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The Best RV Toilet Paper Holders for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Finding the best RV toilet paper holder for your bathroom can be a bit tricky. It might not seem like it, considering we aren’t talking about overly complicated items. But there are many decisions to be made before choosing one that can meet all your expectations.

best rv toilet paper holders

I intend to make these decisions much easier by walking you through them. In fact, this article will cover several topics related to these devices. These discussions should help clear up what holder best fits your RV bathroom’s aesthetic and measurements.

The process will start with 12 reviews of my favorite toilet paper holders. These reviews should help outline what high-quality models feature and offer suitable ones for rig owners. It’ll make sure you can separate a lousy option from an excellent one.


Best Overall Sturdiness Easy to Install
Preview KES A7070-2

YIGII Paper Holder

mDesign 01986MDBSTEU

Material SUS304 Stainless Steel SUS304 Stainless Steel Alloy Steel
Installation Self-Adhesive Self-Adhesive Hang
Finish Brushed Steel Painted Rust-Resistant
Details Details Details

 12 Best Toilet Paper Holder for RV Reviews

1. KES RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

KES’s RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder offers a rugged and pleasing appearance with its stainless steel construction. I could see how it would mesh well with almost every RV bathroom that I’ve come across.

The product’s self-adhesive strip is another easy-to-love feature. It made mounting this product much simpler than I initially expected. The adhesive’s quality is much better than what I’ve experienced with other stick-on toilet paper holders, as well.

I can’t imagine this RV waterproof toilet paper holder wouldn’t stay attached for a long time. My feelings are only further confirmed by numerous buying reviews. It seems almost everyone ends up happy with the product’s long-term stability.

The product’s overall durability is rather impressive, as well. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel to help protect it from accidental damage. It shouldn’t even have any issues dealing with being installed by a clumsy person such as myself.

I was also pleased with the holder’s ability to stick onto multiple surfaces. For instance, it’s more than capable of attaching to stone, glass, marble, and other similar smooth walls. This aspect is another reason why I found this product’s adaptability rather staggering.

The matt black color scheme option is another feature to catch my attention. It would blend right into my RV bathroom interior and provide a much-needed upgrade. Honestly, stainless steel toilet paper holders don’t get more stylish than this one.

But a few customers did note how the product was hard to remove after installing it. The adhesive seems to be a little more effective than some buyers anticipate. If you’re planning on using this holder in multiple locations, it might not be a suitable choice.

I don’t have this issue as it only offers good usage in my RV’s bathroom. As a result, I would feel entirely okay with spending a bit of money on this stainless steel beauty. I can’t think of a single one of my needs that isn’t satisfied with its fabulous design.

2. YIGII RV Adhesive Toilet Paper Roll Holder

The YIGII’s RV Adhesive Toilet Paper Roll Holder separates itself by offering a compact construction to make it a perfect fit for smaller spaces. Therefore, I can’t see a single reason why smaller rig owners wouldn’t love this model.

Its compact stainless steel construction would make sure you could maximize your bathroom’s space. Larger rig owners won’t be crazy to consider this model, either. It never hurts to try and save as much room as possible while being onboard in any motorhome.

The product’s towel bar design is another appealing trait. It offers a particular type of elegance and minimalist quality that perfectly fits what most people want in a holder. In other words, the product won’t take up much space and meshes right into a bathroom’s interior.

Installing this toilet paper holder isn’t anything to worry about, either. YIGII was even nice enough to write out the directions right in the product description. I couldn’t even mess it up as the entire process consists of peeling off the adhesive pad and sticking it onto a wall surface.

The lack of drilling is also a massive winning attribute. I’m not a gigantic fan of ruining a wall or cabinet by drilling holes into them. It’s just a hassle that I don’t want to deal with, and this model would play right into those preferences.

But I must note some buyers weren’t too happy with how well it stuck to painted walls. The adhesive doesn’t seem to work as effectively as it should on these surfaces. However, there were a few conflicting reports because some other reviews praised its usability on painted walls.

I’d recommend rig owners with painted bathroom walls be cautious about buying this adhesive toilet paper holder. Otherwise, I don’t see a situation where this model wouldn’t be a usable and practical choice for an RVer.

