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The Best RV Levels to Level Your RV and Other Purposes

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv levels

Finding the best RV levels isn’t an easy task, like you might assume. It actually requires having a large amount of knowledge on various topics. Our article will cover all of them to ensure you have no issues picking the perfect RV level for your situation.

These topics include things like types, benefits, determining factors, and much more. We’ll even provide 10 product reviews of what are considered the top RV levels on today’s market. All this info will ensure this process becomes free of stress and frustration.

This wealth of knowledge will instead guide you through this complex process. It’ll make sure you can easily navigate the flooded market and find your perfect RV level without hassle. All you have to do is apply what you learn in the following sections into your search.

Once you find it, the leveling process for your RV will become much simpler. You’ll be shocked by how much easier the RVing lifestyle becomes with an excellent RV level or levels onboard your rig.

So please, keep reading and let us help you find a top tier product. Let’s make the leveling process onboard your rig the easiest it has ever been during your travels. I promise it won’t be a decision that you’ll end up regretting.


Best Overall Most Feature Rich Budget Friendly
Preview Hopkins 08525

LogicBlue ‎LMPR01

Camco 25505

Dimensions ‎6.88 x 5.75 x 0.75 inches ‎5 x 2 x 1.25 inches ‎12.6 x 8.3 x 2.5 inches
Weight ‎0.8 ounces ‎5 ounces ‎9.1 ounces
Connection Bluetooth/ Apple Watch/ Phone App
Installation Self-Sticking/ Screw Holes RV Wall RV Floor
Battery No Lithium Battery 3 x AA Battery
Details Details Details

12 Most Trusted RV Level Reviews

This section will be home to those 12 product reviews I mentioned earlier. These reviews will be vital in showing you what a top-tier RV level provides a rig owner. It’ll also help you gain a starting point before we dive into the more complex topic in later parts.

1. Hopkins 08525 Graduated Bubble Level

Our first product is the Hopkins 08525 Graduated Bubble Level, which brings many great features to the table. A good example of these features would be its easy to read markings. These markings will indicate how many inches are required to raise or lower your RV.

As a result, you shouldn’t ever have any issues keeping track of whether your RV’s level or not. It’s also a positive for someone like me who has poor eyesight. These markings are clearly visible and won’t be hard to make out from a distance with their white coloring.

I love that this product comes with a self-sticking adhesive back as well, which will make the install process a breeze. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any drilling with this RV level indicator. This aspect doesn’t mean it can’t be permanently installed, though; it comes with option screw holes too.

These install options offer the user a bit of choice regarding its using process, which is always a nice touch. If you were worried about installing or using it, Hopkins RV level instructions are located right in the product description.

You shouldn’t overlook this product coming as a 2-pack either. This aspect offers another level of convenience. It’s also worth mentioning that each level has a specific purpose, with one made for monitoring side to side and the other for front to back.

Due to this, you shouldn’t have any issues keeping track of your RV’s leveling process with these two levels in place. This option happens to have a fair price as well, which is an aspect that never hurts.

But these bubble levels aren’t perfect as they did a one downside I didn’t like seeing during my research. It seems some buyers found their durability a little suspect with the products only lasting a little over a year.

This issue isn’t something that you expect to see from a top brand like Hopkins. However, only a few buyers reported durability problems. Many other shoppers had no issues and reported having them for several years without hassle.

2. LogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO 2 Wireless RV Leveling System

The LogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO 2 Wireless RV Leveling System is the most advanced option on our list. This status comes from various special features that it offers anyone lucky enough to buy it.

One of these features is that this product uses wireless internet to connect right into your smartphone or tablet. In other words, you’ll be able to monitor any needed leveling info through an app on your phone.

It also helps that this app has a reputation for being easy to use. This status comes from many buyer reviews, which express praise for this app’s effectiveness. There’s no doubt that this product will provide accurate reports about your leveling situation without issue.

You should love this RV smart level’s versatility well. This aspect comes from it being able to work on either toward or drivable vehicles. Due to this, I can’t envision a situation where this wireless RV leveler wouldn’t be a useful tool.

I found its ability to monitor leveling data as you enter an RV site as another appealing trait. This trait will make finding a level spot a much easier task and removes any guesswork in your leveling process.

Don’t sleep on the product’s on/off switch either. This feature provides the user with complete control over battery life. Given this info, you shouldn’t have any issue figuring out how to best use this product based on your needs.

The product even has a quick and easy setup process, which further conveys its usefulness. Honestly, there isn’t much more you could ask for from a camper level than the features offered by this top-tier product.

