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The Best RV Portable Waste Tanks of 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Best RV Portable Waste Tank

Are you in the market for an RV portable waste tank, but having some issues find the perfect one? Don’t worry; you’re not alone as we’ve been in the same position before. I mean, the amount of options is downright overwhelming.

And you can’t avoid buying one of these products forever. Honestly, these portable waste tanks make the waste removal process significantly easier and less of a nuisance; therefore, purchasing one becomes an essential piece of the RVing experience.

With this in mind, we thought creating a buying guide could help you navigate this oversaturated marketplace. In doing so, we hope this article will point you towards the best RV portable waste tank for your circumstances.

We’ll go over all the ins and outs of these valuable products to ensure your search becomes much more relaxed and straightforward. After all, your RVing experience should be about enjoying the fun things you do on your trips.

You shouldn’t spend an excessive amount of time worrying about things like RV portable waste tanks. So please, keeping reading and let us help you make this experience less time consuming/frustrating. We promise you won’t regret it.


Best Overall Largest Capacity Light Weight
Preview Camco 39004

Barker 30844

SmartTote2 40519

Weight ‎37.5 pounds ‎47 pounds ‎29 pounds
Material Blow-Molded HDPE Blow-Molded Polyethylene Polypropylene
Number Of Wheel 2 4 4
Capacity 28 Gallons 42 Gallons 35 Gallons
Details Details Details

Table of Contents

List of Top 16 RV Portable Waste Tank Reviews

Within this section, we’ll provide you with 16 reviews of the top RV portable waste tanks on the market. From these reviews, you’ll start to see what makes one of these products high-quality and know what you should be looking for in the one you purchase.

1. Camco Rhino 39004 Portable Waste Tank

The Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 28-Gallon Portable RV Tote Waste Tank is often put among the top-rated portable waste tanks within its marketplace. It has cultivated this status thanks to the myriad of high-quality features it has in its arsenal.

One of these features is its highly durable construction as its design material is blow molded and UV stabilized HDPE material. In other words, there’s little that could cause this heavy-duty model issues, and it can even withstand constant exposure to the sun.

And as with many products on this list, this waste tank also comes with high-quality wheels, which will aid massively in the transportation process. The low drain feature isn’t too shabby either as it’ll make the emptying process go much smoother.

But the best part about this Camco product is its resistant to trapping smells. It can accomplish this highly sought after quality thanks to a smooth inside, which both prevents stinky odors from getting trapped and makes removing them remarkably simple when clean it.

And speaking of cleaning the tank, this product also comes with an integrated tank rinser, which makes this process much more manageable. This rinser will ensure any leftover waste residue quickly slides down the tank, and it accelerates the cleaning process considerably as well.

It’s also helpful this model is ready to use the moment you purchase it. As a result, you won’t find yourself needing any extra tools for a complicated installation process, which is always a win in my book.

Overall, this RV portable waste tank showcases why Camco always represents a safe bet when you’re looking for any RV related part or accessory. If you buy this product, there’s a high probability you’ll end up a satisfied customer.

2. Barker 42-Gallon 4-Wheeler RV Tote Tank

Our first product from the highly respected manufacturer Barker has the most significant capacity at 42 gallons you’ll see in this entire article. With this massive tank, you can bet this model would be an ideal option for anyone going on a long road trip.

But it’s large capacity isn’t the only positive this product has going for it. The design material also makes this particular model a rugged and durable with its blow molded polyethylene, zinc plated steel, and aluminum construction.

This heavy-duty construction also makes this waste tank incredibly easy to clean. Plus, it has four air-filled rubber wheels, which makes transporting this beast a breeze. The 3-inch valves are another nice touch as they help ensure you don’t have to lift the tank for the dumping process.

And if you find yourself receiving a faulty model, there’s a two-year warranty, which should offer you some insurance. A policy such as this one is always a nice thing to have just in case something goes wrong with the product.

The fact Barker’s customer service was often given praise in the customer reviews is another sign this manufacturer really cares about its customers. As a result, if you end up buying this model, you can feel confident you’ll end up satisfied with your purchase.

In the end, this product has a lot going for it and should be near the top of your list depending on your capacity needs. Honestly, if you need a larger sized portable waste tank, this one from Barker could be a fantastic option for you.

3. Thetford SmartTote2 35-Gallon 4-wheeled RV Portable Waste Tote Tank

Here’s a surprise; we’ve come across another Thetford product on our list. This particular model, the Thetford SmartTote2 35-Gallon 4-wheeled RV portable Waste Tote Tank, complies an extensive list of features that make it an incredible option for any RV owner.

The first feature that sticks out is its four-wheel design, which makes transporting the waste tank to the nearest dumping station as simple as possible. Plus, it has an extendable handle that’ll you can easily attach to your trailer hitch.

These two features put together can create a durable design, which will be able to withstand any environmental element it comes across. In other words, rust, water or sun damage shouldn’t be an issue with this waste tank.

We should also mention this product has a durable design, which will be able to withstand any environmental element it comes across. In other words, rust, water or sun damage shouldn’t be an issue with this waste tank.

This product being pre-assembled is another feature that’ll make anyone lucky enough to purchase it a satisfied customer. As a result, you won’t have to worry about buying extra accessories or using tools to get it ready for use.

