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The Best RV Dehumidifiers to Provide Better Air Quality

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

RV owners have been trying to solve humidity issues onboard motorhomes for decades. It has led many of them on a quest to find the best RV dehumidifiers for their situation. But this search often becomes a lot more complex than they initially expected.

best rv dehumidifier

This difficulty comes from the massive amount of options available. If you don’t know what to consider, separating high-quality from subpar ones can be tricky. These issues are probably why you’ve clicked on our article in the first place.

Luckily, I’ll intend to streamline this entire process to eliminate these difficulties. You’ll soon know everything a person might need to choose a perfectly suited RV dehumidifier. Let’s begin this journey with 10 reviews of my favorite available options.


Best Overall Largest Capacity Most Durable
Preview Pro Breeze PB-02-US

Yaufey Uj0-4

SEAVON 170-2021

Dimensions 6″D x 6″W x 8.5″H 8.2″D x 12.2″W x 18.9″H 6.3″D x 6.3″W x 10″H
Capacity 16 Oz 524.8 Oz 35 Oz
Floor Area 225 Sq ft 1750 Sq ft 280 Sq ft
Details Details Details

Best Dehumidifier for RV Reviews

1. Pro Breeze Portable Electric Dehumidifier for RV

Pro Breeze’s Portable Electric Dehumidifier for RV starts our list off with an ultra-convenient option filled with impressive features. I don’t see how anyone would consider this unit anything other than outstanding quality.

For instance, this Pro Breeze electric mini dehumidifier using process is incredibly energy efficient and quiet. These aspects make it a perfect fit on board a crowded, congested space like an RV. Honestly, I was shocked by how quiet this model was compared to what I experienced with previous options.

I found myself loving this product’s automatic shut off feature, as well. It’ll make the device turn off the moment it becomes full to avoid any issues. The product’s built-in LED indicator light will also turn on to ensure the user knows its tank needs draining.

Moreover, this small dehumidifier for RV owners isn’t only usable in the RV. Its lightweight construction allows for enough portability to ensure easy usage in multiple areas. Buyers have found it to be effective in homes, garages, dorms, and apartments.

The product’s 18-ounce water tank isn’t hard to drain, either. Users will need to pull its plug out and empty the contents into a drain or sink through its water outlet. You then place it back into the device and switch it back on for the next cycle. Honestly, using this small dehumidifier for RV and camper owners couldn’t get much easier.

But this device doesn’t have a reputation for working well in cold temperatures. It was mentioned more than once in the customer reviews as a nuisance for users. It’s not overly shocking because the product description does state it won’t work under 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if you don’t need it for cold temperatures, I don’t see another reason why this dehumidifier unit wouldn’t be a perfect fit for a travel trailer owner. Its energy-efficient, silent operation, and excellent portability make this product worth its asking price.

2. Yaufey RV Dehumidifier

Yaufey’s RV Dehumidifier offers one of the better designs among our choices. It manages to find a fruitful balance between storage capability and portability.

For instance, Yaufey made an intelligent move incorporating built-in wheels, so it didn’t have to sacrifice removal capability. The result is an easy-to-maneuver dehumidifier that removes 32.7 pints of moisture daily.

Of course, the design’s convenience wasn’t the only attribute to gain my attention. I also loved the device’s two fan speeds that ensure comfort. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how effective and quiet the product worked at its regular speed. It allowed me to hear my TV, unlike most dehumidifiers.

The product’s using process was another notable highlight. Again, Yaufey did a solid job keeping the control straightforward while making it easy to read. So I had no trouble setting it up or remaining up-to-date on its progress.

I was also thrilled with this product’s application versatility. This dehumidifier has shown great effectiveness in various situations, from removing moisture from RVs to basements. I do not have problems finding more than one use for it.

The product’s convenience level doesn’t stop there, either. It also has a built-in drain house outlet with drain hose included within each purchase. So it provides users with a choice regarding whether they feel like manually draining or utilizing its continuous self-emptying abilities.

One last notable benefit is the product’s 12-month free replacement policy. It provides more buyer protection than most electric or non electric dehumidifier models.

However, I was slightly annoyed by the short plug-in cord. I fixed the issue relatively quickly with an extension cable, but it’s still worth noting for potential buyers. In the end, this one flaw hasn’t stopped this model from being an absolute godsend for my needs.

