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The Best RV Patio Mats for Camping and Other Similar Activities

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Rig owners often find themselves looking for the best RV patio mat. These products are a crucial part of building a comfortable, relaxing place right outside your motorhome. You can enjoy the outdoors without any discomfort.

But if you don’t know what to look for, finding high-quality RV patio mats can be a little tricky. Even experienced rig owners end up frustrated by the vast number of options within this marketplace.

best rv patio mat

This issue is where our article comes in handy. It’ll breakdown everything a person might need to know into an easy-to-follow buying guide. Plus, I’ll provide my favorite 12 patio mat reviews to give you a solid starting point.

You’ll soon understand more about RV ground mats than you ever thought possible. Let’s not waste any more time and get this process started!

Best Overall Light Weight Easy to Clean
Preview Stylish Camping 159183

Stylish Camping GA1

Artist RV Mats
Weight ‎12.52 pounds 5 pounds 9 pounds
Size 9′ x 18′ 8′ x 12′ 9′ x 12′
Material Polypropylene Polypropylene Polypropylene
Details Details Details

11 Best Patio Mat for RV Reviews

1. Reversible Mats 159183 RV Patio Mat

Some buyers will be looking for the largest and thickest patio mat possible during this search. Reversible Mats’ 159183 RV Patio Mat would be an excellent contender to meet both these requirements while offering several other outstanding qualities.

Its 9’ x 18’ design and thick construction make it one of our most comfortable options. As a result, walking across it won’t be unpleasant or lack the necessary support. It should offer softness and comfort that most other options aren’t capable of matching.

As with every Reversible Mats patio mat, this option also has shown a proficiency for withstanding moisture build-up, sunrays, and excessive wear/tear. Buyers can’t stop raving about how its construction is more than ready for dealing with the RVing lifestyle.

It has proven to hold up in all weather conditions, even heavy rainstorms. I would suspect anyone who buys this product can view it as a long-term investment with these abilities. This patio mat isn’t a product that will require being replaced anytime soon.

The tri-color design has received rare reviews among customers, as well. I can’t do anything but concur as I was blown away by how nice this patio mat looked. It brought my entire RV’s exterior to a whole new level.

There’s one notable downside to this option, though, which is its price. It’s easily our most expensive option on this entire list. Prospective buyers will have to decide whether its impressive features are worth the increased cost.

In my case, I would find myself willing to pay the extra money on this level of quality. This RV patio mat checks off every box that I’m looking for in one of these products. I can’t even imagine what else a person or myself could want in an RV patio mat.

2. Stylish Camping GA1 RV Patio Mat

Another suitable choice for smaller rig owners would be Stylish Camping’s GA1 Reversible RV Patio Mat. Its 8′ x 12′ design should suit most of their size requirements easily. You should have more than enough room to set up a few pieces of furniture on it.

I found myself loving the feel of this patio mat, as well. It was a bit softer than what you usually expect from these products. You can walk on it with bare feet without feeling any sort of discomfort. I wasn’t the only one to point out this benefit, either, as it was a typical highlight expressed in the customer reviews.

Several customers were quick to praise its abilities on harder surfaces, too. It was able to withstand regular usage on gravel, roots, and other unstable settings without issue. You don’t find many camping rugs built well enough to thrive in these situations.

Buyers will also adore its reversibility, which makes it adaptable to both indoor and outdoor usage. This product worked great for muddy camping trips. This impressive multi-purpose ability shouldn’t be shocking as Stylish Camping has built a stellar relationship with RV owners for making top-tier RV rugs for outside and inside.

Given these features, you might expect this product to provide quite a wallop on your bank account. But Stylish Camping did their customers a favor by keeping this product more than affordable. It could end up being a steal for the right buyer.

However, this option was another hampered by a couple of customers complaining about shipping issues. It would be best if you kept this in mind when choosing whether the mat could suit your preferences or not.

But I wouldn’t consider it a deal-breaker as there are many more people happy with this product than complaining about it. After all, its affordable price and excellent features are more than worth the risk.

3. Patio Mats Reversible RV Camping Mat

Our next option, Patio Mats’ Reversible RV Camping Mat, provides several aspects that any camper would adore. For instance, I find it difficult not to love this product’s durable plastic construction. The quality build ensures it has no problem being a perfect fit outside my large Class A motorhome.

