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The Best RV Steps for Your Travel Trailer Entry Door

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

If you’re looking to find the best RV steps available, clicking on this article was a smart decision. It’ll provide you with everything a person might need to select a proper set of RV steps. You’ll no longer have to rely on those old broken down ones outside your rig.

best rv steps

You’ll even get an inside look into what I consider the 10 best options on today’s market. In fact, I’ll review each of them to ensure you know what a top-tier RV step assembly offers. These discussions will make sure you can identify a high-quality one without a second of hesitation.

Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into these reviews. I promise everything you’re about to read will be vital in finding the perfect RV steps for your situation.

Best Overall Sturdiness Light Weight
Preview Camco 43676

Lippert 791572

Ollieroo TL05101

Maximum Height 19″ 26″ 15″
Weight 9 Pounds 30 Pounds 4 Pounds
Material Aluminum Aluminum Steel, Polypropylene
Load Capacity 1000 Pounds 400 Pounds 330 Pounds
Details Details Details

10 Best Step for RV Reviews

1. Camco 43676 RV Platform Step

If you’re looking for an incredibly convenient option, Camco’s 43676 Aluminum RV Platform Step should be right in your wheelhouse. This model thrives when it comes to providing both strength and storability, making it a godsend for RV owners.

This product’s strength is apparent from its rather impressive weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. I can’t see how this platform step would be incapable of working in any situation with ease. I mean, who’s going to lift over 1,000 pounds into their rig anytime soon?

As for the storability, this option can fold down to three inches high. It’s made possible by the product’s foldable legs, which ensure this ultra-compact storage. I didn’t even have issues finding a place for it on my rig, even with my hoarding tendencies.

The inclusion of anti slip rubber feet was another aspect that caught my attention. You can expect these feet to offer even more support and stability. As a result, you won’t have to worry about tripping or slipping accidents as much as people would with other options.

Its sturdy aluminum construction should provide high-quality performance for a long time, as well. RV owners should expect this platform step to be in their lives for many years. It should have no issues being the long-term solution to ensuring hassle-free entry into your RV.

Some customers did mention having trouble with adjusting the leg lengths, though. It seems pushing the push pins was a bit difficult, which made the process a nuisance. This issue isn’t a huge deal, but it’s something every potential buyer should know before putting money down.

I’d still recommend this platform step to any rig owner, even with this issue. Its high-quality performance, stability, and durability make dealing with this flaw more than worth it. Plus, many other customers found this potential problem a non-issue based on their reviews.

2. Lippert 791572 RV Steps

The Lippert Components 791572 Aluminum Solid Step RV Steps has become a favorite choice among RV owners for various reasons. But the main attraction would have to be its easy installation, which makes this choice insanely convenient.

Lippert made these aluminum RV steps easy to install by including everything needed for the task inside the product’s packaging. For instance, it comes with all the mounting and installation hardware to ensure users can do it by themselves. I didn’t even have problems doing it, which is a miracle given my skills.

Once installed, I found myself loving how convenient these steps were when it came to storage. It’s a simple matter of folding them right into your RV’s doorway when you aren’t using them. It should keep them out of the way and prevent them from using any valuable space.

The adjustable legs were an excellent touch, as well. It makes adjusting to any surface much more manageable than most other aluminum folding step RV products. The aspect was a common source of praise within this option’s customer reviews.

You shouldn’t overlook this product’s ability to limit bounce, either. It offers a level of stability that will prevent embarrassing, dangerous tripping incidents from occurring. A clumsy person like myself wouldn’t even have these issues using this set of travel trailer steps.

However, I was a bit disappointed by this product’s price and packaging. These steps have an expensive price tag, and a few buyers complained about the shipping container arriving damaged. Neither of these issues is what a customer wants to see when doing product research.

But the performance quality offered by these steps is too high to pass up, even with these potential problems. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more convenient set of stairs than these from Camco.

3. Ollieroo Portable RV Step

This next option, Ollieroo’s Portable RV Step Stool, is our most affordable choice among these products. But don’t think this low cost means it can’t help out rig owners on their travels. It has a long list of excellent features to provide safe entry into your RV.

An excellent example would be its rugged, sturdy construction, which is reinforced with non-slip grips. Ollieroo put these two attributes together to create a product capable of providing top-tier stability and durability.

I was also impressed with its foldable design, which users can open and close within seconds. It makes this model an excellent option for people who don’t have a lot of storage space on their rigs. Plus, it only weighs four pounds to make moving from storage rather effortless.