3. SEAVON Portable RV Dehumidifier

Our next option, SEAVON Portable RV Dehumidifier, offers a unique design quality that buyers won’t expect from most options. It provides an impressive amount of style with its seven colorful lights to create a noticeable aesthetic. I was thrilled with this aspect when first utilizing the dehumidifier at night.

But these stylish night lights wouldn’t be worth anything if this product didn’t work effectively. However, it earns high marks in this area as it can extract up to 16 oz of water daily. I found this amount to be quite impactful inside a camper or motorhome.

Meanwhile, this model provides excellent portability with its lightweight construction. It has a built-in handle, so I don’t have any issues carrying the device out the rig or in/out of storage areas. This aspect is why I could easily see it being a suitable fit inside a college door room or similar space.

I should also note that its design is compact and easily tucked away in small areas. Therefore, it never becomes an eyesore like many larger available models. Instead, it manages to adapt and mesh with almost any decor inside a space.

Users should enjoy the two convenient working modes: high speed and low speed. They allow me to control the product’s noise level to my liking. Due to this, it should have no trouble meeting the preferences of most people who need a quiet environment to relax.

Other notable features include a one-year warranty and an affordable price. These inclusions only further confirm this option’s place on our list. It has undoubtedly made my life much easier since I brought it onboard my camper.

In fact, my only issue with this product is it has noisy buttons. I wasn’t the only one to notice this issue, either, as I saw it mentioned on Reddit and in some customer reviews. But overall, I’ve learned to deal with this minor inconvenience, especially since everything else has been positive.

4. SEAVON Electric RV Dehumidifier

The SEAVON Electric RV Dehumidifier shouldn’t have any issues working in most motorhomes with its 225 square feet of coverage area. In these situations, it’ll offer an extraction rate of 10 ounces per day to provide a comfortable environment.

It might not sound like much, but these 10 ounces can make quite a difference. These results won’t put a burden on your RV’s storage space, either. This portable dehumidifier has a compact, small design that ensures finding a space inside cramped areas is a breeze.

Buyers will also love this product’s built-in Thermo-Electric Cooling Technology. It’s a pivotal component because it allows for a whisper-quiet noise level. As someone prone to migraines, I can’t express how much difference this aspect made in my RV.

The on/off switch makes using this device effortless, as well. I couldn’t even mess it up, which is a borderline miracle given my issues with electronics. Newbie and experienced RVers should feel more than confident in this product’s being user-friendly.

You’ll benefit from this product having a 1-year warranty, too, which is always a nice touch. This policy will ensure you have a backup plan against receiving a faulty device. Plus, the company seems to honor this policy, as multiple customers pointed out in their reviews.

Some other notable features include a lightweight design, an automatic shut off feature, an easy removal process, and a built-in LED indicator light. As you can imagine, each of these features will make your life much simpler when operating this device.

There were a few concerns about its durability in the reviews, though. I wouldn’t put too much stock into these complaints as most buyers were thrilled with it. But you always have the warranty to give insurance if/when any durability concern does arise.

In any case, these infrequent complaints shouldn’t take this model off your consideration list. It should have no problem meeting your expectations when it’s placed in the right setting.

5. Eva-Dry E-333 Wireless Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

Cordless dehumidifiers for RVs have become all the rage within the RVing community. A high-quality example of one would be Eva-Dry’s Wireless Renewable Mini Dehumidifier. It has everything people look for when trying to purchase cordless dehumidifiers.

For instance, this dehumidifier can last four weeks on a single charge. I would describe myself as a forgetful person, which makes this hassle-free operation a godsend. It keeps me from having to put too much time or effort into a dehumidifier for your RV.

The product’s usage of silica gel beads is another savvy move by Eva-Dry. It offers high-quality performance without risking a tank overflowing. As a result, it’s a perfect fit for anyone who tends to be a little clumsy.

You don’t have to worry about these RV dehumidifier crystals or beads causing any harmful side effects, either. These beads are non-toxic, pet/child safe to assure hassle-free usage. Buyers couldn’t ask for much more from wireless dehumidifiers.

Its design allows users to hang it almost anywhere. These dehumidifier reviews are filled with customers stating how useful it was in various situations. I could easily see someone using it within a car, boat, cabinet, gun safes, and small bathrooms.

Aside from its design features, the price tag is hard to overlook. It’s easily among our least expensive options, which could make it a bargain for the right customer. You don’t often find high-quality dehumidifiers available for this price tag.

