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The Best RV Microwaves for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Choosing the best RV microwave doesn’t have to be a process that causes buyer stress. Honestly, a person equipped with the right info shouldn’t have much difficulty finding a perfect option for their situation.

We intend to offer this info by covering everything about these useful products in our article. It’ll ensure finding the right option becomes as easy as doing some other routine tasks like cleaning your dishes.

best rv microwave

After reading our article, the perfect microwave for your camper should become clear and apparent. There will no longer be any guessing when it comes to choosing an option. You’ll know what to look for when buying one of these products.

Without any further ado, let’s get this process started and find this elusive microwave. I promise you’ll soon be reheating and cooking food products just like at your regular home.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Easy To Use
Preview RecPro ‎RPM-1-BLK

Commercial CHM660B

‎Grey Stone Microwaves

Dimensions ‎25 x 23 x 21 inches 12.5 x 17.75 x 10.25 inches 23 x 14 x 15 inches
Weight ‎28.2 pounds 23.1 Pounds ‎32.9 pounds
Material Glass Stainless Steel Glass
Capacity ‎0.9 Cubic Feet 0.6 Cubic Feet ‎0.9 Cubic Feet
Power 120V/ 900W 120V/ 600W 120V/ 900W
Power Levels 10 6 10
Control Touch Pad Rotary Dial Touch Pad
Details Details Details

List of Top-Rated RV Microwave Reviews

Our product review section will discuss 13 top tier options at length to provide a better idea of what’s out there. Each discussion will offer more insight into what a customer should be looking for in a microwave.

1. RecPro RPM-1-BLK RV Microwave

RecPro’s RPM-1-BLK RV Microwave has always been seen as one of the top microwaves available for rig owners. It has proven time and time again to make traveling on the road a much more convenient and enjoyable situation.

This ability comes from the many top tier features that separate it from other options. One of these aspects is its sleek and compact design. This design makes it a great fit with almost every type of RV from campervans to Class A motorhomes.

I also found this product’s glass turntable to be very appealing. This feature will rotate your food in the microwave to ensure it evenly cooks. After all, nobody likes biting into a piece of pizza, and realizing a part of it happens to be cold; it wouldn’t be a problem with this great microwave at your disposal.

The product’s vent exhaust was another feature that caught my eye. This vent exhaust is a safety precaution to ensure nothing happens during the cooking process. It’s always a good idea to check for these types of additions when buying a product like an RV microwave.

You should find the model’s quick access door intriguing, as well. It’ll make accessing your food and operating the product itself simple and straightforward. There are no hoops or shenanigans to go through when using this microwave, which is always a positive.

People were quick to applaud this microwave’s stability in their reviews, too. It seems the product’s heavy-duty design and use of quality materials make a huge difference. There’s no reason to believe this model won’t be apart of your RVing lifestyle for many years.

The model’s price isn’t too shabby, either. It isn’t the cheapest option on our list, but it falls right into the middle range. It would have no issues fitting into my budget, and the features it provides are more than worth its price tag.

But some buyers with larger families did complain about this product being a small RV microwave. If you intend to travel in a big group, I’d suggest looking elsewhere to avoid any usability issues.

2. Commercial Chef CHM660B RV Countertop Microwave

The Commercial Chef CHM660B RV Microwave is an ideal option for anyone with a smaller camper or RV. This mini RV microwave won’t take up much space and still provide excellent results with its many great features.

For instance, I love this product’s easy using process. It comes with mechanical dials, which allows you to set the microwave’s timer with relative ease. You also get to choose from six different power levels that should be more than enough to find a perfect setting.

In most cases, I’d suggest getting a microwave with at least ten power levels, but the amount of space this product saves more than makes up for this hassle. You also benefit from the product’s durable and robust construction.

This aspect will help ensure the microwave remains a fixture in your life for years to come without any issues. Customers were often shocked by how well this microwave was able to hold up even in the most difficult situations.