This lightweight design gives the stool a multi-purpose ability that some other choices on our list lack. You can easily carry it inside your rig and home to do certain chores, such as cleaning cabinets or reaching out-of-reach places.

You also have to love its 15-inch by 10.2-inch surface, which provides a broad base to place your feet. It offers a certain level of comfort and security other choices might lack. But again, the real standout trait for this option would be its affordable price.

Finding another step stool with these attributes at this price is almost impossible. If you’re looking for a platform RV step, I don’t see how passing up this option would be plausible. It has everything a person could want in one.

The only issue was a few customers experiencing shipping issues. It seems the product has a habit of arriving missing certain parts like screws. But these problems were only mentioned in a couple of reviews.

Due to this, I’d have full confidence in buying this step stool. The price tag and performance features alone more than make dealing with potential shipping concerns worth risking.

4. Quick Products 5th Wheel Stair

Motorhome owners looking to buy RV steps with handrail need to consider Quick Products’ QP-S5W2S 5th Wheel Stair. Its handrail aspect will provide an extra level of stability and support when climbing these steps.

You can also benefit from the handrail’s versatility as it attaches to either side. It’s a key feature because this allows each user to account for issues like the door’s swing and comfortability. It ends up being an effective way to make this option a more attractive fit for a lot more situations.

I was impressed with this option’s wider steps, as well. This feature will ensure using these steps becomes more comfortable and less dangerous. Each step will offer a safe, secure place to set your foot when entering or exiting your rig.

But my favorite aspect would have to be these stairs’ easy assembly, which I completed within minutes. Folding them also only requires removing some bolts. As a result, it could be an ideal fit for people with limited mechanical skills like me.

Other notable features include a 300-pound weight capacity, a reasonable price, and usability in various situations. These aspects will make sure your life as an RV owner becomes a lot easier than with other RV steps.

I must admit that this product’s weight was a bit more than expected. You might require the help of a second person to move these steps from place to place. After all, 55 pounds isn’t the easiest to carry, especially with a design like this one.

But people who need the extra stability of a handrail need to consider this option. Senior citizens and clumsy kids could benefit from this product being in their lives. It’ll help prevent an unfortunate accident from happening when entering or exiting the motorhome.

5. Kwikee 32 Series RV Electric Step Kit

Our next option, Kwikee’s 32 Series RV Electric Step Kit, offers a sturdy and reliable design that every RV owner would love.

For instance, it’s made from heavy-gauge steel to ensure it has no issues holding up to 300 pounds. I haven’t encountered a single situation where I didn’t feel comfortable and supported when climbing into my rigs.

This construction also gives the product excellent durability. It has shown an ability to provide solid performance for many years without breaking or needing a replacement. But, of course, I shouldn’t be surprised, given its stainless steel bushings and waterproof capabilities.

Kwikee was even smart enough to incorporate several safety features. These components include anti-slip grips and automatic retraction when encountering dangerous occurrences. It’s just another way these travel trailer replacement steps manage to outpace other options.

Plus, this kit also comes with a built-in hidden light. This aspect is a godsend when I travel in and out of my rig at night. It has saved me several times from falling flat on my face.

Buyers should find themselves thrilled with the product’s appearance, as well. The step assembly has a solid powder-coated finish that looks good on any rig. When placed onto my RV, it looked better than my old camper folding steps.

I should mention that this electric step kit isn’t stingy regarding versatility, either. I’ve seen buyers use it as 5th wheel steps, Class A RV steps, and even small travel trailers. Kwikee did a solid job crafting an option the entire camping community can enjoy.

Sadly, I did see a customer or two report that they suffered shipping issues. It seems their packages arrived in less than stellar conditions. But these negative experiences were definitely in the minority as most people were thrilled with this replacement RV steps kit.

6. Lippert RV Double Entry Step

RV owners with smaller motorhomes tend to love Lippert Components’s 432682 RV Double Entry Step. It’s a much more practical option than spending money on a single step for these RVers for many reasons.

An obvious benefit would be how much easier it makes entering your vehicle. After all, a double-step option reduces the climbing amount by a significant margin. It’ll prevent issues like slipping and hurting yourself by ensuring you have another step to put your feet safely.

You also benefit from Lippert using rust-resistant materials when making this product. This attribute comes from its powder-coated quality, which will stop sun or rain exposure from causing corrosion issues.

