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The Best RV Wash Brushes for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Are you having trouble finding a quality wash brush on today’s market? Well, you aren’t alone as this market tends to be filled with an overwhelming amount of options. Many of them happen to be subpar products that do more harm than good.

This situation leads to many customers feeling stressed when searching for the best RV wash brush. Our article will try and rectify this issue by guiding you through the process. In doing so, we’ll cover all the relevant topics about these essential cleaning tools.

best rv wash brush

These topics will include types, benefits, top brands, and much more. We’ll even provide 12 product reviews of the brushes we’ve deemed the best on the market. All of this info should make this process seem a lot less overwhelming.

In fact, you should be able to quickly figure out what product’s the perfect one for your situation. It’s just a simple matter of applying the info in the sections below into your search and seeing where it leads.

So please, continue reading and let us help you find that perfect RV wash brush. We promise you won’t regret it. You’ll be too busy enjoying the sparkle of your RV’s newly cleaned exterior, which will be the source of other RV owners’ envy.


Best Overall Most Durable Easy to Clean

anngrowy MOP-G-1

Camco 43633

Set Included – Wash Brush
– 15″ Car Squeegee
– 2 x Car Wash Mitt
– Microfiber Cleaning Head
– 12′ Extension Pole
– 2 x Chenille Mop Head
– 4 x Aluminum Alloy Pole
– Wash Brush
– Handle
Weight ‎6.34 pounds ‎1.23 pounds 2.13 pounds
Handle Length 5 – 12ft 1.5ft – 5ft 2″ 3ft 7″ – 5ft 11″
Grip Material Rubber Non-Slip Rubber
Bristle Design Soft PP Soft
Details Details Details

14 Best Wash Brush for RV Reviews

This section will contain the 14 product reviews discussed beforehand. These discussions should offer you a better grasp of what a top tier RV wash brush looks like and provides. It’ll also get you ready for the more involved topics that we talk about later.

1. DOCAZOO DocaPole ‎DPCCK-01 RV Cleaning Kit

Our next option, DOCAZOO’s DocaPole ‎DPCCK-01 RV Cleaning Kit, comes with almost everything a person would need to clean their camper effectively. We get a car wash extension brush pole, scrub brush, squeegee, washer, microfiber brush head, and two wash mitts. It’s more than equipped to handle a rig owner’s cleaning needs.

As a result, it shouldn’t be too shocking to learn the kit is usable in various applications. I made it work when cleaning my rig, car, truck, and SUV’s interior. This multi-purpose ability has saved me a lot of money on cleaning tools.

But this versatility wouldn’t matter much without excellent performance. Luckily, this kit provides high-quality cleaning without being challenging to use. Plus, it’s ready for any situation, from handwashing to cleaning those hard-to-reach areas on my rig.

I also have to praise this product’s scrub brush a little more. It provides top-notch cleaning without causing any scratching issue that many others fail to match. In fact, I was even able to clean off my rig’s solar panels using this excellent brush.

Each component’s durability was another standout attribute. I haven’t had a single issue with any noticeable wear or tear signs since buying it. Cleaning kits often have a weak part that breaks within the first few weeks, but this one has stood the test of time.

DOCAZOO was smart enough to provide each customer with three size options. It allows each buyer to customize their purchase to fit their needs better. I find it hard to imagine any RVer would have trouble selecting a usable variation from these options.

Some customers mentioned a few shipping problems with this RV wash kit. It seems these buyers didn’t receive everything promised in the product description. But I wouldn’t worry too much about it as most customers (myself included) were delighted by what they received.

2. Anngrowy ‎MOP-G-1 RV Microfiber Wash Brush

Anngrowy’s ‎MOP-G-1 RV Microfiber Wash Brush is one of the more convenient options for RV owners. This distinction comes from the product’s various user-friendly features, such as its 62″ long aluminum pole brush.

Honestly, I found myself loving this component. It made reaching those tricky areas on my rig much easier than with previous wash brush kits. Plus, this pole has a non-slip grip to ensure that it was effortless to control during the cleaning process.

The product’s microfiber RV wash brush head was another convenient feature. It provided a cleaning performance that more than met my expectations. After all, it made all the dirt and grime buildups disappear without scratching the rig’s exterior surface.

Buyers will also love this product’s versatility. It’s considered a multi-purpose brush with its ability to work on various surfaces, including trucks, cars, RVs, trailers, and boats. I even found it usable on my ceiling fan, which needed serious cleaning.

Users can adjust this brush’s length with its flow-thru handle, as well. It gives the product more flexibility as it can even shorten to only 18 inches when needed. Therefore, it makes the product more compact than a customer might expect from a brush with a 62″ long handle.

If these features weren’t enough to impress someone, the price tag would bring it home. This convenient product is one of the more affordable choices on our list. Bargain buyers would be doing themselves a disservice by not considering this wash brush from Anngrowy.

However, I was a little startled by this product’s sharp edges. Buyers won’t have to worry about getting cut or anything, but it provides noticeable discomfort. I wasn’t the only one to mention it, as a few other customers noted it in their reviews.

3. Camco 43633 RV Flow-Through Wash Brush

If you’re looking for a model with an extra long reach, the Camco 43633 RV Flow-Through Wash Brush could be a great option. It comes with an adjustable handle that ranges from 47 to 72 inches based on your preferences.

