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The Best RV Toilet Papers That Safe for Septic & Sewer Systems

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv toilet paper

Choosing the best RV toilet paper for your circumstances can be a little overwhelming. Honestly, there are just so many options to choose from and wading through them all can be downright exhausting.

And the problem is you need an RV toilet paper because the regular stuff can cause issues for your RV’s plumbing; therefore, it becomes essential that you do wade through all those options and pick the best one for you.

I know, it sounds awful, but it’s necessary. Now, you’re probably thinking, why something as simple as toilet paper wouldn’t be so complicated? But there are many factors to consider before making the right decision about this vital piece of RVing equipment.

As a result, we thought a buying guide going over all these factors could be incredibly helpful and help this process give you as little stress as possible; hence, why this article was created. We’ll even provide you with reviews of what we consider the top 16 RV toilet papers on the market.

All to ensure this buying experience doesn’t take too much away from your relaxing RVing experience. So please, keep reading and let me help you find the RV toilet paper that’ll make sure nothing terrible happens to your RV’s plumbing system.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Softness
Preview Grentay RVTP

Better Boat RV Toilet Paper

Scott Toilet Paper

Dimensions 14.57 x 11.81 x 4.92 inches 16 x 12 x 4 inches 4.63 x 9.25 x 8.4 inches
Number of Rolls 12 12 4
Sheet Count 500 500 924
Ply Rating 4-Ply 2-Ply 2-Ply, 1-Ply
Biodegradable Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details

16 Best Toilet Paper for RV Reviews

Like I promised above, this section will review the 16 RV toilet papers that we deem to be the best on the market. From these reviews, we hope you start to figure out what qualities you’re looking for in the product you end up buying.

1. Grentay RVTP RV Toilet Paper

The Grentay RVTP stands out from its competitors by being a comfortable, biodegradable toilet paper. Buyers won’t often see those two descriptors describing a camper bathroom tissue, as most eco-friendly options are rough.

However, this product manages to beat the stereotype. It’s one of the softest RV toilet paper products available for campers. I couldn’t believe its gentleness compared to other biodegradable options I’ve used previously.

I was also pleased by the versatility of this RV friendly toilet paper. It has proven to be an acceptable choice in various settings, including campers and boats. Therefore, I should have no trouble finding multiple uses for this product in my life.

The versatility only increases when considering its ability to fit most bath tissue dispensers. It’s another reason why this product has become a favorite among many communities. Honestly, it’s challenging to find a buyer who’s displeased with its overall performance.

Buyers don’t have to worry about additives with this option. Grentay was smart enough to avoid using perfumes, bleach, or dyes when crafting it. So anyone with severe allergies isn’t concerned about this toilet paper causing issues.

This toilet paper offers rather impressive durability, as well. Its 4-ply construction won’t tear easily during use and still provides a reasonable dissolve rate for RV plumbing systems. It’s an ideal balance for what any rig owner wants in RV toilet paper to use in their campers.

But I feel like this toilet paper for motorhomes is a bit expensive. After all, it’s among the most costly on our entire list. I could see how it might be a hard sell to someone looking for the best great value RV toilet paper available.

2. Better Boat Boat and RV Toilet Paper

Our next option, Better Boat Boat and RV Toilet Paper has earned a stellar reputation among rig owners for its superior dissolve rate. Its rapid-dissolving design ensures even the most sensitive camper plumbing systems won’t have an issue.

This excellent performance extends to several other applications, as well. I found people who praised its work in boats, porta-potties, trailers, and more. So it’s a versatile choice for whatever RVers lucky enough to purchase it.

I was also pleased with its absorption rate compared to other toilet papers. Honestly, I even had success using it as a makeshift paper towel when I didn’t have anything else. It did a solid job cleaning up the wine that I spilled on my floor.

RVers don’t have to worry about this product’s use hurting our environment. It’s another biodegradable option that doesn’t use problematic dyes or fragrances. It would be an ideal choice for anyone who considers themselves environmentally conscious.

Furthermore, I was happy with this product being available in a 12-pack. It allows any bulk buyer to acquire a vast amount of tissue without any stress or frustration easily. Therefore, this option becomes a convenient and practical choice for anyone who wants to stock up for long trips.

I didn’t even mention its impressive 2-ply construction. This aspect provides a tough, rugged strength to ensure the toilet paper doesn’t tear too easily. It’s another area where this biodegradable product manages to ensure top-notch performance.

But I do think this camping toilet paper could stand to be a little softer. I’d still call it comfortable to use, but it was a bit rougher than other choices on our list. I wouldn’t consider this issue a massive one because its other attributes make it worthwhile

3. Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

Our first product, the Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper, is a fantastic product any RV owner should consider. It has many amazing qualities, which will ensure your RV’s plumbing system doesn’t face any issues from its use.

