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The Best RV Waxes for Any Types of RV Surfaces

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Purchasing the best RV wax and using it on your rig is a fantastic way to ensure your RV stays in pristine condition. I mean, it’ll keep your RV looking shiny and protects against various elements that might cause damage such as UV rays or corrosion.

But there’s one issue that comes into play when searching for a high-quality RV wax. You see there are a lot of available waxes to choose from as a potential customer. This problem often leads to consumers becoming confused about what they should be looking for in these products.

best rv wax

As a result, I thought it’d be helpful to create a buying guide, which will direct you through this entire buying experience. This article will provide you with all the necessary information one might need to make an informed decision about purchasing an RV wax.

I’ll go over topics such as types, brands, determining factors, and other helpful discussions to ensure you come out with a product that’ll exceed your expectations. In fact, I’ll even provide you with reviews of the 13 RV waxes that I consider the best on the market.

All you have to do is keep reading, and you’ll soon receive all the information you need for a successful buying experience!


Best Overall Most Durable UV Protection
Preview Corrosion 61002

Turtle Wax ‎T-477R

Meguiar’s M6332

Details Details Details

12 Best Wax for RV Reviews

This part of the article will contain those 12 reviews I mentioned within the above section. And the discussions we have below will provide you with some examples of what a high-quality RV wax might have regarding things like features.

1. Corrosion Technologies 61002 RejeX RV Wax

Motorhome owners will have difficulty finding a more versatile option than Corrosion Technologies 61002 RejeX RV Wax. For instance, it can work on RVs, campers, vinyl graphics, boats, airplanes, trailers, and many other applications.

Honestly, I found the number of surfaces it’s usable on rather shocking. I could use it for gel coat, plastic, metal, and glass surfaces. I even found it useful for full body paint RV exteriors that other waxes would damage with streaks.

This product was relatively easy to use, as well. I had no issue applying it by hand and machine onto my rig’s fiberglass surface. In fact, it was much more straightforward than my experience with my old wax for fiberglass RV surfaces.

Users will also love its protection abilities. The manufacturer constructed this wax using a high-release coating for UV protection. In simpler terms, I don’t have to worry about any UV rays causing degradation to my rig’s exterior surface.

It doesn’t only prevent UV damage, either. The wax does an excellent job of protecting against various problematic contaminants, ranging from grime to tree sap. It allows the product’s shine to stay a while without needing another waxing session.

Of course, I can’t review this product without mentioning its outstanding high-gloss finish. The wax made my rig look brand new after applying, which was stunning. I couldn’t have been much happier with the shine quality of this particular RV wax.

The formula’s longevity was another impressive trait. I still haven’t had to do a second waxing, and it’s been a few months since first applying it. If an RVer follows the product directions correctly, I don’t see how someone would be unsatisfied with its lifespan.

However, there were some complaints about the product’s shipping container. These issues were mainly about the wax leaking or being damaged on arrival. But only a few customers mentioned this problem, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

2. Turtle Wax T-477R ICE Spray Wax

Our first product is the Turtle Wax T-477R ICE Spray Wax, which provides a potential customer will a great deal of versatility. You see this product might be the best spray wax for RV as it can work effectively on virtually all RV exteriors, even something as delicate as glass.

But its versatility isn’t the only feature worth talking about with this product. I also found the application process to be rather appealing as it doesn’t require much effort or time. In fact, numerous customer reviews alluded to how great this RV wax performed in this area.

This product’s lubricating agents help in this regard as well, which further ensures you shouldn’t have any issues using this RV wax. Even someone like me that often has problems with these type of processes, won’t experience any hassles getting the best out this product.

The UV protection this product offers isn’t a bad thing to have either. You see I intend on RVing within some hot places down in the southern United States; therefore, protection against the damage UV rays can cause such as discoloration and fading is something I need in my RV wax.

You should also take note of this product’s excellent water beading ability. This aspect ensures water will run off your RV’s exterior without creating those awful streaks or tide marks. As a result, you won’t have to worry about excess rain causing surface damage on your RV’s exterior.

I love this RV wax’s anti-static properties that this product has within its formula as well. These ingredients help provide a longer lasting and cleaner shine. The only thing I didn’t love was this product has a vinegary smell, which tends to linger around after application.

3. Meguiar’s M6332 Premium Wax

The Meguiar’s M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax will provide a performance that any RV owner would benefit from receiving. You see it has a great group of features, which elevates this product toward the top of this marketplace.

For instance, this RV wax has a fantastic set of ingredients within its formula that make it capable of removing issues such as oxidation, scratches, and swirls. It does this useful ability while also provide a shiny finish.