This RV wash brush with adjustable handle is easy to use as well with it coming with a spring-loaded button that controls the adjusting process. As a result, you shouldn’t find yourself in a situation where this model won’t be able to function correctly.

I also found the brush’s square peg design to be an appealing feature. This aspect will ensure the head doesn’t come loose or spin when you’re applying pressure. It’s a feature, which received a lot of praise in the customer reviews.

The 11-inch brush head was another aspect to receive almost universal praise as it comes with two bristle types. The gray bristles are made from a harder material and great at pushing off dirt, while the white bristles are there to pick up the dirt.

You also love to know the gray bristles’ roughness isn’t something that’ll affect your RV’s paint or coat. It has rubber corners, which will protect your rig from any damage during the cleaning process.

The price tag on this RV washing brush isn’t too shabby either as it fits right into my budget without issue. As a bargain buyer, this product’s something that should rocket up my list due to the outstanding features and low cost.

I didn’t even mention yet that this product’s a flow-through brush as well, which contains an on/off where you can connect a hose. This aspect will give you full control over the water flow and make the entire cleaning process much easier.

But there was some concern over this Camco wash brush’s usability on regular cars in the customer reviews. I’d suggest refrain from using this model in this way even though the advertisement says it’d work without issue.

The good news is that this problem doesn’t seem to extend onto boats, which means you can still find a few different uses for this brush.

4. EVERSPROUT RV Scrub Brush

The EVERSPROUT RV Scrub Brush is one of my favorites on today’s market due to its lightweight design. This model barely weighs 2 pounds, which should make the cleaning process a less stressful task.

I also love the dual no-slip grips that this model offers. This feature will make cleaning your RV a more comfortable task and should ensure the wash brush never slips from your hands. It’ll also relieve the pressure placed on your hands, which can be an issue with other models.

Aside from its lightweight design and comfortable using process, this model comes with an adjustable handle. This aspect will extend to any length between 60 and 144 inches, depending on the task at hand.

Due to this aspect, I don’t envision you’ll have any problems cleaning any surface that might need it. It’s a nice touch that shows the versatility of this model. This versatility is further demonstrated by the number of different surfaces this model can clean without issues.

These surfaces include cars, trucks, boats, houses, decks, and many more. Honestly, I’d suspect you’ll never run out of ways to use this great wash brush. It also helps that this model comes with soft bristles, which will ensure nothing like a scratch will form onto your RV’s exterior.

But one thing that truly separates this model from others on today’s market is its 100% satisfaction guarantee. This aspect will ensure a customer will get their money back when the EVERSPROUT RV Scrub Brush doesn’t meet their expectations.

I doubt this aspect is something you’ll have to use. But it’s a nice piece of protection to have in the event something does go wrong with the product. It’s just another area where EVERSPROUT shows they had their customers needs and wants in mind when making this product.

However, I do wish the price tag was a bit lower as this model ends up being one of the most costly on our list. And since I’m not looking to spend this much money on a wash brush, I don’t see myself buying this product anytime soon.

5. Carrand 93062 Deluxe RV Wash Brush

Carrand has always been a force at creating RV cleaning products. This RV wash brush is no different as it has various aspects that’ll make cleaning your RV easier. The telescoping RV brush handle alone should warrant this model getting your attention.

This telescoping handle will make reaching anywhere on your RV a non-issue. All you have to do is adjust it based on the situation and lock it into place. From there, it’ll be ready to clean your entire RV promptly.

You should also love this model’s brush head. Honestly, I consider it to be one of the best on the market as it’s both super soft and a respectable 10 inches. These two qualities will ensure your RV gets cleaned quickly and without receiving any damage.

It even has a rubber bumper, which will provide extra support for the brush’s head. It will also further protect against any scratching occurring. As a result, you shouldn’t worry about any damage happening when using this great protect.

The extension pole’s design was another attribute I found intriguing. This design’s considered sturdy and strong, which means it should hold up for a long time. It also helps that this claim seems to be backed up by all the customer reviews, which never mentioned any durability issues.

We should mention that this model features foam grips as well. These grips should make the using process more comfortable and reduce the stress placed on your hands. This aspect isn’t something to overlook as it can make a huge difference in your overall happiness with a wash brush.

This model also brings a bit of versatility to the table like our previous wash brushes as it can work on several vehicles: cars, trucks, SUVs, campers, etc. And the price on this great product isn’t too bad either.

But there was one issue that came up in the customer reviews, which was a bit concerning. It seems this wash brush has a habit of getting a little too loose during the cleaning process, which can be quite annoying.

6. Aero Cosmetics Waterless RV Wash Wax Mop Kit

If you’re looking to buy everything for the cleaning process in one kit, Aero Cosmetics Waterless RV Wash Wax Mop Kit would be a great option. This kit comes with everything needed to ensure your RV’s exterior looks as shiny as ever.

It includes a top tier wash brush, gallon of RV wash and wax, 16oz degreaser, and much more to make this process as easy as possible. In other words, this option would be a great choice for anyone looking to buy in bulk.

We should also mention that the RV wash mop itself has been singled out in the customer reviews for being easy to use and high-quality. I mean, it was shocking when you didn’t find a review, which didn’t praise this feature.

You should like that the included wax has proven to be effective on multiple surfaces such as boats, aircrafts, and RVs. This aspect highlights that this kit could have a few different uses in your life and get the best bang for your buck.