For instance, it has proven to be break up four times faster than the regular toilet paper you used in your home. As a result, you can bet that this product won’t cause a clog within your RV’s black tank, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.

It also has the added benefit of being incredibly versatile as it can be used in vehicles, boats, campers, marine, and other toilet paper needing purposes. In other words, this product can be useful in any situation where you might need a ply of toilet paper.

And when you do use it, this toilet paper is extremely absorbent, which means for whatever job you need it for it’ll get the job done. It has also been designed with a focus on comfortability as it’s considered very soft and gentle among the customers who’ve written reviews.

You can also have peace of mind knowing that this RV toilet paper has been clinically tested by agencies and clinics to ensure its safety. As a customer, this knowledge would make me feel a lot more comfortable about possibly buying this Scott RV toilet paper product.

The fact you’ve got the option of picking between buying options and choosing the one that fits your preference isn’t too shabby either; both not being that expensive is another plus.

In the end, this product has every feature you could want toilet paper to have; therefore, buying it would be a very wise choice.

4. Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

The Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue comes from a manufacturer that will appear several times on this list, Thetford. And it’s a product that’ll more than meet the needs of any RV owner. It’s a reliable, high-quality toilet paper, which is available at a reasonable cost.

It also has the unique capability of being usable in many different applications: RVs, boats, trailers, campers, and other toilet paper needing situations. As a result, you can easily see how buying a bulk amount of this product could come in handy.

And since it’s designed to work with RVs, you can feel confident that it’s dissolving rate is almost second to none on the market; therefore, you’ll never have to worry about this toilet paper building up in your black tank and causing a clog.

Plus, this comes in a four pack, which should give you enough of a bulk variety to get you started. It’s also helpful that each roll comes with 396 sheets that’ll be perfect for any RV living situation you might have. In other words, these four rolls should last a fairly long time.

This particular product has a high absorption rate as well, which gives it a level of convenience that inferior toilet papers lack. I mean, it’s so absorbent that it could easily be substituted for a paper towel when you find yourself in a bind.

All in all, this RV toilet paper is a fantastic product worthy of any prospective buyer’s consideration. If you end up buying this toilet paper, I promise you won’t end up regretting it.

5. Camco RV Toilet Tissue

Another RV toilet paper that comes from a brand that you might be familiar with is the Camco RV Toilet Tissue. This item has received numerous praise from the customers who have been lucky enough to buy it.

This praise comes from its unique ability to be incredibly soft while still having a dissolving rate that rivals even its top competitors. As a result, you can expect peak performance from this particular item, and you’ll never have to worry about experiencing any discomfort from using it.

It also helps that this toilet is both biodegradable and clog-resistant; therefore, it’ll help the environment and keep your RV’s plumbing system in pristine condition at the same time. Honestly, there’s very little more you could ask for from an RV toilet paper.

But this doesn’t stop Camco from adding on features. It’s regarded as septic tank safe as well, which means it’s approved for use in many different scenarios such as a boat or RV. And it’s only a 1-ply toilet paper that’ll offer five hundred sheets per roll.

With this in mind, you can imagine one roll of this toilet paper goes a long way; plus, its price falls well within what I’d call reasonable without the inclusion of perfumes or dyes. After all, these kinds of ingredients could cause skin issues and conditions.

But thankfully, it wouldn’t be a problem as it has been certified safe to use by multiple organizations. Given all these features, it’s hard to see a reason why someone would pass on buying this RV toilet paper: I know I wouldn’t.

6. Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue

The Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue has a dissolving rate that most of its competitors can’t match. And with this rapid dissolve rate, your RV’s black tank will stay clog free for years to come.

This toilet paper is also able to offer this dissolve rate without compromising its durability; therefore, you can expect that it won’t rip or tear easily. A toilet paper that tears or rips too quickly can be quite a source of annoyance as you well know.

But the best part about this toilet paper other than its heightened sense of durability and unmatched dissolve rate is its gentle composition. In other words, it’ll won’t cause any irritation or discomfort when you need to use it.

And given its affordable price, there isn’t much you can complain about with this product. In fact, all you can do is praise how well designed it’s by the manufacturer. I mean, it’s even explicitly created for the RV’s with attached septic tanks.

As a result, you bet this toilet paper will be able to handle whatever you need it for; marine, campers, trailers, RVs, or household use. You can even buy in relative bulk with it coming in 4-packs, which will ensure you don’t have to spend more money soon after purchasing this product.

Overall, this toilet paper will for sure get the job done without causing any hassles or issues. And since your RVing trip is supposed to be a rather relaxing experience, getting some toilet paper like this one might be in your best interest.

7. Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

Our next RV toilet paper is the Seventh Generation Toilet paper, which is a unique product on this list. See, it’s made from 100% recycled paper, which means no trees were hurt in the creation of this item; always a positive benefit in my eyes.

This recycled paper construction also doesn’t hurt its overall performance as it’s both durable and gentle to the skin. It will neither tear easily or cause any discomfort while you’re using it, which is all you can want from a toilet paper product.

And since it’s a recycled paper-based product, it doesn’t contain any of these skin condition causing chemicals such as dyes or perfumes; therefore, won’t cause any buildups or other issues inside your RV’s black or septic tanks.

It’s also worth mentioning that this toilet paper offers you a variety of buying options. As a customer, it’s always nice to have a choice regarding the amount of product you want. And with this particular item, I don’t see how you won’t find an option that fits your preference.

I mean, you can even buy in serious bulk, which might be an excellent investment in the long run. It also essential to note that this toilet issue has been certified septic tank safe, which is must for any RV toilet paper you’re considering.

Even with its recycled paper construction, this product more than holds up in quality when it’s compared to its competitors. In fact, it sometimes outpaces them.

8. Valterra Q23630 Softness 2-Ply Toilet Tissue

Coming in a four pack, the Valterra q23630 Softness 2-Ply Toilet Tissue is one of the most comfortable products on this list. In fact, it’s overall softness was constantly praised throughout the customer reviews to the point that people were calling it unmatched.

This level of softness will ensure you don’t feel any discomfort while using this toilet paper and given the various almost sandpapery toilet papers out there; this product’s top-tier softness is a welcomed addition and makes it a must-consider for RV owners.

Other than its top-tier level of softness, this particular item has also been certified as both septic tank and RV safe; therefore, it won’t cause any clogging issues like so many other models tend to do in this marketplace.

In doing so, it has an efficient dissolve rate which won’t leave any toilet paper residue in your RV’s plumbing system. This feature has been proven through numerous test done by the manufacturer and the customer reviews that praise this quality.

And it’s not just a strictly RV toilet paper; you can easily use for many other purposes such as on your boat or wiping up spills when you in are in a bind. Honestly, this product is one of the most versatile toilet papers on the market today.

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why this particular item ended up on our list. I mean, there isn’t a single aspect of it that doesn’t embody the word high-quality. Don’t make the mistake of not at least considering this top-notch toilet paper.

9. Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper

The Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper will make sure you save a whole lot of money by eliminating the need for you to buy those sewer or septic cleaners. It does this through its ability to dissolve quickly, which removes the chances of any issues arising.

Aside from saving you money, this particular item will also give you peace of mind thanks to the multitude of safety tests it has passed; it has no traces of any dyes, perfumes, or any other issue causing additives.

These test passing abilities also make it well suited for use on several different applications. Whether it be the boat or your RV, you can feel confident this toilet paper won’t cause any issues with the plumbing.

In fact, you can use this soft, gentle toilet paper almost anywhere the need for it comes up; it’s quite the multifaceted product. Plus, its gentle and soft nature won’t cause any skin issues either, which is always something that you must be aware of with these products.

It’s also seen as one of more reliable toilet papers on the market, which means you can trust it has all the things it claims on the package. You’d be surprised by how many RV toilet paper’s don’t have this assurance.

After all this praise about this toilet paper, there isn’t much more to be said; besides, if you end up buying it, I’m fairly confident you won’t end up regretting it. Firebelly Outfitters did a great job cultivating this product, and more RV owners should take advantage of it.

10. Presto! Mega Roll Toilet Paper

Our next product is the Presto! Mega Roll Toilet Paper, which is a fantastic product in its own right thanks to its ultra-soft construction. I mean, there was more praise spread about how soft this toilet paper was then I’ve seen on any RV toilet paper I researched.

It also helps that this product can leave less lint behind than your typical RV toilet paper, which is always a nice benefit. As a result, you can expect it to dissolve rather efficiently without leaving behind much of a residue.

With this in mind, you could see how this quality could benefit your septic system as there would be significantly less of a clogging risk than your regular toilet paper. It also has been branded septic-safe, which is always something you should be on the lookout for with RV toilet papers.

We should also mention that this toilet paper comes at an affordable price that won’t hurt your bank account even with a bulk purchase. In fact, the price is considered a bargain among most RV owners who were lucky enough to purchase it.

And if you have an issue with the product, this manufacturer gives you a refund option that’s mostly unseen in the RV toilet paper marketplace. I mean, I doubt you’ll end up using it, but it’s nice to have it just in case something isn’t satisfactory.

Considering all these features and customer praise, it’s quite apparent Presto! Did an incredible job creating a high-quality RV toilet paper.

