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The Best RV Holding Tank Treatments of 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Best RV Holding Tank Treatments

One of the least fun things you can think about onboard your RV is what you’re going to do in the event your toilet or drain lines clog. I know, it’s even gross even to read, but these situations can quickly ruin your trip.

As a result, you need some plan, which gives you some insurance that these issues won’t ruin your RVing experience. For example, an RV holding tank treatment could be an effective way to battle against these problematic situations that might hunt your trip.

But finding the best RV holding tank treatment can be challenging given the number of options available to search through as a potential customer. With this in mind, we thought a buying guide going over all the necessary information about these products could make this process less overwhelming.

It’ll cover topics such as how to choose an RV holding tank treatment, where to buy, what are the good brands, etc. We’ll even offer you twenty reviews of the products that we consider the top rated RV holding tank treatments on the market.

So please, keep reading and let us help you make this process as simple as possible. We hope that it’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about buying one of these products.


Best Overall Budget Friendly Easy to Use
Preview Walex ‎TOI-91799

Camco TST Tank Treatment


Quantity 10 30 18
Working 40-gallon Tank 40-gallon Tank 40-gallon Tank
Scent Lavender Fresh Citrus No Scent
Details Details Details

Table of Contents

Best Holding Tank Treatment for RV Reviews

As promised above, this section will provide you with twenty reviews of what we consider the best choices on the market. These discussions should convey to you what constitutes a high-quality product and what doesn’t.

1. Walex TOI-91799 Porta-Pak Holding Tank Drop-Ins Deodorizer

Our first product comes from a manufacturer that’ll appear several times on our list, Walex. This particular product, the Walex Porta-Pak Holding Tank Drop-Ins Deodorizer, has numerous features that any RV owner would find useful abroad their rig.

The most essential one this product has is that it’s certified safe for use in both RV septic tanks and systems. Without this feature, this tank treatment would have no reason to be on your rig and a waste of money.

When it’s used in your RV septic tank or system, this product has been proven to be incredibly quick and effective at breaking down hazardous materials. There were a significant amount of customer reviews that praised its performance in this regard.

It’s also worth noting that its formaldehyde-free, which means there’s no risk of it killing the natural bacteria within your septic system. And it’s one of the best tank treatments on the market at making sure all the rank smell from a clogged toilet goes away swiftly.

But the most impressive part about this product is how easy it’s to use. All you need to do is drop it in, and it’ll get rid of all your problem waste or whatever else might lie within your RV’s holding tank.

Given all these fantastic features, you can see why this RV holding tank treatment is regarded as one of the best on the market. It does everything you could want from a product such as this one without causing any complications or hassles.

2. Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated Orange Citrus Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins

As a leader in the RV related product industry, it’s not shocking that Camco will have several products on this list. But the Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated Orange Citrus Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins could have an argument for being the best of the bunch.

One of the main reasons for it being a top-notch tank treatment is its formaldehyde-free construction, which ensures no damage will come from its use. It also helps that it has a pleasant orange citrus scent that’ll help mask whatever horrific smells are coming from your clogged toilet.

And the using process is another benefit this particular product offers; all you need to do is drop in and sit back while it quickly fixes your RV septic system issue. In doing so, it’ll effectively break down the tissues or other wastes that might be causing clogs.

It’s also ultra-concentrated, which means even a single drop in will be able to treat 40-gallon tanks completely. Plus, it can be used in other applications such as boats due to the incredible versatility this product offers the person who buys it.

And this product comes in a 30-pack, which should offer full protection against clogging issues for a long time. The price being reasonable isn’t a bad feature either as this 30-pack should be well within your budget for your next RV holding tank treatment.

All in all, this holding tank treatment is a worthwhile product that should merit your consideration. Honestly, you shouldn’t expect anything, but great things from a company like Camco. It seems like they’re always delivering high-quality items regardless of the marketplace.

3. Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment

The Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment is one of the most eco-friendly options on this entire list as it doesn’t include any artificial fragrances in its construction. It also doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that can’t be naturally broken down.

The lack of fragrance aspect might seem unappealing to some of you given it can’t mask the smell; but this manufacturer makes up for by focusing strictly on ensuring this product is extremely effective at getting rid of clogs.

In fact, it might be the best product we have on here at getting rid of clogs as it uses an organic composition, which targets all unwanted materials inside your septic system. As a result, this product will get your toilet functional again in a quick and orderly fashion.

And you can feel good knowing that your toilet functionality didn’t come at the expense of the environment. It’s also worth noting that this product’s efficiency will not falter regardless of the conditions around it.

In other words, it doesn’t whether you’re in a hot desert in the Middle of Arizona or trying to withstand an oncoming blizzard; this holding tank treatment will do its job and cause absolutely no issues or complications.

With all this in mind, it becomes quite apparent that any prospective buyer should seriously consider buying this holding tank treatment. I know, the lack of fragrance is a bummer; but given the product’s efficiency, it shouldn’t even matter.

