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The Best RV Slide Out Lubes for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv slide out lube

Are you having problems finding the best RV slide out lube? This feeling isn’t an uncommon one, as there are many options on today’s market. It can end up being rather frustrating and stressful to sort through them all.

Our article will help deal with this issue by guiding you through the entire process. It’ll ensure you find your perfect slide out lubricant and make the right choice clear. In doing so, we’ll cover all the essential topics regarding these products from types to potential benefits.

We’ll even provide ten reviews of options that are often regarded as the top-tier on today’s market. This info will help make the process as stress-free as possible. It’s just a simple exercise of applying what you learn in our article into your search.

Once you do, finding the perfect option will be a breeze. You’ll then never have to worry about any squeaking or maintenance issues with your slide out ever again. Your chosen lubricant will make these problems disappear in a blink of an eye.

So, keep reading and let us help you find the right RV slide out lube for your situation. It will only take a few minutes of your time and make a potential hassle a lot easier!


Best Overall Most Convenience Budget Friendly
Preview Camco 41105

Thetford 40003


Details Details Details

11 Top-Rated Slide Lube for RV Reviews

This section will contain those 11 reviews mentioned earlier. These discussions will be a pivotal part of making your final decision. It’ll show what top-tier options are supposed to look like and offer the people buying them. Who knows your perfect choice might even be one of these 11?

1. Camco 41105 RV Slide Out Lube

Our first product happens to be from a brand that any rig owner should know well, Camco. This company has established a great reputation for providing top tier products to its customers. The Camco 41105 RV Slide Out Lube isn’t any different.

In fact, this option has a chemical composition explicitly made to rid your slide out of any annoying squeaking. It offers great results in this area and has received various praise among buyer reviews for its effectiveness.

This aspect would be perfect for me as my slide out is always a bit squeaky. It creates such a loud sound when fully extended that I often get looks from my fellow RVers. Thankfully, this issue would no longer be a problem with this lubricant onboard my rig.

It doesn’t just protect against squeakiness, though, as this product offers protection for other issues as well. This product has proven to be a useful tool against both corrosion and rust. It’s able to provide this benefit because it can stop the moisture in the air from causing oxidation.

You shouldn’t have any issues with dirt or grime either with this product. Its composition is designed to ensure these problems won’t cause your slide out damage. As a result, your slide out shouldn’t get any damage caused by the environment around it.

It also doesn’t hurt that this product can work on many different applications. This product has proven effective with gears, chains, rollers, repair tools, and much more. It’s truly a versatile product ready to meet a rig owner’s lubrication needs.

The price fitting right into my budget certainly helps as well. It’s just another reason why this option will be on the top of my list when I have to buy a slide out lube. But this product isn’t perfect as it does have a flaw that didn’t sit right with a few people.

It seems this product becomes a little runny when applied onto an RV slide out. This issue had some people slightly annoyed in their reviews as it made the process a little messy. It’s something that needs to be thought about before making a final decision on this lubricant.

2. Protect All 40003 Slide Out Dry Lube Protectant

If you’re looking to buy a lubricant capable of solving all your slide out issues, Protect All’s 40003 Slide Out Dry Lube Protectant would be a worthy option. This product’s capable of protecting its gears, cables, and the support arms without providing a single issue.

It’s an all-in-one solution that’s able to provide quick results and ensure your slide out remains usable for several years. You see, this lube will cover a surface with a firm, dry, waxy protective layer to ensure issues like rust don’t cause damage.

This option also has proven to be effective even under the most extreme situations. It can withstand a large amount of humidity or salt spray and still produces great results. As a result, you shouldn’t worry about its ability to protect against any environmental factors.

Its using process was another appealing trait that I came across during my product research. It seems this lubricant is much easier to use than most other options on today’s market. This claim was backed up numerous times in the buyer reviews.

In fact, it was shocking when you didn’t see a customer praise this aspect. You should find the product coming in a 16oz spray can intriguing as well. This size offers a bit more lubricant than you often see with these types of products. It’s perfect for a person who’s looking to buy in bulk.

It doesn’t seem like Protect All missed any aspects when creating this great product. The product even works on various surfaces as well: cars, RVs, boats, windows, bikes, and much more.

Overall, this RV slide out lubricant doesn’t leave a whole lot for a person to complain about with its great features. It’s genuinely one of the top-tier options out there on today’s market and something you should seriously consider during your search.

But the product did receive some complaints about how hard it was to remove after regular use. This issue only came up a few times in the buyer reviews. However, it was enough where it had to be mentioned in our discussion.

3. WD-40 Specialist Dry Lube Spray

Using WD-40 Specialist Dry Lube Spray for my RV is a breeze. It earns my admiration because it’s one of the more versatile RV slide out spray products. For instance, it’s usable on hinges, window tracks, door tracks, power tools, etc. RV owners won’t have any issues finding multiple uses for it on their rig.

