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The Best TV Antennas for RV to Improve Your Antenna Reception

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Finding the best TV antenna for RVs is a process that many people seem to minimize. Honestly, how difficult could buying something like antenna be, right? But what people don’t realize is there are a lot of moving parts in this process.

All of these moving parts can be quite hard to get a handle on when you don’t know the relevant knowledge about these devices. This situation ends up with the person feeling a sense of frustration and stress.

Best TV Antennas for RV

Since nobody wants to endure those feelings during their RV trip, we thought a guide discussing these topics could be helpful. In fact, this article will cover every issue or feature that could impact your search.

As a result, this process will soon become a lot less stressful, and you’ll end up with a device that solves all your signal issues. We’ll even direct you towards examples of products, which could be the device you’re looking for in our review section.

In the end, we want to make sure that you have everything needed for making a sound decision about these products. So, let us help you find a top tier device by reading the rest of this article.


Best Overall Picture Quality Budget Friendly
Preview KING OA8300


Winegard ‎RVW-205

Weight ‎1.5 pounds 2.6 pounds ‎1.5 pounds
Voltage 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC
Frequency – VHF (54-216 MHz)
– UHF (470-698 MHz)
– FM (87.9-107.9 MHz)
– VHF (54-216 MHz)
– UHF (470-698 MHz)
– FM (87.9-107.9 MHz)
ALL VHF/ UHF Digital/ HD Signals
Coverage Range Long-Range Long-Range 55 Miles
Details Details Details

List of 13 Best RV TV Antenna Reviews

This section will contain 13 reviews of the top-rated RV TV antennas on the market. These discussions will be vital to ensure you end with the perfect product. Each one will give you a better idea of what a top-notch antenna looks like and features.

1. KING Jack OA8300 HDTV Directional OTA Antenna

Our first product on this list is the KING Jack OA8300 HDTV Directional Over the Air Antenna, which offers a great set of features. It has a compact, nice looking design that fits well into any RV’s interior or exterior.

This compact design is also 70% smaller than most antennas. As a result, moving this device around won’t be much of an issue. This aspect makes the install more manageable as well.

It also helps that this KING RV TV antenna comes with simple directions for the install process. This feature is essential for people like me who lack technical skills. In fact, almost every customer review reported the install took as little as 25 minutes.

Aside from having an easy install process, this model excels in other areas as well. Its broad coverage range would be a great example of another useful aspect. This feature makes it easier for the device to lock onto TV signals.

We should also mention that this device comes with retrofit upgrades, which means you can upgrade batwings to digital HD. These upgrades will be vital in ensuring you end up with a better signal and picture quality.

Its use of technology that boosts UHF signal reception is another feature that I love. This quality provides better success with DTV channels as 80% of the new ones are broadcast using UHF signals.

But its focus on DTV channels doesn’t mean its performance suffers regarding VHF channels. In fact, this device instead provides great reception for these stations as well. Combining these two features means that you’ll get more channels than ever.

Overall, it’s a great device to start this list with because it sets a high standard for these other models. But it isn’t perfect as it does have a flaw that I didn’t like seeing during my research. Some customers reported durability being an issue.

It seems this model tends to sometimes break after a few months of use. But we should note that these claims were only featured in a few reviews.

2. KING Jack OA8500 HDTV Directional OTA Antenna

The KING Jack OA8500 HDTV Directional Over the Air Antenna is another great device from this brand. It uses the most advanced technology to ensure you get the best signal and largest selection of channels possible.

It also has a design any RV owner could enjoy. It’s compact and sleek looking, which makes it a perfect item to have on your RV’s roof. This small design doesn’t hurt its ability to pick up long range signals either like you might imagine it would.

I found the KING Jack Antenna OA8500’s simple install process to be another appealing trait. You see, this device comes with a manual that makes it a piece of cake. Multiple customers even took the time to praise this aspect in this KING jack antenna’s reviews.

I love that this device is aerodynamic as well. This feature will limit wind resistance to provide a better signal than most other models. It also comes with a signal finder, which will help find local channels.

You shouldn’t overlook the effect this product’s interior knob will have either. This knob can turn 360 degrees, which means you won’t have any dead spots in the coverage. It’s just another aspect that shows KING made sure to cover everything when creating this device.

KING even thought to include a mount, which saves you the trouble of buying it separately. As someone who hates purchasing various items for the same purpose, this quality was something I valued greatly.

This device coming with a 4-year warranty is another reason that it’s worth checking out. It’ll protect you against an accident or getting a lackluster product. Given all these features, it’s quite clear this model deserves your attention.

But before you spend money on it, there’s one flaw that we must discuss. Its price is a bit higher than most other models on this list. In fact, it’s well outside what I’m looking to spend on one of these devices.

3. Winegard RVW-205 Sensar IV Antenna

Our next product is the first one from Winegard, which happens to be a brand that we’ll feature a few more times. This device does a great job of showing why Winegard has several models on our list.

You see, the two qualities that seem to define this brand are effectiveness and simplicity. And this model is no different as it does its job without any issues. It’s a nice change of pace from many other products in this market.

