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The Best RV Recliners for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Rig owners have been trying to find the best RV recliners for a long time. These products offer a unique sense of at-home comfort that’s hard to obtain when traveling. But it has become harder to come across high-quality models in today’s marketplace.

best rv recliners

This difficulty has come from the market being flooded with subpar options. It can ensure selecting top-tier recliners from the pack is mind-numbing and stressful. But I’m going to make this process much easier by offering an easy-to-follow guide.

I’ll also provide 12 reviews of my favorite options to give you an idea of what’s available. As a result, choosing the perfect one for your rig will soon become a piece of cake. Let’s not waste any more time and get this process started.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Easy to Install
Preview RecPro Charles

JUMMICO Recliner

Devoko Recliner

Dimensions 34 x 27 x 40 inches 29 x 20 x 39 inches 20 x 27 x 38 inches
Weight 50 Pounds 59.5 Pounds 56 Pounds
Material Faux Leather Textile Leather
Style Modern Modern Modern
Details Details Details

List of 12 Top-Tier RV Recliner Reviews

1. RecPro Charles Euro Recliner for RV

The RecPro Charles Euro Recliner for RV is an excellent option for anyone looking for a smaller standalone model. It comes with several features that would make a rig owner’s life much more comfortable.

A perfect example would be its lightweight design. It’ll make placing the product inside your rig’s interior much more manageable than other similar models. Honestly, its 50-pound construction should be light enough where this task becomes a one-person job.

This product’s Suprima poly-leather material was another highlight feature. I was blown away by its comfortability when trying out this recliner. Plus, it seems more than durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of RV living.

Its thick foam padding certainly didn’t hurt its ability to provide excellent comfort. This aspect ensures you’ve got enough support to sit within the chair for long periods without enduring any body pain.

You also shouldn’t stress much over its assembly process. This model comes with hardware included and a useful, thorough manual. I didn’t even have problems reading and setting the chair up, which should offer anyone reading the instruction confidence in their abilities.

Cleaning this product isn’t too much trouble, either. If you follow the instructions within its manual, those food and drink spills should come right out without a hassle. It’s another reason this model shouldn’t have problems lasting more than a few years.

But anyone who wants to buy this RecPro product will have to spend a small fortune. This option happens to be one of the most expensive standalone options on our list. You’ll have to weigh whether its top-tier comfort quality is worth the extra cash.

In my case, I wouldn’t have any issues spending a little more on this outstanding recliner. Its durability and comfort-level will undoubtedly make those extra dollars seem worth it over time.

2. JUMMICO RV Recliner Chair

If you’re looking for a less involved option, JUMMICO’s RV Standalone Recliner Chair will represent a reliable option. It happens to be one of the best small recliners for RV usage available on today’s market.

This option earns that distinction with features like its high-quality fabric material and thick padding construction. Multiple buyers were highly complimentary about how comfortable this model was compared with their prior reclines.

I was also impressed by this product’s steel frame base. This feature offers a higher level of durability than most other models available. It shouldn’t have any problems remaining usable for a long, long time.

You should find the product’s waist vibration massage function appealing too. It’ll provide a level of comfort that makes relaxing within it transcendent. I’d imagine fights over this chair among family members will be a frequent thing onboard your rig.

This compact recliner for RV’s easy assemble process isn’t anything to dismiss, either. It doesn’t require any tools or much of your time. It’s just a simple matter of sliding the backrest to the base connection and screwing in the four legs.

But none of these features hold a candle to its impressively low price tag. Customers would have a hard time finding another recliner of this quality for a lower cost. Bargain buyers should do everything in their power to obtain one of these products.

I was a little disappointed to see some customers mention the instruction manual being hard-to-follow. This oversight is somewhat out-of-character for a top-tier brand like JUMMICO. Their RV chairs & recliners usually come with beneficial manuals that walk you through each process.

Thankfully, they did do an excellent job laying out the assembly directions within its ad description. It makes this potential problem a relative non-issue.

