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The Best RV Dash Cams in 2023

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv dash cam

Finding the best RV dash cam isn’t as simple as some people might think. This process actually has many moving parts that make the final choice a rather tough one. However, we intend to make this entire buying experience much easier by offering you a buying guide.

This guide will take you through all these moving parts and ensure you make a sound choice about your chosen RV dash cam. In doing so, we’ll cover topics such as trusted brands, determining factors, how to install one, and much more.

We’ll even review seven RV dash cams that come personally recommended by us. In other words, options that we deem the best on today’s market. Honestly, we just want to make sure this whole process ends with you making a smart and responsible purchase.

The following sections will help you do that by outlining what’s essential and what’s not about these devices. In fact, I’m fairly sure you’ll soon become an RV dash cam expert with this guide at your disposal.

So without further ado, let’s get started and help you find your perfect RV dash cam. It’s time to ensure people believe when you tell them a story about a miserable driver you encountered during your trip.


Best Overall Highest Resolution Super Night Vision

Garmin 010-01750-05


Dash Cam V1-US

Camera 2.1MP/ 1080p/ 30fps 4K/ 2160p/ 30fps 1296p/ 30fps
Storage MicroSD card (up to 64 GB) MicroSD card (up to 256 GB) MicroSD card (up to 128 GB)
Working Temperature -20° to 55°C (-4° to 131°F) -29 °C to 80 °C (-20 to 176°F) -20 °C to 70 °C (-4°F to 158°F)
Control Voice Control Phone App Phone App
Battery Lithium Ion Battery (up to 30 minutes) Lithium Polymer Battery Lithium Polymer Battery
Feature GPS/ G-Sensor GPS/ G-Sensor/ Wifi GPS/ G-Sensor/ Wifi
Field of View 180° Wide Angle 170° Wide Angle 170° Wide Angle
Display 2.0” LCD 2.4” LCD 1.5” LCD
Details Details Details

4 Best Dash Cam for RV Reviews

This section will hold those seven product reviews that I noted earlier. These reviews will offer an insight into what a top tier option should feature and provide a buyer. Plus, these reviews will help you get the more complex topics we talk about in later sections.

1. Garmin Dash Cam 65W

Our first product happens to be the Garmin Dash Cam 65, which should be a consideration for any motorhome owner. This device has many features that would make an ideal for a person driving around a large rig.

For instance, this camera features a 180-degree field of view. This aspect will ensure the camera captures more of what’s going on than most other models on today’s market. It should provide a useful and quality recording when it’s required.

In fact, this field of view can even capture cross traffic, which tends to be an issue for other dash cams out there. It also has a fantastic video resolution at 1080p to ensure the recording is clear and visible. It can even work in low-light conditions such as during nighttime or in a shady area.

You should find this RV dashboard camera’s voice command feature intriguing, as well. This voice command will allow you to stop or start recording just by using your voice. It’s a nice feature to have and makes sure you won’t have to take your attention away from the road.

This camera being GPS enabled was another nice touch. You see, this feature will allow you to log footage based on what location the incidents happened. It makes cataloging your recordings a much easier and simpler task.

It also helps that it comes with a G-sensor, which will save the footage when it senses an incident took place. It’s quite apparent Garmin thought of everything when making this camera given outstanding features like these.

You shouldn’t overlook how easy this product is to use either. Multiple buyers made it a point to praise the using process in their reviews. It’s always a good sign when fellow customers are willing to glorify an item rather than bash it.

But the price is a bit higher than I’d like to spend on an RV dash cam. Honestly, it happens to be way outside my budget and would cause a rather large hole in my bank account. But if money wasn’t an issue, I don’t see how this product wouldn’t be a top choice.

2. Rexing V1 Wi-Fi RV Dash Cam

The Rexing V1 Wi-Fi RV Dash Cam features a small design that will let it be a discrete witness to what’s happening on the road ahead. This design will also ensure the camera doesn’t become a distraction when you’re driving down the road.

In other words, it’s not big enough to take up a large part of your windshield. This product will instead be a small item that’s capable of capturing everything during your trip. It can offer this ability thanks to other features like its 170-degree wide lens.

This lens can quickly and clearly capture all your rig’s surrounds to ensure you never miss an event that needs recording. In fact, this camera uses top tier WDR technology to ensure it can work within any lighting situation it might encounter.

You can then view these videos on your mobile devices through an app located in its app store. This aspect provides a great deal of convenience and makes viewing these videos a much easier task than you might expect.

