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The Best RV Extension Cords for Camping Trips & RV Travel

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Rig owners have a long list of things to buy before going out on their adventures. One of these items is an RV extension cord, which is a pivotal piece in ensuring you’ve got access to a reliable source of electricity.

But how does a person make sure they’re buying the best RV extension cord for their situation? Well, this issue is where an article like ours comes into play. I’m going to guide you through this entire process to ensure it ends with a smart, responsible choice.

best rv extension cord

This guidance will consist of covering several relevant topics related to these useful cords, including their benefits, how to install them, maintenance tips, and several others. Each discussion will be vital in outlining what makes up a perfect extension cord.

I’ll even review 14 extension cords, which I found to be productive and worthwhile. These reviews will make it clear about what a top-tier extensive looks like and offers a rig owner. You’ll be able to separate a subpar option from a high-quality one with ease.

Let’s get started with these reviews and dive right into the topic at hand. It’s time to ensure you’ve got the perfect RV extension cord capable of meeting your electricity needs.

Best Overall Easy to Install Sturdiness
Preview Camco 55191

Miady Extension Cord

RVMATE Extension Cord

Length 25 ft 30 ft 25 ft
Voltage 125 V 125 V 125-250 V
Input Current 30 A 50 A 50 A
Wattage 3750 W 6250 W 6250 W (125V), 12,500 W (250V)
Connection NEMA TT-30P, NEMA TT-30R NEMA 14-50P, NEMA 14-50R NEMA 14-50P, NEMA 14-50R
Weatherproof Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details

11 Best Extension Cord for RV Reviews

1. Camco PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor RV 30-Amp Extension Cord

Our first option, Camco’s 55191 PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor RV 30-Amp Extension Cord, is a perfect fit for a rig owner. This heavy-duty extension cord should have no issues making your life easier with many impressive features.

One of these features is its easy-to-use structure, which is simple because the cord comes with NEMA TT-30P & NEMA TT-30R connectors. As a result, using this becomes an effortless task: connect the power cord to the female connector and plug the male connector into the power source.

Many buyers were impressed by this product’s PowerGrip plug, as well. This aspect makes plugging and unplugging the cord much safer. It provides a level of safety that few other options are capable of offering.

The PowerGrip plug’s handle is another exciting feature worth mentioning. It provides a bit more control when plugging the cord into a power source. Plus, the handle ensures less strain and damage comes to the cord.

I was also thrilled about the cord’s overall design. You should anticipate this option to last a long time with its heat-resistant and flame-retardant PVC coating. I can’t imagine someone will need to replace it any time soon with this stellar design.

This product’s usage of 100% copper 10-gauge wires shouldn’t be overlooked, either. You can expect superior conductivity from these wires, which will make them very useful. It’s one of the main reasons this product is considered a top-tier RV extension cord.

As for the product’s cost, it’s another area where this option excels. This RV extension cord won’t cause a massive hole in your bank account, even with these fantastic features. It should have no problem fitting into most realistic budgets.

But the model isn’t perfect as it’s a bit bulkier than I would like for an RV extension cord. However, this issue isn’t a big deal when its bulkiness comes from durable materials. I’ll gladly sacrifice a few inches of storage space for a longer product lifespan.

2. Miady 50-Amp Heavy Duty RV Extension Cord

Anyone looking to buy a 30-foot option should take a look at Miady’s 50-Amp Heavy Duty RV Extension Cord. It provides a long list of beneficial features that any rig owner would love to have in their power cord.

The product’s finger grip handles is one of these excellent features. These handles ensure removing and plugging with ease. As a result, you can expect both the plug and cord to last longer than a model without them.

I was also impressed with the product’s adjustable duty cord organizer, making the storage process much more convenient. It comes with a handle hanger that allows you to hang the product neatly in your storage area.

This extension cord made with RVing situations in mind does not hurt. It features an STW jacket, which is resistant against abrasion, corrosion, and short circuits. Therefore, it offers a high level of safety that any rig owner can appreciate.

It’s among the most versatile options available, thus becoming an ideal choice for medium-sized RVs, campers, trailers, and 5th wheels. This versatility comes from its usage of NEMA 14-50P and 14-50R connectors to ensure it works in a wide array of applications.