Furthermore, its ability to work on various surfaces is another notable highlight. Its manufacturer did an excellent job ensuring it works on wood, metal, fabrics, paper, and even plastics. As a result, it’s a convenient lube to have onboard a rig.

It’s certainly been helpful for me, especially when doing RV slideout maintenance. In fact, I used this product to help ensure my slide-out track worked properly. It ended up getting rid of the squeaking sounds and ensuring the track retracted without issues.

Applying this spray was much easier than my prior RV slide out grease as well. It uses a stray mechanism to ensure utmost precision when applying it. Therefore, I’ve never had trouble putting this lube where it needs to be.

I should also mention this lube does an exceptional job preventing dust and dirt build-ups. Thus, it helps keep the surface protected and clean from these problematic grimes. Honestly, I haven’t noticed any new performance issues on surfaces where I’ve used it.

The product’s affordable price doesn’t hurt its case, either. RVers would have difficulty finding a more inexpensive and effective RV slide seal lubricant than this one.

But even with all these benefits, this product isn’t perfect. I did notice the straw is a bit flimsy, so it may leak sometimes. Nonetheless, this slight hassle has been worth it for me.

4. Star Brite 78212 Premium RV Slide-Out Lubricating Fluid

The Star Brite 78212 Premium RV Slide-Out Lubricating Fluid is one of the must trusted when it comes to preventing corrosion. Its great results in this area come from its dielectric formula, which functions perfectly against this issue.

It also helps that this formula happens to have an easy using process. It’s a simple situation of spraying the product onto the intended surface and letting it work its magic. From there, rust and corrosion should no longer present an issue.

You should find its ability to work on a variety of areas appealing, as well. This lubrication could work on your rig’s steps, slide out, hinges, and other metal parts. In these situations, this product shouldn’t have any issues meeting your lubrication needs.

Many buyers were pleased with the product’s durability in their reviews. It seems this lubrication has a long lifespan and doesn’t need to be reapplied continuously for slide out protection needs. This product will instead ensure easy slide out movement and prevent any squeaking.

Given these features, it sure seems like Star Brite hit a home run with this product. Their client service was even an area that was praised in the buyer reviews. This situation is one you rarely find when doing product research.

People tend to rag on client service any chance they can get. But Star Brite seems to go above and beyond for their buyers when an issue does arise. This kind of trait is something any shopper should look for in an RV slide out brand.

But I do not love the price tag on this product. It’s a little too costly for an 11oz spray can and could end up being a real hassle for anyone buying in bulk. In fact, we’ve already reviewed a couple of 16oz options that go for a similar price.

Due to this, I don’t think I could justify buying this product. However, people who don’t have a budget and looking for only the best should still seriously consider this product. You aren’t going to find many products with better results than this lubricant on today’s market.

5. 3-IN-ONE RVcare Slide Out Silicone Lube

The 3-IN-ONE RVcare Slide Out Silicone Lube is another option more than capable of meeting any RV owner’s needs. It actually has quite a few features that could provide some unique benefits for a rig owner.

For instance, this product was specially made to waterproof and lubricate slide outs. This aspect will ensure your RV’s slide out won’t face any water damage or have any squeaking issues. It’ll instead protect and extend its lifespan by a large margin.

Aside from its abilities against these issues, I also love its versatility. This lubricant can work on many surfaces that include metal, vinyl, rubber, and plastic. Due to this, I don’t see how a person won’t find at least a couple of ways of using this valuable product.

We should mention that this option has proven effective against corrosion and result as well. It doesn’t matter what kind of slide out mechanism you use it on; this lube will ensure these issues don’t cause any damage.

But what really separates this product from its rivals is the using process. You see, this product comes with a smart straw spray nozzle that provides the user a bit more control. This feature makes the product one of the easiest to use on our entire list.

The nozzle feature was an aspect that received a large amount of praise within the buyer reviews. You could tell people enjoyed its inclusion and certainly wished other lubricants had a similar way to control the using process.

I didn’t mind seeing the lower price tag on this product either. It’s one of the lowest on our list and should appeal to anyone looking into buying a slide out lube. I mean, what more could you ask from one of these products besides being useful and having a low price?

Well, some buyers did report shipping issues within their reviews. It seems the nozzle came broken or unusable in a few shipments. This problem isn’t one you expect from a top tier brand. It’s worth noting that these issues were only present in a few reviews. Most people were more than happy with the product.

6. Thetford Premium RV Slide Out Rubber Seal Lubrication

Our last product is Thetford’s Premium RV Slide Out Rubber Seal Lubrication. As with our prior lube from this brand, it doesn’t fail to live up to its maker’s reputation. This product only seems to elevate it with its helpful features.

