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The Best RV Sewer Vent Caps for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv sewer vent cap

Finding the best RV sewer vent cap isn’t an easy task. This process has become a complicated one over the years due to the number of options on today’s market. The oversaturation has made customers feel stress and frustration.

It’s become clear that a buying guide would be a helpful resource to relieve these stressful emotions. Our article will fill this role and be a guide throughout the buying process. It’ll help ensure you end up picking the perfect option for your situation.

We’ll accomplish this goal by going over every relevant topic about these useful products. These topics include top brands, types, determining factors, and much more. We’ll even provide nine product reviews of the options that we feel might be a perfect fit for you.

Every piece of info within this article should make the entire process much easier. It’s just a simple matter of applying what’s in this article into your search. Once you do, the perfect option should become clear.

So please, keep reading and let us help you find the perfect sewer vent cap for your situation. I promise it won’t be something that you regret. In fact, it’ll end up being a decision you look back at fondly.

Best Overall Easy Installation Protection Against UV

Camco 40033

Lippert 389381

Camco 40595

Dimensions 8.5″D x 8.5″W x 3.3″H 4″D x 4″W x 3″H 4″D x 9″W x 12″H
Compatibility 1″ to 2 – 3/8″ OD Pipe All RV Vent Caps Any RV Plumbing Vent
Against UV Ray Yes No Yes
Details Details Details

10 Best Sewer Vent Cap for RV Reviews

Our product review section will discuss the best nine sewer vent caps on today’s market at length. These discussions will ensure you know what to expect before starting your search. It’ll also help you understand the more complex topics talked about in later sections.

We thought it’d be useful to review one additional product that could improve life onboard an RV. This product has proven to help deal with bad odors in other parts of your rig. It would be a good extra device to around for fighting these nasty smells.

1. Camco 40033 Replace All Plumbing Vent Kit

Our first product is the Camco 40033 Replace All Plumbing Vent Kit, which will do a fantastic job at keeping bad odors away from your RV’s inside. It’s able to offer these effective results with features such as its design.

You see, this product consists of durable plastic material that can withstand and hold up against long term outdoor exposure. This plastic material even has UV protection to ensure further that sun rays don’t cause issues such as cracks or discoloration.

As a result, the plastic material will guarantee this product remains usable for years to come as well. In fact, this vent cover’s durability was an aspect that was frequently alluded to in the customer reviews.

People were rather stunned by how well it held up when compared with other models. These issues tend to be significant problems with lesser models. It’s always nice when you start reading the customer reviews, and a product’s durability being praised is the first thing you see.

I also found this product’s versatility to be quite appealing. This product being versatile comes from its ability to fit any two-inch pipe. As a result, it should be a usable product for many different RV owners looking to buy a sewer vent cover.

The product’s install process was another attractive trait. It seems this vent cover has no issues being quickly set up thanks to its tension spring attachment. This aspect makes installing the product a breeze compared to other options on today’s market.

It also doesn’t hurt that this product’s price is more than fair. Honestly, you’d have a hard time finding a better deal than the one provided by Camco with this product. I’d even call it a bargain given the low price and impressive features.

But I do wish this product came with a base included. This aspect could be rather annoying for owners who don’t already have a durable base to use. It’s just a small inconvenience, but one I could get over rather quickly thanks to the product’s incredible features.

2. Lippert Components 389381 360 Siphon RV Vent Cap

The Lippert Components 389381 360 Siphon RV Vent Cap happens to have a few unique aspects that it offers. One of these features is the built-in bug screen, which will prevent pesky insects from entering your RV through your vents.

I tend to RV in tropical climates where insects are often a huge problem. This feature will ensure I won’t have to worry about mosquitos inside my RV ever again. It would be nice not having to wake up and find a mosquito bite on my arm for once.

This product’s 360 intake design is another feature that makes it stand out from other models. The design effectively flushes out odors by pulling in oxygen-rich air, which will push out any gases from entering your RV. It’ll also set up a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that’ll help break down waste quicker.

You should love this product’s design being universal, as well. In other words, it should fit any vent pipe without issue or hassle. This aspect showcases the product’s versatility and makes it a perfect option for almost any RV owner.

The install process being easy doesn’t hurt its case either. I mean, you couldn’t go through a couple of customer reviews without reading some praise about the setting up process. It’s nice to know that even someone like me won’t have problems getting this product into place.