After all, this plastic construction has proven to offer outstanding durability. I haven’t had a single issue with tears or problematic build-ups. Honestly, there hasn’t been any wear and tear sign on this rug for outside camper after months of use.

I also liked its 9×12 size, which is more convenient than other large outdoor camping mats. The rug allows me to roll up and carry it without breaking a sweat. I didn’t even need the help of a second person as I did with my previous 12×20 patio mat.

Buyers will also love this product’s reversible design, meaning the mat has a beautiful color scheme on both sides. This feature provides more versatility and limits the amount of cleaning it might require.

The product’s usability indoors and outdoors is another practical aspect. It makes finding more than one use for this mat much more effortless than similar options. So the rug is a little more user-friendly than people may assume initially.

If these features aren’t enough, this mat also has a reputation for being easy to clean. I certainly haven’t experienced anything to refute this claim when using it. I didn’t even have trouble getting a wine stain out of it, which is almost unheard of with other outdoor rugs for camping.

But this camping mat isn’t perfect, as I notice it becomes a little hot to the touch under direct sunlight. So I’d recommend wearing flip-flops or slides when walking across it outdoors. Otherwise, this product is an excellent choice for an RV patio mat.

4. Reversible Mats 116095 RV Camping Mat

Reversible Mats’ 116095 RV Camping Mat is easily one of the best polypropylene patio mats for rig owners. It has several features that every RVer should be looking for in their respective RV outdoor carpet, rug, or mat.

For instance, I love this product’s breathable material because it won’t damage the grass underneath it. This aspect allows your awning area or other location to remain visually appealing rather than filled with dead, brownish grass.

I was also impressed with its lightweight and compact design. These two aspects make moving the mat a lot easier than most other RV outdoor rugs out there. Plus, it makes storing the RV rug more convenient by ensuring it doesn’t take up much room in your storage area.a

As someone who hates cleaning these products, this manufacturer made it more comfortable with their mat. It was a simple process of sweeping away the dirt and mud or spray cleaning it with water. In either case, it couldn’t be much easier than what this product offers.

The color and size options were undoubtedly appealing, as well. Buyers will get to choose from three sizes and three color options when selecting their mat. I found myself loving this product’s burgundy option: it would fit my rig’s awning or patio area perfectly.

But some customers did feel like this mat was a bit too thin for their liking. I didn’t experience any problems with this particular aspect, but it was mentioned a few times in the buyer reviews. It’s something worth thinking about before making a final decision.

In any case, I’d still recommend this particular RV camping mat to any prospective buyer. It shouldn’t have any issues meeting everything you’re looking for in these products. Honestly, I had no complaints when it came to this option’s performance.

5. Stylish Camping RC7 RV Patio Mat

The Stylish Camping RC7 Classical RV Patio Mat is an extremely convenient option for storing and moving capabilities. It offers these advantages because it is lightweight, compact, and comes with a carrying bag.

Each of these attributes will make for a much more user-friendly experience when using it. In fact, I found this product was even easy to fit into my crowded storage area. I’m not the best when it comes to monopolizing storage space onboard my rig, which makes this aspect essential.

As for its performance quality, this mat is another breathable option. It should ensure your grass doesn’t suffer any damage from its usage. The product also has UV protection to help prevent sun damage. I would have no problem betting on this mat to last several years with such qualities.

Buyers will also love this outdoor camper rug’s corner loops, making staking it to the ground much more effortless. Rig owners who are traveling in windy areas should take a long look at this feature. It could save you from losing the mat to a gust of wind.

The product’s impressive drying time was another outstanding aspect. It comes from woven polypropylene, which can deal with moisture build-up with ease. Due to this, issues like mold and mildew will never be a problem.

However, I do have to admit this option’s a bit more expensive than I’d like for a camper mat. I would have to spend a little higher than my outline budget’s ranges. But I can’t say this product wouldn’t be worth it given its impressive attributes and convenience.

Buyers couldn’t ask for much else from a camper mat than what this option offers. If you do spend a little more to buy this one, I don’t think it’s a choice you’ll regret. Its durability alone could make the product cost-effective down the road.

6. Ming’s Mark GC1 RV Patio Mat

If you’re looking for a large option, Ming’s Mark GC1 Reversible RV Patio Mat could be right in your wheelhouse. The 8′ x 20′ design would more than meet the needs of even the largest awning areas.

