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The Best RV Propane Tank Gauges for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Searching for the best RV propane tank gauge doesn’t have to be an agonizing process. It can actually be quite simple with the right info and knowledge about these devices. This article will demonstrate precisely that by guiding you through your entire search.

In fact, I’ll cover every relevant topic concerning RV propane tank gauges to ensure you become an expert on the subject. This will include talking about types, benefits, how to install, and many other useful topics.

best rv propane tank gauge

I’ll even offer 12 product reviews of my favorite options. These reviews will highlight what everyone should be looking for in one of these devices. From there, picking the right one will be as easy as selecting any everyday product, such as paper towels.

The main point is I just want to help make this process as easy as possible. There’s no reason a rig owner needs to fret or stress over this decision. You just need a proper background on these devices, and the right choice will soon become apparent.

So please, keep reading and let me make this experience as painless as possible. I promise reading this article won’t be a decision that you end up looking back on with anything other than a smile. Now, let’s get this started by diving into those reviews I mentioned earlier.


Best Overall Most Durable Easy to Install
Preview SHINESTAR Propane Gauge

GasSaf Propane Gauge

Camco 59023

Connection QCC1/ Type1 QCC1/ Type1 Type 1
Material Brass Brass Brass/ Plastic
Propane Tanks 5-40 lb 20-40 lb After 1995 (ACME/OPD Connection)
Details Details Details

List of 12 Top-Rated RV Propane Tank Gauge Reviews

As I stated previously, this section will contain those all-too-important product reviews. These discussions will be vital in outlining what’s essential to look for when buying a tank gauge. It’ll also help you understand the more complex topics that we talk about in later sections.

1. SHINESTAR Upgraded RV Propane Gauge

The SHINESTAR Upgraded RV Propane Gauge has earned many fans with its overall simplicity. Honestly, I can’t imagine an option being easier to install than this propane gauge. I had the entire process done in only a few minutes without breaking a sweat.

Buyers can attribute this simplicity to its simple, screw-on design. This construction allows users to easily connect and remove this propane tank gauge for camper use. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this option to people who’ve never used these devices.

I was also satisfied with this device’s versatility, considering it can fit all propane tanks between 5 and 40 pounds. As a result, it shouldn’t have much issue adapting to a rig owner’s needs and various applications (camping, grilling, BBQing, etc.). It has more than been a perfect fit for my propane tanks.

Once installed, I didn’t have much issue using or reading the gauge. SHINESTAR kept it straightforward with a 3-zone system to ensure I knew how much propane was left. It’s an aspect that received massive praise among other customers.

These customers won’t have to worry about replacing this option anytime soon. It was constructed from high-quality brass, which offers excellent durability and reliable results. Plus, it helps promote an ai-tight connection to prevent any performance or safety issues.

Similarly, this product has an embedded leak detector to encourage user safety further. It’s nice not having to worry about my propane tanks causing issues for my camping area. This propane gauge makes sure I always know what’s going on with my tanks.

However, this product isn’t a perfect LP tank gauge for RV. Some customers mentioned experiencing shipping issues when buying this device. But I wouldn’t concern myself too much with these issues as most buyers were overly delighted by its overall performance.

2. GasSaf RV Propane Tank Gauges

Bargain buyers should do their best to get a hold of GasSaf RV Propane Tank Gauges. It’s an affordable two-pack option with stellar performance features any rig owner would love. In other words, a perfect choice for someone who wants to maximize cost-effectiveness.

One of my favorite performance features would have to be its dust cover. It helps keep these RV dual propane tank gauge devices in pristine condition. Therefore, they can last longer than a buyer might see from other choices without this aspect.

I was also pleased with the solid-brass construction of these gauges. It only further proofs these devices will offer a high level of reliability and durability. Moreover, it helps on the performance side by providing an air connection capable of withstanding any issues.

Reading these gauges was a piece of cake, as well. GasSaf gave them color-coded dials to ensure users can read the information from a distance without issue. I didn’t even have a problem reading the gauges with my poor eyesight.

