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The Best RV Stabilizer Jacks for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Are you having issues locating the best RV stabilizer jacks? Well, our article will have all the info you need to find this elusive product. The first thing to understand is that your situation isn’t too rare among buyers.

You see, there’s a baffling amount of jacks on today’s market. This situation makes finding the perfect option rather hard for customers. As a result, we thought a buying guide would be a helpful resource to provide people with for this process.

This article will attempt to fulfill that role by covering every relevant topic about these products. In doing so, we’ll cover topics such as types and top brands to ensure you have everything needed for making a sound choice.

best rv stabilizer jacks

It’ll even provide 14 reviews of stabilizer jacks, which we feel have the best chance at meeting all your needs. In other words, options that we consider the best on today’s market.

The info learned from these discussions should offer a better grasp of what to expect from these products. It’ll give you a better idea of what a top tier RV stabilizer jack will look like and provide an RV owner.

So, let’s get started and jump right into our product review section! We promise all this info will help point you towards making the right choice.


Best Overall Most Durable Easy To Install
Preview LIBRA 26098

Husky 81079

EAZ LIFT 48860

Weight ‎32.2 Pounds 11.151 Pounds ‎20 Pounds
Load Capacity 9000 pounds 5000 pounds 6000 pounds
Material Alloy Steel Steel Steel
Vehicle Service Camper/ RV/ Trailer Camper/ RV/ Trailer Trailer
Height 5 – 24 inches 16 1/4 – 29 1/4 inches 16 – 30 inches
Details Details Details

14 Best Stabilizer Jack for RV Reviews

This section will hold those 14 product reviews we talked about earlier. These reviews will be a precursor to the more tricky topics that we talk about in the next sections. It’ll provide a starting point to ensure what we discuss later is easier to learn.

And we also looked at two other types of stabilizers that could be proper options for people who don’t think jacks will fix their problems. Both these products have proven to be useful at making sure your rig stays stable on uneven ground.

1. LIBRA 9000 LB RV Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks

Our first product is the LIBRA 9000 LB RV Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks, which shouldn’t have issues keeping your rig stable. In fact, these jacks have many features that will appeal to many RV owners.

A great example of these features would be its heavy-duty design. You see, these jacks consist of top tier steel that’ll provide durability, which most other models can’t match. There’s no reason to expect these products won’t last a long time.

The product’s customer reviews only further supported this expectation. Everyone seemed to be quite happy with how these jacks held up over time. It also helps that these devices have an easy install process.

Its easy install process will ensure a buyer won’t waste a notable amount of time setting up these jacks. You can attribute this process being simple to these jacks coming with all necessary parts: crank handle, magnetic socket, mounting screws, and matching socket.

All these parts will make the install a breeze even for people like me who tend to struggle with these tasks. This area was another one, which received a lot of praise within the customer reviews.

It also doesn’t hurt that this product offers a choice regarding install method as you can either weld or bolt them onto your RV. It’s always nice to have an option regarding the using process when dealing with products such as these.

You should love this option coming as a 4-pack as well. This amount of jacks offers a level of convenience that other choices can’t match. We should also note, each one of these jacks can hold up to 9000 pounds, which is a rather significant amount.

But I do wish the price was a bit lower. This option happens to be one of the more costly on our entire list. Honestly, it’s way outside my budget and not what I’m looking to spend on RV stabilizer jacks at the moment.

2. Husky 81079 Slide-Out Adjustable Stabilizer Jacks

The Husky 81079 Slide-Out Adjustable Jacks are an excellent choice for RVers who need help stabilizing their slide-out spaces. After all, this option offers two heavy-duty RV stabilizer jacks with high-quality steel constructions.

Given this information, buyers can expect this option to perform at a high level. I didn’t have a single issue with how it steadied my vehicle. Honestly, it has been a valuable set of replacement RV stabilizer jacks for my needs.

I was also thrilled to see these jacks don’t require any assembling from their packaging. It helps ensure I don’t make any mistakes before starting the installation process. Sadly, I’ve had previous issues assembling a fifth wheel stabilizer, which led me to buy an extra RV stabilizer.

The jacks’ overall design was another trait to catch my attention. Husky built the 81079 with a stylish powder coat and zinc finish, which gives it a certain charm. Therefore, the jacks don’t look or feel shoddy, especially compared with other models.

Moreover, I found the 6-inch foot pad to be an appealing attribute. It offers additional stability to ensure it doesn’t slip or fall over when used. Due to this, I can feel a lot more confident in these jacks being reliable, safe tools to help stabilize my slide-out.

Husky provides each buyer with three buying choices, as well. It gives this package more versatility than generally seen with stabilizer jacks for 5th wheel, camper, or motorhome use. I can’t imagine any buyer with a slide-out will have trouble finding an ideal variation for their needs.

On the downside, I did find these jacks to have a tricky installation process. I wouldn’t call it overly burdensome, but it was time-consuming for even an experienced person like myself. Other customers reported having similar issues when setting up these heavy duty RV stabilizer jacks.

3. EAZ-LIFT 48860 Telescopic RV Jack

The EAZ-LIFT 48860 Telescopic RV Jack will provide a safe and effective way to steady your RV on uneven surfaces. It can offer this ability thanks to features like its durable steel design, which ensures a long-lasting product.

I also love that this jack’s powder coated as it offers added protection against rust. This issue can have a severe impact on a jack’s overall lifespan. Thankfully, this jack seems ready to ensure it never becomes a problem in the first place.

You should find its adjustable range to be another appealing trait. This jack offers a flexible range between 16 and 30 inches. As a result, there should be no reason this product won’t be able to work in many situations.

