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The Best RV Water Pumps to Offer Superior Performance

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv water pump

Finding the best RV water pump is an essential part of making your RV trips as enjoyable as possible. I mean, is there anything more crucial than having access to a consistent water supply?

The answer to this question is obviously no; which is why a water pump can be so important as a consistent water supply’s precisely what it provides. It’s a pivotal piece to ensuring you have fresh water access at all times.

But sadly, the process of choosing the right one has become incredibly difficult over the years. The market has become over-saturated with options to the point where separating the low-quality from high-quality products is challenging.

As a result, we thought a buying guide going over the key points about these products could help lessen the stress this process will cause you. In fact, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to make a responsible decision about which water pump is the right one for you.

With this in mind, please keep reading and let me help make this entire process as painless as possible. I’ll even give you a list of the RV water pumps that I find are the top-rated on the market as a way to shorten your search even further.


Best Overall Easy to Install Suction Power
Preview bayite 7A108

Precitrade 2088-554-144

Flojet 03526-144A

Material Plastic Metal Stainless Steel
Voltage 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC
Amperage 5 A 5 A 7.54 A
Pressure 80-85 PSI (Max 100 PSI) 45 PSI 50 PSI
Flow Rate 1.2 GPM (4.5 LPM) 3.5 GPM (12.5 LPM) 2.9 GPM (11 LPM)
Details Details Details

13 Best Water Pump for RV Reviews

In this product review section, we’ll discuss in detail the 13 RV water pumps that I’ve found provide the people with the best results. From these discussions, I hope you’ll begin to understand what makes one of these products high-quality.

1. Bayite 12V DC Fresh Water Pump

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, our first product might be the perfect option for you. The Bayite 12V DC Fresh Water Pump is easily one of the more affordable options on this entire list, but this doesn’t affect the quality of its performance.

This top-notch water pump has 1.2 GPM rating, which will more than meet the standard water needs of your RV. It’ll easily supply your sinks, showers, dishwashers, and laundry machines with the water they need to get their respective jobs done.

It also has a patented design that allows to consistently provide smooth water flow with any application you intend on using it with: RV, camper, boat, caravan, etc. And when it’s in use, it won’t draw too much power either; therefore, not driving up the cost of your electric and water bills.

Besides offering high-quality performance coming at a reasonable cost, this water pump also operates at a low noise operation. Since some water pumps can cause migraines with the noise they create, this aspect is a welcome feature for any prospective buyer to see.

Plus, it’s a quick install with the easy to connect fittings this model comes with; honestly, you won’t come across many water pumps that have this many reviews claiming the install was way easier than expected.

All in all, this product provides you with a top-end performance at a price that won’t put a dent in your bank account. What more could you ask for as an RV owner?

2. SHURFLO 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump

As our first product from a manufacturer that you’ll see a few more times in this list, the SHURFLO 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump, which represents one of the more reliable options on this entire list. And It offers superior performance as well with its a 3.5 GPM and a 45 PSI ratings.

Both of these ratings are fantastic indicators that this model will offer you a high flow rate and keep your pipes from being damaged. It also has small, compact construction, which makes this stand above most of its competitors regarding portability.

This construction also ensures this water pump is another quick-to-install product as its lightweight and easily movable. Another significant advantage this unit has is its ability to be used with many different applications: RVs, campers, boats, caravans, etc.

It has this versatility because it made with polypropylene materials that make this model drinking water safe. Plus, this model’s check valve allows it to avoid any of the issues that a reverse flow would create.

And this model comes with a mount, which isn’t a bad feature to have included as well. In fact, this mount has proven to be incredibly adaptable as it’s flexible and can be used either vertically or horizontally.

Given these features, you can see how this RV water pump could be an excellent purchase for any RV owner in need a high-quality product. But it’s also essential we note that it does cost a little more; however, with these qualities, I’d have to say this model’s worth every penny.

3. Flojet 03526-144A Triplex Water System Pump

Another reasonably priced water pump that doesn’t falter in its performance capabilities is the Flojet 03526-144A Triplex Water System Pump. It comes with an automatic triplex diaphragm that allows it to operate smoothly without an accumulator tank.

It can offer this aspect because it comes with a pulsation eliminator that will keep the unit working stably and smoothly. It also has a sound absorbing mount that’ll keep the noise operation level to a minimum.

As a result, if you’re a light sleeper, this particular unit could be ideally suited for you. Plus, the installation process is so easy thanks to the snap, in half-inch fittings that you could practically do the whole install in your sleep.

The self-priming operation isn’t too shabby either as it allows for the pump to suction lift up to nine feet, which should satisfy the needs of many prospective buyers. And I didn’t even mention it’s made out of corrosion resistant materials that have been proven to extend the life of this unit by quite a few years.

If its long-lasting capabilities weren’t enough, this water pump also offers a 2.9 GPM rating that’s among the most trusted on the market. With a rating like this one and long-lasting materials, this model could be providing you with a high-quality performance for years to come.

As a matter of fact, it seems like Flojet managed to cover every base possible with this product. I mean, I can’t think a single aspect where you could describe this water pump as being lacking.

4. Lippert 689052 Flow Max 12V Water Pump

Compared to other models on the market, the Lippert Flow Max 12V Water Pump offers superior pressure performance that a lot of its competitors can’t match. I mean, its 3.3 GPM rating is almost second to none on the today’s marketplace.

