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The Best RV GPS Navigator for Any RV Owner

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Finding the best RV GPS isn’t the straightforward process many people tend to think. It actually involves various moving parts that can get a little complicated. But don’t worry, we’re going to walk you through the entire thing and make it a much easier task.

In doing so, we plan on discussing every relevant topic about RV GPSs to ensure you get a better handle on what you want. These topics will include types, determining factors, the trusted brands, and other necessary information.

best rv gps

We’ll even provide you with 12 reviews of the RV GPS we consider the top-rated on today’s market. These discussions will give you a better sense of what a top tier model should look like and provide. As a result, this whole process should become much easier.

In fact, the right choice should become rather evident when you get a handle on this information. It should be something that fits into your budget and functions at a top tier rate. And once you find this perfect model, your RV trips will be much smoother thanks to their efficient, safe travel routes.

So please, keep reading and let us help you find the perfect RV GPS for you. We promise you won’t regret it.


Best Overall Best Accuracy Most Feature Rich
Preview Garmin GRDRIVES65TRB

TomTom VIA 1525SE


Screen Size 6.95″ 6″ 7″
Resolution 1024 x 600 800 x 480 800 x 480
Battery Lithium Polymer Battery Lithium Ion Battery (1 hour) Lithium Polymer Battery (Over 2.5 hours)
Control Voice Control, Touchscreen Touchscreen Voice Control, Touchscreen
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Bluetooth USB
Details Details Details

12 Best GPS for RV Reviews

This section will contain those 12 reviews we talked about to ensure you have an idea of what a top tier RV GPS provides its user. It’ll give you a better grasp of these devices before we dive into the more complex topics.

We also thought it’d be a good idea to point you towards a helpful RV GPS accessory, which could help provide a better using process. Therefore, there will be a review for this product as well.

1. Garmin DriveSmart 65 & Traffic GPS

Our last Garmin GPS on this list is the Garmin DriveSmart 65 & Traffic GPS. This model does nothing to soil the good name that his brand has built up as it has many features, which will knock off your socks.

For instance, this employs one of the top-rated RV GPS apps with it using the Garmin Drive App. This feature allows you to pair your GPS with your smartphone to provide hands-free calling, live traffic, and smart notifications through the GPS itself.

I also love the on-screen menus this product features as they’re simple to navigate. It helps that these menus are rather bright as well, which improves their visibility in certain situations. And the screen being 6.95-inches certainly helps in this regard.

The screen will display clear maps with 3-D terrain and buildings as well, which makes using this device much easier. Plus, these maps will receive frequent updates thanks to the free lifetime mapping included with purchase.

This device being ready right out the package is another trait that I adore. As a result, there’s no need for me to buy separate parts or do any assembling myself. This feature is something I can’t appreciate enough given my lack of technical skills.

We should also mention that this device has a network of notable historic sites embedded inside. In other words, it’ll point out these sites on the 3-D map and provide some trip options that you might’ve not thought to explore.

Along the same lines, it also has a directory of US national parks that’ll give you some ideas about camping sites. The price tag on this device isn’t too shabby either with it falling right in line with my budget.

But if you do intend on buying it, there’s one flaw that any customer should be aware of before making a final decision. You see, some customers mentioned that the product tends to overheat when its in hotter climates.

2. TomTom VIA 1525SE 5-Inch GPS

TomTom’s VIA 1525SE 5-inch GPS is the second model from this brand on our list. This model features a 5-inch touchscreen, which should make the next direction rather easy to see and clear.

I love this touchscreen because it doesn’t take up much room on your dash and it still clear enough to read from the driver’s seat. It’s a perfect size and should be rather easy to store as well.

Another winning aspect of this device is its ability to offer advanced lane guidance. This feature allows the GPS to direct you towards the proper lane during your travel. It’ll make sure you never miss a turn or have to make a sudden lane change ever again.

It’s a simple feature, but effective way to ensure your trip is as issue free as possible. This device also offers free lifetime maps and software upgrades with purchase, which is always a nice touch.

Its ability to direct you away from traffic was an aspect that received a lot of praise within the customer reviews. It can offer this stress-reducing feature by providing live traffic updates, which makes it easy to avoid accidents and traffic jams.

This model’s using process was another area where it seems to excel. In fact, it’s a rather simple process that doesn’t require much thought or effort, which is perfect for me. I’d focus my energy elsewhere, such as planning out fun activities on my trips.

And I didn’t even mention that this model is least costly on our entire list. Therefore, bargain buyers should move this great product to the top of their lists immediately. I promise you won’t regret it, given all the useful features it provides.

This model’s only issue is that you need a computer to get the software and map updates. This problem is more of a preference thing, but some customers find it to be a real bother.

3. NAVPAL Slimline GPS Navigation

NAVPAL’s Slimline GPS Navigation is one of the more impressive available options. It has an endless list of excellent and convenient features that any RVer would enjoy. For instance, I adore this product’s driver alerts and warnings function. It has no issues keeping me aware of speed limits, dangerous roads, and upcoming weight restrictions.

As a result, I feel much more comfortable traveling inside my camper. It’s nice not having to worry about accidentally driving into a location where the rig becomes stuck. Instead, I can calmly go down the road, knowing my GPS will warn me about any precarious situation.

The GPS also comes with lifetime updates to ensure this comfort never disappears. Due to this feature, I can count on this device to account for any recent changes on the roadways. It’ll ensure I have the correct information whenever driving in the United States, Mexico, or Canada.

Buyers should love this GPS device’s touch screen and HD display, as well. The screen will show drivers nearby points of interest, current speed, their intended route, and much more. It’s another way this option ensures a driver’s preparation for whatever is coming up on the road.

Another aspect to catch my attention was this product’s versatility. For example, NAVPAL provides modes for different vehicles, such as cars, trucks, RVs, and motorhomes. So I don’t see why this GPS wouldn’t be a practical choice for all drivers.

One final notable benefit was the device’s 10-year warranty. Therefore, buyers can have some protection against dropping it or other malfunctions. It’s certainly an attribute that matches well with my expert-level clumsiness.

As for its flaws, I did notice its back bracket being a little less sturdy than expected. So I’m always a bit weary of ensuring the GPS’s stability when driving in my campers. But, overall, it’s a small price to pay compared to this product’s other top-tier features.

