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The Best RV LED Lights for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Most motorhome owners have wanted better lighting inside and outside their rigs for a long time. This need comes from their RVs coming with pre-installed fluorescent or incandescent lights, which aren’t high-quality products.

As a result, many campers have been searching to replace these pre-installed lights with the best RV LED lights. These products offer a much clearer and sustainable illumination than what RVers usually experience inside and outside their rigs.

best rv led lights

But finding suitable LED lights for your needs has become increasingly more difficult with the wide variety of types available. This article will remove the difficulty by breaking the entire process down into an easy-to-follow buying guide.

Let’s begin with reviews of my 12 favorite RV LED lights. These discussions will provide a better idea of what a high-quality choice would look like for an RV owner.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Brightness
Preview Kohree ‎HP321-HM

GRB T10 921

Leisure Double-48-NW

Package Quantity 5 10 5
Color Temperature 3600 – 5000K 6000 – 6500K 4000 – 4500K
Lumen 640 LM 600 LM 550 LM
Voltage 12 -18V DC 12 – 18V DC 11 – 18V DC
Wattage 6W 3.8W 6W
Lifespan 60,000 hours Longer Lifespan 60,000 hours
Details Details Details

12 Best LED Light for RV Reviews

1. Kohree LED RV Double Dome Lights

If you’re looking for top-tier 12v RV ceiling lights, Kohree’s 12V LED RV Double Dome Lights need to be on your consideration list. These RV LED ceiling lights are a truly efficient option that won’t use a lot of energy while lighting up your rig.

In fact, these lights only draw 6 watts while providing a brightness level of 640 lumens due to each light offering 320 lumens. You’d be shocked by how much illumination this setup can provide inside a motorhome.

You also have to love the durability of these lights. These models have been given a life expectancy of more than 60,000 hours, which is about seven years. I’d imagine this longevity comes from features like its heat-resistant and anti-corrosive properties.

I found myself loving the installation process, as well. It didn’t take much time, as the included directions were easy and straightforward to follow. Kohree was even kind enough to write them out in this product’s ad description to ensure buyers can make sure they’re comfortable.

The built-in 3-way switch was another standout trait as it made using them effortless. I had no issues turning it on, off, or even only utilizing one side. This switch ended up being a godsend, which ensured the entire process was relatively simple.

But some people did complain about receiving faulty switches with their lights. These issues aren’t what you want to see when doing product research. However, I must note that these complaints were only in a few reviews. They weren’t a majority by any means.

As a result, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Most motorhome owners who picked up these lights felt they more than met what they were looking for in the best RV LED lights. Based on my experiences, I can only report the same.

2. GRB Super Bright RV Dome Lights

GRB’s Super Bright RV Dome Lights happen to be an excellent choice for any bargain buyers reading this article. This option comes in a pack of 10 or 20 for a low price that almost anyone can afford.

But its low price tag isn’t the only thing worth praising about these lights. I was also impressed by their 6000K-6500K color temperature, which is genuinely high-quality. It produces a pure white light without any sign of a hideous purple or blue tint.

The product’s brightness level was another eye-catcher, as well. GRB made this light produce 600 lumens while only drawing a measly 3.8 watts. This low power consumption ensures an energy efficiency that could benefit any RV owner.

You also have to love this product’s versatility. Buyers have noted its usefulness in campers, trailers, motorhomes, boats, and 5th wheels. You even use them as a direct replacement for several halogen bulbs, such as making them a 921 LED bulb for RV usage.

I was thrilled to see GRB provide a 1-year warranty with purchase. I’m not the most careful person, which means any protection against accidents is always worth getting. This warranty could end up saving me a lot of money in the long run.

You don’t have to worry about any side effects from using these lights, either. These lights are considered completely eco-friendly and without any UV or IR radiation. Buyers can sleep well knowing their LED lights aren’t causing any issues.

There were some complaints about the installation being a little rough, though. Newbie RVers might need to call in a professional when setting these products up. I don’t think seasoned motorhome users will have many issues unless they don’t possess electrical work experience.

3. Leisure RV LED Ceiling Lights

The Leisure RV LED Ceiling Lights are exceptionally durable and easy to install for motorhome owners. These two qualities make me label them one of the more practical lighting options out there on today’s market.

These double dome lights have top-tier durability because they’ve got a life expectancy of over 60,000 hours. Users can also rest easy knowing these lights were CE and RoHS-approved, which means nothing unsafe will come from their usage.