But the product’s 333 cubic feet coverage range does leave a little to be desired. It won’t cover a large interior space and might only be a suitable option for smaller rigs, such as campervans. This issue limits its customer base by a significant number.

However, its performance in those smaller spaces is quite outstanding. People in these smaller rigs shouldn’t hesitate for a second to put money down on this option. It could be an absolute steal.

6. hOmeLabs Energy Star RV Dehumidifier

RVers looking to remove moisture/water vapor from Class A or other larger RVs should look at hOmeLabs’s Energy Star RV Dehumidifier. This model has a coverage range of 4,500 square feet, which will be enough for any RV.

It also comes with a massive 1.8-gallon water tank, which can hold up to 50 pints per day. This 50-pint dehumidifier is a monster compared to our previous options. But don’t think these abilities mean this device will take up a sizable chunk of space in your RV.

I found myself rather astonished by the sleekness of this product’s design. This construction should have no problems blending right into your RV’s interior. It also has built-in wheels and handles to help move it around with ease.

More importantly, the product features a quiet fan to prevent it from becoming an annoying nuisance. The noise levels will never reach a point where you can’t watch your favorite TV show while it’s running.

But you can also increase the fan’s speed to deal with more problematic areas. This ability comes from its Turbo mode, which provides maximum odor reduction and moisture removal. It’s one of the most effective and high-quality RV dehumidifiers available.

I was pleased to see this product comes with a drain hose outlet, as well. This aspect is valuable because you can connect a hose to it for constant draining. Due to this, users will never need to empty the dehumidifier themselves.

These excellent features do come with a considerable downside, though. It’s one of the most expensive products on our entire list. Buyers will have to weigh whether its impressive performance and convenience are worth the increased price tag.

In my case, I would have to argue it’s more than worth your consideration. Anyone looking to find the top-tier dehumidifiers shouldn’t look much farther than this one.

7. InvisiPure Hydrowave Compact Portable RV Dehumidifier

Bargain buyers should drop everything to take a look at InvisiPure’s Hydrowave Compact Portable RV Dehumidifier. It happens to be one of our cheapest dehumidifiers but still does an excellent job keeping up with these other models.

One of my favorite things about this dehumidifier would have to be its compact size. It’s a perfect size to fit in those small areas inside an RV like a bathroom or a bedroom. You can easily hide it to prevent it from taking away from the appearance of your RV’s interior.

I was also pleased by InvisiPure offering two color options with this model. It allows people to choose between a grey or white color scheme to help the product mesh with your rig. As a result, you won’t need to hide it away if there isn’t a suitable hidden place inside the RV.

The product’s design doesn’t include compressor units, which is always a plus. It’s a vital piece of the appeal because this construction keeps the noise level down while remaining practical. This dehumidifier will prevent mold, bacteria, or mildew from entering your RV with ease.

You have to love its 300 square feet coverage area and 2-liter water tank, as well. Both these aspects help ensure this product can keep most RVers moisture and water vapor free. Plus, it’s 27-ounce per day extraction rate is rather impressive.

Although this model offers continuous drainage, it doesn’t come with the hose included. You’ll have to buy this piece separately or use one already onboard your RV. It seems like a missed opportunity by InvisiPure to separate themselves even further from their competition.

However, the affordable price tag and impressive design aspects certainly do a great job providing some distance. Finding a more equipped dehumidifier at this cost would be an almost impossible task.

8. Letsport Portable Electric Mini RV Dehumidifier

The Letsport Portable Electric Mini RV Dehumidifier isn’t the most impressive option, but it does its job without providing any unneeded hassles. After all, its large 68-ounce water tank and 24-34 ounces of moisture extraction rate should function well in most RVs.

I was also happy with its energy efficiency, even though it’s not the best available. This dehumidifier only uses 1.15 kW in 24 hours, which should keep your energy usage low. It ends up being a relatively convenient, efficient choice for any space up to 480 square feet.

Honestly, this energy computation rate will outpace a residential desiccant dehumidifier or refrigerant dehumidifier with ease. It’ll have no problem helping an RVer limit their energy usage by a beneficial amount.

The product’s modern-looking design is another worthwhile attribute. It shouldn’t be an eyesore like many dehumidifiers out there. This product will blend into any RV interior or other location with relative ease.

Its built-in automatic shut off feature and upgraded technology will ensure your RV’s moisture levels remain under 35%. Due to this, onboard living should become a lot more comfortable and bearable during those long trips.

