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The Best RV Sewer Hose Supports for Easier Drainage

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv sewer hose support

Finding the best RV sewer hose support isn’t as easy as a person might assume. There’s actually a lot of moving parts that require some thought before choosing the right one. This article will help you navigate these parts by going over every relevant topic about RV sewer hose supports.

In doing so, we’ll discuss topics such as types, best brands, benefits, and much more. We’ll even provide eight product reviews of the best options on today’s market. All this info will be vital in determining what RV drain hose support is the best one for your situation.

The process will become streamlined and much more manageable with this article at your disposal. Any feelings of stress or frustration will soon disappear, and you’ll find the perfect product without much issue.

It’s just a simple matter of reading the following sections and use the info in your search. Once you do, this entire process will seem like a piece of cake, and the right choice will become clear. You’ll then enjoy the many benefits a top tier RV sewer hose support can provide.

So, let’s jump right into those product reviews. Let’s find the perfect RV sewer hose support for your situation. I promise reading this article won’t be a decision that you end up regretting.

Best Overall Easy to Use Most Durable
Preview Camco 43051

TITAN 17919

Camco 40353

Weight 1.07 pounds 4.5 pounds ‎3.05 pounds
Material Sturdy Lightweight Plastic Durable Poly Aluminum
Length 20′ 15′ 11.5″- 15′
Details Details Details

6 Best Sewer Hose Support for RV Reviews

This section will hold those six product reviews I discussed earlier. These discussions will provide you with a better grasp of what a top tier RV sewer hose support looks like and offers. It’ll also help you understand the more complex topics that we talk about in later sections.

1. Camco Sidewinder Sewer Hose Support

Our first product is the Camco Sidewinder Sewer Hose Support, which offers many features that should appeal to RV owners. A good example of these features would be its sturdy design. This aspect ensures the product’s capable of keeping your sewer hose off the ground without issue.

This sturdy design also offers security against rust to ensure long term use. In fact, it’s durability will make sure this product remains usable for years to come. You should take note of this hose support’s ability to curve around obstacles as well.

It’s an ability that will make sure punctures and holes don’t become an issue by avoiding dangers. These dangers include things like sticks or rocks, which can cause real damage to both your hose support and sewer hose.

This product also excels when it comes to storability. You see, this hose support can collapse into a compact unit that shouldn’t have any issue fitting inside your RV. It even comes with an orange custom fit storage handle to make moving it around a breeze.

It doesn’t hurt that this product is made from plastic material either. This aspect will ensure its cleaning process doesn’t require much time or effort. In fact, a quick rinse with a garden hose should do the job.

This product coming pre-assembled is another appealing trait. As someone who hates putting things together, you can imagine how thrilled I was when coming across this aspect. It’s just another area where Camco made sure the product was as useful as possible.

I also love that this product has seven buying options to ensure there’s a version, which works with every job. The prices aren’t too shabby either and should fit right into your budgets without stretching them.

But some customers did report a few issues with this product not working well on uneven terrain. These complaints weren’t something that I was too happy to see when doing my research.

However, the product remains adjustable. Therefore, this issue can be dealt with by adjusting the product’s pieces based on the situation.

2. Thetford ‎‎17919 RV Sewer Hose Support

Thetford’s ‎‎17919 RV Sewer Hose Support offers incredible features that any camper would love from an RV sewer hose stand. For instance, I was thrilled by this model’s durable and well-built poly construction. I can’t imagine it offering anything less than excellent performance for many years.

Furthermore, this construction doesn’t have any rustable parts. Rust and corrosion are often massive issues with low-quality options, so it’s nice not having to worry about them. In fact, my DIY RV sewer hose support became completely unusable after being riddled with rust.

Another area where this product excels is its simple installation. Honestly, I had it set up in only a few minutes without any hassles. It’s also one of the more flexible sewer hose support models, so I didn’t encounter any adjustment problems.

The product’s easy cleaning process was a delightful surprise, as well. It shouldn’t be too difficult for anyone to keep this option spotless and effective. After all, it only takes rinsing each support to get the material back in tip-top shape.

I was also pleased by this product’s versatility. Thetford ensured this kit was constructed to work with various sewer hoses rather than only their models. Due to this, it has become a practical option for many campers who need an RV sewer hose support gutter.

It may be insignificant, but I love this product’s green coloring, which provides this design with more style than other models. I’ve even got questions about where I’ve got it from my neighboring campers.

But I did find a few customers who mentioned tipping issues with this model. Thankfully, I’ve been careful when using mine, so it hasn’t been a problem. So I see these complaints as more isolated incidents than anything genuinely detrimental.

