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The Best RV Leveling Blocks for Any Surface

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

People looking to buy the best RV leveling blocks often run into trouble during their search. Most likely, this trouble is the reason that you clicked on our article in the first place. The first thing to understand about this process is that the difficulty stems from there being too many options on today’s market.

It’s almost become impossible to find a top tier set of leveling blocks for RVs because it requires searching through a flooded market of mediocre options. Our article will help you deal with the issue at hand by streamlining this process.

best rv leveling blocks

In doing so, we’ll discuss every relevant topic that might make an impact on your final decision. These topics include types, top brands, determining factors, and much more. This info will ensure you’re ready to find the best camper leveling blocks for your situation.

We’ll even provide 14 reviews of leveling blocks that we think might be acceptable choices. These reviews will be crucial in outlining what to look for and expect from top tier leveling blocks on today’s market.

All in all, we just want to make sure this process ends with you being a happy customer. If you keep reading, I promise the info laid out below will help ensure this outcome becomes a reality.


Best Overall Easy to Use Sturdiness
Preview Beech Lane ‎BL-115-SIZE


Quality Plastics Blocks

Weight 16.42 pounds ‎5.46 pounds ‎14 pounds
Lifts 4 inches 4 inches
Capacity 35,000 lbs 30,000 lbs up to 36,000 lbs
Details Details Details

Top-rated RV Leveling Block Reviews

This section will hold those 17 reviews we discussed previously. These reviews will make sure you gain a better handle on what to expect when starting your search. It’ll also give you a better foundation to understand the more complex topics we talk about in the following sections.

We thought it’d be a good idea to review an additional related product as well. It could be a great product that you buy along with a top tier leveler. As a result, you’ll be able to deal with any tire or wheel related issue that might occur during your trip.

1. Beech Lane Camper Leveler

Our first product happens to be the Beech Lane Camper Leveler, which offers a great deal of versatility. You see, these levelers have shown to be effective in many situations such as leveling RVs, trailers, campers, trucks, vans, and much more.

It’s also worth noting that this versatility lets these levelers work on any dual axle trailer with tires up to 32 inches in diameter. This quality covers a lot of ground and should further show how many situations our first product can function.

Aside from their versatility, I found these levelers coming as a complete set to be appealing. I’m not a person who enjoys buying items separate from each other. I’d rather buy everything in one set, which makes these levelers an ideal option for me.

This complete set comes with two levelers, two pieces of grips mats, and two chocks. In other words, everything a person might need to level their RV when camping on uneven ground. It even offers a height adjustment range up to four inches, which gives the user some control over this process.

I also found these levelers have a design that’ll more than meets my expectations. This design is a polymer construction, which has proven to be incredibly durable. In fact, the customer reviews couldn’t rave enough about the durability of these levelers.

These levelers coming with a lifetime warranty, doesn’t hurt either. This aspect will make sure you have some significant coverage against an accident or malfunction happening with the device. Beech Lane has proven to be reliable and honors the agreement when needed as well.

But not everything about these levelers was positive. I found two issues that could end up affecting whether or not a person would buy these products. The first problem is its price, which happens to be among the highest on our entire list.

Honestly, I’m just not looking to spend this much on only two levelers. It also doesn’t help that these levelers don’t always function well in sandy areas. This issue isn’t great for me as I tend to RV in tropical places.

2. Andersen Hitches 3604 Camper Leveler

Andersen Hitches’ 3604 Camper Leveler brings a level of convenience that most other models can’t match. This aspect comes from their easy using process, which requires only a few minutes to set up and get ready.

In fact, several customers reported the setup took less than five minutes in their reviews. This aspect would be a massive benefit for me because I don’t enjoy doing these maintenance tasks. Any feature capable of shortening the time I spend doing them is a winning trait to me.

These levelers are also considered durable, which is another aspect I found attractive. I mean, who wouldn’t want a set of motorhome leveling blocks that can last more than a few years? I know, I’d sign up for this benefit whenever I’m looking for a good set of leveling blocks.

It’s worth mentioning that these products can lift your RV up to four inches without issue. This aspect provides a bit of control over the process and allows you to adjust based on your height preferences.

These levelers are rather versatile as well with their ability to work on any vehicle under 30,000 pounds. It’s a feature that means these blocks would work perfectly for my class A motorhome, which hovers around 28,000 pounds give or take.

It doesn’t hurt that these levelers work on any tire with diameter up to 32 inches either. This aspect only further proves these products would be an ideal option for me, given my 30-inch RV tires. You should feel some comfort about them being made in the USA as well.

The location of their creation might not seem like a big deal at first glance. But products made within the states go through a lot more testing than items created in certain foreign countries. As a result, you can feel more safe about using them then with a leveler made in another country.

But I do wish the price was a bit more user-friendly. I mean, buying four of these would put a hefty dent in my bank account. These levelers don’t seem to be a reasonable option for me at the moment, given the price tag.

3. Quality Plastics Utility Block

Our next product comes in a user-friendly four-pack. This offer would be perfect for my situation as I need four leveling blocks to ensure my RV stays level on uneven ground. It also helps that this four-pack comes at a fair price, which won’t empty my bank account.

I think this offer even represents a bargain and should be taken seriously by anyone who calls themselves a bargain buyer. You’ll also be happy to know these blocks offer a lot of other useful features besides their price.

One of these features is their design, which consists of thick rubber that’ll create excellent traction to ensure there’s no slippage during the process. It’s also worth noting that these rubber leveling blocks don’t have a bad smell that’s common among other rubber chock products.

These blocks offer a different kind of versatility as well. You see, these products are known for their ability to take any amount of weight. People have often found them useful when using them for jacks, too, which further shows their versatility.

