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The Best RV Flag Poles for 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

If you’re looking to find the best RV flag poles, clicking on this article would be a wise decision. It’ll guide you through everything an RV owner might need to know when choosing a perfect option. You should then have no issues making this process as simple as possible.

I’ll even provide ten reviews of my favorite available options. These discussions should offer a detailed look into what a high-quality flag pole offers and its features. It’ll ensure you have no issues separating them from subpar options when doing your search.

best rv flag poles

Let’s begin with these reviews as it’s a good starting point to break open this process. One of them could even be what you’ve been searching for this entire time.

Best Overall Budget Friendly Light Weight
Preview Camco ‎51600

‎Flagpole-To-Go ‎FPFTG09

FlagPole Buddy MPO-FPB-22poly-KIT

Height 64″ – 20′ 4′ – 8′ 8″ 22′ – 27′
Weight ‎20.5 pounds 2 pounds 6.69 pounds
Material Aluminum Aluminum Fiberglass
Withstands Winds 20 MPH 20 MPH 35 – 40 MPH
Details Details Details

10 Best Flag Pole for RV Reviews

1. Camco Portable Telescoping Aluminum RV Flag Pole

Camco’s Portable Telescoping Aluminum RV Flag Pole is a popular choice among campers looking to fly a flag wherever their RVs are parked. It’s earned this admiration through the various excellent features that it provides.

An excellent example would be its rust-proof anodized aluminum construction. This design will ensure the model remains usable for years to come. I don’t see a single reason why this option won’t hold up in any camping terrain or weather condition.

You also have to love its easy-to-use locking mechanism and push button. I couldn’t believe how simple this flag pole was compared to others available. Both these aspects were familiar sources of praise in this RV flag pole reviews.

The collapsible construction didn’t hurt matters, either. It gives this RV flag pole the ability to shrink down into a much more manageable 64-inches. Any motorhome owner will appreciate this feature as it’ll ensure the product doesn’t take up much room when it’s not being used.

Moreover, buyers won’t have to stick with flying only one flag. This 20-foot flagpole comes with hardware included allowing the flying of two flags rather than a single one. It provides the product with a little more versatility than you might initially expect.

Some other attractive features include a storage bag, a standard-sized American flag, a tire-anchored flag pole holder, and multiple buying options. As a result, Camco did an adequate job offering a product that covers most of what RV owners want in an RV flag pole.

I only wish it wobbled a little less, as this was a complaint of mine and some customers in their reviews. It could represent an issue during those extremely windy days. If you want a flag to use in those circumstances, it might be wise to look elsewhere.

But otherwise, there’s no other reason not to consider this collapsible flag pole for RV users. It checks off every other wanted attribute with flying colors.

2. Flagpole-To-Go Portable RV Flag Pole

One of the more flexible options available would be Flagpole-To-Go Portable RV Flag Pole. It comes in five different sizes to ensure the product can suit any RV owner’s needs. I don’t see a situation where at least one of these size options wouldn’t be a suitable fit.

As for its design aspects, there’s plenty to praise about this flag pole. I found myself loving its durability as this product has proven to withstand 35 MPH winds with ease. It’s another characteristic that speaks to its overall adaptability.

This durable and flexible construction makes the flag pole capable of working in several different application sites. Buyers have used it at campsites, graduations, picnics, tailgating, and anywhere else an RV flag pole might see usage.

You don’t have to worry about its storage ability, either. It can collapse down to 4 feet with relative ease to ensure peak storability. As you might expect, this aspect also makes transporting the flag pole much more manageable than other choices available.

Buyers will find themselves loving this product’s price, as well. It’s one of our more affordable options as each provided size comes at a reasonable cost. RVers looking for a bargain purchase should be doing everything in their power to obtain this particular flag pole.

However, I was a bit disappointed by this product lacking an included storage bag. You can easily find a usable one elsewhere, but I always appreciate brands who provided them with purchase. It’s a nice touch that does make an RVer’s life much easier when they need to put away these products.

But potential buyers shouldn’t allow the lack of storage bag to prevent them from considering this excellent RV flag pole. It’ll have no problem more than meeting your expectations in every other area. It’s genuinely a high-quality, affordable choice.