As a person who likes RVing in rainy environments, you can imagine how useful these attributes would be for my needs. It ends up a much better option than any wooden RV steps or camper steps craigslist listed.

Multiple buyers have found this product to be endlessly helpful for horse trailer usage, as well. Its height makes it an asset when entering or exiting these spaces. Plus, the broader steps provided by Lippert will help in this situation.

I was thrilled by this product’s flexibility and price, too, which are always excellent touches. You won’t have to pay a lot for these particular steps, and storing them is more than manageable. Lippert did a great job creating a top-tier, convenient set of RV porch steps.

However, the product does not come with bolts, so you’ll have to buy your own. I don’t think this is a huge problem, because even with this added cost, the steps are still affordable.

In any case, this issue isn’t something that should make buyers remove a product from their consideration list. It certainly shouldn’t happen when the product can provide high-quality performance, such as this one.

7. FLSEPAMB RV Platform Step

The FLSEPAMB Portable RV Platform Step is another folding step stool which will make entering your motorhome much easier. It’ll prevent you from having to rely on unstable or dangerous RV steps that might pose a massive safety risk.

One of the main reasons for this option’s heightened safety would be its seven non-slip gripper strips. These aspects are vital inclusions as each one will increase friction to make sure users won’t slip when stepping on this stool.

Users won’t have to worry about tracking mud or dirt into their motorhomes, either. This stool has a slotted design built to help remove these substances from your shoes. I can’t even express how helpful this aspect would be for me considering my hiking and biking habits.

Moreover, buyers don’t only benefit from this product’s usage when entering or exiting their motorhome. Customers have found uses for this stool in their homes, garages, or anywhere a person might require a stable platform step.

Adjusting this product’s leg height is considered much more comfortable than with other options, as well. It’s a quality that I found myself agreeing with as you can adjust them into four different height settings. It’s just a simple matter of holding two buttons on each side of the legs.

I didn’t even mention that this step stool happens to be one of the least expensive options on our list. Bargain buyers should pay close attention to this option, as it doesn’t get much better when trying to find a deal on portable RV steps.

There were a few complaints about the legs being a little difficult to fold. It was an issue noted more than once in the customer reviews, but it still isn’t something I put much stock into as a buyer.

After all, these complaints were undoubtedly a minority among the vast amount of overwhelmingly delighted buyers. This potential issue shouldn’t stop anyone from seriously considering this product from FLSEPAMB.

8. Buyers Products RV Poly Step

RV owners who aren’t overly thrilled with the idea of aluminum or metal RV steps should look at buying Buyers Products’s 3013658 RV Poly Step. It’s made from polyethylene rubber material capable of matching the durability offered by these more rugged materials.

It can match these other products because its polyethylene material has UV resistance and a high density. As a result, buyers won’t have to worry about sun damage or weight causing long-term damage.

You might even be somewhat surprised to learn this step can handle 350 pounds with ease. Due to this, it should have no problem holding most people who attempt to use the stairs. It’s a durability level that I didn’t expect to find from a product made from this material.

I was also intrigued by this product’s lightweight and practical design. These qualities allow it to work in several situations that aren’t related to RVing. Many buyers found this step a useful resource when doing chores or other activities in their homes and garages.

Buyers won’t have to worry about slippage with these steps, either. They can offer the amount of friction needed to ensure accidents don’t happen when using them. Plus, I found them much easier to clean than your traditional metal or aluminum steps. It was a simple matter of using hot water and a cloth to keep them in good shape.

I wish the steps were a bit wider, though, as other options on this list outpace them. Customers noted this issue a few times in this option’s reviews. It ends up being more of a nuisance rather than a real deal-breaker.

Overall, I would expect buyers to deal with this one potential issue relatively easily. The other positive attributes offered by these steps certainly outweigh this one negative.


If you’re traveling with senior citizens or kids, the Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R Second Econo Porch Step needs to be a serious consideration. The main reason for this recommendation would be its design, which includes handrails.

These handrails will help provide stability and balance to people who are prone to falling and slipping. As someone who falls into this description, I can only imagine how many times these handrails will save me from wiping out in front of my camper.

I was also thrilled to see this product’s top step is a platform rather than a traditional step. It’ll offer a bit more stability than similar options available for RV owners. In fact, it makes climbing a lot more accessible and less taxing for everyone.