4. Walex BOI-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester Drop-Ins

Another Walex product that showcases why this manufacturer has such high esteem among its customers. In fact, the Walex BOI-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer and Waste Digester Drop-Ins are easily one of the more effective holding tank treatments on the market.

This product can claim this title thanks to its unique construction, which makes it able to fight against a clogged toilet on two fronts: getting rid of the odor and dissolving any problematic clogs or blockages.

Plus, it does both of these impressive feats promptly, which is key to limiting the effect a clogged toilet has on your trip. It also completes its task without causing any complications or hassles, which is always a positive aspect of a product such as a holding tank treatment.

It’s also helpful that this product is versatile and can work in many different applications: boats, RVs, campers, trailers, etc. And when you do use this drop-in product, you’ll be rewarded with a lovely alpine scent, which will quickly mask the smell that’s been making your trip a nightmare.

You can also take comfort in that this product using process is simple given its status as a drop-in model. Honestly, everything about this Walex holding tank treatment embodies the phrase user-friendly.

If you end up buying this product, it’d be hard to imagine how someone could be dissatisfied with its performance. After all, it’s so effective that it can even cut through regular household toilet paper like its nothing.

5. Walex TOI-61776 Elemonate Grey Water Deodorizer Drop-Ins

If you have an issue with your grey tank having a clog, the Walex TOI-61776 Elemonate Grey Water Deodorizer Drop-Ins should be one of the first options you consider. It’ll make sure all your drain lines and sinks are free of any clogs or blockages.

It can also be used to help unclog your black tank as well, but you should refrain from doing so unless you’re in a bind. But if you do use it for a black tank issue, put in two drop-ins rather than one as it should be enough to get the job done.

When it’s in use, this tank treatment will efficiently deodorize as well as dissolve any organic sludge that might be found within your drain lines. It’s able to do this impressive feat with its utilization of the most advanced tank treatment available, which contain unique enzymes.

These enzymes are amazingly productive at dissolving all sorts of problem substances that might be found in your sinks, drain lines, dishwashers, or garbage disposals: grease, food particles, etc.

It’s also helpful that this product’s incredibly versatile with its ability to work in multiple situations such as boats, RVs, or even houses. In the end, Walex did again and created a practical solution for clogging issues that might affect your daily life on an RV.

And they did this impressive accomplishment without hiking the price up to an unreasonable number; therefore, if you have grey water tank issues, there’s no reason this particular tank treatment shouldn’t already be in your Amazon cart.

6. Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated Fresh Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins

Our next Camco product, the Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated Fresh Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drops-Ins is a model that lives up to the stellar reputation its manufacturer has cultivated. It does this through having a variety of top-notch features, which would be invaluable abroad an RV.

For instance, its ability to both treat a 40-gallon tank with just one drop-in is a top of the line feature that showcases its overall productivity. It also doesn’t contain formaldehyde, which should ensure it doesn’t cause any issues within your RV septic system with its use.

The fact that it can both mask odors with its fragrance is another plus this product offers the person using it. It eliminates the awful smell coming from the clog and is capable of breaking down even the toughest blockages.

Its ability in both areas was heavily praised in the customer reviews to the point where it was an abbreviation when these abilities were not mentioned and well-regarded. It’s always a good sign when previous customers are willing to put a glowing endorsement behind a product.

You can also take comfort in knowing that this product has been certified as both safe for all septic tanks, which means you can use this product in a variety of ways. It coming in a 30-pack is another positive that makes sure you’re always ready to deal with a clogging nightmare.

With features such as these, it’s not hard to see why this product made our list. It covers every base and does it efficiently. At this point, you shouldn’t expect anything less from a high-quality manufacturer like Camco.

7. Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment

The Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment is a fantastic option for someone that’s looking to solve nasty clogging or odor issues. It’ll make sure your RV returns to the relaxing place it was before this nightmare situation reared its ugly head.

It can offer this quality by using an advanced enzyme mixture, which will treat your black tank in a quick and timely fashion. This enzyme mixture will not only make sure your problem doesn’t stink up your whole RV, but it’ll also break it down and make it a non-factor.

However, the best part about this product is it’s usable in both your black and gray tanks. As a result, you can reasonably expect it to take care of clogs in your toilet and your various drain lines or sinks; therefore, you’ll always have something to make sure your RV’s plumbing system is running smoothly.

It can also offer a performance rate that’s almost unrivaled among other holding tank treatments. In fact, this product was routinely commended for this feature by customers that were lucky enough to purchase this fantastic product.

The fact its formaldehyde-free is another positive this particular model has going for as an RV holding tank treatment. And even without these ingredients, this product’s still able to properly break down problematic toilet paper or other issue causing materials.

In the end, this holding tank treatment from Unique offers a high-quality performance at a low price. This combination is all we can reasonably hope for as a prospective buyer.

8. Valterra Pure Power Blue Waste Digester and Odor Eliminator

As an industry leader in RV products, Valterra has been able to create high-quality items in various marketplaces. And the Valterra Pure Power Blue Waste Digester and Odor Eliminator continues this tradition by being an item any RV owner would love to own.

