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The Best RV Toilet Brushes for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Most RV owners don’t spend much time thinking about what’s the best RV toilet brush available. But they should, as these products are valuable tools to have when traveling on the road.

After all, these products can make a massive difference in how pleasant your RVing experience ends up becoming. This reason alone makes it essential to find a high-quality brush capable of suiting your needs.

best rv toilet brush

But how do people find a perfect toilet brush for their traveling experience? I’ll guide you through it with an in-depth buying guide and 12 product reviews. These discussions will ensure you know what a high-quality one looks like and offers an RV owner.

As a result, you should have no problem separating the top-tier options from the lousy ones. Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into our product reviews. One of these 12 options could even be the perfect toilet brush for you.

Best Overall Easy To Clean Most Durable
Preview MDesign 6139MDBST

Sellemer Toilet Brush

ToiletTree TTP-TB-2

Dimensions 16 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches 4 x 2 x 16 inches 5 x 4.3 x 15.5 inches
Weight 10.4 ounces 10.8 ounces 5.6 ounces
Material Plastic Silicone,Plastic Stainless Steel, Plastic
Replaceable Head Yes No Yes
Details Details Details

12 Best Toilet Brush RV Reviews

1. mDesign Freestanding RV Toilet Bowl Brush

If you’re looking for an option with peak storability, mDesign’s Freestanding RV Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder would be a solid choice. It comes with a holder to provide users with a discreet way of storing this toilet brush.

You can easily tuck this brush and holder behind your rig’s toilet without issue. It’s an easy way to ensure you don’t need to see your RV toilet brush until it’s needed. Plus, this holder will keep your brush from leaking onto the bathroom floor.

As for its performance quality, I found this product had no problems meeting my expectations. Its durable, plastic design felt capable of dealing with any physical stress. It’s a sturdy and reliable toilet brush that’s more than ready for being effective in an RV setting.

I was pleased with the product’s handle, as well. It offers a comfortable grip with a round disc that’ll keep your hands from getting splashed. It’s an essential feature because there’s nothing grosser than getting hit with splashes when cleaning a toilet bowl.

This product wouldn’t only be effective in RV settings, either. It has a known reputation for functioning well in various situations where you might need a toilet brush: condos, homes, dorms, campers, apartments, etc. I could easily see rig owners using this product as a multi-purpose tool within their lives.

But some buyers did mention a few shipping issues with this product. It seems the holder has a habit of arriving cracked, which isn’t great for this company. It’s worth mentioning that these complaints were only in a couple of reviews.

Honestly, I was expecting more than a few negative comments as it’s one of the most popular toilet brushes available. But some shipping issues shouldn’t stop anyone from seriously considering this mDesign product.

2. Sellemer RV Toilet Brush and Holder

One of the most versatile options on our list would be Sellemer’s RV Toilet Brush and Holder. I have found several instances where this product has become a multi-purpose item for those who’ve bought it.

For instance, this product’s silicone bristles have proven effective when cleaning washbasins, sinks, and bathtubs. This multi-purpose ability makes the brush a more practical option than most traditional plastic models.

These silicone bristles make the entire cleaning process take less effort, as well. It’s an ability that comes from it offering more substantial friction. In other words, I didn’t have to pull my shoulder out when trying to clean those difficult stains.

I was also intrigued by this product’s ability to bend upward. This feature allows it to fit the toilet seat’s angle perfectly for more effective cleaning sessions. Honestly, those under-the-seat stains become an absolute breeze to clean with this brush.

The holder’s drip slot is another feature that buyers should find appealing. After all, this addition will allow for better drainage to prevent any leaks from its bottom. It ends up being a much more hygienic solution to the common problem with toilet brush products.

Sellemer was nice enough to offer two different color choices for this toilet brush. I gravitated to the gray option, but the white choice would be a stellar addition to any RV bathroom. I always prefer when a brand provides a bit of choice when it comes to color or style.

Some buyers did feel the handle was a bit flimsier than expected. This issue could affect its stability when cleaning your toilet bowl. But it shouldn’t be too much of a problem and one not worth taking this model off your consideration list.

3. ToiletTree Products Deluxe RV Toilet Brush

ToiletTree Products’ Deluxe RV Toilet Brush with Lid stands out among these other products for a simple reason, its stainless steel construction. It provides a lighter and more comfortable using experience for whoever’s lucky enough to buy this product.

