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The Best RV Wheel Chocks & X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Are you having trouble finding the best RV wheel chocks for your situation? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide all the tools necessary to find your perfect set of wheel chocks.

We’ll provide these tools by going over every relevant topic about camper chocks from types to top brands. This info will become vital as it’ll help deal with the insane amount of options on today’s market.

best rv wheel chocks

In other words, we’ll provide everything needed to widdle the number of options available into a more manageable amount. The overwhelming available options are one of the main reasons that many customers feel stressed when searching for RV wheel chocks.

We’ll also try to lessen the number of options even further by offering 15 product reviews. These reviews will be discussing the RV tire chocks that we feel represent the best options on today’s market.

It’s just another way to ensure this process becomes as easy as possible. So keep reading, and we’ll make sure the right wheel chocks for RVs end up onboard your RV. And you’ll never have to worry about RV repairs being dangerous again with them along for the trip.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Sturdiness
Preview Andersen Hitches 04

Camco 44414

BAL 28012

Weight ‎6.12 Pounds ‎1.5 pounds ‎10 Pounds
Material Plastic Plastic Alloy Steel
Tire Diameter 32″ 26″
Feature Work Perfectly Up To 30,000lbs UV-Inhibitor Coating, Weather-Resistant Provides Stabilization, Prevents Tire Shifts
Details Details Details

15 Best Wheel Chock for RV Reviews

Our product review section will contain those 16 reviews mentioned previously. These discussions will be crucial resources during your search. Each one will help you understand the more complex topics that we discuss in later sections.

1. ANDERSEN HITCHES ‎Camper Leveler System

Installing the ANDERSEN HITCHES’s Camper Leveler System couldn’t have been much easier. Honestly, I didn’t have a single issue setting them to level my rig. I can’t say the same about my prior chocks and levelers.

More importantly, I wasn’t the only one who had this experience. Many other buyers reported similar results in their reviews. Finding a review without someone mentioning this easy setup became almost impossible.

I was also impressed with the product’s versatility. After all, the chocks can work on any trailer up to 30,000 pounds and tires up to 32″ diameter. These ranges end up covering much more ground than most other available options.

The heavy-duty rubber construction was another massive highlight. It provides the chocks with extra durability and effectiveness. Considering their overall build and reliable structure, I wouldn’t be shocked to still use them years down the line.

RV owners will also love the four buying options. Each buyer can choose between a 2-pack, 2-pack with bag, 2-pack with bag/rubber mats, and 2-pack with roasting stix. I went with the standard 2-pack, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being highly intrigued by the other options.

One last notable attribute was the red coloring. It’s not the most appealing trait, but it provides style and fun to these wheel chocks. Plus, I’ll never forget to remember having them in place as they stand out.

However, a few customers did mention that these tire blocks for trailer use were difficult to remove. I found these claims reliable based on my experience using these options. But it’s not a massive deal breaker as these products do their primary job exceptionally well.

2. Camco 44414 Wheel Chock

Camco’s 44414 Wheel Chock has a long list of features that any RV owner would love to have in their wheel chocks. For instance, I love this product’s design that consists of hard, durable plastic to ensure it remains in your life for many years.

It also helps that this plastic happens to be UV-stabilized, which ensures prolonged sun exposure won’t cause any issues. This aspect is perfect for me, considering I like traveling to tropical places such as Florida with my rig.

Sun damage isn’t the only thing this product’s protected from either. In fact, this wheel chock has proven to remain effective in any weather situation. This factor means that you’ll never come across a situation where the product won’t be able to do its job.

I found the wheel chock’s versatility to be appealing as well. You see, this model is standard to fit almost all tires on travel trailers, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and cars. This aspect could make these products multi-purpose for you and function in many different ways.

The option also features two of these Camco wheel chocks, which offers a bit more convenience than some other models out there. You can even switch to a 1-pack for the people who don’t need more than one wheel chock. Plus, both these options come at an affordable price.

I’d even say this Camco wheel chock represents a bargain given its top tier features and low price. This combination shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering it’s a Camco product. After all, it’s a brand that has a pristine reputation for providing fantastic products in various markets.

But I do wish this wheel chock came with a rope hole. This feature would make the install and using process much easier. It’s something that a few of the customers made complaints about within their customer reviews.

This issue is a small and preference kind of thing, but it’s something to think about before making a final decision.

3. BAL RV Products Group X-Chock RV Wheel Stabilizer

If you’re looking for an x-chock stabilizer, the BAL RV Products Group X-Chock RV Wheel Stabilizer should be under consideration. This product features an all-weather design to ensure it can function in any situation that comes its way.

You can also count on this stabilizer to offer an added amount of stabilization that isn’t common in other models. As a result, this chock shouldn’t have any issues holding your RV in place while you do repairs underneath it.

It’ll instead prevent any rolling or shifting during this process to keep everyone and everything safe. You should find comfort in this product’s ability to retract and expand much more than other models on today’s market.

In fact, this model can retract down to 1 ⅜ inches and expand out for 12 inches. This aspect ensures it can work with both tight and spacious applications. If you find a tandem wheel this model can’t work with, I’d be surprised given these capabilities.

