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The Best RV Toilet Bowl Cleaners for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

If you’re having issues finding the best RV toilet bowl cleaner, I intend on making your life much easier. How do I plan on doing this? Well, I’ll take you through everything a person needs to know when choosing a toilet bowl cleaning product.

Best RV Toilet Bowl Cleaners

These discussions will include covering determining buying factors, cleaner types, how to use them, and much more. I’ll even offer 12 product reviews of my favorite cleaners. You’ll end up learning more about RV toilet bowl cleaners than you ever thought possible.

Let’s now dive into the task at hand and find you a suitable toilet bowl cleaner. I promise reading this article won’t be a decision that you end up regretting.

Best Overall Budget Friendly Easy To Clean
Preview Unique 4348479204


Seventh Generation 22704CT

Feature Cleans, Lubricate, Removes Stains, Odor Elimination Cleans, Brightens, Removes Stains Cleans, Biodegradable
Surface Porcelain, Plastic, Ceramic Porcelain, Plastic Porcelain, Plastic
Volume 24 fl oz 16 fl oz 32 fl oz
Details Details Details

8 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner for RV Reviews

1. Unique Toilet Cleaner

The Unique Toilet Cleaner has become a favorite among rig owners for several reasons. But the main reason for this product’s popularity would be its ultra-effective design formula. Honestly, it should have no issues making your toilet’s porcelain or plastic bowl sparkle.

You can attribute these results to its unique mixture of safe cleaning agents/bacteria. I was shocked by how easily this product could wash away those hard water stains. This Unique toilet bowl cleaner offers results that other options will have a hard time matching.

If its performance quality wasn’t enough to catch your attention, this product only uses environmentally-friendly ingredients. Users won’t need to fret about its spillage or usage causing any issues to our precious planet.

Buyers will also love the effect this cleaner will have on their holding tanks. Its bacteria-based formula does an excellent job dealing with the odors coming from these tanks. It ends up being an RV toilet cleaner + holding tank enhancer with this extra ability.

I was thrilled to see this product has two different buying options, as well. You can either get 3-pack or a single 24 oz bottle depending on your preferences. In my case, I’m more of a bulk buyer and would find the 3-pack more suitable for my situation.

However, this product’s customer reviews did mention leaking issues with its packaging. These concerns weren’t a common complaint, but enough where it was noticeable when I was doing my product research. It’s not an ideal situation that any customer wants to experience.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in these concerns, though, as they seemed more like isolated situations than a trend. If you buy this Unique RV toilet bowl cleaner, I have complete faith that you’ll end up more than satisfied with what it offers.

2. Star brite Toilet Cleaner

If you want an option capable of being used in a boat and motorhome, Star brite’s Toilet Cleaner is an excellent choice. This Star brite toilet bowl cleaner was designed specifically for these situations with its adaptable formula.

Thanks to this, its usage within your rig shouldn’t cause any damage to your plumbing system’s valves or seals. These issues tend to be a massive problem for chemical cleaners with chlorine or bleach-based formulas.

Most rig owners find themselves thinking cleaners without these chemicals aren’t as effective. But I was blown away by this product’s ability to remove both stains and water deposits. It had my toilet bowl looking spotless.

The easy using process was another thing that I loved about this product. Its directions were laid straightforwardly right on its packaging. I didn’t have any trouble following them to a tee and getting the best results possible from this cleaner.

More importantly, these top-tier results didn’t even require a great deal of effort when scrubbing with my handy toilet brush. It was a much less frustrating experience than what I’ve encountered using similar products from other top brands.

This cleaner is rather versatile, too, considering you can use it on both porcelain and china toilet bowls. I’d imagine most rig owners could use it for their needs without any damage or other issues arising.

I wish it came in a more significant quantity, though, as 16 oz isn’t enough. I would much prefer buying a 24 oz or 32 oz option instead of getting stuck with a 16 oz bottle. But this issue isn’t much of a deal-breaker when compared with the problems provided by other cleaners. After all, I could just buy two of these rather than a single bottle.

