices are 12-volt, which meshes well with RVs as most of their batteries run off 12 volts as well.

It might not seem like a big deal right now, but your bank account will be thanking you later. In the end, getting a 12-volt RV TV is the most logical and practical thing a person could during this process.

Ease of Setup

Any RV TV worth considering will have an easy setup. This factor will save you from any stress or frustration when you start trying to get the TV running. I’d recommend ensuring the device doesn’t require a lot of wires as you don’t want a huge cable clutter within your RV.

The solution to this issue is getting a TV that operators with an HDMI cord. This feature will allow you to connect different devices with the use of a single cable. It’s a nice aspect to have as it makes everything about setting up your TV much easier.

You should read the customer reviews before deciding as well. These discussions will give you a better idea of whether the setup process is easy or difficult. And trust me; if there’s an issue in this area, there’s no way these reviews won’t make it known.


Reception is another area that becomes vital when searching for an RV TV. As you might expect, there are many ways to approach this factor. The first thing to do is make sure any TV you’re getting can pick up or receive over-the-air TV.

This feature will ensure you’ll get the local stations and Free TV like NBC, ABC, and CBS with the proper equipment. But if you want more extensive coverage, getting satellite TV is another option many RV owners choose.

In fact, this option is what I’d go with as satellite TV packages will give you access to more channels then you could ever imagine. And they often provide much better reception than a standard antenna would.

It helps that these satellite TV packages can also support popular services like Dish Network and DirecTV. Some people find buying a domed antenna to be a practical choice as well as these devices can receive various signals, which will improve your reception.

But it’s essential to buy a domed antenna or a TV antenna for your RV that can provide in-motion viewing. This feature means you can watch TV even when you’re on the road.


As we’ve discussed, a home TV isn’t going to work inside your rig. These models aren’t designed to withstand the issues of traveling inside a moving vehicle. The vibrations and bumping might cause them some severe damage.

These issues are why getting a TV explicitly made for RVs is a must. You see, these devices were created with these problems in mind and have precautions against them. The top RV TVs even have measures in place to deal with climate changes aboard your rig.

RV TVs will also use a lot less electricity than a standard model would, which is another reason that buying one becomes a must. Their anti-glare screens help as well as it makes watching them during the day much easier.

In the end, there are just too many potential issues to ensure the safety of a home TV inside your rig. The best course of action would be investing in an RV TV made for these situations.

TV Size

Most RV TVs will have a size that ranges between 19 and 24 inches. These measurements are the result of RV owners having limited space inside their rigs. It’s why you don’t see 50-inch TVs aboard RVs regularly.

Their compact size also helps to deal with the potential damage from things like vibration or sudden bumps. But the main point of this factor is realizing how much room is available for a TV aboard your RV.

As a result, it’s essential you pick and measure a potential space for the TV before buying a device. If you don’t, buying a 24-inch TV could end up being a waste of money after you realize that there’s nowhere to reasonably place it safely.

We should also mention there are RV TVs that are smaller than 19 inches and ones bigger than 24 inches. But please, make sure you have enough room for a bigger model before spending money on one.

Some people have found LCDs to be an ideal option as well. This status has come from their smaller profile, which makes fitting them inside an RV much easier. These devices have also proven to be effective at dealing with bouncing and other traveling issues.

Mounting Option

Given the limited space onboard RVs, RV TV companies give their customers some options when it comes to installing them. I’d recommend getting a model that features multiple mounting options to ensure you end up with the perfect arraignment.

In my case, I always find TVs that are wall mount ready to be my favorite options. This feature allows you to install them on your interior wall and keep them out of your way. Other RV owners also find using the stand that comes with the device as an effective method.

As a result, it’ll come down to your preference. But it’s still in your best interest to get a TV that offers some different options in this area.


The price of these devices will vary from product to product. Due to this, you must develop a budget that’ll include everything you value in an RV TV. This means being realistic about what you want and coming up with a range that’ll account for all those aspects.

For instance, if you want a 24-inch or larger RV TV, your budget must reflect that these models are going to cost a bit more than a 19-inch device. It’s little factors like this one, which should give you a better insight into how much you’re going to spend.

And once you do have a set budget, the number of options will get much smaller. This action will result in all the stress and frustration from being overwhelmed fluttering away. The process will become a lot less intense and easier to deal with for a customer.

Why do you need an RV TV?

Understanding what these devices are and how they work is essential, but you must also know why people find them useful. And this section will provide the answer by diving into every way these products will better your RV trips.