I also found this product’s use of a supercapacitor rather intriguing. This feature ensures the camera can function even in the most extreme temperatures from -20 to 176F. As a result, the large amount of sun exposure it will face being located on the windshield will not affect its results.

We should note that this product comes with a parking mode as well. This mode allows the camera to detect vibration and switch on immediately. It will then start recording and provide a video of what might be causing the vibration when you’re parked.

But none of these features represent the best aspect of this device. This title instead goes to the product’s price tag, which is easily among the lowest on our entire list. And given its great features, I don’t think it’d be a stretch to call this product a bargain.

However, there were some issues about the service provided by Rexing noted in the buyer reviews. This type of issue isn’t something that you expect to see from a top brand like this one.

3. AKASO V1 Dash Camera

AKASO’s V1 Dash Camera is another affordable option that any bargain buyer should look into buying. This particular model has Wi-Fi built into it, which means you can connect the dash cam to your phone without much hassle.

In fact, there’s an app available for this very purpose, and it will make viewing the videos much easier. This app has received considerable praise in the buyer reviews for being easy to use and navigate.

As for the camera itself, this device comes with all the features you’re become familiar with during our earlier reviews. These aspects include great night vision, GPS tracking, G-sensor, parking monitoring, and much more.

It even provides a 16GB microSD card with the purchase, which is a rather nice touch and one you don’t always see with these devices. It being included will remove the hassle of having to buy an SD card separately. It’s just another hassle this product helps you avoid.

We should also note that this model has a lightweight and small design to make the install and using processes much easier. Honestly, both these tasks shouldn’t require much effort or thought on your part based on the directions provided by the manufacturer.

AKASO was kind enough to offer a warranty of one year as well. It’s quite obvious that this brand had its customer’s needs and wants in mind when creating this great product. There doesn’t seem like anything is missing from this dash camera.

All in all, this product would end up being an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a simple and straightforward product. It also helps that the price is fair and should fall right in line with most of your budgets.

But some people did find the product a little too small in the buyer reviews. It seems the screen wasn’t visible enough for a few of the customers. As a result, customers who have eyesight issues might want to look elsewhere when buying an RV dash camera.

4. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

Our last product is the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam, which is a full-loaded option that features a ton of top tier features. For instance, this camera not only records what’s going on in the road, but what’s happening in your rig’s cabin as well.

This quality will help further prove you weren’t at fault when it comes into question during a proceeding about an accident. I also found this product’s 24-hour peaking model rather useful as it will ensure the camera will record whenever motion is detected.

As a result, this aspect should protect your rig from any would-be vandals or thieves when it’s left unattended for a while. It will catch these crooks in the act, and you’ll have the proof needed to take them down.

I found this product’s interior facing camera to be especially impressive as well. This cam utilizes 4 IR LED lights and a Sony sensor to ensure it can work in low light conditions. Due to this, you can get great video footage whenever it’s needed.

The 18-month warranty that comes with this product happens to be the longest included in our entire article. It should give you more than enough protection to ensure this process ends with you getting a usable product.

Aside from these features, it has a large number of aspects that you’ve become familiar with from reading our earlier reviews. These features include infrared night vision, G-sensor, 1080P video resolution, and much more.

It’s quite clear that this RV dash camera is ready to ensure you always have footage of what’s going on during your trip. Honestly, you’re not going to find a much better-equipped option on today’s market than this one.

But it has one large downside that could make it a tough purchase. You see, this option happens to be one more costly on our list. This aspect would make it a no-buy for me as it stretches past my budget ranges.

Homder FHD 1080P Dual DASH CAM (Outdated)

Homder’s FHD 1080P Dual Dash Cam is an option any RV owner won’t want to miss. This product offers both a lens for front video recording and rearview recording at the same time. Therefore, it provides more info about what’s occurring around your rig than most models on today’s market.

You should also find its ability to provide night vision rather appealing. This feature will ensure you have no issues getting a video of any incident that happens at night. It even uses great tech to capture images other cameras would have trouble recording.

This product’s install and using processes are among the easiest within this market as well. I don’t think anyone should have any issues with either of them. I mean, the directions laid out in the ad seem easy enough that I could actually do it, which is a miracle.

Don’t sleep on this product’s G-sensor either. As with the earlier product, this aspect will automatically save a recording when an accident does occur. These videos will then be locked in your camera’s log and safe from being erased.

