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The Best RV Speakers for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv speaker

Are you having problems finding the best RV speaker on today’s market? You’re not alone as this task has become more and more tricky over the last few years. The market has become somewhat flooded with options, and it can be frustrating trying to find the perfect choice.

We intend to solve this issue by offering a guide for the process. This guide will cover every relevant topic about these devices from types to top brands. We’ll even provide 10 product reviews of models that are often seen as the top options out there.

As a result, you’ll become fully informed about what you should be looking for in an RV speaker. You’ll soon understand what option will provide everything you want in one of these devices. It’ll make this entire process much smoother and less time-consuming.

The only thing that it’ll require is you reading our following sections. Once you do, finding the right set of RV speakers will be a breeze and require little effort. You’ll then be able to enjoy top tier sound quality whenever it’s needed.

So, let’s get started and find the RV speakers you’ve always wanted. I promise it won’t be as complicated as you might think.


Best Overall Easy To Install Water Resistance

BOSS Audio MR50W

Jensen MS5006WR

Pyle PLMR51W

Size 5.25 inches 5.25 inches 5.25 inches
Tweeter Type Mylar Dome Whizzer
Speaker 4 Ohm/ 150W 2-way 4 Ohm/ 30W 4 Ohm/ 100W
Frequency 120 Hz to 18 kHz 79Hz to 20kHz 100 Hz to 18 kHz
Resistance Water’s Light Plashing UV resistant/ Waterproof Water Splashes/ Outdoor Conditions
Sensitivity 90 dB 86 dB
Details Details Details

10 Most Trusted RV Speaker Reviews

This section will provide those ten reviews that I alluded to earlier. These discussions will ensure you have an idea of what a top tier RV speakers look like and offer a customer. The info learned here will also help you grasp the more complex topics we talk about in later sections.

1. BOSS Audio Systems MR50W RV Speakers

Our first product is the BOSS Audio Systems MR50W RV Speakers, which features many aspects that should appeal to a rig owner. For instance, you have to love their waterproof design, which makes these devices a perfect option to function as outside RV speakers.

This waterproof design comes from these speakers being treated with the latest insulating techniques. Due to this, these devices are capable of facing a rainy setting without issue.

I also love that these speakers have a cone made from top tier polyurethane, which offers a great deal of durability. This material should ensure these speakers last a long time and provide great sound quality that everyone will enjoy.

You shouldn’t sleep on these devices having an easy install process, either. Most of the buyer reviews for this option make a point to praise its result in this area. It was somewhat shocking when a person didn’t mention how easy the install was for these speakers.

The product using a treated cloth to provide extra support for these speakers was another winning trait. In most cases, I would stay from products that used cloth material in this role. But every buyer review was resolute in its effectiveness in this product.

I’d be remiss not to mention that these speakers come with top tier voice coils as well. These aspects are capable of resisting high heat, which is another reason why these would be great as RV exterior speakers.

These speakers are also quite a bargain given their low price. You actually get a pair of them for a price that some single speaker costs. If this description doesn’t scream a bargain buy, I don’t know what does anymore.

But some people did have issues with the speakers’ bass quality. It seems these devices don’t produce the level of bass a few people would find fair. Due to this, people who are looking for a speaker with great bass should look elsewhere.

Otherwise, I don’t see an excuse why these speakers wouldn’t be at the top of your list. It even comes with a 3-year warranty to further provide a reason for buying them.

2. Jensen MS5006W Dual Cone Waterproof RV Speaker

Jensen’s MS5006W Dual Cone Waterproof RV Speaker is designed to work as one of the best RV outdoor speakers on today’s market. This status comes from its design that features waterproof qualities, which other options have a tough time matching.

I mean, this speaker is entirely waterproof and should withstand any downpour that comes its way. It’s also made with UV resistant materials to ensure those pesky sun rays don’t cause any issues such as cracking or fading.

But don’t think this product can only operate as an outdoor speaker. This device can work just as well inside your rig and provide great sound quality. It’s a claim that’s backed up by many buyers reviews, which found them as the perfect option for replacing their factory ceiling speakers.

You should also love how easy its install process is compared to other models. This aspect was another one people regularly praised in the buyer reviews. Honestly, I would feel confident doing this task myself, and that alone is a borderline miracle.

The sound quality of this speaker is another winning trait. It’s clear, crisp, and should make your favorite tunes sound great in or outside your rig. You’ll never have to deal with uninspired sound quality ever again with a set of these speakers onboard your RV.

It also doesn’t hurt that the product’s price isn’t too shabby. I can easily fit this device into my budget without issue, which isn’t always the case when buying speakers. I could even buy a couple of them thanks to its more than fair price.