4. JOGANVE ‎KJF-E546FX1134 Car GPS Navigation

The JOGANVE ‎KJF-E546FX1134 Car GPS Navigation stood out almost immediately with its large 7″ LCD touch screen with solid picture resolution. Due to this display size, I’ve never had trouble reading information on the device. Sadly, this experience isn’t one that I can report having with many other GPS for van or RV devices.

But this large screen GPS for RV doesn’t only excel with its display. I was also thrilled with its extensive capacity, coming from its 32G memory. In simpler terms, it’ll have no storage issues regarding maps.

RVers shouldn’t overlook this product’s construction quality, either. Its included back bracket mount and other components are made from stable, reliable materials. I even managed to drop some of them without any signs of damage or wear.

As for its performance, this GPS device has made my life much easier. It has never led me on a route that didn’t enhance my traveling speed or help me avoid a dangerous situation. The GPS even provides lifetime updates, real-time speed limits, and arrival times on its display.

I couldn’t help but be impressed by the number of available languages. Users can easily set the product up to broadcast instructions in English, Russian, Spanish, Polish, and more. It ends up being one of the more user-friendly options for rig owners.

If these features weren’t enough, it also has an affordable price tag. I was shocked when making my RV GPS comparison list and seeing how little this one cost. Bargain buyers should be tripping over themselves to get this option into their shopping carts.

But a few customers did encounter shipping issues with this device. These buyers had their packages arrive without specific crucial components. But honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much about these incidents as most people seem delighted by what they received.

5. LOVPOI D9 GPS Navigation

This next option, LOVPOI’s D9 GPS Navigation, is a truck or RV owner’s dream navigation device when traveling long distances. It earns this title by allowing users to customize their route based on a truck or RV’s size and weight. Due to this feature, I won’t run into overhead bridges or clearances that I can’t easily pass with my camper.

I was also thrilled with this device’s 9-inch touchscreen display. It has fitted perfectly onto my dashboard, displaying both 2D and 3D maps with excellent clarity. Honestly, I haven’t come across many other GPS devices that can compete with this touchscreen’s quality.

The device’s navigation is another area where it scored high marks. After all, it provides excellent directions via an easy-to-understand voice command function. Users can even access 40 languages to ensure it can quickly meet their expectations.

Moreover, I found the included dashboard mount to be steady and reliable. It hasn’t shown any stability issues, even around sharp or unexpected turns. Instead, it remained attached and provided excellent navigation during my traveling experiences.

I wouldn’t suggest overlooking its convenient 2-3 hour full charging time, either. This timeframe is much faster than my prior GPS, which used to take about 5 hours. Furthermore, the charging process isn’t complex as it only requires plugging the charger into a cigarette lighter.

Some other notable features include lifetime updates, multiple vehicle modes, and 8GB of memory storage. These inclusions only further prove how valuable this device could be for any RV owner.

But I did have one gripe with this GPS for travel trailer users. The instructions provided were a bit lacking compared to what I’ve received from other top brands like Garmin.

I’d imagine this issue could make things difficult for people who aren’t experienced with these devices. Luckily, I could set mine up without much effort or hassle.

6. Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S Advanced GPS Navigation for RVs

The Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S Advanced GPS Navigation for RVs is another great model from this brand. It includes various features that make it one of the best RV GPS systems on today’s market. Honestly, any RV owner would be happy to own this fantastic product.

For instance, this device offers both WiFi connectivity, which makes operating the model much easier. It’ll make searching through TripAdvisor or FourSquare for exciting places and locations a breeze when you’re on the road.

This feature also makes the model rather convenient as it means you don’t need a computer to apply software and map updates. I love that this model offers Bluetooth connectivity as well. This aspect will allow you to use your voice rather than typing everything.

You shouldn’t overlook the Bluetooth’s ability to reduce the chance of an accident occurring either. After all, if you need to adjust on the fly, there’s no need to fiddle around or pulling over with the Bluetooth feature.

I also love that this model allows you to input your RV’s weight and height. This feature will enable the GPS to suggest routes based on these aspects. In other words, it’ll lead you away from potential hazards such as low bridges.

The 6.95-inch display is another great feature this product brings to the table. This screen will make reading the GPS’s data and issues that may lie ahead rather easy. It’ll also provide you with live updates regarding weather about things such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

You can program this GPS to avoid tolls and traffic jams as well. And I’m guessing everyone reading this article hates both these things just as much as me. So, you can imagine how much stress this GPS will take out of your life.

The only thing I wish it offered that it doesn’t is an address book feature. The lack of one isn’t a dealbreaker; but if I said I wasn’t disappointed that it didn’t have one, I’d be lying.

7. Garmin RV 780 GPS

Another RV GPS I’d suggest considering is the Garmin RV 780 GPS. This model provides top tier results thanks to it being on the top-rated RV navigation systems. As a result, the model has routinely received praise about how well it performed on the road.

This type of praise is something anybody looking for an RV GPS should take note of during their search. It also helps that this model comes with a long list of useful features, which we’ve come to expect from Garmin.

For example, this device will provide road warnings about expected issues like sharp curves, weight limits, low bridges, etc. This feature is great at ensuring you and RV stay out of situations that could be dangerous.

This device will even take these issues into beforehand and create a route based around avoiding them at all costs. As with the previous models, the fact you can input your RV’s height and weight helps in this regard as well.

I also love that this another GPS with built-in WIFi, which makes updating software and maps a non-issue. The Bluetooth feature, smart notifications, and hands-free calling are nice touches as well.

It being ready to use on arrival is another feature I adore. This aspect comes from the included traffic cable and should start improving your trips quickly. Due to this, this product doesn’t need the customer to buy any part separately.

It also helps that the high-resolution 6.95-inch screen is a bit more advanced than our previous Garmin models. This feature will make reading the data easier than ever. The entire touchscreen has been updated to be more user-friendly and has gotten rare reviews.

But there’s a catch with this product. You see, its price tag is much higher than what I’m looking to spend on an RV GPS. It’s just not something I’m looking to empty my bank account getting. However, if you can afford it, there aren’t many options better than this one.

8. Garmin dezl 770LMTHD Truck GPS

The Garmin dezl 770LMTHD Truck GPS is a device that would make many RV owners happy with its great features. Honestly, there isn’t much this model can’t do, which a rig driver would end up wanting.