This product’s design was another thing worth mentioning. It has an all-metal construction, which offers a heightened sense of durability. There’s no reason why this stabilizer shouldn’t be usable for years to come.

It also doesn’t hurt that it has a rust-preventing coating to further ensure it remains usable for a long time. You shouldn’t have any issues transporting or storing this product either as it’s rather compact and only weighs 11.2 pounds.

Given these features, it’s quite fair to say this stabilizer offers a user a large amount of convenience with its use. I mean, what more could a buyer ask for from a product designed to stop their RV from rolling away?

The only thing I could think of was a lower price. It actually happens to be one of the more costly options on our entire list. Honestly, this price tag isn’t what I’m looking to spend on an RV wheel chock or stabilizer regardless of its effectiveness.

4. EPOARTIST ‎RVTW200 Camper Wheel Chock

EPOARTIST’s ‎RVTW200 Camper Wheel Chock has been a favorite among RVers, including me, for its impressive adaptability.

For instance, this scissor stabilizer can retract down to fit 3 ½” wheels or extend to 12″ wheels. So it should be usable on most campers, RVs, motorhomes, and trailers without any issues.

Once installed, these chocks provide excellent performance with their high-quality construction. EPOARTIST did a solid job building them from top-tier steel material. Therefore, the chocks are reliable and safe to level various campers.

I was also delighted to see these chocks have anti-slipping grip louvers. These components will ensure the devices remain in place even in less ideal conditions. Due to this, I feel much more comfortable having these chocks than most traditional wheel stops for trailers.

This high-quality performance level isn’t only for the short term, either. Each chock has a rust-proof barrier to prevent any corrosion or rusting issues. It’ll help ensure these options become a long-term component of my traveling adventures.

EPOARTIST was smart by simplifying the adjusting and installation processes, as well. I had these devices set up in less than a minute. They even come with a ratchet wrench to help the entire process go more smoothly.

Furthermore, these chocks are one of the more affordable 2-packs. I’d even place them among the bargain buys within this marketplace. I don’t often see such high-quality wheel chocks available for such a low price. So honestly, it was a bit shocking to see when first coming across this option.

But I was surprised that these trailer chocks don’t come with a storage bag. It might not seem like a massive deal, but storage space on my rig is hard to find. So storage bags become a valuable addition to any prospective wheel chock purchase.

5. Fasmov Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

The Fasmov Heavy Duty Wheel Chock is another affordable option for any bargain buyer looking to buy these products. But you shouldn’t think its low price robs the wheel chock of any top tier features. In this case, it’s quite the opposite.

You see, this low-priced wheel chocks still comes with a heavy-duty rubber construction to offer a high level of durability. This aspect will even ensure the product remains usable in any weather or situation.

These situations include working with vans, trucks, passengers, and RVs. You can also expect this product to work effectively in each one of these scenarios. In fact, its performance was an aspect that received constant praise within its customer reviews.

You can attribute this product’s effective results to its construction that provides a firm grip onto almost all surfaces. Due to this, you can expect results from this wheel chock regardless of it being placed on a rough or smooth road.

People were quick to point out its lightweight design, as well. This design will ensure both the install and storing processes are much easier than most other models on today’s market. Trust me; it was a welcome sight when I came across this aspect during my product research.

This brand offering a choice of a one or two-pack was another nice touch. It never hurts to have an option regarding quantity as no customer likes buying more or less than needed. This area was another one that shows Fasmov had its customer’s needs and wants in mind when selling their wheel chock.

But this product isn’t perfect as it features one slight problem that some customers felt was rather annoying. It seems this wheel chock has a distinct smell to it, which has thrown a few people off when using it.

This issue might not seem like a big deal. But it was rather alarmingly when I came across it mentioned more than once in the customer reviews.

6. BAL RV Products Group 28014 X-Chock Tire Locking Chock

Our second product from this brand is another fantastic choice for anyone looking to buy an x-chock option. This particular one comes in handy for people with wider spaces between their tandem wheels as it can expand out to 17 inches.

I also love this product’s lightweight design, which will help ensure there are no problems with either the install or storing process. These two aspects were even praised within its customer reviews for being easy and requiring only one person.

As a person who’s traveling by themselves, you can bet I was delighted to read that this product only requires one person for its setup. The install process is further helped by this product’s built-in handle that’ll make it a lot more convenient.

It’s quite apparent that you’d have a hard time finding another option with an install process as easy as this one given these features. If you’re a person who struggles with doing tasks such as these installs, I’d suggest putting some real thought into buying this product.

You should love it’s all-metal construction as well that’ll ensure this product can function well in whatever situation might present itself. It doesn’t matter whether the road happens to be rough or smooth; this product will still work to the best of its capabilities.

It’s also worth noting that these capabilities are rather impressive as this product will have no issues stabilizing front to back motion on your RV. You should have no problems doing repairs with this product adequately installed.

The customer service provided by this brand was another thing people took time to point out within their reviews. It seems everyone felt satisfied with the amount provided by this aspect when it was called upon, which is a rare thing to find with any product.

