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The Best RV Covers to Protect Against Every Weather Condition

Writen by Dane Heldt

Fact checked by Robert Clark

best rv covers

Are you having issues finding the best RV cover? Don’t worry; this outcome is something many people endure when trying to buy a top tier cover. These issues result from the overwhelming number of options on today’s market.

This oversaturated market makes it almost impossible to find an adequate cover. You see, most of the options flooding the market tend to be subpar. These subpar models tend to drown the top tier ones, which makes finding them much more difficult.

As a result, we thought a buying guide could be a useful thing for people looking to purchase an RV cover. This article will intend to fill that role by guiding you through the entire process and ensuring it ends with a top-tier RV cover.

In doing so, we’ll cover all the relevant topics about these products from types to benefits. We’ll even provide you with 16 reviews of the RV covers we feel are the best. This info will be vital in your search and make the process much easier.

So please, keep reading and let us help you find the perfect RV cover. I promise it’ll be well worth it and ensure you’ll have everything needed to make a sound decision.


Best Overall Sturdiness Easy to Install
Preview Leader Accessories ‎90101001

Amazon Basics ‎80-446-182401-PL

ADCO 52245

Size 27′ – 30′ 27′ – 30′ 28’7″ – 31″6″
Material Non-Woven Fabric (5-Ply) High-quality Fabric (4-Ply) Polypropylene (3-Ply)
Weatherproof Yes Yes Yes
Details Details Details

11 Top-rated RV Cover Reviews

This section will hold those 11 reviews I discussed previously. These discussions should give you a better handle on what a top tier RV offers. This info will also help you understand the more complex topics we go over in the later sections.

1. Leader Accessories ‎90101001 RV Cover

Leader Accessories’ ‎90101001 RV Cover earned a place on our list for its outstanding durability and protection qualities. These abilities come from its well-built construction made from thick 5-ply non-woven fabric.

As a result, I can expect this product to remain usable for years without issue. It also was mixed with an anti-UV and waterproof membrane to protect against dire conditions. In other words, this heavy duty RV cover will hold up against the worst mother nature has to offer.

The manufacturer was smart enough to make it windproof. Buyers can attribute this quality to its rugged, lengthy straps and cross-strap panel. In fact, I encountered one of the worst wind storms I’ve ever seen, and this cover didn’t blow away.

I also need to applaud this product’s design for being breathable and well-ventilated. Most manufacturers tend to overlook this trait when building their RV covers. But this one excels in both areas to ensure mold growth isn’t a massive issue.

RV owners will love this product’s three zippered panels, as well. These aspects are well-placed to go over my doors and engine, so I can access them without uncovering my entire rig. Due to this, it becomes a rather convenient and reliable 5th wheel camper cover.

Furthermore, each buyer has access to 10 sizes with this option. I can’t imagine any RV owner not finding a usable variation for their needs based on these choices. In my case, the 27’-30’ cover was an ideal fit for my rig’s measurements.

On the downside, a few customers did complain about the product’s included instructions. I had similar issues as they were difficult to read and unhelpful. But luckily, I’ve had significant experience using covers for campers, so it wasn’t a massive issue.

2. AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover

Our first product on this list is the AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover, which offers a set of features any rig owner would love in a cover. For instance, this product consists of 3-ply roof material and 1-ply breathable side that’ll ensure your rig’s protected against issues such as snow, rain, dirt, or dust.

I also love this cover’s integrated air vent system as it provides the essential function of making sure the cover dries quickly. This aspect will minimize wind lofting as well, which will stop it from flying off your RV.

The cover’s buckle attachment system is another winning trait because it makes the install and using processes much easier. It even comes with a toss bag, which removes the hassle of making you crawl under your RV.

Its rear and front tension panels should also help in this regard. These panels will ensure you can adjust the cover’s fit to your liking without issue. It’s always nice to have a little control over aspects such as this and these panels offer it.

You should like the cover’s versatility as well as it can fit any rig ranging from 27 to 30 feet. This aspect might not seem like a big deal now, but it could save you from buying a whole new cover when you get a new rig.

The 1-year warranty is another feature that you shouldn’t overlook. This warranty will offer a little protection against something happening with the product. Plus, it seems AmazonBasics honors its policy based on the reviews.

It also helps that the price is rather fair. If you’re a bargain buyer, this model should skyrocket up your list based on the cost and its features. But there was an issue with this product that did offer a bit of concern.

Some customers reported packaging issues with their cover arriving damaged. This situation isn’t something you’d expect from a top brand. But the good news is that this problem was only mentioned in a small number of reviews.

3. ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed RV Cover

Our next product comes from one of my favorite brands in this market, ADCO. This brand has such high standing with me because there’s rarely a customer who says anything bad about their products.

And the ADCO 55245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed RV Cover is no different given the many positive reviews it receives. Many of these reviews seem to point out how well this product does in high moisture climates.

This aspect seems to be the result of the cover’s use of polypropylene material, which is both breathable and water-resistant. These two features make this cover a perfect fit in either a place with heavy rain or high moisture.

As someone who intends to RV in tropical places, this feature would sure help protect my RV against any issues caused by heavy rainstorms. It also offers UV protection to ensure these rays don’t have any effect on either the RV or the cover itself.

I found the cover’s weight to be an appealing trait, as well. You see, this cover only weighs 25 pounds, which is much less than most other models. The lighter design will ensure this ADCO RV cover’s installation process is much easier by making it less taxing.

This cover’s vents are nothing to sneeze at either. These vents will help reduce moisture inside the cover and wind lofting. Both of these issues can represent a real problem when left unchecked, which this cover won’t let happen.

Customers have also thrown a lot of praise toward this cover’s strapping system. This aspect allows the cover to cling at the top and bottom portion, which produces a snug fit. As a result, this product will easily stay in place when encountering strong winds.

But there was one area where this option did seem to lag behind the others on our list. This product appears to have some slight durability issues with it only lasting a few years. It was something that was brought up more than a few times in this motorhome cover’s reviews.

4. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover

The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover is a lightweight, waterproof cover that’ll ensure your RV stays in good condition. It offers this protection even against the heaviest rainstorms you’ll ever encounter.

This claim was backed up many times in the customer reviews as a lot of buyers were stunned by how well the product fared. As you can imagine, this aspect was something I was very interested in due to the tropical places that I plan on RVing.

