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The Best RV Water Hoses for Drinking Water & Other Purposes

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv water hose

One product RV owners tend to overlook when deciding what they need for the perfect RVing experience is the RV water hose. But I’m here to tell that doing so is a massive mistake. These products can make trips that much more enjoyable and ensure you’ll always have access to water whenever you need it.

The only problem that stands in the way now is the significant amount of water hoses on the market. It’s mind blowing how many shapes, sizes, types, and features that can separate one hose from another.

And the overwhelming part is you’ll have to wade through all these options to find the best RV water hose for your situation. I’m guessing that sounds terrible to you. Well, I’m going to help through this process by providing you with all the relevant information about these products in the sections below.

These sections will include going over topics like the types of RV water hose and product reviews of the ones we consider the best on the market. All of this information will help make your hose buying experience a much simpler and less frustrating one.

So please, read on and let me make this overwhelming process as painless as humanly possible.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Sturdiness
Preview Camco 22833

Camco 22733


Length 25 ft 25 ft 50 ft
Internal Diameter 5/8″ 1/2″ 5/8″
Material PVC PVC FDA Sanctioned Materials
Details Details Details

Table of Contents

Best Water Hose for RV Reviews

In this section, I’ll do precisely what I promised in the paragraphs above. I’ll discuss in detail the top RV water hoses on the market to let you get a feel for what’s out there. And in doing so, showcase what you should be looking for in the model you ultimately purchase.

1. Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose

Our first product, the Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose, comes from a manufacturer that has a pristine reputation among RV owners. This water hose won’t spoil that reputation in any way as it comes with a variety of features that anyone would look to have in a water hose.

For example, its heavy-duty material makes it 20 percent thicker than the standard water hoses, which means it much more durable and will last longer. It’s also free of any toxic chemicals or materials such as lead, BPA, or phthalate that makes it safe to drink out of during those hot summer days.

Aside from providing peak durability and safe for its owners, it also gives customers some practicality with its reinforced design. This design will make sure the hose never falls victim to those always burdensome kinks or tangles that many hoses endure during use.

It’s also protected against those pesky UV rays that could cause damage to the hose if it’s left outside too long in the sun. But all this doesn’t even hold a candle to its best feature; you can choose between five different hose lengths and pick the one that matches your situation the best.

All in all, a fantastic product from a brand we’ll see many times on this list. There’s nothing about this particular water hose that an RV owner looking for a drinking water hose could complain about even a little bit.

2. Camco Drinking Water Hose TastePURE

Another Camco product, the Camco Drinking Water Hose TastePURE, picks right up where the last model from this company left off. It seems this manufacturer really has a handle on what RV owners are looking for in their water hoses.

For instance, this water hose is also made with entirely lead, BPA, and phthalate free materials. These type of materials are a necessity in any drinking water hose that can be seen as high-quality. It will make sure you can comfortably drink from the hose without worrying about any harmful side-effects.

The ½ inside diameter is perfect for a hose of this size as it’ll be capable of providing excellent water pressure. Honestly, there’s nothing worse than a hose that slowly drips water out. But with this model, lousy water pressure will never be an issue.

It also has the added advantage of not having that awful plastic taste, which often comes with drinking from hoses. The PVC material its made with removes this horrible taste from the equation altogether.

Aside from those features, it has all the high-quality things we discussed in the other Camco hose review we did above: reinforced design to remove kinks, choice of length, UV protection, etc.

Overall, it’s an incredible product that anyone who’s looking for an RV drinking water hose should at least consider. From the customer reviews, I can tell you that the people who did end up buying it were delighted with their purchase.

3. Teknor Apex NeverKink Drinking Water Safe Hose

The Teknor Apex NeverKink Drinking Water Safe Hose is an ideal option for any RV owner looking for a high-quality hose. The features that it employs put this product near the top of the list when it comes to the best RV drinking water hose reviews.

One of the reasons for this is it’s made with patented anti-kink technology that prevents kinks, tangles, and twists. All of these annoying nuisances that RV owner often complain about being the number reason they hate a hose has been solved with this particular model.

And this feature is just the tip of the iceberg. This hose also has a rigid sleeve that helps prevent kinking from happening at the faucet as well. It seems Teknor Apex took their customers number 1 complaint and fixed it at every turn.

The inclusion of the ergonomic leak-proof coupling is also a nice touch as it makes attaching this hose to a faucet super easy. This particular feature further proves how user-friendly this hose is for the lucky customer who ends up buying it.

Plus, its materials are FDA approved, which means you should have no qualms about drinking from when you might need a nice gulp of fresh water. It also helps that the 50 feet of hose will ensure you never have issues reaching the water source from your RV.

With all this in mind, it’s no shock that the customer reviews for this hose are so overwhelmingly positive.

4. Kohree ‎HY1718-HM Premium Flexible RV Water Hose

Our next option, Kohree’s ‎HY1718-HM Premium Flexible RV Water Hose, is an outstanding, reliable model for RV hookup or camping use. Its durable and lightweight construction makes it effective in those situations without any problems.

After all, Kohree made sure to use only high-quality premium materials when designing this option. So, this water hose will provide excellent results indoors and outdoors. Plus, it should remain usable for a long time when properly maintained.