Meanwhile, the other two steps offer a wider surface than most RV steps. These aspects show Stromberg put some serious thought into improving their product’s comfortability. You aren’t going to find many other choices capable of being more practical than these steps.

I didn’t even mention that Stomberg included stable legs with this product’s design. These legs actually have a reputation for working effectively on uneven surfaces that others might not. As a result, I don’t see a situation where these steps might be needed where they won’t work correctly.

These steps are a bit bulkier than I expected, though. It makes storing and carrying them on RVing adventures more challenging than I’d like for these products. However, these steps’ outstanding quality and stability make looking past this relatively small flaw easy.

Buyers shouldn’t hesitate for a second to purchase this option when it can meet their needs. Its construction and the long list of excellent features make it more than worth your time. Honestly, I can’t think of a single aspect that I’d add to this product besides a lighter design.

10. Lippert RV Double Step

Our final product, Lippert Components Solid Step RV Double Step, will not blow anyone away with its advanced or innovative aspects. But what this model does to make our list is as valuable as having groundbreaking features: it does its job in a simple, hassle-free way.

Lippert was able to offer a hassle-free product by keeping its features straightforward and effective. For instance, this double step assembly’s installation is one of the easiest out there because all the mounting hardware is included with purchase.

The product’s performance quality isn’t anything to overlook, either. It offers an extra-broad top step, adjustable legs, and top-tier step treads for convenience purposes. None of these inclusions are groundbreaking, but they make sure this option is comfortable and safe to use.

I was also thrilled to see it came with a 1-year warranty. It’s an exceptional addition because it conveys that Lippert cares about its customers. You don’t have to worry about them honoring this agreement, either, as multiple reviews confirm their service is top-tier.

Buyers will like to hear this model has a reputation for being bounce-free, as well. It’s always unsettling to use RV steps with bouncing or vibration issues. Thankfully, you can climb these without ever having to experience those problems.

The only flaw worth mentioning is this option does create a gap where it attaches onto your rig’s floor. In some cases, this attribute makes closing your RV’s door a bit more challenging than other models. You’ll just need to put a little more effort into it.

Otherwise, this product from Lippert will make your life much easier when traveling on the road. Its straightforward and effective features will be pivotal additions to your experiences. I wouldn’t be surprised if several of your neighboring RVers were soon asking you questions about where you’ve purchased your steps.

MOR/ryde RV Entry Step (Outdated)

One of the more versatile options available would be MOR/ryde’s STP-2-24-09H RV Entry Step. It was built with a universal fitting design to ensure the product could securely attach onto almost any motorhome within minutes.

After its attached, users will benefit massively from its wobble-free construction that comes from features like its adjustable feet. It should have no problem being a stable, secure option on any terrain a motorhome owner might encounter.

It would be best if you didn’t sleep on its easy using process, either. It’s a pull-down model that you can efficiently utilize without much effort. This aspect has made it one of the more popular replacement options out there for RV owners.

More importantly, the product will retract inside the rv during travel. It doesn’t take up much or valuable space inside the rig, which is another huge benefit. After all, these steps will sit inside your closed doorway until they’re needed.

I was also delighted to see this model has a 500-pound weight capacity. I never have to worry about falling off the steps, which is not always the case with other products. Other people with average body weights should have no problem, either.

However, I do wish this option had pre-drilled holes for a railing add-on. It would make installing one a lot more convenient than having to drill these holes myself. This issue ends up being more a preference problem rather than anything to do with its overall quality.

But if you don’t think a railing will be necessary, I don’t see another reason why someone wouldn’t buy these steps. There’s nothing else about this option’s performance or feature that I would ever consider subpar.

Stromberg Carlson Manual RV Step (Outdated)

Stromberg Carlson’s SMFP-1200 Manual RV Step is an excellent choice for any RV owner who needs to replace a single step. It’s made from high-quality metal, which will make sure it can last several years. This option isn’t one you’ll have to replace anytime soon.

It doesn’t hurt that this step has been powder-coated to stop rust-related issues, either. Buyers won’t ever need to worry about water damage or sun exposure causing long-term problems. It should hold up in any situation with ease.

The product’s installation process was also a massive standout attribute. Stromberg Carlson made sure to build this option with the capability of replacing any step on the market. As a result, you shouldn’t have any issues installing this right into the space occupied by your old one.

Certain buyers will also love how easy you can use this model in smaller RVs, such as campervans. Its well-balanced and durable construction lends itself well to these types of situations.