3. Devoko RV Recliner Chair

Are you looking for an affordable but comfortable option? Devoko’s RV Recliner Chair is our least expensive option and a bargain buyer’s dream. But don’t let its low price fool you into thinking that this chair is not an extraordinary one.

This option has several stellar aspects that should get customers excited. One of its main highlights would be its insanely fast installation process. Devoko took all the work out by shipping them pre-assembled, which means you only have to put them inside your rig.

I was also pleased that this model came with four sturdy feet with non-marking pads. As a result, it won’t slide or make horrible marks on your beautiful hardwood floors. It ensures moving the chair into your RV has less of a chance of causing any long-lasting damage.

The user experience offered by this product isn’t anything to dismiss, either. It’s widely adjustable, including having three different modes to provide them with some choices. These modes make finding the most comfortable position much more manageable than with other options.

I found myself loving that this model came with a massaging feature and an accompanying remote. It’s always a nice touch to add a product like a recliner. After all, who doesn’t want a nice message when relaxing and watching their favorite TV show?

But again, the best thing about this model has to be its low-price. I was actually shocked when coming across this deal when doing product research. It might be the most cost-effective option available to rig owners.

There were some complaints about shipping issues with this option, though. It seems a few buyers never received their remotes for the massaging function.

However, Devoko seems to be on top of their game when it comes to customer service. Most of these issues were followed by stories of them being sorted out quickly.

4. Homall Electric Power Lift RV Recliner

Homall’s Electric Power Lift RV Recliner happens to be one of the most convenient options out there for older people. It comes with a remote control that can recline the chair without using a lever or other mechanism.

As a result, it represents an excellent resting place for people recovering from injury or suffering from chronic pain. It even has a lift motor that’ll help you rise from the chair without having to put pressure on your knees or back.

The product’s construction isn’t anything to overlook, either. It comes with a strong wood base, soft memory foam, and uses top-tier leather. These aspects join together to create a recliner that can provide excellent comfort without sacrificing any durability.

I’m also a massive fan of this chair’s side pocket. It might not seem like a huge deal, but it’s rather practical for a person who loves reading in these types of chairs. This aspect offers an ideal and secure place to put my books or Kindle.

Given these features, it’s not a stretch to consider this model among the best RV lounge chairs available. I didn’t even mention that its assembly process only takes 10 minutes and doesn’t feature any complicated directions.

The product’s weight was a bit heavier than I’d like, though. It weighs in at 80 pounds, which makes moving it a colossal pain for one person. You’d probably have to call in a friend or family member when transporting it into your rig.

Overall, its more massive construction is only a slight nuisance that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Other beneficial features would more than makeup for this one little situational issue. Honestly, buyers should have full confidence when purchasing this outstanding recliner from Homall.

5. RecPro RV Furniture Recliners

If you’re looking for a set of two, RecPro’s Charles Collection Swivel Glider RV Furniture Recliners would be an option worth considering. Buyers would get two top-tier models to make their rig’s living room much more comfortable.

This option’s placement on our list isn’t only about the sweet deal about getting two. The recliners themselves are extremely impressive in several aspects, such as their extra thick padding within the footrests, armrest, and backrest areas.

You can rely on this padding to ensure muscle aches or pain aren’t an issue even for hours sitting in these chairs. As someone who loves binge-watching TV shows, my situation would ideally suit this aspect.

These recliners also feature a faux leather material, commonly found in RecPro products. As with our previous options from this brand, it’ll make them overly comfortable and easy to clean. Both qualities are crucial for ensuring a buyer’s happiness with their final decision.

I was thrilled to find multiple customer reviews expressing their gratitude for RecPro’s customer service being helpful. This area isn’t the one that people take much time to praise when discussing these types of products.

The recliners having an all-metal base was another trait to catch my attention. It’ll offer a level of durability wood-based options might not provide. It seems RecPro was dead set on making sure these products would stand the test of time.

