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The Best RV Door Locks to Beefing Up Security for Your RV

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Finding the best RV door lock doesn’t have to be a stressful process. I know this outcome might seem impossible right now with the insane number of options staring you in the face. But our article will help make this experience much easier and ensure it ends with a smile on your face.

In doing so, we’ll cover every relevant topic about these useful products from determining factors to different types. We’ll even provide 12 product reviews of the options often considered to be the best on today’s market.

The Best RV Door Locks

It’ll make sure this process doesn’t bring any unneeded stress into your life. This info will instead make everything go smoothly and become painless. You’ll have all the necessary tools to make a quick and easy decision about what door lock is perfect for your situation.

Once you have this door lock, it will bring a sense of security to your travels. You’ll no longer have to obsessively worry about your items getting stolen when away from your rig. This new product will provide peace of mind, which is all you can ask for from a product like these door locks.

It’s just a simple task of finding the right one. The following sections will help with this task and guide you through making a final sound decision. So let’s get started and find the right RV door lock for your rig.


Best Overall Sturdiness Budget Friendly
Preview LATCH.IT 09 RV Door

RVLock MiniRH-2

Leisure Locks ‎43308-987

Dimensions ‎7.76 x 5.59 x 2.91 inches ‎8.62 x 5.79 x 3.9 inches 6.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches
Material Plastic, Metal Alloy Steel Metal
Lock Type Key Lock Key Lock, Keypad Lock Key Lock
Finish Type Metallic Powder Coated Weather Resistant
Weatherproof Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details

12 Most Trusted RV Door Lock Reviews

This section will contain those 12 product reviews mentioned earlier. These discussions will provide some insight into what to expect from a top tier RV door lock. As a result, it will provide a basis or foundation for helping you understand the more complex topics discussed in later sections.

1. LATCH.IT 09 RV Door Latch

Door locks don’t get much more well-equipped than LATCH. IT’s 09 RV Door Latch. Its robust and reliable metal construction has given me a high sense of security. Since installing this RV lock upgrade, I have felt safe and comfortable inside my rig.

The product’s overall durability isn’t anything to overlook, either. Its manufacturer was wise to use waterproof technology when constructing this door latch. Due to this, it won’t have any issues dealing with rain or other weather conditions.

Furthermore, the latch’s all-metal finish and sealing gasket are outstanding at preventing rust or dirt buildup. These attributes will keep the product in good condition for a long time. I have a hard time imagining many other locks for trailer doors can offer similar results.

Buyers will also be intrigued by this door latch’s adaptability. It’s known for being one of the best 5th wheel door locks, camper door locks, and horse trailer locks. Therefore, it has become a more reliable and versatile option for RV owners.

I was delighted to see this model also came with three color options. The selection between black, chrome, and white was difficult for me. But I couldn’t pass up on the black color scheme as it blends perfectly with my rig’s interior and exterior.

The inclusion of four keys was another appealing quality. After all, I tend to lose my keys at an alarming rate. These backup keys will free me from being unable to open my door when my absent-minded brain decides to run rampant.

As for its flaws, the included installation directions could’ve been better. I found them somewhat difficult to follow and unhelpful. Thankfully, I didn’t have to use them much with my prior experience in installing motorhome door locks.

2. RVLock Compact Keyless RV Lock

Our first product is the RVLock Compact Keyless RV Lock, which should be a perfect option for many rig owners. The most apparent benefit coming from its use has to be it not needing a key to unlock or lock your RV door.

As someone who always misplaces their keys, you can imagine how appealing this feature is for me. I also love this product’s design. This RV keyless entry system happens to be very compact, which makes sure it doesn’t draw too much attention.

It’s not something that sticks out and ruins the appearance of your RV’s exterior with its bulkiness. Another area where this model seems to excel is its install process. Many buyers made a point to note how easy setting up this lock was for them.

I’m not the most skilled at doing these types of tasks, which makes an easy install a must in any model I purchase. This lock certainly fits the bill as it doesn’t require anything I don’t already have in my toolbox.

This lock being able to function when batteries are at a low level, was another appealing trait. As I noted above, I tend to have issues with remembering to do specific tasks. This feature would save me from my forgetfulness from time to time.

You should find this product’s versatility intriguing, as well. This door lock shouldn’t have any issues working on most 5th wheel trailers, campers, RV, horse trailers, boats, and much more. If you need an RV door lock, this device should meet your needs.