The jack’s 6,000-pound load capacity isn’t too shabby either as it further shows this product’s versatility. I mean, the combination of this product’s adjustment range and load capacity should make it useful in a lot of situations.

I found this product coming with RV stabilizer pads to be intriguing as well. These pads will ensure no harm comes to your jack by making sure it avoids contact with the surface. This action will reduce wear and extend the product’s life span by a large margin.

It’s also rather convenient that this jack comes as a 2-pack. This aspect will reduce the amount of shopping a buyer has to do by providing two devices in a single package. Plus, it comes with a fair price, which is always a win.

All in all, this product shows why EAZ-LIFT has become a well known and popular brand in this market. It’s just a solid and affordable option that’ll make sure your RV remains stable regardless of the situation.

But there were some issues reported about the product’s shipping, which was quite concerning to read. It seems the jack has a habit of arriving damaged or without all of its parts. This issue isn’t something you’d expect from a top tier brand like EAZ-LIFT.

4. Stromberg Carlson JSC24IND Scissor Jack

Stromberg Carlson’s JSC24IND Scissor Jack brings a lot to the table that could intrigue many RV owners. One of these things would be its ability to adjust between 4 and 24 inches with ease, which most other models can’t match.

This aspect makes the using process such a breeze that even people like me should have no issues. But this benefit isn’t the only thing it offers a rig owner. It also comes with a bowtie base, which will limit the contact the jack has with surfaces.

As a result, this base should protect the jack from sinking into soft ground or getting worn by harder surfaces such as concrete. This aspect should ensure the jack remains usable for years to come without any issues.

Its 5,000-pound load capacity is rather impressive as well. This feature should work well with lightweight rigs and keep them stable when encountering uneven ground. It has shown a remarkable to bring a high level of stability in these situations.

This claim was proven by the various customer reviews, which praised its ability to reduce swaying and front to back movement. Honestly, people seemed shocked by how well this jack worked in these situations based on their encounters with other options.

I also found people were excited by the jack’s lightweight design that made its install process much easier. This aspect would help in the storing process as well with it requiring less effort to move from place to place than other models.

But none of these features was the best part of this jack. This title goes to its low price, which should have no issues fitting into most of your budgets. I mean, I’d even argue that you could consider it a bargain given the low price and great features.

However, I do have one complaint with this jack as it doesn’t come with a handle. This aspect could make the using process a bit more tricky than needed. It’s a small detail, but one that could affect your happiness with the product.

5. Camco 44561 Aluminum Camper Jack

The Camco 44561 Aluminum Camper Jack comes from a company that most RV owners should have dealt with before. After all, Camco seems to be a force and popular within every RV part market with their forward designs.

This jack doesn’t fail to meet the standard set by other Camco products. It has top tier features such as its durable cast aluminum design, which will ensure this product remains usable for years and years.

It’ll also ensure the jack doesn’t fall victim to the issue that rust represents. This aspect was further fortified by the customer reviews, which didn’t feature a single report about rust or corrosion being a problem.

You should love that this product has proven to be effective at both leveling and steadying RVs as well. This trait might seem like a no brainer given it’s the jack’s main purpose. But many models on today’s market fail in this area.

I found this product’s 6,000-pound load capacity to be another winning trait. This aspect should endure the large load of your RV. And since it comes in either a 2-pack or 4-pack, you can buy the correct amount based on your RV’s weight.

My situation would need a 4-pack to keep my class A motorhome steady. This aspect would normally be a problem given my budget range, but Camco made sure their product stayed fairly priced.

The install process was another highlight for me as it received top grades from everyone who filed a review of this product. It seems this install process was a breeze compared to other models that these customers used in the past.

But there was some concern about setting it up on uneven surfaces among the customer reviews. It seems that it was a bit more tricky than expected in these situations, which could be an issue for me.

After all, I like taking my RV in rougher areas and steadying it with this product could be a problem. It would be something that I’d need to debate heavily before making a final choice on this jack.

6. LIBRA 5000 LB RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks

Our second product from LIBRA picks up right where the first one left off with its own set of great features. A great example of one is this product’s oversized footpad, which offers support for the jack on rough or soft surfaces.

Given this info, it’s quite clear that these jacks are ready to stabilize and level your RV in whatever situation. You should also love that it comes with all the necessary parts for the install process.

These parts include a crank handle, ¾” hex magnetic socket, mounting screws, and a 9/16” socket. Each of these will be incredibly helpful during the mounting process and should make it rather straightforward.

I also love that this product can adjust between 5 and 24 inches with relative ease. This aspect makes it very adaptable and ready to thrive in whatever situation might present itself. It’s just another way LIBRA found to make their product as useful as possible.

This option coming with two jacks, doesn’t hurt either. It’s always nice when you don’t have to worry about doing extra research, and this 2-pack option removes that hassle. Its 5,000-pound load capacity helps in this regard as well.

Each product only weighing 15 pounds was another appealing trait. This amount of pounds should make moving these jacks around an effort-free and straightforward process. In other words, it will only require one person and RVers traveling alone should take notice.

But I did have two issues with this product that would keep me from buying it. The first problem comes from the high price. I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking to spend this much on two jacks when I could get four of a slightly less capable version.

Plus, some customers reported issues with rusting after a year or two in their reviews. This issue isn’t something that you want to see from a product with such a high price tag.