A great example of these aspects is this product’s coverage range. This device is capable of picking up signals from over 55 miles away. Due to this, you shouldn’t have any problems getting your channels no matter your location.

The product’s amplifier helps in this regard as well. This amplifier was included in the design as a way to boost up the signal of weaker channels. As a result, it’ll always do its best to make sure you end up with an HD picture quality.

I also found this product’s durability to be appealing as it has a powder coating, which will protect the device from harsh weather. And it does an admirable job in this role as many customers were shocked at how well the antenna held up in troubling weather.

This feature lends itself useful for people like me who like to RV in tropical climates such as Florida. I wouldn’t have to worry about this product failing or breaking when the first heavy rainstorm arrives, which is a huge plus.

It’s worth noting that this model comes with clear directions for the install process as well. This feature will make setting up the product more manageable and take less effort. Plus, it has a lightweight design which will help in this area.

But this lightweight design is also liable for this device’s one flaw as it can make it harder to mount than other models in the market. This little issue was mentioned many times in the customer reviews.

4. BY ONE Omni-Directional Outdoor HDTV Antenna

It’s hard not to see why most people consider this product an RV antenna upgrade over their previous models. It certainly functions much better than my old Forest River RV TV antenna.

One primary reason for this excellent performance is the 360-degree Omni-direction reception. After installation, I didn’t even need to move it to find better signals. Instead, it provided me with excellent picture quality without a single hassle.

The product’s setup process was another massive benefit. I didn’t have to use a single tool as it comes with everything required for the installation. For instance, the 32-foot RG6U coaxial cable made my life much easier when setting up this camping TV antenna.

I was also delighted by the performance of this HD antenna for RV or camper usage. It has a built-in pre-amplifier and 4G LTE filler to ensure high-quality results. Honestly, I haven’t had a single issue since putting this model onto my RV roof.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook this product’s design, either. It’s one of the more compact and attractive RV antennas in this marketplace. Most RV antennas are often massive eyesores, but this one blends right into my RV roof.

Another massive benefit provided by this product is its affordable price. A bargain wasn’t something I expected to encounter when looking for an RV TV antenna upgrade, but this one fits the bill as it provides high-quality performance without costing a fortune.

Honestly, it’s downright surprising, considering what most RV TV antennas cost. Buyers would be hard-pressed to find a better deal available for camping usage.

My only wish is that it could support more than one TV. But sadly, 1 BY ONE designed this option for the specific purpose of working with a single television. So anyone looking for high-quality channel reception for multiple RV TVs will need to look elsewhere.

5. Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV HD TV Antenna

The Winegard RVW-395 Sensar IV White DTV/HD TV Antenna is another option that warrants your full attention. This product is one of the best models you’re going to find on today’s market for many reasons.

For instance, I love that this device can receive both VHF and UHF signals to ensure you get the most channels possible. It also helps that it has a wide range, which extends to over 55 miles.

The vast range means that it can provide local channels with top tier HD in most locations. This feature would be perfect for campers, which like to park their RV a far away from campgrounds and RV parks.

We should also mention that this ability comes from Winegard combing a UHF boosted antenna with their Sensar II model. These two devices put together creates the best over the air antenna experience money can buy.

The easy to use hand crank is another appealing trait. This feature makes rotating, lower, or raising the device a piece of cake and requires little effort. It’s an aspect like this one that shows Winegard has its customers’ wants and needs at heart.

Its install process further proves this comment as the product comes with simple directions. As a result, you can expect this task to get done rather quickly and without needing the help of anyone else.

In fact, many customers reported the install took less than 25 minutes. This amount of time is more than reasonable. It would ensure that I wouldn’t be wasting my whole day figuring out how to correctly place this model on my roof.

However, there’s one issue with this product that you can’t overlook. You see, its design isn’t as durable as some other top tier models. This issue could represent a problem for clumsy people like me and should be something you take into account before buying.

6. Winegard RV-WING Wingman UHF RV TV Antenna

This next product on our list is another one from Winegard, which means you can expect a high level of quality. In fact, this Winegard RV TV antenna is one of their most popular products due to the top tier production and low cost.

I also found this model to have one of the largest ranges on the market. This feature makes it easier to get a clearer signal, even on the weakest channels. It also could be a vital factor in ensuring off the grid campers get all their favorite channels.

The small, dense design of this device is another winning feature. This aspect makes moving it around easier than most over models on the market. Due to this, the install process is a simple and low effort job.

Plus, the whole process only has three steps, which means Winegard did a great job making sure anybody could do the install. I also love that this product offers more channels and options than ever before, thanks to its Free OTA programming.

This feature will give access to local news, sports, weather, and popular shows for free. I like this product’s design is powder covered as it’ll ensure it remains durable. This aspect will make sure this device will hold up for many years to come.

You should also love that this product comes from a US company in Winegard. This aspect means this device went through a lot of testing before heading onto the market. There’s no reason to worry about any safety issues arising from its use.