But this product’s price happens to be the most costly on our entire list. It would stretch my budget way past what I’m willing to spend on an RV level or leveling system. But if you have the money, I don’t see why this wouldn’t be your first choice.

It has every possible feature a person could want in one of these products. And the buyer reviews are full of praise about how well it works. What more could you want?

3. Camco 25505 EZ Level

Camco’s 25505 EZ Level is the first electronic RV leveler on our list. This product runs off three AA batteries and will make the leveling process much easier than you might experience with other models.

It can offer this benefit thanks to its easy using and installing processes. You see, all you have to do is place this product on your RV’s floor and press the start button. It will then tell you whether or not your rig’s level by using indicator lights.

Sounds simple enough, right? Much easier than checking bubble levels regularly. You should also love the product’s accuracy, as this aspect was one that many people praised in the buyer reviews. This area tends to be an issue with other electronic models.

I found this product’s overall design to be appealing, as well. You don’t have to install or worry about it easily breaking. This product features a compact, durable design that’s ready to provide top tier results for many years.

Don’t overlook its compact design’s impact on the storage process, either. This aspect makes storing the product a piece of cake. In fact, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a place for it even within a full packed RV storage area.

This product being made within the USA is another appealing trait. It actually means that the device went through rigorous testing, which doesn’t happen in some other countries. Given this info, you can feel safer when using the level.

But even with all these impressive aspects, there’s one large downside. This product’s price happens to be one of the most costly on our entire list. It’s well outside what I’m looking to spend on RV level gauges at the moment.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra on an RV level, I don’t see why this wouldn’t be on the top of your list. It does have everything a person could want in one of these products. It’s just a shame it’s well outside my budgetary ranges.

4. Sun Company 306-R Lev-O-Gage Leveling Gauge

The Sun Company 306-R RV Leveling Gauge is vouched for by many campers, including me, due to its great functions.

In fact, the device has several features that will incite an RV owner into adoring them. An excellent example would be its immaculate, durable construction.

After all, the product’s indicator is made out of a strong copolymer flex tube. It’s a more complicated way of stating this model has a shatterproof design. I even managed to drop the level several times, and it lived up to the hype. It’s a test that most traditional travel trailer bubble levels fail to pass.

RVers will be happy with its application versatility, as well. Sun Company ensures users can mount it outside or inside their RV. Therefore, I can’t imagine it having much difficulty meeting the needs of most rig owners.

I also couldn’t have been happier with this product’s mounting process. The leveling gauge comes with a piece of 3M VHB tape to ensure a straightforward, stick-on mounting. So people who have never used a level before won’t even have an issue installing it.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook this option being a 2-pack, either. After all, it allows me to prepare for any problems with the device. It gives me some protection by offering a backup option if there’s a situation where it’s needed.

Of course, none of these features mean much without accurate readings. But there’s some more good news: this gauge doesn’t fail to meet performance expectations. Its reading technique using a damping fluid and a brass ball is more than practical.

Sadly, I did find this product a bit difficult to read from a distance. It was certainly more frustrating than a large RV bubble level like i.Kiss RV T Level. As a result, someone with lousy eyesight might need to look at other leveling devices for RVs.

5. Camco 25520 Retro RV Level

Our next option, Camco’s 25520 Retro RV Level, should catch the eye of any RV owner with its various convenient aspects. I was initially struck by the appealing design that didn’t have trouble meshing with my RV’s decor. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to those commonplace giant bubble level products.

The product’s construction was another massive standout feature. Camco ensured it was UV stabilized and constructed from high-quality materials. As a result, buyers can expect this RV level to last much longer than its competitors.

Installing the device wasn’t too tricky, either. RV owners will use the included double-sided foam tape or mourning it with screws. Both methods have proven simple and won’t require much effort or time.

This device’s ability to detect both front-to-back and side-to-side leveling was also quite impressive. It provides more versatility than a buyer might expect from an RV level. In fact, it made me quite happy to see this option was listed as a 2-pack.

I would also consider it a bargain option, considering its lower price and top features. Its readings compete with products like Level Mate Pro models while being much less costly. I couldn’t ask for much more when looking at cost-effective choices.

Furthermore, its green fluid and bubble were easier to read than similar choices. I didn’t have any trouble knowing when my rig was level. I’m often shocked by how many RV levels fail to meet this basic expectation.

On the downside, a few customers did mention the product’s color was a bit misleading. I would have to concur with these statements as it’s a little more gray than white. But if the only issue is a slightly off-color scheme, it’s hard to complain too much about a product.

