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The Best Solar Generators for RV, Travel Trailer and Motorhome

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

RV owners have become more willing to embrace solar power over these last couple of years. It makes activities like boondocking or off-the-grid camping a little more enjoyable. But buying RV power & electrical supplies for this new found love of solar power can be a bit tricky.

Many campers often found themselves struggling to find the best solar generator for RVs. This difficulty comes from a large number of options available. If you don’t know what to look for, it can become very stressful quickly.

best solar generator for rv

Our article will make sure these stressful feelings never become an issue. How will I do this? Well, I’m going to take you through all the relevant topics concerning RV solar generators.

These topics will include determining factors, how to use, advantages, maintenance tips, and much more. I’ll even discuss 11 of the top-tier RV solar power generators available on today’s market. One of these 12 options could end up being the perfect model for you.

In the end, I want to make sure this process isn’t a difficult one. So please, keep reading and let me help make this buying experience a straightforward task. It’ll just become an exercise of using what you learn in our following sections.


Best Overall Charging Power Easy To Use
Preview Jackery ‎ARVONO-US48



Capacity 1002Wh (46.4Ah, 21.6V) 1500Wh (up to 4572Wh) 288Wh
AC Output 3 x 110V, 1000W (2000W peak) 2 x 110V,1000W (1200W peak) 110V/ 330W
Power Source ‎AC, Solar Powered, Car Outlet ‎AC, Solar Powered Battery/Solar Powered
Frequency ‎60 Hz 50/60Hz ‎60 Hz
Details Details Details

List of 11 Best RV Solar Generator Reviews

Our product review section will discuss top-tier solar power generators at length. These reviews will walk you through what the products should look like and offer a buyer. Each one will also help you understand the more complex topics talked about in later sections.

1. Jackery Portable 1002Wh Solar Generator

One of the best solar generators for RVs would have to be this model from Jackery. It comes with an impressive design featuring a 1002Wh capacity. This feature and its 1000W rating shouldn’t have any issues powering devices like space heaters, fans, fridges, and much more.

I was also impressed with this product’s three standard AC outlets. These aspects will allow a rig owner to power more AC devices than most other models available. Honestly, you’d have a hard time finding a more capable model.

You should love this product’s ability to produce no noise when operating, as well. This issue is a massive problem with gas generators and one of the main reasons people prefer solar power. Plus, it doesn’t cause pollution and produces clean, safe energy.

Many buyers found this model to be useful when outdoor camping, too. This product can power blenders, smokers, ice shavers, and TVs to make camping more enjoyable. As a result, you can savor the outdoors with the comfortability that’s usually only available indoors.

The product’s built-in handle was another appealing aspect for me. It’ll ensure moving this from place to place doesn’t require much effort at all. Its 22-pound weight won’t hurt matters, either, as I don’t expect anyone reading this article will have issues carrying it.

I was also intrigued by the product’s recharging capabilities. You see, this model can be recharged fully in only 8 hours. It’s just a simple matter of connecting two 100W solar panels with the included adapter cable.

But I do have two issues with this model. The first one would be its high price tag, which is among the costliest on our entire list. It’s just not what I’m looking to spend on an RV solar generator at the moment.

My second issue is the product’s customer service. I called them up to ask some questions about the using process and was left underwhelmed by what I encountered. A few other customers endured similar issues based on the reviews.

2. MAXOAK Portable 1500Wh AC110V/1000W Camping Solar Generator

MAXOAK’s Portable 1500Wh AC110V/1000W Camping Solar Generator is another option capable of making activities like boondocking easier. It thrives in this role due to its outstanding 1500Wh and 1000W ratings.

These two ratings ensure the device will be able to work with any device under 1000W: TVs, dryers, fridges, laptops, phones, and many other rig appliances. It’s truly a practical and power generator ready to make your road life more comfortable.

You also must love this product’s battery management system (BMS), which will monitor and prevent a lot of issues with its built-in protections. These include overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, and a few other safeguards.

I was thrilled to see this product comes with an LCD screen, as well. This feature will help a user monitor and display various pieces of useful info. You can keep track of things like charging status and remaining capacity with this outstanding design aspect.

The device’s charging time was another impressive feature. It’ll vary depending on your solar panel’s power, but a 300W panel can fully charge it in about 5 to 5.5 hours. Many buyers were shocked by this aspect due to how much better it’s than other models out there.

As with our previous generator, this model comes with a built-in handle for more comfortable transport. This aspect should be a welcome sight to anyone who intends to move it from place to place. I love camping outside, which means I will benefit greatly from this fantastic feature.