But it did have one flaw that was a bit unsettling to see during my research. Some customer reported this product has an issue getting a good reception when harsh weather hits. This issue isn’t something I can have in these products as I love RVing in tropical places.

7. Lava HD8008 Omnidirectional RV TV Antenna

The Lava HD8008 Omnidirectional RV TV Antenna is another exciting option to consider. This model has many traits and design aspects that make it one of the best products on the market.

For example, this device features a dipole that’ll make sure you receive great VHF and UHF band signals. This aspect means you should have no issues getting top tier picture quality on the 130 free HD channels offered by this model.

It also has a wide coverage range that reaches up to 130 miles, which is among the best ranges on this market. This product can even receive reception from several directions thanks to its omnidirectional traits. And it provides this feature without needing you to adjust it.

Another trait worth noticing is this device’s inline amplifier, which will boost any weak channels to a good level. Due to this, there will be no more worrying about a fuzzy picture, which is an issue that drives RV owners crazy.

You’ll instead have a crisp picture that’ll meet all your needs and make you feel like you’re watching TV at home. It’s essential that we mention this model features an impressive design as well. This product has an anti-UV coating and waterproof traits to ensure any bad weather won’t cause it any damage.

These aspects give a sense of durability that most other outdoor models can’t match. And it also helps that all these features come for a price, which is one of the least costly on our list. If you’re looking for a bargain, this model should receive your full attention.

In the end, Lava did a great job creating this product. But this Lava did seem to struggle in one area that made me a bit worried. You see, there were a few customer reviews, which pointed out that the service wasn’t too great. This issue isn’t something you’d expect from a top brand like Lava.

8. KING OA1501 OmniGo HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna

The KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable Omnidirectional HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna continues to show why this brand has various products on this list. This device happens to be one of the most practical on this entire list.

Its use of multi-directional signal acquisition provides you with UHF, VHF, and FM signals. As a result, it gives you access to both local TV and radio shows. This type of versatility is almost unmatched in this market. Plus, this antenna also brings you HDTV for free.

I love that this device is portable as well. This feature means that you can quickly move this product from place to place without an issue. It also doesn’t have an install process as this model is always ready for use with its simple setup.

This setup will consist of either using a magnetic vehicle or tripod mount for the quick, smooth process. And once you have it set up, this model won’t require any tuning or rotating to get working.

If you plan on tailgating, many people find this product to be a terrific option with its easy setup. All you’d have to do is set it up nearby, and it’d give your TV total access. The product will also amplify any signal it receives to ensure you get the best results.

It has proven to be durable as well. This product consists of durable plastic, which is waterproof to protect against any damage a rainstorm could cause. It’s also both rust and UV protection to ensure it doesn’t start breaking down.

But this product isn’t perfect. This product has a limited range, which could be an issue for some RV owners. Its range seems to top out at 30 miles, and that’s not enough for most off the grid style campers.

If you plan on staying close to civilization though, this model could end up being perfect. I mean, the versatility it offers alone could almost be enough to sell me.

9. Winegard RZ-6035 Rayzar z1 RV TV Antenna

Another product from one of my favorite brands is the Winegard RZ-6035 Rayzar z1 RV TV Antenna. This model is one of the right RV TV antennas for digital TV because it’s an amplified product that can deliver the best reception.

I love this product’s ability to deliver HD broadcasts as well. It can even do its job in areas where 4K UHD is available. Of course, it’s also great at transmitting UHF and VHF signal too, which further proves this model seems ready to thrive in any situation.

In these situations, this device relies on its great signal acquisition ability to find the best reception. This aspect also quickens the channel scan process, which can be such a time waster with other models.

It’s essential we mention this product’s design as well. You see, this product consists of weather and UV protective housing, which will keep this device in your life for years to come — honestly, its off the charts in this area.

The install process for this device is another good trait. Replacing your old one with this model will take little to no time. Many customers even confirmed this aspect in their reviews.

It also helps that this device comes in a complete package. In other words, you don’t have to buy anything separately, which is something you shouldn’t overlook. This feature will save you from doing more research and spending more time searching around Amazon.

The fact it comes with five-year parts and one-year labor warranties is another nice touch from Winegard. You should never undervalue the power of good protection, and both of these policies fit the bill.

But all these features don’t stop this model from lacking in one area. Some customers felt this model didn’t perform well in more remote areas. If you plan on RVing in a remote location with a lousy signal, you should look elsewhere.

10. Winegard RZ-8500 Rayzar Automatic HD Antenna

Our next product is the Winegard RZ8500 Rayzar Automatic HD Antenna. This product would be a great option for anyone looking to buy the best RV antenna replacement possible. It’s a device that you don’t want to miss out on for many reasons.

One reason is that this device finds channels by itself without any rotating or cranking needed. This feature takes a lot of burden off as you won’t have to do the process, like with other models.

I also love that the model features an amplifier, which improves the number of channels and range offered by this device. It’s essential you realize that the broader range doesn’t affect the reception either.

The amplifier even reduces pixelation and dropouts, which could be real issues for any RV owner trying to use these devices. It’s another area where Winegard continues to show that they’re ahead of their rivals.