And it has a large port opening and a level gauge, which will both make your life as an RV owner hassle-free for reasons expressed in the previous reviews. It also an innovative compartment, which protects both the hose and sewer fittings.

Overall, this model is another Thetford product that lives up to the reputation this company has cultivated over the years. Buying this model wouldn’t be a decision you’d end up regretting.

4. Tote-N-Stor 25609 32-Gallon Portable Waste Transport

In what should be no surprise to no one, another Tote-N-Stor has appeared on our list. This 32-Gallon version will give you enough capacity to ensure bringing this along on a more extended trip wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

This product having all the necessary accessories and a storage compartment only further cements the idea of this being a useful addition to your RVing experience. This feature adds too much convenience for it not to be mentioned as an overwhelming positive.

And since it has all its accessories, you can bet this product comes completely assembled; therefore, you can expect it to be ready for use form the moment you get it. Plus, you won’t have to spend extra money on buying separate parts, which will reduce the stress this buying experience causes you.

The inclusion of eight inches of steel tow bracket is another added benefit you shouldn’t overlook. This feature will make towing your RV’s portable black water tank’s waste container over to the dumping station much more manageable.

It’s also helpful that this product’s incredible performance can be useful in many different situations. You can use this waste tank in a cabin, mobile home or camper as well, which speaks to the overall convenience this model offers the person who buys it.

All in all, you’re looking at a high-quality product that anyone needing an RV portable septic holding tank could see as a worthwhile option. And it’s available at a reasonable price as well.

5. Barker 30-Gallon Tote Tank

The Barker 30-Gallon Tote Tank provides the person using it with enough capacity for a long extended trip and many different features that supply peak performance quality. And it all starts with the design of this high-quality model.

This design consists of aluminum and polyethylene that’s blow molded, which ensures environmental factors such as water damage and rust won’t be an issue. Honestly, anything that makes sure a product’s long-lasting should be a feature you prioritize.

This model also has zinc-plated brackets, which further ensure this product will stay in tip-top shape for at least the next few years. And since it has aluminum in its design, you can rest easy knowing this waste tank will have a lighter weight than expected.

As a result, you can reasonably expect the transport process to be easier, which becomes more evident when you consider this product comes with rubber wheels and a tow-handle as well. With features such as these, transporting this waste tank to the nearest dumping station should provide you minimal issues.

It coming with both a 3-inch sewer connection and a 5-foot hose isn’t a shabby inclusion either. In particular, the 5-foot hose will make the cleaning process significantly more manageable, which is something you should always be aware of with a product such as this one.

Given all these excellent features, it seems Barker did a remarkable job creating a waste tank that should satisfy the needs of most RV owners; therefore, it’d be in your best interest to give this model some serious consideration.

6. Thetford 35-Gallon SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank

Our second product from Thetford comes with one of the largest capacities we’ll see in the products we review within this section; therefore, if you’re going on a more extended trip or have a lot of people for a short trip, this product could represent a worthwhile option.

And it’s large capacity isn’t the only feature that makes this product a fantastic model; this portable waste tank also has two wheels for easy transportation along with optional tow strap hooks that make the transport process much more convenient.

It helps that this particular model can work with a variety of applications as well. It’s has been known to work effectively in RVs, cabins, tiny homes, mobile homes, camping grounds, and for boat owners too.

You should also take into account the efficiency of the using process too. This portable waste tank’s whole design is centered around making the emptying go as fast as possible. And given the number of reviews that highlight this product’s ability in this regard, it’s not a stretch to say the design works.

But the design doesn’t just speed up the using process; it also has a retainer strap, which holds the sewer hose in place and ensures leaks or accidents don’t happen. Since we’re dealing with human waste, this feature is a welcomed addition.

Plus, like the other Thetford product we’ve reviewed, it also comes with an Autostop gauge, which will stop overflowing. In the end, this model certainly conveys why this manufacturer continues to pop up on our list with its unbelievable quality.

7. Thetford 27-Gallon SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank

Continuing to display this manufacturer’s high-quality chops, the Thetford 27-Gallon SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank is another phenomenal option from this brand. This particular model has a significant enough capacity where it could be a worthwhile option for both short and long trips.

In other words, it’s the perfect middle ground. It also has the versatility to be used in many different situations. It can be useful for all types of RVs, campers, motorhomes, and trailers. You’ll find them in campgrounds, cabins, tiny homes, and mobile homes as well.

Its four-wheel design is another positive we like to see on any portable waste tank. This feature makes the transportation process significantly more manageable and makes sure you won’t have to move your whole RV every time you need to dump your waste.

The design itself is another nice touch this Thetford portable waste tank has as it’s rugged and durable, which will allow the product to last for a long time. After all, there’s no point in buying a waste tank that’s just going to become useless with only a few uses.

With this model from Thetford, longevity is a non-issue. And the fact it’s easy to clean will make its long-lasting ability even more beneficial thanks to its drain hole, which allows for quick and straightforward emptying.

And just like every other Thetford waste tank, this model comes with the all too important Autostop level gauge, which will make the threat of overflow a non-issue. Putting all these features together and it’s abundantly clear that this is a top-notch product worthy of your consideration.

