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The Best RV Jack Pads for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Do you need the best RV jack pads, but don’t know where to start looking? This feeling isn’t too uncommon these days as jack pads tend to be a more complex product than people realize. These products seem to have a lot more moving parts than people expect.

Our article will attempt to make the entire process much easier by walking you through it. In doing so, we’ll cover all the relevant topics about these products from types to benefits. We’ll even provide 12 reviews of RV jack pads that we feel are the best on today’s market.

best rv jack pads

These discussions should soon make it clear what a customer should be looking for in one of these products. This info will act as a foundation for your entire search to ensure nothing ends up being surprising during the buying process.

As a result, it’ll make the entire process a breeze and make sure you find a product that fits your needs perfectly. Any feelings of stress or frustration will soon disappear with this buying guide helping you through it.

So please, keep reading and let us help you find the perfect RV jack pads for your situation. I promise it won’t be a decision that you’ll end up regretting.


Best Overall Most Durable Sturdiness
Preview Quality Plastics Block

Andersen ‎3608

Technoflex HP1214

Weight ‎14 pounds ‎6.09 pounds ‎10 pounds
Material Plastic Heavy Plastic Plastic
Load Capacity Around 20,000lbs 6,000 lbs (Single Block)/ 1,500 lbs (Double-Stack) 50,000lbs
Vehicle Service Trailer Trailer Trailer
Details Details Details

List of the Best Jack Pad for RV Reviews

This section will hold those 13 reviews that we talked about earlier. These discussions will end up being vital to ensure you get a grasp about what a top tier RV jack pad looks like and offers. It’ll also help you understand the more complex topics that we discuss in later sections.

1. Quality Plastics Utility Blocks

Our first product happens to the Quality Plastics Utility Blocks, which feature many appealing traits. A good example of one would be its slip-free rubber material design. This aspect will ensure your jack doesn’t move a single inch during the leveling process.

As a result, you can expect this product to offer a slip-free process in any situation. This product has even shown an ability to perform when facing harsh weather such as high winds. Performing in harsh weather conditions tend to be a serious issue for lesser models.

I also found this product’s versatility to be attractive. You see, these jack pads have proven to be usable in many situations such as trucks, campers, travel trailers, RV, and other similar vehicles.

This versatility makes it quite clear that getting the most of these blocks shouldn’t be too tricky. You should find its easy using process to be another alluring aspect as it doesn’t require much effort on your part.

It was actually an aspect that seemed to receive constant praise within the shopper reviews. Honestly, I don’t think I’d even have a problem setting these blocks up with an install such as this one.

You should take comfort in these block being US-made as well. This aspect means that these products went through a severe amount of testing to ensure their use was safe. Some products made in other countries don’t have the same amount of safety testing.

But all these aspects pale to my favorite one for these products: their price. This product fits the description of a bargain to a tee. Honestly, it should pique the interest of anyone looking for a steal. Plus, this product comes as a 4-pack, which is perfect for my situation.

It’s worth noting that there was a rather large flaw with this product. It seems that this product was a bit harder to stack than many customers expect. This issue could be a large problem for anyone looking for a little extra lift during the leveling process.

2. Andersen Hitches 3608 Trailer Jack Block

Andersen Hitches’ 3608 Trailer Jack Block is another option that should thrive in any situation where it’s needed. It can offer these great results thanks to being made from heavy-duty materials, which wouldn’t become damaged when facing hard or soft surfaces.

This product’s heavy-duty design will also ensure it has a longevity that most other models can’t match. In other words, it offers a high level of durability to ensure situations such as facing rough terrain won’t cause this product any damage. It helps that this design has protections in place for dealing with issues like dust and oil as well.

You shouldn’t overlook the Clean Step feature that comes with this product’s 6-pack buying option either. This aspect can prevent up to 90% of the dust, which would usually find its way into your RV’s storage area.

I also found this product’s use of magnets to be appealing. You see, this product has magnets that will instantly attach to your jack. This feature will make the product’s using process a whole lot easier than it would be without them.

These magnets can offer this level of convenience by making sure you don’t have to check on each block during the leveling process. As you can imagine, life without them would be a real hassle.

It also doesn’t hurt that this product can reduce swaying by 90%. Due to this, a lot less stress will end up being put on your rig. It’ll help make sure the jack stays in place as well, even when facing the worst conditions.

But all these great features do come with a rather significant downside. This product’s price happens to be one of the highest on our entire list. And honestly, I’m not looking to spend this much on a product like an RV jack pad.

It’s a shame too because I did love every other feature provided by it. If you can afford to spend a little extra, I don’t see why this option wouldn’t be at the top of your list.

3. Leisure Time Marketing HP1214 Stabilizer Pad

Leisure Time Marketing’s HP1214 Stabilizer Pad is one of the strongest trailer jack pad options available for RV owners. It provides this excellent strength with a construction made from old recycled tires that can support up to 50,000 pounds.

