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The Best RV Security Systems to Keeping Your Stuff Safe

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

RVs aren’t a cheap investment, which means you need some protection to ensure nothing happens with them. People often end up buying security systems to ensure their rigs stay in their possession. However, getting the best RV security system usually can be rather tricky.

These systems tend to have a lot of moving parts. It can lead to a customer becoming easily confused when trying to pick one for their rig. We intend to solve this issue by providing a guide for the entire process.

The Best RV Security Systems

This guide will cover every relevant topic about these systems from different types to key factors. We’ll even offer seven product reviews of options buyers often consider the best on today’s market.

Our article will ensure this process is no more tricky than picking a new couch or clothes. In other words, we’ll break it down to the simplest terms. It’ll make choosing the correct option for your needs a more manageable task.

It’s time to dive into this process. Let’s get your RV the protection it deserves. It’ll ensure you can leave your rig unattended without having to worry about someone taking it. You can instead have a little peace of mind with the right system guarding it.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Most Feature Rich
Preview eRapta ER0202


REOLINK Argus Eco+sp

Power Source DC Adapter AC Adapter, Battery Solar Powered
Waterproof IP69 No IP65
Viewing Angle 120° 60° (Vertical), 110° (Horizontal) 100°
Control Remote Control Remote Control Remote Control, Reolink App
Details Details Details

 10 Most Trusted RV Security System Reviews

This section will contain 10 RV security system reviews of options held as the best for rig owners. These reviews will provide a little insight into what to expect from top tier options. It’ll also offer you have some background info to help get the topics talked about in later sections.

1. eRapta ER0202 Backup Security Camera for RV

Backing up a rig can be pretty stressful without a solid backup camera, as any rig owner would know. Thankfully, the eRapta ER0202 Backup Security Camera for RV ensures it’s stress-free by providing an HD image of what’s behind our rig.

Users can attribute this excellent performance to its waterproof construction and 18 infrared lights. It even comes with night vision to make backing up at night a breeze. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine backing up my rig without this camper security system.

This camera isn’t only useful when driving a rig, either. It’s a solid security precaution against anyone sneaking up on an RV. As a result, it becomes a handy option to consider when looking at purchasing an RV perimeter alarm.

It even offers a 360-degree viewing perspective. In other words, there isn’t a blind spot that a viewer can’t see on this product’s monitor. This aspect ensures it functions perfectly when used as an alternative to RV security cameras.

I was also pleased with this product’s versatility. After all, it can work on almost every type of RV, from a travel trailer to a motorhome. This broad compatibility comes from its 12-24V DC power voltage range.

Multiple customers were impressed by its easy installation process, as well. I can confirm these findings since I didn’t have a single issue getting it set up within my rig. Due to this, I can’t see many other RV owners having problems installing this option by themselves.

But it was discouraging to see some customers mention they experienced a few shipping issues. In these cases, the product arrived and didn’t contain crucial pieces within the packaging. I wouldn’t worry too much about these issues, though, as most people are delighted by this option.

2. KERUI‎ ‎KR-H01 RV Security System

Motorhome alarm systems don’t come much more convenient than KERUI’s RV Security System. After all, it combines every feature a person would want from these systems at an affordable price.

For instance, each buyer will get a travel trailer alarm system with eight remote keyfobs, two window/door sensors, one motion detector, and other components. It’ll make sure anyone who uses it feels completely safe when traveling.

The alarm itself was another standout feature with its impressive 115dB sound level. Users will have no issues alerting anyone nearby when activating it. It’s hard to see how an intruder or other unwanted guests wouldn’t second guess their decision.

Activating the alarm isn’t difficult, either. Users hit the S button on their remote control to ensure the intruder gets a scare they won’t soon forget. Plus, the remotes themselves are built with sliding covers to discourage any accidental activations.

KEURI made sure the alarm system was very expandable, as well. It offers enough functionality so buyers can modify and add pieces to protect larger areas like homes or apartments. Due to this, it has become one of the more flexible options on our list.

