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The Best RV Water Pressure Regulators to Prevent Water Leakage

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv water pressure regulator

The best RV water pressure regulator will be the perfect tool to protect your RV plumbing system from the damage high-pressured water can cause. And most of you are well aware of how unpredictable the water pressure from campground water sources can be the majority of the time.

As a result, a high-quality RV water pressure regulator has become a must-have item for all RV owners. If you don’t have one, there’s a high risk that your rig will fall victim to a heap of issues such as flooding that cause real damage.

But understanding that you need one of these devices is one thing; getting the right one possible is another. See, there’s an over-saturation of these products on the market right now, which makes it a tough and frustrating task to try and find the right one for your RV.

Which is where this article comes in; it’ll guide you through this crowded marketplace and provide you with all the information that you’ll need to get a high quality RV water pressure regulator possible.

And once you have it, all those worries about the damage that water coming from campground water sources might do will quickly be a thing of the past. With all this in mind, keep reading and let me help you find the regulator that’ll make your RV a little more worry-free.


Best Overall Easy to Install Sturdiness
Preview Renator M11-0660R

Camco 40055

Kohree RV Water Pressure

Material Class C46500 Lead-free Brass Lead-free Brass Class C46500 Lead-free Brass
Pressure Preset at 45 PSI (up to 160 PSI) Preset 40 – 50 PSI 0 – 160 PSI
Vehicle Service RV, Camper, Travel Trailer RV, Boat, Camper, Grill RV, Garden Hose, Travel Trailer, Camper
Details Details Details

9 Best Water Pressure Regulator for RV Reviews

In this product review section, we’ll discuss the RV water pressure regulators that we’ve deemed the best on the market. These reviews will help you start to understand what makes a regulator high-quality.

Therefore, when you begin your own research, you’ll have a basis of what you should be looking for in one of these products. And once you get this down, sorting out the low-quality products from the high-quality ones should be simple.

1. Renator M11-0660R Water Pressure Regulator

Our first product is the Renator M11-0660R Water Pressure Regulator, which would be an excellent option for any RV owner in need of an adjustable regulator. It’s easily one of my favorite models on this entire thanks to its variety of fantastic features.

For instance, its sturdy brass design will ensure this regulator will remain in your life for a very long time. This type of construction also comes with the added benefit of being lead-free; therefore, you won’t have to worry about any harmful effects arising from using it.

The gauge that comes with this regulator isn’t too shabby either as it’ll withstand any environment condition without fogging up or rusting. It also has oil, which will help reduce the friction that happens between the interior components.

In other words, it’ll help extend the life of the entire regulator. As for the regulator itself, it’s adjustable up to 160 psi and has an incredibly easy installation process; the instruction manual that comes with it is incredibly detailed and has been praised numerous times in the customer reviews.

And it’s constructed in a way that makes this regulator adaptable to any water source, which makes this particular model extremely convenient. Plus, it has a one year warranty that gives you a little breathing room in case an accident happens and the product becomes damaged.

With all these features, you’d be hard pressed to find another regulator that’s more equipped for doing its intended purpose. It truly is a high-quality product that would be an amazing purchase for any RV owner.

2. Camco 40055 RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator

This particular model comes from a manufacturer will see a bunch of times throughout this list, Camco. Since it’s from a company with has high-standing in our minds, it shouldn’t shock that’ll provide you with complete protection from any damages caused by high-pressure water.

The Camco 40055 RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator does this by reducing the water’s pressure to a safe and manageable 40-50 psi, which will keep the incoming water from having any adverse effects on your RV’s plumbing system. I can’t tell how essential this quality is as the cost of repairs for a flooded RV is off the charts.

It also has a lead-free brass construction like several other products on this list; therefore, you can feel safe knowing there will be no harmful side effects from using it. Plus, it’s designed to work in harsh outdoor conditions, which means it can withstand any environmental factors it might encounter.

As a result, you shouldn’t have issues with this particular model wearing down or becoming ineffective as its made from strong, durable materials. And it has the additional benefit of being both easy to install and use.

Both of these qualities can be a lifesaver for someone like me who isn’t what you’d call savvy when it comes to these type of mechanical things. In fact, this model makes the installation and using process so comfortable that I didn’t see one complain about either in the customer reviews.

In the end, this Camco product demonstrates why this manufacturer has a place on this list multiple times. They just get it when it comes to making high-quality RV parts and accessories.

3. Kohree Adjustable RV Water Pressure Regulator

Kohree’s ‎Adjustable RV Water Pressure Regulator earned a place on our list by offering excellent performance and durability. Its tough, rugged lead-free brass construction makes both these aspects possible. It’s hard to see how a buyer wouldn’t get at least a decade or two out of this model.

Of course, the regulator’s construction wasn’t its only impressive attribute. I was also thrilled with this product’s inclusion of oil. After all, it’s another aspect capable of increasing this model’s longevity and performance.

I was blown away by the gauge coming with an explosion-proof plug, as well. It helps ensure unstable water pressure at campgrounds doesn’t damage the device significantly. Sadly, my prior pressure regulator for camper use didn’t offer a similar experience.

Buyers won’t have to worry about this product’s versatility, either. Kohree designed it with ¾” garden hose and NH threads to ensure it was compatible with all US water sources. It’d be hard to find a situation where this travel trailer water pressure regulator wasn’t usable.

