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The Best RV Propane Regulators for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Shopping for RV related products is never as simple as a customer would expect. It’s no different when searching for the best RV propane regulator on today’s market. There happen to be a lot of moving parts, which could confuse more than a few customers.

This issue is where an article like this one could help drastically. In fact, I’ll cover several topics that will act as a guide during this entire process. Each discussion will provide some much needed info capable of identifying what option fits your needs.

best rv propane regulator

Due to this, a buyer shouldn’t have any issues finding the right propane regulator. This article will end up proving to be a crucial resource in your search. You just need to keep reading, and the right choice will become abundantly clear.

I promise reading this article won’t be something you end up regretting. So, let’s get this process started and find your perfect option.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Easy to Install
Preview Camco 59313

Flame King KT12ACR6a

Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253

Inlet 1/4″ Female NPT 1/4″ SAE 1/4″ Female Inverted Flare
Outlet 3/8″ Female NPT 3/8″ Female NPT 3/8″ Female NPT
Outlet Pressure 11″WC 11″WC 11″WC
BTU Level 160,000 BTU 190,000 BTU 225,000 BTU/ 150,000 BTU
Details Details Details

Top-Rated RV Propane Regulator Reviews

This section will consist of 12 product reviews, which should shed some light on what to look for in these devices. These discussions will also help you understand some of the more complex topics I cover later on in this article.

1. Camco 59313 Vertical Two Stage Propane Regulator

The first option on this list comes from a brand everyone should know, Camco. This brand happens to be a top company in many RV product markets. They’ve gained this status by offering great items and customer service.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this model doesn’t do anything to hurt this rep. This regulator actually has many great features, which make it stand out from its rivals. A good example is the product’s integral first and second stages.

This feature will make sure a more efficient and smoother flow of gas goes to all your propane appliances. It should have no problem ensuring these devices run without any hitches or issues thanks to this design.

I also love this product’s 160,000 BTU per hour capacity. This amount should be more than enough to ensure your appliances get enough propane for their needs. In fact, I can’t envision an RV set up where this two stage propane regulator for RV wouldn’t be a perfect fit.

The device’s 1-year warranty was another highlight feature for me. This aspect will ensure you have a bit of coverage and protection against any accident occurring with the device. It’s always a good idea to find a model with one of these policies.

Otherwise, you might end up stuck with a useless product that can’t work effectively. This situation is a nightmare, and one no customer wants to endure. I should mention this regulator’s price tag is rather affordable, as well, which always good news.

But I did have questions about its durability. You see, this product started showing signs of wear and tear after only a few months of use. I thought this might have been an isolated incident, but other buyers reported similar issues.

It’s not an ideal problem for these devices to have, but the low price and other great features still make it a good option.

2. Flame King KT12ACR6 2-Stage Auto Changeover LP Propane Regulator

If you have two propane tanks, this 2 stage propane regulator would be worth considering. This model will automatically switch over to the second tank once the first is empty. It’s an efficient and effective way to always ensure your RV appliances are running smoothly.

You also have to love this model’s color indicator that will change when a tank needs refilling. As a result, you’ll never find yourself running low on propane with this aspect, capable of providing a useful reminder.

This product makes it possible to remove an empty cylinder without stopping the propane supply, as well. Most buyers find it to be among their favorite features about this device. You can count me as one of them because it makes the using propane process much easier.

I found the product’s two-stage design to be another appealing aspect. This design will ensure the device can work well under various changes in demand or conditions. It makes this choice a rather effective and useful one to have on board an RV.

The product’s 12” pigtail hoses don’t hurt its case, either. These hoses will make connecting the device to your propane supply simple and straightforward. In fact, I didn’t have any problems doing this process, and I’m not great with these types of tasks.

Due to this, I’m quite confident anyone reading this article should have little issues getting this installed by themselves. There’s no reason to spend extra on a professional to do the job. You can instead spend that money on something more fun and exciting.

But I do have to note that I’m not a fan of this product’s price tag. It’s a bit more than I’d like to spend on an RV propane regulator. In fact, it’s one of the more costly items on this entire list, which makes it a hard sell for bargain buyers like me.

3. Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253 2-Stage RV Propane Regulator

Marshall Excelsior’s MEGR-253 2 Stage Auto Regulator is another option capable of managing two propane tanks at once. This model will automatically redirect gas flow from an empty tank to a reserve one without any interruption.

You can also benefit from this product’s indicator, which is very easy to read. This aspect will change from green to red when a tank needs refilling. Due to this, a rig owner should never find themselves unaware of an empty propane tank.

The regulator’s design material was another visible stand out for me. It’s made from raw zinc and has a powder coat that ensures top tier durability by being rust and corrosion-proof. As a result, there’s no reason to believe this model won’t be in your life for many years.

This heavy-duty design ensures it can handle constant adjustments in conditions, too, which makes it a good fit for year-round RVers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s freezing or extremely warm outside; this product will get the job done.

I found this product to have an easy install process, as well. Honestly, I didn’t have a single issue following the directions included in the manual. Other buyers seemed to experience the same with this device based on their reports.

But even with these great features, I did have two concerns about this product. The first one was this regulator doesn’t come with a warranty. It’s not a big deal, but it did kind of rubs me the wrong way as these devices tend to see a lot of wear and tear.

The second one is this product’s price. It’s a bit higher than you’d like to see for an RV propane regulator. I’d much rather spend a little less for a slightly inferior model than choose this one. But if money isn’t a concern, I don’t see how this model won’t be a great fit.

4. Fairview GR-9984 Camper Propane Automatic Changeover Regulator

Fairview’s GR-9984 Camper Propane Automatic Changeover Regulator is one of the more versatile options on this list. It gained this status through being able to replace any automatic changeover regulator on your current camper, trailer, motorhome, or RV.

This versatility makes it great for many jobs. It also helps that this Fairview RV propane regulator’s capable of offering good results in any of them. For instance, it comes with 345,000 BTU per hour capacity, which should have no issues providing enough gas for even the largest rigs.

You’ll be able to power your furnace, oven, stove, outside kitchen, and more with this device. This BTU amount is actually among the highest you’ll find on our entire list. It’s quite clear this product is ready to get the job done.

I love this product’s durable design, as well. It routinely receives high marks from buyers regarding its ability to resist issues like corrosion or rust. After all, there’s nothing worse than one of these devices that craps out after only a few months.

Buyers also tend to love how natural the product is to use with its many user-friendly features. These include a useful supply lever, adjustable gas pressure, and change indicator. Each of them will make your life as a rig owner much easier than it was before.

Aside from these great aspects, it doesn’t hurt that it’s an automatic option. This feature ensures the product will switch over to another tank whenever another gets empty. It’s a simple but effective way to make sure propane is always available to a user.

But I was rather annoyed by this model not coming with mounting screws. This feature only makes the install more complex than it needs to be for a rig owner. It’s a small problem, but one I had to mention because it did affect how I view this model as a whole. The price being high didn’t help its chances, either.

5. Cavagna Kosan 924N RV Auto Changeover Propane Regulator

Cavagna’s Kosan 924N RV Auto Changeover Propane Regulator is one of the most impressive options for rig owners. It earns this distinction with reliable aluminum construction and stainless steel screws/bolts.

Honestly, given its sturdy build, I can’t imagine this model breaking down for many years. It shouldn’t have trouble hitting the 10 or 15-year marks before a replacement is necessary. And let’s now forget its temperature-resistant diaphragm, which further enhances durability.

But its resilience isn’t this product’s only highlight-worthy attribute. Buyers will also love that this product comes with gauge indicators to ensure easy usage. In fact, I’ve never had an issue learning whether my tank needed a refill.

Meanwhile, this product automatically can change from an empty propane tank to a full one when used in a two-tank setup. So I never have to worry about my appliances not getting the gas they need to run effectively.

This 2-tank auto changeover regulator even allows me to remove an empty cylinder without shutting off my propane supply. Therefore, refilling my tanks becomes much more straightforward than many other dual propane regulator models.

Another notable feature is its ability to provide 160,000 BTUs. I’d imagine this amount should be more than enough for any RVer. Plus, this model had a much easier installation process than expected from a 2-tank auto changeover propane regulator. It was much simpler and straightforward than what I’m used to installing.