I also found the two color options to be an intriguing aspect. It gives the customer a bit of choice regarding the product’s style. And honestly, the black version looks rather sleek to my eyes. I’d happily pay the extra cost to get that version rather than the standard white.

But I do wish the product’s plastic material was a bit more durable. There was some concern among the customer reviews about it cracking too quickly. It seems this issue was a problem for more than one person. It’s something any potential buyer should really consider before making a final decision.

3. Camco Cyclone RV Sewer Plumbing Vent

Our second product from Camco happens to be the Camco Cyclone RV Sewer Plumbing Vent. This Cyclone RV vent cover offers a level of results that most other models have trouble matching due to its great features.

One of these features is its use of natural air pressure to draw out bad odors. It can provide this aspect because it follows the wind direction by rotating 360 degrees, which creates the best airflow possible.

As a result, it’ll flush out any foul gases or odors from your holding tanks. It’s an effective way to ensure your RV’s living area remains free of any stinky smells. But its working process isn’t the only great thing provided by this great product.

You should also love that this product’s install process doesn’t require any screws or drills. This product can instead be attached to your rig with some sealant. The process received a considerable amount of praise in the customer reviews due to its easiness.

Its design is another feature worth talking about with its UV protective abilities. This aspect will ensure the vent cap remains unaffected by sun exposure for years to come. It’s a benefit made possible by the inclusion of resin coating that does wonders protecting against fading or cracking.

This product happens to be another one, which offers some choice about its color as well. Camco continues to do a great job at making their products as customer-friendly as possible. It’s just another area where this sewer vent cap seems to excel a bit more than its rivals.

But I do wish it was a bit less costly. You see, this Camco product happens to feature one of the highest price tags on the entire list. I’m not looking to spend this much money on a product such as a sewer vent cap right now.

Given this issue, I don’t think I end up buying this particular product. But if money was a non-issue, I don’t see why this sewer vent cap wouldn’t be at the top of your list.

4. Ventline 62334 Sewer Roof Vent Cap

Ventline’s 62334 Sewer Roof Vent Cap does a great job of avoiding getting cracked or discolored due to its top tier design. This design will ensure the product remains usable for many years with its UV protection.

It even features polyethylene material that has seen widespread use among other RV related products due to its strength. Of course, this product’s durability isn’t the only useful feature it offers.

I also love that it comes with some pre-drilled holes. This aspect will make the install process much easier as it’ll simply clip into place. It’s a useful and convenient way to make sure no customer will have issues using it.

The price of this product is another attractive trait. It happens to be one of the least costly items on our entire list. Due to this, any bargain buyers reading our article should perk up at the product’s features and low asking price.

People were also very complimentary of Ventline’s customer service, which was surprising to come across during my research. This area isn’t one that many customer reviewers take the time to praise. If anything, it’ll receive heavy ridicule.

Its something that needs attention when it does receive praise from your fellow customers. I also like the option of buying in bulk provided by Ventline. This feature could be a lifesaver and make sure you never have to go through this process again.

But this product doesn’t feature the versatility that some other models do. You see, it can only work on pipes with a diameter up to 1.5 inches. This attribute greatly impacts the number of situations where it can be properly used.

However, it has proven to be very effective when used in the proper situations. Due to this, people with a smaller pipe vent around 1.5 inches should seriously consider the Ventline 62334 Sewer Roof Vent Cap. It could be a great fit.

5. Camco 40032 Plumbing Vent Kit

Another Camco sewer vent pipe cover has popped up on our list, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone familiar with RV products. The brand continues to showcase that their ahead of the curve, and this product just further confirms it.

It’s able to honor Camco’s reputation with features such as its easy install process. This aspect comes from having holes already drilled into its base. Therefore, all this process will require is drilling through the holes and securing it onto your RV.

The product’s working process was another aspect worth celebrating. It’ll use natural airflow from its surroundings to effectively flush out any lousy odors. This process has proven to provide effective results, given great customer reviews.

It also has broader compatibility than many other models on our list as it can work with any vent pipe between 1-2 ⅜ inches. This aspect will ensure it’ll be usable in many situations for various RV owners.

As with many of our other options, this model comes with UV protection as well. This aspect will ensure a high level of durability, and the product avoids any discoloration. The lovely white design shouldn’t have any issues meshing with a wide variety of motorhomes either.