This product’s small dome design is another trait I found attractive. The dome design keeps the device safe from bad weather and keeps it in good shape. Due to this, you can expect this model around your RV for many years.

And if it does get damaged or an accident occurs, you’re covered for a little bit as this model comes with a warranty of two years. This feature will ensure you have a protection against something strange happening with the device.

Winegard even made sure this device came with all the needed items as well, which is always a nice touch. Nobody likes buying products separately, and their zest to solve this issue will help you avoid more time spent on Amazon.

But there’s one large issue that this product doesn’t solve. You see, this device is one of the most costly on this list. If you become set on buying this model, be ready to shell out a lot of money.

11. Winegard Company RV-RZ85 Rayzar Portable Antenna

If you’re looking for the best indoor TV antenna for RV, the Winegard Company RV-RZ85 Portable Indoor Antenna could be the right choice. This thin indoor product doesn’t weight or take up too much space, which is perfect inside an RV.

After all, there’s limited space onboard most RVs, and the last thing you need is a large antenna taking up valuable room. It also helps that this model doesn’t need to be in a particular area. You can instead lay it flat or hang it up based on where the signal ends up being the best.

It even includes two suction cups, which makes moving the device much more manageable. The extra long mini coax cable helps in this regard as well by giving you flexibility. You shouldn’t have any issues finding the perfect spot for this device inside your RV with these features.

And once you do find this spot, you can enjoy the crisp, clear HD picture this product’s capable of producing. This aspect was something many customers raved about in their reviews about this Winegard product.

I also love that this model comes with all the needed items to get it up and running. Plus, this product doesn’t need to be installed permanently, which means these extra pieces aren’t extensive. In other words, the included items aren’t going to make the price rise much.

It’s actually one of the least costly models on this entire list. This product could be the bargain all of you have been looking for but only to people needing an indoor type. The device isn’t meant for outdoor use whatsoever.

Due to this, the product’s design is a bit weak. This aspect is something several customers felt was frustrating enough to mention in their customer reviews. But given the price, I think that this device could be worth the risk.

12. KING VQ4800 Quest Pro Satellite TV Antenna

Our last KING product on this list is the KING VQ4800 Quest Pro Satellite TV Antenna, which is a highly useful option that’s perfect for RVs. This model allows you to bring your DirectTV programming on your RV trips.

As a result, your RV will truly feel like your second home, given the full access to all your channels and shows. It also is capable of supporting multiple TVs at once, which is a huge benefit for RV owners with families.

I mean, I doubt you want to be watching what your son or daughter is, which makes this feature such a useful aspect. You can simply go into the back bedroom and watch your shows in the same quality as the TV in the living area.

I also found this product’s use of weatherproof materials to be a winning trait for reasons stated in the other reviews. It’s just a must have feature for anyone looking to buy an outdoor antenna.

The addition of the dual coax output makes installing this product on your RV’s much easier as well. This product is also lightweight, which is another trait that makes the install process more manageable for even people like me.

Its lightweight design makes this product oddly more portable than other outside models. This aspect means you can use the product for things like tailgating as long as you buy a tripod mount separately.

But this device does have two concerning flaws. The first one is this product’s price tag, which is well outside my set budget limits. It’s a shame too because this model does cross off most other needs besides one little thing.

This other need or flaw is that this device doesn’t provide service while the RV’s in motion. And since the main purpose of me getting an antenna was to distract people during my driving, you could see how this issue would be a problem.

13. Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER RV Satellite TV Antenna

The Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER RV Satellite TV Antenna is our last product on this list. And it’s one of the more unique models mentioned in this article. You see, this device is a multi-satellite model, which can connect up to three satellites.

In other words, this model gives you the ability to hook up three different devices with all channels Dish network provides. This aspect makes it the perfect product for families or groups of friends RVing together.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, it is, and this full slate of channels isn’t the only great benefit offered by the device. It also comes with certified reflectors, which provide a strong signal and ensures your TV viewing experience meets expectations.

This product’s stable base is another feature that I love as it’ll make sure nothing interrupts the signal and ruins your picture quality. It even has proven to endure terrible weather such as heavy winds and rainstorms.

The easy using process isn’t something to overlook either. You’d think using it’d be a little tricky given all the moving parts? But all you have to do is power on the system after it’s installed correctly.

And it’s not like the install process is difficult. This product comes with all the necessary tools you’ll need for the install and most customer reviews reported it to be a breeze. There was almost universal praise for the directions that come with the device as well.

In the end, this device is easily the right satellite TV antenna for RVs on the market, and I’m not sure it’s all that close. But this status doesn’t mean it’s perfect and flawless. This device has one huge flaw that makes it a no buy for me.

The price of this model is the highest for any product mentioned in this article. It’s so far outside my budget that I don’t see a time in my life where I could afford this fantastic product. But if money isn’t an object, I don’t know how you could pass up buying this device.