It also offers one thing I wasn’t expecting from any solar generator: a sense of style. You have a choice regarding the color between blue and black. In my opinion, the black option is far superior, but I could see how someone could find the blue color scheme delightful.

But even with all these features, this portable solar generator for RVs isn’t perfect. I wasn’t a fan of this product’s overall weight at 38 pounds. It was a bit harder to carry than expected, even with the useful and comfortable handle. It’s a small gripe, but one capable of making you annoyed with the device from time to time.

3. BALDR Portable Solar Generator Power Station

The BALDR Portable Solar Generator Power Station is a rather impressive option for anyone who isn’t looking to spend a large amount of money. After all, it manages to balance an affordable price with many outstanding features.

One example would have to be its charging versatility. In fact, users can charge nine different devices using this portable power station for RV. This ability comes from its various outlets, including an AC outlet, a cigarette lighter, and three USB plugs.

As a result, I can power a long list of devices using this generator for off grid living. I even tested this solar RV battery generator out on my camper’s battery without any trouble. It worked perfectly to ensure the battery ran and functioned correctly during my trip.

I was also delighted with this device’s built-in MPPT controller. It has proven to ensure this power station functions with maximum efficiency. Multiple customers even made a point to highlight this aspect within their reviews as a positive attribute.

BALDR equipped this product with a BMS system with seven safety measures to maintain user safety. It’ll prevent overcharging, over-currents, short circuits, and overloading while providing temperature control, low/high voltage control, and an effective low battery alarm.

Other notable features include a fireproof/shock-proof casing and a 1-year warranty. These inclusions only further prove this option’s overall convenience. Buyers could do a lot worse than purchasing this solar generator for van life or RVing.

My only complaint with this product is the fan kicks on more often than I anticipated. It can be pretty annoying when cramped inside a small space like an RV. But honestly, I ended up not caring much about this issue after using it regularly.

4. BLUETTI ‎AC200P Portable Power Station

Dry camping has never been easier than with BLUETTI’s ‎AC200P Portable Power Station. It’s more than capable of being effective with its various striking features within this situation. In other words, it had no issues handling all my devices and needs during my dry camping trip.

Buyers can attribute this effectiveness to its 2000Wh capacity and 2000W inverter. It wasn’t shocking to see so much praise for its overall abilities from fellow dry campers.

I was also thrilled with the number of outlets on this solar generator. For instance, it comes with 17 versatile outlets, including 6 AC ports, two wireless charging pads, and a 12V/25A DC port. It’s much more well equipped than most portable or mini solar generators.

The product’s recharging rate was another massive highlight for me. I can fully recharge this power station in 2.5 hours, which is better than most other options. It’s another area where this BLUETTI separates itself from its competitors.

Users can rely on this device to be durable and reliable. It’s equipped with LiFePO4 battery cells and premium BMS tech to provide excellent safety and protection. Therefore, it should give top-tier performance results for a long time (3500+ life cycles).

Furthermore, it doesn’t only charge using solar power. It can also utilize AC power to provide devices with their required energy. This attribute gives the power station more versatility than a traditional solar power generator.

But I do have one issue with this solar power station for RV usage. It weighs a bit more than I’d like for these devices at 60 pounds. So users will need a second person to help them move it into position before using it.

5. EF ECOFLOW DELTA Max RV Solar Generator Kit

Our next option, EF ECOFLOW DELTA Max RV Solar Generator Kit, has a reputation for fast recharging in only four to eight hours. Its built-in MPPT controller allows this quick recharge while only requiring four 160W solar panels to get the job done.

More importantly, this kit comes with these solar panels rather than users needing to buy them separately. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how much easier their inclusion makes my life. I don’t particularly enjoy having to purchase extra components or parts separately.

The solar panels are pretty impressive when compared with other options. Users can expect them to be durable with their waterproof construction. As a result, they will have no trouble working for camping or other outdoor applications.

Buyers will love the kit’s overall performance quality, as well. This solar generator can power up to 15 devices at once. It makes the device a handy and suitable generator for use as a power backup when at home or traveling.

Moreover, I was delighted with its various charging methods. Buyers shouldn’t think of this device as simply a solar generator. Users can charge it using AC, cars, or EcoFlow Smart generators to enjoy excellent adaptability.

This option is one of the lighter options on our list, weighing in at about 50 pounds. It has made moving this model much easier than I expected. I didn’t even need a second person to help get it out of storage.

Of course, there’s one issue with putting all these excellent features into one kit. This option ends up being one of the most expensive choices. So buyers will need to decide whether its performance quality and features are worth the increased price. In my case, I don’t have any issue paying a little extra for a premium product like this one.