You also have to love the 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Both these aspects showcase this company cares about their customer’s satisfaction. Having these types of policies in your back pocket is always such a nice feeling.

I wasn’t a big fan of its operating temperature ranges, though. It’s only known for peak effectiveness between 59 and 86 degrees, which could limit its usage. Every buyer will need to consider their surrounding climate before deciding whether it’s a suitable option.

All in all, this dehumidifier is a solid, unspectacular choice that helps you remove excess moisture effectively. There’s always a place for this type of product when buying something like dehumidifiers.

9. Waykar RV 34-Pint Dehumidifier

Keeping your RV’s humidity levels at livable levels is much easier with a high-quality device like Waykar’s RV 34-Pint Dehumidifier. It has gained a reputation for being an effective killer of all the issues from elevated humidity: mold, mildew, bacteria, etc.

This impressive ability comes from its 34-pint capacity, which allows it to operate in 2,000 square feet of space with ease. As you can imagine, this should cover every motorhome on the planet without breaking a sweat.

I found myself loving this product’s modern design, as well. This dehumidifier comes with lift-up handles and 360-degree rotating wheels for ultimate convenience. You might think moving around this large device would be difficult, but these features make it effortless.

The device’s 24-hour timer setting was another intriguing addition. It provides each user with a bit more control over this entire working process. After all, it allows you to preset operation and limits the energy usage to your preferences.

Each user will also have a choice about using its manual or auto drain methods. It’s just another way that Waykar made sure this dehumidifier was as user-friendly as possible. Waykar even received praise in this product’s reviews for their customer service team, which isn’t common.

You will have to deal with this product’s bulkiness and increased price tag, though. These aspects could be a deal-breaker for certain RVers who aren’t looking for a massive dehumidifier. Smaller RV owners shouldn’t be putting money down on this choice as it wouldn’t make sense for their needs.

But if you have a Class A or sizable 5th wheel, this dehumidifier could be an absolute godsend. Its ability to control moisture levels will provide a comfortable living experience like no other. Plus, all the user-friendly features will make achieving the perfect onboard environment more manageable.

10. COSVII Upgraded Electric Mini RV Dehumidifier

Our final option, COSVII’s Upgraded Electric Mini RV Dehumidifier, excels when it comes to reducing energy consumption. This ability comes from its upgraded chip, which offers ultra-efficient performance to ensure top-tier dehumidification results.

You should also love this chip because it helps your air conditioner unit run more efficiently. As a result, it’ll end up reducing your energy consumption by a significant margin. Every RV owner could benefit greatly from this ability because it’ll keep those running costs down.

Buyers should pay attention to this product’s large water tank capacity, as well. Its 68-ounce tank will allow this dehumidifier to remove 23 to 34 ounces of water/moisture per day. You won’t find too many mini dehumidifiers capable of matching those results.

More importantly, the air quality provided by this product is second-to-none. It’ll offer fresh, dry air to every corner of your RV without any trouble. These RV dehumidifier reviews are packed with people praising this product’s ability to remove moisture from their RVs and other areas.

This product’s design structure was another thing to catch my attention. It has a sleek-looking construction, which would blend right into my RV’s interior. It’s one of the few options available that I wouldn’t have to hide as it doesn’t ruin the intended aesthetic.

But I have to admit that this model is a bit more expensive than I’d like to spend on a mini dehumidifier. You’ll have to determine whether its ultra-efficient performance and large capacity are worth the extra cash.

In the end, I would end up being more than okay with paying a little extra for this dehumidifier. It has proven to be a lot more efficient than other dehumidifiers while having a nice, looking design. There aren’t much more people could want from these types of products.

Hysure Electric Small RV Dehumidifier (Outdated)

If you’re looking for a quick solution, Hysure’s Electric Small RV Dehumidifier is a perfect fit. It offers optimal results for a space of 1200 cubic feet (150 square feet). This amount should cover most smaller motorhomes, such as campervans and some Class C RVs.

This product isn’t only usable on smaller RVs, though. It has become a favorite among homeowners looking to remove moisture from bathroom or bedroom areas. Basically, any smaller space with high humidity levels could benefit from its usage.

As for its using process, this product follows a relatively standard method. You turn it on using the straightforward on/off switch, wait until it fills up, and it’ll alert you via an LED light. From there, it’s a simple matter of emptying the removed water and placing the water tank back.

Users will then know it’s working again when the light goes back to green. Hysure did an excellent job making sure their product remained as simple as possible. Honestly, I couldn’t be more delighted about it considering my previous experiences with these types of products.