Another area where these gauges excel is safety precautions and measures. Both devices are embedded with a leak detection function to ensure users stay safe. For instance, if a leak is detected, it’ll limit the flow to prevent a dangerous, threatening situation.

I can’t go any longer without noting the easy installation process or application versatility. These gauges feature a handheld grip for simple installation and tightening. In fact, it’ll have no issues fitting onto any propane tank between 20 and 40 pounds, which highlights its versatility.

But I do have one concern about these propane tank gauges. A few buyers noted them not working as effectively in extreme cold weather.

3. Camco 59023 RV Propane Gauge/Leak Detector

Camco’s 59023 RV Propane Gauge/Leak Detector is a favorite among rig owners because of its many great features. One of them is the product’s plastic and brass construction. This aspect will provide the gauge with a great deal of durability.

As a result, a buyer can expect this gauge to last a long time and provide effective results. Buyers should also love this product’s versatility. This model has proven to be effective on gas grills, boats, and RVs without issues.

It’s always nice to get a product capable of working in multiple settings. You never know when the need might pop up for a propane tank gauge elsewhere. I was rather impressed by this product’s readability, as well.

A person shouldn’t have any issues reading this gauge from a distance. I mean, I didn’t even have a problem with it, and my eyesight is a borderline nightmare. Due to this, I expect anybody reading this article should be okay with this aspect.

It’s also worth noting that this gauge provides excess flow protection. This feature will stop propane from flowing when a broken gas line occurs. It does an effective job offering thermal coverage, too, as a way to stop propane flow when a fire does happen.

The product’s easy install process was another appealing trait. I don’t think anyone will need the help of an expert or professional with this gauge. Honestly, I found it quite easy when I was setting up the device myself. Other buyers seem to concur based on their own experiences.

You have to love this product’s 30-day warranty, as well. This aspect will provide a bit of coverage to ensure you don’t end up with a useless investment. I do wish it was a tad longer, but any warranty is better than none.

However, I wasn’t too thrilled with the customer service offered by Camco. It took way too long to get them on the phone when I had a few questions about the device. This issue might not seem like a huge issue, but it’s still a nuisance worth mentioning.

4. Astor Propane Tank Pressure Gauge

A rig owner lucky enough to buy this option will never run out of gas again. This ability comes from the product’s excellent visibility, which makes it able to be seen from a glance. You won’t even have to lift up heavy tanks or strain your eyes to see the gauge’s readings.

I also found this propane tank level gauge’s use of high-quality brass appealing. This material will ensure the model lasts more than a year or two. In fact, I’m willing to bet you’ll still be using this gauge for the next five years or more.

The gauge itself uses advanced meter technology to ensure a buyer always gets accurate readings, as well. You should have no issues making sure you’ve got the right amount of propane with this model at your disposal.

Buyers should find this product’s anti-leak detector to be another intriguing aspect. This feature will restrict the propane flow when a leak is detected. Due to this, the product ends up keeping you safe from a potentially tragic accident.

This gauge’s install process is among the easiest on our list, as well. It doesn’t feature any tricky assembly, pipe thread, or the need for tools. It’s straight to the point and should be a piece of cake for anyone using a tank with a type-1 connection.

Astor was kind enough to include a 12-month warranty, too, which will provide a lot of coverage and protection. If this product does crap out in the first year, this brand will refund your money without hesitation.

The price tag wasn’t too shabby, either. It should fit right into most people’s budgets without issue. As a bargain buyer myself, I couldn’t ask for much more from a company like this one. It’s one of the best deals on our list.

But I do wish the product worked better when cold. It seems to offer inconsistent reading in these situations, which was a bummer. I was hoping this was an isolated case, but other buyers reported similar issues.

5. DOZYANT RV Propane Tank Level Indicator

The DOZYANT RV Propane Tank Level Indicator is a very useful option for rig owners. Honestly, it’ll make their propane usage a much easier and painless experience. This ability comes from features like its color-coded dial.