6. Aeiusny 500W Portable Solar Generator

Bargain buyers should jump at the chance to buy Aeiunsy’s 500W Portable Solar Generator. This model has one of the lowest price tags on our entire list. But don’t be fooled, this low cost doesn’t mean it comes with subpar features.

This device comes with a few spectacular ones, beginning with its durable design. In fact, it was made with travel in mind. It should have no problems withstanding those backroad bumps during transit.

I love this product’s three AC outlets, four DC ports, and four USB ports, as well. Their inclusion makes this model a powerful portable device capable of charging appliances ranging from laptops to mini-fridges. You can even use this device as a backup battery during dire emergencies.

The generator’s lightweight construction makes it far more portable than most other models available. You see, this device only weighs a whopping 7 pounds. Small children wouldn’t even have trouble moving it back and forth from storage.

You should also love the convenience of the model’s recharging process. This model can be recharged in three different ways by using: 60w solar panel, AC wall outlet, or a car. In the solar panel’s case, you can expect to recharge within 8-10 hours when exposed to full sun.

Many buyers offered a lot of praise for the device’s instruction manual, too, which I thought was odd. But it turned out to be very informative and answered any question that popped into my head. Plus, it was readable, unlike many other manuals sent out with these products.

However, the device’s main attraction remains its price. It’s too good of a deal, not to mention this aspect again. I mean, you’re getting some top-tier features for a ⅓ of what some other models on this list cost. If this deal isn’t considered a bargain, I don’t know what would be for a buyer.

But I did have one issue with this product worth mentioning. Its power level seems to drain a lot quicker during non-usage than advertised. I found it started draining around the 2-week mark rather than the 6-month stated in the product description.

7. Nature’s Generator 1800W Solar & Wind Powered Generator

Campers wanting a solar generator for off-grid living needs to consider this model. It comes with an 60 AH battery and 1800w inverter. These features combine to offer an impressive 720Wh of output on a singular charge.

As a result, campers will easily have enough energy to power and charge their appliances. You also have to love that this device comes with an included 100W power panel. It even has wheels within its design for easy transport.

Buyers will get a 50ft power panel cable with purchase, as well. This inclusion makes connecting the generator to the solar power panel a breeze. Given these features, it doesn’t get much more convenient for off-the-grid living than with this generator model.

The product even comes with a light-up LCD screen, which will provide a user with info about its battery level, output usage, charging status, and much more. Due to this, you’ll never be caught off guard when using this great device.

I was also more than pleased to learn the generator comes with an included cart. This aspect features wheels to ensure the transporting process is incredibly simple and stress-free. It’s easier than what we’ve endured with our prior easy-to-move options.

The product’s included Smartkey dongle is another eye-catching trait. It allows a user to sync their generator via Bluetooth with an app on their phone. Therefore, you can keep track of everything without going over to the device.

Honestly, it seems like Nature’s Generator thought of everything when creating this product. It’s easily one of the more inclusive and advanced options on today’s market. Some people have even found it useful to use with their smaller homes.

But this product is another one, which comes with customer service issues. A few buyers had made mention of these problems in their reviews. It’s not something you’d expect from a progressive company like Nature Generator. Their product’s still worth the risk, though, as its benefits far outweigh this one small issue.

8. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

Finding a steady source of electricity inside your campsite is a necessity during any camping trip. This reality makes obtaining a reliable power generator rather important. Thankfully, Goal Zero’s Yeti 400 Portable Power Station oozes reliability from every part of its design.

Its reliability comes from its practical, but simple construction. This aspect ensures setting up or using the device never becomes too complicated. As a person who isn’t great with electronics, you can bet I was thrilled when coming across this generator’s design.

One particular design aspect that caught my eye is its seven ports ( three DC, two AC, and 2 USB). Each of these happens to be conveniently located in one area, as well. This placement makes charging your devices a straightforward and easy task.

As for the product’s performance, this device should more than meet your needs. Multiple buyers were praising it for how quickly and effectively it charged their electronic devices. It even can run a mini-fridge for seven straight hours when needed.

It also helps that its seven ports allow a user to connect seven appliances at a single time. This aspect is another convenient addition to an overly practical product. I can’t imagine you’ll ever have to wait for another person’s device to be done charging with this many ports available.

You should find its ability to link up with other lead-acid batteries rather impressive, as well. This ability provides it with the extra power to charge additional devices when needed. It’s a nice touch for rig owners who travel in large groups.

This generator excels when it comes to safety precautions, too, with features like its cooling fan. You can rest easy knowing this aspect will prevent any overheating from occurring. It’s an effective way to avoid a potentially dangerous situation causing severe issues.