3. FlagPole Buddy 22-foot RV Kit

If you’re looking for a fiberglass RV flag pole, the FlagPole Buddy 22-foot RV Kit should more than meet your needs. This 22-foot RV flag pole kit comes with everything a person could imagine with its well-constructed design aspects.

One of my favorite parts about this FlagPole Buddy RV flag pole kit is the incredibly convenient RV flag pole holder ladder mount. It allows the product to be installed from ground level while providing excellent support.

As a result, those days of climbing up your rig and spending hours trying to get a flag flying will be long gone. It’ll offer an easy installation that’ll make the entire using process much less stressful than you’d experience with other flag poles.

I was also impressed by the product’s lightweight construction. It’s an essential quality as the storage and moving processes become much more manageable. This aspect is another reason many RVers find the 22-foot RV kit to be endlessly convenient.

Users will adore this kit’s inclusion of four RV ladder clamps, as well. These clips allow RVers to use this pole for two flags rather than one. Thus, it becomes perfect for my situation as I love flying two flags when traveling the country in my rig.

The flag pole’s wind resistance is another impressive aspect. FlagPole Buddy designed this product to withstand even the harshest desert winds. Based on my experiences, I can’t say anything that will dispute this level of ability.

I was slightly disappointed by this product’s price tag, though. It’s easily among the most expensive choices mentioned in this article. You’ll have to put aside a healthy amount of savings when bringing this flag pole into your lives.

But you can’t say the extra cost isn’t worth it. The convenience level and performance quality more than make this higher price worth paying. Honestly, it won’t be a decision that a buyer ends up regretting.

4. Portable Flag Company Premium Flagpole

Buyers looking for an option with a simple installation process should look no further than Portable Flag Company’s Premium Flagpole for Camping. Its easy setup will have your chosen flag flying in under two minutes.

Honesty, I was pretty shocked by how easy it was when setting it up myself. I tend to fail miserably with any installation or assembly job. But Portable Flag Company made the entire process straightforward and simple. I doubt even newbie RVers would have issues.

Once it’s installed, buyers will then benefit greatly from this product’s high-quality PVC construction. It even contains a stainless steel anchor to ensure the holder can withstand the highest winds without a single issue.

The furniture grade PVC construction also has impressive protective qualities against UV rays. It’ll make sure your new flag pole doesn’t fall victim to any fading issues. In fact, it should remain in good condition for a long, long time.

I found myself intrigued by this product’s adjustable customer ring, as well. This feature allows users to install flags of various sizes (any 3’ x 5’ or smaller). It’ll ensure this flag pole will be an acceptable choice for a wider audience than most RV flag poles and holders.

Buyers should find both this product’s affordable price and lifetime guarantee appealing, too. After all, these inclusions only further confirm the overall impressiveness of this choice. You’ll have a hard time finding a more equipped, affordable option in this marketplace.

The only notable complaint was a few customers noting its included flag being a little thin. It could end up being an issue in higher wind areas as it might get damaged. But buyers can easily offset this issue by using their own flags. If this problem is the only one with a flag pole, don’t hesitate for a second to put it into your shopping cart.

5. In the Breeze Heavy-Duty Telescoping RV Flag Pole

In The Breeze’s Heavy-Duty Telescoping RV Flag Pole is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to buy a fiberglass option. It’s made from heavy-duty fiberglass to ensure it’ll have no problem handling even the worst mother nature has to offer.

Aside from its impressive durability, buyers often find themselves loving this product’s swiveling eyelet. It’s an essential piece because it helps keep your flag moving continuously rather than getting twisted around the pole itself.

This RV fiberglass pole isn’t a slouch when it comes to storability, either. It comes with a reusable bag and has a collapsible design to make this process a breeze. I doubt even RVers with smaller rigs will have many issues finding enough storage space for it.

You also have to love that this model’s available in six sizes, ranging from 10 feet to 26 feet. RVers should stick with options from 16 feet and up, but there’s still enough variation to offer a considerable amount of choice for each buyer.

