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The Best RV Ladders for Any Motorhome Owner

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Choosing the best RV ladder can be a frustrating experience for any motorhome owner. The vast number of choices available makes finding a perfect one almost impossible. It’s even capable of making experienced RVers a little crazier than usual.

best rv ladder

But if you know what to look for during this search, the entire process doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. This situation is where our article will come in handy. It’ll offer an in-depth discussion of everything a rig owner needs to consider when choosing RV ladders.

You’ll soon become a person more than capable of selecting a high-quality ladder without any issue. Let’s begin with 14 reviews of my favorite options available, which should provide an excellent starting point for your search.


Best Overall Sturdiness Light Weight
Preview Surco 103H

Ohuhu Y17-80100-07

Stromberg Carlson LA-460

Dimensions 53.5″W x 9.75″H 19″W x 164″H 61.25″W x 2.25″H
Weight 6 Pounds 25.3 Pounds 6.39 Pounds
Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel Aluminum Aluminum, Rubber
Load Capacity About 300 Pounds 250 Pounds 250 Pounds
Details Details Details

12 Best Ladder for RV Reviews

1. Surco 103H Hook Over Ladder

Our next option, Surco’s 103H Hook Over Ladder, has become a favorite among RV owners with its many impressive features. An example would be its durable construction made from thick gauge aluminum tubing. Due to this, I can see this camper ladder lasting several years with minimal upkeep.

The ladder even has an abrasion-resistant powder coating to increase its durability. It hasn’t shown a single sign of wear and tear after months of usage. Honestly, it is a safe bet when it comes to long-term camper trailer ladders.

Buyers will also gravitate toward this product’s lightweight design. After all, it only weighs 6 pounds to ensure moving or carrying it doesn’t require much effort. I didn’t even need a helping hand when I moved the ladder into position for installation.

Meanwhile, this lightweight ladder for RV offers a bit more versatility than I expected. It’s been crafted to work on various vehicles, ranging from campers to GMC vans. Plus, this product has shown to be an effective option in all of these situations.

I am delighted by this product’s overall appearance as well. Surco did an excellent job giving it some style with its bright, dipped, polished finish. Therefore, I never feel foolish when driving around my rig with this ladder for motorhome use on its back.

Furthermore, this product provides sturdiness that my old used RV ladder and custom RV ladder never offered. As a result, I feel much safer and supported when climbing onto the top of my motorhome.

But this product isn’t perfect with its lack of installation instructions. It’s why rig owners who never installed RV exterior ladders might need some help. However, I have plenty of experience, so I set it up without much issue and enjoy its many other benefits.

2. Ohuhu Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

Ohuhu’s Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder is an excellent option for anyone looking to purchase an easy-to-use, versatile ladder. In other words, it should be considered by everyone reading this article as a suitable choice.

My admiration for this ladder comes from its simple, practical design, including its non-slip end caps. You can feel comfortable using this telescoping ladder without worrying about slipping or any other serious accident.

This product’s one-button retraction was another standout. It provides a level of convenience other models have trouble matching. Honestly, I can’t think of a feature more fitting for my needs.

I was thrilled about this product’s excellent stability and reliability, as well. It has proven to hold 330 pounds without any damage or dangerous accident happening. This aspect makes it one of the more sturdy options available for RV owners.

You can attribute these benefits to its tough aluminum design. This material ensures the ladder offers top-tier durability while remaining adjustable. It’s the best of both worlds for anyone looking to buy a collapsible ladder for RVs.

I should also note buyers will have a choice concerning its length. The product’s available as an 8.5 ft and a 12 ft variation. I’d have to go with the 12 ft option as this size would allow it to work as a collapsible RV roof ladder, which is what I want.

But I do have to say this white and black RV ladder was a lot heavier than expected. It weighs a rather whopping 25.4 pounds, which is a lot for one of these products. This aspect can make moving it a bother and a bit more taxing than usual.

I would still recommend this ladder to any RV owner, though. The weight issue isn’t a massive deal and shouldn’t keep you from experiencing its other excellent qualities.

3. Stromberg Carlson LA-460 RV Bunk Ladder

Motorhome owners with onboard bunk beds should take a look at Stromberg Carlson’s LA-460 RV Bunk Ladder. It’s a reliable, sturdy ladder that’ll make climbing to the top bunk a non-issue for anyone using it.