I also love this product’s price, as it should fall right into most of your budgets. It’s not the least costly, but it’s more than fair. You could do a whole lot worse than this model with its low price and top tier features on today’s market.

But I do wish the product did a bit better when facing temperature changes. This issue has led to a few customers complaining about the product becoming easily cracked. If you intend on RVing in a place where the temperature changes rapidly, I’d suggest looking somewhere else.

This action will ensure the product’s single issue won’t cause you some unneeded stress. Otherwise, I don’t see why this vent cover couldn’t be a perfect option for someone traveling into a place like San Diego, where the weather is a constant.

6. Ultra-Fab Mini Solar Plumbing Vent

If you’re looking to buy a solar-powered model, the Ultra-Fab Mini Solar Plumbing Vent would be a perfect option. It functions by using a solar-powered fan to provide fresh air, which makes the entire process of removing foul odors much faster.

This vent cap also doesn’t have any wires, which is another positive. It’ll save you from a hassle many other models force users to deal with when using vent caps. This product will instead function by shutting on/off automatically.

As a result, a person who buys this useful product will never have to do anything themselves. This vent cover will take care of those nasty odors without requiring anything from you besides installing it.

The install process isn’t even challenging, either. It just requires the use of some waterproof sealant and installing the screws. In fact, all the drilling has been done for you and makes the entire process a breeze.

You should find its powder coating to be appealing, as well. This feature will ensure the cap keeps its bright, white color for many years. It also offers UV protection to ensure it remains usable during these years.

Ultra-Fab was also kind enough to offer a 1-year warranty. This aspect should provide enough coverage against an accident or malfunction with the product. It’s always nice to have a little protection against any manufacturing error that might occur with the device.

But this unique product does have two significant downsides. The first happens to be its price, which is the highest on our entire list. I mean, it’s way outside what I’m willing to pay for an RV sewer vent cap.

The second issue is even more problematic as it’s made from standard plastic. This design material has received some flak in the customer reviews for breaking too quickly. It’s not something that you’d like to see from a costly product such as this one.

7. Custom Plastics 43 RV Plumbing Vent Cap

Custom Plastics’ 43 RV Plumbing Vent Cap is a great option for any looking to get a bargain buy. You see, this product has one of the lowest prices on our entire list. But don’t think its lower cost means it lacks in features.

It’s actually quite the opposite as it features a durable and steady design. This aspect comes from its use of durable plastic material with UV protective qualities. Due to this, you can expect it as a long-lasting product.

People were also shocked by this product’s overall thickness in the customer reviews. This thickness gives it a little more protection against cracks caused by falling debris. It’s a good quality to have and something that’ll help improve its overall durability.

You should find its easy install process to be an appealing trait, as well. This aspect was another one people couldn’t praise enough in the customer reviews. Many people even commented on how it took less than a few minutes to get the job finished.

Custom Plastics was nice enough to offer a bulk buying option, too, which is great for someone like me. I always like having some backups to avoid doing any more shopping in the future. Buying in bulk would give me that sense of security and reduce any future hassles.

Its ability to stop bad odors from coming inside your RV is nothing to sneeze at either. This model has proven time and time again that it provides effective results. It’s another aspect that was backed up by many positive customer reviews.

But it’s worth noting that some customers experienced some shipping issues with this product. It seems the vent cap arrived damaged or in less than ideal condition. This issue isn’t something I’d expect to see from a top tier brand like Customer Plastics.

The good news is that these issues were only mentioned in a few reviews. Due to this, you could attribute them as isolated incidents. After all, the positive experiences seem to outweigh the negative ones with this product by far.

8. Ventline V2049-03 Plastic Plumbing Vent

The Ventline V2049-03 Plastic Plumbing Vent happens to feature one of the easiest install processes on our entire list. This attribute comes from the product having pre-drilled holes on its base, which means a small amount of drilling will need doing on your rig’s roof.

As a result, installing this RV toilet vent cap won’t take much effort on your part. It’s just a simple matter of snapping on the cap and fastening it to the flange with some well-placed screws. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, it is, and the benefits don’t stop there. You should also be excited about this product’s design material, which happens to be a thick polyethylene. This material will ensure the vent cap remains durable and long-lasting for a long time.

This design is even stronger enough to handle having a tree branch fall on it without causing any damage. It’s a scenario many people seemed to concur with, given the experiences written out in the customer reviews.