The product’s size is a plus for me, as well. You see, it’s a 5.25-inch speaker and this sizing is perfect for my trailer’s needs. It would be a snug fit and an easy replacement for my factory speakers in my rig.

But some buyers did have concerns about the product’s durability. It seems this speaker has a habit of breaking after a year or two. This issue isn’t an ideal situation, but one I could live with at this price and the number of great features offered.

3. Pyle 5.25 Inch Dual RV Speakers

The Pyle 5.25 Inch Dual RV Speakers stand out from other models due to the low profile design that offers them a great deal of versatility. For instance, this design allows them to work on RVs, marine watercrafts, boats, and much more.

It can work in many situations because this design features aspects like being made with a polypropylene cone. This cone gives it weather resistant abilities that make it capable of working in various settings.

We should also mention that this polypropylene material gives a sense of stability and ruggedness that you might not find with other models. These two qualities are only heightened when you realize this speaker has a heavy duty APS basket and grill as well.

The APS basket and grill are included in its design to provide protection against sun damage from UV rays. You might be shocked to learn that these sun rays can cause a large amount of damage, which is why features like these are essential.

Like our earlier models, it happens to be completely waterproof as well. The product’s 5.25-inch size is another winning trait as it would fit perfect in my rig. This aspect makes it a great option for anyone looking to buy 5.25 outdoor RV speakers.

I also found its 100 watts power level to more than enough for my needs. It should mesh well with the other parts inside my rig without any issue. Pyle was even kind enough to offer a color choice for the speakers with the option of choosing white or black.

All in all, these products from Pyle are a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their RV audio system. It will get the job done and without putting a big hole in your bank account.

But it’s worth noting that a few buyers had issues with them rusting after a year or two. Obviously, this issue wouldn’t be an ideal scenario to encounter with brand new speakers. However, these problems were only present in a couple of reviews.

It could very well be a case of a few isolated incidents, which is probably true, given the large number of positive accounts.

4. KING RVM1001 Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

If you’re looking for one of the simplest outside camper speakers available, KING RVM1001 Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker should be near the top of your list. The model earns this status because it will easily replace your existing RV light.

It can offer this easy install due to its hard wiring into your RV with no batteries required. As a result, this speaker will be an energy efficient option to solve all your outdoor speaker needs. But it doesn’t only fill this single role as the device will also take responsibility for being your rig’s outdoor light.

You see, this speaker comes with 45 cool LED lights, which will offer more brightness than most RV lights. It’s an effective and useful way to solve two potential issues with one device. Due to this, it’s one of the more convenient models on our entire list.

I also love that this model functions off Bluetooth, which means it has a wireless connection to other devices like your smartphone or tablet. This aspect means that you have easy access to your favorite songs outside your rig.

As you can imagine, this Bluetooth connection makes it an excellent item to have during outdoor events such as a barbecue. I tend to love throwing these types of gatherings, which makes this a perfect option for my particular set of needs.

It even offers a choice regarding color with it coming either in black or white. In my case, I end up choosing black because it fits better into my rig than a solid white coloring. But both choices seem well made and ready to meet your outdoor speaker demands.

But I do wish the price tag on this model was much lower. In fact, this speaker happens to be one of the most costly on our entire list. It certainly falls way outside my budget, and I couldn’t see myself justifying its purchase anytime soon.

It’s a shame, too, because this speaker does check off a lot of boxes on my preference list. If money were no object, this model would find itself near the top of my preferred options.

5. Magnadyne WR40W Waterproof RV Marine Speakers

Our next option is another set of speakers that would work in either a marine or RV setting. Their versatility is what makes them such a respected commodity on today’s market. You’d have a hard time finding a better option given the top tier design and fair price offered by these speakers.

For instance, these speakers have a design that features a dual cone. This aspect was built with top tier materials, which provide protection against harsh weather such as heavy rain or UV rays.

These speakers also happen to be another option offering the ability to work either indoors or outdoors. It’s an added quality that speaks to these speakers’ versatility and usefulness in the RV setting.

But this trait of working in many settings doesn’t mean a thing when the speaker doesn’t provide great sound quality. Thankfully, this issue doesn’t exist for these speakers, as many buyers expressed praise for the sound production of these models.

I also love that this option provides two speakers rather than one. You see, I’m planning on replacing all the factory ceiling speakers inside my rig. Due to this, buying in bulk would be a better option for me.

This 2-pack deal would save me from having to do extra research, which is always a nice touch. These speakers seem to have an easy install process as well based on the buyer reviews. It doesn’t seem like it would require much time and should end up being a piece of cake.

Overall, it’s another model that will easily check off almost everything I’m looking for from a set of RV speakers. But it does fail in one area, which I didn’t enjoy seeing during my research. Some customers expressed issues with these speakers’ durability.

