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The Best RV Step Covers to Help Keeping Dirt Outside Your RV

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

RV step covers are often an overlooked part of RV living. These products offer a lot more benefits than a motorhome owner might initially realize. After all, these covers will protect your rig’s steps and keep them in good condition for a long time.

But these benefits only exist when using the best RV step covers. It makes finding high-quality options a necessity for anyone looking to buy these products. This article will provide all the information needed to locate these elusive covers.

best rv step covers

In other words, every piece of information discussed here will help unearth these top-tier covers from the vast number of options available. I’ll even review 7 of my favorite choices to provide a clear picture of what a high-quality step cover should provide.

Let’s jump right into these RV step cover reviews and get this process started. I promise this article will make sure your buying experience ends with your money being well spent.


Best Overall Easy to Install Longest Lasting
Preview Prest-O-Fit 2-0420

Trailersphere RUGUP

Camco 42925-A

Material Solid Rubber Baking Resistant Material Natural Fibers
Size 19″ x 23″ 19.5″ x 7.5″ 18″ x 18″
Weatherproof Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details

Top-Rated RV Step Cover Reviews

1. Prest-O-Fit RV Step Cover

The Prest-O-Fit’s 2-0420 Ruggids RV Step Cover has proven to be incredibly effective at keeping dirt outside your motorhome. You can attribute this ability to its deep treads, which trap the dirt and debris to keep your rig’s interior clean.

Motorhome owners should also love this Presto Fit RV step rug’s impressive durability. It was created with UV-protected materials, which should prevent issues like sun damage or fading. These abilities should keep these covers in good condition for years to come.

These ruggids RV step covers come fully resistant to mildew and mold, as well. It makes the product a perfect fit for usage in humid climates. For instance, campers who spend a lot of time in Florida could benefit significantly from buying them.

This option’s cleaning process was another massive standout trait for me. It meshes with my lazy personality perfectly as it’s a simple act of hosing the cover off and letting it dry. You don’t get much more convenient than this when it comes to cleaning RV step covers.

I wouldn’t recommend overlooking the easiness of this option’s installation, either. These Presto Fit RV step covers come with zip ties that make them usable with both manual and electric steps. I had no trouble slipping these covers right onto my rig’s steps.

Some other notable features include three color options, 23-inch wide construction, and a reasonable price tag. I can’t think of a single thing that a rig owner could want from step covers, which these don’t offer.

A small number of customers did mention the colors being different from what’s depicted in the advertisement, though. It’s not a massive problem, but potential buyers should be aware of this issue before making a final decision.

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much about these color scheme issues. Most customers seemed delighted with what they received in their reviews.

2. Trailersphere ‎RUGUP ALL RV Step Cover

Trailersphere’s ‎RUGUP ALL RV Step Cover has gained an impressive reputation for being one of the more durable options.

After all, it’s made from rugged and reliable rubber to ensure it can handle almost any situation. I’ve been using it for months without the cover showing signs of wearing down or needing replacement.

Honestly, it’s a quality I haven’t seen in other rubber RV step covers. It’s even embedded with UV protection to ensure those pesky sun rays don’t bring issues. So it should have no problem remaining in good condition for a few seasons.

Quality level isn’t the only thing that will impress the users. The product’s installation process couldn’t have been much more straightforward. In fact, I didn’t have any trouble or require a single tool to get this RV entry step carpet on my rig’s stairs.

Cleaning this step cover when it inevitably got dirty wasn’t a challenge for me, either. Trailersphere did an excellent job making sure all it takes is a broom or vacuum. Therefore, this step cover meshes perfectly with someone who dislikes cleaning like me.

Another intriguing aspect that caught my attention was its non-slip surface. We can feel safe climbing the entrance steps, as the Trailersphere step is stable enough.

If these attributes weren’t enough, this cover also comes in six sizes. So it should meet the needs of anyone looking for Lippert or MORryde covers. Plus, it didn’t hurt that this carpet’s color matched perfectly with my RV inside step covers.