In my case, the first thing that sticks out about this model is its ability to offer both lifetime maps and live traffic. These two aspects will ensure you never have an issue with your GPS being out of date.

It also helps that the access to these lifetime maps doesn’t cost you a penny outside the initial buy. This benefit extends to software updates and point of interest as well. Given these features, it’s quite apparent you wouldn’t need to buy another GPS for a long time.

Aside from these features, this model comes with everything you’d expect out of a Garmin GPS. It provides you with custom routing, RV services/parks directory, WiFi, and send warning alerts about potential RV risks such as low bridges.

The one thing that’s a bit different is the screen’s a full 7 inches, which could make it easier to read. This model’s directory has also received a lot of praise as you can use it to filter trucks stops based on brand names and facilities.

It’s another area where this model gives you a bit more control over the results it provides. I also love that you can use the system to spot points of interest that other truckers have rated highly. In other words, it’ll give you data about how other RVers felt about certain hotels, parks, and restaurants.

We should also note other customers seemed overjoyed by the amount of personal data that this GPS’s capable of logging. This data includes things like track maintenance, fuel usage, and hours of service.

Overall, this model is another top tier option from Garmin, which will meet the needs of almost every RVer. But it wouldn’t be one I’d buy because the price tag is a little too high for my taste.

9. Garmin RV 785 Traffic Advanced GPS

The Garmin RV 785 Traffic Advanced GPS is one of the most updated models on the entire market. There isn’t a single feature this that device doesn’t have, which an RV owner could want from a GPS.

For instance, this model comes with a 7-inch high-resolution touch display, which will make the images clearer than ever before. It’ll make sure road warnings, live traffic, weather updates, other data gets shown with great clarity.

It also comes with the always helpful camera, which benefits you in ways we’ve discussed at length in previous reviews. Honestly, the dash camera is just such a useful feature to have in a motorhome GPS as it could save you a lot of stress and money.

And since this GPS is among the most advanced models, you don’t have to worry about it being out of date. Of course, this issue wouldn’t be a problem anyway, given it offers free access to lifetime maps and software updates with purchase.

This feature also means the model contains one of the most extensive RV park and services directories. The catalog will feature integrated content from many sources such as PlanRV, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, and more.

We should also mention this model is entirely usable with your smartphone. As a result, it can offer both hands-free calling and smart notifications. Both of these features will ensure your safety and keep you updated on everything that’s needed to know.

Besides these features, it offers everything else we’ve become used to getting from Garmin GPSs. These features include custom routing, road warnings based on our RV’s size, built-in WiFi, etc. Overall, it truly has everything a person could be looking for in an RV GPS.

But all of these features make this model one of the most costly on our list. It’s also worth noting some customers griped about this product’s packaging. It seems like sometimes the GPS would arrive in less than ideal state, which is not something you’d expect from Garmin.

10. TomTom GO 620 GPS

Our next product is the TomTom GO 620 GPS, which has received almost universal praise for its accurate traffic data. I mean, it was hard to find a customer review that wasn’t shocked by how accurate this model was compared to their old GPSs.

The model’s accuracy comes from its ability to offer lifetime traffic updates. This feature allows the device to plan trips around issues like traffic jams easily. As someone who hates sitting in a jammed up highway more than anything, you bet I value this feature greatly.

It also essential we mention that this TomTom RV GPS offers lifetime world maps. This aspect means the GPS won’t only work in the USA or North America like many models on today’s market. It’ll instead work worldwide and could help you transition into another country seamlessly.

This product’s using process is another aspect customers tended to praise in their reviews. It seems this device doesn’t require much effort or thought when setting up, which is always a nice touch.

And like many other models on our list, this device comes with built-in WiFi to ensure you don’t need a computer for the latest map/software updates. It’s just another area where this device seems to excel at being as handy as possible.

I also love that this model is agreeable with your smartphone. This feature will ensure you don’t have to look at your phone and read messages when driving. The GPS will instead read your notifications out a loud and allow your focus to stay on the road.

But none of these features is the best part of this device. This award goes to its low price, which makes it among the least costly on our list. If you’re a bargain buyer, this model should move to the top of your list.

However, there was one part of this device that was a bit frustrating. Some people felt the customer service was lacking when they tried to call into TomTom. This aspect isn’t what you like to see when looking at these devices.

11. Rand McNally OverDryve GPS Tablet

Our last GPS is the Rand McNally OverDryve GPS Tablet and its certainly not an option you should ignore. This model will provide an RV owner will a ton of benefits that’ll make their trips a better experience.

For example, this GPS has a built-in SiriusXM satellite radio, which could be a key feature to have during those long hauls. It also offers Bluetooth texting and hands-free calling to ensure your focus is entirely on the road.

This model’s 8-inch high-resolution is another aspect that outpaces most of its rivals. It’ll provide you with clear directions and essential details, which you can read at a glance. In other words, there will be no reason to squint your eyes with this device onboard your rig.

We should also mention that this model comes with a built-in dash camera, which will provide video evidence when an accident does occur. It’ll give you a video of what happened rather than relying on the other driver’s memory of the events.

This device allows you to download your favorite music, apps, and other media onto it as well. It’ll ensure you don’t end up incredibly bored during these long trips by offering some entertainment. It’s a nice thing to have when you’re doing those nightmarish 16-hour drives.

Its battery life of six hours will also help in this regard, which means you’ll be able to surf the web, stream videos, or music during this period. This device excels with its navigation aspects as well as it offers advanced lane guidance, road warnings, and many other crucial GPS functions.

Given these features, it’s quite clear that this model is ready to meet all your needs. I mean, what else could you want from an RV GPS? I do wish the cost was a bit lower though as there’s no way I could afford getting this great product.

But if you can afford it, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t buy this product. It’s a top tier model that will make all your RV trips less stressful and a better experience.

12. Garmin Portable Friction Mount

If your GPS doesn’t come with a mount or one that’s rather disappointing, I’d suggest taking a look at the Garmin Portable Friction Mount. This product will keep your GPS securely in place and ensure you never have to worry about anything happening during your trip.

It can offer this security thanks to its durable and compact design, which will keep your device from sliding. I also love this device’s arm attachment, which connects to the GPS unit. This feature makes adjusting the GPS much easier and convenient.