Most buyers were pleased with the customer service provided by Miady, as well. Their customer support actually received glowing reviews, which is uncommon. I even called them up with a few questions and have only positive things to say about the experience.

But I have one significant issue with this option, its price tag. This model is easily one of the most expensive options on our list. You’ll have to do some serious thinking about whether these excellent features are worth the higher price.

Overall, I don’t see anything wrong with spending a little extra for a product capable of providing top-tier results. This camper extension cord certainly would be worth it based on what features and benefits come from its use.

3. RVMATE 50 Amp RV Power Extension Cord

RVMATE’s 50 Amp RV Power Extension Cord should be on the shopping list of anyone who needs a new electric cord for camper use. Its excellent, worthwhile features offer impressive results in several areas. Honestly, I couldn’t have been happier with how this model performed compared to my previous extension cord.

For instance, its durable and flexible construction has made a massive difference in my situation. It hasn’t shown any signs of wear and tear, and the copper wiring provides excellent conductivity. It’s precisely what any RVers would want in an extension cord.

Safety is an area where this model is more impressive than its competitors. It features a molded-in design to ensure no hassles with plugging in the cable. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about any sparks flying or shocks occurring.

The product’s LED indicator was another eye-opening attribute. It makes using the extension cord much easier, as I always know when the cable’s powered. Plus, I can easily see this indicator from a distance, which shows its user-friendliness.

Many would also prefer this power cord’s included accessories. For example, each cable has a storage bag, cleaning towel, and plastic strap. So it’s one of the more convenient and storable options on our list.

Also, each RVer will select between 15 ft and 25 ft lockable and standard models, meaning RVMate covers a broad customer base. I can’t imagine many potential buyers won’t find a suitable variation for their needs.

I must also admit this heavy duty extension cord is a bit burdensome to carry. It’s one of the heavier options on our list, especially among 50-amp choices. But this one minor inconvenience shouldn’t stop anyone from considering it.

4. GoWISE Power 30-Foot 50 Amp RV Extension Cord

GoWISE Power’s 30-Foot 50-Amp RV Extension Cord isn’t the most advanced option available, but it will get the job done. It’s a simple, affordable option for a rig owner who wants an easy solution for their extension cord needs.

The product’s capable of fitting into this role due to its straightforward design. This design consists of heavy-duty materials, which ensure efficient and long-lasting results. Honestly, a product with this low price tag shouldn’t be built this well.

I was also surprised by the product’s easy using process. This aspect was mentioned several times in the customer reviews, which is always a good sign. I found myself having no problems using it, either, which was truly shocking.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook the cord’s easy-grip handle when evaluating its utility. This aspect makes the task much more comfortable than with other options. It ensures everything goes smoothly and without much effort.

I tend to look for anything capable of making RVing experience less stressful. This extension cord certainty would remove a large number of hassles from my life with these great features.

It even has a lightweight, compact design to make storing it more convenient. After all, the cord only weighs 21 pounds to ensure almost anybody can carry it without issue. I don’t have a ton of storage space onboard my rig, which means any help in this area is welcomed.

Overall, the product ends up being a cost-effective way to solve your extension cord needs. It should have no trouble hooking right up into shore power or generator and providing the electricity needed for your rig.

But I was a little annoyed to find out the cord’s housing isn’t flame retardant. I don’t anticipate any issues arising from its usage based on my and other customers’ experiences. However, I’d feel a lot more at peace with an extension cord with this design feature.

5. Conntek 14360 30-Amp RV Extension Cord

Rig owners who want an RV 30-Amp power cord replacement should take a look at Conntek’s 14360 30-Amp RV Extension Cord. Its 3-prong 125-volt configuration is capable of exceeding your expectations.

This configuration consists of an extremely durable and flexible cable jacket, which is another reason to give the product some consideration. In fact, this product has no trouble functioning well within various weather conditions.

You can attribute this ability to the product featuring heat-resistant capabilities. As with our previous Conntek product, this extension cord can function in temperatures reaching 221° F. It should prevent any overheating issues from happening during its usage.