My only issue with this excellent propane regulator is its price tag. Sadly, this model is among our list’s most expensive choices. Buyers must decide whether its practical design and outstanding results are worth the extra cost. But it’s hard to see how this model wouldn’t be worth it, especially with its long-term durability.

6. Fairview RV LP Propane 2 Stage Automatic Changeover Regulator

Buyers who want an RV propane regulator replacement should take a long gander at this model from Fairview. It covers all the boxes a person could want for a device capable of working with a two propane tank system.

For instance, this model can replace any existing automatic changeover regulator being used on a motorhome. It doesn’t matter whether its a Class A or Class C; this model will be able to work for your needs.

I also found this heavy-duty design rather appealing. This aspect will keep the product guarded in any situation or condition it might encounter. In fact, this model has proven to hold up even in the coldest temperatures.

You shouldn’t sleep on this model’s 262,500 BTU capacity, either. This feature makes it a compatible device with even the largest RVs. Honestly, it shouldn’t have any issues working as a regulator for those monster 40ft Class A rigs.

As with some prior options, this model functions perfectly as a two propane tank regulator. It’s capable of fitting this role because it will switch to the reserve when the primary tank is empty. Therefore, it provides a steady source of propane for your RV appliances.

The install process was an easy task, as well. This aspect ends up being vital because there’s no point in getting one of these devices if you or an expert can set up correctly. But thankfully, this issue didn’t arise, and the entire job was done in a matter of minutes.

But I did face some packaging issues with this product. The regulator arrived in a loose bag, and its finish was a bit wore down, which isn’t ideal. It doesn’t seem like an isolated problem, either, as other buyers reported similar issues.

7. JR Products 07-30325 RV High Pressure Propane Regulator

One of the more cost-effective options would be JR Products’ 07-30325 RV High Pressure Propane Regulator. It’s easily among the least expensive choices on our list, which should intrigue any bargain buyers. I certainly raised my eyebrows when first coming across it.

This cost-effectiveness only increases when considering its buying options. Customers are provided an opportunity to bulk buy six of these regulators. In my case, I only needed one for my rig, but it’s easy to see how this option would be convenient.

Of course, it wouldn’t matter if this trailer propane regulator wasn’t effective. But it managed to solve my propane-related issues without much difficulty. I simply replaced my old defective unit with it and haven’t had a problem since.

Many would be surprised with how easy the setup was compared to other options. For instance, it was a direct replacement for my prior propane regulator. So the entire process didn’t take much time or effort.

Furthermore, I adore the design as it doesn’t have any replaceable parts. So there isn’t any need for future adjustments. Therefore, I won’t need to mess around with it as much as with other models that contain various moving components.

This gas regulator for RV has a red coloring like all high-pressure models. It’s not a massive deal, but I enjoy how it’s easily noticeable. So I’ll never have a hard time finding the item if I need to replace it.

As for its flaws, I did notice a few customers mention that its durability was somewhat lackluster. Some have reported it needing replacing after a year or two. But I would consider these isolated incidents as most buyers were delighted by its performance and quality.

8. Camco Propane Double-Stage Auto-Changeover Regulator

Anyone looking for a 2 tank propane regulator should seriously consider giving this model from Camco a shot. This dual propane tank regulator is an absolute gem with its great features, such as its double stage design.

It’s an aspect that allows the device to maintain constant pressure and avoid having too little or too much propane to enter your appliances. Due to this, it’s a useful product at keeping everyone safe onboard your RV.

You also have to love this product’s stainless steel build. This build will help ensure the purchase becomes a long term one rather than short. It offers this benefit because of its ability to fight against both rust and corrosion.

I found this product’s ability to automatically switch from primary to reserve tanks rather impressive, as well. Some models offer this aspect but don’t follow it up with their performance. I can confidently say this product isn’t like those inferior models.

Buyers should like this product’s 210,000 BTU capacity, too, as it should have no qualms getting the job done. It’s quite clear that large and small RV owners with two propane tank systems would truly benefit from this product.