11. Thetford RV/ Marine Toilet Tissue

Another Thetford product on our list, the Thetford RV/Marine Toilet Tissue, isn’t a product many RV owners end up regretting buying. It has everything you could want an RV toilet paper to have, and it comes at a low price.

For instance, this toilet paper was able to dissolve fast enough that it passed the toilet paper shake test: you put a ply into a jug of water and see how long it takes for the piece of toilet paper to dissolve.

If it takes 2 to 3 minutes, the product is considered septic tank safe, and that’s precisely what this product from Thetford was able to accomplish. With this in mind, you can safely use this in your RV and not have to worry about clogs forming.

Aside from being septic tank safe, this toilet paper’s also considered extremely durable and soft on the skin. Both of these qualities are a must in any top-notch RV toilet paper. A product without them will for sure get on your nerves, and you’ll be looking to buy a different one very soon.

The number of sheets per roll isn’t too shabby either as 350 sheets is a respectable number that’ll make one roll last a long time. And since it can be used in many different applications, you’ll never run out reasons for having this toilet paper around.

All in all, this toilet paper represents another top-tier choice for an RV owner to at least consider. If you’re looking for something reliable at a low-price, this product should move to the top of your list.

12. Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

One of the strongest products we have on this entire list is the Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper. As you might have gathered from the name, this toilet paper is made from bamboo, which ensures it’s incredibly durable and reliable.

Along with these two amazing qualities, this product also has some other features that are must mentions as well. For example, this high-level of strength doesn’t stop this toilet paper from being one of the more soft options on the market.

In fact, it’s known for having an almost perfect mixture of softness and strength, which offers the user peak performance. And since it has a bamboo construction, this toilet paper is considered eco-friendly; therefore, you can use this fantastic product while also knowing you’re helping the environment.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about there being any safety issues either as this toilet paper is free of all those harmful chemical additives. Given this information, you comfortably use this soft toilet paper without worrying about it cause a skin issue.

I didn’t even mention that it’s 100% biodegradable, which means it’s septic-safe as well. All of these features put together create a product that any RV owner would have a hard time passing up on buying.

In the end, Caboo Tree did an unbelievable job creating a unique and environmentally conscious product that could do wonders for your RVing experience. So do yourself a favor and at least consider buying this toilet paper.

13. Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper

If you’ve ever looked into buying toilet paper before, the manufacturer of this toilet paper should be familiar to you. After all, Charmin has been providing their customers with high-quality sanitary products for decades.

And the Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper isn’t any different. It’s an irresistibly soft product that will make sure it provides peak levels of comfort when used. It also ensures you don’t use a lot of it by being remarkably absorbent.

As a result, the shelf life of each roll is second to none among RV toilet paper. It also helps that each roll has 363 sheets, which is easily among the highest on this list. I mean, one roll of this toilet paper could last you a long, long time.

Plus, like every other product on this list, it has been tested and proven to be septic-tank safe; therefore, you can stop worrying about vacation ruining issues like a clogged toilet and start planning fun things to do on your trip instead.

It’s incredibly helpful that this toilet paper comes in bulking sizing with 24 rolls as well, which will most likely last you a whole summer trip. Charmin did a fantastic job cultivating a high-quality option that’ll appeal specifically to bargain buyers.

Overall, if you’re looking to buy in bulk, the Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper should be a product you seriously consider. It provides both high-quality performance and a bulk buying option at a reasonable price.

14. Angel Soft Toilet Paper

From its name, you should expect one thing out of the Angel Soft Toilet Paper; it to be incredibly soft. And guess what, this toilet paper fully realizes that expectation. In fact, it might be the softest product we have on our entire list.

But its softness isn’t its only high-quality feature. This toilet paper also is made in a way that doesn’t allow for its durability or strength to falter even with its high-level of softness; therefore, you won’t have to worry about it easily tearing like other toilet papers.

It also excels in the safety area as well as it doesn’t contain any harmful additives or chemicals, which could cause a rash or irritation. And since it’s made from pulp fiber, you can also add eco-friendly to the list of phrases that describe this product.

Despite being expertly made, this product is available at an affordable price as well. You can even buy in bulk with the 12 pack buying option, which considering each roll has 264 sheets could last you a very long time.

Plus, it has all the qualities that you would need in an RV toilet paper such as being able to dissolve fast enough that’ll resist clogging. There’s nothing about this product from Angel Soft that will fail to meet your expectations.

And honestly, isn’t that what we’re looking for in an RV toilet paper; something that’ll get the job done without causing any hassle or complication? As a result, if you’re looking for something simple and soft, you can’t do much better than this product from Angel Soft.

15. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

Another product that was created with the user’s comfort in mind is the Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper. Due to this, this toilet paper is one of the softest most comfortable products we have on our list.

But it’s softness isn’t the only aspect where it stands ahead of its competition; it also happens to be one of the fastest dissolving toilet papers on the market as a result of its 100% biodegradable construction.

Its fast dissolving rate makes it the perfect option for anyone looking to camp, boat, or any situation where toilet paper is needed. And it has the added safety measure of being free of any perfumes or dyes, which as we’ve discussed can cause skin issues.

The fact it’s also three times stronger and more absorbent than most of the leading brands of RV toilet paper out there is another thing to keep in mind about this product. Honestly, it does make other toilet papers look significantly more inferior.

But the number of sheets per roll is a little low compared to other products at a 100; however, the manufacturer makes up for it by providing more rolls per packaging then its competition at 36 and keeps the price as low as you’d receive with other brands.

After considering all these features, I’d imagine you’re probably asking yourself why this product isn’t already inside your Amazon cart? Well, don’t look at me because if I were you, I’d already be marking down the date when it’s supposed to arrive.

16. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

Our last product, the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper is a silky smooth option, which will provide you with the comfortable and clean feel you’d expect from a high-quality product. It also has the added benefit of being three times more absorbent and thicker than its competitors.

With this in mind, you can bet on this toilet paper being able to handle whatever you require from it. In fact, it even has been certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) for being septic tank safe; hence, why it’s such an excellent option for RV owners.

It comes in a bulk pack with 24 rolls with each one having 319 sheets as well. Given this bulk package, you can reasonably avoid spending money on toilet paper for the foreseeable future; it could even last your whole RVing trip.

And it’s no slouch in the strength or softness areas either as numerous customers rated it very highly in both these qualities. It was honestly a surprise when a customer review didn’t praise how soft or strong this toilet paper was compared to other brands.

You could even classify this product as a bargain as well given the amount of toilet paper you get and its reasonable price. In the end, the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper outclasses its competition in a lot of different ways.

Due to this, you should at least consider this particular toilet paper. After all, none of the other customers that bought ended up regretting their purchase.

A Little Better RV Toilet Paper (Outdated)

The A Little Better RV Toilet Paper is another biodegradable option that an RV owner needs to consider getting. It’s a durable and super reliable product that will more than meet your expectations or even top them.

And when meeting these expectations, it can be used in a variety of different scenarios such as RVs, homes, boats, campers, trailers, etc. In other words, any place where you’d need toilet paper this would be a product that would thrive.

It also has the added benefit of being eco-friendly thanks to its biodegradability; it’ll quickly dissolve and cause your RV’s plumbing system no issues whatsoever. It’s genuinely your ideal RV toilet paper as it provides peak performance without causing any hassles.

And further showcasing it’s environmentally conscious construction, this toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper. As a result, no new trees were cut down to create this product, but don’t worry this doesn’t affect the overall softness of this item either.

In fact, it’s widely considered a gentle and soft toilet paper that offers you extreme levels of comfort. You don’t have to worry about rashes or picking up skin conditions with this product. Plus, it comes at a rather reasonable price, which is always a massive positive.

With all these features and its affordable price, there isn’t much else an RV owner could want out of their toilet paper. Honestly, if you’re looking for a soft and environmentally conscious RV toilet paper, you aren’t going to do better than this product.

Dometic 379441206 2-Ply Toilet Tissue (Outdated)

Coming from one of my favorite manufacturers, the Dometic 279441206 2-Ply Toilet Tissue is an unbelievably absorbent and soft product that’s ready for any situation. I mean, it’s so soft that it won’t even cause people with severally sensitivity skin discomfort or irritation.

Aside from its remarkable absorption and softness, this product also has the added benefit of being made from entirely recycled fiber content; therefore, it’s 100% biodegradable and septic tank safe as well.

It has also been tested and proven to be useful in boats, RV portable toilets, and household toilets, which means this toilet paper is an extremely versatile product. Honestly, you’ll never stop finding ways to make this product be useful.

And since it’s made specifically for RV plumbing systems, you can bet it’ll make sure all the waste flows smoothly without causing clogs. As a result, it also removes the need for buying chemical cleaning products in the future to fix those clogs.

Despite the impressive performance qualities, these features aren’t even the best part about this Dometic toilet paper; it has three different buying options that let you pick your preferred way of being exposed to this fantastic product. It even has an excellent buying in bulk opportunity for you bargain buyers out there.

Given all these wonderful aspects, you can see why this Dometic toilet paper was so highly-regarded both by its customers and us. After all, it’s a top-notch product that provides high-quality performance at bargain rates.

