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The Best RV Slide Toppers for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Many RV owners have a tough time trying to find the best RV slide topper. These issues seem to stem from the vast number of options available for purchase. As a result, they need help lessening the choices to a more manageable amount.

I intend to help out by offering a detailed buying guide, which will break down certain pivotal factors and other information. These discussions should make determining what slide topper fits your situation rather effortless.

best rv slide topper

This article will also have 12 rv slide topper reviews of my favorite options available. These reviews will offer a starting point for what a top-tier option looks like and provides rig owners. You might even find out one of these twelve items is perfectly suited for your rig.

Given this information, let’s get this process started and find your perfect RV slide topper. I promise all those feelings of stress and frustration will soon disappear. This search will end up being a piece of cake.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Most Durable
Preview Solera V000184673

Solera 432253

Solera V000163273

Weight 36 Pounds ‎31 pounds 25 Pounds
Size 11’6″ (11’1″ Fabric) 50′ x 48″ 5’6″ (5’1″ Fabric)
Material 13.5 oz Vinyl 13-1/2 oz. Heavy-Duty Vinyl 13.5 oz Vinyl
Details Details Details

12 Best Slide Topper for RV Reviews

1. Lippert Solera Black RV Slide Topper

Lippert’s Solera Black RV Slide Topper is an excellent place to start our list as it shouldn’t have any trouble keeping your slide-out in good shape. It’s made from heavy-duty vinyl material that can create an effective barrier against smoke, leaves, bugs, debris, and dust.

You will also love the product’s simple installation. It comes with everything a person might need to do this process without any issues, including complete hardware and an awning rail. Due to this, I didn’t have problems installing this option.

I was pleased to see the included hardware came with a universal hole pattern, as well. It’ll allow this Solera slide topper to work effectively with most slide-outs out there without issue. This aspect makes the topper a suitable choice for most rig owners looking to buy one of these products.

Finding the right variation is only made easier with the vast number of size options. I couldn’t imagine a single situation where one of these sizes wouldn’t be a suitable fit. After all, it’s available in configurations that can fit slide-outs ranging from 66 inches to 192 inches.

This Lippert RV Solera awning black slider topper doesn’t fail to meet expectations concerning its durability, either. Its vinyl material has been known to withstand temperatures as low as -25 F without showing signs of damage.

You’ll also benefit from it having heat-welded seams within its construction. This aspect will help prevent water leaks from ever becoming an issue. Honestly, you don’t often see vinyl RV slide toppers capable of being this durable and long-lasting.

But I didn’t find myself loving this option’s price tag, as it’s a bit more than I’m looking to pay for a slide topper. I might have to adjust my budget because this Lippert product offers an almost unbeatable performance level.

2. Lippert Solera Universal RV Slide Topper

If you’re looking for an extremely versatile option, Lippert’s Solera Universal RV Slide Topper should be right in your wheelhouse. This slide topper’s considered a universal fit capable of working with top brands, such as Carefree, Lippert, and Dometic.

Most rig owners should find this slide-out topper fabric more than capable of meeting their needs. I was also pleased with this option’s compactness and practicality, as it comes in a box with a roller embedded inside.

As a result, it allows users to cut the amount required for their particular situation. It makes for a much more convenient product than what you might expect. Plus, storing the fabric becomes a lot easier.

Rig owners should love its fantastic storage capabilities for obvious reasons. After all, space onboard RVs isn’t overly abundant. This box packaging can make storing the leftover fabric a lot more feasible for a motorhome owner.

It also helps that rolling out this fabric was relatively effortless. I didn’t have any issues using the embedded roller to get the perfect amount of material for my rig. I couldn’t have been happier with how simple and straightforward Lippert made this particular option.

Overall, it’s kind of like the product allows you to make your own RV slide out cover. It’s a rather ingenious design from a company that seems to thrive at making their products as user-friendly as humanly possible.

But a few customers did mention shipping issues in their reviews. In these cases, it seems the product would arrive in the wrong color or in damaged packaging. Both of these situations are not what a customer wants to see when doing product research.

However, the frequency of these complaints was very low. I’m willing to guess these were isolated issues rather than a common trend. Buyers shouldn’t be overly concerned with experiencing any shipping problems when buying this option.