But I do wish this chock came with a storage bag. It’s a small detail, but it could do wonders for the storing process. I don’t have a lot of space within my storage area, which means I could use all the help I can get.

7. Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock

The Fastway ONEstep XL Wheel Chock could be a perfect option for a lot of different RV owners. You see, this model has proven to be effective with any camper, trailer, or RV that has axles between 16 and 30 inches in length.

It also offers a smooth adjustment process anywhere between these two lengths thanks to its center pin. This center pin is a unique design feature, which has gone over well with the customers based on the outstanding reviews.

You should love the tight grips the product offers as well. This aspect will ensure the wheel chock’s performance remains top tier regardless of where you intend on using it. It’s always nice to know that a device will have a using process that’ll go off without any issues.

This product’s using process has a reputation for being straightforward, which is another appealing feature. I mean, a person can place, lock, and remove this product even from a standing position for utmost convenience.

It’s also worth noting that this wheel chock has proven to be effective in its primary purpose of preventing rocking and rolling. You’d be surprised by how many wheel chocks on today’s market fail in their primary goal.

Thankfully, this failure doesn’t seem to be an issue with this top tier RV chock. You can also take comfort in this device coming in either a one or two-pack to ensure you have a little control over your buying experience.

Given these features, this product shouldn’t have any issues keeping your RV in place wherever it ends up being parked. It’ll also lessen the stress of trying to find a proper parking spot within a campground, which is always a hassle.

But we must warn our readers that some customers did have a bit of an issue getting used to the product’s design. It’s a little different than a standard wheel chock, which means you’re going to need some practice.

8. B BAIJIAWEI Heavy Duty Rubber Wheel Chock

B BAIJIAWEI’s Heavy Duty Rubber Wheel Chock offers a set of features that most other options will have a hard time matching. A great example of these features would be its top tier design made from eco-friendly 100% recycled rubber.

This design offers a high level of durability, which has been known to last years. In other words, you shouldn’t expect this product to crack or chip because of its fantastic design. It also helps that this design happens to be lighter than concrete.

Its light design will help make both the install and storing processes much easier. The high grip edges and handles on this rubber wheel chock will help in this regard as well. And since I tend to mess these tasks up, you can bet I’m looking for any advantage I can get.

The product’s non-slip rubber bottom was another aspect that was rather appealing to me. You see, it’ll maximize the wheel chock’s grip to ensure it can function wherever the product ends up being needed.

You should also love this product’s material being resistant to abrasion, tearing, and UV rays. These aspects further show the high durability this product brings to the table. Honestly, you aren’t going to find many options that can match its performance in this area.

This product coming with three reflective tapes on its surface was a nice touch as well. It’s an aspect that should make using this product at night a much simpler task. After all, you never know when a wheel chock might come in handy.

You shouldn’t sleep on this product’s versatility either as it’s proven to provide effective results with RVs, trucks, vans, cars, and other commercial vehicles. Plus, the price on this wheel chock is rather affordable, which is always a good thing.

But some customers did have an issue with the product’s odor. It seems it can give off a slightly pungent smell, which is never ideal. If you have a sensitive nose, I’d suggest looking elsewhere given this well-documented issue.

9. MaxxHaul 70472 Heavy Duty Wheel Chock

Our next product is the MaxxHaul 70472 Heavy Duty Wheel Chock, which has a leg up on other models made with resin or plastic. This product instead consists of heavy-duty rubber that’ll ensure these products can withstand any weather condition.

It’s an aspect that’ll make sure this product isn’t ruined by something as simple as extended sun exposure. This issue tends to be a huge problem with cheaper models on today’s market and often makes the customer regret their investment.

I also found this product’s built-in handle to be an appealing trait. This handle will ensure positioning the wheel chock won’t take much effort or time on your part. In fact, this factor was something that surprised customers and was routinely mentioned within customer reviews.

People found this product’s rubber traction pad to be a large help as well. This aspect will provide a firm grip on the surface and ensure no slippage or sliding occurs during the using process. It’s a rather useful and necessary feature given its protection against these issues.

This product’s price was another feature, which piques my interest. In fact, you’ll get two camper tire chocks for a price lower than one of some other options on this list. It’s quite apparent that this option would fall under the bargain label given these features and low price.

It also features a lightweight design like many of the options on our list. This aspect is useful for various reasons that we discussed at length in our previous reviews. All in all, this model should be a viable option for a large number of RV owners looking to buy effective RV chocks.

But there were some reports of customers complaining about shipping issues with this product. It seems this wheel chock has a habit of arriving late or damaged. This situation is obviously not ideal for either the manufacturer or customer.

The good news is that these issues were only reported by a small number of customers. There were a lot more buyers who were perfectly happy with everything regarding this product.

10. MaxxHaul 70074 Tandem Wheel Chock

If you’re looking for a tandem wheel chock, the MaxxHaul 70074 Tandem Wheel Chock should be high up on your list. The model comes with various aspects and features, which benefits a person who finds themselves in this situation.

For instance, this chock functions using a scissor action to lock your tandem wheels. This action will effectively prevent your RV’s wheels from moving forward or back. Due to this, you shouldn’t have any issues moving or preparing food inside your rig with these chocks.

