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The Best RV Sofa Beds to Get a Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Over the last few years, rig owners have been having trouble finding the best RV sofa bed. It has become an absolute struggle because of the numerous options and various moving parts. Even experienced RVers have found themselves struggling to find a suitable sofa bed.

best rv sofa bed

But I intend to solve this issue by offering a guide for choosing one. This article will cover everything a person would need to know when selecting a suitable RV sofa bed. It’ll end up making the entire process an easy and stress-free task.

I’ll also provide 5 reviews of my favorite options to provide a starting point. These discussions will inform a read of what features matter when choosing a top-tier sofa bed. As a result, you’ll have some clues about separating the high-quality models from the inferior ones.


Best Overall Most Comfortable Easy to Clean
Preview Best Choice SKY2878

THOMAS PAYNE 2020128147

RecPro RV Couch

Dimensions 66 x 31.5 x 30 inches 68 x 36 x 36 inches 80 x 36 x 34 inches
Material Artificial Leather PolyHyde Vinyl Faux Leather
Seating Capacity 2 3 3
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5 Best Sofa Bed for RV Reviews

1. Best Choice Products RV Futon Sofa Bed

One of the most flexible options available would be Best Choice Products’ RV Futon Sofa Bed. This couch is perfect for almost any occasion, with its three adjustable backrest settings to ensure you can always find a comfortable position.

I was also thrilled to see this option have no difficulty in fitting two people. In fact, it has a 500-pound weight limit, which should hold even three people in some situations. You can attribute this valuable benefit to its quality design consisting of four chrome metal legs.

This couch represents a better option for binging watching your favorite TV show, as well. It earns this distinction because it has a fold-down armrest containing cupholders in the middle. It doesn’t get more practical than this aspect for a binge-watcher like myself.

Buyers won’t have any trouble turning this couch into a sofa bed, either. Its design contains removable arm pillows and an adjustable back to make it easier. The entire process will be done in a few minutes flat!

Moving this couch from place to place won’t be much of an issue for most buyers. It has a 62-pound construction, which is the lightest on this list. If you’re looking for a model capable of functioning in multiple locations, this couch would be the most practical option.

The low price tag doesn’t hurt its case for being an excellent option. Bargain buyers should be jumping at the chance to purchase this product from Best Choice Products. These shoppers would undoubtedly see it as a better deal than shelling out a truckload of money for a RecPro or Flexsteel RV sleeper sofa.

It’s worth noting that some customers felt the couch was a bit too firm for their liking. However, these complaints were only in a small number of reviews. Most buyers thought it was more than adequate when it came to comfort level.

2. THOMAS PAYNE ‎68″ RV Tri-Fold Sofa

The THOMAS PAYNE 68″ RV Tri-Fold Sofa is hard not to fall in love with. It provides one of the more comfortable designs with its impressive high-density foam interior. As a result, my travel experiences have become much more comfortable and relaxing than usual.

I found myself loving its ability to change into a sleeping area effortlessly. In fact, I’ve had multiple guests praise how cozy it was as a mattress. It certainly outpaces what I usually could provide them with air mattress beds.

It also helps that this comfort level wasn’t the only impressive attribute. I was thrilled with its 68-inch size, too, which meshed perfectly with my rig’s interior. I needed a quality sofa bed in the 60 inch to 72 inch length range, so this option from THOMAS PAYNE more than fits those parameters.

Honestly, these features alone would be enough to meet my standards. But this motorhome sofa bed doesn’t stop there, as it also provides buyers with four style options. I can’t imagine any RVer wouldn’t find one of these choices to their liking.

The product’s durable construction is another valuable feature to discuss. After all, it’s made from high-quality PolyHyde fabric and various sturdy materials. It shouldn’t have any trouble lasting several years as a comfortable place to rest on a motorhome.

Moreover, the PolyHyde fabric makes this product relatively easy to clean. I’ve tested this aspect on several occasions with my clumsy slipping of drinks. Luckily, this sofa bed allowed me to wipe off the spills without any noticeable damage.