The easy application process is another positive this RV wax has going for it. I mean, there’s nothing I despise more than a product with a using process, which is too complicated; thankfully, the customer reviews reflect that this issue won’t be a problem with this waxing product.

You even have a choice regarding the application method as well; it can be done either by hand or machine depending on your preferences. It also offers a certain level of versatility as you can use it on both fiberglass and gelcoat surfaces with effective results. In fact, it might be the best wax for a gelcoat RV on the market today.

This product being an RV wax with UV protection isn’t a bad feature either as it’ll ensure your RV exterior doesn’t suffer from discoloration, deterioration, or fading from excessive sun exposure. And I even didn’t mention that you can use this wax on boats/marine applications as well.

It also helps that a small amount of this product goes a long way, which means you’ll get several uses out this product before you need to buy another. In the end, this product is fantastic and warrants consideration from anyone looking to purchase high-quality RV wax.

But if you do decide on buying this product, be prepared to shell out a bit more money than you intended; this RV wax costs a bit more than your standard wax.

4. Protect All 62016 All-Surface Care Cleaner

This next RV wax consists of a non-greasy formula, which ensures your RV’s exterior won’t have an unpleasant oily feel after its application. And it won’t only provide this fantastic quality on your RV exterior as it’s capable of working on a variety of surfaces: stainless steel, gelcoat, vinyl, etc.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s compatible with various other vehicles as well such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. This versatility will ensure you get the most bang for your buck out of this RV wax.

I also love that this formula is a no-rinse variety, which means you don’t have to waste any water during this entire process. Plus, it provides a water repelling finish, which will remove the potential of streaks or spotting occurring.

The UV protection this RV wax offers isn’t too shabby either and should protect your RV’s exterior even in the hottest conditions. As a result, you won’t have to worry about fading, deterioration, or discoloration becoming a significant issue.

It’s also essential we note that this product doesn’t feature any abrasive ingredients, which means scratches won’t result from its use. You see this formula relies instead on ingredients like carnauba wax that’ll ensure your RV’s exterior gets a proper shine.

And you won’t have to worry about powder residue either, which ensures this product will be useful around decals and lettering. It even works on clear coats and expensive paints that other RV waxes might have issues dealing with effectively.

But there was one issue that kept coming up in the customer reviews. It seems this RV wax can be quite challenging to remove when the application process is done.

5. Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax

The Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax offers a practical option for RV owners who want a product, which can provide multiple uses. You see this RV wax comes in a 1-gallon container that’ll offer the user more opportunities to use this excellent product.

I also found that this product is entirely biodegradable a huge positive as it’ll make sure any use of it doesn’t end up hurting the earth. And as someone who tends to spill things, you can bet I value this feature.

It’s one step application is another feature that makes this product incredibly appealing. It’ll provide your desired results quickly without much effort on your part— not a lot more you could ask for from one of these products.

And this product even gives you the option of choosing your preferred method of use: by hand or machine. You can also take comfort in the fact that this product doesn’t contain phosphate, which can be quite problematic in RV waxes.

This product instead relies on ingredients like carnauba wax to help provide a gloss shine and protection for your RV’s exterior. It’s known to be incredibly effective at preventing both water spotting and streaking.

Plus, it has long-lasting capabilities, which means you can expect the shiny finish to stay around for a long time. Overall, this Gel-Gloss product is an RV wax genuinely worthy of your serious consideration.

But please ensure you follow the instructions correctly. If you don’t, this product has been known to create quite a mess when misapplied.

6. Meguiar’s M5032 RV Cleaner Wax

Appearing on our list for the second time is the brand Meguiar’s. And this particular product continues where the previous wax from this company left off with its own set of incredible features.

For example, it has the capability of working on various vehicles such as RVs, boats, motorcycles, cars, trucks, motorhomes, campers, etc. This level of versatility gives you the sense that purchasing this wax will enrich your life in a variety of ways.

I also love that this product both waxes and cleans in an easy one-step using process. This feature speaks to overall convenience that this product offers the person using it. I mean, nobody wants to spend a lot of time away from their family doing maintenance tasks like waxing their RV.

And with this product’s using process, this won’t end up being an issue. You should be aware that this RV wax does incredibly well in the performance department as well; it features a non-abrasive formula, which doesn’t feature any chemicals capable of scratching your RV’s surface.

It also offers top-tier protection against numerous potential nuisances such as UV rays, wind, salt, and corrosion. Plus, it can even remove scratches, swirls, and minor oxidation from certain surfaces.

The fact it comes in a 32-ounce container isn’t too shabby either. Honestly, there isn’t much a potential customer could find that would be subpar about this RV wax. And it’s not too surprising given the brand making it.