7. BAL R.V. Products Group 23025 Tent Trailer Stabilizer

If you’ve got a lightweight RV, BAL R.V. Products Group’s 23025 Tent Trailer Stabilizer might be a worthwhile option. This jack tends to excel when stabilizing smaller rigs and should provide effective results for these types of owners.

These lightweight rigs include any trailer with frame up to 16 inches. As you might expect, this covers a lot of RVs out there today and it provides stellar results for all of them. These results come from features such as its durable design.

You see, this jack consists of a rust-prohibitive coating that ensures long-lasting usage. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t expect to be using this jack for years and years. It’s proven to be a product a customer can count on without any issue.

And since it’s made for lightweight trailers, the load capacity happens to be a little lower than our other models. This jack’s lifting capacity is 700 pounds, and its static capacity hovers around 1000 pounds.

It’s also worth noting that it comes with a crank down handle to make the using process much easier. This aspect was something that caught my eye and appealed to my particular needs as an RV stabilizer jack shopper.

You should know that this model happens to be a 2-pack set as well. This aspect further shows BAL R.V. Products Group has its customers’ needs and wants in mind when creating the product.

Its fair price is another aspect, which highlights that convenience was on their minds with this product. All in all, it’s quite clear that this jack appeals to a specific group of RVers, lightweight rig owners.

If you fit into this description, you’re going to have a hard time finding a better option than this jack right here. But it’s worth mentioning that some customers did experience shipping issues with this product.

It seems the product would arrive in less than ideal condition. This issue isn’t something that you expect to see with a top company like BAL R.V. Products Group.

8. EAZ-LIFT King Pin Tripod 5th Wheel Stabilizer Jack

The EAZ-LIFT King Pin Tripod 5th Wheel Stabilizer Jack is a great option for anyone serious about keeping their 5th wheel trailer steady. It’s able to offer this stability with its set of useful features any RV owner would love.

One of these features is how easily the product can be adjusted. You see, this jack comes with a lever at the screw level, which makes making minor tweaks a breeze. This product’s adjust process happens to be made even easier with the added footpads.

These footpads are capable of moving outward or inward when a major adjustment needs to be made. Therefore, these two features show a lot of effort was made to ensure the user had a large amount of control over the using process.

Its using process has a reputation for being rather easy as well. This claim was proven by the many customer reviews, which make it a point to praise it. As someone who doesn’t enjoy these types of tasks, you can bet I was excited when reading these reviews.

You should also love its 5,000-pound load capacity, which should handle the stability needs of your 5th wheel trailer’s front without issue. As a result, it should have no problems stopping any swaying or rocking from happening in your rig.

This product offers great storage abilities as well. It can provide this useful feature thanks to it being foldable. Due to this, storing the jack inside your rig’s storage area shouldn’t be too tricky.

It doesn’t hurt that the product comes fully assembled either. This aspect will help ensure nothing bad happens in the assembly process, which might affect its execution. It’s just another useful feature that the product offers anyone lucky enough to buy it.

But there does seem to be a recurring durability concern, which could cause some issues down the road. These issues come from it not being made from those strong materials. With this in mind, you’ll have to decide whether it’d be worth the risk.

9. Husky 76862 Stabilizing Scissor Jack

Husky’s 76862 Stabilizing Scissor Jack has become a favorite among people with either a travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer. You can connect this popularity to things such as its durable design that promotes long-lasting usage.

It also helps that this design has a nice black powder-coated finish, which will prevent rust from becoming an issue. As you know, rust tends to become a problem with these types of products. Any feature or quality that can prevent it should be looked at as a winning one.

You should find the product’s swivel handle to be a useful trait as well. This aspect has proven to make the using process much easier and convenient. It’s always lovely when a feature makes using a product simpler rather more complex.

This product coming with all attaching hardware and a solid set of directions were two other aspects that piqued my interest. Both these features should make the install process take less time than it would be without them.

I also love this jack’s 35 square inch base plate as it’ll provide some cushion between the product and any surface. This feature will ensure the jack avoids getting scraped against a rough surface or sinking into soft soil.

The two-year warranty it comes with isn’t too shabby either. This warranty will provide a bit of protection against getting a shoddy product. It’s also worth noting that Husky has gained a reputation for honoring this policy as well.

You’d be surprised by how many companies use it as a selling point, but never intend on honoring it. Thankfully, this issue doesn’t seem to be a problem with Husky. But what does seem to be a problem is the price on this 2-pack of jacks.

In fact, this option happens to be one of the more costly ones on our entire list. It’s simply not in my budget right now to spend this much money on devices such as these. It’s a shame too because I do love what this option offers.

10. Lippert 298707 Electric Stabilizer Jack Kit

If you’re looking to buy one of the most advanced options, look no further than Lippert’s 298707 Electric Stabilizer Jack Kit. This product offers a level of results that any other model will have a hard time rivaling.

It can offer these high-level results thanks to its electric operating system. This aspect ensures you won’t have to do any of the work yourself. Sounds nice, right? Well, it is, and the product saves you from having to do any of that annoying handle cranking required with scissor jacks.

This jack will instead only require a single hit of a switch, and it’ll extend or retract all by itself. Plus, this process will only take a couple of minutes. These features showcase why any other model would have a hard time keeping up with this one.

Of course, its electric operating system isn’t the only thing it offers a customer. This model also has an easy install process, which requires the simple take of bolting it onto your RV’s frame. From there, your rig will always be stabilized regardless of the situation that it encounters.

I found this product’s waterproof switch to be a nice touch, as well. You see, this aspect will ensure the jack remains working even when it becomes wet. It’s always a good thing to have protection against water damage, and this feature helps in that regard.

