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The Best RV Water Filters for RV Freshwater System

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv water filter

Are you having a hard time finding the best RV water filter? I mean, who wouldn’t want the water coming into their RV as clean as possible? It just seems like a logical and sensible piece of the RVing experience.

With this in mind, this article will go through all the ins and outs of determining which RV water filters fit your needs the best. And in doing so, we’ll go through a bunch of information about these devices, which will help guide you through the overwhelming amount of options available to you.

We’ll even provide you with reviews of the RV water filters we think are the best on the market. Plus, all the information you’ll encounter below will make this process go as swimmingly as possible. It should be a relative breeze after you’re equipped with all this new knowledge.

So please, read on and let me turn this otherwise frustrating experience into something that doesn’t make you scream into the computer screen. In the end, this whole process doesn’t have to be the awful one you expect.

Best Overall Most Convenience Easy to Install
Preview Waterdrop WD-TSU

Camco 40043

Camco 40631

Dimensions 14.6 x 4.7 x 14 inches ‎2.5 x 2.5 x 10.5 inches 11.75 x 12.94 x 7.94 inches
Filter Size 0.01 um 20-Micron 5-Micron
Filtration PP Filter, UF Filter, CT Filter GAC Filtration, KDF Treatment GAC Filtration, KDF Treatment
Details Details Details

15 Best Water Filter for RV Reviews

In this section, we’ll do exactly what you would expect from a product review section: we’ll review the RV water filters that we deem worthy of being called the best. We hope these reviews will give you some context and help you start understanding what you should be looking for in an RV water filter.

1. Waterdrop TSU 0.01μm RV Under Sink Water Filter System

Waterdrop’s TSU 0.01μm RV Under Sink Water Filter System stood out from other choices due to its straightforward installation. Waterdrop made this process simple by including everything needed for it with each purchase. It was nice not having to worry about finding the right adaptors or outlet hoses to make this water purifier for camper work.

Once I installed it, the product’s performance was quite impressive. Its 0.01-micron ultrafiltration membrane provides a water quality that my camper previously didn’t offer. As a result, I no longer disliked drinking my sink’s tap.

The device’s smart indicator system was another attractive aspect. It has lights for each filter, letting me know when each component’s due for a replacement. Due to this, I’m never surprised by cloudy or contaminated water.

Furthermore, I don’t have to replace the filters as much with this system. My previous RV water filter for hose/camper requires changes every three months. Thankfully, this one offers up to 24 months of filter lifespan to make it more practical and convenient.

I was also thrilled by the ease of changing the filtration parts. After all, Waterdrop incorporated an integrated waterway that helps prevent leakage. It ensures that users don’t have to stop the water supply when changing filters, allowing families to drink or shower without interruption.

Buyers will have a choice of two color options, as well. It’s a relatively standard selection between black and white, but both are lovely designs. I found myself choosing the black variation as it better suited what I wanted from these systems.

As for its flaws, I wasn’t a massive fan of the battery compartment being in the back. This location made it a bit more challenging to change batteries when necessary. It’s a minor issue but one worth noting when selecting an RV water filter for iron or other minerals.

2. Camco 40043 TastePure Water Filter

The first product on our list, the Camco 40043 TastePure Water, comes from a manufacturer that’s been a leader in the RV parts industry for a long time. And it shouldn’t surprise you that this particular RV water filter lives up to the reputation its brand has cultivated.

One of the reasons why it lives up to the reputation its brand carries is its large capacity. With this feature, this water filter should have no issues lasting a whole RVing season or even longer and allows for it to have a higher flow rate.

The higher flow rate will make sure your water gets filter quickly and efficiently. Some filters have a tendency to slow down your water’s flow, but this product won’t have this issue, and you shouldn’t even see any reduction in this regard.

It also has a 20-micron rating, which will be incredibly helpful in fighting against any contaminant that tries to get into your water supply. On the same front, the high sediment flow and carbon filter will also help keep these pesky issue-causing substances out of your water.

The built-in granulated activated carbon filter will also reduce any bad odors that emanate from your water. Therefore, the rotten egg sulfur smell will be a thing of the past if you put this filter to use.

All in all, this product from Camco would be a top-notch option for anybody looking for an RV water filter. And let’s be honest, the price isn’t too bad either!

3. Camco EVO Premium Water Filter

Our second Camco product, the Camco EVO Premium Water filter, is another high-quality option for anybody looking to have clean water around their RV. It boasts a list of features that make it one of the top rated RV water filters on the market.

For instance, this filter is a self-contained filtration system that’s easily attachable to your RV’s supply line. This feature could be a godsend for people like me that aren’t greatness at doing installs themselves.

This ability to attach itself on your RV’s supply line also makes sure you always have fresh water around regardless of your current water source. In other words, it doesn’t matter how dodgy or low-quality the water is; this filter will ensure it becomes clean and fresh.

In doing so, it relies on a physical filtration that’s combined with activated charcoal to ensure your water is top-notch. This combination will make sure that any contaminant such as microorganisms, bacteria, chlorine, or sediment doesn’t slither their way into your water supply.

This product’s 5-micron rating also helps reduce the risk of these contaminants working their way into your fresh water system. Plus, this filter will significantly reduce any odor that comes from your water as well thanks to its granulated active carbon bed.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the Camco EVO Premium Water Filter as it really does make sure your water stays as fresh as possible. If you don’t believe me, you can take a gander at the hundreds of glowing customer reviews.