However, I was disappointed that this RV fold down couch bed didn’t have a recliner with footrest capabilities. But these feelings were relatively short-lived as its comfortable design won me over rather quickly.

3. RecPro Camper Hide-a-bed Loveseat

High-quality large RV couches sleepers are hard to come by these days. But RecPro’s Charles Collection 80″ Camper Hide-a-bed Loveseat certainly shouldn’t have any issues meeting most people’s needs.

One of the main reasons for its top-tier performance comes from its design fabric. It’s made from suprima leather, featuring RecPro’s patented Tiona pattern. This attribute allows the couch to blend right in with most RV interior styles.

You can also expect this design material to offer an easy cleaning process. Thanks to this convenience, it makes the couch the most favorite among pet owners or RVers with children. Those accidental spills won’t be much of an issue on this couch.

Furthermore, his material has a reputation for being both durable and comfortable, which should always be sought after qualities. It makes sure the couch can function as a sleeping and relaxing surface without any issue.

Shoppers should find themselves enjoying the product’s included mattress, as well. This 5″ thick memory foam mattress will make your guests feel like they’re sleeping on a regular bed. Plus, it tends to be a constant source of praise within this option’s customer reviews.

As with most RecPro products, this couch comes with four color options. Purchasers will have a choice between putty, toffee, chestnut, and mahogany. It’ll make sure finding a perfect variation for your rig becomes much more manageable.

But this option comes with a rather large downside. The price tag is a hard pill to swallow for bargain buyers like myself. However, I can’t say it wouldn’t be worth every penny considering the absolute top-tier quality and durability it provides.

If you have the money, I don’t see a real argument against buying this couch. It’ll make your RV adventures a much more comfortable experience for everyone involved.

4. Ashley Furniture Signature Design RV Sofa

Our final product is Ashley Furniture Signature Design Plush RV Sofa Sleeper, which has become a favorite among rig owners. Its popularity comes from the couch’s ability to be extremely useful in small or tight spaces.

This attribute comes from its compact, lightweight design. It ensures buyers will be able to move this couch into their rig without issues and still have room for other furniture. Thanks to this, it becomes one of the most practical options available.

I found this model’s plush foam cushions incredibly appealing, as well. These cushions offer top-tier comfort, which makes relaxing on this couch an amazing experience. You’ll have a hard time finding anyone who would complain about this option’s comfort level.

Shoppers will also find this product’s embedded bi-fold innerspring mattress intriguing. It’ll have no problems accommodating any overnight guests with a great deal of comfort. Honestly, sleeping on this mattress isn’t like a traditional hide-a-bed option.

You shouldn’t have much trouble assembling the couch, either. The process consists of removing shipping cleats and wire hold-downs. Once those are removed, the sofa will be ready for use and provide top-tier relaxation.

If I didn’t mention its beautiful navy blue color scheme, I’d be doing a disservice. It’ll bring elegance into your rig’s interior that most other models can’t match. This aspect is a feature buyers continue to bring up in their reviews time and time again.

Customers should be aware that a few people did experience shipping issues with this couch. Some reported the product either missing essential parts or arriving in damaged packaging. These instances aren’t what a potential client wants to see when doing product research.

However, these issues were only mentioned in a couple of reviews. These were likely isolated incidents that had more to do with the shipping service than the brand itself. I would have no problems spending my money on one of these couches.

5. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Sofa

Ashley Furniture’s Signature Design Microfiber Sleeper Sofa is the perfect mixture of charm and comfort for a rig owner. Its nylon/polyester upholstery will offer an excellent, comfortable place to relax when watching a movie or TV show.

You can then rely on its pull-out memory foam mattress to provide an excellent place for catching some z’s after a long day. In fact, this sofa became well-known for getting much better airflow than other similar products to ensure a less sweaty using experience.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook its steel frame, either, which provides top-tier support. It’ll make sure you don’t wake up with back and neck aches due to sleeping on an unstable surface. Instead, it is a firm but comfy sleeping area that your guests love.