I was rather intrigued by this model’s usage of flanged griplets. These griplets feel comfortable in your hand, which makes plugging in and removing them a breeze. In fact, multiple buyers made it a point to praise this aspect in their reviews.

The product’s durable 10AWG wire is another appealing trait. It’s inclusion further ensures this extension cord will last for a long time. These features make this product a long-term investment.

You can even change the product’s overall length to fit your situation. In other words, it comes in three sizes, 10-feet, 25-feet, and 50-feet. I’d end up picking the 25-feet cord because it’s the best combination of length and cost for my circumstances.

The product’s bright yellow design isn’t something to undervalue. It makes the extension cord extremely visible, which can be useful to find it in storage or at night. It’s another area where Conntek seems to be one step ahead of their competitors.

It’s worth noting that a few customers found the jacket to be a little more fragile than expected. These buyers noticed it struggled when dealing with abrasions or cutting, which could be an issue down the road.

6. Camco PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor 50-Amp Extension Cord

Camco’s PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor 50-Amp Extension Cord for RV doesn’t leave a whole lot for a rig owner to complain about with its exceptional design. Honestly, this extension cord has almost every feature I could think of wanting in one.

An obvious highlight about this product is its patented Power Grip handle. This reduces any expected frustration caused by users’ gripping, plugging, or removing the plug ends. In other words, it makes this process a more comfortable one for everyone.

The product’s carrying strap handle and adjustable cord organizer are two other convenient additions. Both these features ensure a less stressful and time-consuming storing process.

You’ll also love this product’s extended 30-foot length, which makes reaching distant power sources and outlets easier. This particular footage is perfect for my situation as anything longer or shorter would be a little inept for what I need.

As for its performance, this model functions without much issue due to its construction. The extensive cord features pure copper wiring and flame-retardant/heat resistant PVC sheath. Both these materials should ensure it remains usable and protected in outdoor settings.

It should be noted that these materials have shown a consistent ability to deal with RV travel. Due to this, the extension cord shouldn’t have trouble withstanding the wear and tear of always traveling from place to place.

This product’s copper wiring is known for its outstanding conductivity, ensuring the cord to run at full capacity with effective results. But you’ll have to pay a bit extra for this level of performance.

It falls on the higher end of price tags on our list, making the product a tough sell for a bargain buyer. However, anyone looking for the best camper power cords regardless of cost shouldn’t hesitate to buy this one.

7. Parkworld RV 30-Amp Extension Cord

If you’re looking for options longer than 50 feet, Parkworld’s RV 30A Extension Cord offers a 75-foot variation with a practical design. This RV power hookup cord would make finding a suitable electricity source an easier endeavor.

After all, the product’s extended length offers more choice when searching for a suitable camping area. You’d no longer have to settle for a subpar spot because it’s located near a power source.

The cable’s vast amount of flexibility with help out in this regard. It’ll let you move around obstacles and maximum the product’s 75-foot length. Honestly, what is the point of having an extension cord this long without a high degree of flexibility?

You’ll also benefit from this product being molded with an electroplated copper terminal. This aspect prevents surface oxidation and limits rust from occurring. As a result, the product should offer top-tier results for a long, long time.

If you aren’t interested in the extended length, this model comes in two other sizes: 36-foot and 25-foot. Both options have proven to be a massive hit among their respective buyers, as well. It seems like Parkworld hit it out of the park when creating this extension cord.

Aside from these features, the model comes with several familiar ones from earlier reviews. These include a heavy-duty PVC jacket, an affordable price, outdoor use capabilities, and a lightweight design. Each one will be pivotal in ensuring your happiness with this particular extension cord.

But I’m not a massive fan of this product being manufactured outside the United States. The shipping time will be much longer and some foreign countries have less lenient safety guidelines. It’s something to think about before making a final choice.

8. Leisure Cords 25′ Power RV Extension Cord

Some people assume a low price means the product was made cheaply. But this description doesn’t fit Leisure Cords’ 25′ Power RV Extension Cord, which features an affordable price yet excellent construction.

Bargain buyers will be overjoyed by this product’s ability to function efficiently. In fact, there’s no reason to believe this model will have any issues allowing an electrical current of 30 amps as its product description promises.