3. Seventh Generation Toilet Cleaner

Seventh Generation’s Toilet Cleaner is another exc

ellent choice for anyone who considers themselves eco-friendly. The cleaner fits into these peoples’ preferences because it contains a plant-based formula without any dyes, ammonia, or chlorine.

If you have any doubts about it being useful in an RV, this product’s USDA biobased certification and septic-safe usage should quiet those concerns. Its biodegradable formula shouldn’t have any damaging effects on your toilet bowl’s surface area.

The product’s simple using process was another massive highlight feature. It’s a straightforward process of squirting the cleaner under the toilet bowl’s rim, brushing, and then flushing. Even a forgetful person like myself wouldn’t have trouble remembering it.

Users won’t experience any harsh odors coming from its usage, either. I found its leftover fragrance quite endearing and not bothersome to my overly sensitive nose. It’s an outcome that isn’t a common one with my experiences using other cleaners.

This option should overjoy bulk buyers because it comes as an 8-pack. They could store away these bottles for an extended period to ensure there’s always a usable toilet cleaner onboard their rigs. Plus, the price tag for this package deal isn’t overwhelming.

Some customers did find the product a bit thinner than they expected. In these cases, it seems the cleaner didn’t stick as well as their prior experiences with other cleaners. This issue might make for a tricker cleaning process, but I can’t say I found this to be the case when using it.

Honestly, I would fully expect any RV owner to be more than happy with this product’s results. It has no trouble keeping a toilet in good condition regardless of the situation. In other words, it sure beats using vinegar to clean RV toilet.

4. Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner

If you find the scent of pine appealing, Ecover’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner should be right in your wheelhouse. This cleaner leaves behind a lovely pine scent when you’re done using it. Your RV’s bathroom has never smelt as good as it does after using this product.

But if the cleaner wasn’t effective, this appealing odor won’t matter much. Thankfully, this option provides nothing to worry about concerning its results, either. I found its formula to be very tough and strong against every type of stains within my toilet bowl.

It also helps that this product doesn’t have a blue dye in its formula. Due to this, it didn’t leave behind any blue stains as some other cleaners do. I ended up impressed by how it did its job thoroughly without leaving any residue behind.

The 25 oz bottle was another excellent addition. It’s a sizable quantity that should make sure you aren’t buying more cleaner any time soon. It doesn’t hurt that its using process only requires a small amount of the product for each use.

It’s clear that this toilet bowl cleaner should last a lot longer than most of its competitors. This aspect was one that received many compliments in its customer reviews. I couldn’t read more than a few of them without seeing someone shocked by how little cleaner was needed for a thorough cleaning.

The reviews did point out one downside to this product, though. Some buyers experienced shipping issues with this cleaner as it’s prone to leaking. It’s not something that you’d expect to see from a high-quality brand like Ecover.

But I still wouldn’t let these concerns stop me from purchasing this cleaner. These complaints were too infrequent for me to pull this option off my consideration list.

5. Lemi Shine Toilet Bowl Cleaner

RV owners looking to remove a funky smell from their toilet bowl should consider buying Lemi Shine Gel Formula Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Honestly, it’s one of the best options for deodorizing and stopping those odors from drifting through your rig.

This ability comes from the FunkGuard within its formula. Its inclusion gets rid of those odors and replaces them with a fresh lemon scent. As a result, this cleaner becomes a practical way to ensure your RV bathroom becomes inhabitable once again.

I was also surprised by its effectiveness against rust stains, which most other non-bleach cleaners have issues removing. But this lemon-scented marvel got rid of them with minimal effort. It made my toilet bowl look immaculate.

Buyers don’t need to concern themselves with this product’s safety, either. Its formula was designed to meet the U.S. EPA’s safer product standards, which should provide some peace of mind about its usage and any potential unwanted side effects.