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn Camco offers a warranty with purchase, either. This one is a 1-year policy, which should provide enough time to determine whether it’s a good fit.

It’ll also protect you from any accident or incident occurring with the device during this time frame. This type of feature is another one, which conveys Camco truly cares about their buyers’ experiences with their products.

But I was slightly annoyed when I got the product with no install directions or guidance. It made the setting up process much harder than I had ever envisioned. Honestly, it seems like a weird oversight by a company that has such a top tier rep among rig owners.

9. GASPRO 2 Stage Propane Regulator

A person looking for a two stage propane regulator could do a lot worse than this one from GASPRO. This brand made sure to incorporate everything essential into this well-designed beast of a regulator.

One example would be it being made from 100% solid brass. This material ensures a level of durability and security that most other models can’t match. It shouldn’t have any issues providing a secure connection between your tanks and appliances for years to come.

These appliances will include devices like a hot water heater, fire pit, propane fireplace, stoves, ranges, gas grills, and much more. It’s a rather useful two-stage regulator to have onboard a rig during an RVing camping trip.

As with our previous two-stage options, this one will have no issues providing a more consistent propane flow than you’d see with one stage model. It’s just a perfect fit for any RVer looking for a new RV LP gas regulator.

You should also love this product’s price tag that should have no issues fitting into most people’s budgets. It actually hovers right around how much I would be willing to spend on one, which means fellow bargain buyers should be smiling reading this review.

The install process was another aspect that caught my attention. It’s one of the easiest I’ve encountered during all my product research on these devices. You shouldn’t have any issues setting it up regardless of your experience dealing with these tasks.

But this model doesn’t come with a warranty, which is a real bummer. It seems like a massive misstep by a brand that has such a pristine rep. However, this little issue isn’t going to stop me from considering this regulator as a top model. The features it provides and low price is too appealing not to consider.

10. Marshall Excelsior MEGR-130-30 High Pressure Regulator

The cheapest product on this entire list comes from a top-flight brand, Marshall Excelsior. This company has proven time and time again to put their customers’ needs before anything else with their products.

As you might expect, it’s not any different with the Marshall Excelsior MEGR-139-30 High Pressure Regulator. This model is a single-stage option, which means it won’t be a suitable choice for controlling your RV’s propane supply.

But it makes this list because this model can handle the propane supply of small appliances used outside the rig. These include a portable grill or campfire that can be crucial pieces to your RVing experience.

In these situations, you aren’t going to find a more capable option than this one. It’s a high-pressure, adjustable regulator that will provide a leak-free propane connection to your appliances.

This model can supply these results thanks to its reinforced rubber diaphragm and crimped design. These two aspects provide a level of performance that other single-stage options can only hope to offer. It’s easily the best example of this regulator type on today’s market.

You don’t have to worry about the install being tricky, either. This model comes with detailed directions, which nobody should have issues following. If I could get this task done without needing help, you shouldn’t have much trouble.

It’s also worth mentioning, again, that the price is absolutely incredible. This product is a steal for anyone who wants a single-stage model. But I do have to warn you about one small issue. It does have a rather short lifespan.

This product started showing wear and tear after only a few months of usage. It’s not a huge concern because of the price, but it’s still irritating. I expect it to crap out around the year mark as other buyers’ reported this happening.

11. Marshall Excelsior MEGR-298 Excela-Flo Two-Stage Compact Regulator

One of the first things to stick out about this product is its design. It’s made from raw zinc and is nicely powder-coated to ensure it can handle any situation. This quality should make sure the product remains capable of producing excellent results for a long, long time.

It’s also worth noting that this design is rather compact, which makes it versatile. This regulator can be used with many applications, such as an RV, cabins, seasonal homes, outdoor appliances, and similar settings.

In these settings, you can expect this regulator to work perfectly, thanks to its two-stage construction. This allows the product to monitor your propane usage and ensure it remains under control without causing any issues.

You can have peace of mind about using this regulator, as well. It was made to meet UL, RVIA, and NFPA requirements, which ensures the product’s overall safety. Due to this, you don’t have to worry about anything bad happening when it’s used correctly.