RV Toilet Paper Buyer’s Guide


Like all products, there are some things that you must understand before buying RV toilet paper. And in this section, we’ll discuss those things at length to ensure you can make an informed decision about which product is the best choice for you.

Things to know before buying an RV toilet paper

Finding a high quality RV toilet paper shouldn’t be as complicated as it tends to be nowadays. After all, there are just so many options available to choose from on the market that it can be a challenge. But there are a few factors that can reduce your options by quite a bit.

And in this section, we’ll go over these factors to ensure this process becomes a much less overwhelming experience.


Probably the most important aspect on this list is the comfortability of the toilet paper you plan on using. After all, a rough and harsh toilet paper can provide a very uncomfortable bathroom experience.

With this being said, it’s essential you research whether or not an RV toilet paper you’re considering has excelled in this area. A way of doing this search is by looking through the customer reviews.

These reviews will alert you to any issue other people had with a particular product. Honestly, it’s best you never take a company at its word. You should instead take the customer reviews heavily into account and make your decision from there.

Trust me; if there’s an issue with comfort from toilet paper product, these reviews will talk about it. In the end, what you’re looking for is a soft and gentle toilet paper that doesn’t cause any issues in other areas such as clogging or having dangerous chemicals.

Buying in Bulk

Running out of toilet paper might be one of the worst experiences you can face on an RV. As a result, it becomes essential that you buy your RV toilet paper in bulk. It’ll save you a ton of money and make sure you never face a situation where you don’t have any available.

But of course, buying in bulk isn’t a realistic option for all RV owner. With this in mind, it’s best you understand your buying situation before you decided on an RV toilet paper to buy. It’ll limit your options by a significant amount and give a more realistic view of what could be the best choice for you.

In any event, the best course of action is buying in bulk because it’ll give you peace of mind and save you money in the long run. It also helps that most manufacturers will provide you with a deal when you decide buying in bulk is the right move.

All in all, it’s all about deciding what situation works the best for your circumstances. Once you do, the whole buying experience will become a lot less overwhelming. And in the end, all we’re trying to do is help make sure your relaxing vacation stays on the right path.


Making sure the RV toilet paper you get is biodegradable’s a critical factor in getting the best product. After all, we all want to ensure we don’t hurt the environment, which this quality will keep us from doing.

A way to make sure your RV toilet paper product has high biodegradability is through ensuring it has a high dissolving rate. If it does, it’ll make sure the toilet paper breaks down faster, which is essential in keeping your RV’s plumbing system in top-notch shape.

And with a toilet paper that’s biodegradable, you won’t have to worry about it building up in your black tank, which would cause a clog; therefore, make sure the toilet paper has a high level of biodegradability. It’ll make your RVing life a whole lot easier.

Harsh chemical free

Some RV toilet paper manufacturers will put harsh chemicals into their product because it costs less to create. However, these chemicals can cause all sorts of issues for tanks and septic systems because of their inability to decompose.

These chemicals tend to be things like dyes, chlorine, bleach, and perfumes. In other words, additives that’ll make the product more appealing to your senses. But these attractive qualities of looking or smelling nice aren’t worth the damage it can cause your RV.

Not to mention, these chemicals can also cause your body issues such as rashes or other skin conditions; therefore, avoid any RV toilet paper that has these qualities and go with a white toilet paper with a high level of softness. Trust me; it’s in your best interest.

What are the different types of RV toilet papers?

Unlike most RV related products, there isn’t a whole lot of types to choose from with RV toilet paper. I mean, let’s be honest; it isn’t the most complicated product, after all. But there are two types that every prospective buyer should know about: standard and biodegradable.

Both types have specific advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll go over below. And from this discussion, we hope you end up figuring out which type is the better pick for you; it’ll significantly lessen the number of options you have available after you do.

Standard RV Toilet Paper

The cheaper of the two options is standard RV toilet paper. This kind of product tends to break down slower than the other types, but this flaw doesn’t mean it’ll hurt your RV plumbing system. It just means there’s a risk it’ll end up leaking into your water, which can be problematic.

You should also know that this type of toilet paper sometimes has additives to mask bathroom smells: a pleasant smelling fragrance as an example. This inclusion has been known to cause some skin issues for users with sensitive skin.

All in all, standard RV toilet paper is an acceptable option to use inside your RV; however, the drawbacks mentioned above are things you must be aware of before using it. If you’re not, you might find yourself unhappy with your purchase. And that’s something we would all like to avoid.

Biodegradable RV Toilet Paper

Being the more expensive RV toilet paper type, biodegradable RV toilet paper is usually more well-favored among RV owners for its impressive capabilities. See, it not only will make sure your RV plumbing system won’t be harmed, but it also keeps the environment safe as well.