This holding tank treatment gets its high-quality results through its renowned ability to work through sludge, tissue paper, and waste solids. In fact, this product is so useful that it’s capable of operating in both your black and gray tanks.

It can offer this capability through its unique biological formula, which also provides the capability of masking any odors that might imitate from the clog or blockage. It has this ability thanks to its use of a technology called BioBlast Plus.

This technology will ensure the awful odor will be a thing of the past. As a result, this product is incredibly useful in making sure your RV goes back to the relaxing place it represented before the clog. Honestly, performance quality like you get from this product is hard to come by as an RV owner.

It also helps that its formula features enzymes and bacteria that are specifically utilized to ensure the product works fast without causing any issues or complications. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and free of any harsh chemicals.

Given all these features, you’d be hard pressed to find a product better suited to take on the clog that’s affecting your RV experience. So please, do yourself and seriously consider this fantastic product from Valterra.

9. Happy Campers RV & Marine Extreme Tank & Sensor Cleaner

Our second product from Happy Campers, the Happy Campers RV & Marine Extreme Tank & Sensor Cleaner, offers high-quality performance at an affordable rate. It’ll ensure both your holding tank and sensors are in pristine condition while also being versatile enough to work in either an RV or boat septic systems.

And when you do use this product, you’re assured of an experience you won’t be dissatisfied with as it’ll make sure your tanks are free of sludge and other issue causing substances. You can also expect this model to eradicate awful or unwanted smells.

It’s also useful that this product is capable of offering its high-quality performance to both your black and gray tanks. As a result, you’ll always have a solution to whatever might causing an issue in your RV’s plumbing system with this item onboard.

It seems Happy Campers did a fantastic job making sure this product covers all bases and offers the right features to be a high-quality model. After all, there weren’t many customers who seemed upset with their decision to buy this particular holding tank treatment.

In fact, many of them routinely praised the performance this product offered their RV septic tanks, which is always a nice positive to see when researching a product. With this in mind, you should at least consider getting this product from Happy Campers.

It’ll for sure offer all the things you’re looking for in an RV holding tank treatment while ensuring you don’t spend too much purchasing it.

10. Camco TST Lemon Scent RV Grey Water Odor Control

As a liquid holding tank treatment, the Camco TST Lemon Scent RV Grey Water Odor Control will ensure your gray water tank will return to its former glory; however, don’t let the name fool you, this product is also useful in black tanks as well.

But this particular product doesn’t have breakdown capabilities within black tanks; it can help with any odor that might be coming from it. It also can dissolve grease that might be found in your RV gray water tanks.

In fact, this product can treat tanks ranging from 16 to 40 gallons promptly that would satisfy any prospective buyer. Plus, it’ll make sure any odor coming from either your black or gray tank will be masked with a pleasant lemon scent.

It’s also helpful that you have two buying options to choose from with this product. As a result, it gives you the option of whether or not you’d like to buy a 32 oz or 64 oz bottle; therefore, Camco has found a way to ensure it’ll meet the needs of both a bargain or bulk buyer.

And the fact that this liquid treatment is entirely environmentally safe is another significant positive this holding tank treatment has going for it. After all, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be environmentally conscious about cleaning solution products.

Honestly, with all these features in one product, you can see why this Camco holding tank treatment is routinely near the top of its marketplace in quality.

11. Thetford Corp White 96527 Blaster Holding Tank Cleaner

The Thetford Corp White 96527 Blaster Holding Tank Cleaner is specifically designed for providing both black and gray water tanks with premium results. In fact, these results even extend to RV portable tanks as well.

It offers these fantastic results through a simple using process that means all you have to do is dump the product in and let it work. As you can tell, this feature makes this holding tank treatment one of the more user-friendly on the market.

It also helps that it has micro-foam action, which will significantly improve the treatment contact with the harder to reach places inside your tanks; therefore, you won’t have to worry about any residue being left behind with this product on the job.

And the performance it offers is fantastic thanks to its enzymatic blend construction, which will thoroughly attack problematic materials such as tissue paper, waste, or grease. You’ll never have to worry about a clog ruining your RV trip again with this product in your RV.

Plus, it has been proven to be safe for all RV and marine septic tanks, which gives this product a little bit more convenience than some of the other models on the market. It’s a small detail like this one that separates this holding tank treatment from the pack.

Given all this information, it becomes rather clear that considering this product from Thetford would be in your best interest as an RV owner. After all, there isn’t much it doesn’t cover or have that a prospective buyer could want from one of these products.

12. Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment Drop-in

Our second Unique product picks up where the first left off by offering the same high-quality capabilities. This particular holding tank treatment provides peak performance by being useable for all RV septic systems.

When it’s being used in these septic systems, this product has been proven to be fantastic at removing all sorts of problematic substances and materials: waste, sludge, clogs, toilet paper, etc. All of these don’t stand a chance at surviving against the impressive capabilities of this product.