For instance, any rig owner should love that this lubrication was made to prevent cracking, fading, or discoloration in your slide out. It actually happens to be the top-rated RV slide out seal lubrication when it comes to dealing with these issues.

It’s able to earn this status with its water-repellent film, which shines, cleans, and conditions the intended surface. This film also protects against UV rays that could cause some severe damage when left unchecked.

You should find the product’s using process rather appealing as well. This option is one that doesn’t require any wiping when being applied. Due to this, the task becomes much less burdensome and more convenient for a rig owner.

The product’s versatility was another standout trait I encountered during my product research. It’s capable of working with cars, boats, at your home, and RVs. In these situations, you shouldn’t have issues applying it to your slide outs, door seals, tires, and windows.

As a result, it should be quite easy to find more than one way for this product to improve your life. It also doesn’t hurt that this lube features a more than fair price tag. It should easily fit into most buyers’ budgets without a hassle.

It’s quite evident that Thetford managed to create another top tier lubrication given these features. But this product isn’t perfect as there was one flaw that did come up when reading its buyer reviews.

People who used this lubrication on doors tend to notice it sliding off when encountering carpet. If this situation is how you intend to use it, I’d suggest looking somewhere else when buying an RV slide out lube.

Otherwise, I don’t see a reason why this option wouldn’t be a great pick for a rig owner. It really does check off every other need and want an RV owner could require.

7. DOMETIC D1422001 Slide Out Lube

Our next product is the DOMETIC D1422001 Slide Out Lube, which happens to one of our more affordable options. But don’t think its lower price means that it doesn’t provide effective results. If this were the case, it wouldn’t have made our list.

This product has instead proven more than capable of ensuring your slide out remains protected. It can offer these results thanks to abilities such as reducing wear and friction. This feature goes a long way in making sure metal parts remain usable for years to come.

You should also like that this lubricant can resist road elements like grime to ensure further your slide out remains in top shape. There’s no reason to believe this product isn’t capable of protecting against any situation that comes along.

I would like to point out this product’s capable of extending rail life as well. It offers this aspect thanks to it reducing binding and wear during slide out use. It’s just another feature that further shows this product’s capable of ensuring your slide out lasts a long time.

The product coming with a spray nozzle doesn’t hurt matters either. As with some earlier options on our list, this aspect will make the using process much easier. Many buyers made a point to note this aspect as a positive when writing their reviews.

But again, the main positive this product brings to the table is its price. I mean, I was shocked when reading how little this product costs considering these great features. It ends up being the perfect option for anyone looking to get a bargain buy.

This product being made in the USA is another aspect I love. It might not seem like a big deal, but items created in the states have stricter testing. Therefore, there’s a higher likelihood of the product being completely safe and ready for use.

It’s also worth mentioning that I couldn’t find a single issue listed in the buyer reviews. This outcome isn’t something that you encounter much during product research. Due to this, it becomes an outcome that needs attention every time it happens.

8. 3X Chemistry 99033 ‘EZ Slide’ Slideout Lube

If you’re looking for the best protection possible, the 3X Chemistry 99033 ‘EZ Slide’ Slideout Lube is worth considering. This product happens to be another one that features a formula using PTFE as a way of ensuring rust and corrosion aren’t issues.

The inclusion of PTFE offers an ability to displace moisture, which makes those above problems a non-issue. It’s also what makes it such a useful tool in ensuring your slide out moves freely without any squeaking or straining.

Aside from its unique formula, you have to love its 15oz spray can. This amount of lube should ensure you get a few coats before needing to buy a new one. It’ll ensure you get a lot of bang for your buck with this product.

It doesn’t hurt that it has a bulk buying option, either. This aspect makes it much easier for a person looking to get a large amount of slide out lubricant. In fact, it might be the top-tier option on our entire list for this type of buyer.

We should mention that this product does a great job of reducing bind and friction, as well. Both these issues can cause an RV slide out serious problems. But thankfully, this lube can ensure neither end up causing any damage when it’s used correctly.

The product’s price isn’t too shabby either as it falls right in line with other options our list when considering its larger quantity. Honestly, there aren’t many boxes 3X Chemistry failed to check off when creating this highly valuable RV slide out lube.

But some people did report a few shipping issues with this product. In these cases, the lube would arrive either with damaged packaging or the product being halfway used. Neither of these scenarios is something any customer would like to encounter.

It’s something a person considering this product would have to think about before making their final decision seriously. The good news is that these reports were only among a small number of reviews, which means there’s a good chance it won’t happen to you.

9. Thetford 32777 Premium RV Slide Out Lubricant

Thetford’s 32777 Premium RV Slide Out Lubricant is easily one of the top-rated camper slide out lubricants available. But don’t think this product can’t offer any results besides on your camper. It can also work on boats, cars, RVs, or even around your home.