6. Winnsty RV T Level Bubble Level

If you’re looking for a simple option, the Winnsty RV T Level Bubble Level would be a product worth examining. This device features a compact and light design, which makes it an easy level to use in many situations.

You can use to level RVs, trailer tongues, campers, tripods, cameras, pictures, pool tables, and much more. I’d be shocked to find a leveling situation where this RV level indicator wouldn’t be a useful tool.

This product’s design also offers a stability, which many other models would have a hard time matching. In fact, this bubble level happens to be shatterproof and waterproof. These aspects make it capable of dealing with even the worst settings.

It’s helpful that this product offers two-directional leveling, as well. This feature means that you don’t need two bubble levels to observe front to back and side to side shifting. It’ll instead do both jobs without needing a second model like other products on our list.

This ability comes from the holder holding two vials inside its design. It offers a bit more help because of this feature than some other levels on today’s market. The product being easy to read and use doesn’t hurt matters either.

I also found the 1-year warranty it comes with rather appealing. This warranty will ensure you have a bit of protection against an accident happening with the device. It seems Winnsty honors this policy as well, given the many buyer reviews gave them praise for their customer service.

More brands than you might imagine fail in this aspect, which is why seeing this amount of praise is refreshing. Overall, this product is a well-made, cheap solution to ensure your rig remains level wherever you might travel.

But it does have one flaw that’s worth stating. It seems this product was a bit smaller than some customers liked. This issue was noted a few times in the buyer reviews and should be thought about before making a final choice.

7. YOTOM Bullseye Bubble Spirit Level

YOTOM’s Bullseye Bubble Spirit Level features a unique design of using a circular vial rather than the standard tube-shaped one. This aspect is where the bullseye within its name comes from and brings a little style to the table.

But this design isn’t the only thing worth talking about with the YOTOM Bullseye Bubble Spirit Level. It also consists of top tier PMMA, which will ensure the product can endure even the worst elements.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t expect this product to last a long time with a feature such as this one. It has a waterproof finish as well to ensure further a level of durability that most other models can’t match.

I found their easy using process to be another appealing trait. You see, this aspect was a favorite among the buyer reviews, which is always something that you want to see when doing product research.

You don’t even need glue or adhesive when using this product, either. It’s just a simple matter of placing the device on a surface and letting it do its job. From there, it should have no issues telling you the leveling data needed for your situation.

It also doesn’t hurt that this level happens to be quite versatile and useful for many purposes. These purposes include platform leveling, adjusting LCD mounts, RV leveling, and much more.

You shouldn’t have much trouble finding a few uses for this product, given all its versatility. I found the product offering the choice of a single level or two levels intriguing, as well. These options give you a bit more control over the buying process and offer a choice to ensure the product fits your needs.

Plus, the price of both buying options is more than fair and should fit inside most people’s budgets without issue. But there were a few buyers that reported shipping issues with this product in their reviews.

This type of problem isn’t something that’s expected from a top brand like YOTOM. It isn’t a good look and something a buyer should consider before buying this product.

8. Hopkins 08526 Never Fade Graduated Level

Our second product from this top tier brand is the Hopkins 08526 Never Fade Graduated Level. This device provides a high level of durability thanks to its design, which offers UV protection to ensure sun exposure won’t be an issue.

It’s a quality that lesser models don’t tend to offer within their products. This protection will make sure issues such as fading or cracking won’t ever be an issue with these levels. As a result, you can expect this product to offer great results for years.

You should also love the product’s easy install process. This device features a self-adhesive back to ensure the mounting process goes off without a hitch. Plus, it has screw holes for anyone looking to install these bubble levels forever.

The device’s white markings were another appealing aspect. These markings should be easy enough to read from a distance without hassle. Given this info, you shouldn’t have any issues observing your leveling data whenever needed.

It’s also nice that this product comes as a 2-pack to ensure you have everything needed for setting up an RV level. It’s just another area where Hopkins continues to show its zeal to put the buyer’s needs before anything else.

The claim gets even more proof when you consider this product features one of the least costly price tags on our entire list. If you’re a bargain buyer like myself, I don’t see how this product wouldn’t at least grab your attention with these great features and low price.

It doesn’t hurt that this product has gained a rep for being accurate within the buyer reviews. This area was something, which received a large amount of praise in these reviews. It was actually shocking when I came across one that didn’t mention it.

However, some customers did report the bubble part of the product tended to fall off during travel. This issue was only talked about a few times, which could mean these were isolated incidents. But it was enough where I had to make a note of them in this review.