You also get a choice concerning both its size and color to guarantee ultimate user-friendliness. Rig owners can pick between a queen or twin options and charcoal or quartz schemes. It’s another way Ashley Furniture ensured this product could fit most buyers’ particular needs.

This model happens to be rather versatile as well. Customers have reported it doing well in numerous settings ranging from cabins to RVs. Its beautiful, durable construction shouldn’t have any issues fitting into any area where sofa beds are needed.

It won’t require spending to get this beautiful couch into life. This option happens to be one of our least costly choices, which is a bit shocking considering its quality. Bargain buyers could do a whole lot worse than spending their savings on this couch.

Some customers did mention the assembly instructions being difficult to follow, though. It’s something to consider seriously before choosing this sofa bed, especially if you don’t have much experience.

However, if you feel comfortable assembling it without a manual, I don’t see any reason why this couch isn’t already in your online shopping cart. It has everything a rig owner wants when concerning these products.

Pearington Mia RV Sofa Bed (Outdated)

Rig owners looking for a bit more storage space in their RVs should consider buying Pearington’s Mia RV Sofa Bed. It comes with a bottom cushion, which can lift to reveal an extra storage area.

This feature helps with storing items like cushions, blankets, quilts, and other items of a similar size. It’s a nice touch that many RV sofa bed manufacturers don’t include in their products. Pearington seems to be on a mission to make their sofa beds as convenient as possible.

Aside from its storage capabilities, buyers should find its adjustable positions appealing. Users can change between a lounging, relaxing, and sleeping position when sitting on this couch. It makes finding the most comfortable situation much more effortless.

I was also thrilled to see this option comes with plush couch cushions and two throw pillows. These additions should increase the couch’s comfort level by a significant margin. The cushions should help, especially because they’re filled with high-density rich foam.

You don’t have to worry about this option breaking down anytime soon, either. It’s known to have a sturdy and reliable construction, including a hardwood frame. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if this option is still usable ten years from now.

It was a bit disappointing to see a few buyers complain about the included manual. In these cases, it seems users had a hard time assembling the couch when following its instructions. It’s not a great look for a top-tier company like Pearington.

But once the product was assembled, it had no problems being an excellent sofa. It’s one of those times where any initial frustrations are made worth it by the product being an outstanding addition to your life.

Thomas Payne 379929 60″ RV Trifold Sofa (Outdated)

If you want an option with a simple using process, Thomas Payne’s 379929 60″ RV Trifold Sofa would be a suitable choice. The entire task consists of four steps that even I found relatively easy to do.

Buyers shouldn’t have issues using this model, thanks to the simple process and easy-to-follow directions provided by Thomas Payne. Users shouldn’t even have problems putting it together either since the couch’s lightweight aluminum construction requires minimal assembly.

Given this information, it’s easy to conclude this model’s one of the most user-friendly options available for rig owners. More importantly, it’s good to note that its convenient using and setting up processes aren’t its only notable praiseworthy traits.

I was also impressed with its Grantland Doeskin Polhyde upholstery, which requires little to no upkeep. This attribute is an appealing one because I’m not too fond of cleaning tasks, which the couch will keep to a minimum.

Buyers shouldn’t have much problem moving this couch, either, even when it’s assembled. It only weighs 107 pounds, which should be easy for two people to handle. This trait means you could use the sofa bed in various locations without much issue.

As with our previous Thomas Payne product, this couch also comes with a one-year warranty. This aspect will help make sure every customer ends up happy with their purchase. I’m always going to feel more comfortable buying products with these kinds of policies.

Unfortunately, this option does happen to be the most expensive one on our entire list. Shoppers will have to spend a small fortune to get this couch into their lives.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have much hesitation about buying this model even with its high price. Its durability and overall quality will likely make it a cost-effective choice down the road.

Thomas Payne 377706 RV Sofa Sleeper (Outdated)

One of the most practical options available would be Thomas Payne’s 377706 60″ RV Sofa Sleeper. It has a long list of features that could make a rig owner’s life much more comfortable when traveling on-the-road.