But this product isn’t perfect as two flaws did stick out during my research. The first flaw was its price tag, which is well outside my budget range. I have no interest in spending a considerable chunk of my bank account on a device like an RV door lock. It’s just not in the cards for me.

The second issue is more concerning as this product lacks “0” and “9” on the keypad. As a result, it will limit the number of code options, which isn’t ideal. You want to have as many code options as possible to stop any potential thieves.

3. LesiureLocks RV Entry Door Replacement Paddle Lock

LesiureLocks RV Entry Door Replacement Paddle Lock is a perfect option for anyone looking to buy a simple model. This product happens to be an old fashioned RV door lock with a deadbolt capable of providing an extra sense of protection.

Aside from its ability to offer security, you should value its versatility. This model should have no issues replacing the most popular locks on today’s market from brands such as Fastec. It also has shown a great ability to work on various kinds of vehicles, from travel trailers to cargo haulers.

This product’s design was another standout feature for me. I love the black coloring, as it should mesh perfectly with my RV that features a black exterior. Therefore, it won’t stick out like a sore thumb and keep attention away from my rig’s rich color scheme.

It comes with all the necessary hardware for installation, as well. This aspect is excellent because it means you won’t have to buy any parts or tools separately. It removes a potential hassle that could have made this process much more difficult.

The install process itself was another area where this model seemed to excel. It’s simple enough that even a person like me shouldn’t have much issue doing the job. This belief was only further confirmed in the buyer reviews, which had nothing but praise for the process.

But none of these features happen to be the best thing about this door lock. This title goes to its price tag, which is easily one of the lowest on our entire list. Honestly, you could easily consider this a bargain given the excellent features and low price. You couldn’t ask for much more from a company or a product like these.

I do have one issue with this product that would keep me from buying it, though. It comes with two different keys, one for the deadbolt and another for the top lock. This aspect isn’t going to cut for me considering I have enough trouble keeping track of one key.

4. RVLock V4 RV Keyless Entry Door Lock

If you’re looking for a reliable electric RV door lock, look no further than the RVLock V4 RV Keyless Entry Door Lock. This model offers and does everything a person could want from one of these products.

For instance, this product comes with a sleek design that makes sure it can easily mesh with your RV’s exterior. It shouldn’t draw any attention to itself and provide the security you’re looking from an excellent RV door lock.

You should also find the install process much easier than expected from a keyless model. It doesn’t even require the use of any special or unique tools like some other models. Mounting the lock on my door would end up being a piece of cake.

This product has gained a reputation for not jamming, which is a must in any top tier door lock. In fact, this device is such a great option that it can hold itself steady without receiving any type of support. This feature isn’t one you always find with other models on today’s market.

I find its reliability to be outstanding, as well. This keyless entry for RV can function even when it’s low on batteries. It will still lock and unlock without issue and ensure you don’t face any problems at points when you forget to change the batteries.

The product coming with free batteries doesn’t hurt either. Some models will make you buy them separately, which is always a huge hassle. RVLock was even kind enough to include a 1-year warranty for this device as well. The brand really threw out all the stops with this RV lock.

But I can’t overlook the price tag on this model. It’s easily one of the most costly on our entire list. Buying this product will create a large hole in your bank account. I couldn’t justify paying this much for an RV door lock.

If money isn’t a consideration for you, I don’t see how this product wouldn’t be at the top of your list. It has every feature a rig owner could be looking from an RV lock.

5. LeisureLocks RV Chrome Entry Door Paddle Lock

LeisureLocks RV Chrome Entry Door Paddle Lock is a great option for anyone looking to get a simple motorhome door lock replacement. It doesn’t feature any spectacular features, but it does provide excellent security.

The product can provide this high level of protection due to it coming with a deadbolt. This feature has received a great deal of praise within the buyer reviews. Many people were more than pleased with its ability to withstand abuse and keep people from entering their rigs.

It also doesn’t just work for RVs, either. This lock can function on horse trailers, cargo haulers, travel trailers, and customer utility trailers. Its effectiveness within any of these situations doesn’t falter and continues to provide a great deal of security.