I found myself loving that this option came as a 3-pack, as well. It would save me from having to drop more money on toilet cleaner anytime soon. Each bottle is also 24 oz, which ensures I won’t be doing this process for at least a couple of months.

However, I did find some customers felt the lemon scent was a bit overwhelming. These buyers reported the smell wafting through their rig and giving everything a lemon scent. I didn’t encounter this problem when using it, but I also love the smell of lemon.

If you have an overly sensitive nose or don’t like lemon-scented products, this cleaner might not be your ideal choice. This product’s powerful smell might cause some issues and make life on your rig quite uncomfortable.

6. Better Life Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Better Life’s Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner is one of my absolute favorite options available for RV use. After all, it leaves behind a pleasant peppermint odor, which happens to be one of my favorite smells in the world.

This high-quality smell isn’t the only thing that I love about this cleaner, though. I can’t say enough about its thick formula, which sticks to the bowl without issue. It makes cleaning your toilet a more comfortable and less taxing experience.

Bargain buyers will also like this option because it comes as a 2-pack and stays affordable. In fact, this product’s price tag is lower than what some single bottle options cost. I don’t think anyone could call this deal anything other than a steal.

If these features weren’t enough, this cleaner has a known reputation for dealing with stubborn stains. Multiple buyers reported this product could get rid of build-ups or stains that their previous toilet cleaners couldn’t.

This product’s using process is relatively simple. In fact, Better Life was even nice enough to lay out all the directions right in this cleaner’s product description. Therefore, you can see whether it’s a process that you’ll be comfortable doing.

I did find the bottle a little hard to open, which was a bit of a nuisance. This issue wasn’t an isolated incident, either, as a few other customers reported having similar problems. It makes the cleaner a little less convenient than I initially expected.

However, it’s not an issue that should overly concern any buyer. You shouldn’t miss out on this deal because the bottle provides a small degree of difficulty. After all, everything else about this product is high-quality and perfectly suited for an RV owner.

7. Thetford 96009 RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Our next option happens to be one of the most efficient cleaners available. Thetford’s 96009 Aqua-Foam RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner has earned a reputation for needing a tiny amount of water to work effectively.

It makes the product a practical choice for RV owners looking to save as much water as possible. But this cleaner isn’t only for RVers because it’s proven to be effective in both boat toilets and household toilets.

This product doesn’t discriminate when it comes to toilet surface types, either. I found it useful on both porcelain and plastic, without damage to seals or other parts. Rig owners couldn’t ask for much more versatility from one of these cleaners.

But none of these aspects was what made this product a must-have on our list. I was instead blown away by its overly easy using process. Users will only have to open the packet, pour it into the bowl, and rinse. I didn’t even need to do a hard scrub with my toilet brush.

The cleaner acted rather quickly, too, which is another massive advantage. You won’t have to wait around for it to get rid of grime and hard water stains. I was seeing results within seconds of putting the cleaner into my toilet bowl.

It’s not a perfect choice, though, as some people did experience packaging issues. These complaints mentioned the product arriving in damaged containers or leaking. Obviously, these problems aren’t what we want or expect when buying an RV toilet bowl cleaner.

But I would still recommend considering this product because its overall effectiveness and user-friendly using process are too much to overlook. More importantly, these packaging issues seem to be infrequent, as many people were more than happy with what they received.

8. Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This next option has one of my favorite bottle designs when it comes to toilet cleaners. Lysol’s Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner has an angled bottle to help make the using process easier. You can utilize this feature to help sanitize those hard-to-reach places.

For instance, under the rim tends to be a tricky place when cleaning your rig’s toilet. But this angled bottle design allows you to target this area without any issue. It should help make sure your entire toilet bowl becomes a sparkling marvel.

I was thrilled to see this cleaner has a reputation for being incredibly effective against bacteria and viruses, as well. It has proven to kill 99.9% of these nuisances, which should help keep your bathroom as sanitary as possible.