Honestly, this Ming’s Mark reversible RV patio mat would suit any particular situation perfectly. I have a larger Class A motorhome that has a bit more awning area. Therefore, a sizable option like this one would be an RV awning mat for my rig.

It doesn’t only have to be used right outside your rig, either. This product was made for both indoor and outdoor usage in several different scenarios. People have reported it’s a practical item for beaches, parks, picnics, camping trips, and other similar activities.

This versatility provides it with the ability to serve multiple purposes in a buyer’s life. It makes the mat a lot more efficient than you’d typically expect with these products. Plus, the black/silver design gives it a visually intriguing design.

In other words, this mat isn’t one that’ll become an eyesore when being used. You might even have people come up to your area and ask where you’ve purchased it. It’s an impressive, likable design that causes everyone to be a little jealous.

Some other notable features include corner loops, UV protection, mildew resistance, breathable qualities, and an easy cleaning process. Each of these additions will make using it much more comfortable and increases its overall longevity.

But I was a little disappointed to see a few customers report shipping issues. In these cases, their Ming’s Mark RV mats arrived without certain items like the carrying bag. It’s not an ideal outcome for a company with such a stellar reputation like this one.

I wouldn’t put too much stock into these problems, though. Most people seemed overly delighted with what they received, which makes me think these were isolated issues.

7. CGEAR Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat

Any RV owner looking to camp in sandy areas should consider buying CGEAR’s Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat. It utilizes sand-free technology to ensure sand falls through its fabric rather than staying on the mat.

This attribute should ensure sand stays where it belongs, outside, rather than hitching a ride into your rig. As you might imagine, this feature has made it among rig owners who intend to spend significant time at the beach.

I found myself loving this CGEAR RV mat for another reason, which is its durability. There aren’t many other options out there capable of matching its longevity. Its military-grade construction will keep the product in good shape for a long time.

But its military-grade construction doesn’t only improve its durability. You can also expect it to offer high-quality resistance to water. This aspect has made the mat a favorite among rig owners in stormy areas, too.

The product’s heavy-duty corner D rings aren’t anything to overlook, either. Users can rely on these rings to help keep the mat in place even within extreme conditions. You won’t ever find yourself trying to chase down this mat after it’s been blown away.

Buyers will also have a choice when it comes to size: small, medium, large, and X-large. This amount of variation shouldn’t make it challenging to find an appropriate option for your rig’s requirements.

A few buyers did mention the mat was a little rougher than expected. But it’s a problem with a relatively simple solution, which is using another towel to lay on top of it.

Given this information, I don’t see any legitimate reason for keeping this off your consideration list. Beach campers should already have this choice in their shopping carts.

8. SAND MINE Reversible RV Mat

SAND MINE’s Reversible RV Mat caught my attention with its elegant design. It features a stylish pattern and color scheme, which would mesh with my taste perfectly. It’d add some much-needed class to my rig’s setup.

But this design wouldn’t mean a whole lot with this product’s excellent performance quality. It has proven to be an effective indoor or outdoor camping rug because of its many exciting features. For instance, a perfect example would be its heat-treated edging.

You can expect this aspect to stop fraying from being an issue. As a result, it makes the mat a lot more user-friendly to anyone who buys it. I was also a massive fan of this product’s virgin polypropylene material, which gives it a softer feel.

Buyers will love this product’s inclusion of four ground stakes, as well. It’ll prevent you from having to buy them separately, which is always a hassle. Plus, these stakes have gained a solid reputation among customers as there was a lot of praise for them in the review section.

Class B RV and campervan owners will adore this option because it comes in smaller sizes: 5′ x 8′ and 9′ x 12′. In fact, I’d have a hard time finding better-equipped RV mats 9×12′ sized than this one from SAND MINE.

It’s also worth noting that this mat’s known for its impressive folding ability. Thanks to this, it excels when it comes to storage capabilities. Its compact size shouldn’t have any issues finding a suitable space even in the most crowded RVs.

This awning mat comes with a carrying bag, but it doesn’t have the best reputation among customers, though. It seems the zipper has a habit of breaking off easily. You might want to think about using a separate bag or having a backup just in case. But this issue shouldn’t stop anyone from seriously considering this RV patio mat.

9. Reversible Mats 159181 RV Patio Mat

RV owners looking to get a patio mat with supreme adaptability should look at Reversible Mats’ 159181 RV Patio Mat. I don’t think there’s a single situation when one of these products could be useful where this option wouldn’t thrive.