I found this camera’s motion detection to be another winning trait. This feature will ensure the camera enters starts recording whenever an object is moving around it. If this motion doesn’t continue for more than five seconds, the camera will then stop recording to save battery.

Many people also found the service offered by Homder to be top-notch. Honestly, you couldn’t read more than two buyer reviews without someone praising it. The 12-month warranty doesn’t hurt matters either and seems to be something Homder prides itself on honoring.

This company was even kind enough to put a fair price on this great product. It seems like this camera is a home run given all these useful aspects. But it’s worth noting that some people didn’t think the video resolution was strong enough.

It was a flaw that was stated a few times in the buyer reviews. However, I think it’s an aspect I could live with given these other great features.

KDLINKS X1 Full HD 19201080 Dashboard Camera (Outdated)

Our next product is the KDLINKS X1 Full HD 19201080 Dashboard Camera, which is another option that offers 1080p video resolution. This video quality will ensure you can easily see what’s happening in videos taken by the camera.

You should also like the 165-degree viewing angle provided by this camera. It should offer a wide enough viewing angle to see exactly what you want in these videos. This claim was further backed up by the many buyer reviews that praised its clarity.

I found this camera coming with an 8GB micro SD card as another winning trait. This feature will ensure I won’t have to buy one separately, which could end up being a hassle. Plus, it stops me from having to do any extra research as well.

But what really separates this product from others on the market is its night vision. This aspect is made possible by the six-glass lenses it uses. These lenses will ensure this camera will never miss an accident or incident just because it’s dark outside.

The camera’s screen is 2.7 inches as well, which should be large enough to see without issue. But it won’t be too large and distract from your driving eye line. As a result, it’s the perfect size to ensure driving safety and clear video viewing.

I also found this product’s lock button to be useful. This feature will allow you to lock any video you deem important. Due to this, you’ll never have a file that’s necessary for providing proof erased by new footage.

As with our earlier models, this camera has a GPS module built into its design, as well. This feature becomes valuable for many reasons that we discussed in previous reviews. Overall, all these great features make it quite clear that this product is more than ready to meet all your needs.

I only wish it didn’t feature such a high price tag. I don’t see how I could justify paying this much for a dash camera. But this option is making me think about it.

APEMAN 1080P Full HD Mini Dash Camera (Outdated)

If you’re looking for a simple and cheap option, the APEMAN 1080P Full HD Mini Dash Camera should get your attention. This product’s actually the least costly choice on our entire list. But don’t think this status means that it lacks good features.

This model instead comes with many useful and exciting traits, which would be great onboard a rig. For instance, its lightweight and mini design should make it easy to position right behind your rear mirror.

Due to this, the camera itself shouldn’t be much of a distraction when you’re driving. It also helps that the using and install processes have been deemed easy by many buyers in their reviews. It’s always nice when an item like this one doesn’t feature a complex set of directions.

This product offering 1080p HD video resolution doesn’t hurt matters either. I mean, this product rivals much more costly options in this area. Honestly, I was a little shocked when I came across this aspect, given the device’s low cost.

It also has a G-sensor and loop recording to ensure the dash cam will erase old videos for new ones. And like earlier models, the G-sensor provides the ability to lock a video when an incident or accident is detected.

The warranty of one year offered by APEMAN was another nice touch. This policy will ensure you have some coverage against anything going wrong with the device. It seems like APEMAN honors it, too, which tends to be an issue with low tier brands.

I wouldn’t advise sleeping on this product’s night vision abilities either. Its lenses are capable of recording in whatever situation it might encounter. It’s just another way APEMAN continues to match other cameras, which are much more costly.

But there were some concerns about the device’s durability in a few buyer reviews. It seems the dash cam has a habit of breaking after a few months, which is less than ideal. However, these issues were only stated in a small number of reviews. Many others reported no problems in this area.

RV Dash Cam Buyer’s Guide

Picking the best RV dash cam will come down to having a strong knowledge of these products. This section will help you gain the info needed to ensure you make a final sound choice.


Things to know before buying an RV dash cam

Choosing the right RV dash camera will come down to many factors. This section will go over all of them to ensure you know exactly what you’re looking for during your search. In fact, this part of the article will be the backbone of your entire buying process.

Viewing Angle

You’re going to want a camera with a wide viewing angle. In fact, the wider this angle happens to be, the better. But we must mention that for some models, a wider angle will create a fisheye image. This issue usually only occurs with a cheaper option.

If you’re looking to avoid a fisheye image, spending a little extra on a more costly option would be a smart move. Either way, getting a dash cam with a wide viewing angle is the way to go during this buying process.