You’ll love this aspect because it provides readings most people can see from a distance. As a result, you shouldn’t have any issues staying on top of your propane levels. It’ll help ensure you never waste any of your precious gas.

I was also impressed with this product’s versatility. This propane tank gauge level indicator can work with any appliance with a QCC1/ type 1 connection and propane tanks under 40 pounds. As you can imagine, this covers a lot of ground and scenarios where the product could be useful.

It doesn’t hurt that this gauge ends up being extremely effective in these roles, either. You see, it’s made from top-tier materials, which ensure it can provide an air-tight connection. This aspect will stop issues like leaks from happening.

Most buyers end up loving this model’s handheld drip, as well. This feature makes tightening the product much easier during the install process. It’s just another area where DOZYANT made sure to make this product as user-friendly as possible.

The install process being rather simple was another winning trait offered by this device. It features screw threads, which allow the user to attach without using any tools. The whole thing shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

But none of these features is the best thing about this model. You can give this title to the product’s price tag, which is much lower than other options. Bargain buyers should jump at the chance of buying this excellent device at a low cost like this.

However, I was slightly annoyed that it didn’t come with install directions. The process itself was easy enough, but I still would’ve liked some guidance about how to do it. It just seems like a gross misstep by a company that covered everything else.

6. AP Products 024-1000 RV Propane Tank Level Sensors

If you’re looking for a more advanced model, this option from AP Products should be more your speed. You see, this device uses sensors that accurately measure your propane tank levels. It will then send this info to you through an app on your phone.

This ability makes it a truly convenient and useful product for an RV owner to have at their disposal. You should also find the product’s ability to magnetically mount to a propane tank’s bottom appealing, as well.

It’s an aspect that makes using and setting up this product a breeze. You aren’t going to find a more user-friendly RV propane tank monitor out there on today’s market. Plus, this model will update the tank fuel levels every 5 seconds to ensure completely accurate readings.

Getting accurate readings tends to be a severe issue with inferior options. However, the advanced tech embedded inside this model solves that problem. It instead provides the most up to date info you could possibly get from an RV tank gauge.

This benefit will make sure you never find yourself running out of fuel unexpectedly. You’ll always have enough notice to make the necessary decisions regarding refilling. It ends up being a perfect device for an rig owner.

I should also mention this model comes with a 5-year warranty. This policy will ensure a buyer gets a product capable of lasting a long time. If it doesn’t, the company will return your money or send a new one free of charge.

You probably won’t have to worry about this issue, though, as the model has a reputation for being durable. Many other buyers were pleased with their experiences and how well the product held up compared to other options.

But this model does have one huge flaw. The price tag is outrageously high compared to other propane tank gauges out there. However, this issue is to be expected from a more advanced option like this one. You’ll just have to decide whether its superior results are worth the increased price.

7. GasOne 50120 RV Propane Level Gauge

Our next model is another one with a universal fitting aspect. It means the gauge is capable of fitting any QCC-1 connection for standard propane tanks between 5 and 20 pounds. This amount of versatility makes it an ideal option for many different buyers.

These buyers should be interested in this model because of certain outstanding features like its brass construction. This design will ensure the device remains usable a lot longer than its counterparts on today’s market.

I should also mention that this brass design offers adequate heat resistance. Due to this, it should function well in whatever setting it finds itself. Buyers were rather impressed by this product’s ease of use, as well.

This model comes ready for work right out of the packaging. In fact, a person just needs to attach this gauge to a standard propane tank, and it’ll start offering accurate gas level readings. Sounds easy enough, right?

It also helps that the readings will be easy to read with this model’s colored indicator. These indicator levels are rather simple to understand, too, with there being three of them: refill, low gas, and gas. Keeping on top of them should be a piece of cake.