This belief was only confirmed when I dive into the customer reviews. Most of the buyers were floored by how well this product performed, considering its price. The product doesn’t encounter overheating problems after regular usage over a few days.

I was also intrigued by this 30-Amp RV power cord’s twist lock feature, which further ensures this entire process runs smoothly and safely. As you might imagine, this aspect is fundamental in guaranteeing the cord stays plugged in and doesn’t dislodge on accident.

The product’s overall design was another excellent feature. I was expecting this extension cord to be made from lesser quality materials than our other options. But this model contains those same heavy-duty ingredients.

As a result, this bargain buy is not viewed as a short-term solution. I don’t see any reason to believe this cord won’t be functioning years down the line. It’s quite clear that this extension cord deserves the title of the best bargain on our list.

The product isn’t perfect, though, as its plug end is bulkier than I expected. It comes from the product’s molded finger slot and prevents some electrical outlet boxes from being closed. It’s a small nuisance to deal with when accounting for all the money this option saves.

9. Road Power 95707508 30-Amp RV Extension Cord

The Coleman Cable Road Power 95707508 30-Amp RV Extension Cord might be our best option for potential issues. This model is customized with moisture, abrasion, weather, and chemical resistance.

In other words, Coleman Cable made sure everything capable of breaking down this cord was dealt with effectively. This mindset results in the power cord lasting a bit longer than what’s expected from its competitors.

You should love this product’s power indicator on its female plug end, as well. This aspect will let a rig owner know when power is on, and the cord’s ready for usage. It’s a practical feature in making sure this entire process goes off without a hitch.

The product’s 30-foot length is another massive winning for me. It lines up perfectly with what I’m looking for in an extension cord. It’ll be flexible enough, but it won’t take up an ungodly amount of room in my storage area like a 50-ft option.

Regarding its performance, multiple buyers reported the product supplying electricity without any issues. Everything about it from the install to removing was an absolute breeze, which isn’t always the case with these products.

This product is known for being effective in numerous RVing settings, from campgrounds to motor parks. It can excel in different environments because of the cable’s flexibility, which allows it to maneuver around obstacles easily.

Overall, this extension cord is another cost-effective way to ensure you always have electricity access on your RVing trips. It even has a light construction, which makes moving it around an effort-free and straightforward task.

But this option is another manufactured outside the United States. This issue makes it a hard sell for me due to the lax safety regulations in other countries. However, the overwhelming amount of positive reviews make me second guess this choice.

10. Kohree Dogbone Heavy Duty RV Power Cord Adapter

Rig owners who need an RV cord adapter to plug a motorhome’s 30-Amp power inlet into a 15-amp power source should consider this option. Kohree’s Dogbone Heavy Duty RV Power Cord Adapter s more capable of getting the job done.

One of the reasons behind this product’s effectiveness is its heavy-duty polyvinyl plastic and 100% copper wire design. This construction provides the toughness needed to the job safely and effectively.

I was also impressed by this product’s locking connector featuring a threaded ring. This threaded ring can afford a safe connection and prevent dislodging from happening. It’s a vital aspect of making sure everything goes smoothly.

This locking connector has an LED power indicator, which lights up when the device is energized. It’s a useful function for the user to track what’s happening during the using process.

Many buyers were happy with this product’s install process. Several reviews made it a point to acknowledge setting up this adapter was much easier than anticipated. As someone who isn’t great at these types of tasks, I was thrilled to see this amount of praise.

The actual process consists of plugging this product’s 30-Amp female plug end into your RV’s 30-Amp power inlet. Proceed to plug the male 15-amp plug end into your extension cord, which is connected to the power source. It sounds simple enough, right?

You should also love this product’s compact and lightweight design. These aspects ensure storing the adapter isn’t much of an issue. As we all know, storage space onboard a rig is always limited, making these factors important to consider in any device brought onto an RV.

However, I was displeased with the LED indicator brightness level. It’s a bit duller than I expected it to be during the daytime. My eyesight isn’t great anyway, which made this issue an even larger one for my situation.