9. TUFF T Level Bubble Level For RVs

If you’re looking to buy a handheld level or RV level micro, the TUFF T Level Bubble Level For RVs should get your attention. This product provides a versatility most other models can’t offer with it being able to work in many situations.

For instance, this product has proven effective at leveling trailer tongues, hitches, RVs, campers, cameras, pictures, pool tables, and much more. It’s quite evident that this product will make your life easier in several ways.

I also love this product’s design, which is compact. This aspect will make the storing process much easier than you might see with other models. In fact, you shouldn’t have any issues placing this device in a drawer, toolbox, or even your pocket.

The product’s mounting process was another winning trait. It’s merely a matter of using the two screw holes in its design or apply adhesive. Either way has proven to be a breeze based on the many buyer reviews praising this area.

You shouldn’t sleep on this product’s durable either as it’s waterproof, shatterproof, and can deal with the worst elements. It’s a product that’ll end up offering great results for years to come for anyone who buys it.

I like how the design itself features two vials with easy to read markings as well. This aspect will ensure you don’t have to buy two levels for leveling your RV. You can instead just rely on the accurate, visible readings provided by this great product.

The price tag is also rather low to further convey that this deal isn’t one worth missing. All in all, this product should make many RV owners happy with its features and low price. But this device isn’t perfect as it does have a flaw.

It seems a few customers had issues with the liquid fading to clear in a couple of months. Obviously, this situation wouldn’t be ideal for any rig owner. But given the many positive reviews and price, I still feel like this option is well worth the risk.

10. i.Kiss RV T Level

People wanting to buy RV levels in bulk should look no further than the i.Kiss RV T Level. This option comes with five levels to ensure you never find yourself without one anytime soon. It’s just an effective way to ensure you can always approach the leveling process without needing any guesswork.

It also helps that these levels offer great results. You see, these products are capable of working in various situations such as leveling RVs, campers, large tools, cameras, refrigerators, and many more.

These levels can work effectively in many situations due to their great design. It’s compact and small but made from top tier materials to ensure durability and effectiveness. As with our previous options, these products are completely waterproof and shatterproof.

You should love that the design comes with two vials rather than one as well. This structure is much more effective and convenient than a standard single vial. After all, you can monitor both side to side and front to back leveling data with a single level rather than the usual two.

The readings themselves are also visibly clear and apparent. You can attribute this aspect to the liquid being fluorescent yellow-green, which makes locating the bubble a breeze. Plus, mounting these products isn’t much of a hassle, either.

Each level features screw holes for easy mounting to ensure this process doesn’t require much effort or thought. I mean, it seems so easy that even someone lacking mechanical skills like myself shouldn’t have trouble.

None of these wonderful features, though, represent the best part of this option. This status goes to the price tag, which might be the best deal on our entire list. It almost seems too good to be true, given you’re getting five levels for the cost of most single models.

Honestly, I did my best to find a catch with this option, but I couldn’t see one. The only issue I found was it didn’t come with its own adhesive, which isn’t a huge deal. You can easily find some great adhesive or use the screw holes for the mounting process.

11. Wheel Masters 6700 Level Master

Wheel Masters’ 6700 Level Master should be a perfect option for anybody with a larger rig such as a travel trailer, 5th wheel, or Class A motorhome. This jumbo RV level is another option on our list that offers both side to side and front to back monitoring.

It also happens to be one of the largest models on our entire list. In fact, you shouldn’t have much issue seeing this product from your driver’s seat during the leveling process. This ability removes one of the hassles that come with most bubble levels.

Of course, I’m talking about having to go outside your rig and check the bubbles levels during the leveling process. It would be such a treat to avoid this nuisance when finding a level parking spot in my RV travels.

This product excels when it comes to visibility, as well. Many customers made it a point to praise its large design when writing their reviews. This aspect makes the product much easier to see, and its markings simpler to read.

It’s also worth noting that the design is well-built and capable of functioning for years without issue. This product should be the only RV level you’ll have to buy for a very long time, given its great design and structure.

As for the install process, there shouldn’t be many issues with this area, either. It will require you to use a drill and mount it, but this task shouldn’t take much time. Many buyers thought highly enough about it to mention this aspect positively within their reviews.

But I do have two issues with this product. The first happens to be that this product’s made outside the United States. It didn’t have to go through the rigorous testing that every product made in the states’ experiences.

I also didn’t find the product’s price appealing, as it’s well outside my budget. These two issues would stop me from buying it, but I couldn’t keep it from making our list. The reviews are just too positive for me to ignore.

