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The Best RV Shower Heads to Save Water & More Water Pressure

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv shower head

Let’s be honest; there’s nothing better than long, hot, well pressure shower. And if you get the best RV shower head, you bring these showers on the road with you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’ll always a high-quality shower waiting for you in your RV? It would make those muddy activities such as hiking, biking, or camping seem a lot less problematic.

I can’t tell you the number of times I passed on hiking or biking just because I knew how much of a hassle getting all the mud off would be; with the right shower head, this issue no longer is a problem.

And to find the right RV shower head, you must start with the water pressure. See, this aspect is what makes a shower a great one. Without a good water pressure, a shower becomes a miserable experience.

As a result, I can’t express enough how much appreciation I have for a high-quality shower head. And given an RV is supposed to be your secondary home, wouldn’t it be nice to take these well-pressured showers on the road with you?

If your answer is yes, this buying guide will provide all the information you need to find the right shower head for your RV.


Best Overall Most Durable Easy to Install
Preview Marbrasse ‎H-3976-S

Delta Faucet ‎52652-PK

ETL 26781

Dimensions ‎9.6 x 3.1 x 5 inches ‎1.25 x 4.75 x 7.9 inches 11.9 x 6.3 x 4.5 inches
Material ABS Metal Plastic
Setting Type Power Massage, Rainfull Pause, Full Soft, Stimulating
Flow Rate 1.5-2.3 GPM 2.5 GPM 2 GPM
Details Details Details

Table of Contents

Best Shower Head for RV Reviews

In our product review section, we’ll provide in-depth reviews of the top 23 RV shower heads on the market. The primary goal of these reviews will be to help you identify precisely what you’re looking for and what features are available to you.

1. Marbrasse High Pressure Shower Head

The Marbrasse High-Pressure Shower Head is a popular RV shower head replacement for several reasons.

An excellent example would be its convenient construction made from ABS and chrome-plated materials. I reckon such a structure makes this shower head much more lightweight and durable than most other handheld ones I have used.

I was also pleased with this product’s installation process. Buyers shouldn’t need any help doing it themselves as setting it up doesn’t require tools. Honestly, it’s hard to find another shower head that is easier to install than this one.

I like its performance quality. Mabrasse took their time in creating a high-pressure RV shower head, which lives up to the name. It was designed with microtechnology that ensures a high-quality spray and water pressure.

It even comes with three adjustable spray settings to increase its user-friendliness. Each user will choose between a water saver mode, power massage mode, or mixed mode. I always went with the water saver option.

Leak prevention is another area where this option excels compared to old versions. It’s equipped with a swivel ball joint nut, which provides a leak-proof connection. It seems that many are often surprised by how many other shower heads fail to meet this standard expectation.

If these features weren’t enough to pique a person’s interest, the product’s push-button flow control should do the trick. It ensures a user can operate the showerhead with one hand rather than two. It produced a much more convenient and comfortable showering experience than I experienced with my prior RV shower head with on/off switch.

However, cleaning this piece is not that quick and easy. I still wouldn’t recommend letting it stop a buyer’s final decision as its benefits far outweigh this one negative.

2. Delta Faucet ‎52652-PK RV Shower Head

The Delta’s Faucet ‎52652-PK RV Shower Head stands out among other pieces due to its compact design. Besides, it has various features that make a rig owner’s showing experience more comfortable and convenient.

For instance, I love how this shower head allows users to pivot its design angle. It offers more control over the showering experience than some other available options. I shouldn’t have much issue finding the perfect angle to fit their showering preferences.

I was also impressed with this product’s two spray options. It comes with a choice between a pause feature or a full body spray, further showing its convenience level.

In particular, the full-body spray was a standout highlight. It provided a constant, steady stream with excellent water pressure to give a quality shower. Due to this, my showers have become closer to matching what I experience at my home.

Installing this shower head doesn’t require significant effort, either. The entire process only took me a few minutes to place this product on my shower arm. Multiple customers took the time to praise this process in their reviews.

Furthermore, buyers won’t have to worry about replacing this shower head anytime soon. It’s made from durable metal materials to produce a rugged construction. It should have no issues producing stellar results for more than a few years.

One final feature that caught my attention was the chrome-colored design. It was a vast improvement over my old black RV shower head, which didn’t blend into my bathroom. This chrome coloring is a much better fit for my rig’s overall decor.

Some customers did mention that this RV shower head with shut off was a bit too sensitive to their liking. I have not noticed it until several weeks of use; it is not much of a nuisance, though.

3. ETL 26781 White Body Spa Oxygenics Shower

Our first product, the ETL White Body Spa Oxygenics Shower, rates high among its competitors for many different reasons. For instance, it offers peak flexibility with its 60-inch hose, which will make sure you never have any problems cleaning a difficult to reach area.

Likewise, with its shut-off value, you won’t have to worry about the shower head leaking after use, which is great for RV owners. After all, it’s always a good thing anytime we can reduce the amount of water we waste.