Cures Boredom

Let’s face it; sometimes camping can get a bit boring. Having an RV TV will help you get through these times by providing a way to entertain yourself. Having constant access to your favorite films and shows will make these periods of boredom go much quicker.

And it’ll also give you a way to distract the bored passengers who aren’t driving during long hauls. In other words, your passengers won’t be bugging you about how much time is left on the drive. They could instead be enjoying a marathon of a TV show such as The Office.

Multiple Purposes

RV TVs also various input options such as USB and SD, which give you choices about what kind of media device you want to use. These inputs provide the ability to insert a flash drive or card into your RV. As a result, you’ll be able to view photos or blast some music on your TV.

Most of these TVs will also come with an HDMI port. This feature means you can stream music or movies from devices like tablets and laptops on the TV. Honestly, if I were looking for an RV TV, I’d make sure it had an HDMI port.

It’s a nice feature to have when the inevitable boredom strikes. And it adds versatility regarding the number of media devices that you can use with your TV.


An RV TV will offer a sense of convenience that a home TV wouldn’t on the road. The most obvious reason for this benefit is these devices are built for bumping conditions. This aspect means you won’t have to worry about any damages occurring when you’re traveling.

It’s also essential we note that most RV TVs come with multi-purposed remotes. In other words, these remotes can control both your RV and your DVD player’s settings. This quality limits the need for a second remote, which can be a real hassle and will result in more couch cushion searches than you’d like.

Runs off Batteries

These products don’t need a generator to work, which is a real energy saver. RV TVs instead can run off batteries and become a must-have purchase for anyone looking to RV without a generator.

It’s another feature that goes to show that these devices are a much better fit on your RV than your home TV. These RV TVs just makes much more sense and end up being a useful item to have onboard your rig.

What are the different types of TVs for RV?

As you might expect, RV TVs will come in all different sizes. But the two most common options you see on the market today are the 19-inch RV TV and 24-inch RV TV. And both of these options have certain situations where they’d work better than the other.

19-inch RV TV

This type is a smaller, more compact kind of RV TV. Due to this, it doesn’t take up much space and is a perfect size for a TV in your bedroom. It’ll also be much easier to move around than the larger sized TVs.

As a result, its install process should be a more straightforward task than you’d see with a 24-inch model. But the smaller screen is a turnoff for some people who are looking for an RV TV that mimics their TV at home.

It’s worth noting that these devices will end up being less expensive as well due to the smaller size.

24-inch RV TV

The 24-inch RV TV will feature a larger screen that would be more useful in your living areas or outdoors than a 19-inch model. It will be a bit more challenging to move around and install with its larger size, but it’ll offer a viewing experience the other type can’t match.

We should also mention these models will be more expensive and take up more space. But if you have enough room and money for a 24-inch RV TV, there’s no reason you should opt for the smaller version over it. After all, the bigger screen does provide a much better viewing experience.

Of course, you might encounter RV TVs with bigger or smaller screens than these two types, but these are what most people find the most effective on RVs. They seem to mesh better with the unique environment an RV provides than other sizes.

RV vs. regular TV: what is the difference?

There are a few differences between an RV TV and a home TV. These differences concern things like voltage, size, power source, preparedness for traveling, etc. It’s these factors that make an RV TV a much better option than a regular TV for RV owners.

In other words, RV TVs are more suitable for the RVing lifestyle. I mean, these products even match the AC and DC plugins within your RV. It helps that they’re much lighter than a standard TV as well.

This feature makes moving them around and the setup process much simpler. It’s a quality a regular doesn’t have because their design is created out of the idea that these devices are supposed to stay stationary.

Overall, these differences just make an RV TV better for your RV trips. It’s a wise investment to ensure your traveling experience never becomes boring.

How to mount a TV in an RV?

The first thing to understand is there are many types of RV TV mounts on the market: flip down mounts, swivel mounts, stationary bracket mounts, etc. Choosing the right one will depend on which one can make watching TV comfortably from a variety of different stops.

Once you do find the right mount, the install process will generally follow the same six steps. We’ll go each one thoroughly to ensure this task goes swimmingly. After all, we want to make sure you get the right TV viewing experience possible without any issues or complications.


  • Screwdriver
  • Flat screen TV
  • Your mount
  • Industrial adhesive

Step 1: Connect the Mounting Plate

Connect the mounting plate onto the TV’s back using the screws, which come with the device. This step can be done on any flat screen regardless of the company that made it. If you do have some issues, take a look at the TV’s and mount’s manual for special instructions.