In The Breeze even provides four color choices for potential customers. It’s a simple way to ensure each person can find a flag pole that fits their RV’s personality. Honestly, I would have a hard time passing a chance of buying the blue HD fiberglass pole option. It would mesh perfectly with my rig’s exterior.

But I do wish it came with a mount in the package. It would make installing the flag pole a lot less stressful and straightforward. In fact, multiple customers reported the same experience in their reviews as I do. It just seems like a missed opportunity by In The Breeze to make their clients’ lives easier.

However, I would still put this flag pole high on my consideration list, even with this issue. Finding and buying a suitable RV flag pole mount, such as an EEZ RV Flag Pole Mount isn’t overly burdensome. It ends up being more of a minor hassle than a massive deal breaker in my eyes.

6. FlagPole Buddy 106105 RV Flag Pole Mount

The FlagPole Buddy 106105 RV Flag Pole Mount isn’t an actual flag pole, but it can make a subpar one much better with its usage. I felt the need to include it for people who already have an RV flag pole but don’t have a high-quality mount to stabilize it. As a result, it could save a buyer from wasting money on an entirely new RV flag pole.

One of the main reasons for this mount being such a high-quality product is its well-constructed design built from fiberglass-filled nylon. This construction provides it with excellent durability, plus a unique level of protection against UV rays.

Given this information, there’s no reason to expect it won’t offer high-quality results for a long time. I would also like to highlight this mount’s versatility as it can work with most 16-foot poles without much trouble.

If your 16-foot flag pole has a 1.5-inch diameter, it should be a perfect fit. It should then offer an excellent level of sturdiness and stability to ensure your flag stays flying. Plus, this 6-piece set isn’t overly difficult to assemble.

Several customers pointed out how easy this model was to install and set up. I don’t see a single reason even an RV novice would have issues getting this mount together. This brand made sure to make the entire process as simple as humanly possible.

It ends up being a much more accessible and convenient option to use than most RV flag pole tongue mount or RV flagpole bumper mount products available. Honestly, it’s easily one of the best mounts out there when an RVer intends to use flag poles.

I couldn’t even find a single notable complaint about this product in its customer reviews. Everyone who buys one of these mounts seems to be more than happy with their results.

7. Yeshom Upgraded RV Telescopic Flag pole Kit

This next option, Yeshom’s Upgraded RV Telescopic Flag pole Kit, separates itself from the pack with its thick aluminum construction. In fact, it was built using 16 Gauge aluminum tubes that provide an immense amount of sturdiness and longevity.

You can also rely on this material for being rust-proof. As most RVers know, rust and corrosion tend to be the nemesis of RVing equipment. Yeshom made sure this flag pole wouldn’t fall victim to common nuisance in our lives.

The product’s incredible twist locking system was another eye-catching trait. It’ll make setting up this RV flag pole a simple, effortless task that only takes a few minutes. As someone who hates these activities, I can’t tell you how much I adore this design aspect.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook this product’s rotating lock feature between each section, either. This locking mechanism allows users to adjust and extend the pole without any difficulty. Plus, it doesn’t require the use of ropes and pulley, which is always a positive.

I was impressed with the product’s top rotating shaft, too, which stops tangling issues. This aspect will even ensure your flag stays untangled in extra windy conditions. It’s the perfect setup to make sure everyone can see what your flag represents.

Yeshom offers this product in two colors, as well. Buyers will have a choice between black or silver when buying this RV flag pole. It should have no problem meshing with whatever RV flag pole ideas are within your head.

The product’s included flag did make a few customers annoyed with its flimsiness. But I’m not going to put too much stock into these concerns. You can always buy a different flag or find other ways to provide it with a little more security.

Overall, there’s nothing wrong with this product as it concerns being a flag pole. RVers who only need one and don’t require an American Flag’s inclusion will be more than happy with this choice.

8. Valley Forge RV Telescoping Flagpole

One of the most versatile telescoping flag poles available would be Valley Forge’s RV Telescoping Flagpole. Its 16-foot fiberglass design makes the product a perfect fit in various situations where you might need a flag pole.

For instance, customers have found this product to be an excellent addition to their camping trips, tailgating activities, and even on their decks. This option works well in these situations because of its numerous exciting design features.