It’s this type of versatility that makes the product such a valuable one for a rig owner. I mean, it can work on rollers, gears, door hinges, brake parts, and much more. Plus, its effectiveness in these situations never falters.

This product’s capable of providing great results in these situations because it’s able to prevent issues such as rust without breaking a sweat. It’ll simply remove the moisture from the surfaces and ensure signs of oxidation never occur.

You should also love its ability to stop squeaks and biding, which has always been a problem with slide outs. It’s just a practical option ready to ensure your slide out remains functional and free of issues for many years.

I didn’t even mention yet that this product has no problem keeping your RV slide out safe from road elements. These elements include issues like grime, dust, dirt, and other problem causing substances.

This product doesn’t use CFC in its design, either, which means it’s safe for the environment. As a person who tries to do whatever they can to help our planet, this aspect was very appealing. It’s just another reason why I wouldn’t have an issue getting this product.

You shouldn’t overlook its ability to spray upside down as well. After all, you never know when a situation might occur where this aspect might be useful. It’s quite clear that this lubricant is ready for any situation an RV owner might encounter.

But I do wish the price was a little lower as it’s one of the more costly items on our list. In fact, it would be a little outside my budget as I intend to buy in bulk. It never hurts to have some extra slide out lube onboard your RV. You never know when it might come in handy.

10. Kwikee’s 905068000 RV Slide Out KwikLube

Kwikee’s 905068000 RV Slide Out KwikLube is another multi-purpose option ready to protect your rig in a variety of areas. These areas include your RV slide out, awning, steps, door hinges, and much more.

It’s able to offer great results in these situations because it will provide a protective film on each surface. This protective film happens to be water repellent, which will help deal with any water damage that might impact your rig.

You should also love its capability to deal with both rust and corrosion. As with our earlier options, this lubricant has proven time and time again to prevent these issues from occurring. This product can easily repel heat, as well.

As a result, it won’t have any issues ensuring your slide out remains in top shape for a long time. It’s also worth noting that this product can work on cars, boats, chainsaws, motorcycles, and similar purposes.

Honestly, any surface that could benefit from lubrication could receive great results from this stellar product. The easy using process isn’t something to sneeze at either. This model happens to be another one that features a unique nozzle for more control.

This aspect ends up making the product much more practical and useful for anyone lucky enough to buy it. Overall, it seems Kwikee did an excellent job of creating a product ready to improve a rig owner’s life by a large margin.

But the lubricant does have two flaws, which are rather hard to overlook. The first is its price tag that happens to be the most costly on our entire list. It certainly well outside my budget, and I couldn’t justify spending this much on a slide out lube.

Some people also felt the product was a bit too greasy after use. This issue is more of a liking concern, but still one worth thinking about before making a final choice. Both these issues aren’t huge deal breakers but could have a large impact on a few buyers. As a result, make sure you take some time and think about whether it fits your situation.

11. CRC Power Lube Industrial High-Performance Lubricant

The CRC Power Lube Industrial High-Performance Lubricant will provide unrivaled results with its unique formula. You see, this product uses PTFE and extreme pressure additives to ensure top tier results. This combo ensures excellent protection is offered through its use.

As a result, your slide out shouldn’t have any issues with durability or squeaking with this product onboard your rig. You should also benefit greatly from its large load capacity, which ensures this protection will work in whatever situation it’s needed.

I found this product’s versatility to be on another level from the earlier lubricants as well. It’s capable of working on bearings, cables, guide bars, cams, ball joints, pulleys, cutting tools, taps, doors, lifts, and much more. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose option, this product should be seriously considered.

You’re not going to find a more versatile option on today’s market. It’s just not possible as this lubricant is basically capable of working with anything that might need some protection. Aside from these outstanding benefits, you should also love that it comes in a 16oz spray can.

This spray can makes the product extremely storable and portable. As a result, it becomes a perfect option for bringing on a road trip. There’s no reason this lubricant will take up a lot of room inside your RV’s storage area.

The 16oz quantity makes it an ideal pick for a bulk buyer, as well. You could easily afford to buy more than one and won’t need as many as you would with smaller sized options. It’s the perfect combination to gain a person’s attention who’s looking to buy more than one can of lubricant.

You can even buy it in a 2-pack or 4-pack to further ensure its appeal for bulk buyers. Given these features, it ends up being the perfect option for my situation. The only thing I’d have to worry about is that some buyers did report shipping issues.

These complaints were mainly about them receiving the wrong product. This type of issue isn’t something that you like seeing during product research. But it was only present among a small number, which means they could be isolated incidents.

