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The Best RV Dishwashers: Made Your RV Life Much Easier

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

Locating the best RV dishwasher should be simple. I mean, how complicated does a device like a dishwasher need to be? Well, some manufacturers seem to think these products need complex designs and controls.

I intend to help you avoid buying these particular devices by making this entire process easy. How do I plan on doing this? It’s a simple matter of outlining what a buyer needs to know before ordering a capable dishwasher.

best rv dishwasher

After gaining this information, a buyer shouldn’t have any issues choosing the right one for their rig. I’ll even give you an early look at some top-tier options before starting your search. This action will help you get a better idea of what to expect when looking for yourself.

Overall, I just want to aid you in making a responsible decision about your new dishwasher. There are too many RV owners out there who make the wrong one and end up regretting their investment. Keep reading, and I’ll make sure you don’t become one of those regretful people.


Best Overall Easy To Use Budget Friendly
Preview Danby DDW621WDB

SPT SD-9263W

Farberware FDW05ASBWHA

Weight 46.3 Pounds 118 Pounds 45.5 Pounds
Material Steel Stainless steel Plastic
Voltage 120V 120V 120V
Wattage 680W 1000W 780W
Amperage 5.7A 9.18A
Sound Level 52 dB 52 dB
Frequency 60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
Cycles 6 6 5
Details Details Details

7 Best Dishwasher for RV Reviews

This section will contain 7 product reviews of the best RV dishwasher available. These discussions will provide much needed info about what to expect when doing your search. It’ll also help with grasping the remaining topics covered in this article.

1. Danby DDW621WDB RV Countertop Dishwasher

The Danby DDW621WDB RV Countertop Dishwasher isn’t our most complex or advanced option. But it does offer some valuable features while being easy to set up, which is all most people want in these devices.

People can attribute the simple setup process to its quick connect feature. In fact, this aspect can work with most kitchen faucets without any issues. I didn’t have a single problem using it within my RV or regular home.

I was also impressed with its compact design, which ensures top-tier storability. Honestly, I can’t imagine many people having a hard time finding a place for it. Danby put some serious thought into making its design as space-saving as possible.

They built this design to last, as well. Danby constructed the dishwasher’s interior using high-quality stainless steel to ensure long-lasting performance. It shouldn’t have any trouble serving an RVer’s dishwashing needs for many years.

Another area where this RV dishwasher excels is its noise operation level. RV owners won’t even remember they have a travel trailer with dishwasher capabilities when it’s running. The noise never reaches above 52dB, almost unnoticeable inside a rig.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook its delay start feature and six wash cycles. These modes are crucial and convenient additions to ensure my dishes are perfectly cleaned and maintained. It ended up more than meeting my needs when washing the dishes onboard my rig.

I didn’t even mention how much energy and water this model saves. It allows me to sit back and relax as this dishwasher only uses 3.1 gallons of water per wash. RVers could undoubtedly do much worse than this small portable dishwasher on today’s market.

Sadly, this dishwasher’s dimensions make it slightly tricky to load. The compact design can make it hard to squeeze every dish into place. But this difficulty seems to get less and less with each use.

2. SPT Store SD-9263W Portable Dishwasher

SPT Store SD-9263W Portable Dishwasher won’t be winning an award for being the smallest RV dishwasher anytime soon. But this option makes up for its lack of compactness by being filled with stellar, high-quality features.

An excellent example would be its adjustable upper rack. It has made my life much easier when trying to clean any larger pots or plates. Plus, there’s more than enough room to maneuver dishes around without having them banging into each other.

The automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser was another intriguing attribute. It only further ensures the product offers an effortless and convenient dishwashing process. This level of performance isn’t what people usually see with these RV dishwashers.

I was also pleased with this product’s design. SPT Store used a beautiful stainless steel material to construct an attractive-looking dishwasher. It’s not often when I come across a portable dishwasher that perfectly blends into my RV’s decor.

It doesn’t require permanent installation like a similar-sized Furrion RV dishwasher on our list. Instead, users will get to use its quick-connect aspect for the setup. It should connect to any kitchen faucet to ensure complete practicality.