The door lock’s design was another standout feature, as it has a fantastic chrome finish. This coloring shouldn’t have any issues fitting into many rig’s color schemes. Sadly, mine doesn’t make that list, but it still worth pointing out how great it looks.

It also doesn’t hurt matters that it comes with all the necessary hardware for install. This aspect just further ensures the product’s overall convenience. It’s going to be hard to find a more user-friendly option than this one from LeisureLocks.

This convenience only increases when you look at the product’s price tag. It’s among the lowest on our entire list. If you’re looking for a bargain, there’s no reason why this option shouldn’t be high on your list.

Overall, this door lock ends up being a practical option that does its job effectively. What more could a person possibly want from a product like an RV door lock? The only issue I came across during my product research was a few people complaining about shipping problems.

It seems this model has a habit of arriving a bit later than expected. This issue isn’t something you’d like to see from a top tier brand such as Leisure Locks. I don’t think it’d stop me from buying it, but it’s certainly worth thinking about when making your final decision.

6. RV Designer T507 Motorhome Entrance Door Lock

RV Designer’s T507 Motorhome Entrance Door Lock has become one of the more popular options on today’s market. You can attribute this popularity to features such as its excellent reliability and use of a deadbolt.

These two features make this product an incredibly durable option for anyone looking to buy an RV door lock. It’ll ensure your possessions and family members stay safe thanks to its capability of withstanding a great deal of abuse.

Honestly, any burglar would have a tough time breaking into this great product. We should note that the before mentioned deadbolt is responsible for this capability as it can withstand a great deal of force from the outside.

This aspect was something that came up several times in the buyer reviews. People were actually quite shocked by how effective this model was at providing security. You couldn’t go through two reviews without at least one mention of the deadbolt being great.

But its ability to provide security isn’t the only useful aspect. You should also find its color scheme appealing as the black coloring will disappear right into your rig’s exterior. It should be the perfect fit for several different RV owners.

RV Designer was kind enough to offer a replacement warranty for any broken door locks. Of course, a few limitations do exist with this policy. But it’s still a nice touch and one the brand honors as long as you meet the requirements.

As with our other models, the install process for this product requires little else than what you already have in your toolbox. It shouldn’t take much time or effort on your part. It’s another area that received a great deal of praise in the customer reviews.

We do have one flaw to mention with this product, however. It seems some buyers reported the latch had a habit of getting stuck. This issue could become a giant hassle and should be something that factors heavily into your final decision.

7. RVLock CLASS C/A Motorhome Keyless Entry Door Lock

Our third product from RVLock picks up right where the earlier two left off. This model happens to be another one from this brand that showcases their capability of providing great door locks. It further cements their reputation for being a top tier company with several fantastic features.

One of these features is the product’s heavy-duty steel core. This aspect provides a level of durability that few other options can match. I mean, you would have to apply an enormous amount of force for this lock to break off a door’s hinges.

You should also find it appealing that this product was made specifically for both class A and C RVs. This feature should provide these owners with a bit of comfort about getting a product built, especially for their particular rigs.

I find this product’s handle design appealing, as well. It was designed with comfort in mind and shouldn’t cause any issues when using it. Plus, this handle is powder-coated to provide it with weather resistance capabilities. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about your door handle becoming frozen.

You shouldn’t overlook this product coming with multiple options to unlock your RV’s door, either. It provides the choice of using keys, wireless fobs, or the keypad to lock and unlock this product’s handle. These many options ensure you’ll never have an issue opening your door.

RVLock also included all the required hardware for install with purchase. Honestly, it seems like this brand covered all the bases with this product. It even comes with four pre-loaded batteries to ensure you can use it as soon as it arrives at your home.

But some people did report issues with the batteries lasting a shorter period than expected. The included batteries don’t seem to be top tier in quality based on these reviews. This small issue could be annoying for someone like me who hates buying separate accessories.

It’s something that I could quickly get over with a product inside my budget. However, this product fails in this regard, too, with it having the highest price tag on our entire list.

8. Fastec Pair Travel Trailer Locks

If someone’s looking to find an RV door lock upgrade for multiple doors, Fastec’s Pair Travel Trailer Locks would be a good choice. This option comes with two locks ready to provide excellent results on two different doors.

This product could be useful in a lot of different situations as it can replace most models made by brands like Fastec, Global, and much more. It shouldn’t be too tricky to find two doors in your life that could benefit from these locks.