4. Clearsource Premium RV Water Filter System

One of the most durable products we have on this list, the Clearsource Premium RV Water Filter system, provides its users with high-quality performance. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a buyer who’d have a bad thing to say about it.

The overwhelming positivity surrounding this product most likely has to do with its incredibly durable design, which is ideally suited for the lifestyle of any RVer. After all, it can get a little rough on those RV trips.

And its durable design isn’t even the best part of this product from Clearsource. It has a 5-micron sediment filter that’ll take care of any issues regarding particles inside your water. I mean, every review I read was raving about this filter ability to rid their water of sediment issues.

It even has a second stage carbon filter that boasts a .5-micron rating, which will offer you further protection. See, this second filter will take care of all the remaining contaminants the first filter might have missed such as chlorine, volatile compounds, cysts, etc.

It also helps that it’s incredibly easy to install and won’t take up much of your time. You couldn’t ask for a better RV water filter than this one from Clearsource. It does its job effectively and without any issues or complications.

It does have a significant price tag, but if you can afford it, I don’t see a reason why this wouldn’t already be in your Amazon cart.

5. Beech Lane External RV Dual Water Filter System

Beech Lane’s External RV Dual Water Filter System offers many features that’ll ensure your RV gets a clean water supply. For instance, I love its lead-free brass fixtures, which will provide a secure connection and make sure issues such as the hose leaking doesn’t occur.

You also have to like this product’s heavy-duty design. This water filter system’s entire design was made to ensure it lasts a long time. You’re not going to find a more durable and long-lasting option out there on the RV water filter market.

It doesn’t hurt that this product comes with a wrench include either. This aspect will make removing the product’s housing much easier. And it’ll also remove the hassle of trying to dig around inside your own toolbox.

This product’s mountable bracket was another feature that many people felt the need to praise in their customer reviews. It seems this mountable bracket makes the using process much easier than most other models on today’s market.

And since I’m not the greatest at setting these type of products up, I could use all the help I can get. This aspect certainly provides the support I would need to get this filter up and running. It’s also worth noting that this filter system comes with a 5-micron and 0.5-micron filters to filter against smaller or large particles.

Given these features, it’s quite clear that this product’s ready to ensure your water doesn’t suffer in quality. You could do a whole lot worse than this model from Beech Lane on the RV water filter market.

6. RV Water Filter Store Essential RV Water Filter System

The RV Water Filter Store Essential RV Water Filter System provides a bit more versatility than you might find with other options. You see, this product can work in many situations such as filtering an RV, boat, houseboat, or even a tiny home.

It also performs well in each one of these situations as it’s been proven effective at removing chemicals, sediment, and cysts from your water supply. You can assign these effective results to the product’s design.

For instance, this two canister system’s design uses a 1-micron sediment filter to remove issues such as dirt or sand. It features a class 1 modified carbon block filter as well, which will filter out the other problems like chlorine, VOC’s, and cysts.

You should also love that this product’s design comes with heavy-duty, lead-free hose fittings to ensure the connection always remains secure. This aspect will make sure the hose won’t end up leaking and causing all sorts of issues.

Its install process was another aspect that helped this product make it onto our list. This process happens to be one of the easiest around and makes setting up the product a breeze. It’s always nice to own a product that doesn’t feature a complex using method.

Overall, this product seems more than ready to meet the needs of an RV owner. I do wish the price was a bit less, but I could live it. I mean, this product’s quality really is top tier.

7. EXCELPURE Inline RV Water Filter

One of the top RV water filters is the EXCELPURE Inline RV Water Filter, which happens to feature some great aspects in its own right. A good example of these aspects would be its using KDF to reduce heavy metals in your water, such as lead, mercury, or nickel.

This feature will ensure your water remains clean as long as the filter remains intact and capable. I also love this product’s use of standard fitting threads that make it useful in many situations like filtering garden hoses, RVs, campers, and boats.

As a result, this product offers versatility and could end up improving your water supply in various places. You should find its ability to reduce issues like lousy taste, rust, odor, and chlorine effective as well.

This product’s customer reviews are filled with praise for its performance removing these issues. Due to this, you shouldn’t have any problems getting a clean and usable water supply wherever your trip takes place.

I also found this product’s 30-day warranty to be quite appealing. This policy should protect against an accident happening with the device. It’s always a nice touch to have as it’ll ensure nothing goes wrong.

But the best part about this product doesn’t have to do with the features discussed so far. This title instead goes to its price, which is easily one of the least costly on our list. I think it’d be fair to label it a bargain given everything the product offers.

8. Camco 40013 TastePURE KDF/Carbon Water Filter

The Camco 40013 TastePure KDF/Carbon Water Filter is another product from this brand that doesn’t leave a lot for the customer to complain about regarding its performance. There’s even a constant ongoing debate of Camco 40013 vs. Camco 40043 discussing which one is better.

And since the Camco 40043 is such a fantastic product in its own right, It’s no shock that the Camco 40013 is a top of the line model as well. I mean, this water filter can protect your water from a wide variety of issue-causing factors.

Aluminum, cadmium, lousy taste, bacteria, odor, fungus, hydrogen sulfide, iron, chlorine, heavy metal, lead, and sediment, all become non-issues thanks to this water filter. And these are just some of the things this product will protect your water from, all while keeping it clean/refreshing.

Its performance isn’t the only thing this water filter has going for it either. It has a sturdy and durable design that ensures you’ll never have to worry about it getting damaged or malfunctioning, which is always a plus with a product such as this one.

The design being in-line also helps this product perform to the best of its ability. The addition of the flexible hose isn’t a bad inclusion either as it allows for a kink-free performance.