I only wish Trailersphere was a little more upfront about the quantity. The advertisement flyers made quite a few people think that the product comes in three covers, not one. But if a buyer’s looking for only one step cover replacement, it’s hard to find a better option.

3. Camco 42925 RV Step Cover

Camco’s 42925-A RV Step Cover placement on our list shouldn’t be shocking to anyone familiar with accessories for RVs. After all, Camco has been making high-quality products to fit RVers’ needs for several decades.

These Camco RV step covers aren’t any different with their rather impressive versatility. Buyers can get these products in two sizes, either 18-inch or 23-inch, which allows this option to mesh with a broader audience.

I was also impressed with the four-color variations offered by Camco. I found myself loving the green option as it would provide a more nature-like feeling. It would mesh perfectly with what I’m looking for in my next step covers.

The product’s installation was another aspect that caught my attention. Camco made this process relatively simple by including two hook springs within the design. As a result, it became easy to install, considering the task didn’t even require any adhesive.

You don’t have to worry about whether your steps are manual or electric, either. These RV covers were built to work with both. After being installed, these polyester covers have shown to be effective at stopping dirt and debris from entering an RV.

Customers praised its ability to keep a camper’s interior clean several times within their reviews. It doesn’t hurt that these products have weather-resistance capabilities, too, making them usable in any environment.

But a few customers did point out these RV covers were a bit thinner than expected. In some cases, this issue can result in durable concerns in a couple of years. It’s something each buyer should think about before spending their money.

However, I’d still be fully confident in this option’s ability even with these durability concerns. Their snug installation, versatility, and various buying choices make them hard to pass up for rig owners. You’d have difficulty finding a more flexible RV step well cover out there capable of working in an RVing environment.

4. Kohree RV Step Covers

As with our previous option, Kohree’s RV Step Covers are designed specifically for usage on curved camper steps. These 100% polyester 22-inch step covers happen to be one of the more convenient choices on our entire list.

One of the main reasons for this distinction comes from heavy-duty springs. These aspects will help ensure the covers remain in place regardless of the situation: you shouldn’t encounter any slippage when using these options.

I was also intrigued by the soft, comfortable feel of these covers. It creates a much more comfortable surface to walk up and down when utilizing your RV steps. Honestly, it made a notable difference when I replaced my old beat up covers with these.

RV owners will love this option coming as a 3-pack, as well. It makes this package deal a perfect fit for campers who use a 3-step assembly for entering/exiting their rig. One-step and two-step assembly users could also look at this option as a bulk buy because of its affordable cost.

Kohree offering two color variations isn’t anything to sneeze at, either. Both the brown and black options should mesh well into almost any rig’s exterior style. Plus, these RV interior step well covers are known for their excellent finish quality that won’t fade or fray.

This option’s review did feature a small number of complaints about the stairs not staying close with these rugs attached. It seems the thickness of these covers can cause issues when you aren’t careful about the proper size measurements.

But if you’re vigilant about the proper measurements needed for your size covers, there shouldn’t be any issues with stair closure. It’s another reason why doing extensive product research beforehand is essential in these buying processes.

5. Prest-O-Fit Outrigger RV Step Rugs

Campers who need an affordable bulk buy should consider purchasing these step huggers for landing step from Prest-O-Fit. This option provides buyers with three high-quality 18-inch wide RV step covers at a cost-effective price.

Aside from this option’s low cost, RV owners should get excited by its long list of distinctive design aspects. One example would be its rust-resistant springs that ensure top-tier adjustability for an easy installation process.

Buyers will benefit from their effortless installation process whether they’re needed for electric or manual steps: these covers are made to work with either type. I was also impressed by how easy to clean these products were, considering it’s only a simple hose off and dry process.

Product durability shouldn’t be much of a concern, either. These covers match or outpaces their competition when it comes to UV protection and mildew/mold resistance. I don’t see a single reason why these products couldn’t be a long-term solution to your RV stair cover needs.

Most buyers end up loving the micro-ribbed texture of these covers, as well. It offers a balance between comfort and sturdiness that many other options fail to capture. This aspect makes for a much more convenient using experience.