RV Slide Out Lube Buyer’s Guide


Picking the best ones will come down to have a vast amount of knowledge about these products. This section will help you gain that by covering every important aspect of them. It’ll ensure you have everything needed to make a smart final decision.

Things to know before buying an RV slide out lube

Choosing the right RV slide out lube will come down to many factors. This section will discuss each of them at length to ensure you make a final sound decision. In fact, it’ll end up being the basis or foundation for your entire search.

Lubrication Quantity

You must examine the level of lubrication provided by any option you’re considering. This action will ensure you don’t buy a product that doesn’t fit your needs. If you’re going to use this type of lube a lot, it’ll require you purchasing a bigger size.

It might seem simple, but some people won’t think about how most RV slide out mechanisms requires regular lubricant applications. Therefore, a person who has a very squeaky RV slide out or intends to use it regularly might consider buying in bulk.

As a result, you must think about the amount of lubrication that you’ll want before making a final purchase. If you don’t, this whole process may happen all over again in a few weeks or months.

Protection Quality

The protection quality should be another determining factor in your final decision. You must look at each product’s ability to protect your slide out from potential issues effectively. A good lubrication will easily deal with problems such as rust and corrosion.

It’ll also protect the surface from UV rays and repel water. All these benefits will be crucial in extending your slide out’s life. Plus, it’ll ensure you don’t have to pay a large amount of money for repairs.

I know, this action sounds kind of hard to do over the internet, which is where reading buyer reviews becomes an essential step. Each one of these reviews will discuss how well the lube was able to deal with specific issues.

Reading these reviews is an effective way to avoid becoming an angry person writing a negative one. You’ll instead be someone writing a positive one or feel the need not to write one at all.

How Easy is the Using Process?

The top-tier lubricant for RV slide out will have an easy using process. It should be a task that doesn’t require much effort or thought and capable of being done in no time at all. A good way to examine this aspect is by reading the directions beforehand.

This action will ensure you feel comfortable about using your chosen slide out lube. Most manufacturers make it rather easy by laying out the instructions right in the product description. If they don’t, it shouldn’t be too hard to find on their respective websites.

In any case, you should also think about what method works for you. For instance, would you rather have lubrication that comes in a spray can or one that needs to be applied with a towel before it’s intended surface?

Both these methods are easy enough, but it’s still essential to think about what works best in your situation. This thought process will help ensure you end up happy with your final decision rather than loathing it.

Does the Product Become Runny After Use?

You should avoid buying any option that drips or runs after it’s applied on its intended surface. These options can be a real nuisance and cause a huge mess, which nobody would want to deal with during this process.

So please, do yourself a favor and avoid runny lubricants. This factor would be another one helped by reading the buyer reviews. Trust me; there’s nothing that will get a person using a slide out lubricant more angry than one, which creates a huge mess.


As you might expect, the price of these products will differ from option to option. You’ll have to make a budget centered around your needs and find a lubricant that falls within it. This budget must remain realistic, or you won’t find the perfect buy.

For example, a person looking to buy a versatile lubricant should understand that these products will cost more than a single purpose one. This increased price should then be reflected in their respective budgets to ensure it remains a useful tool.

We should also note that having a budget will make the entire process much easier. This useful tool will lessen your number of choices to a more manageable amount. As a result, any feelings of stress or frustration during the process will quickly disappear.

Why do you need RV slide out lube?

Some people reading this article might be asking what the point of getting an RV slide out lube is? This section will make it clear what these products provide and why buying them would be a smart move. You can then make an easy decision about whether the benefits are worth it for your situation.

Deals With Slide Out Annoying Squeaks

The main reason people often look to buy slide out lube is their slide outs have become a loud nuisance. In other words, these RV owners are looking to make the awful squeaking, and different sounds stop coming from their slide outs.

Any RV slide out lubes worth your money will quickly deal with this issue. It’ll make sure your RV’s no longer a burden for everyone onboard and around it with its creakiness. It’s just a simple matter of choosing a good lube to prevent these sounds from occurring.

Durable and Long Lasting

The best RV slide out lube will offer results that last a long time. In other words, these products won’t require constant reapplying. This area is one that will drastically affect your happiness with any buying decision regarding these models.

After all, nobody wants to spend time applying lube onto their slide every single day. It’ll just become a waste that wasn’t worth buying the product in the first place. You could avoid products like these by reading buyer reviews.

These reviews should have an in-depth analysis of how well these products work and their longevity. If there happens to be a problem with this aspect, these resources should have lengthy discussions about it.


Some options will work in other applications besides on an RV slide out. This aspect could help you feel like you’re getting more bang for your buck. A great example of a product that offers this type of versatility is Thetford’s Premium RV Slide Out Lubricant shown in our product review section.

In this option’s case, you’ll be able to use the lube in cars, boats, RVs, or even the confines of your own home. It’s quite evident that a person wouldn’t have much issue finding a few other uses for this product besides only on an RV slide out.