An excellent example is this product’s high-density foam sleeping surface. It offers a level of comfort most traditional hide-a-beds can’t match. Users will never have to worry about those uncomfortable support bars disturbing their sleep when lying on this product.

I found myself more than pleased with this product’s maintenance level. This attribute comes from its design featuring PolyHyde upholstery with top-tier contrasting stitching. As a result, it should have no issues holding together even when under duress.

This product’s assembly process is another massive hit among its buyers. Its lightweight, compact aluminum construction will only require a small amount of assembling. Practically, without a hand from anyone else, this task still can be done with the included manual.

Purchasers won’t be wise to look over this model’s one-year limited warranty, either. This policy will provide each user with a certain level of protection against receiving a faulty product. It seems Thomas Payne honors these agreements, too, based on the customer reviews.

The product’s couch to bed conversion process should be another appealing factor. It’s a simple four-step process that won’t cause any stress or headaches. I didn’t even have trouble doing it without anyone else’s help, which should provide everyone with confidence.

However, a few customers did report their couches arriving, missing their necessary screws. It ended up making the assembly process a bit more of a chore than usual. But these packaging problems were only reported in a few reviews.

If this RV sofa bed meets your needs, I wouldn’t worry too much about these packaging problems. Finding the right screws for the assembly process wouldn’t be too difficult anyway.

RecPro Charles Camper Jackknife Sofa (Outdated)

The RecPro Charles Camper Jackknife Sofa happens to be a perfect option for people who enjoy choices. What do I mean by this statement? Well, RecPro allows buyers to choose from three size options (62″, 68″, and 72″) and four color schemes (putty, chestnut, mahogany, and toffee).

As a result, shoppers shouldn’t have much issue choosing a variation capable of fitting into their specific needs. I would find myself settling with the 72″ and chestnut option as both these attributes would be perfect additions to my motorhome.

You can also expect this option to offer supreme comfort with its suprima fabric. It ensures anyone who sits or sleeps on the couch will be absolute heaven. Plus, it’s known for holding up well in hot climates, unlike other leather materials.

Numerous customers were highly impressed with RecPro’s customer service, as well. I noticed that this brand has a habit of answering everyone’s questions with straightforward and detailed responses. You don’t often see this quality in big-name brands, such as this one.

The product is built to fit through an RV door, which is always an essential feature. It should make sure moving it into your rig isn’t a horrible burden like with other models. It’ll end up making your life much easier when dealing with this product.

None of these aspects hold a candle to what makes this option truly stand out, though. Each of these wonderful features come at an affordable price. It’s not our least costly option, but it might be the best deal based on its overall quality and versatility.

I couldn’t find a flaw worth mentioning in this product’s customer reviews, either. Buyers should be utterly confident in this couch’s ability to meet their expectations. There isn’t any reason that makes this model out of everyone’s consideration list.

RecPro RV Hide-a-bed Loveseat (Outdated)

RecPro’s Charles Collection RV Hide-a-bed Loveseat would be a perfect option for anyone looking to buy an RV sofa bed replacement. This bed represents an excellent choice because of its many stellar features.

One of my favorites would have to be its compact construction. You can expect this option to fit right into your rig without taking up much room. In fact, RecPro built this bed to withstand the rigors of what an RV setting provides.

I was also impressed with this product’s sturdy metal frame, which features reliable steel tubing. These aspects will ensure the model has no problems supporting a pair of guests without suffering any durability issues.

As a result, it should have no trouble remaining a part of your RV’s interior for many years. This option embodies the idea of a long-term investment thanks to these durable features. Buyers themselves were even shocked by how long it could withstand.

Of course, none of these features matter much if the bed isn’t comfortable. But RecPro made sure this option excelled in this area, too, with its included memory foam mattress. It’s five inches thick and covered in a soft, comfortable cloth that’ll ensure a good night’s sleep.

The bed itself isn’t hard to pull out, either, which is always an essential aspect. Users should have no issues converting this loveseat into a comfortable bed for their guests. The entire process only takes a few seconds.

However, I was a little thrown back by its expensive price tag. This model represents one of the most costly options on our entire list. Buyers will have to decide whether the comfort and user-friendliness are worth shelling out a few extra dollars.