You can attribute its top tier protection to the triple-ply polypropylene used in its design. This material can protect your RV against a variety of issues such as rain, snow, dirt, scratches, dust, and much more.

However, its great protection against water issues isn’t the only this product brings to the table. You can also get pumped about how easily it fits any trailer within the range of 22 to 24 feet. This aspect was another one people were quickly ready to praise in their reviews.

And if you need a larger or smaller cover, this cover comes in many size ranges. This aspect means there shouldn’t be anyone out there who can’t find an option that fits their situation. The cover also allows for easy entry into your RV thanks to the adjustable rear and front panels.

As a result, there’s no need to remove the entire cover when entering your RV. This issue can be such a hassle with other covers without these panels. It doesn’t hurt that the price is rather fair either.

Due to this low price, it’s another cover that should receive full attention from any bargain buyers reading this article. It certainly moved right up my list when I saw the price. Of course, this product isn’t without its flaws even with a low price and features.

This product’s install process while easy, requires two people, as many customers needed the help of another person to finish the task. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s something to think about before making a final decision.

5. Narelect ‎NL2001-20 Travel Trailer RV Cover

Our next option, Narelect ‎NL2001-20 Travel Trailer RV Cover, has earned a place among the top rated RV covers for its easy installation process. I can’t imagine anyone having difficulty with the setup, considering how simple it was for someone like me.

I was also delighted by this cover’s overall construction quality. Narelect was smart enough to put a waterproof film into the thick fabric material. Therefore, it’ll stand up better against rain and snow than most RV roof cover products.

Buyers should also take a close look at this product’s six air vents. These vents do an excellent job of providing ventilation while reducing wind-related issues. It’s another aspect that ensures this RV cover lasts much longer than an RVer might expect.

Narelect provides each buyer with a wide variety of accessories, as well. The product came with a storage bag, a tongue jack cover, ladder cover, two extra wind ropes, an adhesive patch, and six gutter covers. Due to this, I was more than prepared for whatever situation came my way.

The rollable zippered door was another aspect to catch my attention. It’s an excellent addition because it allows me to examine my rig’s interior without taking off the entire cover. I can imagine how valuable this ability will be during the off-season or when my rig’s in storage.

Other notable attributes include eight buying options and a 3-year warranty. These two aspects confirm that this brand was genuinely interested in making its customers’ lives easier. In my case, the product certainly managed to make camping less troublesome.

However, I did find one problem area on this particular cover. The product’s zipper quality could be better since it felt a little flimsy. I wasn’t the only one to share this concern, as there were some mentions of it among other customers’ reviews.

6. Covercraft CY31045 Travel Trailer RV Cover

Covercraft’s CY31045 Travel Trailer RV Cover features many layers of polypropylene protection, which has breathable qualities. This material will ensure your RV receives the best care possible when it’s being covered.

It also has reinforced corners, which will add increased protection among all the bottom and top edges. With these features in mind, it’s quite clear this Covercraft product will ensure your RV’s ready to travel whenever you need it.

Buyers should find its buckle and strap system to be another appealing trait. You see, this system will ensure the cover remains secure and snug on your RV. This aspect will come in handy when you encounter a highly windy area.

Plus, this system is easy to use, and adjusting it shouldn’t cause you any issues. This cover also employes rain gutter covers to protect against damage caused by gutters. It’s another aspect that shows Covercraft took everything into account when creating this product.

I mean, this product even features a lightweight design to make sure moving the cover around doesn’t take much effort. This lighter design will make both the install and storing processes more manageable.

In fact, the storing process is made even easier with the inclusion of the storage bag. Given this aspect, there’s no need to worry about the cover taking up a lot of your storage space. You’ll instead just put it into the bag, which will give you more room for other items.

You should also love this product’s price as it’s easily one of the least costly on the entire list. It’s just another reason why any RV owner should consider buying this product. It doesn’t hurt that it has plenty of sizing options as well.

But there was one aspect that did provide me a bit of concern. This product did seem to have a bit of an issue with its stability as some customers reported it only lasting a few years. It’s not an ideal problem for a cover to have, but the price does make it seem like less of an issue.

7. KING BIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover

The KING BIRD Upgraded Travel Trailer RV Cover consists of UV prevention fabric, which will provide top tier sun protection. This aspect makes the cover an ideal fit for RVers looking to buy the best RV cover for sun exposure.

It’s also worth noting that this material has proven to be effective against rain, sleet, snow, dirt, mildew, and much more. In other words, you shouldn’t have a single worry when covering your RV with this product.

This claim is further proven by the cover’s reinforced corner patches on both sides, which help prevent wind from becoming a problem. It’s an aspect that many people saw fit to mention positively in their reviews.

The cover’s six air vents will help in this regard as well. These air vents will reduce wind stress and keep moisture from inside the cover from causing damage. It’s another area where this model notably outpaces most other covers on today’s market.

You shouldn’t sleep on the rollable zippered door on each of the cover’s sides. This feature will make accessing your RV doors and checking your engine much easier. As a result, this product brings a sense of comfort to an RV owner’s life by removing this potential hassle.

We should also mention that this cover comes with a warranty of two years to offer you a bit of coverage. You don’t have to worry about the install process being tricky either. Many customers felt the setup was easy and didn’t take much effort.

This cover’s adjustable straps would be one of the reasons behind its easy install process. It also doesn’t hurt that the price is rather fair, and there are many sizing options. Overall, this product has to be seen as one of the more reliable options available for RV owners.

I couldn’t even find a single flaw stated in this camper cover’s reviews. The lack of flaws is something that should make you pay close attention to this cover. I mean, this outcome is rare within the RV cover market.

8. KING BIRD Extra-Thick Deluxe Camper Travel Trailer Cover

Our next product’s the second one from KING BIRD and continues to show why this brand has such a great reputation among RV owners. In other words, this cover comes loaded with a set of features that’ll make any rig owner happy.

A great example of these features would be the reinforced straps, which have been designed perfectly to deal with high wind areas. It’s quite clear that people who buy this cover never have to worry about watching their investment blow away because of these straps.

It’s also worth mentioning that this cover consists of extra thick material: 4-ply on top and 3-ply on the sides. This feature will offer your RV a top tier shield against both harsh weather and outdoor elements.

This product has six air vents as well to deal with moisture and wind stress issues. As we talked about in past reviews, these vents will be vital in ensuring mildew and rot doesn’t become an issue.

It even features a unique fabric pore to make the material more breathable, which will further prevent mold and mildew. Due to this, the vents will increase the lifespan of both the cover and your RV.