The product’s scent was another attractive quality that many buyers seem to love. It offers a fresh, clean smell to ensure your bathroom becomes a welcoming area rather than a place people avoid at all costs.

Given these qualities, I’m not shocked this option is one of the most popular on Amazon. Lysol did an excellent job creating a toilet bowl cleaner that can check off almost every box. I didn’t even mention the fact that it is septic safe, the 48 oz size, or the affordable price tag.

But it does have a habit of leaving residue behind after the job’s finished. This issue was brought up in more than one customer review. If you’re overly concerned with this problem, another cleaner might be more your speed.

It’s worth noting that most people were more than fine with its performance. There’s a reason this option is a popular one among rig owners: it works without being a hassle or causing any side effects. Sometimes, a little residue is worth it rather than having to deal with an ineffective product.

Dometic Blue D1216001 Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Outdated)

Our final product ends this list off with a large bang. After all, Dometic’s Blue D1216001 D Line RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner offers several features that any RV owner would love in these products. An excellent example would be its easy-to-pour spout.

As you can imagine, this feature makes using the cleaner a lot more convenient. I found it to be an absolute godsend when trying this product out on my toilet bowl. It ended up being a lot more practical than the cleaners that I’ve encountered in the past.

The product’s ability to leave no residue behind was another top-tier aspect. It’s a pivotal aspect because it’s the only way to ensure your toilet bowl actually becomes spotless. There’s nothing visibly appealing about those flimsy colored streaks left behind by other cleaners.

I was shocked by how little brushing this product required, as well. It took away most of the stains without needing me to pull out my trusted toilet brush. As I’m someone who hates maintenance tasks, you can imagine how much I enjoyed this attribute.

This product being made in the USA certainly didn’t hurt its case, either. It should ship much more quickly than you get with products from other countries. Plus, the United States has strict rules and regulations about manufactured products, which provides me with some peace of mind about its safety.

Some customers did have a few complaints about its effectiveness as a seal cleaner. In these cases, the product didn’t repair their seal issues as they expected. But problems with this product’s ability as a toilet bowl cleaner were hard to find.

As a result, I can’t see why anyone looking for a toilet bowl cleaner wouldn’t consider this option. It does its job with effective results without making it overly complicated. In the end, this Dometic product sounds like a winning one for any rig owner.

Eco-me Natural Powerful Toilet Cleaner (Outdated)

This next option happens to be a contender for the safest cleaner available. Eco-me’s Natural Powerful Toilet Cleaner earns this distinction because of its all-natural formula, featuring plant essential oils capable of cleaning and deodorizing a toilet bowl with the best of them.

In fact, these essential oils even have antibacterial properties. This aspect is vital because it cleans without harming the environment. You can sit back and relax, knowing your high-quality toilet bowl cleaner is doing its job without any adverse side effects.

This option tends to be a favorite among RVers with kids and pets, as well. Its non-toxic properties make it ideal for preventing any accidents from becoming traumatic. Due to this, it offers some peace of mind that chemical cleaners can’t provide.

I was happy with the cleaner’s performance quality, too, thanks to its overall thickness. This attribute made it stick onto the toilet bowl rather than pour right into the water. It made for a much more effective cleaning experience than I usually expect from all-natural cleaners, such as an Ecos toilet bowl cleaner.

The product offers a refreshing mint smell, too. It wasn’t overwhelming, but the smell was enough to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. Buyers won’t need to agonize about the smell wafting throughout your entire RV.

I found the product’s price to be more than affordable, which was another standout trait. It was a little shocking to see an effective 32 oz cleaner available at this price. But this option ends up being among the least expensive choices on our list.

The bottle design does have a rep for being susceptible to spilling. I didn’t find any issues when using the product myself, but there were a few complaints in the customer reviews. I’d suggest just remaining extra careful when opening it to prevent any issues.

Valterra V23500 RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Outdated)

The Valterra V23500 RV Pure Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner has earned many fans using BioBlastPlus technology. What does this aspect mean? Well, this feature is known for its stellar odor control abilities.