Moreover, I didn’t have any issues with leaks or unreliable flows after installation. This device worked perfectly in every situation that I encountered while traveling. Most other models can’t offer or provide similar results based on my prior experiences.

This regulator even offered an effortless installation process. Kohree did a marvelous job providing easy-to-follow directions regarding its setup and adjustments. Furthermore, I had no problems finding my perfect psi setting in its massive adjustment range of 0 to 160 psi.

However, this water pressure regulator with gauge isn’t without its flaws. Sadly, the product does come with one of the more costly price tags among our options. I certainly didn’t mind paying it myself, but I could see another buyer feeling slightly different.

4. MEASUREMAN Brass RV Pressure Regulator

Our next option, MEASUREMAN’s Brass RV Pressure Regulator, checks off almost every box a person could want with its extensive list of beneficial features. For instance, I couldn’t have been more delighted by this product’s lead-free gauge. It separates itself from other regulators by offering an easy-to-read scale.

The gauge’s construction is another appealing aspect, as it’s filled with glycerin. I don’t have to worry about a bumpy road causing damage to the device. After all, glycerin ensures the gauge is protected against vibrations and pulsation.

I would also consider this model’s 0 to 160 psi adjustment range to be a helpful feature. It makes finding the correct water pressure setting much easier. Honestly, I haven’t complained about my shower or faucets since installing them within my rig.

I found myself intrigued by the two-layer inlet screened filter, as well. It’s vital for its ability to keep large particles out of my water supply. As a result, I don’t have to concern myself with gravel or other debris causing issues inside the RV’s plumbing.

Don’t overlook the included accessories, either. Each kit comes with a screwdriver, Teflon tape, and a portable canvas bag to prove its user-friendliness. I’ve found all these inclusions endlessly useful when installing and using this water pressure regulator.

I didn’t even mention that it’s compatible with all US water sources and offers durable brass construction. In other words, this product doesn’t give us much to complain about. Therefore, it’s not surprising how it gained such a stellar reputation among RV owners.

My only complaint was that the included directions for installation weren’t the best. In fact, some other customers mentioned them being somewhat unclear in their reviews. But I didn’t need them, considering my extensive experience installing water pressure regulators. However, a newbie might need to call a professional for the job.

5. RVAQUA M11-45PSI Water Pressure Regulator

The RVAQUA M11-45PSI Water Pressure Regulator is another brass constructed option that’ll ensure everyone that intends on using it will be completely safe as its lead-free. Regarding its performance, you won’t find too many models that are better.

After all, it’s an adjustable model, which means this product will give the person lucky enough to be using it an amount of control other types of regulator won’t; all you need is a screwdriver to adjust it from anywhere between 0-160 psi.

This regulator has an inlet screened filter as well, which will aid in filtering out any harmful particles that may cause damage to the device itself. Honestly, anything that extends the lifespan of a product like this one is always a welcomed positive.

It being a universal fit regulator is another fantastic feature this product has to offer. This quality makes it adaptable to any water source you might encounter in your travels.

It’s also equipped with a stainless steel gauge, which is leak resistance and has an explosion-proof plug. This plug will make sure water doesn’t come spraying out the hose in the event the water pressure does exceed capacity.

The gauge continues to be an impressive aspect of this regulator as it has built-in oil; this oil will reduce friction and any potential damage that may be caused by quick changes in pressure. It seems this manufacturer really outdid themselves when they created this regulator.

6. Camco 40064 Brass Water Pressure Regulator

As promised, here’s another product from Camco, the Camco 40064 Brass Water Pressure Regulator, which furthers proves why this manufacturer is near the top of the RV water pressure regulator marketplace.

But unlike the previous Camco product, this model comes with a gauge. This particular gauge will give you an accurate account of how the process is going regardless of the weather conditions around it.

See, it has protection against fogging up to ensure it’ll be capable of offering you a clear reading even in the harshest of conditions. It also compatible with all water sources; therefore, providing you with peak versatility.

It also among the simplest regulators to use as it can easily attach to ¾ inch garden hose threads. And it’s also proven to be an easy install given the numerous customer reviews saying as such.

With all these features, you can be confident you’re getting a high-quality water pressure regulator ready to protect your RV’s plumbing system. The factory pre-set pressure of 40-50 psi is more than enough protection to ensure nothing bad happens inside your RV when the city water comes into your pipes.

In all estimations, it seems Camco hit it out the park again with this product. I guess we shouldn’t even be surprised at this point. And I didn’t even mention that it comes at an affordable price, which won’t break open your bank account — another A+ product from a top-notch company.

7. Valterra A01-1122VP Lead-Free Water Regulator

Another water pressure regulator that’s more than equipped to protect your RV’s plumbing system is the Valterra A01-1122VP Lead-Free Water Regulator. This product will offer this protection by control any incoming water pressure and making sure it doesn’t exceed 50-55 psi.

But the feature that really separates this regulator from the other is its ability to offer your showers and sinks more water flow; 15 to 20 percent more than its competitors. See, non-adjustable regulators tend to slow down the water flow inside the RV.

However, if you used this product, you won’t have to worry about slower showers or faucets like you would with other models. And the manufacturer didn’t skim out in other areas as it still has the lead-free brass construction like most of the other products on this list.