I was also thrilled with how easily this water hose connected to spigots without needing an adapter. It provides this sturdy connection to avoid leaking issues via its ergonomic aluminum fitting. Sadly, my previous short RV water hose didn’t offer me the same benefits.

Drinking out of this water hose was another delightful experience. I didn’t taste any plastic or rubber, which is an issue with other models. Instead, it provided me with clean and delicious water to alleviate my thirst during a rather intense football game.

This water hose’s flexibility was quite impressive, as well. I could move it all over my rig without having any issues reaching certain areas. In addition, its lightweight construction was easy to maneuver, rivaling the best expandable RV drinking water hose models.

It’s worthwhile to note its 25-foot length is suited for my particular needs. I’d imagine most RVers won’t need anything much longer than this size. The product’s color scheme was a nice final touch, with its vibrant blue shade. It ends up being ideal for what most campers are looking for in their RV water hose.

But I wouldn’t recommend this water hose for winter usage. A few customers reported an issue with its thinner construction freezing quickly in cold temperatures. This drinking hose is more suitable for summertime rig owners who won’t encounter frigid conditions.

5. Aqua Joe AJFJH25-58-PRO FiberJacket RV Water Hose

Aqua Joe’s AJFJH25-58-PRO FiberJacket RV Water Hose is a highly versatile choice to help an RVer get their freshwater. In fact, this model comes in three size options to ensure a buyer can find a suitable hose more quickly: 25 ft, 50 ft, and 100 ft. I chose the 25-foot option as it best suits my particular rig.

The three size options also ensure this model can work in various applications. It doesn’t have to be only for RV use, as the hose has proven effective in marine and garden circumstances. These purposes make it an excellent choice for people who need multiple new hoses in their lives.

More importantly, the product’s performance is more than satisfactory. Its strong and durable construction with a high-quality fiber jacket ensures long-term results. I can’t imagine anyone needing to replace this RV flat water hose anytime soon.

But this durable construction doesn’t mean the product’s overly heavy. I had no issue moving its lightweight, collapsible design out of my intended RV water hose storage area. So it wasn’t surprising to learn that this model is 50% lighter than most traditional hoses.

Leaks aren’t an issue with this collapsible RV water hose, either. Aqua Joe constructed it using high-quality metal fittings to ensure a stable, reliable connection. It’s managed to hold up well during my entire experience using this water hose.

I was also delighted by this product’s overall flexibility and performance in rough conditions. It has a reputation for remaining kink-free even in freezing temperatures. Cold weather RVers should be jumping all over this water hose to replace their factory ones.

On the downside, the nut to tighten this hose could be a bit larger. The smaller size makes it challenging to connect and disconnect this flexible drinking water hose. Therefore, it’s an aspect that buyers should consider before making a final decision.

6. Valterra AquaFresh High Pressure Drinking Water Hose

The Valterra AquaFresh High Pressure Drinking Water Hose is another RV drinking water hose that would do wonders for any RV owner who buys it. It’ll provide a completely hassle-free using experience that’s almost second to none.

The hose will not tangle, kink, or twist, which will rid you of the frustrating that usually comes from trying to use a hose around a campground. With this model, all you have to do is sit back and watch the hose do its thing while you enjoy your camping experience.

It also has a 120 psi water pressure rating, which is more than enough to ensure you get all the water you need at a reasonable rate. No more watching a hose slowly drip water into your water tank; this hose will get the job done in a timely fashion.

Plus, it has a myriad of uses as it’s flexible enough to use in other areas such as your garden or even on your boat. You’ll never run out of finding new ways to use this useful and practical product from Valterra.

And Valterra added in a ten-year warranty to cover in case an accident does happen where the hose gets ruined. It’s always nice when a company gives a warranty or insurance policy to make sure you’re taken care of if there’s some issue or problem.

With all these high-quality features, it’s quite clear Valterra did an incredible job creating a worthwhile, safe drinking water hose that anybody should consider.

7. Teknor Apex AquaFlex RV/Marine Hose

Our second Teknor Apex product, the Teknor Apex AquaFlex RV/Marine Hose has a lot of incredible qualities that would make it a fantastic purchase for an RV owner. It truly is a top-notch water hose ready to be a godsend for whoever buys it.

I mean, the NTS reflex mesh it’s made out of is patented by Teknor Apex itself and is proven by a massive amount of customers to be incredibly useful at stop kinks, tangles, or twists. Honestly, it’s a shock when you don’t see a customer review that doesn’t mention how great this hose is at avoiding these annoying little nuisances.

Besides the extraordinary ability to avoid kinks and such, this hose also is made from FDA approved materials, which means the hose passes the all-too-important Consumer Product Improvement Act.

As a result, you’ll never have to worry that drinking from this hose will cause you some mysterious ailment. It’s also extremely flexible in the ways you can use it as it’s capable of handling anything you might need a hose for on a boat or in a garden.

And like the Teknor Apex product we reviewed before this one, it has a unique coupling that provides a secure attachment to a faucet. This same coupling removes any doubt that they’ll be any leaking from the faucet as well.

All things considered, this particular hose seems more than capable of handling the needs of anyone looking for a top-notch RV water hose.