However, I was a little shocked to see this option didn’t come with a warranty. It seems like a missed opportunity to make their customers feel a bit more comfortable about buying these chairs.

But it’s hard to argue with the deal this option represents for rig owners. Plus, there’s plenty of praise for the chairs’ durability in the customer reviews. I don’t think you’ll have to worry about replacing them any time soon.

6. Mcombo Swiveling Recliner Chair

Rig owners who are more into RV rocker recliners should consider buying Mcombo’s Swiveling Recliner Chair. It contains a ball-bearing swivel base capable of offering that vital old-fashioned rocking movement.

This base can provide a bit of rocking because it has a 360-degree swiveling range. As a result, I can’t imagine anyone not finding a position to provide peak comfort levels. It ends up being a rather adaptable and versatile chair.

You should find this product’s wood base more than study enough, as well. It has been known to hold 300 pounds with relative ease. Therefore, it should meet the needs of most people who are looking into buying an RV recliner.

Users shouldn’t find adjusting the recliner much of an issue. It has a manual knob that makes finding the perfect position relatively straightforward. It’s a simple matter of turning this feature until the chair meets your reclining needs.

I found myself loving the included ottoman, as well. It provides a place to rest your legs, which isn’t offered by the recliner itself. Mcombo compensated for their product’s inability to recline all the back to a flat position by including this aspect.

This product’s four available color schemes were another attractive feature. It makes choosing a version capable of meshing with your rig’s interior much more manageable. Each of the four options would be a stylish addition in the right circumstance.

But this recliner happens to be another one, which suffers from unreadable instructions. It seems Mcombo didn’t put much time into ensuring their manual was helpful. In fact, this complaint was a common one in the product’s customer reviews.

If you aren’t too concerned with assembling a recliner by yourself, this chair should be a perfect fit. Its various adaptable features and included ottoman make a desirable option.

7. Thomas Payne 377054 RV Recliner

The Thomas Payne 377054 Push Back RV Recliner is a practical, straightforward option for someone who wants a standalone model. It features beautiful upholstery and modern stitching that’ll bring a bit of style into your rig.

I wasn’t only impressed by its stylish design, though, as its compact construction was another highlight. This recliner shouldn’t have any issues fitting into tight areas, such as smaller rigs or crowded living room areas.

The product’s usage of high-density foam was another winning trait. You can expect this foam to offer a ton of support when sitting in the chair for longer periods. If you’re into gaming or watching movies, I could see this recliner being an ideal fit.

In addition, multiple buyers were thrilled with this product’s low maintenance quality. I couldn’t read more than a couple of reviews without this aspect getting praised. You’d have a hard time finding another model that could make it easier than this one.

These qualities make it capable of adapting to numerous situations. Buyers have reported it being a useful recliner in their RVs, campers, cabins, homes, and travel trailers. Honestly, anywhere you could need one of these products would be ideal for this Thomas Payne model.

Aside from these features, there are a few other familiar ones worth mentioning. Some of them include four different color schemes, a durable construction, excellent comfort levels, and a manageable assembly process.

But some customers did complain about the product’s weight. Its 68-pound construction was a little heavier than a few people expected. In these cases, it made transporting the model inside the rig a bit more complicated than expected.

I wouldn’t be too worried about this issue, though. It’s nothing that should take this model off your consideration list completely. You’ll just need to plan for it ahead of time.

8. RecPro Nash RV Euro Chair Recliner

One of the most versatile options available for rig owners would be RecPro’s Nash RV Euro Chair Recliner. It earns this title because its design allows the recliner to work in various situations without hassles.

In particular, a buyer could use this chair in their home and RV without any issues. It also fits into the model of ideal RV size recliners for usage inside travel trailers and 5th wheels. Finding a more adaptable rig-ready recliner would be a challenging task for anyone to accomplish.

The product’s dual recline function was another aspect that gained my attention. It allows this recliner to extend out 60″ where most other models only go about 44″. As a result, this model provides a comfort level, unlike any other standalone option.