But I didn’t like seeing that some customers experienced shipping issues with this particular product. There were a few customers that reported the product leaking into the box, which contained this RV wax.

7. CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant

The CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant uses up-to-date technology that’ll ensure a high-quality shine and protection, which will last anywhere between 3 to 6 months. It’ll also make sure you’ll never have to worry about this product’s use resulting in those horrible white streaks or leaving behind residue.

And the whole application process will only take up to 15 minutes, which is much less time consuming than most waxes. This fantastic feature comes from how quick and straightforward the spray/wipe procedure is for anyone lucky enough to buy this product.

I also found the number of materials this product works on to be quite appealing. You see it’s capable of meshing well with surfaces within your RV’s interior or exterior: glass, plastics, paint, rims, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome, etc.

But the best part is that this product will offer top-tier UV protection for all these surfaces; therefore, no matter how hot the conditions may be this product will hold up swimmingly. It also essential we mention that this product comes with a full refund policy.

This type of insurance is always a nice touch, and it shows how much the company cares about their customers’ satisfaction. And the reviews seem to back this claim up; there are several reviews, which reported that the customer service met their expectations. The reasonable price seems to reflect this quality as well.

Given all these impressive features, you can easily see why this product is routinely at the top of this marketplace; however, before you hit buy, you should be aware this product has a pungent smell that threw some customers for a spin.

8. Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat Wax

Another product that uses a no-rinse formula is the Shine Armor Fortify Quick Wax, which will also provide high-quality performance. It can offer top-tier execution thanks to features like its long-lasting protection.

I found its ability to work on various finishes such as glass, chrome, plastic, and paint impressive as well. It shows that Shine Armor wants to ensure their customers got multiple uses out of their RV wax.

The fact that it has an easy using process is something you know I also love. All it takes is spraying this product on the intended area and wiping it off to your desired results; sounds simple enough, right?

Plus, this using process is guaranteed not to leave behind any smears, scratches, or streaks. You can sleep easy knowing that this product will make sure your RV surface gets a spectacular shine without receiving any damage.

It also helps that this product’s eco-friendly, which is always positive. After all, we want to ensure we protect the environment in any way we can, as human beings. This product certainly helps us feel better in that regard.

The money back guarantee’s another nice touch Shine Armor added onto this product’s purchase. It’s always nice to see a manufacturer offer a little insurance in the event their product malfunctions or comes in less than ideal shape.

Its price was a bit higher than expected for an 8-ounce bottle though. But given this product’s abilities and features, you can certainly make the case it’s worth it. I mean, it does eliminate dirt, grime, and grease on impact as well as offer 6 to 12 months of protection with one application.

9. Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Wash Wax

The Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax is a water-based, ammonia free product that works great on various vehicles: cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, etc. And it can provide top-tier performance for numerous reasons.

The first reason is the anti-static, UV protective coating it leaves behind. This feature will ensure it can survive even the hottest conditions without faltering in its effectiveness. I found its waterless capability quite compelling as well.

You see a waterless product means you don’t have to waste buckets of your limited water supply on rinsing off your RV’s exterior. You instead apply this product on the surface and wipe it dry to achieve your desired results. It doesn’t get much easier than the using process for this product.

It’s also biodegradable and doesn’t use any harsh ingredients, which might cause issues like scratches or corrosion. And given the positive reviews it gets, you can put faith in this product living up to this quality.

Plus, it has a high level of versatility, which allows it to work effectively on multiple surfaces: gelcoat, plastic, rubber, glass, leather, chrome, paint, aluminum, etc. Anytime an RV wax offers this type of adaptability it’s something you should look at as a positive.

The fact that Aero Cosmetics added in four microfiber towels with the purchase of this product is a nice touch as well. I don’t know about you, but I’m always okay with receiving add-ons as long as they make using the product easier. And these towels fit into this description.

It does have one issue, which could end up causing you some problems if you’re not careful. It seems this product gets messy when it’s misapplied; therefore, reading the instructions and following them to a tee is a must.

10. Meguiar’s M5616 RV Pure Wax

The third Meguiar’s product on this list is Meguiar’s M5616 Marine/RV Pure Wax Carnauba Blend, which consists of a formula featuring highly effective ingredients like carnauba wax. This unique formula allows this product to work wonderfully on both gel coating and fiberglass materials.

It also ensures your RV’s exterior or other surfaces will have protection against UV rays, which might cause it damage. I found its effectiveness on both dark color or clear-coated metal flake finishing to be something worth noting as well.

The fact that the formula doesn’t feature any abrasive materials is another positive this product offers the person who buys it. And its easy one-step using process isn’t anything to sneeze at either as you even have a choice regarding the method: by machine or hand.