The install and storing process are also pluses as both are made easier by the cover’s design. For instance, the cover doesn’t require any extra tools during the install process to make the product more practical.

It also comes with a storage bag to ensure you can comfortably store the cover without much issue. And since RVs don’t have a lot of room, this aspect is something you’ll want to look for in any RV cover you’re considering.

But this product does tend to tear rather easily when facing sharp edges. This issue was something some customers felt the need to point out in their reviews. I’d suggest making a mental note about this problem before making a final decision.

9. Camco 45743 ULTRAGuard Class C/Travel Trailer Cover

The Camco 45743 ULTRAGuard Class C/Travel Trailer Cover is a great option for any looking to spend a lot of time in cold places. In fact, it might be the best RV cover for winter climates on the entire list.

It being useful in these places comes from it being designed as a travel trailer cover for winter. As a result, it has a high limit for dealing with both snow and rainfall, which will ensure your RV remains safe during the colder months.

You can also take comfort in this cover’s triple layer SFS top panel, which provides increased water resistance. This aspect further proves there aren’t many better options for people looking to buy an RV cover for snow or other winter issues.

The cover being made from heavy duty polypropylene fabric is another feature worth noting. You see, this material brings a raised level of durability that customers don’t often find with these products.

I also love this product’s breathability, which further ensures the cover will meet all your needs. I mean, there’s no way mold or mildew will become an issue with features such as the vented flaps. After all, these flaps will reduce both wind lofting and moisture within the cover.

But none of these features happen to be my favorite aspect. This title goes to the install process, which is one of the easiest you’ll find due to the self-adjusting hold down strap system. Its inclusion makes the entire setup take a lot less time than other options.

Many customers even reported this process taking less than ten minutes to cover their class C rigs. As someone who dislikes tasks such as these, you can bet I was thrilled when reading these reports.

However, some buyers did complain about how the product was packaged. It seems the product would arrive damaged at times, which isn’t something you want to see during product research. The good news is that most of these same people reported the customer service was helpful.

10. Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro Heavy Duty Cover

This next product comes from a brand that has become fairly popular over the years, Classic Accessories. It’s not uncommon to see many of their RV covers end up on lists such as this one. But it isn’t the brand alone that made this cover worth noticing.

It also has a long list of features that make it stand out from the pack. For instance, any RV owner would love how useful this model is against snow and rain. This aspect comes from the cover’s lightweight PermaPro ripstop fabric, which has special waterproof abilities.

This material does a great job offering protection against other outdoor elements as well like dirt, dust, UV rays, and more. You should also enjoy that this material’s lightweight. In fact, this cover’s proven to 57% lighter than the standard RV cover you’d see on today’s market.

As a result, storing and installing aren’t taxing tasks for the people who buy this great cover. This material happens to have an easy cleaning process, as well. The ripstop fabric offers this ability because it repels water and dries quickly. It’s just one more way that this material seems to help the cover outpace its rivals.

Aside from the cover’s use of a top tier material, the adjustable back and front panels were other features that caught my eye. These panels make accessing your RV from either side much easier and possible without removing the cover.

We should also mention that the storing process is furthered helped by the included storage bag. This little addition will prove to be more valuable than you realize. It’s another feature that goes to show Classic Accessories had their customer needs in mind when creating this product.

But even with all these great features, I do have one issue with this product. You see, this cover’s air vents are only available on one of the sides. Some customers felt it was less than ideal for dealing with issues such as mildew and rot.

11. ADCO 64843 Winnebago Travel Trailer RV Cover

Our last product is the ADCO 64843 Winnebago Travel Trailer RV Cover, which should offer premium protection regardless of the climate. It can excel everywhere thanks to its multi-layer top panel and sides that’ll ensure your rig doesn’t get damaged from the elements around it.

The cover also does a great job protecting against UV rays, which could cause your RV’s paint to crack or peel when left unchecked. As a result, this cover reduces the stress put on your RV’s coat and reduces its aging process.

This outcome means your RV will stay looking sharp for a lot longer when this cover is used regularly. It’s a feature that might not seem like a huge deal now, but it helps keep your RV’s resale value.

I also love this cover’s front, back, and rear buckle clinching system, which will help reduce the chances of it tearing. This aspect does a good job at making sure the cover doesn’t swell with air and provides a snug fit onto your RV.

The cover’s slip-seam strap system helps in this area as well. It allows for the cover to adjust based on the RV’s shape, which creates a tighter fit. Due to this, the cover shouldn’t any issue staying on your RV even when facing the harshest winds.

You shouldn’t overlook the rain gutter spout protectors either, which will help prevent any holes from forming in the cover. This issue tends to be a huge problem with inferior products as it’ll leave your RV exposed and unprotected.

I also found its two-year warranty to be another useful trait. After all, it never hurts to have a little protection against one of these potential issues happening. I don’t expect any to occur, though, as finding a flaw with cover proven to almost impossible.

The only thing that seemed to bring this product slack was some people had issues picking the right size. On more than one occasion, buyers had to send the cover back because it was either smaller or larger than expected.

12. Eevelle Goldline Travel Trailer RV Cover (Outdated)

The Eevelle Goldline Travel Trailer RV Cover outpaces most other covers in one vital aspect, its warranty of five years. This many years on these policies is rare due to most RV covers being made from poor materials.

Thankfully, it isn’t something you have to worry about with this product. You instead receive the benefits of this cover begin made with top tier polyester material, which is entirely waterproof. It also features a micro-porous film that offers a high level of breathability.

As you know, a breathable cover is needed to avoid issues such as rot or mildew. You should love that this fabric is treated with a UV ray inhibitor as well. This aspect will ensure sun exposure will not affect either the cover or your RV.

I also love that this cover comes with endurance roof straps, which support the cover’s weight with ease. Due to this, these straps improve the cover’s strength and can last a lot longer than most other models.

This cover’s heavy-duty reinforced corners are another feature I found intriguing. These reinforced corners ensure issue causing substances won’t get past the cover and affect your RV. It’s an action that’ll help lengthen your rig’s lifespan as a result.

This cover comes with zippered panels that feature anti-scratch sleeves as well. These panels will ensure easy access to your RV’s doors. Plus, the anti-scratch sleeves will make sure the cover never causes any issues on your rig such as scratches from the zipper.