I would suggest not sleeping on this product’s secure connection, either. This feature is crucial to ensure issues like leaks never happen. Therefore, it will help keep everyone on your rig much safer by eliminating potential accidents.

You should be very thrilled with this product’s overall price, as well. It’s one of the lowest on our entire list, which is always a good thing. I was actually shocked when first viewing the cost due to the many excellent features it offers. The deal almost sounds too good to be true.

But there was a catch. You see, this was another option that had trouble working effectively in the winter. This issue should make wintertime RVers look elsewhere when buying a propane tank monitor. Otherwise, you might find yourself in an unfavorable situation during a terrible winter night.

8. DOZYANT Propane Tank Splitter Adapter with Gauge

DOZYANT’s Propane Tank Splitter Adapter with Gauge offers the unique ability of being able to connect two regulators to one tank. As a result, it allows a rig owner to run two propane-powered devices on a single tank.

This feature means you don’t need a second tank, which is a nice benefit. It also comes with its own gas gauge featuring a color-coded dial. As you know, this feature will ensure monitoring the fuel level of the propane is a breeze.

You can rest easy knowing this device has a stable and sturdy construction, as well. It’s made from top-tier solid brass, which is incredibly long-lasting. I would be shocked if this adapter wasn’t offering peak results for the next couple of years.

The built-in safety feature is another appealing trait. This precaution will ensure everything runs smoothly, and nothing tragic happens with the propane tanks. It’s always essential to have a couple of safety precautions keeping everything in check when working with something like propane.

Buyers were quite impressed with the airtight connection it offered between the propane tanks and the appliances. This connection will help make sure the gas flow ends up where it needs to rather than leaking somewhere unfortunate.

The product’s long list of uses was another attractive trait to me. You see, this adapter has proven to be effective when using a gas grill, smoker, camp stove, heater, tabletop grill, and many other appliances. It just goes to show the quality of this product as it can work in so many different situations.

But this product not having a warranty was a huge bummer. I mean, I feel like having one of these policies is a must for devices like an RV propane or grill gauge. It just seems like a bit of an oversight by a top-tier brand not used to make these errors.

However, it wouldn’t stop me from seriously considering buying this model as it does come with excellent features. The price isn’t too bad, either.

9. Flame King Propane Tank Gauge Level Indicator

People looking for an RV propane tank gauge replacement should seriously consider this device from Flame King. It comes with everything a buyer could want from a gauge being used with their RV camper.

For instance, it features an emergency flow control, which will restrict gas flow when a leak is detected. It’s a critical element that will provide everybody onboard a little peace of mind when the propane tanks are being used.

You can rely on this feature because the entire product was tested by UL and approved by them. Due to this, you can expect this product to work safely and without issues for a long time. I wouldn’t anticipate anything different from a brand with a stellar reputation like Flame King.

If the product’s safety precautions weren’t enough, this model’s unique glow in the dark dial is another appealing attribute. This aspect will make reading the dial a breeze and make it visible even in the complete darkness.

Buyers also tend to love this product’s ability to work with other adapters, such as propane regulators. This allows a rig owner to have a bit more maneuverability with the device than you’d find when using different options.

Aside from these features, the product has a lot of others we’ve talked about in detail within prior reviews. These include a brass construction, ability to fit appliances with type 1 connection, and an easy install process.

Each of these aspects will make a rig owner have a simpler time with this entire process. It just goes to show Flame Kind genuinely put their customers’ wants and needs first. I mean, what else could a person possibly want from a propane tank monitor than this one offers?

I was a bit disappointed by how temperature changes seemed to affect this product’s gas tank readings, however. The product seemed to struggle when it entered settings where the temperature dropped below freezing. It was a real problem for me as I love camping during the winter.

10. Camplux Propane Tank Gauge

If you’re looking for a device to monitor a propane tank’s gas levels, Camplux Propane Tank Gauge should be near the top of your list. It’s genuinely one of the top, if not the best, propane tank gauge for RV available today.