11. Coleman Cable 09542 15 to 30-Amp RV Adapter Extension Cord

The last product on our list is Coleman Cable’s 09542 15 to 30-Amp RV Adapter Extension Cord. It’s another option made for plugging an RV’s 30-Amp inlet into a 15-Amp power source.

As a result, it has several features capable of making this process more manageable. One of them is the product’s weather-resistant abilities, which can function in various weather conditions without issue. It makes it a rather convenient adapter to have onboard your rig.

I found this product’s pull handle intriguing, as well. This feature ensures all disconnects of the device remain safe and easy. It’s a nice touch to ensure everything about the process runs correctly and no accidents occur.

As with our earlier adapter, this model has its only built-in power indicator light. This aspect lets you know when a power transfer is happening through the device. It allows the user to keep tabs on what’s going on when using the adapter.

The product’s 100% copper construction was another winning trait. It ensures the adapter remains usable for many years without obtaining harmful issues like rust. Honestly, there’s nothing better than buying an RV part and knowing you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.

It also doesn’t hurt that this adapter features a low price tag, which makes it rather replaceable when an unforeseen issue occurs. You could easily buy another one without putting a major or even little dent into your bank account.

You can expect this adapter to work smoothly in various settings, either. It should be usable in most campgrounds, recreational areas, and motor parks thanks to its plug configuration. In the end, it’s a low-priced, versatile piece of equipment.

But the product isn’t without its flaws. I was a bit concerned by the product’s gauge wire not being as heavy as some of its competitors. Make sure to consider this issue and ensure it can meet your needs, it’s only safe for 15 amps, before spending money on it.

Conntek 14364 30-Amp RV Extension Cord (Outdated)

If you’re looking for a long-term option, Conntek’s 14364 30-Amp RV Extension Cord is worth considering. This model features a cable jacket made from extra-heavy-duty material to ensure peak levels of durability.

The heavy-duty RV extension cord cover doesn’t only increase its durability, though. It is more flexible than other options due to its heat-resistance. In fact, this extension cord can function in temperatures reaching 221° F.

You love the wires within this cable jacket, as well. These wires are made from sturdy 10AWG wire, which can work well with generators and RVs. The product’s inclusion on our list shouldn’t be much of a surprise with features like these.

But the excellent features don’t stop there as I have to shout out this product’s reliable molded plug ends. These parts were made to withstand higher levels of abrasion and weather resistance than their previous options.

Rig owners should appreciate these plug ends being equipped with ear grips. These grips make the plug-in and removal processes much easier for the user. It will also lessen the strain on this cord by a significant amount to help promote long-lasting results.

As with our previous option, this model’s wire is made from 100% pure copper. This aspect will allow you to use the power cord’s full capacity and flexibility. It makes the product much more user-friendly than expected.

I was thrilled to see this model came with a choice regarding its length, as well. You can pick between 10-foot, 25-foot, and 50-foot options. There might not be a 30-amp RV extension cord 100ft varration, but these choices should ensure a little more versatility than most other cords on our list.

Some buyers did report a few issues with customer service. But aside from this issue, everything else about the product was top class and ranked well above most options.

Valterra Mighty Cord RV 30-Amp Extension Cord (Outdated)

Are you looking for a camping power cord capable of lasting a long time? Valterra’s Mighty Cord RV 30-Amp Extension Cord could be exactly what you’re looking for in a power cord. Its construction will ensure the product lasts many years.

For instance, this 30-Amp RV cord was built with a heavy-duty rubbing housing. This housing was made with camping activities in mind. And it will have no trouble enduring prolonged outdoor usage. It promotes a high durability level, which will ensure you aren’t looking for a replacement anytime soon.

Buyers also get more choice with this model. It comes in four size variations and two different levels of amperage. A rig owner can easily find a size/amp combination suited to their needs with these many options.

As a result, this Valterra RV power cord becomes an extremely user-friendly option. This convenience only increases when you look at this model’s finger grip plugs. You’ll be able to remove and plug-in without breaking a sweat.

I was pleased with the cord’s overall versatility, as well. This product has shown effectiveness when used for generators, outdoor/indoor heating, lighting, and similar situations. It’s always nice when a product isn’t boxed into serving a single purpose.