Eevelle was even kind enough to offer two color choices when buying this cover, tan and gray. I’d go with the tan as it provides a bit more color. But either way, this feature improves the chances you’ll end up happy with your purchase by offering you a choice.

However, there’s one large issue I have with this product. The price happens to be one of the more costly on our entire list. And since I don’t want to spend a massive chunk of my paycheck on an RV cover, I’d probably pass on buying this fantastic option.

13. RVMasking 5-ply Top Travel Trailer RV Cover (Outdated)

RVMasking’s 5-ply Top Travel Trailer RV Cover offers a bit more durability than most models thanks to its design. You see, it consists of five top layers and three-layer sides that’ll do a great job at lessening the risk of scratches and tears.

It also features a lightweight ripstop fabric to make the cover waterproof. As a result, you can expect this cover to hold up well against heavy rain or snow. This ripstop fabric protects against sun damage and dirt as well.

This cover’s easy install process is another feature that should give you some excitement. It can offer this aspect thanks to its weighted toss bag system and integrated straps. These two features together eliminate the need to crawl under your rig during this process.

I found the inclusion of four zipper panels to be an intriguing feature as well. These panels will make it much easier to access your RV’s doors and storage areas. In fact, you can access these places without having to remove the cover.

But what really excites me about this cover is the three-year warranty. This amount of coverage is quite rare on today’s market, and it shows RVMasking cares about their customers. It’s one of the reasons why this brand is featured more than once on our list.

We should also mention that this cover fits any trailer between 26 and 28 foot. This range would be perfect for my 27-foot long trailer and should adequately fit it without issue. And if you do need a bit more or less size, this cover does come in other ranges as well.

The price on this product does leave a lot to be desired, though, as it’s one of the most costly on our entire list. As a bargain buyer myself, this situation isn’t ideal for me. It’s something I wish wasn’t the cause because I do love this cover.

14. OOFIT Travel Trailer RV Cover (Outdated)

If you’re looking for an option with a simple and quick install process, OOFIT’s Travel Trailer RV Cover should be worth considering. You see, it features quick release buckles to ensure the setup goes smoothly and without issue.

This process doesn’t even require extra tools, which can be a real hassle with other options. It’s also essential we mention that the buckles can also help reduce wind lofting as they’re easily tightened.

Given this feature, you won’t have to worry about this OOFIT RV cover flying away when it encounters harsh winds. I also found the material used in these covers to be a vital aspect. The material consists of heavy-duty 4-ply fabric for roof protection and single-ply on the sides.

This design will protect against every weather condition from snow to sleet. It’ll also quickly deal with scratches, bird droppings, and any UV damage. As a result, you’re RV will stay in top tier shape as long as this cover protects it.

Aside from this material, the cover has many of the features we’ve talked about in our past reviews. A good example of one would be the zippered panels, which provide easy access to your RV’s sides, front, and back.

It even comes with a fluorescent cursor on the door size, which will make finding these panels in the dark much easier. As someone who doesn’t have the best eyes, this aspect is something I can truly value.

You should also be familiar with the cover’s adjustable front and rear tension panels that provide the user with a bit of control. The cover’s low price was another thing worth discussing as it’s fair for the size range, 24-27 feet.

As for flaws, some customers reported packaging issues in this travel trailer cover’s reviews. These problems included the product arriving in less than an ideal condition or in a package that was damaged. Obviously, these reports aren’t something you want to read during product research.

15. North East Harbor Superior RV Cover (Outdated)

If you’re looking for an option with a lot of versatility, the North East Harbor Superior RV cover could be a suitable choice. This model’s capable of fitting many RVs’ needs such as class A, class B, class C, travel trailer, and 5th wheel trailer.

But it being versatile isn’t the only notable thing about this cover. Its overall performance isn’t anything to sneeze at either. You see, this cover consists of four bonded layer polypropylene material that’ll ensure protection from all weather conditions.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or snow; this option will make sure your RV remains unaffected by the conditions around it. Plus, the install and using process are rather simple thanks to the cover’s elastic rear/front.

This aspect also speeds up both these processes when you compare them to other options. You should love this cover’s double-stitched seams as well, which will increase its durability. Honestly, this product is one that should remain in your life for a long time.

I found this cover’s soft cotton inner layer to be another winning trait. This inner layer will much sure the cover’s use doesn’t result in your RV’s paint getting scratched. With this in mind, this product will help keep your RV’s resale value high for as long as possible.

It also won’t empty your bank account due to its fair price. In fact, it’s one of the least costly items on our entire list, which means bargain buyers should be very excited. I know it piqued my interest when I came across it during my research.

Besides these features, this product has several aspects we’ve discussed at length in the prior reviews. For instance, it offers zippered panels, air vents, and a storage bag. Each one of these features will make your life as an RV owner much easier.

But there was some concern about how it fared in windy areas among the reviews. It’s worth noting that this issue wasn’t in the vast majority of the reports. But it was enough where it was something I had to mention.

16. RVMasking Travel Trailer RV Cover (Outdated)

The RVMasking Travel Trailer RV Cover tends to be a favorite for people who want a lightweight option. In fact, this cover happens to be one of the lightest products on our list. This aspect makes storing and installing it much easier than you’d see with other options.

But its lightweight design isn’t the only impressive thing about this cover. I also love its integrated strap attachment and weighted toss bag system. This feature removes the hassle of needing to crawl under the RV when installing the tension straps.

It’s another thing you don’t have to worry about that might be a problem with other options. This cover being made from high density polyester is great as well. It’ll offer water-resistant qualities and ensure issues such as scratches, dust, or UV rays don’t cause any problems.

This model also comes with a warranty of 3 years, which should provide more than enough coverage. It’s worth noting that RVMasking seems to honor this policy as well. You’d be surprised how many companies use the warranty as a selling point without the intention of ever honoring it.

Thankfully, this issue doesn’t seem to be present with RVMasking based on the reviews. I also like their addition of the four side air vents, which will easily lessen the risk of mildew or rot. Both of these issues can cause heaps of trouble when left unchecked.

You shouldn’t overlook this cover’s numerous size options either. This aspect will ensure everyone can find the one that suits their RV. If one of these size ranges didn’t cover your needs, I’d be shocked given the number of options.

However, this product does have one flaw that came up a few times in the customer reviews. It seems some customers didn’t like that the install process took more than one person. If you intend on traveling alone, I’d imagine it’d be a wise move to look at another option.