12. YOTOM Standard Spirit Bubble Levels

Our last product happens to be another one perfect for any bulk buyers reading this article. The YOTOM Standard Spirit Bubble Levels come with six levels to ensure you always have an extra in your RV storage when needed.

These levels are also made from top-grade acrylic materials to ensure longevity. This design will make adjusting the level’s angle much easier as well. It’s just a well-made and useful design for one of these products.

Its design featuring two methods of mounting was another trait that caught my eye. As with many products on our list, you can either use adhesive or screws to complete this task. These products will then provide the leveling data of your choosing: side to side or front to back.

This product’s accuracy was another point of positivity based on the buyer reviews. It seems people were generally surprised by how effective these levels are compared to other models on today’s market.

I should also mention that these levels are usable in many ways. You can use them when leveling cameras, RVs, industrial equipment, and wall frames. Plus, their design isn’t an eyesore and won’t draw attention from guests for being ugly.

Their small design helps in this regard as well. These levels are small enough that you mount them almost anywhere. As a result, keeping them out of sight shouldn’t be much of a problem. You should find their price tag to be another attractive trait.

It’s actually one of the lowest on our list and provides you with six levels. This deal sounds like a bargain to me, given their features and low price point. And it never hurts to have an extra level lying around in your RV storage area.

But I must warn you that these levels don’t come with either glue or screws for the mounting process. This issue could provide a nuisance and require further research on your part. I’d say the extra work and hassle is worth it considering the product’s quality.

RV Level Buyer’s Guide


Every question rattling around in your brain right now about these products will gain an answer in this section. In fact, this part of the article will act as your foundation. It’ll provide every piece of knowledge needed to make a final sound decision.

Things to know before buying an RV level

Choosing the perfect RV level will come down to many factors. This section will discuss each of them at length to ensure this process ends with you making a sound decision. In other words, it’ll make sure you know what to look for before starting your search.

Easy to Use

One of the vital traits any useful RV level should have is an easy using process. It shouldn’t be something that causes you stress or frustration, but rather a device that doesn’t require much thought or effort to use.

You might be saying how hard could a bubble level or electronic level be to use? As we mentioned previously, some companies like to make it a little too tricky. This issue is where reading customer reviews will end up saving you from making a mistake.

After all, these reviews will have insight into the using process that any product description won’t provide. The info within these discussions should be a vital resource during your search and have a large impact on which model you choose.

You should also make an effort to read the install or using directions before making your final decision. This action will save you from buying a product that features confusing instructions. This info should be available on the product’s ad page or the manufacturer’s website.


An RV level’s durability is another crucial aspect of this buying process. You’ll need a product capable of lasting a long time and won’t require a replacement any time soon. If you’re looking to buy a bubble level, making sure the glass has UV protection is a must.

This aspect will provide extra protection against long periods of sun exposure. If your bubble level doesn’t have UV protection, it will fade over time and require replacement much sooner. It’s just an effective way to avoid buying a subpar product.

People looking to buy electronic levels should make sure their chosen products are made from top tier materials as well. Look for electric models made from top-grade plastic or similar materials to avoid malfunctions.

This factor is another one where reading each product’s buyer reviews should help. These reviews should shine a light on any issues regarding the product’s durability. Honestly, there’s nothing that gets a buyer angrier than a product, which doesn’t last.

As a result, reading these reviews will help you avoid becoming a person writing an angry one. It’s just a smart resource to use when searching for these types of products. I can’t tell the number of times where buyer reviews saved me from buying a less than stellar device.


People tend to overlook the product’s readability when choosing an RV level. But this aspect happens to be one of the most critical things that can help make your final choice. After all, these levels end up being useless when they’re not readable.

If you’re looking to buy bubble levels, most of them come with a traditional green or yellow colored liquid in their vials. These models should be visible and easy to determine where the bubble lies within the vial.

But people who don’t find a yellow or green color appealing might consider looking for a bubble level featuring a blue liquid. These models have received numerous praise among buyers, as many have felt them to be a step above the green or yellow options.

As for people looking to buy electronic levels, make sure their indication systems or readings are easily readable. Options with indicating lights should have clear signals for when your rig happens to be level or not.

Most electronic levels will come with a video demonstration embedded within the ad page. You should watch them and determine whether their indication system is something that’ll work for your situation.

Level Accuracy

This factor might seem like common sense, but making sure your chosen level provides accurate data is a must. Some products won’t offer the results you’re looking for from an RV level. You must find a way to weed these options out during your search.

I might be starting to sound like a broken record, but the buyer reviews will help with this potential issue, as well. These resources will give you some idea about whether the product actually does its job effectively.