I didn’t even mention this option doesn’t require WiFi to work effectively. Anyone who intends to camp in an area with less than stellar WiFi can still protect their rig. It’d be hard to find a more practical RV security system without WiFi capability.

But again, the main attraction provided by this option is its affordable price. Buyers won’t often find a fully-equipped security system for a lower price like this one. So it should end up on the top of any bargain buyer’s list.

However, I was a little taken aback by this product’s subpar instructions, which a few customers noted in their reviews. In these reviews, most of those complaints centered around the directions being more limited than what they got with other models, such as a Tattletale RV security system or ADT security for RV devices.

3. REOLINK Argus Eco+SP Solar WiFi Security Camera

Installing a security camera can be a complex process. However, the REOLINK Argus Eco+SP Solar WiFi Security Camera makes it a simple, stress-free experience. Its entire design doesn’t feature any wires to ensure users can mount it anywhere on their rig.

The entire installation takes about five minutes to finish with its easy setup manual. I couldn’t have been more pleased by how simple the whole experience was for me. It couldn’t have gone much better based on my previous experiences.

More importantly, it provides excellent results with its built-in battery and perfect WiFi connection. It ends up being a convenient option for anyone looking to buy a security camera with WiFi capabilities.

I was also delighted to see this model comes with a CMOS sensor. This aspect is essential because it offers 1080p imaging at all times, even at night. It’ll make sure to pick up whatever intruder or animal is causing a problem for someone’s camper.

Furthermore, this product has an effective siren and a 100-degree detecting angle to ward off unwanted guests. It’ll send RVers a notification or email to ensure they can respond appropriately to the situation.

The camera’s overall construction was another massive positive feature. REOLINK made sure it’s ready to deal with mother nature’s worst elements. As a result, it shouldn’t have any issues functioning in the rain, snow, or other problematic weather conditions.

This camera’s storage capacity is quite impressive, as well. I can store all the videos on an SD card (128GB maximum) or use REOLINK’s Cloud storage. Users don’t even need to pay storage fees to use their cloud services.

As for its flaws, I was a bit surprised by this security camera’s remote view function draining the battery so quickly. Buyers will need to be careful if they’re utilizing this aspect. Otherwise, the camera might become dead when it’s most needed.

4. Wsdcam Wireless Door and Window Security Alarms

People looking to buy a simple window and door RV alarm system should look no further than this option. It has a long list of features that will appeal directly to a rig owner. For instance, this product has an incredibly reliable design, which ensures its durability.

There’s no reason a person should expect this product to stop working anytime soon. I also love that this product comes with a remote control. This feature allows the user to switch between modes without having to interact with the device itself.

As someone who loves being lazy, this type of feature is perfect for me. You should get a kick out of the modes themselves, as well. This product can switch between armed mode, special panic model, disarmed mode, and general model with a single push of a button.

It’ll ensure you’ll never have any issues getting what’s needed from this device. It also helps that this device is considered widely efficient at its job. This aspect was referred to within this RV alarm system’s reviews regularly. People seem more than pleased by how well this product worked.

The remote control actually makes this device versatile, as well. You see, this remote control can be paired with 50 different alarms at once. It sounds like overkill, but pairing it will three or four alarms around your RV can go along way in keeping everyone safe.

This situation shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve, given the price of these alarms is rather low. Getting a couple of these alarms should be well within most people’s budgets. You shouldn’t overlook this product’s install process being easy, either.

This aspect was another one that people couldn’t help but heap praise on within the buyer reviews. It seems like such an easy task even I would feel comfortable doing it, which is a borderline miracle.

But this RV door alarm isn’t perfect as one flaw did stick during my product research. It seems some people felt the alerts made by this product were a little too loud. This issue was evident when a user would switch between modes.

5. Doberman Security Ultra-Slim Design Security Alarm

The Doberman Security Ultra-Slim Design Security Alarm is the perfect choice for rig owners looking to buy a window alarm. This product’s slim design will ensure it’s a snug fit on any window and keep it from getting noticed by thieves.