Aside from these features, the product’s relatively inexpensive compared to other options on this list. It represents a bargain for anyone looking to replace a single step. You don’t often find an affordable, universal fitting option available for this price tag.

There weren’t any notable flaws worth mentioning about this option, either. I only wish it came in different variations to ensure I could bulk buy them for my needs. But this problem is more of a personal one rather than anything detrimental to the product’s overall quality.

In the end, any RVers with a need for a single step would be doing themselves a disservice by not at least considering this option. Its practicality and overall performance results are almost unrivaled by similar options on today’s market. It’s not a product an RVer would want to miss an opportunity to purchase.

MOR/ryde RV Fold Up Step (Outdated)

MOR/ryde’s STP-4-30-03H RV Fold Up Step is one of the most stable options available for RVers. It earns this title with its high-quality construction made up of tough, durable materials that ensure it’s safe to enter/exit your rig.

These Morryde steps are quite impressive when it comes to longevity, as well. You can expect them to handle most situations relatively easily with their 500-pound weight capacity. I don’t envision many scenarios where these steps would be incapable of being a practical option.

Buyers will also love this product’s lightweight design. It makes transporting and installing the device much more comfortable than expected. Multiple buyers confirmed these findings within their reviews as they often talked about the installation process with a lot of praise.

I was thrilled to see this product came with adjustable feet, too, which will help keep them level even on uneven terrain. It’s crucial for my needs as I tend to camp in areas where finding stable ground can be quite tricky.

The product’s using process is another massive advantage campers will end up loving. It features a twist handle, which makes pulling them down convenient. Lifting them back up isn’t much of a hassle, either, as I found myself doing it without a single issue.

But I wasn’t a massive fan of this product’s price tag as it’s rather expensive. It’s actually one of the more expensive choices on our entire list. Potential buyers will have to shell out a bit more than they probably initially expected when purchasing this step assembly.

However, it’s a cost most people will end up feeling is more than worth it. The stability and durability offered by this option are almost unrivaled within this marketplace. It’s one of the few cases where spending a few extra dollars won’t be a regrettable decision.

Best Step for RV Buyer’s Guide


Picking out high-quality camper steps involves making several decisions about certain determining factors. This section will discuss all of them with an incredible amount of detail to make sure you can make an informed choice.

  • Weight Capacity

One of the most overlooked aspects would have to be weight capacity. Each set of steps will have a maximum amount of pounds that it can carry without issue. You’ll have to calculate how much your perfect set would need to endure.

As you imagine, RV steps can vary drastically when it comes to this aspect. Some sets can hold up to 300 pounds, while most top-tier options will have a limit of 500 pounds. Buyers will need to choose steps that meet their specific weight needs.

  • Durability

Durability will play a massive role in determining what set of travel trailer steps is perfect for your situation. Buyers must make sure to choose an option that’ll last a long time without deterioration. It’s the only way to prevent any buyer’s regret.

I’d recommend sticking with steps made from metal, which is combined with one of the following materials: plastic or thick rubber. This kind of construction should create a heavy-duty set capable of lasting several years.

Customer reviews should help with this factor, as well. These resources should have in-depth insights into whether the steps did or didn’t hold up well. You can then use this information to determine an option’s overall quality quickly.

  • Stability

Motorhome steps need to offer a heightened level of stability. Otherwise, there’s no point in getting them, as they’ll likely cause tripping incidents. It becomes a serious safety hazard, especially for older RVers.

I’d suggest looking at options with vibration limiters or level adjusters. Both these inclusions will make sure the steps remain a stable surface rather than a dangerous hazard. It’ll likely cause the steps to have higher price tags, but the heightened level of safety is worth it.

  • Product Size

You’ll need to choose steps that can mesh with the size of your rig’s door. This factor becomes even more critical when you’re replacing older steps. In this situation, your chosen options have to fit into the door’s frame without issue.

  • Warranty

This next aspect isn’t a necessity, but it’s a nice touch offered by most of the top-tier brands. A product warranty will provide some protection against receiving a lousy product. You can usually either get your money back or a replacement when this situation occurs.

As a result, I’m always going to recommend buying the best RV steps with these policies. It’s an effective way to make sure you don’t get left out in the cold. But it’s also essential to research the companies providing these warranties.

Some of them will only use these policies as a selling point, without having an intention to honor their agreements. Customer reviews will be invaluable when determining whether a brand lives up to its side of the bargain.