But again, the main attraction of this option would be its affordability. Finding a higher quality 3-pack set of RV step covers would be a challenging task. I’ve certainly haven’t come across many capable of matching this package deal.

I couldn’t even find one notable flaw worth mentioning within this option’s customer reviews. The only problem noted was a complaint about the included springs. But this issue seemed somewhat isolated as there wasn’t any other report of this issue anywhere else.

Given this information, anyone who has stairs that these covers could fit shouldn’t waste any more time. Do yourself a favor and put this option into your shopping cart. It won’t be a decision that you end up regretting.

6. Shade Pro RV Step Cover

If you’re looking to buy one of the best RV step covers 24 inch wide, Shade Pro RV Step Cover would be a suitable option. Shade Pro built this product with the ability to fit any step up to 24-inches wide without much issue.

Users will then benefit from its unique loop design, which offers top-tier performance. It has proven to actually catch more rocks, dirt, and debris than most other covers. I can’t do anything but back these findings up as I was thoroughly impressed with its abilities.

Installing this cover isn’t much of a hassle, either. Shade Pro made it a lot easier by including the necessary springs and grommets with purchase. But the task itself was straightforward and shouldn’t be a problem even for an RVing newbie.

The step cover’s old fashioned style design was another attribute to catch my attention. It’ll bring an old school feel to your rig, which could earnestly appeal to the right RV owner. It’s a nice touch made by Shade Pro to separate themselves from the competition.

More importantly, this cover has a rubber backing that you can customize via trimming for a better fit. All this process would require is using a pair of scissors or razor blade. It won’t take much effort to trim down the product to suit your particular needs.

You also don’t have to remove this cover when traveling, which is a massive benefit. This step cover was instead designed to stay in place until a replacement. Given its durability, this event shouldn’t take place for at least a couple of years.

But a customer or two was confused by the advertisement’s picture, which shows two-step covers rather than one. It’s essential anyone considering this option understands that this only comes with one product.

If you aren’t looking for multiple-step covers, I don’t see any other reason why this model won’t be at the top of your list. Its stylish design and features alone should entice anyone who needs a step cover replacement.

7. Prest-O-Fit 784940 RV Step Rugs

RV owners looking for covers to work with curved steps should look at Prest-O-Fit’s 784940 Wrap Around Radius RV Step Rugs. The effectiveness and features provided by these options are almost unmatched among their contemporaries.

One of my favorite aspects about this option is it comes as a 3-pack. Bulk buyers should be foaming at the mouth trying to get their hands on these covers. Locating multiple high-quality options at a low price tag like this one is always tricky.

I was also thrilled with the product’s construction as it caters perfectly to my needs. Each rug within this package deal has a 22-inch width while working with any curved steps between 8-10 inches deep. My rig’s steps fall right into these measurements.

As a result, I can benefit greatly from this product’s excellent outdoor artificial turf material. Multiple buyers have praised its inclusion in their reviews for its dirt catching abilities. I can only back up these findings as these step huggers worked perfectly when I tried them.

These RV interior step covers have a good looking design, as well. One of the most pivotal pieces in ensuring this solid look is their well-finished edges. These aspects make the covers look neat rather than bunched up after installation.

You don’t worry about these covers being overly slippery, either. These products are known for their ability to absorb water, which helps prevent those issues. It makes for much safer usage when walking up and down them.

My only complaint about these covers would be their lack of size and color choices. It wouldn’t affect my particular needs, but it would’ve been nice to see a few more buying options. Presti-O-Fit should let more rig owners enjoy the benefits provided by these outstanding covers.

But if these covers do fit your needs, there’s no reason to hesitate to buy them. These step huggers will be more than capable of meeting any rig’s owner’s needs regarding performance.

Prest-O-Fit Radius RV Step Rug (Outdated)

Prest-O-Fit’s 2-0374 Radius RV Step Rug is another outstanding option for RV owners with curved steps. The product’s olefin carpet provides several benefits for anyone lucky enough to purchase it.