But the best part about this device is its easy install and using processes. Both these aspects were routinely praised in the customer reviews. As a result, I shouldn’t have any issues getting the most I can get out of this mount.

It’s also worth noting that these products can be essential for people that live in places where window mounts aren’t allowed. If this describes your situation, Garmin’s Portable Friction Mount will solve it by simple mounting right on your dashboard.

In fact, the product’s four-arm design will perfectly conform to your dash without any hassles. This design is why the model tends to see such high ratings on Amazon as people love the security and balance it provides.

Garmin was kind enough to include a 1-year warranty as well. The feature will protect you against any issue happening with the device for a year. This amount of time should be long enough to whether the mount’s worth it.

You should also love the price on this model as it’s more than fair. Honestly, buying an RV GPS and this mount shouldn’t set you back all that much. And given these features, I’d say this model is certainly worth the extra money.

But please, check the product description before making a final decision. You see, this product doesn’t work with every Garmin GPS. Reading the description will ensure you don’t end up wasting your money.

Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S RV GPS (Outdated)

Our first product is the Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S RV GPS, which has a vast set of great features to offer. One of my favorites is its 6.95-inch touchscreen, which is easy to view and operate.

As a result, you shouldn’t have any issues seeing the road warnings and weather updates that might pop on its screen. I also love that this model comes with built-in WiFi, which offers lifetime North American maps and software updates.

You don’t even need a computer to download them either, which gets rid of one potential hassle. It also offers a smartphone link app that can access basic weather updates and live traffic through your iPhone or Android.

The various hands-free features are another winning trait offered by this device. These features include Bluetooth calling, voice-activated navigation, and smart notifications. All three of these aspects will make your RV trips more convenient and safer with their use.

The device comes with a catalog of RV services and parks as well, which makes searching for these places much easier. It’s quite clear Garmin had RV owners in mind when making this model with top tier features like this one.

This model allowing you to program your RV’s height and weight only further confirm this theory. In doing so, the device will suggest a route that avoids potential hazards based on these aspects, which is pretty awesome.

It also comes with a dashboard mount that has regularly received praise in the customer reviews. This mount seems easy to use and doesn’t take up a lot of room your dash. Many customers made it a point to single out its durability as well.

The only issue this device seems to have is some customers were critical of how much light the screen reflects. This trait could be an issue in sunny areas and make reading the screen rather tricky. It might end up being rather annoying and could affect your satisfaction with the device.

Magellan RoadMate RV9490T-LMB RV GPS (Outdated)

Magellan’s RoadMate RV9490T-LMB RV GPS is one of the cheapest options on this entire list. But its low price isn’t the only great thing this model as there are many top tier features it brings to the table.

For instance, this model has custom routing abilities like many other devices on this list. As you know, this feature will allow you to input your rig’s height and weight. The GPS will then suggest routes based on those aspects to avoid issues such as low bridges.

You can also enter your preferences into the device, which can help you avoid things like narrow or unpaved roads. It’s a nice feature to have and should make your RV trip much better overall.

The 7-inch HD screen is another notable feature that this low cost model has no business offering. I mean, you’d expect a model with a screen like this one to be way more costly. But Magellan was able to keep the price down and create a bargain bin model that rivals the highest priced GPSs on the market.

I also love this model’s ability to provide weather updates, which would include things like incoming rain or snow. This feature will keep you updated on everything you need to know about the weather and from facing anything you deem unsafe.

Honestly, these weather updates are one of the essential traits a GPS can offer. After all, you need to know the weather conditions before starting and during your drive, or it could get dangerous rather quickly.

You should like the location based data this device provides as well. This data will improve your RVing trips greatly by giving you access to Yelp reviews, info on trips, and the shops around your location.

But setting this product up has been a hassle for certain customers based on their reviews. And since I’m one of the worst people at using electronics, you can bet this install process would become an issue for me.

Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute GPS (Outdated)

The Rand McNally TND 740 IntelliRoute GPS comes with a set of features most other models would have a hard time matching. These features begin with its Quad-core processor and large amounts of storage space that ensures faster route calculations.

This model also features a 7-inch HD screen, which ensures it’s easy to operate with its straightforward interface. Honestly, you shouldn’t have any issues using this product due to how easy the interface makes this entire process. It didn’t seem like many customers did based on this Rand McNally RV GPS’s reviews.

I also found this model’s advanced lane guidance to be a useful feature. This aspect will point you towards the correct lane when you’re approaching a turn or a jammed up intersection lies ahead. Trust me; this feature will end up saving you from a lot of stress and anxiety.

This model comes with audio capability as well, which enables you to route the GPS’s audio through your RV’s sound system. It’s another aspect that gives the RV owner more control over the entire process.

You shouldn’t overlook the fact that this device comes with over-the-air map updates either. These updates will ensure your GPS stays on top of any road work or construction on the route you intend on taking.

This model also allows you to set customizable warnings for things like sharp curves and speed limit changes. These warnings could go a long way in keeping you safe during the trip. The speed limit alerts could end up saving your from a couple of tickets as well.

Overall, it’s not hard to see why this model ended up on this list. I mean, it has everything someone could look for in an RV GPS. But not everything about this device is perfect. You see, this GPS happens to be one of the most expensive on our list.

Given this high cost, you’ll have to weigh whether all these great features is worth going outside your budget. In my case, it’s not.

Garmin dezlCam 785 LMT-S GPS (Outdated)

If you’re looking for the most advanced model on today’s market, Garmin’s deziCam 785 LMT-S GPS should be high on your wishlist. I mean, this device even comes with a built-in dash cam that’ll record your trip and saves the video.

This feature will come in handy when an accident does, unfortunately, occur. It’ll give you first hand evidence of what happened for insurance purposes. I also love that this product comes with a powered magnetic mount, which provides a secure connection.

It’s quite helpful that you can easily remove the GPS from this mount as well. This feature would be useful when you want to take a picture of the accident, which is another thing this device offers as it has a Snapshot feature.

The device’s 7-inch screen isn’t too shabby either as it’ll ensure you can view all relevant data without having to squint. You’ll receive life traffic, life weather, warning alerts, and much more on this high-resolution display.

This model will even offer forward collision warnings when you’re getting too close to a car’s bumper. It’s quite clear that this device was made with promoting driver safety in mind given all these great features.