ANTOP Amplified HDTV Outdoor Antenna (Outdated)

If you don’t want to pay for a satellite, the ANTOP Amplified HDTV Outdoor Antenna could be a good option for your RV TV needs. It uses omnidirectional signal reception that’ll give you free local channels and great picture quality.

This omnidirectional signal reception also makes it suitable to use the device when you’re driving. And since I plan on RVing with a lot of people, this feature could give me the quiet I need to navigate those crowded thruways safely.

I also like the range this model offers as it can reach up to 65 miles. It’s capable of providing this much range with its use of smartpass technology. This amount of miles will be enough to ensure you can camp far away from crowded areas and still receive a solid amount of channels.

It’s worth noting that this product is both anti-UV and waterproof, which make it a perfect fit on your RV’s roof. I mean, no heavy rainstorm will be able to cause this device any damage. This model will instead stay stable and durable for years.

The 4G LTE filter is another nice touch as it’ll block interference and keep your channels free from any issues. This product also has a low price, which is the icing on the cake, given all these other features.

You can even use this model indoors and still get great results. This aspect shows how different the product is when linked to other devices on today’s market. It’s quite clear that ANTOP outdid themselves with this antenna.

But some customers were anger over how the product was packaged. It seems that the device was broken when it arrived for a few customers. It’s essential we do mention these claims weren’t in most of the reviews. It was a small group of unhappy customers, but it was enough that it was worth noting.

Magnadyne RVTV-W2 TV Antenna (Outdated)

The Magnadyne RVTV-W2 Omnidirectional Amplified TV Antenna is one of the least costly models on this list. If you’re looking for a bargain, this product should be near the top of your list based on its features.

As an example, this model is capable of being used in both RV and marine settings. This aspect shows you that this product offers a bit more versatility than you might have assumed. It also can do its job without need any adjusting or aiming, which is always a plus.

Honestly, any features that limit the amount of work is something I consider a winning trait. It also helps that this model is easy to install and comes with all the needed parts. This aspect is another one that’ll make my job much easier.

I also found it impressive that this model can provide both your favorite radio and TV shows with great signal. It even comes with coax and Motorola connectors, which can easily attach to existing TV or radio cables.

But the best part about this model is its design. This product features an aerodynamic construction and consists of weatherproof, UV resistant materials. If you combine these aspects, you have a product that can endure almost anything mother nature can offer.

This aspect was another one people loved to praise in this RV antenna’s reviews. It was shocking when a customer didn’t mention how great this product held up during a rainstorm that would’ve taken down their old one.

All in all, it’s details like this one that shows Magnadyne did a great job creating a useful product. It having a low price just adds fuel to the fire. In fact, the only issue I could find was some customers had packaging issues with this product.

These claims mainly stated that a few customers got their product damaged on arrival. But these issues seem to be few and far between as most of the reviews were mostly filled with praise.

Luxtronic RV Digital TV Antenna (Outdated)

The Luxtronic Omnidirectional Amplified RV Digital TV Antenna is one of the best RV HDTV antennas on the market. It comes with many features that’ll make sure you end up happy with your purchase.

This RV digital antenna can offer this aspect thanks to features like it being omnidirectional, which means it gets signals from all directions. It also means that this device will continue providing good reception even when in motion.

As a result, everyone will be able to watch their favorite programs on those long hauls toward your next stop. I also love that this model comes with a magnetic base, which makes the install simple and quick.

The product consisting of weatherproof and UV resistant material is another attractive trait. This material is a key piece to the puzzle for me as I need a device that can hold up against bad weather.

These two aspects would make me feel confident in buying this model and using it on trips to rainy places like Florida. It’s also worth noting that this model has proven to offer good reception on all free digital and analog TV channels.

All you have to do is connect the device and your TV, do a channel scan, and all your channels will be ready in a few minutes. Plus, you can take comfort in this product’s inline amplifier, which will limit pixelation from occurring.

The price of this product isn’t too shabby either. It’s one of the less costly items in this article, which is another thing it has going for it. All in all, this model has many great features that make it worth your attention.

But there’s one area where this model is lacking a little bit. It doesn’t come with a warranty, which is an issue as you won’t have any protection when an accident does happen. It’s something to think about before making a final decision about this product.

RV TV Antenna Buyer’s Guide

The knowledge learned in this section will provide you with all the necessary data to make a smart decision. It’ll serve as the basis of your entire search and provide the tools needed to ensure you buy the best product.


Things to know before buying an RV TV antenna

Choosing the best TV antenna for RV will come down to several different factors. These factors are the things that we plan on covering in this section. It’ll offer you a better sense of what you’re looking for in a TV antenna for RVs.


One of the factors that people tend to ignore is what material was used in the product’s design. In most cases, these devices consist of either plastic or aluminum, and both work well in different situations.

For instance, if you plan on getting an outdoor antenna, it’s advised to get one made from aluminum. This material is more durable and should hold up well against any harsh weather. I mean, it won’t even rust when there’s a rainstorm.

But aluminum would be less than ideal for an indoor device. In this case, it’s better to go with a plastic model, which would suit an RV’s inside much better than an aluminum one.