The lifespan of these speakers seems to die out around two or three years. It’s a little less than what I’d expect from a top tier set of these devices, but something I could live with given the price. I might just buy in excessive bulk and have a few laying around in storage.

6. Pyramid 5.25 Dual Waterproof RV Speakers

If you’re looking for models that will serve as an easy RV speakers replacement, look no further than the Pyramid 5.25 Dual Waterproof RV Speakers. These devices come with everything required for a simple install.

For instance, these speakers are the standard inch size of 5.25 inches, come with mounting hardware, and include complete wiring. It even has a very small design to ensure the mounting depth is only 1.5 inches.

All these aspects put together ensure that these speakers have one of the easiest install processes on this entire list. Of course, this aspect isn’t the only area where these speakers excel. They still have many of the features you’ve become familiar with in earlier reviews.

These features include 100 watt power, use of waterproof materials, and protection against UV rays. As a result, these speakers are ready to meet your needs in whatever situation a speaker might be needed.

It even comes with a 1-year warranty to ensure you have protection against an accident occurring. This aspect sometimes goes overlooked with rig owners, but it shouldn’t. We should note that Pyramid has proven to be willing to honor this policy as well.

This situation isn’t always the case with these policies. In fact, some brands like using them as a selling point and refused to honor them. But this issue doesn’t seem to be a problem for Pyramid based on buyer feedback.

The price is another winning trait as you’re getting two speakers for a below average cost. This aspect should get the focus of any bargain buyer reading our article. I know it got me seriously considering this option when I first saw it.

Overall, you’re going to have a hard time finding speakers available for a better deal than offered here. It’s just too good of a mix between the features provide and low price, which creates an appealing combo.

The only thing that could take away from this appeal is a few buyers had some issues with the speakers not snugly fitting into their rig’s openings. It’s a small problem, but one worth thinking about before making a final choice.

7. Pyle PLMRS53BL RV Speakers

Our second product from this brand continues where the first left off with its own set of great features. A good example would be its 180 watt power level, which should handle most amps located in rigs.

I also love that these devices come with a low profile design, which makes them an easy install on boats, motorhomes, or off-road vehicles. Due to this, you could buy in bulk and improve your audio systems on many vehicles in your life.

These speakers having built-in LED lights wasn’t a bad touch either. In this case, these lights are blue and extremely effective at ensuring a person can see in a low light setting. It’s not a surprise these devices are often used as travel trailer outdoor speakers given this trait.

Don’t overlook this product having the universal standard OEM replacement size as well. This trait makes the install process a much simpler task than with other models. It also helps that these speakers come with the needed hardware and wiring to get the job done.

As for sound quality, these speakers provide great audio that should have no issues playing your music at whatever volume is wanted. You won’t have to worry about the air conditioner drowning out the music ever again with these devices onboard your rig.

You don’t even have to worry about their ability to face any harsh weather. These speakers have waterproof capabilities and UV resistance, just like most of the earlier options on our list. It’s quite clear that Pyle thought of everything when making these amazing items.

Pyle even offers a smaller size speaker option for people who needed them. This aspect ensures that these speakers have a better chance of meeting the needs of every customer. We should also mention the manual that comes with these speakers has got plenty of compliments.

But I do have one issue with these speakers. These products don’t come with a warranty, which was a bit of a turn off when I was doing my product research. It just seems like a top tier brand like Pyle would provide a bit of coverage for its customers.

8. Jensen MSX60RVR RV Speakers

The Jensen MSX60RVR RV Speakers might be the most durable motorhome speakers on our entire list. These products gain consideration for this status because of features like their titanium dome tweeter included in their design.

You see, the use of titanium ensures these speakers will have a level of protection that isn’t often seen with other models. This feature and the polypropylene woofer cone also ensure these speakers are waterproof and UV resistant.

There’s no reason to expect these devices won’t be long-lasting with features such as these. You should love that these speakers got a lot of praise for their ability to provide great bass and sound quality, as well.

Many buyers were actually shocked by how well these speakers performed in these areas compared to the factory models. The install process was also praised in these discussions, which is always a good sign.

These speakers happen to be another option sold as a 2-pack. This aspect makes them an appealing choice for a bulk buyer such as myself. It helps that they can work inside or outside your rig, too, which means you can buy all your needed speakers in one fell swoop.

Buyers were also approving of the customer service provided by Jensen. This area being praised in buyer reviews is a rare sight as people love to point their anger toward the service when something goes wrong.

As a result, buyers applauding this aspect is a rare enough occurrence that it needs to be mentioned in a review such as this one. But not everything about these products happens to be perfect. I do have an issue with these speakers that would prevent me from buying it.