On the same front, its 45 PSI rating is well below most of its competition, but not so far below that it affects the product’s overall effectiveness. With a PSI rating this low, you’ll never have to worry about high-pressured water coming into your pipes and causing damage.

Instead, the incoming water will smoothly flow throughout your RV’s plumbing system without incident. Besides its superior pressure performance, this model stands out in a couple of other ways as well.

For instance, it comes equipped with a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant motor, which will ensure this product stays in pristine condition for a long time. It also has a self-priming operation that’ll make sure the pump fully ready to offer you top caliber performance.

And its noise level is so low that it won’t even bother the lightest of sleepers. The 2-year warranty isn’t a bad feature either as it gives you a little insurance just in case something breaks or an accident happens.

Although given all these features, I doubt that this warranty will ever become a factor. In fact, if you buy this RV water pump from Flox Max, I fully expect you to be delighted with your purchase. It has everything you could ever want out of a product such as this and comes at a reasonable price.

5. Amarine-made 12v Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump

Equipped with some of the finest features you’ll see, the Amarine-made 12v Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump is a product any RV owner would be lucky to own. As an example, this model has a silent noise operation level that won’t even wake your dog.

I mean, it’s whisper quiet as it has a noise absorbing mount that’ll take care of any sounds that come off the model when it’s in use. The noise level is further reduced when you consider this unit has a low-draw as well.

See, this model only has a 1.1 GPM and a 35 PSI rating, which you might be thinking is a little too low on both accounts. However, this pump has proven to still provide excellent water flow given the praise it received in the customer reviews.

The low-draw will also keep both your electric and water bill lower than other models on this list, which is always a plus with a product such as this one. Its thermal overload protection is another benefit this model will provide as it will significantly extend the unit’s lifespan.

Likewise, the ignition protection this product has helped in this regard as well. It also has a self-priming operation, which it’ll be ready to provide top-notch performance at a moment’s notice regardless of the situation.

With all these fantastic capabilities, it’s hard to see why someone would pass up on such a pristine piece of equipment. It even comes in at a price that’s well below market value for an RV water pump.

6. Seaflo Water Diaphragm Self Priming Pump

As the first product from a company that’ll you see multiple times on this list, The Seaflo Water Diaphragm Self Priming Pump does an excellent job of showcasing why its manufacturer appears numerous times.

For one, the motor has an automatic restart, which can be incredibly useful in case a malfunction happens. It also has full thermal protection that’ll further ensure nothing bad happens by preventing it from overheating.

Aside from its fantastic motor, this water pump will also comfortably meet all your water pumping needs with its 3.0 GPM rating. Plus, the 45 PSI rating isn’t too bad either as it’ll keep the incoming water at a reasonable pressure that won’t cause any damage.

The water pump itself is also constructed in a way to protect itself as its made from high-quality materials. And if it does get damaged, Seaflo gives you a 4-year warranty with purchase that should provide you with some insurance.

It also helps that this model’s a simple install as well. I mean, the instruction manual that comes with the product has been described as incredibly helpful in the product reviews. As a result, I don’t think there should be many issues with the overall installation process.

Plus, it has an easy connection system, which will be unbelievably helping during the install. In the end, this model is a worthwhile option for any RV looking for a product that’ll offer high-quality performance at a fair price.

7. Bayite 12V DC Fresh Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump

The Bayite 12V DC Fresh Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump is the second product from this manufacturer on our list. And like the first one, this water product has a lot of high-quality features that make it a must-consider for any RV owner.

For instance, it has precision ball bearings integrated inside the pump’s motor. These ball bearings will ensure the device has an extended lifespan by providing extra protection. Along the same lines, it also has that all to essential thermal protection that’ll prevent the motor from overheating.

It also has easy to connect fittings and a lightweight design that’ll make the install a relatively painless process. Even someone as mechanically challenged as I could successfully get this product ready to start meeting all my water pumping needs.

And once it does start working, it’ll offer adequate water capacity with its 1.0 GPM rating. I know that seems a little low, but this product has been proven to be an efficient, energy-saving water pump that’s well worth your consideration.

This pump even has a built-in pressure switch that’ll ensure it turns off whenever you aren’t using it. A handy feature as it makes sure you don’t waste any water or electricity. It also comes with soft rubber feet that’ll offer the pump cushion from any vibrations.

All in all, this product is another solid, albeit unspectacular water pump from Bayite that does its job effectively without causing any hassles. And isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day?

8. Flojet Quiet Quad Water System Pump

As another Flojet product, the Flojet Quiet Quad Water System has numerous features that make it an attractive option for an RV owner. For instance, it has quick-connect plug-in ports that make for an installation process that couldn’t be simpler.

It also has intermittent, pressure-switch control, which will automatically shut off the model when it’s not in use. As mentioned in other reviews, this particular feature can be quite handy in ensuring your bills don’t become unmanageable.

The self-priming operating is another aspect that makes this product a must-consider for anyone looking for a high-quality RV water pump. It’ll ensure the model’s always ready to provide you with a top-notch performance at a moment’s notice.

And as with any product on this list, it also offers you more than enough water capacity to ensure all your water needs are met with its 3.3 GPM rating. The 35 PSI isn’t something to sneeze at either as it’ll keep everything at a safe and smooth rate.