I also love that these locks don’t have separate keys. In other words, the same key is used to open both locks, which is ideal for someone like me. It keeps me from having to keep track of two different keys rather than just one.

The product’s color scheme was another interesting aspect as it’s polar white. This coloring should fit right into many RVs out there without issue. People like me who own rigs with black exteriors might have to look elsewhere. But we still can admire how good these options look.

You’ll be excited to know the install process on these locks usually takes less than 10 minutes. This claim was backed up by multiple buyer reviews. People were often more than happy with the install directions as well.

Another area where this model seems to separate itself is the customer service provided by Fastec. It’s quite rare when you see multiple people praise a company for its ability to help its customers with issues. Due to this, we must acknowledge it when this situation does happen in these reviews.

I was also shocked by how low this product’s price was given you’re getting more than one. In fact, the cost of this deal still ends up lower than most of our other options. If you’re looking for a bargain, this 2-pack might be the right choice.

But some people did have some complaints about the handle’s durability. It seems to have an issue with freezing up in extremely cold climates. If you’re a cold-weather RVer, it might be best to look elsewhere because of this issue.

9. AP Products 013-509 RV Deadbolt Door Lock

The AP Products 013-509 RV Deadbolt Door Lock is one the best high-security RV door locks on today’s market. It has many features capable of making your like as a rig owner much easier and safer.

A good example of these features would be its glowing keypad. This aspect provides a level of convenience that most other models can’t match. It’ll ensure you can operate the keypad even in complete and total darkness due to its glowing abilities.

You should also find this product’s sleek and simple design appealing. This feature will make sure the product doesn’t acquire too much attention for a would-be thief. Plus, its sleek design doesn’t mean it’s easy to crack either.

This model actually has gained a reputation of being difficult to break into for a person. It would require a great deal of strength that most people aren’t capable of producing. You would feel a sense of comfort and security with this lock in place.

I also love that this product comes with backup keys to ensure my forgetfulness doesn’t become a huge issue. If I end up misplacing a key, I’ll have a backup capable of opening my RV door when it’s needed.

You shouldn’t sleep on this product not needing any wiring to make it work. This aspect makes the install process a breeze and should be free of any stress or frustration. In fact, this product even has a touchpad that’s integrated with the door handle and controls the deadbolt to make the process easier.

But some buyers did have a few complaints about one aspect of this product. It requires you to reset the pin codes every time a battery change is made. As you can imagine, this process gets rather annoying and becomes a huge hassle depending on when it happens.

I’d much rather have a door lock with the ability to remember my code even when the batteries die. This situation would be much more convenient for me as a consumer.

10. TriMark 601650 Door Handle Lock

Any RV door lock worth considering should be reliable and capable of ensuring your possessions remain safe. The TriMark 601650 Door Handle Lock offers both these qualities in excess amounts thanks to several features.

In fact, this model happens to be one of the more durable out there. It has an extremely tough and rugged design. Honestly, it feels like even someone swinging a sledgehammer would have a hard time getting through.

This quality should ensure a person with some peace of mind that their valuables stay in place when away from their rig. You should also find this product’s ability to withstand harsh weather appealing. It was designed to withstand even the coldest or hottest conditions.

As a result, it should have no issues with it not functioning at a high level wherever you intend on RVing. The product’s being powder-coated is the reason behind it working well in these harsh and severe conditions.

Its overall design was another standout element of this particular model. It has nice black coloring and will blend in perfectly with my RV. Plus, it seems well-made and capable of holding up for a long time.

I found this product coming with an 18-month warranty intriguing, as well. This aspect will provide some protection to ensure you get a product capable of doing what’s expected from an RV lock. It’s also worth noting that TriMark has a reputation for honoring it, which isn’t always the case.

Some companies only intend to use a warranty as a selling point and never have any plans of actually following it. But thankfully, this issue doesn’t seem to be a problem with this company based on the customer reviews.

However, I didn’t enjoy seeing a few complaints about the shipping process in these buyer reviews. Some people reported issues with their locks arriving later than usual or damaged. It’s not a good look for a company with such a pristine reputation.

This product coming with two sets of keys wasn’t too appealing either. I’d much rather one set for both locks and keep things as simple as possible.