I found this product’s ability to fit a vast range of sizes appealing as well. This aspect will ensure the product brings a little versatility to the table. You might even find more than one use for it on a vehicle outside your trailer or RV.

This product’s ability to extend 6 inches and collapse 16 inches doesn’t hurt either. It’s an attribute that gives you a bit more control over the experience by providing a broad adjustment range. It’s always nice to have a little more choice when it comes to processes such as this one.

But the best thing about this product happens to be its heavy-duty construction. This construction consists entirely of steel and will ensure the product will hold up against whatever weather condition comes its way.

It also doesn’t hurt that this construction is corrosion resistant to prevent nasty issues such as rust from being a problem. Given these features, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t expect this chock to perform at a high level for a long time.

However, the inclusion of all these features doesn’t make this MaxxHaul product perfect. I do have one slight issue with this device that did cause a bit of a stir within the customer review. You see, this wheel chock doesn’t come with a padlock included.

This issue might seem small, but it’s an added expense that’ll affect your bank account. It’s just an extra hassle that could’ve been easily avoided. All MaxxHaul had to do was add in a padlock explicitly designed for the product.

11. Valup Rubber Wheel Chocks

As the name suggests, Valup’s Rubber Wheel Chocks have an all rubber construction that has proven to be more effective than most plastic models. This rubber design makes the overall product slip-resistant, oil-resistant, weather-resistant, and long-lasting.

Honestly, I don’t know what else a person could ask for from a wheel chock for trailers or RVs? But the features don’t stop at its construction as it also comes with an 8-inch connecting rope. This aspect will make chocking larger vehicles a much easier process than it’d be with other models.

In fact, the rope addition was something that many customers brought up as a positive in their customer reviews. It seems people were shocked by how much easier this simple add-on made the entire process.

The product also weighing 4.2 pounds certainly helps in this regard as well. I mean, I don’t see any reason an RV owner would have issues moving it from place to place at this weight. It should also help during the installing and removing processes.

Its ability to work in many situations was another thing that stood out during my product research. People have found these products useful for chocking small airplanes, RVs, dumpsters, cars, vans, trailers, and much more.

This option might be the most versatile on our entire list. If you couldn’t find multiple uses for this product, I’d be surprised given how effective it has proven to be in various situations. You can even work with these wheel chocks in the dark thanks to the bright red stripes on their design.

Overall, Valup did a fantastic job creating wheel chocks for trailers that seem to meet every need or want an RV owner could imagine. But I do wish the product had a little better grip as this area was something that didn’t meet expectations for some customers.

12. Camco 44622 RV Wheel Stop

Our second product from Camco is the Camco 44622 RV Wheel Stop, which will stabilize your entire RV with a single device. As you can imagine, this aspect offers a little more convenience than you’d expect from most other models.

It’s able to offer these fantastic results through securing tandem tires and preventing them from moving when hitching or parked. It’s an ability that makes this wheel stop the perfect option for anybody looking to buy travel trailer tire chocks.

You can also take comfort in its durability levels, which comes from its heavy-duty construction that’ll ensure long-lasting performance. This product’s even capable of effectively preventing a trailer’s tongue wheel from sinking into loose soil.

I found this model’s storing and install processes up to snuff as well. You can expect both of these tasks to be a breeze with Camco’s innovative and advanced design. This claim is further proven by the vast amount of customer reviews stating how well it performed in these areas.

This product offers a bit of size range, too, which was another aspect I found appealing. You see, this model can work on any tire between 26 and 30 inches in diameter. This range should cover a large number of travel trailers out on the road today.

And like any Camco product, this wheel stop features a low price that should fit right in line with most of your budgets. It also doesn’t hurt that this brand creates all its products within the United States to ensure it goes through all the rigorous safety tests required.

But some customers expressed issues with the product’s shipping. It seems this wheel stop arrived in less than ideal condition or damage on more than one occasion. This issue wasn’t something I was expecting from a top tier company like Camco.

The good news is that almost all of these customers went onto express praise for Camco’s customer service in their reviews. But this issue isn’t something that should happen in the first place.

13. Ultra-Fab Products Super Grip Chock

The Ultra-Fab Products Super Grip Chock is an incredibly useful device at preventing rocking and rolling from within your RV. In other words, it does a great job at making sure your RV stays stabilized regardless of the situation.

You can attribute these effective results to features such as this wheel chock’s excellent grip on any surface. It doesn’t matter what kind of soil or rough road might present themselves; this product will ensure your RV doesn’t slip or slide during the using process.

I also love this product’s handle design, which furthers helps ensures the product’s grip stays nice and strong. It’s able to offer this benefit by reducing the slippage that might occur when using other models.

This product’s ability to collapse and expand is another aspect where it excels. You see, this RV chock can collapse down to 3.5 inches or expand up to 17 inches. This adjustment range makes it a usable product for a lot of different tire sizes.

Of course, I’d be remiss not to mention this product’s heavy-duty steel construction that ensures top-flight durability. This design makes sure nothing will affect the device or cause damage, which will keep it usable for years and years.