8. Tote-N-Stor 25608 25-Gallon Portable Waste Transport

Our second product from Tote-N-Stor continues to showcase why this brand appears multiple times on our list. The Tote-N-Stor 25608 25-Gallon Portable Waste Transport demonstrates its high-quality through a rugged design and numerous beneficial features.

In particular, this rugged construction allows this product to resist wear and tear that’ll keep this tank in excellent shape. This design also features a storage compartment, which is capable of storing all the waste tank’s necessary accessories.

These accessories include 3-inch drain hoses, a hose clamp, and a tow bracket all of which come with your purchase of this portable waste tank. It also comes completely assembled from the moment you purchase it, which will reduce any complications you might have with one of these products.

And as with most products on this list, it comes with rubber wheels that’ll help tremendously with the waste removal process. Plus, this tank is specifically designed to handle both gray and black tank wastewaters, which can be an issue with certain models on the market.

It also helps that its relatively big size doesn’t hurt the product’s storage capabilities. Its design is compacted and isn’t overwhelming heavy, which makes storing it a non-hassle causing event; therefore, you can confidently check this area off as a positive with this model.

You then consider this model comes at a reasonable price too and you got yourself a home run. As a result, if it meets all your capacity and features needs, you should seriously consider buying this product. It won’t let you down.

9. Thetford 12-Gallon SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank

If you need a portable waste tank for a short weekend or one-day trip, the Thetford 12-Gallon SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank would be an excellent option to consider. This product has a ton of valuable and useful traits any RV owner could benefit from during their shorter trips.

For instance, this tank is comprised of high-quality polypropylene, which has a high-resistance against corrosion or rust. It also comes with two wheels made from top-notch rubber and a handle that makes transporting this tank to the nearest dumping super easy.

We should also mention this tank from Thetford has a tow strap, which you can attach to your trailer; therefore, providing you with a convenience level that you might not see with other smaller models.

Its Autostop gauge is another useful feature this smaller tank has that any RV owner would see as incredibly beneficial. This particular gauge will make sure the tank never overflows and improves the ventilation inside the container.

As a result, the tank empties a lot quicker than you might find with other models. There’s nothing worse than having a waste tank with an emptying process that takes way longer than you’d like. With this model, this issue will be a problem you’d never have to experience.

And the best part about this product is its lightweight design, which means you can transport this tank from place to place with relative ease. All in all, If you’re in the market for a waste tank with a smaller capacity, this product from Thetford should be near the top of your list.

10. Tote-N-Stor 20123 25-Gallon Portable Waste Transport

The Tote-N-Stor 20123 25-Gallon Portable Waste Transport is a product you can count on with its durable design, which will make sure it’ll stay in life for years to come. You can also take comfort in its design making it incredibly easy to store.

In fact, it even has an integrated storage compartment that’ll store all its accessories, which will save you additional space. Considering an RV is somewhat limited on storage space, you can imagine how much little details like this feature can come in handy.

And it’s also helpful this model comes with a tow handle, which is quite a bit longer than most you’d see with a product such as this one. As you might expect, this feature makes transporting this tank a much easier process than it would be without it.

Along the same lines, it comes with four rubber wheels, which further help make moving this model a breeze. And since these wheels are rubber, you bet they won’t make any additional noise while they’re in use.

The tank being well-ventilated is another nice touch as it’ll help speed up the dumping and filling processes. This feature will also help ensure that smells won’t get trapped within the tank and make the waste removal experience a nightmare.

Another thing that’ll make the waste removal process less of a nightmare is the overflow indicator, which will make sure you know when the tank is full. With all these features, it’s quite apparent this model from Tote-N-Store should have a spot on your consideration list. It genuinely has everything you could want in an RV portable waste tank.

11. VINGLI Portable Tote Tank

Another option meant to be appealing for people going on one-day or weekend trips; the VINGLI Portable Fresh/Grey/Black Water Tank offers a variety of features that could make your life much more comfortable.

One of these features is it comes with two large wheels, which makes transporting this product a simple task. The integrated handles also help in this regard as you have something to grab onto while moving this tank.

There’s also a designated spot for an extended handle, but you must buy this feature separately. But given the low cost of this model, you could see how additionally purchasing this feature could end up being a relative bargain.

And the fact this product is only 9.3 pounds represents another design quality that’ll vastly help in the transportation process: a waste tank this light is a rarity within this marketplace. Honestly, moving this model around will be a breeze.

It’s also essential we mention that its ready for use the moment you get it. There aren’t any extra tools required for installation, and it’ll make your waste removal process much more relaxed without any added complications.

You can take comfort in knowing it’s easy to clean as well. The cleaning process becomes remarkably simple thanks to this product’s large diameter outlet; this feature ensures the filling and draining process are smooth and happen without issue.

Given all these impressive features, it’s hard to see a reason why someone going on a short trip wouldn’t buy this fantastic waste tank. It’s genuinely one of the top-tier models on the entire market for those particular circumstances.

12. Z ZTDM 7-Gallon Wheeled Tote Tank

As one of the smallest products on this list, the Z ZTDM 7-Gallon Wheeled Tote Tank can be a great bargain option for someone going on a short trip. This waste tank will provide you with high-quality performance thanks to its well-crafted design.