Its lightweight design isn’t the only high-quality feature offered by this stainless steel brush. I was also thrilled by its various buying options. Bulk buyers will find this choice intriguing because you can buy more than one in a package set.

The hands-free operation of its holder was another winning feature. It’s a simple way to avoid making the user touch the brush head when putting the brush back within the holder. You can instead rely on the holder to close whenever you place it back inside.

I was a massive fan of this product’s tough bristles, as well. It shouldn’t have any trouble getting off even the toughest stains inside your toilet bowl. In fact, several buyers were overly complimentary of this brush’s cleaning ability within their reviews.

You also have to admit this stainless steel design gives the brush and holder a little style. I can’t imagine anyone thinking it was a blemish within their rig’s bathroom. It might even offer a bit more character to the room.

I did find the handle to be a little shorter than I’d expected. It’s not a massive issue, but using the brush is inconvenient when trying to reach those difficult areas. I wasn’t the only one who felt this way, either, as a few customer reviews pointed out similar issues.

But aside from the short handle, I couldn’t find anything else worth complaining about with this product. There’s no reason to believe that it won’t get the job done with ease.

4. POPTEN RV Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush

POPTEN’s RV Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush and Holder doesn’t stand out from the pack when it comes to advanced, unique features. But it does offer one thing a lot of other toilet brushes can’t, which is hassle-free and practical cleaning sessions.

It offers these excellent results thanks to its reliable and sturdy design consisting of a 360-degree brush head and silicone bristles. Another critical component of this design is its anti-rust handle made from top-grade waterproof PP and aluminum. I found this aspect to be endlessly helpful when maneuvering around my toilet bowl.

More importantly, it makes sure the toilet brush lasts much longer. Those rust issues found in many other similar products won’t be any problem with this stellar brush. I can’t see how this product wouldn’t end up lasting more than a few years.

I was very fond of this product’s compact construction, as well. My RV’s bathroom is a bit smaller than you’d expect with most rigs and could benefit from any space-saving product. This option certainly fits into this category.

POPTEN offering 12-months of customer service to their buyers didn’t hurt this product’s case, either. It’s nice to know this brand takes pride in taking care of its clients. It sends a good message about this toilet brush’s overall quality.

A few other notable features include a hollowed breathable toilet brush holder, easy cleaning process, capability of being wall-mounted, and an affordable price. Each of these attributes will make your life as a rig owner much more comfortable.

But its 13-inch length is a bit shorter than I’d like in my RV toilet brush. If this size fits your needs, I can’t see how this product won’t be everything you’ve imagined. Its simple using process and durable design make it a must for people looking to buy smaller brushes.

5. BOOMJOY RV Toilet Brush and Holder

Our final product shouldn’t be overlooked because of its position on this list. The BOOMJOY’s RV Toilet Brush and Holder has proven to excel past its competition in many different areas. It has various features capable of making a rig owner’s bathroom cleaning more effortless.

The product’s stainless steel pole would be an excellent starting point, as this aspect adds increased stability. It ensures the brush has a sturdy feel rather than flopping everywhere and causing splashes.

I found this product’s washable brush head quite appealing, as well. It makes the brush dry faster and prevents any bacteria buildup from forming. You can also easily clean it with a simple rinse-off, perfect for a lazy person like myself.

This brush’s silicone bristles can make sure the tool doesn’t deform or become unusable. It’s an essential aspect that ensures you can get the same cleaning results each time. Due to this, you’ll never finish a cleaning session and be dissatisfied with this product’s performance.

You will also love this product’s low-profile design, which makes hiding it a breeze. It can fit under your toilet or next to it without any issues. As a result, you won’t have to see your toilet brush every time nature comes calling.

However, I did find a couple of product reviews mentioning rusting issues. It wasn’t an overly common complaint, but it was enough where it was worth noting in this review. These problems are something to keep an eye out for when using this product.

I don’t see these rusting issues as a huge deal because most people seem happy with this brush’s durability. In most cases, it seemed to be more about keeping up with its maintenance and cleaning process. Buyers who do stick with these processes shouldn’t have issues maintaining its condition.

6. Thetford 36673 RV StorMate Soft Swab Toilet Brush

Thetford’s 36673 RV StorMate Soft Swab Toilet Brush is the perfect option for anyone looking to buy an RV, camper, or marine toilet brush. In other words, it does well in cramped, humid climates like onboard motorhomes or boats.