It’s just another reason why these products have become such a useful tool for an RV owner. It never hurts when you can use an item such as this one in a couple of ways rather than for a single purpose.

Prevents Rust and Grime

Slide out lubes will do a fantastic job at preventing two issues that could cause a host of problems, rust and grime. These products will make sure your slide out remains protected from them and able to function correctly.

In fact, keeping your slide out lubricated could go a long way in ensuring you never have to pay for any repairs. The main reason for this great benefit is that these products are effective against issues such as rust and grime.

Easy to Use

One of the good things about slide out lubes is there’s nothing complicated about using most of them. It’ll be a simple and easy task that won’t require much effort or thought. You shouldn’t have any issues provide your slide out with the protection it needs.

But we must note that some companies do make their product’s using process a bit more tricky than needed. It would be best to avoid these lubes by reading the buyer reviews. These discussions will have a mention of any problems existing with this aspect for each lube.

What are the different types of RV slide out lubes?

When searching for slide out lubes, you’ll come across a myriad of options to choose from on today’s market. It’s quite possibly the exact reason that you felt an article like ours could help. People also often ask whether all these products are the same.

After all, how different could a lube really be from another? It turns out that these products can be very different from each other, depending on what type you choose. For instance, some options might have a dry consistency, and others will have a wetter one.

It’s also worth noting that some lubes will have petroleum added into their formula, and others will use silicone. It’ll really come down to the maker’s preference and what they feel works best on your RV’s slide out.

You’ll even come across options that start in the form of a liquid spray, also known as liquid vapors. These products will then change into a greasy protective layer on the slide out where it has been applied.

In some cases, these products are fluids, which will have to be added onto your RV slide out with a cloth rather than being sprays. But the main point is that there will be a type capable of fitting your needs perfectly. You’ll just have to figure out what your preferences are when it comes to these products.

We’ll help you figure your preferences out in our following sections. It’ll become quite clear what works for you when reading what we cover later on within our article.

How to lubricate RV slides?

Knowing how to use lube on an RV’s slide out is an essential piece of ensuring you experience the full benefits of these products. Honestly, these lubricants won’t do much good when used in the wrong way. We’ll ensure you know the right way by going over the proper steps below to make sure your slide out is always protected:

Pull out your slide out. This lubricant can only be effective when the slide out is fully extended. It will provide the right situation to ensure you can easily apply the lube on the proper surfaces without issue.

Locate the rubber seals on your RV slide out. These parts happen to be some of the most essential when it comes to needing lubrication. You’ll need to protect them from cracking or decaying.

Get your lube ready and spray these rubber seals. Please make sure to cover them from top to bottom rather than just covering a part of it. It’s the only way to ensure you get the most suitable results possible. We should also note that some people feel applying the lube to a piece of cloth before using it on the seals is a better method. It really comes down to preference and what your chosen product recommends.

Do this same action to the slide out’s sliders, gears, and other metal parts.

Please remember to not go overboard with these products. A single application on the RV slide out’s parts should be more than enough during this process. Otherwise, it could cause lasting damage and seriously affect your slide out’s lifespan.

RV Slide Out Lube FAQs

What is PTFE lubricant used for?

PTFE lubricant reduces friction and wear between two textures, as well as dust build-up. In simpler terms, it helps extend the longevity and effectiveness of those two surfaces. An RVer may find it useful on axles, chains, and hinges around their motorhomes.

As a result, PTFE lubricants often become helpful when needing a lubricant for slide out parts. It’ll keep those components in good condition and clean from dust, grease, and oil. So you can then expect the slide-out to retract and work without issue.

Given their effectiveness and durability, PTFE products are the top-rated lube for Schwintek slide. One prime example is the CRC Power Lube, whose lubricating effectiveness will ensure the RV’s track can move smoothly for a long time.

How do I stop my camper windows from squeaking?

Camper windows can be a genuine pain for RV owners. After all, these windows are known for sticking and squeaking like crazy. It’s an issue that stems from grime build-ups inside the window’s tracks.

Therefore, I recommend scrubbing the window clean and getting a good lubricant. My favorite option would be WD-40’s 300052 Specialist Dry Lube Spray. It has returned my rig’s windows to their former glory and rid them of horrendous squeaking.

It also has a solid reputation for working as a dry lube for RV slides. So anyone whose slide-out track is squeaky or suffering other problems may want to give this one a shot. It could solve all those issues without breaking a sweat.

Which is better, silicone or lithium grease?

The answer will depend on what surfaces you intend to lubricate.

In most cases, silicone lubricant will be a better option. It earns this distinction by being effective on multiple surfaces, especially rubber and plastic.