3. Camco Aluminum RV Sewer Hose Support

The first aluminum RV sewer hose support on our list happens to come from one of my favorite brands, Camco. This product does nothing but further prove why I have such faith in this company with its great features.

A great example of these features would be its lightweight aluminum design. This feature makes moving the product from place to place a simple task. The use of aluminum material also makes this product durable due to it offering protection against issues such as rust and corrosion.

This Camco sewer hose support’s protection against rust and corrosion comes from its use of solid brass rivets. These rivets offer a sense of longevity that any RV owner would see as useful. If you end up buying this hose support, I have no doubt it will work for years given features like this one.

This process easy using process was another standout trait. In fact, setting this product up should only take a few seconds, which was backed up by the reports in the shopper reviews. People were actually a little surprised about the ease of the setup process.

You should find its ability to compress for easy storage appealing, as well. It can actually compress itself down to 11.5 inches. Due to this, the product should easily fit inside any storage area without issue.

This product’s ability to provide results shouldn’t be overlooked either. It’ll offer your sewer hose a sense of stability that comes from cradling it during the dumping process. This aspect will ensure drainage free of any issues.

It’s also worth noting that this product comes with handles on each end to make adjusting much easier. Overall, Camco did a great job ensuring they covered every possible want and need with this product. But I do wish the price was a bit lower as it’s well outside my budget.

I might have to expand my budgetary ranges, given the great features provided by this product. It’s something that I’ll have to put some serious thought into when making my final choice.

4. Valterra Easy Slider Sewer Hose Support

Valterra’s Easy Slider Sewer Hose Support provides a level of stability that makes it a hard product for rival brands to match. This stability comes from its easy slider design, which ensures your sewer hose stays supported when emptying your septic tank.

The product’s design also makes setting it up a task that doesn’t require much thought or effort. And since I’m not the best doing these types of jobs, any feature capable of making it a more natural process is a welcome one.

It offers a bit more versatility than most other models as well. You see, this RV sewer support accessory works on a large range of standard sewer hoses. It basically should be a useful item for any sewer hose up to 10 feet in length.

This product happens to be UV inhibited, which is another winning trait. This aspect will ensure those pesky UV rays don’t cause any damage, such as cracking or fading. It’ll instead help make sure the product remains in good shape for many years.

But none of these features is my favorite thing about the product. This title goes to the product’s price, which is among the lowest on our entire list. As a result, it should pique the interest of any bargain buyers reading this article.

It also doesn’t hurt that this product can compress down to 3 inches for easy storage purposes. I don’t envision a situation where something that small would cause an RV owner issues. All in all, it’s a convenient option for anyone who has a sewer hose 10 inches or less in length.

However, this aspect is where my main issue with this product comes into play. It doesn’t fit my needs as my 24-foot sewer hose would be much too big for it. I’d have to look elsewhere and find an option capable of handing my sewer hose’s weight.

I would suggest this product for anyone with a sewer hose up to 10 inches, though, as it does provide some great features. You’ll have a hard time finding a better option for this particular situation.

5. Valterra S1000R Slunky Hose Support

Our next travel trailer sewer hose support is the Valterra S1000R Slunky Hose Support. This model made it onto this list thanks to features like including metal hinges in its design. These metal hinges offer a great deal of strength and promote a longer lifespan.

You should also love that its design allows it to curve around any potential obstacle. It provides this useful feature without losing the proper height needed for the best drainage possible. If that doesn’t convey this product’s value, I don’t know what will.

This design happens to be lightweight as well for storing and transport purposes. There’s no reason one person wouldn’t be able to set up, move, and store this product without needing the help of anyone else.

In fact, its storage process is made even more comfortable with the include self-fasting strap. It’s clear that Valterra put a focus on making the product as convenient as possible with features like this one. This claim is further proven with the product’s five buying options.

These five buying options should make finding the right version for your situation rather easy. As a result, the product shouldn’t have much issue fitting any sewer hose on today’s market. Valterra was nice enough to offer a color choice, as well. The product can come in either red or black.

It’s also worth noting that each buying option comes with a fair price tag. Given these features, it seems Valterra hit a homerun with putting this product on the market. But it does have one issue that gave me a little pause when doing my research.

Some customers reported shipping issues, which is never something that you want to see when reading shopper reviews. The good news is that these negative reviews were often followed by praise for Valterra’s customer service.

But this issue isn’t one that should be happening with a top tier brand like Valterra in the first place. It’s worth mentioning many other buyers stated no problems with shipping and got their product without any issues.

6. Valterra S-2000 Slunky Sewer Hose Support

Our last product is the Valterra S-2000 Slunky Sewer Hose Support, which is another great product from this brand. The first thing that sticks out about this product happens to be its reliability. It has a striking ability to provide top tier results over and over again.