3. Lippert Solera White RV Slide Topper Awning

It shouldn’t be too shocking to learn another Lippert product made our list. In this case, Lippert’s Solera White RV Slide Topper Awning features an appealing white colored design that many rig owners end up loving.

This white colored design caught my eye immediately as it offers a more modern feel than most slide topper fabrics. In fact, I could easily see how this product would mesh with almost every RV exterior.

It gives the product heightened adaptability that’s only increased with its included hardware having a universal hole pattern. As a result, buyers won’t have to deal with the annoying nuisance of patching holes during the installation.

This attribute makes for a much easier RV slide out awning installation process than you might experience with other choices. After this installation, you can then enjoy the many benefits coming from its ultra-durable construction.

I can’t imagine a single weather condition or environmental element breaking through or wearing it down. Lippert did an excellent job building a slide topper capable of providing elite protection. If you don’t believe me, several customer reviews swear by its protection abilities.

The product’s being capable of automatically retracting and extending with a slide-out was another winning feature. It makes for a much more practical using experience, which appeals to a lazy person like me.

But the price tag on this slide topper might be a little hard for some rig owners to swallow. It’s easily among our most costly options that could put quite a dent in your savings. You’ll have to weigh whether its many impressive features are worth emptying your bank account.

If you don’t mind spending money on the best slide topper, you shouldn’t waste another minute hesitating. This option meets every standard a person could want in these products. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more capable choice.

4. RecPro RV Slide-Out Awning

The RecPro RV Slide-Out Awning has to be one of my options for anyone looking for an RV slide topper replacement. It earns this title because of its highly durable vinyl fabric made with a tensile strength of 140 PSI.

In simpler terms, this attribute means the product will hold up a lot longer than most other options. I don’t think anyone who buys it will need to do this process again anytime soon. You can expect this choice to be a long-term investment.

Buyers will also love the amount of color and size choices that come with this option. You’ll get to choose from a black and white color scheme, plus three different sizes. Most rig owners should find a combination capable of suiting their needs.

Several customers were overly complimentary of this slide topper’s cleaning process, as well. It was common to see people shocked by how easy it was to maintain this product in the toppers RV reviews. It’s another reason buyers can expect long-lasting results with this RV slide topper.

I was thrilled to see how well this model held up against heavy rainstorms, too, as it didn’t allow puddles to form. Its vinyl fabric instead made the water roll right off to help prevent would-be leakage issues.

The product’s price tag was another massive winning trait. You don’t often find a high-quality RV slide topper for this low cost on today’s market. Honestly, it’s hard to find customers with a bad thing to say about this RecPro product. If I had to mention a flaw, it would be the wrinkles on the topper. They will disappear over time, though, and don’t affect the function of the product.

If this choice can suit your needs, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t add it to your shopping cart. Finding a better deal than this one would be almost impossible within the RV topper marketplace. Bargain buyers would be doing themselves a disservice by hesitating.

5. Carefree Sideout Kover II RV Slide Topper

As with our previous product, Carefree’s Sideout Kover II RV Slide Topper is another option for any bargain buyer reading this article. It has one of the lowest prices on our list without sacrificing its overall quality, thanks to its excellent features.

One of my favorite features would be its waterproof capabilities, which keep water damage from ever affecting your slide-out. Several customers reported this product had no problem holding up even in the most dangerous and heaviest rainstorms.

Sun damage won’t be an issue that affects this RV slide topper, either. It comes with UV resistance abilities to ensure weakening or fading doesn’t become a problem. This choice should remain in good condition for a long, long time.

I was pleased with this Carefree slide topper coming with a warranty, as well. It should help protect buyers from receiving a product incapable of meeting their needs. Carefree has a reputation for honoring this agreement, too, which is always crucial.

You won’t find anyone complaining about the product’s pre-installed cording in RV slide out awning reviews. It makes installing this RV slide out awning replacement fabric a lot easier than what you’d find with other similar choices.

Some customers even found they could do the entire installation by themselves. Most RV slide toppers require at least two people to get them properly installed. As a result, it becomes a worthwhile option for anyone RVing alone like me.

But it’s worth noting that this RV slide topper doesn’t come with the mounting hardware. Buyers will have to use what’s left over from their older one or buy the equipment separately, which can be a hassle.