The easy installation process comes from this option having all the necessary hardware. Buyers will receive fixed wires, four screws, and two wiring nuts when purchasing these lights to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Aside from its top-flight durability and easy installation, I found myself loving the number of buying options. RV owners will have a choice between four colors and five sizes when purchasing these lights. Finding a suitable variation for your particular lighting needs shouldn’t be overly burdensome.

These double dome lights are impressive concerning their slim profile, as well. It’s an often overlooked aspect, but this sleeker design will increase overhead space by a wide margin. This extra space can make a world of difference inside a cramped area like an RV.

A few reviews did mention the lights give off a striped yellow light when being used. This issue ends up being a mild inconvenience that is relatively hard to notice, but it does pop up now and then. It’s something any potential buyers should know about before putting money down on these LED lights.

But its other high-quality features more than make this striped yellow worth dealing with for me. Honestly, I don’t see it being much of a bother to most people. But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t at least mention it.

4. Antline RV LED Interior Lights

One of the more exciting bargains available would be Antline’s Super Bright 3014 50-SMD 12 Volt RV LED Interior Lights. It earns this title because of its unique 360-degree lighting design, which offers several benefits.

The main advantage is its ability to enhance brightness coming from this set of 20 lights. It makes for quite a juggernaut when it comes to brightness level. After all, these lights are capable of providing 600 lumens, which is rather impressive.

It has proven to be 300% brighter than traditional halogen bulbs. It’s no wonder why many buyers were praising how much more effective these lights were than their previous ones in the customer reviews. It seems these models aren’t decorative RV interior lights by any means.

You can also have to adore the color temperatures produced by these designs. Each of the three available color choices has gained fans among the buyers. People were raving about how radiant and warm the light felt compared with the hospital-type feeling other models tend to provide.

I was thrilled to see how versatile these lights are compared to other models. Users have reported them being useful as tail lights, brake lights, parking lights, turn signal lights, and much more. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding various roles for these lights within your life.

But I’m sad to report these lights aren’t a perfect product as a customer or two complained about their durability. It seems these products have a tendency to burn out quicker than expected.

However, this type of risk is one you run when purchasing a bargain buy. I’d still conclude it’s more than worth trying out given how many people are happy with its quality.

5. Kohree LED RV Porch Light

If your motorhome has a porch, I don’t see how Kohree’s 12V LED RV porch light wouldn’t be on your target list. This option will have no issue providing the necessary visibility to walk around safely outside your camper at night.

This product earns its distinction as a high-quality exterior LED light because of its waterproof design. Due to this, rain or snow won’t cause damage when these situations present themselves. It’s a necessary quality in any adequate outdoor LED light.

You can attribute this ability to a product having a protective casing, which stops water from getting inside the bulb. As a result, there’s no reason to believe this porch light won’t be providing excellent performance for a long, long time.

Users will also appreciate how well this light does in withstanding voltage fluctuations. It doesn’t matter how many times this porch light has dealt with these issues; it always seems to keep working like nothing ever happened.

Kohree provides two different replaceable lenses with this light, as well. Users can choose between a clear or amber lens when utilizing this product. I’m always going to applaud a company that provides customers with choices regarding color or style.

It’s not overly expensive, either, even with all these excellent features. You aren’t ever going to see me complain about a top-tier product being affordable. This product does seem to check off almost everything I’m looking for in a porch LED light.

But this choice doesn’t seem to be a direct replacement as the mounting holes are a bit different. There were multiple reports of customers needing to drill new holes when installing this porch light onto their motorhomes.

In the end, this porch light does check off a lot of boxes for me. I’d have a hard time passing upon purchasing this product, even with the potential installing issues. After all, you’re getting a high-quality option for a low price.

6. acegoo RV Recessed Ceiling Light

Our next option, acegoo’s RV Recessed Ceiling Light, is an excellent choice to help keep your rig adequately illuminated. These lights will provide 240 lumens per bulb while having a highly meshable design with almost any RV interior.

Their adaptability comes from their slim, compact design. This makes finding a suitable space for these lights much more comfortable than you see with most LED bulbs for RV interiors. They shouldn’t even have issues fitting in the most narrow places.

The product’s sleek design doesn’t come with durability concerns, either. Lighter constructions tend to have these problems, but these lights have an aluminum casing. It’ll make sure the product disperse heat effectively to avoid potential issues like overheating.