Although the 100-micron rating isn’t the best, it still will get the job done and effectively offer protection from whatever contaminants try making into your water supply. If you buy this particular model, I promise you that you’ll be in good hands.

9. AQUACREST RV KDF Water Filter

The AQUACREST RV KDF Water Filter is one of the more versatile options on our list. See, this particular product has the added benefit of being interchangeable with the Camco 40045 water filter, which is quite practical as it gives more options as a consumer.

But besides being interchangeable with another product, this water filter has other features that worth mentioning such as it has 20-micron rating. This rating conveys that this model will do a solid job ensuring harmful particles don’t remain in your water.

And even though it’s remarkably good at its job, it remains affordable compared to several other products on this list. If there was a bargain buy mentioned in this article, this water filter from AQUACREST would be at the top of the list.

Aside from being inexpensive, this water filter also makes things incredibly easy on the user themselves by being easy to install. I mean, nobody likes a complicated installation process and this product makes sure that isn’t a hassle you’ll have to experience.

It does have a relatively low longevity as it needs to be changed every three months, but given the affordable price, I think we could all deal with this flaw. And this timetable is dependent on the water source; therefore, it could last longer than this timeframe anyway.

With all things considered, this product represents another excellent choice for RV owners to choose from regarding RV water filters. If you think this model fits your particular needs, I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t buy it immediately.

10. Culligan RV-800 Exterior Pre-Tank RV Water Filter

Our first of two products from this top-notch brand, the Culligan RV-800 Exterior Pre-Tank RV Water Filter, is a rather adaptable item on this list because it can be used on many different vehicles.

If you have a boat, RV, camper, trailer, or motorhome, this water filter would be an acceptable option for you to consider. And its performance on any of these vehicles is praiseworthy.

I mean, the amount of reviews heaping praise on this filter’s performance is staggering. Its high flow rate and quick fill design make this model unbelievably quick and effective at its intended purpose. Honestly, bacteria and sediment really have no chance of standing up to this filter.

The installation process is another thing that makes this product stand out from the other products on the market. See, it comes with a flexible connector hose, which easily attaches to whatever vehicle you use the water filter on such as an RV, motorhome, boat, or camper.

And like a lot of other products on this list, it does a spectacular job at reducing any bad odor or taste that emit from your water. In this water filter’s case, it has a granular activated carbon filter that reduces these particular issues as well as bacterial and sediment.

While this model might not be the most technologically advanced product, it’ll do its job without causing any issues or problems. Let’s be honest; that’s all we’re looking for in our RV parts.

11. Culligan RVF-10 Exterior RV Drinking Water Filter

Our second Culligan product, the Culligan RVF-10 Exterior RV Drinking Water Filter, is more than worthwhile of your consideration. I mean, every part of this water filter is crafted to suit the needs of whatever RV owner is looking for a new model.

For instance, this product’s design is incredibly sturdy and durable. You’d have a hard time damaging this well-built filter on your travels. This sturdy construction also helps bring forth better tasting water as well.

Asides from having little to no durability concerns, this durable design also ensure the storage tank will be cleaner and limit the cleaning duties on your part. As someone who hates cleaning anything, this particular aspect is well-appreciated.

The easy installation process is another feature that proves how convenient this product can be for the lucky person who buys it. It’s quite apparent how easy this product will be to install from the slim-design and the hose fitting kit that comes with its purchase.

There’s even a well-detailed manual, which will walk you through everything step-by-step. I usually wouldn’t mention the manual as its pretty standard among these products, but the customers made it a point to praise it in the customer’s reviews.

And finally, this product also comes with a filter cartridge, which is proven to be remarkably efficient at removing sediment, among other things such as bad odor/taste, from RV’s water supply.

With all these features, it’s not hard to see why this particular water filter made it onto this list.


12. Camco 40645 TastePURE RV & Marine Water Filter

Our last Camco product on this list, the Camco 40645 TastePURE RV & Marine Water Filter isn’t the most advanced model from this brand we’ve had on this list. However, this lack of technological advancement doesn’t mean isn’t worthy of making our list.

Instead, this water filter makes this list because it does its job without providing the user with any complications or problems. In other words, it’s a pretty basic but effective water filter that has produced results.

It does so by being a carbon filter that can remove any foul odors or taste from your water. It also offers the capability of being able to remove any sediment as well. Both seem like standard features for water filters, but you’d be surprised by how many out there don’t accomplish either.

This particular Camco product also has the additional benefit of having an affordable cost. If you’re looking for a bargain deal, this model could be the one for you. It provides you with quality results at a fraction of the price.

More importantly, it has a little bit of longevity regarding its lifespan as it can last up to four months depending on the water source. And given its affordable price, this sort of lifespan isn’t that bad considering.

In the end, it might not be the highest quality, but it might be the best bang for your buck option on this entire list.

13. PureWater Inline Water Filter

The PureWater Inline Water Filter is an RV water filter that can be used in a variety of different ways. This model fits most refrigerators, ice makers, coffee makers, water fountains, water coolers, sink faucets, ice machines, RV, campers, boats, or any situation where you might need a water filter.

As a result, I can confidently say this particular water filter would be a convenient purchase for any RVer. But you might counter say something like: if it doesn’t function at a high level, then all of these uses don’t matter.

Well, this model does its job admirably, which means you don’t have to worry about that either. It provides crisp, clean water while being considered an easy install. Those two features alone are enough to sell anyone looking for an RV water filter.