This Thetford toilet brush is ideal for these situations because of its lightweight, compact design. It makes the product easy to move and use in tight spaces. I didn’t even find it challenging getting to those hard-to-reach spots under the toilet’s rim.

Multiple buyers were also impressed with this product’s plastic cone accessory. It removes any excess water from the toilet brush and keeps it covered when not in usage. Due to this, it should help keep the product in good shape for a much more extended period.

I was impressed by this product’s 15-inch construction, as well. This length is perfect because it’s neither too long nor too short, making using it much less taxing. I found myself having no problems with any splash or pulling difficult maneuvers to reach certain spots.

RV owners won’t have to worry about this brush scratching their toilet bowl’s surface, either. It contains soft fibers, which are known for their gentle cleaning process. But I also found them tough enough to get rid of harsher stains, which most soft fiber brushes can’t do.

However, I do wish this product came with a stand. It would make storing this Thetford soft swab toilet brush a lot easier. More importantly, I won’t have to waste valuable cabinet space on a toilet brush.

This one issue isn’t much of a deal-breaker, though. You can always buy a stand separately to fit this particular product. It’s just an unneeded hassle that I’d much rather didn’t exist for my specific preferences.

7. OXO Good Grips Hideaway RV Toilet Brush

The OXO’s Good Grips Hideaway RV Toilet Brush is one of my favorite options because it offers an extraordinarily comfortable handle. It makes the brush more convenient than similar options available. But the comfortable grip isn’t its only notable feature.

I was also impressed with this product’s tapered shaped brush head. This aspect allowed for a much deeper cleaning than I initially expected. The bristles themselves seemed more than durable enough to last many usages, as well.

RV owners will love this product’s included canister, too, which makes your life so much more manageable. It provides a compact and neat storage area for the brush to ensure optimal storability. As a result, it shouldn’t have any issues fitting into a small space like an RV bathroom.

The canister’s built-in drip tray is another attractive feature offered by this excellent product. It will make any excess water get caught and evaporate quickly. It’s a vital feature to make sure your rig’s bathroom floor doesn’t get wet.

I was pleased to see this option came with several buying options. These choices make it easier to find a variation suitable for your needs. In my case, the gray option would be a perfect fit for meshing with the rest of my bathroom’s interior.

But I wasn’t too thrilled with this product’s price tag. It’s a bit more than I’d like to spend on a toilet brush for my motorhome, even with these incredible features. In fact, it’s among the most expensive on our entire list.

I do have to say the additional money would be worth spending with this toilet brush. You don’t often find high-quality options with included holders or canisters like this one. It looks like I might just have to bite the bullet and spend a little extra.

8. Fuller Brush RV Toilet Bowl Mop

If you need an option with a bit more length, Fuller Brush’s RV Toilet Bowl Mop should have enough for any rig owner’s needs. This product comes with a 15-inch handle to ensure any place within your toilet isn’t out of reach.

You should also take note of its sanitary synthetic yarn material that offers peak cleaning performance. I was blown away by how well this material got rid of stains without needing any abrasive materials. Honestly, it had my toilet bowl looking spotless.

The product wasn’t challenging to use, either, which is always a positive. You might think it would be tricky to navigate given its longer handle, but it was quite agile. I didn’t have any issues or discomfort when cleaning my toilet bowl with this product.

It’s worth noting that this product has a reputation for drying faster than other similar products, as well. This benefit comes from its plastic sliding cup, which helps prevent bacteria buildup and foul odors.

Fuller offering high-quality customer service has been a constant source of praise within this product’s reviews, too. You can never go wrong buying from a company known for doing whatever’s necessary for their clients.

This brand certainly seems to be one of these manufacturers based on all the buyers’ experiences. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the company makes and ships its products within the United States. It should make for a much quicker shipping time, which is always a nice touch.

But a few customers did mention that rusting issues present themselves over time. I’d recommend anyone who buys this model stay on top of its maintenance processes. If you do, I doubt that these issues will become a severe problem. You shouldn’t have much trouble making this brush last more than a couple of years.

9. Lefree Silicone RV Toilet Brush and Holder

As its name suggests, the Lefree Silicone RV Toilet Brush and Holder is another silicone option that many rig owners have found beneficial. I can easily see why these buyers would feel this, considering how much I enjoyed this product’s features.

One of its many standout traits was its easy installation process. It offers users two choices to set up its holder. You can either place it on a wall with a sticker or use it as a freestanding toilet bowl brush. Both options would be logical for a rig owner, but I’m more partial to the freestanding option.