This issue has to do with the price, which is among the highest on our list. It’s just not a fit in my budgetary ranges and would be a vast stretch for me. I wish it weren’t because these speakers do seem like a perfect fit for me.

9. Polk Audio DB521 5.25-Inch Coaxial Speakers

Polk’s Audio DB521 5.25-Inch Coaxial Speakers have become wanted items in this market due to their use of cutting edge tech. This tech has made these speakers among the most efficient available for buyers.

In fact, these speakers use a great mixture of materials to ensure their top tier sound production accuracy. These materials include silk, polymer tweeter, and mica cone woofer that allows these speakers to offer great sound at any volume.

Both these aspects are protected by a rubber surrounding, which makes sure the speakers last longer than you might expect. This material can easily face the harsh temperatures and UV rays without fading or cracking.

The rubber surrounding also boosts the bass and makes it more apparent, which is an aspect that many buyers have referred to in their reviews. It’s a nice touch and offers more than the standard cloth material used in this capacity.

I love that these speakers feature a multiple hole mounting pattern in their design as well. This pattern will make installing them inside your rig a breeze and require minimal effort on your part. It’ll give you more time to enjoy the speakers’ benefits rather than spending a large amount of time putting them into place.

These speakers being marine certified was another attractive trait. This aspect means that it’s capable of working well in many situations: whether it’s inside an RV or on a boat. It just goes to show the quality of these devices when they offer this type of versatility.

But some buyers did report issues with the products’ shipping in their reviews. This issue isn’t something you expect from a top tier brand like Polk. Honestly, it’s rather disappointing and would have me second-guessing whether buying from them would be a good idea.

I do have to say many people didn’t have any issues with this area. It was only a few reviews, which reported this problem. Regardless, it shouldn’t be occurring at all. These speakers not having a warranty doesn’t help matters either.

10. Pyle PLMRS5W RV Waterproof Speakers

Our last pair of RV stereo speakers comes from a familiar brand, Pyle. This option, the Pyle PLMRS5W RV Waterproof Speakers, makes use of aluminum materials to create a rugged and tough sound system.

The use of aluminum and other materials provides many similar features to our earlier models. These features include waterproof abilities, a low profile design, UV protection, and an easy install process. It even comes as a 2-pack to entice bargain and bulk buyers.

Each of these aspects has been discussed at length in our earlier reviews. Their additions should key you into these speakers being another top tier option from a great brand. But where this model differs from our other options is the price.

It’s among the lowest on our entire list when you consider you’re getting two speakers for the price a single one usually goes for in this market. Honestly, it’s a sweet little deal that shows Pyle has its customers’ needs and wants in mind when creating their products.

We should mention these speakers do come with LED lights as well. This aspect would make a useful option for external RV speakers outside your rig. Overall, there’s nothing too striking about this model feature wise, but it does hit most of the necessary marks.

This jack of all trades and master of none quality should interest anyone looking for a simple and easy solution to upgrading their RV audio system. If this describes your situation, I don’t see how this option wouldn’t be on your consideration list.

But it does have a few flaws that are worth discussing before making a final choice. It seems some buyers had issues with the service provided by Pyle for this option. I was rather shocked when coming across these problems, given their reputation.

A few buyers were a little disappointed with the sound quality, as well. It seems like these speakers are a notable growth from the factory speakers, but fail to keep up with other top models. This issue isn’t too surprising the price and deal offered with this option.

RV Speakers Buyer’s Guide


Picking the right RV speakers will come down to having a vast amount of info about these devices. This section will ensure you get it by talking about every vital topic about these items. It will actually make you an expert on the subject.

Things to know before buying an RV speakers

Your final decision will come down to making some tough choices. This section will discuss those choices and their determining factors to ensure you make a sound pick. Once you get a grasp of this info, it should make finding the right RV speakers a breeze.

Type of Audio System

The first question that you should ask is, what type of audio system do you want? This process won’t be the same for a person who wants a couple of speakers and somebody that needs a full sound system featuring many parts.

For example, someone looking to simply play their music at a modest level inside their rig might be better suited to buy a couple of speakers. But if you’re looking to play music at a level that will blow your RV’s door off, a full sound system would be more fitting.

Either way, you might decide which side you fall under before deciding on the right speakers. This choice will end up affecting the type of system, cost, the speakers’ design, and other parts such as amplifiers.

Space in Your RV

The amount of space in your RV will have a large impact on your choice as well. If you have a small class B motorhome, buying component speakers might be a little bit of a stretch. These options have many parts and could take up more room than available.

But a person with a large class A motorhome wouldn’t have to worry about this fact as much. You could easily have enough space for the component speaker, tweeter, and subwoofer setup. It will then be able to provide the best audio sound possible.