But none of these features hold a candle to my favorite one, its price tag. You aren’t often going to find durable, effective power cords at this low price. It’d be wise to take advantage of a bargain like this one when it’s available.

It was disappointing to see a few customers report shipping issues with the product arriving late or within unacceptable packaging. These issues aren’t what I’d expect from a brand with such a pristine reputation as Valterra. But performance-wise, a rig owner couldn’t ask for much more than this model can provide.

RVGUARD 30-Amp RV Power Extension Cord (Outdated)

RVGUARD’s 50-Amp RV Power Extension Cordis a 25-foot long option capable of ensuring your rig’s always getting its required electricity. You can attribute its stellar performance to features like its power indicator light.

At first, this feature might not seem like a big deal, but it can play a huge role in a user’s comfort level with the product. It lets the owners know when this 50-amp RV cord is connected into a power source. This information will provide much-needed peace of mind to a sometimes stressful task.

I was also pleased with this 25-foot 50-Amp rv extension cord’s weather-resistant STW jacket, which makes the cable flexible and durable. These two aspects promise a convenient use of this extension cord rather than an absolute hassle.

Besides, you can rely on this product’s finger grip handle to make things easier. This handle will put a lot less stress on the cable when plugging in and unplugging. It’ll ensure no unnecessary damage happens to the cord during usage, which is always a nice touch.

The storing process shouldn’t be much trouble, either. It comes with a plastic bag and strap that makes finding a place inside your storage area for the cord rather easy. Plus, it’s not like this option is a 100ft 50-Amp RV extension cord needing storage.

You can rest easy knowing that this product features a compact design, which lends itself useful during the storage process. I don’t envision anyone having problems finding some extra room for this extension cord in their rig’s storage area.

As for flaws, I couldn’t find a single thing worth mentioning with this product. Everything about it’s well-made and more than capable of meeting a rig owner’s needs. In fact, the product’s price tag even seems affordable compared to the other options on our list.

Coleman Cable Surge Guard 30A10MFST RV Extension Cord (Outdated)

If you’re looking for a 10-foot RV extension cord, Coleman Cable’s Surge Guard 30A10MFST RV Extension Cord features an attractive, straightforward design. Its features can ensure the electricity goes from the power source into your rig safely.

An excellent example is the product’s 30-Amp male and female receptacles. These plug ends will have no issues plugging into both sides with secure connections, thanks to their molded design. It will make sure no accidental dislodges occur.

If a rig owner needs to dislodge their plug ends, the extension cord makes this process simple. Each of these two plug ends features an Easy-T-Pull handle, which makes disconnecting them a quick task.

The product’s other features aren’t anything to write home about, but they’re effective. Buyers will benefit from the cord’s PVC jacket that’s weather-resistant and tough. As with previous options, the extension cord remains capable of doing its job without overheating or short-circuiting.

You should find the internal copper wires to more than meet the expected standard. These wires have proven to be robust and efficient based on customer reviews. Due to this, the product can transmit the electricity where it needs to go.

As you might expect, the price tag accompanying this extension cord isn’t too shabby. It should fit right into most people’s budgets and be a quick-fix option. If you’re in a bind, I don’t see how this model won’t be near the top of your list.

But the product has an obvious flaw, which is its length. I’m going to need more than 10-feet in the areas where I intend to camp without a single doubt. But I could easily see how this model would be a perfect option for someone in different circumstances than mine.

RV Extension Cord Buyer’s Guide


Picking out an RV extension cord tends to be an overlooked part of the RVing experience. In fact, rig owners often make the mistake of buying the wrong type, which could be a massive issue in the future.

I’m going to help you avoid this mistake by outlining several essential deciding factors below. These discussions will ensure you know exactly what makes up the best RV extension cord. As a result, selecting the right one won’t be difficult.


The first thing to consider would be your RV extension cord length. RV power cords usually end up being heavy and bulk, especially ones made from heavy-duty materials. Longer ones like 50-foot options will obviously weigh more and require more storage space than a 30-foot cord.

Due to this, ask yourself whether you need a 50-foot long cord? Is there a possibility that all your extension cord needs could be met with a 30-foot option? If so, there’s no reason to spend extra on one of the more extended options. You should instead stick with a standard 25 to 30 feet extension cord.