People seem to be overjoyed with the customer service provided by this brand as well. This aspect being praise in customer reviews is a rare thing to encounter in any market. As a result, you should take notice when it happens.

Given all these features, I’d feel very confident using this chock on my RV. It’s easily one of the best products within this market without a doubt. However, I do have one rather significant issue with this chock, which is its price.

It’s simply way outside my budget and not what I’m looking to spend on one of these products. Honestly, it’s a shame too because it really does check off a lot of what I’m looking for in a wheel chock.

14. Buyers Products WC24483 Rubber Wheel Chock Set

If you’re looking for camper tire chocks to use on a dual axle camper, the Buyers Products WC24483 Rubber Wheel Chock Set would be a good starting place. It actually features some of the best ribbing that you’ll find on any RV wheel chock.

This aspect makes the product a perfect fit from a vehicle like a dual axle camper. It also makes it a useful device to be used when working with airplanes. In this situation, these chocks have shown an ability to stop an aircraft even when the engine’s running.

I found this product’s use of a 36-inch nylon cord to be an appealing trait as well. It uses this nylon cord to tie together two chocks and makes the using process much easier. This aspect can make its using process easier by positioning and removing the two wheel chocks promptly.

As for the product’s construction, this area is another one where it excels. This chock happens to be made from top tier rubber, which helps ensure its durability. But it also doesn’t have the one issue that seems to haunt rubber wheel chocks.

This model doesn’t have the awful smell that most of these type of products end up providing. As a person with a sensitive nose, you can bet I was delighted when I saw numerous customer reviews comment about their surprise when it comes to this potential issue.

You shouldn’t overlook this product having bright yellow reflective tape either. This tape will help you position and remove the wheel chock even in the darkest of nights. It might not seem like a big deal right now, but you never know when a wheel chock might be needed.

It’s also worth mentioning that I couldn’t find a single customer review, which said a bad word about the product’s performance. This outcome isn’t something that I have come across much before and should give you an idea about the product’s quality.

15. Cynder Heavy Duty Wheel Stop Chock-N-Lock

Our last product happens to the Cynder Heavy Duty Wheel Stop Chock-N-Lock. Its placement on our list doesn’t indicate its performance as it’s one of the best wheel stops out there. If you have a tandem axle trailer or a fifth wheel, this option would be a perfect choice.

It can function well in these roles thanks to the product fitting any tires ranging between three and 10 inches. This range should be perfect for the tandem tires used on both these types of RVs and trailers.

The product’s ability to provide a firm grip on any surface it encounters will help as well. Its strong grip will reduce the amount of slippage you might’ve met when using other models. This aspect should ensure a person no issues moving around their trailer with this product in use.

You should love that this product comes as a two-pack for convenience purposes. As a result, it removes the hassle of having to buy another model separately. These two wheel stops should be more than enough to hold your 5th wheel trailer in place.

I also love that this product comes with a padlock included, which will help prevent theft. It’s always lovely to have additional security as you never know when a person might try something. This device comes with a specially designed wrench, too, which was a nice touch as well.

These two little touches, the padlock and wrench, show that Cynder wanted to make using these wheel stops as easy and safe as possible. It gives you a sense this brand actually cares about how happy each customer is with their purchase.

But you still won’t see me buying this option for a simple reason: the price. It happens to be one of the more costly choices on our list. And since I’m not looking to spend a chunk of my spending money on an RV wheel chock, this product doesn’t seem like a smart choice for me.

Homeon Wheels RV Trailer Wheel Chocks (Outdated)

The Homeon Wheels RV Trailer Wheel Chocks are a perfect option for caravans, cars, trailers, or even motorcycles. You see, these models can be used with any tire up to 20 inches in diameter, which ends up being perfect for these situations.

It also helps that this product has a tough ribbed rough design to ensure it performs at a high level. As a result, these chocks should have no issue preventing your RV tires from rolling and causing significant problems.

This design happens to be rather compact as well, which will be a delight during the storing process. I don’t have a lot of storage areas left onboard my RV and a compact design like this one could go along way in ensuring I always have a place for it.

Its high grip edges was another aspect I couldn’t overlook when researching this product. These edges will ensure these chocks always have a solid grip on the ground below them for top tier performance purposes.

This product’s built-in handle will also benefit anyone lucky enough to buy these wonderful chocks. The handle will make removing these chocks a safer and easier task than it would be with other models on today’s market.

Plus, you get all these great features for an affordable price. You can’t ask for much more than this product provides given these excellent aspects and cost. It even happens to be the lightest product on our entire list, which offers various benefits itself.

But even with all these great benefits, this product does have some issues worth mentioning. The main one being that some customers reported its handle being less durable than expected. It seems like it has a habit of breaking off after a few months of heavy usage.

Of course, this issue was only mentioned in a few of the customer reviews. But it was enough where I had to make a note within our article. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence as a review.

RV Wheel Chock Buyer’s Guide


This section will contain everything needed for a person to choose the right set of RV wheel chocks. It’ll cover and answer any relevant question a person might have about these useful devices. You should use the info below as the basis for your entire search.