Coverage Range

You must also ensure that your RV TV antenna has a vast coverage range. This aspect will make sure you end up happy with your purchase. After all, the products with the higher coverage ranges tend to be the better choices.

And if you do get one with too little range, it could result in you paying extra money on an RV TV antenna booster. Given this knowledge, it’s best to ensure the product meets your coverage needs before buying it.

Reading customer reviews could help in this regard as well. You see, customers tend to get a little angry when these devices don’t provide them with enough coverage. These discussions are something that you should use to help during this process.


The product’s weight is another factor that should impact your decision. Let’s say you’re camping in a windy area and need an outdoor antenna. It wouldn’t make much sense to buy a lightweight option in this situation.

You see, this lightweight product wouldn’t last long in these conditions. It’s entirely possible that you’d be buying a whole new device within a few weeks or months. But if you want an indoor model, a lighter option would be a smarter choice as it’s easier to move.

Lighter options could also be a good pick for dry heat areas such as Arizona where it doesn’t rain much or have heavy winds. In the end, it’s essential you think about whether a bulkier or lightweight product would be a better fit for your situation.

WiFi Access

As you know, some RV TV antennas will provide WiFi access. This feature is something you’ll need to think about whether you need it or not. In my case, I’m always going to get a model with WiFi as I can’t go any extended period without internet access.

If you’re like me, this feature should become an essential piece of this process for you. It also helps lessen the options to choose from as a customer. But the only catch is these devices will end up costing more than products without WiFi access.


The prices of RV TV antennas will vary drastically from product to product. This variation means that constructing a realistic budget based around the features you deem necessary should be a high priority.

For instance, if you want an antenna with WiFi access, your budget should reflect that it’s going to cost more than one without WiFi. It’s little details like this one, which will determine the range of your budget and how much you’re willing to spend.

And once you construct this budget, it’ll make this whole process more manageable. It’ll dwindle the choices to a lesser number that will relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed. In other words, you’ll no longer have a sea of options to choose from; it’ll instead be more like a pond or lake.

Ease of Install

Any RV TV antenna worth buying will feature an easy install process. This factor isn’t something to overlook either as there’s no reason that the product you buy should bring stress into your life. With this in mind, it’s essential you make sure the install directions are clear and straight to the point.

An excellent way to determine this aspect is through reading every product’s customer reviews. These discussions will highlight whether or not the install was easy or difficult. And trust me; if there was an issue during this process, one of these reviews would let you know.

What are the different types of TV antennas for RV?

RV TV antennas come in all different shapes and sizes. This aspect can make grouping them into types quite a challenging process. But I think an effective way of doing this task would be by dividing them into two categories: indoor and outdoor.

We’ll discuss both these types in great detail to ensure you understand, which would be the best option for you. These discussions will be vital and help you navigate this market with relative ease.

Indoor RV TV Antenna

An indoor RV TV antenna is less common and offers less range than your standard outdoor type. But it does provide a level of convenience that the outdoor kinds can’t match. You see, indoor RV TV antennas work from inside your RV.

This aspect removes potential issues like leaves, debris, or branches from causing signal problems. It also helps that these devices often have convenient placements within in your RV. This feature will make it easier to turn on and off than your standard outdoor antenna.

But it does suffer in both the channel variety and HD quality areas, which could be an issue for some RV owners. Although if you choose a top tier indoor model, it can still provide you with good range and definition.

Plus, these models tend to be cheaper as well and could be a great option for any bargain buyers out there.

Outdoor RV TV Antenna

Outdoor RV TV antennas are more common on today’s market due to the results that these devices provide. This type will work from a place outside your RV, which exposures it more to the signal.

As a result, this exposure makes these devices more prolific than your indoor models. But it does have the annoying issue of having to deal with branches and leaves. This problem could limit your signal when these parts of nature end up falling onto your antenna.

If you plan on getting an outdoor antenna, you must ensure you can easily adjust it when these issues do occur. This factor is where the customer reviews become a vital source to assess its skills in this area.

We should also note that their usefulness and popularity is the reason why these models are more costly than indoor antennas. With this in mind, you should expect to spend quite a bit of money when buying this type.

Why do you need an RV TV antenna?

Getting a top tier TV antenna could bring a lot of benefits into an RV owner’s life. And this section will discuss the ones that we find the most crucial. In a sense, it’ll give you a better idea of whether buying an RV TV antenna is the right move for you.

Makes Your RV Feel Like Home

The most important benefit that these devices offer is the feeling of home. It’s one of the key parts in ensuring that your rig feels like your second home rather than a hotel on wheels. You see, it provides you with the ability to watch all your favorite shows during your trip.

If you didn’t have an RV TV antenna, it’d be quite hard to keep up your shows. As a result, it would give you a homesick feeling that nobody enjoys. Having one of RV electronic devices would counteract this feeling and make sure nothing stops you from enjoying your trip.

There are even models that can work with satellite service and offer a similar amount of channels to what you’d get at home. Given my obsession with TV, you can imagine how much I would love this benefit when I take my RV on the road.