I’m going to need this type of durability as I intend to travel in areas with high wind. As a result, tree branches falling onto my RV is something that I deal with regularly. The polyethylene will also make sure UV rays aren’t an issue, which is helpful for many reasons discussed in previous reviews.

Ventline offers the largest bulk buying option for this product than any other option mentioned in our article. You can actually buy 10 of these vent caps for a very fair price. If you’re looking to buy a large quantity, this option would easily be your best choice.

But I must warn you that this product does come with two issues. The first one is its lack of built-in bug defense. This aspect could be a huge problem for me, given my intention of traveling in tropical areas.

The second issue is this product’s lack of versatility. You see, this product won’t fit any pipe over 1 3/4 inches, which happens to be rather small. The standard vent pipe is 2-inches, which means this product won’t be able to work in the majority of needed situations.

9. NUSET RV032-33 Roof Vent Cap

Our last product is the NUSET RV032-22 Roof Vent Cap, which has provided top tier results in motorhomes, trailers, RVs, and other similar vehicles. You can attribute this RV mushroom vent cap’s success to the product’s design being made with PVC.

This material has proven to be capable of providing a great deal of strength and durability. Both these aspects will help this product remain a useful tool for a long period. UV stabilizers being added to the design didn’t hurt either.

Its install process was another highlight for me. This task was such an easy one that the customer reviews made me feel confident I could do it without an issue. Trust me; my abilities in doing these jobs aren’t the greatest, which means you shouldn’t have any trouble.

The product’s price wasn’t too shabby, either. I can confidently say that it should fail right inline with most of your budgets without issue. In fact, it happens to be one of the least costly options on our entire list.

You should also love that this product has nice smooth edges. This aspect will help ensure it won’t tear your RV covers, which can be a real hassle with other models. And since RV covers aren’t cheap, it’s best to take as many precautions as possible.

All in all, it seems NUSET covered almost every base with this great product. I mean, what more could you ask from an RV sewer vent cap. It really does look like it has everything a customer could want in one of these products.

But this product does have some issues that I didn’t enjoy seeing my product research. This vent cap doesn’t come with install directions with purchase. As you might imagine, this situation could be quite a hassle for someone like me with limited mechanical skills.

It’s also worth noting that this product doesn’t come with all the necessary installation hardware. This issue brings a bit more inconvenience than I’d like from my chosen RV sewer vent cap.

10. Oatey 39012 ABS In-Line Vent

If you’re having issues with bad odors in other parts of your RV, the Oatey 39012 ABS In-Line Vent could be able to help. This product has proven useful at getting rid of lousy smells in sinks, bathtubs, washing machines, and showers.

The product can offer such great results due to its ABS plastic design. Its use of this plastic material will promote heightened durability and keep it usable for years to come. As a result, you shouldn’t have any issues with any bathroom smells invading your home ever again.

It’s also worth mentioning that this product has a simple using process. It only requires a single push, and it will connect right into your drain lines. From there, it’ll get rid of whatever smells are making your life miserable by pushing the gas toward your RV’s roof.

This working process would make it quite ineffective as a sewer vent cap as it would just push the lousy smell back into your RV. But this product is a godsend when used as in-line vent inside your drain lines with its ability to create a smell-free situation.

It also doesn’t hurt that this product is available at a fair price. You could easily get a top tier sewer vent cap and this product for a cost, which won’t cause a severe dent in your bank account.

You could even buy the bulk option and prevent bad smells in many drain lines inside your RV. After all, this in-line vent is a useful thing to have laying around, given its impressive features and overall effectiveness.

But some customers did have shipping issues with this product, which wasn’t something I liked to see. It seems the product arrived in a less than ideal condition for a few buyers. This issue isn’t a problem you expect to read about with a product coming from a top tier company.

Of course, this issue wasn’t a part of everyone’s experience, as most buyers were completely fine with the shipping. It just happened enough where I had to mention in this review.

RV Sewer Vent Caps Buyer’s Guide


This section will go over every relevant topic about these useful products. It’ll be a vital resource for when your search starts. In other words, this section will answer any question that may pop into your mind when trying to find the best RV sewer vent cap.

Things to know before buying RV sewer vent caps

Choosing the RV sewer vent cap will come down to certain factors. This section will discuss them at length to ensure that you can make a sound decision about what product fits your situation the best.