The reason behind it gaining this status is its wide-ranging versatility. You see, this model can work with any propane appliances with type 1 connection or propane tanks up to 40 pounds. This aspect means it shouldn’t have any issues working with a gas grill, heater, smoker, and many other devices.

I was also impressed by the product’s easy using process. This simplicity comes from the device only having three levels: gas, low gas, and refill. Therefore, there’s nothing too complicated about figuring out you stand regarding propane levels.

The no tools required assembly was another trait that grabbed my attention. As someone who tends to struggle with setting up and installing devices, you can bet I was thrilled to see this aspect. Its handheel grip certainly helps in this area, as well.

You can rely on this handheel grip to ensure the product gets adequately tightened. This aspect further provides a tight connection and prevents leaks or other issues. It’s just another ingenious design quality offered by this stellar brand.

The built-in leak detector has proven to be a practical aspect, as well. You’d be surprised how many of these products advertise a feature like this one, and it doesn’t work. Thankfully, our model here doesn’t fall into this category. It will stop gas flow when a regulator hose malfunction or leak takes place.

But I wasn’t thrilled to see this product was manufactured outside the United States. Other countries don’t have to follow the same strict rules, which means shortcuts could’ve been taken. It doesn’t seem to be the case here; however, I’d much more comfortable buying a gauge made within the US.

11. GASLAND Propane Tank Gauge

The last product on our list certainly doesn’t falter when it comes to quality. For instance, this propane tank scale was created out of the best materials available. This design makes it one of the most impressive propane tank gauges out there today.

It also features some advanced manufacturing tech, which increases the product’s overall safety. This includes the addition of a gas leak detector, which will properly react to any issue with leaks or gas pressure, reaching a dangerous level.

The high level of focus put on safety measures should offer a bit more comfort regarding buying this device. Plus, these measures will help improve the product’s overall durability and make it more useful for a longer period.

As with many of our prior products, this outstanding design doesn’t negatively affect its assembly process. This device still requires no tools to set it up properly. In fact, it’ll only take a couple of minutes to get the job done.

The company’s customer service was another unexpected highlight. It’s an area most brands fail to excel in and often leave their clients cursing their names in the propane tank gauge’s review section. But this wasn’t the case at all when I contacted them about a few install questions.

GASLAND didn’t keep me on hold for long and answered my questions thoroughly. It was a delightful experience, which is a rarity during these phone calls. It seems this brand is more than willing to go above and beyond for their customers.

I should also mention this conclusion only further gets proven when you take a gander at the price tag. It’s among the lowest on this entire list and should be considered a bargain. You would have a hard time finding a better deal out there in this marketplace.

But the product’s lack of warranty is a bit worrisome. It’s more of a preference issue, but still, I’d much rather buy an option with one than without. I don’t like taking a risk unless I have to, which might be the case here given this excellent deal.

12. SHINESTAR Propane Splitter Adapter with Gauge

SHINESTAR’s Propane Splitter Adapter with Gauge is another option capable of connecting two appliances to one propane tank. For example, a person using a gas grill and firepit would be able to run both of them using one tank rather than two.

It’s an extremely convenient device, which makes the lives of an RV owner much easier. You also can easily monitor the gas levels thanks to the included gauge. Its inclusion ensures a person no longer has to lift up their tanks and shake to check levels.

This gauge is also easily readable from a distance, which is always a nice touch. It’s another feature that makes this device a bit more user-friendly. After all, who wants to walk over to their tanks regularly to check on levels? I know I don’t.

Its three different levels are rather easy to understand, as well. The needle being on red means it’s empty, yellow indicates low gas and green signals sufficient levels. In other words, it’s exactly the same as a traffic stoplight.

As for the device’s construction, it’s much like our other products mentioned here. It’s made from top-tier brass that’s capable of offering long-lasting usage. There’s no reason to believe this will be nothing other than a long term investment.