But the best part is this RV wax comes at an affordable price that might represent one of the most cost-effective options on the market. Given this information, if you’re a bargain buyer, this Meguiar’s RV wax should be near the top of your list.

And I didn’t even mention this product’s capable of working various vehicles as well: campers, cars, trucks, boats, trailers, RVs, etc. It seems Meguiar’s created another RV wax that’ll end up exceeding your expectations.

But if you have a surface with substantial oxidation problems, you should look elsewhere as this wax doesn’t fare too well in these situations. Otherwise, there’s no reason this RV wax shouldn’t receive heavy consideration.

11. Turtle Wax 50834 1-Step Wax

The Turtle Wax 50834 1-Step Wax is another product that shows why this brand’s highly thought of within this marketplace. It uses the latest Minute Wax technology to ensure your RV gets the smoothest, shiniest finish you could imagine.

And what more could you want from one of these products? But this high-quality finish isn’t the only thing this product offers. It also provides the convenience of a simple one-step using process, which even a manual labor challenged person like myself could effectively use.

This product ensures a streak-free performance as well, which some other waxes might guarantee, but this one delivers. If you don’t believe me, take a gander at the customer reviews for this product as they reflect an overwhelmingly positive experience.

I also like that you get two bottles with purchase, which should ensure you have enough product to get a couple of jobs done. In fact, it has been proven that one bottle can wax up to 17 cars thoroughly without hassle.

And it helps that the price is very reasonable for a product such as this one. I mean, some RV waxes on this list cost twice as much and only give half the amount of product. Turtle Wax threw in an extra microfiber towel with purchase as well.

In the end, there isn’t too much exciting about this Turtle Wax product, but it gets the job done for a reasonable price. It’s a bargain buy that should be under strong consideration for people looking to purchase the most cost-effective option.

But there’s one slight issue with this RV wax that you need to know before making a final decision. Several customers reported the smell of this product lingers around and isn’t all that pleasant.

12. 3M Liquid 09005 Marine Restorer & Wax

Our last product is the 3M Liquid 09005 Marine Restorer & Wax, which is one of the best products at protecting both fiberglass and gelcoat materials. You see it ensures neither of these surfaces will suffer from the effects of oxidation.

It also helps these surfaces out by avoiding harsh ingredients within its formula, which will ensure none of their side effects occur within these surfaces such as swirls and scratches. Its one-step process is another positive feature we must mention for obvious reasons.

But where this product genuinely separates itself from the pack is its convenience as it comes in a large 32-ounce or smaller 16-ounce container. As a result, if you pick the bigger option, you won’t have to buy wax with the same frequency as you would with other products on this list.

This feature will end up saving you money in the long run; therefore, this product represents one of the more cost-effective RV waxes out there. Even if you pick the smaller option, you’ll still find it more convenient than other products coming in similar quantities.

And the performance this wax offers is second-to-none as well. I mean, the shine your RV exterior will have would make all your neighbors jealous. You will be the source of envy for your whole campground.

The only concerning trait it does bring to the table is its leaking tendency. Several customers complained about the container having issues in this area, which isn’t something you want to see with a product like this one.

But it certainly isn’t a dealbreaker given all the high-quality features and convenience this product offers a customer.

RVTECH Spray & Wipe Premium RV Wax (Outdated)

Our next product offers quick results with its fast and easy using process. You see it’s just a spray and wipe procedure, which won’t cause you any hassle or complications. In fact, you’ll be able to wax a 30 ft RV in an efficient 30 minutes.

Once you’re done, you can sit back and marvel at the amazing high gloss, smooth finish it leaves behind. This result is possible thanks to the carnauba wax and high-performance polymers within this product’s formula.

And this product also has protection against all those potential issues that might cause damage to your RV’s exterior: acid rain, UV rays, salt, dirt, bird droppings, dust, bugs residue, etc. All of these safeguards will ensure your RV stays in pristine condition.

Plus, it has the long-lasting ability to stay effective for three months before a reapply is needed. The customer reviews support this claim as well, which is always lovely to see with products like these.

I also found the fact that it comes in a 1-gallon container to be quite intriguing. This vast quantity makes sure you can find multiple uses for this particular product. And since it can work on any hard surface you might find inside or outside an RV; there’s no reason it should be sitting unused in your storage area.

It also helps that this product has shown effective results regardless of whether you use your hand or a buffer; therefore, it’s fair to say it’s quite versatile. But even though it might be one of the best RV polish and wax products there’s one significant issue, its expensive price.

Star brite Premium Cleaner Wax (Outdated)

Our next product is the Star brite Premium Cleaner Wax, which is another product that doesn’t require water to get the job done. But this feature isn’t the only one worth talking about with this product as it features several that any RV owner would love.