8. Camco TASTEPure Heated RV Drinking Water Hose

The first heated water hose on our list, the Camco Heated RV Water Hose, can provide its owner with a multitude of features that are significantly beneficial. For one, you’ll never have to worry about cold water coming into your shower again in the winter.

There might not be a worse experience than turning on your shower and having cold water blasted you in the face during the winter time. With this hose’s energy saving thermostat, this scenario will be a thing of the past.

This heating technology will also ensure the hose never freezes during the winter either. You’ll never have to worry about not having water access when it’s freezing outside ever again, which it’s quite a comfort.

But this hose also has a dual purpose of being a drinking water hose as well. See, it’s made from those FDA approved materials that are free of those harmful chemicals that have haunted hose products in the past.

And given its made from these materials, you won’t have to worry about that awful plastic taste that comes with them. Instead, you’ll experience the extraordinary taste of fresh water when you gulp down some from this hose.

It’s also incredibly versatile as it can be used in many different ways for things that have to do with farming, boating, or wherever you might need a hose. In the end, you don’t find much better products than this exquisite hose from Camco.

9. Marine Boat 5th Wheel and RV Water Hose

If you’re looking for an easy, simple product, the Marine Boat 5th Wheel and RV Water Hose might be the model for you. It’s a no-hassle and frustration-free item from a manufacturer who has a pristine reputation for making exquisite water hoses.

But the best thing about this particular hose is its storage capabilities are amazing. It takes up little to no room, and you shouldn’t have any issues finding a suitable place aboard your RV for it.

It also lightweight and easy to move, which further proves how user-friendly this hose will be for the person that buys it. The triple latex construction is another nice touch as this material makes this product one of the most durable on this entire list.

The brass fittings on the ends of the hose are designed to prevent leaks, cracks, and rust from becoming an issue. It seems Dayon did their best in creating the most durable product they could make.

It’s even known to be unbelievably flexible, which makes kinks, tangles, or twists a non-issue. This product does cover every aspect in the durability arena, and because of it, you should expect it to last a long time.

If you buy this model, I doubt you’d have to find another RV hose for at least a couple or more years. And I didn’t even mention that all the materials are safe, which means this hose is an FDA approved for being used as a drinking water hose.

10. Legacy Manufacturing SmartFlex RV Hose

Another high-quality drinking water hose, the Legacy Manufacturing SmartFlex RV/Marine Hose, doesn’t leave a whole lot for people to complain about: in fact, most people are entirely satisfied with their purchase when it comes time to write a review.

I think the overwhelming positivity about this product begins with the hybrid polymer that it’s made from as this allows for the hose to coil rather easily. This coiling provides the hose with maximum resistant against kinks and such.

It could also be the fact that even though it isn’t a heated or freeze protection water hose, it does incredibly well in cold weather: known to withstand weather as cold as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. And the heat doesn’t affect it either as it can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Incredible, right? These features aren’t even close to the end of the impressive features this model has; for instance, the swivel grip connection makes connecting to a faucet a simple and easy task.

This hose continues impressing when you factor in the price. It’s easily one of the least expensive hoses on this list, which shocked me given all the features I just laid out. I mean, there isn’t anything this hose isn’t capable of doing effectively.

If you’re a bargain buyer, this hose from Legacy Manufacturing is the one for you. It’s a low-priced masterpiece that doesn’t perform below expectations in any category.

11. Flexzilla Garden Hose

As you’ll see later on in this article, garden hoses aren’t typically safe to use on RVs because of the materials they’re made from usually contain harmful chemicals. But this one, the Flexzilla Garden Hose, doesn’t and has too many other high-quality features to leave it off this list.

For example, the durable and UV ray resistant material it’s built with is unbelievably lightweight, which make it an easy product to maneuver around and store. It also has superior O-rings that ensures this hose will last for a long time and be leak-free during its long life.

And like our previous hose, this model does well in the harshest of climates as it can hold up in subzero temperatures (-40 degrees Fahrenheit) and desert temperatures (140 degrees Fahrenheit).

This ability speaks to its overall versatility, which this hose gets from being built from a special polymer blend material. This material also allows this hose to be useful in many different environments from boats, farms, RVs, garden, or any place you could want a hose.

Flexzilla also provides you with the option to pick from seven different hose lengths to match your RV’s needs. It seems that there’s nothing about this hose that I don’t like. You can now see why I had to include it on my list.

It just had too many top-notch qualities to be left off something like this article. It’s another hose that people looking for something simple should at least consider. It also helps it’s inexpensive too.

12. Gilmour Marine and Recreation Drinking Water Safe Water Hose

The Gilmour Marine and Recreation Drinking Water Safe Water Hose is a rather run of the mill type of product, but it’s here for a simple reason; it does its job effectively and without causing any issues for the user.

It can provide the buyer with the comfort that it’ll last a long time due to its five-layer construction, which resists kinks and abrasions. And it has a protective cover that won’t scuff any surfaces you put the hose onto in storage.

This particular product is both lead-free, and NSL tested to ensure its perfectly safe for use as a drinking water hose. Plus, it’s 50 feet long, which is more than enough hose length to cover even the most challenging jobs.

And the ergonomic couplings aren’t too shabby either as they promote both easy connecting or disconnecting from faucets. Overall, it’s a relatively standard water hose that gets its sterling reputation from doing its job efficiently.