Things to know before buying an RV wheel chock

Finding the perfect RV chocks will come down to certain factors. This section will discuss these factors at length to ensure you have everything needed for making a sound decision. It’ll end up being the foundation for your entire search.


One of the first things to look for would be a wheel chock’s durability. You’re going to want an option that won’t crush or fail easily. This aspect will ensure these chocks remain a useful item for many years to come.

As a result, you’ll need to check the chock’s material and make sure it’s made from heavy-duty materials. This action will keep you from buying something that’s not ready to handle the type of usage and tasks needed for your situation.

It’s also worth noting that these products being durable will make sure these chocks will hold up against nasty weather conditions. This factor is an important one and should have a significant impact on your final decision.

An in-depth reading of several customer reviews should have no issues giving you everything worth knowing about any durability issues. Trust me; any concerns in this area will be a rather prevalent theme within these discussions.

I’d suggest focusing your search on wheel chocks with UV-resistant capabilities as well. This feature will ensure the item doesn’t have issues dealing with long periods of sun exposure. It’s a factor that becomes incredibly essential for RVs known to travel in places like Florida.

If you intend on getting wheel stops or x chocks, I’d suggest choosing ones with an all-steel construction. This design should be more than enough to withstand all the tasks needed for your situation. Make sure these products have anti-rust lining or coating as well.

As for regular wheel chock buyers, an option made from high-quality, thick rubber or plastic should do the trick. This type of design should ensure the material won’t chip off easily and become a nuisance.

Using Process

Any top tier RV wheel chock will feature an easy using process. It shouldn’t be something that requires a lot of effort to install. It should instead be a product, which anyone of your family members can smoothly function without help.

Most customer reviews will make a note of the install process and should give enough detail to examine whether or not it’s easy. After all, there are very few things that make a customer angrier than a product with an unnecessarily complex using method.

Additional Features

Picking the right wheel chocks will have to factor in what additional features you want with these items. For instance, some models come with handles or cords to make the pulling process easier.

You might also come across models that offer color choices. Some people find it helpful when the wheel chock has a vibrant color for easy visibility. And if you intend on getting x-chocks, you might want these products to come with a proper wrench with purchase.

This additional feature would ensure the install process would go off without a hassle. It’s little details such as these that’ll help make sure you end up making the right decision. As a result, you must decide what your chosen wheel chocks need before searching.


You can’t just pick any old wheel chocks for your RV. If you approach it like this, the process may end with you getting too large or too small wheel chocks for your specific needs.

Due to this, checking what the wheel chocks can support before purchasing ends up being a must. This action will help ensure that you don’t buy a product which can’t handle your RV’s weight.

It’s also worth mentioning wheel chocks can come in a wide range of sizes on today’s market. Some might even appear small, but these options can still withstand and support some of the largest trailers. As a result, reading the product description becomes a necessity.

You must take into account that RV owners with tandem wheels should be looking into buying x-chocks as well. If you do decide on going this route, it’s essential to determine the space between your RV’s tires.

This figure will help you choose the right x-chock, which can occupy that space and offer the best support possible. We should also mention space between tandem wheels can vary quite a bit from as little as 2 inches to as big as 12 inches.

Grip Strength

An overlooked factor by many people during this process is the wheel chock’s grip strength. You see, a model with a tighter grip will lessen your worry because these products are safer to use. I’d also suggest looking at wheel chock’s ribbings and finding out the rubber’s suction power.

These factors will be pivotal in determining how well these products perform on both smooth and rough roads. It’s just another area that’ll help ensure your full satisfaction with your chosen product.

Max Gross Vehicle Weight Requirement

You must know the max gross vehicle weight requirement of each wheel chock to match it with your vehicle’s weight. This aspect will ensure you don’t buy a set of wheel chocks that can’t handle your RV’s load.

RV wheel chock manufacturers make this rather easy by usually writing it right in the product description. This aspect happens to be especially true for x-chocks. So please, take advantage of this and read the product description before making a final decision.

Why do you need RV wheel chocks?

As we’ve gone through these sections, one thing should have become clear about these wheel chocks: they provide various benefits with their use. This section will outline those benefits in detail to give you a better handle on why buying these products would be a good idea.

Improves Your Safety

Working with larger vehicles like an RV isn’t the safest experience. In fact, it always represents a bit of a safety issue, and there need to be precautions taken. It’s the only way to ensure nothing dangerous or tragic happens when working with these larger vehicles.

This issue is where wheel chocks offer a solution. These products act as a precaution against an issue such as your RV rolling or having any movement. In a sense, these items provide a level of stability and security to your vehicle.

It’ll help ensure you can do what needs to be done without encountering a safety issue. Honestly, this benefit alone should be enough to make these products a worthwhile purchase for an RV owner.

Makes Doing Repairs Easier

A wheel chock doesn’t just make working with larger vehicles safer, but these products make it easier as well. Most people will lift up their RVs with a jack and further secure their RV’s position with one of these items.

As a result, the wheel chock will offer more security and protection against your vehicle dropping due to an ineffective jack. If this did happen, it would cause a lot of damage to your rig and threaten the person’s health.

This wheel chock will instead be a second level of stability and security to ensure you can do repairs quickly and effectively.