But the features don’t stop there, as it has been proven to reduce chlorine and other chemicals from any water it filters. Therefore, it provides clean, crisp water without any harmful chemicals or the odors that might come with them.

And maybe my favorite feature of all is the lifetime warranty PureWater has provided with your purchase. This faith in their product should resonate with you and give you a feeling of confidence regarding its performance; the customer reviews speak to this as well.

With all this in mind, there isn’t a real reason you shouldn’t at least consider this model. It even has an affordable cost for you bargain buyers!

14. Boogie Blue PLUS High Capacity Water Filter

A product with an extraordinarily high-capacity at 45,000 gallons, the Boogie Blue Plus High Capacity Water is a hard model to miss. It achieves this elevated capacity level by having more dual catalytic-carbon and KDF material than you’d typically see in other water filters.

This product’s high-capacity level will help ensure the water filter will last as long as you need it and be able to handle a more extensive amount of water than other products. As you might expect, both these qualities could undoubtedly help you during your camping season.

But its elevated capacity level isn’t its only excellent quality. It also can remove 99% of the chlorine that might end up in your water. Trust me; this percentage is incredibly high compared to other models you might come across.

And chlorine isn’t the only containment this water filter will virtually wipe out; it will also get rid of 87% of the Chloramine that infects your water as well as completely ridding it of heavy metals, toxins, volatile compounds, pesticides, and herbicides.

Due to these capabilities, it’s not a surprise that this water filter is heavily recommended for garden use along with in RVs. And if you plan on using it for both, you should feel very relieved that installing this water filter is a piece of cake.

It’s honestly an incredibly user-friendly RV water filter that any RVer would benefit from owning.

15. Hydro Life 52141 HL-200 External Filter Kit

If your RV, boat, or trailer comes with an external water hook-up, the Hydro Life 52141 HL-200 External Filter Kit could be a highly useful purchase for you. It’ll offer you peak performance while ensuring your water is as fresh and clean as ever.

This product’s granulated activated carbon filter is one of the more impressive ones we’ve encountered so far in this article. It has a real knack for filtering out more contaminants than you’d expect from a regular carbon filter.

It also comes with KDF media as well, which will make sure no bacteria, fungus or mold development occurs when the filter is both being used and not being used. The high flow rate of 2.5 GPM is another feature that puts this particular model in the RV water filter category.

You can even permanently install this particular model, which makes it highly versatile and allows it to be useful with many applications. The included hose connectors are another feature you shouldn’t overlook as well.

These hose connectors allow you to change the cartilage without any tools; This aspect will promote a hassle-free experience for when you ultimately need to replace the filter. As a person who loathes doing extra work, I could see how this would be a valued quality.

With all that being said, it seems Hydro Life did an excellent job crafting a high-quality water filter. This product undoubtedly conveys a sense of being a model you shouldn’t overlook when searching for the perfect RV water filter.

Watts WP500338 RV In-Line Water Filter Kit (Outdated)

Our first of two Watts products, the Watts WP500338 RV In-Line Water Filter Kit, will provide you with top-level performance at a reasonable price. And isn’t that all we are looking for in an RV water filter at the end of the day.

I mean, there’s not too much special about this particular model that we haven’t covered in the other reviews. It’s a high capacity, granular activated carbon filter that’ll get rid of chlorine, remove any lousy taste or odor, and inhibit any bacteria growth.

It does all of these things at an adequate and fantastic level, but there is a couple of areas where this water filter does separate itself. The first being it can last up to a year without needing a change. This type of longevity is always a plus quality with products like these.

It also comes equipped with garden hose fittings, which make it quite easy to install this water filter outside your boat or RV. And it comes with a non-kinking hose, which gives you an extra incentive to buy this particular model.

I know, these features don’t sound all that spectacular, but that’s the point. There’s nothing too special about this water filter besides that it does its job at a premier rate which is how it earned its way onto this RV water filter list.

PUREPLUS Inline RV Water Filter (Outdated)

The PUREPLUS Inline Rv Water Filter is a cheaper option than most on this list. However, this lack of expensive price doesn’t mean it isn’t a high-quality option. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as it truly is one of the high quality water filters available on the market.

It’s one of the best because it uses KDF filtration which allows it to remove any pesticides, chlorine, and heavy metals at an incredibly efficient rate. I mean, if you want full protection from these harmful contaminants, you couldn’t do a lot better than this particular filter.

This filter will also inhibit the growth of microorganisms, which further ensures your water will come out the tap fresh and clear. Honestly, PUREPLUS did an extraordinary job ensuring you’ll have full protection from whatever harmful substances, chemical, or organism could enter your water supply.

It also helps that the KDF filtration has been proven to improve your skin, hair, and nail condition. It seems this company had their customers best interests at heart when creating this top-notch water filter.

If you have anymore remaining doubts about this water filter’s quality, all the materials used in making it are FDA approved and BPA free. Therefore, you can feel safe about using it and know you’re getting a product that will provide peak performance.

With all this mind, I’d have no issues recommending this fantastic RV water filter to any prospective buyer. It will get the job done.

Clear2o CRV2001 RV Inline Water Filter (Outdated)

This water filter, the Clear2O CRV2001 RV Inline Water Filter, comes from one of my favorite manufacturers on this list. And this product is a clear reason why this company achieves such high-standing in my mind.

The features this model has are almost endless, but the main ones really do separate it from its competitors. For instance, it has a 1-micron rating, which means it can filter particles that are 70 times smaller than a human hair.