It also doesn’t hurt that this model happens to be a countertop microwave, which makes it much easier to transport. As a result, you could use this product in many small spaces such as an apartment, dorm room, or even a cabin.

The microwave’s handle was another standout aspect as it’ll make opening and closing it a breeze. You might be surprised to know some other models tend to struggle in this area. It can end up being a real hassle when this process isn’t convenient and easy.

You get the added benefit of this product being relatively inexpensive, as well. This model’s actually among the lowest-priced options on our entire list. Therefore, it becomes a bargain for anyone looking to buy a smaller microwave.

But some buyers did have a few concerns about the turntable inside the product. It seems like this feature has a habit of becoming a little shaky from time to time. This type of issue is a hassle, but not isn’t one that would make me remove the model from my consideration list.

3. GreyStone 900-watt Microwave

Our next option, GreyStone Microwave, is a solid contender for the smallest microwave for RV usage. Its small, compact design only takes up 0.9 cu ft to ensure it’ll fit onto any countertop without much trouble. It is quite a bit smaller than most standard options, which are often around 1.1 cu. ft.

But the design isn’t its only worthwhile attribute. I was also impressed by the performance of this small microwave for camping. For instance, it has six auto-cook settings and ten power levels to provide a user with complete control.

I didn’t have a single issue finding the right cooking environment for my food. Sadly, this outcome isn’t what I’ve often experienced in the past. It tends to be a problem with other small microwave for campervan products or RV over the range microwave devices.

Another area where this microwave excels is its durable construction. Greystone constructed it out of high-quality materials with proven resistance to vibrations and corrosion. In other words, it should mesh well with the RV lifestyle and last a long time.

Furthermore, I was thrilled to see this model comes with rubber feet. It’ll help prevent the microwave from sliding across my countertops. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about scuff marks or other surface disfigurements on my RV kitchen surface.

Buyers will also love this product’s installation versatility with its various mounting options. Due to this, users have more control over how this device is used inside their rigs. It even comes with a trim kit to mesh well into a cabinet.

But I do have to warn buyers about the noise level of this small microwave for RV usage. I wasn’t the only one to notice this issue, either. It was mentioned a few times within the customer review section as a notable negative aspect.

But some buyers with larger families did complain about this product being a small RV microwave. If you intend to travel in a big group, I’d suggest looking elsewhere to avoid any usability issues.

4. Advent MW912BWDK RV Built-in Microwave Convection Oven

If you’re looking for a model with a lot of power levels, the Advent MW912BWDK RV Built-in Microwave Convection Oven would be right up your alley. This device comes with ten power levels to offer a broad sense of control over the cooking process.

You shouldn’t have any problems finding the perfect power level for whatever meal’s being put into the device. It also has six pre-programmed cooking settings to offer a level of convenience that most other models will have a hard time matching.

These six settings let you perfectly cook a frozen pizza, popcorn, beverages, and frozen entries with a single push. It also helps that this product has an easy to see display, which makes reading these cooking settings much easier.

This aspect makes it possible to adjust timers, cook times, power levels, and the clock without squinting your eyes. As someone with rather lousy eyesight, this readable display was a welcome bonus and would make my life much simpler.

You should also find the product’s glass turntable appealing. This aspect has received rare reviews from buyers due to its ability to avoid becoming shaky or wobbly. As you know from our prior options, this issue can exist with other models.

The turntable shouldn’t have any problems cooking your food evenly, either. You’ll never have to experience biting into a cold hot pocket or piece of pizza. This nightmare hassle will no longer be apart of your life with a microwave like this one.

This model comes with a wide trim kit, as well, which will make installing this product a breeze. Honestly, I don’t think even a person like myself would have many issues getting this device set up; I tend to struggle with these types of tasks.

But there’s a grave downside to these wonderful features, a high price. This model happens to be well-outside my budget. In fact, I couldn’t see myself investing this much in one of these products, even with top tier features. It just wouldn’t be a realistic option for me or anyone who’s looking to buy a bargain.