Honestly, I was extremely impressed by this product’s construction. It offers a comfortable feel when climbing and top-tier durability with its padded rubber treads. No one will be complaining about how uncomfortable this ladder’s steps feel on their feet.

These rubber treads offer the additional benefit of stopping static electricity shocks, as well. You can’t ask for much more from ladder steps. As a result, users will benefit from unmatched RV ladder support when using this product.

Buyers will find the 11-inch spacing between the tubing very appealing, too. This aspect is another feature that’s meant to increase its comfort and safety. I’m happy to report it more than meets this goal based on my experiences trying this bunk ladder.

But these construction features aren’t the only notable high-quality aspects. I was also thrilled by this bunk ladder’s easy installation process. In fact, I didn’t need any special tools besides what I already had inside my rig to complete the 30-minute task.

This product’s affordable price tag isn’t something to overlook, either. You aren’t often going to find bunk types of this quality for such a bargain. Anyone looking to save a little money on their next bunk ladder needs to consider this option seriously.

I do have to warn potential buyers about this product’s squeakiness, though. Someone climbing up or down this ladder will produce a notable noise that can be annoying in tight corridors. It’s something to keep in mind when making the final decision on this model.

However, this squeaking sound isn’t overly egregious. It’s more of a small nuisance that you can usually expect from a bargain product such as this one. It shouldn’t stop you from considering this model to replace your old factory one, such as a Jayco or Forest River RV ladder.

4. Stromberg Carlson LA-460B Black RV Bunk Bed Ladder

The next option comes from one of the more popular RV ladders brands, which returns to our list with another high-quality choice. But the Stromberg Carlson LA-460B Black RV Bunk Bed Ladder manages to separate itself from those previous options with its various unique attributes.

An excellent example would be its retainer hooks, which offer peak security. These design aspects ensure the ladder won’t move or fall over when you’re stepping on it. It could save someone from making an embarrassing mistake when climbing into a rig’s bunk bed after a few drinks.

Users will have a choice regarding its attachment methods, as well. You can either use the included small hook and extrusions to fit it into place or utilize the larger hook. Some buyers have even customized the product by trimming it down to fit smaller bunks.

This trimming process isn’t overly complicated, either. You simply cut off the excess length and place the anti-slip end caps right back onto the ladder. From there, you shouldn’t have any issues using the product right away.

You can also remove and reattach this bunk bed relatively easily for even more convenience. This attribute will free you from having the ladder permanently installed in your motorhome. Honestly, permanent installation doesn’t make much sense in a small, congested area like an RV.

Some customers did complain about not receiving the bracket and screws for installation. However, these were isolated incidents, and Stromberg Carlson resolved the issue by sending the missing components.

Overall, this ladder offers excellent safety that’s hard to beat. If you want something customizable, I highly recommend it, since I have trimmed it to fit my RV with no problem.

5. Yvan RV Telescoping Ladder

If you’re looking for a foldable, compact option, Yvan’s RV Telescoping Ladder should be right up your alley. This product’s entire design was built to ensure it had as much space saving and transport capabilities as humanly possible.

Yvan focusing on making this ladder extremely portable made it suitable for various applications. You can basically do anything with this product that you could with any ladder style or type: fixing lights, adjusting cameras, roof repairs, etc.

Its weight capacity doesn’t suffer at all, which is another plus. In fact, this telescoping ladder has been rated to hold 330 pounds, which should be enough for most situations. I didn’t even feel a slight wobble on this ladder when cleaning some leaves off my motorhome’s roof.

You also have to love that Yvan reinforced the plastic parts using nylon fiber. As a result, the entire ladder’s durability and stability are increased by a notable amount. It might be the most well-built option among the telescoping ladders on our list.

The product’s intelligent locking system makes this option quite versatile, as well. It allows users to lock the ladder at certain heights based on specific activities. You can use it for anything from painting to getting on top of a motorhome room. It’s an attribute made possible by the red button under each rung.

However, users will have to extend the ladder fully before adjusting its height. This design aspect can be a little problematic inside cramped, tight spaces. You might have to go outside first, change the size, and then come back inside to do the task.

But I could easily learn to deal with it, considering its impressive features and performance quality. I mean, this small inconvenience shouldn’t stop anyone from taking advantage of the excellent ladder made by Yvan.

