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The Best RV Windshield Covers to Block Out 99% UV Rays

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Because RV owners have been looking to protect their windshields and interior for decades, the popularity of windshield covers around campgrounds shouldn’t be too surprising. It’s an easy way to stop outdoor elements from causing damage to your motorhome’s parts.

best rv windshield cover

But it’s also essential to find the best RV windshield cover for your situation. Otherwise, you might not get the protection that you want from these products. You’ll need a handle on what high-quality options offer with their features and aspects.

I intend on offering this information with a detailed buying guide and 13 product reviews. These discussions will provide everything a person might need to know about windshield covers. Let’s now dive in and find the perfect one for your motorhome.

Best Overall Easy To Use Quality Material
Preview EcoNour RV Cover

ADCO 2407

MOFEEZ Windshield Cover

Feature UV Protection, Foldable, Reduce Temperature Protect Dashboard, Cracks UV Protection, Weatherproof
Vehicle Service Class A, RV, Truck, Bus Class C, SUV, Van, Truck Van, Class A, Class B, Trailer RV
Material 240T Polyester Heavy-Duty Vinyl PEVA Aluminized Film, Cotton, Flame Retardant Cotton, Black Polyester
Details Details Details

Best Windshield Cover for RV Reviews

1. EcoNour ‎ECOCircleBusSS RV Windshield Sunshade

The EcoNour ‎ECOCircleBusSS RV Windshield Sunshade offers several features to make it an ideal fit on a camper’s windshield. In particular, I was delighted by this product’s 51″ by 102″ sizing, which fit my class A motorhome like a glove. It offered full coverage and kept my rig from becoming a sweatbox during those summer afternoons.

EcoNour made this heat reduction possible by incorporating UV-reflective components inside the cover. In simpler terms, it deflects the sun’s rays away from my rig’s interior, so I don’t have to worry about returning to an uncomfortable and sweaty camper.

Furthermore, I was thrilled with this product’s durable nylon polyester construction. It hasn’t had a single issue, even with regular usage these last few months. As a result, it has shown a durability level that my previous RV exterior window covers didn’t offer.

Buyers will also love the product’s versatility, as it’s not only for Class A motorhomes. Many customers on Reddit have found it helpful on buses and even a few trucks. Plus, it’s available in seven other sizes to ensure a widespread customer base.

EcoNour was kind enough to provide a storage pouch with each purchase, as well. This aspect will come in handy when storing the RV for winter or off-season. I can simply place the sunshade in the pouch and not worry about any damage.

I must point out that this model comes with a 6-month warranty, too. So it’ll protect against accidents and provide a way to get my money back or a replacement.

As for its flaws, I did notice that folding it takes longer than other choices. I wouldn’t call this issue a massive deal, but it’s worth noting when considering this cover. That said, it shouldn’t keep anyone from taking a long look at this high-quality EcoNour sunshade.

As for its flaws, I did notice that folding it takes longer than other choices. I wouldn’t call this issue a massive deal, but it’s worth noting when considering this cover. That said, it shouldn’t keep anyone from taking a long look at this high-quality EcoNour sunshade.

2. ADCO 2407 Class C Ford 1997-2008 RV Windshield Cover

ADCO’s 2407 Class C Ford 1997-2008 RV Windshield Cover has a reputation for being among the most effective options available. Its heavy-duty vinyl fabric material couldn’t be more suited to protect your rig against any outdoor elements.

For instance, this vinyl shields against any issues coming from UV rays. Some of these problems include dashboard cracking and fading. Its usage will make sure your motorhome’s interior doesn’t suffer any difficulties regarding sun damage.

I was also thrilled with its white color scheme. It might not seem like a massive deal, but white vinyl tends to match almost every RV paint job. This aspect makes the product a lot more adaptable than several other RV windshield covers Class C compatible.

Don’t overlook this cover’s sewn-in door pockets or heavy-duty magnets, either. I was thoroughly pleased by how well these aspects performed at creating a tight, snug fit. Multiple other customers seemed to have the same experience, as they praised these traits in its reviews.

The included storage bag was another trait to catch my attention. It’ll ensure storing this windshield cover doesn’t become a taxing hassle. It’s an issue that often comes up with other options available. After all, most Class C motorhomes don’t have an abundant amount of storage space.