3. mDesign RV Tank-Mounted Toilet Paper Holder

This next option happens to feature a more space-saving design than even wall mounted toilet paper holders. The mDesign’s RV Tank-Mounted Toilet Paper Holder utilizes an over-the-tank construction to fit into smaller bathrooms easily.

How does it offer this notable space-saving advantage? This brand built its entire design on the concept of hanging this product over the toilet’s tank. As a result, it doesn’t take up any unoccupied space within your bathroom.

I imagine Class B or small travel trailer owners are tripping over each other to purchase this product. But its convenient traits don’t stop with the space-saving ability. The design is big enough to offer additional storage for an extra roll.

This attribute removes a little burden from having to store everything under your bathroom sink. Instead, you can put an extra roll on this holder and use the leftover space for another item. It makes a much more significant difference than an RVer might first imagine.

I find myself loving how accessible the toilet paper is compared to other types, as well. You don’t have to strain yourself reaching, which is a nice touch. I would only need to reach over my shoulder and get what I need.

The care and maintenance processes are also ideal for my preferences. Some toilet holders can require constant upkeep, but this one only needs a simple wipe down once in a while. It’s just another convenient feature capable of making our lives easier as RV owners.

You might have to deal with some rust issues in the future, though. It seems the holder holds up nicely for the first couple of years but starts breaking down rather quickly. But I find a few years of top-tier convenience and performance worth paying this product’s affordable price tag.

4. Clink RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

I find it hard to imagine a more stable toilet paper holder than Clink’s RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder. It has a known reputation for its 3M adhesive providing a high-quality hold that won’t come loose for years.

My experience with the product only confirmed these findings by other buyers. I can’t believe how well this model held up even when putting a jumbo size roll on it. I expected a little movement, but there wasn’t a single wobble.

This stability offers a certain versatility that I don’t find with other toilet paper holders. Honestly, I could easily see this product being a practical hand towel rack or work in many different situations. You could even buy a few extra and put them into your home or boat.

I’m a massive fan of this product’s J shaped bar, too, which allows it to rotate with ease. It makes the holder a lot more convenient and adaptable. After all, you can always move it up or down whenever it’s in your way.

One of the more unique features offered by this model would be its 6-month warranty. You don’t often see these types of products come with a long protection policy. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of them whenever they do appear.

I did find the lack of color scheme choices disappointing. It seems like an oversight by Clink not to include at least another color. They should let more people enjoy their high-quality product by offering a few style choices.

However, this issue is a small gripe that doesn’t affect its overall performance. RV owners who have bathroom interiors capable of meshing with this silver base color shouldn’t wait any longer. They should put this model into their shopping carts and call it a day.

5. VAEHOLD RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

VAEHOLD’s RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder offers a little more choices when it comes to its using process than other holders available. I was impressed to see users could position this model in a horizontal or vertical position.

It’s a beneficial feature because this creates a more user-friendly experience. You aren’t stuck with one using a method that might not fit into your bathroom situation. Thanks to this convenience, it comes across as more dynamic than other wall-mounted choices.

The product’s construction should be another appealing attribute for any rig owner. It doesn’t feature any sharp edges, which makes it ideal for anyone traveling with kids. This feature is quite beneficial for those of us who consider ourselves clumsy, as well.

It has also proven to work well on smooth surfaces without issue. Multiple buyers were thrilled with this option’s adhesive ability to stick onto their wooden or ceramic tile bathroom walls. I didn’t have any complaints when trying it myself, either.

VAEHOLD also managed to keep this product’s cost down lower than most wall-mounted holders. Plus, I can’t say anything bad about their 2-year warranty. This brand seemed to cover almost every feature that I could think of for toilet paper holders.

After all, removing this product from its location isn’t even difficult. The entire process requires only using a hairdryer on the adhesive and then utilizing a blade to pull it up. It shouldn’t cause any surface damage when you do need to replace it years down the road.

I was thrown back by one of two customers reporting they received the wrong product. In these cases, the product didn’t match what the ad page depicted in its pictures. These incidents were pretty isolated but still aren’t a great look for this brand.

However, I wouldn’t put too much stock into them as many buyers were more than happy with their buying decision.

6. YIGII MST001 Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

One of my absolute favorite wall-mounted options would be YIGII’s MST001 Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder. A significant reason is the product’s upward bending end design, which offers easy accessibility.