Keeping with the idea of lowering your water usage, this shower head uses an oxygenic process that has recently become very popular with RV manufacturers. See, it makes sure the water flow stays strong but keeps your GPM down.

In this particular shower head’s case, its GPM is 2.0, which is perfect for keeping your water usage to a reasonable level. Therefore, this shower head will keep your water usage down and still give you a high-pressured shower to start your day.

Overall, this product provides the customer with everything you could ask for in a shower head. I mean, if you’re buying an RV shower head, there isn’t much else you could ask for that this one doesn’t provide. They, even, offer expert installation for mechanically challenged folks like myself.

4. Dura Faucet RV Shower Head and Hose Kit

The Dura Faucet RV Shower offers you a high-pressured shower at an affordable cost and isn’t that what we’re all looking for in your next RV shower head? Outside of both those aspects, there are quite a few things that make this model a high-quality option.

For instance, the 60-inch hose length offers peak flexibility so you can reach those hard to reach places. Then, you add in it’s a handheld shower head, and it’s no wonder why this product gets such consistent high reviews.

These high reviews probably come from the fact that this model is incredibly durable thanks to the material it’s made from: premium grade lightweight synthetic resins. With this high-quality material, you should expect to have this shower head in your lives for a long time.

This product also comes with all the necessary tools for an easy installation. Even for people like me that struggle with mechanical things, this process is a breeze and doesn’t take much effort or time.

In the end, Dura Faucet gives you a high-quality product that will keep your shower nice and well pressured for years to come. And they made sure you could afford it too by keeping the price reasonable.

5. Oxygenics 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit

This product is the first from a company, Oxygenics, that you’ll see a lot of on this list. The Oxygenics Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit strives to minimalize your water usage and give you the high-pressured shower you’ve always wanted.

In doing so, this shower head relies on Oxygenics’ patented technology to add air into the water stream. This addition makes sure your shower doesn’t suffer due to the lower GPM.

Honestly, this mixture of high-pressure and low flow rate make the Oxygenics’ products the most efficient on the market. Therefore, it’s no surprise you’ll see them several times on this list.

And, as with all Oxygenic products, it’s on a quest for peak efficiency, which it achieves with the inclusion of the SmartPause value. This value will further limit your water usage through restricting water flow during the time you’re using soap. A pretty cool feature, right?

But where this particular Oxygenic product separates itself from the others is the price’s more affordable for a bargain bin buyer. So, if you are looking for a high-quality product at a bargain price (who isn’t), then this model should be at the top of your list.

In fact, I see no reason why this wouldn’t be number one on your list. It has everything you could want as a bargain buyer.

6. Oxygenics Fury RV Shower Head

As you might expect, this product come with the famous Oxygenics technology that allows your water tanks to last much longer. Honestly, I can’t stress enough how much of a difference a shower head like this can make.

Along the same lines, this shower head allows you to reduce the water flow while you soap up with its thumb-operated flow control. It seems there’s nothing Oxygenics won’t do to keep your water usage as low as possible.

Besides keeping your water usage relatively low, this handheld shower head comes with a non-slip grip. With this non-slip grip, you won’t have any trouble holding onto this model in the shower.

Furthermore, the five settings that are often included in Oxygenics products are on this shower head as well. With this features, you should have no problem setting up your shower to the exact right setting for peak comfort.

In all estimations, all these features add up to one fantastic product from a company that just keeps growing its pristine reputation. At this point, I’ll be shocked if anyone of you doesn’t opt for an Oxygenics shower head.

7. ETL 26181 Plastic Body Spa Oxygenics Shower

Our second product from ETL, the Plastic Body Spa Oxygenics Shower, doesn’t leave a whole a lot for a customer to complain about; in fact, there isn’t a single feature on this thing that an RV owner couldn’t benefit from greatly.

For instance, this product has a lifetime warranty, which means you know ETL must have faith in this shower head’s performance. If it weren’t a working product, this warranty would cost them a ton of money.

Besides showing complete faith in their product, ETL also uses their own version of the Oxygenics technology for their own benefit. And the results are the same as the original process developed by Oxygenics.

And if that wasn’t enough, this product comes with a no clogging guarantee, which seems to be legitimate given no customer reviews mention any issues with clogging.

As a customer, there’s nothing better than when a company guarantees something and the product can deliver. In this product’s case, it definitely seems to be providing the performance the guarantee claims it can.

All in all, this shower head is everything it claims to be, and sometimes that’s all you need as a customer. Therefore, make sure you take a good hard look at this product; it won’t disappoint.

8. Oxygenics RV Shower Head with Hose Bundled with Pipe Thread

Just like two of our previous products this shower head is made by Oxygenics, which means there are certain things you should expect: a focus on limiting water usage, the inclusion of a SmartPause value, etc.

But these particular model will benefit you in a couple of other ways that others don’t such as it has a longer hose. At 72 inches, this hose is one of the longest on this entire list.

With its inclusion, this shower head offers you more coverage than most of the other ones on this list. And more than any of other Oxygenics products we plan on reviewing.