One or two customers did experience shipping and packaging issues, though. These buyers reported receiving a damaged product, which isn’t what anyone wants. Luckily, the complaints weren’t overly frequent to indicate a massive trend.

In fact, most people were overjoyed with these motorhome window covers. It makes me think anyone with a Class C Ford 1997-2008 RV shouldn’t hesitate for a second to buy one. The provided durability and snug fit alone should more than meet your expectations.

3. MOFEEZ Class C Ford 1997-2020 RV Windshield Cover

If you’re looking for a simple, effective option, MOFEEZ’s Class C Ford 1997-2020 RV Windshield Cover is an excellent fit. This RV front window cover is known for being one of the easiest to install available.

Buyers can attribute this benefit to its non-scratch magnets and upper corner sleeves. Both these design aspects make putting this cover on a breeze. I was genuinely shocked by how simple and straightforward it was, especially compared to other options.

You’ll also benefit from its all seasons protection ability. Mofeez has built this interior RV windshield cover to block out 99% of the UV rays. As a result, your motorhome’s interior won’t become victim to all the nonsense that comes with long-term sun exposure.

The cover will instead keep everything in good condition. You won’t have to worry about discoloration, deterioration, or rusting. It makes this cover a godsend to have when keeping your motorhome outside for long periods.

Users will love how much area this cover protects. It doesn’t only cover the entire windshield but does an adequate job covering all side glass. Thus, it provides a level of privacy that anyone would love to have around a campground.

But it’s essential to be aware that this cover may pick up grime. If you buy it, staying on top of this issue will be a necessary task in your life.

4. Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Windshield Cover

The Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Windshield Cover is a perfect option for any RVer with a Dodge or Mercedes Sprinters made from 2006 to 2015. It was built specifically to fit these motorhomes and offers some excellent benefits.

A prime example would be its water-resistant vinyl fabric material. It helps prevent water build-ups or water damage, which is suitable for anyone who likes traveling in humid climates.

I found myself loving this vinyl material non-scratch backing, as well. This aspect will help ensure issues like grime, rust, or grease don’t become a concern. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance upkeep will be much lower than with other RV windshield sun shades.

The anti-theft flaps are another massive advantage offered by this product. You can expect them to secure behind doors, which should stop thieves from stealing it. It’s an ingenious design that’ll help guarantee this cover remains in your life for many years.

Buyers shouldn’t forget about this cover’s 3-year warranty, either. This policy will offer some protection against receiving a lousy product or any shipping issues. The customer reviews confirm Class Accessories honors this agreement, as well, which doesn’t always happen.

However, RVers will have to pay a bit more for this cover. It’s among the most expensive RV front window shades on this list, which could turn some buyers off. You’ll have to decide whether its impressive capabilities are worth this increased price tag.

I would argue these results are more than worth paying a little more cash. The exceptional water damage protection, anti-theft flaps, and excellent 3-year warranty are outstanding. You’d have a hard time finding a more capable cover than this one within today’s market.

5. ELUTO Class C Ford 1997-2020 RV Windshield Cover

If you’re looking for a year-round windshield cover, ELUTO’s Class C Ford 1997-2020 RV Windshield Cover should be on your consideration list. Its strong, robust 4-layer construction has all the capabilities to work well in any weather condition.

Summertime RVers would benefit significantly from its 99% effective UV protection. Meanwhile, wintertime rig owners will love its effectiveness against snow and sleet. It’ll be ready for whatever situation comes its way when it comes to outdoor elements.

The product can offer these results to a lot of RVers, as well. It was made to fit any Class C Ford models built between 1997-2020. As you can imagine, this range covers a large number of Class C rigs roaming our beautiful planet right now.

You also will love its side mirror cut-outs, which makes installation much more manageable. This inclusion helps prevent any usage of screws or drilling during the process. As someone who likes to avoid using them, I can’t imagine a better situation for my needs.

Its extra strength magnets make it among the best magnetic RV windshield covers class C sized available. These magnets and the sewn-in door pockets will have no problem keeping the cover in place, even when dealing with strong winds.

Bargain buyers shouldn’t hesitate to put some serious thought into this option. It has one of the more affordable price tags among any of our choices. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say this cover is a steal of a deal.