I was displeased that Goal Zero made sure their customers had to buy additional accessories from them, though, such as conversion cables. It’s a blatant cash grab, which left a bad taste in my mouth. Thankfully, the product’s effectiveness would make me forget about this rather quickly.

9. MAXOAK 2400Wh/1000W Portable RV Solar Inverter Generator

MAXOAK’s 2400Wh/1000W Portable RV Solar Inverter Generator picks up right where their previous model on this list left off with its own set of great features. One of them happens to be its high-load continuous 1000W inverter, which makes it ideal for the RVing lifestyle.

This aspect ensures the product can work most devices under 1000W, such as TVs, fridges, drones, CPAP machines, phones, and tablets. Its eight outputs make for a convincing argument, too, based on its increased level of convenience.

I was pleased with this product’s battery management system, as well. This aspect will help prevent any issues from occurring like overvoltage, short-circuits, and other problems. It’s an essential feature to ensure no malfunctions happen with the device.

You shouldn’t overlook this product’s auto shut off feature, either. This aspect will turn the device off when it’s fully charged, which helps conserve its battery and energy. Most people don’t realize how much of a godsend this feature is until they start using it.

As with our prior MAXOAX product, this device comes with its MC4 solar charging cable. This addition makes charging via solar panel a much easier process. It’s worth noting that this model doesn’t come with its own solar panel.

Buyers tend to be impressed by this product’s durability, as well. It features a robust and sturdy design capable of dealing with the rough RV lifestyle. Honestly, there’s no reason to believe this generator will need a replacement anytime soon.

The product should be a long-term investment capable of providing top-tier results for years to come. In fact, this MAXOAX solar powered generator for RV might be the most durable model available. What more could a rig owner want from one of these devices?

Well, I was hoping for a more responsible price tag. This model happens to the most costly option on our list by a wide margin. It’s three times more expensive than some other models discussed in this article.

But if money isn’t an issue or consideration, I don’t see how you could pass up on this option. It has everything a camper could want in a solar-powered generator for camping.

10. KYNG Portable 540wh Solar Power Generator

This next option happens to be another one for the bargain buyers. It gains this status thanks to its affordable price and useful features. One of these aspects is the product’s nine built-in ports, which makes life so much easier for a rig owner.

After all, these ports provide the ability to charge or run nine devices at once. You can accomplish this task without worrying about specific issues, either, like over-current, over-temperature, or over-voltage. It should allow a rig owner to charge or use their phones, fans, TVs, lights, and other devices without any trouble.

The product’s own charging time is rather impressive, as well. This generator recharges fully in about 10 to 14 hours using an 18V 60-200W solar power panel. It’s a figure that outpaces many other models top-tier available for purchase.

Aside from these features, the product comes with several familiar aspects seen in prior reviews. These include a compact design, excellent customer service, and multiple recharging methods to promote its versatility.

Each of these features will make this entire process go more smoothly. But there’s one other area where this device does a little better than most of its rivals: its weight. This model only weighs 13 pounds to ensure transporting it doesn’t take much effort.

Given its lightweight design, off-the-grid RVers and boondockers should be swarming to buy this product. It’s sure to make both these experiences much easier to handle. You might even start feeling more comfortable doing these activities than staying in a regular campground.

You’d think a product with features like these would be more expensive. But again, this model has one of the more affordable solar generator price tags out there. Rig owners should make an effort to consider whether this model could fit their needs seriously.

However, this model did have a few buyers complain about shipping and packaging issues. It seems the generator has a habit of arriving late or in beat-up packaging. Neither of these outcomes is what a person should expect from a top-tier brand like KYNG.

11. ROCKPALS 500W Portable Solar Generator

Our last product comes from a brand with an excellent reputation, ROCKPALS. This status has been gained through their ability to offer outstanding customer service and products. Their 500W portable solar generator isn’t any different, thanks to its high-level features.

An excellent example of these features would be its incredible recharging time frame. You see, this model can be fully recharging in about six or seven hours by a 100W solar panel. This aspect is quite impressive when compared to some of our previous models.

I was also impressed with its pure sine wave inverter. This aspect will ensure sensitive appliances like laptops won’t become damaged when connected to the generator. It will reduce electrical and audible noise, too, which helps keep your camping setting peaceful.

The product’s quite powerful thanks to its 540WH lithium batteries, as well. These batteries allow the generator to fully charge smartphones 58 times without needing a replacement. Plus, its features like these make the product useful in emergencies, such as hurricanes.

You can rely on the product’s built-in BMS to keep certain risks at bay, like with several of our previous models. This one has received a lot of praise within the customer reviews. It was hard to find one, which didn’t mention this specific feature in a positive light.