6. RecPro RV Bunk Ladder

RecPro’s RV Bunk Ladder meshes better with a motorhome setting than most bunk ladders. It holds this distinction because its RV ladder mounting brackets are easy to attach and remove.

As a result, this product isn’t a permanently mounted option. You can detach and reattach it to offer an ultra-convenient using process. This aspect should help you refrain from always bumping into this ladder when it’s not being used.

RecPro did an excellent job including rubber foot pads and a heavy-duty screw top for its mounting hooks, as well. Both these aspects will make sure you can expect this ladder to remain secure and slip-free.

As someone who isn’t the most graceful human being, anything to help ensure I stay upright is a winning trait. I’m happy to report that climbing up and down this ladder multiple times didn’t result in slippage or embarrassing falls.

The contrast between this ladder’s weight and its weight capacity is quite stunning, as well. It only weighs 3 pounds but can hold a whopping 200 pounds with ease. RecPro did a stellar job finding a balance between top-tier durability and portability.

Buyers will also love the color scheme choices of silver or black. It allows you a chance at picking a bunk ladder capable of meshing with your bunk room. In my case, the black option would suit my rig’s interior like a glove.

I do have to mention that a few customers did note the product was poorly packaged. These situations seemed to center on the container arriving damaged. However, these complaints weren’t a common sight, pointing to issues with the mail carrier rather than the brand itself.

If this product meets your needs for a bunk bed ladder, these packaging issues shouldn’t prevent you from purchasing it. You’d have a hard time finding another option that can meet the performance quality provided by this one.

7. LUISLADDERS Aluminum Telescoping RV Ladder

If you’re looking for high-end durability and stability, LUISLADDERS’s Aluminum Telescoping RV Ladder has you more than covered. The materials used in this motorhome ladder are top-notch, including an ability to withstand outdoor elements.

Buyers can expect this telescoping ladder to be a long-term investment rather than a short-term one. I was also impressed by how practical this option was when used in indoor applications. It’ll provide a trustworthy surface to rely on when reaching those higher cabinets.

It can offer this safe passage because the ladder can extend out to 12.5 feet without any issues. But RVers will love that this ladder’s inward slide latches allow users to adjust by one-foot increments. As a result, finding the perfect ladder height for your chore should be a breeze.

The product also comes with protection spaces within its design. Some buyers might overlook their inclusions, but these aspects make the retraction go smoothly. It’ll make sure friction or bumping doesn’t occur, which keeps things safe.

I was a massive fan of this product’s double couplings on each rung, as well. Their inclusions should make sure your hands remain pinch-free. It makes this telescoping ladder a lot more user-friendly than similar options on the market.

But I do have to admit this ladder’s included instruction was somewhat subpar. Multiple customers agreed with me as they pointed out that it’s hard to follow and filled with spelling errors. You’d think a high-quality brand like LUISLADDERS would put more effort into this aspect.

Thankfully, using this ladder is relatively straightforward. I don’t think many people will have to even read through the manual when first operating it. However, it was still a bummer to see as it’s not a great look for a company with such a stellar reputation. But it shouldn’t keep you from considering this ladder if it fits your situation.

8. Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

The Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder has become a favorite among every type of person who might need a telescoping ladder, ranging from contractors to DIY RVers. It has earned this reputation by outpacing traditional extension options in several areas.

One of the most obvious benefits would be its red/green locking tab indicators. You can rely on these tabs to let users know when rungs are locked into place to ensure safe climbing. These features will reduce potential accidents by a significant margin.

I was intrigued by this product’s embedded carrying handle and closure strap, as well. These additions make moving this telescoping ladder around much more comfortable than you expect.

You shouldn’t overlook the product’s well-crafted rungs, either. Each one was built with security and durability in mind to ensure a person’s footing remains sturdy. I didn’t even have issues climbing this ladder, and my clumsiness is well-known.

The angled thumb release was another attribute to make a significant impression on me. It makes sure users will always place their hand in the proper position when operating the ladder. It’ll help you avoid any unpleasant finger injuries, which nobody wants to experience.

Xtend & Climb was kind enough to offer a 6-month warranty that covers both parts and RV ladder repair. This policy should make sure buyers come out with a ladder which meets their needs successfully.