It doesn’t require an accumulator tank, which is always a nice touch with a product such as this one. Plus, it has those all too important noise absorbing mountings that keep the noise level down to its absolute minimum.

But what else would you expect from a high-quality manufacturer such as Flojet? Products like this one show why this company has such a well-regarded reputation among its customer base.

9. IEIK 12V Pressure Switch Sprayer RV Water Pump

The IEIK 12V Pressure Switch Sprayer RV Water Pump is a 12-volt water pump for RV that’ll meet the expectations an RV owner would have for a high-quality model. Its construction is built to keep offering high-quality for a long time.

See, this unit has a seal switch and coating, which will significantly reduce the risk of corrosion ever being a factor. I mean, anything that extends the lifespan of a product such as this one is a worthwhile feature to invest in for a customer.

It also has numerous application uses that make it an extremely versatile option. It can work in RVs, boats, caravans, trucks, motorhomes, etc. And can offer all these vehicles enough water capacity to fulfill all its water requirements with its 1.35 GPM.

However, we must note that this particular model does offer a 116 PSI rating, which is slightly above the standard safe range for an RV. Therefore, you should check the recommended PSI level in your RV’s manual to ensure it meshes well with this pump’s rating.

And if it does mesh well, you can also expect this model to be an easy install as well with its small and compact design. Given all of these features, it’s not hard to see why this water pump made it onto this list.

It also helps that it comes at an affordable price, which isn’t often seen with a product that can provide a high-quality performance like this model can offer.

10. Seaflo 12V Water Pressure Pump

The Seaflo 12V Water Pressure Pump is our second product from this manufacturer that lives up to the reputation this brand has built among RV owners. In being so, it shouldn’t shock you that this model is considered a budget-friendly product that doesn’t sacrifice quality or performance.

As an example, this water pump’s design is small and compact, which makes it incredibly portable and easy to install. Both these aspects are essential in all the top rated RV water pumps as they give the customer utmost convenience.

It’s also great that this water pump’s small size doesn’t mean it lacks in being able to complete the tasks you require of it. For instance, it can effectively perform filtration, circulation, and liquid transfer even though it’s much smaller than other models you’d typically find on the market.

And it has that always essential self-priming operation, which makes sure this unit’s ready to perform this task whenever you need. There’s nothing worse than paying a premium price for a product like this one and realizing it doesn’t allow to use it at a moment’s notice.

The 1.2 GPM rating is a little lower than you might like, but it seems to satisfy all the water needs of its customers. I mean, all you find the customer reviews are glowing reports about how efficient and effective this model is compared to the other units people have tried.

All in all, if you end up buying this Seaflo water pump, you can feel comfortable that you’re getting superior performance without any issues and at a reasonable price. This scenario is something I’d sign up for every day of the week.

11. Remco RV Aquajet 5503-AV15-B636 ARV H2O Pump

As the most expensive model on this list, the Remco RV Aquajet 5503-AV15-B636 ARV H2O Pump offers some features that these other units can’t compete with reasonably. For instance, its equipped with a variable speed motor that gets rid of the on/off cycling that often haunts more standard RV water pumps.

This variable speed motor also offers the customer the ability to detect drops in water pressure with its pressure sensors. If a drop is detected, these pressure sensors will automatically adjust and continue to provide high-quality, consistent water flow.

You might think this speed motor means that the noise operation level will be higher than your typical water pump? Well, don’t because this motor doesn’t spin too fast and will only increase its speed when the demand for water increases.

And when the water demand does increase, this unit uses its 5-valve design to guarantee the water flow remains strong. It also helps that the device itself has a 3.5 GPM rating, which is more than capable of meeting any water demand that could exist on an RV.

Aside from these unique features, it has all the other essential ones we seen in other reviews as well: corrosion resistant materials, a strong PSI rating, automatic shut-off feature, and an easy installation process.

Therefore, if you can afford to shell out a little extra cash, you should at least consider buying this unit. After all, this model can offer you a level of performance you might not see with the other models on this list.

12. Seaflo 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure Pump

Our last Seaflo product is the Seaflo 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure Pump, and it doesn’t fail to meet the reputation left behind by the others. It’s honestly a fantastic product in its own right with a set of high-quality features that make it a must-consider water pump.

For example, this pump comes equipped with a three-chamber high volume design that’ll be able to provide high flow rates regardless of the number of faucets you have open. It can offer this quality thanks to having a heavy-duty motor that products a 3.3 GPM rating.

This model design’s beneficial in other as well as it’s rather lightweight, which allows it to be incredibly portable. Plus, it makes the install much more straightforward: a process that’s also helped by the inclusion of an electrical cord that can connect this water pump to any standard US outlet.

This water pump is also capable of self-priming up to 6 vertical feet and can handle being dry run without suffering any damage. Both these features prove this is another Seaflo product that’s near the top of its marketplace.

By all accounts, it seems Seaflo made a product that’ll meet the needs of any RV owner who intends on buying it. It even has a 4-year warranty to further entice you into choosing this product as the water pump for your RV.

13. SHURFLO 4008-101-E65 3.0Revolution Water Pump

Our final product is the SHURFLO 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump offers an RV owner everything they could ask for from a water pump. It truly is an ideal product that any prospective buyer would have a tough time passing up purchasing.