This dishwasher is quite efficient with its energy usage, as well. It’s another option that makes sure it doesn’t become an electrical burden onboard my rig. Therefore, it’ll take care of those dishwashing needs without adding new problems to my life.

RVers also need to look at this product’s controls. SPT Store was smart enough to make them comfortable and easy to use for almost anyone. I didn’t have any trouble cycling through the six wash programs to find my preferred option.

But I did notice the back clip on this travel trailer dishwasher had issues staying in place. It ends up being an issue because this clip holds the hoses. Thankfully, I found an easy solution by placing some adhesive on it, making it a complete non-issue.

3. Farberware FCD06ABBWHA Compact Portable Countertop

The first product is Farberware FCD06ABBWHA Compact Portable Countertop, which features a versatile and useful design. Its compact construction allows the buyer to use it in many small areas rather than a single one.

You can use it in RVs, small apartments, households, boats, and campers without much issue. Once you setup it inside these places, the product will provide many benefits capable of making washing dishes much easier.

A good example would be its quick and easy install process. This trait comes from its quick-connect assembly with all the needed accessories and adapters included. I didn’t endure any trouble when setting up the product myself.

The seven washing programs it features aren’t anything to overlook, either. These programs include heavy, baby care, normal, light, speed 45 min, self clean, and glass. As a result, this dishwasher provides the full power of a regular unit into a compact one.

You will also find the extra-drying function to be very useful. This aspect offers extra heat to the final rinse, which will improve the drying results. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to use a rag to dry off your kitchenware when taking it out of your new dishwasher.

I found the product’s child lock feature to be more than appealing. This aspect allows you to lock the buttons on the unit’s control panel. It’s an extra safety measure to stop your kids from randomly starting the dishwasher.

As for its using process, this model features easy to use controls. These are LED digital controls, which I found couldn’t be more simple to navigate and work. The product’s supply failure indicators are a nice touch that’ll tell you when your washer’s low on rinse, as well.

I should also take note of the model’s impressive durability. This aspect comes from its stainless steel design, which ensures it’ll stay running for a long time. I don’t see how this dishwasher won’t last more than a couple of years, barring an accident.

But it did have one noticeable flaw, which gave me a little pause. The unit’s noise operation level was a bit louder than I was expecting.

4. EdgeStar BIDW1802BL Built-In Dishwasher

The next camper dishwasher comes from EdgeStar, which will be featured on this list multiple times. You can imagine I wouldn’t put a brand on my list more than once without fully trusting them. They’ve gained this trust through having products like this one that has a great set of features.

A great example of one is this product’s rather large loading capacity. You see, this model can fit eight place settings inside of it. This aspect means a user could wash up to eight sets of a large dinner plate, a small snack plate, a saucer, a bowl, a coffee cup, a drinking glass, a knife, two teaspoons, a dinner fork and a small salad fork.

In most cases, RV dishwashers will only be capable of washing six place settings. It’s quite apparent EdgeStar has a significant edge on their competitors in this area. But this feature isn’t the only worth discussing with the EdgeStar BIDW1802BL Built-In Dishwasher.

You also have to love this model’s six wash cycles: heavy, normal, ECO, glass, rapid, and rinse. This amount of choices should provide enough options to wash whatever needs washing without any issues.

The three additional settings are quite impressive, too, with it coming sanitize, hi-temp, and heated dry functions. Given this info, I don’t envision a buyer being unhappy with what this dishwasher’s capable of doing at any point.

You’ll be impressed by its overall design, as well. This model happens to be only 17.75 inches wide, which makes it ideal for smaller areas like an RV kitchen. As a result, you shouldn’t have problems replacing an older appliance with this model.

I was also quite pleased with the product’s quiet noise operation. This area tends to be an issue with other units. But thankfully, this dishwasher worked at a low frequency to ensure it didn’t become an irritant inside my rig.

The choice of three design options was another nice touch offered by EdgeStar. You can choose from black, stainless steel, and white. This amount of options will make a seamless transition into your rig’s interior much easier.