But I have to mention that this telescoping ladder is easily the most expensive on our entire list. Customers will have to spend a large chuck of their savings on this well-equipped option. It’ll come down to whether you think the outstanding features are worth this increased price.

In my case, I would have no problem shelling out a few extra dollars for this quality ladder. Its heightened focus on safe operation and excellent performance makes this product worth it.

9. Little Giant RV Step Ladder

Our final option, Little Giant RV Step Ladder, is an absolute godsend to have around a motorhome. It makes doing chores inside and outside your RV much easier because of its incredible built-in top platform.

This feature provides an added sense of safety by offering a more stable area for users to stand when using the step ladder. But it also provides another benefit of giving the user more range of movement when utilizing it.

As you can imagine, this range of movement makes grasping hard to reach dishes or painting walls much more convenient. I was also thrilled by this top platform having a handy tool tray where you can place wrenches, paintbrush, or screwdrivers.

This tool tray will make sure anyone using the step ladder will have everything needed for their activity within arm’s reach. Plus, the top platform allows people to utilize it from a standing position to ensure even more comfort.

Aside from its innovative top platform, this Little Giant model comes with several other familiar worthwhile aspects. Some of them include an extra-rugged construction, a capability to hold 300 pounds, three size options, and a gray colored design.

Little Giant clearly emphasized making the most reliable step ladder possible. Given these features, I can say with confidence that this brand succeeded, given this product’s top-tier performance. It’s an excellent alternative to a folding exterior RV ladder.

But I do wish this Little Giant option came in a larger size than 6-feet. This height is a little too small for what I’m looking for in an RV ladder. However, I can’t argue with how much easier this step ladder makes doing chores around the campsite and my regular home.

If you aren’t looking for a larger ladder, I can’t think of a single reason not to buy this one. It fulfills every need an RVer might look for in these products while prioritizing safety.

10. Quick Products QP-LA-460S RV Bunk Ladder

Accessing a bunk bed’s top bunk shouldn’t be difficult. But the cramped environment of a motorhome can make it rather tricky. Quick Products’ QP-LA-460S RV Bunk Ladder manages to remedy this issue by ensuring you can climb out and into bed with ease.

The ladder’s installation only further showcases its overall user-friendliness, as well. RVers will only need to mount this ladder on the bed frame’s edge or into the mourning brackets. Both methods will make sure this ladder becomes an easy 4-step climb into your top bunk.

I also found this product’s steps to offer a bit more comfort than most bunk bed ladders. After all, each one of them has soft rubber sleeves to provide a delightful surface area. I was quite impressed when walking on it with bare feet as it didn’t give any discomfort.

You won’t have to worry about slipping off with its excellent rubber foot pads, either. Their inclusion makes this ladder a safe product for your children to climb without any potential issues occurring. It has proven again and again to be a safe, practical bunk bed ladder.

The two available color scheme choices and lightweight construction are other aspects that you shouldn’t overlook. Both these features will make your life easier when choosing to use this ladder within your bunk room.

It does seem this product’s shipping leaves a little to be desired. Some customers mentioned the package arriving missing pieces. But honestly, these problems are the only notable ones worth mentioning for this ladder.

Overall, bunk bed users could do a whole lot worse than this ladder from Quick Products. There’s something to be said for a product that can provide a safe climbing surface without potential hassles. It’s not an item that I’d ever even hesitate to buy.

11. Stromberg Carlson LA-401 Universal Exterior RV Ladder

If you’re looking for a rear or exterior ladder, it’s hard to overlook the Stromberg Carlson LA-401 Universal Exterior RV Ladder. This option excels in almost every area a person could be looking for in one of these ladders.

An excellent example would be its durable, rugged construction. It should have no issues staying secure while you climb up to an RV roof. After all, it can hold up to 250 pounds with relative ease, which should suit most rig owners.

I was also impressed with the construction quality of this ladder’s metal bars. Their design seemed well-built and held a guarantee for withstanding heat without bending. It’s a level of craftsmanship RV owners should look for in an RV roof ladder.

You won’t have to worry about rust ever becoming an issue with this model, either. Its entire construction was made with rust-resistant material to ensure longevity. Multiple buyers even reported the ladder hadn’t shown any corrosion issues even after years of use.

I didn’t even mention that this ladder’s lightweight for easy transport. In fact, it only weighs 10 pounds, which should be easy enough for most people to carry. This aspect also means it won’t add much weight to your already heavy camper.