5. Sharp R1874T RV Microwave Convection Oven

The Sharp R1874T RV Microwave Convection Oven is a great choice for anyone looking to get an option with a bit more space inside it. You get 1.1 cubic feet rather than the standard 1.0 cubic feet often provided with other models.

As a result, this extra space should provide a bit more room to put bigger dishes into your microwave. This device also has a reputation for being the easiest to install among RV microwave convection ovens with over the range placement.

Many buyers made a point to reference the device’s easy install in their reviews. It was uncommon to see one that didn’t at least mention this aspect in some regard. Due to this, I don’t imagine anyone reading this article should have an issue setting it up properly.

The using process was another highlight provided by this top tier option. It comes with directions that are easy to understand and shouldn’t offer anyone problems. The interactive display sure makes using it a piece of cake, too, with its many useful settings and levels.

I found this product’s design rather impressive, as well. It has a sleek stainless steel finishing that invokes a sense of luxury. This microwave won’t be an eyesore within your rig. In fact, I think it would mesh well with my RV’s interior.

You can’t overlook the three venting options provided by this product, either. These three options, ductless recirculation, horizontal and vertical, come from the model’s exhaust system. It’ll offer a large amount of help for anyone looking to do range-top cooking.

But the best thing about this product is its 4-way convection system. This aspect lets you choose between either broiling, crisping, baking, or browning your food. It’s another way this model ensures you get the desired cooking results.

However, this Sharp microwave convection oven for RVs wouldn’t end up in my buying cart. The reason for it not fitting my needs is rather simple; the price tag is much too high. It’s actually one of the most costly options on our entire list. I’m just not looking to spend a small fortune on something like a cooking appliance.

6. Dometic DCMC11B.F Convection Microwave Oven

This Dometic RV microwave does a great job of showing why the brand has become a staple in many RV markets. It’s another product from them that goes above and beyond to ensure their customers’ needs get met.

For instance, this device happens to be a dual tool capable of being used as either a grill or convection microwave. This type of choice provides a better chance that the model will be ready to work in whatever capacity a user might need.

Another area where this product impresses is the inside capacity. Like our prior option, this model offers 1.1 cubic feet. This amount of room will ensure you get a little more space inside than most models. You’ll be able to fit more dishes in this option than the usual microwave.

I also love this product’s ten power levels, which will ensure getting the perfect cooking situation is more feasible. In other words, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the proper level for whatever food product is being cooked.

You have to love the 1-touch settings for cooking a variety of pre-programmed meals, as well. These include cooking a potato, pizza, frozen entrees, beverages, and popcorn. Basically, all the essentials are covered with these 1-touch, easy to use settings.

Buyers with small children will find the product’s child safety lock to be another endearing quality. This aspect will ensure kids won’t be able to use the product unsupervised and reduce the risk of an accident happening.

The product has earned rare reviews for its durability, too, which can be attributed to its stainless steel design. This design should make the product a long-term buy rather than something you’re replacing in a year or two.

You’ll be surprised to learn that its price tag falls in my budget range. It was actually a little shocking to me, too, given these great features. If you’re looking for a bargain, I don’t see how this model from Dometic wouldn’t be on your list.

But there were a few complaints about the shipping and packaging of this product. These types of issues aren’t what you expect from a top tier company like Dometic. It’s rather uncharacteristic of this great brand and something to think about before buying.

7. Toshiba EC042A5C-SS RV Microwave Oven

Toshiba’s EC042A5C-SS RV Microwave Oven excels well past most other options available in one key area, capacity. You see, this model has 1.5 cubic feet of room inside to ensure you can fit whatever needs to be microwaved without a problem.

But its capacity isn’t the only thing this microwave convection oven for RVs has going for it. It also has a sturdy, stainless steel build to ensure the model offers peak stability levels. This aspect will make sure you get everything possible out of this investment.