It’s also worth noting that electronic levels have more margin for error than bubble levels. This issue comes from them having more parts that could malfunction. Therefore, people looking to buy these products should pay special attention to each product’s accuracy.

Otherwise, you could find yourself calling customer service looking for a refund. This experience is something that nobody likes to do. It’s best to do the research beforehand and get out in front of this potential issue.


The cost of these products will vary drastically from level to level. Due to this, you must build a budget around your needs and wants when searching. This budget should be realistic and account for every feature that you deem necessary.

For example, a person who wants an electronic level should account for a higher price than customers looking to buy a bubble option. This action will ensure your budget ends up being a useful resource rather than a fruitless one.

It’s also worth mentioning that a reasonable budget will do a great job of reducing your amount of choices. This aspect should appeal to any buyer as today’s market seems flooded with levels, which can make finding the right one tricky.

But with a well-constructed budget, this number of choices will become more manageable and make your job easier. So please, take the time and evaluate what features you want from an RV level to ensure your budget is reasonable.

Type of RV

Your RV’s type will have an impact on this decision, as well. For instance, a person with a towable RV and looking for a travel trailer level indicator wouldn’t find a product like the Camco EZ Level useful. I mean, you wouldn’t be able to see it when driving your vehicle during the leveling process.

You should instead opt for a bubble level or an electronic model, which functions through an app on your smartphone. These two options would be a more effective product for this particular situation.

This example highlights perfectly why thinking about your RV’s type should be a determining factor in your final decision. Otherwise, you might end up with a product that can’t do the job you’re looking for from an RV level.

In other words, it would just be a waste of money and time. You’d soon be phoning customer service looking to return it or get a refund. Neither of these options should like fun to me. Given this info, make sure your RV’s type factors into your decision.

Why do you need RV levels?

The reason behind needing RV levels is rather simple to understand. These products will make sure you can keep track of how the leveling process is going. If you don’t have one, this task will require a bunch of guesswork.

The high-quality RV levels also offer convenience and durability for people lucky enough to buy them. It’ll make the leveling process more manageable and provide longevity. Due to this, you won’t have to buy more levels anytime soon.

It’s a combination that makes it hard not to see why RV levels have become such a hot commodity among rig owners. You should also find these products remarkable easy to use when compared to other RV related products.

But this aspect doesn’t extend to all RV levels as some manufacturers get a little cute with their designs. It’s one potential issue that you’ll have to look out for when picking the right product, which we’ll help you do in our next section.

What are the different types of RV levels?

On today’s market, many types of RV levels exist. Keeping your rig level is a large part of the RVing lifestyle, which means these products become a must. This section will help by breaking these devices into two groups: RV bubble levels and RV electronic levels.

Our discussion of these two groups should provide a better insight into which kind fits your preferences. It should make the buying process a much more relaxed and simpler activity that will be free of stress.

RV Bubble Levels

The most basic type of RV level happens to be bubble levels, also known as spirit levels. These products usually contain a glass vial that’s filled with liquid but has a bubble remaining inside it. On a level rig, this bubble will come to rest at the vial’s center due to it being constructed with a slight curve.

As a result, a rig with bubble levels with their respective bubbles in the middle indicates a level and safe structure. It’s also worth noting that the vial will have two parallel lines drawn at its center. The bubble will appear directly between those parallel lines when your rig is perfectly level.

But when these products are placed against an uneven surface, the bubble will travel from the center, indicating an issue. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it is, and there’s a reason why these types of levels have been helping RV owners for decades.

If you think a bubble level is more your speed, you must look for the best ones possible. The best RV bubble level will usually contain two glass vials for providing more accurate information.

You see, one of these vials will determine whether your rig’s horizontal surface is level, while the other will indicate the straightness of vertical surfaces. It’s also essential to mention these two glass vials will be perpendicular to each other.

In some cases, you might even see a third vial that’ll be installed at an angle. This aspect was added to help determine whether the surface is at a perfect 45-degree angle. It’s just another way to ensure nothing goes wrong with your rig.

Some of these bubble levels will even allow the glass vials to adjust or rotate based on the surface it’s contacting. Bubble levels tend to be the least costly on today’s market as well, making them a must consider for any bargain buyers.

But these products do have their problems as there’s no way to check them without exiting your motorhome. These products are often set up outside the rig, which means the leveling process will require a lot of stopping and starting to check the levels.

RV Electronic Levels

RV Electronic levels will make the leveling process a much easier and more convenient task than a bubble level. These products will come in a lot of different styles and shapes. But their central aspect is that you evaluate whether your rig’s level without having to get out your camper.