In any case, this Carefree option represents a solid choice for anyone looking for a cheaper and effective solution. It’s clear that this slide topper should be a suitable and capable option in the right circumstances.

6. Innova ShadePro RV Slide-Out Cover Fabric

Innova’s ShadePro RV Slide-out Cover Fabric has no issues outpacing or matching these other options with its long list of high-quality features. I would have to start by discussing its striking non-hemmed edges that do an excellent job of keeping water damage from occurring.

It’s a standout feature because these non-hemmed edges create a much tighter fabric. Due to this, it stops issues like water pooling from developing on top of the cover. The tight canopy also prevents the material from making a lot of noise on windy days and ensures fraying doesn’t occur.

As a result, these non-hemmed edges end up making your life much easier when traveling on the road. Buyers will find the product endlessly convenient, too, with its electronically welded polycord and color choices.

The polycord makes sliding this fabric into your awning’s rail and roller a non-issue. I couldn’t believe how easy this process was, especially when compared with other options. It made installation a lot less taxing and time-consuming.

Meanwhile, buyers will have a choice between black and white for their fabric color scheme. It makes this product a suitable option for the exteriors of a lot more rigs. Honestly, I’ve had my eye on the black option as it meshes perfectly with my motorhome.

On the downside, the product doesn’t come with instructions. Other buyers mentioned this issue a couple of times within their reviews; however, it seems there are more than a few YouTube videos with directions.

Overall, I would be more than willing to deal with the lack of instructions, considering this product’s high-quality performance and features. You can also spend a bit extra and call in a professional for the job anyway.

7. Carefree JE200625A47 RV Slide-Out Fabric

RV owners with a high-quality awning rail and roller in place should look into buying Carefree JE200625A47 Universal RV Slide-out Awning Fabric. Its rip and tear-resistant fabric should ensure your slide-out remains utterly free of debris and other problematic issues.

The product’s impressive FLXguard fabric protection was another feature to catch my attention. It’ll make sure the fabric remains protected against issues such as dirt, debris, and sunlight when you’re traveling.

Buyers will also find themselves loving its pre-installed cording. I know I did, as it made installing this fabric into my roller and rail effortless. It seems other people had similar experiences based on the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.

Moreover, the fabric isn’t overly dense or heavy to ensure moving the entire product isn’t taxing. The full 200 inches of material only weighs 10 pounds, which everyone can move with ease.

Aside from these features, it has a few other impressive ones, similar to those mentioned in our previous reviews. Some notable examples include black or white color scheme, affordable price tag, cut-to-fit construction, and excellent customer service.

There aren’t many areas where this fabric fails to meet high-quality standards. Carefree seems to have a handle on how to make outstanding slide topper replacement fabrics. Honestly, what more could you expect from one of these products?

During my search, I only found one possible issue. As one customer reported, the package was opened before he received it. However, the cover itself was intact, and most shoppers haven’t experienced this problem.

All in all, buyers who are in situations where this fabric could be a fit should feel comfortable purchasing it. It should be an uncomplicated, affordable way of ensuring your slide-out gets quality protection.

8. SunWave 154” RV Slide-Out Cover Fabric

Rig owners looking to purchase a heavy-duty replacement cover fabric should take a gander at SunWave’s 154” RV Slide-out Cover Fabric. This option is made from top-tier vinyl that has received nothing but excellent reviews for its durability.

If you intend on traveling in rainier areas, this material should also be suitable for your needs. It’s known for its fantastic waterproof capabilities that can deal with any rainstorm. You won’t have to worry about water leaking through it onto your slide-out’s roof.

This product’s 154 inches of fabric offers a level of customization most other cut-to-fit choices can’t, as well. It should adapt to whatever parameters or circumstances you require from it with absolute ease. I didn’t even have trouble figuring out how to install and use this material, which is borderline a miracle. Protecting your awning will end up free of hassles and complications.

You don’t have to worry about it fraying during the cutting process, either. This tough, durable vinyl will keep its integrity while making the entire process hassle-free. I couldn’t get over how user-friendly it seemed to be when I was trying it out.

Given these features, a buyer might expect the price tag to be outrageous. But this cut-to-fit fabric falls right in line with other similar options. You won’t have to spend an obscene amount for these 154 inches of high-quality material.

One drawback with this option would be the lack of color choices. It only comes in a white-colored design, which could be an issue for some rig owners. After all, who wants white slide topper fabric placed on a black RV?

