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The Best RV Ovens and Stoves for Your RV Kitchen

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv oven and stove

One of the most popular purchases for a rig owner is cooking appliances to put inside their RVs. However, finding the right one isn’t always the easiest task. Many options are available on today’s market, which can cause quite the confusion for a buyer.

We intend to fix this issue by helping you find the best RV oven and stove. This article will guide you through the process to ensure it ends with a smile on your face. It’ll make sure you buy the perfect option for your particular situation.

Once you have it, cooking inside the RV wouldn’t be much of a hassle. You’ll be cooking all your favorites and share them with your family or guests. Honestly, having these cooking appliances onboard your rig just makes living on the road much better.

Let’s get this process started and dive into what makes these products such an essential piece to the RVing lifestyle.


Best Overall Light Weight Temperature Control
Preview Camp Chef Coven

Flame King YSNHT600

Ramblewood GC2-37P

Dimensions ‎18 x 24 x 31 inches ‎18.5 x 13 x 4.5 inches ‎20 x 11.4 x 3.9 inches
Weight ‎37.1 Pounds ‎14 pounds ‎15.52 pounds
Material Stainless steel Alloy Steel Stainless steel
Ignition Matchless Ignition Handwork Electric Ignition(1.5V DC)
Power Supply Propane Liquid Propane Propane/ Liquid Propane
Max Power – 7500 BTU’s Per Burner
– Oven 3,000 BTU’s
– 7200 BTU Oval Grate
– 5200 BTU Circular Drates
– Top Hob 11600 BTU/hr
– Bottom Hob 6140 BTU/hr
Hours of Operation on 1LB Propane Bottle up to 7 Hours (350º F) 2 Hours Full Blast
Propane Tank Sizes 1 – 20lb 1 – 420 lb
Details Details Details

8 Best Oven and Stove for RV Kitchen Reviews

We’re going to start with some reviews of the best options on today’s market. These discussions will provide some much-needed background into what top-tier models offer RVers. You’ll get a better handle on what to expect when starting your search.

1. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

The Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven is another stove range combo capable of meeting your cooking needs when camping. If you want an option made for cooking outside, it doesn’t get much better than this model.

One of these reasons for it being ideally suited for this role is its stainless steel construction. This feature will ensure your new cooking appliance remains rust-free and usable for a long time without issue.

You should love how easy this product’s range is to ignite, as well. This benefit comes from its auto-ignition feature, which makes the task hassle-free. It’s an aspect people tended to point out routinely as a positive within their reviews.

This model also offers some versatility thanks to its adaptability. You see, this model can be adapted to your RV’s propane tank when the portable tank becomes empty. It’s a useful feature to have and will ensure you always have a backup power source.

Any rig owner should be impressed by its two burners, too, which feature a 7,500 BTU level. These burners should easily meet your cooking standards with each use. If you intend to use the oven, its 3,000 BTU level should offer the same top tier quality.

Most people find this product’s nonstick cooking surface to be another attractive feature. This nonstick surface will ensure the cleaning process is a more manageable task. You’ll never find yourself spending more time than expected cleaning this fantastic appliance.

Aside from these great features, you have to love this product’s color scheme. It comes in either silver or black, which provides a buyer with a bit of choice. Both options look great and shouldn’t have much difficulty meshing with your kitchen’s color. I’d personally stick with the black option as it would fit my rig like a glove.

But this model does have one slight issue that gave me a bit of pause. It doesn’t feature a lightweight design, which makes transporting it from place to place a real pain. This issue shouldn’t be a shock given its stainless steel construction, but it’s still a hassle I would rather not have in my RV stove and oven.

2. Flame King YSNHT600 RV Cooktop Stove

If you’re looking for a simple and cheap option, the Flame King YSNHT600 RV Cooktop Stove could be a perfect fit. This cooktop stove is actually the least costly option on our entire list, which should get the attention of bargain buyers.

But don’t think its low price means it doesn’t have some genuinely great features. For instance, I love this product’s sleek and classic design. Its silver color scheme and compact construction shouldn’t have any problems fitting right into your RV’s interior.

You should also love that this design is lightweight. This feature will ensure your new cooktop stove doesn’t add much weight to your motorhome. You won’t have to worry about its inclusion pushing your rig over its weight limit.