The stainless design will mesh well into your RV’s interior, as well. It won’t feel out of place or become an eyesore that you can’t stand looking at in your rig. This might not seem like a big deal now, but after a few months, an ugly microwave could get on your nerves.

You also have to love the product’s easy using process. The model’s actually equipped with a convection smart sensor, which will improve the precision and accuracy of the cooking process. It’s just another way that Toshiba goes above and beyond for its customers.

Many customers made a note about this microwave being easy to clean in their reviews, as well. This aspect should make sure you aren’t spending a large amount of time trying to clean off residue from the product’s interior. As someone who despises cleaning, this feature is one that means a great deal to me.

I also love this product’s LED lighting, which makes it much easier to read. This meshes well with my lousy eyesight and should make using the device much easier than anticipated. You shouldn’t have any issues setting the power levels and settings, thanks to this feature.

It doesn’t hurt that this product is an RV microwave convection oven combo, either. This dual-purpose ability will provide a bit more control over how to cook your food. It’s always nice to have some options, which is something this dual-purpose device offers in spades.

However, some people did report packaging issues in their reviews. These complaints were only in a few reports, but it’s still something to monitor when making a final choice.

8. RecPro RV Convection Microwave

If you’re looking for the best RV convection microwave, RecPro’s RV Convection Microwave should be a serious contender. This product comes with nine express cook options that’ll cover a lot of basic dishes, which often end up in a microwave.

These cook options include popcorn, pizza, potatoes, roast chicken, soup, dinner place, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, and beverages. You merely press the matching button for the cook option of whatever food you’re putting into the device. It’s a much more user-friendly way of cooking your microwavable favorites.

I also thought this product’s instant start feature was a nice touch. You see, this instant start button will put 30 seconds on the timer with one press. It’s a hassle-free way of adding time without having to stop the cooking process.

The push-release door paddle was another exciting aspect of this product. As you might expect, this feature makes the product’s door open with a simple push on the door paddle. It’s a more relaxed and effective way to open the device rather than touching a handle that might be a little hot from the cooking.

Parents can sleep easy knowing this product has a child lock setting. This feature has proven to be effective as many customers were more than happy with its performance in their buyer reviews.

You don’t have to worry about food being unevenly cooked with this product, either. The model fights this issue by having multi-section cooking to ensure even cooking. It’s another way this product makes sure the user is happy with its results.

RecPro was kind enough to offer a 2-year limited warranty with purchase, as well. This policy will ensure you’re covered from any accident or failure happening with the device. It seems like the company has a rep for honoring it, too, which can be an issue with other brands.

As for flaws, I couldn’t find a single one stated in the buyer reviews. I mean, it’s a little outside my price range, but the results offered by this model more than makeup for it. I can easily justify paying a higher price for quality like this product.

9. AmazonBasics RV Microwave

AmazonBasics’ RV Microwave is one of the most technologically advanced models out there. This product can actually be operated through Alexa to improve user-friendliness. It’s a nice luxury to have with a device like this one.

You should also love this product’s compact size, which should help save counter space. This factor is such a massive one for RV owners as there’s such limited space onboard these rigs. It’s another aspect that goes to show this brand had its buyers’ needs and wants in mind when making this product.

The product’s turntable was another highlight feature with its proven ability to stay in place. In some other models, the turntables can get a little shaky and cause an unbalanced cooking process. This situation leads to unevenly cooked food, which nobody wants.

It offers ten power levels to ensure the best cooking possible, as well. This aspect should provide enough variety to make sure any food product gets heated or cooked to the proper level.

The child lock feature isn’t too shabby, either, and shouldn’t have any issues from stopping kids from using it without supervision. It’s a helpful, little safety feature to ensure no accidents happen with the device when you aren’t looking.

AmazonBasics offers a 1-year warranty with purchase, which is always a win in my book. This policy should provide enough coverage to ensure you don’t get a lousy product. Honestly, it’s always a good idea to get a little bit of protection with products like these.