As a result, the price is rather inexpensive and could be seen as a bargain buy. It’s also helpful that the manufacturer gives you the option of buying more than one in 5 different package deals.

In the end, this hose from Gilmour is anything but special; however, sometimes that’s what you’re looking for, and that’s why it’s on this list. It’s unspectacular in its features but does its job well anyway.

13. Teknor Apex Zero-G RV Water Hose

At this point, you’re plenty familiar with the Teknor Apex brand and their well-crafted products. The Teknor Apex Zero-G RV/Marine Water Hose is another example of a high-quality model from this top-tier manufacturer.

This particular Teknor Apex hose is made with puncture resistant material that’ll ensure this hose lasts a long time. This material is also abrasion and leak resistant as well, which provides the user will top of the line performance out this hose.

Besides being extraordinarily effective at its job, this hose is unbelievably easy to store. It barely takes up any room thanks to its flexible material. If you purchased this hose, you could sleep well knowing you wouldn’t have another item taking up a ton of space in your RV’s storage area.

And since it’s easy to store, you shouldn’t be surprised that this product is incredibly lightweight. This quality makes this hose easy to maneuver around and move from place to place.

If the hose does end up failing, which is highly unlikely, Teknor Apex offers its customers a five-year warranty. This aspect conveys that this company has faith in this product and expects it to a part of their customers’ lives for a long time.

Given all these quality features, I’d say this hose is the ideal drinking water hose for an RV owner looking for a useful product that’s good at its job.

14. Swan Products RV Camping and Boating Water Hose

The Swan Products Marine/RV Camping and Boating Water Hose is a worthwhile water hose option for both boaters and RVers to consider. It has numerous features that are both worth knowing about and potentially beneficial.

For instance, this hose has crush-proof stainless steel couplings, which might be a little overkill, but it will for sure stop any damage from coming upon your water hose. It also has patented hose armor that will prevent knocking at the faucet.

However, the most impressive feature this hose has is the high-level water pressure. It has a 400 psi rating, which is way more than enough to ensure your water’s always coming out at a reasonable rate.

In fact, I’d argue this amount of water pressure is a little bit overkill too, but I’m not going to complain about it. After all, it’s better to have too high of water pressure than too low. Plus, this hose has been approved as drinking safe, which is always a nice touch.

Then, you add in it’s not expensive, but rather inexpensive and you have all the makings of another bargain buy. The company even offers you two choices of hose length to further the practicality provided by purchasing this hose.

Overall, a solid option that will do a high-quality job for whatever RV owner purchases it.

15. Teknor Apex 8602-25 NeverKink RV/Marine Hose

Our last product from our favorite manufacturer, the Teknor Apex NeverKink RV/Marine Hose, offers the same high-quality the other Teknor Apex products did. But it showcases its quality in a couple of different ways than what you saw in the other products from this company.

The first difference is this hose has Grip-Tite coupling which makes it remarkably easy to attach this hose onto a faucet. This feature has been routinely praised throughout the Amazon customer reviews over and over again.

Aside from the Grip-Tite coupling, this hose also has more buying options than its fellow Teknor Apex products. This particular hose comes in a 75-foot hose length, which the others do not. The 75-foot version of this hose would give you more movability and space to maneuver the hose around.

Other than these two qualities, this product is a lot like the others from this brand. It’s a drinking water hose, reasonably priced, has NTS reflex mesh to eliminate any kinks, tangles, or twists, and it has a ⅝ diameter that’s wide enough for high water pressure.

Honestly, if you like the other Teknor Apex products, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider this one too. And the extra potential 25 feet could be kind of nice, but as you might expect, the additional hose length does cost a little bit more.

In the end, you can’t go wrong with Teknor Apex, and this product continues to showcase why this manufacturer is worthy of so many spots on this list.

16. HoseCoil Self Coiling Water Hose

The first water hose on our list that’s not drinking water safe, the HoseCoil Self Coiling Water Hose, doesn’t have that one feature. But if you’re just looking for a hose to wash down your RV, then this product could be a potential option for you as it does have some other impressive qualities.

The first being is this hose self-coils, which makes it incredibly easy to stow away. I mean, this product takes up such little room you going to forget it’s even there. It’s also made out of a lightweight, polyurethane material that’s incredibly durable.

Aside from being durable, the material is UV ray resistant as well. Therefore, it should hold up well against those harmful rays if you accidentally leave it out in the sun. I know, I would at least once or twice.

Another impressive thing about this hose is its ability to be usable in a multitude of places: on an RV, boat, garden, or anything that could use a wash down. And it’ll provide this wash down with a flow rate of 360 gallons a minute which is quite spectacular.

It also helps the price isn’t too bad either and should be right in the wheelhouse for people looking for just a water hose for washing down their RV. All in all, this hose will ensure your RV or boat are spotless, and your garden is well watered for a reasonable price.

17. Armadillo Hose Galvanized Steel RV Water Hose

If you’re looking for the most durable product on this entire list, then look no further than the Armadillo Hose Galvanized Steel RV Water Hose. This hose is constructed of galvanized, zinc coated steel shell, which will ensure this water hose never gets damaged.