This aspect makes selecting a place for the holder more straightforward than with other similar options. Thanks to this, people have found other uses for this device. Particularly, it should have no trouble adapting for usage in boats and kitchens.

I’m also a massive fan of its lightweight design. You’re probably thinking, isn’t every toilet paper holder lightweight? Well, I feel this one excels even past the usual standard by offering a smoother product feel and usability.

The product’s cleaning process is another high-quality trait. It’s relatively easy to contain the erosion, which comes from its position near the toilet. Keeping the device in good condition becomes a simple job of wiping it down from time to time.

I found myself adoring how easily changing the toilet paper roll was on this product, as well. It’s something that even a child could do without little to no effort. Some other options make this process more complicated than it ever needs to be for whoever’s using it.

One of the more unique traits is its low noise level. It’ll make sure my use of toilet paper isn’t announced to the entire RV when I pull off a new ply or two. It’s an overlooked quality capable of providing people with a bit more privacy.

I do wish it was suitable for wallpaper or painted walls, though. If it could work on these surfaces, I could buy more than one to function in other applications. It would’ve fit perfectly into my home’s bathroom that features a painted wall surface. But it looks like I would have to settle for only using them in my RV.

7. mDesign RV Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder

RV owners with larger bathroom space should consider mDesign’s RV Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder. It has several features capable of making your rig’s bathroom a more organized and accessible space.

An excellent example would be its outstanding storage abilities. It can dispense one roll while storing one or two additional rolls for convenience purposes. More importantly, I wouldn’t have to use valuable under-the-sink storage for these products.

The product’s portability is another attribute capable of separating it from its competition. I could put this anywhere within my bathroom without having to drill any holes or rely on adhesive. It makes for a straightforward application, which offers little-to-no hassles.

I was exhilarated to see this free-standing option came in eight color choices, as well. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but I couldn’t pass up the matte black choice. I think each of them would bring a bit of style and elegance into their intended bathroom interiors.

This holder’s top-shelf inclusion is also an exciting touch provided by mDesign. I could store a smaller book or phone within this part of the product. Thanks to this, I wouldn’t have to set them down on the bathroom sink.

Its two-piece assembly isn’t too shabby, either. I found the manual helpful with its easy and straightforward instructions, which made the entire process simple. I’m fairly certain anyone reading this article could set it up with ease.

However, free-standing options do cost a bit more than the other types. This toilet paper holder happens to be the most expensive on this list. It might be a lot more than a customer ever expected to spend on one of these products.

But it’s hard not to find its long list of useful features appealing. In the right situation, this free-standing option could be more than worth this extra bit of cash.

8. Wilifdom RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

The Wilifdom RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder has one of the most straightforward, high-quality designs available. Its low-profile construction style makes it a lot more capable of blending into your bathroom’s background.

Honestly, I would find myself forgetting it was there until I needed to use some toilet paper. It’s an ideal situation for anyone looking to get a simple, effective option. But what makes this model stand out is its excellent adhesive.

It utilizes a powerful 3M adhesive that’s capable of sticking on any smooth surface. I do not doubt this holder will remain attached for years with its usage of this aspect. Plus, it even has waterproof abilities to prevent long-term use in bathrooms from affecting its integrity.

RV owners will have a choice regarding its design, too, which is always a nice touch. You can either get the horizontal, vertical, or suspension variation. I suggest getting the horizontal or vertical option because they take up considerably less space.

The product’s maintenance and care processes are also ideal for rig owners. Its stainless steel construction is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and fingerprint markings. I would only need to clean it with a soft cotton cloth from time to time.

Furthermore, I was thrilled to see it came with two additional adhesive strips. It allows you to reapply the holder into another location without much trouble. If I planned to move into a new RV soon, this aspect could be a lifesaver and save me from buying another holder.

This holder doesn’t come with any instructions or manual, which was a bummer. It’s not a deal-breaker because the installation isn’t too tricky. But I would have much preferred it came with some guidance for the process.

It shouldn’t take away from this product’s impressive overall quality, though. I think any rig owner would benefit significantly from having this toilet paper holder in their lives.

9. KES A7170-2 RV Stick-On Toilet Paper Holder

Campers should love KES’s A7170-2 RV Stick-On Toilet Paper Holder because of its open-sided construction. It’s one of my favorite aspects as it offers a wide variety of different setups, such as horizontal, vertical, left, or right mounting.