This product comes with two burners with BTU levels of 7,200 and 5,200, respectively. These aren’t the highest BTU levels we’ve seen, but it’ll more than get the job done. It ends up being an efficient and effective way to cook food on board your rig.

I found this product’s protective cover intriguing, as well. This aspect will ensure the cooktop doesn’t become dirty or damage when it’s not being used. It’s a great way to make sure the device remains in good shape during travel.

The cooktop’s wind guards were another exciting addition worth mentioning. These wind guards will help prevent the burner’s flame from being blown away. If these guards weren’t included, the cooking process would end up being a significant hassle filled with frustration.

People were also rather pleased with this model’s knobs in their reviews. These knobs make it easy to adjust between cooking settings and the overall process much easier. It always helps when a feature can make cooking tasks easier rather than more complicated.

But there’s one issue with this option that caught my eye during product research. This model doesn’t have automatic ignition, which can make the cooking process more difficult than needed. It’s a hassle I could live with, though, given the low price and other great features.

3. Ramblewood GC2-37P Gas Cooktop

Ramblewood’s GC2-37P Gas Cooktop is one of the easiest models to set up models on our entire list. It has a rep for coming with great directions and making the whole process simple. But if you still don’t feel comfortable, Ramblewood offers an expert install feature at an increased price.

These features make it clear that this brand did everything to make their cooktop as friendly as possible. You only further see this reality when diving into the product’s other aspects like its electric ignition.

As with earlier models on our list, this feature makes the cooktop startup without any delay. But what makes this cooktop’s ignition different is its off-the-grid quality. This feature allows you to lit the stove with a match when a power outage happens. You can imagine how useful this aspect would be to an RV owner.

I also found this product’s thermocouple and flame out failure detection appealing. Both these safety features will ensure no accident occurs when using the cooktop. If an issue is caught, these two aspects will shut off the gas supply.

This cooktop does come with other familiar features like two sealed burners, stainless steel surface, and a heavy cast iron grate. Each of these aspects is valuable to a rig owner for reasons we’ve described at length in our earlier reviews.

But it does have another feature we hadn’t talked about before, a 1-year warranty. This aspect is something any rig owner should look out for when buying a cooking device. It’s always a good idea to choose a model with one rather than an option without it.

After all, these warranties will provide a bit of protection against an accident occurring or getting a faulty product. Ramblewood seems to honor this policy, too, which isn’t always the case with other brands.

However, I don’t see myself ever buying this model. The price tag is far too much for only buying a cooktop. It also doesn’t help that few buyers had issues with the product’s regulator. These clients had to buy a new before it started working.

4. RecPro ‎RP-2001 RV Stove and Oven

RecPro’s RP-2001 RV Stove and Oven would be an excellent and convenient addition to any camper kitchen. For instance, it has a compact and durable construction to avoid taking up too much room within a rig. I couldn’t have been happier with how effortlessly it managed to fit into my crowded RV kitchen.

The installation itself wasn’t too difficult, either. I don’t consider myself a professional oven/stove installer, and I followed the directions without needing an expert. Honestly, I can’t imagine even a beginner having much trouble with this oven and stove for camper trailer use.

Once I installed it, I fell in love with this motorhome stove and oven’s performance. I found myself delighted with its three gas burners and temperature controls. These components made adjusting the cooking settings a breeze, unlike most propane stove oven combo models.

I was also pleased with the oven’s interior space. It holds about 51 liters to ensure I can fit a wide range of items without much difficulty. I haven’t cooked anything yet that couldn’t fit into this oven, which was a bit unexpected based on my prior experiences.

Customers will have a few buying options with this combo appliance, as well. Each buyer can select between two colors and whether to have a vented range hood or not. I found myself choosing the black option without the vented hood as it fit into my rig’s kitchen perfectly.

But it’s worth mentioning that people who choose the vented hood have raved about its lighting and fan controls. I would expect nothing less, considering how easy RecPro has made everything else on this device to use.

However, I do have one minor complaint about this product. I noticed the numbers on this product’s dials started wearing off after a few months. They’re still visible but worth noting to anyone deciding to buy this appliance.

5. Way Interglobal ‎CF-FS60 Greystone RV Stove Oven Combo

RV oven and stove appliances don’t get much more convenient than Way Interglobal’s ‎CF-FS60 Greystone combo. It earns this distinction by offering one of the market’s largest RV oven range capacities. But this aspect doesn’t make the product frustrating or stressful to fit inside a camper.