17. Eevelle Goldline Class C RV Cover (Outdated)

If you have a class C RV, the Eevelle Goldline Class C RV Cover should be a perfect fit. It’s specially designed to fit these rigs and offers top tier results as well. I mean, how couldn’t you love a cover made from a polyester material that’s known for providing outstanding protection?

This material’s even treated with a UV inhibitor to ensure the sun’s harmful rays won’t cause any issues for either the cover or your RV. As a result, you won’t have to deal with the peeling, fading, and cracking of your RV’s paint.

You’ll instead be able to keep your RV’s coat in great shape even when it’s facing long periods of sun exposure. I found the addition of the micro-porous film to be a great addition as well. This aspect will offer a high level of breathability, which is always a plus.

We should also mention that this cover comes with those endurance roof straps like the previous Eevelle Goldline RV cover. Due to these impressive straps, this cover should last a lot longer than most other products.

This increased durability is a product of these straps being able to support the cover’s weight without issue. Plus, this cover features a lightweight design, which will ensure you don’t have a problem moving it around from place to place.

Eevelle was also kind enough to include a warranty of five years like with their previous model. I can’t stress how vital this aspect can be when buying one of these products. And it also helps that their customer service has always received high marks in this Goldline RV cover’s reviews.

In the end, it’s another option from Eevelle that’ll more than meet the expectations of a rig owner. But it shares the same flaw as the previous cover from this brand, the cost. This cover’s price tag extends well past what I’m looking to spend on an RV cover.

It’s a shame too because I do like everything about this cover. I might have to take a minute and think about whether I can splurge a little.

18. Sweetwater Travel Trailer Cover (Outdated)

The Sweetwater Travel Trailer Cover is an option that is here for another reason besides its features. You see, this cover is an item I consider a bargain given the low cost and effective ability to offer a decent amount of protection.

This protection comes from the cover’s design, which uses polypropylene fabric like many of the other products on our list. By now, you understand that this type of material has shown a great ability to repel water and offer protection against such as UV rays.

It also shares various other features we covered at length in earlier reviews. These aspects include having a breathable design for mildew issues, venting inside moisture, durable buckle/strap system, zippered panels, and air vents. It even comes with a storage bag included like most of our other products.

In other words, there isn’t much about this product that makes it distinct from other models. It instead offers results without the unique aspects that make the more costly covers stand out from the crowd.

But its low price is such an attractive trait that we couldn’t leave it off our list. Overall, it’s just too good of a deal, and something that any bargain buyer should take a long look at buying.

Of course, it does have some issues as any bargain buy would. The main problem is that it lacks the other covers’ stability with some customers reporting it only lasting a little over a year. With this in mind, it’s clear that the cover wouldn’t be ideal for anybody looking to buy a long term answer.

But if you’re in a bind and need a cover for a small period, this RV cover could be the perfect fit. It could act as a transition cover before you save up enough money to buy a more upscale option.

RV Cover Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right RV cover will come down to knowing all the relevant info about these useful products. This section will help you obtain this info and make a sound choice about buying one of these covers.


Things to know before buying an RV cover

Choosing the right RV cover will come down to many essential factors. This section will extensively discuss each of them to ensure you come away with a product, which meets your every need and want.

In fact, this info will be the backbone of your entire search. It’ll ensure this process doesn’t become overwhelming and leave you with a product that won’t get the job done. So, let’s get this started and help you find the right choice!

Protection Level

You’re going to want an RV cover that provides a great deal of protection. It might sound like common sense, but you’d be shocked by how many options on today’s market fail at this aspect. As a result, I’d suggest looking for a cover made with a three-layer top material and one-layer side material.

This mixture tends to be what you see from the best covers. It’s a proven and practical design, which offers great protection for your RV when harsh weather hits. You should also look for covers that can repel UV rays, wind, and water.

An RV cover with this kind of protection will easily ensure your rig stays unaffected by the conditions around it. Thinking about what type of issues you intend to face regularly is another good idea.

For instance, RVers looking to travel into tropical places like Florida should put an extra focus on getting a cover with waterproof qualities. You’ll also want to ensure the cover’s top protection is top tier as this area will be the one most affected by issues such as rain.

Having a cover with waterproof qualities is essential for another reason as well. You see, overexposure to water can result in the buildup of mold and mildew. Both of these issues aren’t something any RV owner wants to experience.

Another thing to look out for is covers with vent systems. This aspect is essential because it can reduce wind stress, which can cause tears and rips when it’s unchecked. It’ll also prevent moisture inside the cover from inflicting damage.


The RV cover’s sizing is another aspect that’ll play a huge role in making a smart decision. It’s essential you choose the right size and don’t get an option, which is either too tight or loose. The easiest way to avoid these situations is by checking your RV’s length.

Once you have your RV’s length, this process becomes much easier. It’s just a simple exercise of matching your RV’s measurements with the cover’s. Plus, the manufacturer’s make this part rather simple by laying out what the cover’s design to fit in the product description.

This aspect will also save you a lot of time as it’ll eliminate options that don’t suit your sizing needs. Due to this, the number of reasonable choices will lessen and become more manageable.

I’d also suggest looking at the customer reviews to see whether someone with a similar RV has written a review. This person’s experience can help make you feel more comfortable and provide a better indication of it being the right choice.


What the cover’s made with will have a large impact on its effectiveness as well. You’re going to want a cover consisting of a durable material rather than something thin and flimsy. It’s the only way to ensure it’ll end up lasting a long time.

With this in mind, you should pick a cover made from three-ply ply materials on their top portion and a single-ply poly on their sides. As stated previously, this combination has been the standard among top tier RV covers for years.

Covers with this design should easily protect your RV from factors such as rain or snow. But you must choose the right material based on your trip locations as well. Thinking about this factor should give you a better handle on what type of material fits your situations.

For instance, some covers are made for high moisture and moderate climate areas. Others will have design features meant for windy areas, where wind stress tends to be a severe problem. Due to this, thinking about the climate of where you’re going will go a long way in determining the right material and cover.

You’ll want to think about the type of outdoor elements that frequent these areas as well. If you intend on RVing in a place like Arizona, you might want to find a cover that can deal with sand effectively. Having a cover with UV protection wouldn’t hurt either.

We should also mention that the most common materials found in RV covers tend to be polyester or polypropylene based. Both of these materials have proven to be effective at preventing issues brought forth by things like snow, rain, or UV rays.