It can offer this reliability thanks to its great design. This design consists of features such as metal hinges like our earlier Valterra products. These metal hinges will provide an extra amount of strength to ensure the results remain useful with repeated use.

But what separates this Valterra model from the others on our list is the depth of the product’s channels. This model increased the depth to levels not present in the other hose supports. As a result, these channels offer even more security to make sure your sewer hose stays in place.

These deeper channels also make adjusting for obstacles a much easier task to ensure the dumping process happens without issue. I found this product’s serrated feet to be an interesting aspect as well. These serrated feet will help provide a more secure grip on tricky surfaces.

It having a limited warranty was another trait I found compelling. This aspect will provide a bit of coverage to ensure you aren’t stuck with a defective product. It’s always nice to have a little backup against an accident occurring with a product such as this one.

This product coming in four different lengths was an interesting aspect as well. It should make finding the right version for you rather easy. In my case, I’d opt to get the 25-foot model as it should have no issues holding up my 24-foot sewer hose.

As for flaws, this product does have one that made me ponder about putting it on our list. It seems the product’s stands tend to creep together when being used. This issue could be a severe nuisance and cause some problems.

But people with heavier sewer hoses shouldn’t worry too much about this issue. The heavier weight should keep them in place.

HosSepot RV Sewer Hose Support (Outdated)

The HosSepot RV Sewer Hose Support is a lightweight option that should make your life as an RV owner much easier. It’s even provided with durable canvas bags to ensure both storing and moving this product doesn’t require much effort.

You should also find its easy using process appealing. This aspect was something that was often praised in the product’s shopper reviews. All it requires is extending the product to the needed length and placing your sewer hose in the bracket.

I found its tilted design to be another winning feature. This tilted design helps drain waste much more effectively and quickly. It’s just an area where this product seems to excel past even some other options on our list.

The product being made from plastic material that’s capable of protecting against rust isn’t too shabby either. Due to this, the product shouldn’t have any issues working on whatever terrain surrounds it.

I also love that it comes with two buying options with either a 10-foot or 24-foot option. In my case, I’d opt for the 24-foot model because I have a sewer hose of the same length. Honestly, it’d end up being a perfect fit for my situation.

HosSepot was even kind enough to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the product doesn’t meet your needs, this feature will give you the chance to return it or get a refund. It seems like the company honors this guarantee based on its shopper reviews, as well.

All in all, this product will offer your sewer hose the protection it needs during your RV’s dumping process. It also doesn’t hurt that this price falls right in my budget range. As a result, any bargain buyer should consider buying this product.

But some customers did report a few shipping issues with this product. It seems the hose support arrived in a less than an ideal condition or damaged. This issue isn’t something I’d expected to see from a top tier company. Thankfully, this problem was only reported by a few customers, which means they were probably isolated incidents.

Lippert Component’s 365053 Sewer Hose Support (Outdated)

If you’re looking for a simple option, the Lippert Component’s 365053 Complete Flow Down Sewer Hose Support could be your answer. This product has a quick and easy setup process that many other models can’t match.

I also love this hose support’s design as it’s able to adjust based on any slope that a person might encounter. This ability makes this model a convenient and efficient option for many RV owners.

Easy to grip knobs located on the product’s legs help in regard as well. These knobs will make adjusting the hose support around obstacles much easier. It seems Lippert Component thought of everything when it comes to this aspect.

Durability is another area where this model excels. Each part inside this kit is made from durable material, which will ensure longevity and long term usage. There’s no reason to believe this product won’t be holding your sewer hose up for many years.

You should like the included compact drawstring carry bag as well. This aspect will make storing the product a much simpler task than with other models. It’ll ensure it won’t require much effort to move the product around your RV.

This product even offers the ability to add a second kit onto it for people who require more than 10 feet. It’s just another way this hose support ensures it’ll be usable in many situations. Honestly, it might be the most adaptable on our entire list.

But I do have one large issue with this product, which would make it a hard sell for me. You see, this product has a price tag that’s among the highest of any model mentioned in our article. It’s actually well outside what I’m looking to spend on a sewer hose support.

If money isn’t an issue for you, I don’t see a reason why this product wouldn’t already be in your shopping cart. It has everything a person could be looking for in one of these devices. It’s just a shame the price is such a stretch for my situation.

Level-Trek LT80100 Sewer Hose Support (Outdated)

Level-Trek’s LT80100 Sewer Hose Support is a great option for anyone with a sewer hose up to 10 inches in length. This product can useful results with these smaller sewer hoses due to aspects such as its durable base.