This number of choices makes finding the right placement considerably more manageable than with other models. After all, you won’t have to be stuck with a mounting position that makes it a nuisance. It can instead adapt to any situation and offers a high-quality user experience.

I was impressed with this product’s 5-inch arm length, as well. This feature allows the holder to work with various toilet paper sizes. I even found it possible to hold regular size rolls without any problem. But I must admit that larger sizes are a snug fit the first couple of times.

The product’s sleek, modern design was another aspect to catch my attention. I think it would fit nicely into most bathrooms as it isn’t too imposing. More importantly, it comes in four different colors that should appease almost every RV owner.

Its removal process isn’t challenging or damaging, either. I was able to easily remove this holder from my cabinet or wall without taking anything with it. There wasn’t a single trace of the product ever even being attached to the surface.

If you aren’t careful, rolls do have a habit of slipping off this holder. It was one of the few complaints other customers had about this KES product. But it’s an easily avoidable issue for anyone who pays attention when taking their next piece of toilet paper.

This one design problem shouldn’t take this toilet paper holder off your consideration list. I imagine most RV owners are more than willing to deal with it, considering other outstanding aspects. I certainly wouldn’t have any problems with it.

10. iDesign RV Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder

If you’re a person who values convenience, iDesign’s RV Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder would be a hard option to pass up buying. This option offers the most storage space of any toilet paper holder on our list.

The product’s compact construction somehow manages to fit three rolls inside its tower storage area. It can then do another on its top dispenser for a total of four. As a result, it ends up saving a lot more space than most traditional standalone options can offer.

I was pleased with this product’s open access design plan, as well. It makes removing and replacing toilet paper rolls a quick and effortless process. I could see how RVers might find the toilet paper being in view a little unpleasant, but it’s not a big deal to me.

iDesign’s choice to raise the stand using small metal feet is another ingenious design. It’ll help keep the toilet paper inside the tower storage area clean and dry. More importantly, it keeps them from contacting the bathroom floor.

The product’s decorative twig arrangement tends to be a hit among rig owners. It brings a certain rustic vibe into your camper’s bathroom. As you might expect, this aspect only intensifies for people who choose the bronze color scheme.

You can also choose from satin, matte black, or silver options. Each one of them seems to be a massive favorite for the people who were lucky enough to buy them. I can easily see why, as the product clearly was designed with care.

I did come across a few people who felt it was a bit too noisy, though. This issue seems to be a common one for people with tile floors. If someone hits it when in the bathroom, I’m sure everything in your RV will hear it.

11. Taozun RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Taozun’s RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Roll Holder might be the final product on this list, but its placement isn’t any indication of its quality. I consider several aspects of it to be better than many of these previous options.

For instance, this option makes changing the roll a quick and hassle-free process. It comes from the holder’s open-arm design, which makes for effortless operation. I would imagine even toddlers could figure out how to put on a new roll.

The product’s circular bar also makes pulling down toilet paper pieces simple. In other words, it won’t catch or leave behind a residue when tearing off a ply. You shouldn’t have any issues getting the exact right amount of toilet paper each usage.

Its adhesive would have to be another quality worth mentioning. It has a known reputation for long-lasting performance and durability based on this product’s customer reviews. Moreover, its waterproof qualities certainly don’t hurt its appeal, either.

RVers will love that this adhesive holder also can withstand high temperatures without issue. This aspect is beneficial for a person like me who loves traveling in warm climates. I expect it to withstand these situations without suffering any slippage.

As with some previous products, this model is one that stands out thanks to its mounting versatility. You can stick this holder on in any direction (left, right, vertical, or horizontal) without affecting its overall performance.

But I was a little disappointed that this option doesn’t work with larger toilet paper rolls. It makes the device slightly less efficient than others on this list. Users will have to stick with regular size ones rather than monster options available at Costco.

In the end, it’s a small price to pay for a toilet paper holder of this quality. I wouldn’t have much issue switching to regular size rolls to accommodate this option’s beautiful design and excellent features.

12. FRCAMI Stainless Steel RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder (Outdated)

If you’re looking for the most affordable option, FRCAMI’s Stainless Steel RV Self-Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder would be right in your wheelhouse. I don’t often find high-quality stainless steel holders with this low price tag.