11. AP Products 013-572 Chrome Global Travel Trailer Entrance Lock

The AP Products 013-572 Chrome Global Travel Trailer Entrance Lock is one of the most versatile on our entire list. It gets this title because the lock can replace old locks from various brands such as TriMark, Fastec, and Bauer Locks.

You will also like that it comes in three colors: black, white, and chrome. This aspect might not seem like a big deal, but it ensures the product can work in a lot more situations than most options out there today.

The lock coming with a deadbolt doesn’t hurt matters either. It’s an aspect that’ll help ensure the product’s capable of meeting your protection and security needs. Based on the buyer reviews, it certainly seems to be doing its job effectively.

It’s also worth noting that this model comes with all the mounting screws with purchase. This aspect will ensure you can do the install without much hassle or problems. It’s just a convenient addition to make sure this product remains as user-friendly as possible.

The product having a full manufacturer’s warranty will help in this area, as well. This feature will provide enough protection and coverage to ensure you don’t get duped with a broken model. It’s a nice touch to ensure the customer doesn’t end up regretting their purchase.

I’d have a hard time believing anyone would end up regretting their choice anyway, considering it offers these features at a low price. Overall, this model is a practical, low-cost option capable of providing a high level of security and protection. It sounds like the perfect option for anyone looking to get a bargain buy.

But as any bargain buy, this product isn’t perfect by any means. Some people reported durability concerns with this option as it wore down after a year or two. These issues were only present among a small number of reviews, though, which means they could be isolated incidents.

12. Fastec White Travel Trailer Lock

Our last product is the Fastec White Travel Trailer Lock, which happens to be another option with a built-in deadbolt. Due to this, it shouldn’t have much issue providing the security and protection a rig owner is looking for in their RV door lock.

You should also love this lock’s versatility considering it can work with horse trailers, RVs, cargo haulers, custom utility trailers, and travel trailers. In fact, it will fit any door with a thickness between 1-¼ inch to 1 ½ inch.

Honestly, it might be in your best interest to buy more than one and find a few ways where this product could protect your valuables. You should love that it comes with all the required hardware for install, such as the strike plate, mounting screws, and door edge cover place.

These included pieces ensure the install process will happen without a hitch. The product’s design being made from top tier metal was another outstanding trait. It should have no issue holding up and providing excellent results for years to come.

Aside from these features, there isn’t much to say about this product that wasn’t covered in other reviews. It has an easy install process, provides top tier protection, outstanding color scheme, and receives a lot of praise in the buyer reviews.

The only thing left to talk about would be its low price, which makes a rather good deal. I’d probably label this RV door lock a bargain or steal given the features and its low cost. If you’re looking for something cheap and straightforward, this Fastec product would be a reliable option.

But I do wish it had some sort of warranty. I always like having a little protection against one of these locks breaking early. I tend to mess up the install process, which can cause all types of problems where one of these policies could come in handy. It’s a small preference problem, but it would probably keep me from buying it.

13. RUPSE RV Keyless Entry Door Lock (Outdated)

Our next product is easily one of the best keyless RV entry door locks available. The RUPSE RV Keyless Entry Door Lock rarely meets a buyer who ends up disappointed with its performance.

It’s able to provide top tier results because of features like it being designed with dual zinc alloy lock cores. This aspect will provide a level of security and toughness that’ll keep unwanted people out of your rig.

This product having full metal casing doesn’t hurt matters either. It’s another aspect that’ll ensure this lock’s capable of providing a great deal of protection. You should also find it being able to work on several RV types intriguing.

These types include class A RVs, class C RVs, travel trailers, 5th wheels, and much more. In each of these situations, it has proven time and time again to be a reliable lock and capable of withstanding great force.

You’ll also love that it’s ready to deal with many potential issues. For instance, this product’s waterproof, has fire-protection, rustproof, dustproof, and contains strong anti-collision capability. It’s quite clear it’s ready for any situation that it might encounter.

I found the three different unlocking methods appealing, as well. You see, this product can be locked or unlocked using either the keyless entry, a key, or the keypad. This amount of options will ensure you always have a way of getting into your RV when needed.

If all these features weren’t enough to convince you, this product’s easy install process might be the icing on the cake. This keyless RV door lock’s reviews confirmed that it should only take five to ten minutes and comes with all the necessary hardware.