As a result, this product won’t have any issues working with the largest RVs. It even functions well as 5th wheel jack pads without breaking a sweat. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine a situation where this product would be incapable of keeping a rig stable.

The jack pad even does an excellent job on uneven surfaces, which is crucial for RV owners. It comes in handy when setting up camp outside a campground or similar area. Therefore, boondockers or off-grid campers would be crazy not to consider it over other jack blocks for RV use.

I was also impressed by this stabilizer pad’s durability. After all, the manufacturer ensured this jack pad was resistant to moisture, mold, and parasites. It shouldn’t have any trouble lasting multiple years, even when placed in a storage area.

Furthermore, the product has a built-in handle for easy transport. It makes the jack pad more convenient and practical than most other plastic or magnetic RV jack pads. Plus, this aspect makes storing it within an RV storage area much more effortless.

Users will find this product much easier to clean than other motorhome or Class A RV jack pads. Due to this, RV owners shouldn’t hesitate to use this jack pad in muddy or similar situations. It’s another reason why this option often lasts longer than most people expect.

However, this model does provide buyers with one downside. This jack pad is rather expensive for a single option, especially when compared with DIY or bulk products. Each buyer will need to decide whether its exceptional strength and durability are worth the increased price.

4. SnapPad RV Leveling Jack Pad

If you’re looking for an option with a simple and easy install process, the SnapPad RV Leveling Jack Pad should be at the top of your list. It’s such a simple task that many customers felt the need to point it out in their reviews.

This aspect is something I appreciate greatly as I tend to despise maintenance tasks such as this one. It even gets rid of the one step I hate about installing most other jack pads, crawling under my rig. It’s just such an inconvenience and can be rather unpleasant at times.

But its easy install process isn’t the only thing worth mentioning about this jack pad. I also love that these products are anti-slip. As a result, you don’t have to worry about them getting affected by wet or slippery surfaces.

It will also help ensure it doesn’t suffer slippage in high wind areas. It’s quite clear that these jack pads are ready to provide great results in whatever situation might present itself. This claim is further proven by these jack pads having weatherproof abilities as well.

You should also love that these products will reduce movement and vibration. This aspect is made possible due to the tight grip their rubber design offers. In fact, these jack pads consist of recycled tires, and this provides a grip that many other models can’t match.

This tighter grip will come in handy when facing rougher terrains like concrete or rocks as well. You shouldn’t overlook the product’s six buying options, either. This amount of choices ensures everyone can find a deal that works perfectly for them.

All in all, these jack pads are easily some of the best on today’s market, given their great features. I just wish these products offered a bit more durability as this area seems to be a concern based on the shopper reviews.

This issue isn’t something that you like to see with these type of products. But given their affordable prices and bulk buying options, it’s a problem I could get over.

5. Camco Stabilizer Jack Support

Camco’s Stabilizer Jack Support comes with many features that make it a good option for anybody looking to add stability during their RV leveling process. It can offer this benefit thanks to its durable design made from polypropylene.

It also helps that this polypropylene material happens to be UV-stabilized. This aspect will ensure long periods of sun exposure won’t cause issues such as fading. As you might imagine, this feature will come in handy for anyone who likes RVing in tropical places.

You should find this product’s ability to offer 7 inches of lift rather appealing as well. It’ll ensure you can add a little more height during the leveling process than might not be possible with other models on our list.

This model comes with a limited warranty, which was another nice touch. It’ll make sure you have a little coverage against receiving a shoddy product. I doubt a person will have to use in this case given Camco’s great reputation, but it’s nice to have anyway.

It’s bright yellow color was an appealing aspect to me as well. This color design makes the product easy to see and ensures using it at night won’t be an issue. After all, you never know when the need for a jack stabilizer is required.

The price of this product isn’t too shabby either and should fall right in line with your budget. Honestly, it seems Camco managed to cover almost all their bases when creating this device. But some customers did have one issue with the product’s design.

You see, this device happens to be rather large and ends up taking up a lot of storage space. It might not seem like a big deal, but I tend to pack my RV from floor to ceiling. This issue could present a real challenge for me, given my limited storage space.

But I don’t think it would be a big enough deal to stop me from buying this product. I mean, the other features are just too useful for any RV owner to pass up on buying.

6. RoadWarrior DICA RV Jack Pad

The RoadWarrior DICA RV Jack Pad has become a popular choice among rig owners looking to buy RV stabilizer pads. This popularity comes from its long list of useful features that make the product a delight to have onboard your rig.

One of these features would be its user-friendly handles, which make moving these RV pads from place to place a breeze. It also helps with the storing process as well to further prove its one of the more handy options available.

I also love that this jack pad happens to offer industrial strength and will provide unmatched durability. In fact, this product comes with a guarantee that the jack will be unbreakable. This aspect will ensure the jack pad remains within your life for years to come.