Uses the Power of Nature

One of the most critical features a vent cap can offer is the ability to use nature for its singular purpose. In other words, the best sewer vent cap for RV will work together with their surroundings to limit awful and nasty odors from entering your RV.

These products are capable of providing this ability due to them taking natural airflow and flushing out bad odors from your holding tanks. It’s an effective and natural way of making sure your rig remains bad odor-free.

This aspect is something that each product’s customer reviews should provide a lot of insights about; these discussions will be vital resources of ensuring this process ends with you making a sound choice.

Protection Against UV Rays

Any piece of equipment that sits on your roof will require one specific attribute. This trait happens to be proper UV protection, and it’s something your RV vent cap will need. If it doesn’t, it’s highly likely the product will end up cracked or discolored due to long term sun exposure.

This aspect shouldn’t be surprising given your RV’s roof receives the most sunlight. It’s just an extra precaution to ensure your chosen RV sewer vent cap remains usable for many years. After all, nobody wants to be doing this entire process again in a few months.

Do yourself a favor and buy a product made from UV protected materials. I promise you won’t end up regretting it.

Easy Attachment

You’re going to want a product with an easy install process. Any sewer vent cap worth considering shouldn’t provide much hassle or risk breaking anything. I’d suggest looking into buying vent caps that have an easy attachment solution, such as using tension springs.

This aspect will ensure you won’t need to replace your entire vent. It’s also something that should receive a lot of discussion in each product’s customer reviews. As a result, use these discussions to your advantage and make sure the install process is stress-free.


You must make sure the price falls right into a range that feels fair based on your budget. In most cases, sewer vent caps won’t cost much. But you might encounter options with higher prices than usual, which offer unique features.

As I mentioned previously, I’d suggest staying away from these products unless there’s a large number of positive customer reviews. It’s best to stay within your budget when doing any shopping for RV related products.

But you must make sure the budget remains realistic. This action means taking account of every feature or quality you want inside your budget. For instance, if you want a more extended warranty, the vent cap’s going to cost a little bit extra.

It’s also worth noting that a well-constructed budget will make the entire process easier. It’ll lessen the number of choices to a more manageable amount. Therefore, it’ll relieve some of the stress that comes along with picking the perfect RV sewer vent cap.


An RV sewer vent cap’s durability should be at the top of your list during this process. You’re going to want a product that lasts a long time. After all, the problems a broken one causes is unbearable to live with for an RV owner.

These problems are why making sure your chosen RV sewer vent cap is durable should be a high priority. I’d suggest looking at options made from hard plastic or other UV-protected materials to ensure it’s long-lasting.

Don’t forget to search customer reviews for mentions about this area as well. These resources should feature a lot of discussion about each product’s ability to last. Honestly, there’s nothing that gets a buyer angrier than a product, which breaks a lot earlier than expected.

Why do you need RV sewer vent caps?

The reason behind needing an RV sewer vent cap is rather simple. These products offer an essential function of keeping the stink inside your holding tanks with them. As a result, living inside a rig without sewer vent caps would be miserable.

I mean, it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience and something you’ll soon regret. There’s a reason why an RV owner knows immediately when one of these caps is broken. The smell happens to be that bad.

Of course, protection from awful smells isn’t the only benefit these products offer. There are a few other ones as well, which we will go over quickly in this section. It’ll give you a better idea about why RV sewer vent caps are such a wise investment.


Most of these sewer vent caps are made from durable materials to ensure peak results. This aspect will also make sure the positive production is something that you can enjoy for many years. Therefore, these caps will be long-lasting and won’t require a replacement for a long time.

It’s worth noting that these products will consist of UV-stabilized materials as well. The UV-stabilized materials will make sure the constant sun exposure won’t cause structural issues to the vent cap. These issues include things like rust, cracks, or breaks.

Of course, some options out there won’t be as durable as the ones mentioned in our article. Cheaper models will sometimes feature inferior materials, which can cause structural issues inside the vent.

It’s why reading customer reviews for these products is a must. After all, sewer vent caps with these issues will have customers complaining about it inside these resources. If I encountered these issues, it’s something I would do.


RV sewer caps aren’t an expensive piece of equipment. There’s no reason that these products should cause a massive dent in your bank account. Due to this, these devices are often an affordable solution for a rather unpleasant problem.

This outcome isn’t a common one when talking about RV related products. These pieces of equipment tend to put quite a dent into a consumer’s savings. It’s a nice benefit to have when talking about an essential product like an RV sewer vent cap.