This design consists of eco-friendly, strong engineered plastics and a blow molding process, which ensure this product has high impact resistance. It also provides this product with anti-falling protection that’ll keep the tank in pristine shape for a long time.

The wide caps this product features aren’t too bad either as they allow for an easy using process during both cleaning and filling. Plus, this model can be moved around with relative ease thanks to its lightweight design and its smooth wheels.

These wheels allow for an easy glide when you’re moving this product around during waste transportation. You’d be surprised how many portable waste tanks don’t produce a smooth experience and can cause problematic issues with their use.

It comes with a handle as well, which will further help in the transporting of this particular portable waste tank. And since it’s such a small size, storing this model will be incredibly efficient in terms of storage space.

You’ll also save a whole lot of money with it being one the cheapest models we have in this article as well; therefore, if you’re in a bind and need something for a short one-day trip, this model could be an excellent option worth considering or at least discussing.

13. Barker 5-Gallon Original Tote-Along RV Waste Tank

Our smallest product on this list, the Barker 5-Gallon Original Tote-Along RV Waste Tank could be a valuable product to have onboard your RV during a fun short trip. Its blow-style polyethylene construction would make sure it would stand up to whatever harsh conditions you might face during your adventure.

It’s also quite helpful that you can use it both as an RV portable gray water tank and black tank, which highlights how the overall efficiency of this product. It’s high-quality zinc-plated steel brackets aren’t anything to sneeze at either.

These brackets will stay in pristine conditions for a long time and help the waste tank protect itself against things like corrosion or sun damage. In other words, if you end up buying this model, you should expect to have it around your RV for a significant amount of time.

And since it’s the smallest option on this list, its storability can’t be matched by any of the other products on this entire list. In fact, it’ll take up such little room you won’t even know it’s there until you need it.

It also comes with 1-year warranty, which will offer you some protection in the event something does end up happening to the product; it may be a high-quality model, but accidents do happen and having a little protection against these sorts of things never hurts.

With this in mind, if you’re looking for a smaller waste tank that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money, this model from Barker could be a realistic option for you.

14. Custom Roto-Molding H42 RV Holding Tank

Another reliable option any RV owner should consider is the Custom Roto-Molding H42 RV Holding Tank, which the manufacturer develops from dense polyethylene; therefore, ensuring this model has peak levels of durability.

But this area isn’t the only one where this product excels; it also has the versatility to work in many different situations. For instance, you’ll most likely find these RV holding tanks in all types of RVs, campers, trailers, cabins, and regular old mobile homes.

This kind of versatility speaks to how useful and beneficial this product can be for the person who ends up buying it. It also has been proven to empty and rinse faster than most other models you’ll come across in this marketplace.

Given this information, we confidently say this model represents one of the more user-friendly RV waste holding tanks on the market. And this extends to using process as well as the design has a drain hole, which further optimizes the efficiency of the emptying process.

Plus, it’s available at a reasonable price, which further conveys why this product deserves a place on our list. After all, it provides peak performance and does it without hassle or complications for a fair price.

If those qualities don’t represent a bargain, nothing does; therefore, you should really consider giving this a model a fair shake. And if you do end up buying it, I find it highly improbable you’ll end up disappointed.

15. Alpha Systems VB22548H Holding Tank

The last product on our list is the Alpha Systems VB22548H Holding Tank, which provides users with a level of convenience that you don’t usually see with these sorts of products. For instance, it has a 33-gallon capacity, which is more than enough for RV owners looking to limit how much they empty their tanks.

The model’s rugged construction is another feature that separates this product from its competitors as it’s a blow-molded tank. This type of design helps keep it protected while offering a high level of performance, which makes it a top-rated portable waste tank.

And you can have a sense of comfortability with this model thanks to the 1-year warranty that comes attached to it. This sort of protection will give you a little back-up plan if things with product end up going sideways, which shouldn’t happen given its quality.

Plus, the thickness of the model should help prevent any damage from occurring to this durable product. In other words, there isn’t much that could end up harming this product with its well-crafted design.

You should also take into account the deal this manufacturer seems to be giving you as the cost is well-below other larger capacity products on this list. With this in mind, you should take a hard look at this product as it could represent a bargain and fit your needs perfectly.

Overall, it might not have all the fancy features the other products on this list have; however, it’ll get the job done and comes at a cost you can live with; honestly, isn’t that all we are asking for as a customer?

16. Thetford 18-Gallon Smart Portable Waste Tote Tank

Our last product from Thetford doesn’t disappoint as it lives up to the reputation this brand has gathered from its customers. For instance, this particular model comes in the 18-gallon variety, which should be more than enough for a one or two-day trip.

It also comes with a unique design, which has patented hose handling and the Thetford’s signature AutoStop gauge. Both these features work diligently to avoid the nightmare that spills can provide an RV owner.

This design is lightweight as well, which means this product has a level of storability that is almost unrivaled by its competitors. The fact it has a self-storing sewer hose helps in this regard as well with it staying connected to the bottom of the tank.

You can also take comfort in knowing this model comes pre-assembled, which reduces any chances of this product giving you any hassles or complications. And it ensures you don’t have to buy any accessories separately, which is always a huge plus.