But I wasn’t thrilled with the product coming with no install directions. I had to use the company’s website to find them, which is too inconvenient for my taste. However, you can avoid this little snafu entirely by paying a little extra for the expert installation.

5. hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher

homeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher for RV is one of the more convenient options on this list. You can attribute this status to features like its easy install process. This task won’t require any tools and should be as straightforward as a person could hope.

In fact, this model comes with all the necessary items required for the task. These parts include an inlet, faucet adapter, drain hose, and much more. The directions coming with this device were candid and easy to follow, as well.

This install process isn’t the only thing worth praising about it, either. I also love this model’s user-friendly controls that include a control panel, program selector, and light indicators. Each of these features will make using this dishwasher a piece of cake.

If the product being easy to use wasn’t enough, its program selector comes with six wash cycle options to meet all your dishwashing needs: heavy, normal, ECO, speed, glass, and rinse. It’s just a simple matter of picking the right option to meet your particular situation.

The device’s overall design should impress RV owners, as well. This model features a small, compact construction, which you can sit on top of your RV’s countertop. It won’t take up much room, and it can be stored away when it’s not being used. I can’t imagine a more ideal situation for a rig owner.

Its smaller design doesn’t affect its load capacity too much, which is another positive attribute. You can easily fit six standard place settings into this dishwasher. This aspect should be perfect for a small area with limited space, such as an RV.

You should also find the device’s price more than manageable. It’s easily among the least costly portable camping dishwashers on this entire list. Any bargain buyers reading the article should take note of this model immediately. It might not be possible to find a better deal than this one on today’s market.

But I’m a little worried about this product’s plastic housing. I would’ve much preferred a model made from stainless steel or more durable material. However, it has held up well to this point. If you’re looking for a more long term option, I might suggest looking elsewhere because of this issue.

6. Sunpentown SD-2213S Countertop Dishwasher

A buyer looking to get a small or mini dishwasher should consider getting the Sunpentown SD-2213S Countertop Dishwasher. This unit actually serves a perfect fit for RVers with smaller rigs like campervans or Class B motorhomes.

In fact, it should fit comfortably between your RV countertop and cabinets without much trouble. You can then expect it to offer full-sized power with its rather compact design. It can wash up to six place settings, which is impressive for a countertop model.

The device’s install process was another impressive aspect for me. Sunpentown made sure this task was easy with its quick-connect feature and faucet adapter. Both these qualities ensure you can quickly hook it up to any kitchen faucet with ease.

You have to love the device’s portability, as well. This model only weighs 43 pounds, which shouldn’t make it too difficult to move from place to place. Due to this, you could use this dishwasher in a few locations rather than it being permanently inside your rig.

Aside from these features, it has many other aspects you’ve become familiar with from the earlier units on our list. These include six wash cycles, LED display, delay start, and various light indicators.

Each of these additions will provide countless benefits we’ve gone over in great detail in earlier reviews. But alas, it’s worth noting them here to ensure a buyer knows this model comes with these useful aspects, as well.

This model does stand out from the pack due to one more aspect, though. Its price tag is among the lowest on today’s market for countertop dishwashers. This feature makes it a great option for anyone who’s looking to bargain buy. Plus, it has a nice looking white exterior, which should have no difficulty fitting into most RV interiors.

But this model is another one with no dry cycle, which is a bummer. I do think I could live with this one not having the drying aspect because of its low price. However, it’s not something I would consider unless there wasn’t another suitable option.

7. BLACK+DECKER BCD6W Compact Countertop Dishwasher

The last option comes from a household name in the RV part market, BLACK+DECKER. This brand has excelled in making many products for rigs through their ability to create reliable products with exciting features. Not surprisingly, this product happens to be no different.

One of the many great features coming from this countertop dishwasher is its delayed start option. This aspect will provide the ability to set your dishwashing process on a timer. In this feature’s case, it offers a 24-hour time limit, which is rather striking compared to other models.

The seven wash cycles it offers was another appealing trait. These cycles include intensive, ECO, normal, glass, 90 minutes, soak, and rapid. Each one of them did their respective jobs well when I tested them out on my RV kitchenware.