Parking Becomes a Simpler Task

Parking an RV is never an easy task. I mean, there’s a lot of variables and finding the right spot can be rather tricky at times. Having wheel chocks will make this process much easier by making sure you don’t have to worry about your rig rolling away.

Some people might think massive rocks would be an appropriate solution to this issue. These RV owners would be wrong and could find themselves running after their rig in the near future. A better option would be investing in some top tier RV or travel trailer wheel chocks.


RV wheel chocks aren’t just for a motorhome. These products provide a bit of versatility as they can be useful when docking your boat. In this situation, a wheel chock can offer a sense of protection and security to ensure no damage happens with your boat.

People have found them helpful with trailers as well. Wheel chocks can quickly secure your trailer when you’re loading and unloading from your them. It’s just another way having these exceptional items can help improve your RVing life.

What are the different types of RV wheel chocks?

Choosing the right RV wheel chocks will require a knowledge of the different types as well. This section will discuss this topic at length to offer a better handle of what’s available on today’s market. It’ll give a broader understanding of what would be the best answer for your situation.

Wheel Chocks

The first type is called wheel chocks, which have a wedge design. These products will also have a traction pad made from either rubber or foam. Its traction pad will ensure there’s no slippage during the using process.

It’s also worth noting most of these models can work with wheels up to 26 inches. But you’ll sometimes find options that can work with wheels up to 29 inches. You’ll find some wheel chocks come with a rope add-on as well.

This feature will make it much easier to position the wheel chock and remove it from underneath your vehicle. It’s also useful because it makes sure you can accomplish these tasks without having to kneel. As a result, it saves you from some knee pain, which is always lovely.

Another thing to understand about these products is that wheel chocks are usually made from a sturdy and tough plastic material. This material will also have UV inhibitors to protect the product against prolonged sun exposure.

Wheel Stabilizers or Stops

X-chock wheel stabilizers are another type of wheel chocks that a person will come across during their search. People often find them useful for fitting between tandem tires to ensure these tires down start rolling by themselves.

These products work by applying an opposite force to your wheels, which will prevent them from moving. Sounds simple enough, right? You can also adjust these chocks as they can work with various widths, which will vary between tires.

It’s essential to know that these products can retract down 1 ⅜ inches and can be expanded to 10 inches as well. Of course, you must still make sure the product’s adjusted to make it as secure as possible.

But these wheel chocks will end up being a bit more costly than the standard plastic wedge types mentioned previously. It’s just something to think about before making a final decision about what type you want.

Meanwhile, you’ll also come across wheel stops made especially for small/large tire spacing. These products will consist of plastic materials, which make them easy to transport and store. It’s worth mentioning that these products will have an adjustable width as well.

How many RV wheel chocks do I need?

The amount of RV wheel chocks needed will end up depending on its type. People who want to buy x-chocks will only need to get a pair of these products. Each one should be capable enough to balance one side of your rig.

These products can only be used as tandem wheel chocks, though, which could represent an issue for some RV owners. You can also get a secondary wheel chocks that will prevent your RV from rolling when you’re installing the x-chocks.

If you intend on using regular wheel chocks, the amount will depend on your trailer’s weight and how much each chock can withstand. This factor will usually end up with an RV owner buying a pair for the back wheels or one for each tire.

How to install and use?

Installing regular wheel chocks doesn’t require much effort or thought. It’s a simple matter of wedging them against your RV’s tires. In some cases, these models will need hammering down, and others work off a driver backing up until they feel the chock’s stoppage.

But if you get x-chocks, this process happens to be a bit different. You’ll need to install the device between your RV’s tandem wheels. This process consists of putting the device between your wheels and adjusting it to ensure it’s sitting snugly within the tandem wheels.

In either situation, the process to install and use these products isn’t too tricky. It shouldn’t take much time at all to get them safely in place. I’d suggest reading the customer reviews of each product you’re considering to ensure there are no complex directions.

RV Wheel Chock FAQs

What is the top-rated RV wheel chock?

RV wheel chocks are a rather simple, but useful pieces of equipment for an RV owner to have onboard their rigs. These products are instrumental in ensuring your rig stays in place and secure from any unnecessary movement.

Honestly, every truck or trailer should have these wheel chocks around to ensure your vehicle doesn’t end up rolling away. You don’t want to be the person chasing after an RV around your campground.

These products offer this security by being a wedge that RV owners can place under their tires. This placement will ensure your truck, camper, 5th wheel, or trailer stays in place without causing any issues.

As a result, wheel chocks are often classified as safety items with their ability to prevent disasters such as a rolling away trailer. It’s also worth noting that these products can be used anytime your trailer happens to be parked.

Camper wheel chocks come in real handy when a rig is parked on an incline. These products would prevent any back or forth movement to stop any dangerous rolling from occurring. Due to this, these items can be absolute lifesavers and are worth buying.

People have also found them useful to use when doing repairs under their rigs. In these situations, it would provide a safe environment to do the necessary work without worrying about your rig rolling over you.

How does it work?

Understanding the working process for an RV wheel chock isn’t too complicated. It’s a simple matter of knowing that these products will stop your wheels from rolling when in a parked position.