Furthermore, many customers made it a point to praise these blocks for working on any surface. These surfaces include gravel, soft ground, pavement, concrete, and much more. In other words, any uneven surface an RV owner might encounter will end up a non-issue with these products onboard.

I also love that you can stack these products like stairs as a person would with interlocking leveling blocks. It’s just another feature that shows how much focus Quality Plastics put on making these blocks as convenient as possible.

But like with any product, there was a drawback or two. Some customers seem to have an issue with one part of this block’s construction. You see, this block features a groove at the top that’s a bit smaller than you’d find on an interlocking leveling block.

It might not seem like a big deal, but it makes the stacking process a bit more complicated than usual.

4. Camco 44425 RV Curved Leveler

If you have a trailer weighing 30,000 pounds or under, the Camco 44425 RV Curved Leveler could be an excellent option to solve any leveling issues. One of the many things I like about this product happens to be its honeycomb design.

This honeycomb design allows these levelers to be lightweight, which makes transporting and storing these products much easier. But this design also keeps them durable to ensure these products end up offering effective results for a long time. It’s a combination that any RV owner should be looking for in these products.

You should love that this leveler comes with an included chock to make this entire process a more convenient experience as well. This chock also has non-slip rubber grippers on the bottom, which ensures slippage won’t be an issue during the using process.

I found another appealing trait with this leveler’s ability to offer an additional 4 inches in height. This aspect will ensure you can tailor the user experience based on your preferences regarding height adjustment. It’s just another way this leveler appeals to a wide range of customers.

But none of these features is my favorite thing about this leveler. This title goes to its bargain bin price, which makes it an ideal product for any bargain buyer. And since I’m one of the biggest bargain buyers out there, you can bet I appreciate this low cost greatly.

It’s also helpful that this product comes in either a one-pack or two-pack. This option of choice gives you a bit more control over the buying experience. In the end, you’re not going to do a lot better than these Camco RV leveling blocks.

However, I must warn you that some customers mentioned issues with this product working well on loose soil in their reviews. If you intend on RVing in an area with loose soil, it’s probably best to buy another option based on these reports.

5. CARMTEK Camper Leveler Kit

I deem finding a more well-crafted set of leveling blocks than the CARMTEK Camper Leveler Kit difficult. This kit has earned nothing but praise for performing and keeping a camper level.

One of the primary reasons is the levelers consisting of heavy-duty materials. They are made from a high-performance polymer that offers exceptional durability and toughness. It can handle any trailer that weighs up to 32,000 pounds. As a result, it performs much better than what people get with homemade RV leveling blocks.

I was also impressed with their overall using process. After all, I had my whole rig level within 5 minutes using this incredible camper leveling kit. I can’t imagine anyone having much trouble with the process, considering someone with my skills had zero difficulties.

We can even use this option as RV leveling blocks dual wheels, which shows its versatility. But it might require cutting the length of one leveler to fit on the tires. It’ll end up depending on how much space is between the tires. Luckily, the kit comes with clear instructions for this trimming process.

Another massive benefit provided by these levelers is their anti-slip jointed system. It’s a crucial piece because it prevents the levelers from sliding when backing my rig onto them. Due to this, I don’t have to worry about any mishaps during the initial setup.

CARMTEK was kind enough to provide each buyer with a lifetime warranty. It’s always a good sign when brands offer these policies with their products. In addition, it shows their faith in the kit’s ability to meet their customers’ expectations.

But this 2-pack does have one flaw worth mentioning. It’s one of the most expensive options on our entire list. So each customer will have to decide whether its features are worth spending a little more.

6. Yosager ‎CLD Heavy Duty RV Leveling Blocks

The Yosager ‎CLD Heavy Duty RV Leveling Blocks earn a place on our list by being a handy 10-pack option. In fact, these blocks are made from solid and durable materials to ensure they can handle a rig’s leveling needs.

Yosager was even smart enough to equip each leveling block with a solid bottom piece. It’s an essential aspect because it helps prevent any slippage. Therefore, it’s a significant reason why I’d always choose these leveling blocks Vs wood.

I was also pleased with the versatility of these blocks. These options have proven to work in various situations, ranging from leveling double wheels to 5th wheel jacks. If a person needs help leveling a camper, these blocks will likely be capable of doing the job.

Using these blocks isn’t overly burdensome, either. Users will simply stack them in a pyramid shape to the desired height and drive the camper onto the stack.

Buyers will love this option’s zippered storage bag, as well. It comes with a built-in handle to ensure effortless carrying when moving it. Plus, it makes storing the blocks inside a camper much more manageable and convenient for RV owners.

The red coloring was another aspect to catch my attention. Of course, the color of leveling blocks isn’t an overly essential attribute. But it’s hard not to mention how colorful and bright the red coloring is on these leveling blocks. It’ll ensure users don’t forget they have their leveling blocks in place when looking at their camper.

However, some customers said the blocks are less effective on coarse gravel. Other than that, they work as intended and are rather durable for rugged use.

7. Tri-Lynx 00016 Lynx Levelers

Tri-Lynx’s 00016 Lynx Levelers happens to be one of the least costly options on our entire list. But this lower cost doesn’t mean these levelers suffer in quality. It’s actually quite the opposite as these products tend to outpace several of their most costly counterparts.

These Tri-Lynx leveling blocks offer effective results thanks to their reliable and durable design. This design was one of the main features praised regularly in the customer reviews. Due to this, it seems these levelers have no problems lasting years and years without issue.