You also have to love its elegant and sleek design. It shouldn’t have any issues meshing well into your rig, regardless of your chosen color scheme. RecPro did an excellent job crafting a beautiful piece of furniture with this leather recliner.

It was a nice touch to offer each purchaser a choice regarding quantity, as well. You can either get one recliner or choose a 2-pack option. In either case, you get a fantastic product or products that shouldn’t have any trouble meeting your expectations.

This chair’s sitting area was an additional aspect that I felt the need to mention. I found it extremely comfortable and offered enough padding to create a delightfully relaxing experience. It should accommodate the needs of any rig owner without any bother.

I was a little thrown back by its expensive price tag, though. Buyers will have to spend a large chunk of their bank account to have this recliner in their lives.

If money isn’t an issue, I see no other reasons why this chair wouldn’t already be in your shopping cart. Anyone looking for a standalone model should be trying their hardest to get this chair into their lives immediately.

9. Flash Furniture Leather RV Recliner

If you want wall hugger loveseat recliners for RVs, Flash Furniture Leather RV Loveseat Wall Hugger Recliner would be right up your alley. This double reclining option represents a perfect place for you and your partner to enjoy a movie together.

Its leather upholstery, pillow back cushions, and plush arms offer a comfortable place capable of making a day’s stresses disappear. Numerous buyers confirmed these findings within their customer reviews, containing almost universal praise for its comfortability.

You can expect a high level of durability from this product. It comes with a construction capable of holding up a 300-pound capacity, which speaks to its exceptional build. This product should have no issues becoming a mainstay within your rig’s living room for years.

I was pleased to see this model came with an easy reclining process, too. It has a conveniently placed lever on its side to ensure adjusting the loveseat is a breeze. You can then enjoy the vast amount of support it provides for both your neck and back areas when in a reclined position.

Buyers should also be overly excited by this product’s 5-year warranty. This policy will provide you some much-needed protection against anything bad happening. It’ll make sure you aren’t stuck with an unusable product.

Moreover, the assembly process has a known reputation for being relatively easy. It seems to stem from the loveseat coming with a practical and usable manual. The process itself being a shorter one doesn’t hurt its case, either.

A few customers did report it was a little inconvenient for taller people. This issue comes from the loveseat being a little too low, which causes people over 6ft some problems.

But if you’re under 6ft tall and looking for a loveseat, this model should be a perfect fit. Its comfortability and durability make it a genuinely outstanding piece of reclining furniture. What more could a rig owner with these particular needs want?

10. RecPro Charles Collection RV Recliner

RecPro’s Charles Collection RV Triple Wall Hugger Recliner happens to be the final product on this list. But it offers a unique set of features, which ensured it earns more than a place among the best RV recliners.

One of these features would be its triple recliner design. If you haven’t guessed, it means this model contains three different reclining seats in one couch configuration. It’s a setup that lends itself useful in a cluttered space like an RV.

It also helps that the product doesn’t need much room to recline fully. This product only requires a 3″ space between it and the wall to reach its maximum reclined position. It’s another aspect that would help immensely within any RV.

You’ll find yourself loving the middle recliner’s adaptability, as well. Users can flip it down and reveal two cup holders on its backside, making a perfect setup for movie night. Its multi-purpose function happens to be a huge reason why this option has become a favorite among rig owners.

Several buyers were impressed by this product’s feel, considering its design material’s faux leather. In some cases, faux leather can offer a distinctive surface touch that can be off-putting and somewhat uncomfortable. But it’s certainly not an issue with this three-recliner-model.

Buyers might talk themselves out of this product because they assume its assembly process would be a nightmare. However, it’s not an issue here as RecPro made the entire task capable of being done in ten minutes.

It’s worth noting that its 80″ construction could be a difficult fit in smaller rigs. Honestly, this option is easily the most massive product on our entire list. Please make sure to measure out your available room before buying this model.