An excellent example would be its resistance against fading. This attribute will ensure the cover looks good for a lot longer than similar options. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this rug look as good as new several years down the line.

This material also offers the cover UV-protection and resistances against mold and mildew. As a result, this cover shouldn’t have problems working in either humid or overly rainy climates. It ends up being a rather versatile option for an RV owner to purchase.

But I can’t go any further without mentioning this product’s unique black onyx color variation. This coloring would be a perfect fit for my motorhome’s stairs. Honestly, it would bring some much-needed style to my rig’s exterior.

Of course, this black onyx coloring isn’t the only one to choose from for buyers. Prest-O-Fit offers three other color variations to be more appealing for a broad audience. Each option looks tasteful enough to bring a whole lot of style to the right RV exterior.

This 22-inch wide step cover offers some size adaptability, as well. It can fit any electric or manual step that’s between 8 and 10 inches deep, depending on its corresponding width. Due to this, it should meet many rig owners’ needs who are searching for these products.

Some customers did mention the cover being a little slicker than they expected. These complaints were few and far between, though, so I would take them with a grain of salt. Most people felt more than comfortable climbing up and down on this cover.

If you’re prone to falling or overly cautious, it might be worth looking elsewhere to avoid these potential issues. But again, the bottom line is that I would still feel more than confident in recommending this cover to anyone, given its other excellent qualities.

Safety Step RV Step Rug (Outdated)

The Safety Step SA08-00 RV Step Rug was put onto our list for a simple reason: its anti-tip design made from high-quality materials. Buyers will be able to rely on these attributes for superior results that might not be possible with other step covers.

After all, the anti-tip design will offer a high level of stability. Users will climb up and down their RV’s stairs without ever having to worry about the rug sliding off or tipping over. It should offer a sense of comfort that nobody should dismiss.

I found this product’s bristle surface rather appealing, as well. These bristles were more than adequate at scrubbing my shoes clean of any substances before entering my RV. It didn’t matter whether it was sand, dirt, or mud; this cover got the job done.

The product’s charcoal coloring was another favorite aspect of mine. It shouldn’t have any problems meshing with my motorhome’s exterior or anyone else’s. After all, this type of color scheme pretty much meshes well with most color schemes.

Aside from these aspects, it has several familiar ones mentioned in our previous reviews. Some of these features include an easy installation, a simple cleaning process, and comfortable surface texture. Each of these inclusions should make your life on the road much less stressful.

I was a little disappointed that this cover wasn’t capable of being used on curved steps, though. It seems like an oversight made by a brand with a reputation for being customer-friendly. But this aspect doesn’t affect performance when it comes to usage on straight steps.

Due to this, RV owners with straight steps should be more than confident when choosing this Safety Step product. Its anti-tip design and bristle surface will ensure your RV interior stays dirt-free while promoting a heightened level of safety.

Camco 42907 RV Step Rug (Outdated)

If you’re looking for an option with an easy installation, Camco’s 42907 Wraparound RV Step Rug would be a perfect fit. This step rug doesn’t even require screws, glue, or tools to get them placed on your RV’s steps.

The entire process was entirely effortless and took very little time. In fact, Camco was even nice enough to include the necessary hardware clips for the task. It made sure that I didn’t need to spend extra money on any accessories to make this cover work.

You also have to love the product’s incredible adjustment capabilities. This step rug features a bendable design, which features reliable grommets and anti-rust hooks. These inclusions make adjusting the cover to fit snugly on your rig’s steps hassle-free.

Once the cover was installed, I was thrilled with its provided traction and comfort. These abilities come from its high-quality TPE backing and texture quality that offer a bit more grip. It should save even the clumsiest people from taking a tumble.

I can’t praise the rug’s texture enough as it didn’t even bother me when walking barefoot. It makes for a much more practical product than you usually expect from RV stair covers. It’s an aspect most customers made a point to reference in their reviews, as well.