It also comes with five different spray settings that you can navigate to find the perfect one that will offer you peak comfort and control over your shower. Given this feature, it’s not shocking to see so many people praising its performance.

But the price does adventure into the territory of expensive. However, with all its additional features, it feels worth the price bump. Therefore, if you’re willing to pay a little extra for top of line quality, this shower head could be the best option for you.

And with all the water you’ll be saving, the price bump might end up saving you more money in the long run. Just another thing to think about before you decide on a high quality shower head for RV.

9. Camco 43714 Shower Head Kit

Our first Camco product, the Camco Shower Head Kit, won’t be the last product from this company on this list and each has its own fantastic qualities. For example, this model comes with an on/off switch that ensures that your shower head won’t drip.

Now, this might not sound like a big deal, but it does help you reduce your water usage. Honestly, you’d be surprised how much water gets wasted because an RV owner let their shower drip and drip.

This feature also allows you to stop the water flow anytime during the actual shower such as when you are using the soap. Again, reducing your water usage in the process.

Furthermore, this shower head has that always convenient 60-inch hose, which is just essential for any RV shower head. Additionally, it has five different settings that allow you to control the shower experience.

And these settings range from drenching rain to gentle massage; so, you shouldn’t have any issue finding the perfect one for you. By in large, this product would be a great addition to any RV, and it all comes at the lowest price on this entire list.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a simple, cheap model, this shower head should be going into your Amazon cart immediately. You won’t regret it.

10. Dura Faucet RV Shower Head and Hose

The second Dura Faucet product on our list, the Dura Faucet Shower and Hose, continues where the first one left off. In other words, it’s just as high-quality as the previous model we reviewed.

For instance, this shower head contains a flow control valve switch that makes it so much easier to conserve water while you’re showering. It also has a control grip, so this switch easy to access even in the wet environment of the shower.

Likewise, Dura Faucet continues to earn their impeccable reputation with the inclusion of all the necessary items you need for installation. And from the customer reviews, I get the sense this install is one of the easier ones.

So, if you have any worries about installing one of these by yourself, this model should ease those concerns with their in-depth manual and inclusion of all the necessary supplies.

And I haven’t even got to the best part yet; the material the hose and shower head are made of is incredibly durable. If you buy this product, you should expect to have in your life for quite some time.

All in all, this shower head is another top-notch product from Dura Faucet that any RV owner would benefit from purchasing.

11. PIH High Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head

The incredibly priced PIH High Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head offers all the perks of a top of line handheld shower head at the cost of a low-quality one. Honestly, this product might be the best bargain on this entire list.

What makes this product such a bargain is it has everything the previous shower heads we reviewed has such as the flexible hose, the on/off switch, expert installation, etc; all for a fraction of most of the others prices.

And it’s not like these features aren’t as good on this shower head then they’re on the others; in fact, they work just as well. Now, the price difference does hurt one aspect of this product: the design.

See, the design isn’t as sleek or stylish as some of the others on this list, but at this price, it doesn’t really matter. Realistically, you’re getting a high-quality shower head with all the necessary features at a discount price.

Therefore, it’s going to be hard for you to pass this deal up. But if you do want a more luxury looking model, there are plenty of other options on this list that will more than fit your needs.

However, if you’re searching for that elusive bargain, you can stop looking because this product is the one for you.

12. Camco 43712 RV Shower Head with On/Off Switch

Now, before we fully dive into this product, it’s important you realize that the reason the price is so low is that it doesn’t come with a hose. So, if you’re looking for the complete package, you should look at one of the other products on this list.

But in terms of the actual shower head, you can’t get much better than the Camco RV Shower Head with On/Off Switch. And as you can tell from the name, it comes with an on/off switch.

This on/off switch works like the other ones mentioned in previous reviews, as a way to ensure your water usage never gets out of control. It also has rubber spray tips that make the shower head incredibly easy to clean.

Honestly, this shower head isn’t anything special, but it does its job effectively and quickly without any issues. Due to this, it should be at least considered by any RV owner looking for just an RV shower head.

And Camco offers the option of expert installation just in case you have any issues with that part of the process. All in all, this Camco product is a solid option that does its job and is a product that will help continue cultivating Camco’s excellent reputation.

13. Oxygenics 88446 Power Massage Hand Held Shower Head

Surprise, surprise, it’s another Oxygenics product on our list. And just like the last three products, this product is truly a high-end shower head. Honestly, there’s nothing about this model that doesn’t meet my needs as a customer.

Aside from the regular things you’ve come to expect from an Oxygenics’ handheld shower head, this particular product offers you a sleek and luxury design. See, it’s made of brushed nickel that makes the shower head look brand new at all times.

This design also makes it insanely easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about rust or anything else like effecting this model; it’s built to last a long time. The brushed nickel is a durable material that’s made to withstand all environmental factors a shower head could encounter.

And it also helps that this product comes with all the necessary items needed for a quick/easy installation. In all estimations, this shower head seems to be incredibly user-friendly as well as amazing at its job.