After all, numerous customers have found it a usable patio mat for gardens, campsites, parks, beaches, indoor spaces, and various other outdoor areas. Its breathable, compact design should have no trouble offering a comfortable place to relax.

Pet owners should adore this option, as well. It has a reputation for being an excellent item to place under exercise pens and pet cages to make for easier cleaning. Plus, it’s durable enough to withstand and stop their claws from causing any problems.

Its virgin polypropylene fabric material allows claws to walk on it without causing long-term damage. As a result, there shouldn’t be any worry about the mat tearing or ripping apart even with regular usage.

But what I loved most about this option was its 9′ x 18′ design. This amount of space should be more than large enough for my particular rig’s awning area. I’ll have no trouble fitting all my furniture and other items on this durable and versatile patio mat.

You’d think this large design would seriously affect its portability, too, but it doesn’t. This mat weighs a manageable 11-pounds and easily folds up for safekeeping. I didn’t need a second person to carry around even without using the included carrying bag.

The lack of sizing options was a bit disappointing, though. It might be a bit too large for some RV owners reading this article, which is a shame. Reversible Mats should have made it more widely available to allow more rig owners to enjoy its excellent quality. However, if the mat’s one size fits your needs, I don’t see any reason to hesitate to buy it.

10. Ming’s Mark GH8181 RV Patio Mat

If you’re intrigued by western RV outdoor mats, it doesn’t get any more western than Ming’s Mark GH8181 Galloping Horses RV Patio Mat. Its galloping horse design evokes a feeling of those old John Wayne or even Clint Eastwood films to a tee.

This cool western RV patio mat isn’t a one-trick pony, though. As with all Ming’s mark outdoor mats, this option comes with various top-level features. These aspects shouldn’t have any issues providing everything you’re looking for in a patio mat.

One of my favorite examples would be its resistance against fading. The entire patio mat is coated with UV protection to prevent sun rays from withering that cool horse design. You should expect it to remain in good condition for years and years.

Ming’s Mark products usually come with various buying options, as well. This high-quality patio mat isn’t any different as it comes in two color options and two sizes. Honestly, I couldn’t take my eyes off the brown/white choice as it’s a stunning design.

Cleaning this product was also an absolute breeze, which is always a plus. I didn’t even have trouble getting mud off of it after a heavy rainstorm. I used a hose, sprayed it off, and let it dry for a few hours. From there, it was as good as new.

But I was slightly disappointed about creases forming within the mat when unfolding it. However, you can solve this issue by stretching it out and using stakes for a couple of hours. Those creases should disappear overtime without much problem.

Due to this, I couldn’t recommend buying this excellent Ming’s Mark option enough. It meets almost every criteria that I could think of for a patio mat. It’s an easy contender for the best outdoor rug for camping purposes.

11. Camco Reversible Outdoor RV Patio Mat

Our final product, Camco’s Reversible Outdoor RV Patio Mat, comes from one of the most reputable RV product companies in the world. Camco has become known for creating items, devices, and products that always seem to meet a rig owner’s expectations.

This Camco RV mat doesn’t fail to meet those standards as it has various intriguing features. Its attractive blue color scheme would be the first standout feature. It should add some much-needed lively color into any mundane RV exterior like mine own.

Customers often noted its ability to keep dirt and other similar substances out of a rig in their reviews. My experience with the camping rug only seemed to back up these findings. It had no trouble taking dirt or mud off my feet/shoes before entering my RV.

Camco built this patio mat to offer a rigid, durable edging, too, which is crucial for long-term usage. This aspect will help prevent tears or ripping from occurring even when it’s under extreme pressure.

The product’s reversible design also makes sure it can remain in good condition longer. If one side gets too faded or stained, you can flip it over. Cleaning wouldn’t be too difficult, either, but lazy people like myself will enjoy its reversibility.

I noticed this model wasn’t overly slippery when it’s wet, too, which is an excellent touch. After all, you never know when a rainstorm might pop up out of nowhere. Rig owners don’t want to be running back to their motorhomes and slip because of their slick patio mat.

However, I did notice it’s a little thinner than I’d like for my RV patio mat. This issue creates a lack of support when a person’s walking on it. It can be a little uncomfortable, but these other features make this problem a rather non-issue.