  • Cost

A product’s price tag will always be an essential factor in any buying process. RV steps aren’t any different as these products are available for a wide range of prices. This reality makes it necessary for buyers to build a budget based on their particular needs.

For instance, RV owners looking to get a set of steps with level adjusters will have to pay extra. Their budget should then reflect this higher price to ensure it remains a useful and realistic resource.

You can then rely on this budget to decrease the number of options. It’ll end up making this entire process a lot less stressful.

Learn more about choosing the top-rated RV step covers. Furthermore, check out the most trusted RV blinds guide if you like.

RV Step FAQs

Our product reviews and buying guide should’ve given you an idea of what the perfect RV steps would offer. These next few discussions will make the picture even clearer to ensure you can choose your ideal set.

Who is this for?

RV steps are for everyone looking to travel in a motorhome. These steps will matter as to how a person will safely enter your rig without any dangerous situation occurring. After all, your rig’s door can be anywhere between two and four feet high: climbing or hopping into a rig would require a great deal of effort.

Camper steps eliminate this issue by providing a safe, stable set of stairs that can make entering a rig an absolute breeze. Due to this, every RV owner would be doing themselves a favor by investing in some RV trailer steps.

What are the different types of RV steps?

RV step manufacturers have made several variations of these products. I’ll discuss each of them below to ensure you know which one is right for your RV. Once you’ve got this information, making this choice won’t be difficult.

  • RV Platform Step

RV steps with platform design aspects are a common sight in campgrounds. These products look similar to a small stool that a person would step onto. In some cases, these steps will have fixed feet, while other options will have feet capable of being folded or pushed.

An RV platform step with feet capable of being put away can make a rig owner’s life much easier. It allows them to store these options without having to worry about storage space issues.

Many RV owners avoid this issue entirely by storing these steps in tow vehicles. But it remains a benefit worth noting for potential buyers.

  • RV Pull-down Steps

Our next type, RV pull-down steps, lock onto your door’s frame to prevent them from falling during travel. You can then easily pull them down after finding a suitable campsite. It’s also worth mentioning that some models allow you to adjust the set’s feet for stability. Other lower quality sets will require placing something under one of their feet to provide a stable, even surface.

  • RV Folding Steps

RV folding steps are built to tuck right underneath your rv door. These products are separated into two categories:

  • Manual: RV owners will need to fold the steps in manually when they aren’t being used. If you do need them, it’ll require pulling them out by hand.
  • Electric: These retractable RV steps offer a bit more convenience as they’re opened and put away electronically.

How do RV steps work?

There isn’t some complicated process about how RV steps work. In most cases, it’s a simple act of pulling them out from where they’re hidden and lowering them down. You then need to make sure they’re level and safe to use.

Once you do these relatively straightforward steps, using them shouldn’t be tricky. You’ll have a useful set of stairs that make entering your rig a hassle-free task.

How high are the steps on an RV?

RV steps come with various heights, so an accurate answer is difficult. That said, you’ll find steps that are 22 to 44 inches tall.

Choosing the proper size isn’t too tricky with the correct measurements. All you have to do is measure from the ground to your entry’s door lower entrance.

You can then use this measurement to determine the best height. From there, finding a suitable option won’t be very challenging. Most manufacturers will make it a point to highlight the size of RV steps to avoid confusion.

How do you add steps to an RV?

The process for adding or installing motorhome entry steps will vary. After all, there is a wide assortment of available steps with unique directions. So my first recommendation would be to read them carefully. It’s the only way to ensure you don’t miss a step or install them incorrectly.

In any case, most installations have a similar process to the one displayed in this video Installing the Solid Step RV Entrance Stairs by Lippert Components.

It’s also worth noting that many popular steps for camper trailer use will have installation guides available online. The instructions will likely be on their advertisement page or somewhere on YouTube.

How to make do it yourself camper steps?

Making DIY RV steps is certainly a possibility. In fact, a quick search on YouTube will reveal numerous guides about creating these do-it-yourself camper stairs.

My favorite are the wooden portable stairs for RV made within this excellent video Easy Portable RV Steps. It’ll walk you through the entire process to ensure you can make them without much trouble.

Can you drive an RV with the steps out?

It’s never a good idea to drive your rig with the steps for motorhome entrances out for various reasons. It represents a rather dangerous safety issue, especially on crowded highways. So please, check to ensure your steps are in before putting your motorhome on the road.