If you’re worried about determining how much space is free, there’s some good news. Most modern RVs come with areas outlined for speakers to ensure you can quickly grasp how much room’s open.

These designated locations will give you a rough estimate of how much space is usable for mounting speakers inside your rig. You can then use this info to find an upgraded speaker that fits perfectly into the space taken up by your old factory one.


You’ll also have to decide what you want from your speakers. For instance, do you want a device with a powerful bass or a model that produces a clear and perfect reproduction? It’ll all depend on the speakers that you buy.

Therefore, it’d be wise to choose your set based on your sound likings and musical taste. If you like loud, aggressive hip hop music that relies heavily on bass, I’d suggest getting speakers, which will mesh with it.

I’d also suggest reading a few buyer reviews to see how other people felt about each speaker’s results. These discussions should offer insight into what every model does well and doesn’t when it comes to sound reproduction.

Will You Need an Amplifier?

As you know, most modern rigs will come with some type of sound system when you buy them. I actually can’t imagine an RV that wouldn’t at least have preparation for the install of one. It’s just such a vital part of the modern day RVing lifestyle.

Nonetheless, a person looking to upgrade their system or build their own will have to decide whether they need an amplifier. If you want more power than your factory speakers and an overall clearer sound, buying one is a must.

People who decide on buying one will need to look for speakers that can handle the extra power. Otherwise, it could end up being a waste of money and an utter disaster, which isn’t something anyone wants.

The Power Level And RMS Index

The output levels on your amplifiers and speakers must match. It’s the only way that you’ll get a balance between the parts in your rig’s audio system. This action will help ensure you get the clear sound that you’ve always imagine coming from your RV’s speakers.

But if you do mismatch the power outputs of these parts, it could end up being very dangerous and might cause your speakers to break or blow. This scenario happens when a person sends too much power over the amplifier to a speaker that has a lower RMS index.

In other words, the speaker would have fewer watts of power and wouldn’t be able to handle what’s coming from the amplifier. So please, make sure your amps and speakers have the same amount of power level before buying them.


The speaker’s quality will have a huge impact on your final choice. You should do everything in your power to ensure this process ends with buying durable and effective speakers. A good way to do this task is by looking at each product’s design material.

In most cases, any speakers that are surrounded by rubber would be a good option. Rubber is very durable and should last a long time without issue. On the other hand, foam enclosed speakers aren’t a good idea.

This material isn’t known to be durable and could have you doing this process again shortly. You mustn’t fall for their low prices either. After all, there’s a reason foam enclosed speakers don’t cost much.

I’d also suggest to make sure the speaker cone’s housing is made out of a material like aluminum or titanium. These models will be more costly, but they will offer more stability than other options.

If you have any questions or concerns about a speaker’s material, reading some buyer reviews could silence them. These reviews will have insights into how each model holds up and whether they’re worth buying.


Reviewing each speaker’s sensitivity is another vital part of this process. In fact, this aspect happens to be one of the most essential when looking at these electronic devices. This feature refers to when the speaker converts the power from the amp into produced sound.

Due to this, you should always look out for high sensitivity index numbers when picking a speaker. The higher this number happens to be, the more sound it will produce at the same volume.


The cost of speakers will vary drastically from model to model. You’ll find some that have prices around a couple of bucks to others costing hundreds of dollars. With this in mind, you’ll have to decide what you deem necessary in a new set of speakers.

Once you do understand what you want, setting up a realistic budget will be your next step. This budget will need to account for all these features and form ranges around them. For instance, a person who wants speakers with titanium cone housing will need to understand these models will cost a bit extra.

This budget will then become a useful tool when these realistic ranges are set. It will lessen the number of choices down to a more manageable level. Any feelings of being stressed or frustrated will soon disappear thanks to your well constructed budget.

Why do you need to upgrade your RV speakers?

You might be asking yourself if upgrading your RV speakers would be a wise move? This section will discuss all the reasons why this idea is something worth doing. As a result, this info should give you a better handle on whether getting top tier speakers is right for your situation.

Better Sound Quality

As I stated earlier, RV makers don’t always think about installing great sounding speakers when designing a new rig model. This issue comes from many other problems needing their focus during the building process.

But the good news is that speaker makers are always trying to find new ways of making speakers sound even better. This results in these devices being much more effective than the factory made ones inside your rig.

Honestly, the disparity in sound will be apparent when you make a commitment and install top tier speakers into your rig. This vast difference comes from the best speakers being built with more advanced designs than the factory ones.

Most of these top tier speakers will feature multiple drivers: tweeters, woofers, midranges, or even super tweeters. All these parts are included to ensure the sound reproduction ends up being great.

Each of these parts is designed for accurately producing a specific frequency in your music’s sound. As noted earlier, the woofers will be there to deal with the lower sounds and the tweeters for the highs.