For example, it has a 3 GPM rating that’ll provide with enough water capacity to ensure all your sinks, showerheads, dishwashers, and wash machines have their necessary water requirements. It also has a 55 PSI to make all incoming water stays at a pressure that’s safe and won’t cause any issues.

But its superior pressure performance isn’t the only area where this model excels; it also does all this with a low noise operation that won’t be annoying or distracting. This is a crucial feature for a product that’s going to working in such a confined area such as an RV.

Another key area where this model outpaces its competitors is the way it’s constructed. See, it comes with a single-piece diaphragm, which will help extend the product’s overall lifespan and supply top-notch performance for years.

Likewise, this SHURFLO revolution water pump also features thermal protection for the same reason. With these two features, you’ll have the capability of dry running this water pump without worrying about any damage occurring.

In the end, all of these features together make-up a product that will continuously be a force in this market because it doesn’t have a single aspect that could be seen as a weakness. You won’t find many products, which are considered better than this model form SHURFLO.

AURELIO TECH 12V Water Pressure Diaphragm Self Priming Pump (Outdated)

As one of our more durable products, the AURELIO TECH 12V Water Pressure Diaphragm Self Priming Pump has numerous features that’ll ensure it stays in your life for a long time. For example, this model has a motor design that incorporates ball bearings.

These ball bearings will encourage long life by providing more protection against things like corrosion and rust. The integral thermal breaker will offer the same. With both these features, it becomes highly unlikely this model suffers from any sort malfunction.

Aside from extending the lifespan of the product, this unit also provides a high water capacity without using a lot of energy. See, it has a 1.2 GPM, which will meet all your water pumping needs, but do so without making your bills rise to unseen heights.

Plus, the 35 PSI rating will keep the incoming water at a smooth flow, which won’t cause any issues. The soft rubber feet that this model comes with aren’t too shabby either as they’ll provide a cushion against any vibration.

It also helps that it gives you all of this at a price that is well below what you’d come to expect from this type of product. Therefore, if you’re looking for a bargain buy, you should move this model to the top of your list.

Honestly, you might not find a better deal on this entire list as it will provide high-quality performance for years to come at a price that won’t empty your bank account.

SHURFLO 4008-101-A65 New 3.0 GPM RV Water Pump (Outdated)

The SHURFLO 4008-101-A65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump comes from a manufacturer that you’ve already seen a couple of times on this list. Due to this, you shouldn’t be shocked we consider this one of the best products mentioned in this entire article.

It has such a high standing in our minds because of features like its creative design; it has a one-piece diaphragm that features an internal bypass, which helps provide outstanding performance capabilities.

And if you don’t believe me, this model offers a 3 GPM rating that will without a doubt cover all your RV’s water needs. Even this incredible power, SHURFLO still ensure that this model operates at an appropriate noise level.

In several customer reviews, the noise operation was even described as whisper quiet. It also has a 55 PSI rating, which will make sure the water pressure never becomes too much for your RV’s plumbing system to handle.

Its thermal protection is another massive advantage this model would offer a potential buyer. With this feature, you able to dry run the water pump without causing any damage. This aspect isn’t something you’ll often see on the RV water pump market.

You can also take comfort in knowing that this particular product isn’t tough to move around as it has a rather lightweight design. As a result, the install process becomes a much smoother experience than you might have with other products.

In the end, all these features show why SHURFLO has such good standing with us and RV owners around the world. It’s top-notch in every regard.

WFCO Artis Series Water Pump (Outdated)

With one of the most efficient designs, the WFCO Artis Series Water Pump doesn’t leave a lot for a customer to complain about; the four chamber construction provides both low-amp draw and low-noise level.

As a result, it becomes apparent that this model is one of the most user-friendly options available to an RV owner. I mean, it even has 3 GPM rating that will comfortable fulfill all your water pumping requirements.

There’s also the thermal and overpressure protection that’ll allow you to run this unit dry without causing any issues or damage. It seems like WFCO tried to create the most user-friendly possible and it quite obvious they did a solid job achieving this goal.

After all, this model’s even lightweight to ensure that it has peak portability, which means this particular unit will be a simple install. It also helps that 40 PSI rating will keep the incoming water at consistent pressure that won’t be too harsh on your RV’s plumbing system.

And all of this comes at a price that’s affordable, which makes this product ideally suited for anybody looking for the best RV water pump. In all honesty, I can’t envision a scenario where this wouldn’t be considered a quality purchase.

As a result, do yourself a favor and take the time to discuss this water pump as a serious candidate. And if you do buy it, I promise you won’t end up regretting it.

Camplux 12V Water Pump (Outdated)

Next product is another one that’s ideally suited for someone looking for a bargain. There isn’t too much that’s special about the Camplux 12V Water Pump, but it’ll do its job effectively and won’t cost you a truckload of money.

However, this lack of uniqueness doesn’t mean there aren’t some features worth mentioning. As an example, it’s incredibly versatile as it can be used on numerous applications such as RVs, campers, boats, and even smaller homes.

In fact, this particular model would be a perfect water pump for a smaller family using an RV thanks to its 1.2 GPM rating. It also made from high-quality materials that have been proven to be extremely durable.