As a result, it manages to have a balance that most choices don’t offer. The benefits also don’t stop there, especially with its impressive cast iron grate cooktop. It provides users with four burners and easy-to-use dials that ensure a simplified, practical cooking experience.

An impressive 8,000 BTUs of power makes this experience possible. It won’t have trouble cooking soup, burgers, or anything else on the stovetop. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to get my food ready; it shattered my expectations.

I was thrilled by this product design, as well. Way Interglobal did an excellent job crafting the exterior using stainless steel material. It gives this stove and oven a more elegant look than my previous one, which wasn’t anything unique or stylish.

The product’s LED backlit knobs also help create a more stylish look. Of course, this aspect is practical when using the device at night. I often find myself cooking meals during the later hours, so these knobs are endlessly helpful for my needs.

One final notable attribute was the easy installation process. I didn’t have trouble hooking it to my propane tank, which is a borderline miracle. Overall, I can’t say enough about how much this product is an RV oven upgrade and stove upgrade over my previous options.

It’s also worth noting that I couldn’t find a person with a single bad thing to say about it. This outcome is very rare, especially within this marketplace. I find it hard to believe any rig owner will have a bad experience when purchasing this option.

6. Avanti GR2013CSS Gas Range

If you’re looking to buy an RV gas range, Avanti GR2013CSS Gas Range should receive a great deal of consideration. This model features almost everything someone could want in one of these RV cooking appliances.

One of the first things to stand out is its compact design of 20 inches. This aspect will ensure it doesn’t take up too much room inside your RV. As any rig owner knows, these vehicles have a limited amount of space, and anything that helps conserve it ends up a win.

The product’s construction is another win with it being made from stainless steel. This material makes the gas range rust-free and durable. Due to this, this camper stove oven combo should be apart of your RVing lifestyle for many years.

I also found this product’s auto electronic ignition appealing because it makes starting the range straightforward. It shouldn’t have any issues starting right up and getting the cooking process underway, which happens to a problem with other models.

This model comes with four sealed burners, providing us the ability to cook more food at once than any of our previous options: one rapid burner, one simmer, and two semi-rapids. These burners offer a little more variety concerning cooking options than other RV ranges.

Buyers will love this product’s see-thru glass oven door, as well. This feature will make checking on the baking or cooking of your cookies and cakes much easier. In fact, you’ll always know whether something is burning inside the oven.

You also can’t overlook this product’s other accessories like the backsplash, storage drawer, or oven drawer. Each of these will make life inside your RV’s kitchen a lot less of a hassle. The storage drawer, especially, should help deal with any space issues in your RV.

But these great features come with a massive downside, the cost. This model is another option with a price tag way past what I’m looking to spend on an RV cooking appliance. It’s a huge bummer because I do love everything else about this product. It might even be the best RV range on today’s market.

7. Suburban 17 Inch 3206A Gas Range

Our first product is the Suburban 17 Inch 3206A Gas Range, which was made specifically for usage in RVs. This aspect makes it a perfect option for any rig owner who is looking to upgrade their RV kitchen with a range.

In fact, this range was made to work inside many different rig types such as travel trailers, motorhomes, and campervans. If you’re a rig owner, there’s no reason to believe this oven wouldn’t be a great fit inside your RV.

People lucky enough to buy it will also benefit from its many other features. One of them happens to its three burners, one in the front and two in the rear. These burners will make preparing your meals a much faster process.

For instance, you could cook two or three dishes at the same time using the burners on this fantastic range. The front burner having a BTU level of 9000 certainly helps in this area. This burner will have your meals cook in no time with this high heat output.

This product’s two rear burners aren’t any slouches with their BTU level of 6,500, either. Due to this, you shouldn’t have any issues cooking whatever’s needed on these back burners such as soup, beans, and much more.

You should love its accompanying oven rack, as well, which was another standout feature. This feature will make cook things inside this product’s oven a more manageable task. After all, it has a reputation for being incredibly easy to slide into the proper position.

I found this product’s design rather appealing, too, with it featuring a black coloring. This coloring would make it a perfect fit inside my rig’s interior. It wouldn’t have a problem meshing with what already lies inside my RV.

But the price tag is a problem for me with it being well-outside my budget range. I couldn’t justify spending this much on a cooking appliance without doing some serious financial gymnastics. At this point, I have no interest in doing those maneuvers, even with all these standout features.