But we should also mention that some manufacturers like to get a little too cute when making their vent caps. This action results in the price being a lot more than expected. I’d recommend staying away from these unless the customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Easy to Install

RV sewer vent caps won’t be too tricky to install either. This benefit makes these products rather convenient and free of any hassle. As someone who doesn’t like these types of tasks, you can bet this benefit was a nice thing to see.

This stress-free process will also take a lot less time than you might expect. This task being less-consuming than expected will give you more opportunity for the fun parts of camping. You won’t be stuck on top of your roof, trying to install this cap.

You’ll instead be hanging out with your family or exploring outdoors. I couldn’t think of a better situation for myself. Therefore, an RV sewer vent cap with an easy install process should be something that piques your interest.

What are the different types of RV sewer vent caps?

Before choosing an RV sewer vent cap, you must do a little research into the different types available on today’s market. This action will ensure you end up picking an option perfect for your situation. I mean, why won’t you choose one which fits everything you’re looking for in a product?

You’d think these products would be rather straightforward and have a single type, but this isn’t the case. Several sewer vent caps exist on today’s market. There are the typical caps that came in an assortment of colors and will get the job done without issues.

But there are other kinds which do a bit of extra work. You see, these alternatives can pull those nasty smells up and away from your RV. These types include the trendy Cyclone vent caps that form a vacuum to get rid of these odors.

You’ll also see siphon caps that feature different designs than the Cyclone options. However, these products do essentially the same thing and get their job done effectively. And for environmentally conscious people, solar-powered types exist as well.

These solar-powered vent caps use a small solar panel to gain enough power and use it for pulling up those awful smells. As you can see, types exist for everyone, and all it takes is picking the perfect one for your situation.

Our next couple of sections should help make that choice a much easier one. Let’s further explore this process and find your perfect sewer vent cap.

How to replace a sewer vent cap for RV?

The first to do when replacing a sewer vent cap is buying a replacement one. You must make sure your chosen replacement will fit onto the existing vent pipe. The measurements should be right on your broken sewer vent cap.

Take these measurements and find a new vent cap with the same ones. Once you have a new cover, the next step requires getting all the necessary tools for this process. These tools include several different items:

  • Dry rag
  • Paper towels
  • Putty knife
  • Sealant
  • Caulk gun
  • Screwdriver
  • Mineral spirits

*Disclaimer: regular household caulk will not be safe for use on your rig. If you’re unsure, it’s best to read the owner’s manual about what types of caulks are usable on your RV. But fiberglass, rubber or aluminum are usually perfectly safe.

The next step is removing your damaged sewer vent cap. If your cap happens to be missing, this step is something that you can skip. You should start by prying the dried sealant around the cover using a screwdriver or putty knife.

You must make sure you’re removing sealant from the screws, which will need to be removed as well. These screws can be loosened with a drill gun and then will quickly lift off the vent cap. There will also be leftover sealant that needs removing, which further use of your putty knife should easily remove.

Once you’ve removed all the sealant possible, use a paper towel and mineral spirits to scrub some of it away. You should also clean the RV sewer hose and vent pipe itself as much as possible. You should then use a dry rug to provide a final cleaning and removing the remaining debris and mineral spirits.

Take a 30-minute break after the cleaning process. This break will allow the roof to dry, and the cleaning product will be completely gone before putting your new RV sewer vent cap in place. Once it’s dry, you can then fit your new cap on your RV’s sewer vent pipe.

This process should start by setting the cap into place to see where the sealant will need placing for bonding. It’s also essential that you don’t become concerned if the screw holes from your old cap don’t line up with the new ones.

You can solve this issue by drilling new holes and covering the old ones that don’t match up with the sealant. After figuring out where the sealant is needed, you can then remove the cover and use a caulk gun to place the first layer of sealant in a circle formation around the pipe.

Place this sealant right where your new RV sewer vent cap will be put and make sure to use enough. Remember, too much sealant is much better than too little. You’ll also want to ensure the sealant covers any existing screw holes.

Once the sealant happens to be in place, place your chosen vent cap down while the sealant is still wet. You should then wiggle the cap into place and apply a large amount of pressure for a couple of minutes. This action will ensure a bond forms between the sealant and cap.

The next thing to do would be placing the screws. These screws will make sure the cap remains secured to your rig’s roof. As we mentioned previously, the previous screw holes might not match up perfectly. This situation would mean you need to drill new holes.