Buyers won’t have to spend much money on this cover, either. This option happens to be one of the least expensive choices on our list. It was a bit shocking when I first came across it as high-quality covers aren’t usually available at prices this low.

I only wish this Camco product was available in more than the two provided sizes, as it’s a bit of a shame more rig owners won’t be able to benefit from its excellent performance. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for much else from an RV step cover.

Aucuda RV Step Rugs (Oudated)

Aucuda’s Wraparound RV Step Huggers offers a bit more size versatility than most other options out there. These options are available variations ranging from 18-inch widths to 23-inch widths, covering a lot of ground.

Buyers should also find themselves loving these covers, being capable of working on both curved and straight-edged steps. It’s just another way Aucuda managed to make this option as versatile as humanly possible.

Of course, this versatility doesn’t mean anything when the product isn’t high-quality. But these rugs excel performance-wise with several top-tier features. One of the most apparent advantages is their heavy-duty construction.

Aucuda made these step huggers with durable polyester combined with top-grade PVC. Due to this, these step covers shouldn’t have any issues meeting your expectations. I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that they end up being in your life for several years.

This construction doesn’t only positively affect this option’s durability, either. It gives these covers an incredible amount of traction to help prevent slipping and falling. Plus, multiple customers were overly impressed by how well the covers managed to keep dirt and debris out of their motorhomes.

Pet owners tend to love this option, as well. This affection comes from these products covering the small holes in RV steps that could cause dogs issues. As a result, your dog won’t get its nails stuck in these holes, which would be severely uncomfortable.

Some customers did report shipping issues with this option, though. It seems these covers have a habit of arriving with mismatched coloring. Customers only mentioned these complaints in a few reviews, but it was still something to keep an eye on for potential buyers.

In any case, most of these same customers followed up these complaints with praise of Aucuda’s customer service. This brand has a reputation for quickly solving these issues, making them somewhat irrelevant, especially when they’re infrequent.

Grubby Feet RV Step Cover (Outdated)

Our final product, Grubby Feet RV Step Cover, shouldn’t be dismissed because of its placing on this list. This step cover has several exciting features that make it one of the best options for keeping your RV’s stairs in good condition.

For instance, this model utilizes a superior brushing action within its loop stitch construction. This attribute allows it to keep your RV’s interior free of any unwanted intruders: dirt, debris, sand, mud, and other substances.

The product’s included straps was another outstanding inclusion, as well. Grubby Feet made these straps extremely convenient as they ensure the cover attaches onto a step easily and securely. It makes for straightforward using and installation processes.

Buyers should note this product’s non-porous vinyl design material, too, which increases its longevity significantly. It’s one of the main reasons this product shouldn’t have any issues working in whatever climate surrounds it.

I was also pleased with this product being made within the USA. This aspect becomes essential because it means the product passed several safety regulations. US-made products have several tests to pass before being put onto the market.

Its US manufacturing location means it will also have faster shipping times. You’ll never hear me complain about getting a product on time. Grubby Feet should have no issues doing it as a USA-based brand.

However, this product has a relatively large price tag. It’s easily the most expensive option on our entire list. Buyers will have to weigh whether its impressive features are worth the increased price based on their preferences.

I’d fall on the side of this product is more than worth it. In some cases, spending a little extra for a high-quality is necessary. This occasion happens to be one of those times as the features and reliability offered here are second to none.

Camco 42942 RV Step Rug (Outdated)

If you’re looking for an option made from artificial turf material, Camco 42942 Wraparound RV Step Rug should be at the top of your list. These rugs are a perfect cover for main entry RV steps as any debris and dirt will get trapped inside them.

RV owners will only need to wipe their shoes on them before entering the rig. From there, any debris or dirt in your shoe’s soles will never see your RV’s interior. It’s one of the more practical options out there when it comes to trapping these substances.

I was thrilled by this option’s various resistances, as well. Camco built this product to prevent any formations of both mildew and mold. Your family should be protected from allergic reactions as a result of using these covers.