If a thief does try to enter a window, this alarm will greet him with a loud 100 dB sound. You can bet this noise will have him regretting the choice to enter your RV. The product happens to be crazy effective at detecting break-ins, as well.

This ability comes from the alarm’s vibration sensor. It’s an aspect that allows this product to detect window vibration and alert you when something fishy occurs. But don’t worry, this sensor is perfectly tuned and won’t go off when vibration comes from rain or wind.

In fact, people were rather shocked by how well it avoided any false alarms. This camper alarm system shouldn’t have any issues performing correctly to meet your needs with features like this one.

This product doesn’t only have to be used in an RV, either. It’s shown to be a useful tool in many settings, including your home, dorm room, garage, office, and many others. In other words, it shouldn’t have issues working with any window.

As for the install process, this product features a simple peel and stick method. It’s one of the easiest processes you’ll encounter on our entire list. I don’t see how anyone would have trouble getting this product placed properly.

You should also love that this product comes as a 4-pack. This aspect gives you the chance to reap its benefits in various locations. Given its versatility, I don’t think you’ll have many issues finding a couple of places that could use this product’s protection.

But there were a few buyers who reported issues with the product’s shipping. In these cases, the alarm system would arrive damaged or later than expected. These types of problems aren’t what you hope to see from a top tier brand like Doberman.

6. GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarm

GE’s Personal Security Window and Door Alarm is a great option for anyone looking to get a bargain buy. This product easily has one of the lowest price tags on our entire list. But don’t think the low cost means that it’s not a useful device.

It’s actually quite the opposite as it protects in a simple, but effective manner. For instance, this alarm comes with three adjustable settings: chime mode, alarm mode, and off mode. Switching between them is as easy as pushing a lever up or down.

You should also love that this alarm produces a 120 dB sound when triggered. This aspect should quickly alert you to anyone entering your rig through the door or window it’s protecting. It’ll stop a robber or vandal dead in his tracks.

I found this product’s low battery button quite appealing, as well. This feature will allow a person to check whether the device’s batteries are low quickly. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s rather convenient and ensures you’ll always know whether the device is working.

You also don’t have to worry about buying batteries for this alarm system. GE was kind enough to include eight batteries with purchase, four for each alarm. It’s just another area where this company went above and beyond to meet their clients’ needs.

The 90-day warranty is another aspect that further proves GE had their clients in mind when creating this product. It’ll provide you a bit of coverage to protect against getting a flawed or malfunctioning device.

This product’s install process doesn’t require any wiring or hardware, either. It seems like the directions that come with this product are easy to follow based on buyer reviews. It’s always nice to see when the setting up of a device receives praise in these discussions.

But I didn’t enjoy seeing that some people had issues finding a place to mount them on their doors and windows. It’s worth noting that these problems were only within a few reviews. Most people had nothing but praise for this particular device.

7. Blink Home Security XT2 Smart RV Security Camera

If you’re looking for a top travel trailer security system, this camera could be a perfect fit. The Blink Home Security XT2 Smart RV Security Camera has many features that would lend itself useful to someone pulling a travel trailer.

One of these features would be its night vision skills. This aspect ensures you can keep track of what’s going on around your rig at any time. It should have no issues picking up someone who might be lurking about at night.

You should also love that this camera comes with 2-year battery life. This kind of longevity means that you won’t have to worry about replacing the camera’ batteries for a long time. The product’s motion detection is another standout feature.

This motion detection happens to be completely customizable. In other words, you can choose active zones where motion might actually be threats. The camera will then send you alerts to your phone when it notices movement in your preferred zones.

It’s an aspect that saves users from having to deal with false alarms. I also love how this model has the skill of working indoors or outdoors. It can offer this versatility because its design is made to face the conditions it might meet outside.

The install process for this product is a breeze, as well. Many people made mention of this area in their reviews. It seems people were slightly shocked by how easy it was to set up when compared to their past 12 volt RV security camera system.