But none of these features happen to be the best thing about this product. The most exciting thing about this product is the price tag, which is one of the lowest on our entire list. If you’re looking for a bargain buy, this product from AmazonBasics should be near the top of your list.

However, there were some complaints about the device being a little too small. This option shouldn’t be a model for large families, but rather for someone traveling alone in a smaller rig. In this case, you won’t find a better option than this one.

10. Sharp ZSMC0710BW Countertop Microwave Oven

Our second Sharp product continues where the first one left off with its own set of great features. A good example of one would be its glossy, white finish design that’s complete with a scratch-resistant door. This aspect will ensure the product remains in great shape for many years.

You should also find this model’s one-touch controls rather appealing as these buttons make cooking easier than ever. As with previous models, it’s a simple matter of touching a single button, and the microwave will do all the preparation for you.

For instance, the auto-defrost button tends to be a favorite among buyers. This button was referred to numerous times in the buyer reviews. Many people felt it was a great addition to the product and made cooking on the road a lot easier.

This model also comes with 11 power levels instead of the standard ten we’re used to having in regular microwaves. As a result, it provides a bit more control over the cooking process than many other models on today’s market.

The product’s price was another standout feature as it happens to be the lowest among our twelve options. Due to this, any bargain buyers reading this article should take a long look at whether this model could meet their specific needs and wants.

Aside from these features, the other highlight aspects are the instant start button, glass turntable for even cooking, and the compact design. Each of these aspects would make a rig owner’s life more relaxed and ensure they’re able to enjoy their favorite microwaved food.

But this product does provide one rather large downside, its capacity. This model only has .07 cubic feet of room inside it. As you might expect, this amount of space won’t fit a whole bunch of food and could be an issue for someone who likes reheating large dishes.

If this issue doesn’t concern you, I don’t see another reason why this product wouldn’t be on your list. It offers everything else one could hope to have in a microwave.

11. RecPro RV EM925AQR-S Microwave

If you’re looking for an RV microwave with a trim kit, RecPro RV EM925AQR-S Stainless-Steel Microwave should be high on your list. It comes with a picture frame trim kit that should mesh right into your RV’s interior.

This model also has a stainless steel build, which prevents both corrosion and rusting. These two issues can cause severe durability issues when left unchecked. But thankfully, this model successfully prevents them based on what the buyer reviews noted.

We should note that this product’s build is rather compact, too, which means it won’t take up much space inside a rig. This attribute could be a lifesaver for anyone with a smaller RV, such as campervan or other Class B motorhomes.

Another aspect to look out for would be the model’s eight express cook options. These settings will help heat or cook the following things by pushing a single button: pizza, potatoes, popcorn, beverages, dinner plate, frozen vegetables, soup, and fresh vegetables.

You should be excited about the product’s instant start feature, as well. This addition will make the cooking process much more user-friendly. The feature will add 30 seconds onto this model’s timer anytime the button’s pushed, which removes a potential hassle of restarting.

The product’s price tag doesn’t hurt its case, either. In fact, the cost should fit in quite well with anyone who has a realistic budget when it comes to their needs. It might not be the least costly item on our list, but it’s more than reasonable, given its great features.

Aside from these features, the model has a few others that we’ve discussed at length in our prior reviews. These features include an easy to read display, a simple install process, and a 1-year warranty. Each one of these aspects further shows why this product should be high on your consideration list.

But a few buyers did complain that the product came with no instructions or manual for the install. This issue could be a huge one for people like me who struggle to do these tasks.

12. BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven

The BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven is a perfect option for anyone looking to buy a simple, low priced option. But don’t think its low cost means that it doesn’t excel in other areas or is an unusable piece of junk.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite as it has many aspects, which would make it very appealing to any RV owner. I mean, who wouldn’t love having six buttons programmed perfectly for cooking or heating pizza, popcorn, beverages, potatoes, dinner plates, and frozen vegetables?

Honestly, these buttons are such useful features to have in a product like this one. It makes cooking on the road much less of a hassle and should ensure people can quickly cook their favorite foods without thinking about it.