It can even be installed to the inlet part of your water heater. This capability could help prevent any fluctuation in pressure inside the water heater itself, which would lessen the risk of any cracks forming or failure occurring.

The cost of this particular regulator isn’t too bad either as it’s well in the range of being affordable. If you’re looking for a high-quality option that doesn’t hit those adjustable model prices, this product could be the one for you.

I mean, Valterra did an excellent job creating an incredibly useful and convenient product. And honestly, I’m not too surprised given the high-regard this company has among RV owners.

8. Camco 40058 Adjustable Brass Water Pressure Regulator

As another option for people looking for an adjustable regulator; the Camco 40058 Adjustable Brass Water Pressure Regulator will offer you high-quality performance and do it without causing you any hassles or complications.

It has a factory preset pressure of 45 psi, which can be easily adjusted to fit your preferences with a screwdriver. It even has a screw-in cap to make the adjustment process even more straightforward. If you’re not too keen on doing the adjustment process, the preset pressure will do just fine in offering your RV protection.

Just like a lot for other products on this list, it’s safe to use on drinking water given its lead-free construction; a definite positive feature as it could quite a hassle if your regulator couldn’t be used on drinking water.

This regulator also has added benefit of assuring that’s there’s always reasonable water flow inside your RV’s water components. As stated in the other reviews, some of these products tend to slow down the water flow of your sinks and showers; this problem wouldn’t even be an issue with this regulator.

Its gauge will also provide you with an accurate, readable psi rating even in the worst conditions. It’s also made from high-quality material, which means you don’t have to worry about it wearing down either.

Given all these quality features, it’d be hard to pass up on buying this excellent product from Camco. It has every feature an RV owner could be looking for in a water pressure regulator after all.

9. Valterra A01-1117VP Brass Lead-Free Adjustable Water Regulator

Our second product from Valterra, the Valterra A01-1117VP Brass Lead-Free Adjustable Water Regulator, further proofs why this manufacturer is so well thought of by RV owners. This product is easily one of the most user-friendly regulators on the market.

This user-friendlessness is evident in features like its full flow design that ensures you get the smoothest and cleanest water flow out of your RV’s water components. With a product like this one, you’ll never have to worry about it affecting the effectiveness of your shower or sinks.

Aside from being convenient regarding water flow, it’s also able to offer your RV’s plumbing system the high-quality protection that you’re looking for out a regulator; it comes with a factory pre-set pressure of 45 psi, but you can adjust this to your preferred preference.

All it’ll take to adjust is a screwdriver, and you’ll be well on your way toward having full control over the water pressure that comes into your RV. It also comes equipped with a visual pressure gauge that’ll make it easy to keep try of both the pressure and flow at all times.

Sounds pretty convenient, right? Well, it is, and it doesn’t stop there as the construction of this regulator is well-built and will keep this model in your life for a long time. And it’s both effortless to use and install.

In the end, it’s another product from Valterra that more than fulfills the well-earned reputation for creating top-end products that they’ve gathered over the years.

U.S. Solid Lead-Free Brass RV Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator (Outdated)

The U.S. Solid Lead-Free Brass RV Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator is a product that will do everything in its power to protect your RV’s plumbing system. Therefore, it will keep your RV free of leaks and pipes bursting.

It can provide this assurance of keeping your RV a flood free zone by being incredibly efficient at its job and unbelievably easy to use. With this model, all those worries about campgrounds water pressure bringing havoc to your RV plumbing system will quickly flutter away.

And installing this product was made as simple as humanly possible by the manufacturer. See, with this regulator’s ¾ threads, it can work in conjunction will most water sources. Plus, the thread’s design is thick, which is crucial as it makes sure there’s a good seal to prevent any leaks from occurring.

It also helps that like most of the products on this list you can calibrate the regulator to any setting between 0 to 160 psi. As a result, you’ll have a level of control over the water pressure inside your RV, which allow you to keep in the range recommended by your RV manufacturer.

All you need to seize this control is a handy screwdriver and a little bit of time. And once you decide on your desired water pressure, your hose, filter, tanks, and pipes will all be adequately protected by this fantastic product.

Overall, if you end up buying this regulator, there’s a high probability you won’t end up being disappointed.

MICTUNING Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator for RVs (Outdated)

One of the most versatile products on this list, the MICTUNING Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator for RVs is up to the task of meeting all the requirements you may need from this type of product. Honestly, you can’t do a whole lot better than buying this model.

For instance, it has a universal fitment water pressure valve, which makes it compatible with most US sources. This valve also comes equipped with a dual inlet screened filter. Therefore, it’ll be ready to fight against any gravel or any other particle that could potentially cause the regulator damage.

Aside from being durable and versatile, this regulator’s gauge has an explosion-proof plug that’ll make sure its ready for any situation. It’ll also make sure water doesn’t come spraying out when or if the regular does exceed capacity.

This gauge is also comprised of the high-quality material, which allows it to be more leak resistance than other models you might see on the market. Anything that works to keep water from leaking out of this device should be considered a worthwhile feature.

And concerning its performance, this regulator stacks up well to the other models on this list. It has all the top-notch things we extensively covered in the other adjustable water pressure regulator reviews. It can be adjusted/installed easily, has a 0 to 160 psi range, high-flow capabilities, etc.

By all accounts, it seems this regulator is more than up for the task of keeping your RV’s plumbing system safe.