This model comes with an extension pole as well, which means using the wash brush should be a breeze. Honestly, you aren’t going to do a whole lot better than this kit when buying supplies for cleaning your RV’s exterior.

Plus, this bundle saves you from having to do a bunch more research on other products such as waxes or degreasers. It even comes with a four-pack of Aero towels to further prove this kit includes everything a person could need for this process.

We didn’t even note that Aero Cosmetics was kind enough to add in 100% money-back guarantee as well. Overall, it’s an investment which could solve all your cleaning issues with a single click of your mousepad.

But the initial investment is quite large and could put a dent into your bank account. If you’re a bargain buyer like me, this option isn’t going to cut it. Buying in bulk just isn’t the right move for me.

7. DocaPole Soft Bristle RV Scrub Brush

DocaPole’s Soft Bristle RV Scrub Brush has become a popular option with its ability to clean even the tightest areas effectively. This aspect comes from its unique design, which allows it to clean around issues such as corners easily.

I also found this model’s textured soft bristles to be something worth discussing. These bristles will make sure the wash brush doesn’t scratch the surface that it attempts to clean. It’s a feature that ensures the model’s one of the best all-purpose cleaning brushes on the market.

In fact, this product has a versatility which most other brushes can’t match. It can remove dust, dirt, and grime from a variety of different surfaces: patios, cars, decks, truck, RVs, and many more. It’s quite apparent you’ll never run out of ways for this brush to make your cleaning tasks more manageable.

You should love the extension pole that comes with this brush as well. This extension pole can extend anywhere between 60 and 144 inches depending on what you plan on cleaning. Due to this, you shouldn’t have issues using this product with any cleaning task.

It also helps that this extension pole has a lightweight design made from aluminum, which ensures it’ll be durable. This feature will come in handy when you have to clean your RV’s windows and don’t have a step stool or ladder nearby.

Plus, this model comes with a 100% guarantee like some of our other models. This guarantee will make sure you always have access to their top tier customer service. It’ll also ensure you can get your money back when the wash brush doesn’t meet expectations.

We should mention that this model does come with the option of upgrading the extension pole to 288 inches or 24 feet. This feature could be useful for an RV owner who needs a lot of reach on their wash brush.

But if you intend on using this brush on your boat, I’d suggest looking somewhere else. Some customers reported it being ineffective when used on these surfaces.

8. Carrand 93072 Flow-Thru Quad RV Wash Brush

Our second product from Carrand leaves off right where the first one did by offering top tier features at a fair price. It’s a combination that has made this brand have such a good standing in the RV washing tools market.

This particular RV wash brush shows off its great set of features starting with its 10-inch all-sided quad brush head. This aspect will easily clean any surface and do rather quickly. In fact, several customers were shocked by how fast in their reviews.

We should note that this model comes with a no-spin locking head as well. This aspect will ensure your wash brush stays steady during the cleaning process. It’s always nice when there’s no need to worry about the head loosening when cleaning the outside of your RV.

Of course, this model isn’t just useful on RV exteriors either. This brush has proven to be effective on a different assortment of vehicles such as cars, trucks, campers, trailers, and even boats. It’s fair to say this product will impact your life in more ways than one.

You should also love the telescoping pole that comes with this wash brush as it can extend to 71 inches and has a variable slide water control with a hose swivel. Given these features, it’s quite evident this model’s ready to make your RV’s exterior squeaky clean.

And these incredible features come at a fair price, as we mentioned beforehand. If you’re a bargain buyer, this model could wind up being the perfect mixture of top tier quality and price tag.

In fact, I’d label this model one of the most cost-effective options on our entire list. But some customers did report packaging issues with them receiving the wrong item or the product arriving damaged.

This outcome isn’t something you expect from a top tier brand like Carrand. The good news is that these complaints were vastly outnumbered by reviews praising every aspect of the device. As a result, I think you could determine these issues were isolated incidents rather than a trend.

9. TB Anchor RV Cleaning Brush

The TB Anchor RV Cleaning Brush is the perfect option for anybody that’s a little environmentally conscious. You see, this wash brush’s head was made out of a completely natural milk fiber.

This model’s use of natural milk fiber doesn’t hurt its performance either. In fact, this material has outstanding bacterial fighting properties, which will get rid of any foul mop odors. It’s also soft enough to clean your RV’s exterior without leaving any scratches behind.

Of course, this wash brush isn’t just for RVs. This product has proven to be effective on a variety of vehicles such as cars, trailers, campers, trucks, etc. You can even use it on indoor items like your ceiling fans.

We should mention that it comes with a telescoping handle like most of the previous wash brushes on our list. This particular can extend over 60 inches and offers an optimal cleaning angle of 45 degrees.

This handle also doesn’t always have to be fully extended. You can adjust it to any length ranging between 32 and 60 inches. It’ll give you the flexibility to complete whatever cleaning task that lies ahead.

But the best part about this RV wash brush is its price. This model happens to be one of the least costly on our entire list. Due to this status, any bargain buyers out there should pay close attention when looking at this product. I know I am.

It also doesn’t hurt that this product comes with an 18 month warranty, which should give you plenty of time to decide whether it’s a good fit. Plus, TP Anchor seems to honor this warranty when something does go wrong based on the customer reviews.

However, there were some durability concerns about this product among some users. It seems the handle tends to have a shorter lifespan than expected. But these complaints weren’t included in the experiences of the majority.