This product having four wheels isn’t something you should look over either as this will make the transport process considerably more manageable; it comes equipped with a handle, which will help in this process as well.

And after taking a gander at the customer reviews, it becomes clear that this product overall using process is remarkably efficient as well. After all, you couldn’t go through two reviews without them praising the overall efficiency of this Thetford product.

In the end, there’s very little about this product that won’t satisfy the needs of most people in need of an RV portable holding tank. With this in mind, this model should at least be on your consideration list.

RV Portable Waste Tank Buyer’s Guide


Like with any product, there’s some background information, which could be incredibly useful in helping you find the right RV portable waste tank for you. And in this section, we’ll discuss all the knowledge you need to make a responsible decision about buying one of these products.

Things to know before buying an RV portable waste tank

When you’re searching for an RV portable waste tank, there will be some factors that’ll determine, which ones are worth getting. In this section, we’ll discuss these essential aspects to ensure you make an informed decision about buying your own RV portable waste tank.


How easy you can move your tank will be a huge part of deciding which RV portable waste tank is the most suitable one for you. The only problem is there are a variety of features that’ll affect the overall portability of the model you’re considering.

The first being how many wheels the model comes with, which will either be zero, two or four. As you might imagine, the more wheels your waste tank has the easier it’ll be for you to tow and empty into the nearest dumping station.

In my opinion, I’d always opt for the models with the most wheels, which would be four in this product’s case. This quality would allow me to quickly move this heavy tank back and forth between my RV and the dumping station.

You should also be mindful of the wheels’ material. If this material is something overly heavy, it’ll make moving the tank unbearable for you. It’s essential you ensure the wheels are made from some sort of rubber, which will be lightweight.

Speaking of lightweight, you should also make sure the material used in making the actual tank isn’t overly dense as well. In other words, any feature that can keep the weight down should be a priority as a portable waste tank consumer.

Ease of Use

Like with any RV part, ease of use should be one of the first things you think of as a prospective RV portable waste tank buyer. After all, there’s nothing worse than spending money on something like this product, and it has an overly complicated using process.

The main thing you must consider when thinking about ease of use is whether or not the portable waste tank has a flush valve. If the model does have one, it will make your life much simpler as you can just hook to the hose and let it run.

From there, it’ll automatically empty the waste out of the tank. But if it doesn’t have a flush valve, you’ll have to do it manually, which can be a real pain. You also have the option of buying a flush valve separately, but that’s just going to cost you extra money.

As a result, do yourself a favor and buy a model with one included. It’ll save you so much hassle and ensure the waste removal process doesn’t get more complicated than it needs. Aside from the flush valve issue, you should also be sure the waste tank you buy doesn’t clog.

Reading the customer reviews will help you confirm whether or not the model you’re considering has a reputation for clogging.

Size and Capacity

Maybe the most critical factor is the tank’s capacity and size. It’s essential you figure out the exact right size of RV portable waste tanks you need before deciding on the one to buy. A good starting point would be looking for a tank that would allow you to drain your entire black tank and/or your gray tank into it.

For instance, if your black tank has a 30-gallon capacity, it wouldn’t make much sense to get a waste tank that has a 20-gallon capacity. You instead should opt for only looking for waste tanks with 30-gallon capacities or higher to ensure it can handle all your RV’s waste.

Ideally, you’d want to opt for a model that has a higher capacity than your black or gray tank; therefore, you won’t have any potential spilling issues, which would be insanely gross. Another aspect you should consider is the tank’s actual physical size.

Storage on an RV can be limited, which means you’ll want an RV portable waste tank that is easily storable. As a result, measure the available storage area you have and find a model that will comfortably fit into it.


Sticking to a well-constructed budget can help you avoid the mistake of spending too much or little on an RV portable waste tank. This budget should only include whatever features you deem necessary.

If you don’t include these features, you might find yourself going well-past the price you consider reasonable. But the primary point of this issue regarding a portable waste tank’s cost usually centers around its filling capacity.

As you might expect, the higher the capacity, the more money the tank will cost; therefore, understanding the size becomes a massive component in constructing a reasonable budget. Once you do get your budget all figured out, it’s essential you stick to it.

Don’t fall for paying extra for additional features you don’t even need. Trust me; some manufacturers will try to trap you into paying extra for useless qualities that offer you nothing as a customer.

You should instead stick to making sure it’s durable, the right capacity, and has all the necessary features. If you find a model with all of these and fits into your budget, you shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

Trip Length

The last thing you should consider is the length of your trip. If you’re looking at a trip lasting longer a weekend, you should get a portable waste tank with a higher capacity: around 40-gallons or more.

This capacity will make sure you’re covered and not regularly emptying your waste tank, which could be quite a hassle during a trip. But if you’re going for a weekend trip, a 30-gallon tank should be more than okay to get you through those couple of days.

What are the different types of RV portable waste tanks?

Unlike most RV related products, portable waste tanks don’t have a lot of types associated with them. However, this quality doesn’t mean these products don’t vary in size and shape. But they aren’t any specific categorized types base on these qualities.

What they do have is types designated by the type of material used when creating the RV portable waste tank. These types are called polyethylene waste tanks and polypropylene waste tanks.

As you might expect, both types have certain qualities about them that’ll make them better suited for certain situations. And we’ll discuss these factors below to ensure you know, which model suits your particular circumstances better.