The brush’s 17.8-inch length was another massive highlight for me. It allows users to put a considerable amount of distance between them and their toilet bowl. But the product offers enough stability where there isn’t any slippery handle or difficult cleaning from this distance.

Lefree’s utilization of a 360-degree brush head wasn’t lost on me, either. This feature allows the brush to offer a much deeper and thorough clean. Plus, this brush head’s silicone bristles shouldn’t have any problems withstanding regular usage.

But none of these aspects was the most shocking feature of this toilet brush. I couldn’t believe this product offered all these exciting features at a significantly lower price. It’s actually among the least expensive options on our entire list.

There were a few complaints about this model’s ability to stick onto an RV’s wall. It seems the sticker was a bit lower-quality than some initially expected. People considering this model for this quality would be better off buying their own stickers.

Otherwise, I don’t see a scenario where this product won’t be an excellent fit. It’s high-quality cleaning performance and extensive length should more than meet your expectations.

10. Glendan RV Toilet Brush and Holder

Buyers looking to buy an option with a more advanced design should consider purchasing Glendan’s RV Toilet Brush and Holder. It has several features that most other toilet brushes have no chance of matching.

An excellent example would be its 360-degree brush head, which is a favorite of mine. This brush head allows for much cleaner and effective results. After all, its dense bristles will make sure your toilet bowl sparkles like you couldn’t imagine.

I was thoroughly happy with its ability to get into those nooks and crannies, as well. It was rather shocking how well this model did at cleaning any typically tricky areas. Honestly, the entire process became an absolute breeze.

This holder’s rounded shape design helps maintain your toilet brush’s overall freshness. It helps keep any bacteria or excess water from spreading around your bathroom. Due to this, your bathroom will remain clean and free from gross odors.

It doesn’t hurt that there isn’t any metal within its design, either. Buyers won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion limiting the brush’s effectiveness. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy its thermoplastic rubber construction, which has become a favorite among many buyers.

The product does produce a bit of a squeaking noise when cleaning, though. It’s a rather annoying nuisance that has become a common complaint in customer reviews. I didn’t find it too troubling, but it certainly wasn’t an ideal attribute.

In any case, this small issue wouldn’t stop me from recommending it to fellow rig owners. Everything else about this Glendan toilet brush suits an RV lifestyle to an absolute tee. It even comes in a 2-pack option at a discount rate for people looking to buy more than one.

11. MANGOTIME RV Toilet Brush and Holder

Rig owners who prefer hanging their toilet brush on their RV’s wall need to consider this next option. MANGOTIME’s RV Toilet Brush and Holder offer a wall-mounted design that makes saving space inside a rig’s bathroom much more efficient.

It won’t even fall when you’re traveling because of its high-quality sticker. Honestly, this product will have no problem staying attached to the wall in any situation. Numerous buyers expressed their disbelief at how well it functioned in this area.

This product’s silicone-based construction was appealing, as well. It makes the entire cleaning process much more convenient and flexible. I doubt any rig owners will find themselves displeased with how easy this model makes cleaning their toilet bowls.

You can even expect the brush’s own cleaning process to be relatively simple. Its silicone bristles are easier to rinse than what you experience with plastic types. Plus, these types are known for being more durable than traditional toilet brushes.

I loved this product’s ergonomic handle, too, which offered a more comfortable feel and better grip than I expected. As a result, I didn’t feel annoyed by the product construction or functionality inside my bathroom.

MANGOTIME’s addition of the diatomite mat in this option’s holder was another ingenious move. This mat will keep the brush dry with its excellent water absorbent qualities. It should have no issues being ready for a second round of cleaning almost immediately after usage.

I did find some customers mentioning shipping issues. In these cases, customers received their brush missing certain parts. It’s not a great look for a company that’s been a top-tier toilet brush brand for more than a few years.

However, these shipping issues seemed to be resolved quickly. It seems MANGOTIME’s customer service is known for being buyer-friendly. This reassurance should make anyone buying this product feel fully confident.

12. MR.SIGA RV Toilet Brush

RV owners looking for a soft bristle option couldn’t do much better than MR. SIGA’s RV Toilet Brush with Holder. This brush has a known reputation for offering a gentle but reliable touch when cleaning porcelain toilet bowls.

In other words, it’ll get out those tougher stains without causing any surface damage. Several buyers were quite shocked by its performance compared to other soft bristle options. I found myself only agreeing with them when testing it out.