After drilling the holes and placing the screws, you should then add an additional layer of sealant over each screw head. Follow this layer with one more over everything to add another precaution to stop issues such as leaks.

The sealant layer should be thin and even, but don’t get too frustrated if you can’t get it perfect. Once the sealant dries, gravity will help make the layer thinner and evener. Our final step will consist of screwing on the upper part of your RV sewer vent cap.

You should have the vent cap firmly in place after this final step. And those nasty bathroom smells should never make inside your RV again. Once again, you can enjoy living inside your RV without having to worry about horrible odors.

RV Sewer Vent Cap FAQs

What is the best sewer vent cap for RV?

An RV sewer vent cap isn’t a product that enters the minds of rig owners often. It tends to be forgotten until there’s something wrong with it. But these caps provide a function that makes living on an RV sustainable.

You see, these caps help your RV’s waste water system work properly. It does this vital function by displacing odors coming from your black and gray water tanks. As a result, these caps are responsible for keeping your RV’s inside from having a distinct and awful bathroom smell.

It’s also worth noting that the RV’s plumbing vent is a pipe, which runs upward from your water tanks’ top to the rig’s roof. This area is where the odors will be vented out due to the capping of this pipe by the RV’s sewer vent cap.

You might not notice this piece of equipment that’s tucked out of sight on your RV’s roof. But its ability to get rid of those terrible smells is a vital piece of how comfortable your RVing trip ends up being.

After all, a broken RV sewer vent cap isn’t something anyone wants to experience. This situation will be unavoidable, and those awful bathroom smells will enter inside your RV. It’s quite clear that getting a top tier sewer vent cap should be a top priority.

It also doesn’t hurt that these products are usually made from highly durable materials. It’s not uncommon to find RV sewer vent caps consisting of top grade plastic. This material will ensure these caps will last a long time.

So please, do yourself a favor and invest in a top tier RV sewer vent cap. This action will make sure the awful experience of having the smells from your holding tanks enter your rig won’t happen.

What are the most trusted RV sewer vent cap brands?

Each brand mentioned within our product review section is considered a trusted seller on today’s market. These companies happen to be more than capable of meeting all your expectations and needs as a customer.

But even among these fantastic brands, two of them stick out a bit more than their competitors: Camco and Ventline. Both these companies have proven time and time again to put their customers’ needs above all else.

I thought a look into both their backgrounds could provide a perspective on what makes them different. It’ll give you a better idea about what a top tier RV sewer vent cap brand looks like and offers the people buying their products.


As one of the most popular RV product brands on today’s market, there’s no shock that Camco would be seen as a top seller of these devices. Camco brings their unique designs and excellent customer service to ensure a level of quality most of its rivals can’t match.

It also doesn’t hurt that their prices are usually among the lowest on their respective markets. Honestly, you can never go wrong with a Camco product. And sewer vent caps made from this brand don’t do anything to hurt their outstanding reputation with RV owners.


Ventline has been creating top tier products for the last 50 years. This brand has been able to stay on top for such a long time because of their dependable designs. It’s why their products often last much longer than their rivals.

You can also count on them to provide on-time shipping and great customer service. These two aspects are why you rarely see complaints about their products in reviews. In fact, Ventline is always willing to go above and beyond their customers’ needs and expectations.

Do RV black tanks have vents?

Motorhome black tanks are one of the more foul parts of the RVing experience. But they do come with vents to help deal with the awful odors inside them. As you can imagine, these vents are vital to helping humans survive living onboard rigs.

I couldn’t even imagine how awful the fumes would be without these vents. It’d be a nightmare to be stuck inside a cramped rig with nasty black tank odors floating in the air. But sadly, these issues could still occur when your RV vent pipe covers have cracks.

So I’d recommend doing routine maintenance checks on these vents. You can locate them and the RV plumbing vent covers on your motorhome’s roof. This placement allows them to take any foul odors and direct them outside your rig.

Also, make sure to buy an RV sewer vent cap replacement whenever needed. Otherwise, you’ll soon find out why these vents are so vital in the worst way possible.

How to clean an RV sewer vent cap?

Cleaning a roof sewer vent cap isn’t a challenging process. It’s a simple matter of checking them out during your routine inspection for any cracks or debris.