Polyethylene Waste Tanks

If you end getting the top-tier polyethylene waste tank, you can expect these products to be durable, lightweight, and provide you peak performance. Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, it is, and these aren’t the only areas where this type of waste tank tends to meet customer expectations.

These tanks also are such a widespread purchase due to their reputation of being incredibly practical and resistance ability. I mean, there isn’t an environmental element out there that’ll end up causing these tanks any issues.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about rust or water damage. These tanks also optimal usage capability when compared to polypropylene tanks and is better at keeping odors inside.

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise these polyethylene portable waste tanks are such a favorite purchase among RV owners. It’s not just the RV community either; these tanks have been known to be used in tiny homes and cabins as well.

Polypropylene Waste Tanks

Polypropylene Waste Tanks tend to lighter than their polyethylene competitors. This feature is quite essential given how heavy a portable tank with an RV’s full waste inside it can be for an RV owner.

These tanks also are durable with high resistance to various environmental elements. But their durability often is slightly less reliable than a polyethylene tank. Of course, this issue typically depends on the model you end up getting.

You can also take comfort in knowing these tanks are non-toxic just like polyethylene models. If you end up buying the top-rated polypropylene waste tank, you can look forward to using a lightweight, durable model that provides high-quality performance.

We should also mention these tanks tend to be a little less expensive as they’re often a bit more susceptible. As a result, you should discuss whether you prioritize durability or price before choosing the appropriate type of RV portable waste tank.

In the end, either type represents a high-quality option for RV owner, but it’s essential you choose the one that fits your particular needs better. For example, if you intend on RVing in some harsh weather, you should opt for a polyethylene tank.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a model that’s unrivaled in their lightweight material, a polypropylene tank would be the better choice.

How to use an RV portable waste tank?

Before you do anything, the first thing you need to do is put on some gloves. You’re dealing with human waste, and there’s a chance there will be spillage; therefore, put on some gloves and protect your hands from any contact with the contents coming from your RV.

After getting some gloves on, connect your portable tank’s sewer hose to your RV’s holding tank. It’s essential you ensure you’re connecting to the correct valve whether it be the gray or black water tank. Then, secure the hose slowly.

From there, drain the waste from the tank. Once it’s full, you must close it. There’s no reason to have spillage at this point as long as you securely fasten it. After it’s secure, tow it on over to the waste dumping area.

The next part, emptying the waste tank, is where it could differ depending on the model. In most cases, it’ll tell you the proper process within your tank’s manual. But for standard models, all you have to do typically is switch on the tank’s flush valve and watch it drain. Then, you wait until the tank’s empty.

And the last thing you must do after the waste’s all taken care of is clean the portable waste tank, which will go over in the next section.

RV Portable Waste Tank FAQs

What is the most trusted RV portable waste tank?

An RV portable waste tank is what it sounds like: a tank that’s able to transport waste without being hooked into your RV. As you know, there are two different types of water you’ll need to dispose of on board your RV: gray and black water.

The gray water is the waste runoff from your showers, sinks, and whatever else uses water inside your RV beside your toilet. The toilet wastewater is your black water, and it’s collected within your RV’s black tank.

And both of these wastewaters are capable of being disposed of by an RV portable waste tank. Of course, these products aren’t the only way of emptying these tanks, but we’d like to think they’re one of the most efficient.

See, an RV portable waste tank can easily collect both solids and liquid without a hassle. And it’s also helpful that using these mobile devices is relatively simple: you just attach it to your RV and wait till it’s almost full.

From there, it’s a matter of bringing over to the dumping station and emptying the contents. It’s an incredibly simple process that many people find useful during their road trips or any extended travel.

The only issue with these products is what to do about the smell. After all, these tanks are dealing with human waste, which means they’re going to stink. Thankfully, there are tank treatments that could help in this regard.

We should also mention you have a choice regarding whether or not you want to use the same tank for both the gray and black water. As mentioned previously, the same portable tank can handle both at the same time depending on its capacity.

However, some people like using one designated tank for each wastewater; this method allows them to use the grey water as a helpful tool in cleaning the messier black water tank. It’s something you’ll want to think about before purchasing your RV waste portable tank.

What are the most trusted RV portable waste tank brands?

All the brands from our product review section are manufacturers that I’d consider high-quality and worth purchasing your waste tank from as an RV owner. But even in this group, there are a few companies that stand out from the rest: Barker, Thetford, and Camco.

Each of these brands appears multiple times in this article. And in this section, we’ll provide you with some background information about each of them to show you why. It’s all to get you more comfortable with the marketplace you’ll be exploring.


As a company, which has been around for about seven decades, it’s quite apparent that Barker has their customer’s needs in mind. In fact, “long-time customers know that they can count on [their] products to be “Made in the USA” and backed up with excellent warranties and responsive, helpful customer service.”

With promises such as these, you can see why Barker is mentioned multiple times in our product review section. They’re one top-tier brands out there and buying from them is always a smart move.


Given their stature as the “world’s leading manufacturer of mobile sanitation products for the RV, marine, camping and truck markets,” it’s hard not to see why this brand would appear in our article.