This product will also upgrade your travel trailer’s leveling system to ensure further no swaying or rocking happens when your rig’s parked. It’s just another example of Lippert going above and beyond to meet their customers’ needs.

But this product does offer one notable downside even with all these great features. The price of this fantastic product happens to be the most costly on our list. In fact, it’s price easily exceeds all the other models by a large amount.

It’s a sizable expense that I can’t make at the moment. But if you have the money, I don’t see a reason why this product wouldn’t be your first choice.

11. BAL R.V. Products Group 24002D Deluxe Leveling Scissor Jack

Our second product from BAL R.V. Products Group further confirms what a great company this brand continues to be within the RV stabilizer jack market. This particular model offers a roller-bearing assembly to ensure smooth screw option.

As a result, the adjustment process will be smooth and take little effort on your part. You should also love this product’s double lead thread drive screw, which allows the jack to raise quickly. It makes the entire using process much smoother.

This double lead thread drive screw makes the crank handle turn more quickly as well. It’s another area where this aspect ensure the using process will be a breeze. I also love this product’s coating, which has a rust prevention qualities.

Due to this, rust shouldn’t be much of an issue, and the jack itself will end up last a long time. It being made in the USA should help in this regard as well. Products made in the states have to go through a lot of safety testing before entering the market. This isn’t always the cause with foreign-made tools.

This product’s steel base plate was another appealing trait to me. It’ll ensure the jack doesn’t acquire more wear and tear than needed. Therefore, this aspect will help make sure the jack remains working as long as possible.

Don’t sleep on the jack’s 7,500-pound load capacity either. This load capacity actually happens to be one of the highest among our models. And since this option comes with two jacks, it should work with a variety of RVs from small rigs to large ones.

But some people did report shipping issues with this option, which wasn’t something I enjoyed seeing in the shopper reviews. Of course, it was a small number of customers, but it was still frequent enough where it deserved mention in our article.

It’s just another thing to think about before making your final choice. Honestly, I’d roll the dice with this product as the features are great and the customer service is very receptive.

12. Dumble RV Slide Out Stabilizer Jacks

If you’re looking to steady an RV’s slide-out, Dumble’s RV Slide Out Stabilizer Jacks should be at the top of your list. These jacks are such a useful product in this role thanks to their steel design, which provides top tier durability and strength.

It also helps that these jacks feature a powdered zinc coating to put a fight against corrosion. As you know, this aspect does wonders in helping increase a jack’s lifespan. But its durability isn’t the only thing worth discussing about this product.

You should find features like its folding handle to be impressive as well. This foldable handle will make storing the jack much easier than you’d expect from one of these products. There shouldn’t be any issues finding space inside your storage area for this product.

I found this product’s easy install process to be another useful trait. Dumble was even kind enough to layout the directions right in the product description. The process seems easy enough that even a person like me could accomplish it within minutes.

Once in position, these jacks have proven time and time again to eliminate rocking or swaying in your RV’s slide out. This action should provide you a sense of comfort when moving around inside your on-the-road home.

I also love that this option comes as a 2-pack, which should be more than enough to steady your RV’s slide-out. The price being more than fair on this package deal isn’t something to sneeze at either. I mean, it’s one of the lowest costing options talked about in this article.

As for flaws or downsides, I couldn’t find a single one during my product research. Everything that Dumble claims this product can provide has received praise in the shopper reviews. This outcome is rare in consumer markets and should be something that piques your interest as a shopper.

If you want to stabilize your RV slide-out, I couldn’t think of a better option given these features and price. What more could you ask for from these jacks?

13. SteadyFast RV Stabilizer System

The SteadyFast RV Stabilizer System has become a popular option for RV owners due to it offering outstanding results. These great results aren’t just for RVs either as this system can also work on campers, travel trailers, and 5th wheel trailers.

One of the features that caught my eye was it has to be permanently installed on your rig. As a result, any storage issue doesn’t matter because it remains a fixture on your RV for your entire trip.

This aspect is great for an RVer like me who tends to have little storage space left over from all the things I picked up on my travels. I should also mention the install itself only takes 2 to 3 hours, which isn’t bad given you only have to do one time.

You should have a sense of comfort about this travel trailer stabilizer system’s design as well. This design consists of every part being powder coated or zinc plated to prevent any corrosion or rust. It’s quite clear that this system is a long term investment with design such as this one.

It doesn’t hurt that it comes with a 10-year warranty either. This warranty will ensure you have coverage against the system malfunctioning or a part breaking. It’s also worth mentioning that SteadyFast has a stellar reputation for honoring this policy.

But none of these features happen to be my favorite feature offered by this product. I find its unique using process to be the most appealing thing about it. You see, this system has bars that will anchor your RV to ground.

This process means your rig’s frame will end up stabilized rather than a leg or jack. As a result, it has a more effective using method than most other models mentioned in our article. Its innovative way of working does come with a side effect, though, as it features a high price tag.

But if money isn’t an issue, I don’t see why you wouldn’t at least consider it.

14. Valterra 020106 RV Stabilizer

Our last stabilizer product happens to come from a well-known brand in the RVing world, Valterra. And like any product from this brand, the Valterra 020106 RV Stabilizer offers great results that should interest any rig owner.

This Valterra RV stabilizer has actually picked up a reputation for its ability to prevent any swaying in an RV. It’s an aspect many customers made a point to note in their reviews discussing this product.

I also found this product’s adjustable range to be quite impressive. You see, this stabilizer can adjust anywhere between 14” and 28” with ease. It’s an aspect that conveys its ability to work with many rigs such as RVs, campers, travel trailers, and other similar vehicles.