It also helps that these levelers happen to have an incredibly easy using process. As you might imagine, this aspect was another one customers were quickly ready to praise with their reviews. It’s always nice to have a product that doesn’t require much effort when using it.

You should love that these blocks can easily handle up to 40,000 pounds as well. This weight capacity should cover most RVs on the road today. It highlights how many situations theses blocks can efficiently work without suffering performance-wise.

These levelers coming in a 4-pack isn’t too shabby either. This number of blocks should cover my needs with ease as long as something doesn’t happen to one during the using process. I don’t anticipate this happening given the durability offered by these products.

If something did happen, I could just cash in the 10-year warranty these levelers come with and get another set. It seems Tri-Lynx honors this warranty as well based on the previous experiences discussed in the customer reviews.

Overall, these levelers do their job at an effective rate and happen to be one of the best bargain deals on today’s market. What more could an RV owner ask for from a set of RV leveling blocks during this search?

The only thing I could think of was some customers mentioned these levelers had issues working effectively on gravel. Of course, some positive experiences refuted this claim, but it’s still something to think about before making a final decision.

8. BAL 28050 Light Trailer Tire Leveler

RVers who own a single axle, lightweight rig, would benefit from seriously considering the BAL 28050 Light Trailer Tire Leveler. You see, this leveler happens to have a much easier using process than you’d find with any interlocking blocks or RV leveling pads.

It can offer this benefit because you don’t need to stack or remove a block when adjusting the leveler’s height. This leveler instead consists of stainless steel bars that will lock against each other during their using process. You’ll be able to adjust the height with a built-in large steel screw.

Therefore, you just insert the leveler against a tire that needs leveling and use its included ratchet to crank it up. This action creates a much simpler process than what you might encounter with a set of interlocking blocks.

You should also know that this leveler can adjust the height up to 4 inches like our previous models. As a result, it not being an interlocking block type of leveler doesn’t affect the results it provides in this area.

It doesn’t hurt that this leveler has a corrosion-resistant finish as well. This aspect will ensure issues such as rust never become an issue. Due to this, this product should last more than a few years without any problems.

This product’s ability to fit on 13-inch, 14-inch, and 15-inch wheels should be another appealing trait. After all, it shows this leveler can work in various situations without faltering in performance.

But even with all these great features, two issues gave me a little pause. The first issue concerns that it can’t be used on heavier RVs. In fact, it can only hold 1,500 pounds per axle, which won’t meet my needs whatsoever.

The product also costs much more than you’d want to spend on leveling equipment. Given this info, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that this model would be a no buy for me. But it could be a handy option for someone who doesn’t mind spending a bit more and has a smaller rig.

9. Camp’N RV Leveling Blocks

The Camp’N RV Leveling Blocks have a long list of features that would benefit an RV owner greatly. One of these fantastic features is their heavy-duty construction, which will help these products avoid becoming easily broken or crushed.

As a result, a person who buys these wonderful products won’t have to worry about buying more anytime soon. This heavy-duty construction makes sure these blocks can handle even the largest rigs without issue as well.

These products happen to be thicker than most other options, which is another attractive trait. You see, these blocks are made from a high-density block that’ll allow water and dirt to pass right through it. This action increases the block’s durability by making sure these issues don’t become a problem.

I also love that these leveling blocks come with integrated ramps to help ensure the using process is a breeze. The built-in ramps will actually help keep these blocks in place and avoid issues such as slipping or sliding.

Meanwhile, these blocks come with a carrying strap that’ll make transporting and storing these blocks much easier. The carrying strap itself has received rave reviews as it has a sewn-in handle and buckle, which ensures it remains stable.

This option coming as a 12-pack isn’t something to overlook either. In fact, it’s one of the very reasons these blocks ended up on our list. It’s not often you find a deal like this one that features a product with top tier quality.

I didn’t even mention yet that its price is one of the lowest on our list. Given this info, I’d suggest you take a long look at buying these blocks before making a final decision. But it’s worth noting some customers did feel like getting used to these blocks took a little time.

In other words, there’s a bit of a learning curve and will take a little adjusting on your part.

10. Camco 44515 Fasten Leveling Blocks

Our second Camco product on the list happens to be Camco’s 44515 Fasten Leveling Blocks, which comes as 10-pack for stellar convenience. But the number of blocks isn’t the only thing this option brings to the table.

You should also love that its design features resin that’s UV stabilized to offer protection against those pesky sun rays. These UV rays can cause issues like fading or wear, which can impact the block’s lifespan.

As a result, this feature is something anyone traveling to tropical places such as Florida would truly appreciate. I’d like to point out the versatility these blocks offer as well, which makes them capable of working in many situations.

These situations include working with double wheels, single wheels, hydraulic jacks, tongue jacks, and much more. I’d also like to highlight the lightweight design that these blocks feature. This aspect makes using them much easier to use than you’d expect from other models.

It’s another area where Camco continues to prove their brand’s a step ahead of their rivals when creating these useful products. This design also happens to be interlocking, which helps deal with any slipping or sliding issues.

You should also take note of their carrying handle that’ll secure the blocks together when needed. This action will make transporting and storing them take little effort. Both processes will essentially be a walk in the park.

Camco offers five different color options, too, which I thought was a smart addition. This option provides the buyer with a bit more control over what they’re buying. It also adds a little fun and style into a rather mundane product.

But some customers did experience shipping issues with this option. Of course, these issues were only mentioned in a small portion of the customer reviews. It was still enough to give me a little pause and make a special note of it within this article.

11. Hopkins Towing Solutions Hopkins 08200 Leveling System

The Hopkins Towing Solutions Hopkins 08200 Endurance Camper Leveling System Is another complete kit that has everything needed to level your RV. This kit includes items such as a wheel dock, wheel chock, and a non-skid traction mat to make the process a breeze.