Bargain buyers would be doing themselves a huge disservice not to consider this option. You might expect its features to be subpar, considering the price. But I found it more than capable of being a functional and outright top-tier toilet paper holder.

An excellent example would be its ability to prevent rust and corrosion issues. I came across several customer reviews of rig owners who’ve owned this product for years. Several of them went out of their ways to praise how there was no noticeable rusting.

I was also thrilled by this product’s brushed design surface. This type of construction wouldn’t have much issue adapting into various decorative styles present in rig bathrooms. Plus, it does an excellent job prevent fingerprint marks from being a relevant issue.

The product’s tucked back construction is another ideal track for any RV owner. Its wall-mounted design only comes a little more than two inches off the wall. You barely notice it’s there until it comes time to tear off some toilet paper.

Given this information, it’s not shocking to learn buyers have begun using this product in other areas besides their RV bathrooms. It has shown to be a useful tool inside kitchens, boats, laundry rooms, and wherever these products might be helpful.

I was disappointed to see a few complaints about the product’s packaging, though. It wasn’t an overly common issue but was mentioned enough where I had to note it. Thankfully, it seems FRCAMI is on top of its game when it comes to customer service. Most of these same buyers ended up getting these issues resolved quickly.

RV Toilet Paper Holder Buyer’s Guide


RV toilet paper holders might not be the first thing on a rig owner’s mind. But these products can provide some significant style to a motorhome’s bathroom. It can be a vital addition, capable of bringing the whole room together into what you’ve always wanted.

But choosing one isn’t as simple as selecting the first holder that pops up on Amazon. There are certain factors each buyer has to think about before starting this search. I’m going to discuss them below, which should help make the right choice obvious.

  • Construction Material

The best RV toilet paper holder’s most crucial aspect would have to be its construction material. It’s important to realize these products are made with various materials, such as wood, iron, stainless steel, and hybrid options.

Stainless steel holders outpace their counterparts in two essential qualities. These options offer top-tier durability and a sleek aesthetic. I would have a hard time buying anything other than a stainless steel option.

Honestly, it fits my personality and what I’m looking for in a holder much more effortless than these other types. But these other materials do offer some practical benefits other rig owners might find more useful.

For instance, wood options offer a more rustic look. It fills a more outdoorsy appeal that could be a better fit for some RVs. But it’s worth noting that these holders don’t hold up as well as stainless steel choices.

Plastic holders are a rather basic and standard option. Other types have no chance of matching plastic products’ low price tags. If you aren’t overly concerned with how a holder looks, a plastic one would be your ideal option.

Lastly, iron holders tend to be a hit among rig owners for their old-fashioned appearance. But their upkeep and propensity to rust make them a durability concern. Some RVers find it to be more trouble than they’re worth.

  • Durability

Every toilet paper holder worth considering needs to offer stability and durability. After all, you don’t want to look for another one anytime soon. I’m guessing you want to be doing more exciting things than searching up toilet paper stands on Amazon.

An easy way to avoid needing another camper toilet paper holder soon would be reading through other customers’ experiences with each product. These reviews should provide much-needed insight into how these products hold up in the RV setting.

You can then use these resources to avoid your search from ending in a bad purchase. It’s an effective way to prevent you from becoming the angry person behind the keyboard.

  • Style

Aside from design material, a holder’s style might be its most crucial feature. It’s pivotal to choose an option capable of meshing inside your RV bathroom’s interior. You don’t want to select one that’ll ruin its vibe by being an awful eyesore.

Buyers will instead want a holder capable of complementing their bathroom’s overall look and feel. I understand some rig owners won’t care much about this aspect. But some people do care about how a misplaced item can ruin a room’s intended aesthetic.

  • Price

Price will always play a role in any customer’s purchase. The cost of a toilet paper holder for RV usage can vary drastically from product to product. For instance, stainless steel and iron holders will cost much more than a plastic model.

Your budget should revolve around these little details and preferences. It’s the only way to limit your choices down in a constructive way. Otherwise, you won’t have a good starting point, which will cause most people to feel overwhelmed by the number of options.