If you’re worried about this rug holding up in certain weather conditions, it’s a non-issue. Camco ensured these covers are weather resistant to deal with these issues. You won’t encounter a situation where this RV stairwell cover can’t work effectively without being damaged.

The product’s usage of a TPE backing was another aspect that I find myself loving. It helps attach the rug onto your rig’s step securely while preventing any sliding down issues. As a result, it makes for a much more user-friendly for a rig owner.

You also will adore how quickly this product dries when compared with other options. This aspect will make the cleaning process a lot more convenient. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how little time it took after hosing off these covers.

But I recommend being careful with the included springs when installing this cover. These springs have gained a rep for breaking in certain situations. However, if you’re careful and don’t put too much pressure on them, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Securing them with zip ties wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. It should solve the issue and allow users to benefit from all the other outstanding features offered by this cover.

RV Step Cover Buyer’s Guide


Selecting the perfect camper step covers will depend on several factors. This section will discuss each of them in great detail to ensure you can make a sound final decision. You’ll soon know more about these products than you thought possible.

  • Design Material

One of the first things to understand about step covers is that they are available in various materials. Manufacturers tend to carefully choose their design material with an intended purpose behind this choice that’ll benefit their customers. In most cases, these brands settle on either rubber, PVC, or polyester.

Rubber and polyester are often used in high-quality options due to their heightened durability and stability. Meanwhile, PVC step covers are cheaper and don’t offer much durability. But polyester and rubber options do have their downsides.

Polyester RV step covers will offer excellent results for catching debris, but they have a propensity to having mold and mildew issues. Rubber choices are prone to becoming slippery when dealing with rain or snow.

Each buyer should make sure their chosen motorhome step covers are made with a material that suits their camping site’s climate. For instance, people looking to travel in the Pacific Northwest might want to stay away from rubber options because of high rain amounts.

  • Ease of Installation

Installing RV step covers shouldn’t be a complicated process. In most cases, the process will only consist of fitting the products on your steps and locking them in place. You can expect the locking step to be done using a mechanism provided by the manufacturer.

But sometimes, brands will get a little carried away when creating these products. They’ll make the directions for installation much more complicated than necessary. Its essential RV owners avoid these options to ensure their chosen covers are as user-friendly as possible.

A straightforward way to avoid these more complex options would be reading through customer reviews. These resources will provide much-needed insights into whether installing the products brought any surprising challenges.

  • Product Size

RV or travel trailer step covers will usually come in a universal size that’ll fit most rigs out there without issue. But if your camper has steps that aren’t the standard size, it’d be a smart idea to measure them before making a final decision.

People who don’t value this particular factor could find themselves in a dangerous situation. A larger option such as RV step covers 23 inch, or bigger could cause slipping issues in certain circumstances. Smaller RV step mats or covers will offer less functionality than usual.

If you cannot find covers of the right size, DIY RV step covers aren’t the most difficult items to make. There are several YouTube videos and other guides online that could walk you through the process.

  • Durability

Durability will play a massive role when determining what RV step cover will meet your needs. RVers need step covers capable of handling constant pressure, certain weight capacities, and extreme weather situations.

As a result, I’d recommend choosing an RV step carpet with a high weight capacity, weatherproof capabilities, and resistance against mold. These aspects should ensure your selected options can meet the challenges provided by RVing.

Customer reviews will be a helpful resource when trying to figure out the durability of each option. If a cover’s subpar in this area, these discussions will let you know. There’s nothing angrier than people who feel deceived by a product.

  • Cost

Most RV step rugs will be relatively inexpensive compared to what other motorhome related products cost. But setting up a budget based on your individual needs will still be endlessly helpful during this buying process.

It’s an easy, effective way to help shorten the number of options available. In fact, a realistic, well-constructed budget will make sure you only end up picking from suitable step covers. This action will make the entire process a lot less stressful.