You shouldn’t sleep on this product being 100% waterproof either. As a result, you can expect this product to provide top tier results even in a massive downpour. These waterproof abilities extend to the handle as well.

It’s also worth noting that this product comes with a 50,000-pound load capacity to ensure it can work with any RV. It doesn’t matter whether you have a 5th wheel trailer or a small class B RV, this product will help prevent your jacks from sinking into soft soil.

The product’s using process was another aspect, which stood out. It has gained a reputation for being easy and simple among people who wrote shopper reviews. It’s just another area where this product seems to excel well past most of its rivals.

However, I don’t like that this jack pad is sold singly. This aspect creates a bit of a hassle for me as a shopper, which could easily be corrected with more buying options. It’s a rather small issue, but still, one that several other customers found annoying as well.

The price also happens to be a bit higher than I’d like for a single jack pad. But given the great features, both of these issues are something that I could get over quickly.

7. Camco Large 44541 RV Stabilizer Jack Pads

Our second product from this great brand is the Camco Large 44541 RV Stabilizer Jack Pads. These jack pads do a good job of showing why Camco continues to be a force in this market with its useful features.

For instance, I love this product’s interlocking design as it offers a great deal of convenience, which comes from it being stackable. This aspect makes adding height during the leveling process a breeze and requires little effort.

You should also find the product’s built-in handle appealing as it makes moving these pads much easier than with other models. It’s just a simple matter of picking it up by the handle and carrying from place to place.

I found this product’s heavy-duty design to be another winning trait. This design should ensure these jack pads remain useful for a long time. It’ll provide durability that an RV owner can count on for the long haul.

This product even features an optimized rib within its design to further increase its strength. It’s quite evident that Camco was committed to making sure these jack pads were long term buys rather than short term ones.

You should applaud the product’s ability to work in many situations as well. It has proven to be useful in keeping trailer tongues, stack jacks, 5th wheel trailer jacks, and many other tools stabilized. It shouldn’t be too tricky to find a few uses for these pads given their versatility.

Plus, this product happens to be one of the least costly options on our entire list. This trait should excite any bargain buyers who happen to be reading our article. It’s not often you find this type of quality in a jack pad available at such a low price.

But some customers did feel like these jack pads were a bit too small. As a result, make sure you read the product’s measurements before making a final decision on it. This action will ensure you can make a sound choice about whether it’d be right for your jack.

8. Andersen Hitches EZ BLOCK

If you a bumper-tow trailer, Andersen Hitches’s EZ BLOCK should be high on your list. The product functions well in this role because it features a vastly durable design. This design happens to works well with post jacks, pad jacks, scissor jacks, and much more.

As a result, I think it’s fair to say this Andersen Hitches’ product provides a great deal of versatility. You should also love that this jack pad has been designed in a way to avoid issues such as oil or dirt.

This aspect will ensure the product’s remains in good shape regardless of the situation around it. I found this jack pad being stackable as an appealing trait as it’ll make adjusting the height much easier task.

It also comes with finger holes on each side to ensure smooth moving. This aspect should make both the install and storing process much easier. It’s always nice when you don’t have to worry about issues in these two areas.

You should note that this product comes with a recessed post hole, which comes in handy for preventing post jacks from slipping. If you intend on using a post jack, this product should be among your final choices because of aspects such as this one.

The jack pad’s lifetime warranty was another feature that caught my eye. It’s a feature that goes to show the kind of faith Andersen Hitches has in this particular product. After all, they wouldn’t offer a lifetime warranty for a device that’s always breaking. It just doesn’t make sense.

Andersen Hitches has gained a reputation for honoring the warranty as well, which isn’t always the case. But some customers did have issues with the design being a little flimsy as it’s made with plastic material.

This issue is something that would turn me away from the product, too, as I don’t usually like plastic jack pads. It’s a preference situation as I tend to like the rubber options a lot more.

9. Homeon Wheels Stabilizing Jack Pads

The Homeon Wheels Stabilizing Jack Pads is one of the more affordable options on our list. But don’t think that means it doesn’t have a long list of amazing features. It’s actually quite the opposite as it’s capable of providing top tier results even at this low price.

One of the features that make this possible is its design consisting of UV stabilized resin. This material will ensure the product stays working even after long periods of sun exposure. It’s an aspect that would be perfect for me given I spend a lot of time RVing in places such as Florida.

I also love that this product comes with non-slip mats, which will make using these pads on muddy or wet roads much easier. It’s an effective way to provide stability even in the harshest situations.

You should find its ability to work with a variety of stabilizers appealing as well. In fact, it has proven to work well as RV leveler pads for 5th wheel stabilizers, jacks, and swing down stabilizers.

It’s able to work well in each of these situations because of its reinforced honeycomb design. This design has proven to be very useful at ensuring the jacks or stabilizers don’t contact the ground or suffer from any cracking.