You shouldn’t be surprised by now by the quality of the products from Oxygenics. They really are the best in business at what they do, and this model doesn’t refute that fact in any way.

So, if you’re in the market for a stylish shower head, this model could do wonders for you.

14. Aqua Elegante 6 Function Luxury Handheld Shower Head

The Aqua Elegante 6 Function Luxury Handheld Shower Head is a little more high-end than some of the other products in this article. However, this aspect doesn’t mean it doesn’t merit some consideration from you.

In fact, with its six different settings, there’s an argument to be made that this shower head is the most convenient one of the ones we’ve reviewed. Then, you throw in the five-year warranty, and this luxury shower head starts to look like a real contender.

It’s also extremely versatile with it being able to work on several different pumping systems: RV’s, outside pool showers, regular home showers, etc. It could even work as a camper shower head. Honestly, it’s not a stretch that you could use this product on every shower in your life.

More importantly, it has one unique feature that only a few of the other shower heads in this article have: a removable restrictor. Now, this feature only really applies to people who don’t care about how much water they use.

See, you can remove this restrictor and up the GPM of the water stream, which means you can have extremely high-pressured showers. It’s a nice, unique feature that gives you the option to feel luxurious from time to time.

And sticking with the luxury theme, this model could be a fantastic option for someone willing to spend a little extra.

15. HOMELODY High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

With this product, HOMELODY did everything it could to compete with the Oxygenics and Camcos of the world. And guess what? They more than held their own with the HOMELODY High Pressure Handheld Shower Head.

This model has everything from the various settings to the on/off switch. In all honesty, this manufacturer did an incredible job creating a product that could compete with the established manufacturers in their marketplace.

Aside from the features, it shares with other products on this list; there are certain elements that are entirely their own. For instance, it has a ten warranty, which is easily the longest on this list.

With this warranty, you can be assured that this shower head will hold up. There’s no reason a company would put on a warranty for that long of a period unless it had faith it could last.

Additionally, while it doesn’t include a hose with purchase, they do offer a package deal where you can get a 118-inch hose. If you decide to buy the package deal, this hose would easily be the biggest I’d ever seen included with a shower head.

So, if you feel comfortable splurging a bit, look into this model. It could be exactly what you’re looking for in your next RV shower head.

16. Dura Faucet Handheld Shower Wand

This Dura Faucet product, the Dura Faucet Handheld Shower Wand, is a lot like the other products we’ve reviewed from this company. But there are a few differences that make this particular shower head unique.

For instance, it’s made out of stainless steel to ensure you never have any durability issues. People tend to overlook things like the material a shower head is made out of, but it does a lot in determining how long you can reasonably expect to use it.

And with this stainless steel base, you shouldn’t have any doubts about its ability to be long-lasting. In fact, this shower head might be able to last you a good ten to fifteen years.

Aside from the material it’s made from, this shower head is pretty much the same as the other tow Dura Faucet products: it has an easy installation process, flow control trickle value, handheld, etc.

With all these features, there’s no reason you should worry about the quality of this product. In all areas, this shower head lives up to the Dura Faucet name, especially, considering the numerous customer reviews praising its performance.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to consider this shower head. After all, the stainless steel material used in this one does make it more likely to be long-lasting than the other Dura Faucet products.


17. Camco 43713 Chrome Shower Head Kit

Camco is back with another fantastic shower head that would make any RV owner an incredibly happy customer. As you’d expect from a Camco product, this model has the all too important on/off switch.

Now, there’s no reason to discuss this feature further as it’s well covered in the other reviews. However, given its magnitude, it’s still a must mention when talking about any Camco product.

Otherwise, there are a couple of things that make this particular Camco product a little different than the others. For instance, it comes in a chrome color that looks much more luxurious than the other two Camco shower heads.

And the hose has reinforced construction that will make sure it won’t clog. Although these aspects don’t seem like huge differences, especially the color, it does make this shower head a better option than the previous two.

See, with the better color, it’s more visually pleasing, and with the reinforced construction you won’t have to worry about the performance of the shower head dramatically decreasing.

All in all, another high-quality product from Camco with added improvements in two significant areas. It seems the more we review their products, the better they end up being.

18. Builders Shoppe Two-Handle RV Shower Head

The Builders Shoppe Two-Handle RV Shower Head is another fantastic option with an incredible design that would brighten up any RV bathroom. See, it has this brushed nickel finish that gives this product a very glamorous and high-end feel.

And its design isn’t the only area where this product excels. It has a 59-inch hose that is made from that a durable synthetic material. This material will make sure this shower head will be the only one you buy for a very long time.

More importantly, it comes with a water saving trickle switch to ensure you can limit your water usage. It’s essential to note that this isn’t an on/off switch, so, the water won’t go completely off when this is activated.

Instead, it will switch to a trickle which will still reduce your amount of water you use by a significant amount. Aside from these features, this shower head is a pretty standard product, but with the various customer reviews, it’s safe to say offers peak performance.