The product’s large LED digital display was another aspect that caught my attention instantly. It’s an essential feature because it would make keeping track of how much time is left on the timer much easier for a person like me with bad eyesight.

You have to love this product’s push-button door release, as well. This feature will make opening and closing the device a much less involved process. It ensures easy access to make getting your food from in the product a simple task.

The glass turntable inside this device happens to be removable, as well. This aspect aids easy cleaning and should make getting residue off it a breeze. It’s just another thing that this brand made sure its customers didn’t have to worry about with their product.

This model also comes in five variations to ensure every buyer can find an option that fits their needs. Therefore, it’s easily among the most versatile models on our entire list and could fit many situations with ease.

But a few buyers did note issues with the product’s shipping. It seems like this microwave has a habit of coming a bit later than expected or in bad shape. Obviously, these types of issues aren’t what you want from the seller.

13. Panasonic NN-SD372S RV Microwave Oven

Panasonic NN-SD372S RV Microwave Oven happens to be the last product on our list. But don’t think its positioning means that it isn’t worth your time. This product comes with several distinct features that make it a top tier model on today’s market.

One of these features is its use of inverter technology. This aspect ensures the product will generate a constant stream of power that evenly cooks your food without nuking it completely. It’ll make sure your food is cooked in the best possible condition.

I also love this product’s smart cooking settings, which adjust cook times and power based on specific foods. These features make the microwaving process a much simpler and straightforward one to ensure ultimate user-friendliness.

This inverter microwave offers a keep warm feature, as well, which will keep your soups, desserts, and graves warm until serving time. It’s a great little addition that offers a level of convenience that many other brands didn’t even think to provide.

You should find this product’s compact, countertop design appealing, too. This design will make transporting the device from place to place less taxing. It’ll also ensure you don’t only have to use this device inside your RV, but in other small spaces like a dorm or an apartment.

It doesn’t hurt that this product comes with two buying options, either. You can opt for the smaller one with a 0.8 cubic feet capacity or a larger one with a 1.2 cubic feet capacity. This type of choice means it should appeal to a broad range of buyers.

The inclusions of the child lock feature, 950-watt high power, and turntable are certainly worth mentioning, as well. Each of these aspects ensures this microwave will be more than capable of meeting most RV owners’ cooking needs.

But the product did have a few buyers complain about its durability in their reviews. It seems it has a habit of breaking after a year or two. We should mention these complaints were only in a handful of these reports, which could point to them being isolated incidents.

RV Microwave Buyer’s Guide

Someone looking to buy a microwave will have certain decisions to make before finding the perfect option. In this section, we’ll discuss these choices in-detail to ensure you end up making a responsible purchase.


Automatic Settings

You should look into each microwave’s automatic settings, as well. The best models will come with quick-cooking options to offer the user a higher sense of comfort. For instance, you’ll likely find automatic functions for specific purposes such as:

  • Water Reheating
  • Popcorn
  • Frozen Food
  • Baked Potato
  • Melting

These are only some of the automatic features a microwave might provide. You’ll also find options that provide a cleaning setting, which would make the cleaning process more manageable.

In any case, selecting a microwave with these automatic settings will make your life much easier. After all, nobody likes trying to decide how long their food has to go into the microwave. These settings will eliminate this hassle from your life.

Power Levels

The best microwaves will offer numerous power levels to give a user more control over the cooking process. I suggest buying an option with at least ten settings. This amount should provide enough variety to ensure your popcorn cooks perfectly.

If you don’t get an option with at least ten settings, these microwaves will offer weaker control during the heating process. It’ll become less likely your popcorn or other food product will cook to your preferred level. These options would also have a much bigger margin between power levels, which makes it hard to find the perfect setting.

Ease of Use

You’re going to want a microwave with an easy using process. Sometimes, microwave companies like to make their products more complex than necessary. It would be wise to avoid these options to keep your sanity.