I love that this GPS comes with hard EVA case as well. This case will make it much easier to carry around and store it. It’ll also protect it and make sure nothing ends up happening to it when it’s in storage.

Plus, the device comes with a full Garmin USA warranty, which should provide some protection against failure or an accident happening. And it seems Garmin has honored this policy when an issue does occur based on the customer reviews.

Some customers did complain about shipping issues within these reviews, though, which isn’t what you’d expect from a brand like Garmin. It also doesn’t help that this product is one of the most expensive models on our entire list.

Rand McNally RDY0528018485 RV Tablet 70 GPS Device (Outdated)

Our first non-Garmin product comes from a great brand in its own right, Rand McNally. This brand will appear a few times on this list as its ability to provide top tier performance, and customer service is almost unmatched.

As for this product, I’d love that it comes with a built-in dash camera. This feature will record your trips and ensure you have some evidence when an accident does happen. It’s a great way to avoid getting duped by having another driver blame the crash on you.

You should also have an excitement about this device offering free lifetime maps and software updates. These two aspects will make sure you don’t have to buy another GPS in the next couple of years.

It helps that comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty as well. This feature will offer a great deal of protection against an accident or malfunction happening. It ensures you’re covered and won’t feel like you got cheated when something does go wrong.

The included windshield suction cup mount is another trait worth celebrating. This feature will make installing the GPS inside your rig much easier. It’ll also secure it and ensure the GPS doesn’t fly around during the trip.

And we should mention that the price tag isn’t too bad either. It falls right inside my budget and should be something that any customer would see as a fair rate. Some customers even felt it was appropriate to label this option a bargain.

Plus, there wasn’t a single customer review that complained about any shipping issues, which is always a great sign. In fact, most reported that they were surprised by how fast the product was delivered.

But there was one underwhelming thing about this product. It seems the display screen is only 4.6 inches, which is a bit too small for my liking. I’m always going to look for a model with at least a 5-inch screen to ensure I can see all the data clearer and without any issues.

Rand McNally RDY0528018493 RVND 7 GPS Device (Outdated)

If you’re looking for an affordable option, the Rand McNally RDY0528018493 RVND 7 GPS Device could be worth exploring. This model happens to be one of the least costly items on our entire list.

It’s also worth noting that this model comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty to ensure you have some protection for when an accident or malfunction occurs. This feature is something I’m always going to look for in these devices as you never know when one might not work correctly.

The ability to offer lifetime maps was another thing that stood out about this device. This feature will make sure your GPS is always up-to-date on all the new road work and construction. Plus, these maps are free and come as a part of your initial investment.

You should also love that many customer reviews made it a point to highlight this model’s easy using process. After all, there’s nothing worse than buying a product and not being able to use it. But thankfully, this issue doesn’t seem to be a problem with the device.

Customers have routinely praised its ability to find RV parks and services as well. This feature will come in handy when you need to dump your waste tanks on the road and aren’t near a campground.

And like our previous Rand McNally product, people were also shocked about how fast the device arrived. It seems this brand excels past its rivals when it comes to shipping. It’s just another area where this model proves that it’s convenient.

Overall, it’s rather run-of-the-mill device, but it’ll get the job done and offers a fair price. But it does have a flaw we must mention to give you a clear picture of what this product offers. This issue is the 4.7-inch screen, which is a bit smaller than I’d suggest for a GPS.

RV GPS Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right RV GPS will boil down to having a grasp of what makes these devices tick. This section will provide an answer and discuss much more, which will make sure you end up with the perfect model.


Things to know before buying an RV GPS

If you’ve decided to get an RV GPS, there will be several factors that’ll end up determine the greatest option. This section will discuss these topics at length to ensure you have all the relevant knowledge needed for making the right choice.

Ease of Install ​

You’re going to want an RV GPS that has an easy install process. Otherwise, it’ll end up being a source of stress and make you regret buying it. This reason is why you must read the install directions before purchasing one of these devices.

In most cases, the process won’t be too tricky, and the mountable options will come with a suction cup that you attach to the windshield. If a device has this feature, please make sure the arm’s angled and stable to ensure the connection remains steady.

But I’d suggest avoiding models with a gooseneck arm. This arm tends to vibrate when your vehicle’s moving, which can cause a heap of issues during travel. It’s also essential you read the customer reviews to give a better idea about each product’s install process.

If the device does have a problem with its install process, these reviews will have at least a mention of it: people tend to get a little angry when a product that they buy doesn’t work correctly.

Easy to Use Controls

Evaluating every GPS’s controls before making your final decision is a must. You need a device with a simple set of controls, or the experience with your GPS will be a disaster. Of course, it’s a bit tricky to get a feel for the controls as an online shopper.

However, customer reviews should help in this regard. These discussions will give you a sense of how happy people were with this device’s controls. And there are some general guidelines to go by as well.

I’d suggest going with a touchscreen GPS as their using process tends to be much easier. This status comes from you not having to type in streets and addresses. It also essential you make sure the device’s loading time isn’t too long.

If the loading time is too long, this issue could make using the device much more difficult. It’s another area that you can evaluate by using the customer reviews. In the end, the key is finding an option with easy to use controls, which will make navigating its system for locations simple.

Screen Size

It might not seem like a big deal, but the screen’s size is a vital piece to the puzzle. I’d suggest going with a model that has a display of at least 5 inches. This feature will ensure you’ll be able to read the screen clearly from the driver’s seat.

If you don’t get a GPS with a big enough screen, it could end up being rather dangerous. The smaller screen will be harder to read and require more of your focus. This action will take your attention away from your driving, which isn’t ideal for anybody.

The only issue with getting a bigger screen is the GPS will cost more as you increase the inches. But if you can afford the increased price, getting a model with at least a 5-inch screen is a must. I would even suggest getting one that’s 7 inches to make sure all the displayed data is readable.

Predictive Data Entry Feature

You’ll also want an RV GPS with a predictive data entry feature. What does this mean? Well, you know when Google offers suggestions while you’re typing? This feature does the same thing, which will make it a lot easier to search up addresses and city names.

All you have to do is scroll down and pick the right one instead of entirely typing it out. It’s quite a convenient feature to have and one I deem necessary in any GPS I intend on considering. Plus, it makes searching much quicker, which a rather nice touch.