G sensor

Any dash camera worth your attention will have a G-sensor. This feature will automatically detect when you’ve had an accident and save the recording of it. As a result, it keeps the video from ever getting overwritten by a new one.

If a camera doesn’t offer this essential feature, I’d suggest staying away from it. Honestly, it would end up being a waste of money. You’ll find yourself doing this entire process over again in a few months, which isn’t something that anyone wants.

Video Resolution

A dash cam’s video resolution is another crucial element to finding a perfect option. As you might expect, the higher it happens to be, the better for this device. But you don’t always need high resolution to get the necessary footage of an accident. It’s just a helpful tool and makes things much easier.

In most cases, decent dash cams will have 1080p HD video resolution. I’d suggest sticking with options that offer at least this resolution when buying a camera.


Many dash cams will require micro SD cards for storing the recordings. Most of the time, you’ll need to buy these cards separately. The SD card’s capacity will be dependent on how much you intend to use the camera.

If you want to use the camera on a regular basis, investing in the largest SD card possible would be a smart move. It’s also essential we note that most dash cams will have a limit on the size of the SD card. Cameras with higher resolution will need more memory and a larger SD card.


Certain dash cams won’t offer good night time recording quality. It would be a good idea to avoid these as accidents do often occur during the night. But thankfully, there’s some good news as most top tier options will have this essential feature. In fact, the most advanced models will even include IR.

Video Screens

The dash cam’s video screen will have a large impact on your happiness with it. This aspect will play a significant role in making the videos easy to review. But these screens can be somewhat distracting when driving your rig.

As a result, you’re going to want a model with a small screen and simple controls. This combo should make this entire process much easier. It’s also worth stating that some models don’t come with screens and are made to connect wirelessly to your tablet or phone.


As we mentioned above, your dash cam shouldn’t be massive. It shouldn’t be a distraction or obstruct your view during the driving process. I’d suggest taking a look at each product’s buyer reviews to see how other users felt about this area.

This action should provide a better insight into the camera’s functionality inside a rig. In any case, you should stick to the smaller models as a safety precaution. There’s enough in your life that can distract you during the driving process. You don’t need a large camera in your eye line as well.

Parking Mode

Parking mode is another feature to look out for during this process. Dash cams with this feature will have a motion sensor that will activate and take video when anything comes too close to your rig.

Therefore, it will protect your large rig from any hit and run accident in a parking lot. This feature will only work when an object ends up within your camera’s field of view. These modes will also require an external battery pack to keep your dash cam charged.

You see, dash cams don’t have the largest batteries. This issue comes from it being a safety hazard with the amount of heat exposure it faces from the front window. But regardless, a dash cam with parking mode would be a useful thing to have for protection against any accident.

GPS Tracking

Top tier dash cams usually come with GPS tracking to ensure you can know exactly where an accident occurred. It can also be helpful when logging your videos as you can tag your recordings with a location.

Honestly, GPS tracking isn’t the most essential feature, but it’s a nice and convenient thing for a cam to have given the benefits mentioned above. It does make the product cost a little bit extra, which means you’ll have to weigh whether it’s worth it.


The prices of an RV dash cam can vary drastically from product to product. This issue is why having a well-constructed budget when attempting to buy one is a must. This budget must account for every feature that you deem necessary within its ranges.

For instance, a person who wants a high-resolution dash camera will have to pay a bit more than someone looking for a simple model. Your budget will need to reflect the price increase for it to stay realistic. Otherwise, it would be rendered useless.

Once you have a set budget, this entire process becomes much easier, as well. A budget will lessen the number of choices to a more manageable amount. Therefore, those feelings of being overwhelmed will disappear rather quickly.

You’ll instead have a sense of being relaxed because you’re only picking from a selection of options that fit your needs. There also happens to be a higher likelihood you’ll end up picking the right choice.

What are the different types of RV dash cams?

In your RV dash cam search, you’ll come across two common types on today’s market: front-facing dash cams and dual-facing dash cams. We’ll discuss both in great detail to ensure you know which kind suits your situation the best.

Front-facing dash cams

These dash cams are made to increase visibility for safe drivers. Front-facing dash cams can do this by catching great quality video through a G-sensor of what’s occurring on the road ahead.

This black box camera can be mounted to your rig’s windshield in only a couple of minutes. As a result, their install process is often seen as easy by buyers. It should be able to offer drivers more clarity of their trips almost directly after buying one.