It shouldn’t have any issues getting rid of any rotten smell coming from your toilet bowl. Plus, it’s compatible with bacterial RV tank treatments. These two tools working together should have no problems making sure your entire plumbing system is odor-free.

Your toilet bowl won’t be the only thing to benefit from this product, either. This cleaner offers staggering versatility as it can work on floors, counters, composting toilets, sinks, and showers. Users could clean their entire bathroom using this one product.

I was also quite thrilled with this product’s ability to fight against hard water buildup. It took care of these stains without any trouble when I was using it. Other issues like oil, grime, and soap scum had no chance against this cleaner, either.

It took care of these stains without needing an excessive amount of scrubbing, as well. I didn’t find myself with a sore shoulder after using this product as I did with other cleaners. It was a sufficient, user-friendly experience that any rig owner would see as convenient.

But I do find its price tag a bit more expensive than expected for a 24 oz bottle. You can even find a few 32 oz options going for less money on our list. Buyers will have to weigh whether its convenient and effective using process is worth the extra cash.

In my case, I think it warrants paying a little extra. Natural cleaners of this quality don’t come around often enough, and its overall versatility does make it a practical choice. I could easily see myself justifying spending more money on this cleaner because of these features.

Boaters Mate Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Outdated)

RV owners should be champing at the bit to purchase Boaters Mate’s Zaal Scale Toilet Bowl Cleaner. This option was designed specifically to work in RVs, boats, campers, motorhomes, and similar vehicles.

One of the main benefits that its formula provides is the ability to protect your rig’s plumbing system. Its usage will remove those buildups and other issues within your pipes without damaging their integrity.

Buyers can sit back and not worry about whether this cleaning product produces any unwanted side effects. Moreover, this product has a rep for being an effective cleaner on all toilet surfaces, such as porcelain, plastic, and ceramic.

I’m also a massive fan of how easy this model was to use. Most cleaners make opening and using them a bit more difficult than you expect. But this product comes with a wide nozzle design that ensures you can apply it to any area with ease.

Boaters Mate was even kind enough to offer a 30-day warranty with each purchase. This aspect isn’t common when it comes to toilet bowl cleaners. Its solid inclusion ensures buyers end up truly happy with their purchase. It also protects you from receiving a bottle with leaking problems.

Some other notable features include a peppermint scent, the ability to encourage good bacteria, and reliable performance against rust. Each of these aspects should make your toilet bowl remain in good condition for a much longer time.

It’s also worth noting that I couldn’t find a single notable issue worth complaining about this cleaner. This outcome isn’t a typical one to encounter when doing product research. If it does happen, any potential buyer would be smart to take note.

Therefore, I can’t do anything but recommend buying this option to anyone who thinks it could fit their toilet bowl cleaner needs. What more could you possibly want from one of these products?

RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner Buyer’s Guide


Selecting the best RV toilet bowl cleaner will require an in-depth understanding of these products. I’ll cover several essential factors within this section to make you an expert on toilet bowl cleaners. You’ll have everything needed to pick an option capable of meeting your expectations.

  • Effectiveness

The first thing to determine about these cleaners is their overall effectiveness. No RV owner will want to waste money on an ineffective option, which makes doing research beforehand vital. But this research can get rather complicated with the many options available.

Due to this, an informed buyer must know how to isolate low-quality cleaners from high-quality ones. The easiest way to accomplish this feat is by using other people’s experiences as a resource.

In other words, you’ll need to read through customer reviews of every choice. These discussions should provide some insight into the cleaner’s ability to keep a toilet clean. Keep an eye on negative reviews because these are the most helpful when doing product research.

  • Manufacturer

A toilet bowl cleaner’s manufacturer has an enormous influence on its overall quality. RV owners must make sure their chosen option comes from a reputable company. Otherwise, you might end up with a product that could damage your toilet bowl’s surface area and pipes.