The one I’m most excited about is the fact you don’t need a lot of it to get that beautiful glossy finish. In fact, it’s ultra concentrated, which means you can reasonably expect it to excel in this regard. It also helps that the formula was created with a focus on getting rid of things like grime, dirt, bug deposits, and dust.

The added UV ray protection this product has is always an essential feature for reasons discussed in the other reviews. It even has specific inhibitors within the formula to help in this regard as well by reducing the risk of fading or discoloration occurring.

It has a decent level of versatility as well as it can work effectively on most surfaces you’d find aboard an RV. As a result, you can expect this product to help out in various ways during your RVing adventures.

And when it’s applied to these various surfaces, you can do it with confidence as this product can provide effective results without causing scratches or scuff marks. The user-friendliness of the using process isn’t too shabby either.

All in all, this product represents a solid purchase for anybody looking for a high-quality RV wax. And since it doubles as RV wash, it’ll provide your RV exterior with a proper washing as well. But you should be aware that this product is quite expensive when compared to other products on this list.

Pro Boat, Aircraft & RV Wax (Outdated)

From this product’s name, it shouldn’t be shocking to learn that this wax is capable of working on either a boat, RV or an aircraft. It provides all three of these transport vehicles with a high-quality finish that will shine brightly.

This bright shine comes from the combination of polymer sealers and carnauba wax within this product’s formula. These ingredients together will also provide long-lasting protection against numerous things such as UV rays.

And it also helps that it can work on a variety of surfaces as well: gelcoat, painted, fiberglass, chrome, aluminum surfaces. In other words, finding multiple uses for this product won’t be a challenge.

This product removes numerous problem causing issues with relative ease as well: jet fuel buildup, black streaks, oxidation, scuff marks, marine buildup, scratches, etc. There’s very little that’ll survive a proper waxing from this high-quality product.

Its one-step using process isn’t something you should overlook either. As you know by now, this feature is something I value greatly and it’s no different with this RV wax. And it’s safe for either hand or machine use depending on your particular preferences.

In all estimations, this product is a reliable option for anybody considering buying an RV wax. Its price tag isn’t too excessive either when you account for everything. But if you do end up purchasing this product, you should be aware of one potential issue.

You see several customers have reported issues getting the wax off a surface, which could lead to some problems. Otherwise, everything else about this product seemed high-quality and ready to meet a customer’s expectations.

RV Wax Buyer’s Guide


All the information contained within this section will help you create a cheat sheet of what you’re supposed to be looking for in an RV wax. It’ll also try and answer any remaining questions you might have about these essential products.

Things to know before buying an RV wax

Aside from type, there are a couple of other determining factors you’ll need to consider before finding the perfect RV wax for you. The good news is that we’ll cover all of these things in this section.

These discussions will help you further understand what you’re looking for in an RV wax. And hopefully, give you an outline to where you can start your search.

Ease of Use

One of the most important factors to consider is the product’s using process. In other words, whether or not you can apply the product easily. I mean, no RV owner wants an RV wax, which becomes too complicated that they can’t even use it.

This potential issue is why it’s essential you get a product with a simple one-step process. Most high-quality RV wax will have this feature; therefore, searching exclusively for ones with this aspect will help separate the best from the low-quality products.

You can also get a feel of the using process’s complexity by reading the customer reviews. These should give you an in-depth idea about whether other people felt it was easy or too difficult.

UV Protection

You might be surprised, but UV rays coming from the sun can do quite a bit of damage to your RV’s exterior. Overexposure to them can cause things like deterioration, discoloration, and fading that’ll make your RV look rundown.

As a result, you’ll want an RV wax that provides UV protection to ensure you avoid these potential issues. In fact, this specific feature is incredibly essential for RV owners trying to wax fiberglass surfaces.

You see fiberglass’s extremely susceptible to the damage brought on by UV rays and it’s not capable of keeping that glorious shine without special UV protection; therefore, if you’re looking for the best RV wax for fiberglass, getting one with proven UV protection qualities is a must.


If you want to get the most out of your RV wax purchase, you’ll need a product that works on various surfaces. This way you can use this wax on all sorts of different vehicles in your life and not have it lying for months on end.

It’s also essential you ensure the RV wax has versatility regarding climates and weather conditions. In other words, make sure the product offers protection against things like snow, rain, sleet, or extreme temperatures.

This feature will give you a sense of comfort that your RV wax will hold up wherever your RVing experience might take you. After all, you want a product that’ll make sure your RV’s shining at all times.

If you have any doubts about a product’s ability in this area, a glance at both the product description and customer reviews should give you a good idea. Never underestimate how enlightening another person’s experience can be to you.