Selecting each one was made much easier by this product’s LED display and touch controls. Both these features make using this dishwasher as simple as anyone could ever imagine.

This model also is another dishwasher that’s Energy Star certified to ensure it uses as little water and electricity as possible. It’s just another way BLACK+DECKER made sure to make this unit appealing to RV owners. After all, aren’t we always trying to conserve both water and energy?

People with children will enjoy the product’s addition of a child lock, as well. This aspect will ensure your smaller kids can’t open up the dishwasher and start trouble. It’s a great bonus to ensure everyone on the rig stays safe.

The noise operation level was another aspect that was an obvious standout. I can’t even tell this device was running based on the noise level. It was whisper quiet and did its job effectively washing my dishes. What more could an RV owner ask for from one of these devices?

Well, the answer to this question is simple: I wish it came with bigger soap dispensers. These dispensers weren’t big enough to hold soap pods, which are my preferred method. It’s a small issue, but one that could affect a buyer’s overall comfort with the model.

EdgeStar DWP62BL Countertop Dishwasher (Outdated)

As promised, here’s EdgeStar’s second product on the list. This particular model is a bit different from the previous one from the brand for a simple reason. It’s a countertop motorhome dishwasher rather than a built-in unit.

This aspect makes it a portable dishwasher capable of making meeting your dishwasher needs without taking up permanent space inside your rig’s kitchen. You can instead place this excellent device back into storage after its task is complete.

You can also expect high-quality results from its use even though its a portable unit. These great results come from its many useful features. One example is its stainless steel interior, which will help keep the model running for many, many years.

I found this product’s energy consumption rather appealing, as well. You see, it only uses 200 kilowatt-hours per year. This figure might not seem like a big deal, but it’s 61% less energy than most competing countertop options. As a result, it saves you a ton of money on water and energy expenses.

If you’re anything like me, any feature or aspect capable of making your bills go down ends up being a win. You should find this product much easier to use than its fellow counterparts, too. It comes with seven wash cycles, which makes finding the right wash setting simple.

The model’s six standard place setting load capacity was another aspect, which stood out as impressive. It should more than meet most RVers’ needs without issue. Honestly, how many times is an RVer going to have more than six settings in a dishwasher at once?

I should mention this model features a power spray arm inside it, as well. This feature has gained a reputation for ensuring a thorough and in-depth wash of all your dishes. I was quite pleased with its performance myself when I tried this device.

However, this model doesn’t come with a dry cycle, which was a disappointment. The lack of a dry cycle makes it not fit for my distinct needs. If this issue doesn’t bother you, the product does represent a great buy as it excels in every other area.

Furrion 18″ Built-In RV Dishwasher (Outdated)

If you haven’t been a fan of the past few options due to them being countertop units, the Furrion 18” Built-in RV dishwasher should be more your speed. This model actually is one of the larger choices on the list with its 18 inches of height.

But don’t think this more towering height will stop it from working well in an RV setting. This dishwasher was made specifically for these situations. Its stainless steel design is extremely durable and was made to withstand the vibration that occurs during travel.

You also don’t have to worry about its install process, as it should mount into a prepared cabinet with ease. It becomes a perfect option for anyone looking to replace an older or lousy built-in dishwasher.

The product’s interior design is another unique trait. This interior features a double loading rack equipped with a folding cup shelf and utensil basket. You should have plenty of room for all your kitchenware with a setup like this one.

I love this product’s 3-part filter, as well. This filter will prevent any food from getting into your water pump to ensure top tier performance. It’s a crucial aspect to ensure the entire washing process goes according to plan.

The noise operation level isn’t too shabby, either. It hovers around 55 dB or less, which is much quieter than some other options out there. This aspect is a nice touch for someone like me, who gets easily annoyed by persistent noises.

However, none of these wonderful traits is my favorite one about this product. You can instead give this title to the product’s 1-year warranty. This policy will provide the buyer with a great deal of protection and coverage to ensure they don’t end up buying a lousy item.