In the end, you’ll end up saving a lot more time by having a GPS with this feature than using one that doesn’t have it. It’s just another aspect that’ll help ensure you don’t regret buying a specific model.

How Often You Take Trips ​

A question to ask yourself is how much do you intend on using your RV? The answer to this question will have a sizeable impact on the process. For instance, why would someone who takes one RV trip a year spend a fortune on an RV GPS? It doesn’t make sense.

In this case, I’d look for the great deal possible for a model that works and has all the necessary features. But if you RV full-time, it’s a different story. You’d want a model that’s top tier and should look to invest a little more into one of these devices.

I’d suggest going for the most advanced model possible to ensure you get the best features and durability available. In doing so, you get the best experience with one of the devices that money can buy.


Speaking of money, it’s essential you understand that the cost of these devices will vary from product to product. This aspect means setting up a budget is a crucial part of this entire process.

This budget should account for things like the features you deem necessary and how much you travel. For instance, if you want a GPS with a 7-inch screen, this feature is going to raise your budget rather considerably.

We should also note that having a realistic budget will make this process much easier. It’ll limit your options to a more manageable number than the overwhelming amount that’s stressing you out right now.

So please, set up a budget and stick to it. Don’t get tricked into buying a GPS with more than you need because the features seem exciting. It’s the right way to ensure you end up happy with your final decision.

Bluetooth Capability ​

Getting an RV GPS with Bluetooth capability is another aspect I’d suggest considering. This feature will make using the model much easier as you can pair it with your smartphone. From there, you can dial the numbers and names without using your hands.

It’s a rather useful way to make this whole process more user-friendly. I mean, all you have to do is apply one touch to the screen and everything will be set up. Plus, you won’t have to stop driving when the GPS needs a location change. You instead use the Bluetooth and continue down the road.


The GPS’s memory size is another thing to consider when buying one of these devices. This feature is crucial in improving the model’s performance. After all, a device with a small memory won’t give you the ability to add on features or load more maps in the future.

As a result, I’d suggest getting one with an SD or micro slot. This slot will make it possible to use many different memory formats and types. In other words, you’ll be able to load new maps and points of interest much easier. It’s also essential you make sure to get a model capable of storing more than the pre-loaded maps with it.

Otherwise, you could end up with a few issues down the road. I’d recommend making sure the device offers more than enough excess storage as well. This aspect is something that the customer reviews should discuss at length.

Additional Features

The last question to ask yourself is whether the device comes with everything. Does it come with all the cables, uploaded maps, mounting brackets, and other vital parts? The answer to this question should be in the product’s ad.

After all, sometimes a product with a bargain price isn’t actually a cost-effective option because you have to buy a bunch of elements separately. Since nobody likes buying separate parts, please make sure the model you’re buying is a complete unit.

If you don’t, it’s more than likely that stress will end up in your life. It also means more research needs doing, which is never fun.

What are the different types of GPS for RVers?

In this market, a customer must understand that there are a few different RV GPS types. You see, each of them has its own set of features and benefits that they’d offer a potential buyer.

And this section will discuss the most common ones at length to provide a better idea of what device best fits your situation. So, without further ado, let’s get this process started!

Sports GPS

A sports GPS would be a perfect option for any RV owner with a boat. In fact, some of these devices are actually meant for use on marine conditions. As a result, you won’t have to rely on the stars when you have one of these systems on your boating trip.

These options are also rather convenient as they tend to come in a watch design. This feature could be helpful for any runner out there that wants to track their route. Plus, these devices have internet capabilities and offer the option of surfing the web.

In many aspects, it’s kind of like having a little computer strapped to your wrist. I mean, these devices even include a compass. There aren’t many things a sports GPS can’t provide you given all these wonderful benefits.

But there are issues with these models. One of these issues is that sports GPSs often have smaller screens, which can be a deal-breaker for certain people. It’s worth noting some users find the need to the switching between modes a bit annoying as well.

Handheld GPS

If you’re looking for a more convenient option, these devices can be carried around within your hand. Hence, its name is a handheld GPS. And due to this feature, it’s a massive help for people that like doing outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, and fishing.

In doing so, these devices will replace your other means of finding directions with a more accurate, practical option. It’s quite apparent that you’ll not need a map or compass when you bring these devices on the trip.

A handheld GPS will instead provide digital maps, elevation, your precise location, and other data such as topographic. It’s also essential to understand a handheld GPS will offer access to waypoints. These points will mark things like favorite routes, fishing sites, and campsites.

Of course, these devices will ensure you get through your trip safely as well. It offers this safety by making sure you never get lost and end up in an unfamiliar area. Plus, it can provide your precise location that you can relay to rescuers when an accident ends up happening.

Street Navigation GPS

Our last type is the street navigation GPS, which will provide top tier results when you’re driving. These models will ensure you never get lost or make a wrong turn during your road trip. They can offer this assurance with their turn-by-turn directions capabilities.

These devices also offer other data such as estimated arrival time, mileage, and speed. Some of these models can be built into the dashboard as well. People find this feature rather useful as it removes any obstructions from your eye line when you’re driving.

But if this issue isn’t a big deal for you, these models are easily connected to the windshield or dashboard. Some people even find it more useful to remove them from the dash and use them as a handheld device.

We should also mention that most of these devices function off preloaded US maps. These maps will provide essential data about where certain things are located: airports, gas stations, police departments, museums, etc.

And if you intend on traveling outside the US, many street RV navigation systems are capable of being updated with international maps. This feature will ensure you don’t have to worry about getting lost in a country where you might not know the language.

Another benefit people love about these systems is it’s programmable. In other words, you can program the GPS to save data about your favorite restaurants, movie theaters, parks, etc. It’s a very convenient feature that further shows these devices embody the concept of being convenient.

Why do you need an RV GPS?

When searching for a top tier RV GPS, it’s also crucial you understand what benefits these devices offer. This section will help by discussing several ways one of these systems could end up improving your life.

And from this knowledge, you can make a better judgment about whether investing in one is the right move. It’ll ensure you don’t end up wasting money on a product that you’ll never use.

Quickly Locates Places, Stores, and Other Useful Areas

An RV GPS’s most obvious advantage is its ability to locate places promptly. It makes sure you’ll no longer have to experience the stress and frustration of wandering around an area without a sense of where you’re going.