10. AutoSpa 93303 Long Chenille Microfiber RV Wash Mop

Our next product is the AutoSpa 93303 Long Chenille Microfiber RV Wash Mop, which will make an RVer’s life easier with its effective cleaning skills. It offers this aspect thanks to its extra-absorbent long chenille microfiber wash bonnet.

I love this wash bonnet because it’s super soft and wipes away dirt, sand, or other substances with ease. It also won’t scratch your RV’s exterior with its use, which is always a positive trait.

This model comes with a telescoping handle as well that makes maneuvering around during the cleaning process much easier. It’ll make sure you never have to squat down and hurt your back ever again when cleaning your RV.

You should also take note of this handle’s locking extension system. This aspect will ensure the wash bonnet stays in place when it’s being used. You’d be surprised by how many RV wash brushes don’t account for this issue, but this won’t be a problem with this model.

Another area where this model excels is its lightweight design. This RV wash mop only weighs a single pound, which means you should have no issues carrying it. It’ll also take the pressure off your hands during the cleaning process.

And like many other models on our list, this product is rather versatile with it being able to work on several vehicles such as cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. It’s got everything you’d want in one of these RV cleaning products.

It even has the title of being the least costly product on our entire list. In the end, there’s a lot of reasons to like this particular model. It’ll be hard to pass up on buying this great product. But before you do purchase it, I must warn you about one potential issue.

This model’s handle only extends out to 48 inches or 4 feet, which could be a problem with larger rigs. If you have a 5ft wheel or class A motorhome, it might be a wise idea to look elsewhere or invest in a step stool.

11. Mofeez RV Marine Household Detailing Bristle Scrub Brush

The Mofeez RV Marine Household Detailing Bristle Scrub Brush is another worthwhile option to consider for many reasons. The first one being it has soft bristles on every side of the head, which will ensure the peak amount of cleaning possible.

These bristles will also do their job without causing any damage to your RV’s paint. The brush head is 10-inches wide as well, which will ensure it’ll get the job done quickly. Given these aspects, we can determine that it’s a useful cleaning tool which will make sure your RV’s exterior looks brand new.

We should mention that this brush head offers a bit more versatility than most other models as well. For instance, it can fit almost all standard size broom handles. This aspect means you shouldn’t have any issues installing the brush head onto one of the handles around your home.

Along the same lines, it further shows its versatility by being able to work on many different surfaces. These surfaces include marine, RV, car, decks, and much more. You shouldn’t have much issue having this model serve multiple purposes given this flexibility.

This model has also become known for its ability to hold water very well. It’s an aspect that many customers took time to point out in their reviews. This feature matters because it means you’ll never become soaked by runoff water when you’re cleaning.

It helps that this model happens to be reasonably priced as well. As a result, it won’t burn a hole in your bank account. Its lightweight design isn’t something to overlook either as it should make the entire process much more manageable.

But there’s one thing I don’t like about this product. You see, it doesn’t come with a handle, which means you’ll have to buy one or attach it onto the one you already own. It’s not a perfect situation for someone like me who despises buying parts separately.

12. Unger Professional HydroPower Wash Brush

If you’re looking for a simple, effective RV wash brush, the Unger Professional HydroPower Wash Brush should be near the top of your list. Honestly, there isn’t too much unique about this model, but it gets the job done.

For instance, it has many of the aspects you’ve become familiar with as you’ve read these reviews: versatile, soft bristles, doesn’t scratch RV’s exterior paint, etc. Everything you could want out of a wash brush is provided to you by this great product.

It even has a protective bumper that’ll further ensure no damage is done with its use. It never hurts to have a little bit more protection for something as essential as your RV’s exterior coat. And this model offers this aspect in spades with the protective bumper.

You should also love that this model comes with a guarantee from Unger, which states it will replace any defective product with a new one. This feature shows the brand cares about their customer’s satisfaction with the product.

It might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how rare a guarantee on a wash brush is on today’s market. You should take note of the price tag as well considering it one of the lowest on our list.

This model also offers a bit of convenience as it’s compatible with any Unger pole/handle that’s sold today. In other words, you shouldn’t have any issues connecting this wash brush head onto any handle that’s made by the same brand.

But this aspect brings forth the one issue I do have with this product. It’s the same one that I had with the previous wash brush, which is I would have to buy a handle separately. This action is something I have no interest in doing.

It just means more research and could end up costing more than some whole products on our list. But I do realize this issue is more of a preference thing. You could easily find a solid deal for both this wash brush head and a handle with the right amount of motivation.

13. Chemical Guys HOL131 Premium Chenille Microfiber RV Wash Mop

Our last product is the Chemical Guys HOL131 Premium Chenille Microfiber RV Wash Mop, which offers rapid results thanks to its top tier features. For instance, I love this model’s telescoping handle made from high quality and lightweight aluminum.

This handle will quickly adjust to reach any part of your RV as it can extend 60 inches or 5 feet in length. It’s a feature that’ll lend itself when you’re cleaning a variety of surfaces, which this model can do with its soft chenille wash mop head.

In fact, this mop head has proven to be useful on cars, trucks, campers, decks, truck beds, and other surfaces. You should also love that this mop head will soak up plenty of suds and soapy water to ensure your RV gets the best cleaning.

Plus, it will not do any damage to your RV’s exterior or any other surface as multiple customers praised its scratch-free use. This mop head happens to be machine washable as well, which means it should last a long time and provide a high number of cleanings.