If you’re looking to replace RV interior lights with LED models, I don’t see how this wouldn’t be a great option, especially with its recessed mount feature. It creates a neat finish that keeps your motorhome looking stylish rather than having ugly lights all over its inside.

You can also benefit from this recessed mount’s ability to stay in place because of its vibration resistance. Therefore, you can install these lights on your ceiling without worrying about them falling during travel. It makes for a much less stressful camping experience.

Some other notable features include four color options, energy-efficient design, lightweight construction, and an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours. It seems these products have everything a person could want in RV ceiling lights.

A buyer or two did indicate having some packaging issues with this option. In these cases, the included spring arrived broken inside the shipping container. It seems like these circumstances were fairly uncommon as the complaints only came up a handful of times.

But rare packaging and shipping issues aren’t anything to get worked up about as customers. If these lights suit your needs, I see no reason to expect anything other than a high-quality buying experience.

7. Facon RV LED Pancake Dome Light

Buyers who want to illuminate their motorhome interior with a significant amount of light should look into Facon’s RV LED Pancake Dome Light. You can choose from several color temperature choices ranging from 3000K to 4000K, each offering an incredible brightness level of 500 lumens.

As a result, this pancake dome light shouldn’t have any issues brightening up your motorhome’s interior with relative ease. It also helps that this model has a simple installation process consisting of only needing four screws mounted on a flat surface.

Connecting the wires isn’t a big deal, either. It’s just a simple matter of remembering the black wire represents the positive charge, while the white is negative. Otherwise, there’s nothing more to the entire process.

There’s a convenient on/off switch located on the design’s bottom, as well. It’ll make operating these pancake lights a straightforward, hassle-free experience. I couldn’t ask for much else when it concerns convenience or practicality.

I was more than pleased to find out this option comes with a 1-year warranty. This policy will give me the protection needed to protect me from my clumsiness. I should also mention buyers can buy this option in a set of 1 0r 2 depending on their needs.

There were some concerns about the plastic being a little too flimsy, though. But I’m not overly worried about this issue, as most people were thrilled with how these lights held up when I read through their customer reviews. I would even call a few overly ecstatic, which you don’t often see when buyers talk about RV LED lights.

Overall, I think it’s more than worth taking this risk because of its convenient pancake design and excellent illumination. I can easily see these lights being a fantastic addition to almost every motorhome’s interior.

8. Leisure Ceiling Single Dome Light

Leisure’s 12V LED RV Ceiling Dome Light is slightly different from our other dome options due to its single dome design. But even with it lacking a second companion light, this product still packs a bright punch at a more affordable cost.

Users can expect this Leisure light to produce a brightness level of 300 lumens while only using a minuscule 3 watts. As a result, this option would be a perfect fit to set up over a desk or a similar area within your motorhome.

It could even function as a bedroom light fixture with ease. Honestly, it’d be a perfect addition to any small dark area that needs brightening from time to time. You could also strategically place a couple of them in a larger location and get enough light with that method.

Buyers should fully expect these lights to last much longer than standard RV light bulbs with their well-constructed design. As with our previous Leisure LED RV light, this option has been rated with a lifespan of more than 60,000 hours.

Leisure seems to have an excellent handle on making devices capable of thoroughly outpacing those old incandescent lights or halogen RV light bulbs. I didn’t even discuss this option’s 1-year warranty or various size choices.

There seems to be a recurring theme of buyers being surprised by the bulkiness of these lights. I’d advise taking a long look at the size measurements before putting money down. It’s the only way to ensure you don’t suffer the same fate as these buyers.

But if the size measurements are usable for your needs, overlooking this single dome RV LED light wouldn’t be a smart move. It’s a practical, useful device to ensure a space within your rig’s interior gets the light it needs.

9. Facon RV Puck LED Light

If you aren’t a fan of the double dome design, Facon’s RV Puck LED Light might be more your speed. This option features a structure shaped like a puck, hence the name, which gives it a more elegant style than a double dome option.

You can utilize this puck-like design to install these lights into tight spaces that most other LED lights have no chance at fitting. People have even mentioned installing them in cabinets with effective results, which is remarkable.

This design earns excellent grades when it comes to sturdiness, as well. Each of these lights consists of high-quality plastic material and a superb aluminum modeling base. It should have no issues holding up for several years on board your rig.