EPIC Store RV Patio Mat (Outdated)

EPIC Store’s RV Patio Mat might be our most stylish option on this entire list. It earns this distinction due to its floral design that packs a colorful punch. You shouldn’t have much trouble creating a lively environment outside your rig with this mat.

As you might expect, this attribute happens to be the mat’s main draw. I don’t see how a rig owner wouldn’t be intrigued by its ability to brighten up an outside area. It just provides a level of relaxation and comfort that other choices can’t offer.

But this lively environment isn’t the only top-tier feature offered by this mat. I was also thrilled by its heat-reducing capabilities, which are second to none. Several customers commented it was even comfortable to walk across on the hottest summer days.

It shouldn’t do any damage to your pet’s paws, either. Both you and your dog should have no problem walking across this patio walk in the middle of August. It makes the product a perfect option for summertime RVers.

Aside from these aspects, it has several other useful ones mentioned in our prior reviews. Some of them include being easy to clean, made from a breathable material, UV-protection, and mold and mildew resistance.

It’s an impressive, well-equipped RV patio mat. I don’t see any reason to believe it won’t be a comfortable resting place for more than a couple of years. However, I do wish it came with a carrying bag for convenience purposes.

This aspect might seem like not a big deal, but it does make your life much easier. I’m always going to prefer mats that come with one over options without them.

Even so, I’d still recommend at least considering this RV camping rug as it does have various impressive features. You could always find a usable carrying bag somewhere else for cheap.

AdvenGO Reversi Large RV Patio Mat (Outdated)

The AdvenGO Reversi Large RV Patio Mat happens to be one of my favorites because it combines heavy-duty construction with excellent storage capabilities. It’s a tough balance to find, but AdvenGO has managed to pull it off with this high-quality patio mat.

You can attribute its heavy-duty construction to its usage of polypropylene material, heat-sealed edging, and waterproof capabilities. AdvenGO made sure this patio mat was ready for whatever weather situation or wear issue came along.

Meanwhile, the company was able to offer these capabilities without making it overly bulky or thick. The entire mat only weighs a whopping 14 pounds, even with its 9′ x 18′ design. It shouldn’t be hard for anyone to fold or transport.

The brown/beige Moroccan style brings a vacation type feel to the mat, too, which is always appreciated. It can help bring forth the sense it’s time to relax when on your RVing trip. In other words, it should help you enjoy your time away from home a lot more.

If these aspects weren’t enough to sell you, the product comes with a 30-day return policy. Anyone who doesn’t feel content with the mat can give it back for a full refund. You don’t often find these types of policies on these sorts of products.

AdvenGo has a reputation for honoring this policy based on a few customer reviews, as well. It’s always a good idea to buy from a company that seems to care about its clients. This brand certainly falls into this description.

It was a slight bummer that this model didn’t come with ground stakes included. Buyers will have to purchase them separately, which adds an extra expense. I’d much rather buy everything in a single package. But this product’s quality is good enough to make the extra hassle worth the effort.

RV Patio Mat Buyer’s Guide


Finding the best RV patio mats takes a bit more than reading a few reviews. The process will require thinking about several different factors before making a final decision. I’ll discuss the essential ones below to provide a starting point.

  • Durability

One of the most important aspects would be each patio mat’s durability. You’re going to want an option capable of providing years and years of usage. Otherwise, you’ll end up doing this entire search all over again, which isn’t something anyone wants.

The best RV mat or patio mat will have certain aspects that can increase its longevity. Some of these attributes might include being mold and mildew resistant or featuring UV-stabilized materials. Buyers would be smart to make sure their chosen option has these types of abilities.

For instance, a mat made from UV-treated materials ensures it won’t be easily damaged by sun exposure. You can imagine how helpful this aspect will be for your purposes. After all, your patio mat will come into contact with a large number of UV rays.

It’s an essential piece to keeping your patio mat usable wherever you intend on camping. Once you find a rug with these capabilities, it should have no issues meeting all your needs. I’d also recommend taking a gander at each model’s customer reviews.

These reviews will point out any durability concerns, which should stop you from making a lousy choice. Plus, those other customers will tell you whether the mat can actually provide these capabilities or only using them as a selling point.

  • Price

Patio mats for camping will significantly vary when it comes to cost. It’s essential to build a budget around what you deem crucial to help get the best deal possible. In my case, this action would include accounting for UV-resistant material being used.