  • Space Occupied

Small, cramped bathrooms are a part of the RVing lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling inside a monster Class A motorhome or a campervan; your bathroom will probably be a place with little room to move.

It makes thinking about how much space your new toilet paper holder will take up a necessity. You don’t want it to take valuable space that’s usable for other more useful things. A simple solution would be installing a wall-mounted or recessed toilet paper holder.

Both these options would be a perfect fit in a small RV bathroom. But people who have a bit more room could get away with having a free-standing option. As you can see, it’ll come down to your preferences and bathroom measurements.

  • Installation Process

If you aren’t getting a standing RV toilet paper holder, it’s essential to research your chosen model’s installation process. Most of them won’t be overly complicated, but it’s still worth looking into before making a final decision.

This action will prevent buyers from purchasing toilet paper holders that they can’t install themselves. Each product’s instruction manual and customer reviews would be excellent resources to help determine its easiness.

RV Toilet Paper Holder FAQs

Our buying guide and reviews should’ve broken down what high-quality toilet paper holders feature and offer. But there’s a bit more to cover before deciding what’s the perfect one for your needs. This section will provide the additional information needed to make a smart buying decision.

Who is this for?

RV toilet paper holders are a necessary item in any motorhome bathroom. These products will hold your toilet paper in a convenient location to ensure you can reach it easily. It creates a much more comfortable bathroom experience.

It’s also worth noting that these items will make storing your toilet paper much more manageable and efficient. Plus, you won’t have to set the roll on your bathroom sink, which isn’t a great look in any bathroom.

Given this information, these holders are for every rig owner who wants a set place for their toilet paper. It’s also for any RVer looking to achieve a specific stylistic feel within their rig’s bathroom.

What are the different types of RV toilet paper holders?

As I mentioned earlier, RV toilet paper holders come in various shapes and types. But the way most people tell them apart has to do with their mounting options. Each potential buyer should know each of them to make sure you’re capable of making an informed buying decision.

What side of the toilet should the RV toilet paper holder be on?

Selecting a side for your toilet paper holder is a preference-based decision. In other words, a travel toilet paper holder could work on the left or right side. I’d put it on the right side because my entire family is right-handed.

This placement becomes a lot more practical for our use. But it’s easy to see how someone would want in on the left side of their toilet. Honestly, it comes down to the amount of room on either side to find a perfect placement.

If you want more guidance, refer to our section “What is the best location for a toilet paper holder?” It’ll provide a detailed look into how to best fit a toilet paper holder stick within an RV bathroom.

How do you remove a self adhesive toilet paper holder?

A self-adhesive toilet paper holder is one of the more genius RV toilet paper holder ideas. These options provide excellent results without a tricky installation, especially for tight spaces. But they do provide one issue as their removal process can be a little tricky.

However, anyone with a hair dryer and a putty knife can do this job without breaking a sweat. One could also use a butter knife or any tool with a flat edge. I even saw it done with a ruler.

The hair dryer helps heat the adhesive on the holder’s posts. You’ll want to blow the hair dryer right at adhesive to help detach the bond. It’ll then make your putty knife slide much easier into place behind those posts.

But this process needs finesse rather than strength. You’ll want to gently slide the knife into place as jamming the knife in with force will only cause problems. For instance, I put too much pressure on it when removing my makeshift Command toilet paper holder.

It caused damage to my bathroom wall. You’d be much better off taking the time to be careful and avoid these issues altogether. If the putty knife is placed behind these posts carefully, your holder should come off quickly.

RV Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Holders

RV Wall-mounted toilet paper holders are attached to a wall. You can expect these devices to stick onto the wall using a bar, which holds it some distance away. This action allows the toilet paper roll to fit over the bar and work properly.

These options will also come with many accessories and uses for more conventional purposes. Some examples include top-shelf, additional storage spaces, and duals rolls.

Small rig owners often prefer this option over others because it’s the easiest way to maximize their bathroom’s available space. Plus, the installation process doesn’t require much effort, as you’d see from our next type.

RV Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

Recessed toilet paper holders are a bit more complicated than our other types. You install these options in a niche into your rig’s bathroom wall. In other words, users will have to cut into their wall, which should range from 1.5″ to 4″ depending on its design, and place the holder into it.