And I know the term environmentally-friendly has some negative connotations with it. For instance, people tend to believe biodegradable RV toilet paper will be less comfortable to use than the standard variety.

However, this belief is a widely spread misnomer as I’d argue certain types of biodegradable are more comfortable than your typical standard stuff. It also has the added benefit of being less dense, which makes a clog even less likely to happen.

More importantly, biodegradable RV toilet paper will also breakdown a whole lot quicker than your standard variety. As a result, you can feel comfortable knowing that nothing bad will happen from using this type of toilet paper.

But again, this toilet paper is more expensive, which can cause significant differences in price between the two types, especially when you’re buying in bulk. But given the impressive qualities it possesses, I don’t see how someone who choose standard over biodegradable.

Is RV toilet paper necessary?

RV toilet paper is a necessary and essential part of RVing. You need this type of product because they’re specifically designed to safely navigate all the workings of your RV’s plumbing system.

If you instead opt for household toilet paper, it’ll end up clogging your black tank, which is something nobody wants to happen. This clogging is the result of this toilet paper being unable to dissolve faster enough.

As a result, it’ll start building up and forming a clog. In comparison, the best RV toilet paper is manufactured in a way that’ll dissolve faster and keep everything running smooth. The only drawback of using this product is a little bit more expensive than the regular stuff.

But given the amount of money and hassle it could save you from not having to deal with a clogged toilet in the long run; I’d say it’s definitely worth the extra few dollars upfront. I mean, think about all the chemical cleaners and other things you’d have to buy for fixing a clog.

Or the cost of a plumber to fix the issue. It’s just in your best interest to pay the extra money now for the best one and avoid these scenarios altogether. It’ll give you peace of mind, and a clogged toilet will be the last thing on your mind.

Plus, these products are much safer for the environment, which means you can feel good knowing you aren’t doing any damage by using a specific toilet paper. And in most cases, it’s softer than your regular toilet paper as well.

In the end, buying RV toilet paper makes too much logical sense for an RV owner. So, do yourself a favor and find some that meet all the requirements you’re looking for in toilet paper. Once you do, I promise you won’t regret it.

RV Toilet Paper FAQs

What is the best toilet paper for RV?

RV toilet paper is toilet paper that’s designed specifically for your RV’s plumbing system. In being so, it’ll help prevent the clogging of the septic and sewer systems by dissolving faster than regular toilet paper.

As a result, you can expect RV toilet paper to be softer than what’d you expect from the product you use inside your home. It might seem ridiculous that you need separate toilet paper for your RV: but it does make a considerable difference.

It can even be safely used in boats as well; however, the unique thing about this type of toilet paper is how manufacturers made RV toilet paper both safe for RV plumbing systems and incredibly soft to the user’s skin.

With this toilet paper, you can have peace of mind that it won’t just build up at the bottom of your black tank. It’ll instead break down quickly and ensure the waste flows efficiently throughout your portable black tank.

I mean, anything that’ll help prevent a clogged toilet from happening is a plus and a worthwhile investment for an RV owner; therefore, it’s probably a good idea for you to buy some high-quality RV toilet paper in bulk.

And it’ll save you a ton of money by making sure you never have to buy those expensive chemical cleaners; after all, there won’t be any clog toilets for them to fix given your use of septic tank safe RV toilet paper.

How does it work?

RV toilet paper works in the same way regular stuff does; the difference comes from how they’re formulated. With RV toilet paper, there’s an extra focus put on its ability to dissolve faster than the regular stuff due to the lack of space in your RV plumbing system.

This faster breaking down ability makes sure the toilet paper doesn’t build up inside your black tank and cause all sorts of issues. Honestly, there’s little more horrifying than a clogged toilet inside an RV and build up of toilet paper is one of the leading causes of this nightmare.

Given this information, you can see why RV toilet paper would be a necessary buy for an RV owner. And that’s the gist of how this type of product works. There isn’t some unique way this product differs from what you use inside your home; it’s just formulated in a way that caters to RV systems.

It’s also essential we note that this particular type of toilet paper tends to cost more than the regular stuff, which is a slight nuisance. However, it’s anti-clogging ability make the extra couple of dollars worth it.

What kind of toilet paper is safe for RV?

Manufacturers don’t make it difficult to find toilet paper for RV. In fact, any tissue advertised as “safe for septic tanks” or “RV toilet paper” will be usable. But stay away from any choices that don’t have these labels in their product descriptions.

Otherwise, these options can seriously damage your rig’s plumbing system. I had to learn the hard way as my RV’s toilet became clogged after using my household toilet tissue. It was a nightmare that I hope nobody reading this article has to experience.

Does rapid-dissolving toilet paper work?