Its inclusion of non-skid traction mat was a feature that genuinely intrigued me. You see, this mat will ensure slipping isn’t an issue during the using process. This benefit is crucial as it’ll keep everything safe and in check when trying to level your rig.

But this benefit isn’t the only thing this mat offers. It functions as a carrying strap as well to ensure the transport and storing processes don’t take much effort. It’ll make sure you can move this system back and forth from storage without breaking a single sweat.

I also love this option’s construction as it combines both reinforced plastics and wood to ensure a top-level of durability. This aspect was something people expressed outright praise for in the customer reviews.

As you might have guessed, this product’s low price was another appealing trait to me. Its mixture of low cost and top tier features was a bit too much to pass up when creating this list. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty to further sweeten the deal.

We should also mention that this product comes with detailed instructions and a how-to video. Both these aspects were discussed as being incredibly helpful in its customer reviews. It seems people were shocked at the fact product directions happened to be useful for once.

But some customers did report packaging issues, which was a bit surprising given the brand’s stellar reputation. For instance, there were a few reviews that stated their leveling system arrived with pieces missing.

These issues aren’t something you like to see during product research. But the good news is that the majority of this product’s customer reviews had no mention of these problems.

12. Camco Drive On Super Tri-Leveler

If you’re looking for the best RV levelers, our next product deserves at least some attention. Camco’s Drive On Super Tri-Leveler happens to be one of the versatile options on this list. You see, this leveler can work on any tire and offer the same top tier results every time.

This product can also lift a tire five inches, which is an inch higher than most of these other models. Due to this, it provides a bit more flexibility than you’d typically see from an RV leveler on today’s market.

You should love this product’s non-slip surface as well. This aspect will further ensure the leveling process goes off without a hitch by keeping the levelers in their place. It’s something that reduces your stress and anxiety when trying to level your RV.

This product’s built-in handle was another appealing trait. As we’ve discussed in previous reviews, any handle or related aspect can go a long way in making sure a person ends up happy with their purchase.

I should also note that this product is an excellent option for smaller rig owners as it can handle any load capacity up to 10,000 pounds. This weight capacity might not be ideal for larger rig owners, but it works well in many situations.

In these situations, you can rely on its easy using process to make the experience as painless as possible. It’s always nice when a product comes with a simple set of instructions that a regular person can quickly work out without calling in an expert.

You can also take comfort that this product was made in the United States. Therefore, you can use these leveling blocks for campers without any stress or worry about them being dangerous and unsafe.

I just wish these levelers could handle my needs and were class A RV leveling blocks. But I’ll have to look elsewhere as this product’s weight capacity is well below what my rig requires.

13. OxGord RV Camper Leveler Ramps

The OxGord RV Camper Leveler Ramps is another option that has been praised consistently for its easy using process. This praise comes from the product being a drive-on incline. All you have to do is figure out how much height is needed and drive onto the leveling ramp.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is, and this aspect isn’t the only thing these ramps offer with their use. I also love that it can carry up to 11,000 pounds per axle, which will provide a great deal of versatility.

You should find this product’s lightweight design to be attractive as well. This aspect just makes every part of having these products in your life much easier from storing to using. Everything about these products becomes more manageable because of their lighter weight.

Its non-slip surface was another nice touch and should make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Your RV shouldn’t have any trouble with sliding or slipping off when driving onto them with this surface.

This product also happens to come in a pack of two for convenience purpose. It’s just another feature that shows OxGord was really trying to cover every want and need a customer could have with this leveler. Its low price only further proves this claim.

You shouldn’t sleep on its 1-year warranty either as it’ll give you a little wiggle room. All in all, it’s another product that’s ready to ensure your RV’s leveling problems become a non-issue at a moment’s notice.

But some issues were worth noting with these levelers. It seems some customers had problems using them on gravel. For example, a few customers reported little cracks started to appear after a few uses on this type of surface.

Given this info, I’d suggest looking elsewhere for RVers planning to spend an extended amount of time camping on gravel surfaces.

14. Valterra Red A10-0918 Stackers Leveler

Valterra’s Red A10-0918 Stackers Leveler has a set of features that make this product a contender for most affordable RV leveler on today’s market. An excellent example of these features would be its higher number of grooves within its design.

You see, this leveler has 16 grooves rather than the four you’d generally notice on one of these products. These extra grooves make the stacking process much easier and effective for people using these levelers.

This leveler happens to be made from a heavier and thicker material than found in most models. It’s an aspect that lends itself useful in improving the product’s overall durability. Honestly, you should have no issues using this device for years to come with its fantastic construction.

You should also love this product’s molded handle, which makes the using process easier by acting as a transition to the ramp’s next level. It’s a small detail, but one that’ll make a big difference when you start using the leveler after purchase.

This product doesn’t come with the usual storage bag that accompanies these levelers either. However, it does have a Velcro string that’ll be just as effective at helping store these products away. It offers this benefit by being able to tie the blocks together, making for a compact structure and easy storage.

Its 40,000-pound max weight capacity was another winning trait that I found attractive. I mean, this capacity would be perfect for my 28,000-pound class A RV. Honestly, it shouldn’t have any issues even handling the biggest rigs out there.

This option being a 10-pack with a fair price certainly offers more convenience than most other models available as well. Given all these features, it sure seems like these Valterra leveler blocks should be more than up to the task of making my RV level.

But before you make a final decision, it’s worth mentioning that these blocks tend to have issues picking up gravel. This problem could make the using process a bit more tricky, but a simple check after every use should remove the hazard.