I was also thrilled to see this product consists of high-quality ABS construction material. This design provides toughness and durability that’ll help keep it running for years. I wouldn’t expect anything but a long-lasting performance from this Hysure dehumidifier.

There were a few reports of this product leaking, which isn’t a good look. But these complaints were only in one or two reviews. It seems more like an issue of human error or something getting messed up during the shipping process.

Overall, an RVer with a smaller motorhome should give this product some solid consideration. It’s a convenient, effective dehumidifier when put into ideal circumstances. You could even find more than one use for it, given its known effectiveness in any condensed space.

LONOVE Portable Small RV Dehumidifier (Outdated)

LONOVE’s Portable Small RV Dehumidifier has various features that set it apart from most dehumidifiers available for purchase. For instance, its day and night working modes should excite any RVer who comes across this option.

You can expect the day mode to utilize a higher fan speed and reduce moisture much quicker. Meanwhile, the night mode will cause this 12v dehumidifier to run quietly. It’ll help prevent an RVer from waking due to the noise levels.

I was also impressed with this product’s intelligent control panel. Its inclusion makes setting up your preferred humidity level an absolute breeze. Plus, this product comes with a display that shows the current ambient humidity levels.

As a result, this model becomes one of the more convenient and user-friendly available. Its performance quality isn’t any to miss with its extraction rate of 29 ounces of moisture per day. The dehumidifier’s ample 68-ounce water tank should have no issues preventing any overflowing.

LONOVE equipped this dehumidifier with a drain hose to encourage continuous operation. It’s a convenient addition for someone like myself who isn’t interested in regular emptying. I can instead connect this device to the drain via this hose and let it do its job.

But if you don’t want to use the drain hose, it comes with an automatic shut off feature. It’ll automatically stop operation when the tank is full and alert you with its yellow LED light indicator. I’m always going to prefer when a company provides multiple ways of using their products.

This product is another one that doesn’t do well in cold temperatures, though. It seems to struggle with conditions under 60 degrees Fahrenheit based on a few customer reviews. Anyone who intends to use this product in colder temperatures might want to look elsewhere.

If you intend on using the 12 volt dehumidifier for RV trips in hotter temperatures, it should pass with flying colors. Everything else about this product’s performance and design will make your life much easier on the road.

ALROCKET DH-CS01 Small RV Dehumidifier (Outdated)

If you’re looking to purchase a multi-purpose option, ALROCKET’s DH-CS01 Small RV Dehumidifier needs serious consideration. This model comes with various features that make it a perfect fit for use in multiple locations.

An excellent example would be its built-in handle, which allows for easy transport. This aspect will ensure carrying the product from your home to the RV doesn’t take much effort. Plus, it’s lightweight, 3-pound design only makes matters even more user-friendly.

Of course, this portability wouldn’t matter without performance versatility. But there’s no reason to worry as the dehumidifier product also excels in that area. Multiple customers reported it being a godsend in basements, garages, residential homes, and much more.

I can’t see an RV owner not finding at least a couple of ways to use it in their life. The one-click operation method doesn’t hurt its case either. This aspect will guarantee you have no problem using the product wherever it’s needed.

The product has a 35-ounce water tank that can extract 16 ounces of moisture daily, as well. It should help improve the air quality significantly without much issue. Honestly, I was amazed by how much difference it made in my RV over a short period.

Its energy efficiency was another aspect that caught my attention. It doesn’t need much power as the device only uses 0.96kW per 24 hours, which is incredible. RV owners should always look to limit their energy consumption, and this product certainly helps.

Note that this dehumidifier works best at room temperature 20-30°C and relative humidity of 80%.

Some customers did mention the product made a little more noise than expected. I didn’t encounter this issue when trying it, but it did pop up in a few other reviews. People looking for models with low to moderate noise levels might consider looking elsewhere.

Overall, the product’s performance and versatility certainly outweigh this one issue.

AUZKIN Small Portable RV Dehumidifier (Outdated)

RV owners looking for high-quality, silent dehumidifiers need to consider AUZKIN’s Small Portable RV Dehumidifier. Its lightweight construction doesn’t produce much more than a whisper when it’s doing the job at hand.

After all, its 39 dB noise level is the same level as a running fridge. This dehumidifier shouldn’t keep users awake at night or distract them from their other indoor activities. It’ll instead be a silent, effective moisture-killing machine that’ll keep your RV as comfortable as possible.