The product’s integrated handle was a nice touch, as well. This feature will make sure moving it from place to place will be a breeze. It’s just another area where this model seems to go above the wants of the customer.

It doesn’t hurt that this option comes as a 4-pack either. This 4-pack buying option actually serves my situation perfectly as I’m looking to buy four new RV jack pads. Given the fair cost and great features, these products will make my shortlist.

As for flaws, I couldn’t find a single issue raised in this product’s customer reviews. This outcome happens to be rare in product research. In fact, it’s something that should garner your attention when it does happen.

10. Andersen Hitches Camper Leveler Pads

If you’re looking for top tier leveling pads for campers, Andersen Hitches Camper Leveler Pads should be among your first choices. These products have excelled in this role thanks to a set of impressive features.

For instance, I love that these pads happen to be dirt, grease, and oil resistant. This aspect will ensure cleaning them will be much less of a hassle. And since I don’t enjoy doing these types of tasks in the first place, you can bet I found this feature appealing.

I also love that these products are made in the United States. As you know, US-made products are required to go through more testing before entering the market than most items made in other countries. It’s an aspect, which will help ensure using these pads doesn’t cause any safety issues.

Their highly durable plastic design was another winning trait that caught my eye. This design will provide stability and sturdiness that other options will have a hard time matching. Plus, it shouldn’t have any issues preventing your jack from sinking into soft ground.

It has also proven to be equally effective in dealing with rough terrains that feature issues such as tree roots. This aspect is what makes these products such an excellent option for campers. Given these features, it’s quite clear that these pads are a well-rounded option ready to help keep your RV stabilized.

The product’s more than fair price doesn’t hurt either. Due to this, you don’t have to worry about dumping a huge chunk of your bank account into buying RV jack pads. This option will instead fit right into most of your budgets with relative ease.

But it’s worth noting that some customers did feel like the design was a bit too flimsy. This issue was brought up a few times in the shopper reviews with them reporting the pads breaking after fairly regular usage.

The good news is that there were many positive reviews, which seem to refute these findings. It seems these negative experiences were an outlier rather than the norm.

11. Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads

The Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads offer a level of results that you should come to expect from this brand’s products. These pads provide it with features such as them being weatherproof.

These weatherproof abilities will ensure the pads function well in whatever weather condition it might come across. I also love that this product features UV protection to make sure those pesky UV rays don’t cause these pads any damage.

You can take comfort in these products being made from recycled materials as well. After all, it never hurts to help the earth out a little bit with keeping yourself environmentally mindful. I also found the product ability to work with other leveling blocks and jack pads to be a nice touch.

This aspect will provide a stability most other jack pads can’t match. It’ll further ensure your jack remains stabilized and reducing the risk of any slippage or sliding occurring. These pads being non-slip ones will help in this regard as well.

It’s also worth noting that these pads have a reputation for being very effective at reducing both movement and vibration during the leveling process. Meanwhile, their using process was another feature that caught my eye when doing research.

It was one of the main features, which seemed to get constant praise within the shopper reviews. Most people reported it as being an easy and simple process. You should also enjoy their rather fair price as it’s one of this option’s best selling points.

I mean, you get two top tier leveling pads for a price that could only buy one of some other options. What more could you ask for in these products? Well, I do wish these pads offered a bit more durability.

It seems that their recycled material design does provide effective results, but it also has a shorter lifespan than other options. You’ll have to weigh whether or not this lack of durability cancels out its other benefits.

12. BAL 29160 Big Bad Foot Pad

BAL’s 29160 Big Bad Foot Pad is a great option for anybody who intends on using either an electric or manual jack to stabilizer their RV. In these situations, this jack pad should offer a nice firm footing for your jack.

This aspect will ensure your jack doesn’t find itself sinking into soft soil or scraping against a hard surface like concrete. Both these issues can provide an extensive amount of damage to your jack and should be avoided at all costs.

Buying this jack pad would be an effective way to avoid these situations. I also love that this product features a metal design, which has proven to be durable and long-lasting. Nothing worse than buying a product and finding out you have to buy a new one in a few weeks.

Thankfully, this issue doesn’t seem to be a problem with the BAL 29160 Big Bad Foot Pad. It’s worth mentioning that this product comes as a 2-pack as well. This provides a bit of convenience and should be a suitable solution for many RV owners.

It also doesn’t hurt that this design happens to be lightweight compared to what a person might expect from an all-metal product. As a result, the install and storing processes will require a lot less effort than one might have expected.

BAL did a good job ensuring this product remained at a fair price as well. It might not be the lowest-priced item on our list, but it falls somewhere in the middle. This position is perfectly fine when you consider the great features and results it provides.

But there was a slight problem reported in the shopper reviews, which wasn’t something I enjoyed seeing. It seems some people felt BAL’s customer service wasn’t up to par. This issue isn’t a problem you’d expect from a top tier brand like this one.