But if the color doesn’t bother you, I don’t see any reason why this option wouldn’t already be in your buying cart. It’s a perfect slide topper replacement fabric for an RVer’s needs.

9. Carefree FH2000347 RV Slide-Out Fabric

Our final product, Carefree FH2000347 RV Universal Slide-out Replacement Fabric, shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a capable option that can easily fit Carefree, A&E, Dometic, and Lippert slide-out awnings without any issues.

The fabric should adapt relatively quickly to almost any awning situation. After all, you can easily trim it to fit the necessary parameters. I found that the cutting process went smoothly when using a sheetrock knife or a similar tool.

Once it’s cut, installing the fabric into your awning rail and roller shouldn’t be difficult. I can’t imagine it’ll take more than two people at most. It certainly outpaces many other options out there, even some on our list, regarding this aspect.

I found myself loving the gray color scheme, too, which gives it a different style than the traditional white or black options. This design is adaptable as it can work with almost any rig’s exterior due to its rather matchable coloring.

The fabric consists of heavy-duty materials to promote extended longevity, as well. You could tell by the feel of it that this material should have no problem withstanding an RVing setting. The customer reviews only seem to back this belief up as there are no complaints of tearing or other related issues.

Carefree received a few compliments regarding its shipping, which is a rare sight in these types of reviews. People don’t usually talk about customer service or shipping unless something negative happened. But this option seems to be the cream of the crop when it comes to these areas.

As for its notable flaws, I’m happy to report that I couldn’t find any worth mentioning. This fabric will be a practical, affordable addition to your rig’s slide-out awning. It shouldn’t have any trouble offering everything a rig owner could imagine these toppers would provide.

10. RecPro RV Slide-out Rubber Roof

Rig owners who don’t want to shell out extra money on a high-quality RV slide-out topper should look into RecPro’s RV Slide-out Rubber Roof. It’s an option capable of upgrading your slide-out’s roof protection.

This roofing material is made from heavy-duty materials that can keep specific issues from impacting your slide-out’s integrity. For instance, its rugged, rigid construction ensures punctures or tears aren’t something that’ll occur on whatever roof it’s protecting.

You also have to love the versatility offered by this material. It has shown a unique ability to work in various situations, including on houseboats, RVs, residential flats, garages, and much more. I’m always going to feel more comfortable buying these types of products that can suit various purposes.

The product’s cleaning process was another highlight people alluded to in their reviews. It seems maintaining this rubber roof material is much easier than similar options. I’d imagine this comes from its ability to offer top-tier puncture/tear-resistant and weatherproof capabilities.

Some other notable features include convenient box style shipping container, easy repair, thick construction, and excellent storage capabilities. Each of these aspects should make your life much easier when trying to keep a slide-out roof in good condition.

Given these features, buyers who are content with only repairing or reinforcing their slide-out roof should seriously consider this option. You won’t come across a better designed or tougher rubber roofing material than this RecPro product.

I did find the included instruction to be a bit dodgy, though. It seems I wasn’t the only one having this issue, either, as a few customers mentioned the same problems in their reviews. This flaw could make a hard sell for newbie RVers.

But if you have experience dealing with roof material, I don’t see how this option wouldn’t be a stellar choice. It should have no problems keeping your slide-out’s roof in excellent shape.

11. SunWave 110” RV Slide-Out Cover Fabric

If you’re only looking for the best RV slide topper fabric, SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric needs some serious consideration. It should have no problem fitting any Carefree or Dometic slide topper with absolute ease.

This option should be a favorite among summertime rig owners, as well. Its white color scheme will help keep those blistering sun rays from invading your slide-out area. It’ll help things stay cool even on the hottest August afternoons.

I was also thrilled to see this product has a heat-welded poly cord. This attribute should help prevent leaking, punctures, or tears within the fabric’s stitching lines. It should be capable of remaining in your life for many years.

Buyers will love that this product’s capable of being trimmed to fit any slide topper. It makes finding a perfect amount of fabric to replace worn down old covers a breeze. It’s one of the best DIY choices available on today’s market.

The installation itself isn’t overly complicated, either. Users shouldn’t have any issues getting the job done with only two people and a little effort. It’s nothing a newbie RVer couldn’t handle as it’s relatively straightforward and simple.