This benefit also helps you discover new places by pointing you toward the exciting sights around an area: museums, campsites, parks, etc. Plus, it’ll highlight vital RV services such as towing services or dump stations as well.

Larger Display Screen Than Your Phone

These devices usually come with a display screen of about 5 inches. Their screens happen to be bigger than your phone, which reduces the amount of straining your eyes have to do. And you must avoid eye-straining because it causes eye stress as well as make us tired.

As a result, a GPS represents a much healthier and useful way to obtain directions than your phone. It also prevents us from having to look down at our phones when we’re driving, which is quite dangerous.

Up-to-date Road and Traffic Alerts

GPSs will provide real-time updates concerning traffic conditions on your route. This feature will ensure you never find yourself in a traffic jam when it’s avoidable. And when it does pick up a potential issue, it can provide alternative routes that’ll get you to your target quicker.

We should also mention some models even have a built-in app, which can receive news updates. These updates could be the difference between you sitting in traffic for 3 hours and taking a detour to avoid the issue entirely.

Given this knowledge, it’s quite clear that having a GPS for RV travel onboard could do a lot of good. I mean, nobody likes being stuck in traffic and this benefit certainly limits the risk of it happening. It’ll also ensure you have a lot less stress in your life.

Saves Us From Becoming Lost

Going somewhere unfamiliar can be a little nerve-racking. A good way to relieve your anxiety is by bringing an RV GPS. These devices will make sure you don’t take a wrong turn and end up getting lost.

And if you do take a wrong turn, the GPS will adjust to find a new route. It’s a great way to ensure you never lost time on your journey as these devices will provide the most efficient route possible.

Top Tier Accuracy

GPSs offer the most accurate data possible about things like mapping and traffic conditions. These devices also can to alert drivers about incoming hazards such as low bridges or tunnels.

And since some RVs have clearance issues with these hazards, a GPS comes in handy. It also doesn’t hurt that these devices have updated mapping, which will include the most recent construction and road work.

Great Features

The best GPSs will offer great additional features as well. These features include allowing for hands-free calls and built-in apps. The apps will be for things such as entertainment, internet, news, and email.

It’s just another area where GPSs can help improve the quality of your road trip. It’s also worth noting that these extra features could be the difference between the perfect and only okay options.

RV vs. Regular GPS: What is the Difference?

Understanding the differences between an RV GPS and a regular one is rather simple. It boils down to the fact that RV models take into account the RV’s size and its intended use. In other words, these devices are programmable to understand the height and weight of your rig.

This feature will come in handy when you encounter a bridge that’s either too low or can’t support your rig’s weight. As a result, these devices will ensure no crazy accidents will happen on your trip by making you aware of these RV centric hazards.

We should also note that RV GPSs allow you to plan out your trip in advance based on RVing needs. For example, it’ll point out things like campsites and dumping stations, which a regular GPS would miss.


What is an RV GPS?

An RV GPS is a device that’ll ensure you get to a preferred destination in the most efficient way. It can offer this ability by considering several different factors when it suggests a traveling route.

But unlike a regular GPS, these devices take into account that you’re driving an RV. This feature means it will do things such as following truck routes to lead you away from potential issues. These issues include obstacles like sharp turns, city streets with heavy traffic, narrow roads, etc.

RV GPSs also let you see what lies ahead and enables you to adjust based on those situations. In other words, you can plan a better route using the device rather than sticking with one that just got derailed by a massive traffic accident.

These devices can provide these benefits thanks to their use of advanced navigation technology. This tech allows them to plan the most cost-effective and logical route that leads you toward the next destination.

Plus, some RV GPSs are advanced enough to offer turn-by-turn directions. This feature will ensure you never turn onto a road and end up getting lost. It’ll instead adjust on the fly and plot a new course, which corrects the wrong turn.

And an RV GPS will keep track of the distance traveled to make sure you know how many miles are left. The awful sound of your kids asking, “Are we there yet?”, can quickly be answered with a simple point to the RV GPS.

Given this information, It’s easy to see why one of these devices would benefit RV owners. I mean, we are always on the road, and these RV GPSs would make sure we get to every place on time.

Will RV GPS update themselves when new roads are built?

It depends on your GPS model and whether it offers lifetime map updates. If your RV specific GPS comes with this feature, it shouldn’t have trouble accounting for new roads. In addition, it’ll ensure you don’t get stuck taking a detour that extends your travel time by hours.

An excellent choice with this feature would be Garmin’s RV 770 NA LMT-S RV GPS. Honestly, finding a more effective and practical GPS on today’s market than this one would be almost impossible.

Buyers should also verify if the product comes with manual or automatic updates. The latter is more convenient.

RV GPS vs. Smartphone Maps: Which one works better?

Using both smartphone maps and RV GPS devices are convenient ways to travel. In either case, these navigation tools will have no trouble getting your vehicle to where you’re needed. But there are many reasons why I’d recommend an RV GPS over smartphone maps for rig owners.

  • For instance, some top-tier GPS devices come with backup cameras. These tools are essential for larger motorhomes to move around without accidents. They’ll help deal with the blind spots of driving massive vehicles.
  • GPS devices will also alert you when you approach a narrow road. As a result, rig owners can adjust their route to avoid this nuisance.
  • Some other notable benefits include larger screens and dashboard mounting. Both these aspects help ensure your eyes stay on the road rather than looking down at a phone.

In fact, the only issue that comes with RV GPS is its additional cost. But these benefits make spending extra cash on another device more than worth it.

What are common issues with RV GPS?

RV GPS devices aren’t perfect products as they’re prone to specific performance issues. These problems usually fall into three categories: signal blockage, satellite location issues, or signal loss.

Signal blockages can occur when encountering areas with massive buildings or objects. They tend to be an issue when traveling in cities. For instance, I remember my GPS having trouble when I made a quick visit to Philadelphia. It resulted in my GPS providing slower performance.

Meanwhile, satellite location issues are a bit rare. These incidents occur when satellites are grouped too closely in their respective orbits. Sadly, there isn’t much a person can do when this happens but wait for the errors to disappear.

The last common nuisance is lost signals. These issues occur from traveling to places where GPS signals can’t reach, such as the underground. So driving into tunnels tends to be the main culprit of losing signals when using a GPS for RV and trucking.