Given this overwhelming positive feedback, you should be very confident that this product will provide you with everything you’re looking for in a new RV shower head. It even comes with levers just in case you want to upgrade your whole shower system.

19. AOSGYA RV Shower Head

The extraordinarily versatile AOSGYA RV Shower Head can be used in conjunction with a lot of different plumbing systems: RV’s, boats, fifth wheels, campers, travel trailers, etc. It’d be shocking if you could find a freshwater system that didn’t work with this shower head.

With this in mind, if you’re planning on buying multiple shower heads for numerous showers, this product should be on the top of your list. And it helps that isn’t a slouch in the performance department either.

See, it has a GPM of 2.5, which is the highest possible GPM allowed within the US regulations. Therefore, it should provide whoever buys it with a high-pressured shower of unbelievable strength.

Now, this GPM rate might turn some people off because of the amount of water it might end up wasting; however, it does have a water saving trickle value that will limit the water wasted during each shower.

In other words, this value will help limit the damage done by the high GPM to point where it will almost even out with the other products on this list. And given the fantastic water pressure this shower head provides, it’s well worth the little extra wasted water.

20. Dura Faucet DF-SA170-WT Exterior Shower Box Kit

Our last Dura Faucet product is a unique one compared to other options in this article. See, the Dura Faucet Exterior Shower Box Kit is an all inclusion model, which means it comes with not only the hose, shower head, and wand, but also a box you can put all of it in.

Now, you’re probably asking why do I need a box? Well, this box will keep all the wand, shower head, and hose safe and clean in between shower sessions. In other words, once you’re done with your shower, all you need to do is put all these components back inside the box.

In doing so, you’ll protect all your shower items from any environmental damage such as rust, mildew, or moisture. It acts as a buffer against these potentially damaging nuisances and ensures you won’t have to spend another dime for a significant amount of time.

And this box isn’t a separate entity either. It can be installed right around your hot and cold levers for peak convenience purpose. Honestly, this addition by Dura Faucet is easily one of the best features among the products on this list.

Regarding the shower head itself, well, it’s from Dura Faucet, so, you should feel confident it will fulfill all your shower head expectations.

21. Ecocamel RV Shower Head

The Ecocamel RV Shower Head is another great option for any RV owner looking to buy a model of this type. See, it has a similar version to the patented Oxygenics technology that also keeps your water usage down without sacrificing high water pressure.

Besides saving you water, it’ll also save you money considering the price isn’t too outlandish. In fact, it’s borderline affordable for someone looking for a bargain and aren’t we all looking for a bargain?

More importantly, this shower head has an excellent reputation for providing a shower experience that you’ll always be looking forward to when you wake up. You’ll never have to deal with the awful feeling of a low-pressure shower again.

Furthermore, it’s incredibly versatile as it can be used with many different plumbing systems such as RV, cabin, homes, etc. Maybe you should think about buying a couple, especially, considering how quickly it’s to install these models.

Honestly, the installation will cause you very little stress or anxiety, as there is no new plumbing need. Instead, all you need to do is unscrew your old shower head and replace with this high-quality masterpiece.

And if you don for some reason feel uncomfortable with installing this product yourself, Ecocamel offers an option for a professional install. In light of this, there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least consider this product.

22. Aqua Elegante High Pressure RV Shower Head

The second product we have from Aqua Elegante, the Aqua Elegante High Pressure RV Shower Head, is a model that is sure to make any RV owner’s life a whole lot easier.

First off, it has that unique aspect of the removable restrictor for those days you need an extra strong shower. Whether you just went on a hike or played a rough game of football, this removable restrictor could make that mud wash away rather quickly.

This shower head also features 42 self-cleaning nozzles that help fight against calcium build-up, which means you’ll never have to clean this shower head yourself. It’s always nice when a product takes away from your cleaning workload, and that’s precisely what this model does.

Additionally, these nozzles also help provide a high-pressure shower that is almost unmatched by its competitors. In result, numerous customer reviews say this shower head offer them the greatest shower they’ve ever had.

And it all comes at a price that won’t hurt your checkbook. Honestly, there’s nothing about this shower head that you could conceive as a negative. But it’s essential we mention it doesn’t come with a hose or shower bracket.

Due to this, make sure you have a high-quality hose and shower bracket before purchasing.

23. Niagara Earth Massage Handheld Shower Head

The last product on our list, the Niagara Earth Massage Handheld RV Shower Head, isn’t an RV specific model. However, since it’s such an incredible run-of-mill option, we thought we should include it for two simple reasons: it’s cheap, and it does its job exceptionally well.

In other words, it’s a nonsense, hassle-free option any RV owner would find themselves happy purchasing. It even has a 72-inch hose that does separate this shower head from the pack a little bit.

Obviously, this hose would give you flexibility with this handheld model that few products on this list can offer. But otherwise, this model lacks any unique features that would catch your eye.

And that isn’t a bad thing. In fact, in the RV shower head market this often a great thing to encounter, especially, when the companies offers a 10-year warranty for the product. It just speaks to Niagara Earth willingness to create a product that does its job and isn’t too flashy.