This aspect is why you hear a much better and more detailed sound that isn’t possible with your factory speakers. We should also point out top speakers will feature crossover circuits, which is another area that makes them much more advanced.

These crossover circuits will ensure the proper sounds go to the correct driver and makes the speaker work at an effective level. In the end, these devices are just more fit to provide the sound quality a rig owner wants.

Made With Better Materials

Upgraded speakers will last a longer time than the ones currently in your rig. These devices will be made from top notch materials, which increase their durability by quite a bit. It also makes them immune to harsh weather that RV speakers sometimes have to deal with during your trips.

But these materials don’t only increase the speakers’ stability. They also offer better sonic results than your factory speakers. As a result, you’ll enjoy a crisper and deeper sound quality. Plus, your speakers will last a longer time.

What more could a rig owner ask for from a device such as an RV speaker? It’s quite clear that getting a set of top tier speakers would be a smart and logical move with benefits such as this one.


As you might know, there happen to be a lot of ways that a rig owner could improve their RV’s audio system. Most of these methods will end up being widely expensive and put a massive dent in your bank account.

Investing in top tier RV speakers isn’t one of these costly methods. In fact, this option might be the most effective and less costly option when it comes to upgrading your rig’s audio system. Honestly, even spending a small amount of money on new speakers could make the sound quality much better inside your rig.

So, do yourself a favor and make buying top tier RV speakers a priority. It won’t end up being a decision that you regret as you’ll be too busy enjoying a crisp and clear sound.

What are the different types of RV speakers?

When it comes to RV speakers, there are two types you’ll have to be concerned with during this process. These two types are called coaxial speakers and component speakers. We’ll discuss both kinds in great detail below to ensure you make the right choice about which will fit your situation.

Coaxial Speaker

Also known as a full range speaker, coaxial speakers are made with every vital part built into the device itself. For instance, these speakers will have a woofer to handle the lower sounds and tweeters to deal with the high end.

You’ll also come across coaxial speakers with extra drivers to handle the middle range sounds. These types of devices tend to be the right choice for someone looking to upgrade without it needing much thought or effort.

In other words, coaxial speakers will have a much easier install than component speakers. It’s a simple and clever option for anyone looking to get a quick fix rather than the best audio possible.

We should also note that many coaxial speakers will offer extra levels of customization. Some examples of this aspect would include models offering detachable tweeters. This feature will allow you to remove the tweeter and install it in another place.

It’s not rare to see coaxial speakers will swiveling tweeters either. These parts can be angled in varying directions, which might have a huge impact on your rig’s sound. It’s little details like these that will have a large effect on your final choice.

Component Speakers

Our next second type works much differently than coaxial speakers. You see, component speakers are meant for one purpose only, giving the best audio possible for the listener.

This goal makes their designs a bit different than the coaxial type. Component speakers feature each part of the speaker as a separate entity. For example, tweeters and woofers are fixed separately to ensure the best audio possible.

You should also know that a crossover will route the right audio sounds to the proper speaker. This action will ensure the higher ones are dealt with by the tweeters and the woofers will be handled the lower ones.

Overall, component speakers will make use of the top tier parts and offer the best sound quality possible. These devices will also provide an unmatched skill when it comes to modding them to a user’s liking, as well.

But these speakers have large downsides that might affect you buying them. You see, these devices tend to be much more costly than a coaxial speaker and trickier to install. In some cases, these options even require custom install work, which is very pricey.

RV Speaker FAQs

What is the best RV speaker?

An RV speaker doesn’t function any differently than a regular one would. The only variation is that these products are made specially to fit inside an RV. Their main purpose is to play sound at an audible level that people inside and outside the rig can enjoy.

In other words, these devices are meant to ensure your trips don’t get overly dull. These speakers can accomplish this task by providing entertainment during long hauls. Given this info, speakers have become an essential part of the RVing experience.

It’s also worth mentioning that these speakers will come in all different shapes and sizes. This aspect shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. I’m guessing you’ve got some background when it comes to speakers considering their frequent inclusion in our daily lives.

But you’d think their importance would cause RV manufacturers to put high-quality speakers in their rigs from the beginning. This scenario simply isn’t the case. Most of the time, the factory speakers that come with your rig are subpar.

These devices can barely play music from the radio at an audible sound level. This issue becomes even more of a problem when you have something like your air conditioner running. As a result, many rig owners opt to upgrade their stereo systems with a set of RV speakers.

In fact, this issue is probably why you’re reading our article. You must be tired of having to deal with less than ideal speakers. Let’s solve this issue and find your perfect set of RV speakers to ensure you never have sound problems in your rig ever again.

What size are most RV speakers?