TargetEvo Adjustable Brass Lead-free Water Pressure Regulator (Outdated)

The TargetEvo Adjustable Brass Lead-free Water Pressure Regulator with its lead-free brass construction will offer your RV’s plumbing system great protection. It’ll do so by being adjustable from 0 to 160 psi.

Given this significant adjustable range, you should have no issues find a psi that you’re comfortable with and will protect your RV effectively. And the adjustment process for this regulator’s incredibly simple.

All you need to do is adjust the brass screw on the top of the regulator, which will allow you to change the set pressure setting. With a feature like this, it’s quite easy to see why this product is so highly regarded in the customer reviews.

Like all adjustable pressure regulators, it also comes with a gauge, which helps you control the entire experience by giving you an accurate water pressure reading. And it’s being proven to be readable in even the worst conditions as declared in the customer reviews.

Besides these user-friendly capabilities, it also has an inlet screened filter, which will help remove any contaminants that might cause damage to the regulator. I can’t tell how much of comfort it’s to have a regulator with this feature as it’ll make sure the product lasts.

And if you buy this regulator, it might end up feeling like you got a bargain thanks to its affordable price. Overall, this model from TargetEvo is a high-quality option that’s available at a solid price, which is all you ask for in this type of product.

KepooMan RV Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator (Outdated)

Our last product, the KepooMan RV Water Pressure Regulator, isn’t the most feature-filled adjustable regulator we’ve reviewed in this article. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t a high-quality product.

By all accounts, it’s the exact opposite as it has everything it needs to regulate your water pressure safely and efficiently. It has the adjustable capabilities from 0 to 160 psi, high-flow allowance, a durable gauge, sturdy brass construction, etc.

All of the things you’ve become accustomed to seeing in the other high-quality products we’ve discussed. But where this particular model differs from the others on the market is in ensuring the user’s safety.

See, this model has been proven to be a level above its competitors in providing safe usage. And since this aspect is the most essential in choosing any product, you can see why this particular model would be deemed one of the best on the market.

It also helps that you can purchase it for an affordable price; therefore, it outpaces several of its competitor in two highly essential areas, affordability and safety, while offering the same essential features the other models do.

With this in mind, you can see why this particular regulator was a must-have addition to this article. As a result, you can also see why it would make a fantastic addition to your RVing experience.

HQMPC Adjustable RV Water Pressure Regulator (Outdated)

The HQMPC Adjustable RV Water Pressure Regulator doesn’t leave a whole lot for the customer to complain about with its high-quality performance. In fact, finding a customer who had a negative experience with this product was almost impossible.

It’s hard not to see why with high-quality features such as the inclusion of PTFE tape, which will help ensure the device stays leak-free.

This regulator also has a ¾ pressure valve that makes it able to work in conjunction with most US water sources. Again, having a regulator with this kind of pressure valve is a good sign that the product’s a high-quality one.

Aside from these features, numerous customer reviews made it a point to mention how useful the instruction manual was in helping with the install. It always a good sign when the manufacturer’s manual is proven to be useful; it shows they care.

The 2-year warranty further proves that this manufacturer cares about the people buying their products. With this policy, you’ll have a little insurance in case something awful happens, and the regulator ends up damaged.

It’s funny I didn’t even get to mention that it also is an easily adjustable water pressure with a screw located on the top of it, which allows you to set your desired psi setting: anywhere from 0 to 160 psi.

In the end, it has all these essential features and has proven to do its job at an effective and quick rate. There’s no doubt that this regulator is one of the best out there.

Esright Brass RV Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator (Outdated)

Our next product is the Esright Brass Water Pressure Regulator, which will offer everything you’ve come to expect out of a high-quality adjustable model. And with this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that it has a lot of different standout features.

It’s NH threads and gauge are examples of these fantastic features. See, both these parts contain oil, which will help reduce any friction inside the regulator. As a result, it keeps the product in pristine condition for a more extended period.

As a customer, anything that helps extend the lifespan of a product is always a welcomed feature. It also a nice touch, when a product can be versatile, and this model certainly conveys that it can be with features like these threads.

Plus, its brass construction even has the lower than the required .25% of lead-content as it only has only .16%. It seems Esright really went out their way to ensure that its product was entirely safe for use.

And like a lot of the other adjustable regulators on this list, it has an easy adjust process with a simple unscrewing of the brass screw on the top of the device. From there, all you need to is either turn it clockwise to increase or counterclockwise to decrease the water pressure.

In all estimations, this product is another option that should move to the top of your list. It also helps that it has an affordable cost as well.

Trumeters A01-1117TM Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator (Outdated)

This product from Trumeters, the Trumeters Adjustable A01-1117TM Water Pressure Regulator will provide you with peak performance and durability. In doing so, it has a variety of features that make it such a high-quality model.

For instance, it has the always critical high-flow capabilities to ensure the use of this product doesn’t interfere with the water flow inside your RV. And the fantastic features don’t stop there as this model also comes with a gauge that has glycerin inside of it.

See, this glycerin along with a bubble that lies within the gauge makes this product incredibly shock-absorbent. Therefore, this regulator is ready to withstand whatever issue comes along and be a part of your life for a significant amount of time.

And besides these critical features, it has all the other ones that an adjustable water pressure regulator tend to have as well: the ability to adjust the psi from 0 to 160, a solid brass construction, made from lead-free materials, a gauge that can be easily read, etc.