But finding these high-quality brands isn’t always an easy task. After all, everyone seems to be making their version of toilet cleaners these days. I did offer an excellent starting point, though, by mentioning numerous top-tier brands in our review sections.

These manufacturers have proven to have a stellar reputation among rig owners. Their products are often among the top sellers within this marketplace. If you buy from these brands, you should get a cleaner capable of making your toilet bowl sparkle.

  • Using Process

An RV toilet cleaner shouldn’t have a complicated using process. These products should make utilizing their special cleaning powers a hassle-free task that doesn’t require any thought. It needs to be straightforward and effortless from a user’s perspective.

How does a buyer find a toilet cleaner that’s easy to use? It’s an easy exercise of reading through product descriptions. These resources should provide some insight and directions about using the cleaner.

They will offer you a better idea of whether you feel comfortable using the product. Most manufacturers will even provide extensive directions in these descriptions. It’s an effort to help every buyer feel at ease with buying their cleaner.

  • Biodegradability

Among the more crucial factors happens to be a cleaner’s biodegradability. For instance, cleaners with biodegradable formulas are consistently a top-tier choice for rig owners. These options tend to have a long list of uses and don’t hurt our planet when doing their job.

But these cleaners aren’t perfect as they do have one downside. Their formulas having natural ingredients makes them much more costly than chemical cleaners. However, this increased cost becomes worth it when you consider their top-tier effectiveness and eco-friendly makeup.

In my mind, the benefits of biodegradable cleaners outweigh the negative by a wide margin. I’ll always suggest rig owners stick with these kinds of products. You’re better off going with safer and equally effective products that cost a little extra than something unsafe.

  • Cost

As you can imagine, the cost of these cleaners often vary. None of them will be overly expensive, but the price tags do differ quite a bit. This situation makes it smart for buyers to build a budget around their preferred features.

Let’s take a person who wants to buy a biodegradable cleaner as an example. These buyers would need higher budget ranges than someone who’s purchasing standard options. Paying attention to these little details will keep your budget realistic and usable.

You then use this budget to lessen your choices, which should make the entire process easier. After all, you’ll end up only picking from cleaners that meet your exact needs. It makes your life as a consumer much less frustrating and stressful.

  • Quantity

RV toilet cleaning products will come in various sizes. You’ll come across options offering 16 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz, and many other quantities. RV owners will have to decide what amount suits their needs the best.

I’m always going to pick a larger quantity to ensure I don’t have to buy more cleaner anytime soon. It’s a much more convenient route and saves me from having to do this process over again. If you do plan to use the toilet cleaner regularly, I recommend doing the same.

  • Odor

Most of these cleaners will produce an odor or fragrance when they’re finished cleaning a rig’s toilet bowl, such as pine, peppermint, or country. It’s essential to do some research into this factor before choosing an option. You don’t want to be stuck with a scent that causes problems for your nose.

As you can imagine, this issue will only make your RV adventures much less pleasant. Do yourself a favor and read the product description, along with the customer reviews. Both these resources should give you an idea of what to expect.

RV Toilet Bowl Cleaner FAQs

Our product reviews and buying guide should have provided an idea of what a high-quality RV toilet cleaner features and offers. But there’s still a bit more you need to know before choosing your perfect option.

Who this is for?

RV toilet bowl cleaners are products designed for usage inside motorhomes. These products contain ingredients which won’t damage or cause issues for your rig’s plumbing system. It makes them an effective way to keep your toilet bowls looking spotless.

In fact, you just need to use these cleaners with a solid RV toilet bowl brush for effective results. These two tools working together shouldn’t have any issues keeping your toilet clean. Therefore, a high-quality cleaner is for any motorhome owners looking to keep their bathroom in pristine condition.

What are the different types of RV toilet bowl cleaners?

Most RV toilet bowl cleaners are categorized into either of the following two types. You can either get a non-chemical cleaner or a chemical cleaner. Every potential buyer needs to know how these two differ before settling on a final decision.