As a result, its durable base will ensure this Level-Trek sewer hose support will be a source of stability during the dumping process. It’ll make sure the entire event goes smoothly without having any messy accidents occurring.

The product’s slope angled design will help in this regard, as well. This aspect will provide the perfect angle and elevation to dump your tanks from in any situation. It actually has proven to be useful in many terrains based on the shopper reviews.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s capable of being angled around obstacles that might cause issues like punctures or holes, either. You won’t find many other models with a better ability in this area than the Level-Trek LT80100 Sewer Hose Support.

Customer were happy with this product’s install process as well. You couldn’t go through a couple of reviews without seeing a positive mention about it. Many buyers even seemed shocked by this aspect, given their past clashes with sewer hose supports.

The product also compresses down to a smaller size for storage purposes like other models on our list. I couldn’t find the exact size it shrinks down to, but people seemed more than happy with this aspect in their reviews.

As for the price, this product isn’t the most or least costly on our list. It finds itself right smack in the middle in relation to the other models. But you shouldn’t have much issue fitting inside your budget ranges as long as they’re fair.

I do worry about this product’s being too flimsy, though; it was stated as an issue within buyer reviews a few times. It’s just something that any shopper should be aware of before making their final choice on this RV sewer hose support.

RV Sewer Hose Support Buyer’s Guide


Picking an RV hose support will come down to knowing a large amount of info about various factors. This part will go over every major topic about these products to help you gain it. It’ll end up being the basis for your entire search.

Things to know before buying an RV sewer hose support

Choosing the right RV sewer hose support will come to a couple of factors. This section will go over each of them in great detail to ensure you know which one meets your needs. It’ll make sure this entire buying process becomes much more straightforward.


You’re going to want a sewer hose support capable of working in many conditions. After all, you can’t always predict what conditions around you when your septic tank needs dumping. This issue is why you’ll need to buy a model that can work in various climates and withstand lousy conditions.

Due to this, I’d suggest buying a model that can turn, go over issues such as rocks, and consist of materials with protection against rust. Any option worth your time will offer these three vital factors.

It’s also vital that you read the shopper reviews to ensure each product’s capable of truly providing these factors. If there’s an issue in any of these areas, these reviews should have long remarks about it.


The hose support’s length will be another crucial factor in this process. You mustn’t assume every option will suit your sewer hose. There’s a reason these products come in different sizes, and getting one that is too small could end up being a disaster.

You must instead ensure you’re looking at models that can handle and support your sewer hose. Thankfully, manufacturers usually make this part easy by laying out what sewer hoses fit the supports in their product description.

But remember, if you do get a hose support that isn’t capable of holding your hose, it won’t do any good. It’ll actually make the draining process much harder and more susceptive to damage. Honestly, it’s just a nightmare waiting to happen.

So please make sure any option you’re thinking about can handle your sewer hose’s length and weight. You’ll thank me when your sewer hose isn’t spilling waste all over and causing a huge issue inside the campground.


There isn’t much storage area onboard most rigs. This issue makes getting a hose support that’s easily storable important. You’re going to want a hose support that can fold or nested for compact and easy storage.

It shouldn’t be much of an issue to find a model with these abilities. After all, most of the options in our product review section are great in this area. You’ll even find supports meant for holding hoses up to 30 feet that have designs, which offer peak levels of storability.

But before making a decision, you should consult the shopper reviews about each product’s performance in this area. RV owners tend to get a little angry with a product that doesn’t make the storing process easy.

You must use their anger to your benefit and avoid becoming them in the future. It’s just a smart and efficient way to ensure you end up happy with your final choice.


Your chosen RV sewer hose support should provide a high level of durability. It must be made from sturdy and durable material, which is capable of enduring heavy usage without issue. The product should also offer protection against rust to promote long term results.

In most cases, these products will be made from a sort of plastic or aluminum. The quality of these materials will vary from model to model. This aspect means that you’ll have to do some solid research on each option’s design before making a final choice.

It’s another area where the shopper reviews will become a key resource. These reviews will give you a detailed report of how well the product held up in many situations. I’d also suggest looking at a product’s warranty when checking its stability.

For instance, a company won’t offer a long warranty to a product made with cheap material. It doesn’t make financial sense and could cause them serious issues down the road. It’d be a wise move to pick an option with a longer one, given this info.

Easy to Clean

These products will need to be cleaned every once in a while. It’s just the nature of providing support during this nasty process. After all, accidents do happen and could cause your supports to be hit with some foul substances.

This potential issue means that you’ll want some hose supports with an easy cleaning process. Otherwise, you might find yourself never wanting to use these useful items ever again. So, do some research and ensure your chosen option excels in this area.