Given all these qualities, you can see why this particular regulator from Trumeters made it on our list. It covers all the basics and does so with several strong recommendations from the customers who ended up buying it.

Kanbrook Adjustable RV Water Pressure Regulator (Outdated)

This adjustable RV water pressure regulator from Kanbrook is another high-quality that you should at least consider purchasing with its ability to offer superior performance. It can do so by having all the essential features we’d expect from an adjustable regulator and a few unique ones you wouldn’t.

The first thing you should know about this regulator is its been tested regularly in the harshest environments and still been able to produce peak performance. In other words, it’s ready to be used in a moment’s notice regardless of the situation.

And the using process couldn’t be more straightforward. All you need to is connect to the campground’s water source, and this model will start providing your RV with high-quality protection. A product like this being so easy to use is always such a comfort given some of the other regulators can be quite complicated.

This particular model also comes with a 1-year warranty, which will provide you with some insurance in case some accident happens, and the product becomes damaged. You should never underestimate the importance of a good warranty.

This regulator also has not one, but two inlet screened filters to protect itself from gravel or other particles causing any damage. As a result, you can tell Kanbrook took their time and thought about what was the right way to ensure this regulator stays in pristine shape for a long time.

All in all, this regulator is a well-crafted model that won’t let you down. Let’s be honest; in a product such as an RV water pressure regulator that’s all we want.

Velraptor RV Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator (Outdated)

With being one of the more user-friendly options on this list, the Velraptor RV Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator is another option an RV owner would do well to consider. Honestly, it has all the capabilities to ensure your RV stays flood-free.

Its ability to offer high-flow for your RV’s other water components, such as showers and sinks, makes these capabilities even more attractive to a prospective buyer. This feature right here is something I consider a must-have in any regulator I intend on purchasing.

I mean, being protecting from flooding, leaks, and pipes bursting is nice, but it’s even better when it doesn’t affect your ability to take a high-quality shower. It also helps that if you’re unhappy with the water pressure, you can always go ahead and adjust it to your liking with this product.

However, before doing so, be sure to turn off all water inside your RV. If you don’t, the act of your adjusting your regulator could cause other issues you don’t want to be dealing with on your RV trip.

Aside from these wonderful features, this regulator’s also an easy use and install type of product; even the mechanically challenged individuals among us, like myself, won’t have any problems with either process.

In the end, this model will provide you with all the essential things you’re looking for out of a water pressure regulator. But since it has a souped durable design, this particular model costs a little bit more than your average regulator; however, the investment is worth it.

AECOJOY Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator (Outdated)

The next product on our list is the AECOJOY Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator, which will not only protect your RV’s plumbing system but your hose and filter as well. In fact, this regulator succeeds in a multitude of areas.

As an adjustable water pressure regulator, you can count on this regulator to offer you certain things: high-flow capabilities, a gauge, durability thanks to its brass construction, and adjustability from anywhere 0 to 160 psi.

But where this particular model separates itself from the others is its rather inexpensive price. I mean, it provides you with all the essential features and does it at a price you’d typically see for an high-flow inline barrel regulator.

The installation process is another aspect of this model that seems to be more convenient than its competitors. Numerous customer reviews rave about how easy this regulator is to install, and some even go onto say it’s easy to use as well.

It also helps that this regulator’s gauge has been proven to be incredibly durable as its made from high-quality material. With this in mind, you won’t have to worry about either the regulator or the gauge wearing down.

In other words, this device is in it for the long haul. If you buy this model, you’ll be using it to effectively regulate the water coming into your RV for years to come.

Therefore, it’s quite apparent that AECOJOY did an excellent job crafting a high-quality product that’s ready to protect your RV against that always unpredictable campground water pressure.

RV Water Pressure Regulator Buyer’s Guide

All the information provided below will be essential in helping you figure out which RV water pressure regulator is the best for your needs. It’ll turn this otherwise overwhelming experience into something that’s relatively simple.


In other words, the knowledge you’ll learn below will offer you a basis of crucial information you can rely on during your search. It’ll hopefully act as your guide and help you make an informed decision about which regulator to buy.

Things to know before buying an RV water pressure regulator

There will be a multitude of factors that’ll shape your decision about which product is the top-rated water pressure regulator for RV. And in this section, we’ll discuss these factors to help make this process as painless as possible.

Each one of the following qualities below will help determine whether or not an RV water pressure regulator is high-quality or not. Having a grasp of all of these factors will make your search a less time consuming and frustrating experience.


The first thing you should be aware of when searching for an RV water pressure regulator is what material was used in creating the product. In most cases, it will be some sort of brass, which is a solid, durable option that’s resistant to different types of elements.

There are regulators made from other materials, but manufacturers tend to stick with brass because of its consistent performance. However, you must make sure the model you choose is made from a material that’s proven to offer quality endurance and resistance.

If you don’t, you could be on Amazon again in a few months searching for another water pressure regulator. With this in mind, I’d recommend going with the products that have a heavy-duty design, which will be more resistant to corrosion and other elements.

In the end, a high-quality water pressure regulator will be built in a way that makes it less vulnerable to any contaminants. After all, you never know what could be lurking in the city water at your favorite campground.


As we’ve discussed previously, there are three primary types of RV water pressure regulators, and each one has its own set of benefits. Therefore, you must decide which one matches your needs the best.