These options will end up saving a ton of space inside your rig. It’s also worth noting that some of them come with additional storage options, making them more practical. But the installation can be a bit challenging and require much more effort than the other types.

RV Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holders

An RV free-standing toilet paper holder is a stand, which will sit on your RV’s bathroom floor. You can move and set them anywhere based on your preferences. More importantly, these options don’t require any permanent installation.

Other notable features are storage space for extra rolls, magazine racks, and places to set additional items. However, these holders are a tough sell because they take up a lot of space, which is impractical in smaller RV bathrooms.

RV Tank-Mounted Toilet Paper Holders

If you’re looking for a type with an easy toilet paper holder installation, an RV tank-mounted toilet paper holder would be a wise choice. These products are set up by hooking the holder over your toilet tank’s edge. There’s nothing else to the entire process.

It makes these types rather beneficial options for a lazy person like myself. You also can remove them whenever necessary without causing damage. I can’t say the same outcome would be possible for a wall-mounted or recessed option.

How does an RV toilet paper holder work?

Your RV toilet paper holder’s working process will depend on its design type. But the basics boil down to this item will hold your toilet paper in an accessible way. Therefore, it makes going to the bathroom inside an RV much more comfortable.

What is the best location for a toilet paper holder?

In most cases, the best place for a toilet paper holder would be right next to the toilet. This location makes reaching for it much easier than anywhere inside your bathroom. I’d also recommend placing it at least 26 inches above the floor.

This height stops any bending over movement when trying to get a piece of toilet paper. If you stick to these guidelines, there’s no reason to believe you won’t find its placement suitable.

Do you really need special toilet paper for RV?

RV toilet paper is a necessity for any rig owner who intends to spend significant time traveling. These products are essential because regular toilet paper clog RV tanks much faster than ones explicitly made for motorhome usage. On top of that, if you’re meticulous and handy enough, making a DIY RV toilet paper holder can also be a possible option.

How do you install a toilet paper holder in a camper?

If you’re wondering how to hang toilet paper holder in RVs, the process will depend on its design type. Some cases only require setting a free-standing model somewhere suitable. Others will consist of cutting a hole in your rig’s wall or drilling holes into a cabinet.

But each of these situations has one thing in common: an included instruction manual. If you follow these guides, there’s no reason to believe the process will be challenging. I mean, setting up a recessed toilet paper holder stand for RV usage isn’t even an overly demanding task.

Any care and maintenance tips?

RV toilet paper holders require a bit more upkeep than rig owners tend to realize. For instance, their position near the toilet makes them susceptible to decay. You must stay on top of their cleaning and maintenance needs to keep them in good condition.

Cleaning Tips For an RV Toilet Paper Holder

  • You should scrub the holder with water and dry it using a soft cotton cloth. Never use any abrasive cleaners, cloth/paper towel, or any acid-based cleaning agents. These items will only make the surface damage worse.
  • Some dirtier spots will be more challenging to clean. In these cases, use a mild liquid detergent or colorless abrasion polishing liquid. You then proceed to clean the holder with water and use a cotton cloth for drying purposes.
  • If you’re still having issues, using a wet cotton cloth coated with soap or toothpaste is another effective method. You can rinse it off with water, and the process won’t end up causing any surface damage.

Maintenance Tips Toilet Paper Holder

  • Users should never wipe these items clean using alcohol or diluted daily chemicals. These products will only quicken the holder’s erosion.
  • Don’t let your holder get exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods. It’ll only decrease its lifespan by a rather significant margin.
  • It would be best if you didn’t use these holders to hold anything else besides toilet paper. It’s not meant to contain these things and won’t react well.

Where can I buy?

The best place to buy an RV toilet paper hanger or holder would be Amazon. Customers can expect their site to have a lot more choices and better prices than competitors. Some worthwhile alternatives would be Walmart or Camping World.

However, neither come close to being as convenient as Amazon. But it’s worth noting that Camping World did have some decent prices for a Safe-er-Grip toilet paper holder last time I looked. Products from this particular brand almost made our list several times and would be excellent additions to any RV.


After reading our article, the best RV toilet paper holder for your needs shouldn’t be too tricky to find. It’s time to use what you’ve learned and find a model that can bring your RV’s bathroom to the next level.

But if a question or two pops up, our comment section is always open. I’ll make sure to answer each post as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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