I mean, it’ll even stop an animal in its track from doing damage to this hose. This material is also UV resistant and completely drink safe. And somehow doesn’t leave an awful taste even though the water is pouring out of a metal hose.

This hose even has nickel-plated, crush-resistant couplings that’ll further make sure no damage comes to this hose. It seems Armadillo hose went all out in trying to make the most durable product they possibly could.

With all the features mentioned above, I think it’s safe to say they did an incredible job doing so. This doesn’t mean they skimmed out in other areas, however; the water pressure with this hose is quite spectacular at a reasonable 150 psi.

This number isn’t something to sneeze at and is more than adequate for your RV needs. It also has maximum resistance against kinks, tangles, or twist thanks to its steel material.

All things considered, this RV water hose is another top-notch product that will provide the person who buys it with complete and utter happiness.

18. Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose

Our last product’s another garden hose, the Water Right Professional Coil Garden Hose, that’s the exception to the rule of you shouldn’t use garden hoses on RV’s. It’s the exception because its made from a drink safe NSF grade polyurethane material.

This material also has the added benefit of making this garden hose lightweight and easy to move/ store around your RV. You might underestimate how important a feature storage capability is in finding the best RV water hose. But it does make a significant difference in how satisy someone is with their purchase.

In this case, I couldn’t see a scenario where a person wouldn’t be happy with how easily this hose is stored away. And it’s storage capabilities isn’t the only reason this garden hose is a worthwhile option for you to consider.

It also has specially designed strain reliefs on both ends to prevent kinks from becoming an issue. The solid chrome-plated machined brass fittings are a nice touch as well as they stop lead from leaking into the water.

But the most impressive aspect of this hose is its ability to stay flexible in harsh climates. This garden doesn’t freeze up unless it hits subzero temperatures and that’s a wildly fantastic feature for a garden hose to have in its repertoire.

In all estimations, this garden hose isn’t a product you should overlook. It has all the qualities needed to be a useful RV water hose.

19. Pirit Heated RV Water Hose (Outdated)

The Pirit Heated RV Water Hose is another dual purpose product that would be an incredible purchase for an RV owner for a myriad of reasons. The first being it’s made from high-quality PVC material that’s completely safe to drink from and durable as well.

With this product, you don’t only get a high-quality hose that you’re able to drink from, but the material it’s made from will ensure it’s in your life for a long time. Honestly, that’s all you can ask for out of an RV water hose.

But this model keeps adding the benefits. See, as its name suggests, this water hose is also a heated model, which means it’s designed to ensure you always have a constant source of water in freezing temperatures.

In fact, this hose’s so efficient at its job that it could keep your water from freezing even in -42 degree Fahrenheit weather. And let’s be honest, it’s unlikely you’ll encounter weather colder than -42 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides being extremely impressive in cold weather, it’s also energy efficient as it ‘ll only turn on when it hits specific temperature markers thanks to its built-in thermostat. Given all these impressive aspects, I don’t see how you’d pass this up if you’re a cold weather RVer.

It just makes entirely too much sense logically, and the price is right in the market range for this type of product. In all estimations, you can undoubtedly classify this hose as a superior product.

RV Water Hose Buyer’s Guide

Before you start your search for an RV water hose, there’s some information about these products that’ll need to you know. Having a grasp of this information will make this buying experience go smoother.


And in this section, we’ll cover all this required knowledge to ensure you can make an informed decision about which RV water hose is the best one for you.

Things to know before buying an RV water hose

Since there are so many water hose variations out there on the market, it can be quite hard for you to find the best one. With this in mind, we thought we’d provide with a little cheat sheet that’ll help you wade through all the options and make finding the best one easier.

Hose Length

The length of the hose is an essential part of finding an RV water hose for you. There are many different hose lengths you’ll have to choose from, however; it can make the process much easier after you decide which length is ideal for you.

The most common hose lengths on the RV water hose market are 6, 12, 25, and 50 feet. In my personal experience, I always found myself going for the longer hoses as it gives you the most convenience.

After all, you never want to buy a water hose and then discover it’s too short. It’s best you opt for the longer hoses such as the 25 or 50 feet ones to avoid having to do this whole process over again.

In the end, you’ll want to get a hose that’s long enough so you can connect your RV to the water source without straining it. If you end up straining it, it’ll affect the water pressure, and your hose will wear down quicker.


One of the most vital factors that you’ll want to take into account is the level of safety provided by the water hose you’re researching. If you plan on drinking from the hose at any point, this becomes a more essential factor.

Honestly, this issue should be on the forefront of any RV owner’s mind who’s looking for a water hose regardless of if you plan on drinking from it. I mean, you never know when drinking from your hose might become necessary.

With this in mind, you should ensure the hose you’re buying was made with materials that are approved by the FDA. These hoses will be completely lead-free and follow safety regulations to a tee.

Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about any health issue coming from you drinking out of your RV water hose. It’ll just be a good source of water that you could use at any time to quench your thirst or cool off.


This factor kind of flies under the radar, but ensuring your hose’s flexible will provide with an RV water hose experience possible. It’ll make sure you can maneuver it around whatever obstacles might prevent themselves in the area you’re RVing.

It’ll also help with the storage capabilities of the hose. If you don’t get a hose that’s flexible, you can end up having a hard time using it when you need it most. Don’t take this lightly and make sure you read the customer reviews to ensure your new hose will be flexible before putting it in your Amazon cart.