These materials will make the mats more expensive than options without them. As a result, my budget will need higher ranges than someone who’s okay with getting a non-UV-resistant patio mat. After you settle on what features are necessary, this budget will be a useful resource.

It’ll help limit your choices down to a more manageable number. You won’t be choosing from an ocean filled with options but rather a smaller pond of mats with your distinct needs. It makes the entire process much more controllable.

  • Size and Weight

Each mat’s weight will have a massive impact on whether it can fit your situation. In other words, buyers must account for a model’s portability before making a final decision. It’s a crucial piece in ensuring you end up happy with your choice.

Let’s say; a buyer chooses a heavy and bulky patio mat. This item would then be a huge hassle to carry around and store within your rig. It’s a better idea to choose lightweight outside camper mats that are much more convenient to move.

Moreover, a mat’s size will need to be a consideration, as well. Most people will decide on buying RV patio mats 9×12’ or RV patio mats 9×18’. But don’t just settle for one of these sizes: you’ll need to think about what size fits best on your rig’s patio surface.

Class B and other small rig owners would be wise to choose lightweight/smaller outdoor mats for campers. Meanwhile, anyone traveling in a Class A or 5th wheel might want to invest in a larger size, such as getting an RV patio mat 9×20’ sized.

Where Do You Plan on Camping?

I’d recommend thinking about where you intend on camping when choosing your perfect RV patio mat. This action will help you decide what features are necessary for a suitable option in your situation.

For example, people looking to travel in rainy areas should buy a patio mat with waterproof capabilities. It’ll make sure the product can withstand those circumstances without getting damage or hurting its longevity.

But rig owners camping in windy areas would be smart to invest in a mat that comes with ground stakes. These stakes will prevent heavy winds from blowing your carpet away. After all, nobody wants to be chasing a flying RV patio mat around their campground.

Honestly, I would suggest buying a mat with stakes for any situation. It’s just a convenient and handy thing to have when traveling around the country. Thinking about these little details will make it much easier to decide what option perfectly fits your needs.


The best RV outdoor mats will offer a bit of versatility with their usage. In other words, these products will often be grass-friendly to ensure they can work in several places: parks, campsites, gardens, lawns, etc.

As a result, it’ll provide a lot more uses rather than only at the RV campground. It’s an easy way to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Additional Features

Each RV patio mat will come with several additional features or add-ons to make them more appealing for buyers. Some examples include ground stakes, several size options, or foldability.

You’ll have to decide what additional add-ons suit your preferences. In my case, I’m always going to prefer one that comes with a carrying bag and ground stakes. The carrying bag ends up being crucial for storing the mat when it’s not in use.

It keeps the mat protected from any dangerous situations within your storage area. As for the stakes, it makes sure you can use your carpet in any location. The only problem with these additional inclusions is the price will increase.

But the benefits certainly make this higher price worth paying. These additional features do make using and storing the mat a lot more convenient. It’s just an aspect that many rig owners tend to overlook when choosing RV camping mats.

You can also take a look out review on the top[-rated RV steps and also for most trusted RV step covers. Don’t forget to read our review for RV wind turbines and share the post.

RV Patio Mat FAQs

Our product review section and buying guide should’ve provided a good idea of what RV patio mat could fit your wants. The following discussions will make the right choice even more transparent by covering a few more essential topics.

Who is this for?

An RV patio mat is a relatively simple product to understand. Rig owners set them outside their motorhomes to provide a comfortable atmosphere for relaxing. In other words, you get an almost living room like setting right outside your camper.

It ends up being an excellent place to settle down and relax during your RVing adventures. You just set up a chair on it and enjoy the peacefulness that comes with these mats. Aside from the comfort it provides, patio mats are a fantastic defender against dirt coming into your rig.

This benefit comes from them providing an area to wipe off your feet. It becomes a barrier between what lies outside your rig and what’s inside. Due to these benefits, it’s kind of hard to argue against an RV patio mat not being a good investment for every rig owner.

What are the different types of RV patio mats?

Like with most products, there are many variations of RV patio mats. Listing them all out would be a challenging task and take up almost an entire article. But I’m going to discuss a few of them, which should provide a better idea about what options suit your situation.

The first type of RV patio mat is called a grass-friendly or breathable mat. As you might imagine from its name, one of these awning mats will ensure the grass under it won’t get damaged. The carpet accomplishes this quality by allowing air, water, and light to pass through it.