You can see this focus on simplicity with features like the 1.5 GPM, the adjustable settings, the beautiful chrome design, etc. Each these are unspectacular but do their specific function to the best of their capabilities.

So, if you’re looking for a simple, uncomplicated RV shower head, this model should move to the top of your list immediately.

RV Shower Head Buyer’s Guide


In this section, we’ll provide you with all the information you’ll ever need to know about the right shower heads. With doing so, we hope we’ll be able to answer any of the questions you have about these essential products!

Things to know before buying an RV shower head

Well, when choosing any product, the first thing I look at is customer reviews. These should offer you a general feel of whether or not the product will satisfy every need you want the product to fulfill.

But for specifically RV shower heads, there are a couple other factors you should look into as well. And below, we’ll go over some of these, so, you get a better handle on what exactly you’re looking for in your next RV shower head.

Ease of Use

Nothing worse than buying a product that you can’t figure out how to install or use. Due to this, make sure the RV shower you chose has a reputation for an easy install and simple usage.


If the water pressure is below average, all the features in the world won’t make your shower enjoyable. With this in mind, it’s essential you find a shower head that offers peak performance.

Luckily for you, every model in our product review section is a proven high-quality option ready to offer you a well-pressured shower at a moments notice.


As mentioned in the previous FAQ, RV shower heads come in all shapes and sizes. So, make sure you find the type that fits what you want out of your shower head. For example, if you’re like me and want flexibility, the handheld option would be ideal for you.

On the other hand, if you want a more elegant or stylish model, the rain shower head would most likely be your best option. Therefore, make sure you choose a design that meshes with your expectations.

In the end, if you find a shower head that meets your needs in all three of these categories, it should be able to provide you with high-quality showers for years to come.

Is the Hose Flexible?

Most likely, if your RV shower head kit includes a hose, it will be flexible. In fact, I’ve never encountered a package with a hose that wasn’t flexible. Honestly, if the hose wasn’t adjustable, I think it’d be a little be inconvenient.

After all, the flexible hose allows you to move around and reach body parts a stationary shower head wouldn’t. In the end, you should always try to get a shower head with a hose; it will make your life a whole lot easier.

Do RV Shower Heads Save Water?

Yes, a good RV shower head will for sure save water. For instance, the shower head you have now is most likely one that operators on a standard trickle setting. This setting will let the water out slower but overall use more water than a good pressured shower.

You’re probably a little skeptical, but think about it like this: with a better pressure system, you will get all dirt and mud off you in a quicker amount of time. So, while the trickle shower, does release water at a slower rate, it’s a much longer shower.

For instance, let’s say you want to use a gallon of water for your shower: with a well-pressured shower head, a gallon of water would clean all the soap off your body. But with a trickle shower, you’d probably need another half gallon of water to rinse thoroughly.

Therefore, an excellent high-pressured shower head will both clean quicker and be more cost-effective. With this in mind, I don’t see how buying a best RV shower head isn’t at the top of your to-do list..

What are the different types of RV shower heads?

As you probably expected, there are numerous types of RV shower head available to you. Of course, the amount of options makes the process of picking a little more difficult for you as a customer.

With this in mind, I thought I’d go over some of these types to make your decision-making process a little less overwhelming.

Handheld Shower Head

In my opinion, the handheld shower head is the best available type because of the flexibility it offers the user. With these models, you never have to worry about having a place you can’t reach because it can be detached from the wall.

Along the same lines, these models usually come with a long flexible hose that gives you further movability. Honestly, these models just provide the customer with everything they could ask for in an RV shower head.

Single Spray

Now, these models are the old-fashion ones that everyone is used to where you can adjust the shower head up, down or side to side. They’re also attached to the wall and don’t offer much regarding features.

But what they do offer is simplicity, as they’re very easy to use. And these models are often a whole lot less expensive than the other type of shower heads. So, if you’re looking for a cheap and straightforward option, these models could be the one for you.

Rain Shower head

These models are a little more luxury than the previous two. With these shower heads, you usually have a flat spout that you hang from the roof of your shower. They tend to look very stylish and can update the decor of any bathroom.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a stylish model and love the feeling of getting rained on, then get yourself a high-quality rain shower head.

Handheld shower heads vs. regular shower heads: what’s the difference?

In my opinion, the handheld shower heads are a much better option than the regular ones for a simple reason: they allow more flexibility. See, you can maneuver these around any way you want to ensure you can reach any part of your body.

With the regular models, you have very restricted movement. And this aspect can be quite annoying, especially, if you’ve just come back from a hiking trip that splattered mud all over your body.

Overall, it just doesn’t make any logical sense to go with the regular models anymore. It’s just not in your best interest to opt for the regular shower head when a more advanced and reliable model exists.

Although, while it doesn’t make any logical sense, it does in some cases make more financial sense. See, the regular models are often much less expensive than the handheld shower heads.