The client service offered by this brand was another appealing trait. I had a few questions about the install process and didn’t face a long wait time to get my answers. This outcome rarely ever happens with these types of products.

But none of these features is the best aspect offered by this model. Anyone who ends up seeing this product’s price tag will conclude this feature is the top selling point. It should be considered a bargain because of the great results and rather low price.

Honestly, anyone looking for flaws with this option will be disappointed. I did a lot of product research on this one and didn’t come across a single person with a bad thing to say. My experience with the device was positive, as well. You aren’t going to find a model with much better quality than this one.

12. UFPD 2-Stage Propane Tank Regulator

UFPD’s 2-Stage Propane Tank Regulator is another one equipped with all-too-important auto changeover features. As you know from previous reviews, this ability allows for the device to switch from an empty primary tank to a reserve tank when needed.

But this changeover feature isn’t its only appealing trait. You should also love that this model comes with two 12-inch pigtail hoses included with purchase. These features will ensure a buyer doesn’t have to buy these vital pieces separately, which is always annoying.

As someone who hates buying extra pieces, you can bet I was thrilled to see their inclusion. It didn’t even make the product’s overall price all that outrageous, either. UFPD was kind enough to keep it reasonable and make bargain buyers happy.

I found this product’s two-stage design appealing because it lets you hook up two propane tanks at once, as well. This aspect would be perfect for my RV as I have a lot of propane-based devices onboard and don’t have time to refill them constantly.

It just saves me from a huge hassle of trying to find a place to refill them continuously. Plus, it also doesn’t hurt that this option comes with the excellent feature of allowing to replace a tank without stopping propane access.

Overall, this model ends up being a simple, straightforward option capable of providing what you’re looking for from these devices. It’s not flashy or exciting, but it gets the work done with little to no issues being offered.

The only issue I could even come up with was the pigtails hoses being a bit less durable than expected. I can see them breaking down already, and it has only been about a couple of months. It’s kind of a bummer, too, because this model doesn’t have a warranty, either.

13. Cavagna 52-A-890-0006B Auto Changeover RV Gas Regulator Kit

Cavagna’s 52-A-890-0006B Auto Changeover Regulator Gas Kit is an extremely convenient option for anyone looking to get a simple model. You see, this model comes with everything needed to get the install done from a mounting bracket to its plastic cap cover.

These pieces make setting up and using this gas regulator a much easier endeavor than with other options. I also love that this product comes with a built-in back check value. This aspect will allow a user to refill an empty tank, while the second tank remains working.

As a result, it becomes a much more user-friendly event for rig owners who use devices powered by propane. The product’s 160,000 BTU per hour capacity isn’t anything to sneeze at, either. This amount of propane should be more than enough to meet your RVing needs.

I was intrigued by this product’s excess flow device, as well. This feature is a safety precaution capable of limiting gas flow when a hose might erupt or disconnect. It’s a key element to make sure everything stays safe and accident-free with your propane usage.

This model offers a bit more control than other options, too, with its adjustable pressure setting. It’s a nice feature to ensure the user feels comfortable with the process by adjusting it based on their likings.

I should also mention this model comes with an easy to see full/empty indicator. This feature makes reading the signal much easier than with other similar products. As someone with bad eyesight, I can’t stress enough about how much I enjoyed this aspect.

But this model does have a rep for having problems working well in freezing weather. I’d suggest cold-weather RVers look elsewhere when searching for their next one. Otherwise, it might cause a huge issue on one of these cold winter nights.

14. Mr. Heater F273766 High Capacity Auto-Changeover Two Stage Regulator

The last product on our list is Mr. Heater’s F273766 High Capacity Auto-Changeover Two Stage Regulator. This particular is a low-pressure propane regulator, which will provide enough fuel to ensure your RV’s devices run smoothly.

It’s capable of accomplishing this goal through its many great features. One of them happens to be its 400,000 BTUs capacity, which is easily among the highest on our list. This capacity should have no issues, even handling the largest rigs.

I also found this model coming with everything included to be rather convenient. You see, it comes with both a cover bracket and all the required install hardware. These pieces make using and installing this regulator a breeze.