It’s also worth noting that the proper size presents the cord’s functionality. For instance, people looking to use their extension cord at all times would be best served with a smaller option. They should make sure to park their rig closer to a power source, as well.


Every RV extension cord will have a provided capacity. This aspect will indicate what it can support and be used for during its usage: how many amps are allowed, from what power supply, for what type of device/appliance, etc.

For instance, you’ll come across 12 gauge RV extension cords that only allow 20 amps. There will also be six gauge options with a 50 amp capacity. In other words, each choice can have its distinct use based on the power, which can flow through it.

Every rig owner should check the number of amps their RV can accept before buying their choosing extension cord. It’ll ensure you don’t make a mistake and end up buying something that can’t be used in your situation.


Once you’ve established the proper capacity and length, please take a look at each option’s construction. This means evaluating the materials used in their designs. These materials will have a massive impact on what functions the power cord can perform.

I’d suggest considering the wire’s flexibility and its power capabilities. In most cases, rig owners will choose to buy extension cords that are made with full copper wire. This copper wiring is a solid choice because it has a higher power capacity and doesn’t break down easily. If everything goes smoothly, this wiring won’t heat up and cause problems.

You should consider each option’s storage capabilities, as well. I’d recommend looking for options with a reputation for being durable, even with constant usage. If you’re a full-time RVer, this factor is a necessity to ensure you aren’t buying another power cord in a few months.


As with any product, the price will play a significant role in your final decision. You must find an option that meets your specific needs but stays within your budgetary limits. This reality means building a reasonable, adequate budget is a must during this buying process.

Your budget should be based on what features you deem necessary. An excellent example would be someone who needs a longer extension cord should expect it to cost more. This expectation should be reflected within their budget to ensure it remains realistic.

Once you’ve accounted for these features, this budget will make the entire process much easier. It’ll limit your choices down to options that only meet the necessary criteria. Choosing between these options will be light work compared to wading through every power cord at Wal-Mart or on Amazon.

Looking through each product’s customer reviews could help determine what model fits your needs perfectly, as well. These reviews could clarify which options are worth their price tag and what ones aren’t capable of meeting expectations.

Using these reviews is an easy way to avoid becoming someone writing a negative one in the future. Honestly, I can’t tell you how many times someone’s terrible experience with a product prevented me from making the wrong choice.

We also have a list of the top-rated RV deep cycle battery for your reference. Furthermore, check our reviews about the RV battery box if you need.

RV Extension Cord FAQs

This FAQ section will discuss everything left unanswered by our buying guide. It should clear up any leftover concerns or questions still floating around in your mind. Let’s dive into the topics below and make sure this process ends with a perfect buying choice.

Who is this for?

RV extension cords deserve a lot more thought, and praise than most rig owners give them. These products will allow you to connect an appliance with a power supply effectively and productively.

If these cords aren’t chosen correctly, this lousy decision could end in an unmitigated disaster with severe consequences. Honestly, it could make your entire trip a joyless adventure that nobody wants to experience.

The primary point is RV extensions cords are for any RV owner looking to connect their rig into a power source. In other words, every RV owner needs to use electricity during their camping trip.

As for how these cords work, it functions like any other wiring equipment. This product will connect a device or appliance to your chosen power source. Of course, the capacity on an RV extension cord will be slightly bigger due to its main purpose of powering motorhomes.

One end of the cord will usually be connected to a campsite power supply, generator, or your regular home. You’ll plug the other end into your rig to power up the devices inside or its battery. It’s a rather simple process when you’ve got the right extensive cord.

Advantages of using an RV extension cord

The main benefit of owning an RV extension cord is its ability to supply your rig with useful electricity. After all, why would someone buy a motorhome and not want to take advantage of its many devices/appliances?

An RV extension cord provides the power necessary to run these devices effectively. Due to this, these cords become one of the essential pieces on board a motorhome. But this benefit isn’t the only one offered by these useful products.

RV extension cords will offer a faster transmission of this electricity than other methods. It’s a simple, effective way of getting your required power during a camping trip. Honestly, I wouldn’t be caught dead without one.