I couldn’t believe how easy this product was to assemble, either. These lights only require three screws and a flat surface for effective installation. It makes for one of the most manageable LED light installations among these products.

Buyers should rest easy knowing these lights earned the US standard cETL Quality Certification, as well. This aspect ensures using the lights won’t result in some unseen or untested side effect that could cause a dangerous situation.

I always feel a lot more comfortable with these types of products, which earned those certifications. It puts my mind at ease when having these electrical products within my motorhome.

This option does suffer from having a relatively high price for a 2-pack. Some other options provide buyers with 10 or 20 lights for the same price range. It makes this choice a hard sell for a bargain buyer like myself.

But the convenience of the puck design does intrigue me greatly. I could easily see myself getting talked into spending a little extra for this specific feature.

10. Miady Ceiling Double Dome Light

The Miady RV LED Ceiling Double Dome Light made this list because of its fantastic 4000K-4500K white light color temperatures. It gets spread over 48 pieces of LED light chip beads that create comfortable and soft lighting.

Even with its higher color temperature, I never felt this device was overwhelming. It manages to do its job perfectly and provides a pleasant illumination within my camper’s living area. I couldn’t have been much happier with its performance as an RV ceiling light.

It’s not hard to see why these Miady creations have become a favorite among every type of RV owner and marine boat user. The performance quality is second to none and doesn’t ever seem to be slowing down.

I was thrilled to see this option came as a set of five, as well. I can easily see how having more than one could benefit my life greatly onboard my camper. There are several places where these lights would be perfect fits: storage areas, kitchen, bedrooms, under the sink, etc.

Some people have even had success using them as porch lights and cabin lights. The possibilities seem to be endless with this Miady RV LED light. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective double dome option available in today’s market.

As an environmentally-friendly human being, I also can’t overlook these lights lacking UV or red radiation. These two aspects will help prevent those dangerous rays from causing any serious issues.

The only concern is a buyer or two reported receiving a faulty light in their set of five. It’s not an ideal outcome, but if the worst-case scenario is still getting 4 out of 5 top-tier dome lights, that’s a win in my book.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a single minute to purchase this RV LED light. It’s a top-notch product that’s more than ready to give your life a little more light.

11. Dream Lighting Dome Light Fixture

RV owners have gravitated toward the Dream Lighting 12V RV LED Dome Light Fixture for a simple reason: its compact and sleek cover lenses. These aspects give this light fixture a more modern look than most RV LED light devices.

Users also have to adore the fire-resistant PC materials used in making these cover lenses. These durable materials will help ensure each of the six lights within this set manages to withstand even the worst circumstances.

It’s easy to see why these light fixtures have seen success working in various vehicles, ranging from motorhomes to caravans. As for their provided light, Dream Lighting managed to ensure these LEDs had an even light distribution.

This ability helps ensure a much more pleasant experience for everyone involved. Plus, it provides this even light distribution without casting a dark shadow that’s common with LED lights to showcase its optimal performance capabilities.

Overheating won’t be an issue for the LEDs inside this dome light, either. These LED bulbs are placed directly onto an aluminum base to help do an excellent job in dissipating heat. It keeps the circumstances to a more manageable temperature to avoid any potential problems.

Dream Lighting also received some praise for its customer service as the product’s shipping speeds and return policy were mentioned positively in buyer reviews. I’m always going to take notice when it seems like a brand cares about who’s buying their product.

I do wish the product came with the mounting screws inside each purchase, though. It’s a small preference issue, but it still is a bit of a bummer.

All in all, I can quickly get some high-quality mounting screws to get the install done without any issues. This little hiccup shouldn’t stop anyone from purchasing this great product from Dream Lighting.

12. Linkstyle Interior LED Light Bar

Our final option, Linkstyle’s 12V Interior LED Light Bar, has one of the most adaptable designs on this entire list. It can function as camping lights, emergency lights, cargo trailer lights, or cabinet lights.

The product’s 12 volt light bar construction gives it this versatility as it’s suitable for working in regular homes, vehicles, offices, and anywhere else using a 12V power source. It’d be wise not to overlook its performance quality in these situations, either.

It uses 108 energy-saving LEDs with a power consumption of 6 watts for superior energy-efficient results. You should also love the push button on/off switch, which makes operating a hassle-free exercise for everyone involved.

As a result, I could easily see myself installing this light bar inside my rig’s storage area for convenience purposes. It would allow me to finally see all the stuff I’ve thrown in there over the years and organize it.