This water filter is also particularly effective against chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, lead, mercury, organic chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. All of these don’t stand a chance of infecting your water supply with this filter cleaning your water.

In any estimation, you should understand how effective that means this filter is compared to others on the market. It also has the added benefit of eliminating any bad smells coming from your water as well, which is always a plus with these products.

I didn’t even mention that thanks to its large capacity this filter can last for six months without needing a change. Then you throw in its wide-body design that’s incredibly durable, and you can see why I have such high regard for this manufacturer.

In the end, there isn’t much more you could want out of an RV water filter that this particular model doesn’t already have; therefore, if you purchase this product, you can bet you won’t regret it.

Fette Filter RV and Marine Inline Water Filter (Outdated)

Another product that’ll appeal to both RVers and boaters, the Fette Filter 2-pack RV and Marine Inline Water Filter has a lot of features that make it a high-quality option for either group of customers.

It’s among the easiest to use and install on this entire list. I can’t undersell how essential a water filter being both easy to use/install is in finding the best one for your situation. If your model doesn’t have both of these qualities, you’re just going to loathe it.

But these issues aren’t a problem with this product and that makes it a worthwhile option for you. You should also consider this product because it has both a high capacity and flow rate.

These qualities will make sure the water filter lasts all the way through camping season and provide you with quick, effective results. This inline filter also has activated carbon, which will further ensure the results you get out this product are top-notch quality as it’ll provide you with clean water at all times.

The activated carbon in the inline filter has the added benefit of improving the condition of your hair, nails, and skin as well. Therefore, it’s not only upgrading the quality of your water, but it’s helping your health at the same time.

And I didn’t even mention the sediment filter, which will help ensure no harmful particles end up in your water. Overall, this water filter is a remarkable option for anyone seeking one of these products.

WaterSentinel 102555 WSRV-8 Inline RV Water Filter (Outdated)

The WaterSentinel 102555 WSRV-8 Inline RV Water Filter is one of the best inline RV water filter that’ll more than fulfill your filtering needs. It contains both coconut shell carbon and KDF to effectively fight against any contaminants that find their way into your water supply.

The coconut shell carbon media is a remarkable filtration media as it has a high density and a balanced pore structure. Both of these qualities made it uniquely suited for excellent absorption; therefore, a fantastic defender against any contaminant that would find its way into your water.

And the KDF media as we’ve discussed in several reviews above will make sure bacteria doesn’t become an issue inside your water supply. It will also take care of the chlorine, iron, and any hydrogen sulfide that might be present as well. As a result, this model is up for the task to successfully filter your water into becoming as fresh and clean as possible.

Aside from being aggressively effective against potential issue causing substances, it’ll like a lot of other products on this list improve the taste and odor of your water. At this point, you can tell this feature is a necessary component of any high-quality water filter.

This water filter also has the same long-lasting ability as the previous model reviewed; it can last up to a year without a change depending on the water sources it attaches to during that year. In all areas, it seems WaterSentital made sure it covered its bases and created a wildly effective RV water filter.

Watts 520022 RV Duo Exterior Water Filter (Outdated)

Our last RV water filter isn’t one that should be taken lightly as it’s from a manufacturer that we hold in high regard. And our faith in this company’s ability to create incredible products was not shaken when we came across this model.

The first thing we noticed is how perfectly suited this water filter was for RV and boat owners. I mean, the garden hose fittings are an ideal feature for any RV owner looking for a water filter for their rig.

But besides how remarkably well designed it is for use with RVs, the performance it provides isn’t too shabby either. This Watts RV water filter is tested and proven to rid your water of 99% of the cryptosporidium, giardia cysts, chlorine, sediment, and lousy tastes odors.

It also has an undoubtedly excellent flow rate of 2.5 GPM, which will ensure the filtering gets done quickly and efficiently. The install process is another feature that helps put this model ahead of the curb as it comes pre-assembled.

Therefore, you should begin benefiting from this product’s effectiveness in a relatively short period after purchase. And depending on the water source you have it hooked up to; it’ll only need a change once a year.

All in all, this water filter’s another fantastic product from a high-quality manufacturer. If you end up purchasing the best RV exterior water filter, I assure you that you won’t end up regretting it.

RV Water Filter Buyer’s Guide


In this section, we’ll go over all the basics about these products to ensure your buying experience is as easy as possible. It will give you a further understanding of what you’re looking for in an RV water filter.

Things to know before buying an RV water filter

Picking the best RV water filter can be an overwhelming experience. I mean, there are just so many options available to you, but there are certain factors that can help you restrict your search.

And this section will discuss these factors in detail to help make this process as easy as humanly possible.

Filter Size

One of the first things you’ll need to know is what filter size you’ll need? If you don’t, it could lead to a heap of issues you’ll want to avoid at all costs. A key in figuring this factor is also keeping in mind your water pressure.

See, the higher the water pressure, the bigger the filter size you’ll need. But by in large, the filter size you’ll need will depend on your filter needs. In other words, how much water you intend on going through the water filter.

How Much Water You Need Filtering

Understanding how much water you want to filter is something you must take into account before buying a water filter. You should be able to answer the following question, do you only want to use it for drinking water or on your entire RV water system?

Once you know the answer, you can easily apply it toward your search and find the water filter that can handle your water filtering needs. It sounds relatively simple and like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people just buy the first filter they see without factoring in something this basic.

Ease of Use/Installation

Do yourself a favor and avoid buying a filter with a complicated installation process. It only makes your lives much more frustrating. I mean, there are plenty of options on the market that are simply installed.