In my case, I would find myself more than willing to pay a bit more. It’ll be hard to find another RV loveseat sleeper capable of keeping pace with this masterpiece from RecPro.

La-Z-Boy RV Sleeper Sofa Couch (Outdated)

If you’re looking for a tri-fold RV sofa bed, the La-Z-Boy RV Sleeper Sofa Couch would be an ideal option. This 61″ model is a compact, lightweight couch that makes installing it inside your rig a relatively issue-free task.

Multiple buyers noted within their reviews how much easier this option was to move than their previous couches. As someone who isn’t too keen on doing these tasks, you can imagine how happy I was to see people praising this couch for its convenience.

I was also thrilled to see this model had an attractive brown vinyl construction material. This aspect shouldn’t have much issue holding up to the wear and tear of RVing. It’ll help ensure the product doesn’t come susceptible to rips and tears.

The product’s sleeping surface measurements meshed well with my needs, as well. It’s a rather large 74″ L X 50″ W to ensure it offers more than enough room for one of two guests. Anyone staying over your motorhome should have nothing to complain about with this RV fold out couch.

Buyers will find the conversion process to be another standout quality. It won’t take much effort or time to convert it into a full bed for an intended guest. You can quickly then turn it back into a couch without much difficulty.

La-Z-Boy had several customers complimenting on customer service, too, which is never a bad thing. This feature is a constant source of positive feedback in the buyer reviews. You don’t often see this outcome when doing product research.

However, I was a bit surprised to see this model only came in one color. I could easily see several RV interiors where this light brown exterior won’t mesh well. It’s a shame because this tri-fold sofa bed is truly top-tier.

But I’m not one of those people, though, which makes this model a perfect option for my needs. It would look great and be a suitable addition to my RV’s interior without any trouble.

La-Z-Boy 68″ Camper Hide-a-bed (Outdated)

It’s hard to resist buying a product from La-Z-Boy, considering their stellar reputation for making high-quality furniture. The La-Z-Boy’s 68″ Camper Hide-a-bed happens to be no different as it has several features capable of knocking your socks off.

For instance, this option has an attractive Desantis seal vinyl design material. It helps to provide some style to your rig’s interior and blends well with your other furniture. Additionally, buyers often praise this material since it increases the durability of the couch.

I found myself loving the 5-inch-thick pull-out mattress too. It was a lot more comfortable than I initially expected when trying out this RV sleeper sofa. In most cases, these pull-out mattresses tend to be rundown pieces of junk.

But La-Z-Boy assures that there is a delightful sleeping surface. I can’t recall another sofa or traditional hide-a-bed capable of matching this one in comfort level. Its 65″ sleeping surface was more than adequate to ensure I had a comfortable night of sleep.

You also love the fact that this product was manufactured inside the United States. In other words, buyers can have trust in its quality because it went through various tests and met safety regulations. Some countries don’t have the same levels of testing as the states do.

Other features worth mentioning would include excellent customer service, detailed instruction manual, lightweight construction, and easy assembly process. Each of these additional aspects will ensure you’ll be more than happy buying this couch.

But I couldn’t find any information about this product coming with a warranty. The lack of one would be a huge bummer, considering how much buyer’s spending on it. It seems like a small oversight by such a well-known and stellar company as La-Z-Boy.

Personally, I don’t think the lack of a warranty will be a massive deal; as this product has numerous customers who praise its durability. I don’t see any reason to believe it won’t last for long.

RV Sofa Bed Buyer’s Guide


Choosing the best RV sofa bed takes a unique knowledge of these products. I’ll discuss several relevant topics about these products to help you make an informed decision. You’ll end up becoming an expert on all sofa bed things.

  • Bed Size

One of the first things to consider would be what sofa bed size works for your needs. Each buyer needs to know the height, length, and depth of whatever sofa bed is getting replaced. It’s essential to measure out how much area their old model uses when pulled out, as well.