Once you install them, these cams will then use sensors to detect accidents and upload footage to a storage device automatically. You can then use this footage as proof for insurance purposes or court proceedings.

It’s also worth noting that these devices will usually be less costly than other kinds of dash cams. If you’re looking for a simple and cheap option, this type of model could be exactly what you’ve always wanted.

Dual-facing dash cams

These types of dash cams will capture outward and inward-facing video. As a result, these models offer looks at what’s happening on the road ahead and inside your rig. It’s a device meant for improving driver behavior by using wide lenses to provide clear views of activity in your rig and outdoor surroundings.

This combo allows you to detect dangerous or distracted driving quickly. It’s something that could become very helpful when trying to prove whether an accident was your fault. We should also mention that these cams feature other unique features not found in front-facing options.

For instance, some of these models will come with infrared LEDs to help with poorly lit or unlit roads. These devices are an effective way to capture anything occurring inside or outside your rig regardless of the surroundings.

But these advanced features do come with a large downside. As I stated earlier, these cams do often have a much higher price tag than other models. You’ll have to decide whether the extra stuff is worth the raised price.

Why do you need an RV dash cam?

Having a dash cam could be helpful in many ways. This section will discuss some of the benefits provided by these great devices. It’ll give you a better idea of why getting one might be a smart move.

Provides First-Hand Evidence Of A Car Accident

Our first reason for having a dash cam is probably the main deciding factor behind getting one of these devices. A dash cam will start recording as soon as you start driving your rig. Therefore, it’ll provide real-time, efficient documentation of proof that something like an accident occurred.

This proof will then become a useful tool for proving the accident that took place wasn’t your fault. In other words, the videotape can act as evidence during any court trial regarding any sort of accident.

It’s a great way to ensure the party at fault for this accident ends up being obliged to pay for your rig’s repairs. If you didn’t have this video evidence, the other driver could claim you’re at fault.

As you can imagine, the guilty drivers often try to blame the real victims. It’s not an uncommon event in court cases about accidents. Given this info, having a dash cam becomes the most reliable proof you have for defending yourself when a car crash does happen.

It’s quite apparent that having one of these cameras to defend yourself can help you during a stressful time like following a car crash. Plus, it can help you save a lot of money and time by keeping you from being held responsible for something that you didn’t cause.

Perfect Solution For Dealing With Bad Drivers

Having a dash cam aboard your rig will also help you deal with lousy drivers. You can use the device to help report bad drivers that you might encounter on the road. After all, every driver has atleast one bad experience with a miserable driver throughout their time driving.

It might sound like a bit much, but these lousy drivers can be very annoying and troubling. In fact, these drivers are actively putting other people’s lives at risk by making bad decisions behind the wheel.

But reporting this bad behavior is usually a hard thing to do. I mean, the only proof you have is your memories of dealing with them. You usually have to rely on another eyewitness to their awful driver, which isn’t an ideal situation.

This issue is where a dash cam becomes incredibly useful. It can provide the most definite proof that you’ll ever need of their poor driving. Honestly, these devices can be helpful when reporting all types of drivers who don’t act properly according to the laws of the road.

For instance, you can use it against a drunk driver or reckless drivers who might be texting while they’re driving. Road rage accidents are another example of where having video proof could go along way in making sure those drivers get what they deserve.

We should also note that almost all US states have programs devoted to those who would like to report some of these awful drivers. These programs are all about trying to keep the roads in our country safer and better for everyone using them.

Due to this, you should use these great devices and help them with their mission against bad drivers. It’s the only way to ensure everyone stays safe during their travels. Otherwise, you’re letting these bad drivers win, and you don’t want that.

Amazing Tool For Keeping Tabs on Your Rig

If you’re worried about lending your rig to a friend or dropping it off at a mechanic, having a dash cam can be a godsend. I know it sounds a little over the top, but your rig happens to be one of your most valuable possessions. It’s fine to overly concerned with what happens when it’s not in your possession.

A dash cam can help out with this concern because most modern options have GPS devices inside them. As a result, your camera won’t just record everything taking place inside and outside your RV, but it will also record driving speeds and street routes.

You’ll have everything needed to keep track of what’s happening with your rig. There will be no surprises of coming back and finding your rig trashed beyond recognition. You’ll instead be able to keep tabs and ensure nothing awful happens with it.

Capable Of Preventing Fraud

Insurance fraud has become one of the largest issues in the last century when it comes to problems dealing with traffic and vehicles. Not only does this awful situation affect insurance companies on a grand scale, but it takes a large toll on drivers as well.