Honestly, I don’t have a genuine complaint against this product. This magnetic RV windshield cover should make anyone who can use it more than happy with its results. I just wish it could work with more than Class C motorhomes, but we can’t always have what we want.

6. BougeRV Class C RV Windshield Snow Cover

Our next product, BougeRV’s Class C RV Windshield Snow Cover, was an easy choice for this list because of its impressive array of features. A standout example would be its hook and loop tape fasteners that offer exceptional wind protection. Users will place these around your vehicle’s mirrors to ensure the cover never gets blown away.

I tend to travel in high wind areas, which makes this aspect extremely useful. You also have to love the product’s excellent magnets that ensure installation is a breeze. There were a few customers who even reported doing the entire task in less than two minutes.

As someone who hates these tasks with a passion, I couldn’t enjoy this benefit anymore even if I tried.

I loved how effective this product was against several outdoor elements, as well. You can expect it to protect your rig against UV rays, frost, dust, dirt, ice, and snow. The customer reviews are filled with people raving about its performance with these abilities.

The product’s ability to cool down a rig on hot summer days was incredible, too. Its 4-layer construction made up of high-density materials is no joke. In fact, this product has proven to cool down a rig’s interior to a 40-degree difference after usage.

Some customers did report the cover was a little looser than expected. This issue could lead to problems like bugs getting inside your RV’s cabin. But I wouldn’t put too much stock into these concerns as it was only mentioned a couple of times. Honestly, anyone who buys this option shouldn’t expect anything other than excellent performance.

7. COOLTOP Class C Motorhome Windshield Cover

COOLTOP’s Windshield Cover can make anyone’s life easier with its simple using process. It was designed with sleeves, a corner elastic band, and magnets to ensure the job gets done without any issues.

These design aspects will make sure even newbie RVers can set up this cover. I can’t imagine anyone having difficulty putting it on or taking it off a rig. The customer reviews only seem to back up these findings of an easy install as most people made a point to praise it.

Of course, this easy using process wouldn’t mean much without high-quality performance. But this windshield cover indeed excels in that area. It’ll have no issues providing an RVer with as much privacy and protection as needed.

After all, the product will even cover your vehicle’s side glass when its usage. This aspect will ensure you get total privacy around the campground. You’ll no longer need to worry about everyone knowing your business when staying at one.

Some other notable features of these include an affordable price tag, 4-layer construction, adequate UV protection, and anti-theft design aspects. Each of their inclusions will play a massive role in your satisfaction with this product.

A customer or two did complain about the product not fitting like its ad picture, though. These people ended up having to return the cover, which is never ideal. But I have to say that it seems like these buyers didn’t do a thorough enough job reading the product’s description.

Most customers were overjoyed with what they received when it came to size. The vast majority of them had nothing but positive things to report about their experiences. I would have complete confidence in this cover more than meeting my expectations.

8. Sunguard SG100 RV Windshield Cover

Buyers looking to customize a cover based on their specific RV’s needs should love Sunguard’s SG100 RV Windshield Cover. You provide this brand with your rig’s make and model, which they’ll use to craft one of their perfect Sunguard RV windshield covers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for RV windshield covers Class A sized, or Class C sized: Sunguard has you covered. The snug and tighter fit provided by this customized windshield cover outpace every other product on our list.

The performance results provided by these products aren’t anything to sneeze at. As with our previous products, these covers are excellent at UV protection and cooled down a rig considerably. It makes a Sunguard windshield cover an absolute godsend for people traveling hotter or tropical climates.

The installation process was another massive winning trait. Each cover comes with a set of easy-to-follow directions, which were praised multiple times in the customer reviews. Honestly, I don’t see even newbie RVers having much trouble with it.

You also get a 12-year warranty with each purchase, which isn’t common. This amount of time is much more than you can expect from most Class C or Class A motorhome windshield sun shades. You’ll always have a cover that can provide excellent sun protection and privacy whenever you’re traveling.

But the price tag on this product may be a hard one for everybody to swallow. It’s easily the most expensive cover on this entire list. You’ll have to spend a small fortune to obtain its excellent, high-quality performance.

If you’re looking for the best, I don’t see how a person could turn away from these covers. The customization and tighter fit provide higher quality than any other option can offer. You just need to decide whether these benefits are worth the excessive price tag.