We should also mention that this product comes with 2-way audio, which allows you to talk to visitors through the Blink app. This can either be done through a phone or tablet, depending on your liking.

But even with all these great features, I don’t think I’d buy this device. It happens to be well outside my budget and is among the most costly on our list. If money weren’t an issue, it would easily make my list, though.

8. Noopel Door and Window Alarm

Noopel’s Door and Window Alarm is another good option for any bargain buyers. It’s a cost-effective choice ready to ensure your rig stays protected. It can offer these results thanks to features like its 120 dB alert.

This alert will ensure you will have no issues knowing when someone tries to enter your RV unexpectedly. It will also keep your children from trying to sneak out during the night. As a result, it’s effective for anyone traveling with their families.

You don’t only have to use this device as a camper, motorhome, or class A RV alarm system, either. This product can function in many settings like an office, balconies, stairs, and much more. It’s one of the most versatile options on our entire list.

This product’s design is another winning trait. It happens to be extra slim, which makes it undetectable for someone trying to open your window or door. Therefore, the alert coming will provide a shock and have them rethinking their next move.

I also love that this product has only two adjustable settings: on and off. This number of settings keeps things simple and makes it very easy to use. There’s nothing too complicated about getting this device to function in a way that works for you.

You even get batteries included with the purchase, which is always a nice touch. It’ll save you from the potential hassle of buying them yourself. This task tends to cause a bit more stress than you might imagine.

We’d be remiss not to mention that this product does feature an easy install like our other models. This particular device only requires the use of double-sided tape to get it done. There’s no screws, hardware, or wiring included!

But some people did express concern over the product’s durability. It seems this alarm has a habit of breaking after a year or two. It’s not an ideal situation. But it’s one I could live with given you’re getting an effective product at bargain-bin prices. It also helps that it comes as a 2-pack, which means you already have a backup to work as a replacement.

9. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System

A person looking for the most advanced motorhome, camper, or 5th wheel security systems should be very excited by this option. The SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System comes with everything someone could want in one of these devices.

This system has five entry sensors, two motion sensors, a security camera, a 95 bD siren, and much more. If you’ve thought a security system would need it, Simplisafe for RV made sure to include it in this product.

You even can get optional 24/7 professional monitoring for a flat fee of $0.50 per day. This aspect would provide coverage and protection that no other model on this list can match. It provides a level of peace, which most other brands wish they could offer.

If these features weren’t enough, this system is ready for use right out of the box. Setting it up is a simple matter of plugging in the base station, placing sensors, and getting the camera set. It should only take a few minutes, and this system will be protecting your rig.

This system also comes with backup plans to protect against anything going wrong. For instance, this system has a 24-hour battery, which will work without any access to power. It has both cellular & WiFi connections, too, that ensure it can run anywhere.

You can even customize this system and add more sensors to further your protection level. The limit on this feature is 100, which is a little overkill for an RV setting. But it’s still nice to know that this option exists and could be something worth exploring at your regular home.

But I could never see myself buying this great product. The price of this system is easily more costly than any other model on our list. It’s not even remotely close, either. It would end up being a huge stretch and cause a vast chasm to form in my bank account.

Honestly, it’s a shame because I do love everything this system could offer me. It really does check off all my wants besides its price tag.

10. Wohome Wireless Door Window Alarm

Our last product is the Wohome Wireless Door Window Alarm, which happens to be a very portable option. It can offer this ability thanks to its wireless capabilities. This aspect ensures you won’t have issues bringing it with you on vacation or business trips.

As a result, you’ll always feel safe with this product in your life. We should note that this product has no issues working as strictly an RV security system either. Its 120 dB alarm should make its presence known wherever you intend on using it.

I also found this product’s design to be rather appealing. You see, Wohome made sure to make this wireless alarm as durable as possible. This goal resulted in the product being high temperature and corrosion-resistant.