For instance, if you’re looking for an inexpensive model that will do the job at a bargain price, an inline barrel regulator might be a worthwhile option for you to consider. It’ll keep the water coming into your RV at a pressure of 40 to 4 psi, but won’t offer you any control over the experience.

It also affects the flow rate of your showers and sinks around your RV, which can be quite annoying. If you’re more inclined by a regulator that doesn’t affect the flow rate of your RV’s water components and is still relatively inexpensive, an inline barrel high flow regulator would be more your speed.

The high flow addition to the inline barrel allows for your showers and sink to operate at a reasonable rate. But it still doesn’t allow any control over the how it works. In other words, it’s not adjustable.

And if you want the ability to adjust the water pressure regulator, you’ll be stuck forking over extra cash for an adjustable regulator. These products will allow you to change the water pressure, so it matches your preference.

Given all this information, you can see that there’s a decision to be made here about what you precisely want out of your new RV water pressure regulator.

For me personally, I’d opt for the adjustable regulator over the other models because I like thought of setting it up according to my preferences.


Figuring out your budget is an essential step in finding the perfect RV water pressure regulator. Honestly, it’s a significant piece to the process of buying any product. The key is finding a high-quality product that isn’t too cheap or expensive.

But preferably one that lies comfortably inside your budget. If you don’t, you’ll end up resenting the purchase you’ve made. And that’s the last thing you’ll want to happen. As a result, you should thoroughly compare the models you’re considering to their competitors.

When comparing the products, you’ll want to look at the features, pros/cons, and overall productivity of the model itself. It’ll make sure you’ll be able to determine the reason why one regulator costs more than another; then, you can decide whether or not that reason is worth the higher price.

In doing so, you’ll be ensuring you make a cost-effective decision that won’t fill you with regret later. It’ll allow you to buy a regulator at a reasonable price that’s within your budget without sacrificing the overall quality of the product.

The Regulated Pressure

In most cases, RVs have water systems that are designed to handle a maximum pressure of 100 psi. But campgrounds allow their water pressure to push past this range and some even reach 150 psi.

As you might expect, this elevated amount of pressure can have a severe impact on your RVs water system without a high-quality regulator. And since these campgrounds allow their water pressure to hover around 150 psi, I’d recommend getting a regulator that can maintain the pressure at 50 psi.

In a perfect situation, the water pressure inside your RV should stay between 40 and 60 psi. Keeping it inside this range will ensure nothing funky happens such as leaks, pipes bursting, or flooding.

Due to this, it’s in your best interest that you don’t take any unnecessary risks with the water pressure inside your RV. If you do, the cost of the repairs to fix flood damage inside your RV could end up costing you a significant amount of money.

Customer Reviews

There isn’t a better resource available to you than other customer’s experience with the products you’re considering. And these customer reviews will give you access to different customers feelings on a product.

You’d be shocked how many people buy a product before reading at least a couple of customer reviews. They see the 5-star rating and think that there’s no need to keep researching as it seems everyone was satisfied with their purchase.

But what these people fail to understand is some companies inflate their ratings by creating fake accounts. As a result, it’s in your best interest to scroll down toward the customer review section and take a gander.

After all, someone else’s terrible experience might save you from buying a dud. So please, take advantage of this resource and make it a critical factor in your final decision. If you do, I promise you’ll end up with an RV water pressure regulator that you’re happy with owning.

Understanding these five factors is a pivotal step in finding the best RV water pressure regulator for you. And once you make some decisions regarding these five factors, the overwhelming sea of products will start to reduce into a more manageable amount of options.

What are the different types of RV water pressure regulators?

If you’re going to make a responsible purchase of an RV water pressure regulator, there are three different types that you’ll need to be aware of: inline barrel RV water pressure regulators, inline barrel high-flow RV water pressure regulators, and adjustable RV water pressure regulators.

Since there are different types, you’ll have to spend some time going over which one fits your particular needs the best. And we’ll try to make this process easier by discussing the basics of each type below.

Inline Barrel RV Water Pressure Regulators

An inline barrel RV water pressure regulator is typically the cheapest type available on the RV water pressure regulator market. These particular models are designed to restrict water flow and keep the incoming water pressure down to a safe 40 to 45 psi.

If you’re looking for a bargain, high-quality inline barrier regulators will do the job its design to do. However, they’re generally rudimentary products that don’t offer much of anything feature wise.

In other words, you won’t be able to adjust the water pressure. It’ll also restrict water flow, which will slow down the flow of your showers and sinks around your RV resulting in less optimal water pressure in those situations.

With all this in mind, I’d recommend spending a little extra and investing in one of the other two types. But if you’re in a real bind, these inline barrier regulators will ensure you don’t have any issues with high-pressured water coming into your RV’s pipes.

Inline Barrel High Flow RV Water Pressure Regulators

An inline barrel high flow RV water pressure regulator tends to be more expensive than an regular inline barrel one, but it fixes the main issue that exists with those types. See, these allow for a high flow rate, which results in better water flow in both your showers and sinks.

However, these still don’t allow you to adjust the water pressure yourself. As it happens, the incoming water will be regulated to the safe range of 40 to 45 psi that you would see with a regular inline barrel regulator.

Due to fixing flow rate issue, I’d recommend getting this particular type of regulator over a regular inline barrier model. It doesn’t cost that much more and will ensure your water components inside your RV such as your shower or sink will work effectively.