Like a lot of other products on this list, it’s a self-priming operation and can handle being run dry as well. As a result, if you end up buying this model, you can reasonably expect this unit to control your water pumping needs for a long time without issues.

If its durability and versatility weren’t enough to sell you, Camplux also made sure this water pump was lightweight and compact; therefore, making this model both unbelievably portable and easy to install.

Overall, there might not be too much that stands out about the Camplux 12V water pump, but its ability to offer high-quality performance at a low price makes it a worthwhile product. Trust me; you could do a whole lot worse than this unit.

RV Water Pump Buyer’s Guide


Buying an RV water pump isn’t the simple process you might envision it being. There are essential factors you’ll need to discuss before you find the best choice. And this section will dive deeply into these factors as a way to ensure you’re prepared for this buying experience.

Things to know before buying an RV water pump

Choosing the top-rated water pump for RV will come down to understanding certain factors that determine whether or not a model’s high-quality. And in this section, we’ll discuss these essential factors to ensure you pick the perfect product for your situation.

Noise Operation Level

Some RV water pumps can get a little noisy. Given you probably want your RV as peaceful as possible, I’d recommend avoiding these particular models at all costs. Instead, your goal should be finding a quiet product that keeps a low noise operation level even with multiple faucets open.

For instance, an RV water pump with a 5-chamber design should be able to keep the noise level down regardless of the number of faucets open. Another trick is checking the pump’s mounting type because some can absorb sound.

Another simple way to ensure you get a product that keeps their operation noise low is by reading the customer reviews. If the water pump you’re considering has a noise issue, these reviews will undoubtedly make it abundantly clear.


An RV water pump’s GPM (gallons per minute) rating refers to the gallons of water per minute the pump will supply your RV. The models on the market will typical offer you anywhere from 1 GPM to 4 GPM.

An RV water pump’s GPM (gallons per minute) rating refers to the gallons of water per minute the pump will supply your RV. The models on the market will typically offer you anywhere from 1 GPM to 4 GPM.

This range is an excellent barometer to stick with during your search. Anything less than 1 GPM will be too weak to offer high-quality performance. But a model with a higher than 4 GPM rating will be too powerful for your RV.

It’ll also end up costing you more on both your electric and water bills. As a result, you’ll want to find a model that hovers between the range mentioned above.


Like we discussed above, RV water pumps generally come into two types: 12-volt and 24-volt RV water pumps. It’s essential you understand, which one is a better fit for your particular rig’s circumstances.

In most cases, I’m going to recommend sticking with the 12-volt models as these are the standard design for RVs. They’ll make sure the job gets done and won’t provide so much pressure that it causes issues with your pipes.

But if you’re looking for extra pressure, the 24-volt options are at least worth considering. These devices do provide a more reliable and powerful performance; therefore, could be useful for larger rigs like a fifth wheel trailer.

These 24-volt devices do have a drawback though; they’re going to run your electric and water bills higher than your standard 12-volt would as they use more power. It’s something you’ll want to think about before making your final decision on which voltage you need.

With all this in mind, it becomes apparent that figuring out which voltage fits your particular situation better is an essential piece to this rather complicated puzzle.


The PSI or pounds per square inch is another factor that becomes vastly important in this decision-making process. It’s essential the water pump you buy has a PSI rating that mimics the recommended one by your rig’s manufacturer.

This rating is usually between 60 and 75 PSI, which is considered the safe zone when it comes to water pressure. However, it won’t hurt to ensure the water pump you’re buying meshes well with your RV; therefore, take a gander at your RV’s manual.

It should give you a recommended PSI for the water coming into your RV. Use this number to wisely pick an RV water pump that can provide the rating given in the manual.

Ease of Installation

Any RV water pump worth considering will be a product that’s easy to install. In fact, it should be one that allows you to do the whole installation process yourself. I’d recommend looking for a small, compact model as these units tend to have fewer parts.

And as anyone knows; fewer parts means easier installation. It also ensures the process won’t be taxing for you physically as the lack of parts makes this products lightweight. But do make sure the smaller pump has the same measurements as the one you’re trying to replace.

We don’t want you to buy a product that doesn’t fit into your designated water pump spot after all. It also in your best interest to ensure the model comes with all the needed supplies for the installations: Teflon tape, water hose, screwdriver, etc.

What are the different types of RV water pumps?

In the RV world, water pumps typically come in two types, 12-volt RV water pumps and 24-volt RV water pumps. As you might expect, there are certain situations where one might be more effective than the other, and we’re going to discuss these scenarios in detail below.

12 Volt Water Pumps

The more common of the two types, the 12-volt water pump is the standard operating design for most RVs. If you’re looking for a standard model for a lighter job, a 12-volt water pump is the right move for you.

These devices are specifically designed for RVs and should be your purchase unless you have a situation where you need a lot more pressure. These water pumps will keep both your water and electric bills in check and get the job done efficiently.

24 Volt Water Pumps

After my explanation of the 12-volt water pumps, you’re probably asking yourself why I would want a 24-volt water pump? Well, sometimes you’ll need a little extra pressure and these devices will provide that for you.

In fact, using a 24-volt water pump will guarantee a reliable and high flow performance that a 12-volt version might not be capable of producing. However, these models will cause spikes in both your water and electric bill as they need more power to run effectively.