The product has prevention against both dust and insects, as well. It should have no issues working outside for people looking to use in this way. Plus, it has a low battery indicator, like an earlier model we reviewed on our list.

As you know, this feature will ensure that you’re always aware when the alarm’s batteries are low. The model comes included with these batteries, one for each, to remove the hassle of buying them separately.

This option, including five of these alarms, is certainly a win as well. Therefore, you’ll always have a backup or could set up various around your rig for added protection. In fact, the choices are endless, with a stash of useful alarms like these.

It also doesn’t hurt that this option doesn’t feature a high price tag. These five alarms instead come at a price, which makes it the most cost-effective on our list. What more could you want from a protection system than offered by these great products?

Well, some people had issues with the shipping and packaging from Wohome. You can imagine I wasn’t too thrilled to see this during my product research. It seems like such a simple thing to fix for a top brand like this one. I’d probably still take the risk given the low price and great results provided by these devices.

RV Security System Buyer’s Guide


Making the right choice will come down to having a wealth of info about these devices. This section will help you gain it by talking about every relevant topic about these systems. It’ll provide the base for your entire buying process.

Things to know before buying RV security system

Choosing the right RV security system will come down to a variety of factors. This section will discuss each of them at length to ensure you pick the right one. It’ll help make the selection process a much easier and manageable event.

Ease of Install

I’m not a person who enjoys buying a product and finding out it has a complex set of directions. This situation happens to be my worst nightmare as I’m not the best with install tasks. I’m willing to bet most people reading this article don’t enjoy it either.

Many options come with wiring hassles and tricky directions. Both these issues are things you’ll want to avoid. As a result, you’re going to want a system with an easy install process. A good way to check this area for each product is by reading buyer reviews.

These reviews should have a long discussion about how the setting up process went for each customer. From these reviews, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out whether you’d feel comfortable setting it up.

We also suggest reading the directions before making a final choice. This action is another one that’ll ensure you don’t buy a product featuring a tricky install. Most brands will make these directions available right in the product description or on their websites.

Monitoring Options

As you know, most safety systems will offer monitoring options to see what set off the alarm. These options include viewing a video feed from your computer, phone, or both. You’ll have to decide what is suitable for you when it comes to these features.

We suggest ensuring your chosen option does offer this feature. It limits the hassle of having to visit your RV when it’s in storage to inspect for theft. You can instead watch the situation right from your tablet, computer, or phone.

This feature can also be useful in observing your rig’s surroundings when you’re inside it. It saves you from actually going out and inspecting what set off the alarm. Therefore, keeping you from entering a risky situation.

Detection Alerts

Any of these systems will come with some detection alerts to ensure you know when something’s happening. These alerts could come from a motion detector or a variety of sensors.

In any case, you’re going to want a model that makes it easy to know when something’s occurring around your RV. The alerts should happen quickly and ensure you can react to the possible risky issue.

Reading the buyer reviews should give you some insight into how each product does in this area. Honestly, there’s nothing more vital than making sure the alerts sent by your system are effective and quick.

Night Vision

Most attempts at thefts or robberies will happen during the night. Due to this, having a system with a night vision feature becomes a must for any top tier option. This aspect will ensure you have a perfect view of what’s going regardless of the time of day.

It might seem like common sense, but some companies try to pull a fast one on customers and offer systems without this feature. Options that provide monitoring options and don’t feature night vision tend to be a useless waste of money.

You also should make sure the night vision works for every system you’re considering. If it doesn’t, you’ll just end up paying extra money for an unusable feature. This situation doesn’t sound like a smart move to me.


The cost of an RV RV burglar alarm security system will vary from model to model. This aspect means having a budget matching your wants and needs becomes a must. Your budget should account for everything you see as vital in the ideal option.

For instance, a person looking to buy an integrated system will have to raise their budget ranges higher than someone buying window or door alarms. Accounting for features like this one is the only way to ensure your budget remains a useful tool.

This budget will then make the entire buying process much easier and more manageable. It can do this great benefit by reducing your choices to options that fit your needs well.