The product’s bright red handle was another favorite feature for various buyers. It makes moving the generator around a routine and straightforward task. I don’t imagine anyone will need the help of a second person when moving it during the storage process.

As with most top-tier models, this generator has an LCD display relaying important info about the entire process. But what makes this one special is its ultra-bright emergency light. This feature will provide excellent outdoor lighting during an emergency.

I’m also rather pleased to report I couldn’t find a single flaw with this product during my research. There was nothing but positive thoughts being spread throughout its many buyer reviews. It’s something to take note of because this outcome doesn’t happen regularly.

KYNG 500W Portable Power Solar Generator (Outdated)

If you want a convenient solar-powered generator for camping, this model from KYNG should be right up your alley. This model has one of the most straightforward recharging processes among any device available on today’s market.

KYNG made this process easy by providing various ways of doing it. You can use a wall AC power outlet, car cigarette DC power 12V/8A outlet, or an 18V 60-120W solar panel. Each of them comes with respectable recharging time frames, which nobody will ever find annoying.

I was also thrilled to find out the product comes with a free solar MC4 cable. It’s just another way KYNG proves they’re willing to go above and beyond for their clients. Honestly, it would be quite a hassle to buy one of these cables separately.

The device’s four DC ports, four USB ports, and three 110V receptacles aren’t anything to overlook. It should have no issues meeting all your charging needs for appliances like iPads, iPhones, tablets, fans, lights, TVs, and laptops.

But this model truly excels with its lightweight design, weighing only 7 pounds. This design is compact, too, which makes the transporting process even more comfortable. As a result, you’ll never need a second person to help carry this power station around.

If an emergency does occur, the product even comes with a LED flashlight. This feature could be a useful thing to have around when camping outside. It’ll make sure you always know what’s going on when setting up this valuable product.

The device has received rare reviews when it comes to its customer service, as well. It’s not too often you come across buyers willing to praise this aspect. It has almost everything a person looking for a simple option could ever want in a solar generator.

However, I was disappointed about it not coming with a manual. The lack of one could be a massive issue for a person with no experience with solar generators. It seems like an odd oversight from a company who seemed to think of everything else.

Sungzu 1000W/1010Wh Portable Solar Generator (Outdated)

If you want an option with a little more versatility, this portable solar generator for RVs could suit your needs. The product comes in three variations (300W, 500W, and 1000W) to ensure it’ll work with a broader range of rig owners than most other options.

I would choose the 1000W version for my situation as it would do a fantastic job running and charging my electronic devices. These appliances include a smartphone, light fixtures, laptop, TVs, and a few other things.

This model would also be capable of supplying power to all these devices at once. You see, it comes with eight ports (2 AC, 2 DC, and 4 USB). These ports should make sure I always have enough to power my intended devices.

You get a bit of choice about the product’s recharging process, as well. It can be recharged directly through a wall socket or with a 32-45V output solar panel. If you intend to use a panel, the process will take anyway between 8 hours to 14 hours. The timeframe will end up depending on your panel’s wattage.

The safety measures within this device are quite extensive, too, with several built-in protection systems. You can expect this product to offer overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overheat protection, and short-circuit protection.

As a result, rig owners can use this device without ever feeling unsafe. The product’s certified by CE RoHS FCC to provide users a bit more comfort with its usage. Sungzu clearly wanted to make sure this generator was capable of safely meeting a camper’s needs.

I should also mention that this product isn’t only usable in a camping situation. Buyers have found it useful for their regular homes, construction sites, powering medical equipment, and much more. It’s another aspect, which showcases the product’s impressive versatility.

However, this model does have one frustrating flaw: its noise level. I was quite shocked by how loud it was during the charging process. This aspect isn’t common in a solar generator for campers. Several other buyers made a mention of it within their reviews, as well.

AIMTOM 540Wh Portable Power Station (Outdated)

Rig owners who love camping in remote and far away places will love AIMTOM’s 540Wh Portable Power Station. It was designed with a sturdy lithium battery capable of handling these settings and keeping all your devices charged.

As a result, an RVer will never have to worry about their phones running out of juice in an isolated place. This generator will have your back and make all your devices ready for these outdoor adventures into nature.

Most rig owners find themselves loving this product’s compact design, as well. This generator features measurements of 10.2” x 6.8” x 6.7”, which should be a snug fit almost anywhere. It makes the storing process a much less frustrating task.

The product’s advanced BMS safeguards are another winning aspect. These safeguards will provide full protection against a wide range of issues, ranging from overloading to short-circuit. In other words, the power station’s fully decked out to prevent any malfunction from occurring.