You still wouldn’t find me putting this model at the top of my list for a simple reason, its price tag. This model is easily among the most costly on the entire list. It’s just not within my budget and would end up emptying a large chunk of my bank account. I was disappointed too because the model does check off a lot of my particular wants and needs.

WESTLAND SALES DWV335BBS Built-in RV Dishwasher (Outdated)

This Vesta RV dishwasher is a perfect fit for RVers due to many reasons. The first one is rather simple as it was designed for performing in RV and marine settings. It makes the device uniquely qualified for offering the best results possible to rig owners needed a dishwasher.

I should also mention this mindset produced some fantastic RV-centric being put into its design. One of these features is its ability to clean your dishes without using a lot of water. In fact, this machine will only use between 2.4 and 4.2 gallons of water to wash and dry your kitchenware.

This figure happens to be almost unmatched among dishwashers. You should love this model’s easy using process, as well. This aspect comes from its integrated electronic controls, which make setting up the washing process a breeze.

I wouldn’t overlook this product’s stainless steel door, either. This door will help ensure the device remains usable for a long time. It’ll be a crucial part of ensuring you aren’t looking for a new one in the next few years.

The sleek, compact design certainly helps, too, with it being able to fit comfortably within an RV’s interior. Honestly, you’ll barely know it’s there due to it being a built-in option rather than the other types out there.

As a built-in option, it should fit right under your RV kitchen’s countertop, which will save a great deal of space. I didn’t even mention that the design itself is quite stylish. There’s no reason to believe this model will have any issues meshing with any rig’s interior.

But I didn’t love how much this product weighed. It hovers around 68 pounds, which makes hauling it into the trailer a bit of an issue. I’d suggest doing this task with two people rather than one to avoid any back injuries or accidents occurring.

It’s worth mentioning the price of this product’s rather high, as well. This model certainly isn’t for a bargain buyer like myself. But if money isn’t an issue for you, I’d imagine you’d have a hard time finding a model more capable of keeping your dishes clean.

DELLA Compact Countertop Dishwasher (Outdated)

This next option is another great choice for anyone who wants a top tier portable camping dishwasher. What makes it such an excellent fit for this role? Well, it features a small, compact design that’s well suited for working in crowded areas.

I was intrigued by the product’s overall construction, too, which includes a stainless steel interior. This aspect ensures it’s ready to remain a useful fixture capable of providing robust and thorough washing for a long time.

As with our prior option, this powerful washing comes from the device’s spray arm. This feature has proven time and time again to be more than capable of cleaning even the dirtiest dishes. In other words, a plate covered in melted cheese won’t even survive a washing from this unit.

This product’s using process was another crucial highlight. It comes with an LED display, which makes setting up the perfect washing setting a simple task. As for filling the rinse and dispensers, this aspect is another area where the unit makes it rather easy.

You’ll also benefit from its easy to use controls, which are located on the product’s control panel. Honestly, every button a rig owner could want is included in this impressive feature. I don’t expect anyone will be crying about this dishwasher lacking a specific washing setting.

The install process was another favorite of mine. You simply place the small RV dishwasher on your rig’s counter and use its quick-connect kit to attach it into the kitchen’s faucet. I found it to be one of the most natural setup methods that I’ve come across during my research.

You get a choice about color, too, which is always a nice touch. The options include picking either a silver or white model. Therefore, a rig owner shouldn’t have problems finding the one capable of meshing with the rest of their RV’s interior.

Although, even with all these great traits, there was one thing about this option that left me a little uneasy: it doesn’t come with a warranty. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s always nice to have a little protection or coverage with this type of device.

Frigidaire’s FFBD1831US 18” Dishwasher (Outdated)

Dishwasher is another larger option for people wanting a little more loading capacity. In this regard, the model can easily fit eight place settings, which is among the best you’ll find with an RV dishwasher.

The heating drying system offered by this model is another area where it excels. This aspect will ensure your dishes come out dry rather than wet and needing a rub down with a cloth. Due to this feature, the unit ends up being fully capable of removing all the effort from dealing with dirty dishes.