It also helps ensure you don’t have to buy RV toilet papers as this product can breakdown even the toughest household ones. As a result, you can save some money by not having to spend extra on these specialized RV items.

And this holding tank treatment has phenomenal odor eliminating capabilities as well, which makes it a must-consider product for all prospective buyers. We should also note that it doesn’t just mask odors either; it makes them disappear entirely.

The using process isn’t too shabby either; all you need to do is dump the tablet into the toilet, let it dissolve, and flush. And it does all of these functions without employing the use of harsh chemicals or overpowering fragrances.

Overall, this RV holding tank treatment from Unique doesn’t leave a whole lot for a prospective buyer to complain about, which is all we can ask for as potential customers. I mean, you’re not going to find many models that rival this one’s efficiency or convenience.

13. Odorlos V77012 6 lbs Holding Tank Treatment

This formaldehyde-free RV holding tank treatment from Odorlos is one of the most useful on the market at helping to prevent clogs. It’s able to have this distinction because it has a tremendous breakdown ability of issue causing substances and materials such as toilet paper or waste.

Aside from being productive at preventing clogs, this product also has the all too essential ability to work in all RV septic systems. And it has the added benefit of being useful in marine holding tanks and septic systems as well.

With this versatility, this holding tank treatment will always have your back and should provide you with peak performance whenever you might need it. In fact, its performance doesn’t even falter in extreme weather conditions either.

Odorlos made sure this product was able to properly function even in the coldest winter nights or the hottest summer days. This capability comes from its use of naturally occurring bacteria that use nitrates as its energy source.

And the fact that you have two buying options to choose from is another nice touch added by Odorlos. It gives you the choice of whether or not you want to buy this product in bulk or at bargain prices, which always a nice offering from a manufacturer.

Regardless of the buying option you chose, it’s rather unlikely you’ll end up dissatisfied with your purchase. After all, this Odorlos product offers peak performance for a reasonable price, which is all we’re looking for as potential RV holding tank treatment buyers.

14. Dometic D1110002 Premium Holding Tank Treatment

The Dometic D1110002 Premium Holding Tank is a holding tank treatment option that would be a worthwhile option for any RV owner to consider. Its formaldehyde-free formulation will ensure no damage will come from its use.

In fact, it has been proven to be one of the best formaldehyde-free RV holding tank treatments on the market with its long-lasting control. It’s capable of providing long-term coverage thanks to its the additives inside its formulation that breakdown incredibly efficient.

These additives will also help the tanks rinse out quicker and cleaner during pump-out, which is just one of the many benefits this particular model offers. For instance, this product has powerful odor control capabilities as well.

This odor control will help make sure your RV trip doesn’t become ruined by an awful smell from a clogged toilet wafting through your RV. It’ll even perform this ability to its fullest extensive in the hottest climates, which could be an issue with other models.

Honestly, there’s nothing worse than being trapped inside a small space like an RV with a bad smell. But with this holding tank treatment, this experience won’t be one that will have the opportunity to ruin your relaxing vacation aboard your rig.

You can instead sit back and wait for this fantastic Dometic product to do its job, which it’ll do without causing you any hassles or complications. Given the reputation this company has among RV owners, this product’s quality shouldn’t be entirely shocking.

15. Thetford Aqua-Kem RV Holding Tank Treatment

Our last product from Thetford, the Aqua-Kem RV Holding Tank Treatment is another must-consider option from this reputable manufacturer. But where this particular model truly stands out is in its ability to control odors effectively.

There isn’t a single pungent smell that could find its way through the powerful masking ability of this RV holding tank treatment. And it doesn’t just control the odor either; it’ll completely breakdown waste or other substances that might be causing the clog.

It’s also helpful that this holding tank treatment uses detergents, which will both clean the tank walls and the drain lines. As a result, waste residue and sludge should no longer be a significant issue on your RV.

These detergents also have the added benefit of being biodegradable, which means your use of them will have no impact on the environment around you. Plus, this construction makes them more useful in harsh conditions as well.

We should also note that Thetford did a fantastic job making the using process as simple as humanly possible. It has an easy to pour and non-drip nature, which makes it a genuinely user-friendly option for all RV owners.

With all this in mind, it’s quite apparent that this product deserves a place on our list. And it also helps that this product is available at a reasonable price as well. There isn’t anything you could say that this RV holding tank treatment is missing.

16. RID-X RV Toilet Treatment Liquid

The RID-X RV Toilet Treatment Liquid is a cost-effective option that will provide you with top-notch results and performance. As a result, this RV holding tank treatment is seen as a bargain among the people who end up buying it.

Aside from its cost-effective quality, this model also has a multitude of features, which make it uniquely suited for keeping your RV’s septic system in pristine condition. For instance, it has been tested and found useful at breaking down waste and toilet papers at rapid rates.

It also helps that this product comes in a 48 fl oz pack, which will give you up to 16 treatments of this particular product. Given this aspect, you can reasonably expect to avoid buying another RV holding tank cleaner for a rather long time.