I found myself also loving this product’s three adjustable LED lights and LCD screen. These aspects will make keeping track of data like battery capacity, power consumption, and remaining runtime much simpler.

You should find the product’s built-in MPPT controller appealing, too. This feature promotes highly efficient solar charging that many generators have a hard time matching. Many buyers were shocked by how well the product performed in this area.

It also helps that the generator comes with nine ports and a 14-hour solar panel recharge timeframe. Both these aspects showcase how convenient the model is for people who love camping away from the rest of civilization.

As for the product’s price tag, it isn’t too shabby. It should have no problem falling right into a person’s realistic budget. This generator could end up being a valuable steal for the right situation and rig owner.

But a few buyers did report durability issues with it dying quicker than expected. These might be isolated incidents because most people seem fine with this area based on the reviews. However, it was mentioned enough, where not putting into our discussion would be unethical.

Renogy Phoenix Portable RV Solar Generator Kit (Outdated)

Buyers looking for the best solar generator for camping purposes would be wise to take a gander at this Renogy Phoenix model. It features a compact and advanced design, which has made many campers happy with its performance.

After all, this design allows the device to run without creating any noise. It also offers power without needing to drain your camper’s battery. These two features are ideally suited for a person looking to do a little outdoor camping.

The built-in solar panel doesn’t hurt its case, either. It’s an aspect that makes using this product outside your rig much more convenient than with other options. Plus, the setup of this solar panel is as simple as possible. You just open the unit, such as with a suitcase, and let it get the job done.

But this built-in panel doesn’t make the product too heavy like a person might expect. It still has a lightweight design, which makes it ideal for transporting. Its comfy handle will help with this process, as well.

As with some prior options, the device can be charged using other ways besides solar power. You can also use AC or car battery power to recharge this product back to full capacity. Due to this, you’ll never find yourself without a way to charge the device.

The product features an affordable price tag, as well, which is always a welcome feature. I don’t see how it wouldn’t fit right into most people’s budgets. Anyone who wants a solar generator for campers would be a fool not to consider it.

Its number of buying options only adds to this feeling of it being a bargain. You can choose between three options to ensure the boughten product is suitable for your rig’s situation. It shouldn’t be too tricky to find the one capable of meeting your needs.

The product’s design containing only one AC outlet was a small bummer. You see, I have many devices and appliances that use AC outlets for charging and operating processes. This flaw makes it a hard sell for my specific situation.

Solar Generator for RV Buyer’s Guide


Over these last few decades, RVs have become a practical option for anyone who enjoyed regular traveling adventures. Their large size, ample space, and engine capabilities made them a popular fixture around the world.

But RVs were a bit limited when it comes to the convenience levels it can offer during these adventures. In the past, a person who wanted to boondock or do off-the-grid camping would have to sacrifice luxuries, such as laptops and phones.

Recent developments have no longer made this an issue thanks to the invention of RV solar generators. These devices have made boondocking and off-the-grid camping a much better experience for everyone involved.

You see, these generators will convert energy that your rig’s solar panels obtain into electricity and stores it within a battery for future usage. As a person needs power, it’s just a simple matter of plugging into the right port, and your needs will be met.

However, finding the perfect RV solar generator is a bit more complicated than people often imagine. There’s a lot of moving parts to the process, which can cause a great deal of stress. But the following discussions of these factors should make finding one a whole lot easier.

Battery Capacity

One of the main determining factors will be battery capacity. This aspect depends on your expected daily power usage. As a result, every buyer has to calculate the amount of electricity their rig’s appliances need.

You can do this calculation through multiplying wattage per hour by the number of hours these devices need to run. For instance, let’s say you’re a camper with a laptop or other appliance, which requires 60 watts and intends to use its seven hours a day.

The calculation would only require multiplying your laptop’s power requirements by usage hours: 60 watts x 7 hours = 420 watt-hours (Wh). The final result would be computed in something called watt-hours.

You would then proceed to do this same calculation with every device that’s being plugged into the solar generator, and add those results together. Once you get a total, find an RV solar power generator with this wattage capacity or even a bit more.

This action will ensure a camper can use their rig as intended, without any concerns popping up when switching over to a generator. It’s also worth noting that different rigs will require specific power requirements based on their distinct needs, such as its number of lighting fixtures and appliances.

In most cases, rig owners can expect their Watt-hours needs to be anywhere from 500Wh to 2,000Wh. People looking only to power a few devices like a fan, their phone, lighting fixtures, and their rig’s battery won’t have extensive Wh requirements. You might be okay with a battery capacity between 200Wh and 1,000Wh.