Otherwise, people who do have enough room would be making a stellar decision in choosing this option. You couldn’t ask for a better built and more comfortable piece of furniture than this RecPro product.

11. Thomas Payne RV Euro Recliner Chair

Buyers looking for purchasing RV swivel recliners should take a gander at Thomas Payne’s RV Euro Recliner Chair. Its construction offers a 360-degree swivel to provide a more user-friendly experience for whoever sits within it.

However, its incredible swiveling abilities aren’t its only attractive quality. I also love this product’s beautiful wood base and its slim design profile. These traits make it a stylish addition to smaller rigs or crowded larger rigs.

In other words, buyers looking to purchase small recliners for small spaces would do well picking this option. This belief is only confirmed by the product’s ability to fit any door opening over 26 inches.

The product’s lightweight 48-pound construction should make transporting it a breeze. There’s no reason to believe a single person couldn’t move it from and into a rig. It’s another way this model can make a rig owner’s life much more comfortable.

As for its design material, buyers will love its leather vinyl upholstery with a polymer coating. It makes for a tough, durable exterior layer that won’t have an issue holding up for many years. You should look forward to this recliner being a long term staple in your life.

Other notable features include two-color scheme options, incorporated footrest, high-density supportive foam usage, and a low maintenance cleaning process. Each of these additions should have problems making sure this product meets your particular needs.

But some customers did report a few shipping issues with this recliner. They only mentioned these situations in a couple of reviews, but enough where it was worth noting. It’s an issue worth thinking about before investing your money into this option or other Thomas Payne RV recliners.

In any case, these shipping issues wouldn’t stop me from buying this model. Its features met my needs too well for a few bad experiences to affect my decision. After all, it’s a perfect small swivel recliner for RV choice.

12. RecPro RV Zero Wall Recliner

RecPro Charles’s Collection Double RV Zero Wall Recliner is an excellent option to start with, considering all of its top-tier features. It can offer everything a rig owner could want from a piece of furniture inside his/her rig.

One of my favorite things about this recliner and most wall hugger recliners for RVs has to be its double seat design. It ensures two people can sit on it without any hassle or lack of comfort. The double recliner won’t feel too crowded, either, because there’s a center console.

This center console contains two cup holders and a flip-up storage area. It’s a convenient and useful addition to ensure both people feel comfortable. Watching a movie or your favorite TV show has never been more relaxing than when sitting on this recliner.

You won’t have to worry about spills ruining this recliner, either. This product features a faux leather design material, which has a reputation for being easy to clean. It was an aspect that buyers couldn’t stop raving about in the customer reviews.

Customers will have a choice regarding the recliner’s color, as well. You’ll have to choose between schemes of toffee, putty, mahogany, and chestnut. It’s going to be a difficult decision because all of them look exquisite and won’t have issues meshing into most rigs’ interiors.

But there were a few buyers who complained about this product’s assembly process. The difficulty seems to stem from these RV recliners wall huggers arriving in three sections. Therefore, putting it together became a rather taxing and sweaty workout.

However, most of these customers ended up saying it was more than worth it. I’d probably end up feeling the same way considering its comfort, quality, and convenience. In fact, there’s not another thing worth complaining about with this particular model.

Best RV Recliner Buyer’s Guide


Selecting the perfect RV recliner will come down to a few different factors. This section will discuss each of them in extensive detail to ensure you can make a smart buying decision. It should make you feel more comfortable about this whole buying process.

  • Design Material

Your chosen RV recliner needs to consist of a design material that meshes well with your preferences. For instance, warm weather RVers will want to stay away from RV leather recliners as they aren’t great in hotter climates.

These types of motorhome recliners would end up making your time relaxing into a sweaty, disgusting experience. Honestly, it won’t even matter whether your rig has a top-tier air conditioner; this situation will be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

On the other hand, a leather recliner would be an excellent option for anyone who wants to travel in colder climates. It’ll make those frigid, cold nights a bit more bearable by providing a nice warm seat where you can relax.