Ease of Use

You must not overlook the importance of each cover’s using process either. What do I mean? Well, you want a cover that doesn’t require much effort to be put into use. You don’t want the task of covering your RV to be an overly taxing action.

The best way to evaluate this aspect is by reading through customer reviews of the product. These discussions should have inside info about this potential hassle. In other words, people tend to get a little angry when a product they buy doesn’t work correctly.

This feeling often results in them taking their anger out in their reviews. It’s something you should use to your benefit. After all, you should do everything possible to avoid becoming the angry reviewer yourself.


The cost of each RV cover will be another large factor in your final decision. You should try to find the option that fulfills all you’re looking for at a reasonable price. An excellent way to find this perfect option is by determining a budget.

This budget will eliminate a large portion of choices from consideration, which will save time. But you must be realistic about it, or the budget won’t work. For instance, you’re not going to get a class A cover for the price of a class B one. It’s not realistic and will only waste your time.

It’s also essential you don’t just choose the lowest priced option. This cover might have the lowest price, but it might cost you more in the long run due to durability concerns. As a result, you must strike a balance between quality and cost within your budget.

If you do find this balance, the entire process will become much more relaxed and less stressful. In fact, the right choice should become rather obvious when you have a realistic budget in your repertoire.

What are the different types of covers for RV?

As you might expect, RV covers will come in different shapes and sizes. You’ll have to choose a type of cover that suits your particular situation. For example, a class B RV cover won’t fit a class A motorhome.

You’d instead need a cover that would fit the unique measurements of your class B RV. The good news is that manufacturers tend to make figuring out what type you need rather easy.

These covers are usually advertised based on what kind of RVs that they’ll fit: class A covers, travel trailer covers, toy hauler covers, truck camper covers, etc. From there, it’s a simple matter of figuring out your RV’s measurements and finding the perfect cover that’ll provide an ideal fit.

You should make sure the cover perform all the functions you’d want from one of these products as well. A good example would people looking to RV within in rainy climates should ensure they have waterproof RV covers.

It’d also be wise to think about how much sun your RV’s going to encounter when looking for an RV cover. Once you have a handle on questions like these, it should become clear what type and kind of cover you’ll need.

Why do you need an RV cover?

It’s probably become evident that these RV covers offer several benefits from reading the info in the previous sections. But sometimes, it’s nice to have all the info about a topic such as benefits in one section.

This section will extend that level of convenience by discussing all the primary benefits at length. From this info, you should have a better handle about whether investing money in an RV cover would the right move.

Provides Protection During Storage

RV covers offer a way to protect your rig during storage. This aspect comes in handy when you want to store your RV for a long time, such as in the winter season. In other words, it’ll shield your rig from any outdoor element that might cause it harm like UV rays or frost.

This action will ensure your RV’s ready to roll when it’s time for the next trip. After all, there’s nothing worse than it being spring and finding your RV’s in no shape for traveling. Having an RV cover prevents this nightmare situation from happening by offering it protection during storage periods.

Weather Protection

Your RV’s going to need protection against harsh weather conditions such as rain, sleet, snow, or wind. RV covers offer this protection by shielding your rig against these potential issues. It’s an effective way to avoid having your RV suffer any wear and tear.

These products will also shield your RV against those pesky UV rays that can cause a lot more damage than most people realize. For instance, these rays could deteriorate your RV’s paint, which might lead to degradation across your whole rig.

As you might imagine, this outcome isn’t something you’d want to experience. These covers will also protect your rig in windy areas, which can be quite a problem for RVs. You see, it’ll protect your RV from wind stress and vent inside moisture during these situations.

But where these products are the most beneficial is within snowy areas. In these situations, RV covers will act like a barrier shielding your vehicle from top to bottom. This action will ensure no snow will end up hitting your rig’s surface.

As a result, it’ll guarantee your rig doesn’t suffer from any water or frost damage from the winter weather. It’s quite evident that these products are ready to ensure your RV stays damage free during any situation that might come its way.

Outdoor Element Protection

Weather conditions aren’t the only threats looming outside your RV. There are other outdoor elements waiting to cause your RV all sorts of issues such as dirt, dust, moisture, bird droppings, etc.

All of these things can become considerable nuisances for an RV owner. This reality is where RV covers come into the picture. These products will ensure you mitigate the effect these outdoor elements can have on your life.

It’s just a simple matter of making sure your rig’s covered when it’s parked for an extended period. If you do use these products, the harmful elements mentioned above will not cause any scratches or nicks on your RV’s surface.


The right RV covers will be an item that stays usable for a long time. These covers will have certain design features, which make them suitable to deal with harsh weather conditions and other challenges.

An excellent example of these design features would be covers made with scratch proof and water-resistant materials. You should also look out for products consisting of a thick layer on top made from three-ply poly and uses one-ply on the sides.

This mixture will ensure these covers will be able to protect your RV from anything. It’s why these products represent cost-effective investments because they’re reusable for years.


RV covers often offer a bit of convenience as well due to the best options having panels. These panels allow you to access your rig’s doors and engine easily. As a result, this addition makes it much easier to exit or enter your vehicle as it doesn’t require removing the entire cover.

Honestly, it’s accounting for little details like this one that’ll help choose the right RV cover. Thinking about these things will ensure that you buy a product capable of fulfilling your needs.

Ensures High Resale Value

Keeping a cover on your rig regularly will ensure not a lot of damage happens to it. As a result, you shouldn’t have any issues reselling it down the road. It’ll make sure you get the best deal possible when your rig’s camping days come to a close.

How to install and use?

Most of the time, installing RV covers won’t be too difficult. But some options do require climbing on your roof, which isn’t something most people like doing. You should operate with extreme caution during these situations as a way to avoid any accidents.

Some people like avoiding this potential issue altogether by getting a cover that doesn’t require climbing on the roof. You’ll instead use a step ladder to install your chosen RV cover properly. But regardless of the method, it’ll get easier will practice and repetition.

In fact, some RVers have found they can now do the entire process in less than 10 minutes. Sounds great, right? As for how the actual process looks, it starts with cleaning your RV first. This action means it should be free of any dirt or debris.

You should also ensure the RV’s dry before putting the cover in place. If it’s wet, this situation could be hazardous as most install process requires you to walk on the roof to unroll the cover. From there, the cover would drop down the sides.

Other RVers have found using ropes as an effective way to pull the cover over your RV’s highest point. This process requires using a step ladder and a broom next to help guide the cover over problem areas such as the AC or antenna.