We should mention that doing this research won’t take much effort either. Most brands will advertise an easy cleaning process right in the product description. It tends to be one of the more popular selling points among these products for obvious reasons.


RV sewer hose supports aren’t the most costly product. But their prices do swing quite a bit, which means having a well-constructed budget would be a wise move. This budget should account for every feature and aspect you’re looking for a model to offer.

If you need a 30-foot option, be prepared to pay more than you would with a 15-foot option. In other words, the budget must be reasonable and logical. An unreasonable budget won’t do you any good and only make the process much more difficult.

We should also note that a fair budget will lessen the number of choices by a large margin. This benefit is a welcome one as there’s an overwhelming amount of RV sewer hose supports on today’s market.

Given this info, you should try and lessen the number of options in any way possible. Having a well-constructed is an effective and useful way to streamline this entire process. But you must remain faithful to it, or there’s no point in having one.


Your chosen option should feature a lightweight design. This aspect will make moving the product from place to place a much easier task. Due to this, both storing and using the sewer hose support will require a lot less effort.

If you’re really concerned about this area, I’d suggest looking into buying an aluminum model. These products tend to have a much lighter design than you’d see with a plastic option. But this reality doesn’t mean moving plastic hose supports will be a backbreaker.

Aluminum options just offer more convenience when it comes to this area. Either way, make sure your plastic or aluminum camper sewer hose support has a low weight. It’ll be a vital piece in ensuring this process ends in you being happy.

A quick glance at each product’s description should provide all the info needed about this aspect. RV sewer hose support companies do a great job of making sure the product’s weight is readily available to their customers.

Easy to use

An RV sewer hose support shouldn’t be a tricky product to use. You must ensure the one you pick doesn’t have a complex using process. This issue might not seem like a big deal, given how simple these products seem.

But some companies try to be too cute with their designs. You should avoid these products by reading the directions of each product before making a final decision. This action should ensure you don’t pick a product that’ll cause a great deal of stress and frustration.

The good news is that most companies make these directions readily available on their websites or in the product description. Reading these instructions will give you a better handle on whether the product’s something that seems easy enough to use.

Customer reviews will also help in this regard. This aspect tends to be one that receives heavy discussion within these resources.

Why do you need an RV sewer hose support?

Sewer hose supports aren’t a required product for an RV owner. I mean, you could survive without them. But it does make dealing with the black water tank waste a much easier and smoother process.

You see, these products might not be the entire answer to ensure your rig has an easy and simple sewer drainage system. However, it does represent a huge piece of it by ensuring the process becomes more efficient and secure.

Even the top tier sewer hoses still have a large risk of having a blockage, and other damages occur. Both these issues can quickly lead to awful and messy situations that could end up being a total nightmare.

These products become a vital product because their inclusion in the dumping process reduces the risk of those issues occurring. Sewer hose supports can offer this security by providing a sloped and clear path for the waste to follow as it drains.

It’s also worth stating that most supports are capable of being set to decrease slowly in height. This ability will create a bit of force and help the waste drain quicker. Plus, it reduces the risk of any clogging by a large margin.

The best hose supports will be able to work in many terrains, as well. This benefit is helpful given campsites tend to vary greatly in the type of terrain. Therefore, your sewer hoses have some protection against whatever conditions might surround them.

These hose supports can offer this protection by keeping the hose off the ground and allow for easy turns. This ability to bend and be flexible will ensure your sewer hose can easily avoid obstacles that could cause some issues or wear.

Given these benefits, it’s quite evident why buying the best RV sewer hose support would be a smart move. We’ll help you choose the perfect one in the next section!

What are the different types of RV sewer hose supports?

RV sewer hose supports tend to come in many sizes and shapes. This situation makes breaking them down into types a rather difficult task. But there’s one aspect that you can use as a way to categorize them, their design material.

In most cases, these products will either be made from plastic or aluminum. We’ll go over both materials and their benefits to ensure you make the right choice. It’ll end up making the buying process much smoother and easier.

Plastic RV sewer hose supports

The most common type is plastic RV sewer hose supports, which can provide great results when made well. These products will offer a high level of flexibility with their ability to turn easily and adapt to many terrains.

You should also love their easy cleaning methods. This aspect will ensure you can return these products to top tier shape with a simple wash and dry. It’s a nice benefit to have and makes them rather useful for buyers.

Don’t overlook their lower price tags either. In fact, these products often lower price tags than your normal aluminum option. As a result, bargain buyers are usually a huge fan of getting plastic RV sewer hose supports.