Honestly, it was a little disappointing, and I’d have to think hard about whether it was worth the risk.

13. Stylish Camping Stabilizing Jack Pads

Our last product is the Stylish Camping Stabilizing Jack Pads, which feature a honeycomb design that will ensure your jack doesn’t sink into soft ground. This product isn’t just useful for jacks either as it can work with swing down stabilizers and 5th wheel stabilizers as well.

In fact, these products are among the best for these situations on today’s market. These jack pads gained this status thanks to features such as its built-in handle and stackable design. Both these aspects make the using and storing processes much easier.

You should also love that these jack pads use UV-stabilized resin in their design. This aspect will ensure long periods spent in the sun won’t cause deterioration or fading. As a result, you can expect these jack pads to remain in good shape for years.

Its 11” broad base should provide more than enough area to stabilize your jack without issue. It should offer enough wiggle room to make sure the leveling process doesn’t feature any slippage or sinking.

This product coming as a 4-pack certainly suits my needs as well. I need four new jack pads to help stabilize my class A motorhome, and these products seem up to the challenge. Their design even features an optimized rig to offer even more strength.

These jack pads design happens to be lightweight, too, which further shows the high level of convenience offered by them. Honestly, you could do a lot worse than these simple, but useful options on today’s market.

And I didn’t even get mentioned that this option features one of the lowest price tags on our entire list. If you’re looking for a quick fix or bargain, these jack pads should be near the top of your list and receive heavy consideration.

But I must warn you that some customers felt their design was a little too thin in certain situations. If you’re looking for a thicker jack pad, I’d suggest buying a different option due to this potential issue.

RV Jack Pad Buyer’s Guide


Finding the perfect RV jack pads will come down to having vast knowledge about these products. This section will help you acquire it by going over every topic that could come up during your search.

Things to know before buying an RV jack pad

Choosing the perfect jack pads will come down to many factors. This section will discuss each of them at length to ensure you know what a person should be looking for when buying these products.

In a sense, this section will help you make those little choices, which will determine what jack pad fits your situation the best. So, let’s get this started and find the product that’ll make your RV’s leveling process much easier!


One of the first factors to consider when buying RV jack pads is durability. You’re going to want a product that provides outstanding results in this area. After all, one of these products cracking or breaking when you RV’s on jacks will be a disaster.

This situation will end up costing an RV owner a whole lot in repair costs, which is something nobody wants. You instead should buy some jack pads that can deal with issues such as changes in weather and long periods of sun exposure with ease.

In other words, make sure any RV jack pads you’re considering has both weatherproof abilities and UV protection. You’ll also want to ensure each option can withstand heavy stress or pressure. People often find comfort by going with industrial-strength jack pads to help in this area.

You can also choose an option with a higher load capacity to deal with additional stress or pressure. RV jack pads capable of dealing with heavier loads tend to feature heavy-duty materials, which provide heightened durability.

As a result, people who buy these products can have confidence regarding their ability to deal with heavy stress or pressure. You should also look into products that feature unique materials such as resin, which can add further strength.

Don’t forget to check each product’s customer reviews as well. These resources will provide an insight into each jack pad’s durability and whether it met other customers’ expectations. It’s just another avenue to ensuring a product will offer everything you’re looking for in a jack pad.


The product’s price will have a large impact on your search for the perfect RV jack pad. I’d suggest trying to ensure this process ends with you choosing an option that offers top tier results and has a fair price.

In other words, this search should be about finding the most cost-effective option on today’s market. You must realize this doesn’t mean just buying the cheapest option available. This action will likely lead to obtaining an ineffective product that’ll do more harm than good.

You see, some brands cut corners in their manufacturing process to ensure they can sell their products at a reduced rate. This mindset results in the lower-priced items being filled with second rate materials that will crack and break under extreme pressure.

It’s an issue that highlights why having a budget is such an essential step in this process. But this budget has to be reasonable, or it won’t do any good. As a result, it should account for everything you’re looking for in an RV jack pad and what you feel okay with spending.

This budget will also lessen the number of options to choose from because of its parameters. It’ll make choosing the perfect RV jack pads a much easier task and make the market seem a lot less flooded.


The RV jack pad’s measurements will play a big role in this process, as well. It’s a wide held belief that the wider these products are, the better their quality. You see, most top tier jack pads are wide enough to cover a large area to offer a greater sense of stability.

It also lessens the risk of a jack sliding into the surface below it. This aspect will prevent the jack from getting damaged, such as the surface causing its foot to bend. Due to this, you should try and find the largest jack pad made from heavy-duty materials that doesn’t overextend your budget.

It’s not uncommon for lousy RV jack pad brands to widen their products without ensuring the quality remains the same. This action often leads to the jack pad breaking or cracking much earlier than expected.