Step 2: Ensure Your TV Will Be Secure

It’s essential that you make sure the wood is thick enough for the mounting bracket’s provided screws within the area where plan on mounting your TV. If it isn’t, some people find it a solution to make their own box using nails, plywood, and a hammer.

This step becomes vital because the area you intend on hanging your TV needs to be secure. Otherwise, it could cause severe damage to both the TV and your RV. If you can’t determine the area’s sturdiness, I’d recommend calling an expert.

Honestly, this process isn’t something to fool around with, and precautions should be taken. There’s no shame in calling a professional, and some RV TV brands even offer an expert install with purchase.

Step 3: Mounting The Arm

Ensure the bracket is correctly positioned inside the TV compartment. This action should mean that the mounting place can slide down into the bracket and have its open end facing upward. From there, you should use the included springs and mount the arm to the TV compartment’s inside.

Step 4: Loosely Screw In The Screws

You should put the TV on the arm and position its height to your preferences. It’s essential you make sure the height is perfect to ensure you end up with the best smart TV for RV.

It’s time to start screwing in the screws. You must make sure they’re loosely screwed in as you will remove a lot of them in step 5.

Step 5: Use The Adhesive To Secure The Screws

Make sure you got your adhesive as it’s time we start using it. You’ll want to remove one screw, use some adhesive on the screw’s threads, and put it back into place. Do this exact process with the other three screws. From there, it’s a simple matter of connecting all the cables, and your TV should be ready.

Step 6: Enjoy Your New TV

Once you got the cables set it up, there’s only one thing left to do: enjoy your new TV. It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite shows.


What is the top-rated RV TV?

It might sound like a crazy idea to buy a whole new TV for your RV trips. After all, why wouldn’t you bring your TVs at home on the road with you? Well, RV TVs are specially designed in a way to withstand the environment a moving vehicle offers.

In other words, these products are capable of handling the vibration and jostling of a moving vehicle. Your TVs at home don’t have these abilities and could get damaged in the traveling process.

We should also note that RV TVs are capable of working through the changing in temperature much better than a standard model. This feature becomes vital when you consider you’re going to be traveling through various climates.

These devices are often much lighter than standard TVs as well. This aspect makes them a better fit onboard RVs as you’ll have to move them around more than you would at home.

RV TVs come with anti-glare screens, which is another reason these products are necessary for your RV trips. These anti-glare screens make it much easier to watch shows outside than it would be with a standard model.

And these are only some of the qualities that make RV TVs an essential purchase for any RV owner. These devices will make sure a person can enjoy their favorite TV shows regardless of where your RV trips end up taking them.

How does it work?

An RV TV works much like a standard TV would. But one key difference between these devices and what you have at home. An RV TV will work off a 12-volt power system, which helps you conserve energy on the road.

It’s a slight difference, but it makes a massive impact on your energy bill. It’ll make sure you won’t be paying a huge bill every month because you like watching your shows from time to time.

As a result, buying an RV TV almost becomes cost-effective as it’ll save you money when compared to using a standard TV your rig. It’s another reason why getting one of these products is something any RV owner should seriously think about doing.

What are the most trusted RV TV brands?

As with any product, some brands make these products much better than the rest. If you plan on getting the right TV for RV, buying from one of these companies would be a good starting place.

The good news is that finding these brands won’t be too hard. You see, all the companies mentioned in our product review section are regarded as the best. Every one of them is a leading force in this market.

But we thought picking out the top two could move this process even faster: Supersonic and Sceptre. These two brands seem to provide a buying experience very few other companies can match.

How they’re able to rise above their rivals becomes apparent when you dive into their background. And we’re going to explore that information below, which will give you a better insight into what a top tier RV TV brand offers their customers.


This brand has been a force in the electronics industry for over three decades. This longevity comes from their dedication to creating long-lasting, top tier products that feature the most advanced designs possible.

Using customer feedback to improve their products is another aspect where Supersonic stands out from the pack. It gives them a unique insight into the needs and wants of their customers, which is why they’re one of the best companies in this market.


Sceptre has become a well-known company thanks to the constant evolution in their products. In other words, this brand is always looking for ways to improve their creations, which makes sure they never become stagnant.

It also helps that this brand has a proven track record when it comes to providing top tier customer service. After all, it’s always nice to know a company has your back when something goes wrong with their products. And Sceptre fits this description to a tee.

Will a smart TV work in an RV?

Smart TVs can work in RVs, but you’ll need a solid and reliable internet connection to access any of their apps. So if you want an RV smart TV, ensure you can obtain this necessary internet connection to run it effectively.