To avoid these dangers, you’ll also want to repair stairs with retraction issues immediately. It’ll cost a bit of money, but it’s worth it to ensure everyone’s safety.

Advantages and disadvantages of using steps for RV

Some campers wrongly assume that RV entry steps aren’t needed to get inside their rigs. These people might be young and mobile enough to do it a few times, but eventually, their bodies will start getting unnecessary wear and tear.

As I mentioned earlier, an RV door’s height is anywhere between two and four feet from the ground. Climbing in and out from those elevations can put some unnecessary stress on your body when it’s not needed.

Camper steps offer a way to avoid this wear and tear. Therefore, this attribute is the main benefit provided by these vital products. If you don’t have them, your RV adventures can quickly become uncomfortable, dangerous, and inconvenient.

Their one disadvantage comes from them being an extra expense. You’ll have to put aside some of your budget for these steps. But given what a high-quality set of steps provides, I think it’s more than worth the cost.

Who makes the most trusted steps for RV?

Several RV step manufacturers are making these products. As a result, it can become quite challenging to find a reputable one that could provide high-quality steps. But I’ve given you a head start by showing you some top-tier brands in our product review section.

Each of those companies has gained a reputation for providing excellent customer service and product quality. If you stick with these brands, I feel more than confident that this buying process will be a productive one.

Other unlisted brands to consider would be Torklift steps and Glowstep Revolution. This company has made several options more than capable of meeting RV owner needs. In fact, more than one of them were final contenders for making our article.

How to measure RV steps?

Finding the correct sizing for RV steps isn’t too challenging. You’ll need to start by measuring your current step assembly’s width, followed by the height from step to step. Once you have these measurements, move onto measuring from the step assembly’s center at the crossbar to the diagonal line at the edge of the bottom step.

You then put all these together to find a new RV step assembly with the same measurements. It shouldn’t be too hard, considering most brands note these dimensions in their products’ ads.

How to replace RV steps?

The process for installing or replacing RV steps will vary based on type. For instance, single-step portable RV stairs won’t need any installation. It’s a simple act of creating enough space within your rig or in the storage area underneath for them when they’re not being used.

But folding camper steps and pull-down camper steps will require installation. In these cases, the best way to go about doing it would be following the included instructions. You should find them relatively easily within the product’s manual.

If you don’t feel comfortable following these instructions, I’d recommend contacting a professional or expert who can do it. It’s a much better idea to pay a little extra money than doing the task yourself poorly.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Maintenance for RV steps will vary dramatically between options. As a result, talking about these processes in general terms is a bit hard. But I can recommend one essential tip every rig owner should follow: stick to what the manual tells you.

These resources should have in-depth directions about cleaning and maintenance procedures. If you stick to them, there shouldn’t be much issue keeping these steps in good condition.

How to repair RV steps?

The repairing process will come down to whatever issue happens to be messing up your RV steps. In most cases, these products fail due to suffering damage or experiencing complex electrical problems.

It becomes a serious problem because you can’t tow or drive motorhomes when these steps are extended. Getting them back to working can be easy or difficult, depending on the extent of their damage. Let’s look at a couple of scenarios to give you a better idea:

  • Bent Railings

If you suspect the issue is a bent railing, your first step will be inspecting the step for physical damage. Bent railings will interfere with the RV step, which prevents its retraction process. It’s an issue that becomes clear when the motor’s running as the step won’t retract.

You should get a hold of some pliers and straighten the bent railing. Once straightened, test the step to see whether it’s functioning. If it’s not working, you might need to remove it manually, get a replacement or place it inside a vise to work the metal.

  • Electrical Issues

Retractable steps with electrical issues can become complicated problems. The first step to repairing these stairs would be checking the battery for power. You should then make sure all connections to it are intact.

It’s essential to check the functionality of the fuses, as well. If you conclude that the power supply’s working correctly, the issue might be a lousy motor. Proceed to retract the steps and listen for any struggle from their motor.

If the motor’s silent, it’s another indication that it’s your likely issue. In this case, you’ll need to order a new one from the RV steps’ manufacturer and replace it. Make sure to disconnect the battery before attempting any work on electrical components or motors.


The best RV steps shouldn’t be too difficult to find with this guide at your disposal. If you stick to everything that you’ve learned, the right choice should become evident. You can then benefit from having a solid set of steps to ensure a safe entrance and exiting from your rig.

But if you have any more questions, make sure to leave a post in our comment section. I’ll respond to each as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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