Some options provide this ability by connecting to RV leveling apps on your smartphone. Others will use indicating lights on the device itself to provide an update on the leveling process. You might even come across a Bluetooth RV leveler on today’s market.

A Bluetooth leveling system tends to be the most advanced product you’ll see on today’s market. But regardless of what kind of electronic level, these products will make the leveling process a much simpler task than you’d encounter using a bubble level.

But there’s a massive downside to being a more efficient and convenient product. RV electronic levels tend to cost a whole lot more than your standard bubble levels. In fact, it can cause a large dent in your bank account.

This issue means that anyone considering buying an electronic model will have to make a choice. The choice will center around whether simplicity or price is more essential to your situation. In my case, I’d be willing to spend a little extra for products that make my life easier.

It’s also worth noting that electronic models have more margin for error than bubble levels. This issue comes from them having more parts and things capable of going wrong. Therefore, reading customer reviews for these levels becomes a necessary step in this buying process.

If you don’t, there’s a high likelihood that this process will end with purchasing a sub-par product. Do yourself a favor and use other people’s experiences to your advantage. It’s a simple and effective way to ensure you make a purchase, which puts a smile on your face.

How many RV levels do I need for my RV?

If you’re buying bubble levels, a set of two should get the job done. These products should be mounted on your RV within visible places and clearly readable. If they aren’t in a logical position, there’s no use in having them.

People looking to buy electronic levels should only need to purchase one device. It should provide all the required info with one product, whether it be through indicating lights or an app on your smartphone.

Either way, this represents another area where electronic levels tend to be more advanced than bubble models. But it’s why they often tend to cost more than merely buying two bubble levels. It’s just another decision that you’ll need to make during this buying process.

How to install and use?

The directions for using and installing these products will vary greatly from product to product. It’ll end up depending on many factors, such as brand and type. But in most cases, both these processes won’t take much effort or thought.

It’s just a simple matter of picking an RV level with a reputation for having simple using and install processes. The easiest way to ensure, as you might’ve guessed, is by reading buyer reviews of each product.

Make sure to read the directions before starting these processes as well. You never know when there might be a special instruction that could be the key to the product working. After all, there’s a reason that these products come with detailed manuals.

RV Level FAQs

What is the best RV level?

An RV level is a device that will monitor your rig’s stability during the leveling process. These products come in many different shapes and sizes, which is something we’ll discuss further in the next section.

But the main purpose of these devices is to ensure an RVer can tell whether their rig is level. This function might not seem like a big deal to first-time RVers, but finding level ground for camping isn’t always possible.

You’re going to need products such as RV levels for making sure your rig isn’t swaying back and forth when parked. Trust me; this event isn’t something that any RV owner will want to face when moving around inside their rig.

It’s actually rather scary and could cause some severe anxiety. These products will help you avoid those feelings by keeping you updated on whether your rig’s level. Plus, it makes the entire leveling process much more manageable.

You see, RV levels will ensure there’s no guesswork when leveling your rig. These products will instead make it easy to check where your motorhome stands by keeping you updated. It could either be through a bubble level device or an app on your phone.

Either way, these products will keep you informed and make the entire process more straightforward. This convenience is why getting yourself stable and accurate levels has become a necessary part of the RVing lifestyle.

Should an RV be perfectly level?

It’s essential to keep an RV perfectly level for various reasons. Most importantly, it prevents any added stress from being put onto your rig’s door frames, chassis, and other components. It’s another way to ensure your RV remains in pristine condition for a long time.

As a result, RVers will need effective RV leveling devices. These products help ensure the rig remains perfectly level whenever necessary.

Do RV refrigerators have to be level?

RV refrigerators can cause a load of issues if they aren’t level. In fact, these devices require being level to keep your food and drink cold effectively. If they aren’t level, it could lead to function issues, leaking, and long-term damage.

Where to place levels on travel trailer?

The type of leveling will affect the proper placement of levels on a travel trailer. For instance, someone looking to level their trailer front to back requires different placement than side to side leveling.

Front-to-back leveling will need levels over the axle (single axle trailers) or between the axles (double axle trailers). Meanwhile, side-to-side leveling requires a level placed on the front centerline or rear centerline.

How do you use RV levels?

The proper use of RV levels will change based on the type and model. In other words, camper bubble levels work differently than a magnetic RV level or camper smart level. RV users must combat this variation by reading the included instruction manual carefully.

But honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Most brands make using these products relatively straightforward and effortless.