This model features an easy install process as well like most products listed in our article. It’ll only take a few minutes and doesn’t require any tools. You just have to follow the directions and getting the product in the right position.

It happens to have an easy storage process as well because it’s foldable. This aspect will make finding a place for inside your storage much easier than it would be with a jack. You shouldn’t overlook its durable design either, which includes rust and corrosion protection.

Given all these great aspects, you’d imagine this travel trailer stabilizer would have a high price. But it doesn’t as Valterra was able to create a top tier product and sell it at a fair price. This combo is something that should get all you bargain buyers rather excited.

The fair price is present across all five buying options and should appeal to RV owners in many situations. But before you buy this product, I must mention that some customers weren’t happy with its durability.

These issues were only noted in a few reviews, but it seems some parts of the device have problems holding up over time. It’s something that everyone needs to be aware of before making their final choice.

Pacific Rim Telescoping Trailer Stabilizer Jacks (Outdated)

Our last set of RV stabilizer jacks happens to be Pacific Rim’s Telescoping Trailer Stabilizer Jacks. These products offer a bit more versatility than you might expect from these tools. You see, these jacks can work on motorhomes, RVs, or campers.

Their usefulness in many situations is just the tip of this product’s iceberg when it comes to great features. You should also love its height adjustability, which can range from 11 ½ “to 17 ¾” providing a little wiggle room during the using process.

As with most models on our list, these jacks feature a heavy-duty design that promotes great results when the products’ being used. This design contains a painted finish as well to help deal with rust and corrosion.

These jacks feature a fair price, too, which should gain the attention of any bargain buyers reading our article. I mean, you aren’t going to find jacks that offer great results at this low of a price often.

You should also know Pacific Rim did their best to ensure the product’s using and install methods were considered easy. And since the shopper reviews seem pleased with these aspects, I think it’s fair to say they succeeded.

The storing process was another one that received a lot of praise in the reviews. These jacks’ success in this area can be connected to its useful handle that makes moving it around a much easier task than usual.

It’s worth noting these jacks have a lower load capacity than most other options on our list at 1000 pounds per jack. But this aspect just means that they’d be a better fit for smaller and lighter rigs rather than it being a downside or flaw.

This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have flaws, though. Some customers were slightly disappointed that you could only weld these jacks onto your RV. It doesn’t come with the brackets or abilities necessary to mount onto your rig.

RV Stabilizer Jack Buyer’s Guide


Choosing the right jack will come down to having a large amount of info about these useful products. This section will provide that info needed to make sure this shopping process ends with the right choice.

Things to know before buying an RV stabilizer jack

Finding the best RV stabilizer jack will come down to many factors. This section will discuss each of them at length to ensure this process ends with you being a happy customer. These discussions will provide you a better handle on what a top tier model looks like and offers.


Any stabilizer jack worth buying should have a top tier design. This aspect is a crucial part to ensure the product will provide results and won’t cause any issues. It’ll also have a large impact on the jack’s longevity.

Due to this, you’ll want a jack that doesn’t require extra help when steadying your RV. In other words, it should be able to do its job without needing the help of other tools. This ability should be easy for a jack with a heavy-duty and durable design.

Reading each product’s customer reviews should provide a better grasp of their performance in this area. After all, a jack with a durability issue will have many customers talking about it in these reviews.

I mean, wouldn’t you given how unsafe a durability issue could end up being with these tools? It’s a safety issue and one that should be taken into account when searching for the perfect jack.

Construction Material

You must make sure the materials used in your jack are top tier as well. After all, these materials will be vital in the product’s overall results. I’d suggest making sure everything used in your jack is durable and sturdy.

These sturdy, durable materials would include options like metal, steel, stainless steel, or other tough materials. If you do get a jack made from these elements, it will provide high stability and make sure no movements happen when your rig’s parked.

It’s also vital to note these materials should have no issue dealing with your RV’s weight. Of course, this aspect will depend on other factors, too, but products made from these materials should do fine in the right situations.

These materials will play a huge role in the jack’s longevity as well, which means that they’ll have a direct impact on each product’s strength. I’d suggest making sure your chosen jack has a coating in its design to help increase the product’s lifespan.

You see, this coating will help prevent issues such as rust and corrosion. Both of these problems can have a large impact on a jack’s long term results. It’s best to take every measure possible to avoid them.

This factor happens to be another one, which can be judged by reading each product’s shopper reviews. These reviews will provide a better look at whether a buyer can expect long-term results from each model.

Ease of Install

Installing these jacks shouldn’t be a task that takes a whole lot of effort or time. In fact, it should be an easy process, which doesn’t cause any stress. The entire process should only take a couple of minutes and take little time away from your fun RVing events.

But an easy install process isn’t always the case with these tools. As you might imagine, some jacks are a bit more tricky than others due to their installs following tougher directions. This aspect becomes a huge factor in whether a person ends up happy with their chosen item.

Given this situation, you must evaluate each product’s install process before making a final choice. You can achieve this task by reading the directions beforehand and reading shopper reviews. Both these resources should provide all info needed to learn each product’s abilities in this area.

Size of Your RV

Knowing your RV’s exact size and weight will play a large part in your final choice. These two factors are things that are essential to making the right decision when it comes to buying an RV stabilizer jack.

For instance, each jack will have a weight capacity that determines the weight it can handle without issues. You should use this number to match it with your rig’s weight and make a decision from there.

But you must make sure to account for the stuff inside your rig when defining your rig’s weight. It’s also essential to factor in the pressure being put onto the jack and how it’s distributed.