But when you factor in the fact that Thetford “prides itself on creative design and is committed to the production of high-quality products that exceed the needs of a demanding marketplace”: it becomes abundantly clear this manufacturer is one worth buying from as a prospective customer.


If you’ve ever bought an RV part before, Camco is a brand you should be familiar with as a customer. This manufacturer has been a leader in the RV part industry for decades and will continue to be in the future.

And this status comes from their willingness to “take pride in meeting the ever-changing demands of a challenging marketplace while serving [their] most valuable asset, [their] customers.” A company with this type of outlook is one you should feel confident buying from as a consumer.

Overall, if you find yourself lucky enough to buy the best RV portable waste tank from any of these three companies, there’s a high probability you’ll end up a happy customer. These manufacturers are genuinely the top-tier of the best.

Is an RV portable waste tank necessary?

An RV portable waste tank can make your life as an RVer much more straightforward with its ability to offer a high level of convenience. These tanks make things like campsites without easily accessible dumping stations something you don’t have to worry about as an RV owner.

In fact, these portable waste tanks are the most suitable way to solve this problem. All you need to do is empty your waste into your portable tank and tow it on over toward the inconvenient placement of the dumping station.

It also helps that RV portable waste tanks give you the option of emptying your waste without having to move your whole RV. There’s nothing worse than trying to maneuver around a crowded campground with a full-size RV.

It’s a nightmare that all RV owners would love to avoid at all costs. As a result, these qualities make an RV portable waste tank a reasonably useful product to have along on your trip. And if you’re planning an extended camping trip, it becomes an essential item to have onboard RV.

For instance, you won’t have to worry about relocating anytime you want to empty your tank. It’s just another convenient feature that these particular products offer the people that buy them. Plus, the top-rated portable waste tanks for RV will allow you to empty both your gray and black tanks into them.

Given this information, this quality will save you a ton of time with the waste removal process. And these tanks typically have tight hoses and valves to ensure odor doesn’t become too big of an issue.

In the end, these tanks offer too much functionality and convenience not to be a part of your RVing experience. And it just makes dumping your RV’s black and gray water significantly easier to the point where it doesn’t require a second thought.

With all this mind, I think the answer to the question, “is an RV portable waste tank necessary?” is a resounding yes.

How big an RV portable waste tank do I need?

Your portable waste tank’s size will ultimately depend on several factors such as how long your RV trip is and the number of people going? It’ll also hinge on things like these people’s bowel health.

In other words, you need to think about how often you visit the bathroom? When you have answers to these questions, you should have an idea of whether or not you need a bigger or small waste tank.

But the primary focus here must be getting an RV portable waste tank that can handle all your gray and black tank content at once. If you get one that’s too small, you’re adding a lot more maintenance and hassle to your relaxing trip.

In the end, if you’re worried about the size, you can always buy the largest waste tank available. The only issue will be it adding more weight to your RV. As a result, it’s essential you carefully think about your options and find the most suitable choice for your needs.

What RV waste tank accessories do I need?

With a product such as an RV portable waste tank, accessories are incredibly important. You’ll need things like hoses, ports that hold the hose, tow handle extensions, and cradle pivots. But you can avoid thinking about all of these separate accessories by buying an all-inclusive model.

These RV portable waste tanks will include the hoses, the hose brackets, tow handle extensions, cradle pivots, and more. By buying this type of model, you’ll save yourself the hassle of purchasing necessary parts separately.

Trust me; buying these parts separately will only drive the overall cost of getting an RV portable waste up and past your budget. So, do yourself a solid and buy an all-inclusive model; it’ll get rid of this extra complication and make this experience much more straightforward.

How do you empty a portable RV waste tank?

Emptying a portable RV dump tank isn’t a complicated process. Rig owners will be very familiar with how to do it since it’s much like emptying a traditional black water tank:

  1. Find a nearby RV dumping station. In most campgrounds, dump stations won’t be too difficult to locate, but boondockers could have some issues. You’ll often have to go to a rest area, truck stop, or gas station. Alternatively, go to sites like rvdumps.com or sanidumps.com to locate the nearest dumping station.
  2. Once you’ve located a dumping site, connect your RV portable sewage tank via sewer hose into the dumping station’s inlet. Use a sewer adapter whenever possible to establish a solid connection.
  3. Your next step is dumping out the camping waste tank. In most tanks, it’s done using a built-in gate value or lifting the tank and letting gravity do its job. You then wait until the tank is empty and undo the connection when it’s finished.

Be sure to wear gloves as you handle the waste tank and remember to wash your hands afterward.

How do you transport a portable RV waste tank?

Transporting portable black water tanks for RVs is much easier than RVers assume. In most cases, it’ll be accomplished in two methods: towing the waste container to a nearby dumping station or driving carefully with it in the rear of your vehicle.

Towing the tank is only advisable if there’s a nearby dump station, as the driving speed should be very low—some products don’t allow you to go faster than 5 mph. So anyone staying at a camping ground or an RV park can haul their holding tanks easily. But this option becomes problematic if the dump site isn’t anywhere close.

For instance, boondockers must drive a significant distance when dumping waste. So towing these large holding tanks isn’t feasible. Instead, they’ll have to carefully drive with them in their truck beds or another storage area.

How much do portable RV waste tanks weigh?