What are the most trusted RV level brands?

Every brand mentioned within our product review section has gained a reputation for being a trusted company. There’s no reason to believe any of them would fail at providing top tier products and customer service for any buyer.

But even among this select group of great brands, two of them do stand out a bit more than the rest: Hopkins and Camco. These two companies have proven time and time again that their products are top tier within this market.

I thought looking into the things that make both of them special could provide a better insight into what a top tier RV level brand looks like and offers. This info will be valuable for separating the lousy brands from the great ones during your search.


Since 1953, Hopkins has been a leader when it comes to creating towing products. Their status comes from their focus on making simple devices, which do their job effectively and without hassle. It’s a combo that most customers find appealing and rewarding.

It also doesn’t hurt that their customer service has always been a point of pride. Their performance in this area has made them a favorite among RV owners. Honestly, it’s tough to find a single rig owner with a bad thing to say about Hopkins.


Camco’s inclusion in this list shouldn’t be a shock to any rig owner. This brand has become a household name in many RV part markets due to their innovative designs and low prices. These are the aspects that have made them a well respected, famous brand among rig owners.

We should also note Camco’s willingness to always go above and beyond for their customers. This mindset comes out in offering unique add-ons like warranties with most of their products. And like Hopkins, their customer service is outstanding.

What are these levels made of?

Bubble levels often feature a holder consisting of acrylic or similar material and glass vials within their design. You must make sure both these materials are top-notch and have certain protection like UV-resistant.

This action will make sure the product ends up lasting a long time and don’t suffer from durability issues such as fading or cracking. You see, bubble levels are installed outside your RV and need some protection against those pesky sun rays.

On the other hand, electronic levels are usually made from a plastic material. This material will need to offer high-level protection and keep the product from suffering any malfunctions. As a result, making sure these electronics are made correctly should be a high priority.

What is the warranty?

This question is another one, which will be different from product to product. Some models will come with a more extended warranty, such as a 1-year or even lifetime. Others will come with a shorter warranty of 30 or 60 days.

You’ll also come across some with no warranty at all. I’d suggest picking one with a warranty to ensure you have some coverage against a subpar product. It never hurts to have protection and a chance at getting your money back.

We should mention that some companies just intend to use their warranty as a selling point and nothing more. In other words, these brands have no intention of honoring what they advertised within the product description.

You should avoid these brands by focusing your searching on buying from trusted brands. This action will ensure you don’t end up falling for this scheme from lesser companies. Buyer reviews will help in this regard, as well.

Where to buy?

As you might imagine, numerous places sell these useful products. But the best place to buy them would be using Amazon. This site will have the largest selection and lowest prices among places or websites selling RV levels.

It’s an unbeatable combo that makes them a force in this marketplace. Plus, their large buyer review database doesn’t hurt either. These resources will become vital pieces of this process, as mentioned in earlier sections.

But these great benefits doesn’t mean that Amazon is the only place you should search. I’d also suggest taking a look at Camping World due to their decent selection and prices. In fact, these prices can even be lower than Amazon’s when they have a sale happening.

This reason alone should demonstrate why comparing prices between these two sellers would be a smart move. It’s just an effective way to avoid spending more than necessary on your chosen RV level.

Of course, not everyone is comfortable shopping online. In this case, I’d recommend checking out your local Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or RV supply stores. These places should have some options to look through for a potential buyer.

But we must note that the prices at these stores will be a bit higher than you’d encounter online. On today’s market, the best deals are online rather than at retail stores. It’s just the way our world works right now.

These stores do offer face to face customer service, though, which online sites and stores can’t match. This aspect can be valuable when the employee knows these particular items. It’s always helpful to talk the process out with someone else who might know a little bit more than you.

Given these options, you shouldn’t have an issue finding a quality seller with RV levels in stock. All you have to do is choose the one which suits your shopping preferences the best. In my case, I’d select Amazon due to their lower prices and higher convenience level.


Our article should have given you a better handle on what are the best RV levels for your situation. In fact, the process shouldn’t be much of a hassle with all this new info. You just have to apply it during your search, and the right choice will become rather apparent.

Your perfect RV level or levels will then make the leveling process a much easier and simpler task for everyone involved. It’ll also ensure you won’t have to buy any more of these products for a long, long time.

So please, use what you’ve learned here and find the perfect model for your situation. I promise it won’t be a decision you end up disliking. Honestly, your final choice might even bring a smile to your face with its great results.

But if you do run into any more issues, feel free to leave a post in our comment section. We’d love to help out with whatever problem might arise.

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