This issue becomes incredibly essential when you remember that filters have to be changed every 3 to 12 months depending on the model. And you don’t want the changing process to overly complicated, or you’ll end up never using the thing out of pure frustration.

With this in mind, it’s best that you stick to the models that are easily installed and include a detailed instruction manual when you buy it. To determine whether a product is easily installed, you should also check the customer reviews.

Trust me; if someone found the installation or overall using process to be miserable, these reviews we’ll let you know. In some cases, it’ll be blatantly apparent that the manufacturer lied in their product description about the product being an easy install thanks to these reviews.


As with everything we intend on buying, the price matters. It should be one of the first things you discuss or think about before buying any product. And this factor doesn’t change with RV water filters either.

Once you outline a range you’re willing to spend on a filter, the number of options will lessen significantly. In doing so, it’ll make the overall process much less overwhelming, and it’ll quickly become the simple process that we’ve promised frequently in this article.

It’s also essential you remember that there’s always a bargain out there for you. There’s no reason to pay a significant amount of money for a filter that does more than you need. Instead, match your needs to the best filter that meets them and quickly put it inside your Amazon cart.

Micron Ratings

You’re probably saying to yourself what in God’s name is a micron rating? I know, I was when I first start looking into RV water filters. Well, an RV water filter’s micron rating indicates the size of the particles that the product will let through its system or kit.

In other words, the smaller a filter’s micron rating, the more effective it will be at filtering the contaminants out of your water. As a result, I’d recommend finding the filter with the smallest micron rating that’s within your budget and fulfills your filtering needs.


As previously discussed in this article, there are many different options when it comes to RV water filters. But the main three you’ll see on the market are sediment, carbon, and ceramic water filters.

Each one has a different scenario where it’ll be more effective than the others. For instance, if you have water that’s filled with sediment and particles, you should opt for a sediment RV water filter. It also essential we note that an inline or a customizable canister type filter would work in this situation as well.

But if you have that rotten egg smell coming from your water, these sediment water filters won’t do you a lick of good in most cases. Instead, you’ll want a carbon water filter as these are incredible at getting rid of any unwanted water odor, especially the granular activated carbon ones.

And if you’re worried about biological pests running rampant throughout your water; city water has been known to be contaminated with these nasty organisms. A ceramic RV water filter can more than get rid of these awful contaminants.

Of course, there are other types of RV water filters as well, but these are the main ones you should be aware of and will affect your search the most. However, if you find another type that meets your needs better than these, you shouldn’t have any doubts about buying it.

Customer Reviews

An essential resource you’ll come across in any buying experience is other people’s customer reviews. I know, reading these things can be quite dull and nauseating as sometimes people complain about the most unimportant things.

But outside of those reviews, you can learn a lot from the well-crafted reviews of others. And once you have read a numerous amount of them, you’ll start to determine where the product thrives and where it’s a little lackluster.

In other words, a pattern will form, and you’ll understand whether or not this water filter will meet all the requirements you need from it. Honestly, if you let them, these reviews could shorten your search by a significant amount of time.

However, you must refrain from allowing yourself to get sucked into buying a product just based on its five-star rating. In some cases, manufacturers will fake these ratings and inflate them, which will do you no good as a customer.

Therefore, it’s best to read these customer reviews before making your final purchase. If you don’t, you could end up with a malfunctioning filter that won’t do you any good. In fact, it might even cause you more problems.

What are the different types of RV water filters?

As mentioned previously, there are several types of RV water filters for you to choose from in today’s market. But the three main types are sediment water filters, carbon water filters, and ceramic water filters.

All of these three water filters have specific purposes, and we’ll go over each one below that’ll help you decide which one fits your situation the best.

Sediment Water Filters

A sediment water filter might be the most basic of these three types. It works similar to how’d you expect a mechanical strainer would as it catches particles and removes them from the water. Sounds pretty useful and straightforward, right?

Well, it is, and it’s often chosen by people looking to keep their faucets, water pumps, toilet valves, and water heater for RV in pristine condition. But there are some drawbacks to having this type of RV water filter.

Given it’s the most basic of the three types, you shouldn’t be shocked to learn it also requires the most maintenance. It also tends to damage entire RV water components. Therefore, you’ll need to be a little bit more aware during its use than its competitors.

But regardless, it’s still an ideal option for any RVer, especially, one looking to filter all of the water going into RV.

Ceramic Water Filters

Ceramic water filters work by having holes, which remove contaminants such as bacteria, sediment, asbestos, protozoa, and other issue causing substances from the water. However, these filters tend to have problems removing chemicals from the water.

Due to this, the new available ceramic water filters often come with carbon components, which take on the task of getting rid of these chemicals from the water. With this in mind, if you’re looking to make sure your water is safe from any unwanted chemicals, a ceramic water filter that has carbon components would be a suitable option for you.

Carbon Water Filters

A carbon water filter is another good option available to part-time or full-time RVers with some added qualities a sediment filter doesn’t provide. For instance, it improves the overall taste and smell of your water as well as the cleaning of other particles.

Therefore, if you can afford the bump up in price, I’d recommend getting a carbon water filter over a sediment one as it’s more convenient and practical. And these filters are incredibly well-suited to get rid of any nasty contaminants that might end up in your water: organic compounds, mercury, asbestos, lead, and other heavy metals.

It’s also essential we note that carbon water filters tend to come in three different variations solid block carbon, modified carbon block, and granular activated carbon. I tend to prefer the granular activated carbon as they’re typical reasonably price and are often more effective at getting rid of those problem-causing contaminants.