The weight of a portable septic tank for RV use will vary based on your chosen model. But I’ve seen the larger ones reach over 50 pounds when empty. Typically, the larger the size portable waste tank is, the heavier it will be, especially when full.

To know how heavy it will be when it reaches maximum capacity, add 8.34 pounds for every gallon.

Buyers will need to think about each model’s weight before purchasing them. Otherwise, RVers will be adding unnecessary weight to their rigs. It could affect the overall traveling experience onboard your RV, especially when driving those backroads.

Furthermore, I must note that specific models make accounting for this weight easier. They come with a ladder hook and other equipment, making them storable on the RV’s ladder. Due to this, the portable RV waste holding tank is much less of a burden to travel with and store.

What is the largest portable waste tank?

Most RV portable holding tanks seem to top out at around the 40-gallon mark. In fact, the largest one that I’ve encountered is Barker’s 42 Gallon 4-Wheeler RV Tote Tank. But I’d imagine some manufacturer manages to offer a 45-gallon or larger one in the future.

In any case, large holding tanks for campers are much more efficient than smaller options. So if an RVer can handle the transporting, I will always recommend getting a larger portable waste tank. It just makes the dumping frequency less overwhelming.

How do you make a camper septic tank?

RV owners have several options when making their camper septic tank or DIY portable RV sewer tank. After all, a million guides on making them on YouTube exist.

It shows viewers exactly how to build an entire DIY septic system. It’s a perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want to hire a professional to install one. Plus, it removes the need to buy a portable tank for RV black water or portable gray water tanks.

How to treat & clean it?

Cleaning your RV portable waste tank won’t be a complicated process. The first you have to do is add bleach and water into the RV holding tank installation. Since you’re dealing with bleach, please be careful and add water in until it’s thoroughly mixed.

From there, it’s a waiting game as you must let the solution sit in the tank for about 24 hours. Once this period is up, drain out the bleach solution and keep it open so the smell can dissipate.

You then add in a treatment chemical, which will work to prevent the future waste’s smell from the next time you use your tank. When adding it, you went to ensure you don’t overdo it. A few drops of it will suffice.

And that’s the cleaning process of an RV portable waste tank. Sounds simple enough, right? As a result, you shouldn’t have any issues ensuring your tank remains clean and in pristine condition for years to come.

Where to buy RV portable waste tanks?

The most trusted place to buy RV portable waste tanks is the same as with any product: Amazon. Their marketplace will offer you the best deals and the most variety as a potential customer. I mean, there’s a reason all the products we refer to in this article link you toward their Amazon page.

But there are some other useful alternative options you can check out as well. For instance, Campingworld.com is always a safe bet with any type of RV related part or accessory. This site will have a myriad of options, and their prices aren’t too shabby either.

However, their prices usually don’t meet the bargain levels brought to you by Amazon; but you should always compare them to make sure you can’t get a better deal at Camping World. After all, it never hurts to check.

If you aren’t too keen about online shopping, your local Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, or RV part store should have some options. But the variety at these stores will pale in comparison to what you’d see in an online marketplace.

The one thing these stores do have going for them is most of the options there will be high-quality. And you’ll have some customer service around you to answer any questions you might have about these products.

In the end, Amazon remains our recommended option, but any of these sites or stores will have high-quality waste tanks you can choose from as a customer. It’s all about finding the right one that fits your particular preference.

And remember, it wouldn’t hurt to check all of them before making your final decision. In doing so, you’ll ensure you’ll get the best deal possible.

How to eliminate holding tank odors?

If your holding tank stinks, the most likely culprit is anaerobic bacteria. And the easiest way to make sure it stops being stinky is by replacing it with aerobic bacteria. You’re probably thinking to yourself how in the world do I replace one set of bacteria with another?

Well, the process is simple. All you have to do is find a high-quality holding tank treatment, which uses high concentrations of top-notch aerobic bacteria strains. This treatment will immediately force out and the issue-causing anaerobes that’ll make the nasty smell go away.

But there’s one little issue; many of the holding tank treatments on the market today are remarkably ineffective as they don’t have high concentrations of top-notch bacteria stains. These products instead have low counts of weak bacteria strains.

This issue is a result of the manufacturers trying to save a little money as high-quality bacteria strains are expensive; therefore, you must be vigilant about the tank treatment you end up buying. I’d recommend thoroughly reading the customer reviews of everyone you’re considering.

It’ll ensure you can evaluate whether or not the product seems to be working for other customers. And from this consensus, you’ll be able to decide if buying that particular product is worth it.


With all your new knowledge, finding the best RV portable waste tank shouldn’t be the frustrating experience you once dreaded. All you need to do is use the information from this article, and you’ll soon find the perfect product for you.

And who knows, maybe it’ll be one from our product review section? After all, the ones we refer to in this article are the top-tier in the entire market. But if you find one, which we don’t mention here, that’s okay too.

In the end, it’s all about finding the product that fits your RV portable waste tank needs perfectly. Once you do come across this perfect product, you can relax knowing your RV’s waste removal process will be much easier.

It’ll no longer be the hassle it once was, and you can go back to enjoying your relaxing vacation. And that’s all we want to do: make sure nothing ruins your RVing experience! If you have any more questions, feel free to leave a comment down below.

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