Storage Capability

Your hose could have all the features in the world, but if it isn’t easy to store, you’ll end up hating it. I mean, you have enough storage problems with all the other items on your RV; don’t make the mistake of getting a hose that takes up a lot of storage room.

To avoid this awful scenario, looking for RV water hoses with a recoil memory. This feature will allow you to easily store your brand new hose without it taking up much space. Honestly, it’s a lifesaver and will make sure you end up liking your new water hose.

It’s also essential that you store the hose properly to keep it in good condition. If you don’t, you’ll be on Amazon again in a few months looking for a new hose. So please, be sure to get a hose will recoil memory and store it properly in a place where it’ll have enough room.


And the last thing you need to discuss before choosing a water hose is the type you want. As we’ve mentioned previously, there are four types of RV water hoses, and each one could be the right one for you.

For instance, if you’re looking for a hose you want to drink out of, you’ll be looking for a drinking water hose made from a polyurethane material. This material will ensure nothing terrible comes into the hose and containments your water.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a hose that won’t allow the water to freeze in colder climates, you should look for either a heated or freeze protection water hose. Either one will provide keep the water running in those below freezing temperatures.

But a freeze protection water hose should be your choice if you’re going into an incredibly cold place like Canada or Alaska. I don’t know why you’d ever want to do this, but when you do get a freeze protection hose over a heated one.

The last type you’ll need to consider is the no-tangle or kink-free water hose, which are typically made out of reinforced rubber. These are for RV owners that want a hose, which will last a long time and cause little hassle regarding water getting caught inside the hose.

I didn’t even mention that certain hoses can be all the four types at once. So if you think all these types have qualities you’ll need in the hose you get, there are products available to you that fit all these categories.

What are the different types of RV water hoses?

As with any product these days, there are various types of RV water hoses available for you to buy. You might think something as simple as a hose wouldn’t be such a complicated thing to purchase, but that’s not the case.

In the water hoses market, there are four main types of RV water hoses: RV drinking water hoses, RV heated water hoses, RV no-tangle or kink-free water hoses, and freeze protection water hoses. Each one has their specific purposes and uses, which we’ll go over in further detail below.

RV Drinking Water Hose

RV drinking water hoses are merely for what the name dictates, drinking. These hoses will keep the water free of any contaminants that might make the water unsafe to drink. If you’re looking for this type of hose, you’ll notice that RV drinking water hoses are made from polyurethane material.

This material will ensure there’s no way some hazardous contaminant could enter your water hoses. It’s also the indicator that the water hose is suitable for RV use and what separates it from the typical garden hose, which is unsafe for use on an RV.

RV Heated Water Hose

For you cold-weather RVers, you should look into buying a RV heated water hose. These products will make sure the water won’t freeze even in contact with below freezing temperatures. It does with a heat strip that’s usually integrated along the side of the hose.

This heat strip is plugged into a standard 110-volt electrical connection to heat the hose; therefore, it stays above freezing temperatures even in the coldest climates. It’s a nice item to have around your RV just in case.

As a colder weather RVer myself, there’s no way I’d opt for anything but a heated water hose or a freeze protection water hose (as we’ll discuss a little later). Doing so would put me at risk of not having water when I need it.

It’s also essential to note that some of these hoses are made from high-quality and FDA approved materials as well; therefore, if you ever find yourself in need of some much-needed water, you can safely drink from these hoses too.

RV Freeze Protection Water Hose

Like heated water hoses, the RV freeze protection water hoses will ensure you have access to water even in the coldest climates. There’s no real difference between these hoses and heated hoses.

But the hoses that are specified as having “freeze protection” often handle frigid weather better than the heated hoses. Therefore, if you’re going to RV harsh cold climates such as Alaska or Canada, I’d recommend getting a water hose that specifies that it’s freeze protected.

And just like the other two types that we went over, some freeze protection water hoses are made from FDA approved materials, which make them okay to drink from when needed. These hoses will typically have “drinking” in the product name, so, that’s just something to keep an eye out for in your search.

RV No-Tangle or Kink-free Water Hose

Our last type prioritizes practicality over pretty much everything else in its design. The RV no-tangle or kink-free water hoses will ensure you have no issues dealing with any twisting, tangling, or kinking when you’re trying to get water from the hose.

All of which can be real pains for RV owners who need to use their hoses on a regular basis. You’d be hard pressed to find a high-quality water hose that didn’t make having this aspect a high priority.

In the end, it’s all about finding the right hose that can meet the needs of your RV situation. And you might find out that you want all the features each type of water hose provides in one product; as you’ve seen from our product review section, you can certainly find that as well.

Drinking water hose vs garden hose: which is better for you?

With an RV, you should always pick a water hose explicitly designed for an RV such as drinking water hose. I know, a garden hose might be less expensive, but there are reasons why most of them won’t work on your RV.

The main reason is the materials these products are made out of; a garden hose is usually constructed out of materials that contain chemicals such as lead, which is unsafe for consumption.

On the other hand, a high-quality RV drinking water hose will not contain any materials that contain any harmful chemicals. This difference arises from the fact garden hoses tend to be somewhat unregulated concerning their materials; drinking water hoses need to follow strict regulations before even being put on the market.