  • Additional Features

Every RV step cover worth considering should have certain additional features that make your life easier. I’d suggest making sure your chosen option provides the following pivotal aspects within their design:

  • Top-tier traction
  • Hypoallergenic qualities
  • Resistance against mold formulation,
  • Grooves to prevent debris/dust from entering your motorhome
  • UV protection
  • A compatible style and color

If you find covers with all these features, don’t hesitate to purchase them. Those options should hold up well and become a fixture within your life for many years. You won’t have to do this same process any time in the near future.

RV Step Cover FAQs

Our buying guide and product reviews should’ve provided a solid idea about what each buyer needs to look for in RV step mats. The next few discussions will offer a little more context to ensure you become an expert on everything about these products.

Who is this for?

RV step covers are a strip of rag that campers use to place over each of their rig’s steps. It increases the comfort of these surfaces to ensure a more user-friendly climbing experience. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to improve your life on the road.

Given this information, RV step covers become an essential product for anyone who wants their stairs to be comfortable. You’d be shocked to see how much difference adding these small items onto steps can make.

What are the different types of RV step covers?

As I mentioned earlier, RV step covers are made from several materials. Brands categorize their products by these components to make it easier for buyers. Let’s look at these variations to understand better what type would work best for your needs.

  • Rubber RV Step Covers

Step covers made from rubber are known for being useful in a camping environment. RV enthusiasts like these options because of their easy installation and lightweight design. It makes them quite convenient when compared with other types.

I didn’t even mention that rubber RV stair covers don’t require much maintenance, either. Cleaning them is a simple chore of using soap and water. Plus, this process only has to occur once per week for optimal results.

Buyers also love these options because of their mold and mildew-resistant ability. It makes them a much better fit for people who intend on traveling in humid areas. However, these covers do have an issue with becoming extra slippery when wet.

  • PVC/Plastic RV Step Covers

PVC/Plastic RV steps covers are the cheapest and lightest type available for campers. It makes them a favorite among bargain buyers for obvious reasons. Moreover, these options offer a simple cleaning process requiring only water and soap.

You won’t have to wait long for them to dry, either. But what makes them a problematic buy is their lack of ability to deal with long-term sun exposure. If these covers are left outside for an extended period, cracks and breaks will rapidly form.

  • Polyester RV Step Covers

RV owners looking to rely on step covers to keep their interior carpeting clean should love options made from polyester. These products are known for their excellent ability to capture any debris that ends up in your shoes’ sole.

Users of these covers will also enjoy their ultra-convenience maintenance processes. After all, you can vacuum them to get rid of any debris or grime with ease. It makes for an extremely efficient way to keep them in good condition.

You should only utilize soap and water to clean these covers when they get stained. If you do use this method, the drying process will take forever. You also won’t be able to use them when they’re wet because the water could seep into your RV.

Moreover, polyester step covers absorb water, which gives them a propensity for mildew and mold formation. A hair dryer could help speed up the drying process to help avoid these potential issues.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Step Covers for RV

The advantages of RV step covers are offering safety and keeping your rig’s interior clean. It’s these two benefits, which have made them such a popular product for rig owners. You can also point out their comfortability as another massive advantage.

Honestly, it feels much better to walk on a step covered with one of these products when exiting or entering your RV. There’s nothing less comfortable than using those plastic or metal steps without some type of cover.

As for disadvantages, it boils down to these covers being an extra expense. There’s nothing else remotely negative about having RV covers in your life. It’s a simple matter of deciding whether their price is worth it.

Are all RV step covers about the same?

RV step covers often differ from each other much more than most rig owners expect. In other words, the level of quality tends to vary much in terms of designs, length, stability, compactness, and longevity.

Otherwise, buyers may end up with a defective product that requires a quick replacement. It’s why resources like our buying guide can be endlessly helpful for RV owners. It’ll ensure camper owners don’t choose lousy step rugs for RV use.

How do you install RV step covers?

Camper step carpet or cover products won’t usually take much effort to install. In fact, I would expect most to be simple. You won’t even need the help of a second person to get the job done.

As for the actual process, most products will arrive with durable, reliable cable ties. After removing the old covers, you wrap and pull tight the new ones’ cables into the steps’ pre-existing holes.