An excellent example would be its portable wheel mount. This aspect offers a great deal of support while ensuring it’s easy to assemble and set up in any location. It’s an ideal situation for anyone who’s always on the move as an RVer.

I was also extremely pleased to see this product came with enough swivel flag hooks to fly two flags. Due to this, RVers won’t need to decide what flag best suits their mood. They can instead display two of them to ensure the product offers a bit more user-friendliness.

The included nylon carrying case only increases this product’s overall convenience. It’ll make sure most users can transport and store the RV flag pole with ease. Honestly, it fits right inside my storage area without needing to move a single item.

Valley Forge being a US-based manufacturer certainly doesn’t hurt this product’s case, either. I’m always going to feel a little more comfortable buying from brands within the states. These brands usually have faster shipping speeds and have to put their products through various safety testing.

Some customers did report packaging issues with this option. In these cases, this RV flag pole arrived in a damaged container that nobody wants to receive. But these incidents were infrequently seen in this RV flag pole reviews.

Given their infrequency, I wouldn’t put much stock into these complaints. Most buyers seemed completely happy with what they received when ordering this product. I wouldn’t expect anything less if I decided to invest money into this option.

9. WinisKi Heavy-Duty Residential Flagpole

Our final option, WinisKi’s Heavy-Duty Residential Flagpole, offers a level of adjustability other models simply can’t match. This ability comes from having five separate section poles that allow users to choose various heights ranging from 9 feet to 21 feet.

Buyers also should love this option’s incredible aluminum construction. It has a 1.2mm wall thickness, windproof capabilities, and a high resistance against rust. WinisKi did their homework and ensured this RV flag pole would be ideal for a rig owner’s needs.

As for its installation process, this flag pole will make your life much easier. It comes with detailed instructions to help keep the task stress-free. I’m pleased to report these directions are helpful, unlike most manuals you get with these products.

The three color scheme choices grabbed my interest, as well. I was particularly impressed with the black option as it would suit my rig’s personality perfectly. I can already see it outside my RV flying an American flag on the next camping adventure.

In fact, I was even impressed with the included American flag. Its polyester design material offers excellent UV ray protection and the ability to withstand deterioration. Due to this, you should expect the flag to be a part of your camping trips for many years.

A couple of customers did report the product took longer to arrive than expected. It’s not the end of the world, but worth noting for anyone who’s considering it. Buyers will need to be aware of this potential issue and determine whether its impressive features are worth the wait.

In my case, I’m certainly more than okay with waiting for superior performance. WinisKi did an excellent job crafting a high-quality RV flag pole, and shipping issues shouldn’t stop people from taking advantage of it. I know, it wouldn’t stop me.

10. Pyramid LED Whips Telescopic RV Flag Pole Kit

Pyramid LED Whips’ Telescopic RV Flag Pole Kit happens to be different from any other telescopic flag poles on our list. Its uniqueness comes from its built-in Bluetooth feature, which offers several key benefits.

For instance, this feature allows users to connect Bluetooth with the flagpole. It’s a vital feature because it lets users control the product’s lights through an app on their smartphone. This aspect makes finding your camp much easier when hiking or biking in the woods.

I found this product’s durable, lightweight construction to be another appealing aspect. It’s an advantage that comes from its usage of top-grade fiberglass. This material should have no trouble offering robust durability and stability.

As you might imagine, this lightweight design makes transporting the pole much easier. I had no issues moving from storage whenever setting up this flag pole. It’s only 8.33 pounds, which shouldn’t be a hassle for anyone reading this article.

The included rings, locking pins, and ladder mount are high-quality additions, as well. Their inclusions will make attaching this pole onto your RV ladder effortless. Multiple customers made a point to note this model was easy to set up and assemble.

Pyramid LED Whips’ customer service was another standout trait about this option. It was an aspect that was positively mentioned in the customer reviews, which is rare. Most people love to complain about this area whenever discussing any product.

But even with all these positives, there’s one downside hanging over this RV flag pole’s head. Its price tag is easily the most expensive among these options. Buyers will have to spend a lot more than they likely anticipated.

If you have the money, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for a single second. The quality and convenience offered by this RV flag pole are easily worth its asking price.