The dehumidifier’s range between optimal operating temperatures was quite impressive, as well. It shouldn’t have issues working effectively in conditions between 41 F and 122 F. Therefore, the product can offer a bit more versatility than other mini dehumidifiers.

Buyers can expect a little style from this dehumidifier, too, as it changes colors. It’ll rotate between several different colors to provide a user with an almost night light feature. This aspect was mentioned within the dehumidifier’s reviews as a surprising aspect.

As with some previous options, this dehumidifier is known for being portable and lightweight. It should provide little hassle when moving it from place to place. You also get a few other familiar impressive traits such as an affordable price, automatic shut off feature, 35-ounce capacity, and a 16-ounce per day extraction rate.

However, I was slightly disappointed about this RV dehumidifier not having a warranty. It seems like a missed opportunity for AUZKIN to make their customers feel more comfortable. Honestly, I’m always going to be wary of buying a dehumidifier that doesn’t have one.

But I do have to say this product’s customer reviews do make a strong case. Everyone who ends up buying this RV dehumidifier seems to be overjoyed with their decision. It’s hard to read through these reports without coming away with a sense of this being a high-quality option.

RV Dehumidifier Buyer’s Guide


Finding the top-rated dehumidifier for RV campers will depend on certain factors. The following discussions offer an in-depth look at them to streamline this buying process. In other words, this section should make choosing an ideal fit relatively straightforward.

  • Dehumidifier’s Capacity

A dehumidifier’s capacity conveys how much water vapor it can take out of a space in a single day. Each buyer will have to determine a suitable accommodation for their RV’s needs. In most cases, you’ll be okay with a camper dehumidifier that has between 30 or 50-pint dehumidifier capacities.

It’s an ideal range for an interior space within an RV. But some people might want to dry out their interior space even more. In these cases, you can go with a 70-pint model. It should have no issues ensuring your RV’s interior never feels damp again.

  • Area of Usage

It’s essential to consider where you intend on using a dehumidifier in a camper before buying one. How big or small is the intended area? Once you determine the location, it becomes much easier to figure out the suitable water tank capacity for your device.

Most brands will put the intended coverage area of each device in their product description. This aspect will be presented in square feet or cubic feet to make things easier. You shouldn’t have much issue choosing a suitable choice with this information.

  • Portability

Your chosen RV dehumidifier needs to be portable. It’ll make moving the device from place to place much easier. For instance, if you want to use it in other locations, this portability will make sure it isn’t an issue.

I’d recommend looking at each model’s customer reviews to get a sense of its portability. These resources should provide an idea about its ability in this area. Buyers can then determine whether it’s level of portability meshes with their particular needs.

You might also want to consider getting options with wheels or lightweight construction. Both these aspects will make moving a breeze for any RVer. In any case, high levels of portability will make your life much more convenient.

  • Ease of Assembly

It’s never a good idea to choose a product with a complex assembly process. After all, it’s no different with dehumidifiers, as some brands make their products a lot more complicated than necessary.

You must do your best to avoid these choices at all costs. It’s another aspect where customer reviews or an RV dehumidifier forum will be invaluable. Honestly, there’s nothing more beneficial than other buyers’ experiences when doing product research.

  • How Much Noise Does It Make?

One of the main issues with subpar dehumidifiers is their noise level. These devices tend to be headache-inducing nightmares for RVers. Given this information, the noise level is an essential factor to consider when looking for the top-tier option.

Most brands put a decibel rating right in their product’s description to make it easy. As you imagine, a higher decibel rating (dB) means the device is noisier than its counterparts. You’d be best off choosing a model with the lowest dB rating possible that still offers all your ideal features.

  • Ease of Use

Buyers don’t want to purchase an option with a complicated using process, either. You’ll want a simple, straightforward operation method that doesn’t require much effort or thought. It shouldn’t take up much of your time.

An easy way to avoid choosing a complicated option is by looking at its controls. You need to check whether these design aspects are user-friendly, even for the digitally controlled options. Otherwise, you might end up with a product that only causes stress and frustration.

I’d also suggest checking whether these controls allow you to adjust humidity levels. In some cases, these devices will only provide two options dry or very dry. You’ll want to avoid these types and select one capable of being adjusted based on humidity percentage.

This attribute makes for a much more convenient using process. It’s the only way to ensure your RV’s interior has a humidity level that’s perfect for your needs. But you should keep an eye on how easy switching the levels are on each device, as well.