WiFi Capabilities

You should also be aware that some TV antennas offer WiFi. This feature will provide you with the internet during your RV trip. It’ll also give you access to several media options, such as using apps or streaming videos.

For instance, this feature would allow you to watch Netflix shows on any connected device. This aspect opens up a whole lot of choices to weigh. It’s just a nice feature that’s worth looking into as a customer. After all, it never hurts to have a bit of choice when you’re bored and have nothing going on.

HD Reception

The right RV TV antennas don’t suffer when it comes to the TV’s picture either. You see, these devices can offer a top tier HD watching experience. This feature means all your shows will be available in the same quality that you’d get at home.

Honestly, there’s very little that bugs me more than watching an episode from one of my favorite shows in low quality. But thankfully, these devices will save you and me from this awfulness by offering high definition.

Keeps You Connected to the World

These devices will keep you up to date with what’s going on in the world as well. It offers this benefit by ensuring that you have access to the news, weather, sports, and all your other shows. Due to this, you shouldn’t have any issues keeping up with every happening around the world.

For instance, missing a basketball game due to poor signal quality will be something that never happens with an RV TV antenna. You’ll instead be able to root your favorite team on until the buzzer sounds!

Excellent Source of Entertainment

As you know, sometimes RVing can get a little boring. These devices can help you through this boredom as watching TV is an excellent way to pass the time during the day. It’s also a fantastic way to keep your kids from bothering you when you’re doing something important.

How to replace an RV TV antenna?

Replacing your old antenna with a new one isn’t too complicated. All you have to do is remove the old one and set up the new device based on the directions in its manual. If you follow them correctly, this process should be complete without issue.

But please, make sure you follow the directions to a tee. There’s no reason to stray from what the manual directs as it can only end with a bad result. Most likely, a broken device and a feeling of stress coming over you.

How to use a TV antenna for RV?

Once you install the antenna, using these devices tends to be a breeze. This easy using process comes from their plug and play install, which doesn’t require much effort or thought. It’s a simple matter of following the directions in the product’s manual.

From there, all you have to do is start scanning channels, and you should be on your way. It’s also essential that you check reception after the install to make sure you’re getting the right level. This action will confirm whether the product’s working correctly.

RV TV Antenna FAQs

What is the best RV TV antenna?

An RV TV antenna is a powerful receiver, which was made and designed for the conditions an RV offers. For instance, these devices often come durable housing that’ll endure the harsh elements it’ll come across during your trips.

This quality will protect these devices from things like UV rays and heavy rain or snow. RV TV antennas are often also both foldable and extendable for convenience purposes. These features allow them to work around obstructions, which might cause your signal issues.

We should mention that some RV antennas are capable of being mounted indoors as well. These devices will easily attach to a window and feature an easy install. The indoor models also tend to be take up less space, which is vital in a small area like an RV’s interior.

But overall, the main goal of these products is ensuring you have the best TV signal possible. And with a top tier model, this purpose should be achieved rather quickly. In fact, you should be flipping through the channels and watching your favorite shows without issue.

Once you have the right model, your RVing life will be much more enjoyable as your RV will feel more like a second home than ever. In other words, these devices are essential because they give you a way to pass the time during long trips.

It also gives you something to do when it’s time to relax. This quality alone should explain why most RV owners find these products to be useful.

How does it work?

These RV TV antennas work by locating local channels, UHF/VHF, and/or satellite channels signals depending on the product you’ve bought. From there, it broadcasts the found channels on your TV for your viewing pleasure.

You should know that many of these devices are digital and HD ready antennas as well. This feature means that these products will be capable of offering a strong reception no matter where you park.

It doesn’t even matter how remote your location might be as these devices will still offer the best signal possible. And with the top RV TV antennas, you don’t have to worry about rotating or cranking them either.

The top tier models will instead adjust themselves to locate the best signals and reception. It’s quite clear that these products should bring more enjoyment than stress into your RVing life.

What are the most trusted RV TV antenna brands?

Each company discussed in our product review section is among the best RV TV antenna brands. These brands have shown their zest to go above and beyond when it means meeting their customers’ needs.

But two brands take it a step further and deserve extra attention for their dedication: Winegard and KING. This commitment has given both of them a great reputation among RV owners. It’s also why they’re featured many times in our product review section.

And I thought diving into their history could show what makes these two brands great. This knowledge will give you a better idea of the traits a top tier brand offers its customers.


This brand has been a force in this market for over sixty years and has no plans of slowing down. It’s their constant devotion to innovation that keeps them from falling behind their competitors.

It also helps that Winegard has always prided itself on meeting their customers’ needs. This aspect results in them providing top tier customer service, which many of their rivals can’t seem to match.

When you combine these two aspects, it’s hard not to see why this company has such a stellar reputation. I mean, what more could you want in an RV TV antenna brand?


KING’s passion for creating products that have simple install processes and offer top tier quality are the aspects which set them apart. These two features are why this brand has earned such a steady place at the top of this market.