A buyer’s ability to choose the right design material will depend on them thinking a lot about these little details. I should also mention that buyers will need to make sure the design material is durable.

After all, these travel trailer recliners aren’t exactly inexpensive. It’s not an item that buyers want to replace in a year or two. Customer reviews should help you determine each option’s overall durability.

These valuable resources are capable of helping a shopper decide whether a recliner’s subpar or top-tier quality. It’s never a good idea to only trust a manufacturer’s word; you should collect information from various sources.

  • Comfort Quality

An obvious buying factor would be a recliner’s comfort quality. If the product doesn’t provide a relaxing experience, there’s no point in buying it. Therefore, buyers will need to make sure their chosen model meets their comfort needs.

This evaluation is a bit trickier online than it would be testing out a furniture store’s lazy boy RV recliners or Camping World RV recliners. But there’s one thing an online shopper can help determine whether an option could meet their comfort needs.

You can read through other people’s experiences about their usage of each product. If someone ends up being underwhelmed by their chosen RV recliner, they’re much more likely to write a review expressing their frustration.

Rig owners would be smart to use these negative reviews during their selection process. It’s an effective way to ensure you don’t end up writing one yourself. Of course, you can also go to the nearest furniture stores and test them out yourself.

But I’d recommend customers refrain from purchasing them in those stores. It’ll end up putting a much bigger dent in your bank account than buying online. As a result, you should use them strictly for research purposes.

  • Style

Some rig owners might not care much about how a piece of furniture looks inside their motorhome. But most will put serious thought into each recliner’s potential fit within their RV’s interior and how well it’ll mesh.

As a result, it becomes vital to select an option with an acceptable style and design. It’ll end up making your rig’s interior look appealing to whoever enters it. You might find most of your guests are somewhat jealous about how good your motorhome looks.

It’s important to note that a recliner’s style or design won’t affect its quality. But it can have a massive impact on how you end up feeling about your final decision. Honestly, you’re always going to feel much better with a recliner that looks good rather than beat-up used RV recliners.

  • Portable and Adaptable

RV furniture is always a huge chore to move into motorhomes. The difficulty comes from these vehicles having a limited amount of space, which causes some serious stress to occur. You can help avoid this frustration by making sure your chosen option is both portable and adaptable.

Some RV recliner brands will make their products with these issues in mind. Due to this, these choices will have unique features capable of transporting them much easier. An excellent example would be having a lightweight design or embedded wheels.

But it’s vital to ensure these aspects are effective. You don’t want to end up paying additional money for features that don’t work. Do some serious research into them before putting any money down.

  • Cost

One of the worst parts about recliners for RV trailers is their price tags. These products aren’t cheap, and their costs will vary from model to model. I’d recommend building a budget based on what you deem necessary for your chosen option to offer.

For instance, people who want double recliners will need higher ranges than anyone buying standalone options. It’s essential to keep track of these kinds of details, or your budget won’t end up being realistic.

You can then use this budget to limit your choices considerably. It should make selecting a perfect option much more comfortable and less stressful for a buyer.

RV Recliner FAQs

Our product reviews and buying guide should’ve offered a solid idea of what makes top-tier RV recliners. This section will attempt to answer any remaining questions floating around your brain. It should help you hone in on what recliner represents your perfect option.

Who is this for?

RV recliners aren’t going to be much different than the ones inside your regular household. But you can tell them apart because of a few slight features that’ll make them better fits inside motorhomes.

For instance, most of these products will be much more portable and smaller than their household counterparts. These qualities are necessary to help them maneuver into the more limited space inside a rig.

It’s also why getting an RV recliner for your motorhome is a much better idea than trying to stuff household ones into them. As a result, these products are for anyone who wants to have a comfortable place to sit inside their rig’s living room.

What are the different types of RV recliners?

Buyers will come across various RV recliner types when choosing their ideal option. However, most of them will fall into one of two styles, standalone or double recliner. I’m going to briefly talk about both of these types to ensure you know which suits your needs better.