You’re probably thinking, doesn’t my parking brake do the same thing? Well, things can get a little tricky when you find yourself on an incline. These products will become a secondary system to ensure you don’t see your RV rolling down a hill.

An RV wheel chock will basically be a ramp that your rig’s wheels will have to go up during these situations. This ramp will stop the wheel from revolving and make sure your RV stays right where you parked it.

Given this info, it’s quite clear that an RV wheel chock is a crucial piece to keeping your RV and yourself safe during trips.

What are the most trusted RV wheel chock brands?

I would consider every brand within our product section to be a trusted brand. This claim is further proven when you examine the reputation each one has among RV owners. Each one of them has shown a capability to provide the best RV wheel chocks time and time again.

But I wouldn’t be doing my job without singling out a few among this group that stands out a bit more from their rivals: BAL RV PRODUCTS GROUP and MaxxHaul. These two brands have shown an ability to remain at the top of the market year after year.

I thought it’d be wise to examine what makes these three companies stand out among their competitors. This info will be vital in showing you what a top tier RV wheel chock brand should look like and offer their customers.

BAL RV Products Group

This brand has been a steady force within the RV wheel chocks because their products are a level above when it concerns the quality. You’d have a hard time finding a single customer with a bad word to say about a product that came from this great manufacturer.

Each one of their products coming with top tier customer service doesn’t hurt either. You can always count on this brand for assistance when you have a question about their products. It’s a refreshing quality to find in a brand such as this one.


MaxxHaul has put a constant focus on making its products the most innovative on today’s market. This action has resulted in them having a few wheel chocks among the most popular within their industry.

As a result, it’s no surprise that Maxx Haul often produces numerous products, which have incredibly high Amazon ratings. If you’re looking for a top tier wheel chock, you can bet this company will do right by you.

What are these wheel chocks made of?

The type of materials used in making wheel chocks will differ from product to product. You’ll find some that are made from plastic, while others will have all-steel construction. Honestly, it’ll depend on the model and brand that you intend on buying.

Either way, I’d suggest checking out the reviews for each product to determine whether or not its material can hold up well. If you don’t, this process is something that you could end up repeating in a few months.

Where are these wheel chocks made?

This answer is another one that’ll depend on the RV wheel chock’s model and brand. In other words, these products are made all over the world. But I’d recommend sticking with the US-made options to ensure complete safety.

You see, wheel chocks made inside the states are subject to rigorous testing before ending up on the market. This same level of testing doesn’t apply in some foreign countries, which could lead to ineffective or even dangerous products being sold.

What is the warranty?

Each company will have its own policy regarding warranty. You’ll encounter some wheel chocks that come with a lifetime warranty. It’s highly likely you’ll also come across options with no warranty at all. It’s really a matter of what brand makes your chosen RV wheel chock.

In any case, I’d suggest picking an option with a warranty to ensure you have some protection against an accident occurring. It’s the best way to guarantee you’re buying a top tier product. After all, no company is going to provide an extended warranty with a device that’ll break in a few months.

It’s worth noting that some companies use a warranty to sell their products without having the intention of ever honoring it. As a result, reading customer reviews for each product becomes a must to avoid this potential issue.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy an RV wheel chock would be through using Amazon. Their site will have the lowest prices and largest selection among entities selling these products. It’s an unbeatable combination that makes them the leading customer marketplace in the world.

Their large customer review database doesn’t hurt either. These reviews will end up being crucial parts of your search as we’ve previously explained. But even with these benefits, it doesn’t mean that you should only look at Amazon when conducting your search.

I’d also suggest taking a long look at what Camping World has to offer. You see, their site has a decent selection and prices that could fall in line with your budget. Their prices sometimes even fall below Amazon’s when there’s a sale happening.

Due to this, comparing the prices between these two sites becomes a must. It’s the only way to ensure a customer doesn’t pay more than needed for their chosen RV wheel chock. It’s just an effective way to make sure this process ends with you being happy.

If you’re a person who doesn’t like shopping online, there are a few good options to choose from such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, or Home Depot. You’ll also find a decent selection at your local RV supply stores.

But the prices on these items will be much higher than you’d find online. It’s just the nature of today’s consumer market as people tend to love shopping online. These places do offer one benefit over online sites and stores, though, with their face to face customer service.

In the end, it’s quite apparent that there’s a place for every type of shopper to find a suitable RV wheel chock. It’s just a simple matter of choosing the right store or site, which fits your shopping preferences.


After reading this article, finding the best RV wheel chocks should be an easy task. You just have to apply what you’ve learned within this article into your search. Once you do, the right choice should become rather apparent.

This right choice will then make your entire RVing life much easier with the numerous benefits these products provide. For instance, you’ll no longer have to worry about repairs being dangerous as these wheel chocks will ensure your RV stays in place.

It’s little details like this one that’ll make buying these wheel chocks such a good investment. Honestly, this purchase isn’t one that you’ll end up regretting as long as you take the time to find the perfect ones.

This article should have provided enough info to help you find those perfect options without much issue. But if you do run into some problems, feel free to leave a post in our comment section. We’d love to help out in any way possible.

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