Buyers tend to love the product’s overall design, as well. It’s made of heavy-duty zinc and solid brass fittings to ensure long term usage. This regulator shouldn’t have any issues lasting more than a couple of years.

Honestly, you’re going to have a hard time finding another model with a better build than this one. It’s truly a marvel and should easily deal with the conditions it might face during your road trip.

Aside from these aspects, it has several we’ve seen in our prior reviews. These include an automatic changeover function, level indicator, and being capable of working with a two-tank system. Each of these aspects should make an RV owner really happy with the results offered by this model.

But I did have concerns about this model not coming with helpful install directions. You instead get a small set printed on the back of its packaging, which is hard for someone with bad eyesight to read.

As you might expect, it made the entire process quite the hassle. It brought a great deal of stress and frustration into your life that I didn’t want.

RV Propane Regulator Buyer’s Guide


Searching for the right regulator will consist of making many vital choices. This section should help decide these choices by going over crucial buying factors. As a result, you’ll have enough info to make a smart choice about what option fits your needs perfectly.


You’ll come across a few different types during your search for the perfect RV propane regulator. But the main ones worth noting are single stage, two stage, and automatic dual tank regulators.

As you might expect, each one will have situations and purposes where their usage would be more suitable. We’ll discuss all three in-depth to ensure you have enough info to choose which one fits your needs perfectly.

Single Stage Propane Regulators

The first thing to know about single stage regulators is they aren’t compatible with RVs. Why are they mentioned in this article? Well, these products could be suited for small appliances that you might use when camping or outside your rig.

An excellent example is some single stage regulators can be used for something like a portable grill or campfire. But using one with an RV would cause the pressure to come out at dangerous levels, which could cause severe damages.

Two Stage Propane Regulators

Unlike single stage options, two stage models are capable of working with an RV’s propane needs. These products will easily ensure your furnaces, stoves, ovens, water heaters, and more run without issue.

I must point out high flow two stage regulators do exist, as well. These options would be a better fit for a larger rig like Class A RVs. After all, these options are capable of handling things like outside kitchens, accessory connections, and more than one furnace.

Automatic Dual Tank Propane Regulators

RV owners with more than one tank should probably go with an automatic dual propane regulator. These products allow a rig owner to have a constant wellspring of propane. This aspect is made possible by these products having a lever, which is simple to use.


One of the most important factors will be the overall cost. In most cases, an RV propane regulator won’t end up costing all that much. You can usually get one for around $30, which won’t empty your bank account.

Some brands will try to make you spend more than this amount, though, by including new or exciting features. This reality shouldn’t be too shocked to anyone who’s spent a lot of time shopping for RV parts.

Due to this, every buyer will need to examine whether these new features will fit your situation. For example, it’s crucial to identify whether you want an RV propane regulator with a warranty or a high amount of BTUs.

These small details will help decide how much you’re willing to spend on a propane regulator. You can then set up a budget around these wants to help make this entire process more manageable. It’s an effective way to ensure you don’t end up making the wrong choice.

Overall, I’d suggest sticking with options that cost around $30. These devices should have everything you’re looking for in a propane regulator. Anything these models don’t have is usually not necessary and just unneeded additions.

Design Quality

An RV propane regulator will play a vital role within your rig’s propane system. This should make it rather obvious that you’ll want one made with a top tier design. Therefore, any smart buyer will take the time to examine the materials used in each option.

The first thing to understand is these products will not last a lifetime. Most top tier models usually have a 15-year lifespan, which means a buyer should find an option capable of hitting or getting close to this mark.

A great way to achieve this goal is by doing a thorough exam of each option’s materials before making your final choice. Most of the time, this will consist of finding out whether the product’s brass, stainless steel, raw zinc, or aluminum design is durable.

You can determine this by reading through other buyers’ experiences. These discussions should provide valuable info about each model’s durability and longevity. If there’s an issue in this area, there’s no reason to believe you won’t find at least a couple of other buyers grumbling about it.

I should also note that buyers should look out for the phrase “heavy-duty design.” This phrase is a great sign that the company making the regulator took a great deal of time to prepare how well its product could hold up against issues like rust.