In other words, the number of choices will lessen and make any feelings of stress faded away. It’s a much better option than having to choose from the insane amount of options out there on today’s market.

What are the different types of security systems for RV?

RV security systems won’t all be the same. In fact, there happen to be many types on today’s market. Each of them will offer a different set of benefits and features. You’ll have to decide what kind fits your needs perfectly.

We intend to help you accomplish this task by talking about the most popular types. This info will be vital and ensure making the right choice doesn’t require too much thought.

Door and Window Alarms

In terms of security systems, it doesn’t get much more basic than having door and window alarms. These devices will attach onto your RV’s windows or doors, hence the name, and become armed when you’re away or sleeping in the rig.

These devices will then trigger when a door or window is opened. If this does occur, you can expect an alarm noise to come from this system. It might also send alerts to your smartphone. It’ll depend on your chosen model.

RV window and door systems can be something extremely simple such as drops bars or deadbolt. These devices can also be rather complex and cutting edge like them being linked to your smartphone through an app.

If you do get a more complex type, these devices will send a notification to your phone when a window or door is opened. Some models will even alert local authorities to ensure a quick response to a thief entering your rig.

We should also mention these systems tend to be the cheapest type on today’s market. If you’re looking for something easy and simple to install, getting door and window alarms would be the right option.

Perimeter Systems

People looking for a bit more security than something like a window or door alarm should consider getting a perimeter system. These systems, also called virtual fences, work by having digital posts placed around your camping area or storage space.

As a result, these posts will create a virtual border around your valuables. These systems will then set off an alarm or send a notification to you when the border is crossed unexpectedly.

We must warn you that perimeter systems do have rather large drawback. You see, these models are vulnerable to triggering false alarms from things like an animal in the area. Campers cutting through your campsite would also set this fences off from time to time.

Due to this issue, we suggest only using these devices in areas where false alarms aren’t a frequent possible. For instance, a crowded campground might not be the best place for this system.

People who tend to let their pets off lease would be wise to stay away from these systems as well. It will just become an annoying piece of equipment that becomes almost like a boy who cried wolf. In other words, you’ll never know whether the triggering is a threat or not.

Integrated Systems

Our last type is integrated systems, which are often held as the best among RV owners. These models will have many redundancies, safety nets, and extra protection put in place against other issues besides intruders like carbon monoxide.

The features on these systems tend to vary from model to model. You could have motion detectors, storage alarms, window and door alarms, and some even send alerts right to your phone when an alarm is set off.

Some models are even motion detection systems. These options will record and detect any would-be thieves. It will then send an alert to both a private security network and you about these thieves.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, it is, and this aspect is only the tip of the iceberg. The alert sent to you might even be a video feed that’s playable right on your cell phone. You can use this feed to quickly figure out whether getting the police involved is the right move.

Honestly, you can blend in many parts of several systems to build your perfect thief proof protection. Some people even find adding security stickers to windows or floodlights useful for adding extra protection.

It’s all about ensuring you can have peace of mind about your valuables and family staying safe when you’re away or sleeping. As a result, you must find the right combo of features capable of offering this feeling of safety.

Why do you want a security system for your RV?

Many benefits exist from having the best RV security system in place around your RV. This section will explore them to explain why getting one might be a smart move. It’ll make sure you can make a sound choice about whether getting one of these devices is the right decision.

Stops Thefts and Burglaries

The main purpose of getting a system would be stopping issues like thefts and robberies. These devices will produce alarms to deter thieves from entering your RV and doing their terrible plans.

It’s just a great way to ensure all your valuables stay where they belong, which is with you.

A top tier system should have no issue offering this useful benefit. It’ll make sure your trip doesn’t become something regretful.

Keeps Your Family Safe

Aside from keeping your stuff safe, these systems will help ensure your family stays protected as well. This benefit comes in handy for people RVing with small children who might try to adventure out of the RV at night.