I found the 4oz bottle of Mr. Pink High Gloss Car Wash Shampoo’s inclusion to be another feature worth mentioning. This shampoo was an item that several customers praised in the reviews as it helped their cars, RVs, and other surfaces shine like never before.

But this product does have two issues, which I found concerning when doing my research. The first one was that this model tends to have sturdiness problems. Some customers reported the handle breaking after a few months of frequent use.

This aspect isn’t ideal, but these complaints were few and far between all the other positive reviews. The second issue is the one I have more of a problem with, which is the price tag. It’s a bit too high for my liking, and I’d have a hard time justifying paying this much money.

14. CARCAREZ Flow Thru Dip RV Wash Brush

Our first product is the CARCAREZ Flow Thru Dip RV Wash Brush, which has a set of features that should excite any RV owner. For instance, this model features a 10-inch all sided brush head that contains incredibly soft bristles.

This aspect matters because these bristles are the perfect balance between being abrasive and soft. In other words, this wash brush will easily remove all the substances on RV’s exterior such as dirt and bugs without scratching the paint.

I also love the handle that comes with this wash brush. This telescoping handle has an adjustment range between 42 and 68 inches, which should work perfectly with my RV. Its rather wide adjustment range will allow me to reach both higher and lower areas with ease.

This model doesn’t put too much stress on your hands during the cleaning process either. You see, it features a lightweight design, which means carrying around this wash brush should require little effort.

Its two foam grips should help in this regard as well. This aspect will ensure you have a comfortable place to hold the handle when you’re cleaning your RV’s exterior. I also found its standard garden house connection to be another appealing trait.

This feature will allow you to flow water through the wash brush’s head, which removes some of the hassle provided by cleaning an RV. It also contains a built-in on/off switch that lets you control the water flow coming from your garden house.

You should love its versatility as well as it can be used on several different surfaces: boats, regular cars, SUVs, trucks, etc. It’s always nice to buy an item that could serve many purposes, and this wash brush fits this description perfectly.

But I did have a bit of an issue with its price tag. Of course, a wash brush isn’t going to be wildly expensive, but this model does go past what I’d find acceptable. It’s just not what I’m looking to spend on something like an RV brush.

RV Wash Brush Buyer’s Guide


Everything from this section will be a vital piece of info that’ll help narrow down what RV wash brush would be the perfect option. This knowledge will ensure you make a sound and fair final decision.

Things to know before buying an RV wash brush

Finding the best RV wash brush will come down to a few factors. This section will discuss these factors at length to ensure you have a better handle of what’s the best option for your situation.

It’ll make this entire process much easier when you know the essential decisions at hand when picking an RV wash brush.

Bristle Design

If you plan on getting a brush with bristles, they must be made from soft materials. This aspect will ensure scratches won’t become an issue for your RV’s coat. These soft bristles will also clean at an adequate pace when compared to other options.

You’ll be able to evaluate this aspect by reading the customer reviews. These discussions will offer insight into these tools that the product description can’t provide. And if the product did cause scratches on their RVs, you can bet their angry complaints will be in these reviews.

We should also mention that wash brushes with rubber cornered heads have proven to offer RV’s better protection. These cornered heads will protect any delicate surface you might find yourself cleaning.

As a result, do your best and find a wash brush that offers this vital feature.


You’ll also want an RV wash brush with a good grip. This feature will ensure handling the tool is much easier and more comfortable during the cleaning process. I’d suggest looking for products that feature a grip made from rubber, foam, or similar materials.

These materials work well as coating and should give you a better user experience. You might also consider products that use textured metals for the grip’s material. This option would offer a steady and comfortable to grab onto when cleaning your RV.

If you’re worried about this aspect at all, it happens to be another area where the customer reviews could help a great deal. These discussions should provide a better handle on whether the brush offered a solid grip or a lousy one.

Handle Length

Having a handle with the appropriate length is an essential piece of this process. In most cases, a handle of about five feet should get the job done. But this attribute usually gets advertised in inches rather than feet, which means about 60 inches.

Of course, you can get a model with a longer handle than 60 inches; however, this model will cost a few more dollars. I’d also suggest getting a handle that offers a bit of flexibility, which means either a flow-through or an extension model.

You should be wary about getting a handle that’s too big as well. After all, you’ll need to store this product, and it’s not something you want taking up all your storage space. If you account for things, there’s no reason to think you won’t find a wash brush with the perfect handle length.


The prices of RV wash brushes will vary from product to product. As a result, it’d be a good idea to set up a budget based on what you want and need from one of these tools. This action will ensure you don’t end up spending more than you wanted on a wash brush.

For instance, if you want a model with a handle longer than 60 inches, it’s going to cost a bit extra money. Your budget should account for this higher price to make sure the ranges end up being realistic.

We should note that having a realistic budget will make this entire process easier as well. It’ll lessen the number of options by a considerable amount to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed. So please, do yourself a favor and take time to make some budgetary limits. You won’t regret it.


The wash brush’s body should have a sturdy and strong construction to promote a level of durability. This aspect is essential because you want the product to last a long time rather than needing a replacement anytime soon.

A good way to avoid buying a replacement is getting a wash brush with a body made from metal materials such as steel or aluminum. These two materials will make sure you aren’t on Amazon in a few months looking for a whole new RV wash brush.

It’s also essential to remember that trying to clean your RV when the pole’s broken makes the brush utterly useless. This situation shows why getting a wash brush with a sturdy body should be a high priority during this process.