This light bar’s portability isn’t anything to look past, either. Its lightweight design makes transporting it from place to place much easier. It gives the product more convenience than an RV owner might initially expect.

I didn’t even mention the “1-minute” setup process, which even newer RVers will have no problem doing. It’ll likely take a couple of minutes if you’re very clumsy, but I did find it much easier than I’d ever thought installing a light bar could be for a person like myself.

This light bar’s only significant issue is not being suitable for a marine environment, as some reviews state. But this problem doesn’t affect how it works in the RVing world in the slightest.

I can’t do anything else but recommend this option to anyone in the market for a light bar for interior usage. It won’t let you down.

RV LED Light Buyer’s Guide


I’m fully aware that looking through the thousands of available 12 volt LED lights for RV interior and exterior can be downright exhausting. The number of options can even humble the most experienced RVers. But I’m going to make this search easier by showing how you can limit the possibilities to a more manageable number.

What Are You Replacing?

This question should be the first thing any RV owner asks themselves when looking into buying RV lights. You need to figure out whether the goal’s to replace a few lights or redo your rig’s entire lighting system.

It’d also be a good idea to figure out whether you’ll need different types of lights or several of the same kind. For instance, are you looking to buy ceiling, dome, awning, or strip LED lights? It wouldn’t hurt to make a general list of how many lights you’ll need for each specific type.

  • Size

Once you’ve answered those questions, it’s time to determine what size of lights are needed. RV owners looking to buy straight replacements should write down the measurements of their existing fixtures. It’ll make finding matching LED lights much more effortless.

Buyers looking to change things up with some new type of lighting should remove their existing fixtures to measure their exact area. It’ll provide you with precise measurements of what your new RV LED light fixtures will need to cover.

In some cases, these older fixtures can leave behind awful burn marks caused by outdated bulbs’ heads. RV owners will need to decide whether the imperfections are minor enough where some paint will cover them or their new fixture needs to be large enough to cover those burnt areas.

  • LED Color Temperature

One of the vital things to know about LED lights is that these products come in various color temperatures measured in Kelvin. LED lights rated between the 2700-3000K range are considered “warm white.”

These options will produce a softer light, which often has hints of yellow. It doesn’t have the pure white illumination that you see with higher temperatures. On the other hand, “clean white” (3000-4000k) LED lights are the middle ground among these products.

RV owners can expect these LED camper lights to offer an excellent balance between bright and warm. It’s a reliable option for people who aren’t quite sure about what type of lighting would best suit a particular space.

“Cool white,” also known as “natural white,” are LED lights over 4000K. You can expect these options to produce a crisp, clean white illumination. Most people find these options useful in areas where many chores are done, such as the kitchen.

  • Overall Brightness

It shouldn’t be too shocking to learn RV LED light bulbs’ brightness will play a massive role in this decision. Buyers must know how bright their suitable lights will need to be when making a final choice.

The brightness of these lights is different from their color temperature. You can expect this aspect to be measured using lumens rather than Kelvin: lumens provide the bulb’s actual light output, while Kelvin is used to describe the warmth or coolness of a light source.

In any case, RV owners would be wise to ensure their chosen option has at least 220 lumens per bulb. A single bulb with 220 lumens would be ideal for lighting up a smaller area, such as inside a cabinet.

But people looking to light up an entire motorhome living area would be better choosing something like an LED light bar with 2,200 lumens. This product would get the job done with relative ease and have no issues meeting your needs.

  • Energy Efficiency

As an RV owner knows, you’re running on limited power inside an RV. This reality makes it pivotal to ensure your 12v LED RV lights are energy efficient. Any lights worth installing should never utilize a massive chunk of your energy buffer.

If they do, these lights could drain your battery and make other appliances incapable of working. It could even lead to engine issues when an RV owner has their lights connected to their main battery.

But I do have some good news for people who want to buy travel trailer LED lights. Most brands make them overly energy-efficient to avoid these issues. I’d recommend looking at the customer reviews to get a better handle on how well these lights function when it comes to efficiency.

  • Durability

An LED light panel’s usage hours are usually highlighted in its advertisement or on its box. In most cases, it’ll range from 50,000 to 60,000 hours. Sticking with lights between this range should ensure you get a significant amount of mileage out of them.

I’d also suggest looking for options with certain extra features to promote longevity for specific usage. For instance, a person looking to install motorhome LED lights in their RV patio area would need a light fixture with weather resistance and protection against reverse polarity.