I couldn’t be a bigger fan of rapid-dissolving tissue products. These options are ideal choices to be toilet paper for campers or travel trailer toilet paper. But, of course, some products will be more capable than others.

For instance, I’ll always recommend Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper to campers. It’s a perfect snapshot of what makes up an ideal RV toilet tissue. Plus, it won’t have a single negative effect on your rig’s plumbing system.

What are the most trusted RV toilet paper brands?

As with any product, certain brands make RV toilet paper better than others. And the manufacturers mentioned in our product review section are examples. But even within those companies discussed earlier in this article, there are some that stand out more than others.

In my opinion, the following four are the ones that are head and shoulders above their competition: Thetford, Dometic, Camco, and Scott. And I thought offering you a little background information on each one could help you understand why.


Thetford has been the leading manufacturer of RV sanitary products for a long time. And they’ve been able to keep this position through being “committed to the production of high-quality products that exceed the needs of a demanding marketplace.”

Given their stellar reputation among RV owners, I think it’s fair to say this company has proven they’re able to honor this commitment.


As an RV owner, you’re probably already well associated with this manufacturer, Dometic. This company has been a force in the RV part industry for as long as anyone can remember. And they’ve done it by “staying true to its roots and relentlessly developing smart, often award-winning, solutions.”

Honestly, if you see a Dometic product, you should just think high-quality because all their products are near the top of their respective marketplaces.


Another extremely popular manufacturer in the RV part industry is Camco. Just like Dometic, this manufacturer has been near the top of the RV part industry for what feels like forever. It’s a result of them taking “pride in meeting the ever changing demands of a challenging marketplace while serving [their] most valuable asset, [their] customers.”

Given this information, it’s not a surprise that Camco has developed such a stellar reputation among RV owners.


Unlike the other three companies mentioned in this section, Scott has really nothing to do with RVs. But there a leading manufacturer of toilet paper and their fantastic handle on what makes a great toilet paper product has allowed them to make some of RV toilet papers on the market.

And it all comes from a“vision to lead the world in essentials for a better life.” As a customer, this vision is something I can get behind.

In the end, if you buy an RV toilet paper from one of these four brands, I doubt very much that you’ll end up regretting your decision. In fact, I’m fairly confident that you’ll end up thinking you made one of your best choices.

Can I use regular toilet paper in RV?

As previously explained, using regular toilet paper in your RV can have serious consequences such as causing a clog in your RV plumbing system. This issue will only lead you to spend more money on chemical products that’ll get rid of the clog, or you’ll end up paying a plumber.

Either option is a lot more expensive than spending a little extra upfront for some RV toilet paper. With this in mind, it’d be in your best interest to buy some septic safe and biodegradable RV toilet paper which will ensure you avoid both of these scenarios.

Does RV toilet paper dissolve?

The primary purpose of RV toilet paper is its ability to dissolve at a faster rate than the regular household stuff. And the products we’ve discussed in this article all have the capability of doing exactly that through the way they were designed.

If you’re unsure about a toilet paper’s ability to dissolve, you can always run through an RV toilet paper test. All you need to do is take a big jug of water and put a ply of the toilet inside it. After doing so, swirl it around and see whether or not it dissolves.

The dissolving should only take 2 or 3 minutes, and from there you should have your answer. If it takes longer than 2 or 3 minutes, you should buy a different batch of toilet paper to ensure a clog doesn’t form.

Where to buy RV toilet papers?

The best part about RV toilet paper is they’re available in many different online and offline marketplaces. But our recommended buying place would be where all our links send you, Amazon, which will have a multitude of options for you to browse through.

If you don’t want to use Amazon, you could also try looking at buying from online camping sites such as Campingworld.com. This site will have some options available, but it’s essential you understand that the best deals will most likely be on Amazon.

Now, I understand online shopping isn’t for everyone, and there will be some offline stores that offer RV toilet paper. Whether it be Wal-mart or an RV part store, there should be a selection to choose from for you. However, the prices at these offline stores will be higher than what’d you see online.

In the end, there are many ways to purchase RV toilet paper. All you have to do is decided which way is the right one for you and then find the product that fits your needs the best. But once again, I recommend sticking with Amazon.


With all your new knowledge, it’s now time to decide which product is the best RV toilet paper for you. I know, it might seem a little complicated given all the options you have to choose from; but the information in the article should help you reduce those options down to a reasonable number.

Once you do find the right RV toilet paper for your situation, you can go back to worrying about more important things like scheduling your next trip. And who knows the product you’re looking for could very well be one from our product review section.

After all, those 16 RV toilet papers are the best on the market. But if you find one, which isn’t on the list and suits you better, that’s okay too. In the end, it’s all about making sure the toilet paper you get satisfies your needs in every way possible.

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