Plus, this RV holding tank treatment has a citrus fragrance, which will replace the lousy aroma coming from the clog. This scent is strong enough to mask this awful smell while offering a pleasant replacement that’ll be something you find appealing.

And you can also take comfort in knowing this product can be used in multiple applications such as RVs, boats, campers, trailers, or even a portable toilet. Honestly, there isn’t a situation where you might need an RV holding tank treatment that this model wouldn’t be useful.

In the end, this powerful holding tank treatment will provide you with high-quality results that can be used in a multitude of ways. In other words, there’s no way you won’t get your money’s worth with buying this product from RID-X.

17. Caravan “Overnight” RV Sensor and Tank Cleaner

Another eco-friendly option on our list, the Caravan “Overnight” RV Sensor and Tank Cleaner would be an excellent option for all you environmentally conscious folks. And this eco-friendliness doesn’t affect its overall performance one bit.

See, this holding tank treatment features an incredibly powerful formula that’s extremely useful for clearing clogs. And if this product fails to provide quality results, this manufacturer offers a money back guarantee, which is quite rare in RV holding tank treatment marketplace.

We should also mention that this tank treatment has fast-acting microorganisms, which will produce at a rapid rate to create additional enzymes. These enzymes will work their way through the waste and make the nasty odor disappear.

This product’s using process isn’t too shabby either as all you have to is make sure you shake it, pour it into the toilet, let it soak, then flush it. From there, this product will do the rest of the work, and you can sit back while it takes care of your toilet’s issue.

And in doing so, it’ll quickly make its way through any substance that might be causing an issue: sludge, toilet papers, waste, etc. None of these clog causing problems will have a chance when they encounter this particular model from Caravan.

As a result, you should seriously consider adding this onto your list. Honestly, you could do a whole lot worse than this RV holding tank treatment. In fact, you can’t do a whole lot better.

18. Firebelly Outfitters RV Septic Tank Treatment

The Firebelly Outfitters RV Septic Tank Treatment can help your RV’s septic system in two different ways as a waste digester and a cleaner. And in both capacities, this holding tank treatment will more than meet your expectations.

For example, it has often been thought of as one of the best products in both eliminating odors and breaking down fluids. The best part is it accomplishes being the best in these two categories without compromising the environment as its formaldehyde-free.

It also has the added benefit of being able to offer its brilliant performance in many different applications campers, households, RVs, trailers, or even a portable toilet. This product’s using process is another area where it excels as its one of the easiest to use on the entire market.

Therefore, it provides its customers with a level of convenience and performance that’s rarely seen with RV holding tank treatments. Plus, it’s safe to use in all septic tanks, which further conveys how useful it could be for an RV owner.

We should also note the product has the capability of cleaning your tank walls quickly, which some other models might struggle in doing. And it’s available for a price that many could see as a bargain.

From all these different features, it’s quite easy to understand why Fireball Outfitters deserved a spot on our list. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot of areas where this product could be improved.

So, do yourself a favor and give this product some serious consideration. There’s very little chance you’ll end up regretting it.

19. Camco 41197 TST Ultra-Concentrate Orange Scent RV Toilet Treatment

Fittingly, our last product comes from a manufacturer that has dominated this list, Camco. The Camco 41197 TST Ultra-Concentrate Orange Scent RV Toilet Treatment is another model from this top-notch company that outpaces its competition.

The first thing you should know about this product is its ultra-concentrated, which allows it to treat a significant amount of water without using a lot of treatment; therefore, you can imagine how convenient this product is to have around your RV.

Aside from being convenient, it’s also handy at its job, which consists of breaking down waste and eliminating bad odors. In fact, this product has proven to be remarkably capable of removing clogs of the worst materials such as toilet paper, waste, or even sludge.

And it’s been tested and proven safe to use in all RV and marine septic systems. As a result, you don’t have to worry about any negative side-effects coming from its use. Plus, it comes with a citrus scent that will quickly erase any bad odors from the air inside your RV.

You can also sleep comfortably knowing you won’t hurt the environment by using it due to its formaldehyde-free construction. It doesn’t even stain when you do end up spilling on your toilet, which is nice added benefit you don’t often see.

Overall, this Camco product continues to demonstrate why this brand has such a stellar reputation in the RV owner community. When it comes to RV related products, it seems Camco knows what it’s doing and this RV holding tank treatment is no different.

20. TankTechsRx RV Holding Tank Treatment & Cleaner

Our next product is one of the more useful on our entire list with a multitude of functions that any RV owner could find beneficial. For instance, this particular holding tank treatment can work with both your black and gray tanks.

As a result, you can sleep comfortably knowing you have an insurance policy against either your drain lines or toilet clogging. You can use it with other applications like portable toilets, boats, campers, or trailers as well, which speaks to its overall versatility.

It also helps that this product doesn’t contain any formaldehyde, which ensures the tank treatment won’t cause any issues for your septic tanks. It can function without using formaldehyde by using probiotic bacteria.