You see, some drivers will cause accidents on purpose just to blame the other driver as a way to collect money. This scenario is a commonly used fraud practice these days, where those who commit it usually look for high-end cars or rigs to extort.

These criminals will also fake injuries to collect money from insurance companies. For instance, someone willing to commit fraud will claim they’ve gotten a whiplash injury from the accident, and it caused them to suffer from back pain.

Some of these people will then demand hospitalization for these injuries and money to cover the costs for their hospital stay. And since whiplash is rather hard to show on X-rays, these criminals take advantage of this loophole for their benefit.

But don’t worry, a dash cam can help you avoid this nightmare situation. You see, a carefully installed camera on your rig’s dashboard will be able to record all events. As a result, you’ll be able to prevent crooks from illegally taking your money for being a victim in a scam.

Of course, this issue isn’t a big one for rig owners as who would want to crash into a large RV? But you never know, and it’s always a good idea to prepare for these types of issues. After all, we want to keep your money where it belongs, which is in your bank account.

It’s just a useful method to ensure you don’t fail victim to another person’s illegal scams. Due to this, do yourself a favor and invest in a top tier RV dash cam. It won’t be a decision that you end up regretting with benefits like this one.

Will Record Your Entire Road Trip

A dash cam will record your entire road trip. This ability means that you can always relieve the great times spent during your trip thanks to your dash cam. It provides a documentation of what happened when you and your friends went on a great adventure.

Due to this, the footage captured by the dash cam will be something that you can enjoy for years and years. It’s a nice little investment to ensure you have a reminder of a pivotal and fun time within your life.

Offer Useful Features And Functions

Over the last couple of years, dash cams have become much more evolved than the original models. These come with plenty of useful functions and features that could benefit a rig owner in many ways.

For example, most models come with audible notifications and spoken status updates. These aspects will ensure you’re always up to date with what’s happening during the dash cam’s recording process.

You’ll also be made aware of any issues that might happen with either the camera itself or the storage card. As we noted earlier, many models will come with a GPS device in their design.

This feature will help you track your location and speed during the trip. It might not seem like a big deal, but it can be a handy feature to have onboard your rig. Plus, these devices will help you record each stop onto your log file, which will ensure you can manage your trip in an efficient and issue-free way.

Another feature that you’ll come across is models with a low battery usage feature. This aspect will ensure your dash cam uses as little battery as possible. As you might imagine, this feature becomes much more critical for options that run off external batteries. It’ll increase these cameras’ lifespan by a large margin.

You’ll come across cameras with high-tech LCD screens as well during your search. These screens will usually have touch tech within them to make the device more user-friendly. It’s just another impressive and useful feature that these great devices come with, which will benefit your life.

Fantastic For Recording Parking Accidents and Potential Thieves

Parking an RV can be an absolute nightmare for even the most experienced rig owners. You often have to squeeze your large vehicle into a parking space that almost doesn’t fit. This situation can lead other drivers to accidentally scratch your rig when they attempt to park in the area next to it.

It’s not uncommon for a rig owner to come out from a store and see their rig with new scrapes or scratch marks from another vehicle. Having a dash cam can help get these incidents on video and ensure you have some evidence about what happened.

Your dash camera will also effectively record any vandal or thief that might attempt to break into your rig. This benefit becomes essential for anyone who intends to leave their RV in public places or areas where the lightning isn’t great.

In fact, one of the best things about a dash cam is that most models can be set to keep recording throughout the entire evening. This ability won’t even require you to leave your rig’s engine on either. It’s an effective way to stay informed of what’s going on with your rig.

We should mention that dash cams can work remotely, which means you can operate them from your actual home. These cameras will send all the data to your smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop. It’s another way that these devices will ensure everything remains perfect with your RV.

How to install a dash cam?

In most cases, there are two basic methods of installing a dash cam. The first and easiest way is to plug the camera’s power cord into your rig’s 12-volt outlet. This action will require using a suction cup that most manufacturers will include with the purchase of the device to attach the camera onto your rig’s windshield.

You must make sure the camera has a clear and direct view of the road ahead of it. It’s also essential that you double check the camera’s location to ensure it’s not in your field of vision. Otherwise, this could lead to a mess of problems when you get onto the road.

Once you got the right position, run the cord from the dash cam to your rig’s 12-volt outlet. This outlet is usually located on the center console. After this cord is plugged in, you’re ready to go, and the camera should start working immediately.