How does it work?

An RV GPS functions off a system based on three crucial parts: the satellites, ground stations, and receivers. In this process, satellites are used like guidelines as they’re always in a certain area at a specific time.

The ground stations function similarly but on the ground. You see, these stations use radar to ensure GPS users that they’re in their assumed location. And the receivers are continually listening for the satellites’ signals.

Receivers use these signals to judge the distance between the satellites. Once it determines the distance from at least four satellites, it’ll have your exact location. It’s easy to see how well these devices work so well with a system like this one.

In fact, it’s the blend of these three parts that make RV GPSs able to pinpoint your exact location within a few yards. Some top tier models are even capable of locating your position up to a few inches.

As for the using process, the GPS will have an indicator for your position. This indicator will move on a map every time your RV journeys down the road. It will likely look like a car, or it could be a little dot.

These devices will also provide a voice that’ll relay driving directions. Most models even let you choose the type of voice. These voices can range from a British accent to New York accent. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with giving directions.

What are the most trusted RV GPS brands?

The most trusted GPS brands are the ones we mentioned in our product review section. Each one of these companies has done a fantastic at building a rapport with RV owners. It comes from their willingness to place their customers’ needs and wants above everything else.

It also helps that these brands have a well-documented ability to provide great customer service. But even among these top tier companies, there are two that stand out a bit more than the rest: Garmin and Rand McNally.

And I thought diving into their backgrounds could give you a better sense of what makes them unique. This information will show you what a top tier RV GPS brand looks like and offers its customers.


This brand has built their company based on the beliefs of honesty and integrity. These beliefs make them someone you can trust when you’re buying an RV GPS. It also has made them a force within many markets such as aviation, automotive, marine, outdoor, and fitness.

You shouldn’t overlook their global influence as well. Garmin has 60 offices around the world, and they’re all trying to ensure its customers are happy. This type of service isn’t something you usually see in this market.

Rand McNally

Since 1856, Rand McNally has had the goal of making travel a better experience for people. This mission has resulted in them creating some of the most groundbreaking products, which has made travelers a much happier group of people.

And it’s not any different with their work on RV GPSs. In fact, this brand has created some of the most innovative models that we have on today’s market. This fact shouldn’t shock you as there are multiple Rand McNally products in our review section.

Garmin RV 770lmt vs. 780lmt GPS: which one is the best for you?

These two models come from one of my favorite brands, Garmin. And both these Garmin RV GPSs represent everything I love about this company with their top tier features such as route customization. Choosing between these models is a tough ask, but I’d probably go with the 780lmt as it’s the newer model.

Do RV GPS have a trip planner?

The inclusion of a trip planner will depend on the brand and model you’ve chosen to buy. Some GPSs do offer this feature, and I find these models to be the top-rated on the market. I mean, this feature is fantastic as it lets you create and save your trip to ensure you have it for a later date.

It’s a feature that becomes useful for anyone who likes planning a trip beforehand. It also allows you to add scheduling information, shape points, stop orders and lets you reorder locations. You can even edit a saved trip and customize it further to your liking an unlimited amount of times.

In my opinion, it’s a must-have feature due to all the things it provides with its inclusion. But models with a trip planner do tend to cost a bit more than the GPS without one. As a result, you’ll need to weigh whether or not the feature’s worth the extra cash.

Do RV GPS have lifetime updates?

Most RV GPS units do come with lifetime updates. This feature ends up being vastly useful as it ensures these devices offer the best performance possible. You see, these updates ensure everything about your model stays current.

For instance, if there was road work done in the last month, these lifetime updates will make sure your GPS shows the change. It’s a great way to ensure nothing ends up messing up the route you intend on taking.

If you don’t keep the GPS updated or buy a model without lifetime updates, it might cause you severe problems on the road. You might not be able to find an existing route and end up becoming stressed.

Overall, it just makes this process much easier on everyone involved. And this reason is why I’d suggest ensuring your chosen GPS has lifetime updates. Trust me; you’ll thank me later when you realize how much roads change around the US.

What is the warranty?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the RV GPS’s brand. Some brands don’t even offer one, which can be an issue for certain customers. At the same time, other companies will provide a limited lifetime warranty with their products.

It’s all about deciding whether a warranty is something that your RV GPS needs. In my case, I’m always going to look for a model with one as my clumsiness has never met a device that it couldn’t break.

Where to buy?

If you plan on buying an RV GPS, there are several options on where to get one. The most popular place would be through Amazon, which makes purchasing these devices a simple and easy process.

It also helps that Amazon has the largest selection and low prices among the places selling RV GPSs. You shouldn’t overlook its massive database of customer reviews either. These resources will be crucial in finding the top-rated model.

But these impressive aspects doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore other sites and stores as well. For instance, I’d suggest taking a look at Camping World as their website has a respectable amount of choices and reasonable prices.

In fact, these prices sometimes fall below even Amazon’s when a sale’s happening. This factor means it’d be a wise move to compare prices between these two sites. After all, you don’t want to spend more than you need on a product.

If you aren’t too comfortable shopping online, there are some other options worth exploring. One of these places would be your local Best Buy, which should have a large selection. But it’s worth noting that the prices on these devices will be much higher than you’d see online.

Best Buy does offer something these online stores don’t though: face to face customer service. It might not seem like a big deal, but it can make a massive difference when you get a knowledgeable employee. Other stores to check would be your local Walmart or RV supply store, which offer the same issues and benefits.

As you can see, there’s an option out there for everyone. All you have to do is pick the one that suits your shopping preferences the best. In the end, this process is really that simple.


After reading this article, the process of buying an RV GPS should go a lot smoother. It’s a simple matter of applying your new knowledge into the search, and the best RV GPS should become rather apparent.

Once you do find it, traveling around inside your rig will be much easier. These devices will ensure you always take the most efficient possible when going somewhere new. It’ll also make sure you don’t end up wasting a lot of time stuck in traffic by providing real-time updates.

Plus, you’ll never find yourself wandering around lost as the GPS will always point toward the right direction. It’s quite evident that having one of these devices is just too convenient not to have for an RV owner.

So, please use the knowledge from this article to find the perfect one for your situation. And if you need any further help, leave a comment below. We’ll address them as quickly as possible.

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