You also get a limited 3-year warranty with purchase, which is always an additional feature that I’ll adore. It should offer more than enough protection to ensure buyers end up with a product capable of being used on their rigs.

However, buyers will need to already possess the hardware for installation. This model’s only a replacement fabric rather than an all-inclusive choice. Due to this, it might require buying additional items or products.

But buyers only looking for replacement fabric will end up more than happy with this product. It should meet your needs without breaking a sweat.

12. RV Awning Avenue Slide-out Replacement Fabric

The RV Awning Avenue Universal Slide-out Replacement Fabric isn’t going to blow anyone away with special or unique features. But this affordable, lightweight product will do its job without bringing any RV owner any unnecessary complications.

As a result, it earns a place on our list for merely making an RVer’s life easier. But this statement doesn’t mean that it lacks quality features. It has several high-quality aspects that every good slide topper will provide.

Some examples include a cut-to-fit construction, 200 inches of material, pre-installed cording, and an easy installation process. Each of these aspects has proven to help make this option favorable among rig owners.

Most people will even have leftover material to cover a second awning slide out or do repairs down the line. It makes this option a lot more convenient and cost-effective than you’d expect, unlike replacement fabrics that only offer around 100 inches.

Given this information, it’s no surprise both bulk and bargain buyers seem to love buying this option from RV Awning Avenue. You’d have a hard time finding another deal that can better suit their needs.

It doesn’t seem to have issues with durability or holding up within RVing environments, either. There weren’t any complaints when it came to its performance or longevity within its customer reviews. I can’t say I’m surprised because everything about this fabric seems high-quality.

But I was a little disappointed that customers didn’t have any choices regarding color schemes. I’m always going to prefer products which give me some control over my replacement fabric’s style or design.

Aside from the lack of color options, there isn’t a single thing about this replacement fabric that wouldn’t suit my needs.

RV Slide Topper Buyer’s Guide


Choosing an RV slide topper involves a lot more decisions than a person might realize. This section will break down those choices to help make this process more manageable. It’ll ensure you can determine what option suits your situation best.

  • Cost

The first thing to consider when choosing slideout toppers would be their respective prices. Buyers must figure out what they want from these products and build a budget around those features.

If they build this budget, it can make this entire process easier by limiting the available options. Buyers will end up only picking from choices capable of meeting their specific needs. It makes for a much more efficient and effective search.

More importantly, having a realistic budget will ensure you don’t feel like your topper was an overpay. I don’t think there’s a worse outcome as a consumer than feeling like you spent more money than necessary on a specific product.

  • Construction Materials

Every RV owner will need to consider each slide topper’s construction material before making a final decision. After all, RV slide out covers can consist of several different materials, making this evaluation process even more critical.

In other words, you’ll need to determine whether each option’s material can meet the expectations of being a user-friendly product. Is the topper waterproof? Does it have special cleaning instructions? Does it have a reputation for being durable?

Finding the answers to these questions is necessary to be comfortable enough to put money down for a product. If you ever feel uncomfortable with your evaluation of the topper’s material, RV slide out awning reviews should be a helpful resource.

These reviews should offer some much-needed insight into how each rv awnings topper held up in certain circumstances. Smart customers will use these resources, especially the negative ones, to help determine which ones are capable of meeting their expectations.

  • Durability

Each slide topper’s durability needs to be another significant consideration when choosing a suitable one for your situation. One of the first things to check would be its product description, where the manufacturer should discuss its fabric’s durability in detail.

In some cases, companies will not discuss the rv slide topper fabric while focusing on the included hardware’s durability. This situation could be an indication that there’s something off-putting with the product’s fabric quality.

It would help if you also took note of the warranty offered with each option. A more extended warranty showcases the company having more faith in their product. Options without one of these policies or a short one could indicate a company trying to pull a fast one.

Customer reviews will help with this factor, as well. Slide toppers with durability concerns will have more than a couple of people complaining about it. These discussions will be vital pieces in determining what option becomes the perfect choice.

In any case, buyers must make sure their chosen RV slide out toppers can withstand the wear and tear of an RV setting. They should be able to protect your RV’s slide-out without suffering any damage, as well.