You’re going to want a wash brush that doesn’t weigh a whole lot. This attribute will make carrying it around when you’re cleaning a much simpler task. It’ll also reduce the stress put onto your hand during this process.

Due to this, you should be looking for a model with a lightweight design. It’ll make everything about this process much easier and ensures storing it is a non-issue. If you’re concerned about this aspect, check out the product description.

It should provide info about how much it weighs. Checking out the customer reviews will give you a better idea about this issue as well. From these two resources, you should have everything needed to make an informed decision about whether using the product will be comfortable.

Easy to Use

RV owners are going to want a wash brush with an easy using process as well. It might seem like there shouldn’t be anything too tricky about using one of these products; but you’d be surprised how some of these companies go out of their way to make something like this difficult.

With this in mind, it becomes essential to ensure your chosen wash brush does the job without making things complicated. As with the other factors, the product descriptions and customer reviews should give you an idea about this potential issue.


I’d suggest getting a wash brush that can work on other surfaces besides your RV’s exterior. This aspect will help ensure that you feel satisfied with your final decision. In other words, get a model with the ability to clean your regular car as well.

It’s a great way to kill two potential issues with one useful product. And if you’re worried about trying to figure out what surfaces it can work on, it won’t be too tricky. RV wash brush brands usually do a good job advertising this aspect right in the ad page’s title.

Why you need an RV wash brush?

As you might expect, having a top tier RV wash brush can bring many benefits to your RV lifestyle. This section will highlight some of them to give you a better idea of whether spending money on one would be the right move.

Reaches Areas Other Cleaning Tools Can’t

Most of these products come with an extension handle, which means you’ll have no problems reaching every part of your RV’s exterior. This feature will ensure no area on your RV remains filled with issues such as grim, dirt, or debris.

It’s also more effective in these areas with its ability to quickly hit both small and large zones with peak efficiency. These wash brushes make sure no stone is unturned when it comes to cleaning your RV’s exterior.

Overall, it’s just a better option than your standard sponge and bucket concerning factors such as this one.

Made from Quality Materials

The best wash brushes for RV will consist of top tier materials, which will clean your RV without causing its exterior any damage. These materials will also make sure the products hold up and don’t require a replacement a few months down the line.

And since you’re going to be cleaning a much larger area than a standard car, RV wash brush companies made sure these products were able to withstand the wear and tear. It also helps that these materials are lightweight, which makes using the brushes much easier.

After all, you’re going to holding the brush for a rather long time. This aspect means you’re going to want a product that doesn’t put too much stress on your hands. And these wash brushes certainly fit this description.

Removable Brush Head

RV wash brushes come with a removable head feature, which provides a bit more versatility than expected. You see, this aspect means you can remove the head from its handle and clean hard to reach places with ease.

This feature also comes in handy when you want to use the brush and clean something inside your RV. I can’t even imagine trying to maneuver around within your RV with the head still attached onto the handle.

It would end up being an incredible hassle and something that would only bring forth levels of frustration. We should also note that this removable head makes it much easier to replace with a new one when it becomes unusable.

All you have to do is buying the appropriate head and connect onto the handle. Once it’s connected, you can start the cleaning process and get your RV’s coat back to looking shiny as ever.

Quick Results

These tools offer quicker results than any other options. This aspect will ensure that cleaning your RV doesn’t have to be a time consuming event. You could instead use the left over time to do something fun, such as going on a hike.

It also helps that these quicker results don’t affect their efficiency. These models will still clean your entire RV in a timely manner without leaving a single scratch. This combination isn’t something that other cleaning tools can offer.

Compatible with Water Pumps

Some RV wash brushes are compatible with water pumps, which means these models can spray water all over your RV. This aspect will remove dirt, debris, and other substances from your RV faster than ever.

The pump’s strong water pressure will also make getting rid of these substances from hard to reach places much easier. It’ll blow these issues away like they were never there to begin with and won’t leave even the smallest scratch behind.

We should mention that wash brushes with this ability due tend to cost more. As a result, you must decide whether this feature is a needed part of your chosen product. In my case, I’m always going to look for one of these wash brushes as it’s a great timesaver.

Multiple Uses

These devices don’t have to clean only your RV’s exterior either. You can use them to wash your regular car, farming equipment, vinyl, and much more. Due to this, getting the best bang for your buck shouldn’t be all that tricky.

But you must read the product description and manual before using these cleaning tools on other surfaces. You never know what two materials might not mesh correctly and cause something terrible like a scratch.

In the end, it’s best to be safe than sorry, and reading the product description should ensure everything remains undamaged.

What are the different types of wash brushes for RV?

As you might expect, there are a couple of different types of RV wash brushes: bristle wash brushes, mop-like fiber wash brushes, and drill attachment wash brushes. This section will discuss each kind to ensure you know the one that fits your situation the best.

Bristle Wash Brushes

Most of these cleaning tools will have bristles, which will look a lot like a regular broom. It’s a proven and effective way to clean a variety of different surfaces. These bristles will be put together in a head that can be made from several materials.

We should also note that the head’s size and shape will vary from product to product. You will come across bristle wash brushes that are shaped in a pattern like a V as well. This aspect allows them to clean surfaces with multiple angles rather easily.

As for the tool’s handle, it will either be fixed, extendable, or flow-through. This aspect really comes down to your matter of preference. I tend to prioritize the flow-through models over the others as they offer more flexibility.