As a result, we recommend going with the 12-volt water pump unless your situation really calls for the need of a water pump that provides more pressure. After all, 24-volt water pumps are going to cost more as well; therefore, you don’t want to spend extra money on something you don’t actually need.

RV water pump voltages: which is the best for you?

In most cases, the right pump to go will be a 12-volt model as they’re the standard water pump design for most RVs. The 24-volt ones are more reserved for trucks or buses, which is why you should only consider these models when you’re in need of a little extra pressure.

But even in these situations, the extra pressure these 24-volt models can offer end up doing more harm than good. Therefore, I’d recommend always sticking with the 12-volt water pumps; they’re safer, more logical, and less expensive,

How to install an RV water pump?

The process of installing your new RV water pump will ultimately come down to the one you end up buying. After all, these things can vary model to model. But the standard operating procedure will look something like the steps I demonstrate below:

Step 1: Empty Your Water Tank

Flush out everything from your RV’s water tank by connecting a water hose to the tank’s base. This action will empty all the water from the tank. At this point, if you want, you can save the water by directing the hose to a drum or another large water holding container.

From there, disconnect the link from the tank to the old RV water pump, which will cause some water to leak out.

Step 2: Disconnect the Old Water Pump

You’ll first want to disconnect your RV’s battery. From there, use a screwdriver and remove the wires that are connected to your old pump. In most cases, these wires will be red and black. It’s also imperative that you disconnect the hoses connected to the pump as well.

After removing the hoses and wires, move onto the bolts and screws that hold the old pump in place. Once everything is removed, carefully disconnect the old pump.

Step 3: Put the New Pump into Place

Take in the new pump and position it where you just took out the old one. Use your screwdriver to secure it and bolt it down. It’s essential you make sure the pump is bolted down tightly. After bolting down the pump, take out some Teflon tape and wrap up the pipe threads.

With the pipe threads wrapped, you should move onto connecting the inlet hose and outlet house, which both need to secure with clamps.

Step 4: Reconnect the Wiring, Battery, and Water Tank

First, reconnect the water tank’s link to the pump: ensure this connection is fastened tightly. After effectively reconnecting the water tank, move onto the electrical wiring. And lastly, reconnect the RVs battery, which will give your new RV water pump a live power source.

Step 5: Test the System

Now, it’s time to test the system. You do this by starting your RV and evaluating whether or not your new pump goes on standby. The pump should emit a sound, which confirms that it’s turned on and working: this sound might be different from pump to pump.

If the pump doesn’t make a sound, it’s probably an indicator something’s wrong with your electrical connections. As a result, you should check them and make sure they’re correctly connected. You should also check the battery to confirm that is suitably connected as well.

Step 6: Test the Pump

Once you confirm the pump is properly running, inspect all the lines and connection to ensure there aren’t any issues with leaks or holes. You should then fill the tank a quarter of the way full with water and turn on the pump.

Now, go to a faucet and turn it on to further confirm the water pump’s doing its job. It’s important you remain patient as it could take a couple of moments for the water to come out from your faucet.

If it does take a few moments, it’s because the pump is still filling the pipes up with before it comes out of your faucet.

Overall, this installation process doesn’t seem too complicated, right? And trust me; the install for the pump you choose won’t differ drastically much from the steps laid out above, but it’s still essential that you read instruction manual beforehand.

If you don’t read the instruction manual, you might end up missing a crucial step that’s pivotal to ensuring a high-quality performance from your water pump.

RV Water Pump FAQs

What is an RV water pump?

An RV water pump takes the water from the tank and puts up into your RV’s plumbing system. Its job is to increase the flow of the water and stabilize any pressure that might build up from its arrival inside your plumbing system.

On the average, an RV water pump will hold 50 to 200 gallons of fresh water depending on the model. It’s mostly the device that gives you access to the fresh water that runs through your RV.

In doing so, these products have two jobs: keeping the water pressurized and providing a certain amount of water per minute. As a result, it controls the output of the water of your RV’s showerheads, faucets, toilet, etc.

Without this essential piece of equipment, you’d have a hard time consuming the fresh water that lies inside your tank. In fact, it’d be downright impossible. I mean, imagine RVing without the ability to procure fresh water: sounds like absolute hell, doesn’t it?

Due to this, you can see why an RV water pump becomes a piece of equipment that needs to be a top-notch product.

How does it work?

The process of how an RV water pump works isn’t one that’s too complicated. The first thing you need to know is these water pumps work off your demand. Therefore, it’ll only turn on when you need it too.

Regarding the actual pumping process, it’s relatively simple. The pump works by pressurizing the pipes to predetermined pound per square inch setting also called PSI. This setting is often set around 30 PSI, but some models are more technologically advanced and have an adjustable PSI setting.

If you’re looking for a product that offers more control, these water pumps with the adjustable PSI setting could be the right move for you. It’ll give you more flexibility and offer the choice of setting the water pumping experience to your preferences.

Once you turn on the pump, it’ll start pumping water. It’ll continue to pump water until all the faucets, showerheads, and other water outlets are closed. After you turn it off, it’ll keep pumping a little while longer just up to the point it reaches the preset water pressure on the pipes.

With the newer models, the water pumps will stop working the moment it reaches the preset water pressure. As a result, the pressure on the pipes or lines will stay the same until you open a water outlet such as a faucet.