As a result, breathable mats tend to be an excellent option for people who stay in one camping location. It’ll help keep your grass area from getting any sort of damage from the mat’s placement on it.

Environmentally-conscious rig owners might want to look into buying an eco-friendly option. These mats are made from plastic bottles or other recyclable plastic materials, which allows their users to prevent damaging our earth.

Aside from these two types, rig owners should have no problem finding a suitable option capable of meshing well into your situation. There’s a perfect RV patio mat for everyone; it’s just a simple matter of figuring out what you value in these products and locating one that can meet those criteria.

How do I decorate the outside of my RV?

There isn’t a definitive process for decorating your rig’s exterior.

  • But I’ve always been a fan of using camping mats for RV and string lights to provide my camper with some extra style. It creates an excellent ambiance and relaxing vibe in those areas.
  • Furthermore, a privacy screen and patio chairs are worthwhile additions. These components will create a place to wind down after a day of hiking or swimming.
  • You may even want to place a few throw pillows or other comfortable decor pieces to complete the aesthetic.

How big of an RV mat should I get?

Choosing the size of your RV patio mat isn’t too tricky. In most cases, people decide on 9×12 or 9×18 models, which seem to mesh with most camper patio areas.

That said, some people prefer a little more length and want a 9×20 or even 10×20 patio mat.

Nevertheless, it depends on how much space lies within your patio area.

So I’d recommend measuring how a 9×12, 9×18, or 9×20 mat would fit. This process should provide a better idea of what size outdoor rug for RV would best suit your needs.

How long do RV patio mats last?

The longevity of camping mats for RV use can vary drastically. Some options will only last through a season of heavy usage, while others can survive several. Therefore, it is necessary to research the materials and durability of each mat.

I’d suggest looking at only models with proven resistance to both mold and mildew. These issues are often the first things to ruin outdoor camping rugs or mats. Due to this, options with those qualities should provide long-term use with ease.

An excellent example of one would be Stylish Camping’s RC7 RV Patio Mat. This option has a well-established reputation for being a long-term option for campers. I would feel confident recommending it to any family member or friends who need a mat for outside camper use.

How does an RV patio mat work?

There’s nothing tricky about how a rig owner would use an RV patio mat. It’s an easy process of placing the rug over an area outside your motorhome. It’ll then offer a comfortable place to set down chairs and other furniture.

Do outdoor rugs ruin your deck?

If you’re looking for an RV mat that can also be used as a deck rug, I’d avoid options made from natural fibers like bamboo or jute. These materials will absorb moisture, which can result in the dreadful occurrence of mildew. It would be best if you instead stuck with RV patio mats made from recycled plastics.

What is the best material for an outdoor patio rug?

Several materials function well when being used in an outdoor patio rug. But the best RV outdoor rug will be made from one of the following materials:

  • Polypropylene
  • Olefin
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Jute
  • Sisal

If your chosen option is made from these materials, there’s no reason to believe it won’t function perfectly. It should have no issues providing excellent, top-tier results for many, many years.

How do I stop my outdoor mat from blowing away?

Some RV outdoor mats will come with stakes meant for this purpose. You set these ground stakes up, which should keep the mat in place even on the windiest days. Another option would be using water jugs to keep them from blowing away.

In this scenario, a rig owner would fill four water jugs up with water and place one on each corner of their mat. It might not be the most visually attractive option, but it gets the job done without issue.

Can I put an outdoor rug on gravel?

It depends on your chosen outdoor rug. Some will have no issues being placed on gravel, while others might suffer damage or other problems. You should consult the product description or instructions that come with the product before using it on gravel.

Where can I buy it?

The best place to buy RV patio mats would be Amazon. You won’t find lower prices or a better selection anywhere else. But if you aren’t comfortable shopping through Amazon, there are a few alternatives worth trying.

Some of them include Camping World, Costco, Walmart, and Target. Each of these stores should have a few high-quality options with relatively reasonable prices. You might even find some RV patio rugs clearance sales at these locations.


Finding the best RV patio mats should be relatively easy with this information at your disposal. The only thing left to do now is using what you’ve learned during your search. If you do, the right choice should become apparent quickly.

But there still might be a question or two might that comes up. If this happens, our comment section is always open for any concerns or issues. I’ll make sure to answer each post with a detailed response to get your search back on track. Thanks for reading our article!

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