These two aspects are vital safety features for lights installed in a patio area. If you intend on traveling to forest areas, buying lights that emit illumination that bugs can’t see wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’ll help keep your family and friends safe from getting a nasty collection of bites.

  • Cost

RV owners must make sure their chosen LED lights offer a decent amount of value. I know these products aren’t overly pricey, but it’s still essential to get a good deal. I’d advise looking for ways to save some extra cash, like buying larger packs rather than 2-packs.

It ends up being much more cost-effective even if you don’t use all of them. After all, you never know when you’ll need more RV LED replacement bulbs.

  • Warranty

The last thing to look for when buying LED lights for camping trailers would be a warranty. You’ll come across lights with 1-year, 3-year, and others with no guarantees at all! I’m always going to recommend choosing an LED lighting fixture with these policies as they provide a bit of protection. It gives you a way to replace or repair these lights when an issue presents itself.


Our buying guide and product reviews should’ve provided a basic idea of what RV owners can expect on the RV LED lights marketplace. The following discussions will provide an even deeper insight to ensure picking a suitable option becomes simple.

Who is this for?

RV LED lights are lighting fixtures that are meant for usage specifically by campers. You can use them inside, functioning as RV LED interior lights, or as outdoors lighting for your awning area. Their purpose ends up being defined by the needs of whoever buys them.

What are the different types of RV LED lights?

As I mentioned earlier, the amount of LED lights variation is borderline insane. But RV LED light manufacturers do separate these products in two different ways, by structure and purpose, to make things a bit easier.

  • Structure Classification

This classification divides the LED lights based on their designs. Knowing what construction buyers want for their LEDs is a pivotal step in selecting the proper choice.

  • Bar/Tube RV LED Lights

Bar/Tube RV LED lights have a design similar to what you see from fluorescent lamps. It allows these products to offer a great deal of light that can brighten up large areas in a single shot. RV owners often use them to illuminate kitchens or living room areas.

You can also use them for recessed lighting to give your RV interior lighting a bit more elegance. Some campers who enjoy activities such as hiking use these lights on their doorstops to make their rigs more visible from a distance.

  • Bulb/Dome RV LED Lights

Motorhome owners looking to light a smaller, specific area like a cabinet, nightstand, desk would do better with these light options. Bulb/Dome RV LED lights can be convenient solutions in these cases because they can mount onto ceilings or other compact surfaces.

  • Purpose Classification

This classification divides the LED lights based on how an RV owner intends to use them. It makes choosing an option built for your specific needs a whole lot easier.

  • LED Lights for RVs Interior

These lights are meant for usage inside your motorhome. RVers can place them in their living room, in the driver’s section, kitchen, and other interior spaces. As a result, most standard LED lights usually fall into this classification.

  • LED Lights for RVs Exterior

LED lights designed for exterior usage are intended to be set up outside your rig. These lights will ensure you have good visibility of the road ahead. You can expect them to include signal lights, sidelights, backlights, and doorstep lighting fixtures.

Buyers should also ensure these lights are weatherproof to keep them in ideal condition. Otherwise, weather conditions like snow or rain could make them malfunction as regular LED light bulbs for RV interior usage would.

Are led lights better for an RV?

Camper LED interior lights or exterior lights are an ideal choice for RV owners. These products are much more durable, perform better, and produce less heat than other choices. I didn’t even mention the superior brightness they’ll provide inside or outside a trailer.

Moreover, an option like the Dream Lighting 12 volt LED Dome Light Fixture can do wonders to improve your RV’s overall decor and vibe. LED lights are the best option when upgrading the lighting inside a camper or trailer.

How to remove RV led light covers

Removing RV LED light covers won’t take much time at all. If you follow these four steps, the task won’t cause any stress or frustration:

  1. Preparation: Thankfully, there isn’t anything needed that won’t already be inside your toolbox or storage area: a stable step ladder and standard screwdriver. Once those tools are gathered, shut off your rig’s interior power with switch dials located in the electrical box to ensure your safety.
  2. Set Up Your Step Ladder: If you’re working on a higher-positioned LED light, a stepladder will be necessary for the task. Position it close enough to the light where it’s comfortable and stable.
  3. Locate and Remove Bracket Screws: If there are screws present, use your screwdriver to remove them. It shouldn’t take much effort or time to take them out from the bracket. But place the screws somewhere safe to ensure you don’t lose them.