But some people find this method a bit messy. These people often prefer the second method, which requires hard wiring the dash cam into your RV. This process will need tools and experience dealing with how an RV’s electrical system works.

It will start by attaching the dash cam onto your windshield using the suction cup like the previous method. You’ll then carefully tuck the cord under the headliner’s front part and run it down the A-pillar. This move will require sliding it under the panel that covers the A-pillar.

Once this task is done, you’ll need a fuse tap to plug the wire direction into your rig’s fuse box. People who don’t have a fuse tap can find them online or at your local auto parts store.

RV Dash Cam FAQs

What is the best dash cam for RV?

An RV dash cam is a small, little video camera that is installed on your rig’s dashboard. But despite the name, these cameras can be located in other areas such as attached to the windshield. It really comes down to your likings when concerning its position.

Either way, these cameras have become a useful piece of equipment for a rig owner to own. It’s worth noting that any camera or recording device can work as a dash cam. But the purpose-built ones are what we’re going to be talking about in our article.

Purpose-built dash cams do have a few features that make them stand out. These features include running on 12V DC, feature “always-on” recording, and automatically overwrite old data when new data is captured. You’ll come across other distinct features, but these are the core of what defines an RV dash cam as an RV electronic device.

Each of these core features makes a purpose-built RV dash cam such an essential piece of the RVing lifestyle. For instance, the ability to run on 12V DC gives you the option of hardwiring it into your rig’s electrical system. As a result, it becomes a part of your RV rather than something you have to set up time and time again.

Its “always-on” recording feature becomes essential because it means that the device will start recording whenever the rig’s driven. Therefore, it will never miss an event, which you want to be captured on video.

And finally, its ability to overwrite old data means you’ll never have to search through older videos looking for the right file. It’s a time saver and makes sure you be wasting time when trying to show a video.

These reasons alone should convey why getting an RV dash cam would be a wise move. It’s just a great and effective way to ensure you’re always protected and have a record of everything going on during your trip.

How good is a dash cam’s video?

Different dash cams for motorhome or Class A RVs will offer varying picture quality. It’s one of the main aspects of determining what model is best for your needs. So if you’re looking for high-quality video, pay close attention to each option’s resolution.

Dash cams with a higher resolution will provide a much clearer recording. I prefer a model with at least 1080p picture quality, such as the APEMAN 1080P Full HD Mini Dash Camera.

Any high-quality dash cam front and rear models will provide at least 1080p. But some advanced offer even more impressive video recording, reaching 4k quality. But, of course, these products can be costly.

However, if one can afford it, there’s no better option than a 4K dash cam. LAMTTO’s 4K Dual Dash Cam is an excellent example from outside our list. It would be a wonderful addition to a rig for road trip usage.

How much area does a dash cam record?

The recording range of a dash cam for RV will vary. But most models will offer a field of vision between 120 to 180 degrees. If you’re looking to record as much area as possible, I’d recommend choosing a camera with a wider FOV.

For instance, Garmin’s Dash Cam 65W offers a 180-degree FOV. Therefore, it provides more protection and coverage when driving or parked at the campground.

Can a dash cam record while the car is parked?

Any top rated dash cam models will have a feature called parking mode. It allows the dash cam to record when your rig’s parked. As a result, these products can become a staple of your rig’s security system.

My favorite model with this feature is the Rexing V1 Wi-Fi RV Dash Cam. I haven’t found anyone with a bad thing to say about its parking mode. Plus, Rexing has proven to be one of the top dash cam brands within this marketplace.

How does it work?

In most cases, these dash cams will be fitted on the front windshield, usually near your rearview mirror and pointing in a front direction. These cameras will always be on and recording both audio and video on a constant loop.

The videos will be in parts from 2 to 10 minutes long, depending on your chosen option. It’s also worth noting that the more memory your camera has, the more segments it can store without being erased. If the camera does run out of space, it will erase the oldest footage.

Motion sensors in the camera can tell when an accident happens. In other words, the camera will lock the footage of an accident to ensure it’s not erased. You can manually tell the device to lock vital footage as well when you think the camera caught something cool.

As for the actual design, dash cams are very simple. These devices are wired directly into your rig’s 12V electrical system. The power will then usually be taken from a source, which is only hot when your rig’s ignition is in the accessory or run position.

This aspect comes from dash cams being designed to record whenever your rig is on continually. They’re also created to be on whenever they happen to be supplied with some sort of power.