Aluminium RV sewer hose supports

Our second type happens to the more costly option, which comes from their ability to offer more durability. These options usually end up lasting a lot longer than a standard plastic option. This aspect comes from their top tier ability to protect against rust.

Of course, plastic options can offer protection against rust, too, but they’re more prone to breaking down than these models. We should also note that many buyers seem shocked by their lightweight designs.

This area is another one where these RV sewer hose supports seem to excel past their plastic rivals. If you’re looking to spend top dollar, buying one of these models would be a smart move.

How to install and use?

The using processes for these products will be different from model to model. In most cases, installing and using them shouldn’t be too tricky. It should actually be rather simple and take very little thought.

It mainly consists of setting it on the ground and putting its tail end at your RV’s sewer connection. You then stretch it out until the support’s short end reaches the sewer’s drain located in the ground. From there, you just place your sewer hose on top of it.

But there will be some options that like to complicate this simple process. As a result, do your best to avoid these models. These products will only make your life more stressful and frustrating than needed.

How to properly dump your tanks?

The proper way to dump your holding tanks doesn’t take much effort. It’s just a matter of getting a routine down to ensure it almost becomes second nature when the time comes. So, let’s start at the beginning and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Arrive at your RV campgrounds or site with nearly empty tanks: this action will ensure you don’t have to worry about dumping on the first day.

Wait until your tanks are almost full before dumping: the tanks will flush out smoother and easier. It’ll also help remove the solids within the waste in a more effective manner.

Hook up to the sewer outlet: I’d suggest putting a small bucket under your RV sewer outlet. This bucket will catch any gross leakage or fluids that make it past the tank valve seals during transit.

Hook on your clear plastic elbow and the hose: Attach the plastic elbow’s end connector into the sewer hole. Ensure the connection is secure and snug. Once you examine the connection, hook your hose up to it.

Use your sewer hose support: Elevate the sewer hose on your supports and ensure it has a solid incline to the sewer’s ground hole. This incline will make the dumping process go quicker and smoother.

Empty black tank, followed by gray tanks: This order of dumping will allow the gray water’s mostly soapy water to clean out your sewer hose. If your trailer comes with a flushing system for the black tank, I’d suggest running it every 5 or 6 dumps for a good rinse.

Add a few gallons of fresh water to each tank: The added water will make sure your tanks don’t dry out during travel. Its swishing action will help clean any leftover waste on the tanks’ walls as well.

If you follow these seven steps, I don’t see why dumping your tanks will ever be a problem. It might seem like a lot to remember at this moment, but it’ll become a routine after the first few times. You’ll soon become a waste dumping expert.

RV Sewer Hose Support FAQs

What is the top-rated RV sewer hose support?

An RV sewer hose support happens to be one of the most overlooked accessories. This product actually provides an essential function that might not be evident at first glance. You see, these hose supports can lift a hose up to make dumping your holding tanks a much easier process.

These products will also offer your sewer hose some protection against issues such as punctures or holes. It can provide this protection because it keeps the hose lifted up rather than lying on the ground.

As a result, it keeps the hose away from things like sticks or rocks that could cause holes and punctures. But the main benefit these products can offer is ensuring your holding tanks’ waste will have some support while flowing through the pipe.

This action will ensure you don’t end up being the person who spills waste all over your campground. Trust me; nobody wants to be this person as the smell won’t just affect your life, but everyone else’s as well.

It’s worth noting that an RV sewer line support can provide an angle to the pipe. Some products even reach up to 7.25 inches. This ability could help the waste flow smoother and ensure nothing goes wrong.

These products also allow you to select a chosen tilting angle or opting for the highest angle possible. In other words, these sewer hose supports have a lot of flexibility and will ensure that the dumping process happens smoothly regardless of your situation.

Overall, these products are a helpful and useful accessory to have onboard your RV. It’d be wise to ensure you get a top-tier one and make your waste dumping as easy as possible. Honestly, these sewer hose supports can be a real lifesaver.

How does it work?

Let’s say your RV’s campground sewer connection isn’t downhill from where your black water tank happens to be located. This situation is one an RV owner will have to face more than you might think. It also represents a problem that a sewer hose support can easily solve.

You see, draining the black water tank might not go smoothly in this situation. It’s quite possible that it won’t drain thoroughly or properly as the waste will be fighting a formidable force. You might’ve heard of this force; it’s called gravity.

This fight is where a top-tier sewer hose would be rather handy. You just place them out underneath the sewer hose in an accordion-like fashion. The tallest support should be put near your RV and low end by the sewer.