If a buyer doesn’t have the precise measurements, finding a suitable replacement will be more challenging. You’ll also need to take into account your rig’s door size. It’s a crucial factor because a sofa bed won’t do a buyer any good if it can’t get into your RV.

You rely on these details to help lessen the number of choices, too, which is always helpful. It’s a simple way to avoid having this entire process become stressful. After all, you’ll only end up picking from models capable of actually fitting into your rig.

  • Frame Construction

If you’re choosing a new RV sofa bed, finding one with a durable frame needs to be a top priority. This area tends to be a massive factor in separating subpar options from top-tier ones. One of the first things to realize is cheaper models will often come with metal frames.

Metal frames aren’t always a bad idea, as they’re useful in some situations. Beds with these constructions are incredibly reliable; however, they can be a little uncomfortable. I’d instead suggest going with a slightly more expensive hardwood option.

These options offer an incredible amount of durability and offer a bit of style in the mix. Honestly, they should last as long or longer than metal frames without much issue. But I must warn any buyer to refrain from buying a bed made from pine or other pliable wood.

If a buyer does choose one of these options, they’ll likely be replacing it much sooner than expected. People who can’t afford hardwood options should stick with the metal frames rather than going with these unreliable pliable wood models.

  • Maintenance and Installation

Any camper sofa bed worth getting will have easy installation and maintenance processes. You’ll need to research both of these aspects before making a final decision. It’s the only way to ensure each buyer ends up happy with their choice.

If you’re worried about how to do this research, it’s relatively easy. It’s a simple matter of reading other customers’ reviews concerning whatever model you’re considering. These discussions should tell a story about how user-friendly and straightforward these activities were for each buyer.

You can then use this new information to determine what sofa bed wouldn’t be a hassle. From there, choosing a suitable model will be an absolute ease.

  • Using Process

An RV sleeper sofa shouldn’t be a hard thing to use. These products should have a simple and straightforward using process. In other words, pulling them out shouldn’t require a complicated set of instructions that becomes a huge hassle.

Customer reviews should be a massive help when determining whether each model has an easy using process. I would also recommend avoiding any beds with metal frames, which have sharper edges. It’ll help ensure your sheets don’t end up catching onto them and causing rips or tears.

  • Storability

Some RV sofa beds come with an extra storage area inside their constructions. It’s something rig owners should consider because storage onboard an RV happens to be a limited commodity. It adds another layer of convenience to buying a top-tier model.

But again, not all of them will offer this extra storage area. You should also realize this aspect usually comes with a higher price tag than options without it. However, many rig owners feel paying for this space ends up being worth it.

  • Warranties

Warranties are a massive part of any long-term investment. It’s always a good idea to purchase a product with one as a way of protecting yourself against losing money. This action becomes essential with items like a sofa bed.

After all, transporting one of these beds inside a motorhome can be dangerous. It’s not uncommon for these products to get damage when placing them inside your rig. Therefore, getting a warranty ends up becoming a necessity.

You can usually expect a sofa bed’s warranty to be about a year long. Some more expensive options will offer more extended policies, including what’s called a cushion warranty. It’s an aspect that’ll often be a five-year protection guarantee on their cushions: protecting against tears and other issues.

Overall, these policies can save rig owners a ton of money by ensuring they won’t have to spend money on another sofa anytime soon. It’s just a much safer and cost-effective move for anyone looking to buy one of these best.

RV Sofa Bed FAQs

Our reviews and buying guide should’ve provided an excellent idea about what a top-tier RV sofa bed can offer. This FAQ section will attempt to answer any questions or concerns left uncovered within those previous discussions.

Who is this for?

The first thing to know about an RV sofa bed is they aren’t that different from household ones. But the small difference between them makes a significant impact. After all, these products are built with usage inside a rig in mind.

It’s a crucial difference because their constructions are built to squeeze through the unique parameters provided by most RV’s doors. This aspect alone makes them a much better fit for usage inside motorhomes than a residential model.

As a result, these items are perfect for rig owners looking to add another sleeping space. It’ll provide a comfortable bed to ensure your guests don’t have a terrible stay onboard your motorhome.