This factor is where the RV’s size will have an impact and make finding the right jack a much easier process.


Some RV stabilizer jacks don’t just offer steadying abilities, but leveling as well. These products are the ones that I feel are most useful for an RV owner to buy. In fact, they tend to be the most valuable options and offer the best results.

It’s also helpful that these products offer convenience, which jacks without leveling abilities don’t provide. For instance, it removes the need of having to buy extra or added pieces individually. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand buying parts separately.

It just creates an unneeded hassle and research that I don’t want to deal with when shopping. Buying a jack with both steadying and leveling abilities would remove this hassle.

But I must warn you that these products tend to feature a higher price than jacks without leveling abilities. Overall, I think the extra cost would be worth it when you consider the great results these products tend to offer.

Ease of Adjustment

A top tier RV stabilizer jack will also feature an easy adjustment method to ensure complete convenience. This aspect will come in handy when you need to make a quick adjustment about the required height to steady your RV.

It’s another way to ensure your chosen jack won’t end up causing you any stress or issues with its use. Overall, you’re going to want a jack that will make getting the correct height a breeze rather than a hassle.

This factor happens to be another area where customer reviews will help. Honestly, this area tends to bring out a lot of angry shoppers when something doesn’t quite meet their needs.

Use Frequency

You should also put in some thought how much usage your chosen jack will end up seeing. In other words, think about how much you intend on going camping and facing a situation where this product would be useful.

I’d suggest spending a little extra and buying a sturdy, durable option for anybody looking to camp often during the year. This type of design will ensure the jack can handle the constant stress of your RV being put onto it.


Our last factor will be the jack’s price. Even though it’s last on our list, a product’s price is probably one of the first things to cross your mind during this search. I’d suggest trying to find the option that fits all your needs and fits into your budget.

As a result, having a well-constructed budget becomes a vital step when doing your research. This budget should take into account all the features you might consider required within a jack.

One example of these features would be making sure your budget accounts for jacks made from heavy-duty materials will cost more than other options. If you want a sturdy stabilizer jack, you must be ready to pay a little extra.

This budget does offer another useful aspect as well. You see, a fair budget will also limit the number of options to choose from by a large margin. This aspect should be something every RV owner should value given the insane amount of options on today’s market.

How do I make my RV more stable

Making an RV more stable is all about having the right equipment. If you do have the proper devices, the entire process becomes an effortless one. I’d recommend starting by purchasing some high-quality RV scissor jacks, stabilizing pads, wheel chocks, etc.

These products will be a crucial part of keeping your RV level and steady. Plus, the money spent on them now pales in comparison to what motorhome repairs would cost. So it ends up being a rather cost-effective choice to spend money on them now.

How do I stop my travel trailer from rocking

RV or camper stabilizer jacks are your main preventative measure against a rocking trailer. I’d recommend taking a hard look at our “how to install RV stabilizer jacks” and “how to use RV stabilizer jacks” sections. They’ll help you understand more about how these jacks can help stop rocking from being an issue.

Of course, stabilizer jacks aren’t the only devices useful in preventing instability. Wheel chocks and leveling jacks can be very effective at keeping any rocking to minimum. So if you want to take some more preventative measures, investing in them isn’t a bad move.

What maintenance is required for an RV stabilizer?

Most RV stabilizers won’t require much when it comes to maintenance. In fact, many manufacturers advertise their stabilizers as being maintenance-free. As a person who isn’t too fond of maintenance tasks, I’m always looking for ways to avoid them completely.

But upkeep is unavoidable with some stabilizer models, especially ones with a hydraulic mechanism. You’ll need to apply lubrication onto them or they’ll break down. So anyone with these models will have to do routine checks.

What’s the difference between RV stabilizers and leveling blocks?

The difference between stabilizer jacks for travel trailer use and leveling blocks is their intended purposes. RV stabilizers are built to prevent the amount of rocking within a trailer when its inhabitants walk around in it.

Meanwhile, leveling blocks or leveling jacks will level a motorhome when it’s parked on uneven ground. These are crucial pieces to have when traveling because campgrounds are often a lot less even than most people assume.

Overall, it’s essential to avoid confusing one with the other. If you do, it might cause you to spend your hard-earned money on the wrong product.

Why do you need an RV stabilizer jack?

Reading through the above sections should have made it clear about what happens to be a stabilizer jack’s primary purpose. These tools exist to keep your RV stable and free of sway or side to side movement when parked.

But this benefit isn’t the only one that makes a stabilizer jack a must buy. One of these features is that some models come with RV stabilizing pads. These pads will make sure your jack doesn’t sink into the ground, which would cause stability issues.

This benefit will also ensure your jack doesn’t come into contact with harder surfaces like blacktop or concrete. Both of these surfaces can cause wear issues and damage that could shrink your jack’s lifespan but a large margin.

The included pads are rather convenient as well. You see, these products being included will ensure a person doesn’t have to waste time researching for top tier pads. It’s just another way these jacks can make your life much easier.

We should also mention that most of these models are available for more than fair prices and are easy to install. Of course, you should read each jack’s customer reviews to ensure other customers felt the install process was easy before buying.

Sometimes, these companies like to get a little too cute and make these products a bit harder to use than needed. It also helps that most of these jacks come as 4-packs and offer an option about whether you want to mount or bolt them onto the rig.

In the end, these are only some of the benefits these products offer a buyer. But I think each of them does a great job at showing what a stabilizer jack can offer an RV owner. It’s just an effective and useful product to have around your rig.

What are the different types of RV stabilizer jacks?