Avoiding them shouldn’t be too tricky with the large number of customer reviews at your disposal. These resources should provide the inside scoop about how easy each model was to use and install.

Power Consumption

Microwaves use a lot more power than people realize. These products are one of the highest energy using appliances on an RV. As a result, you must ensure your rig’s power outlets match each microwave’s requirements.

Otherwise, it could lead to quite the predicament down the road. It would also be wise to check your rig’s power outlets fit any microwave you’re considering. Don’t worry, checking this info doesn’t take much effort as most manufacturers will put it right in the product description


Microwaves will come in many sizes, but most of them have at least one-cubic feet of room inside. This amount of space should be enough to heat up various dishes such as baked potatoes, popcorn, or soup.

Of course, you’ll have issues trying to put a holiday turkey into it, but it should be perfect for most intended microwave uses. Any microwave with less than one-cubic feet of space shouldn’t be considered unless there’s another useful feature provided to make up for it.


The cost of an RV microwave will differ significantly from option to option. This amount of variety makes it necessary to construct a budget based on your needs. It should account for every feature that you require in a microwave.

For instance, a person looking to buy a microwave with more than one-cubic feet of space inside should expect a higher price tag. Your budget ranges should be built around those increase figures to ensure it remains realistic.

This realistic budget can then make your life much easier by lessening the number of options. You’ll be picking from a group of choices based on your distinct needs. This situation is a lot less overwhelming than searching through Amazon without any direction.

RV Microwave FAQs

Our FAQs section works like any other by answering some questions the previous parts might’ve skimmed over. These answers should provide a bit more info about what to expect when doing your camper microwave search.

Who is this for?

Getting a microwave would be an ideal move for anyone who doesn’t enjoy preparing full dinners on the road. As with regular microwaves, these products will make the cooking process a much easier and manageable task during your road trips.

I don’t imagine most RVers are looking to cook full course meals, which is where a microwave becomes a necessary appliance. It’s a quick and easy solution to ensure nobody ever ends up being hungry when onboard your rig.

Advantages of using RV microwaves

Several benefits exist from having a microwave onboard a rig. This section will discuss each of them at length to help make the buying process much more straightforward. Each discussion will provide a better understanding of whether getting one is right for you.

Faster Cooking

Microwaves cook food quicker than every other cooking appliance capable of being on a rig. You simply pop in the food product into your microwave and let it do its job. It’s truly a no-hassle cooking experience that saves everyone involved a lot of time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about using large amounts of cooking equipment like pots or pans.

Less Clean-up

Every RV owner has to prioritize space when putting new appliances and supplies onboard their rigs. After all, there’s a limited amount of space available inside an RV. This issue is a significant factor when it comes to choosing a cooking appliance for your rig.

For instance, a person with only a stove and oven would have a huge mess to clean up after using them. This mess wouldn’t exist for people using microwaves. These products instead offer a way of cooking food without creating a huge mess inside your camper.

Doesn’t Heat-up Your Entire RV

One of the worst things about having a cooktop is using it will raise the temperature inside your RV significantly. It can become unbearable and make your RV a motorized sweatbox. It’s an absolute nightmare, and I didn’t even mention the smoke, either.

In comparison, a microwave doesn’t offer these issues. It will instead keep the cooking process contained inside its enclosure and won’t spread the heat around your rig. We should also mention that cooktops and ranges can cause other RV appliances to rust, which is another problem microwave-use avoids.

Occupies Less Space

RV microwaves occupy a lot less space inside a rig than your standard cooking range or oven. This attribute makes them a perfect fit for people with smaller RVs, such as a campervan. In these situations, it would work effectively without taking up a sizeable amount of space.

You can use this space for things picked up on your travels or other storage items. It’s just a much more space-efficient option than having a cooking range or oven in a smaller RV.

Easy Install Process

The best RV microwaves won’t take much time or effort to get them set up and working inside your trailer. In most cases, these products are capable of being mounted almost anywhere in a rig and won’t need a permanent space for them to function. You can easily attach them to something like a wall or a cabinet without issue.