You’ll also want an RV wax with proven long-lasting capabilities. The product must be able to work both in the short and long term. Honestly, you don’t want to continually be reapplying a wax because the shine goes away too quickly.

The best way to determine whether an RV wax has long-lasting capabilities is by reading both the product description and customer reviews. If the description doesn’t explicitly state the product can last a long time, it’s a huge warning sign the wax might be inferior.

You should also be aware that sometimes these products will provide some indication about how long they’re supposed to last in the product description. It’ll usually indicate this quality with a number regarding the number of months or years it can last.

But since you can’t 100% trust product descriptions due to companies exaggeration, the reviews can be a secondary source about this issue. Previous customers are always a tremendous resource for anyone looking to buy a product.

RV Material

Another piece to the puzzle is understanding what material you’re planning on waxing. You see certain RV waxes will only work on specific surfaces; therefore, it’s essential you find one capable of working on your RV’s exterior.

And your RV’s exterior most likely will consist of the following materials: fiberglass, gelcoat, bare or coated aluminum, and corrugated aluminum or fiberglass. Once you figure out the type of surface you have, it will limit the options to choose from considerably.

In doing so, it makes this process a lot less overwhelming for you as a customer. It’s also essential these products are actually effective on the materials their product description claims. Sometimes manufacturers will lie about the capabilities of the item they’re selling.


One quality you want to avoid within your RV wax is abrasive ingredients. These ingredients will end up leaving powder or scratching the surface you intend on waxing. You can evaluate this aspect by checking how the product scores in hazing or scratching test.

In these tests, a lower score will indicate the product’s too abrasive, which isn’t what you want. You instead want an RV with a lower rating that suggests the product won’t cause frustrating scratches or haziness.

We should also mention this part of the process is incredibly crucial for RVs with clear-coated surfaces. Given this information, finding a product that’s safe for clear-coated surfaces is another way to avoid the potential issues brought on by abrasive ingredients.

What are the different types of RV waxes?

Finding the perfect RV wax will require an understanding of the different types that are available on the market. But before we dive into the different kinds, you should be aware all these products will have something in common.

You see most of them will contain similar or the same ingredients within their formula. In most cases, these ingredients are usually carnauba wax and others will use polymers or resins. But you must make sure these RV waxes don’t contain grease causing ingredients such as petroleum distillates or other elements similar to them.

You should instead focus your search on products with the previously mentioned carnauba wax being their primary ingredient. Its inclusion will ensure the product is capable of producing effective waxing and polishing results on various surfaces.

And since you got a handle on the types of ingredients you should be looking for in these products; it’s time we dive into the two different types (container and sprayer):

Container RV wax

The first type is a container RV wax that features as the name suggests, a container. These products typically come in a 32-ounce or 1-gallon capacity. The size options allow you to choose based on your preferences.

For instance, people looking for a wax they can use occasionally might opt to buy a 32-ounce version rather than a 1-gallon. But if you intend on using the wax frequently, the 1-gallon capacity might represent the better option.

Choosing the more significant option would ensure you won’t run out of RV wax each time you use it. As a result, you can see why understanding how much you intend on using your RV becomes an essential of picking the right container RV wax.

I should also mention that these products don’t work any differently than sprayer RV waxes. The only difference is how the product’s designed.

Sprayer RV wax

These types of RV waxes have a sprayer, which makes applying the product convenient for the possible user. All you need to do is press the trigger around the area you want the wax applied on the RV’s surface.

Once you successfully applied it, use a hand pad or polisher to wipe in the wax, and your RV will soon shine like never before. Honestly, it’s what’d you expect from something called a sprayer RV wax.

In the end, choosing the right type of RV wax will depend on whether you want the convenience of the sprayer RV wax or a higher quantity of the container RV wax. It’s that simple.

How often do you wax RV?

This question doesn’t have a concrete answer. It’ll depend on two crucial factors: the amount of RVing you do and the product you purchase. You see the more traveling you end up doing, the more waxing you’ll need to do.

For instance, if you’re an RVer traveling frequently, you might find yourself reapplying wax every few weeks. But a non-frequent RVer won’t need to apply their wax that often maybe a once every few months.

Of course, the product’s quality will factor into this situation as well. RV waxes with long-lasting capabilities will hold longer than your standard wax, which is why acquiring one’s such a crucial part of this experience.

What is the best way to apply RV waxes?

Your best bet would be using a dual-action buffer, which has an easy using process and produces fantastic results. Another option is to apply the wax by hand, but this way will end up taking a lot longer as it’ll require a lot of wiping.