It’s also essential to know that these bristle wash brushes are either sold with a handle or alone. This aspect makes it much easier to replace the head when it becomes unusable after a large amount of wear and tear.

Mop-like Fiber Wash Brushes

Another popular option for RV owners is mop-like fiber wash brushes. In fact, if bristle wash brushes aren’t your thing, these items tend to the next logical choice. You see, these brushes come with a flat, long mop head, which holds the fibers together.

This type of brush tends to be popular among people who are extra worried about scratching their RV’s paint. It’s a good way to avoid any surface damage as the mop head will carefully clean all the substances present on your RV’s coat.

We should also mention these types can work just as effectively as a bristle brush. And like a bristle wash brush, these tools also come with a handle that’s fixed, extendable or flow-through. The only issue is these models tend to be a bit more costly and time-consuming. Both these issues could end up being a hassle for some users.

Drill Attachment Wash Brushes

Our last type is also the most advanced as they feature innovative designs that help them be incredibly effective at dealing with problem areas. For instance, drill attachment wash brushes are best used for targeting surfaces issues around places like your RV’s headlights, license place, and grills.

In other words, these brushes are fantastic for small detail use. But wouldn’t be the best option when cleaning your entire RV’s exterior. If you did try, this action would take an extraordinary amount of time and cause a great deal of frustration.

As for their design, these brushes come in various sizes and shapes. You’ll come across some that are flat, round, or even cone-shaped. Either way, these brushes make the action of detailing your RV much easier than without one.

You might even think about buying one of these brushes to pair with either a bristle or mop-like fiber wash brush. Those two brushes working together would ensure your RV’s a source of every other rig owner’s jealousy.

Do RV wash brushes scratch the paint?

The top tier RV wash brushes won’t scratch your paint, but finding these models can be a little challenging for customers. On the market, there tends to be a lot of cheaper models that advertise themselves as bargains and end up doing more harm than good.

This issue is most likely why you stumbled upon our article and hoped it pointed you toward an option that’ll meet your expectations. If you want an example of a brush that won’t scratch your RV’s paint, look no further than our product review section.

Each one of these models has been proven to be a useful tool at cleaning your RV’s exterior without causing any damage. If you plan on buying a model outside the 12 we’ve reviewed above, the customer reviews should give you a good idea about this aspect.

After all, there’s very little that’ll make an RV owner angrier than a scratch on their beautiful RV’s coat. It’s a sore spot for all of us, which means these reviews should have a record about any scratching issues.

RV Wash Brush FAQs

What is the best wash brush for RV?

An RV wash brush is a device designed to remove debris, dust, and sand from your RV’s exterior. In other words, this product will be a tool that’ll help ensure your RV’s always in pristine shape and the focus of other rig owners’ jealousy.

These tools will ensure that your RV’s coat doesn’t scratch or chip as well. It’s a great way to make sure you never have issues regarding the look of your RV’s exterior. Plus, these tools will save you time and money by removing the potential issues in the most effective way possible.

It’s also worth mentioning these tools will have much longer handles than a standard car brush. This feature exists to account for the size of your RV. In fact, these products should be long enough to reach the top of your RV without a problem.

If you get a wash brush that fits this description, there shouldn’t be any issues keeping your RV’s coat in top tier shape. This longer handle will also make sure you don’t have to pay for a step tool and remove the hassle those items bring.

Most RV wash brushes can work in other situations as well. These brushes tend to be versatile and can clean other properties such as the car, vinyl, or even your home’s exterior.

As a result, it’s quite clear these products will bring a lot of useful qualities to the life of an RV owner. It’s just a simple matter of finding the perfect option for your situation, which this article will help you do.

Can I use Dawn to wash my RV?

Campers should avoid using Dawn products to wash their RV at all costs. Instead, stick with cleaning products built for washing these rigs. It’s the only way to ensure surface damage doesn’t occur to the sensitive surfaces on motorhomes.

You can pair the cleanser with a high-quality camper washing brush to get the desired results. Any of the products mentioned within this article would get the job done. It’s just a simple matter of choosing the one that best suits your preferences and the rig’s surfaces.

What cleaning products should I use with an RV wash brush?

Choosing the right RV wash brush is only one step of an effective cleaning process. You’ll need several RV wash tools to get the job done correctly. I’d start by selecting a motorhome-specific shampoo, wax/wash, or soap.

An excellent example of one would be Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax. It’ll have no problem keeping all our rig’s surfaces in pristine condition. Moreover, it’ll work on various other vehicles besides an RV for additional versatility.

You’ll also need a high-quality polish to give your rig extra shine. My preferred choice would be RVTECH Seal N Glo Premium RV Wax. It has made my motorhome look new compared to what it looked like only a few weeks ago.

Other notable essentials include a reliable drying cloth, a buffer machine (if hand washing and polishing isn’t your thing), and a wash bucket. These tools are crucial to ensuring a successful cleaning experience.

Will an RV wash brush scratch the RV paint?

RV wash brushes are meant for use on RV surfaces. So it would make sense to think these products won’t scratch your rig’s paint. But low-quality options can be problematic and cause unwanted surface damage, especially on more sensitive fiberglass rigs.

As a result, I’d recommend doing significant research into each wash brush. This research should include looking at the customer reviews to see how the product performs.