But this product did have some issues with its customer service. A few people had harsh words to say about how RUPSE handled their questions. This aspect isn’t a good look for a company and isn’t something you want to encounter during product research. You’d expect better from a top tier brand like this one.

RV Door Lock Buyer’s Guide


Picking the best RV door lock will come down to having a large amount of info about these devices. This section will help provide it by going over every relevant topic that might have an impact on your decision.

Things to consider when buying an RV door lock

Choosing the right RV door lock will come down to many factors. This section will discuss these factors at length to ensure you know what model suits your situation. In a sense, this info will be the foundation for your entire search.


The first thing to look out for is each option’s size. It might seem like common sense, but some rig owners forget to account for size when picking their door lock. It’s a lot more common than you might think.

In fact, some owners aren’t too familiar with their rig’s specifics, which causes them not to know things like what size door lock is needed. You mustn’t become one of these people during this search, or the process could end disastrously.

A rig owner must instead take into account their RV door lock’s dimensions and size before choosing a new one. This action can easily be done by taking the old model apart from your door and noting its measurements.

We should also mention that a door lock’s dimensions will be directly related to space provided for it by the RV door. In other words, a person who purchases a door lock without checking this space first will likely get the wrong size.

Due to this, the process would end up being a giant waste of your time and money. It’s best to take the door lock’s size seriously and avoid this potential mistake. If you do, it’s much more likely this entire experience will end with a smile on your face.


A door lock’s color might not seem like a big deal, but some people value their rig’s aesthetic more than others. In most cases, these door locks will be color coordinated with the entire door, which will match the color of your rig.

But any reputable RV owner knows that they should change the door lock after buying their rig. This action is a must for every rig owner because most standard RVs can be accessed with a master key.

RV manufacturers make them accessible with a master key to lessen the hassle of carrying around a large number of keys. It’s a simple and effective way to ease this potential burden. But it also means a rig owner isn’t guaranteed the same make, brand, or color when changing their door locks.

Any RV owner who values their RV’s color scheme will have to do their due diligence and look around for a door lock with the same color. For some people, this factor will end up having a large impact on their final decision.

Resistant to Damage

You’re going to want a door lock with weather-resistant abilities. This feature will ensure it can hold up and doesn’t wear done due to certain conditions such as heavy rain or long-term sun exposure.

It’s also essential because of where this lock happens to be located on your door. After all, it’s on the outside rather than inside, which means it has more contact with these conditions. Any top tier model will have these qualities to ensure it stays durable and strong.

These models will need to be capable of withstanding physical abuse from intruders as well. You want to ensure it can provide the security you’re looking for from an RV door lock. If you’re worried about a model’s ability in these areas, reading the buyer reviews could provide some insight.

Ease of Install

The install process of these products should be another determining factor. You’ll want to buy a model with an easy installation method. Otherwise, it’s highly probable that your final decision will be one filled with regret.

A good way to examine this factor is by reading each product’s buyer reviews. These resources should have a large amount of dialogue centered around the install process. After all, there’s little that gets a customer angrier than a product with a complicated installation.

Using their negative or positive experiences will be vital to ensuring your final decision is the right one. It’s a simple and effective way to ensure you don’t become the person writing those negative reviews.

We also suggest getting models that come with the proper hardware needed for installation. This action will make sure you won’t need to buy anything separately, which can always be a hassle.

Ease of Use

The install process isn’t the only thing that should be easy with an RV door lock. These products should have an easy using method as well. It shouldn’t take much effort or time to gain access to your RV.

If a model does have a complex using process, it will only bring forth a sense of stress and frustration for the user. You’ll soon find yourself hating the door lock and looking for a replacement.

This situation isn’t what anyone wants and should be avoided by researching the using process of each model. It’s another task that the buyer reviews can help with and make sure your final choice doesn’t become a bad one.


The cost of RV door locks isn’t fluid and changes drastically from product to product. This issue is why creating a budget happens to be a vital component of the buying process. Your budget should account for all the features needed in your particular door lock.

For instance, a person looking to buy a keyless model will need higher budget ranges than someone who wants a handle or paddle option. Their budgets will need to reflect the higher prices of the keyless models, or it will end up being a useless tool.

We should also mention that these budgets will make this entire process much more manageable. It can make it easier by limiting your options down to a selection of models, which meet your specific needs.

What are the different types of door locks for RV?