Inverter Rating

If your generator’s inverter rating is small, a large battery capacity won’t do a thing. This aspect is another one that should be based on what devices you intend to plug into the generator. For example, it won’t do much good to have an invert capable of pulling 300W when you need to pull 400W.

It also wouldn’t make much sense to get an inverter capable of pulling much more than required. Why would a person need an inverter to pull 600W when the generator only has a capacity of 300Wh? This camper should instead opt for an inverter capable of pulling 300W.

Overall, buyers should stick to this guideline when buying an RV solar generator: the inverter to capacity rating needs to be two to three. As a result, a person with a 400W inverter would require a 600Wh battery.

Ease of Monitoring Process

Rig owners using solar generators and panels will need to monitor several pieces of info: electricity being pulled in, battery power, voltage, and other vital elements. This ability to monitor will allow them to examine what appliances need priority over others. It’s a simple way to manage your usage effectively.

Most manufacturers will make this process easy by including LCD monitors within the generator’s design. Therefore, you can get the required data without much of a hassle. Some models might even have mobile apps capable of relaying important info through your phone.

Due to this, the camper can keep track of their generator without having to approach the device. It’s a convenient way of controlling the entire process without having to move. As a lazy person myself, you can bet I find a feature like this one endlessly appealing.

Design Weight

The generator’s design weight will have a massive impact on this process, as well. Honestly, campers will need to move the generator around once in a while. You don’t want this process to be an impossible task or a hassle.

I’d recommend getting a generator with a lightweight design. This action will ensure you can move the device when it’s necessary. Otherwise, you might never feel the need to take it out of the RV, which would make this entire process useless.

If you do get a more substantial model, make sure it has features capable of increasing its portability. An excellent example would be a robust set of handles or wheels. Both these aspects would make the moving process an absolute breeze.


A generator’s price will vary drastically from model to model. Due to this, buyers should come up with a budget based on their distinct needs. This resource will need to account for every feature that you deem necessary. But it’ll also have to stay realistic.

For example, a person looking for generators with a 600Wh battery capacity will need higher budget ranges than campers wanting a 300Wh model. Keeping a budget realistic is the only way to benefit from its usefulness.

This usefulness comes from its ability to limit buying options down to a more manageable number. After all, you’ll only be picking from generators capable of meeting your specific needs and wants. It makes for a much more positive buying experience.

Construction Size

As any RV owner knows, the space inside a motorhome tends to be somewhat limited. This issue means picking a solar generator with a compact design would be an ideal move. In fact, you should determine how much area you have available for this device before buying one.

But this factor should be the least of these determining factors. After all, you can always make a bit more room by getting rid of an item or two. However, it might end up being a deciding factor between two top-tier models down the line.

RV Solar Generator FAQs

Our FAQ section will attempt to answer and cover topics left unaddressed by the previous discussions. These talks will fill in any remaining concerns, still making this process a nuisance for you.

Who is this for?

One of the first things to address is what makes these products such a useful device for rig owners. Well, solar generators are a unique power supply option that a rig owner can utilize when camping around the world.

These devices allow rig owners to roam freely without worrying about getting cut off from the outside world. How does it offer this fantastic benefit? It converts the sun’s rays into usable energy while you’re traveling from place to place.

As a result, campers can travel long distances and gather energy at the same time. They can then use this energy later for numerous activities, such as powering cameras, laptops, phone chargers, and other useful devices.

It’s also worth mentioning that these generators remove the need to luge those heavy, gas models. Gas generators have always been a source of frustration for campers. After all, these devices are heavy, bulky, need a lot of equipment, and create a lot of noise.

Given these issues provided by gas generators, I don’t see why a person wouldn’t opt for a solar model instead. These solar power devices are cleaner, smoother, and provide a quieter operation level that those gas options can’t match.

In the end, these generators are suitable for anyone looking to make their RV trips a bit more enjoyable. It’s an excellent alternative to choosing a gas generator, which will likely leave you with troubling headaches.

Advantages of using solar generator for RV

Several advantages come from using a solar generator. Each of them will make your life on the road a lot easier. I’ll list out a few out below to ensure you have a better handle on what these devices can offer a rig owner:

Designed for the Traveling Grind

Manufacturers make sure these devices are capable of dealing with the issues that come from traveling. In other words, these products can handle the bumps and humps a trailer might encounter on a backroad.

These design qualities make them more durable than you’d expect from a regular solar generator. Using solar generators designed for the RVing lifestyle will ensure you’ll meet a lot fewer hassles on your trips.

You’ll no longer have to worry about a bump here or there, causing some huge issues for your generator. These devices will instead withstand them and offer years of top-tier performance, barring any unexpected problems.