RVers tend to get very angry when one of these brushes does cause surface damage. So if there’s an issue with a product, these reviews will let you know without hesitation. In addition, it’s often quite funny to read.

You could also stick with one of the 14 wash brushes mentioned in our article. Each one has a stellar reputation for avoiding scratching issues.

What are the most trusted RV wash brush brands?

The most trusted RV wash brush brands are companies that offer top tier products and great customer service. Each of the ones mentioned in our product review section fits this description to a tee. It’s why we feel confident endorsing their products to you.

But two brands tend to separate themselves even among this fine group of companies: Carrand and Camco. Both these companies continue to see their products at the top of this market year after year.

This constant outpacing of their rivals made me think it’d be useful to examine what makes both these brands different. And this knowledge should give you an insight into what a top RV wash brush brand offers their customers.


Over the last 37 years, Carrand has become a force in the cleaning tool industry. This status comes from the focus that they put on creating relationships with their customers and having the most innovative designs possible.

As you might imagine, it’s quite tough to beat a company with this type of mindset. It’s why Carrnad has continued to see success in this market. And it’s the main reason I never feel worried about suggesting one of their products.


This brand has never entered a market that they haven’t completely conquered. And their entrance into the RV wash brush market is no different. Camco has brought what makes them unique into making these essential cleaning products.

These unique aspects include unrivaled customer service that other companies envy. Camco also brings a willingness to do whatever it needs to meet its customers wants. It’s this blend which makes this brand such a force in every market they enter.

But again, any of the brands in our product review section should do right by you. It’s just a simple matter of picking the one that meshes with your preferences the best. In my case, these two companies seem to meet my needs more than the others.

Can I use RV wash brush on cars?

This aspect will depend on your chosen RV wash brush. In most cases, these products should have no issues working on your cars and in other situations. But it’s best to read the product description before using these brushes for purposes other than washing your RV.

It’ll ensure no unexpected damage occurs to your car’s exterior. This question is another one that the customer reviews would help answer. Reading these discussions should give you a better handle on how the brushes work in other situations besides cleaning your RV.

I’d suggest ensuring your RV wash brush has multiple purposes to give you the best bang for your buck. It’s just the best way to go about this process and makes sure it doesn’t end with you being unhappy with your choice.

Can RV wash brush head be replaced?

If your wash brush head becomes unusable, these companies do sell them separately from the entire product. It’s just a simple matter of attaching the new one to the extension handle and starting the cleaning process.

But please, do make sure you’re buying the right wash brush head before making a final decision. We don’t want you wasting money on something that isn’t going to be useful during your RV trips.

This outcome will end up leading to stress and frustration, which should never be apart of your RVing experience. After all, these trips are supposed to be fun and relaxing. A good way to avoid this issue would be through reading the wash brush head’s product description.

What is the warranty?

The warranties on these brushes will vary from product to product. You’ll mostly come across brands that offer one-year limited warranties, which will provide some protection against an accident occurring. There will also be products with no warranty at all.

It really comes down to the company’s policy when we’re discussing warranties. But I’d suggest sticking to options that do offer them as having a bit of protection has never hurt anyone. It’s a helpful little safety net against receiving a lousy product.

These warranties are also a great way to separate the lousy brands from the good ones. In most cases, the best brands will offer some protection for the customer against certain issues. It’s an easy way to tell whether a company cares about their customers.

But you mustn’t take these policies at face value. Companies will sometimes advertise a warranty as a selling point, and never intend on honoring them. As a result, you must use the customer reviews to evaluate whether the brand’s holding up their end.

Where to buy?

The best place to an RV wash brush is Amazon as it has the largest selection and best prices of anywhere that sells these tools. This status shouldn’t be too shocking as Amazon kind of runs the world at the moment.

It also doesn’t hurt that their customer review database is the most extensive on the internet. As we’ve talked about before, these discussions are vital pieces to figuring out what RV wash brush suits your situation.

But Amazon being the best doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look elsewhere to compare. For instance, Camping World has a solid selection of RV wash brushes and competitive prices to offer customers.

Their prices even sometimes fall below Amazon’s when a sale is happening. Due to this, comparing rates between these two sellers becomes an essential part of this process. I mean, you don’t want to pay more than needed on any item you’re buying.

If you aren’t comfortable online shopping, there are other options worth exploring. I’d suggest going to either your local Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, or RV supply store. Each one of these options should have a solid selection.

The only issue with going this route is the prices will be much higher than what you’d find online. But they do offer face to face customer service that online sites and stores can’t match, And when the employee knows what they’re talking about, this aspect can make a massive difference.

Given all these options, I think it’s fair to say that there’s the perfect place for everybody. It’s just a simple matter of choosing the seller that best suits your shopping preferences. In my case, I’m always going to select Amazon because I highly value their lower prices as a bargain buyer.


Since you’ve reached the end of this article, it’s time to test your new knowledge. You must now start your own search for the best RV wash brush and find the perfect model to fit your situation. The info you’ve learned should make this task a whole lot easier.

Once you find complete this task, cleaning your RV’s exterior won’t represent the awful chore it does right now. You’ll instead complete this terrible maintenance job promptly and have much more free time to do fun things.

All you have to do is apply the knowledge you’ve learned and find this elusive product. It should become rather evident when you start being realistic about what you’re looking for in an RV cleaning brush.

So please, use the info from this article and find your perfect wash brush. If you do come across any problems, feel free to leave them in the comment section. We’ll address them as soon as possible.

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