9. PAUTO-P LOY024 Class C RV Windshield Cover

RVers who intend on traveling to rainy areas, such as the Pacific Northwest, should consider the PAUTO-P’s LOY024 Class C RV Windshield Cover. Its PEVA waterproofing fabric material has received rare reviews for dealing with snow and rain.

As a result, it shouldn’t have any trouble keeping your RV free of water damage. Those tarps most RVers tend to use often fail in this regard by trapping water underneath them. Your usage of PAUTO-P’s cover will make this no longer a potential issue.

I was also pleased by this product’s soft surface quality. It’ll ensure the product doesn’t cause scratches on your side windows or windshield. This attribute often goes overlooked, but it goes a long way in ensuring your RV remains in good shape.

Buyers will be happy with this product’s compatibility level, as well. It’s one of the most versatile Class C covers as it can work on any Ford model made from 1997-2020. This benefit comes from its usage of corner loops that provide such a stellar and secure fit.

Its excellent sun protection is another worthwhile attribute. This cover will prevent most heat and sunlight from ever entering your rig because of how it fits. After all, it covers almost all the side windows and windshield to avoid any potential coverage gaps.

But I was a little disappointed to see some customers felt the install was more difficult than expected. This issue seems to arise from the secure fit being too snug. It makes the margin for error slightly smaller than other available options.

In any case, the installation still doesn’t take very long. It’s nothing that will cause a user significant stress or frustration. I promise anyone who buys this cover will be more than happy with their purchase.

10. EXCELFU RWC159753 Class C RV Windshield Cover

The EXCELFU’s RWC159753 Class C RV Windshield Cover anti-theft precautions were a massive reason for its placement on our list. Its construction prevents thieves from taking the cover by having sleeves attach to your vehicle’s doors’ upper corners.

It’s an ingenious design aspect because this prevents people from lifting your cover without opening the door. Anyone inside your motorhome will know whenever someone tries to take the product. It might not seem like a big deal now, but you never know when this precaution will come in handy.

The product’s overall durability was another delightful highlight. Its 4-layer design was built to deal with any weather condition with ease. Meanwhile, the product itself has a side mirror cut out to ensure more effortless wear and tear.

Both these attributes will be vital factors into why this product lasts more than two or three years. Honestly, I would expect nothing less from EXCELFU: they’re known for creating excellent RVing community products.

The privacy and protection offered by these options aren’t something to overlook, either. It outpaces or matches all these other options in these categories with ease. You even expect the cover to do a solid job against problems like grime, which can cause trouble for others.

But the included storage bag was a bit bulkier than I expected. It defeats the purpose of having one as it takes up a sizable space inside my storage area. I’m basically a hoarder, so you can see how this would represent an issue onboard my rig.

Nonetheless, the included storage bag shouldn’t stop you from buying this cover. It should have no trouble meeting your needs expectations elsewhere. This potential issue is more of a preference thing rather than something truly detrimental.

11. RVMATE RMWSC-10 RV Front Window Cover

RVMATE’s RMWSC-10 Window Cover combines cotton, PEVA aluminized film, black polyester, and flame retardant cotton to make its construction. These materials are put together to create a highly effective windshield cover any Class C RV owner could enjoy.

The product’s impressive durability can be attributed to this construction. There’s no reason to believe that this cover won’t offer several years of usage. Plus, these high-quality materials provide a fantastic array of abilities.

This design has proven to be effective at blocking snow, offering top-tier shading and excellent waterproof capabilities. You can’t ask for much more when it comes to an adequate front window cover or shade.

More importantly, the fit around your rig’s windshield will be more than secure. This product comes with Velcro sides that wrap around your rearview mirrors. As a result, it’ll fit snugly and securely onto your windshield without producing any gaps.

Buyers will also get a free storage drawstring bag with purchase. It’ll make placing this cover into your storage areas much more manageable while ensuring transport is effortless. You shouldn’t underrate how beneficial a good storage bag can be for an RVer.

A few additional familiar useful features include UV protection, easy installation process, elastic corner straps, and an affordable price. RVMATE sure seemed to do their homework when thinking about what RVers want in these products.

It does offer a little less compatibility than our previous Class C RV windshield covers, though. This product only works on Ford models from 1996-2016. It’s still a rather extensive range, but it lacks a bit compared to some other choices.

But if it does work for your needs, I don’t see any other reason not to buy it. It does everything well that a person could want from these products.