RV solar generators aren’t only designed for appliances inside your rig. These devices can also be used within the campsite. For instance, this type of model will allow a camper to use mobile devices, fans, and lights inside a tent.

This ability comes from the device being fitted with certain portable features, such as handles or wheels. Therefore, campers can enjoy an outdoor camping experience comparable to the one you’d enjoy inside a rig. It’s one of the main reasons solar generators tend to be a favorite among boondockers.

Utilizes Renewable Energy

One of the best things about these devices is they’re environmentally conscious. Using a solar generator can reduce your carbon footprint by a significant amount due to them utilizing renewable energy. Honestly, it’s never a bad idea to help the earth out in any way possible.

What size solar generator do I need?

As I’ve mentioned before, the perfect generator size will vary from consumer to consumer. But you can rest easy knowing most of them tend to be compact and lightweight. However, ones with high capacity need a bit bulkier to deal with the high usage level.

In other words, the sizing of your generator will depend on your preferred battery capacity. This reality makes it rather tough to talk about sizing in general terms. So please, think about what capacity fits your needs and find a size capable of offering it.

Can I charge my RV battery with a solar generator?

RV owners can use a solar generator to charge their batteries. In most cases, the preferred method is charging it through the 12V outlet on their rig’s dashboard. This is possible because solar generators are usable indoors, unlike traditional gas-powered generators.

It’s also worth noting that some solar generators will come with alligator clip cables. These parts are essential for connecting the generator to car batteries. Hence, you can use these clips to charge an RV battery or any 12V batteries within your rig’s power bank.

Can a solar generator run a camper air conditioner?

A solar generator can run camper air conditioners within the proper setup. You can find a portable solar generator for RV air conditioner use without much difficulty.

But I do have to mention that the generator needs to have the right wattage capacity. Usually, ACs need at least 1000W to start, sometimes even 3500W. Otherwise, you might pick a solar generator for travel trailer use that’s incapable of running your AC unit.

What solar generator charges the fastest?

BLUETTI’s NA300 Sodium-Ion Solar Generator is considered the fastest charging option. However, it didn’t make our list because the price tag is much more expensive than I’d imagine any RVer would want to spend.

But if the price isn’t a factor for your situation, this model would represent an excellent choice. It’s a better option than the similar priced Titan solar generator or Titan RV solar power generator kit models. However, the Titan model is the only solar generator with 30 amp RV outlet plug.

This plug makes using the generator more convenient for camping and motorhome usage. I should also mention that there isn’t a solar generator with 50 amp RV outlet plugs. You’ll need a 50A adapter to utilize these devices as a 50 amp solar generator for RV usage.

What is the difference between a solar generator and a power station?

An RV solar generator values convenience and portability more than a power station. In other words, it provides all the necessary solar parts within a singular convenient system. Meanwhile, a solar power station will include more involved aspects, such as an inverter or battery.

How to install and use?

In most cases, these devices will be plug-and-play. This situation will only require a person to plug it in (to solar panels or AC power), or plug in your appliances to charge them. Some models will also have the option of turning the charging off and on.

People with a kit that needs a connection to an external solar charge will have to connect that. However, anyone who has a power kit without a voltage controller would be wise to buy one. These controllers are an effective way to ensure fluctuations don’t occur during the charging process.

I’d also suggest checking your device’s power rating to ensure the controller can offer the output required. You can’t use a 220V controller with solar generators containing 110V outputs. It’s not going to work unless the voltage levels match.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Keeping solar generators in good shape isn’t too tricky. You need to be aware of these devices, having a bit more weight than you might expect. As a result, don’t be afraid to ask a family member for help when moving them around.

If you don’t, it could result in dropping the generator, which can cause severe damage. Some wirings could start coming loose, or the battery might get beat up. You must make sure to be careful and responsible when storing these devices.

Campers would also do well to ensure these generators never get wet. It might seem like common sense, but electricity and water don’t mix. These two things interacting inside the generator can cause a short circuit.

If you find it necessary to clean it, use a dry cloth. This cleaning item will be more than adequate at wiping away the dirt and dust. There’s no need ever to use wet towels when maintaining a solar power generator.


Finding the best solar generator for RV should no longer be a difficult task. You’ve got all the tools necessary to make a smart choice when doing this search. It’s just a simple affair of applying it, which will make the right choice apparent.

But sometimes, these things don’t happen as we’d expect them causing questions to arise. If this situation occurs, please let us know in our comment section with a post describing your concern. I’ll make sure to answer each one with a detailed response. After all, I just want to ensure the search ends with a great big smile on your face. Thanks for reading!

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