RV Standalone Recliners

RV standalone recliners will be products that are only capable of serving one person. Therefore, brands built these options to improve the comfort of one person instead of multiple. It shouldn’t be a shocking revelation given their name.

But this standalone quality makes them a better option for rig owners traveling alone or who already have various other seating areas in their RVs. I should also note that these recliners are often much cheaper than doubles due to their individual purpose.

You can also expect transporting and maneuvering them to be much easier. It comes from them being a lot smaller than double recliners, which makes placing them into a rig less taxing. If you want an option capable of improving a single person’s comfort, a standalone model would be the obvious choice.

RV Double Recliners

As you might imagine, RV double recliners are known for providing comfort to multiple people simultaneously. You may even come across options with three recliners attached. Therefore, you could seat three people with ease, which is pretty extraordinary.

Rig owners tend to buy double recliners for a simple reason. Most RVers travel with their families and need more than one seat inside their motorhome’s living area. You can expect this type of recliner to offer these seats without taking up a lot of space.

But these products aren’t perfect as they come with a few issues. A couple of examples would be they’re far less adaptable and cost much more than standalone recliners. It’s not an ideal situation for someone who wants a hassle-free experience with their chosen option.

However, rig owners traveling with multiple people don’t have much choice. These double recliners end up being an effective solution to an age-old problem for motorhome users: how are we going to find enough seats for everyone in our living room?

I should also mention that these products are much cheaper than placing an entire couch inside your rig. Thanks to this, it becomes a cost-effective option for rig owners looking to buy larger furniture pieces.

How does an RV recliner work?

RV recliners will work no differently than anyone would expect from one inside their home. It’s a simple matter of pulling on a mechanism, such as a level, which will cause the chair to lean back into a more comfortable position.

Otherwise, there isn’t much more to know about how these products work. You might come across options with a few extra features, such as a cup holder. But outside of those added-on features, there isn’t much to them other than the previous paragraph’s description.

Advantages and disadvantages of using an RV recliners

Several benefits come from owning an RV recliner. This section will discuss a few to offer a perspective of what you can expect from owning one. From there, I’ll talk about the one disadvantage that comes with these products. These discussions should make it clear whether buying one is the right move for your situation.


  • Convenient for Everyone

RV recliners aren’t for a particular age group or type of person. These products are instead something everyone onboard your rig can enjoy. In fact, manufacturers will build most of these chairs to suit an older person’s comfort needs.

Their design will ensure older people don’t have to concern themselves with receiving any aches and pains from using these recliners. But you can also expect one to be great for younger kids, who love using them when they’re gaming or watching movies.

In the end, these recliners will benefit whoever might be on your rig. But getting people to share one could be a frequent issue.

  • Improves Blood Circulation

RV recliners will help improve a person’s blood circulation by balancing their lower and upper body. As a result, every part of their body will receive a similar amount of blood. It might sound a bit weird, but it’s a benefit that should capture the attention of any potential buyers.

If a body part does receive less, it’ll create fatigue and strain the affected area. Your recliner proving a sense of balance will protect against this from happening. It’s a tremendous advantage that many people overlook.

Some models will even have a feature called zero gravity mode. This aspect will allow your heart to perform at its top levels with less activity. In other words, it’ll let your heart provide quicker and more blood flow to your body’s cells.

  • Alleviates Body Pain

As I mentioned previously, RV recliners can do amazing things to soothe people who experience body pain or aches. These pains can come from various stresses, which lead to back, shoulder, and neck discomfort. But sitting in one of these products will make those issues disappear.

It’s worth mentioning that camper recliners will prevent this pain, as well. It’s an ability that comes from the tilted design, which allows a person to find a perfect position for their body. Due to this, it also helps make sitting for more extended periods tolerable.


RV recliners are outstanding products, but they aren’t perfect. These items come with the distinct disadvantage of being expensive. It shouldn’t be too shocking, considering how many benefits and overall convenience comes from their usage.