Install Process

Most RV related products tend to have complex installs. This issue can bring forth a great deal of stress and frustration for a rig owner. Thankfully, a propane regulator doesn’t fit into this category.

The top-tier propane regulator for RVs won’t even require help from a second person or expert to get this task done. But there might be a few hiccups with some models. For example, an automatic dual propane regulator might not come with the necessary mounting hardware.

These products lacking this mounting hardware can make the install a bit more challenging than expected. Honestly, this potential issue isn’t the only one that could complicate the process, either.

Due to this, it becomes imperative to check out how other buyers felt about the install process. These resources should provide a clear outlook about how the product works in this area and settle whether it’s a good fit for you.

I should also note that getting a regulator will all the needed tools included is a wise move. Buying them separate from the product could end up being a huge hassle, and not something you’ll want to endure.

BTU Capacity

Every RV propane regulator will have a different BTU capacity. What does this measurement mean? Well, the BTU capacity measures how much gas is allowed to flow into your propane appliances.

In other words, the higher the amount of BTUs, the more gas a regulator will let flow into your furnace and similar appliances. I must also note that a model with a higher number of BTUs will end up being more costly than one with less.

This aspect means every buyer will need to examine what amount of BTUs would meet their propane needs. If you end up buying a model with too low an amount, it could cause your appliances not to run effectively.

As a result, I’d suggest getting a regulator with the highest flow rate possible capable of fitting into your budget. This action will ensure your devices can run effectively without having any hassles or issues with propane amount.

I think most of you shouldn’t encounter any issues with 50,000 BTU plus models. This number should be enough to meet all your propane needs. But this decision will obviously depend on what kind of appliances you have onboard the RV.

Also, check our guide for top-rated RV propane detectors if you need an appliance to protect your family from gas leaks.

RV Propane Regulator FAQs

The purpose of our FAQ section shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone reading this article. It will help answer any questions the prior discussions didn’t cover. As a result, it should be the last resource needed to pick your perfect RV propane regulator.

Who this is for?

RV propane regulators are a vital part of enjoying your RVing trips. It gets this status because this device helps keep rig owners and their families safe. You see, most rigs use LPG or liquid propane to make living on-the-road a manageable life.

The propane will accomplish this task by being a power source for these following appliances: ovens, stoves, portable grills, furnaces, refrigerators, and more. But these devices need something to control the amount of propane flow into them.

After all, it’s an extremely volatile power source, which can become dangerous when used unsafely. This issue is where a regulator comes in and makes sure nothing tragic happens with these devices.

It ends up being a key piece to the RVing lifestyle because it can safely keep these vital devices running onboard your rig. Therefore, these products are a necessity for anyone looking to use propane as a power source.

Advantages of using an RV propane regulator

Many benefits exist from using a propane regulator when having an RV powered through propane use. As I noted earlier, propane can be very dangerous to use when its pressure is at unsafe or erratic levels.

The damage caused by these unsafe levels would easily eclipse what a person would spend on a regulator. Therefore, it makes much more sense to buy one now than run the risk of having to pay for RV repairs.

In fact, you should never run your propane supply without a proper regulator, or the safety of everyone inside the rig could be at risk. It’s a vital piece of safety equipment made to monitor and ensure your tank’s pressure level is always at a safe level.

These products will also help make sure the devices being run with propane are working effectively and not causing any issues. In other words, a pressure regulator is needed to ensure that your devices and gear are running correctly.

But one of these appliances running without one being involved would allow them to use more propane than required. Due to this, these products end up saving you money by ensuring your propane devices use as much as needed.

Another key benefit of having a good regulator is their ability to ensure you have heat access when camping. It’s a vital piece to ensure everyone onboard can have peace of mind about never having to camp without a heater.

I should also mention these products tend to be very easy to use. It won’t take much time on your part to learn how to use and install them correctly. Plus, it helps that the heavy-duty ones are often durable and last a long time.

What is the difference between a single-stage and a two stage propane regulator?

The difference between a single-stage and a two-stage propane regulator isn’t as complicated as an RVer might imagine. Instead, it’s relatively straightforward, with single-state models using one step for their jobs and two-stage models using two.