Given this information, you can see why the dual action buffer might be the better option to choose. We should mention that you could use a dual-action orbital polisher, which would be an ideal tool for applying sealant or paint correction as well.

Plus, these products tend to be affordable and relatively reliable for this type of job. But regardless of the tool you choose, please consult the wax’s instructions before proceeding to avoid potential issues.

You see some of these products will require the use of a cloth or applicator for the waxing process. And if you end up using the wrong tool with these products, the chances you’ll get your desired results will lessen significantly.

In the end, it comes down to your preferences about the application process unless you get a wax that has special instructions.


What is the top-rated RV wax?

If you’re looking for an RV wax, the first thing you need to know is that these products are much different than the standard waxes. This difference comes from RV waxes consisting of special ingredients, which work together in unique formula meant for use on RV, trucks, cars, trailers, motorcycles, campers, and boats.

This unique formula will contain no harmful or abrasive materials that might end up causing a scratch or other damages: white powder and residue being left behind in your RV’s surfaces isn’t an issue either.

The application process for RV waxes is often a one-step job, which will avoid you becoming frustrated. I don’t know about you, but this quality is something I genuinely find valuable.

Another trait often found in RV waxes is them having a no-rinse formula that doesn’t require water to get your desired results. And if you’re warm weather RVer, you can also take comfort in most of these products having UV protection.

This particular trait ensures extended exposure to the sun won’t cause discoloration or fading, which can make your RV look less than ideal. Plus, this trait protects your RV against deterioration as well.

And these products even give you a choice regarding how you might want to use them on your RV. You see applying an RV wax can be done either by hand or machine depending on your preferences.

Given all this information, one thing becomes quite clear: getting a high-quality RV is in the best interest of any RV owner. I mean, who doesn’t want their RV looking all shiny and being a source of jealousy for other people?

How does it work?

Like I previously stated, an RV wax will usually have a one-step process. In fact, you won’t need any unique tools or equipment to ensure your RV’s exterior gets a nice looking wax. However, there might be special instructions for certain products; therefore, it’s essential that you read the directions before proceeding.

But the primary purpose of RV waxes is ensuring your RV regains its former glory with a return to its natural shine. You should be aware that these products work better when the RV’s surface is cleaned up before applying the wax.

After the area’s clean, you can then proceed and put on the wax. You can even put a high-quality RV onto your RV’s decals without causing any damage thanks to its versatility; you can use it on a multitude of surfaces.

If this trait’s something you want, make sure you read the product description of any RV wax you’re considering. You see some products won’t mesh with lettering or decals and could damage them.

Customer reviews will help in this regard as well. There’s nothing wrong with using someone else’s experience using a particular product to your advantage. I mean, these reviews exist for this exact purpose.

In terms of how much you should use your RV wax, experts seem to agree that every six months would be ideal. Of course, this number could change depending on how dirty your RV ends up getting; but at the very least, you can reasonably expect to be applying these products every six months.

And those are the basics about these products’ working processes. Nothing too complicated, right? In the end, it’s all about finding the product that fulfills all the qualities you want and has an easy one-step using process.

If you find an RV wax with both these aspects, purchasing it will be one of the best decisions you end up making.

What makes RV wax different than normal wax?

RV waxes are different from regular waxes in a relatively simple way. These waxes are specifically to work on campers, trailers, and motorhomes. As a result, they’re formulated to best adapt to those surfaces without causing damage.

Manufacturers have had to make their wax for travel trailer products with a less potent formula. It’s why experts always advise against using car waxes on motorhome exteriors.

Do I need to prepare the waxing surface before applying?

One of the more overlooked parts of RV wax is its preparation stage. Yet, it’s an essential aspect to ensure wax for campers can offer the best results possible. So the answer is a resounding yes to whether a surface needs preparing before applying RV wax.

In most cases, the wax’s directions indicate how to prep the camper surface. Following these steps is crucial to avoid any damage or other problematic issues. If you do so, I can’t imagine the results being anything other than spectacular.

Can I use RV wax for other applications?

Yes, wax for motorhomes or travel trailers will have no problem working on other applications. But check the description before using your chosen option. It should dictate what surfaces are compatible with your particular RV wax.

Most options are versatile enough to work on boats, cars, trucks, vans, buses, and other campers. They will be an effective deterrent for oxidation and other contaminants while providing an excellent shine.

What are the most trusted RV wax brands?

Like with all marketplaces, certain brands make RV wax a bit better than their competitors. And these manufacturers are the ones you’ve become familiar with by reading our product review section.

Each one of these companies excels at providing both high-quality products and customer service. But even among these brands, there are three that separate themselves a bit more when it comes to creating RV waxes: Meguiar’s, Turtle Wax, and Gel-Gloss.