Any of these three types will ensure your RV’s water supply is clean and free of any issue-causing substances. In the end, it’s all about figuring out which type can rid your water of the issue you think might be causing it to be low-quality.

How long do RV water filters last?

It’ll depend on the model you end up buying. But typically, an RV water filter will last anywhere from 3 to 12 months. As you expect, each water filter will come with instructions regarding how and when to change them.

Therefore, if you’re like me and don’t enjoy the thought of changing your filter every three months, you should be ready to spend a little extra for the long-lasting models. It’s something you should think about before you make your final decision.

In my experience, the ones that can last for up to 12 months are usually higher quality than the three months ones. However, this lack of longevity doesn’t mean the 3-month ones can’t do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

How to install an RV water filter?

Just like the water filter’s longevity, the length of installation will depend on the model you end up purchasing. However, the entire install generally will take up less than an hour of your time and should be a rather straightforward, quick process.

It also helps that most of the RV water filters you’ll end up considering will come with interactive manuals depicting how to install them. Given this information, it’s imperative you read customer reviews about each product to determine whether or not the installation process is an easy one.

RV Water Filter FAQs

What is the best water filter for RV?

An RV water filter is one of the essential pieces of any vehicle that has a water hookup. Without one, you could be ingesting water that has a ton of unhealthy contaminants lurking inside of it, which is something nobody wants.

These devices are designed for one purpose; making sure your water stays clean of any harmful contaminants. And by doing so, it protects from things like chlorine, sediments, volatile compounds, heavy metals, and other impurities.

If you let any of these linger inside your water, all of them can cause you and your RV some severe issues. It’s also essential to note that the right water filter for RV can typically work on other applications and purposes as well: gardening, cleaning the car, filling up water tubs, etc.

In the end, all an RV water filter’s meant to do is keep your water clean and given all the things people on RVs used water for; you can see why we deemed these devices an essential piece of your RV experience.

I mean, there are some severe consequences to not having one of these devices. So please, invest in getting a high quality RV water filter for you. It’s not something you take lightly, especially these days when city water’s getting more and more suspect.

How does it work?

How an RV water filter works will ultimately depend on the model that you end up buying, however, each one will have the primary purpose of filtering the water that gets inside your water tank. Most water filters will be attached to your water tank by some RV water hoses.

These water filters will also come with a hose protector that’ll help prevent any straining from happening in your faucet or spigot. Some models are inline units, which combine sediment removal and carbon filtration as they remove any contaminants from your water.

These two features, sediment removal and carbon filtration, are among the best you’ll find in an RV water filter. Both of these will make sure your RV’s water supply is clean and ready for all its uses on your RV.

In most cases, these filters will also come equipped with KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion). KDF works to make sure your water’s taste is the best it can be and removes any odor that might be lingering.

Therefore, the rotten egg smell that often comes with from city water will never be an issue you’ll have to face again. All you have to do is filter your water with one of these devices, and it quickly will become a thing of the past. The water filters with KDF also prevents bacteria from building up or collecting in your system when it’s not being used.

As you can tell, there are many ways an RV water filter may go about its business. But the one thing they all have in common is the goal of making your water safe and free of any problem-causing substances.

What are the most trusted RV water filter brands?

With any product marketplace, there’s going to be a few manufacturers that are a little ahead of everyone else concerning quality. In the case of the RV water filter market, the following four brands are often seen as the cream of the crop: Camco, Watts Premier, Culligan, and Clear2O.

Each of these brands is represented in our product review section, and you can trust that every one of their products is high-quality. But to further help you understand why these manufacturers standout, I thought a little background knowledge about all of them could give you a little perspective.


Camco has been in the RV product industry since 1966 and has been providing their customers with high-quality products from the very beginning. In doing so, they’ve cultivated a well-earned reputation for being top-notch in all areas.

And they’ve done so by ensuring “quality, innovation, and customer service aren’t just catch phrases at Camco- they’re [their] goals.”

Watts Premier

After being founded in 1988, Watts Premier has made it their mission to create a high-quality water filtration system that’ll make any customer happy. It’s all come together thanks to their dedication in “design[ing], develop[ing] and market[ing] high quality water filtration systems.”

And their dedication has undoubtedly paid off given the products we’ve reviewed here. I mean, these are genuinely top-notch quality RV water filters.


Culligan has been a leader in water treatment needs for as long as the company has been in operation, which would be since 1936. The company’s place at the top of this massive market comes through their willingness to be “committed to making [their] efforts, large and small, beneficial for everyone in every community they serve.”

As someone who’s dealt with this company in the past, I can attest to their overall professionalism and compassion in their handling of their customers.


As a new company that’s recently made a name for themselves in the water filtration industry, Clear2O has gained a reputation for creating well-received products that provide their customers with fantastic results.

In doing so, Clear2O has quickly become “the leader in superior water filtration, bringing “Better Water by Design” to countless homes and RVs.” They’ve really taken it upon themselves to better their products to fit their customers wants and needs.

With all this background information, you can see that you’d be in great hands buying a product from any of these four companies. And honestly, if you buy from any brand mentioned in our product review section, there should be no issues with the quality of the RV water filter you purchase.

How much water should I filter?

Every filter will have its own maximum capacity regarding how much water it can safely clean. Due to this, it’s essential you check the product description before purchasing, which will tell you how much water the water filter can handle.

In other words, it’s really up to you regarding how much water you should filter. Some models can handle all the water going inside your RV and others can only handle some of the water.