Once they’re set up, your sewer hose supports’ built-in gradual decline will ensure all the black water dumps smoothly. This action will make sure you avoid a messy clean, or outright embarrassment by having your RV’s waste spilling everywhere.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is, and these sewer hose supports end up being an easy solution to a problem nobody wants. What more could you ask for from an RV accessory such as this one?

What are the most trusted RV sewer hose support brands?

What are the most trusted RV sewer hose support brands?

If you’re looking for the most trusted RV sewer hose support brands, take another look at our product review section. Each company mentioned there has gained a reputation for providing top tier models that meet their customers’ needs and expectations.

But two brands within this group do deserve a special shoutout: Camco and Valterra. Both these companies continue to remain at the top of this market year after year. It doesn’t look like they have any intention of slowing down either.

I thought discussing what makes them both special could offer an inside look into what a top brand offers their customers. This info will be vital during your search and help you separate the top brands from ones who are just trying to make a quick buck.


This brand’s top position in the RV sewer hose support market shouldn’t surprise any rig owner. After all, Camco seems to dominate every RV related marketplace with its innovative designs and fair prices.

Their ability to offer top tier customer service doesn’t hurt matters either. Camco happens to the perfect package when looking into RV part manufacturers. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have full confidence in any product made by them.

I mean, there’s a reason why they have the most sewer hose supports mentioned in our product review section. Their products are that good.


Since 1981, Valterra has been a force in RV part markets. Their ability to still operate like a small business with a family type atmosphere makes the customers feel special. It doesn’t matter how big the company gets; Valterra still always puts its customers’ needs and wants first.

This mindset has gained them a stellar reputation among RV owners. It’s almost impossible to find a bad word about them in their products’ shopper reviews. It also helps that their designs and technology rival anyone else’s in their respective markets.

Can you store RV sewer hose in bumper?

Many use a rig’s rear bumper storage area to place their sewer hose. It keeps the device from our sightline while providing it excellent protection. I certainly find it much more convenient than putting it anywhere else on my motorhome.

So if your rig has one, don’t be afraid to use it as a storage location for a sewer hose. It should be more than capable of keeping the tube in good condition during travel. Also, it’s best to upgrade your bumper caps to ones that attach to the hose.

How do you hook up RV sewer to PVC pipe?

Connecting the sewer up with PVC pipe is a bit tricky. It’s not something a novice or newbie should attempt without prior experience. These rig owners would be better off sticking with a traditional sewer hose and RV waste hose support.

But if you don’t have a choice, proper preparation is essential to ensuring a successful experience. My first suggestion would be to consider what connectors you intend to use. I’d recommend using connectors with a clamp security system.

These options will make removing and securing the pipe less complicated. In fact, I only had trouble and miserable experiences when using PVC glue. Removing glued-on connectors from the PVC pipe took me forever, but the security level was top-tier.

Your next step would be to look at the PVC pipe. Measure how long it needs to be for a proper sewage dump. Precision is vital when cutting PVC pipe for an RV sewer connection.

Anyone who doesn’t take it seriously could risk dumping their waste onto the ground. Nobody wants to experience this outcome as it can lead to a fine and other issues. It’s also quite disgusting and causes all sorts of environmental problems.

Once you’re confident in the measurements, proceed to connect the PVC pipes and connectors. The actual hooking-up process should be relatively straightforward. Most of the difficulty stems from people not doing the proper preparation.

Are all RV sewer hoses the same size?

No, RV sewer hoses aren’t all the same size. Depending on your rig’s setup, sewer hoses will vary in length, ranging from 10 feet to 20 feet. Of course, outliers are on either side of this range, but most sewer hoses fall inside it.

I prefer longer sewer hoses, so I’m never in uncomfortable situations. Having some flexibility when hooking up to a sewer is always lovely. So I’d suggest going with a 20-foot option like Titan 20 Foot Premium RV Sewer Hose Kit if you’re looking for a replacement.

How long of a RV sewer hose support do I need?

Choosing the proper support size is all about the length of your rig’s sewer hose. In other words, these two devices should match in length. So anyone with a 20-foot sewer hose needs to purchase a 20-foot sewer hose support.

You might even want your support to exceed the hose’s length. This offers a bit more flexibility and wiggle room. But I wouldn’t consider it necessary in ensuring your sewer hose remains secure and supported.

How do you shorten an RV sewer hose?

RV owners have a few choices when trying to cut their sewer hoses. My preferred method starts with trimming one end to your desired length. But first, you must ensure the new length is long enough to connect your tanks and the sewer.

You don’t want to cut it too short where it can’t even serve its primary purpose anymore. It might seem like common sense, but some rig owners let it slip their minds. They shorten their hoses too much and regret their decision almost immediately.