Another option is attaching a Roku, Chromecast, or Firestick to your standard camper TV. These devices will hook up through an HDMI port. Once connected, they’ll provide you with all the apps available on a regular smart TV.

Can I watch Netflix in my RV?

There’s no reason a person can’t watch Netflix in their RV with the proper equipment. You can access the service through a laptop, Roku, smart TV, and various other devices. All it takes is a usable internet connection to access Netflix’s extensive library.

If you downloaded a title from Netflix onto your chosen device, this internet connection won’t even be needed. It’ll be available whenever you might want to sit and catch up on your favorite show or watch the newest movie.

Who makes Jensen TV?

People often have a question about one more brand on our list, Jensen, which is where this question comes from within this article. The brand Jensen has been in the electronics industry since 1915.

It was started by a man named Peter L. Jensen when he created the first loudspeaker. And from there, the company continued to grow, which resulted in the brand become a fixture in many electronic product markets.

We should also mention that Dual Electronics Corporation now owns Jensen TV. This ownership hasn’t stopped the brand from creating top tier products, and it’s why they have such a great reputation among RV owners.

Does RV TV come with a remote?

Every RV TV I’ve encountered has come with a remote. Of course, there might be a model that doesn’t, but it would be one of the very few when it comes to this feature. We should mention that the remote’s quality will differ from product to product.

This issue is why it’s so essential that you read the customer reviews when considering any RV TV. These reviews will provide an insight into whether the remote is durable and works without any issues.

It might not seem like a big deal, but nobody likes using a lousy remote. It’s a potential frustration source that nobody needs on what’s supposed to be a relaxing RV trip. So please, read the customer reviews and figure out what you’re getting into before buying.

How to watch TV in RV without cable?

RVers don’t need a cable hookup to watch TV in their RVs. Instead, they have three other options from which to consume their TV programming: streaming, a satellite, or an antenna. Of course, streaming requires using Netflix or similar apps to watch TV shows or movies.

Using a satellite dish works like it would for a home. It’ll provide everything a person usually expects from a subscription to a satellite TV company. RVers who aren’t full-timers often choose this route over our next option, antenna TV.

In fact, using an antenna is the simplest way to watch TV in a camper. Most modern RVs will even come with built-in HDTV antennas.

These components ensure all you have to do is turn on your small RV TV and set up a scan from the main menu. From there, the available channels will depend on your location. But it usually provides access to some major networks like NBC or CBS.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy an RV TV is Amazon. This online marketplace will have the most extensive selection of these products on the market today. It will also feature the lowest prices that you’ll find anywhere.

This combination makes Amazon hard to beat when searching for the best buying place for these products. And I didn’t even mention their insane amount of customer reviews, which should become a vital resource during this process.

But Amazon being the most obvious choice, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore other websites and stores. In fact, I’d recommend giving Camping World a solid look as they’ve got a large selection and reasonable prices themselves.

These prices even sometimes go below Amazon’s when there’s a sale. As a result, comparing the prices between these two sites become a must when searching for an RV TV. It’ll ensure you don’t end up missing a sale and paying more than needed on a product.

It’s essential that you avoid the manufacturer’s websites as well. The prices on these sites will be much higher than what’d you find elsewhere online. It’s just something to be aware of when you’re online shopping for these items.

If you aren’t into online shopping, some retail stores sell these products as well. Your local Walmart and Best Buy should have some options. We should note that the prices will be much higher than you’d see online.

But these stores do offer customer service that an online store can’t provide. This aspect can be invaluable when the employee knows what they’re talking about and could make finding the perfect product much easier.

Given all these options, it’s quite clear that there’s a lot of reliable places to choose from when buying an RV TV. All you have to do now is pick the option that suits your preferences the best, and this process should become a breeze.


After reading this information, finding the best TV for RV shouldn’t be much of an issue. It’s a matter of applying it during your search, and the perfect choice should become rather apparent. Honestly, it’s as simple as it sounds.

And once you do find the perfect TV, your RV trips will instantly become more fun. There will never be a time where you feel bored as this product will provide constant access to your favorite shows and movies.

You can also connect other media devices to your TV, such as laptops, video game consoles, tables, and many other entertaining items. In other words, there’s no limit to what these products can provide when you get the perfect one. And the knowledge you’ve gained should make that process a breeze.

But if you come across any questions or concerns during your search, feel free to post them in the comment section below. We’ll answer them as quickly as possible.

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