These RV stabilizer jacks come in a variety of different types. This reality can be frustrating for a person with little info about buying these products. We intend on solving this issue by going over each type in great detail. As a result, this section will help you decide which one fits your situation the best.

Scissor RV Stabilizer Jacks

The first type is called a scissor RV stabilizer jack. These products got their unique name from where they mount on your RV. You see, these jacks will be placed right between your vehicle’s tires. This position allows them to provide a sufficient amount of stability.

These products must be placed between your tires because it makes the jacks ideal suited to deal with any bouncing or other movements inside your RV. But a scissor jack won’t only offer these effective results to RVs.

These products will instead work with a lot of mobile homes from motorhomes to campers. We do have to note that installing these jacks can be a little more tricky than other types because of the mounting position.

As a result, you can expect the install process to take more time than usual. It’s something that a customer should be aware of before making a final decision about these jacks.

Steady Fast RV Stabilizer Jacks

A steady fast RV stabilizer jack has become one of the more popular choices among rig owners over the last few years. This acclaim comes from their easy install process, which makes people who are less technically savvy like me very happy.

Honestly, this benefit is something every customer should take a long look at when buying a jack. And it’s not the only one provided by these useful products. These tools are also great at reducing any bouncing or movement inside your RV.

But these benefits do have a downside to them. Due to their high quality, these jacks often cost more than other types. These higher prices are a result of them being versatility as well.

You see, these jacks shouldn’t have any issues working on a variety of RVs from motorhomes to travel trailers. It’s just another way these products tend to outpace their rivals and make their higher price worth it.

Given these benefits, I see no reason why buy these type of jacks won’t be a sound choice. It’s sometimes okay to pay a little extra when the product’s this good.

Universal RV Stabilizer Jacks

People looking to buy a device that can work on a variety of RVs should look no further than getting a universal RV stabilizer jack. These products can work on travel trailers, 5th wheels, or many other RV types.

It also helps that their results tend to be top-notch in whatever situation might need the product’s use. In other words, sway or bounce should no longer be an issue after buying one of these jacks.

The mounting process being rather easy doesn’t hurt either. It’s another type that should require minimal effort to get them into place. But we should mention these products have proven to have some issues with fully packed RVs.

In these situations, the jack might not meet a customer’s expectations and allow a bit of sway or movement. This issue is why people who have RVs packed from floor to ceiling should look elsewhere for a stabilizer jack.

Tripod RV Stabilizer Jacks

Our last type happens to be called a tripod RV stabilizer jack. This option tends to offer less effective results than the other three. Their issues stem from them working well at stopping side to side bounce; but struggling with back and forth movements.

But even with their struggles in this area, these products tend to sell well. Their popularity comes from their easy using process and low price tag. In fact, installing these products don’t require any extra tools that aren’t already on board your RV.

Given these features, it’s evident that these products would appeal to anyone looking for a quick fix or bargain. But I would have some issues buying one of these jacks because the back and forth movements tend to be a huge issue with my rig.

This issue would make me consider the other three types way before choosing one of these jacks. But you might feel differently and value the lower price tag more than me. It’s little decisions like this one that’ll end up settling which option is perfect for your situation.

Of course, there are other types of items people use when looking for trailer stabilizers or motorhome stabilizers. But these four kinds of jacks tend to be the most popular for getting these tasks done.

How to install RV stabilizer jacks?

The process of installing an RV stabilizer jack will change from product to product. This aspect is why you must look through a jack’s manual before installing. If you don’t, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll miss a step and affect the product’s results.

Most of the time, installing these jacks won’t be a tricky process. This easiness relies heavily on the directions that come with the product. Making sure these directions are useful is a crucial step you must take before buying your chosen product.

How do you make sure these directions are useful? It’s a simple matter of reading them beforehand either in the product description or finding the manual on the brand’s website. The shopper reviews will be helpful in this regard as well.

All in all, install a stabilizer jack shouldn’t take a lot of time away from the fun activities planned on your RV trip. Making sure your jack offers this level ease should be a high priority during the shopping process.

How to use RV stabilizer jacks?

As with the install, a stabilizer jack’s using method will change from model to model. It’s another reason why reading the directions beforehand becomes a vital piece to this process.

If a person doesn’t read the directions, it’ll end up affecting how well the jack performs when it’s being used. We should also note that one of the main differences you’ll encounter is whether the jack ends up welded or bolted onto your RV.

But in most cases, the using process shouldn’t cause a person must stress. It actually often gets described as easy by the customers who end up buying these products. You’ll just want to read through manual before purchasing as a way to avoid any potential issues.

RV Stabilizer Jack FAQs

What is the top-rated RV stabilizer jack?

RV stabilizer jacks are products designed for use on recreational vehicles. These products have gained a following among RV owners due to them becoming crucial pieces of their RVing trips. It has earned this following for one simple reason.

You see, these jacks will make sure your rig remains stable and level regardless of what might be around it. For instance, rough terrain or uneven surfaces will no longer be a headache to camp on with this product onboard.

These products can easily ensure things like roots or bumps and won’t cause you issues when RVing. As a result, having one of these jacks will make sure rocking back and forth won’t be an issue either.

It’s something you can imagine comes in handy when considering most campgrounds aren’t always on level surfaces. In fact, a lot of them are placed on rough terrain, which can cause some issues for RV owners.

We should also mention that some people find it useful to combine these jacks with blocks or leveling systems. This action will provide a bit more coverage against any movement or sway within your RV.