But as you’ve seen from the product review section, there are some exceptions to this rule. With this in mind, if you find a garden hose that passes all regulations and is deemed drinking water safe, then you shouldn’t have any qualms about purchasing it.

How long should an RV water hose be?

It depends on your personal preference. Honestly, it doesn’t matter as long as the length of the RV water hose can comfortably reach the water source without straining the hose. If you do strain the hose, it’ll wear down a lot quicker.

With this in mind, you should always get a hose that’s a little bigger than you think you might need. In doing so, you’re removing the straining issue altogether by getting a hose that’s a bit too large.

I’d recommend sticking to 25 or 50 feet models that way the straining will never happen. It will also give you various options about how you want to maneuver around things. It’s never a fun experience when you have to hose something off, and your hose doesn’t have the capabilities to reach it.

RV Water Hose FAQs

What is the RV Water Hose?

An RV water hose is a hose made from lead-free, phthalate, and BTA-free materials that’ll make sure you’ll always have access to water while you’re RVing. Sounds like an essential piece to the RV experience, right?

Well, it is, and having the best drinking water hose for RV on your trips will provide you with the best possible RVing experience. And the great thing about these hoses is that they come in all different shapes/sizes so there should be one out there ready to meet all your specific needs.

Regardless of the type, a high-quality RV water hose will be made from materials that are deemed safe by the authorities such as FDA. You’ll want to look for hoses that fall in line with the rules and regulations outlined in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

The hose you’re looking for should also be able to withstand the environment elements you might face during your trips. I mean, if a water hose can’t protect itself from the cold and hash UV rays, it won’t do you much good to have around on your RV.

It also should be of a suitable length that’ll make them ideal for various uses on your RVing trips. I’d recommend looking for one around 50 feet long, which would provide will all the versatility you might need out of an RV water hose.

And these are just some of the things you should be aware of about RV water hoses. We’ll dive further into the features, types, and other general information below. But the main takeaway here is an RV water hose is an essential product you need to have around because it ensures you always have access to water on your vacations.

What are the most trusted RV water hose brands?

In all marketplaces, some brands are a little bit more high-quality than others. And as you might expect, the RV water hose marketplace is no different. During my research, I’ve found the following four brands seem to have a leg up on their competition: Teknor Apex, Pirit, Camco, and Valterra.

Since I always find it comforting to know a little bit about a brand before buying their product; I thought I could do the same for you. With this in mind, I’m going to provide with some background information on each of these four brands mentioned above.

Teknor Apex

Teknor Apex has been around since 1924 as custom compounder and been providing high-quality products in many different markets. They’ve done this by cultivating relationships with their customers which allow them “to deliver customized compound solutions and help you create better products.”

Legacy Manufacturing

With being around since 1986, Legacy Manufacturing has cultivated a stellar reputation for creating high-quality products. They’ve done this by designing their products to “help [their] customers work faster and easier.” And that’s something I definitely can respect as a consumer.


As a company that appears multiple times in this article, you can bet we think Camco is one of the best manufacturers out there. And they achieved the pristine reputation they have through boasting “ a long standing tradition of customer service and excellence in the RV industry.”


Over the last thirty years, Valterra has established itself among the best of RV product manufacturers. This company has accomplished this by offering high-quality products and “seeking to reduce costs and improve the bottom line.”

If you’re lucky enough to buy an RV water hose from any of these four companies, you can take comfort in knowing that’ll be top-notch quality. In fact, if you buy a water hose from any company mentioned in our product review section, you’ll end up being incredibly happy with your purchase.

Can RV water hose be used with hot water?

RV water hoses can be used with hot water; however, you must remember there are certain types of RV water hoses designed for this specific purpose. As a result, if you intend on running hot water through your hose, you should be looking into buying one of these models.

Otherwise, you could run the risk of the hot water wearing down the hose you just got brand new. And then, you’d be on Amazon in a couple of months looking for another brand new RV water hose.

So it’s probably in your best interest to spend a little extra on a heated RV water hose the first time. It’ll save you money in the long run and makes more sense logically. I mean, there’s a reason they design specific hoses for running hot water after all.

Are RV hoses lead, bpa-free, safe?

Yes, most RV hoses are entirely free of lead, BPA, and any other harmful or toxic chemicals. This aspect is especially true for any RV water hose that’s of the drinking water hose variety. However, you must still be vigilant when it comes to these chemicals.

Some companies will try to sneak them in because it’s cheaper to make these products with them. Therefore, read customer reviews and carefully examine the material used to create these hoses before you buy them.

Honestly, if you resist buying from outside US-based companies, you should have no issues with these chemicals being used to create the hose you buy. I know, these products might be cheaper, but they aren’t safe, and some serious issues could arise from you using them.

How long should my RV water hose be?

Effective options range from 6 feet to 50 feet in their respective length. So it’ll depend on you to decide whether you fall close to needing a 6-foot or 50 foot RV water hose. Your RV owner manual can help with this decision.

After all, it should have some information about the length of your previous hose. You can then utilize it to find a replacement hose of the same size. It’s the easiest way to avoid compilations with your new RV water hose. You can also measure your old hose if the manual’s unavailable.

When and how often should I replace my RV water hose?