  • Extra Features

Each option will have its own specialized integrated features. It’s essential to evaluate them and decide what ones suit your needs. For instance, a person might want an option that comes with a humidistat, which will optimize the entire using process to ensure peak efficiency.

It’ll provide this benefit by automatically shutting off the device when it reaches the perfect humidity level. You’ll also come across options with laundry settings. A laundry setting will help dry your clothes faster when the device is working.

Some people might consider options with built-in timers, as well. It allows users to set their dehumidifier based on a preset time. Overall, the number of integrated features is endless, so thinking about them beforehand is necessary.

  • Cost

The cost will play a massive role in selecting your perfect RV dehumidifier. After all, the price tags can vary significantly from product to product. This variation makes building a budget based on your essential features a necessary step.

For instance, a person who wants a 70-pint dehumidifier will need to spend more than someone wanting a 30-pint dehumidifier. Accounting for these details is the only way to create a realistic, practical budget for your buying process.

You can then use this budget to limit the number of options by a notable margin. Therefore, the entire process becomes less stressful as you’re only picking from suitable choices.

  • Durability

You’ll want to invest your money into a dehumidifier with proven durability. In other words, your chosen option should have no issues lasting more than a few years. It needs to have a well-built construction that can deal with RV traveling.

I’d also recommend choosing a model with a warranty. These policies will offer protection against a malfunction occurring with your selected device. It’s a simple method of preventing this purchase from becoming a financial black hole.

RV Dehumidifier FAQs

This FAQ section will tackle any questions left unanswered by our previous discussions. It’ll serve as the resource to determine your choice as the top-rated dehumidifier for camper owners. Let’s dive in and get the final piece that’ll guarantee a positive buying experience.

Who is this for?

RV dehumidifiers are crucial devices in the RV life. These products represent the only effective way to stop moisture build-up and dampness inside your RV. Due to this, they’re for anyone who considers themselves an RVer.

What are the different types of RV dehumidifiers?

There are different types of dehumidifiers on the market. These RV dehumidifiers are relatively simple when it comes to classification. They’re placed into one of two types: refrigerant dehumidifiers or desiccant dehumidifiers.

If you’ve ever used a dehumidifier in a residential home, it was probably a refrigerant model. They’ve got a rectangle-shaped design and familiar sights in moldy basements. RV refrigerant dehumidifiers aren’t any different as they function in the same way.

These choices use the cool coil technique, which allows them to form droplets by cooling the air. It’s an effective means of removing moisture/water from the air. There’s a reason that these dehumidifiers have been around for a long time.

But desiccant models have become all the rage among RV owners. This popularity comes from them taking up a lot less space than those old-fashioned refrigerant options. Saving space happens to be a top priority for most RVers.

As for their working process, desiccant models use an entirely different method than refrigerant options. These models function by being filled with water-soaking material that allows them to remove moisture from the air.

I should also mention that this process is done without a power source or regular emptying. These products will instead use a color-changing aspect or light to alert users when it’s full. From there, it becomes a matter of plugging the dehumidifier into a nearby socket to dry.

It’s one of the main reasons people consider them to be more convenient than refrigerant models. But there are drawbacks to desiccant units. The main issue is these products are somewhat limited and can’t dry out an entire RV by themselves.

You can instead utilize them to dry out a single, moisture-filled area inside your RV. A typical example would be your RV’s bathroom. In these cases, a desiccant model is easily more convenient and equipped to handle those small spaces.

How do RV dehumidifiers work?

RV dehumidifiers aren’t overly complex devices or hard to understand. They function with a single purpose in mind, removing water vapor or moisture from the air. But these products do provide this benefit in a slightly different way than a residential model.

For instance, RV dehumidifiers are lightweight and more portable. It makes them a lot more convenient to use onboard rigs than residential units. I should also mention that many of them will run using electrical power, as noted earlier.

These options will contain a small water tank, which collects the removed water. You’ll need to drain this tank when it’s full regularly. Meanwhile, RV units will have a more limited capacity than residential types.

In any case, they both remove moisture from the air to stop issues like mold, corrosion, and mildew from forming inside an RV. You can also expect an RV dehumidifier to reduce the dampness that’ll help prevent fungus and bacteria.

Can you use a dehumidifier when your RV is in storage?