What are the different types of RV sofa beds?

Shoppers won’t be shocked to learn a motorhome sleeper sofa can come in numerous different types. The four main ones are jackknife sofa beds, tri-fold sofa beds, traditional hide-a-bed sofas, and air mattress hide-a-bed sofas.

Jackknife Sofa Beds

RV jackknife sofa beds aren’t complex products by any stretch. These sofas have a design similar to a regular old couch, but with the added feature of its pulling out flat into a bed. You can expect them to come without a mattress. Most buyers will solve this issue by putting a mattress topper on them to increase their comfort.

These beds are favorite among rig owners because of their portability. In most cases, these options will move from location to location without being too taxing. Their lower price tags are another driving force behind their popularity.

Tri-Fold Sofa Beds

Another convenient choice for rig owners would have to be an RV tri-fold sofa. These options are a little heavier and bigger than jackknife types, which means they provide more sleeping room for whoever uses it.

Most tri-fold sofa beds can even fit a couple of people without much issue. Jackknifes would have a much harder time offering this same advantage. Of course, it does mean tri-fold options are tougher to transport, making the installation more challenging.

Traditional Hide-A-Bed Sofas

RV traditional hide-a-bed sofas have been a less popular commodity around campgrounds. You can identify them by their construction of a heavy mattress, which is hidden inside a couch. Their decrease in popularity comes from how difficult their weight makes installing them.

Moving them from place to place can be a real taxing and stressful job. But buyers who want an option with an actual mattress would be smart to consider these options. You’ll also have a choice between a foam or spring mattress.

Air Mattress Hide-A-Bed Sofas

The final type happens to be an RV air mattress hide-a-bed sofa. Over these last few years, these options have become all the rage within our RVing community. Their popularity comes from them offering all the advantages of a traditional RV hide a bed couch and a lightweight air mattress.

You can expect the lightweight mattress to make your life much easier when using and installing these items. Plus, finding the perfect comfort level on these options is easier because users can pump it up based on their particular preferences.

How does an RV sofa bed work?

As I mentioned earlier, RV sofa beds come in various types. This variation makes explaining how one works in general terms a bit difficult. But these products aren’t too overly complicated where you’ll end up pulling your hair out in stress.

It’ll basically boil down to these models being a full sofa that features both cushions and armrests. Rig owners will turn this couch into a bed by pulling a particular mechanism built into its construction.

What size is an RV sofa bed?

Rig owners shouldn’t expect every sofa bed to be the same size, but usually, 60 by 72 inches and 52 by 72 inches are the most common. There is a bit of variation within this marketplace, so buyers must determine what size is most suitable for them. After all, you don’t want to purchase a sofa bed for camper use that doesn’t fit into your rig.

So RVers will need to research and take measurements before making a final decision. I’d start by measuring your old sofa bed if you have one. It’ll provide an excellent starting point for what size would fit into the camper.

If you don’t have an old sofa bed, measure the intended space. You can then use these dimensions to match with any potential options. It should make picking out your next sofa bed much more manageable.

How thick should a sofa bed mattress be?

Most sofa bed mattresses will have a 4.5-inch thickness. I recommend sticking with this measurement as it’s the industry standard. It usually won’t have any issues fitting most RV sofas without trouble.

However, please don’t pick out a new RV sofa bed mattress without measuring your seat first. Your sofa’s manual or package should indicate a suitable thickness. You could also measure your old mattress and match it with your new one.

Can you put a regular sofa sleeper in an RV?

There’s no rule against putting a regular sofa sleeper in your rig. But I’d advise against it as these products aren’t made for withstanding RV travel. Instead, sticking with a high-quality RV sleeper couch or sofa bed is a much smarter idea to avoid any potential issues.

You won’t have to secure them with seat belts or other attachments to keep them from sliding like household furniture. It takes a massive weight off your mind when traveling from place to place.

How much does an RV sofa bed weigh?

Most sofa beds for travel trailer use will weigh around the same, between 120 and 200 pounds. So if you intend on moving these sofas alone, it’s probably best to rethink this idea. You’ll likely require a few extra hands to move it in or out of your camper.