After you open a faucet, if the water pump notices a drop in the pressure, it’ll start working again to regain the preset water pressure. But sadly, older models don’t have the same method of operating that the new ones do.

These models work off manual operation. Sounds like a hassle, right? Well, it is as you have to turn the water pump on every time you need fresh water. The process for these devices we go like this: open faucet, turn the water pump on, and then you get your desired fresh water.

And then, you have to turn it back off and close the faucet. If you have an older manual model, make sure you follow this process to a tee. If you don’t, it could lead to some consequences that you don’t want a part of your relaxing RV life.

See, these older models, don’t have that snazzy automatic shutdown feature. As a result, they won’t stop pumping unless you turn them off even as it hits the preset water pressure setting.

This constant pumping could lead to overheating, which could ultimately cause your plumbing line to burst. Then, things like flooding become apart of your life, and that’s just not fun for anyone involved.

What is the quietest RV water pump on the market?

Many experts agree that Shurflo’s Ultra Quiet Motorhome Water Pump offers the lowest noise level. It seems to emit a whisper-quiet sound that everyone would be okay with. So anyone looking for a peaceful and effective replacement RV water pump should consider buying it.

If you’re wondering why it didn’t make our list, the price is a bit too expensive. I’d much rather choose a model like the Amarine-made 12v Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump. This RV water pump 12V model’s noise level is a little louder while being much less costly.

What size water pump do I need for my RV?

Choosing the correct size for your RV water pump upgrade isn’t too tricky. In most cases, RVers want to select a model with a 3 to 3.5 GPM production rate. Water pumps with these rates are commonly found on smaller or mid-sized motorhomes.

In fact, SHURFLO’s 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump would be an excellent choice. It provides outstanding performance without any issues. Meanwhile, it still offers a quiet noise level to ensure the device remains user-friendly.

However, 3 to 3.5 GPM motorhome water pumps might not be enough for some Class A RVs. Owners of these RVers would look for a larger model, often rated at five or more GPM.

One of my favorite options for these massive rigs is NPGLOBAL’s 12V Water Diaphragm Pressure Pump.

Can I put a bigger water pump in my RV?

RV owners can install a more extensive water pump in their motorhome if there’s enough room. So if you’re considering a bigger size, consider the space inside your rig. You don’t want to buy an RV camper water pump that doesn’t fit into the intended area.

After all, it’ll only lead to making room for it or buying a new water pump travel trailer model. It just seems like a massive waste of time. I once made this mistake and had to spend another $200 to fix my error.

So please, don’t be like me and check the specifications inside your camper manual. It should tell you everything about the proper pump size and flow rate. You can then estimate whether you have enough room for a larger 12V on demand water pump.

How much does a water pump for an RV cost?

Camper or trailer water pumps have a wide range of price tags. For example, I’ve found models available for only $50 while others cost almost $500. As a result, buyers will need to consider what they’re looking for in their fresh water RV pump.

For instance, someone who wants a bargain buy would be much better choosing a model close to the $50 range, like Bayite’s 12V DC Fresh Water Pump. It’ll provide acceptable performance while keeping our savings intact.

However, for higher performance quality and advanced features, an expensive variable speed RV water pump would be preferable. I’d recommend Remco’s RV Aquajet 5503-AV15-B636 ARV H2O Pump, as quiet RV water pumps don’t get much better than this one.

How long do RV water pumps last?

Most RV water pumps should last over a decade with proper care and maintenance. All the options mentioned in our article have proven to offer this longevity. But it does require users to be practical and keep up with repairs or other issues.

If you’re worried about maintenance, check out “How to repair an RV water pump leak?” It provides guides to ensure you can deal with cracks and leaks in your water pump. This info and your product’s manual should provide everything you need to know about proper water pump maintenance.

What are the most trusted RV water pump brands?

When buying products, customers are always searching for the best brands to lead them toward the highest-quality items. This experience doesn’t magically change when you’re searching for an RV water pump.

As a result, there are a couple of manufacturers that stand above the rest in this marketplace as well. These companies are the ones that are mentioned in our product review section, but even in that populace, there are three that further separate themselves from their competitors: Shurflo, Remco, and Seaflo.

And I thought telling you a little bit about each would give you an idea of why these three companies are ahead of the pack. It’ll hopefully convey to you that these manufacturers are the standard, which you should hold every other brand up to regardless of the product’s features or price.


As a company that’s been in the game since 1968, Shurflo needed to create a reputation among their customers as being high-quality. Which is something they’ve done effectively through making pumps that “provide reliable, smooth and quiet operation for many enjoyable years of use.”

With a company mission like this one, it’s not hard to see why Shurflo has been incredibly successful over the years.


Remco has been a leader in the pump making industry for a long time. And they don’t just produce high-quality water pumps, but all sorts of other fluid handling equipment “that excels in performance and reliability, and surpasses the end user’s expectations.”


With the following goal of “provid[ing] the highest quality products, at a competitive price, with unbeatable customer service“, Seaflo has become a manufacturing leader in Marine, RV, and Agricultural part marketplaces.

In doing so, they’ve cultivated a tremendous relationship between them and their customers. I mean, Seaflo has been a favorite among RV owners in a rather quick time with their willingness to go the extra mile for the customer’s satisfaction.