And we’re going to show you how these three brands separated themselves among their peers by diving into their backgrounds below:


This brand has been making vehicle care products for 117 years, which gives them a wealth of experience in manufacturing products like RV waxes. This massive amount of expertise has resulted in them creating high-quality products and building bonds with their customers.

And the best part is this company’s always looking for ways to push past the other brands. Their will has led to them being near the top of numerous vehicle care product marketplaces like RV waxes.

Turtle Wax

Starting in 1944, Turtle Wax has built a reputation around its award-winning creative that has yielded them an excellent reputation among their customers. It also has led them to become the No. 1 manufacturer of various vehicle car products.

It’s this determination to exceed the quality of their competition that makes me confident in the products Turtle Wax creates. I mean, what else could you want from an RV wax brand besides high-quality products and customer service?


This company is a bit newer than the other two brands, but this younger age doesn’t mean they don’t have a heap of experience. I mean, Gel-Gloss has been around since the early 1970s and has been a leading figure within their respective marketplaces from day one.

This status came through their dedication to their craft and creative thinking, which resulted in various high-quality cleaning supplies. And the extra focus put on their products’ versatility makes them especially jump out ahead of their competitors.

Do RV waxes work on all surfaces?

RV wax products will tell you the surfaces they’re meant to work on within the product description. There isn’t a single one that’ll work on every surface on the planet; it isn’t possible and a manufacturer telling you their product can is a likely gimmick.

Even if a wax could have this capability, it would have varying degrees of success from one surface to another. With this in mind, it becomes essential you understand what surface you’re waxing and match it to an appropriate product that can get the job done effectively.

Can you wax RV decals?

In most cases, you can use an RV wax on a decal as a lot of these products have the versatility to work on various surfaces. But you’ll want to do some research beforehand as some of the cheaper products won’t have this capability.

After all, you don’t want to damage your decals because you assumed a wax could mesh well with them. It’s essential to be thorough throughout this process, as it’ll ensure little issues like this one never occur.

An excellent way to determine the best wax for RV decals is reading the product’s label, description, or customer reviews. All of these sources should provide the inside scoop on its capabilities in this area.

Do you need to wash/brush on to remove dirts before waxing?

It’s never a bad idea to give your RV a solid cleaning before applying an RV wax. In fact, experts recommend it as it’ll provide you with the best results possible. The cleaning process can either consist of you using a power wash or a brush.

You could even use both and make sure all that residue or dirt comes right off your before applying your RV wax. Experts often recommend using a soft bristle wash with either an extended handle or adjustable arm to get the job done.

Both these qualities will ensure you’re capable of reaching even the harder to reach places during the cleaning process. This way there won’t be any dirt, stains, or smudges on your RV’s roofs and wall.

From there, all you need to do is rinse your RV off with a spray nozzle, and you’re good to start applying the RV wax.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy an RV is a place you’re most likely familiar with Amazon. This site will have the lowest prices and the highest amount of high-quality choices. It’s the perfect mixture for a potential customer.

I also find the customer review section Amazon offers to be quite invaluable during your buying experience. In all estimations, their marketplace is second to none when you’re buying an RV wax or related product.

If the Amazon option isn’t appealing, you could always try a site like Camping World. This online marketplace will have a smaller selection than you’d see at Amazon, but there are still various high-quality RV waxes to peruse.

I do have to warn you that the prices will be higher as well. But there are times when there might be a sale at Camping World where their prices might dip below Amazon’s; therefore, do yourself a favor and always compare between these two sites. After all, you don’t want to be the person who misses out on a sale because you didn’t do a quick search.

If you don’t like either of these options, local store nearby like Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, or an RV shop will have some choices as well. The prices at these stores will end up being much higher than you’d see online; however, the real-life customer service is a nice benefit.

As you can see, you have plenty of places to choose from as a potential consumer. All you to do is select the path that fits your particular preference. Honestly, if you approach the process correctly, choosing any of these places will result in you getting a high-quality RV wax.


Using the information you’ve gained from this article will help ensure you end up with the best RV wax possible. It’ll also make sure this entire experience doesn’t become too overwhelming or stressful by giving you ways to limit the available options.

Once you do find the perfect product, your RV will never be without a shiny exterior ever again. Plus, you’ll end up being the person all the other RV owners are jealous of within your campground.

And who knows, it might even be an RV wax mentioned for this article. I mean, these 13 products are the best on the market and will provide you with top-tier performance. But if you find one not mentioned here, that’s okay too.

In the end, all we want is to help you find an RV wax that meets your expectations. So please, use the information we provided in this article to ensure your buying experience ends being a successful one. And if you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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