RV water hoses are considered relatively durable and reliable pieces of equipment. But RVers must look to replace them whenever they notice a drop in water quality and supply. Another sign of a replacement being needed is any damage to its fittings or cracks in the hose material.

In both cases, replace your water hose for camper use as soon as possible. Check your hose before any trips as well.

What’s the difference between a garden hose and an RV water hose?

Garden and RV water hoses are pretty much the same, except for one difference. Water hoses must be certified as safe for drinking water, while garden models don’t require it. Of course, some garden hoses have this feature, but it’s not a necessity.

So please, don’t choose a garden hose and assume it’s safe to drink water from it. If you do, it could lead to some health issues.

How to keep an RV water hose from freezing?

Well, the easiest way is by buying a freeze protection or heated RV water hose. These products are designed for this very purpose, and a high-quality one should more than meet your needs in this aspect.

But these hoses do cost quite a bit more than the regular ones, so if you can’t afford these more expensive products, there are some other things you can do to keep your hose from freezing.

And luckily for you, I’m going to quickly go over three different methods of keeping your water hose from freezing in colder climates. All three should be able to help you out if you can’t afford a freeze protection or heated RV water hose.

Option 1: Remove the RV Water Hose

Fill your fresh water tank 3/4 of the way full of water: Filling your tank with water will ensure you have enough water supplies just in case you need them. You don’t want to fill the tank entirely, or you won’t have enough room for expansion.

Remove your water hose: Place it in a storage area away from the cold. Doing so will protect it from suffering damage from the frigid temperatures.

Place a heating pad over your RV water pump: Plug the heating pad into your campground’s electrical socket and lay several towels over the water pump.

Cover your holding tanks with towels.

Set a small lamp inside your freshwater holding tank compartment: You should place it between the tank and the pump.

Get rid of your waste inside your gray and black tanks: Ensures you’ll have enough room in those tanks for overnight waste. You should rinse the inside of the hose to make sure any leftover waste doesn’t freeze inside of it.

Close the sewer values: Gives you the capability to store water in the tanks.

Only use the fresh water supply when necessary: This will reduce the risk of your tanks flooding.

Option 2: Open the Water Lines

Get rid of your waste inside your gray and black tanks: Keeps water from freezing inside the tanks. You should follow it up by rinsing out your sewer hose to prevent residual waste from freezing inside the hose.

Leave your gray tank’s valve open and close your black tank’s valve: The open gray tank valve will allow any overnight waste to follow into the septic system rather than the tanks. The closed black tank will limit the odors.

Open your kitchen and bathroom faucets: The constant motion of the slow dripping water will ensure the water never stays in one place long enough to freeze. But you should avoid wasting water by waiting until bedtime to open the faucets.

Open all sinks’ drains to avoid any floods.

Option 3: Make Your Own Heated RV Water Hose

Invest in some heat tape: The tape will heat the hose and keep the water flowing when its plugged into an electrical socket.

Go to your local hardware or RV supply store and buy the heat tape.

Wrap it around your RV water hose: The heat tape should wrap around the hose in a barbershop pole fashion.

Make sure the heating element is hanging off one end of the hose.

Cover the heat tape with insulation tubes: You can find these foam materials that are designed to wrap water lines at local the hardware or RV supply store as well.

Check that the foam tubes’ length matches your hose’s: The foam tubing material should cover your entire RV water hose.

Encase the foam insulation tube around the hose.

If you’re in a real pickle, any of these three options should ensure your RV water hose doesn’t end up been frozen. But I’d still recommend getting a freeze protection or heated RV water hose rather than relying on one of these methods all the time.

How to clean an RV water hose?

Cleaning an RV water hose is a rather straightforward process. The first thing you must do is empty the hose to remove any lingering waste. After emptying the hose, you should make a water and bleach mixture that’ll you use to clean the inside of the hose.

From there, run the solution inside the hose and rinse it with clean, fresh water. If you want more specific instructions, there should be some in the manual that came with the hose. If not, you can always check online for instructions on the manufacturer’s website.

Where to buy RV water hoses?

I’m always going to recommend shopping online when telling people where they should buy products. It’s just part of the times we live in, and the best deals are available online rather than an actual store.

And the place online to shop for an RV water hose is Amazon as it’s with every other product in the world. You’re going to get the best deals, have access to customer reviews, and have more available options than you’d typically find at a store.

Now, if for some reason you’re not comfortable buying products online, you could always try your local Lowe’s or Home Depot. Both stores will have some options for you to look at and they should be very high-quality.

But again, it’s often going to cost more. Therefore, I’d still advise trying your hand at online shopping. It’s really the best way to go, and Amazon should have everything you need.


After all this reading, I think you’re well prepared to find an RV water hose for you. It’s now up to you in determining what type of water hose fits your particular needs the best. Just remember to take everything we laid out in the sections above into account, and you should be fine.

You might even find out that the best RV water hose for you is one we reviewed in our product section. I mean, those hoses are the best on the market after all. But if you find a hose that wasn’t mentioned in this article to be better suited for you, that’s okay too.

In the end, it’s all about finding out what’s the best one for your particular needs. And I hope this article helps you figure that out. So happy hunting and I hope you find a water hose that makes you a happy RV owner for years to come!

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