You can expect the connection between your propane appliance and fuel to be completely secure, too. This ability comes from its robust construction that I’d mentioned earlier. It’s just a well-built, reliable product, which more than capable of meeting your propane gauge needs.

But honestly, I do feel like the indication levels are a bit too vague. It seems like other buyers felt the same way. Several of them have complained about the gauge saying it was sufficient at even lower than average levels.

If you’re looking for the most accurate model out there, this one isn’t going to meet your needs. But it can do its job efficiently enough for a camper who’s just looking for something simple. In this area, the product more than meets the criteria.

RV Propane Tank Gauge Buyer’s Guide


Finding the perfect RV propane tank gauge will come down to several essential factors. This section will discuss each of these crucial pieces at length. As a result, this buying guide should provide a better idea of what you’re looking for in these products.


People might not realize a lot of different tank gauges are available for sale. But there happen to be a lot of types out there on today’s market. Each kind has its own set of advantages and situations where they’re capable of providing top tier results.

In most cases, a buyer will only need to know of four types: pressure propane tank gauges, weight propane tank gauges, magnetic propane tank gauges, and ultrasonic propane tank gauges. Pressure and weight gauges aren’t a good fit for people looking to bring their propane tanks inside an RV.

For instance, the reason behind a weight gauge’s failure comes from them, measuring the weight of gas inside your tank through using scales. Plus, these options require a lot of effort and work on your part as a user will constantly need to lift the tank.

Pressure gauges aren’t recommended, either, because these types are know to be the most reliable. You see, these products tend to be easily influenced by other things like a temperature shift, which can cause all sorts of problems with the readings.

It also doesn’t help that these readings aren’t too exact in the first. Pressure gauges often provide vague readings, which only convey them as low, empty, or good. This info doesn’t offer an exact amount of propane left in the tank.

But the other two types are much more useful. These are the kinds of propane gauges I’d suggest investing some money into buying. It’s not surprising the public seems to agree as ultrasonic gauges and magnetic gauges are extremely popular among buyers.

A magnetic propane tank gauge will function by tracking temperature changes within your propane tank through using colors. It’s an effective way to keep a person comprised of a tank’s propane level. However, you might have to buy a lot of them to measure levels accurately as they tend to be a little short.

On the other hand, ultrasonic gauges get the job done by emitting a sound of low-frequency. This sound will bounce back into your tank and track how much time it takes for the sound to travel back. It has proven to be an accurate and useful method, which RV owners have grown to love.

Design Quality

The tank gauges will be made from top-tier materials. I’d suggest looking for options consisting of heavy-duty grade components to ensure their quality. It would also be an excellent idea to only buy from trusted brands like the ones mentioned in our product review section.

You should be willing to pay a little extra for top-tier results, as well. After all, it means you’re getting a good product, and considering what these gauges track, it’d be smart to ensure your chosen model’s on the up and up.

Another way to determine a tank gauge’s well constructed is looking for certifications. These pieces of info will inform a buyer about each product being regulated and safe. For instance, look for the UL/DOT certification. If a model has one, you can rest easy knowing nothing dangerous will occur from its usage.

Overall Cost

Like with any product, the price tag will have a massive impact on what RV propane tank gauge you choose. It’s rather imperative to construct a budget around what you’re willing to spend and required features.

This budget will then save buyers a lot of time by reducing the number of choices. You’ll no longer have to wade from a flooded market of options. Therefore, this tool becomes a useful resource for lessening your stress and frustration.

Product Warranty

Another feature to check out would be the gauge’s product warranty. These policies can range anywhere from 30 days to lifetime. It’ll all depend on what manufacturer your chosen option comes from and what their belief is concerning warranties.

I’d recommend making sure you get a model with one, though. These policies can be a lifesaver and help ensure you get a model capable of meeting your needs. But please, make sure the brand isn’t just using this feature as a selling point. Do some research into it and find out whether they actually honor them before buying.

Additional Features

Some tank gauges will come with a few extra features besides what we’ve talked about previously in this section. For instance, certain options will be able to fit a wide variety of propane tanks, while others will only work on specific ones.