RV Flag Pole Buyer’s Guide


Finding suitable RV flag poles is a lot more involved than an RVer might initially realize. You’ll need to make crucial decisions about several key buying factors. This section will break down these choices to ensure picking one becomes a stress-free, easy process.

  • Flag Pole Height

As you might expect, a camper flagpole’s height plays a massive role in each buyer’s final decision. It’s an essential measurement because it determines how high your flag will fly, the number of people who see it, and affects your camping experience.

The proper height of a suitable RV flag pole will directly relate to your RV’s size. Motorhome owners traveling inside a giant rig, such as a Class A RV, won’t want a small flag pole. On the flip side, RVers with camper vans aren’t going to want some massive flag pole as it’ll look awkward when being used outside their motorhome.

The flag pole’s height will also impact the amount of support that your flag can show. In other words, you’ll want an option capable of being seen by others to show your pride. You don’t want a flag pole, which isn’t tall enough to demonstrate how much you love your country.

As a result, every buyer should take some genuine stock into how much height each RV flag pole offers. Weather conditions will be a deciding factor, too, as more extreme winds and rains can damage a taller pole much easier.

People looking for a strict height guideline to follow would be best sticking around 15ft when choosing their poles. This amount of height is about average, but it should still do everything you want and more.

  • Weight

The weight of a travel trailer flag pole is another vital consideration during this process. It tells a buyer how much weight gets placed on your RV and the easiness of its installation. Both these aspects will have a significant impact on whether an RVer’s happy with their final choice.

Understanding whether an RV flag pole is heavy or lightweight will tell a buyer how much strain gets put on their motorhomes. For instance, buyers with RVers that have a strong base will have no issues handling heavier poles.

But RV owners with less sturdy rigs would do better with lightweight options. Accounting for these types of details goes a long way when trying to find a perfect camping flag pole. It could be the difference between choosing a subpar one and an excellent option.

Furthermore, the weight will indicate its installation process. It’ll also provide some insight into the easiness of its repairs, cleaning, and replacing tasks. You’ll need to choose an option that features a poundage level, which makes these jobs free of frustration.

  • Construction Materials

Picking a high-quality RV flag pole has a significant amount to do with knowing what materials make up each option. You’ll need to do a healthy amount of research into these design aspects before choosing a perfect model for your needs.

As you might expect, there’s plenty of variations in this marketplace. Manufacturers are using a lot of different materials to build their respective RV flag poles. Each buyer will have to determine what materials are best for their ideal option.

Your decision will start with considering the most traditional model, which is steel RV flag poles. These options are known for their abilities to survive different terrains and extreme weather conditions without issue.

In other words, a steel flag pole will provide significant levels of versatility. But these choices do have an issue when it comes to durability as it’s prone to rust. It also doesn’t help that steel is a heavier material, making installation a bit challenging.

Another standard option is flag poles made from aluminum. These models are lighter than steel poles and still provide a high level of durability. Meanwhile, plastic flag poles have become increasingly more popular as they’re more flexible concerning their design. The cheaper price tag sure doesn’t hurt their case, either.

You’ll also come across flag poles made from various metal alloys, which vary in their performance quality. In any case, each buyer will have to decide what they deem essential in their RV flag pole and find a design material capable of providing it.

  • Durability

Each RVer will want a flag pole capable of lasting a long time. The main component behind a flag pole’s durability will be its design and materials. You’ll need to find a combination that can offer extended longevity while staying within your price range.

One of the most essential resources in this particular search will be customer reviews. These discussions will provide significant insight into how each flag pole performs in certain terrains and weather conditions.

You can then use them to make an easy determination about how long each one will last. Trust me; there’s nothing quite as useful as reading through a first-hand experience when online shopping. It’s invaluable to the process.

  • Flexibility

Buyers will need to choose an RV flag pole with enough flexibility for their needs. Some owners like to choose options with a large amount to help prevent damage in heavy winds. Others buy sturdier poles to ensure their chosen model can survive contact from a falling tree branch. You’ll have to decide what side of the line is a better fit.