However, this RV ladder installation did cause a few problems for some customers. In these situations, the process seemed to take a little bit longer than with other exterior RV ladders. I would have to stand by these statements as I needed a second person to help get the job done.

But once this model was installed, it provided everything that I expected from a ladder for RV access to roof. RV owners looking for an exterior option would be doing themselves a massive disservice by not considering this ladder.

12. WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic RV Multi-Purpose Ladder

The WolfWise’s Aluminum Telescopic RV Multi-Purpose Ladder has several unique features that separate it from many other options. An excellent example would be its smart-close design. Why does this aspect matter?

It’s a crucial development because it allows each step to fall and retract slowly. As a result, people won’t ever have to worry about pinching their hands. I won’t miss those moments of sheer pain, that’s for sure.

The integrated carrying handle was another attractive trait to catch my eye. It made storing and transporting this ladder much more manageable than other telescoping options. You can count on its heavy-duty closure strap to help in these areas, as well.

If you’re looking for a ladder capable of being used indoors and outdoors, this option would also be an ideal choice. It’s capable of partial extension to make sure it can fit within a motorhome’s limited indoor space when needed.

Of course, this ability is one of the main reasons many people use it as both a residential and RV ladder. Multiple buyers complimented this product for its effortless adaption to chores inside their homes, such as fixing lights and reaching top shelves.

I was also a massive fan of this model having three buying options: 8.5 ft, 10.5 ft, and 12.5 ft. It makes this option have a broader customer base than most other ladders. You should have no problem finding a variation perfect for your rig’s or home’s needs.

Some customers did report the ladder arriving missing a few parts, though. These complaints are never what you want to see when doing product research. However, these reports were infrequent and usually followed by praise for this brand’s customer service.

Given this information, I would have no problem recommending this ladder to anyone. Its performance is easily top-tier with almost no issues. What else could a rig owner want from a telescoping RV ladder?

Surco 502L Universal RV Straight Ladder (Outdated)

One of the most flexible options available for motorhome owners would be Surco’s 502L Universal RV Straight Ladder. This universal Surco RV ladder has been manufactured to work with any rig that features a flat exterior wall and 90-degree edges.

The installation for this product was hassle-free, too, which is always a positive. I don’t see why people couldn’t do it themselves with the required tools: drill, silicone sealant, and a level. Some customers even mentioned using a metal saw and tape measure to make it an even better fit.

After installing this ladder, you’ll benefit from a sturdy construction made from high-quality aluminum. This design should ensure the product’s durable and usable for a long time. It should have no trouble dealing with any hazardous weather condition that presents itself outside your rig.

Multiple customers made a point to mention this model’s wide, non-slip steps, as well. Each step features an 11-inch surface, which should keep you from feeling uncomfortable. This amount of surface area is a bit more than you see with traditional exterior ladders.

I was also pleased to see this product was made and shipped within the United States. This quality might not seem like a big deal, but it means this product passed rigorous safety testing. Plus, it’ll end up shipping faster than options made in other countries.

This ladder is a bit shorter than I’d need for my large motorhome. RV owners with Class B or other smaller rigs would be a much better fit for this option. Its 38-inch height isn’t going to cut it for Class A or even more massive Class C motorhomes.

But if it can meet your rig’s needs, I don’t see any reason why this exterior RV ladder isn’t already in your shopping cart. Its durable construction and comfortable non-slip steps should be more than enough reasons to seriously consider it.

GP Logistics SLDD7 7′ Compact Folding RV Ladder (Outdated)

Rig owners who want a compact folding ladder for RV usage should consider GP Logistics’ SLDD7 7′ Compact Folding RV Ladder. Its storability is among the most trusted within this entire marketplace, making it a perfect fit for RV owners.

In fact, users can expect it to fold down to 3 ½” x 4 ½” x 87″. I can’t imagine even people in the smallest motorhomes, such as campervans, would have difficulty finding space for it. This RV folding ladder truly is one of the most user-friendly options available.

You’ll also find the product’s aluminum construction another winning attribute. This aspect will make users can move the ladder around with ease. Plus, it provides the ladder with corrosion and rust resistance, which is always pivotal.

I found this GP Logistics folding ladder’s rubberized anti-skid feet to be appealing, as well. These aspects will help keep the ladder secure when you’re using it. As a result, this option provides a level of safety that every RV owner can appreciate.