Like with most products, the RV door lock market has many different types available. This section will discuss each of them in great detail. It should make picking the perfect one for your situation a simpler and easier process.

Keyless RV Door Locks

Our first type is the keyless RV door lock, which has seen its popularity increase over time. The main reason for it being a favorite among RV owners is because of their ease of access. This process simply consists of programming the lock with a personal code, and it’s ready to function.

In other words, entering your RV is a simple matter of putting the code into a keypad or key fob and opening the door. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is, and this type of lock ends up being a perfect match for anyone who might need quick access or has their hands full with items such as groceries.

We should also note that keyless locks come with keys. This feature will ensure you have an alternative method of opening the door. After all, you never know when a person might forget the code or the batteries aren’t providing power to the door lock.

Paddle RV Door Locks

Paddle RV door locks are the more traditional option and operate just like your RV’s original edition. For instance, this type opens with a key rather than through a keypad or a specific code to remember.

Once this key turns into the cylinders, the person will then have to pull on a large paddle handle and open your rig’s door. This option tends to be a favorite among owners who are looking for the simplest option possible.

Handle RV Door Locks

A handle RV door lock tends to be made in a couple of different ways. But the one thing to remember is that these locks let you use a key like a paddle lock. As a result, there’s no numbers, codes, or keypads to worry about with these locks.

You instead have a simple model that opens on demand via your key. The main difference is that these locks feature a handle rather than a paddle for the opening mechanism. This handle will either lift outward or up depending on its design.

RV Door Lock FAQs

What is an RV door lock?

People often assume that driving their RV is the main challenge when being a rig owner. These people forget about all the parts onboard their large vehicles. You have to know every part of your rig when being a top-notch RV owner.

This action means understanding your rig’s tires, roof, doors, and locks. You see, an RV is more than just a vehicle taking you from place to place. It’s an essential piece of your life on the road, and it’s your home away from home. Therefore, it becomes crucial to secure it effectively.

As a result, choosing the perfect RV door lock for your RV should end up being a detailed and large process for any rig owner. These products will function in two different ways to ensure your life on the road is as secure as possible.

The first function provided by these door locks is ensuring the passengers’ security inside your vehicle. These passengers might be your friends, family, or people paying to stay onboard your rig. Either way, these door locks will make sure these people stay safe.

An RV door lock’s second purpose is securing the items and things carried within your rig. It’ll become the first line of defense against any would-be thieves looking for a quick score. Due to this, it’s rather evident that getting a top tier model would be a wise move.

The rest of our article will help make this process easier by discussing all the relevant topics about these safety precautions. You’ll soon have the means to protect your passengers and valuables from any outside dangers.

What are the most trusted RV door lock brands?

Finding a top tier RV door lock brand is another large part of this process. It should be much easier for you to find one after reading our article. After all, every company mentioned in our product review section is considered a trusted manufacturer among RV owners.

But two companies within this group of great brands deserve a little extra attention: RV Lock and Fastec. Both these manufacturers have proven to create products capable of offering terrific security for whoever’s lucky enough to buy them.

We also thought looking into their respective backgrounds could provide valuable info during your search. It’ll ensure you know what to expect from a top tier company and what they’ll offer their customers.

RV Lock

This company has taken pride in making sure their customers gain a sense of safety and comfort with their products. Over the years, RV Lock has earned a stellar reputation for producing innovative and top tier security products.

It also doesn’t hurt that this company has always put a large number of resources into customer service. This mixture of aspects in a single company is hard to match. It’s no wonder why RV Lock continues to thrive in this market.


Fastec has been providing terrific products to customers for over four decades. Their longevity speaks to their quality and ability to offer exactly what a person wants in a door lock. You won’t find many people with a bad thing to say about this wonderful brand.

I mean, Fastec even prides itself on providing top tier packaging and shipping. These two areas tend to be an issue with certain brands within this market. However, it’s just two other areas where Fastec continues to excel past its rivals. It’d be hard to find another brand with a better reputation than this one.

Are RV door locks all the same?

RV owners often don’t realize that motorhome door locks are universal. It’s a problem that stems from manufacturers trying to save money by using the same locks for all their doors. It has become a known nuisance within the RVing community.

As a result, your camper key could open other campers without any issue. It’s why many travelers look for ways to beef up their security with other equipment. My first suggestion to combat this issue would be to upgrade your door lock with a high-quality one.