15. Camco 44505 Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks

If you’re looking for dual wheel leveling blocks, the Camco 44505 Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks should be near the top of your list. But this aspect doesn’t mean that these products can’t function in other situations just as well.

These leveling blocks are also known for being very useful in use with single wheels, hydraulic jacks, tongue jacks, and much more. As a result, these products happen to be one more versatile options out there.

It’s able to offer great results in all these situations because it has a unique, sturdy design made of UV treated materials. This aspect will ensure extended sun exposure doesn’t cause any issues such as fading or wear.

You should also note that this unique design a solid bottom portion, which keeps these blocks from sinking into the ground. It’s a quality that’ll come in handy when using these products around loose soil such as sand.

This option coming as a 10-pack is another trait, which gained my attention. I could really benefit from some extra leveling blocks around my RV as I tend to misplace things constantly. Thankfully, I don’t think this problem will be an issue here because these ten blocks come with an included storage bag.

It also doesn’t hurt that these blocks have gained a reputation for being easy to use. And if you do have an issue with the using process, Camco has an excellent customer service team waiting to guide you through the entire process.

As for the price, it’s rather fair even though you’re getting ten blocks and a storage bag with purchase. It seems Camco did it again and created a product ready to ensure your RV stays level regardless of where you end up camping.

However, these leveling blocks for travel trailers do have a little durability based on the reports in their customer reviews. It seems these products last only a couple of years at most under heavy usage. I guess it’s a good thing this option comes with ten of them.

16. LogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO Wireless Leveling System

Our last RV leveler isn’t a block or ramp, but rather an entire leveling system. The LogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO Wireless Vehicle Leveling System is a high tech solution that could quickly fix this common problem.

Due to this, you should expect some innovative features, which aren’t present with our other products. An excellent example of one happens to be that this product can offer an in-depth report about what’s the perfect height for getting a level position.

This wireless system can even tell you what side the height needs to be put on for the leveling process. It also helps that setting this product up isn’t too tricky as it can be done through using Bluetooth technology and your smartphone or tablet.

You can get all the relevant data about the leveling process through an app located on your smartphone or tablet. It can also be used on either towable or drivable vehicles, which shows its overall convenience.

I should note that this product’s capable of locating the perfect camping spot right as you enter the campground or park. It’s almost unfair how effective this product is when compared to other products on today’s market.

Honestly, this leveling system seems to cover every base needed and takes the guesswork out of this process. And I didn’t even mention that the results it provides are accurate to the 0.1 degree, which offers a level of performance other models couldn’t ever match.

But there’s one massive issue with this product. It’s easily the most costly on our entire list and will put a rather large hole into your savings. I’d rather stick with the less effective blocks and ramps than pay this much for an entire RV leveling system.

Of course, people who are okay with spending a lot of money on a leveling system shouldn’t waste their time on other products. You should buy this one immediately.

17. Trailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing Ramp

Our additional product happens to be a tire changing ramp, which will ensure you can change a flat tire without facing any issues. Many people have proven this claim by expressing that the Trailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing ramp incredibly easy to use in their customer reviews.

It makes changing a tire such an easy process that I could even do the entire procedure without needing someone else’s help. Trust me; this outcome is a borderline miracle given my mechanical skills.

You should also love that this product can handle up to 15,000 pounds of weight. This aspect makes it a perfect option for anybody looking to change a tire on a tandem wheeled trailer. Plus, this product can lift a flat tire to 5 ½ inches and ensure the entire process becomes even more accessible.

Its lightweight design is another winning trait as it makes the product much easier to move around from storage and back. This design happens to be compact as, which makes storing it a non-issue inside a cramped RV storage area.

You can also take some comfort in this product being made from high-quality components. This aspect will make sure this tire changing ramp remains usable for years to come without facing any durability issues.

People have found this product useful in other situations, too, such as when they’re doing repairs on their axles, brakes, and wheels. It’s this little bit of versatility that could make buy our additional device a worthwhile investment.

The lifetime warranty should help move this line of thinking along as it’ll provide excellent coverage against an accident occurring. These policies are always a nice thing to have around as a precautionary measure.

But we must note that some customers did feel like using this tire changing ramp was a bit difficult at first. After all, the using process is a little different than what you’d usually expect when changing a tire.

RV Leveling Block Buyer’s Guide


After those 14 reviews, you should have a better grasp about what to look for when buying RV leveling blocks. This section will only further increase your understanding and ensure the process ends with you buying the perfect RV leveling blocks.

Things to know before buying an RV leveling block

Choosing the right set of RV leveling blocks will come down to many factors. This section will discuss these factors at length to ensure you know what top tier RV leveling blocks look like and offer. Having a grasp of this info will make sure you buy something that meets your expectations and needs.


You’re going to want RV leveling products, which have a heightened sense of durability. This aspect will ensure you end up with products that’ll keep your RV stays level for years to come. As a result, you should look for options made from heavy-duty materials and happens to be UV-treated.

These two features will help ensure your new leveling blocks end up lasting more than a few years. It’s also essential to make sure your chosen blocks aren’t easily cracked or split during use.

Any crack or split will cause your rig to shift toward one side can cause some issues for anybody inside the rig. You can avoid this issue by picking leveling blocks that will stay tough even when regularly used and can prevent damage such as cracking.

I’d suggest looking into the customer reviews for each option to examine how other customers felt about the product’s performance in these areas. These reviews will offer the full scoop and will tell you when a product might have a problem or issue.

It’s also worth mentioning that your chosen leveling blocks should be tough enough to deal with a variety of different temperatures and climates. The customer reviews should give you a heads up about any issues in these areas as well.