  • Cost

The cost of a product will always be a factor when trying to select a perfect choice. RV flag poles are no different and don’t help matters by being available for various price tags. In fact, some are downright expensive.

Buyers will need to build a budget based on their required and wanted features. For instance, RV owners looking for an RV flag pole with LED light capabilities will need a higher budget. It’s the only way to ensure these resources become useful during this buying process.

You then utilize them to lessen the number of options to a more manageable number. It’ll make finding the right RV flag pole for your situation a much easier task.

RV Flag Pole FAQs

This FAQ section will attempt to cover any leftover topics uncovered by our previous discussions. It should help answer those final questions that still make you feel uncomfortable about choosing an RV flag pole.

Who is this for?

RV flag poles are products explicitly built for usage in camping settings. RV owners like having these pieces of equipment to fly flags of whatever they want to express. It could be flying a flag of their business logo, country, or other similar means.

Basically, it gives motorhome owners another way to express what they’re prideful in when camping worldwide. It’s not the most necessary camping item, but some people might consider the most important.

What are the different types of RV flag poles?

As with most RV-related products, these flag poles come in a few different types. Most of them fall into three categories: an RV telescoping flag pole, an RV PVC flag pole, or an RV standard flag pole. Let’s go over each of them to help determine what one best suits your situation.

  • RV Telescoping Flag Pole

A telescoping flagpole for RV usage comes with various benefits. These products are considered easy to install, store, and use. Each of these advantages makes them a huge favorite within the RVing community.

It’s also essential to note that these poles don’t offer the same sturdiness level as a standard flag pole. But telescoping options make up for this issue by providing easy control over its rope system and height. These abilities aren’t even close to being matched by our other two types.

However, these flag poles do have a lot more moving parts. It’s an issue that can result in more wear and tear over the years, which could mean many repairs.

  • RV PVC Flag Pole

If a buyer goes with an RV PVC flag pole, they’ll be banking on its ability to offer decent strength and enough flexibility to withstand strong winds. These models are often lighter than other types, too, which makes for an easier installation and less strain on your RV.

It’s no surprise that these models have become more and more popular. Plus, I didn’t even mention their affordable price tag and wide selection.

  • RV Standard Flag Pole

Our final type, RV standard flag poles, consists of metal or metallic alloys. These constructions provide them with a much heavier weight, which ensures a high level of durability. Honestly, these shouldn’t have any issues dealing with several different climate conditions and terrains.

But they don’t have the flexibility offered by something like a PVC flag pole. These models do make up for in other areas, though, as its material can withstand constant movement and vibration.

Overall, their durability alone makes them worth considering. There’s no reason one shouldn’t last several years when it’s maintained properly.

How do RV flag poles work?

An RV flag pole’s working process isn’t challenging to understand. These poles have an external assembly consisting of a system of ropes, pulleys, and halyards.

It starts with the halyard getting rigged to the pulleys, and contains two hooks connected onto it. These hooks are for your flag’s grommets, while the pole itself has cleats to clutch the extra rope.

Meanwhile, each pole’s internal construction features a cable assembly containing counterweights and retainer rings. Users will have to connect the flag onto the hooks and pull the rope until the flag reaches its proper height.

Advantages and disadvantages of using flag poles for RV

If you’re looking to buy an RV flag pole, it’s essential to know its advantages and disadvantages. Having a handle on both sides will make it easier to determine whether spending money on one is a smart move.


Flag poles for RV usage are essential to anyone who wants to fly a flag during their travels. But what makes them more effective for RVers than standard options is they’re designed with unique aspects.

These add-ons allow them to withstand certain factors, such as vibrations and extreme weather conditions, that come with RV living. You can also expect them to be more flexible with their storage capabilities and have easy installation processes.

But the main benefit offered by these flag poles is their ability to produce effective non-verbal communication. It gives RV owners a chance to identify themselves to their fellow RVers via whatever flag they want to fly.


The only downside to owning an RV flag pole would be it’s another piece of equipment that’ll eat into your savings. Each buyer will have to decide whether using one of these poles to fly a particular flag is worth the extra cash.

How do you make an RV flag pole?