Dehumidifiers are usable inside campers. In fact, I encourage their use for RV storage purposes. After all, covering a trailer doesn’t prevent moisture from building up inside it.

So setting a trailer dehumidifier inside a stored rig is an excellent idea. It’ll stop the development of mold and other problematic issues that could occur in your absence. So do yourself a favor and use one when your camper is waiting in your garage for the next season.

Should you open windows when using a dehumidifier?

Open windows would be unhelpful to a dehumidifier’s primary purpose. It would only let in more moisture, which would cause the device to work harder. So make sure to keep the windows closed when using a dehumidifier for motorhome or anywhere else.

How long does a dehumidifier last?

Dehumidifiers for campervan or RV use tend to be relatively durable products. In most cases, these devices can last several years, usually topping out at about a decade. But this durability will differ based on what model you’re using.

So for motorhome owners who want a long-term moisture absorber for RV, I’d recommend looking at an option like Hysure’s Electric Small RV Dehumidifier. It has a proven reputation for lasting much longer than most RV moisture control products.

Advantages and disadvantages of using RV dehumidifiers

Several beneficial reasons and a few drawbacks come from owning an RV dehumidifier. This section will discuss both sides to show why you need one. Plus, you’ll have a handle on the potential downfalls to ensure they don’t have a massive impact on your trips.


  • Manages Humidity Levels Inside Your RV
  • Stops Condensation From Ruining Your Furniture
  • Prevents Pest and Mold Issues
  • Offers a Much Healthier Environment to Promote Better Overall Health.
  • Provides Better Air Quality
  • Easy to Use
  • Very Portable


  • Expensive
  • Takes up Valuable Storage Space

Overall, the benefits vastly outweigh the negatives when it comes to these essential devices. It might cause a bit of money to procure one, but purchasing a dehumidifier for travel trailer or camper usage is undoubtedly worth it.

Who makes the most trusted RV dehumidifiers?

Finding an RV dehumidifier on Amazon or at Walmart won’t be difficult. The difficulty instead comes from trying to select a high-quality option in this over-saturated marketplace. You’ll need a handle on what brands make the best RV dehumidifiers even to have a chance.

Luckily, I’ve provided an excellent head start with the companies in our product review section. Each of them has a known reputation for selling great units. If you stick with them, you should have a successful and positive buying experience.

You might also want to check out Camco RV dehumidifier products. Devices made by Camco are always high-quality regardless of the marketplace.

Should I run a dehumidifier in my RV?

RV owners should absolutely have and run a dehumidifier in their RVs. These devices are essential in keeping mold from formulating inside your RV. Plus, they reduce humidity to promote a much more comfortable and healthier environment.

What is a good humidity level for an RV?

Experts seem to agree that anywhere between 30% and 50% is a good humidity level. Letting your levels get much higher than 50% could lead to several different issues. Keeping it within these ranges will ensure a more productive RVing experience.

Is it safe to allow a dehumidifier to run constantly?

RVers must run their dehumidifier constantly to produce a comfortable environment. If you don’t, your rig’s interior will soon become a damp, unbearable living space. It’ll also provide a long list of troubling issues that nobody wants to experience when traveling.

For instance, it could result in a stuffy, moldy area. This living space will soon start developing mildew and mold that’ll have adverse effects on your furniture and health. So please, keep your dehumidifier running at all times to combat these potential problems.

Do RV dehumidifiers use a lot of electricity?

The amount of electricity used will depend on your dehumidifier’s type. Desiccant units utilize more power during their drying out process than refrigerant models. In simpler terms, the power consumption of a desiccant dehumidifier will be about the same as your washing machine.

A refrigerant unit will use about the same power consumption as your RV’s fridge. It’s another reason why these choices are named refrigerant units.

Any care and maintenance tips?

Keeping your RV dehumidifier in good condition can be a little challenging. After all, these devices have a lot of parts that can pick up build-ups. You’ll have to contend with these issues by cleaning each piece regularly to ensure its longevity.

As a result, I recommend reading through your model’s manual before doing anything. These resources will provide much-needed insight into the cleaning steps. It’s the only way to prevent any unnecessary damage from happening when cleaning the device.


Finding the best RV dehumidifiers shouldn’t be much of an issue with these new resources. If you follow this buying guide, I’m fully confident in the process ending with a smile on your face. It should make the right choice clear rather quickly.

But if you do have an additional question or two, please leave them in our comment section. I’ll answer them as soon as possible to help get this process back on track. Thanks for reading!

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