Most likely, it’s because these regular shower heads are a vastly inferior model compared to the more technologically advanced handheld models; therefore, they cost more to make for the RV shower head manufactures.

How to install oxygenics RV shower heads?

Depends on the model of Oxygenics shower head you plan on purchasing. But in general, installing a shower head is simple; you twist it on, and you’re ready to take your daily shower.

And Oxgenics products tend to be no different. However, in some cases, the installation is a little bit more complicated. So, please make sure you read the manual that comes with the shower head to ensure there aren’t special instructions.

If you can’t figure out how to do from manual’s instructions, there are many videos on Youtube such as this that show you exactly what you should do. Honestly, with these two resources, you shouldn’t have any issues installing the shower head yourself.

But if you still feel uncomfortable, you could always hire a professional to do it for you. And sometimes, the manufacturer will offer an expert installation as an add-on with purchase.

In the end, it’s all about finding the installation option that makes you feel the most comfortable. And remember, there’s no shame in asking a professional for help; that’s why they’re here.

RV Shower Head FAQs

What is the best RV shower head?

As you might expect, an RV shower head is a product made specifically for your RV’s shower. There isn’t much difference between the shower head in your house and the ones you’d find in an RV.

In fact, you can install a regular household shower head in your RV, but the experience will underwhelm you. See, since they’re accustomed to the steady stream of water from a house’s pipes, they tend to work really inefficiently in RVs.

It’s mostly because RV campgrounds and parks tend to have very inconsistent water pressure, so, RV shower head manufacturers account for this in their models. Due to this, these products are essential buys for RV owners.

For you new RV owners, you’re probably wondering why you’d need an RV shower head upgrade? Well, the shower heads that come with your RV are often lousy and will end up clogging in a few months.

RV manufacturers tend to overlook the shower’s performance when selling RVs. After all, all they have to do is show you it works; they don’t have to worry about long-term performance. So, they skimp out and get the cheapest working model they can find.

Then, you find yourself in a few months cursing at the shower head because it only produces a few drops at a time. Honestly, there’s nothing worse than standing under your shower and barely getting any water.

Therefore, you should upgrade that shower head to one from the product section. In result, your showers will be perfect for years to come. I promise you won’t regret your decision.

What are the most trusted RV shower head brands?

Of course, we find all the brands we mentioned in our product review section to be top of the line. From Dura to Camco, all these brands will provide you with high-quality RV shower heads at an affordable price.

But I’d thought it’d be nice to go over some of these brands individually just, so you can further familiarize yourself with them.

Dura Faucet

For over a decade, this manufacturer has been providing their customers with top-notch RV faucets. In doing so, they’ve forged relationships with both individual RV owners and RV manufacturers that have lasted for a long time.


Started over fifty years in 1966, Camco has been providing customers with high-quality RV products and gained a pristine reputation for customer service. Honestly, this company will do anything to ensure their customer is satisfied.


A specialized only shower head company that started making products about thirty-five years ago. And from the very beginning, they’ve had one goal in mind: make sure that every Oxygenics shower is powerful and memorable.

In the end, each of these brands appears in our product review section multiple times for a reason. There’s no way you could go wrong with a product from any of these three manufacturers.

I mean, they’re proven to offer high-quality products without any hassle or nonsense consistently. And honestly, isn’t that all we want as customers? A product that does what it claims it can do without providing you stress or complications.

It’s also essential to note that the other brands in our product review section our top-end as well. It’s just I felt these particular brands deserved a special shout out because they’ve shown the ability to keep updating their products and have multiple options among the best in the RV shower head market.

Can you use any shower head in an RV?

RV owners can use a regular shower head in their rigs. But it wouldn’t be the best idea because household options often have larger flow rates than an RV shower faucet or head.

So users will waste more of their limited water supply than they’d want.

Given this information, it’s best to stick with a low flow RV shower head.

How many GPM does an RV shower use?

RV owners can usually expect their showers to be rated between 1.5 and 2.5 GPM. It’s the industry standard, which can increase or decrease based on several factors. Of course, one of these crucial components is the shower head.

So a person who wants a higher GPM should look for shower heads with a higher flow rate. The downside to this route is wasting more water, but it’ll improve your water pressure. On the other hand, a lower GPM rate will produce the exact opposite results (save water and less water pressure).

But a few manufacturers have found ways to find some balance. For instance, the Oxygenics shower head for RV manages to keep its GPM rate 1.5 without sacrificing water pressure. It’s an ingenious product that has made many RV owners happier.

How do I get more water pressure in my RV shower?

Your first step is buying a new high-quality RV shower head increase water pressure levels. Honestly, most factory RV shower heads are cheap and provide awful showering experiences. So RVers would be wise to put money aside for this upgrade when getting their rig.

Also, make sure to check your water system. You should be looking for/repairing any cracked pipes and removing blockages. These issues are often the main culprits behind what’s causing your shower’s low water pressure.

What is the flow rate?