8. Furrion F1S17L02A-BL Gas Range Oven

Rig owners will have difficulty not falling in love with the Furrion F1S17L02A-BL Gas Range Oven. It has an extensive collection of valuable features perfect for RV living. An excellent example would be its durable, stainless steel construction.

This aspect will ensure the product has no issue handling on-the-road travel. In fact, Furrion tested it out for vibration resistance, which it passed with flying colors. I certainly haven’t had any problems since placing this gas stove for RV in my rig.

Buyers will also love this appliance’s large capacity and compact design. Both these components ensured this oven and stove was a seamless fit into my RV’s kitchen. I didn’t even have to reshuffle my other appliances around to make room for it.

I can’t say enough about its impressive 7,100 BTU oven, as well. It has made cooking my famous lasagna and garlic bread a breeze when traveling. Honestly, it was nice to have a way to thoroughly make all my favorite dishes, especially compared to using my old used camper stove oven combo.

Cleaning the stovetop wasn’t too difficult, either. Furrion made the process as easy as possible by incorporating a wired grate and enamel tray over the burners. As a result, it became simple to remove any debris caught underneath these components.

I was delighted by the oven’s broiler for similar reasons. It’ll help catch any dripping fat to ensure a much easier cleaning experience. Therefore, I can’t see how this product won’t stay in good condition for a long time.

But sadly, I can’t describe this product as a perfect one. It does have one notable flaw in its stove top burners not having a simmering setting. This aspect seems like a bit of an oversight by Furroin as it could’ve made the device even more convenient.

Dometic RV-1735 Range Oven (Outdated)

The Dometic RV-1735 Range Oven happens to come from a brand, which has earned a solid rep in many RV product markets. This range oven combo doesn’t do anything but further solidify Dometic’s position as a trustworthy brand with its high-quality features.

A great example of these features would be its use of linear values. These values make working the appliance much simpler and improve its adjustment capability. It’s no wonder why many buyers were shocked by how easy it was to adjust from a simmer to full burn.

The product also comes with a high output front burner with a 9,000 BTU level capable of providing great cooking results. Meanwhile, the two rear burners have a 6,500 BTU level and should have no issues preparing smaller or side dishes in no time.

You should find the product’s built-in toaster/broiler section appealing, as well. This feature will provide a bit more cooking options than you’d get with other models. It makes this range oven combo even more equipped to fulfill all your cooking needs on the road.

As with some earlier models, this product comes with the option of paying for an expert install. This addition is always a nice touch and something I’d suggest to anyone who doesn’t have any prior experience doing these jobs.

The product’s design was another standout highlight, with it featuring a lovely silver and black color scheme. As a result, it won’t be a horrible eyesore within your RV’s interior. It’ll instead blend into the background as any well-designed appliance should.

But even with these great features, two issues are stopping me from buying this range oven combo. The first problem concerns its weight. This model isn’t lightweight by any means and would be such a hassle to move into a rig during the install process.

As someone with back problems, this product could do some real damage. The price tag happens to be my second issue, as it’s above my budget range. If these two concerns aren’t dealbreakers for you, I don’t see another reason why this product won’t be a good choice.

Atwood Mobile Products 52373 Wedgewood Vision Range (Outdated)

Atwood Mobile Products’ 52373 Wedgewood Vision Range is among the most convenient options on our list. This status comes from features like its easy to adjust burners. You should have no issues adjusting these burners from a low simmer to full burn.

This action tends to be an issue with inferior models and can be a real hassle. It also helps that this Atwood RV stove/oven has three burners capable of cooking whatever comes to mind. Its front one has a BTU level of 9,000, and the two rear ones have BTU levels of 6,500 to ensure the cooking process gets done quickly.

I also found the one-piece grate sitting on top of these burners intriguing. This grate has a porcelain construction, which provides excellent durability and a perfect surface for your rig’s cookware.

You have to love this grate’s large diameter wire that provides it with a great deal of strength, too. It’s another aspect further showing the grate won’t have any issues holding up even with continuous use of this Wedgewood RV stove/oven. It being removable makes its cleaning process easier, as well.

Aside from the grate, this product’s top burner areas have interesting constructions. These areas were made with a deep well, which will help contain messy spills. It’s another feature that helps make cleaning this range a non-issue.