As with prior models, the device’s six wash cycles should more than meet your dishwashing needs. Each of them has proven to work effectively and without issue. I was actually rather pleased by how each one worked compared to similar functions on other models.

Frigidaire was kind enough to offer a professional install add-on, as well. This feature could come in handy for anyone who isn’t great at these sorts of tasks. As someone who falls into this category, you can bet I’d take advantage of this offer.

This model can be set to run on your schedule, which is also an excellent addition. It’s capable of doing this unique feature because it can be set to run 24 hours in advance. Therefore, you don’t have to be present to ensure your dishes get cleaned when needed.

Your energy and water bills will go down significantly with this product in place, as well. This feature comes from it being Energy Star certified, which means it lowers the device’s consumption to the maximum amount.

But even with these fantastic features, this product has two drawbacks keeping it from being my favorite. The first one happens to its noise operation level. It was much louder than I initially expected and became quite a hassle in a smaller area like my RV.

Aside from the noise level, its price tag is rather outrageous compared to similar models on today’s market. You’d have to pay a fortune when investing in this excellent dishware. It doesn’t seem worth it for me when cheaper options do a slightly worse job for a lot less money.

RV Dishwasher Buyer’s Guide


Like in your regular home, an RV dishwasher represents a convenient and quick way to clean up dishes. But finding the right one can be a challenging task. This section will discuss key factors that’ll help determine what one fits your situation.


Most RV related products will put a large focus on the amount of room taken up by them. After all, rigs tend to have minimal space inside them. This issue makes it extremely important to choose a dishwasher that doesn’t make your RV’s interior too crowded.

I suggest picking a model with a length and width under 25 inches. These measurements should ensure your new dishwasher isn’t too big for your RV. Otherwise, you might find yourself disliking your purchase after only a few months.

Loading Capacity

You must take into account loading capacity when choosing an RV dishwasher. This figure will determine how many utensils and dishes can be cleaned at one time. As a result, try to find a model with the largest capacity, but still capable of fitting inside your rig.

I should also note that most RV dishwashers usually can fit up to six place settings. I wouldn’t recommend going any lower than this figure unless you have serious space issues. For instance, it might be hard to fit one of these in a Class B RV.


Cycles are another vital aspect of your final choice. These features will indicate what washing process is being performed on your kitchenware. I suggest picking an option with at least six cycles, such as normal, glass, heavy, speed, light, and soak choices.

Picking a dishwasher with a dry cycle is another must. This option will ensure the dishwasher can dry the dishes on its own. Honestly, nobody wants to dry their dishes after waiting for a dishwasher to clean them. Buy a model capable of doing both functions and save yourself the hassle.

Water and Energy Consumption

Take a long look at how much energy and water each model will consume. You’re going to want an option with the lowest consumption of both as possible. But it’s essential to find a balance and make sure it’s still capable of cleaning your kitchenware thoroughly.

If you don’t find this balance, buying the dishwasher will end up being a complete waste of money. This outcome isn’t something anyone looking to buy one of these devices wants to experience.

Ease of Use

The right RV dishwashers won’t be a challenge to use. In fact, these devices should have an easy using process that even inexperienced users won’t have trouble doing. Therefore, it’d be wise to ensure the controls are user-friendly and understandable before buying.

You should find an option that comes with at most three push buttons and a rotary selector for controlling the cycles. This design will make using the dishwasher straightforward and free of complications.

Models with LED screens make using these devices much more comfortable, as well. These screens can go a long way in helping with timing and grasping what each button does. I’d also suggest getting a dishwasher with a safety lock for anyone with children.

Durability of Interior

The dishwasher’s interior must be made from a durable material, such as stainless steel. It will help guarantee this purchase becomes a long term investment rather than a device you’re replacing within a year.

If you choose a dishwasher with its interior made from other materials, these devices will be much more fragile and ineffective. They might even be heavier, which can make the install process a less manageable task.

Loading Aid

Top tier dishwashers will also come equipped with a loading aid. It could be a cutlery basket, dish rack, or a similar component. In any case, this feature will make your life much easier and should be included in any option worth considering.