Load Capacity

As you might expect, RV jack pads come with a load capacity rating, which will tell you how much weight the product can withstand. High-quality options usually have ratings around 40,000 pounds or above to ensure they can work in many situations.

This aspect makes these jack pads a suitable option to work with motorhomes, campers, or travel trailers. If you own a larger RV such as a 5th wheel trailer, it’d be a wise move to invest in a jack pad with a load capacity above 40,000 pounds.

It’s also essential that any RV owner looking to buy jack pads has a grasp of their RV’s overall weight. This action will ensure you don’t buy a product that’s not meant to handle your RV’s load.

A person who does buy jack pads that don’t have an appropriate load capacity will likely find themselves facing a disaster. It’s highly like your RV will end up in the shop for some repairs in this situation.

Product’s Warranty

Product warranties tend to be an aspect people overlook during this process. But you must take these into account when buying these products. You see, some RV jack pads will come with them and offer a bit of coverage against an issue happening with them.

This coverage is something, which a customer should want in any RV jack pad. It’s also a sign that the brand has confidence in the product and its performance. But not all these products come with these warranties.

I’d suggest avoiding products without warranties unless the reviews happen to be overwhelmingly positive. It’s just a smart and effective way to avoid buying an ineffective product that would end up doing more harm than good.

How Many You Want to Buy

Most RV jack pads will come with buying options regarding the quality you want. You’ll have to decide about the amount you want before making a final choice. It’s most common to see options offering 4 or 10 pads.

In other cases, you might see a brand selling one at a time. I’d suggest buying in bulk rather than one at a time for convenience purposes. Honestly, it never hurts to have a few extra jack pads in storage.

These extra pads will ensure you always have a backup for a cracked or broken jack pad. It’s an effective way to avoid doing this entire process over again in a few months. As a result, I think it’d be a wise move to go with a bulk option of either 4 or 10 pads.

What are the different types of RV jack pads?

On today’s market, there’s an overwhelming amount of jack pads available to purchase. This issue makes finding the perfect one a rather tricky challenge. Some people find limiting these choices by a type a useful way to navigate through the flooded market.

This action will help because there aren’t many distinctive types of jack pads. You see, most of these products are made from either durable rubber or plastic materials. And this aspect happens to be the way many people tell the difference between jack pads they’re considering.

In other words, this decision will end up coming down to your personal preferences as a shopper. You’ll have to decide what material suits your needs the best and dictate your search around that choice.

This choice would be a rather easy one for me as I’m always going to pick a rubber jack pad over a plastic one. Rubber jack pads offer more stable and tighter grip than you’d see with plastic options, which appeals to my situation.

It’s also worth noting that rubber options can deal with slippage issues more effectively because of the tighter grip. Their easier using processes don’t hurt either as rubber jack pads can be put under RV jacks without much thought or effort.

Rubber jack pads mesh better with other leveling products such as blocks, levelers, or other jack pads as well. As a result, these products tend to end up offering more stability than an RV owner would find with a plastic model.

But plastic jack pads do offer their own set of benefits. One of these benefits is that they tend to be cheaper than their rubber rivals and their results aren’t too much worse either. However, plastic options are more prone to cracking, which could provide a heap of issues.

Having a grasp of little aspects such as these will make choosing between a plastic and rubber jack pad a much easier decision. In the end, it really comes down to whether you value performance or a product’s price tag more.

Why do you need RV jack pads?

Aside from their main purpose of making the leveling process much safer, these products do offer other benefits as well. This section will discuss these benefits at length to provide a better grasp of why buying some jack pads would be a good idea.

Top Tier Durability

The top-notch RV jack pads will offer a level of durability that’ll make them usable for years to come. These products will feature protections against issues such as breaking and cracking within their sturdy design.

Due to this, these jack pads shouldn’t have issues holding up against the pressure brought on by holding up your rig. Top tier jack pads can actually hold up to 40,000 pounds without folding or cracking.

This load capacity should be more than enough for most RVs out there today. In fact, most 5th wheel trailers won’t even top the 40,000-pound limit provided by these jack pads. It’s not a stretch to think these products could last more than a few years with this type of durability.

Easy Install Process

Most RV jack pads will feature an easy install process as well. It often tends to be much less of a hassle than expected for potential buyers. In fact, the best jack pads won’t even require you to crawl under your rig when getting everything into place.

This attribute will save you from the scary experience of crawling under a heavy vehicle such as an RV. It’s a task that tends to freak people out, and jack pad brands took notice. We should note that these easy install processes mean that removing top tier jack pads is rather easy as well.

Overall, these products will make the leveling process much easier and free of any stress with aspects like this one. It’s just another area where these jack pads will make your life more manageable when you’re on the road.

Protection Against Harsh Weather and UV Rays

You can expect most jack pads to feature both weatherproof and UV protected materials. As a result, you won’t encounter a situation or weather condition where these products won’t offer the best results possible.