Some other notable features include being rated for 225 pounds, easy using process, excellent customer service, and a velcro strap. Each of these aspects will make this product a suitable folding ladder for most rig owners.

I was a little disappointed by this model being only 7 feet tall, which is a bit short for reaching most RV roofs. Rig owners looking to purchase folding ladders for RVs roof will likely have to search elsewhere.

But if you’re looking for a ladder to help swipe off leaves from your slide room, I don’t see how this option wouldn’t be a perfect fit. Everything about this product’s construction is top-tier with an ability to serve most rig owner’s needs. I only wish my motorhome was a little shorter to utilize it as a roof ladder.

OxGord RV Extension Telescopic Ladder (Outdated)

OxGord’s RV Extension Telescopic Ladder has become known for its collapse design among these types of products. It can go from 12.5 ft to 3.3 ft with a single press of a button to make sure it can fit into any situation or storage space.

Aside from its impressive compactness, the product effectively prioritizes safety. Each step utilizes two steel pins to ensure a secure locking procedure. This aspect allows for an excellent, accident-free climbing experience.

The ladder is even considered compliant with EN131, CE, and SGS European safety standards. It’s just another aspect of this option that should provide you with a sense of safety when climbing up or down it.

OxGord’s unique utilization of a hydraulic system within this product’s construction was another exciting addition. This aspect will make sure the ladder retracts smoothly without anything getting stuck between the rungs, which is an issue with inferior options.

The 1-year limited warranty shouldn’t be undervalued by anyone looking to purchase this ladder. It’ll offer protection against receiving a malfunctioning model or other issues. Therefore, buyers should end up with a high-quality ladder capable of meeting their needs.

OxGord has earned a reputation for honoring this agreement, too, which isn’t always the case with brands. This company will have no qualms about sending you a new RV ladder or giving your money back.

But I did experience a bit of wobble when getting closer and closer to the top rung. It’s something other customers have alluded to in their reviews, as well. It’s an issue customers should think about before putting their money down.

This option’s wobbling issue might not make it the best RV ladder for cleaning an RV roof. But it can still be quite useful inside and outside your motorhome for other activities. Plus, its portability makes it worth spending a little money on as you can use it in multiple situations without effort.

Ladder for RV Buyer’s Guide


If you’re looking to buy a new camping ladder, making the right choice will depend on certain essential factors. I’ll examine these crucial aspects below to help you determine which option can fit your situation perfectly.

  • Construction Materials

The first thing to consider would be each ladder’s construction materials. After all, these materials will have a massive impact on how well the product functions. Buyers must understand that the ladder’s benefits or disadvantages directly result from what was used when making it.

For instance, many ladders for RVs use lightweight aluminum within their construction. It’s a useful material because it’ll help make storing and moving the product more effortless. You’ll usually find it used in multi-purpose ladders, which often require being carried from place to place.

Buyers will also come across ladders on the heavier side during this process. As you can imagine, these options are a bit more sturdy and durable than the lightweight models. There’s no reason to believe you won’t get years of high-quality performance from heavy-duty types.

  • Features

Each motorhome ladder will have its own individual features, which separate it from other options. In other words, ladder manufacturers attempt to include aspects that’ll make a rig owner’s life easier when using their product.

One of the most common inclusions would be a telescopic extension. This feature is a vital addition because it makes carrying the ladder a much easier task. It accomplishes this essential benefit by allowing a user to change the device’s size for better storability.

For example, a telescoping RV ladder can extend or decrease its size rather quickly. Some options will even provide a button to control this aspect, which offers top-tier convenience. It’s a perfect addition for a lazy person who hates any menial task like me.

Another popular feature would be anti-skip or anti-slip technology within its construction. You can expect to locate these aspects on the product’s feet. It’s a valuable benefit because this tech can help ensure RV owners get a more secure position when using the ladder.

As a result, there’s no need to worry about the ladder slipping or sliding from underneath you. It’s not uncommon to see anti-slip steps, too, which offer even more protection. It never hurts to add more security against a ladder slipping, which could cause a dangerous accident.

You may come across mountable RV ladders, as well. These options have become a more popular choice in recent years because they take up a lot less storage space. Moreover, high-quality ladders for motorhomes will come with built-in resistances against corrosion and rust.