The product’s oven was also a feature people were quick to bring up as a positive in their reviews. It heats up quickly and shouldn’t provide many issues baking your cookies or cakes. Many people were impressed by its ability, even with the small amount of space inside it.

But some people did experience shipping and packaging issues with this product. It seems the model had a habit of arriving damaged or later than expected. Neither of these issues is what you want from the best RV oven and stove seller.

Honestly, you don’t expect this from Atwood RV ranges, as this company has gained a reputation for being top tier. It’s something to examine before making a final decision about buying this cooking appliance. But these complaints were only among a few reviews, which means they could be isolated incidents rather than a trend.

Happybuy RV Stainless Steel Cooktop (Outdated)

If you’re looking to buy the best RV cooktop, this option from Happybuy should garner your attention. It comes with numerous features that should bring a smile to anyone lucky enough to come across it during product research.

A great example would be its plug-in ignition device, which is capable of being ignited instantly. This aspect saves a lot of time and can get the cooking process rolling without prep. Plus, it’s much safer than other means of igniting a stove burner.

Along the same lines, you’ll also love to know this cooktop has a flame failure system. This system will turn off the stovetop when there’s a leak or its overheats. Therefore, it’ll ensure everyone stays safe when using it.

The construction of this cooktop happens to be second to none, as well. It has a stainless steel surface and cast iron grates that provide it with top tier durability. These features make cleaning this product a breeze, too, which is always nice.

As for its performance, it comes with four high powered burners capable of cooking whatever needs cooking. I find it hard to imagine anyone would be frustrated by the results this model offers. The buyer reviews seem to back this opinion up with many positive reports.

I found this product offering a professional install add-on to be another appealing trait. I’m not experienced when it comes to install jobs and require all the help I can get with these tasks. This feature would be something I would take advantage of without hesitation.

The four different sizing options weren’t a bad touch, either. This amount of choice makes sure almost any rig owner could find a variation capable of meeting their needs. It’s clear that Happybuy did a great job appealing to a broad client base when creating this product.

But some buyers did complain about the included directions being a little too involved. This issue could be a hassle for anyone who doesn’t have experience doing these kinds of jobs. Thankfully, the professional install add-on is there for people who feel a little uncomfortable doing it themselves.

RV Oven and Stove Buyer’s Guide

Finding the perfect stove or oven will come down to several different factors. In this section, we’ll discuss each of them to make sure this process ends with you making the right decision. This info will ensure you don’t look back at your choice with regret.



As with every product, ovens and stoves are available in a number of price ranges. The cost of these devices will depend on what type of features it provides. Due to this, a budget must be created around the features you deem necessary in a stove or oven.

Rig owners who want a stove with more burners will have to increase their budget ranges: the more burners a stove has, the higher its cost. The same goes for an oven with a higher BTU level. If you based the budget around your needs, it should be able to help make the buying process much easier.

After all, the budget will lessen your choices down to options that fit what you want. You’ll no longer have to search aimlessly through the thousands of options available online. But please, stay realistic with the budget, or it won’t be a handy, useful tool.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning an oven or stove is something no RV owner wants to spend a lot of time doing. We’d much rather be doing a fun activity with our family or friends such as hiking or swimming. As a result, it’s imperative to consider how easy each model is to clean before picking your final choice.

A good starting place would be considering models made from stainless steel. This material has a reputation for being much easier to clean than others used in creating stoves and ovens.

Power Supply

Another important consideration is the device’s power supply. This factor tends to be one buyers overlook when making their decision. Avoid becoming these people and account for this during your search by keeping track of each model’s power supply.

For instance, people looking to get a gas-operated stove should be aware that the higher its BTU, the hotter the stove. But buyers who want an RV electric oven or stove need to know their models won’t have any power fluctuations because it always runs on 120v.

Knowing these little details will go a long way in determining what’s the right choice for your situation. You’ll have to decide whether a gas or electric appliance fits your particular needs and wants better.


RV stoves and ovens come in a variety of styles. You can get an RV propane range model, cooktop model, portable ovens, and much more. In most cases, these cooking appliances will function using propane canisters for cooking your favorite food.

This aspect is common among models capable of being used outdoors. But some other options can connect right into your RV’s propane supply. Therefore, you’ll have to decide what type of stove/oven fits your particular situation and needs.