Water Heater

Another helpful extra feature is the inclusion of a water heater. Honestly, this aspect isn’t entirely necessary, but it does make using one of these devices much more accessible. A water heater makes your life simpler by letting you decide what water temperature is being used in the dishwasher.

In most cases, dishwashers with a water heater usually come with two settings for it. This makes using the feature a lot less complex than a buyer might expect.


As you might expect, RV dishwashers come in all different sizes and colors. You’ll have to incorporate how they look into your final decision, as well. You don’t want to buy a dishwasher that’ll be an eyesore inside your rig’s beautiful interior.

This aspect might not seem like a big deal, but it could have a massive impact on your happiness with the device. It’d be best to pick an option that matches well with your motorhome’s interior. It’ll help ensure you don’t end up hating your purchase down the road.

If you need more information about RV appliances, please check our guide for top-tier induction cooktops for RV. Furthermore, take a look at our toaster oven for RV reviews if you like.

RV Dishwasher FAQs

Our FAQ section will take you through any questions or concerns the previous topics might not have covered thoroughly. It’ll be another valuable resource to make sure this process ends with a smile on your face rather than a frown.

Who is this for?

RV dishwashers are for people who don’t like handwashing dishes. As one of these people, I absolutely need one of these devices onboard my rig. Otherwise, the dishes would just stack up inside the sink and make my motorhome rather unpleasant.

You also should know these devices are uniquely suited to thrive in an RV setting. For instance, RV dishwashers will be much more portable and lighter than their household counterparts.

These two features make them an ideal option for RV owners who want their RV to feel like an on-the-road home. Having an RV with a dishwasher is a pivotal part to make RVing more bearable and less stressful than it has to be for those who chose this lifestyle.

Benefits and disadvantages of using RV dishwashers

But like with any product, come with their own sets of benefits and disadvantages. Having an in-depth knowledge of both will have a significant impact on your final choice about whether these devices fit your situation.

This section will provide a detailed look at both sides to help make your choice. Let’s start with the benefits to see why so many RVers enjoy having a travel trailer with dishwasher capabilities.



As we mentioned previously, RV dishwashers happen to be a lot more compact and take up less space than regular models. Even the largest types, called countertop dishwashers, only have a size equal to what you’d expect from a microwave.

This design aspect becomes handy in smaller spaces like RV. Plus, it makes installing them inside a rig more convenient and doable. I couldn’t even imagine trying to load a regular household unit onto an RV. It would be extremely taxing and stressful.

Keeps Your Dishes Clean

The most apparent benefit is keeping your dishes clean. It’s the main reason for having one of these devices onboard your RV. You can attribute this ability to them being capable of heating water up to 140 degrees.

This temperature will clean and sanitize your kitchenware effectively. It’s an outcome that’s much harder to achieve by mere handwashing. Honestly, why wouldn’t you do everything possible to ensure your dishes are as clean as possible?

Less Consumption

Household dishwashers tend to be a lot less economical than an RV dishwasher. In other words, the smaller sizes of RV models allow them to use less detergent, water, and energy. Therefore, it ends up saving you quite a bit of cash. It’s just another way these devices more than make sense for an RV owner to have onboard their rigs.

Storage Space

Besides washing and cleaning your dishes, RV dishwares offer storage space to keep your kitchenware when they’re done washing. This aspect helps keep your RV tidy and clean rather than having kitchenware lying all over the place.

Saves Time

An RV dishwasher also ends up being more time-efficient than hand washing. These devices will clean and dry your dishes in a much shorter period than you could ever imagine with a sponge and dishrag.

Likewise, it doesn’t require any effort on your part, either. This benefit is a huge one for lazy people like myself who can’t stand the thought of doing dishes the old fashion way.


As we pointed out many times, RV dishwashers do everything themselves. This quality means less of a chance an accident occurs during the process. After all, handwashing something while driving around could be rather dangerous. You should instead invest in a dishwasher and let it do the job.


Soap Usage

RV dishwashers tend to be particular when it comes to the type of soap being used in them. In fact, using a different soap brand might even damage the model. This issue makes it imperative to keep track of what soap works well with the machine.