12. Eapele Class C RV Windshield Cover

UV rays aren’t the other thing that doesn’t stand a chance against Eapele’s Class C RV Windshield Cover. Buyers can expect this product to protect their vehicle against all sorts of potential issues: snow, ice, rain, dust, dirt, and much more.

The cover’s thick construction can even stop falling branches from scratching your side windows or windshield. Eapele did an excellent job crafting a product that can deal with whatever issue might present itself.

I was also thrilled by its snug fit around my camper. This ability will help prevent bugs from flying into the cabin area through any potential unsecured gaps. It’s an issue that tends to arise when using inferior or subpar options available on today’s market.

As with some previous options, I didn’t find installing this product to be a tricky process. Multiple customers made a point even to mention it only required two minutes of their time. Users can then use their spare time for more fun activities such as spending time with their family. Plus, it’ll stay in place after install due to the magnets and door pockets.

The price tag on this windshield cover won’t empty your bank account, either. You don’t often find effective magnetic RV windshield covers Class A or Class C sized available for this price. Bargain buyers would be doing themselves a disservice by not considering this option.

I was slightly disappointed by one aspect of this product, though. The product’s material does have a reputation for leaving behind white markings after usage. You won’t have much issue cleaning them away, but it’s still a minor inconvenience.

Overall, its affordability and performance make the white marks more than worth it. A minor issue like this one should never stop a person from taking advantage of a bargain.

13. Leisure Coachworks LCW-WSC RV Windshield Window Cover

Our final product, Leisure Coachworks LCW-WSC RV Windshield Window Cover, shouldn’t be overlooked because of its placement on this list. In fact, this product outpaces or matches most of these other options without much trouble.

For instance, its ability to cool down an RV on a hot summer’s day is quite impressive. It’s been known to reduce the interior temperature of these vehicles by 10 degrees. It could have a massive impact on how comfortable those 95-degree days feel within your rig.

Buyers can thank its ability to cover the entire windshield for this impressive heat reduction. Moreover, this feature will keep your privacy whenever a situation might arise when it’s needed or wanted.

Putting this product on and taking it off couldn’t be much easier. Any owners of Class C Ford 1997-2020 models will have no issues with these tasks. The product comes with upper corner sleeves and strong magnets to make your life easier.

As you might imagine, this creates a tight fit that even the strongest winds can’t remove. Users won’t find themselves chasing after this cover around the campground. You can instead put it on and have complete confidence it’ll stay attached to your rig.

I only wish the product came with an included bag for easy transport and storage. This inclusion would make the cover a lot more convenient as I wouldn’t have to buy one elsewhere. It’s a minor nitpick, but one worth mentioning to potential buyers.

However, I wouldn’t let this minor issue stop me from considering this excellent cover. It checks off every other box that I could want in one. Plus, you can easily find a storage bag somewhere else for a small amount of money.

RV Windshield Cover Buyer’s Guide


Choosing an RV windshield cover is a bit more of a science than most people expect. There are a significant number of factors that’ll affect your final decision. This section will discuss each of them to ensure this choice becomes effortless for anyone involved.

  • What RV Type You Own

A massive part of choosing an RV windshield cover is what kind of RV you own. Honestly, it’ll probably be the most critical factor in this process. Its importance comes from there not being a single cover that’s usable on every type of rig.

Each buyer must take the time to think about what’s a perfect fit for your camper. Your preferred windshield cover needs to account for factors, such as wiper blades or rearview mirrors. In these cases, you’ll benefit from an option with cutout areas, loops, and openings.

These additions will help accommodate the mirrors. You’ll also come across RV shades for windshield applications with wraparound fabrics, but I’d recommend avoiding these options. Users usually find them to be a lot less effective as strong winds can cause tearing issues.

  • Method of Attachment

Windshield covers for motorhomes will come with several attachment mechanisms. You’ll need to determine what one works best for your situation. The most common options include suction cups, straps, and magnetic attachments.

Each of these options will make attaching your cover straightforward. It ends up being more of a preference issue rather than RV windshield covers magnetic or otherwise being better than another. But it’s essential to read through the customer reviews for some indication about its overall effectiveness.