Overall, if you’re lucky enough to buy a water pump from one of these manufacturers, there’s no question you’re buying experience will be a positive one. In fact, any of the companies mentioned in our product review section will provide you with a positive and stress-free purchase.

Are RV water pumps loud? How to make them quiet?

Your RV’s noise level will ultimately depend on the model you end up buying. As a result, this factor becomes an incredibly important part of your search for a 12 volt water pump for RV. I mean, a loud water pump can make your RV life an absolute nightmare.

With this in mind, you should take a gander at the customer reviews. Trust me; if someone found the product you’re researching to be too loud, you’ll find a complaint about it there. But if you do find yourself with a noisy water pump, there are some things you can do about it.

See, there are these products called water pump silencers that should take care of the problem.

I’ve found this particular one to be a fantastic product, which will make sure your water pump never becomes a loud annoying nuisance.

How long should an RV water pump run?

As most of these RV pumps use an on-demand system to operate effectively, you can feel comfortable knowing that you can leave it on for as long as possible and it won’t cause any issue. However, if you’re connected to city water, this will cause some problems.

Your water pump could start pumping in unregulated city water. If you aren’t connected to city water, this issue isn’t a problem because the RV’s water will be pumped in from your RV’s onboard holding tank.

It’s also imperative to understand that these on-demand systems will only run after you use a water-using-device such as a toilet or a faucet. In other words, these high-quality pumps will not use power unless you make it known you need water by turning on a water outlet.

Therefore, if your RV water pump is continuously running, there’s a high probability that there’s some issue, which needs some fixing.

How to repair an RV water pump leak?

As mentioned in the previous part of this article, if your water pump is continuously running, there’s a strong chance that there’s an issue. In most cases, this problem is a leak, which can be a real nuisance and needs to be fixed immediately.

The first thing you’ll need to do is identify what the reason behind leaking is? Most commonly, the leaking comes from one of the two following culprits: a broken check valve or cracked water lines. And thankfully, fixing both of these issues is a rather simple process that I’ll demonstrate below:

Repairing a Broken Check Valve

Step 1: Pull the Valve Off the Hose

The first thing you’ll want to do turn off the water. You should then remove the old check valve from the hose that was connecting it to your RV’s freshwater tank. It shouldn’t be a complicated process as typical you can pull the valve off the hose by using your hands.

Step 2: Disconnect the Old Check Valve

You should be able to disconnect the check valve from the water pump by merely pulling with your hands.

Step 3: Install the New Check Valve

With the old check valve out, you should be able to fit the new one right into the hose or tube that connects the freshwater tank. The check valve’s directional arrow should be pointing toward the water pump.

Once you’ve fitted it in, connect the check valve’s opposite end to your water pump. Most of the time, the new check valve will slip right into place.

Repairing Cracks in the Water Lines

Step 1: Visually Inspect for Cracks

If you’ve examined the check valve and everything appears to be fine, you should operate under the impression that a crack in the water line is causing the leak. As a result, you should inspect all the lines going to and from the water pump for cracks.

Step 2: Place a Bucket Under the Cracked Water Line

Once you think you’ve found the cracked water line, you should place a bucket under the connection between that line and the water pump.

Step 3: Loosen the Connection Between the Water Line and Pump

If water starts pouring out, it means there isn’t a crack in the water line. On the other hand, if water does come out, it could be an indicator that there’s a crack. It’s essential that we note the lack of water coming out could also be a suction problem.

An issue regarding suction usually comes about from running a water pump with an empty water tank. If you’ve done this before, you can rule out a suction issue by filling the water line with water and attaching the pump.

Next, turn the pump on and let it run for several minutes, and test the water line again.

Step 4: Fix the Cracked Line

If you’ve established that a cracked line is indeed the problem, it’s time to repair it. The first thing you must do is turn off the water pump again. From there, take out a pocket knife and cut out the cracked part of the water line.

You then cut a piece of plastic tubing that has the measurements of the cracked part you removed. If you’re confused about which kind of tubing to get, you should consult with the nearest RV store.

Step 5: Patch up the Water Line

If you’re using tubing that has a lot of slack, it’s in your best interest to patch up the water line with one fitting. But if the tubing has no slack, you should use two and attach one to each end of the line.

With your fittings in place, place the plastic tubing in the spot between them. You should then secure it with PVC adhesive, which should ensure everything stays put. Leave it alone for 12 to 24 hours so that it can dry.

Once it’s dry, you can then turn the water pump back on and see what happens.

With these two step-by-step guides, you should have no problem returning your water pump to its former glory. However, if you find it’s neither of these two things, you should call in a professional to come and have a look at your water pump.

Even if you find it’s one of these two issues and don’t feel comfortable doing the fixes yourself, calling a professional would be your best bet. I mean, there’s a reason these people have those jobs after all.


Wading through all these available RV water pump options can be quite a frustrating experience. I mean, most of the time it seems like every product is offering all the same features and benefits.

But given all the information you now have at your disposal, this process should become much simpler and less stressful for you. Just remember, take your time and use this information as it should help make it clear, which model is the best RV water pump for you.

And once you do find the high-quality unit that’s perfect for your RV, you can comfortably relax knowing that your water pump will be a non-issue for years to come. It’ll let you get back to enjoying the things that matter most.

So please, use the information in this guide to help find your perfect RV water pump. And you never know, it might even be one from our product review section!

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