You may also come across gauges that have color-coded dials. This feature is helpful because it makes tracking the levels much easier and quicker. Making decisions about whether you want these additional features will help this entire process move along smoother.

So please, think about what you want from your tank gauge before diving into the options available. It’ll make your entire experience much more relaxed and keep you from going insane during the process.

Learn more about choosing the top-rated RV propane detectors if you need an appliance to protect your family from gas leaks.

RV Propane Tank Gauge FAQs

Our FAQ section will work like any other you’ve come across online. This part of the article will answer any remaining questions a buyer might have about these products. As a result, these customers shouldn’t have any more issues going forward with this process.

Who this is for?

Like most RV owners know already, propane tanks are a beneficial item to have during RVing adventures. These tanks make it much more convenient to do activities, such as cooking, cleaning, charging, refrigerating, and much more.

Many RV owners also love how inexpensive propane tanks are compared to other power sources. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re readily available around the places where RVers tend to travel. These tanks being rather environmentally friendly, certainly adds to their appeal, as well.

But if you’re going to use these tanks, it’s essential to have a propane tank gauge installed. These gauges will help an RV owner track the amount of propane left in their tank. People without a tank gauge are much more likely to find themselves stuck in an unknown place without fuel.

You should also invest in a gauge because these products are suitable to help rig owners avoid accidents. These items are capable of offering this benefit by detecting when there’s a leak and informing you when the tank’s already expired.

As for how these gauges work, this aspect depends on the type. Weight gauges function by measuring how much weight remains inside the tank. Pressure gauges are different and work by measuring what their name dictates, pressure.

You have magnetic types, as well, which work by tracking any temperature changes inside these propane tanks. Meanwhile, ultrasonic gauges function through emitting a high-frequency sound, which will bounce back into the tank.

In the end, a propane tank gauge ends up being a necessary investment for any rig owner. It’s the only way to keep track of your propane levels, safely and effectively. And since propane is rather dangerous, you can see why these products are so crucial. You just have to make sure the one you’ve chosen one is capable of meeting your needs.

How to read RV propane tank gauge?

Reading a propane gauge for RV usage shouldn’t be too difficult.

These numbers will be on a nice display for easy reading in most cases. So let’s say the gauge’s needle is on 70%. Therefore, it indicates your propane tank is 70% full.

What is the most accurate propane tank gauge?

If I had to pick one of our products, I’d select AP Products’s 024-1000 RV Propane Tank Level Sensors as the most accurate option. It has a stellar reputation for providing accurate readings without causing users problems.

How do you use a magnetic propane gauge?

A magnetic propane level indicator or gauge works by using magnets. Instead of measuring the propane’s level, these magnets measure your tank’s temperature. They indicate any shifts in temperature using different colors.

As a result, these options are often less effective than other types. It’s not uncommon for users to wonder why their RV propane tank gauge not working when using them.

You’ll likely need to buy additional components to ensure they provide accurate results.

I’d recommend looking at other gauge types unless the magnetic options come with excellent customer reviews.

Advantages and disadvantages of using an RV propane tank gauge

Using any RV related product will come with both advantages and disadvantages. This section will cover both sides in detail to ensure you’ve got all the info needed to make a sound decision. It’ll end up being a vital resource when starting your search.

Let’s start with the advantages to give you a sense of why buying a tank gauge would be a good investment. After all, isn’t it always better to start with the good news first?


Can Easily Read Propane Levels

The main benefit these gauges provide is an effective and easy way to track propane levels inside your tanks. As a result, rig owners will know the exact amount of gas inside these tanks and have a better idea of when a refill’s needed.

A propane tank gauge will also help you control and monitor the consumption, which helps keep track of your expense on propane.

Simple Using Process

One of the top advantages is their relatively simple using process. In fact, installing these devices is a job most rig owners will have no issue doing themselves. This aspect means you won’t have to hire an expert, which will save money.