This bacterial will effectively remove the odor caused by the clogs as well as breaking it down to point where it’s non-existent. It’s essential we do highlight that this model doesn’t have an added fragrance, but it’ll eliminate the odor by being incredibly efficient about removing the issue.

Plus, this model is available for a reasonable price any RV owner would be happy to pay given its peak performance capabilities. And it doesn’t hurt that this model’s completely eco-friendly with its construction using all-natural ingredients.

All in all, this product from TankTechsRX provides the RV owner that buys it with a level of performance, which is almost unmatched in the RV holding tank treatment marketplace. Add in a reasonable price, and you have a product that’s almost too good to resist.

RV Holding Tank Treatment Buyer’s Guide


This section will provide you with all the necessary information you need to make a decision about which RV holding tank treatment is the best one for you. And in doing so, it’ll also hopeful answer any remaining questions you have about these products.

Things to know before buying an RV holding tank treatment

As with any product, there are going to be some factors that help determine, which one is the best RV black tank treatment for you. And this section will discuss these things at length to ensure you have all the information for making an informed decision about buying one.


One of the things you need to look for when buying an RV holding tank treatment is its biodegradability. This aspect will inform you whether or not the product is harmful to the environment, which is a crucial component in all the best tank treatments.

If the product is biodegradable, it means it’ll break down naturally without using any harmful chemicals that might hurt the environment. It’s also essential you make sure the product you pick doesn’t use formaldehyde-releasing ingredients.

These ingredients will end up causing you and the environment problematic issues that you don’t want to deal with as a human being; it’ll end up killing the naturally occurring bacteria in your RV septic system as well as breaking down the waste or toilet paper causing the clog.

Given this information, you can see why making sure the holding tank treatment you buy is biodegradable’s a vital component of this entire process. It might seem like a tiny piece of the puzzle, but trust me; no top-notch RV holding tank treatment will lack this fundamental aspect.


Since these products deal with disgusting issues such as clog toilets, you must find an RV holding tank treatment that works quickly and efficiently. After all, these issues are things you want to disappear immediately.

The ideal RV holding tank treatment will be able to dissolve whatever might be causing the clog. It should be able to dissolve liquid materials as well as breakdown toilet paper clumps that might lie within your RV’s septic tank.

It would also be a good idea to ensure the tank treatment you’re considering can get rid of foul odors as well. An RV is a small space, and you don’t need the smell of a clogged toilet ruining your entire trip.

The best way to determine a tank treatment’s effectiveness is through reading customer reviews. The other customers’ experiences should give you an idea about whether or not the product was helpful in the majority of situations.


An RV holding tank treatment shouldn’t empty your bank account. The tank treatment you pick should be a cost-effective option that provides peak performance. You need to have a budget and don’t get sucked into buying a product with more features than you need.

Instead, you should find a product that fits all your needs within a price range you find acceptable. After all, some of these tank treatments can get quite expensive, and those funds could be more useful on more fun parts of your trip.

And once you make a budget, the number of options you have to pick from will drastically lessen. As a result, this at one time overwhelming process becomes something that’s manageable and will cause significantly less stress.

It’s also essential you keep in mind how many times you plan on using the tank treatment. As you saw from the product review section, there will be a variety of size options to choose from and the price will substantially differ with each quantity.

What are the different types of RV holding tank treatments?

When looking for RV holding tank treatments, there are two types you need to be aware of before purchasing one: the tablet RV holding tank treatments and the liquid RV holding tank treatments.

Both of these types have certain benefits that you might find more appealing to your circumstances. As a result, we thought thoroughly going over both of them would help you decide which one fits your RVing situation better.

Tablet RV Holding Tank Treatment

RV owners value the tablet RV holding tank treatments for their ability to limit the hassle of moderating portion control. In other words, these products require no measuring on your part, and all you need to do is drop in the tablet-shaped product.

As a result, many people see this product as much more convenient than the liquid RV holding treatments. It also helps that these products get rid of the nuisance spills that might occur with the liquid variety products.

In the end, these tablet RV holding tank treatments are more natural to use, but they do have one flaw: you have to let it soak and dissolve before flushing. Therefore, the process is a little bit more time consuming than your liquid variety tank treatment.

Liquid RV Holding Tank Treatments

On the other hand, liquid RV holding tank treatments require a bit more work on preparation front than the tablet ones. With these products, you have to measure out the amount of liquid before pouring it.

You can imagine some people don’t find this appealing and there’s always the chance you end up spilling it. But these products do have the benefit of being flush ready from the moment you pour them into the toilet, which offers a convenience that the tablet version doesn’t.

With this in mind, if you don’t mind measuring out the liquid yourself, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider buying a liquid RV holding tank treatment. And it’s not like you’re getting a worse product than the tablet version.

After all, both types are high-quality, useful bacteria-enzyme formulations, which will make sure your RV’s septic tank returns to its previous pristine shape. Overall, it’s all about whether or not you prefer waiting around a little longer (tablet version) or doing a little extra preparation (liquid version).