Anyone looking to buy RV leveling blocks should compare each option’s using process. You’re going to want leveling blocks that feature an easy using method. Every worthwhile option should be simple enough to set up on your own without the help of a second person.

You should also investigate whether or not the blocks are easy to clean, store, and transport. Some options even come with an included storage bag, which makes storing and transporting them much easier. It’s something that I always look for when buying these products.

In the end, you must make sure your chosen leveling equipment don’t have a using process that’ll be a hassle. It’s the easiest way to ensure this process ends with you being happy about the choice you’ve made.

Max Weight Capacity

A factor some people overlook when looking to buy leveling blocks is their max weight capacity. You see, not all leveling blocks can support the same amount of weight. This aspect means that you must ensure any blocks being considered can handle your RV’s weight.

For instance, a person who has an RV weighing 35,000 pounds will need leveling blocks that can handle at least 35,000 pounds. It might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t think about this vital factor.

Most manufacturers make finding the leveling blocks’ max weight capacity rather easy by putting it within the product description. As a result, take advantage of this and read the descriptions before making a final decision.


I’d suggest making sure your chosen leveling blocks have a warranty to offer some coverage against an accident or malfunction happening. The longer a product’s warranty happens to be, the better. After all, you never know when something might go wrong with a product.

It’s also worth mentioning that a more extended warranty indicates a brand’s faith in its product. No companies are going to provide a 5-year warranty on a defective leveling block. It just doesn’t make sense from a financial perspective.


The prices on these leveling blocks will vary from product to product. You’ll need a well-constructed budget to ensure this process ends in a good investment. This budget should account for everything you’re looking for in these devices.

It should account for details such as whether you want leveling blocks made from heavy-duty materials. This aspect would make the product more expensive than a leveling block consists of lower quality plastic.

It’s little aspects such as this one that’ll make you have a more defined budget range. Once you get this budget range, the entire process will become much easier. After all, you can limit the options available using your budget, which makes this market more manageable to navigate.

Why do you need RV leveling blocks?

Having a solid set of RV leveling blocks will better your camping experience in more ways than one. This section will discuss the benefits that these products provide and offer a better handle on why getting a set would be smart.

Better Camping Experience

One of the biggest benefits that having RV leveling blocks bring is a better camping experience. For instance, it’ll ensure you’re not rocking back and forth when trying to prepare dinner. There’s no reason your camping trip has to be unpleasant or rough, which is something these blocks will help fight against.

In fact, these blocks will make sure every appliance inside your RV works as intended by keeping it level. You’ll never have a fridge stop working because it’s tilted with these useful products around.

Easy Setup

These blocks happen to have an easy using process as well, which is another great advantage about them. You see, these products can be set up in only a couple minutes. It also makes finding a camping spot much more manageable.

After all, you don’t have to waste fuel and minutes on finding the perfect spot. You can instead work with what you have and use the leveling blocks to make your RV level on uneven ground. It’s really that simple.


In most cases, RV leveling blocks won’t be too costly with them being less than $100. I’d say this amount of money would be acceptable to fix a common problem. After all, most camping areas aren’t level or paved to ensure you can enjoy a wobble-free experience.

It also helps that you can use these blocks anywhere. People often find them incredibly useful in many locations, even in their driveways. Given this info, I’d say spending around $100 on these devices would be worth it.


These blocks make sure you won’t find yourself guessing about how much dirt might be needed under one wheel or where’s the best camping spot for leveling purposes. Leveling blocks will instead allow you to adjust your RV’s height in many ways. These include the RV’s height and the blocks’ height themselves.

Multiple Uses

RV leveling blocks also offer a bit of versatility. You see, these products can be used in many situations that’ll make your camping experience much easier. For instance, numerous RV owners have found them useful when doing repair work on their rigs.

You just use the blocks to move your rig higher on one end and do the needed repairs from a more manageable location. Once those repairs are done, it’s a simple matter of throwing the blocks inside your rig and getting on the road.

Long-Term Investment

Another great thing about these useful devices is their durability. The high-quality RV leveling blocks should have no issues being reused over and over for years to come. There’s no way a person would end up feeling like they didn’t get their money’s worth when buying a top tier set of these products.

What are the different types of RV leveling blocks?

If you want to buy some RV leveling blocks, having an understanding of the types available will go along in ensuring the process ends with a good product. The two main types happen to be called interlocking leveling blocks and ramp leveling blocks.

Interlocking Leveling Blocks

Interlocking blocks usually consist of square plastic tiles. These products are often compared to Lego blocks based on their appearance. People using these blocks need to stack them up until the point where the desired height of adjustment’s reached.

You should also know that each block happens to be around an inch or two in height. But when these products are stacked, the height will only increase by ½ inch to one inch based on the model you’re using.

In most cases, these blocks will accommodate a range between 3,000 to 10,000 pounds of trailer weight. I find having these interlocking blocks to be rather convenient because you can increase your RV’s height at a set rate. Plus, it’s rather fun using these blocks.

Ramp Leveling Blocks

Ramp leveling blocks or RV leveling ramps aren’t stackable like their interlocking counterparts. These products are instead already designed in a stair-like fashion with each level having a fixed height. People using these blocks can sometimes have issues with sliding or slipping when driving on them.

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix as you can simply add a rubber mat under these motorhome leveling blocks. You then should chock the wheel when your RV has become level. Many of these models come with RV wheel chocks to make this process easier.

Other Types

Of course, these two types aren’t the only ones out there on today’s market. There has actually been new technology developed for the leveling process. It has resulted in the creation of inflatable levelers and electric levelers.