Another option would be looking at a lightweight choice like the 107-pound Thomas Payne’s 377706 RV Sofa Sleeper. In this case, it might only take two people to haul the sofa.

What is the warranty?

People often overlook warranties when picking a new sofa bed for campervan or RV use. But these policies are crucial as they protect buyers against accidents or malfunctions. Thankfully, any worthwhile option will offer one.

In most cases, these comprehensive policies will be about 1 year in length. I’d suggest everyone ensures their new trailer couch bed provides at least a 1-year warranty. It’s just a way to protect yourself from losing hundreds or thousands of dollars, unless you’re shopping at a sleeper sofas clearance sale.

Advantages and disadvantages of using an RV sofa bed

Numerous advantages come from having a camper sleeper sofa with your rig. I’ll discuss a few of them and a disadvantage or two below to better understand what these products offer. These discussions will make it easier to determine whether getting one is the smart move for your situation.


  • Cost-effective and Space Saver

An RV sofa bed’s design helps save space inside your motorhome by serving two different roles. After all, people can sleep or comfortably sit on these products. It ends up removing the need for an additional air mattress when a friend or family member sleeps over.

More importantly, it saves a rig owner money by needing to purchase this extra mattress. These benefits make it a cost-effective and convenient addition to any motorhome.

  • Better Sleeping Situation for Guests

Nobody enjoys making guests sleep on those uncomfortable couches. Instead, you’d rather offer an area where they can get a comfortable, good night’s sleep. RV sofa beds provide this experience more effectively than a thick pad or traditional air mattress.

  • Additional Storage Area

High-quality options will come with an added storage area built-in into their designs. This feature is something every rig owner could benefit from, considering the limited space onboard motorhomes.

It’ll allow rig owners to store items, including quilts, blankets, or pillows within them. Honestly, it’s an incredibly convenient addition to a product such as an RV sofa sleeper.


The only disadvantage with these products would be their complicated installing processes. Placing them inside a rig can be annoying and stressful for rig owners. It’s crucial to find one capable of making this task as manageable as possible.

How can I make my RV couch more comfortable?

If you can get the perfect amount of comfort from your RV couch bed, there are some actions worth considering. The following two tips can do wonders to ensure your guests will find these products a comfortable sleeping spot.

Purchase an Egg Crate Topper or Mattress Pad

Spending a little more money on an egg crate topper or mattress pad can help increase your RV sofa bed’s comfort level significantly. It’s just a simple matter of placing one onto the sofa bed, which will turn a firm surface into an extra soft one.

Choosing the Perfect Pillow

Rig owners should never overlook how much impact a top-tier pillow can have on their guest’s sleeping experience. As a result, finding the perfect one for your RV’s sofa bed should be a top priority.

I’d recommend choosing a body pillow for people with tri-folds or any type of hide-a-bed. These pillows will ensure the person has more support when sleeping. But jackknife owners would be off with a traditional stuffed pillow or two as they might not have enough space for a body option.

How to install?

RV sofa beds tend to have a stressful installation process, but it mostly depends on the type. The steps and difficulty will vary dramatically from model to model. However, most brands will ship them in sections to allow for more natural transport.

You can also expect them to come with installation or assembly instructions, making the process easier. If you stick to these directions, setting these sofa beds up shouldn’t be much of an issue.

How to use?

Using an RV sofa bed won’t be any different than a household one. Rig owners will only need to pull a level or similar mechanism, which will turn it into a bed. In most cases, this action will be all a user will need to know about these products.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of an RV sofa bed will depend on your chosen model. Each option will come with a manual that will detail both these processes. If you stick with these directions, there’s no reason these beds shouldn’t last a long, long time.


Finding the best RV sofa bed shouldn’t be much of an issue with this resource at your disposal. It becomes a matter of using what you’ve learned to determine what model suits your situation the best.

But if you do encounter some more difficulty, let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as soon as possible. I’ll do whatever possible to ensure this buying experience ends with a smile on your face.

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