These products won’t be susceptible to the universal issue. Plus, most heavy-duty RV door locks and electronic RV door locks offer other security features to ensure your safety and stop valuables from being stolen.

How can I make my RV door more secure?

If you’re worried about an RV door’s security, an easy-to-add extra protection is buying a more advanced door lock. You can even opt for a fully equipped digital RV door lock or spend a fortune on a Bluetooth RV door lock.

Another method of beefing up security is installing a security system or security cameras around the lock. These options will offer additional protection while scaring off potential intruders. It should then make thieves think twice about attempting to break into your rig.

Should I change the locks on my RV?

It would be a smart move to change the locks on your RV. This action will eliminate any threat of someone utilizing their camper key to access your rig. It’s a simple way of ensuring you don’t lose your valuables because the RV manufacturer used universal locks.

You could even take it further and replace the door lock with an RV keyless entry door lock. It would remove any complication from losing keys while offering excellent protection. I’d also recommend changing the locks on your windows and cabinets for additional security.

How to open camper door without keys?

An RV owner’s worst nightmare is locking themselves out of their rigs. But there’s an easy way to prepare for this situation: carrying a paper clip or bobby pin on your person for lock picking.

I’d suggest practicing with these items before finding yourself in a situation where they’re needed. YouTube videos can be an excellent way to see how it gets done if you need some extra help.

If the bobby pin or paper clip doesn’t work, it’s time to call the locksmith. These professionals will have no trouble getting through the door and helping you. However, it will cost a bit of money.

How to install and use?

The process of installing your RV door lock will depend on the type and brand you’ve bought. As a result, you must consult the instructions before starting this task. But the general basics of setting up these products will look something like the following steps:

  1. You’ll want to start by setting the door in an open position. It’s a must to have someone holding the door to ensure it stays open during the process.
  2. Make sure the lock matches its intended space within your door. If it doesn’t, the entire process won’t end up going well.
  3. Insert the lock’s front assembly. The lock’s deadbolt and levers should fit perfectly on the door’s side cutout where it’s supposed to be placed.
  4. You’ll want to plug the back assembly’s connections.
  5. Place the lock’s back assembly and screw it into its proper place
  6. Follow the instructions and program the lock based on them.

Where to buy?

Choosing the right place to buy an RV door lock is another important piece to this puzzle. The first place to start your search would be Amazon. This online store will offer the largest selection and best prices among any seller of these products.

Their large buyer review database doesn’t hurt matters either. As you know, these resources will be vital in ensuring this process ends with you choosing the right option. But even with all these benefits, it doesn’t mean Amazon is the only place to search.

You should also take a look at etrailer.com, which will have a decent selection and reasonable prices. These prices even find themselves going below Amazon’s from time to time when a sale’s happening.

This reason alone should provide enough proof that comparing prices between these two sites would be a smart move. It’s just an effective and easy way to ensure you don’t pay more than needed for your chosen RV door lock.

If you don’t find either of these online stores appealing, a few retail stores are worth checking out. Places like Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and your local RV supply store should have more than a few choices to peruse.

Of course, the prices at these stores will be a bit higher than you’d see online. It’s just the nature of today’s consumer market. People would much rather shop online than take a drive out to a real store for their supplies.

These stores do offer face to face customer service, which is another benefit that online sites can’t provide. It’s a nice touch and a real difference maker when the employee has a vast knowledge about what you intend to buy.

But regardless, finding the right seller for your situation shouldn’t be too tricky. You just have to examine your shopping preferences and find a seller capable of meeting them. In my case, Amazon fits my likings to a tee.


After reading our article, making a decision about what’s the best RV door lock for your situation shouldn’t be a challenge. It’s just a simple matter of applying what you’ve learned into your search. This action should make the right choice rather clear and apparent.

This perfect option will then provide the security and comfort you’ve always imagined. You’ll never have to worry about a thief trying to steal your stuff when you’re away. This door lock will keep your items safe and secure inside your RV.

So please, use our article to find your perfect door lock. We want to guarantee your camping adventures stay fun and safe. The info laid out here will help accomplish this result by ensuring you make the right final decision when buying an RV door lock.

But if you do run into any more questions during your search, feel free to leave a post in our comment section. We’ll answer them as quickly as possible.

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