It won’t even matter whether it’s below freezing or insanely hot, a top tier jack pad will power through and still provide great results. In fact, these products have even been able to withstand high winds and still keep the jacks in place.

This benefit also means that a top-notch jack pad shouldn’t have any issues dealing with whatever surface needs its use. Some options have even shown to be effective when underwater, which should appeal for any boat owners reading this article.

I should mention that these products being UV protected ensures long-term sun exposure won’t cause significant damage either. Due to this, issues such as fading, discoloration, or deterioration shouldn’t affect a jack pad’s performance.

This aspect will come in handy for anyone who intends on traveling to warmer places such as Arizona or Texas. And since I fit into that description, this benefit was something I truly appreciated.


As we talked about previously, RV jack pads are rather adaptable. What does this mean? Well, some of these products can work along with other leveling equipment such as other pads or RV stabilizer bars.

This benefit will offer a level of stability that’ll ensure nothing happens during the leveling process. It’s another way to relieve any anxiety that may lie within an RV owner when using these products.

Some people find this trait useful when encountering harsh weather conditions such as heavy winds. It’ll provide a bit of extra protection to ensure the jack remains in place regardless of the weather around it.

Low Prices

One of the best parts about jack pads is they’re often available for low prices. In fact, the best options won’t even cause a dent in your bank account and still provide top results. It’s a nice combo to have in a product that offers such useful benefits.

Given these low prices, I’d suggest buying a few extra when purchasing your set of jack pads. This action will ensure you always have a back up in the event one breaks or cracks. It’ll help ensure you don’t have to buy new ones for a long time.

How to install RV jack pads?

The install process for most of these products will be rather simple and shouldn’t take much time or effort. You simply put these pads under your stabilizer jack and let it provide stability to the leveling process.

It’s worth noting that some brands do tend to try and make this process more complex than needed. Due to this, you must read the install directions and shopper reviews before making a final decision. It’s a simple way to avoid buying jack pads that will cause you stress.

RV Jack Pad FAQs

What is the best RV jack pad?

The key to understanding what an RV jack pad is will come down to having a grasp of their main purpose. You see, these jack pads exist for the sole reason to ensure your RV’s leveling process runs smoothly and without issue.

As you can imagine, these RV or motorhome jack pads have become quite important given the leveling process requires lifting your rig off the ground. These products will ensure this rather dangerous situation doesn’t become an absolute disaster by distributing the weight safely.

This action results in these jack pads providing a level and stable foundation that’ll ensure nothing becomes a safety risk during the leveling process. It’s also worth noting that some rig owners found success in making their own jack pads to help during this process.

Honestly, this option isn’t something that I’d suggest unless you’ve got a lot of experience dealing with these pads. There are just too many variables and potential issues that could occur with using your own jack pads.

These issues will then lead to awful results and repairs being required. It’s just easier to use RV jack pads made from a trusted company like the ones in our product review section. Plus, these options will consist of heavy-duty materials that are ready to withstand your rig’s weight.

As a result, these jack pads will provide a level of durability a DIY jack pad won’t be able to match. These products will also offer a safer experience than any option that an RV owner could make themselves.

This safety happens to be provided through these jack pads ensuring your jack doesn’t come in contact with the surface. Due to this, issues such as sinking into the ground or getting worn down by hard surfaces shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s also essential we mention that RV jack pads often consist of an interlocking structure. This aspect makes these products stackable and provides them with an easy using process. In most cases, the materials within these jack pads tend to be extremely durable as well.

These durable, sturdy materials will make sure the jack pads won’t have any issues holding up against high levels of stress and pressure. In other words, these materials are what makes them such a useful product when used in the leveling process.

You should also note that most top tier RV jack pads will have protection against things such as water absorption, cracking, or splintering. These protections will have a large impact on a jack pad’s longevity and performance.

Overall, it’s quite clear that RV jack pads are a useful thing to have on board your RV given this info. It’s just another level of protection to ensure jacking up your rig goes off without any issue or problem occurring.

What are the most trusted RV jack pad brands?

Each of the brands mentioned in our product review section has proven to be companies that shoppers can trust. This trust comes from their jack pads meeting the needs and expectations of the buyers time and time again.

But two companies among this group stand out a bit more than their rivals: Andersen Hitches and Camco. Both these brands tend to produce the lion’s share of the RV jack pads among Amazon’s most popular.

I’d thought diving into what makes these two brands different could provide a better idea about what a top tier RV jack brand should look like and offer. This info will end up being vital when you start searching for yourself.

Andersen Hitches

As one of the more versatile brands within the RV part industry, Andersen Hitches has become a force in various markets. This popularity comes from their innovative designs and ability to meet its customers’ expectations.

It’s this combo that has provided them with such a great reputation among RV owners. Their top tier customer service doesn’t hurt either. It’s no wonder why Andersen Hitches has been around for over 50 years with features such as these. It seems like they get what customers want.