The 16-inch length falls right into line with my preferences, as well. It allowed me to reach each part of the toilet bowl and seat without much effort. You’d be surprised by how many other options fail to offer this essential benefit.

You should also find its brush holder capable of meeting your expectations. It has a semi-open design to provide a bit of airflow when the brush’s drying. As a result, your toilet brush will dry off more quickly and effectively than closed holders would allow.

Its silicone construction material should be another aspect to grab your attention. This feature offers increased durability, which plastic-based options can’t match. I would expect buyers wouldn’t have to replace this brush for a long, long time.

The overall design is rather practical, too, as it shouldn’t have issues meshing with your RV’s bathroom. Its blue and white color scheme should blend right into most bathroom interiors without becoming an eyesore.

I was a little annoyed to find out this product’s shipped from China. As a result, it takes much longer to arrive at a customer’s house than the other products on our list. But I can say this option would be worth the wait, considering its many high-quality features. I couldn’t ask for much else from a soft bristle brush.

RV Toilet Brush Buyer’s Guide


Selecting an RV toilet cleaning brush is a bit more involved than a motorhome owner might imagine. It requires an understanding of several different buying factors to make a smart decision. I know, it sounds a little outlandish because a toilet brush isn’t some luxury item.

But these following factors do have a massive impact on how well these products work. They’ll be the difference between having a useful toilet brush and one that can’t keep your rig’s toilet clean.

  • Design

An excellent starting point would be looking at each option’s construction design. In most cases, these brushes will vary concerning their bristles’ stiffness or softness. Rig owners would do best buying models consisting of a stiffer material.

I would also recommend buying a dense brush that’s capable of reaching your toilet bowl’s hard-to-reach areas. This aspect is one that your fellow buyers can help out with through their valuable customer reviews.

Each of these resources should provide some useful insight into the product’s overall convenience. You can then determine what options make cleaning a more painless experience rather than a downright hassle.

  • Handle Length

The length of your brush’s handle will play a massive role in whether it’s a good fit. RV owners need to find an option with a proper and suitable handle length for their circumstances. In the simplest terms, you aren’t going to want a toilet brush that’s too long or short.

Shorter brushes are an inconvenient problem because they’ll hinder a person from reaching those interior areas within a toilet bowl. This situation will make cleaning your toilet bowl a much more challenging and frustrating experience.

It could become rather disgusting because the water might splash out of the toilet bowl and onto your hands or feet. Meanwhile, longer brushes make your life difficult by requiring more effort when cleaning than shorter ones.

You can avoid these issues by choosing a brush of at least 14 inches. This length should make your life much easier when cleaning out your rig’s toilet bowl. It would be wise to measure the bowl before buying a brush to see whether you’ll need any extra inches, as well.

  • Durability

Toilet brushes shouldn’t be seen as a short-term investment. Buyers will want to choose an option that’s capable of lasting a long time. You don’t want to be doing this entire process again any time soon.

RVers should look for options that can withstand a humid toilet environment. It should be able to handle moisture without staining or rusting. This ability should make sure the product ends up lasting more than a few years.

It would also help to look into the handle and bristle durability when choosing your perfect toilet brush. Both parts will need to be reliable and effective within a humid environment, such as an RV bathroom.

An easy way to ensure these qualities would be choosing options made with stronger materials. Brushes made with silicone, plastic, or chemically resistant fibers tend to offer long-lasting results in any setting.

  • Replaceable Head

Some RV toilet brushes will come with a replaceable head feature. It might seem weird to buy a product that’s planned to become broken at some point, but it’s a valuable feature. This aspect could save you a few dollars down-the-road.

After all, brushes with non-replaceable heads will require users to buy a completely new one when their head breaks. I should note that replaceable models also allow users to change bristles, keeping them in top-tier condition.

  • Handle’s Flexibility

An RV toilet cleaning brush will need a handle with top-tier flexibility. It’ll have a significant impact on how convenient your chosen model ends up being when using it. Due to this, buyers will need to ensure their product’s handle isn’t too soft or rigid.

Softer handles require much more water and offer less than satisfactory cleaning results. But rigid brushes will often splash water at whoever’s operating them. Therefore, finding a brush handle with some flexibility becomes a must. Customer reviews should be massively helpful when it comes to this factor, as well.