Meanwhile, if your RV black tank vent cap does have a debris or dust issue, remove it using a rag and some water/mild cleaner or rubbing alcohol. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to finish this process.

In most cases, rig owners won’t even need to clean the vent cap. Most models are made with excellent constructions that can easily withstand outdoor exposure. So you can often expect a camper vent pipe cover to be a low-maintenance part of your RVing experience.

What are these sewer vent caps made of?

In most cases, RV sewer vent caps will be made from hard, durable plastic or other UV-protected material. You might also come across some made from stainless steel or another durable metal.

These materials will ensure that the sewer vent caps can withstand long periods of outdoor exposure. As a result, products made from them should have a higher level of durability and lasts longer than a customer might expect.

This aspect is why any customer must do a thorough examination of a sewer vent cap before buying it. It will make sure you don’t buy a product made from less than stellar materials.

When to replace an RV sewer vent cap?

Going up on your RV’s roof isn’t something many rig owners like to do. I mean, it can be rather scary and provide a bit of anxiety. But it’s an action that any responsible owner will have to do from time to time.

You have to do it because the roof is where useful parts of your RV are located, such as the sewer vent cap. This piece of equipment will be over the bathroom area where both the bathroom and sewer vent are placed.

Providing maintenance for both these vents is a mandatory part of the RVing experience. One of the tasks during this process will be inspecting the vent caps to make sure their clean and free of cracks or other issues.

This inspection won’t take much time and could be done when you’re doing regular roof inspections. It requires a quick glance at the caps and seeing whether holes or cracks have presented themselves. You should also clean any debris from the sewer cap.

Once these tasks are done, the process is finished. If you do find a break in either vent cap or the sewer cap happens to be clogged, these issues will signal it’s time for a new one. These issues will indicate whether it needs replacement.

What is the warranty?

Warranties on RV sewer vent caps will vary from product to product. You’ll come across options that provide a year long policy or sometimes even longer. It’s not uncommon to find products with lifetime warranties.

But you’ll also find options with no warranties at all. I’d suggest staying away from these vent caps as you’ll always want a little protection with a product such as this one. It’s worth noting that sometimes companies will use these policies as a selling point without intending on honoring them.

As a result, each product’s customer reviews become even more critical. These resources are the only ones with the info about whether brands will honor their policies. If there’s an issue within this area, these reviews will have detailed discussions and complaints about it.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy RV sewer vent caps would be Amazon. Their site will have the largest number of options and lowest prices on today’s market. It’s this combination that makes them the ideal choice when choosing a seller.

Their massive customer review database doesn’t hurt either. This area is another one where their rivals can’t keep up with Amazon’s resources. But even with these benefits, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look elsewhere during your search.

I’d suggest taking a gander at Camping World’s selection on their site as well. Their online store should have a decent number of options and fair prices. In fact, these prices sometimes even fall below Amazon’s when there’s a sale happening.

This situation means that comparing prices between these two sites becomes a must. It’s the only way to ensure you don’t end up spending more than needed on your chosen RV sewer vent cap. In other words, it’s the easiest way to get the best deal possible.

But I understand some people don’t feel comfortable with online shopping. In this case, I’d suggest going to your local Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or Lowes. Each of these stores will have a decent and suitable selection for potential buyers.

You should also take a look at your local RV supply store. These places should have a decent selection and knowledgeable customer service. But any of these retail stores will offer one disadvantage that’s hard to overlook. Their prices tend to be much higher than you’d find online.

It’s just the nature of the consumer market right now. People tend to enjoy shopping online rather than using a retail store for purchasing their goods. But regardless, there seems to be a perfect place for anyone looking to buy a sewer vent cap.

You just have to choose the one that fits your shopping preferences. In my case, I’m always going to go with Amazon as it fits my needs perfectly.


After reading this article, a person shouldn’t have any issues finding the best RV sewer vent cap for their situation. It’s just a simple matter of applying what you’ve learned here into your search. The perfect option should become apparent when you do.

This perfect option will then ensure nasty bathroom odors never enter your RV’s inside ever again. You can instead travel peacefully and without needing to cover your noses the entire time. It sounds like a great deal to me.

So please, use what you’ve learned here and find the perfect sewer vent cap. Buying one won’t be a decision you end up regretting. In fact, it could be the very one that saves your trip from becoming a disaster.

But if you do run into any more questions or issues during your search, please feel free to let us know in our comment section. We’ll try to help in whatever way possible.

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