So it shouldn’t be challenging to find ways to utilize a product like 3-IN-ONE RVcare RV Slide Out Silicone Lube around the rig.

But there’s one situation where lithium grease is more effective, especially with its resistance to water and extreme temperatures.

It’s when a rig owner needs to lubricate metal-on-metal surfaces to reduce friction and protect them from rusting and corrosion. So if you need a lubricant for this purpose, it’s best to stick with lithium grease.

What is the top-rated RV slide out lube?

RV slide out lube is a product designed specifically to protect your slide out from issues such as rust or corrosion. It’s capable of providing this protection by being a spray that you can apply on your slide out’s rubber seals, sliders, and other metal parts.

In doing so, these lubricants will be able to extend your slide out’s lifespan and ensure you don’t spend a lot of money on repairs. I’m guessing this benefit is something that everyone would want as RV repairs tend to be costly.

It’s also worth mentioning these products do a great job of stopping your slide out from squeaking. This issue can be awful as these squeaks are loud and draw the attention of everyone around your RV. It’s not something that any rig owner wants to experience.

As a result, it would be a smart move to invest in a top tier RV slide out lube. This action will ensure your slide out remains in top shape for years to come. Plus, it’ll keep your neighbors happy by making sure it stays as squeak-free as possible.

It’s just a simple matter of choosing the lubricant that suits your situation the best. Our following sections will help you with this decision and ensure this process ends perfectly. In other words, we’ll make sure you pick the option that puts a smile on your face.

How does it work?

Understanding how a slide out lube works isn’t too complicated. All it requires is spraying the product onto the intended surface and letting it do its job. Once applied, the lubricant will then protect the surface from various issues to extends its lifespan.

But some people find using a cloth during this process helpful. In this case, you just spray the lube onto the fabric or towel and then apply it onto the surface, This action can make the process more exact, but it can get a little messy and ruin a perfectly good towel or cloth.

Either way, using these lubricants isn’t hard and should require little effort on your part. We’ll go more in-depth into the using process of these products in our later sections. But this description above is the general gist of what you’re getting into with RV slide out lubes.

Are RV slide-outs reliable?

RV slide-outs are a practical, reliable part of the camping experience. But slide-outs do require some maintenance and upkeep. If you don’t provide it, slide-outs can become a nuisance and break down quickly.

So it’s essential to check the slide-outs gears and motors regularly to determine if there’s an issue. You then apply some camper slide out lubrication, slide out grease, or attempt another method of solving the problem.

What can I use to lubricate my RV slide out?

RV owners have a wide selection of usable products for lubricating a slide-out. However, I’d recommend sticking with RV lubricants for this job. These products are specifically formulated to ensure no RV parts are harmed or messed up.

Anyone who can afford a premium RV slide out lubricant should purchase it. These products will offer protection for rubber seals while refraining from drying out. Due to this, your slide-out seals should remain in good condition and crack-free for much longer.

But any lubes mentioned in our product review section should do the trick. These options have proven to offer excellent results without producing extreme hassles. It’s a balance that every RV owner will appreciate when lubricating their slide-out.

Where do I lubricate my RV slide out?

RV owners often struggle to determine where the lube’s applied on their slide-out. It’s a common issue, especially among campers who are first starting their adventures. The process begins by understanding your slide-out’s sliding mechanism and model.

In most cases, your slide-out will utilize a rack and pinion gear setup. These models will have a flat bar with gear teeth, also known as the rack. It’s essential to locate this area as it’ll be where you’ll spray the lube.

Another common slide-out mechanism type is the hydraulic system. RVers who have these options are much luckier than ones who don’t. After all, you won’t have to spend much on them as lubes aren’t often needed for these slides. The only case you will need a lube is when a squeaking issue presents itself.

In any case, most RVers will lubricate two parts on their slide-out: the tracks/sliding mechanism and rubber seal gaskets. The seal gaskets will be on both the inside and outside of the slideouts, and it’s best to check them every 8 to 12 weeks when you’re traveling.

Keeping them properly lubed up will help promote a longer lasting slide-out and prevent any structural issue. They’ll require a dry lube for RV slide out to work effectively and stay in high-quality condition.

How do you lubricate RV slide seals?

The process of slide seal lubricant is a vital piece of information for every RVer. But thankfully, this task isn’t as complicated as people assume. It often boils down to a few relatively simple steps when applying an RV slide seal conditioner or lubrication.

You start by making sure your slide-out is completely extended. Of course, this step is achieved through activating the slide-out mechanism. If you’ve never done it before, check your RV’s owner manual for a step-by-step guide.

Once the slide-out is extended, it’s time to find and check out the rubber seals. It won’t be too difficult to see whether these seals have damage, such as cracks or suffering from dryness. It should be clear even when doing an examination from a distance.