  • Storability

RV owners don’t want a travel toilet brush taking up large amounts of their bathroom space. You instead want a model with top-tier storability when it comes to its design and accessories. It should be capable of being tucked away quickly, without any issues.

Moreover, a toilet brush isn’t something you want to see when first walking into your rig’s bathroom. You’ll want this product to be unnoticeable until the toilet bowl requires cleaning. A compact, small toilet brush for RV usage, which can be stored on a wall or in a drawer, is what you should want.

  • Odor Control

An unsurprising fact about toilet brushes is that these products have a habit of getting bacteria on them. It’s an unavoidable hazard with these products because of their job. You can’t even prevent this outcome when utilizing heavy-duty chemicals.

In most cases, this bacteria will feed on the bristle and cause an awful odor. You won’t have any trouble noticing this smell, either, as it’ll be quite heinous in a small area like an RV bathroom. But you can control this issue by buying a brush that’s been given anti-microbial treatments.

RV Toilet Brush FAQs

Our buying guide and product reviews should have provided a better idea of what makes up the best RV toilet brush. But there’s still a little more information needed before deciding on your next toilet brush.

Who is this for?

RV toilet brushes are for anyone looking to keep their rig’s toilet bowl clean. In other words, rig owners who’re looking to keep their motorhome livable. It’s a vital tool in ensuring your rig’s bathroom remains smell-free.

After all, a stinky bathroom can make life on board an RV a nightmare. These smaller vehicles are confined spaces where smells tend to linger. A high-quality toilet brush can help make sure terrible smells aren’t coming from your bathroom.

What are the different types of RV toilet brushes?

Several types of RV toilet brushes are available for rig owners to purchase. But manufacturers will make most of them from either plastic or stainless steel. These two materials are common choices because they’re lightweight, durable, resilient, and built for regular usage.

Choosing between these two design materials will come down to preference. Both of them shouldn’t have any issues offering practical and durable performance. However, these materials aren’t the only way to categorize these products.

Different bristle types include those made from vegetable fibers, animal hair, or synthetic fibers. Each of these options will make cleaning under your toilet’s rim and removing stains much more effortless.

But animal hair bristles are the softest bristle type and best for gentle surface cleaning. Meanwhile, synthetic and vegetable fiber options are more suitable for heavy-duty general-purpose cleaning jobs.

I’d suggest going with either a synthetic or vegetable fiber toilet brush for RV usage. These options tend to offer more resilience and longevity when they’re being used regularly. It makes them much more suitable for a rig owner’s needs.

How does an RV toilet brush work?

These products won’t work any differently from a household toilet brush. It’s a tool designed to clean inside your RV’s toilet bowl. Users would simply pour some RV toilet bowl cleaner into their toilet then use the brush to scrub the bowl.

During this process, users should pay close attention to the toilet seat and the hole at the bottom of your toilet bowl. These areas often pick up the most grime and other unpleasant substances that require cleaning.

You should then flush when finished with cleaning the toilet bowl’s inside. It’s essential not to forget about cleaning it outside, as well. It’s an often-neglected area that can become rather filthy when left uncleaned for a significant period.

Can I pour bleach down my RV toilet?

Many people assume bleach would be an effective way to clean their motorhome’s toilet. Of course, this belief comes from a logical place as we use bleach to clean household toilets. But people don’t realize that motorhome plumbing systems are more delicate.

On these components, even diluted bleach can be very problematic. In fact, it has been shown to do significant damage to gaskets and plastic holding tanks. As a result, I always advise against pouring bleach down motorhome toilets.

Instead, I recommend using a high-quality RV toilet cleaner like Unique’s Toilet Cleaner. It has an incredible bleach-free formula that sanitizes with ease. This product and an RV toilet bowl brush will keep toilets spotless without any hassles.

What is the best silicone toilet brush?

In my opinion, the best silicone camping toilet brush would be MR. SIGA’s RV Toilet Brush. It offers a much gentler approach than most motorhome toilet brush options. With it, RVers won’t have to worry about scuff marks or other surface damage.

It also helps that this model comes with both a brush and holder. As a result, it’ll dry much quicker and last a long time. You’ll have difficulty finding a more effective or convenient silicone toilet brush for hard water and other stains.

Is there an alternative to a toilet brush?

The two primary camper toilet brush alternatives are toilet wands and thick rubber gloves. In comparison, toilet wands aren’t too different from brushes. These products come with a handle, and users will guide it around their toilet until it’s clean.