Having an RV safety system can stop that from occurring by warning you of what your kid’s about to do. After all, I couldn’t think of anything worse than waking up and finding your child went on a journey by themselves. It’s better to avoid this by investing some money into these devices.

Emergency Calls

Safety systems aren’t only useful at keeping track of your kids and stopping thieves. These devices can also help in crises. For instance, a person who’s alone and having a heart attack can set off an alarm on purpose. This action would be to get their neighbors’ attention.

It’s just another way these devices can come in handy when something terrible happens. Overall, these systems are a handy and helpful product to have on your RV during trips.

RV Security System FAQs

What are the most trusted RV security system brands?

Finding a trusted brand to buy a system from is half the battle. This process should be much easier for people reading our article because we’ve already shown some top tier brands. Each company named in our product review section has gained a great reputation for offering great products.

But even among the best brands, a few stick out a bit more than the rest. Blink Home Security and SimpliSafe have proven to be ahead of the curve with their great products. It’s no wonder why they find themselves on top of this market year after year.

We thought looking into their background could be a useful experience for a possible buyer. This info might be vital to helping a person identify what a top tier RV security system offers its clients.

Blink Home Security

This company has taken it upon themselves to always be a step ahead when it comes to product design. You’re not going to find a more innovative option than systems made by Blink Home Security.

As a result, it’s never really a surprise when you see their products among the most popular. It also doesn’t hurt that their client service is a point of pride from them. You’ll rarely seem a buyer with anything but positive things to say about their dealings with Blink Home Security.


SimpliSafe is a company with a mission to create the most advanced products with the lowest prices possible. Their devotion to this goal has gained them a great reputation among rig owners.

Rig owners tend to like when a company does what it can to meet the needs and wants of its customers. No other brand fits this description better than SimpliSafe. Honestly, you’d have a lot of trouble finding someone at a campsite with a bad thing to say about them.

What is the warranty?

The warranties for these systems will differ from option to option. Window and door alarms usually won’t come with one due to them being simple and low-cost devices. But most integrated systems will come with one.

These policies will usually either a 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year options depending on the brand. Each of these policies will provide enough time to ensure you can decide whether the device is a good fit.

We should also warn you that some companies will offer a policy without the intention of honoring them. You should do your best to avoid buying these models. Reading each product’s buyer reviews should provide a good handle on every brand’s customer service results.

How to install an RV security system?

The process of installing a security system is rather hard to talk about in broad terms. After all, the types are so varied that the processes tend to feature a lot of different steps.

But regardless, the install process shouldn’t be too tricky. It’s usually just a simple matter of copying the directions provided by your chosen system’s brand. In most cases, these directions won’t be hard to follow.

This task shouldn’t take too much time or thought on your part. There’s no reason that setting up one of these devices should require more than a positive attitude and a little hard work. We also suggest buying a system, which requires only a single person to install.

How do you install an RV security camera?

The installation process will differ from model to model. For instance, setting up an RV security camera without WiFi is different from installing a wireless security camera for RV. So it becomes almost impossible to provide a thorough guide on installing an RV security camera.

That said, usually, you’ll need to drill holes to mount the camera and the cables (if there are any), apply some sealant to the mount to secure it, and connect the camera to a power source.

Most manufacturers make the process easy with a detailed instruction manual. I’d recommend looking through this manual before making a final buying decision. It’ll help you decide whether the installation is something that’s within your comfort zone.

Honestly, high-quality security cameras for RV owners should provide a stress-free and straightforward setup.

Can you put a ring doorbell on an RV?

Campers can put a Ring RV security system with a doorbell on their rigs without any issue. But it’s essential to ensure the doorbell is set up correctly. After all, this device is made for homes.

Does the alarm system include motion detection?

Motion detection is often a component in any worthwhile alarm system for RV owners. It ends up being the first line of defense against an intruder. After all, it’ll detect any motion outside your rig and provide an alert to ensure you can monitor the situation.

You can then take the appropriate action to whatever happens outside your rig. Therefore, I wouldn’t trust any security system for RV owners without top-tier motion detection. It’ll help you feel safe anywhere you intend on camping.