After all, there’s little in this world that’s worse than using a shower with a low flow rate. It’s just a miserable nightmare that nobody wants to experience, especially during their RVing trips.

So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive option, do yourself a favor and spend a little extra on an inline barrel high flow regulator. You won’t regret it.

Adjustable RV Water Pressure Regulators

These are the most expensive regulators on the RV water pressure regulator market. The primary reason for their higher-price is they feature a gauge and allow you to adjust the water pressure around your preferences.

Hence, the name adjustable RV water pressure regulator. With this feature, it becomes quite apparent that these products are worth the increase in price. I mean, it gives you total control over the water coming into your RV.

And given the iffy water sources at campgrounds, this sense of control can be a welcome comfort. These adjustable regulators also allow you to use more than one at a time, which means you can adjust the sink’s water pressure to a different psi than your shower.

Due to this, it’s quite obvious these adjustable regulators are the best of the bunch. And often, people don’t mind paying the additional price because of the convenience these models offer the person who’s lucky enough to buy them.

As a result, if you can afford one, there should be no reason you opt for the other two types over the adjustable water pressure regulators. It just doesn’t make logical or practical sense given the amount of control these products can offer you.

How to install RV water pressure regulators?

The process to install most RV water pressure regulators is quick and easy. In fact, the entire installation shouldn’t take much longer than a few minutes. All you have to do is follow that pesky instruction manual that’ll undoubtedly come with the regulator.

I know, following an instruction manual sounds like a painful experience. But since these products drastically differ from model to model, talking about installing one in general terms is borderline impossible.

If your instruction manual seems overly complicated, which does tend to happen, you can always search through YouTube for a video showcasing the installation process. As an example, this particular video demonstrates how to install a Camco regulator.

And if all these methods fail, you can always call the manufacturer themselves. In most cases, there will be a customer service representative ready to help you through the entire process. I know, it’s shocking to hear that a customer service employee was actually helpful, but with products like these, they can be a godsend.

But honestly, if you buy from one of the brands mentioned in this article, the instruction manual should be simple enough to follow.

How to use an RV water pressure regulator?

To get the best results out of your RV water pressure regulator, it’s best you follow the directions laid out in the instruction manual. I know, I probably sound like a broken record talking about the manual. But it does have all the necessary information that’ll ensure your regulator operates at peak performance.

However, the overall process of using an RV water pressure regulator isn’t all that complicated to begin with; you install it using manufacturer’s specifications and depending on the model adjust it to your particular preferences.

Once it’s connected to your water supply, all you have to do is sit back and let it do its job.

RV Water Pressure Regulator FAQs

What is an RV water pressure regulator?

An RV water pressure regulator is a device that keeps your RV’s water system working safely and appropriately. It does so by taking control of your RV’s water lines and keeping the psi of the water coming into your RV at a level that won’t cause any issues.

After all, you never know when a campground’s water pressure will be incredibly high, which makes these products an essential piece of the RVing experience. And if this high-pressured water comes into your RV’s unchecked by a regulator, it can do a lot of damage to your plumbing system.

It could cause your RV water lines to burst, which can trigger a leak and make your RVing experience a living nightmare. It might even end up flooding your RV; this nightmare circumstance can cause permanent interior damage to things like your floors, cabinets, walls, and other stuff inside your RV.

Interior repairs can cost you a truckload of money and paying a small amount for a regulator now could save you from paying this expense later. Honestly, with the best RV water regulator, these types of issues will never become a part of your RVing experience.

As a result, these RV water pressure regulators become a must-have item for any RV owner. I mean, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes protecting your RV against awful things like flooding.

How can I make my water pressure stronger?

My first suggestion would be to replace your regulator with a high-quality one. Any of the options mentioned within our article should work well. But in particular, I’d take a strong look at AECOJOY’s Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator.

For example, this model offers impressive adjustability between 0 to 160 psi. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a pressure rate suitable for our needs. I find anywhere between 50 and 60 psi a perfect comfort level for camper usage.

Aside from buying a new regulator, you can try adjusting your old one. First, you’ll need to go to your water supply line and turn the conical valve’s bolt clockwise while paying attention to its gauge.

Then, make sure the pressure reaches a level fit for your water preferences.

What is maximum water pressure for RV?

In most cases, your motorhome’s water pressure will max out at 125 psi. But I’d recommend refraining from staying with that setting. Honestly, it’s just a waste of water and won’t make your shower much more comfortable.

You’d be better off adjusting the psi to a rate between 55 and 65 psi. Most rig owners find any flow rate within this range sufficient. I certainly haven’t had any complaints from guests or family members using my RV’s shower.

Pressure reducing valve vs pressure regulator: What is the difference?

RV owners will encounter pressure-reducing valves and pressure regulators when trying to solve their water flow issues. As a result, it’s common to wonder what’s the difference between the two devices.

It boils down to how they function when the water isn’t flowing. For instance, a pressure-reducing valve continues to do its job and control pressure. It provides more control over your rig’s plumbing system than you might expect from these devices.

Meanwhile, most water pressure regulators don’t offer the same ability. These devices only work when water flows from your faucet or shower. So it ends up being a slight difference that can be a vital buying factor for some shoppers.

How long does a water pressure regulator last?