For instance, a person who wants to cook outside would be wise to invest in a cooking appliance that uses propane canisters. This type of stove or oven would function perfectly for a rig owner looking to cook some meals among nature.


You’ll need a stove or oven capable of lasting a long time. These devices should be durable and made from high end materials. There’s no reason for burner knobs to be falling or burners dying out completely within a few months.

It’s best to avoid models with durability issues by doing significant research into this area. Customer reviews will help determine what options are capable of lasting a long time. Sticking with top tier brands like the ones mentioned in our product review section wouldn’t hurt, either.


It might sound cliche, but safety does come first when dealing with stoves and ovens. Safety is easily one of the most essential things to think about when preparing a meal in an RV. Honestly, one mistake in the install of a gas oven or stove can cause a dangerous situation.

This reason is why we recommend getting the install done by an expert. It’s not something to fool around with and should only be done by a person with considerable experience. The extra cost might look a little steep, but it’s cheap when you consider how dangerous it could be when the install’s done wrong.

It’s also essential to look for certain safety features within these devices. These features include rubber feet, rubber base, automatic cool down, and a controllable flame. Each of these aspects will go a long way in ensuring nothing goes wrong during the cooking process.


You’ll need an oven/stove with a lightweight design that’s capable of being transported from place to place easily. In other words, a model with a reputation for excelling when it comes to portability. Your chosen model shouldn’t be something, which causes great stress when carrying it.

Of course, this factor isn’t much of an issue for people looking to buy an electric oven. You can’t use these devices outside unless there’s an electricity source out there, which makes them being portable rather useless.

RV Oven and Stove FAQs

Our FAQ section will cover several topics the previous parts skimmed over or didn’t talk about at all. It’ll help clear up any concerns that are still making their way through your mind. It’s just another resource to ensure this process ends with you making a great decision.

Who is this for?

RV ovens and stoves are cooking appliances made for people who like cooking on the road. It’s an essential ability to have for anyone spending a large amount of time RVing. Honestly, there’s nothing more capable of evoking an at-home feeling than a home-cooked meal.

These devices offer this feeling and can transform an RV into a home faster than anything else on board. Plus, having a stove/oven will save you from eating out all the time and wasting your hard-earned money on fast food.

Advantages of using RV ovens and stoves

RV owners with ovens or stoves onboard their rigs gain several benefits. We’ll discuss a few of them below to help determine whether buying one would be worth it for you. It’ll provide a better handle on what having these cooking appliances provides to the RVing lifestyle.

Allows You to Cook Your Favorites

Most people assume RVing or camping means settling for fast food or eating already prepared food from the supermarket. But as we mentioned above, having a camper stove and oven inside your RV kicks this notion to the curb.

These cooking appliances will offer the ability to cook all your favorite foods without issue. In fact, the cooking process won’t be much different from what goes on at your regular home. You’ll be able to cook whatever comes to mind with a top tier oven/stove.

For instance, a person could easily cook anything from steak to lasagna without much difficulty. You just need the cocking chops to pull it off in the first place.

Easy to Set up

The best RV ovens and stoves will be rather easy to set up and install. These devices aren’t like the heavy, bulky traditional ranges or cooktops within your regular home. In most cases, these appliances will feature a lightweight design made for peak levels of portability.

This feature means transporting them from place to place is much easier than with a regular at-home stove or oven. As a result, carrying them inside a rig or your storage area won’t be the difficult task that a person might have imagined.

It also helps the install process with it being less taxing to move it around. Most of the options will have a compact design to make this task more manageable, as well. But we still suggest having a professional or expert help with the install.

After all, most of these models use propane gas, which is dangerous when misused. It would be a better idea to ensure everything is installed correctly rather than leaving yourself open to something terrible happening.

Outdoor Use

A travel trailer stove or oven’s portability also makes them very useful in another area, outdoor usage. People looking to camp or have a picnic can take the cooking outside with these cooking appliances.

This feature allows rig owners to spend more time outside with their kids doing fun things rather than being cooped up inside a cramped kitchen. It makes the entire cooking experience a lot more bearable for the person who’s doing all the work.

Due to this, it’s clear that having one of these appliances becomes a useful and convenient thing during an RVing adventure. Otherwise, you might miss out on all the fun your family or guests are having when you’re preparing their food.

How to light an RV stove and oven?

As I noted, RV stove and oven models come in various types. So it would make sense to assume these products come with different lighting methods. It’s essential to figure out what kind of device you have before starting the lighting process.