Moreover, I’d recommend choosing one that comes with straps or anti-theft tabs. These additions will help stop someone from stealing your high-quality windshield cover. Most people find Velcro, twist and lock, ez snap, or button-down to be simple and effective choices.

  • Fabric Material

Never purchase an RV windshield cover that doesn’t have a reputation for being made with a durable fabric material. It’s vital to do significant research into this aspect before putting money down. Customer reviews will be a massive help when it comes to this aspect.

Buyers would be wise only to consider options made from materials with these three abilities: waterproof, UV protection, and offers adequate privacy. It’s essential to limit your options based on these attributes because there are plenty of choices available.

In most instances, vinyl will be a customer’s best bet. The vinyl material will offer complete protection against sun damage caused by UV rays. But its ultra-efficient protection does drive up the price quite a bit for potential buyers.

The extra cost does become worth it, though, as vinyl covers don’t only protect against the sun. It’ll provide resistant abilities against mildew, sulfide, and mold. Plus, it’s an ideal option for buyers who value complete privacy.

But bargain hunters would probably do better with a cover made from vinyl-covered polyester. It provides comparable results while costing less. You’ll also come across covers made from materials like Suntex and Protex, which are other acceptable choices.

  • Cost

The price tag of each motorhome windshield cover will play a factor in your final decision. No buyer wants to choose an item that makes them stretch their bank account. As a result, building a well-constructed budget becomes a necessity.

It would be best if you built around your budget on preferred features and traits. For instance, a person looking to buy a Class A RV windshield cover will need a big budget. A Class A motorhome windshield cover will require more material, which means a higher price.

Accounting for these details can make a massive difference in whether this resource becomes useful. Your budget can then lessen the number of choices significantly, which makes choosing the perfect option much more effortless. You’ll be picking from a small crop of covers that meet your specific needs.

RV Windshield Cover FAQs

Our FAQ section will attempt to resolve any leftover concerns, which weren’t covered by the previous discussions.

Who is this for?

These products are vital pieces of equipment when traveling in a motorhome. These products provide a simple way to obtain privacy and protection for your camper. Getting one is a must for anyone who values both these attributes.

What are the different types of RV windshield covers?

These products are made in various shapes, sizes, and designs. But manufacturers choose to classify them by the type of motorhomes they cover. In other words, there are separated into categories based on the three common motorhome types:

  • Class A motorhomes: Any Class A windshield cover would be built to work with those insane 26ft to 45ft monsters filled with every feature and amenities imaginable.
  • Class B motorhomes: Campervans are what fit into this classification. Most of them fall in the 17ft to 23ft range and offer very little storage space or amenities.
  • Class C motorhomes: If you’re looking for a middle ground between the other two types, these rigs would be your ideal choice. These motorhomes are 20ft to 30 ft while offering adequate features and storage space.

These classifications make measuring your RV’s side windows and windshield are an essential part of this process. You’ll need these measurements to have any hope of choosing an ideal fit. Otherwise, you’ll buy an option that doesn’t fit your needs at all.

If you’re concerned about choosing the proper size, most retailers will have no issues helping. You tell them your RV’s model, and they shouldn’t have trouble pointing you in the right direction.

How do RV windshield covers work?

RV windshield covers work by shielding your camper or motorhome from harmful outdoor elements. Some of these issues include water damage, UV rays, and potential theft from other RV owners.

For instance, a windshield cover will reflect those harmful sun rays from your camper. This action stops those more extreme heat temperatures from deteriorating parts of your RV. It’s a crucial piece of what makes these products such a helpful purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of using RV windshield covers

RV windshield covers provide buyers with both pros and cons. It’s essential to understand both sides before making a decision. Otherwise, you won’t know whether purchasing one is a smart move for your situation.


  • Provides UV Protection

RV sun shades or RV windshield covers protect against an invisible threat: ultraviolet sun rays. These rays happen to be among the most significant damage-causing elements for RV owners.

These rays can do a serious number on plastic parts of your RV. Some of the victims include fridge handles, vents, shower panels, and toilets. Each of these vital components is known for being harmed by UV rays.

Given this information, RV owners would be wise to get as much protection as possible. Windshield covers are an excellent way of protecting these interior components against these pesky sun rays.

I should also note that these covers will protect your rig from damage caused by excessive heat. As I mentioned earlier, a high-quality cover will reflect heat away from your rig’s interior to keep things cooler.