It doesn’t hurt that KING continues to search for new methods which could enhance their product’s overall productivity. It’s dedication like this that makes KING such a great brand and one I have full confidence in as a customer.

How do you install an RV antenna?

Installing a camper TV antenna, digital antenna for RV, or an RV TV antenna with WiFi capabilities doesn’t always require a professional. You can set up most options by following this easy-to-use guide:

  1. Your first step is assembling the antenna by using its included directions. Some models won’t need assembling as they come pre-assembled, which makes them more convenient.
  2. Find a secure location away from obstructions, such as trees or branches. Then, attach the antenna to your roof at this location. But I’d recommend adhering to the product’s installation directions to ensure there aren’t any unique or particular steps. People with a portable TV antenna for RV don’t have to worry about this step.
  3. You’ll need to find the proper holes to run the cables through your rig. Some RVers will likely need to drill them if there aren’t any usable hookups within their RV.
  4. Run the cables through the holes and connect them to your TV.
  5. After connecting the cables, it’s time to run a channel scan. It should pick up all your available channels through the RV television antenna.

Can I use an old satellite dish as an antenna?

An old satellite dish won’t work as an RV TV antenna replacement by itself. However, it can work together with a basic outdoor antenna to offer high-quality results. This is because it’ll amplify the signal, so your external antenna is more receptive.

Which way do I point my RV antenna?

It would be best if you pointed an RV TV antenna in the direction of your nearest TV station. It’s the easiest way to improve your TV’s reception and performance. If you’re unsure, take a look at the nearby campers’ antennas or online at FCC’s DTV antenna map.

Does the antenna come with mounting plate?

This answer will depend on the product that you buy. Some antennas do come with a mounting plate, and others make you buy it separately. I would recommend trying to find a model that includes one with purchase.

It’ll remove the extra frustration of having to research for a mounting plate. And it’ll also make sure that you don’t accidentally buy the wrong one. After all, the last thing you and me want to do is spend money on a product we can’t even use.

What is the warranty?

The warranties on these devices is another aspect which will differ from product to product. You might encounter ones with a five year, three year, one year, or no warranty at all. As a result, you must decide how much you value this part of the process.

In my case, I’m going to try and get the most extended warranty I can. This action will protect me from my clumsiness and ensure I have protection when an accident does happen. It’s also worth mention most of the top-rated RV TV antennas do offer some insurance policy.

How to improve TV antenna reception?

If you’re having issues getting good reception, there are a few things that can improve it. The first one would be buying a satellite TV or digital TV strength meter. These devices work by finding the clearest and strongest signal based on where you’re located.

You could also buy an amplified antenna package, which can boost up weaker signal to acceptable levels. Some of these devices are the product’s we reviewed in our product review section, such as the ANTOP Amplified HDTV Outdoor Antenna.

It could be possible that your bad signal is a result of where you’re parked as well. You see, it’s best to avoid areas with obstacles such as mountains, hills, or trees. Each one of these can put a hamper on your antenna’s signal and make it difficult to enjoy your favorite shows.

Another option would be buying a top tier RV antenna booster. These devices boost the signal to ensure you get better signal and end up with more channels in HD. But we should mention that these products take a little getting used to for most people.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy an RV TV antenna is Amazon, which will have the lowest prices and largest selection. It’s these two qualities that separate Amazon from their competitors and makes them the best place to buy your new antenna.

It also helps that Amazon has a more extensive customer review section than you’d find anywhere else. As you know, customer feedback is a vital part of this process and will have a large impact on your final decision.

But it’s essential that you don’t completely rely on Amazon as there are other places also worth considering. For instance, Camping World has an excellent selection to choose from and competing prices.

These prices sometimes even become the lowest anywhere when a sale is happening. This scenario is why it’s essential that you compare the prices at these two sites. After all, you want to get your perfect antenna at the lowest price possible.

We should also mention that you need to stay away from the manufacturer’s site when searching for these products. The prices on these websites will be much higher than you’d see on either Camping World or Amazon.

If online shopping isn’t your speed, any RV store or Walmart should have some top tier options. Of course, the prices will be much higher than you’d see online. But they do offer customer service that any online site can’t match.

Given all these sites and stores, it’s quite clear that there are many options to pick from when buying an RV TV antenna. All you have to do now is choose the one that fits your shopping preferences the best.

In my case, my choice will always end up being Amazon. It just suits my preferred way of shopping and budgetary limits. But you may feel differently, which is completely fine.


After reading this article, finding the best TV antenna for RV shouldn’t be much of a problem. It’ll only require you using the knowledge you’ve learned and applying it to your search. If you do this, the process will be a breeze and end with you buying the perfect product.

Honestly, there’s nothing no more to it. Everything you need is right here in this article, and it should make the entire process more manageable. The overwhelmed feeling you had before will quickly flutter away.

And once you do have this perfect product, your RV will feel much more like home. It’ll bring a whole new level of enjoyment onboard your RV and keep you entertained during your downtime.

But if you do have more questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section. We’ll answer them as quickly as we can. After all, we want to make sure that this process ends with you being a happy customer.

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