You should also find their entire interface very easy to read and understand. After you set it up, it’s a simple matter of watching the needle fluctuate. This needle will provide all the info needed about your propane tank’s levels.

Comes with Extra Features

Propane tank gauges are a favorite tool among rig owners because they can save them money. For instance, these devices will ensure you can track how much propane is being consumed and the money being spent on it.

These pieces of information make it much easier to adjust and control your overall consumption. Plus, it lets you plan ahead for when the propane tank becomes empty. This advantage allows you to store tanks beforehand and avoid ever running out propane.

Saves You Money

Propane tank gauges are a favorite tool among rig owners because they can save them money. For instance, these devices will ensure you can track how much propane is being consumed and money is being spent on it.

These pieces of information make it much easier to adjust and control your overall consumption. Plus, it lets you plan ahead for when the propane tank becomes empty. This advantage allows you to store tanks beforehand and avoid ever running out propane.

Makes Using Propane Much Safer

Tank gauges are also a sufficient safety precaution to make sure nothing dangerous happens with your propane usage. You see, top-tier models are capable of detecting whenever there might be a leak inside the tank or when it needs replacing.

This ability will help a rig owner prevent and avoid anything tragic happening when traveling on their RVing adventures. It’s always a win when a product like this one can make sure everyone remains safe on the rig.


Inconsistent Readings

But even with all these positives, there’s one disadvantage that’s worth mentioning. Propane tank gauges tend to be susceptible to inconsistencies. This issue will entirely depend on what one you end up buying, which is why it’s essential to purchase a top-tier model.

You see, subpar models can end up being affected by certain factors like tank size, temperature, and a few other things. Pressure tank gauges are the most popular type with these issues because their way of working can be influenced easily by external issues.

Are propane tank gauges accurate?

Propane tank gauges are accurate as long as you have a reliable one. These models should have no issue meeting your expectations and needs. It’ll provide accurate readouts of your propane levels and inform of any gas leaks occurring.

But therein lies the trick, finding a reliable one. It has become a bit harder these days as many options are available out there on today’s market. However, the tools provided in this article should make finding the right one straightforward and issue free.

How long does propane last in an RV?

This question tends to be a trendy one among rig owners. After all, a person who knows how long their propane will last will know precisely when to refill it. But it’s rather tough to know exactly how many BTUs you are actively using to predict when your tank will be empty.

However, the general guideline is that a gallon of propane will last about 95 hours when burned at a rate of 1000 BTUs per hour. Sounds confusing, right? Well, let’s say you have a cooktop with a BTU rating of 30,000 BTU’s, then 1 gallon of propane will last 3.17 hours.

This math might seem a little confusing, which is why it’s never a bad idea just to rely on your propane tank gauge. It’s a much easier way to keep track of what’s going on with their propane levels than doing math problems like this one.

How to install?

Installing an RV propane tank gauge happens to be an incredibly easy job. Like I stated previously, it won’t even require the need to hire a professional or use any tool. It’s just a simple matter of following the directions laid out in the provided manual.

Most of the time, these directions will be straightforward and simple. But sometimes, manufacturers like to get a little too cute and make things difficult. I don’t understand the reason behind them doing this, but it does happen.

This issue is why reading the install directions beforehand should be something any potential buyer does. It’s the only way to ensure you’ll be completely comfortable with the product you’re buying. Other buyers’ experiences should help in this regard, as well.


After reading this article, you should have a much better handle on what the best RV propane tank gauge is for your situation. These discussions will help make the right option clear and apparent to ensure this process ends with a sound choice.

This perfect choice should then make your life using propane a much safer and more convenient experience. You’ll soon gain all the benefits these useful devices can offer a rig owner who’s enjoying their camping trips.

But if you do have any more questions, please feel free to leave them in our comment section. I’d love to help you out in any way possible. I’ll make sure to answer them as soon as I can. Thanks for reading.

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