  • Stops Water Damage

Many RV owners tend to use tarps when covering their rigs in storage or on their trips. But I would advise against this action as it’s a common mistake. Honestly, it can cause a significant amount of damage to motorhomes.

How does this damage occur? Water gets trapped underneath these tarps, which excels the rusting process. Due to this, your motorhome’s lifespan will shrink, and maintenance costs will increase by a large margin.

You can avoid these issues by using a high-quality RV windshield cover and other covers. Most of them contain waterproof abilities, which will protect a rig from any water damage. Those potential rusting issues will end up never being an issue within your life.

  • Offers Privacy

Windshield covers provide privacy and shield your rig’s interior from the outside world. It’ll give you and your family some alone time whenever it’s needed. You won’t have to worry about someone peering into your rig.


As with any worthwhile product, the benefits of windshield covers outweigh the drawbacks. But there are still a few worth mentioning to ensure you make an intelligent buying decision. One of the main issues is a windshield cover’s lack of versatility and compatibility.

Most of these covers are only usable with specific types of motorhomes. It might turn out your perfect option doesn’t come in the correct size needed for your rig. Of course, you can prepare for these issues easily by knowing the proper size beforehand.

Who makes the best RV windshield covers?

The top RV windshield cover brands will excel in two areas: product quality and customer service.

If you’re worried about finding one of these brands, scroll up to our product review section. Each company mentioned has earned an excellent reputation among the RVing community. Buying from them should result in a positive and delightful shopping experience.

How to choose the right size?

Anyone looking to buy an RV windshield protector will need an idea of what size fits their rig perfectly. In other words, you’ll need to understand your motorhome’s type. You can then choose from a custom-fit or semi-custom cover with this information.

Custom-Fit Windshield Covers

Certain manufacturers will provide custom-fit options made for specific RVs. Of course, this customization makes them rather one-dimensional and non-versatile. But the fit tends to be much better for the motorhomes.

Semi-Custom Windshield Covers

Semi-custom options will form around your window’s edges and windshield. As a result, they will offer excellent protection and privacy. Most will have sewn-in door pockets or Velcro straps to ensure a tight fit while your rig’s doors are closed.

How to cover an RV windshield?

The process for covering an RV windshield will differ from model to model. You’ll need to follow the instructions provided with your chosen RV windshield cover. Following these directions is the only way to ensure a proper and snug fit.

How long does an RV windshield cover last?

High-quality RV windshield covers shouldn’t have any trouble lasting around five years. Some can even hold up for a decade or two. But sadly, not every available option offers this level of durability.

In fact, each option’s longevity will depend mainly on its construction material. So buyers must take a long look at this aspect to ensure it can last.

I’d recommend starting by looking at the consumer reports for every cover. These resources will provide an in-depth look into the durability of each RV sunshade material. In most cases, vinyl options tend to have much longer lifespans.

An excellent example of a top-tier vinyl choice would be ADCO’s 2407 Class C Ford 1997-2008 RV Windshield Cover. There’s no reason to doubt this product’s ability to offer multiple years of excellent summer or winter windshield cover performance.

What is the warranty?

Any high-quality cover or sun shade for RV windshield will come with a warranty. Of course, the length of these policies will vary. Depending on the product’s manufacturer, you’ll come across 1-year, 3-year, 5-year, and even 12-year policies.

In my case, I always suggest buyers get the most extended policy possible. It’ll provide them with sufficient protection while showing the company’s faith in its product. In other words, no brand will offer a long-term warranty if they expect their cover to tear in a few months.

Do windshield covers really reduce RV interior temperatures?

You can expect to feel the impact of RV windshield shades inside your rig. After all, these products do an excellent job reducing temperatures within an RV. The fabric material will reflect the heat away from your vehicle. This process allows for your RV’s interior to cool and comfortable during the summer.

Any care and maintenance tips?

One thing to remember is always to follow the instructions provided with these products. Storing and cleaning them based on these directions should be everything needed to keep a cover in good shape.


Given these resources, finding the best RV windshield cover won’t be much trouble. It becomes a simple matter of using these discussions to streamline your search. From there, the right choice will become rather apparent.

Weather elements always negatively affect the exterior of your RV, and to protect it properly, you can read our guides, such as the most trusted RV cover and tire cover if you need.

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