That said, most LED light covers for RV trailers are removable by hand. Just pry them out gently.

Where can you buy RV led lights?

Finding a place to buy LED lights for travel trailers or RVs isn’t too difficult. After all, every department store like Home Depot or Lowe’s will have several options. But I wouldn’t recommend either as my first choice.

Instead, buyers should stick with an online marketplace to purchase their LED lights. My preferred option would be using Amazon. It has a more extensive selection of RV LED bulbs while offering price tags most other choices can’t match.

This combination makes Amazon a rather unbeatable platform for RV owners. But some people don’t feel comfortable using the site anymore. In these cases, I’d suggest using Walmart’s online store, etrailer, or Camping World.

Each store will have a solid selection for upgrading RV interior lights to LED. As a result, you’ll soon have the luxury RV lighting that every rig owner wants.

How do RV LED lights work?

As with any standard light, RV LED lights work by being connected to a power source. Some options will run on batteries like AA or AAA batteries, but you shouldn’t expect them to last a long time. They also won’t have any weatherproof capabilities.

But the main gist is once you connect LED lights to a power source and they’re turned on, they will function like any other light. They illuminate the surrounding area to provide visibility for the people inside it. There’s nothing more to it.

Advantages and disadvantages of using LED lights for RV

Several advantages and disadvantages come from using 12 volt LED RV lights. Let’s break each side of the argument down to make sure buying them is ideal for your situation.


  • Energy Efficient

Standard RV lights are a lot less efficient than LED lights. In fact, LEDs use 10% of the power traditional motorhome lights consume. This ability helps prevent a drain on your vehicle’s batteries and ensures you can enjoy your rig without plugging into a power source for more extended periods.

  • Doesn’t Fade Your Interior

Your drapes, furniture, or walls won’t see any damage from LED light usage. These products don’t produce UV light as you’d see with other RV lighting options.

  • Durability

As I noted previously, most RV LED lights can last anywhere between 50,000 and 60,000 hours. It’s a significantly higher number than what you can expect from incandescent bulbs (2,000 hours) and halogens (1,000 hours).

  • Brightness

The brightness level of high-quality LED lights is much brighter than its common counterparts. Visibility inside and outside your rig will never be better than with 12 volt LED RV light fixtures.

  • Produces Minimal Heat

Incandescent and halogen lights burn at a whopping degree point of 200F. Meanwhile, LEDs burn anywhere between 80F and 100F. It’ll help lessen the number of times your fingers get burned by a significant amount.


  • Cost More Upfront

LED lights will cost a lot more upfront than incandescent bulbs. In some cases, the price is as much as ten times what you see for incandescent options. But their long-term viability more than makes up for this expensive initial cost.

  • Voltage Sensitivity

12v house systems within RVs often experience fluctuations in voltage. These issues can end up being damaging to LED lights. But there’s a simple solution to this downside: buying LEDs explicitly made for RV usage.

Who makes the best LED lights for RV?

The best brands that make 12 volt LED light bulbs for RV usage can provide top-tier customer service and product quality. Each one of the manufacturers mentioned in our product review section has an excellent reputation for offering both.

If you stick with those companies, there’s no reason to believe your choice will be a regrettable one. But their respective websites might not be the best place to buy RV LED lights. You’d be better off sticking with Amazon as they have better deals and selection.

How do you install RV LED lights?

Installing RV LED lights won’t require any professional help. It’s a simple matter of removing the existing bulb inside your rig and replacing it with the new LED one. Most of these products will even come with instruction manuals and hardware to make this entire process more manageable.

Any care and maintenance tips?

12 volt LED camper lights don’t require much maintenance to keep them in good condition. The one thing to remember is that you shouldn’t wipe them with a wet cloth. Electricity and water never mix, even if the bulb’s considered weatherproof.

Instead, you should completely disconnect your RV’s battery to ensure the lighting’s wiring is out of the current. From there, you can begin cleaning off the bulb with a dry cloth. Please be gentle enough to make sure the bulb doesn’t become displaced. Once the bulb’s cleaned, proceed to switch your battery back on and test whether the light’s working.


You’re now equipped with every piece of information needed to find the best RV LED lights. Those large number of options should no longer cause any potential buyers an awful stress headache.

But if you do run into any more problems or have additional questions, please use our comment section. I’ll make sure to respond to each post promptly. Thanks for reading!

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