If you do notice issues, the next step is applying lubricant onto the seals. This lubricant will help improve the performance and overall longevity of these seals. But positive results will only come if you cover them entirely with the lubricant. If there are instructions for the product, follow them as well.

You’ll want to continue this spraying process on the slide-out’s gears and sliders. These parts will also need protection to keep them in good shape for a long-time. In the end, these maintenance tasks will save you significant time and money in future repairs.

What are the most trusted RV slide out lube brands?

Finding the trusted RV slide out lube brands isn’t a tough task. It’s just a simple matter of looking back at our product review section and reviewing the companies mentioned there. Each one of them has received a reputation for providing top tier lubricants to their customers.

But even among this group of great brands, there’s still two of them that stick out a bit more than the rest: Camco and Thetford. Both these companies have regularly seen their products at the top of these markets.

We thought diving into what makes both these brands unique could be helpful during your search. It’ll ensure you know what a top tier RV slide out lube brand should look like and offer their customers.


Every rig owner should be familiar with Camco, given their success in many RV related product markets. It happens to be no different in this one as their products are consistently provided rave reviews due to their innovative formulas.

It also doesn’t hurt that Camco offers some of the top-rated customer services around with its products. In fact, it’s rather hard to find a single buyer willing to say one bad thing about Camco’s abilities in this area.

Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than a Camco product regardless of the market. This brand truly is the cream of the crop when it comes to RV related items.


Our second brand is another one that’s seen success in many RV markets. Thetford has gained this success by remaining committed to producing top tier products that exceed their customers’ needs and wants.

As a result, it’s not uncommon to see a Thetford product with a feature or aspect not offered by any other brand. Their creative designs are what make them such a valuable and trusted company among RV owners.

How often to use lube slide out on RV?

This answer will ultimately depend on your RV slide out’s maker and model. As a result, you must always remember to look at the vehicle’s manual before attempting a task like this one. It should offer a recommended number of times that your particular slide out will need lubrication.

In most cases, the manual will suggest that you shouldn’t lubricate your RV slide out more than once every eight weeks. This amount should be enough to ensure your slide out remains protected and free of any squeaking issues.

We should also mention that lubrication will depend on the environment around your RV. For instance, people traveling in areas with a lot of cold, moisture, or snow should apply more lubrication.

People entering areas with higher heat should lubricate their RV slide outs more frequently, as well. This action will ensure your trip is a much more enjoyable experience and free of any slide out related nuisances.

But remember, you must have complete control over the situation and resist the urge to go overboard. Too much lubricant will end up causing more harm than good and could impact your slide out’s lifespan.

Where to buy?

Finding the right RV slide out lube seller is another part of this process that some people don’t take seriously. They see the first seller selling one and pick it without searching around for the best deal or price. This action is a mistake and not one I’d suggest doing.

I’d recommend first looking through Amazon instead. You see, this website will have the largest selection and lowest prices among any seller. It’s a combination that allows them to have such a stranglehold on the online shopping community.

It also doesn’t hurt that their buyer review database is much larger than anywhere else on the internet. As you know, these reviews will be a vital piece and ensuring you find the perfect lube for your situation.

But these benefits doesn’t mean that Amazon is the only place worth searching. I’d also suggest looking at a website like Camping World, which has a decent selection and prices in its own right. In fact, their prices sometimes even fall below Amazon’s when a sale’s happening.

This reason alone should show you the value of looking at more than one place during this process. It’s the only effective way to ensure you find the good deal and price possible for your chosen RV slide out lube.

Of course, some people reading this article might not be comfortable with online shopping. Don’t worry; there are plenty of options for you as well. I’d suggest going to your local Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or RV supply store and seeing what they have to offer.

Each of these places should have a decent selection for a rig owner. But the prices will be a tad higher than you’d see online. The addition of face to face customer service is a nice addition, though, and can make all the difference in the world.

All in all, a person looking to buy an RV slide out lube shouldn’t have any problems finding their perfect seller. You just have to account for shopping preferences and find the one that suits them the best.


Your search for the best RV slide out lube should be much more relaxed after reading our article. The right choice will become apparent when you apply the info from here into your search. As a result, any sense of frustration or stress will soon disappear when trying to make the proper decision.

Once you do make it, your new slide out lube will make RVing much more comfortable and simple. It’ll ensure your slide out never finds itself unprotected from issues such as rust or corrosion. Therefore, it’ll be able to last longer and won’t need repairs anytime soon.

So please, use what you’ve learned here and find your perfect RV slide out lube. I promise it won’t be a decision that you end up regretting. In fact, I bet it’s one that makes you look back and smile about your final choice.

But if you do run into any more problems, feel free to let us know in our comment section. We want to help you during this process in any way possible. Due to this, we’ll answer these posts in a quick and timely manner.

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