The flow rate measures how much water comes out the shower head per minute, and the abbreviation for this is GPM (gallons per minute). Now, you’re probably wondering what’s considered a reasonable rate for a high-quality RV shower head?

Well, the highest flow rate allowed by law is 2.5 GPM. For an RV shower head, you’re going to want a lower GPM than 2.5. It just doesn’t make much sense to buy a shower head with a higher GPM in an RV with a limited amount of water.

Think about it like this; the highest flow rate allowed is 2.5 GPM that means for every 10-minute shower you’re using 25 gallons of water. Honestly, that’s a lot of water to be wasting per shower, especially, if you have a more than 1 or 2 people.

So, what flow rate would be a good choice? Anywhere from 1.5 to 2.0 would be a good starting point for any RV owner. With this amount of GPM, you save anywhere from 5 to 10 gallons per shower compared to a shower with a 2.5 GPM shower head.

I know, it might not seem like a big deal, but it can make a real difference in your RV’s use of water over time. And most RV shower head manufacturers have found a way to make up for the reduced GPM by infusing air into the stream.

Can I have a high-pressure flow even when the water pressure is low?

Yes, since RV shower head manufacturers are pretty smart, they’ve found a way to keep a high-pressure flow even when the water pressure is low. Honestly, it’s quite remarkable.

As mentioned in the previous FAQ, they accomplished this by infusing air into the water stream. So, as an RV owner, you don’t have to worry too much about the flow rate being high, which is nice because saving water is a huge priority for us.

You’re probably thinking this is too good to be true. But a brand like Oxygenics has figured out a way to keep the flow rate at 1.5 without reducing the pressure of your shower.

These companies rely “on the Venturi Principle. As water enters the base of the shower head, it is propelled through an accelerator fin to increase the velocity of the water flow. It is then directed through a channel where oxygen is injected into water.”

Pretty amazing right? Yeah, I thought so too. It’s nice to know these companies are trying their best to make an RV owner’s life a little easier. I mean, there’s not a whole lot that’s more frustrating than taking a low-quality shower.

In the end, you just need to look for a shower head that’s either from the Oxygenics brand or one with a similar process. And once you do that, you’ll never have to worry about taking a shower where’s there’s a low-pressure flow ever again.

Should I buy a high pressure or regular RV shower head?

If you’re looking for a more efficient, quicker shower, you must buy a high-pressure RV shower head. See, these shower heads save both the water you use and the time you take in the shower.

In fact, the numbers are so drastically in favor of high-pressure RV shower heads that these models save you about 50 percent more water than a regular shower head. They also reduce the time you spend in the shower by half as well.

With numbers like these, there’s no reason you should waste your time researching regular RV shower heads. It just doesn’t make sense from time-saving standpoint.

And even if a high-pressure model cost more at the time of purchase, it will still save you the hassle of constantly filling up your tank in the long run by reducing the water you use. Therefore, chose a high-pressure RV shower: you won’t regret it.

How long do RV shower head last?

An RV shower head’s lifespan will depend on its overall construction. As a result, it becomes difficult to answer this question in general terms. But any worthwhile shower head should last more than a few years with proper maintenance and installation.

You can help avoid any durability issues by researching each product’s consideration before making a final decision.

I’d recommend looking for options made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or brushed nickel. These shower heads might cost a bit extra, but their durability far outpaces plastic choices.

Where to buy?

You can buy an RV shower head in many different places, but Amazon is your best option online. As you probably know by now, they just always have the best deals and sales.

Otherwise, the best places to buy an RV shower head is the regular suspects such as Wal-Mart or Home Depot. Both of these major chain stores will have a large selection of high-quality shower heads that you can peruse.

But again, Amazon’s the safe and easy choice for anyone looking for an RV shower head. It’s just the logical choice. Also, stay from the manufacturers’ websites. These sits are often much more expensive than what they advertise on Amazon.

However, if you’re uncomfortable with Amazon for some reason such as Jeff Bezos creeps you out, there is another incredible site that specializes in RV faucets: RVfaucet.com.

At this site, you’ll find comparable prices to what’d you’d find on Amazon, but the selection is less varied. Due to this, it’s not a site that I’d go to first, but used as a secondary source.

In other words, once I find my perfect RV showe rhead on Amazon, I’d go over to Rvfaucet to compare the prices. And sometimes, you’ll find it actually cheaper at RVfaucet; therefore, it’s essential you look just in case you aren’t missing a deal.

All in all, this decision isn’t something you want to overthink. In this case, the easiest solution is the best one; therefore, Amazon, like with all products is the place to buy your brand new RV shower head.


Now, that you know all you’d ever need to get the best RV shower head, go onto Amazon and find the right one for you. And once you do, go ahead and put into your Amazon cart.

I promise you that you won’t regret making this purchase. I know some people view a high-quality RV shower head as a luxury, but honestly, it’s a necessity. It makes your life and RV a whole lot better.

So, spend a little extra to make sure you’re getting the perfect fit. And hopefully, the one you pick will be one from our product review section. After all, they’re the top RV shower heads on the market!

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