Most RV speakers will be 5.25 inches. It’s the traditional size for RV speakers to ensure they’re usable across various types of rigs (trailers, campervans, motorhomes, etc). However, it’s not uncommon for people to need other sizes like 6 inch outdoor RV speakers or 6.25-inch models.

As a result, it becomes essential to know how to measure a camper speaker. Otherwise, you might purchase a speaker that isn’t suitable for your rig. It’ll then end up a waste of money and time. This isn’t what anyone wants when trying to find an RV outdoor speaker upgrade.

How do you measure a camper speaker?

Measuring for a camper speaker is a bit more complicated than people anticipate. First, you’ll have to know your old speakers and mounting holes dimensions. If you don’t, picking out a new speaker becomes almost impossible.

Of course, you could choose to cheat by buying wireless RV speakers. But anyone who wants a wired speaker can easily find a usable one by following this 6-step process:

  1. Locate your old RV speaker and take it out of its housing. It’s a simple process of removing the cover and unfastening the screws holding your speaker.
  2. I’d recommend using a tape measure to measure the mounting frame’s diameter (widest point to widest point). Then, use it to record the speaker’s internal dimensions. Make sure to record this information somewhere safe, such as your phone’s notes app.
  3. Next, you’ll need to find the speaker’s height. It can be done by measuring its back piece to its mounting frame.
  4. Move on to measuring the mounting hole for your new speakers by determining its outer diameter.
  5. Then, use the tape measure to find the hole’s internal diameter.
  6. Examine the internal space to ensure you know whether your new speakers can fit into the hole. Don’t forget to consider and note the screw pattern for compatibility purposes.

Once you’ve got all this information, finding a new speaker shouldn’t be too difficult. It becomes an easy process of matching the dimensions to potential options.

How do I hook up my RV speakers to my TV?

Hooking up your outdoor or indoor RV speakers to a TV can vary greatly. You’ll need to consult the manuals for both components. There are too many moving parts to offer a detailed guide without knowing the types and models. But usually, you should find AUX slots and RCA connectors to use RV speakers for TV programming.

Of course, anyone who encounters issues can always call in a professional.

How does it work?

The first thing to know about RV speakers is that they’re apart of your rig’s stereo system. Top tier speakers will end up being useless they’re paired with a receiver and amp, which are also high quality. As a result, look at your speakers as a part of a unit rather than an isolated item.

Speakers will work together with the amp and receiver to ensure you never find yourself with lousy audio for your favorite tunes ever again. It’s worth noting that unlike with a passenger car that will have between four and six speakers, rigs will have a lot more on board.

In fact, the number of speakers on an RV can easily double what you find in a standard car. This increased amount comes from more space needing to covered inside a rig. Placing where these devices are set up will be basically a personal decision.

But the one thing you must do is set up some speakers up front for people who have a motorhome. This action will ensure the driver can hear what’s coming out of the speaker and keep them entertained when driving from place to place.

I’d also suggest placing several speakers in your rig’s dining and living area. Speakers placed in this location will ensure people in those places can hear audio without much issue. Most people put a pair of speakers in their bedroom as well.

Do make sure you can easily turn these bedroom speakers off and on quickly. Otherwise, you might find yourself awoken a few times when you’re trying to catch some needed sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is a must and pivotal piece of the RVing lifestyle.

As for the install process, speakers can either be set up by a professional or a task you take up yourself. I’d suggest going the professional route for any new RVers reading this article. It’s not a difficult task, but you’re dealing with dangerous electrical wiring that could cause some severe injuries.

It’s also worth mentioning that some people find it ideal to install outdoor waterproof speakers outside their rig. This action will provide easy access to your favorite music when you’re outside and need some tunes to stir up your barbecue.

After all your speakers are set up, all that’s left to do is hit play. You can then enjoy your favorite music wherever and whenever it feels like a good time for some tunes. Once you have a good set of speakers, there’s no stopping you from having a good time.

Honestly, the party will end up being wherever your RV’s located. It will probably be a source of jealousy for your fellow RVers, so don’t forget to invite them over from time to time. Let more people than yourself enjoy the great audio quality coming from your top tier speakers.

What are the most trusted RV speaker brands?

Each brand that we talked about in our product review section is seen as trusted among RV owners. These companies have provided top tier RV speakers without issues year after year, which has gained them a good reputation.

But even among this pristine group, two brands do stick out a bit more than the others: BOSS Audio Systems and Pyle. These two companies routinely have their speakers at the top of this market. It seems like both of them have become quite the force within the RV speaker industry.

I thought looking into their backgrounds could provide a better idea about what makes them unique. This info will help you by offering an insight into what a top tier brand should look like and offer their buyers.