A water pressure regulator for home or camper use must provide a certain durability level. Otherwise, these devices won’t give buyers the performance necessary to work effectively.

Most manufacturers ensure their camping water pressure regulator can last 10-15 years.

In fact, many high-quality ones can last up to 15 years without issue. I could easily imagine Camco’s RV Brass Inline Water Pressure Regulator meeting this expectation. Its robust construction has proven to be durable and trustworthy.

How does it work?

As mentioned before, an RV water pressure regulator works by giving you more control over the water that comes into your RV. In other words, you’ll be able to control both the flow and the pressure of the water coming from the water source that you’re using.

Even with the lowest-quality options, an RV water pressure regulator will work by lessening the incoming water pressure to a safe, reasonable level. It does this by limiting the water coming into your RV to a constant set pressure.

It keeps this constant set pressure by activating when the water enters through the regulator’s inlet end and close to the flow area’s fixed seat. From there, the incoming water will move into a cylinder that’s attached to a larger diaphragm, which is near the end of the outlet.

The water’s pressure will then put its full brunt on your water pressure regulator’s diaphragm. In response, it’ll close just enough that’ll it will reduce the pressure and flow to your safe, set rate.

I know, it sounds overly complicated. But the gist is that these products will ensure your RV doesn’t fall victim to flooding by regulating the water coming from the source you’re using. And it’s something you should at least think about getting because the water pressure at campgrounds is always a little unpredictable.

What are the most trusted RV water pressure regulator brands?

All the brands mentioned in our product review section are considered top-notch manufacturers of RV water pressure regulators. But the following three brands are the ones that I’ve found to provide their customers with the best buying experiences: Camco, Renator, and Valterra.

And since I’ve always found it more comforting to buy from a company I felt familiar with; I thought I’d offer you some background information on each of these fantastic companies. It’ll give a sense of what you should be looking for in a high-quality water pressure regulator manufacturer.


Regardless of the RV part you need, Camco will be a high-quality manufacturer of the product. In fact, this company has been a leader in the RV part marketplace for well over five decades. They’ve cultivated this success in this massive industry through always “meeting the ever changing demands of a challenging marketplace.”


Renator is a manufacturer headed by a founder who started his company out of sheer convenience after “realizing that there weren’t many long lasting and reliable water regulators out there at an affordable price.”

Therefore, you can feel comfortable knowing the person overseeing the creation of the water pressure regulator you’re considering has been in your shoes before. It’s quite a comforting feeling knowing a manufacturer thinks and feels the way you do.


Valterra has been in the RV, pool & spa, and plumbing industries since 1981. And from the day their manufacturing started, they’ve strived “to reduce costs and improve the bottom line.” As a customer, there isn’t much more I could ask for from a manufacturer.

In the end, you’d be in good hands buying from any of these three brands. In fact, you’d be well-suited buying from any of the brands mentioned in the product review section. All of them are more than capable of providing you with a top-notch regulator.

How to increase water pressure in an RV?

Increasing your water pressure inside your RV isn’t a good idea. Most RV manufacturers suggest keeping your water pressure from exceeding 40 to 50 psi. If it gets higher than this psi, you’re at risk for pipes bursting, leaks, and flooding.

But if you do have issues with water coming out of your shower and sink slow, it might be a problem with water flow rather than the pressure. And there are ways you can increase the flow that’ll keep your RV from any dangerous situation.

The first thing you’ll want to do is check the water fixtures inside your RV and check for water flow restrictors. If you find one after unscrewing your showerhead or faucets, remove it, and your water flow should increase.

And if that doesn’t work or isn’t the issue, you should then check the type of RV water filter you’re using. It might turn out you’re using a smaller water filter, which are known to restrict the overall water flow inside an RV.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy an RV water pressure regulator is online through Amazon. The site will give you all the great deals and provide you with a variety of different options to look through. At this point, there isn’t an alternative that matches the quality of the buying experience that Amazon offers.

It’ll also give you an inside look into how other people felt about their experience with each product through customer reviews. In every regard, Amazon is the best place to shop for a new RV water pressure regulator.

But if you don’t like using Amazon, you have other quality options available to you. For instance, you can always adventure out to your local Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Walmart and see their selection. It’ll most likely be somewhat limited, but each store should have a few high-quality models.

You could even go to their main online sites and see the selection they have on there. It’ll most likely be more diverse than you’d see at the local store. Honestly, it seems like online shopping is the way to go these days in every capacity.

A site like Camping World might be worth a look as well. It should have few regulators itself for you to look through. You should use a site like this to compare prices with Amazon’s that way you can ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

In the end, the great deals will often be waiting for you at Amazon. But it never hurts to look around as there are plenty of stores or sites that sell these products. So do a little research before solely relying on Amazon, just in case, some deal pops up out nowhere on another website or store.


Given all this information, determining the best RV water pressure regulator should now be a breeze for you. I mean, once you figure out what you need out of this product, picking one to buy becomes a rather simple process.

And after you make a final decision, you’ll have a high-quality at your disposal to ensure those pesky campground water sources never cause your RV any problems. You’ll never have to worry about leaks, pipes bursting, or floods.

Instead, you can sit back and relax as your regulator washes those worries away by keeping the water pressure at a safe range. So please, use all the information in this article to your advantage and make this process as simple as possible.

It’ll let you get back to the things that matter, like having fun or spending time with your family, that much quicker!

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