It’s also suggested to use reinforcement material, which will offer protection against sharp edges or stress points. This material should be used before you secure the cover’s elasticized hems. As for the securing part, you can use ties, straps, or buckles.

You must make sure the hems beneath your vehicle’s front and back are secure as well. Once the cover is on the RV, people find securing it with tie-down straps to be helpful. This action will ensure the cover doesn’t blow up or off your vehicle.

Securing the cover correctly will also make sure it doesn’t rub against sharp edges or corners. If this does happen, there’s a high likelihood the cover will tear. This action keeps the cover from flapping in the wind as well.

Overall, these tips should go a long way in helping you install your RV cover properly. But before you start the process, please read the cover’s manual and directions. You never know when the manufacturer might have done something weird with design or added a unique feature.

RV Cover FAQs

What is an RV cover?

An RV cover is a product that covers your rig like a blanket and protects it from potential issue causing elements. These elements include things like dirt, grime, rain, sleet, dust, or even snow. In other words, anything with the ability to ruin your RV’s outer coat.

These products have also been known to help prevent damage from an issue such as a leak. In fact, the cover will let you mitigate or avoid damage altogether that may have gone unnoticed during a rain or winter seasons.

It’s also worth noting that excessive exposure to outside elements will only make your RV become damaged over time. This damage results in things like fading, which can quickly ensure your beautiful RV turn into a rust bucket.

As a result, having a cover becomes an essential piece of the RVing experience because it can preserve your RV’s great look. An RV cover will ensure you never have to worry about issues such as acid rain, UV rays, wind, or dust ever again.

These issues might not seem like a big deal, but they can cause severe damage to your RV. For instance, acid rain will leave behind acids that’ll result in stains and streaks, which isn’t fun to deal with as an RV owner.

Acid rain will also lasting damage to your RV’s paint when it’s left unchecked. Meanwhile, long periods of exposure to UV rays will bring forth issues such as fading, cracking, and peeling. This outcome will result in your RV’s outer coat to look awful.

But your RV’s outer coat isn’t the only thing damaged by UV rays. These rays also take quite a toll on the plastic and metal parts under the coat. It’s a direct result of the outer coat becoming damage, which means these parts no longer have anything protecting them.

Due to this, your dashboard, seats, and other areas inside your RV will become damaged. It’s quite clear that having an RV cover becomes a crucial aspect of RVing given the amount of damage issues like these issues can provide.

Plus, it’ll help on the maintenance and cleaning side as well. It offers this benefit by reducing the impact that wind and dust can have on your RV’s exterior. It’s just another way these products prove to be incredibly useful for an RV owner.

Are RV covers worth the money?

RV or camper covers are worth purchasing for rig owners. These products can help protect a rig’s exterior from various issues ranging from water damage to dirt buildups. RV covers can be significantly useful in ensuring your rig stays in pristine condition for a long time.

But, of course, these benefits only come when buying the best available options, such as the ones in our article. If you stick with them, I have little doubt the covers will be worth the money. Each model has proven to ensure campers or motorhomes remain protected.

Do RV covers cause mold?

Mold is a hazard for a number of different reasons, but it can be a real nuisance for RV travelers. Sadly, one of the few issues provided by RV covers is potential mold growth. Lower quality options don’t have the necessary ventilation to ensure this problem doesn’t arise.

As a result, mold could start growing if the cover is on the RV for months at a time. So it’s best to avoid these issues by taking the cover off your rig every month or two. Moreover, I’d suggest looking at each option’s breathability.

Manufacturers will provide details on this aspect within the product description. Ultimately, a breathable RV cover will effectively prevent mold-related problems. Customer reviews will also provide a great deal of information on a cover’s breathability.

In fact, RV owners tend to get a little angry when these products fail in this regard. So it’d be wise for any would-be buyer to take advantage of their fellow customers’ negative or positive experiences.

Otherwise, buyers may purchase a low-quality cover. This outcome will only cause serious problems and potential exterior damage to your rig. If you aren’t careful, you could even find yourself running around the campground after a blown-away tarp.

Should I cover my RV with the slides in or out?

You’ll want to cover your RV with the slides in rather than extended. If you leave them extended, it can cause long-term damage that requires significant repairs. The slides might become unprotected, or their mechanisms could get caught in the cover.

Both these situations will only lead to expensive consequences. So do yourself and your checkbook a massive favor by ensuring the slides are in before putting on any camping trailer covers. It’s an easy way to avoid potential hassles and helps save your money for more fun adventures.

What are the most trusted RV cover brands?

The most trusted RV cover brands excel in two areas, making great products and providing excellent customer service. These two things are aspects that every brand within our product review section offers without issue.

But even among this group of top-tier brands, two of them tend to outpace their rivals on a regular basis: ADCO and Camco. Both of these companies continue to have many products within the most popular options on today’s market.

You might ask how both these companies are capable of this? Well, we thought looking into their respective backgrounds could provide some answers. It’ll also give you a better handle on what a top tier RV cover brand should look like and offer their customers.


This brand has been pumping out quality sewing related products for over six decades. You don’t have this longevity without an ability to satisfy your customers’ needs and wants. After all, there’s a reason why this brand has sold over 20 million products worldwide.

It also doesn’t hurt that their customer service seems to be always praised in any ADCO RV cover’s reviews. In the end, ADCO hasn’t lost its sense of being a family business. This aspect gives off a feeling that they care about the people buying their products.


As an RV product giant, it’s never a surprise when you see a Camco item on one of these lists. In fact, this brand continues to excel in several markets with its innovative designs and competitive prices. And it’s no different when you start looking at Camco’s RV covers.

It’s not only their designs or prices either as the customer service offered by Camco seems to be a level above their rivals. Honestly, it seems like there’s nothing this brand can’t excel at when they put their focus into it. It’s no wonder why Camco continues to have such a great reputation among RV owners.

What size do I need for my RV/travel trailer?

Picking the right-sized RV cover isn’t too tricky. All you have to do is get your ’RV’s accurate measurement and find a cover with the same dimensions. You must make sure the height, width, and length of both matches or there could be some severe consequences.

For instance, a cover that’s too loose can let water seep in and cause water damage. But an overly tight cover can leave parts of your RV uncovered and exposed. Given these issues, it’s clear that you want an option with the same measurements as your RV.

Are RV covers waterproof? UV protection?