Inflatable RV levelers happen to be flat bags, which are placed under the wheel during the leveling process. You’ll need to pump air into these bags using a tire inflation pump. Air should continue being injected into the inflatable leveler until it reaches the proper height.

These inflatable levelers haven’t caught on with RV owners because it can make their camper unstable and a little shaky. As a result, its use can result in issues with tire suspension. These types tend to work well when they’re inflated until their maximum height.

In these situations, the bag would be tight enough and stop wobbling from being an issue. But if you need a lesser height, it will render your camper shaky and unstable. I’d suggest staying with the two more common types mentioned above to avoid this issue.

As for electric levelers, these products have the easiest using process among leveling devices. It’s just a simple matter of pushing a single button, and your rig will end up level. But these levelers cost an absurd amount of money.

You’ll find a complete the top-rated RV electric leveling system costs at least $2,000 without including the install price. At these prices, I’m going to stick with the old interlocking leveling blocks or ramp leveling blocks.

How to build RV leveling blocks?

If you’re strapped for cash and new an alternative method, making your own leveling blocks for campers actually isn’t too tricky. Of course, these homemade devices won’t be as effective as the ones mentioned in this article.

But these homemade leveling blocks can do in a bind. The first thing to know is these blocks should be between 8 and 10 inches per side. You should also make sure their thickness is about one or two inches.

Once you got the measurements down, the first step is to cut off one-inch or two-inch-thick planks depending on your preference. These planks should be 8 to 10 inches like we discussed previously.

You should then attach a screw eyelet on one side of the planks. Tie a string or rope through this eyelet, which makes it easier to store and pull your homemade products. After this step, these leveling blocks should be ready for use.

How to use them?

Using these leveling blocks isn’t too tricky, and it will become almost routine after doing it the first time. It’s a process that we’ll guide you through rather quickly with the following steps:

Step 1: Picking the Right Spot

RVers who rent a spot at the same campground year after year won’t have any issues finding a good place to park. I’d suggest getting out from your rig and walking around the spot where you might park for an extended period.

After all, this process is much easier when the ground’s close to being level from the beginning. If you intend on reusing this spot in the future, you should level out the ground before coming back the next time.

Before going to the next step, make sure your engine’s turned out, and the parking brake’s set. This process could go haywire fast without these two things being done.

Step 2: Make Sure to Account for Solar Panels

Any RV owner using solar panels should make sure they’re properly positioned before moving onto your new found spot. This action will ensure your solar panels can still absorb as much energy as possible from the sun after your RV becomes level.

Step 3: Use Your Jack

You’ll want to position your RV using your RV jack, and this action will provide a good starting point for the process at hand. If you can, backing up your RV to the right spot would be the next step. You should get out and inspect your rig when it’s finally in the proper location.

From there, level your RV with the jack and move the RV leveling blocks into place. This method happens to be the most effective one as your jack will end up doing most of the work. Problems only tend to arise when one of your RV’s entire sides starts leaning.

This issue happens when the RV owner doesn’t realize they’re parked on a small incline. As a result, you must remain vigilant about the area you intend on doing this process before settling on a final location.

Step 4: Put the Block into Place and Unhitch Your Trailer

Follow the instructions within your leveling blocks manual when placing them into place. This action will ensure you don’t cause some unforeseen issues. If you have a 5th wheel or travel trailer, unhitch it when the blocks are safely into place.

It’s also worth noting that people with an automatic jack won’t need the help of another person when doing this process. Once these blocks are correctly in place, the process at hand is finished. You can now enjoy a wobble-free camping experience.

RV Leveling Block FAQs

What is the best RV leveling block?

The primary purpose of an RV leveling block shouldn’t be a surprise. I mean, it’s right in the name as these products will ensure your RV remains level by adjusting the height of your RV. Making sure your RV’s level is an essential process for a variety of reasons.

One of these reasons is that it’ll ensure all your interior appliances remain functioning without issue. These leveling blocks will also keep you from sliding and slipping inside your RV. As a result, you’re less likely to fall and hurt yourself when moving around within your rig.

It’s worth noting that some RV appliances such as an RV fridge will not work when tilted. This issue becomes much worse when these devices are tilted for an extended period. You see, these fridges can become damaged and unusable even when your rig’s not aligned properly.

Some people reading this article might be asking why they can’t merely use a jack to adjust their RV’s height? Well, jacks can indeed adjust your rig’s height on one side. But you should never use these devices as a leveler.

RV jacks aren’t meant to support an RV’s weight over a long period. If these devices are used in this way, it can lead to accidents such as breaking your RV’s frame and the jack itself. Neither would be an ideal situation for any RV owner.

As a result, do yourself a favor and buy a set of RV leveling blocks. It’s really a simple and effective way to ensure your RV’s always on level ground. You may be surprised by how often these blocks come in handy.

How does it work?

The way RV leveling blocks work is rather easy to understand. These plastic, inflatable, or interlocking RV levelers work by adjusting your RV’s wheel height when they’re on the ground. You place these blocks into position and drive over them to make your RV level.

We should also mention that these blocks are capable of being stacked. It gives you a chance to have a bit of choice about how far the tire ends up off the ground. Most of them can lift your tire at least four inches without issue.

You might come across options that can act as ramps. This type makes driving up to level an RV much easier. Overall, the main thing to know about travel trailer leveling blocks is they adjust your RV’s height, which helps your RV become level.

What are the most trusted RV leveling block brands?

The most trusted RV leveling block brands happen to be featured in our product review section. Each one of these companies has proven themselves incredibly effective at creating top tier leveling blocks and meeting their customers’ needs.