Once you do, it makes finding the best cleaner a much easier task. I’m going to help you out by discussing their differences below in extensive detail. You should then have no issues deciding what type suits your needs.

Non-Chemical or Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Non-chemical cleaners tend to be a better choice for rig owners because of their natural formulas. You see, these products don’t contain chlorine or bleach chemicals. Buyers can instead expect them to use ingredients deemed safe for use in nature and around people/pets.

Most household toilet cleaners end up being these types. You might have even used a mineral or pumice cleaner inside your home before reading this article. In these situations, I imagine these cleaning products had no problems getting rid of unwanted stains.

But these same cleaners won’t be ideal fits for motorhome or camper usage. After all, their use would likely damage the porcelain or plastic material that makes up your rig’s toilet bowl. It ends up becoming a durability and performance concern down-the-road.

RV owners would be much better off looking at non-chemical options designed specifically for motorhome usage. Finding these products won’t be too difficult as most brands and manufacturers will detail whether they’re RV safe in their descriptions.

Buyers should expect these products to contain ingredients such as tank-boasting microbial cleaners. Their inclusion should provide an additional benefit of treating the black water holding tank when using them.

However, I’d recommend still paying attention to the product’s ingredients and safety certifications. Being aware of these aspects will increase your probability of choosing a high-quality non-chemical toilet bowl cleaner.

Chemical Toilet Bowl Cleaners

The first thing to know about chemical cleaners is they often have chlorine-based or bleach-based formulas. You should have some familiarity with using these options because they’re much like household cleaners. These options won’t have any trouble removing residue and stains from your RV toilet.

Most of the time, human waste and build-ups of mineral deposits will be your primary issues. These cleaners will get rid of those problems without much effort. But there’s a downside to chemical options that many rig owners tend to overlook when buying these products.

Chemical cleaners might provide high-quality performance, but it doesn’t make them safe to use. In some cases, these products will have dangerous chemicals in their formulas that are known for causing damage to holding tanks.

For instance, these chemicals have a rep for killing the beneficial bacteria in holding tanks that help them stay functional. Their usage often leads to clogs and backups that no rig owner ever wants to deal with when traveling.

It would be best for rig owners to avoid these products unless they have excellent customer feedback and top-tier safety certifications. If they do have these aspects, I don’t see any reason to believe the chemical cleaner won’t be safe to clean RV toilet bowl.

How to do RV toilet bowl cleaner homemade?

Choosing a commercial RV safe toilet bowl cleaner like the Eco-me Natural Powerful Toilet Cleaner is always a wise choice. However, a homemade vinegar/baking soda solution is an acceptable alternative if you’re in a bind.

This 3-step solution will provide satisfactory cleaning results that won’t cause structural or material damage:

  1. Put ⅓ cup of vinegar and a small amount of baking soda into your toilet bowl. One or two slight pours of baking soda should do the trick.
  2. Once the ingredients are set, some bubbling will occur in your toilet. You might be taken aback by its appearance, but there’s no need to be alarmed. It’s what we want to see before continuing onto step 3.
  3. Take a brush or another cleaning tool to provide your toilet with a deep scrub. Tough stains will require some serious elbow grease, so don’t be afraid to put some force into cleaning.

In most cases, a DIY solution won’t provide the same results as a high-quality professional toilet bowl cleaner for RV. But it should help clear any leftover streaks or other noticeable issues.

Why household cleaning chemicals could be bad for your RV toilet?

It would make our lives easier if most household cleaning chemicals were safe for RV toilets. But most don’t mesh well with camping toilets and plumbing systems. The issue comes from these cleaners often containing dangerous chemicals like bleach.

These chemicals can wreak havoc on plumbing systems inside campers. In fact, many RV owners have reported household cleaners causing severe damage to seals. It’ll then lead to RVers spending money on plumbing repairs, which we all know can be expensive.