Once you make this decision, it should become clear, which type is a better option for you.

Are RV holding tank treatments necessary and safe?

RV holding tank treatments are entirely safe and are also a very convenient product that can make your RV life much more comfortable. It all starts with the fact that having a functioning septic tank is a must on an RV.

If you don’t, your RV trip will quickly be ruined by bad smells and overall inconvenience. As a result, having a high-quality RV holding tank treatment around can help ensure this issue never becomes a problem in your life.

After all, nobody wants the stench of a clogged toilet wafting through a small space like an RV. It also doesn’t help that most toilet papers you use will only add to this issue by being the primary source of clogs.

With this in mind, you’re going to need something that’s capable of breaking apart clogs quickly, which is where these products become essential parts of the RV experience. These products can quickly solve these issues without breaking open your bank account paying for a plumber.

And the quality RV holding tank treatments will have a unique composition that’ll only address the issue causing materials; products without formaldehyde ingredients would be the ideal ones to look out for as a prospective buyer.

It’ll get rid of the bad odors that are coming from the clogged toilet as well. In the end, these products give you a quick solution to a nightmare situation you might encounter on the road. And they usually come at a price that isn’t too extravagant.

Given this information, it becomes quite clear having a high-quality tank treatment onboard your RV can only represent a good thing. In other words, it’s a safety net that’ll help ensure nothing ruins the relaxing trip you have planned.

How to use this product in RV?

The using process will largely depend on the type of RV holding tank treatment you end up buying. With the liquid kind, there’s an extra preparation step, which requires you to measure out the solution before pouring it.

After measuring out how much treatment you want to use, dump it and let it do its thing. And the tablet version is manufactured for use from the very moment you open the packaging.

All you need to do is dump it and let it dissolve. From there, it’ll soak into the septic tank and treat the wastewater system, which will ensure the clog or other issues goes away quickly without hassle.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is, and this easy to use process showcases the overall convenience these products offer RV owners. Honestly, there isn’t a good reason not to have a tank treatment onboard your RV at all times.

RV Holding Tank Treatment FAQs

What is the best holding tank treatment for RV?

An RV holding tank treatment is a product that helps digest waste or eliminate odor in your RVs gray, freshwater, and black tanks. These products are usable in many different applications such as boats, campers, small homes, motorhomes, etc.

In many cases, the best RV holding tank chemicals will be eco-friendly, which is always a plus with any product. After all, who doesn’t want to make sure the environment stays healthy? It’s also essential we note that with these products you won’t need to use RV toilet papers either.

See, these tank treatment products are made up of a bacteria and enzyme formulation that could easily break down even the strongest toilet papers. These products can digest solid waste materials rather quickly as well.

But the primary purpose of these tank treatments is getting rid of those nightmare situations that happen in RV septic systems such as clogs or blockages. Therefore, if you have a clogged toilet, you just use one of these products, and it should no longer be an issue.

Plus, it also helps in digesting sludge and other waste materials, which can cause all sorts of problematic issues inside your RV. And some of them will even remove the odors these situations leave behind with their fragranced scent.

With all this in mind, it’s becomes quite clear why having a top-notch RV tank holding treatment around your RV is a good idea. It’s just an effective and quick solution to terrible situations that nobody wants happening on their relaxing RV trips.

How does it work?

Using an RV holding tank treatment is remarkably simple. All you need is either drop or pour it into the toilet bowl depending on the type you’re using. After doing so, you flush it and let the treatment soak.

From there, the treatment will do the rest of the work as it’ll start treating your septic tank quickly and effectively. Some brands even treat up as much as 40 gallons of wastewater per session, which is a pretty significant amount of water.

These products are so fantastic at their jobs that’ll treat both the toilet and the septic system while deodorizing them as well. All in all, you can see that using these products isn’t a complicated process like you might see with other RV related products.

It’s instead something that even someone who isn’t an experienced RVer can reasonably handle without incident or complications.

Does an RV holding tank treatment clean the tank’s sensors?

It’ll depend on your chosen tank treatment. Still, most of them are formulated to clean a tank’s sensors while removing the waste inside your rig’s holding tank.

Manufacturers will be forward with any tank treatment with this ability. After all, cleaning tank sensors is often a massive issue for most RVers. Choosing a septic safe RV tank treatment that can clean the sensors becomes convenient.

But I’d refrain from choosing an option with formaldehyde. These options cause damage inside RV septic tanks. It’s also best to avoid using homemade RV holding tank treatment products.

Instead, stick with the options that experts recommend using. They’ll ensure your rig’s holding tanks remain in peak condition without issue. Each tank sensor cleaning option mentioned in our article should be more than capable of doing the task.

How do I get rid of RV holding tank odors?

Your first step is buying a tank treatment or RV waste digester with odor-killing capability.

Several of the options mentioned in our article provide this feature. It then becomes about following the included directions to eliminate those awful smells.