In most cases, RV covers will either be waterproof or water-resistant to ensure issues like snow or rain don’t cause your rig damage. This aspect will also help deal with any water pooling up on the cover itself, which can lead to its own set of issues.

Most of these waterproof or water-resistant covers will also do a good job at staying breathable. This aspect is essential because it prevents moisture from becoming trapped. If this did happen, it could lead to harmful mildew and mold, which nobody wants.

As for UV protection, this aspect is another one that most RV covers employ. It’s the easiest way to keep those pesky UV rays from causing serious damage after prologued sun exposure. These covers will ensure nothing like peeling, cracking, or fading will happen on their watch.

Getting an RV cover with both these protections should be high on your list given these potential issues. If a product doesn’t have them, I’d suggest looking elsewhere to avoid wasting money on an inferior and ineffective item.

Are RV covers worth the money?

RV or camper covers are worth purchasing for rig owners. These products can help protect a rig’s exterior from various issues ranging from water damage to dirt buildups. RV covers can be significantly useful in ensuring your rig stays in pristine condition for a long time.

But, of course, these benefits only come when buying the best available options, such as the ones in our article. If you stick with them, I have little doubt the covers will be worth the money. Each model has proven to ensure campers or motorhomes remain protected.

Do RV covers cause mold?

Mold is a hazard for a number of different reasons, but it can be a real nuisance for RV travelers. Sadly, one of the few issues provided by RV covers is potential mold growth. Lower quality options don’t have the necessary ventilation to ensure this problem doesn’t arise.

As a result, mold could start growing if the cover is on the RV for months at a time. So it’s best to avoid these issues by taking the cover off your rig every month or two. Moreover, I’d suggest looking at each option’s breathability.

Manufacturers will provide details on this aspect within the product description. Ultimately, a breathable RV cover will effectively prevent mold-related problems. Customer reviews will also provide a great deal of information on a cover’s breathability.

In fact, RV owners tend to get a little angry when these products fail in this regard. So it’d be wise for any would-be buyer to take advantage of their fellow customers’ negative or positive experiences.

Otherwise, buyers may purchase a low-quality cover. This outcome will only cause serious problems and potential exterior damage to your rig. If you aren’t careful, you could even find yourself running around the campground after a blown-away tarp.

Should I cover my RV with the slides in or out?

You’ll want to cover your RV with the slides in rather than extended. If you leave them extended, it can cause long-term damage that requires significant repairs. The slides might become unprotected, or their mechanisms could get caught in the cover.

Both these situations will only lead to expensive consequences. So do yourself and your checkbook a massive favor by ensuring the slides are in before putting on any camping trailer covers. It’s an easy way to avoid potential hassles and helps save your money for more fun adventures.

Should I cover my RV in the winter?

I’d suggest covering your RV whenever you plan on going two weeks or more without using it. This recommendation goes for any time during the year. In doing so, you’ll ensure these covers can keep your RV in pristine shape and safe from outdoor elements.

It’s the best way to avoid spending money on any repairs. And since RV maintenance tends to be costly, this benefit is something every RV owner should value. It’ll also make sure your RV never becomes the rust bucket that you’ve imagined in your nightmares.

So please, cover your RV when it’s not going to be used for an extended period. I promise the effort will be worth it when you consider what could happen to uncovered RV.

How long do they last?

The longevity of RV covers will vary from product to product. It’ll mostly depend on the material’s durability being used in creating the item. The number of layers will have an impact on this aspect as well.

In most cases, these products will be made from either polypropylene or polyester fabric. Both of these materials have shown a unique ability to fight off even the harshest conditions. It’s also worth noting that some of these covers use these fabrics by adding multiple layers.

I’d recommend looking for covers with multiple layers to ensure you have the most protection possible. These layers will make sure the cover last longer as well. Of course, these products will cost a bit more than the single-layer options, but it’ll be worth it down the road.

Getting one of these multi-layered covers is the best way to avoid redoing this entire process in the next few months or years. We should also mention that the covers with two or three layers will fair better against issues such as wind that causes rips or tears.

Overall, if you’re looking for a durable option, the right choice is a cover with a few layers. It’s no wonder why most of the options in our product review section fit this description. After all, the products that last the longest are usually the best.

What is the warranty?

The warranties for RV covers will vary from product to product. You could see some brands offering five years and others providing none at all. It’ll all depend on the company that you’re buying from and their policies.

In any case, I’d suggest getting a cover with a warranty to ensure you have a little coverage against an accident happening with the product. It’s always nice to have a bit of extra protection with items such as RV covers.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy an RV cover would be through using Amazon. This site represents the best option for a simple reason, which is their website has the largest selection and best prices. It’s a hard combination for their rivals to beat.

I didn’t even mention their extensive customer review database either, which will be a huge help during this process. These resources will be vital in determining whether a product will end up meeting your needs.

Of course, all these aspects doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look at other stores or websites. Camping World would be a good secondary source to search through as a customer. In fact, their prices sometimes are even lower than you’d find at Amazon when there’s a sale happening.

This situation shows why looking at more than one place becomes rather important. Otherwise, you could end up spending more money on a product than you’d need, which isn’t ideal for anyone. It’s best to compare prices and find the right deal when you finally determine what RV cover fits your needs.

If you prefer to buy offline, Wal-Mart and RV shops should have some options and reasonable prices. But these decent prices will pale in comparison to what you’d see online. It’s just the nature of the consumer market at the moment.

These retail stores do offer one benefit online stores can’t, though: face to face customer service. This aspect can help a great deal when you encounter an employee who actually knows about these products.

Given all these options, it’s evident that there’s a perfect store or website for everyone’s shopping needs. All you have to do is choose the one which fits your shopping preferences the best. In my case, this choice would be sticking with Amazon due to their lower prices.

What do I need for my RV, travel trailer covers?

According to some forums such as IRV2 or RVnet, there are some gears for your needs: the most trusted RV tire covers.


With all this new info, finding the best RV cover shouldn’t be such an issue anymore. You just have to apply what you learned from this article into your search. If you do, the right choice should become clear and easy to find.

Your new RV cover will then bring many benefits to your life and ensure your rig’s always looking fresh. It’ll have all your fellow RVers jealous because of how great your rig continues to look year after year.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about shelling out money for repairs. This cover will instead protect your RV from everything that might harm it. As a result, your extra money can be spent on fun things such as traveling or activities with your family.

But if you do run into any more issues during your search, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below. We’ll make sure to answer as quickly as possible.

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