You can also expect them to work in any type of weather conditions. In fact, some options will come with heat and flame retardant casing to improve durability. These aspects make them usable in high temperature or humidity areas.

Rig owners can even use them close to the heat source without worrying about them catching on fire. As a result, these extension cords are more than suitable for outdoor camping.

What gauge extension cord do I need for an RV?

This question tends to come up a lot for rig owners when choosing an RV extension cord. The right answer will ultimately depend on your rig’s need. It’s essential to understand that every wire won’t be the same.

If you get one with a power rating below what you intend on using, it’ll heat up and burn the cord. This outcome could lead to a disastrous fire and make your trip an absolute nightmare. You can see why getting a cord with the proper rating is essential.

The first thing to do when figuring this issue out would be determining the electric current your rig is capable of accepting. Here’s a little info to help you out with this process:

  • 15 amps (max current) = 14 wire gauge
  • 20 amps (max current) = 12 wire gauge
  • 30 amps (max current) = 10 wire gauge
  • 40 amps (max current) = 8 wire gauge
  • 50 amps (max current) = 6 wire gauge

It’s also essential to ensure the shore power is within an electrical current range acceptable for your rig before plugging in an extension cord. If you don’t, the disastrous event mentioned above could quickly happen.

You should remember the info provided about amps above is the maximum current. Going above this amount could result in overheating. It could cause a constant usage of the max current for an extended period, as well.

Are all RV power cords the same?

RV power cords offer a much wider size variation than people assume. For instance, these items usually come in sizes ranging from 25 to 50 feet. This variety gives rig owners more choice and control over what they want in a power or electrical cord for RV.

Of course, length isn’t the only area where these power cords tend to differ. You’ll also find cables made with different construction materials and amp capabilities (30 to 50 amps, for example). It’s why doing significant research beforehand is an essential part of buying a power cord for camper use.

How long should an RV power cord be?

Choosing the proper length of a power cord for travel trailer use isn’t a straightforward process as there isn’t a general answer. Instead, it’ll depend on a buyer’s preference about whether they want a shorter/more compact cord or a longer/ flexible option. That said, I recommend at least 25 feet.

When it comes to shorter options, I like RVMATE’s 50 Amp RV Power Extension Cord. Its durable design and excellent conductivity should have no issues meeting motorhome owners’ needs.

Buyers who prefer a longer trailer extension cord should look at Conntek’s 14364 30-Amp RV Extension Cord. Its 50-foot version will offer all the flexibility and high-quality performance you’d expect from a top-tier option.

Is it safe to use a 30 amp extension cord on an RV?

Using a 30-amp extension cord for camping on an RV is perfectly safe. But it’s vital to ensure any cord is suitable for your needs before using it. So please check how many amps your RV can accept to ensure a 30-amp option is the right fit.

Otherwise, you’ll need to buy adapters.

How to install?

Rig owners need to understand there’s a bit more to this process than plugging in an extension cord. You’ll need to check/test the shore power outlet before doing anything. Use the test result and compare it to what your rig needs. Make sure to evaluate whether the power’s too much or too little, and ensure the polarity is correct rather than reversed.

If you determine the voltage is low, the devices inside your rig will run, but they will usually become damaged or overworked. A situation where the voltage is too high might cause your extension cord to burn up and damage your appliances.

You can finally plug your cord in when this test has concluded the power being produced is acceptable for both the extension cord and rig.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Keeping an RV extension cord in good shape doesn’t take much effort. It’s a mere matter of rolling them up and storing them properly when not in use. I’d suggest staying on top of issues, such as dirt and mud, to ensure they don’t damage the PVC’s sheath.

You should also know some extension cords will come with handles and additional cords to help keep the wire coiled. If your chosen option has these, use lock ties to coil it when it’s stored.


Finding the best RV extension cord should now be a much easier task. Everything a rig owner might need answered lies inside this article. At this point, it’s a simple exercise of using it during your search and the right choice will become clear.

But sometimes, these things get a little more complicated than expected. These complications are why there’s a comment section below where you can leave your concerns. I’ll make sure to answer them as promptly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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