Given this information, buyers will have to determine what features best suit their needs. Accounting for these details should make this entire process much more manageable. It’s a simple way to reduce the number of options to a controllable amount.

  • Cost

The cost will play a massive role in any buying decision, even when choosing something relatively uncomplicated like RV ladders. The main issue comes from these products having vastly different costs based on specific included features.

Due to this, rig owners should build a budget that takes into account their wanted features. It’ll help make this entire process a lot less painful. But this resource will only be useful if a buyer can keep it realistic.

You’ll need to account for how certain features raise or decrease a ladder’s price tag. For instance, a person looking to buy a heavy-duty option will need higher budget ranges than those who want a simple, lightweight folding ladder.

This realistic budget will then limit your choices down to ladders capable of meeting your needs. It makes for a straightforward and uncomplicated buying experience. You can make a solid choice without spending way outside your budgetary ranges.

We also have a list of the top-rated RV mat (outdoor, patio) for your reference. Furthermore, check out for the top-tier 921 led bulb for RV guide if you like.

RV Ladder FAQs

Our product reviews and buying guide should’ve offered a basic idea of what travel trailer ladders are available for campers. These next few discussions will provide a little more depth to ensure you know everything required to choose a suitable one.

Who is this for?

RV ladders aren’t overly distinct or complicated products. Honestly, you’ve probably seen them placed on motorhomes before you ever become a rig owner. There isn’t anything too different about these ladders than what you’d expect from a traditional one.

Most campers use motorhome ladders to gain support when reaching for something out of reach. These tasks might include maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and inspecting your rig’s roof for various debris or other issues.

Many RVs came with an attached exterior model in earlier years because these kinds of activities needed them. But a few incidents regarding these ladders failing and causing dangerous situations have made a lot of rig owners look elsewhere.

These RVers started buying separate RV ladders, which offer enough versatility to be useful in various situations. Cleaning, maintenance, and other regular chores around their motorhomes soon became much more comfortable with their new ladders.

As a result, investing in a high-quality ladder that can be carried around and stored became the popular move among rig owners. It’s a staple piece of equipment within the RVing lifestyle, which shouldn’t ever be overlooked.

These reasons alone make it clear that RV ladders are for anyone who considers themselves a motorhome owner. After all, you never know when one will come in handy when traveling from place to place.

What are the ladders on the back of RVs for?

Rig owners utilize ladders on the back of their RVs for easy roof access. After all, these ladders provide an effortless way to get onto the roof without any danger. But this outcome is only possible when utilizing a high-quality option like Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder for RV.

Otherwise, RV ladders can be dangerous and unstable. So it’s essential to ensure yours is installed correctly and offers excellent stability. You can then use them to access the roof for maintenance and cleaning without ease.

What are the different types of RV ladders?

As with many RV-related products, motorhome ladders come in many different types. You’ll need knowledge of each kind before you can make a responsible buying decision. The following discussions should make it apparent what type of ladder meshes with your needs.

  • Multi-purpose RV ladders

Our first option happens to be among the versatile, which shouldn’t be surprising given its name. Multi-purpose RV ladders are known for their adjustment ability that allows them to suit many applications with ease.

In other words, multi-purpose models can do most of the jobs these different types are specifically made to do. You can use them as a step ladder, wall ladder, stairway ladder, or scaffold. Their versatility almost knows no bounds when it comes to practical situations.

You should realize multi-purpose options are often extendable, as well. This ability allows them to reach various heights without difficulty. Any telescopic ladder would also fall under this category.

  • Exterior RV Ladders

An exterior RV ladder is a product which attaches to your motorhome or RV’s exterior. These choices are usually perfect for anyone looking to work on their rig’s roof. But you must make sure they’re rust-resistant and capable of withstanding any weather conditions. Otherwise, using one could turn dangerous quickly.

  • Bunk RV Ladders

Camper bunk ladders are a necessity for anyone who utilizes bunk beds on their rigs. These products will make reaching the top bunk much easier for your kids. Aside from this benefit, there isn’t anything else these ladders can offer an RV owner.

  • Step RV Ladders

If you’re looking for smaller options to help reach cupboards in your kitchen, step RV ladders would be an excellent purchase. These lightweight products are easy to maneuver and won’t take up much space in a storage area.