Makes Cooking Safer

Microwaves make the cooking process a much safer endeavor, as well. There are a lot less moving parts, which means less of a chance an accident occurs. You must still be cautious with their use and make sure the model you’re getting is top-tier. But these products have proven to a much safer option than your other cooking appliance options.

An excellent way to ensure you’re buying a top tier model is reading the customer reviews. These resources should have long discussions about any safety concerns existing with each option. It would also be a good idea to stick with trusted brands like the ones mentioned in our product review section.

How to install and use?

Installing an RV microwave is a much simpler task than people might realize. It usually consists of following the directions located in the device’s manual. Therefore, if you stick to what these directions say, there shouldn’t be much of a problem getting your new microwave set up.

But I must advise you to read these directions before buying your chosen device. This action will ensure you’re comfortable doing the process. As a result, it won’t result in you regretting your decision down the line.

Reading customer reviews can help in this regard, as well. People tend to angry when they can’t figure out how to properly install these devices. You should use their experiences and avoid the problem causing options.

As for the using process, there isn’t much variation from model to model when it concerns how to use them. You just plug the microwave in and turn it on. Proceed to select the cooking option or timer settings based on your preferences. You then hit start, and your food will be ready in no time.

Which brand is best for an RV microwave oven?

Each brand mentioned within our product review section, such as Sharp, Dometic, or Greystone, is worth your time. They’ve shown a willingness to meet or exceed their customer’s expectations.

However, RecPro still manages to outpace all of these excellent brands. RecPro has seemed to find a perfect balance between creating high-quality RV microwaves and making them affordable. RV owners can’t ask for much else from these brands.

If you haven’t found a suitable option here, I’d suggest checking out a High Pointe RV microwave convection oven. It wouldn’t hurt to see what Furrion or Samsung offers either, as both brands have stellar reputations.

Do you need a special microwave for an RV?

You don’t need a special microwave for RV usage. However, a household microwave will use more power inside a camper than you’d want. So it’s best to stick with a traditional small camper microwave to avoid quickly draining your rig’s available energy.

In other words, RVers will want to look at microwaves running on 800 watts or less. These options often work much better within campers or motorhomes. After all, you can save energy by running them using a battery or a generator.

How much power does an RV microwave use?

An RV microwave will have a cooking capacity of between 600 and 1000 watts in most cases. But this doesn’t mean it’ll use this amount of power. Instead, it’ll use between 1100 to 1500 watts because these devices aren’t entirely efficient.

Of course, there’s a simple way of avoiding this energy usage. You can spend a little extra on your RV microwave replacement to get a more efficient device. Each RVer should at least consider this route when trying to find their perfect option.

What is the warranty?

A microwave’s warranty will be different for every model. This aspect will depend on the product’s manufacturer’s feelings on providing these useful policies. You could encounter options with a 1-year, 5-year, or even lifetime warranties.

In some cases, options will offer no warranty at all. These models would be a dangerous choice will something like a microwave. We suggest making sure your chosen model has some kind of policy to ensure you’ll have a bit of coverage against malfunction or accident.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Cleaning RV microwaves isn’t much of a challenge. It’s a simple matter of wiping it with a damp cloth and getting rid of any residue. Please do refrain from spraying cleaning solutions on the microwave’s buttons, though. This action could cause them to stop working correctly.

We suggest instead using just soap and a damp cloth to clean the microwave’s outside. Once cleaned, use a different cloth to dry it. It’s also essential to ensure water never seeps into the electric parts of your RV or travel trailer microwave. This situation could cause a heap of issues.


Our guide should make finding the best RV microwave a much easier task. You just have to use the info provided during your search. If you do, the right choice will become readily apparent, and you’ll be reheating pizza in the near future.

But if more questions or issues do come up, let us know in our comment section. We’d love to help you through them and figure out what RV microwave fits your situation perfectly. After all, it’s the whole reason we wrote this article in the first place.

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