After that, there isn’t much more to the task, but some options will have specific instructions.

Therefore, buyers should always read installation directions before making a choice. After all, rig owners will want step covers with an easy process. Camco’s 42925 RV Step Cover would be a perfect example of one that’s quick and straightforward to install with its two hook springs.

How long do RV step covers last?

RV step covers aren’t the most durable products. In the best cases, you’ll change them every season to avoid tears or a worn-down appearance. But for many rig owners, their carpet for RV steps will need replacing about every seven to eight months.

Of course, RVers can try to avoid these issues by choosing options with proven durability. Prest-O-Fit’s RV Step Cover would be my recommendation for those campers. It should last longer than other available choices with relative ease.

How do RV step covers work?

There isn’t much to understand about an RV cover’s working process. You can expect these products made from PVC, plastic, plastic, or polyester material to cover each step on your rig’s staircase.

In doing so, these covers will prevent substances like debris, dust, dirt, and grime from entering your motorhome. Their presence ends up being a pivotal part in keeping your rig’s interior clean and free of potential hassles.

You can also expect them to provide excellent traction when using them. This attribute will help people avoid slipping or falling issues. As a result, these products tend to be a favorite among senior citizens who subscribe to the RVing lifestyle.

Who makes the most tusted step covers for RV?

The most trusted will be made by brands, which can offer two things: exceptional customer service and product quality. But how does a buyer find a brand capable of providing these aspects?

Well, I’ve provided a head start with listing out several of them in our product review section. Each of these brands has proven to be an excellent producer of these products. If you stick with them, I’d imagine this process will end with a smile on your face.

How to measure RV step covers?

Measuring RV step covers isn’t anything a newbie RVer can’t do with the right guidance. It’s an easy task of measuring your landing’s width and length. You then use these dimensions to find a cover with the same ones. There’s nothing more to it.

But sometimes, rig owners find themselves incapable of locating covers that match their steps’ measurements. This issue is relatively easy to solve as you can customize any step cover by trimming off extra width and length.

You could also spend a little extra on an adjustable RV carpet for camper steps. These options will secure to the bottom and fit even the most unorthodox landings.

How to replace RV step covers?

Installing or replacing RV step covers won’t typically require a professional. An RVing newbie can usually do even the ones with more complicated processes without issue. Here’s a general outline of what most RV cover installs will require:

  • Measure the cover’s width against your rig’s steps. If the rug’s a bit too wide, proceed to cut it down into the right width measurement.
  • You should then measure the length required for a good fit. Some covers will come pre-cut, while other options require cutting to reach the perfect size. If your motorhome’s steps have rounded edges, I’d recommend checking out RV radius step covers. These RV step covers curved designs are ideal for curved corners.
  • Proceed to place the spring hook or zip tie (whatever comes included with your step cover) through the front hole and onto the rear hole.
  • Tighten the spring hook or zip by pulling it fully.
  • Repeat this process for corresponding zip ties or other holes.
  • Step covers with zip ties might require cutting the excess ties to stop accidents from happening when using your stairs. You should also make sure your cover’s installed nicely and doesn’t look like an ugly eyesore.

Any care and maintenance tips?

The care and maintenance processes for RV step covers won’t be a massive new hassle within your life. In fact, these products are cleaned as simple as you’d do with outdoor rugs. It’s just these covers are a little less convenient because you can’t remove them.

But these processes mainly consist of using a hose to get rid of debris and other substances, which get stuck into between their fibers. In some cases, these rugs might require a little scrubbing to get entirely cleaned, but most don’t.

Once you hose the covers off, park your motorhome in a spot with a substantial amount of sunlight. It’ll help the products dry much quicker than you might expect.


The best RV step covers aren’t tough to find with a reliable guide at your disposal. Following our RV step cover reviews, you now have one to ensure picking out your perfect options becomes an uncomplicated process. If you use what you’ve learned, this entire process will become a stress-free productive experience.

But feel free to use our comment section whenever a question does pop into your mind. I’ll make sure to respond as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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