  • Additional Features

Most RV slide out toppers will come with their own unique attributes or features meant to entice buyers into purchasing them. Some of these additions could include heavy-duty or advanced hardware, automatic functionality, different color design options, etc.

It would help if you decided what features are essential to meeting your needs. More importantly, you don’t want to end up spending extra money on several qualities that aren’t needed. It’s a much better idea to outline what you want beforehand and find an option with those exact features.

RV Slide Topper FAQs

Our product reviews and buying guide should’ve provided a solid foundation for what to expect when starting your search. The following discussions will fill in any information gaps that a rig owner might have regarding these products.

Who is this for?

Before understanding how an RV slide topper might benefit an RVer, it’s essential to understand what these products look like and offer. RV slide toppers are an extension that’s above your rig’s slide-out to provide it with some protection against the outdoor elements.

These products are available in numerous styles and designs, ranging from bland and straightforward to overly stylish or lively. In some situations, rig owners find it necessary to get their slide toppers customized to their likings.

But the main purpose of these products is adding protection against specific scenarios that might cause your RV slide-outs damage. When slide-outs are cracked, they tend to increase the chances of rig owners having issues with flooding or leaking.

The topper can help prevent these RV slide out awning problems from occurring by acting as a barrier and covering your slide-out. As a result, these toppers have become vital products for people who have slide-outs on their rigs.

What are the different types of RV slide toppers?

As I mentioned earlier, RV slide toppers come in various shapes and sizes. But these products don’t have designated categories to separate them in their respective marketplace. This issue makes finding the perfect one a little more difficult than with other products.

You can attribute this lack of separation to these products already being referred to as a specific type of awning. It’s also worth noting that manufacturers don’t like creating sub-categories or distinctions unless necessary.

Moreover, slide toppers tend to look very similar to each other. But buyers can pick up on an individual or specific features that can distinguish them from each other. An excellent example would be options with a quality like an anti-billowing mechanism.

If a slide topper has this feature, it’s usually high-quality. It’s a vital addition because it’ll prevent the topper from filling up with air when you’re traveling. This air build-up can cause severe issues if left to its own devices.

You should also note that these products tend to differ concerning their case’s material. This attribute will be in charge of making sure your topper remains in good condition when it’s rolled up. It’s a crucial piece to ensuring long-term usage.

Some of these products will come with a case with a metal weather seal. As you might expect, this quality will have no issues keeping the topper protected against all weather conditions mother nature has to offer: rain, sleet, snow, frost, etc.

You might come across other toppers that are within a metal case until RVers extend their slide-outs. Meanwhile, cheaper options will come with a vinyl weather seal. I can promise you this material will put up very little resistance against the more extreme weather conditions.

In the end, buyers will want a slide topper that comes with a case containing at least a metal weather seal. It’s the only way to prevent you from getting a replacement in a few months or spending money on RV slide topper repair.

Rig owners who understand these various details should have a much more productive buying experience than those who overlook them.

How do you measure an RV slide topper?

Measuring camper slide toppers is much less complicated than RVers often assume. In fact, the entire process is all about one single value. You just need to determine your slide-out box’s width, which only requires following these simple steps:

  1. Grab a family member or friend to help out with the measurement. This process can be inconvenient for a person to do alone. I find it much easier to have a second hand.
  2. Pick up a measuring tape and have your second person hold a side of it at one end of your slide-out box.
  3. Once they’re in position, instruct them to place the tape against the slide-out. But don’t forget to tell them to include the flange. Otherwise, the final measurement won’t be accurate or helpful for this buying process.
  4. Proceed to pull the tape over to your end until it reaches the other flange. You can then note down your slide-out box’s width. Repeat a few more times to ensure the accuracy of your result.
  5. Next, add six more inches to the final result. Otherwise, you won’t have enough wiggle room to account for the overhang. I made this mistake before and wasted a ton of money on a brand-new topper that I couldn’t use.
  6. Use this new measurement to check the slide topper size chart while shopping. Finding a perfect fit for your motorhome now shouldn’t be too difficult.

How much do slide toppers weigh?

The weight of slide toppers for campers will vary based on several factors. But the primary consideration will be its construction material.

For instance, RV Awning Avenue’s Slide-out Replacement Fabric only weighs about 7 pounds with its lightweight vinyl construction. This lighter material offers a more straightforward installation than most other models.