  • Rear RV Ladders

A rear RV ladder is a model that attaches to the back of your RV. It’s a perfect choice for people who like to bring bikes along on their road trip. But it’s essential to choose one capable of holding your bike’s weight and withstand weather conditions. I’d suggest getting one with rust-resistant capabilities.

How does an RV ladder work?

RV ladders don’t work any differently than traditional ones. You use these products to provide secure footing and elevate your position to reach out-of-reach locations. But it’s worth noting that these items do come with several added features and qualities. The following aspects are what separate a travel trailer ladder from a regular one:

  • Telescopic extension for adjustability
  • Foldable for storage purposes
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Anti-slip steps

Each of these four benefits makes ladders much more convenient onboard your rig. It ensures they don’t become a nuisance but rather a useful item to an RVer. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine starting a trip without one.

How do you hang a ladder on an RV?

Some rig owners decide to hang extra step ladders or RV folding ladders on their rig’s permanently installed hook-over ladders. However, many people don’t realize there’s a proper way to do it.

You’ll want to hang these ladders upside down rather than in a right-side-up formation. It’s a simple safety precaution to prevent your ladder’s legs from blocking the RV’s tail lights. So please, if you intend on hanging an extra ladder, do it upside down to avoid potential issues.

How do you fix an RV ladder?

Fixing an RV ladder is all about diagnosing the problem. So I always recommend starting at the beginning and checking whether it’s securely tightly to your RV. You’d be surprised how many issues are simply a result of improper installation.

If you notice a connection problem, redo the installation process. It’ll require reconnecting your RV collapsible ladder or heavy-duty RV ladder with the proper hardware. However, make sure there isn’t any structural damage to any parts and replace any that need it.

Anyone still experiencing issues after reinstallation might need to buy a replacement or send it in for repairs. Thankfully, most RV ladders have a detailed and extended warranty to make these processes more effortless.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a ladder for RV

Several advantages come from having an RV ladder onboard rig. Otherwise, there’s no reason these products would have become such a popular item among RVers. The most apparent standout quality has to be their versatility.

RV ladders are known for being useful in numerous situations. For instance, you can use them to do repairs, reach hard-to-reach places, or help store items like bikes. These particular options are also made specifically for motorhome usage, which means storing them won’t be difficult.

But there’s always a downside to owning any ladders. These items do put you into less-than-secure positions, which could threaten your safety. It’s why making sure you’re safe when using one becomes such an essential part of this experience. I’d recommend following these safety steps whenever climbing up or standing on a ladder:

  • Never try to lean or reach too high on your ladder.
  • Don’t try to reposition the ladder when you’re on it.
  • Make sure to be cautious when carrying things on the ladder.
  • Respect the rungs and don’t step higher than they allow.
  • Have a spotter on the ground when utilizing one.
  • Take them down and store them away after usage.

Who makes the most trusted ladder for RV?

The most trusted RV ladder manufacturers offer two things to each customer: top-tier product quality and customer service. Finding brands capable of providing both have gotten a bit more tricky over the years with the vast number in this market.

But I’ve provided a solid headstart with the ones mentioned in our product review section. Each one of these companies has earned an excellent reputation among RV owners. If you stick with these RV roof ladder manufacturers, I have full confidence that your new ladder will meet your expectations.

Why are there ladders on RVs?

RV ladders are mostly placed onto rigs to help owners reach their roofs easily. It makes doing roof repairs and other similar maintenance tasks much more comfortable. Overall, it comes down to their ability to offer safe roof access.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Maintenance or cleaning routines aren’t usually necessary, as these products tend to last a long time without any help. But people who aren’t a massive fan of germs can assist in keeping them in top-notch condition. Follow these tips to ensure your ladder remains spotless, bacteria-free and germ-free:

  • Wipe the ladder with a wet cloth before and after usage. It’ll make sure any standing mud or dirt is removed from the ladder’s frame or steps.
  • If your chosen ladder is stained with paint, a paint remover product could be useful in restoring its original shine.


Finding the best RV ladder shouldn’t be much trouble with this new information. If you stick with our buying guide and other discussions, this process will become straightforward. I’m fairly confident you won’t have any issues finding a suitable option for your motorhome.

But if a question or two does arise, feel free to use our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each question with a detailed response as soon as possible. Thanks for reading our article!

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