After trimming to the proper length, the next step is inspecting and removing any parts inside the cut end. You’ll then need to buy some glue and use it to attach the cut end back onto your hose’s other end. Once it’s connected, the hose should be ready to do its job.

You could also bypass this process and replace your old hose with a shorter one. Anyone who feel uncomfortable cutting their hose would be better off with this route.

What are these sewer hose supports made of?

Most RV sewer hose supports will consist of some plastic material. This material will make them flexible and capable of working in many terrains. You must ensure each product’s plastic design is durable and long-lasting.

It’s also worth mentioning that sometimes these products will be made from aluminum or similar material. Sewer hose supports made from materials such as these have proven to be just as effective when constructed correctly.

As a result, it’ll come down to preference regarding whether you want a plastic or aluminum model. I’m always going to side with choosing a plastic one. It’s just what I feel comfortable with using after having plastic models in the past.

How long do sewer hose supports last?

An RV sewer hose support’s lifespan will depend on the material used in its design. But the top tier options tend to last a long time and function well for many years. As long as you choose wisely, I don’t see why you’d be doing this entire process again in a few months.

You just need to ensure your chosen product can handle and withstand your needs. It’d also be wise to monitor and examine the product regularly for damage. This action will extend its lifespan and keep it in good shape for a longer period.

You must store the product correctly, as well. Proper storage will ensure damage doesn’t occur to the hose support when traveling from place to place. It’s just another way to ensure the product remains protected and functional for additional years.

If you’re worried about a product’s longevity, warranties do exist for these items. We’ll discuss this topic further in the next section.

What is the warranty?

Most hose supports will include some type of warranty to offer protection against accidents or malfunctions with the product. Of course, the policy’s length will vary from product to product and will depend on who’s making it.

You might come across some with a 1-year warranty and others providing lifetime coverage. Some sewer hose supports come with no warranties at all. In any case, I’d suggest sticking with the options that come with warranties.

This action will ensure you have some coverage and don’t find yourself stuck with a subpar product. But please, make sure you take the time to read shopper reviews about these policies before buying an option.

Sometimes, companies will use these warranties as selling points and never intended on honoring them. These customer reviews should have some info about whether each brand keeps to its word regarding this aspect.

How do you store sewer hose supports?

As we mentioned earlier, storing these products properly can have a large impact on their overall longevity. You must understand how to do the storing process correctly and keep your hose support in good shape.

The storing process will change from product to product. But most come with directions regarding what’s the best way and how to avoid damage during travel. It’s also worth noting that many options will even have folding capabilities to make the process easier.

Some options can even condense to size as little as six inches, which shouldn’t have any issues fitting inside your RV’s storage area. But if you do have limited storage space, it’d be best to ensure your chosen model has features that make storing them easier.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy RV sewer hose supports would be through Amazon. This site will have the largest selection and lowest prices available anywhere. It’s quite a combination to offer, and it explains why it seems like Amazon rules the world.

You should take note of their extensive customer review database, as well. These resources will be vital in your search and useful in making your final decision. But even with all these benefits, it doesn’t mean your journey should only include Amazon.

I’d also take a look at sites like Camping World, which offers a decent selection and fair prices. In fact, their prices sometimes will even end up below Amazon’s when they have a sale. This situation alone explains why comparing these two sites would be a smart idea.

As someone who’s always looking to get the best deal, you can bet I will. It’s just an effective way to avoid spending more than needed on your chosen product. Of course, online shopping isn’t for everyone, and there are some other options available to these customers as well.

People looking to buy offline should visit their local Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or RV supply stores. Each one of these options should have a solid selection to look through and some real-life customer service.

This real-life customer service can have a large impact when the employee knows about these products. But the prices at these stores will be much higher than what you find online. It’s something that you’ll have to account for in your respective budgets.

All in all, there’s a shopping avenue for everyone’s preferences. It’s just a matter of finding the one which suits you. In my case, I’m going to stick with Amazon and Camping World as these sites provide everything I want.


This article should have provided enough info to make finding the best RV sewer hose support a breeze. All it requires is using everything that you’ve learned here in your search. If you do, the right choice should become clear.

This right choice will then make using your sewer hose a much easier process. In fact, you’ll be able to dump your holding tanks’ waste in a much quicker and efficient fashion. You’ll never have to worry about anything like waste clogging or slippage ever again.

Instead, you’ll have a top tier sewer hose support for RV ready to ensure everything goes smoothly. The only thing left to do is make this situation a reality by using our article and finding your perfect option.

And if you run into any more questions, feel free to leave them in our comment section. We’ll make sure to answer them as quickly as possible. Honestly, we just want to make sure this process ends with a smile on your face.

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