If you intend to use a dash cam as a security tool when your rig’s not on, it might need wiring into a circuit that’s always hot. It could also be powered by an inner battery or a second outer car battery, which would stop your rig’s battery from draining.

Regardless of how they’re set up, these devices are meant to record video and audio data to removable storage media. This media could be something like a flash drive, an SD card, or an internal storage device.

Once this storage device gets full, the camera will then erase the oldest video files. This design is capable of providing a sort of “set and forgot” situation. Basically, you can hook up the camera and let it do its job until you need it.

What are the most trusted RV dash cam brands?

Every brand mentioned in our product review section would fall under the label of being a trusted company. Each one has proven time and time again to value their customers’ needs before anything else.

But even among this outstanding group of brands, two of them stick out a bit more than their rivals: Garmin and Homder. Both these companies have become forces in this market because of their reputation for providing top tier dash cams.

I thought looking into each of their backgrounds could be a valuable step in understanding what makes these two brands unique. In fact, this info will end up being vital because it will show what to expect from a top tier RV dash cam brand during your search.


This company has been a leader in the RV dash cam market for a long time. Garmin has been able to gain and keep this status through their willingness to go the extra mile. This mindset has earned them an excellent reputation for providing superior products.

It also helps that their designs always seem a step up from their rivals. In other words, their cameras seem to have a unique or special feature that sets them apart from other brands. I guess that’s why Garmin has become such a household name in this market.


Our next company, Homder, has such a following among their customers thanks to its innovative products. These items are often made with user-friendliness and convenience in mind, which makes them godsends for people who buy them.

Homder also seems to stand out when it comes to customer service. Honestly, it’s tough to find a single customer willing to say a bad thing about this brand. This situation is a rarity in today’s consumer market.

What is the warranty?

As with most products, the warranties on dash cams will vary from model to model. You’ll come across options with protection for one year, two years, or even some offering lifetime coverage. It’s not uncommon to find cams without any policy, as well.

I’d suggest staying away from products without warranty. It’s always a good idea to have some coverage for product likes these cameras. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a useless device and no way of getting your money back.

It’s also worth noting that some companies will use warranties as a selling point without the intention of honoring them. You must avoid buying from these brands, which is rather easy when a person takes time to read each product’s buyer reviews.

After all, I doubt there’s an issue that makes customers more upset than a faulty warranty. If there’s an issue in this area, these discussions should have several mentions of it.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy an RV dash cam would be through Amazon. Their website will feature the largest selection of cameras to choose from and the lowest prices. It’s quite a combo that should appeal to anyone looking for one of these devices.

Amazon’s extensive buyer review database certainly doesn’t hurt matters either. These resources will be pivotal in determining which dash cam represents the best choice for your situation. But these benefits don’t mean that you shouldn’t at least search elsewhere.

I’d also suggest checking out a place like Camping World, which has a decent selection and prices in their own right. On rare occasions, their prices even manage to dip below Amazon’s when there’s a sale happening.

This scenario alone should be enough to convince you that comparing prices between the two websites would be a smart move. After all, it’s a practical and smart way to avoid paying more than needed for your chosen RV dash cam.

If you don’t enjoy online shopping, some other options are worth taking a look at during this process. Stores like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, or your local RV supply store should have a few options in stock.

But I must mention that these options will feature much higher prices than you’d encounter online. It’s just how the consumer market works at the moment. Most people are more comfortable and prefer shopping online using places like Camping World or Amazon.

However, these online stores still don’t compete with retail stores in one area: face to face customer service. This aspect can become a real godsend when the employee knows a lot about the product you’re buying.

Given all these options, it’s quite clear that there’s a perfect seller of these devices for everybody. It’s just a simple matter of thinking about what store or online seller meets your needs as a customer perfectly. In my case, it’s always going to be Amazon.


We hope this article answered all of your questions and concerns about what’s the best RV dash cam on today’s market. Now, you just have to use the info that you’ve learned to find the proper option for your situation.

Once you do find it, this dash cam will start making your life much safer and easier immediately. You won’t have to worry about anyone taking advantage or causing problems on the road ever again. After all, you will always have proof of what happened with your new dash camera at your disposal.

So please, use what you’ve learned here and find your perfect RV dash cam. I promise it won’t be a decision you end up regretting it. It actually might save you a serious amount of money in the near future.

If you do run into any more questions during your search, please don’t hesitate to ask them in our comment section. We’ll answer them as soon as possible.

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