Where to buy?

Choosing the right place to buy an RV security system will be a huge part of this buying process. You’re going to want a seller that fits perfectly with your shopping preferences. The first place to start this search would be looking through Amazon.

This website will have a massive selection of RV security systems to peruse. I mean, there’s a reason Amazon has become such a force in every consumer market. It also doesn’t hurt that their prices tend to be much lower than their rivals.

Amazon’s buyer reviews are another reason to consider using them seriously. These resources are pivotal to decide which option fits your needs the best. But even with all these benefits, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t at least look elsewhere.

We also suggest checking out what Camping World has on their website. Their selection happens to be rather decent, and the cost of their products almost rival Amazon’s. You might even find a few options at a lower price on this site than on Amazon.

Given this info, it would be in your best interest to compare prices between these two sites. It’s the only way to ensure you don’t end up paying more than needed for your chosen option. But we also know that some people don’t enjoy shopping online.

These people should adventure down to their local Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or RV supply store. Each of these places will have a wide selection of motorhome security systems to choose from for potential customers.

But their prices will be higher than what you’d find on either Amazon or Camping World. You’ll have to weigh whether the appeal of shopping within a real store is worth the uptick in price. In my case, it would be a resounding no.

As you can see, several sellers are available where a customer can buy their new security system. You just have to evaluate which one fits your shopping preferences and continue the buying process.

Are there any other safety tips worth knowing?

Aside from buying one of these systems, other precautions do exist to ensure your stuff stays in your possession. This section will discuss some safety tips to make sure your trip is as safe as possible.

Parking Your RV The Right Way

Most RV owners park their rigs in the wrong direction and make them more vulnerable for a thief to steal. These people will reverse their rig into a parking spot, which happens to make it an easier target.

This way of parking is attractive for an RV owner because it makes driving off much easier. But it makes it simpler for a thief to drive off with your rig, as well. You should instead turn your camper around and put your hitch away from the standard access.

It will make stealing your rig a much more difficult task for would-be thieves. You see, the thief would have to turn your camper physically to drive it off. It’s too much of a time-consuming activity for a person to consider seriously.

Find a Park Spot in a Well-lit Area

Parking your rig within a well-lit area is a great way to avoid a person stealing it. Thieves will be less likely to try something when the rig’s around people. They’re more attracted to places off the beaten path rather than a place like a campground.

Cover Your Windows

A simple way to deter thieves would be covering your RV’s windows. This action will make it impossible for a person to estimate what’s inside your rig. Therefore, it’s less likely a person would try to break in because they don’t know whether it’s worth the risk.

Invest in a GPS Locator

Buying a GPS locator is an effective step to prevent something from happening. These locators happen to be very small and can be easily hidden within your trailer. Given this info, it’s unlike a thief would be able to find the device after stealing your rig.

The location of your GPS locator will help recover your stuff and RV. It’s a simple way to midgate something happening with your rig. You’ll be able to get the location of your things over an email, call, or text.

Each of these tips could be the difference between keeping your rig where it belongs or becoming a victim to a thief. So please, do yourself a favor and use this info to ensure your trip doesn’t end earlier because of someone else’s evil doings.


Finishing this article should have provided the necessary tools to find the best RV security system for you. The next step would be using what you’ve learned and applying during your search. If you do, the right choice should become clear and apparent.

This perfect system will then ensure your rig always has the necessary protection needed to stop thieves and vandals. You’ll be able to leave your RV unattended and have some peace of mind about it.

So please, make sure to use our article as a resource during your search. Everything provided here will be critical in identifying the perfect option for your situation. In fact, the whole point of writing it was to make your buying experience much more relaxed.

But if you do have any leftover concerns or questions, our comment section is always open. We’ll make sure to answer each post with a thorough and detailed response.

Furthermore, if you are looking for devices to increase your RV protection, don’t forget to learn more about the most trusted RV door locks and RV cabinet latches.

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