If you have questions about tank treatments, refer to our “How to use this product in RV?” section. It’ll provide a general guide about utilizing these products within your rig. But please don’t only rely on this section.

Most RV grey water tank treatment or black tank treatment products will require different steps.

Thus, it would be unwise not to follow their packaging or manual when using them.

If you follow them correctly, any tank smells should go away quickly. I’d also do a deep dive into each product’s reviews to evaluate its odor-killing abilities. These resources will help you determine which formula can do the job.

How often should I use RV holding tank treatment?

I can’t provide a general answer for how frequently to use these products. It would make all our lives much easier if there were one. It ends up being a more complicated discussion due to several factors.

People who travel with more people will need to use it often. Meanwhile, if I’m traveling alone, I can manage to refrain from using it for a long time.

Some RVers have even gone a week or two without needing to use holding tank treatment.

But it’ll also depend on your tank’s size. If you have a smaller one, it’ll need holding tank treatment more frequently. Larger tanks can last a little bit longer without needing any extra treatment.

If you account for these factors, it won’t be difficult to figure out the correct usage rate. You’ll likely settle between every couple of days and once a week.

Is a black tank different from a gray tank?

Black tanks and gray tanks are different parts of the RVing experience. You need to understand what’s the purpose behind both of them.

Let’s start with the gray tank, which contains all the water from your rig’s plumbing. Everyday activities like showering are possible with your rig’s gray tank. But what it won’t have is the waste or water coming from the toilet or septic system.

Instead, you can expect the black tank and chemicals for RV black tank to handle it. If you flush a toilet, the water/waste will go into your black tank. It’s the grosser one between RV’s gray and black tanks.

I also must mention that black tanks can’t empty into anything other than a septic system. Otherwise, there’s a significant risk of spreading bacteria and disease.

What are the most trusted RV holding tank treatment brands?

The top RV holding tank treatment manufacturers are the ones listed in our product review section. These companies are continually outpacing their competition with the overall effectiveness and convenience of their products.

But even among this group of fantastic manufacturers, there are a couple that stand out a little more than the others: Camco, Walex, and Thetford. And in this section, we’re going to give you a little background information on each that’ll provide an insight on how they stay above their competitors.


A favorite manufacturer among RV owners, Camco has been a leader in the RV part industry for what feels like forever. They cultivated this great relationship with their customers through taking “pride in meeting the ever changing demands of a challenging marketplace while serving [their] most valuable asset, [their] customers.”

And nothing has changed with their extension into the RV tank treatment marketplace as you can tell from the Camco products in our product review section.


As one of the leading RV holding tank treatment manufacturers in the world, Walex has become a brand that RV owners trust. And they’ve done so by dedicating, “significant resources to continual research and development so that [they] can offer new products and enhancements, and identify cost effective solutions for [their] customers.”

It’s dedication like described above that makes me and should entice you to buy from this particular manufacturer.


Being one of the leaders in the mobile sanitation product industry, it’s no surprise that Thetford does an amazing job creating RV holding tank treatments as well. It’s able to do so through priding “itself on creative design and is committed to the production of high-quality products that exceed the needs of a demanding marketplace.”

If you’re lucky enough to buy from any of these three companies, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the product you end up getting. These three are the best of the best, and all their products are always top-notch.

Where to buy RV holding tank treatments?

The best place to buy RV holding tank treatments would be Amazon as they’ll have the best deals and the most options. After all, there’s a reason all the products mentioned in this article have links to the site.

Of course, you do have other sources available to you as a prospective RV holding tank treatment buyer. You could try checking out a site like Campingworld.com and seeing what deals they have to offer.

In most cases, their deals will be worse than the ones you’d see at Amazon; however, it doesn’t hurt to compare the two sites just in case. You never know when something might pop up at a discount rate on a site like Camping World.

Now, if you have an aversion to online shopping, Walmart, Home Depot, or your local RV part store should have some options. But again, the selection will be incredibly limited compared to what you’d see online. And it’ll probably be more expensive as well.

All in all, I’d recommend sticking with Amazon as your primary provider for RV holding tank treatments. It will offer you the most choices and the best deals, which is all you can ask for in a marketplace site.

But you should always compare their prices with sites like Camping World to ensure you can’t get a better deal elsewhere.


Since you now have all the necessary information, it’s time to find the best RV holding tank treatment for your circumstances. And with all the knowledge you’ve received from this article, the process should be a stress-free experience.

Once you do find it, you’ll never have to worry about a clogged toilet or drain lines ever ruining your RV trip again. You’ll instead have a backup plan just in case this situation happens to you when you’re on the road.

In fact, you’ll always have a way to make sure the toilet or skin is functional when you need it with a high-quality holding tank treatment. Therefore, you can finally get back to enjoying your vacation rather than worrying about silly mechanical things like your RV’s septic tank.

So please, use this article to help guide your search and let it make your buying experience as simple as possible. In the end, making your lives easier is all we want to do here at our site. Let us help you get back to the fun part of your trip!

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