But this fact doesn’t mean a few companies within this group don’t stand out a little bit more than the others. In fact, two brands have shown an ability to separate themselves from this pack regularly: Beech Lane and Camco.

I thought diving into their backgrounds could provide a better indication of what you should expect from a top tier RV leveling block brand. It’ll make sure you know what to look out for from these companies when starting your search.

Beech Lane

As a relatively new company, Beech Lane had to make a big splash when entering this competitive market. This brand was able to accomplish it by introducing a line of leveling blocks with innovative designs.

These innovative designs made Beech Lane a household name in the RV leveling block market. It also didn’t hurt that this brand has become known for its top tier customer service. It’s rare when you see a product from this brand not featuring numerous customer reviews complimenting this area.


Camco tends to be a force within whatever RV related industry their products enter. The RV leveling block market is no different as this brand has several models, which find themselves on the most popular lists.

It’s no accident either as these products often are the best at ensuring your RV stays level at all times. Plus, it never hurts that Camco does an excellent job listening to their customers when creating these products. They’re constantly striving to ensure their leveling blocks meet the buyers’ needs and wants.

How high can you stack RV leveling blocks?

If you want a general answer, most experts advise not to stack higher than 4 ½ inches.

However, the answer will change from one design to another. But there’s no need to worry as most manufacturers provide recommendations right in the manual or product descriptions. Users should follow these suggestions to ensure the blocks are correctly used.

Should I put blocks under my RV jacks?

Rig owners who utilize an RV hydraulic leveling system often ask themselves this question. Of course, it makes sense since those systems are supposed to do all the work for you.

However, using leveling blocks even with hydraulic jacks is an essential, safe precaution for several reasons:

  1. Many camping sites will be a lot more sloped than people assume. Using RV leveling blocks under your jacks helps stabilize this issue to ensure a more comfortable camping experience.
  2. Your build-in levelers aren’t always entirely effective. In some cases, they won’t have what it takes to make your rig level. So leveling blocks are helpful tools to ensure the rig ends up level even when your leveling system can’t get it there.
  3. Some RVing equipment, such as your refrigerator, won’t function properly if they aren’t level. Leveling blocks become a safe and handy way to prevent machinery issues.

What are these leveling blocks made of?

In most cases, leveling blocks will be made from some sort of plastic. It’s not uncommon to hear materials such as polyethylene, resin, or polymer advertised within an RV leveling block’s product description.

You should know that all these materials refer to plastic and will provide excellent leveling results. But you must stay away from levelers made out of wood. These products are prone to issues such as cracking, slipping, and moving when pressured.

As a result, I’d suggest sticking with the leveling blocks made from high-density plastic. These models won’t fall victim to these issues and should hold up well. It’s also suggested that you try and find an option made from UV resistant materials.

This aspect will ensure your leveling blocks won’t receive any damage from prolonged sun exposure such as fading. It’s just another way to make sure these blocks end up being useful for more than a few years.

How much weight can leveling blocks hold?

Most high-quality leveling blocks won’t have trouble supporting an RV’s entire weight. Leveling blocks can handle around 30,000 up to 40,000 lbs.

But it’s still essential to check out the product description or manual to see their support limits. These pieces of information will be a lot more informative for your situation.

In fact, it’ll help you answer questions like whether your rig requires Class C leveling blocks or 5th wheel leveling blocks. So please don’t make a final purchase without confirming your chosen blocks can support your rig.

How many RV leveling blocks do I need?

You should buy as many leveling blocks needed to cover every wheel on your RV or camper trailer. For example, an RVer with four wheels on their rig should have four leveling blocks to ensure you’re covered in any situation.

This action will provide the ability to level each side or corner of your RV without issue. I’d even recommend getting a couple of extra to ensure you’re covered against one or two becoming unusable from heavy usage.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy leveling blocks would be through using Amazon. Their site will have the lowest prices and largest section out there. It’s why all the links from our product review section lead right to their ad pages on Amazon.

I should also note that Amazon offers another essential benefit, which other sites and stores fail to provide: an extensive customer review database. This aspect will be crucial in determining what RV leveling blocks are top tier.

But even with these three beneficial aspects, Amazon shouldn’t be the only source a person looks through during their search. I’d suggest taking a long look at what Camping World has to offer on their site as well.

You see, Camping World usually has a decent selection and prices to offer. These prices sometimes even go below Amazon’s rates when there’s a sale happening. As a result, you must compare prices between the two to ensure you don’t pay more money than needed.

As for people who don’t like shopping online, there are a few good options to choose from out there. I’d recommend going to a place like Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or even your local RV supply store.

Each one of these stores should have a decent amount of RV leveling blocks available. I must warn you that the prices at these stores will be much higher than what you’d pay online. It’s just the nature of today’s consumer market.

But these stores do offer face to face customer service, which online stores can’t match. This aspect can make quite a difference when the person helping you has a great deal of knowledge about these products.

Overall, this process will end up being about picking the store or site that meets your particular shopping preferences. And it’s quite evident that you’ll have a bunch of choices to choose from given all these options.


After reading this article, finding the best RV leveling blocks shouldn’t be much of a challenge. It’s just a matter of applying this info into your search, and the right choice should become apparent rather quickly.

These perfect RV leveling blocks will then make sure your rig never has wobbling issues ever again. You’ll be able to camp wherever regardless of any uneven terrain around your chosen area.

It’s a great benefit to have given most RV parks and campgrounds aren’t located on level ground. Given this info, these blocks become a useful and convenient piece of equipment that’ll make your RVing lifestyle much more manageable.

So please, use the info within this article and find the perfect set of RV leveling blocks. And if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in our comment section. We’d love to help out as much as possible.

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