I should also note that the approved soaps tend to be much more costly than regular dish soap. It’s one of the few annoying nuisances that come with investing in an RV dishwasher.

Isn’t Capable of Washing Everything

Some kitchenware won’t be dishwasher approved. These items will include knives, china, crystal, wooden products, nonstick pots, and nonstick pans. This issue is why reading your dishware’s cleaning directions is essential before placing it inside your dishwasher.

I should also point out that these devices will sometimes leave behind food debris. In these cases, you’ll just have to bite the bullet and wash them by hand.

How much power does a portable dishwasher use?

The amount of power used by a portable dishwasher can differ drastically. You’ll need to look through each option’s description to get a better handle on its power usage. But if it’s a portable dishwasher for RV use, I wouldn’t expect it to use much.

How much water does RV dishwasher use?

Most RV dishwashers will use anywhere between 4 and 6 gallons of water per wash. As a result, it can be a severe burden on a rig owner’s gray tank. This is why some RVers tend to hand wash their dishes.

So naturally, it has become a massive part of the debate between handwashing and dishwashing. Each RVer needs to figure out whether they prefer a dishwasher’s convenience or want to maximize their rig’s water supply.

Can you put a regular dishwasher in an RV?

Many people are shocked to learn you can put dishwashers into RVs and campers. But this reality doesn’t mean a person can effectively use a traditional dishwasher in their rigs. Those devices use too much power and water to mesh with RV living.

So if you want one, it needs to be an RV size dishwasher. These dishwashers are a lot more efficient and highly practical inside rigs. You might even find a portable option to be more fitting inside your camper.

How to install and use?

Talking about how to install and use a dishwasher is impossible without knowing the brand and model. You’ll have to look at the specific directions for both of your chosen model, which will be located in its manual.

In most cases, these processes won’t be too complicated or involve any tricky steps. But it’s wise to look over these directions before making a final decision. This action will let you have a better feel about what you’re getting into with each option.

Is it cheaper to use a dishwasher or wash it by hand?

In most cases, using a dishwasher is cheaper than hand washing. But it can vary based on a person’s electricity and water usage. For instance, someone washing many dishes regularly would spend less money using a dishwasher.

But a person who only needs to wash a small number of dishes could spend less money on handwashing. Plus, hand washing can become even more cost-effective if you turn off the water after finishing each plate.

What is the warranty?

As with installing and using these devices, the warranties will differ from device to device. You’ll find options with 1-year, 5-year, or even lifetime policies. It’ll end up depending on what brand and model you’re buying.

It’s also possible to come across models with no warranties at all. These aren’t options I’d consider too seriously unless they come with overwhelmingly positive buyer feedback. It’s just not a smart idea to invest in one of these products without some protection against receiving a lousy product.

You’ll want to avoid buying from companies who don’t intend on honoring these agreements, as well. Some brands use these policies as selling points to entice customers to buy cheap products and never live up to their policy.

A great way to avoid buying these brands is by sticking to trusted companies like the ones in our product review section. These manufacturers have proven time and time again to do everything in their power to make their buyers comfortable.

You could also try getting a Dometic RV dishwasher or Whirlpool dishwasher for RV. These brands are ones, which barely missed making my list and have gained a great reputation among rig owners.

Any care and maintenance tips?

There aren’t many tips to help clean your RV dishwasher. In general, you just empty the dishes out and follow the cleaning steps laid out in its manual. I also suggest not using hard-bristled brushes or harsh detergents to clean your RV dishwasher.

Both these actions will cause a heap of problems that aren’t worth experience. Please keep it simple instead and follow what’s laid out in the manual.


I hope this article answered all your questions about the best RV dishwasher for your rig. It should have provided the required info to make a responsible choice about the right model for your motorhome.

Once you do make this choice, the dishwasher will then make cleaning your kitchenware much easier during your travels. You’ll no longer have to hand wash and take valuable time away from doing the fun activities associated with camping.

But if you’re still struggling with making a choice, please let us know in our comment section. I’d love to help and make this process easier in any way possible. It’s the whole reason I wrote this article in the first place.

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