It’s all about finding the right model that can adequately handle the amount of water you intend on filtering. With this in mind, please remember to check the filter’s capacity before putting it in your Amazon cart; you don’t want to buy one that can’t handle the job you bought it for, do you?

How often you’ll use the filter?

You can use a water filter for camper usage or an RV inline water filter until they require being replaced. There isn’t a limit on how often a person can or needs to use these products. It’ll vary drastically based on your chosen option and overall water needs.

But I can provide a timetable for how often filters will need replacing. In most cases, RV owners will get anywhere from 3 to 6 months without needing a change. Any decrease in water pressure is often the telltale sign new filters for travel trailer usage are required.

Of course, a high-quality RV filtration system can extend this lifespan past six months. An excellent example would be Waterdrop’s TSU 0.01μm RV Water Filter System. The UF filter has a 24-month lifespan, which is almost unmatched in this marketplace.

What is the warranty?

Most water filter system for RV devices will come with a warranty. These policies often range between a couple of months, 1 year, and five years. Some models for camper trailer even offer a lifetime warranty to ensure customers’ needs are always met.

I’d suggest choosing an option with such policies to ensure you have coverage. After all, a warranty can protect users from buying a malfunctioning product or any accidental breakage. I can’t even describe how many times these warranties have saved me significant time and money.

But I must warn you about how some brands will advertise a warranty without any intention of honoring it. So it’s essential to do research by reading through customer reviews. These resources will alert you to any problems regarding an offered policy.

Should I filter all the water used in RV or only the drinking water supply?

As discussed in the previous part of this section, it really depends on what you want out of your RV water filter. Some people only purify the water they drink, while there are others who filter all the water that enters their RV. It’s all about what you prefer.

In my personal experience, I’d always opt for filtering all the water that goes into my RV. It’s more of me being paranoid about my well-being than anything else, but it has been proven to improve skin, nail, and hair health.

Due to this, I always felt like filtering all my water was the best option. However, getting a system that’ll do so will cost you an extra bit of coin. In the end, it’s all about weighing the pros/cons and deciding which method fits your particular needs the best.

Should I use reverse osmosis (RO) for my RV? when?

Reverse osmosis is a process that can convert your dirty, gross tap water into pure, delicious salt-free water. And it can represent a worthwhile option for RV owners if they can afford it, which is where the problem beings with these type of systems.

A standard reverse osmosis system can run you anywhere from 300 to 500 dollars, which is a big chunk of change. Now, there’s another issue that doesn’t get talk enough about with these type of systems: brine.

See, the water that doesn’t make it through the RO system is called brine. And under the perfect conditions, 70 to 80 percent of the water thrown through at your RO system becomes brine. Therefore, only 20 to 30 percent becomes the pure, salt-free water these devices are made to produce.

In other words, if you’re using 20 gallons for your daily activities, about 60 to 80 gallons of water is being wasted to create the coveted pure water. Sounds like a colossal waste of water, right? Well, it is, and it’s something you should take into account before buying an RO system.

As a result, if you want as much pure water as possible, I guess you could buy yourself a reverse osmosis system. But honestly, with the heightened price and waste of gallons of water, I’d stay away.

Can I use RV water filters for hot water?

Most RV water filters aren’t meant for hot water. And if you do use one for hot water, it can cause a mess of problems. But you can always check with the manufacturer themselves if you find yourself in need of a water filter that cleans hot water.

In my search, I honestly couldn’t find one that had this capability. However, you might have better luck in your search than mine. But regardless, if you fully intend on filtering hot water for whatever reason, always check with the manufacturer first just to ensure it’s safe.

How to clean RV water filters?

Since there are so many types of RV water filters, it’s hard to talk about generally cleaning one. However, most models will make the cleaning process incredibly easy and depicted in excruciating detail in the manual that comes with it.

If all else fails, there will most likely be a YouTube video showcasing the precise way to clean your specific water filter. In any estimations, your manual should have you covered. I know, some of you might have an aversion to using it, but with products like these, it can be a massive help.

Don’t let your pride get in the way. Use the manual and watch all your questions fall to the wayside. You might be shocked by how much you learn from something as rudimentary as the instruction manual. After all, there’s a reason why the manufacturer includes one with every purchase.

Where to buy an RV water filter?

In my personal opinion, the best place to buy an RV water filter is online through Amazon. I know, this recommendation seems like a common sense type answer, but there isn’t a better place to get one nowadays.

Now, if for some reason you don’t want to shop on Amazon, your local Walmart, Lowe’s, or Home Depot should have a few options available for purchasing. But these models will have an uptick in price compared to what’d you find online.

And if you want to boycott Amazon, there are other online sites you can search for RV water filters. For example, Camping World, has numerous options available for you to peruse and find an appropriate match with your RV.

In the end, I’d still put Amazon above all the other options I mentioned. The site really has taken control of almost every marketplace, and it will have the most options available for you to look at as well as the best deals.

Don’t overthink it and stick to shopping on Amazon. It’s your best bet.


After all this reading, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you’re ready to start moving your way towards a final decision. Just remember to be realistic about what you want in your RV water filter and find an acceptable model that fulfills all your needs.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a product we reviewed or not, even though the ones in this article are the best of the best, what matters is finding the best RV water filter that can accomplish the task you require it to do.

And once you find this water filter, don’t hesitate or overthink it. Put it in your Amazon cart and be on your merry way onto more important things in your life. Trust me; you’ll feel a lot better with a high-quality RV water filter in your life.

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