Campers have several ways to choose from when making DIY flag poles. However, my favorite method is found in this detailed Youtube video DIY Camper Flagpole. It walks you through an effortless way to construct a PVC flag pole RV without hassle or difficulty.

In short, you should:

  1. Prepare a 10-feet long PVC pipe (0.5 inch), plus another 2.5-feet long 2-inch pipe.
  2. Connect the two pipes together with a clamp and collar sleeves.
  3. Put some carabiners onto your new pole to hold the flag.

Still, I’d recommend buying a high-quality option. It’s a much more cost-effective and convenient move, especially for RVers who aren’t comfortable making one. After all, buying one removes any risk of messing anything up.

Do you need permission to put up a flag pole on your RV?

You don’t have to ask for permission to put an RV flag pole on your rig. That said, campground owners can be a little strict about what’s being displayed inside their business.

So it’s essential to ask beforehand about what’s acceptable at your campground. Otherwise, people might knock on your door later, asking for your flag’s removal. These incidents usually only occur when you’re displaying something offensive or advertising products on your motorhome flagpole.

Is fiberglass or aluminum flag pole better?

There isn’t a consensus about whether fiberglass or aluminum flag poles are better. For instance, both types have situations where they would fit well.

The more stable construction of aluminum models is more suited for outdoor applications. It makes them better equipped to handle mother nature’s worst conditions. However, these options often cost much more while offering complex assembly processes.

On the other hand, a fiberglass RV flag holder is seen as being more convenient. As a result, newbie rig owners often choose these models for fifth wheel camper motorhomes and other RVs. After all, they have simple installation processes and provide decent stability.

So anyone looking to purchase a traditional or portable flag pole for camping must decide what construction material best suits their needs. In other words, ask yourself if the convenience of fiberglass or the durability of aluminum is more appealing.

How long does an RV flag pole last?

RV flag poles will have varying degrees of durability. Some options will last only a few months, while others can hold up for several years. In fact, most RVers have to buy a new one every year before the next camping season.

If you’re looking to avoid this outcome, research each option’s durability. Reviews will provide some much-needed context about a pole’s lifespan. A good starting point would be looking at heavy-duty options, as they often last much longer than traditional types.

An excellent example would be WinisKi’s Heavy-Duty Residential Flagpole. It has a much stronger and more reliable construction than most other choices for camper use. Due to this, it’ll have no problem offering years of solid performance without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Who makes the best flag poles for RV?

It’s more challenging to make a RV flag pole than people might initially realize. But the best trailer, motorhome, camper, or 5th wheel RV flag pole will come from brands that can excel in two areas: product performance and customer service.

Finding a manufacturer capable of providing both is an essential part of this entire process. I’ve provided a head start by offering several top-tier brands in our product review. Each of these companies has proven to be a solid contender for the best RV flag pole brand.

Which flagpole should withstand the strongest wind?

If you’re looking to use a flag in a high wind area, WinisKi’s Heavy-Duty Residential Flagpole would be your best choice. The product’s aluminum construction will more than stand up to any wind gusts that come its way.

What size flag is best for my RV flagpole?

Your chosen flag pole’s size will determine the properly sized flag. But I recommend making sure the flag’s length be at least ¼ of the pole’s height.

What size flag should go on a 20-foot pole?

If you’re looking to place a flag on a 20ft pole, the standard size of 3′ x 5′ should be a good fit. Anything smaller might look a little too awkward.

Any care and maintenance tips?

The first thing to consider when cleaning your RV flag pole is whether it has removable parts. If it’s a standard external model, there’s nothing much to it. It becomes as simple as cleaning the exterior of your motorhome. You then remove and secure all its moving parts and wash/dry them separately.

If you have an internal halyard flag pole, it’s the same process with one key difference. You’ll have to schedule a lot of time for maintenance, as it requires taking out all the moving parts from your rig.

Users should also utilize anti-rust or other solutions that might help out your flag pole. It’s an essential addition because the wear and tear for RV models are slightly higher than standard. You never know what conditions that these flag poles will encounter.


After reading our article, choosing the best RV flag poles shouldn’t be too difficult. This included buying guides, and product reviews should provide a good idea of what you want in one. But if a question or concern does come up, the comment section is always open. Thanks for reading!

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