In most cases, your stove and oven will offer an electric or manual ignition system. I prefer the electric option because it makes things much more manageable. For instance, lighting an RV electric stove oven combo only requires pushing a button or twisting a knob.

But these options are more expensive, so I could see others preferring the manual types. Manual models are a bit more troublesome to light. A match or lighter will be required to ignite the pilot light, which can be a little dicey if you aren’t careful.

Can a household oven be used in an RV?

Sadly, household ovens aren’t compatible with RVs. These devices demand a higher voltage than what campers offer (240V vs 120V). You’re better off choosing a range meant for RV use, such as RecPro’s ‎RP-2001 RV Stove and Oven.

Such models will provide a safe environment where users can cook without issues. Plus, household ovens often have constructions that aren’t practical to fit inside your rigs. There wouldn’t be enough room for them.

As a result, it doesn’t make much sense to place a residential oven inside an RV. It just isn’t worth the hassles or potential dangers.

Can you use the stove while driving an RV?

RV owners should never use their motorhome stove when driving, even if they can. It creates an avoidable situation with dangerous consequences. For instance, the bumpy travel could cause the pan or pot to slide all over the cooktop and cause serious complications.

Luckily, most electrical models don’t allow RVers to use them when driving anyway. But the main point is don’t ever use your stove when in traffic. It might seem like an easy way to save time, but it isn’t worth it.

Makes the Cooking Process Faster

The top tier options will come with multiple burners to ensure cooking a meal goes much faster. In other words, models with three or four burners allow a person to cook more than one dish at once, which saves a significant amount of time.

You could then spend some extra time doing something else like spending time with your family or going for a swim. These models end up being a godsend for whoever purchases them because of their ability to save a little time.

Saves Space

The lightweight, compact designs of RV ovens and stoves will open up more storage space in your rig because it’s not overly bulky. Therefore, you’ll have a lot more room to add in other appliances into your RV kitchen.

You could put in a microwave or add some additional storage cabinets into your rig. The possibilities are endless with the amount of space saved with having these cooking appliances inside your RV.

How to install and use?

The process of installing an RV oven or stove will differ greatly depending on the product’s brand, model, and type. You must read and follow the directions provided by the device’s manufacturer.

This action will ensure nothing goes wrong when installing these devices into your RV. Honestly, there’s a reason why these devices come with specific directions. Following them to a tee is the only way to make sure everything remains safe when using the.

As for the using process, it’s pretty much what you experience when using an RV stove or oven at your regular home. The actual procedure will ultimately depend on the type, model, and brand, but it shouldn’t be anything too tricky or complicated.

What is the warranty?

The warranties for RV stoves and ovens will change from product to product. You could encounter models with a 5-year, 10-year, 20-year, or even a lifetime warranty. It’s a crapshoot when it comes to this type of feature.

You’ll even find models with no warranty, which is a little bit of a red flag. These devices are dealing with dangerous substances and should offer a considerable amount of protection. We always suggest choosing a model with a warranty policy to ensure you have coverage against an accident.

It’s essential to make sure the company honors these agreements, as well. Some companies will only intend on using warranties as a sales pitch without intending on sticking to them. It’d be best to avoid these brands by sticking with trusted manufacturers. For instance, buying Atwood cooktop or stove rather than a cheaper option from a second rate brand.

Any care and maintenance tips?

The cleaning process for an RV stove or oven isn’t any different from what you experience with one at home. It’s just a simple matter of wiping them clean with a cloth and getting rid of any leftover residue.

As we noted previously, people who despise cleaning should be looking into buying options made from stainless steel. This material makes the cleaning process much easier and less time consuming than others.


Finding the best RV oven and stove shouldn’t be much trouble with all this info at your disposal. It’s just a simple process of applying what you’ve learned here into your search. Once you do, the right choice will become apparent and cooking on the road will no longer be such a hassle.

You’ll be able to cook steak, chicken, and every meal that comes to mind. As a result, life on the road will no longer seem like a vacation, but rather the norm. Your RV will soon become everything you’ve imagined with a top tier oven or stove inside it.

But some more questions might still present themselves during your search. If something does seem a little confusing, don’t hesitate to let us know in our comment section. We want to make sure this process goes off without a hitch. It’s our job to ensure you end up buying the RV stove/oven of your dreams.

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