But the more crucial information is that single-stage models aren’t suitable for RV usage. They’re a safety concern as they don’t regulate propane pressure like their two-stage counterparts do. It would be best to employ them only for smaller applications, such as a portable camping fire or grill.

Meanwhile, two-stage options will have no issues working as a camper propane regulator. It’s just a matter of choosing a high-quality one like Flame King’s Cavagna Kosan 924N RV Auto Changeover Propane Regulator.

How do I know what propane regulator I need?

Choosing the proper propane regulator is about knowing how many BTUs are required to meet your propane needs. You then find an option capable of providing those BTUs and running your appliances effectively.

Another thing to consider is how many tanks are in your setup. In most cases, the answer will be either one or two. Rig owners will then need to respond by buying a single-tank RV propane regulator or a two-tank RV propane regulator.

If you need more help, I recommend referring to our “Best RV Propane Regulator Buyer’s Guide” section. It’ll ensure you know what propane regulator could be an ideal fit for your specific needs.

Do I need a high or low-pressure propane regulator?

In most cases, RVers use a low-pressure regulator for travel trailer use. But there are setups and scenarios where a high-pressure model is required. So this variation makes it difficult to judge what’s needed without knowing the exact layout.

Thankfully, this info will often be stamped right onto your old regulator. High-pressure regulators are also labeled with the color red. Once you determine if it’s low or high pressure, replace it with the same type.

How often should a propane regulator be replaced?

Most experts suggest replacing propane regulators about every 10 to 15 years. However, it doesn’t mean RVers should expect their regulators to last this long. Some models even fall victim to an RV propane regulator recall and need replacing immediately. So, it’s crucial to keep up-to-date on any recalls and check on regulators for any issues frequently.

I’d also recommend replacing old regulators with high-quality options like Fairview’s GR-9984 Camper Propane Automatic Changeover Regulator. It’s a simple way to ensure the new regulator can last up to 10 or 15 years.

How long does an RV propane regulator last?

The longevity of RV propane regulators can vary drastically. However, any high-quality option should last 10-15 years without much issue. Personally, I’d start thinking about replacements around the 10-year mark as the internal parts will begin wearing down even in durable regulators.

How do you know if your propane regulator is bad?

Some symptoms of a bad propane regulator do exist. These include a popping sound occurring when turning a burner off or on, a yellow or orange flame and a loud noise coming from the burner, or the flame spilling out the burner.

Each of these situations could indicate you might be experiencing RV propane regulator problems. It’d be wise to consider getting a new one when noticing one of these problems.

How to install?

Installing a propane regulator isn’t a tricky process like a person might expect. It’s a rather simple one, which requires very little thought or time on your part. In fact, this task won’t even need the help of a certified expert like other RV product installs.

The process itself will not require a lot of tools, and many options come with everything needed included in the package. Of course, some models won’t, and a buyer will need to buy a few parts separately. I’d suggest avoiding these models because buying separate hardware can be quite annoying.

In any case, this whole task will end up revolving around your ability to follow the manual’s directions. A person who finds them easy to follow shouldn’t find themselves having any issues get the task done.

But people who feel a little uncomfortable with their abilities doing these tasks shouldn’t feel bad about calling in an expert. Honestly, I’m not the greatest at this sort of thing and had to call one in with my last regulator. There’s no shame in making sure everything is installed correctly. It also helps that it won’t cost much, either.

What is the warranty?

Warranties for propane regulators will differ drastically based on what brand made your chosen model. You might find ones with 1-year, 5-year, or 15-year pledges. It’s even possible to come across an option with no warranty at all. It’s a crapshoot.

I would suggest ensuring your model has one, though, to offer protection against an accident occurring. After all, a bad regulator can cause a lot of damage, and RV repairs are never cheap.


Finding the best RV propane regulator shouldn’t be much of a problem with this article at your disposal. It contains everything a person might need to determine what option fits their particular needs the best.

But if any more questions do come up during your search, don’t hesitate to let us know in our comment section. I’ll do my best to answer your concerns as quickly as possible. Honestly, I just want to make sure this process becomes a hassle-free experience.

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