Our second brand, Camco, should be familiar to any RV owner who has a little bit of experience buying RV related products. I mean, it seems like this brand has become a fixture in every market pertaining to recreational vehicles over the years.

You can attribute their continued excellence to pushing the boundaries of what makes effective products. As a result, their devices or tools tend to have a unique feature about them that makes them a bit more effective than the rival’s products. It’s why you rarely ever see a customer talking negatively about this brand in any customer reviews.

What are these jack pads made of?

Most RV jacks will consist of either some plastic or rubber material that we alluded to in our type section. These products will also sometimes feature a kind of resin to add a bit more stability and strength onto their designs.

But in most cases, customers will be choosing between either a rubber or plastic jack pad during this process. Either design type has proven to be useful in the leveling process. It’ll really come down to your preference regarding this choice.

What do you put under RV jacks?

RV owners are always wondering how they can keep their jack poles stable. A simple solution is investing in high-quality jack pads for RV, like the ones mentioned in this article. These pads are designed to handle high pressure and keep everything safe with your rig on jacks.

Where do you put jacks on an RV?

Jacks should be placed in the front and rear of your RVs. These placements provide the jacks with enough leverage to keep a rig upright when needed. But RV owners must ensure these jacks are appropriately extended and touch the ground.

If you extend them further, these jacks are prone to damage. So it becomes necessary to do routine checks on them to avoid potential issues.

What is the max weight capacity of RV jack pads?

It’s impossible to answer this question without knowing the jack pad’s model or type. But manufacturers make it simple to find this information by placing it in the description. After all, weight capacity is a primary potential selling point of RV jack blocks or pads.

However, if you’re looking for a more generalized answer, heavy duty RV jack pads usually top out at 40,000 pounds. So these options shouldn’t have any issues handling whatever camper or rig needs stabilizing.

How high can you stack RV jack pads?

The recommended stackable height for jack pads will differ from product to product. For instance, a Quality Plastics Utility Block might have a different maximum stackable height than a jack pad from Roadwarrior.

But most brands will suggest keeping it below 4.5 inches for safety reasons. In any case, read your jack pads’ manual before using them. It’s the only way to make sure you’re using camper jack pads correctly and don’t exceed their maximum height.

How many RV jack pads do I need for my RV?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your situation. This variation is why jack pads tend to offer a couple of buying options regarding quantity. It’s an aspect that allows you to evaluate whether you want to buy in bulk or one at a time.

If you choose the bulk option, you’ll usually come across buying options of either four pads or ten pads. These tend to be the most common within this market. In the end, this question will end up being decided by your preferences and situation.

For me, I’m always going to go with the bulk options as it fits my shopping preferences. I find it helpful to have a backup plan as a precaution against my unique ability to break things. These extra jack pads would make this a non-issue as I would simply replace the broken ones.

These extra jack pads will also come in handy because they have interlocking designs. This aspect allows you to stack them on top of each other as a way to achieve a higher lift. It’s another reason why having a few extra lying around could be beneficial.

Where to buy?

Locating a place to buy RV jack pads shouldn’t be too tricky. After all, plenty of sites and stores sell these useful devices. But the key to this entire process is picking the right place. I’d suggest starting your search by looking through Amazon.

Their site has both the largest selection and lowest prices among stores or websites selling these products. It’s a rather unbeatable combo when you compare it to their rivals. It also doesn’t hurt that they have the most extensive customer review database.

But these benefits don’t mean your search should only consist of using Amazon. I’d also suggest taking a gander at what Camping World has to offer. Their site usually has a decent selection and competitive prices.

In fact, the prices will sometimes drop below Amazon’s when Camping World has a sale happening. It would make sense for every RV owner to compare prices between these two sites before making a final decision.

This action will ensure you don’t end up paying more than needed for your chosen RV jack pads. It’s just another way to make sure your buying experience ends up being as efficient as possible.

If you find these two options rather unappealing, your local Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, or Home Depot should have a solid selection. You could even try the nearest RV supply store, which should have more than a few jack pads in stock.

But I must warn you that these stores will feature much higher prices than you’d find online. This situation is the norm these days as people prefer to do their shopping online rather than inside a retail store.

Given all these options, it’s quite clear that there’s a seller out there ready to meet everyone’s preferences and needs. You just have to choose the one that suits your preferences.


Since you’re now done reading this article, the best RV jack pads for your situation should be rather clear. Finding them is just a simple matter of applying what you’ve learned in our article into your search.

This action should make choosing the right option a breeze. And once you have these perfect jack pads, leveling your RV will never seem like a stressful task ever again. You can instead enjoy the stability and other benefits your new jack pads offer.

But if you do run into any more problems or issues, feel free to leave a post in our comment section. We’ll do our best to answer you back as soon as possible. In the end, we just want to make sure this process finishes with you being a happy customer.

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