What are RV recliners made of?

Buyers can expect most RV recliners to consist of faux leather and fabric. But you’ll find other options made from various materials within their construction. As you can imagine, it can differ considerably from recliner to recliner.

Each buyer will need to consider what materials best suit their specific needs. For instance, a cold-weather RVer might enjoy a leather small recliner chair for RV use. It’ll help keep them warm during those rough winter nights.

But warm weather RVers often hate leather recliners. The material often becomes sticky and sweaty within those conditions. Therefore, it’s not what a person wants to sit on during a hot summer afternoon.

Overall, thinking of your usage conditions will help determine what recliner is ideal for you. It’s the only way to ensure you pick a suitable option.

How to make RV recliners more comfortable?

In general, most RV recliners worth buying are incredibly comfortable. There isn’t much a person can do to ensure their RV power recliners are extra cozy. Your only real option would be investing in some high-quality blankets and pillows.

After all, draping a blanket over the recliner adds on an extra comfy layer. It elevates the comfort level to where relaxing becomes effortless. It’s not uncommon for many people to use these blanket draped recliners as RV theater seating.

You can then provide a higher comfort level by adding a pillow to this situation. I’d recommend putting it behind your head when utilizing the reclining feature. There’s nothing like having a little support when relaxing in your recliner.

Some people would instead use a cushion rather than a full-blown pillow. It ends up being a preference issue for each person to decide what suits them better. Pillows are more my speed because I want as much support as possible for my neck and back.

In the end, there isn’t much more to do when making your recliner more comfortable. It’s why paying attention to the buying process is essential. Honestly, it’s the only way to ensure you buy the most comfortable RV chair for your needs.

Can you put a regular recliner in an RV?

If the measurements are compatible, you can put a regular recliner in an RV. But putting one inside the rig will be a lot more frustrating than with an RV designed option. It’s going to be a lot less adaptable and heavier.

What is the best recliner for a short person?

It’ll depend on the person’s individual preferences, but I’d imagine a shorter person would enjoy a standalone or a loveseat more than double recliners. For instance, RecPro’s Charles Euro Recliner for RV and Flash Furniture’s Leather RV Loveseat Wall Hugger Recliner would be excellent choices.

What are the dimensions of an RV recliner?

There isn’t a standard RV recliner size for motorhome use. Most RV recliners will have varying size dimensions, making selecting the right one rather stressful. You’ll need to decide whether small RV recliners or large ones better fit your needs.

For instance, a small recliner for camper like JUMMICO’s RV Recliner Chair is a perfect fit within a campervan or class B motorhome. But a person traveling around in a massive Class A motorhome might need something larger.

Another thing to consider is each option’s portability. You don’t want to spend money on an expensive RV recliner without measuring its size. In other words, it needs to fit into your rig without issue or causing significant stress.

I’d suggest measuring your door before spending money on a recliner. It should prevent anyone from buying an option that can’t fit into their motorhomes. Also, finding each recliner’s dimensions won’t be difficult as most brands put them in the product description.

How to install?

Installing an RV recliner doesn’t require any unique skills or special instructions. The process looks a lot like what you’d with a household recliner. But these models do come with a manual, which every user should read before putting one into their rigs.

How to use?

As with the installation process, using an RV recliner isn’t any different than your household one. It’s a simple matter of pulling a level or similar mechanism, which causes the chair to pull out. You then enjoy the more comfortable tilted position.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Shoppers will want to make sure their RV recliner remains clean. It’s a simple way of ensuring the product will last a long time. But you can only access specific directions for maintenance in your chosen option’s included manual.


Our discussions should’ve offered you a better idea about how to find the best RV recliners. It’s time to use this new knowledge and start searching for your perfect model. Honestly, the process will be relatively straightforward from this point.

But if you have any issues or concerns, let me know in our comment section. I’ll do anything to help you find a suitable recliner for your needs. Thanks for reading!

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