But the difference comes from what’s at the end of the handle. Toilet wands have a disposable toilet brush tip you throw out after every use. It’s more wasteful than having a reusable toilet cleaner brush, which only requires cleaning before each session.

Meanwhile, some people put on thick rubber gloves and use their hands to clean toilets. It’s an effective way to get rid of surface stains and other marks. But I’m much too squeamish to attempt this method.

Instead, I’m much happier using a plastic or silicone toilet brush with cleaning solution products.

How long do toilet brushes last?

A heavy duty toilet brush or toilet bowl scrubber can last several years with proper care and maintenance, with silicone models lasting at least one year. For instance, I could easily see MANGOTIME’s RV Toilet Brush and Holder providing excellent performance for a long time.

Anyone needing a toilet brush maintenance refresher should check out “Any care and maintenance tips?” This section and your option’s instructions will provide everything you need to increase the brush’s lifespan.

However, an RVer with a plastic toilet brush will need to replace them regularly. These choices usually provide about six months of usage before requiring a replacement—anything longer borders on being unhygienic.

Are silicone toilet brushes better?

One recent development within the toilet brush industry has been options made from silicone. Manufacturers have begun marketing these brushes as being much better than their plastic counterparts. But are these brushers better?

I’ve concluded that it ends up depending on what a buyer’s looking for in these products. I’m going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of silicone brushes below; it’ll help you decide whether they would suit your needs.


  • More Germ Resistance

Silicone toilet brushes are known for their ability to attract fewer germs than other toilet brushes. It’s a benefit stemming from them being non-porous, making them more resistant to organic matter found on RV toilets.

As you can imagine, this benefit is crucial because toilets attract germs at alarmingly high rates. It ends up making silicone options more convenient than plastic brushes. This advantage is the main reason that silicone is much more common in medical applications.

A silicone brush’s germ resistance helps it dry faster, as well. It allows it to be reused much more frequently than options made from plastic.

  • Less Maintenance

Cleaning a silicone toilet brush is a much easier process than with plastic models. This aspect makes it simpler for a rig owner to keep their bathroom sanitary. You can even place silicone brushes in a dishwasher for high-quality cleaning.

In some cases, users can also boil these products to remove bacteria. But you must check the brush’s cleaning instructions before attempting this action. It’ll ruin an option that’s not capable of surviving those high temperatures rather quickly.

But the main point is that the dishwashing or boiling process will limit the number of microorganisms. It’s an ability plastic options aren’t capable of matching. After all, plastic is much more sensitive and only cleanable by traditional soap/water methods.

  • Last Longer

RV owners should also expect a silicone brush to last longer. Their increased durability comes from silicone being more resistant to physical stress like UV light or chemical cleaners. You could use a stronger toilet bowl cleaner without worrying about it affecting your brush.

Silicone brushes end up having much more formidable and durable traits than a plastic brush. You should expect them to last several years without needing a replacement.


  • Not very Eco-friendly

Silicone toilet brushes aren’t the most environmentally-friendly product available. It’s an issue that comes from their slow breakdown rates. Under natural conditions, silicone won’t biodegrade easily, and most recycling programs won’t even accept products made from silicone.

You’d instead need to take the brush to a specialized recycling facility or landfill. This issue makes a disposable RV toilet brush made from biodegradable plastic seem like a more convenient choice.

  • More Costly

It shouldn’t be too shocking to learn silicone brushes are more expensive. It’s why a lot of rig owners have decided to stick with plastic options, despite the many appealing features offered by silicone brushes. Each buyer will have to decide whether their durability and top-tier convenience is worth the increased price tag.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Your RV toilet brush’s cleaning and maintenance will differ based on type. It’s essential to read the cleaning instructions before attempting anything. In any case, I’d recommend cleaning it once a week or after every usage.

Some standard methods include rinsing with boiling water, soaking it in a vinegar or bleach solution, and putting it in a dishwasher. I’d also recommend investing in a toilet brush caddy to ensure the tool gets some ventilation between uses. It’ll help prevent bacteria build-up.

Where can I buy?

The best place to buy an RV toilet brush would be Amazon. Buyers will find their selection to be much more extensive and feature lower price tags than other sellers. If you aren’t comfortable using this site, Costco and Walmart are suitable alternatives. It’s not uncommon to find a Toto toilet brush with a reasonable price in their stores or on their sites.


I hope these discussions will help you find the best RV toilet brush for your situation. If you have any more questions or concerns, let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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