So it ends up being much more convenient to use RV safe cleaning products. After all, I’ve provided a list of the 12 best rated toilet bowl cleaner options for RVs in our article. Any one of them will ensure our toilet is sparkling clean in no time.

How does RV toilet bowl cleaner work?

Cleaning an RV toilet bowl isn’t something that any RV owner looks forward to doing. But it’s a critical task which helps keep your traveling experience pleasant. Luckily, most toilet bowl cleaners make this task relatively easy with their simple using method.

The entire process of using one will require rubber gloves, a rag, sanitary wipes, and an RV toilet cleaning brush. Once you’ve gotten these supplies, it’s time to take the cloth and use a cleaning agent/hot water to wet it.

Proceed to use this rag and clean up your RV toilet’s exterior. It’d be helpful to put a heightened focus around the seat and lid. You can then move to the much grosser task of cleaning inside the toilet bowl.

It’ll require using your toilet brush, cleaner, and some elbow grease to scrub away those interior stains. As you can imagine, the RV toilet bowl cleaner uses its formula to weaken the stain’s resistance while the brush puts on the finishing touches.

But make sure to scrub hard enough where those stains have no chance at withstanding it. After finishing, flush the toilet to remove any leftover water.

Can I use toilet bowl cleaner in my RV toilet?

RV owners must make sure their chosen cleaner is both high-quality and safe. Many cleaners are considered chemical-based, containing bleach or chlorine. As I stated earlier, many of these products can damage your RV plumbing system’s soft rubber seals.

I’d instead recommend going with a natural or non-chemical cleaner. For instance, eco-friendly options are often a reliable and safe choice. Look for specific buzzwords/buzz phrases like biodegradable or safe for RV usage to determine whether each option is usable in your motorhome.

What toilet bowl cleaner is safe for RV toilets?

Safe cleaning products for RV usage won’t be challenging to separate from their counterparts. Manufacturers will advertise their motorhome capabilities in their ad. In most cases, non-chemical cleaners will be the safest route for an RV owner.

But some chemical cleaners have been known to have formulas capable of being safely used in an RV setting. It varies from product to product, which makes researching each option an essential part of this process.

In any case, commercial cleaners built for RV usage should work much better than a DIY RV toilet bowl cleaner or an RV toilet cleaner homemade formula.

How do you clean RV toilet pipe?

If you’re looking to clean or unclog an RV toilet pipe, there are three easy ways of doing it. I’m going to discuss each of them to offer a better idea of what fits your preferences. Let’s make sure your toilet pipe becomes usable and effective once again.

Boiling Water

I’ll always recommend starting by pouring boiling water down your clogged toilet. In most cases, this action should clean and unclog the pumping system without issue. It’s an effective way of making sure everything goes back to normal.

But make sure to bring a couple of boiling pots. Once you have them, open the toilet valve and pour the water down the toilet into your holding tank. This process does have a downside of sometimes filling campers with a kind of sewer smell for a short period.

Flexible Tank Wand

Another option would be using a flexible tank wand. It’ll clear up those toilet clogs without much trouble and help spray out your black tank. Your holding tank should end up being odor-free and completely clean.

Honestly, a flexible tank should always be onboard a rig. You never know when having one could be an absolute godsend.

Septic Safe Declogger

Our last method would be resorting to chemical clog removers. RV owners should always consider chemicals a last resort when trying to clear or clean their plumbing system. But they do make chemical clog removers that are designed for use in camper toilets.

Any care and maintenance tips?

The using process for these cleaners will differ from product to product. But they should have detailed instructions on their labels depicting how to use them. If you follow these directions, there’s no reason to believe that anything dangerous or damaging will occur.

Where can I buy?

The best place to buy these cleaners would be Amazon. You aren’t going to find better prices or a more extensive selection anywhere else. But there are some excellent alternatives, such as seeing what Camping World or Home Depot offers.


I hope these discussions provided some helpful insight into the best RV toilet bowl cleaner for your situation. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a post in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each one as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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