BOSS Audio Systems

Over the last 30 years, BOSS Audio Systems has become known for creating great audio and video products. This status extends itself to the RV speaker market, where their products often have advanced designs that other brands can’t match.

It also doesn’t hurt that their client service is often thought to be among the best in this market. This combo makes them a trusted brand and one you should have confidence buying from as a buyer.


This brand has been around since the 1960s. Their longevity alone should give you a good idea about how well this brand has done in every market it entered. It’s no different in the RV speaker market as their products often get rave reviews from all buyers.

These rare reports are usually a result of their speakers being very durable and effective. Honestly, it’s hard to find a single customer who has a bad thing to say about a Pyle product. They’re often too busy enjoying the benefits it offers their RVing life.

How to replace an RV speaker?

Replacing an RV speaker isn’t too tricky. I’m going to go over the process in general terms to showcase that this task won’t take much effort or time. You should have no problems replacing a factory speaker with an upgraded one after reading this section.

In most cases, modern rigs will come with four speakers mounted in the vehicle’s ceiling. Two of these RV ceiling speakers will be located in the living or dining area, and the other two are placed in the bedroom.

If you’re lucky enough to have a surround system, it’s quite possible you might have as many as seven speakers. But the speakers applied to the surround system usually won’t be used by your factory stereo.

As a result, factory speakers end up being easily replaceable. These devices are usually held in place by various screws that are easily accessible after twisting or popping them off the speaker’s grill. All you have to do is merely remove the screws and the old speaker’s wires.

You then attach these wires to your new speaker and reattach it to your ceiling. From there, you snap on your new speaker’s grill, and you’re done. Sounds simple enough, right? Some people find themselves feeling a bit bolder and keep the factory speakers in place.

What do I mean by this? Well, some RVers will leave the factory speakers in place and install their new speakers in a more ideal location. For instance, a dinette bench end or storage cabinet could make for a great place for new speakers.

These enclosures will offer deeper bass and better sound quality even with an RV TV audio system using a factory stereo. Regardless of what you decide, please remember that you have to get the speaker’s wiring to them when relocating. Keep this in mind before you do your drilling or cutting out new holes.

What is the warranty?

As you might expect, the warranties on RV speakers will differ from product to product. It’ll all depend on the maker’s policy when it comes to this aspect. You might come across options with a one year, two year, or lifetime warranty.

Some models won’t feature any warranty at all. It’s really a crapshoot and something that every buyer should take notice of during this process. Honestly, I’d suggest sticking with brands that offer these great policies.

It’s always nice to have coverage against an accident, and these warranties provide it. But be wary of brands only using them as a selling point and never having the intention of honoring them. This situation has become rather common in today’s market.

You can easily avoid these brands by reading buyer reviews as there should be some talk about client service in them. After all, I doubt there’s much that gets a buyer angrier than a brand not honoring a warranty.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy some RV speakers would be through Amazon. Their selection and prices will almost always be unrivaled in this market. It’s a combo that makes them such a force in every consumer market in the world.

It also helps that Amazon offers the largest extensive buyer review database, which will be a vital resource during your search. But even with these notable benefits, it wouldn’t be wise to only shop through their site.

You should check out other online stores like Camping World as well. This site has a decent selection and prices in its own right. You might even find their prices dipping below Amazon’s when they have a sale happening.

This scenario alone should provide enough intrigue to ensure you compare prices between these two online stores. It’s just a practical and simple way to avoid paying more than necessary for your chosen RV speakers.

If you’re a person who doesn’t enjoy shopping online, don’t fret. There are several options out in the real world that will provide everything you need. Stores like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, and your local RV supply should have a decent selection to explore.

But I must warn you that the prices at these stores will be much higher than you’d encounter online. It’s a shame as there’s something nostalgic about shopping at a real store. But it’s just the way our world works at the moment.

These stores do offer face to face customer service, which is something that online sites still can’t match. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s always a good idea to talk a purchase through with a store employee who knows their stuff.

In the end, there shouldn’t be much of an issue finding an RV speaker seller that meets your shopping preferences. It’s just a simple matter of thinking about what you value and finding the store or site, which provides it.


After reading our article, you shouldn’t have much of an issue finding the best RV speaker for your situation. You just have to apply what you’ve learned here into your search, and the right choice should become clear.

This RV speaker upgrade will then make audio sound onboard your rig what’ve always imagined. It will ensure everyone can hear your favorite tunes with perfect sound quality regardless of where they’re located on the rig.

So please, use our article and find your perfect speakers to ensure you can enjoy their benefits. Upgrading your rig’s speakers won’t be a decision that you end up feeling bad about making. It will instead make your RVing life much much better.

But if you do run into any more questions, feel free to let us know in our comment section. We’ll do our best to answer your posts with a fully informed response and in a timely manner.

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