People have found other uses for these jacks outside RVs as well. These tools have proven to be useful in stop movement within mobile homes, campers, and travel trailers. Given this info, these jacks offer a bit more versatility than you might’ve imagined.

This amount of versatility is only one of the reasons behind these products being a useful product for your RVing life. It’s just an effective way to ensure your trip remains easy wherever it ends up going.

What are the most trusted RV stabilizer jack brands?

Finding a trusted RV stabilizer jack brand is a vital part of this entire process. It’s one way to ensure you buy a product that will meet your needs and provide great results. The good news is that you’re already familiar with many trusted companies thanks to our product review section.

You see, each one of those brands has proven time and time again to provide their customers with top tier stabilizer jacks. These companies have also proven to be great at putting their customers’ wants and needs into their designs.

But even among these brands, two companies do stand out a bit more than the others: BAL RV Products Group and EAZ-LIFT. Both of them have become forces in this market and have shown no sign of slowing down.

I thought looking into both of their backgrounds could offer a better grasp of what a top RV stabilizer jack brand should look like and provide. This info will be pivotal when conducting your search.

BAL RV Products Group

This brand has become a new force in the RV stabilizer jack market thanks to its innovative designs and focus on durability. It’s these two qualities that have made them such a favorite among RV owners over the last few years.

Their great customer service doesn’t hurt matters either. In fact, this aspect tends to be on the first things people praise in their reviews of BAL RV Products Group’s jacks. It’s quite clear that this company is one worth trusting given these features.


EAZ-LIFT has been a leading brand in this market for as long as I can remember. Their products always have a unique trait that makes them function a bit better than their rivals. It also helps that their prices never seem high or over the line.

As a result, it’s no surprise that you often see two or three EAZ-LIFT stabilizer jacks among Amazon’s most popular. Their products do set the standard within this market year after year without fail.

What are these stabilizer jacks made of?

In most cases, stabilizer jacks will consist of heavy-duty materials such as steel, metal, stainless steel, or aluminum. These materials will ensure the jacks can hold up well holding up your massive rig.

I’d suggest sticking with products made from these materials to ensure you get a product that’ll meet your expectations. This action will help ensure the buying process ends with you being a happy customer rather than having to buy a whole jack in a few months.

You should stick to US-made products as well. Products made in the states have to go through a lot more testing than foreign-made items. As a result, US products are often a lot safer and less prone to breaking down.

Do RV stabilizer jacks come with mounting brackets?

The answer to this question will depend on a product’s brand and model. In most cases, a stabilizer jack will come with mounting brackets to ensure a smooth install process. I’d suggest sticking with these options to provide a seamless experience with the product.

After all, some brands will sell just the jack at a slightly lower cost than a full package from another brand. This action will cause a few customers to think they’re getting a bargain and buy without reading the product description.

You mustn’t become this customer. This situation can be avoided by reading the product descriptions before making a final choice. These descriptions should offer all the info about what comes with each jack.

What is the warranty?

An RV stabilizer jack’s warranty will vary from product to product. You’ll come across some that offer a lifetime warranty. Others won’t even have one at all. I’d recommend choosing a product with one to ensure you have some protection against an accident.

After all, these jacks will be holding up heavy vehicles, which can cause some serious issues when a product isn’t made correctly. Buying a product with a warranty would protect against these issues and make sure you don’t get a subpar product.

We should also mention that some brands will use a warranty as a selling point with no intention of ever honoring it. Of course, you must do your best to avoid buying from one of these companies.

The best way to avoid these brands is by doing extensive research into each product’s shopper reviews. These reviews will provide a heads up regarding the brand’s customer service and warranty policies.

Where to buy?

Finding a place to buy an RV stabilizer jack shouldn’t be too tricky. I’d start this process by going to the best option, which would be Amazon. You see, this site will have both the largest selection and lowest prices of anywhere selling these products.

It’s a combo that happens to be rather unbeatable from a buyer’s point of view. I didn’t even mention that Amazon also has the largest customer review database around. This aspect becomes vital for many reasons that I alluded to in our article.

But Amazon offering all these benefits doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore elsewhere. I’d also suggest taking a look at what Camping World has to offer. Their site should have a decent selection to choose from and stellar prices.

In fact, their prices even find themselves lower than Amazon’s when there’s a sale happening. This reason alone is enough to express why comparing prices and selection between these two sellers is a must for any buyer.

It’s an effective way to avoid paying more than needed for your chosen RV stabilizer jack. If you don’t find either of these options appealing, places like Wal-mart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s should have a decent selection.

You’ll also find a sizeable amount of options at your local RV supply store. But these retail stores will feature options with much higher prices than you’d find online. It’s just the reality of the consumer market nowadays as people would rather shop online.

These retail stores do offer one benefit that online sellers don’t with their face to face customer service. This aspect can have a large impact on the buying process when the employee has a lot of knowledge about these products.

Given all these options, it’s clear that there’s a seller for everyone looking to buy one of these jacks. All you have to do is choose the one which suits your likings as a shopper.


After reading this article, finding the best RV stabilizer jacks shouldn’t be much of a challenge. It’s a simple matter of applying the info from this article into your search. This action should make the right choice rather apparent and clear.

The right stabilizer jack will then make your RV trips much easier by keeping the rig stable and secure regardless of what lies around it. In fact, many people find even the roughest or bumpiest terrain is no match for the top tier RV stabilizer jacks.

All you have to do is find the right one, and your troubles will quickly flutter away. So please, use the info within this article and find the perfect option for your situation. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in our comment section.

We’ll answer them as quickly as we can. After all, we’d like to help in any way possible.

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