But a more heavy-duty fabric will tip the scales at a much higher number. Lippert’s Solera Black RV Slide Topper would be an excellent example, as it’s 36 pounds.

The manufacturer used heavier vinyl to ensure the product would last longer. So buyers must decide whether a heavier or lighter slide out topper material suits them better.

In my case, I look for a balance between the two: a slide topper that offers an easy install with a lightweight construction but still provides excellent durability. Carefree’s JE200625A47 RV Slide-Out Fabric would be a top-tier model which provides both.

How long do RV slide toppers last?

The RV slide topper market offers a vast spectrum of quality. In other words, it’s a bit challenging to provide an exact figure for how long these products will last. But most high-quality RV awning toppers for slide outs will last between 5 and 10 years.

Of course, RVers can extend their lifespan past ten years through maintenance. I’d imagine most options mentioned in our article will last a decade without much issue.

You’ll want to limit the topper’s exposure to certain weather conditions. Some examples include heavy rain, snow, or arid weather. The topper’s fabric or material could suffer tears and other structural issues if you don’t.

If you need a detailed discussion about slide topper maintenance, look at your product’s manual or packaging. These resources will provide everything required to ensure the item stays in good condition.

What is the warranty?

Some slide toppers for travel trailers will come with policies called warranties. These policies will provide buyers with protection against accidents and other product malfunctions. It offers a way for customers to get their money back or a replacement if something occurs.

Most slide topper warranties will be between 1 year and 5 years. But more costly options often provide more extended policies, even lifetime guarantees. So it depends on how the manufacturer feels about their customer service.

Overall, I’d recommend buyers get a slide topper with a warranty whenever possible. It certainly helps me feel better about spending money on slide topper awnings.

How does an RV slide topper work?

RV slide toppers are designed to work in conjunction with your rig’s or motorhome’s slide-out. Once you retract this slide-out, the topper will protect it from those nasty weather conditions capable of causing it damage.

The topper will provide this protection by letting every piece of debris roll off it. In other words, nothing will end up touching your rig’s slide-out. It should be a useful addition to your motorhome that’ll help keep issues like water leakage and sun damage at bay.

Are RV slide toppers worth it?

A lot of RV owners won’t need slide-out toppers for their respective motorhomes. After all, not every motorhome or rig comes with a slide-out. But those who have slide-outs could benefit immensely from owning a topper.

It’ll help keep slide-outs protected from debris and other issues, which could cause costly damage. RV slide toppers pros and cons boil down to whether you are looking to spend extra money on a product capable of protecting your slide-out.

I certainly fall into the category of thinking these products are more than worth their asking prices. Of course, it’s essential to choose high-quality ones capable of providing top-tier protection.

How much do RV slide toppers cost?

As with most products, the prices of RV slide toppers will vary dramatically. You can generally expect these products to cost anywhere from $100 to $500. It ends up being a rather sizable chunk of change.

What size slide topper do I need?

People often ask us how to measure for RV slide out awnings? Well, the key is measuring your slide-out and choosing a topper that’s 6 inches longer than it. This measurement will include the trim that goes around it, as well.

How do you replace a slide topper?

Replacing a slide topper is a bit more complicated than a person might initially expect. In most cases, this job will require more than one person and multiple ladders. You’ll also need some basic tools to get the task completed without issue:

  • Cordless drill
  • New replacement slide topper fabric
  • Utility knife
  • Cable ties
  • Wire cutters
  • Torx bit set
  • Flat file
  • Silicone spray
  • Pop rivet tool
  • Tape measure

You must make sure to measure the old fabric for your new one because you’ll need the same fitting. Once you’ve gathered these materials, follow the instructions contained within the included manual in the set.

Where can I buy?

You can buy an RV slide topper from several different places, such as local RV supply stores or Home Depot. Both these places should have many options to choose from for prospective buyers.

However, I’d still recommend sticking with Amazon over these other places. Amazon will offer much better prices and selection than anywhere else. Any other seller simply can’t compete with them when it comes to these areas.


Finding the best RV slide topper shouldn’t be difficult with all this new information at your disposal. If you follow our buying guide, the right choice should be relatively clear.

But sometimes, these processes don’t go as smoothly as we plan. If you do find yourself with additional questions or concerns, let us know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post with a detailed response as soon as possible. Thanks for reading our article!

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